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A new road.


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, a lockerroom bench of a local gym. Steam leaks into the room as the sauna around the corner is filled with sweat and steam. Cruise is found seated next to an open window on the other side of the room, cooling off from the workout minutes before. His eyes closed, he seems relaxed as he leans against the wall.)

CC: Sooner or later it had to had be. Whether it was me who convinced him, or simply irritation at it's best, Hornet is back and doing what he does best. But it happened at my expense...shouldn't I be upset? No, because I knew deep down that sometime Hornet had to have a mirror-confrontation with himself and see himself in a different light. Unfortunately for me, that light brought with him an aggression I underestimated. But for his sake I hope that things won't be as easy next time we meet, because I guarantee....the stakes *WILL* be different, and it won't be as lopsided as the match was. Heard he even got a match against ol' Adler for CSWA 15. Good Luck, not that 'cha need it.

Now, it seems that my next match is against former World Champion Evan Aho....but lately, like myself....Evan...you've been plagued by injuries. My nose just healed from that punk Miles making the other biggest mistake of his life, interrupting my wedding. Whether or not you're a hundred percent apparently doesn't matter to officials much anymore so its really short and sweet this time.

It's Gametime.

I'm fully healed from the time off. Which means I can go ten minutes to an entire hour without feeling fatigue.

On one end, is one goal.

The other, one more.

Unless you show me otherwise...it looks to me like I have the advantage towards scoring a touchdown.

Stop me.....if you can.


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