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AGGRESSION 20: Philadelphia, PA - 9/19/05

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Cut to the backstage area. The crowd erupts in a mixed reaction as Beast enters the arena, scowling and muttering something to himself in irritation. He storms into the corridor and stalks through. On the way he encounters a tech crew member in a white EPW polo shirt.]
TECHIE: "Evening, Mr. Wescott-"

[Beast shoves him aside brusquely and continues on, drawing boos.]

TECHIE: "...What the hell!"

[Ignoring the crew member, Beast stalks to his locker room and throws open the door, then pulls it shut behind him, locking the cameraman out.]

[The screen then crackles.]

[CUT TO: Footage of Beast's locker room from the inside, taken from a stationary camera resting on a table. The corner of a folded piece of paper can be seen at the bottom of the shot. On camera, Beast puts down his bag and slugs off his jacket, tossing it casually over a hanger.]

[And then he notices something, turning to stare at the shot. He storms towards the camera, kneeling in front of it and peering in.]

BEAST: "Who the hell left a webcam in my--"

[He cuts off. Edging the camera back, he picks up the paper and unfolds it, holding it near his face as he reads it.]

BEAST [reading]: "'Dear Marcus. I've got my eye on you, chief. Sincerely yours, Someone better than you.'"

[Fuming, he crumples up the letter, then grabs the camera and bellows into it.]

BEAST: "**** YOU, SANDS! **** YOU!"

[The camera shot then spins wildly as the cam is sent spiralling across the room, then explodes into static as it smashes against a wall and breaks into pieces.]

[Cut to backstage, Empire Pro Owner Dan Ryan's office. A buzz can be heard and Ryan clicks a button on his phone.]

Secretarial Type Voice: Sir? He's here.

Ryan: Send him in.

[The door opens and Beast walks in, scowling and annoyed after his gift from Christian Sands.]

Ryan: Marcus, pleasant as always I see.

Beast: I've done everything you've asked me to do, Dan.

Ryan: [nodding] Yes...yes you have. In fact...that display against poor little Beast-let last week....

Beast: [sighing] I'm not proud of that.

[Ryan pauses]

Ryan: Maybe not. However, I am.

[Ryan and Beast stare at each other for a moment, until Ryan breaks the silence by standing and crossing over to Beast with a smile.]

Ryan: It's finally starting to sink in with you, Marcus. You're closer to your dream than ever before. So here's the deal. I want you to show up at Black Dawn ready to fight. You won't be getting that World Title shot just yet, but you will be given your final test. Pass it....and the rematch is yours.

[Beast looks down in thought, running things over in his mind.]

Beast: Fine. I'll be there.

Ryan: Good. Be ready to fight, Marcus. This one's for all the marbles.

Beast: I'm ready for anything.

[Ryan smiles as Beast nods and turns to leave. As Beast leaves the office, Ryan tosses one last comment to no one in particular.]

Ryan: I know you are....

Cameron snatched the last of his luggage off the conveyor belt and limped to find Mercedes. Airports and women; Melton used to preach it’s where most relationships end. This is where, Mercedes would slip off to powder her nose and stow away on a flight to Spain, to a country where men lusting like raging bulls waited to enchant with the genuine nature of man. Metrosexuals don’t have the capacity to repopulate the Earth. Cruise was pretty. The hair care tips on his official website, the manicures, and sanctuary in health spas as life on the road persists. What if Mercedes craved for more?
Cruise frantically worked through a crowd inside Philadelphia International Airport all but screaming his wife’s name.

“Cammy!” Mrs. Cruise jumped him from behind, her delicate hands blindfolding the EPW IC champion. “Where do you want to be?”

But then, Melton said a lot of things. Namely, that he could produce free energy if properly motivated. “With you, baby.”

Mercedes’ hands lifted as Cruise, eyesight restored, turned to kiss his wife. “I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. Come on, let’s go see what car Ryan’s left for us.”

