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A Hair Raising Experience


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Well Joe, after viewing your earlier work and then this crop I can say one thing without any doubt.

You definitely have the HAPPIEST poser characters in the world.

Also, they might not be too bad off with a little trimming of the bangs.

It's a good thing you still have the dancing dot to fall back on ;)


Take this entire post as sarcasm, since your poser skill to what mine would pass as is like Benoit's workrate to Bastian Booger's.

- Dave


LOL..... thanks Dave. Yeah, they DEFINITELY need trimming and styling, which will be my next endeavor..... I just wanted to make a decent attempt at just growing it since the last time I attempted it, well, lets just say they were better off bald! :p


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