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A brief reminder of my intensity.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The camera faced Stanley, the room was empty bar for “The English Gent” and the cameraman. Stanley’s face was as if it were made of stone, and is grey suit reflected his feelings. His eyes never left the camera as the red light lit up to signal he could begin.)

LS: In a few days time “The English Gent” faces what could be the greatest day of his life, and the reason for this is twofold. Firstly I get to face Hornet in a six man tag match and attempt to gain revenge for his obnoxious behaviour, and secondly, I face Steve Radder for the CSWA World title. I have dreamed of nights like these ever since I first stepped through the doors of the CSWA some two years ago, the chance to right wrongs and pick up the main title. While fighting two matches in one night I less than ideal only Lawrence Stanley has the ability and drive to be able to carry it out with the panache that I will.

Radder, lets start with you, no-one can deny that you are a worthy World champion but let me take you back to the latest IOC tournament. It was the first round Steve, where “The Iceman” squared off against “The English Gent”, and despite you picking up a victory I defy you to say other than I beat you round that ring like a Father would a disobedient child. It was my own fault, I did everything bar win that match, I took you to levels of pain and anguish you had never felt before in your life, but to your credit you refused to lie down and in the end you scored a surprise pinfall on me. However that was during my ‘Teri phase’ and that time is long gone, now you face an angry, determined, focused Lawrence Stanley and that combination spells an end to you as CSWA World champion.

You see Steve, despite my immense success here in the CSWA you hold the one title I crave the most, the title that has eluded me so far. You hold the title that every wrestler worth their salt would give several vital organs to hold and to call their own, you are the CSWA World champion and with that comes a label. Holding that title tells the world that currently you are THE single best wrestler walking the face of the PLANET, you are THE MAN that all other wrestlers aspire to be. Make no mistake about it Radder, I WANT that title, and I WILL take it sooner rather than later, you got lucky against “The English Gent” once, you will not be so fortunate twice in a row. For once I take that title from you I will be recharged and ready to go on a destroy Hornet in the main event.

This brings me onto the main event, my opportunity to extract some semblance of revenge against the man who with the help of Teri Melton has embarrassed me so much in recent weeks. I have always wanted to fight you Hornet, ever since I joined the CSWA and before that, but in all honesty I never thought we would fight in these circumstances. What you did to me was humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, disrespectful and most of all hurtful. You made a fool of “The English Gent” and I in turn will make an example of you, I will show the locker room and the world in general that no-one treats Lawrence Stanley like that and survives to tell the tale.

This match will not end our rivalry oh great one, the fact you have two men to hide behind somewhat spoils the feel of the match. No, whilst I will happily go through your partners to beat you senseless I have plans to get you one on one. I will not be happy till we are together in the ring, with no-one around us except the referee, I want to show everyone that Lawrence Stanley is more than capable of defeating the mighty, legendary Hornet.. Listen and listen carefully Hornet, the match coming up is just a sample, a sample of what you will face ten fold in the upcoming weeks. You have made a foe of Lawrence Stanley, and in good time….YOU….WILL….PERISH!

(Fade to black.)

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