“Cameron Cruise,” a lanky giant in a black and white Tux pushes a piece of cardboard bearing the champ’s name from his chest. “THE Cameron Cruise?”

Cameron fished for his wife’s arm as they absent-mindedly wrecked in the bald, ghost white driver’s chest. “Sorry, dude. Yeah, Cameron Cruise. That’s…that’s me.”

“Delighted. This way please.”

“I’m sorry?” Mercedes offered as harmlessly as she could, startled by her own reflection in the man’s face.

“I’ve been assigned to pick up Cameron Cruise. For the event.”

Cruise grinned, “Perks of the championship gold.”

“But Cammy,” she protested as they began to follow the driver’s lead, “with Melton, you never…”

“There’s a lot of things that weren’t right with Melton.”

“Sir,” the limo door was held open for Cruise, as he climbed in after his wife.

“Thank you, my good man.”

“Uh, Cammy.”

Cameron froze in his seat as the door closed, his eyes stolen by a reporter and her cameraman. “Lindsay Nicks, it’s a pleasure, a real pleasure.”

Cruise reluctantly shook Lindsay’s hand, as Mercedes scooted closer to her man. “What channel is this…”

“You’re a brave man to go on record. I dare say an inspiration.”

“An inspiration?”

“You’ve helped me get over my own fears, sir,” the cameraman confessed, his head briefly parted with his tool of trade.

“Well, dream the impossible dream, right?”

“Wisely spoken. Shall we begin?”

Mercedes’ look of concern faded slightly as Cruise shook her right arm. “Oh. A promo?” The Cruises laughed, championship life is almost like starting over again. For the first time in years, Cruise was a focal point, alone. “Yeah, I’ll run that bastard down.”

“Getting nasty, already. You’re awesome, sir.”

“Damn right I am,” Cameron inched forward, his chest expanding as his confidence in the situation grew. “Are we ready?”

“We’re on, yes. State your name, please.”

“I’m Cameron Cruise. EPW IC champion, and I wanna tell you about who I hate! No, you know who you are. At this point in time, I don’t have to say it. It’s obvious, that you’re the stench of the Earth. A mistake God made, a man with no religion but his own flesh and blood. What do you believe in? Who do you believe in? You infect everyone around you. You nearly infected me! But, I…I got out. I broke free of your clutches to find people like me! Fair-haired, strong…pure-blooded winners! You were born into low-class. Though you may have some money, though you might have an inch of power, you my friend are still stained with the dirt, and desperation you were born into.”


“Tell me you’re getting this…”

“Preach, sir, preach!”

“You tried to run me down with lies. But, you seemed to forget your place, forget that by birth I was better than you! And, I am. You exist in this profession because I allowed it. Without me, you’d be nothing! And tonight, I will put you under my foot again, meshing you with the scum stuck to my rubber soul. That’s what you’re worth. That’s what your life has come to.”

“F*cking Jews!!”

“Tonight at Agg---“ Cruise’s life as he knows it comes to a screeching halt. “What?”

“We’re gonna tear those dirty Jews apart!”

“Don’t stop, Mr. Cruise. Seeing this piece will inspire thousands to come forward.” Lindsay inched the microphone closer to Cruise’s agape mouth.

“Hate Jews? No…”

Cameron could feel the limo come to a stop. He didn’t want to look, but they were inside an abandoned warehouse. As Mercedes started to whimper, and genuinely fear for her life, Cruise saw the mass of skinned heads approach the limo. Satisfaction and pride etched on their faces. Their leader was present.

The door opened and Cruise was helped from to his feet. “I think there’s been a mistake…”

“There’s been no mistake sir. We’re an Army ready to be led.”


“Look I need to explain something here…”

“Rex, get a shot of that!!”

The camera panned to a large banner dropped from the ceiling that read, “Cameron Cruise Leader Of Arian Nation.”

