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6 men - 1 mission


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The face of one of the ‘new breed’ filled up the TV screen, Lawrence Stanley’s face was stern, clearly he wasn’t happy. His six man match with Wicked Sight and Shane Southern had been blown up from being a six man match, to a showcase of the best the ‘new breed of the CSWA’ had to offer. They hadn’t wanted this, as usual GUNS had stuck his oar in and stirred up still waters. Still, when things get rough, that’s usually when “The English Gent” comes to the fore.)

LS: I’ll not pretend to be happy, things have ascended beyond all proportions and this displeases me greatly. I have no qualm about being labelled as one of a new breed of talent, I view it as a compliment, particularly considering the wrestlers I am being placed alongside. No, my quarrel is with people who are not even involved in our match, or are they?

Naturally the identity of the mystery man has not been aware to anyone, but something tells me that the troublemakers of the last few weeks will not be part of the match. The main troublemaker is GUNS, a man who’s mouth is as strong as his arms, or so he would have us believe. Such is his arrogance that he is celebrating a victory over me before we have even met, even in my heyday of arrogance did I not display such a vulgar example as this. They say pride comes before a fall and never could an example be used more perfectly than here. Outside the ring GUNS seems to have an answer for everything, how things will change once we enter the ring, there he will have no answer to the questions posed to him by “The English Gent” Lawrence Stanley.

As you see, such a distraction as he is, GUNS has taken our focus from the Hip-Hop Express and whoever we are to face, a dangerous thing to do in an arena such as the CSWA. Thankfully I have two excellent partners with me in this match in Wicked Sight and Shane Southern. These are the type of people I’d want by my side when the chips were down, wrestlers who would put their lives on the line to do what they do best, win wrestling matches and thrill the crowds. The Hip-Hop Express and whoever face and dangerous threesome in ourselves, and a perfect example of why the ‘new breed’ is indeed taking over the CSWA. Where else could you find someone with the desire, toughness and raw ability of Shane Southern? Where else could you find someone with the aerial style, sound mat game and overall heart of Wicked Sight? And of course, where else could you find someone who combines raw bone power and size with a devastating mat and submission style than that of “The English Gent” Lawrence Stanley?

As Sight would say, the freaks are most definitely taking over the asylum, and we plan on not stopping till the hierarchy of the CSWA recognises that a person’s age and time with the company are not the sole pre-requisites for a title shot or main billing. What they seemingly fail to see or hear is the crowd reaction when the so-called ‘new breed’, compete in the squared circle, the fans love it, they enjoy seeing new moves being executed and new styles being exhibited. Wrestling from the 1980’s should be left exactly there, the 1980’s, this is the 21st century and 21st century crowds want recent and up to date wrestlers and wrestling moves.

Its time to take what should be rightfully ours, top billing in the top federation in the world. The time for peaceful waiting is over, the march has begun, and any of the ‘old guard’ who oppose us and stand in our way will be dealt with the only way we know how. Lawrence Stanley stands tall alongside Shane Southern and Wicked Sight, and will continue to do so at Primetime, God help anyone who tries their luck with us. Hip-Hop Express, you and your partner may think this is your ticket to the promised land, but you ill soon find out that your train has been derailed thanks to the ‘new breed’. With that I bid you a good day.

(Fade to black.)

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