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  • Name: Super Spade

    Height/Weight: 5'7 124LBS

    Face/Heel: Heel

    Outfit: An all black latex suit with yellow and green striped designs going down the sides.
    A Large SS symbol on the front of this suit.
    He wears a mask that looks like the "Flash" mask but in all black.

    Music: "Hells March 3" by Frank Klepacki

    Moveset: Flying hurricarana, dropkick, tornado DDT, flying forearm smash. cheap kick (while opponent gets up he kicks them in the throat). High Flying.

    Finisher: "He Had A Dream"- Low blow kick/Axe-kick Combo

    Backstory: His back story is unknown, but we do know that he sought the superhero life.
    Finding injustice in this world Super Spade, went to his African American roots finding
    the true enemy was whites. Thus he found the heart of this injustice of white trash,
    Las Vegas Wrestling and seeks to overcome it!
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