“Mr. Cruise! Mr. Cruise! Mr. Cruise!” Cameron’s troops chanted, the taste of blood on their lips.

“These men are ready to pledge their lives to you. Sir, tell us how the victory will be won.”

Cameron rocked back on the heels of his feet, Mercedes coiled protectively under his left arm. The madness began to make sense.


Dan Ryan stopped the video, and with his right index finger cut off the plasma TV in his office. He collapsed back in his leather chair, and held out hope of inspiration striking. What was the right thing to say here?

“Dan,” Cameron stood from his chair, “You know that’s BS. You know---“

Ryan waved, “Sit, Cruise. Sit. I don’t care to look up to you after this.”

“You know its Melton, Dan!” Cameron shot back, as he found his seat at Ryan’s desk again. “I was set up! Let me make this up.”

“How could you do that? Cruise, this got national play. You nearly made every paper. Now, imagine you’re me. My employee, worse, my title now belongs to the Arian Nation.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Now, as I understand it, they’ve told me you don’t have to defend it solely against neo-Nazis. They’re flexible there, so maybe, you know, maybe we win in the end, Cameron, with a PPV main event of you in a battle royal with Jews, blacks, and fags. In the end, it’s the business that wins.”


“My company’s taken a major PR hit, Cruise. I’ve got sponsors threatening to pull out! I’m busting my ass to make this promotion work, and now, my diversity employment record is up for question. I could lose my ass on this!”

“It’s Melton!”

“I’ll talk with Joey, Cruise. But, man…” Ryan chuckles, to keep from crying. “You’ve got to be smarter than…well, a bag of bricks Cruise.”

“Tell me how I can make this right.”

Ryan exhales loudly, scratching his eyes with his thumbs. “I’m pulling the IC belt off you, Cameron.”


“I have to respond to this. Public opinion has my balls over it. Cameron, I can’t let you walk out of here with that belt. I’m sorry, man.”

“Melton paints me as a racist and I get stripped?”

“Yeah, that’s the meat of it.”

“That’s not right.”

“Be thankful you’re still with the company. Don’t lecture me about what’s right. I can’t turn on the TV without seeing you being named captain of the Arian Football Team. I’m stripping the title. But…”

Ryan reached for Cruise to stop him from leaving.

“But…I’m giving you Melton at Black Dawn. File your complaint there.”

Cruise slaps the table and shoots out of his chair, stopping at the door to have the last word. “I worked my butt off to be in a position in this company where I could carry a program deep on the card, alone. That title is mine, Dan. I’ll sell your show with Melton, I’ll deliver you buyrates, but I want it in a cage. With a mic on hand after I beat him. Loser, which will be Joey I assure you, to say he respects me. I’ll give you want you want, but I’m taking that in return. Melton’s pride. When I’m done with him at Black Dawn, Dan, he won’t be able to sell a nickel to the fans for two dollars.”

Cruise slams Ryan’s office door behind him, knocking picture frames off the walls.

Ryan stands and picks the IC belt off his desk.

“Teresa,” Dan says, his fingers pressing on the intercom mounted on his desk.

“Yes, sir.”

“Get Melton in my office, now.”



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[CUE UP: "Imperial March" - Rage Against the Machine. A video montage plays, featuring smoke-wreathed images of various wrestlers, some of them leaving blurred trails as they move.
CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Adam Benjamin.
CUT TO: Karl Brown coming off the ropes with a Quebrada.
CUT TO: Christian Sands standing victorious in the ring.
CUT TO: JA delivering the Karelin Driver to Ron Artest
CUT TO: Adam Benjamin delivering a Shining Wizard to Karl Brown.
CUT TO: Joey Melton, mugging for the crowd.
CUT TO: Boogie Smallz lighting up a blunt.
CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Beast.
CUT TO: JA and Sebastian Dodd locking up in the middle of the ring.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.
CUTTO: With a clash of metal, a logo slams across the screen, its edges flickering.]

