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"Zero Hour: Behind The Scenes, Beyond The Mat"


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
::Fade In...

[Backstage during the MCW Zero Hour Pay-Per-View. While the PPV was going on, some of the things that had already taken place were the dark matches that took place before the start of the event estavaganza.]

[Cut to: Inside the MCW locker room where numerous superstars are walking about. Some known as they eagerly await for their place within the card. Scattered throughout the locker room are some of the more recognizable faces of the MCW. Then there are the not so yet recognizable. Sitting on a bench is "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka. Earlier in the night, she had a dark match with a local wrestling promotion favorite. She sits on the bench with a towel over her sweating head, and sipping out of a bottled water. Her manager, Delilah Demomik is standing up massaging her shoulders and giving her a pep talk discussing the match amoungst themselves. While they are discussing, Nakita's dark match oponant, Julio Delgato, nervously but excitedly approaches Nakita and Delilah.]

Julio Delgato: "Nakita, Nakita Dahaka?"

[Nakita raises her head, as she lifts the top of the towel to see who is speaking to her other than her manager. Her green eyes fix upon the local wrestling hero as he responds with a eager friendly smile back at her.]

Julio: "Nakita, I just wanted to take the time to again personally say how much I enjoyed working with you tonight. I felt that we actually had some really awesome innovative exchanges and even though you came away with the win. I know that I have no shame in losing to you. Even though you are a girl, you are strong for a girl, and I don't think that I have wrestled many men that have even an inkling of talent and in-ring ability as you. I just want to take this time to shake your hand and if you ever are in this area again I would be honored if you would come back to my wrestling promotion for an appearance and wrestle with me again."

[Nakita pauses as she takes in the comments of Delgato to heart. She removes the towel from her head and then takes another swig from her water bottle. She stands up to address Delgato face-to-face. They shake hands with sincere mutual respect and admiration for one another..]

Nakita: "Thank you Julio. That means a lot to me, and let me say that in my time in this business and all of the people that I have wrestled against, I have never met someone with as much class as you. If I am ever in the area and the MCW allows it, you can count on me."

Julio: "Great, and for what its worth, I still love that move you finished the match out with, what do you call it again?"

Nakita: "The dragon Snap, its just a new funky innovative way to hit a standing dragon sleeper."

Julio: "Yeah, but you hit it so fast and I don't think that I anybody has ever hit that move or made it look better than you. Besides I am still feeling the affects of that move. Man you make it hurt."

Nakita: "Just me making sure it looks as authentic and believable as possible."

Julio: "Well you can say that again."

[Julio sees something on the TV moniter nearby.]

Julio: "Say, is that you? On the TV moniter? WOW it looks like the MCW spent a ton on that promo. It looks so gritty and awesome looking. Not to meantion that you look scary as hell in it. I can't wait to see more like that one."

[Nakita and Delilah turn aroud to see the re-broadcast of a recent promo that they filmed earlier in the week hyping Nakita and Delilah's arrival and debut in the MCW.]

Delilah: "Wow Nakita, can you believe it, they aired it on the Zero Hour ppv no less. It looks like that you've impressed them in more ways than one."

Julio: "I don't know about you, but it seems like that somebody might be getting one of those pushes when she gets on TV."

Nakita: "I'm just taking things one day at a time. I'm in no hurry to receive any pushes or become some flava of the month. Its all about longivity and immortality."

Julio: "Yeah, staying power."

Nakita: "No, immortality."

[Julio looks at Nakita with confusion, then it dons on him.]

Julio: "Oh I get it, you're in kayfabe. Good one gotta keep it in-character. Well you fooled me. Your like one of those old school method performers. You don't just act the part but you become the part. Cool."

[Famed pro wrestling jobber, Steve Lombardi, better known as The Brooklyn Brawler, walks across the locker room. Julio runs over to get his attention.]

Julio: "Hey hey hey...Steve, did you see our match, mine and Nakita's earlier tonight? We were awesome. When you go back to Stanford, you should tell Vince about her, she is awesome. She is gonna be one of the next big superstars. I'm telling you."

[Lombardi, humors Julio as she stops and eyes the physically impressive Nakita Dahaka, although he is impressed, he gives no indication like he was really paying attention to what Julio was saying.]

Lombardi: "Oh yeah, she was good, when I get back I'll be sure to tell him. I gotta go, see ya...Julius...

Julio: "Julio...Julio Delgato."

Lombardi: "Oh yeah right, I gotta go nice talking to you. Miss, nice meeting you...

Julio: "Her name is Nakita, Nakita Dahaka."

Lombardi: "Yeah, nice to meet you. I gotta go."

[Steve Lombardi leaves not looking back leaving Delilah, Nakita, and Julio in his wake.]

Julio: "Oh what does he know about wrestling or entertainment for that matter? [He yells it out at the top of his lungs so that Lombardi would hear him] HE'S FROM STANFORD! They wouldn't know good wrestling or entertainment even if Rock came back and shoves that straight up their ass. I know what talent is and you have it Nakita. You're gonna go far. Your gonna do things that they could only dreamed of doing with Joanie Lauer. Hey I hate to do this but I gotta go, but it was an honor to talk to you. Good luck in the MCW."

[Nakita and Julio shake hands.]

Julio: "Delilah, it was nice to finally meet you in person. Keep her out of trouble."

Delilah: "Oh I will. Bye Julio."

[Julio leaves both Nakita and Delilah alone in the locker room. Nakita takes another drink of her water bottle as she turns her attention to the TV moniter to watch the rest of Zero Hour as the scene fades out.]

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