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2007 TEAM Tournament of Champions OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT


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Jun 18, 2004
TEAM is proud to announce the 2007 Tournament of Champions and extends the invitation to any and all titleholders and other special qualifiers to our family of federations and beyond.

The Tournament of Champions will be a "one-night," RP-style tournament that will pit the Champions, major tournament winners and legends against each other in an attempt to see who the best of the best is. This tournament is for bragging rights, it’s for pride, and most importantly, it is for gold, namely, the TEAM Championship of Champions. The event will happen in Chicago, IL. Preliminary action will be held at the Rosemont Horizon, and the final portions will take place at the United Center.

Registration/confirmation of invitations will begin Wednesday, May 30th. If you are eligible, you may confirm your eligibility and enter by one of several means:

(a) contacting me via AIM (HolzerhedRPCA)
(b) contacting me via e-mail (tom DOT holzerman AT gmail DOT com)
(c) posting in one of the many confirmation threads at A1 Wrestling's E-fed Smarts and Marks Forum, the TEAM Out of Bounds forum at FW.com, W3:16's EWNews Forum, PTC's General E-Wrestling Related Forum or any one of your fed's OOC forums around the spectrum of leagues.

The deadline for entry into the tournament will be Sunday, June 10th, at around 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

RPing for the Tournament is tentatively set to begin Friday, June 15th, although when it will end is still TBA.

Who is eligible

Anyone who holds a singles title, has won a major tournament or who is the last holder of that fed's major Championship (World or equivalent) before the current holder is eligible to enter. All feds housed on A1, FW, PTC and W3:16 are eligible. Any other feds are welcome to present their Champions to enter as long as they are deemed reputable.

Here is the current list of feds I have on my list. If you are not a member of any of these feds, contact me and let me know that you want to be a part of the proceedings.

A1E, ACW, AWA, CSWA, cWo, EPW, EUWC, FATE, FUSE, GCW, GLCW, GW, HRW, jWo, LoC, MCW, NAPW, nbW, NEW, NFW/UWA, OCW, OLW, PRIME, PSSPW, PTC Interfed, Rebel-Pro, SbW, SWC, TEAM Interfed, UTA, uW, WCWA, WFW, WfWA, WR (W3:16), WR (WfWA), WWA, XUW

As for the interfed tournaments that are considered major (once again, if you feel you've won a tournament and it's not listed here, let me know so I can look into the tournament's gravity):

TEAM Invitational Tournament, GTT6

The special Legends Invitations shall be announced Wednesday, May 30th.

Also, another thing to remember is that May 30th is a DROP-DEAD DATE, in that if you are eligible on May 30th, you're eligible until the deadline for entry closes.

For example, Killean Sirrajin is the PRIME Five-Star Champion, and if he's still the Five-Star Champion on May 30th, he's automatically eligible to be in, no matter if he loses his title or not in the registration period. Now, what does that mean for the person who'd beat him? Say, Easton Hall is the one to topple him. He's now also eliglble until the deadline.


The RPing and result posting for the ToC will take place on the TEAM forums at FW.com If you don't have an account on the FW boards, register today and I will make sure you have access to post for the tournament.


There will be three themed rounds of RPing, overlapping and staggered throughout a timeframe of two weeks, always with the chance of extension. Round 1 focuses on the wrestling aspect of the hobby. You will be expected to write a wrestling promo RP. Your RP should focus intensively on the match, your opponents or at the very least wrestling in general. It’s assumed to be on-camera. There is no required format for writing (script, narrative, et al.), but you must make it clear that your character is cutting a promo.

Round 2 focuses on the writing aspect of the hobby. You will be expected to write an off-camera piece that focuses on your character’s life outside the trappings of the ring and the live television set. Your RP is basically a story, but the story MUST pertain to the Tournament of Champions, your characters’ motivations as a wrestler, interactions, angles or character as a wrestler. You may not respond to anything said in Round 1 or any pre-game trash talk threads. There is no required format for writing, but you must make it clear that your character is not on television.

Round 3 is a “wild-card” round. The theme and all rules for this round will be given when the RPing for the round begins.

RPing will not be in the standard Wrestler A vs. Wrestler B format; instead, everyone will RP against everyone.


All RP will be judged by a panel of at least five people. For each round, RP will be judged, ranked and scored, and the aggregate scores of all judges through all rounds of RPing will determine the placement of everyone in the tournament, first place through last.

The tournament results will then be written up in short format for all rounds except maybe the final round. Results will be determined by placement. IE, if there are 8 entrants, in the first round, the first place point getter will be written to defeat the eighth place, second over seventh, and so on.

Participant cap

There is no hard participant cap. All entries are subject to exclusion by me if I have reason to suspect shenanigans. I also reserve the right to cap at any time before the deadline for entry.

Also, one character per handler. No ifs, ands or buts on that one.

Any other questions, let me know.
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Jan 1, 2000
J_A said:
For example, Killean Sirrajin is the PRIME Five-Star Champion, and if she's still the Five-Star Champion on May 9th, she's automatically eligible to be in, no matter if she loses her title or not in the registration period. Now, what does that mean for the person who'd beat her? Say, Easton Hall is the one to topple her. He's now also eliglble until the deadline.

I can't wait to show Darryl this. >=)

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