[Cut to the ramp, where a wreath of pyro explodes around the EmpireTron and several bomblike, smoky explosions ripple about the entry way. The camera zooms in on the screen as the pyro finally peters out, then blurs to roving shots of the roaring crowd as a small banner in the corner briefly appears to proclaim that EPW is broadcast en Espanol.]

[We cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Mike Neely and Dean Matthews sit.]

DT: Live from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!! It’s Empire Pro’s Aggression!!! I’m Dave Thomas along with Mike Neely and Dean Matthews and what a night we’ve got in store for the fans in Philly tonight! Troy Windham’s Entourage takes on Ken Cloverleaf and AJ Cirrus for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles at Black Dawn! The TV Title picture heats up as Tariq Ismail takes on Foxx, and Adam Benjamin takes on X-ecutioner…and don’t forget Priest, who takes on Damian Stone as well. And in our main event, hot newcomer Steven Shane takes up JA’s open challenge in what should be a helluva match!

DM: No doubts, Dave. Everyone’s gearing up for Black Dawn and tonight’s the night to make your statements to the boss. We’ve already seen Cameron Cruise stripped of his Intercontinental Title…..who knows what’s next?

DT: Let’s take it up to the ring and Tony Fatora with our first match!!

TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is scheduled for one fall!

[CUE UP: "King Nothing" - Metallica as we go through Damian Stone's exceedingly long entrance routine.]

TONY FATORA: Introducing first... He hails from St. Louis, Missouri... He weighs in at three hundred and forty-five pounds... Thisssss... isssss DAAAAAAMIAAAAAANNNNNN... SSSSSSSTOOOOONNNNNNNE!!!!

[CUE UP: "I Am The Bullgod" - Kid Rock. The crowd comes alive and offers plenty of boos as Priest emerges through the curtain, making his way to the ring, where he plays to the fans.]

TONY FATORA: And his opponent... He hails from Detroit Rock City... He weighs in at two hundred and forty eight pounds... he isssss PUH-RRRRRRRRRRRIESSSSSST!!!

DT: This promises to be a solid match between these two competitors for the Television Title, but can Priest overcome Damian Stone's overWHELming size advantage?

DM: He'll have to play it smart.

[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

DT: And Priest in like a SHOT throwing those huge right hands to the face of Stone! Now a left! Priest not relenting as he starts slugging away right off the bat, backing Priest into the ropes... but backs away from him!

MN: ...That was weird. Why'd he stop attacking?

DT: Stone looking a bit furious as Priest steps back... the bigger man rushes him but Priest DUCKS AND BOOSTS STONE OVER ONTO THE ROPE! STUN GUN sends the bigger man staggering!

DM: Wow, psychology. He goaded Stone into charging and hung him up on the rope with his own momentum!

MN: Smart!



DM: You said it, Mike Neely! That was astounding!

DT: Up comes Stone, slowly moving to his feet, but Priest comes off the ropes and NAILS HIM with the jumping swinging DDT!

DM: Drilled 'em!

DT: Priest waiting for Stone now... slowly Stone pulls himself up, and Priest darts in, kick to the GUT AND STONE GETS SENT DOWN THE PISSER!!! COVER!!!



THREE and this one is over almost before it started!

[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

TONY FATORA: Here is your winnerrrrrrr... PUH-RRRRRRRIEEEEEEEST!!!

DT: A dominating win for Priest here tonight and he’s looking really good going into Black Dawn!

MN: Indeed he is. Wish I could say the same for Damian Stone….

[Neely is interrupted by a roar from the crowd as Dan Ryan stalks out and down the ramp, without music and with a very annoyed look on his face. Ryan stalks to the crew side and rips a microphone from a stagehand’s hand and slides into the ring.]

Ryan: Look, I’m gonna make this really simple….Paul Freeman, to the ring. NOW.

DT: What’s this all about?

DM: Oh, I dunno. My guess is the way he took to the hills after that Hornet debacle last show…

[After a few moments, a very wary Paul Freeman slowly comes down the ramp and climbs into the ring, but stays near a corner.]

Ryan: Paul, really….I think you know why we’re out here. Last week…. [Ryan smiles, despite himself – but a nervous, annoyed smile.] Last week you promised me Hornet. I took you at you word. I took you for someone who deserved a chance to prove himself, and I took you as a man who does his homework.

So Paul, can you tell me why a little skinny white kid who weighed a buck fifty soaking wet, bought a Hornet Halloween costume and tried to Hornet splash me in the RCA Dome hallway?

[The camera cuts to Freeman, who gulps and shakes his head no.]

Ryan: Can you tell me why you should still have your job? Better yet, can you tell me why I shouldn’t put you through…[Ryan points to the announce table] ..that table right there?

[Freeman’s face goes white – but not because of Ryan’s threat. Freeman’s face goes white because behind Dan Ryan in the ring is the same skinny little white boy, dressed like Hornet, face painted, plastic cape flowing.]

Ryan: Can you tell me why you should…..[Ryan stops and stiffens up.] ..He’s behind me isn’t he?

[Freeman winces, his mistake back to haunt him once more – then, he slowly nods.]

[Ryan sighs as a loud “OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!” is screamed out and a small white kid bounces off a large and annoyed Texan to the entertainment of the fans. Ryan turns to see the kid fall to the ground, then pick himself up and try in vain to lift the massive leg of Dan Ryan while signaling weakly for the Scorpion Deathlock. Ryan, for his part, gets more and more annoyed. The kid then streaks for the ropes and dives through the ropes, simply crashing on the floor below to Dan Ryan’s bewilderment. Meanwhile, Paul Freeman slowly and methodically slips out of the ring and slinks up the ramp. Ryan turns to see him and as Freeman catches his gaze, he dashes for the stage and sprints through the curtain. And on the outside, the false Hornet has a microphone as he heads through the crowd.]


[Dan Ryan stands in the ring, glaring after the kid – as we fade to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[CUE UP: "God Is God" - Juno Reactor. Resounding boos rise from the crowd as an explosion of pyro sounds at the ramp. A moment later Tariq Ismail strides down to the ring, clad in a brownish sport coat with black and navy through it over a tight black shirt and his usual khaki slacks and his usual white and red kaffiyeh. Tucked under each arm, he carries an ABA basketball.]
TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... He hails from Mosul, Iraq... He weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds... The Is-lamic Icon... TAAAAAA-RRRRRRRIQ... IIIIIIIIIS-MAAAAAIIIILLLLLL!!!

DT: Folks, last week this man made a resounding debut here in Empire Pro Wrestling that I don't think we'll soon forget. After the way Tariq Ismail destroyed Jack Owyns, what are Foxx's chances like?

DM: What I want to know is what's up with the basketballs and the dress clothes. Doesn't look like he even expects to wrestle.

MN: Maybe he's gonna challenge Foxx to basketball!

DT: In any case, he's in the ring and calling for the microphone.

[Cut to a closer shot of Ismail, holding the basketball and standing near Tony Fatora, who holds the microphone.]

ISMAIL: Before we get thees match under way, I have sometheeng to say. Foxx... you're right. I have been selfeesh weeth my money. But I can't seemply geeve eet away or eet defeats the purpose. That ees why, tonight, een thees very reeng, I weell be hosteeng a very small challenge.

[He raises his voice.]

ISMAIL: I need two cheeldren from the audience! Two cheeldren, first ask first serve - no, not you, you're ugly. Yes, yes! Yes, you een the front row, the young man een the white, come on up here. And you, the keed een the Barney shirt. Yes, yes, come here!

[Escorted by their parents and EPW security, two children arrive at the ring and are lifted in by the guards. The first is a young Middle Eastern boy in a white T-shirt and a white and green kaffiyeh. The second is a redheaded white lad in a Barney shirt. Both are about ten years old.]

ISMAIL: Yes, yes, perfect. You, young man, what ees your name?


ISMAIL: Yes! Yes! Manar! A good strong name for a good strong boy! And you, leettle boy, what ees your name?


ISMAIL: ...Aha.

[Ismail promptly looks out to the crowd again and tilts his shoulders out a bit, emphasizing the basketballs.]

ISMAIL: The game ees seemple, cheeldren. I have here two ABA basketballs. I weell geeve one to each of you. Wheechever one of you ees able to dreebble the basketball ten times weethout droppeeng eet weell ween one thousand dollars. You got that?

[The kids both nod, smiling brightly. Ismail wanders from the mic and hands each child a basketball, then steps back and plucks a mic from the ring agent.]

ISMAIL: Alright. Fatora, I weell keep track of Manar, you keep track of... um, the other one, whatever hees name ees. Okay, one, two, three, GO!

[And with that Manar and Billy begin dribbling. It's clear that Billy's better at it; he's bouncing the ball with much more skill, while Manar's taking his time, trying not to drop it.]

FATORA: One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

ISMAIL: Look at heem go! One! Two! Three! Four...

FATORA: Six! Seven! Eight!

ISMAIL: Come on! Five! Seex-


[Ismail suddenly turns and shoots a foot out, kicking Billy's ball in mid-dribble and sending it sailing into the crowd. The crowd immediately explodes, booing loudly.]


ISMAIL: Nine... ten! Oh, good work, Manar, you've won the thousand dollars, my boy!

MANAR: Hooray!

[Finding himself with nothing to dribble and with everyone in the ring but Tony Fatora ignoring him, Billy just blinks... then screws up his face and starts crying.]

BILLY: Waaaaa! N-no fair! Waaaa! Waaaaa!

[Meanwhile, Ismail hands Manar and his somewhat stunned-looking parents a wad of bills. EPW security proceed to escort the children from the ring, with Billy's parents scowling and shouting up at the wrestler as they're dragged back to their seats, but the mic misses their words. The crowd continues to make their feelings known, booing loudly.]

ISMAIL: Well, eet just goes to show you-

[The crowd's noise cuts him off.]


ISMAIL: Shut up! You're rooting for the loser! Only Amereecan peeg-dogs root for losers!

[Boos ensue before a new chant picks up.]

CROWD: YOU'RE A PIG-DOG! *clap clap clapclapclap* YOU'RE A PIG-DOG! *clap clap clapclapclap*

ISMAIL: I AM NOT A PEEG-DOG! YOU Amereecans are the peeg-dogs! YOU! NOT ME!

CROWD: YOU'RE A PIG-DOG! *clap clap clapclapclap* YOU'RE A PIG-DOG! *clap clap clapclapclap*

DM: Pig-dog! Pig-dog! Pig-dog!

DT: What a disgusting excuse for a human being! I can't believe Tariq Ismail would stoop so low, and neither can this crowd, and they're letting him know it!

[Ismail splutters and fumes visibly before tossing the mic aside, screaming at the crowd in anger before throwing off his coat and whipping it at the timekeeper. He's about to climb over the ropes to pick a fight - but before he can go any further, music hits the speakers. Cue up: "Angelwitch" - Angelwitch as Foxx pushes through the curtain, rushing to the ring.]

TONY FATORA: And hailing from San Antonio, Texas... Weighing in at one hundred and thirty four pounds... FFFFFFFFFFFFOXX!!!

[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

DT: And Foxx is in there like a shot already, blindsiding Tariq Ismail and peppering the bigger man with right hands to the chest and face! She looks ALL fired up tonight!

DM: After the heated exchanges between these two all week you have to imagine she's pissed at how he's been mocking her - and she should be! That man is talented but he's a damn slimeball!

MN: Look at her go!

DT: Those quick jabs backing Ismail into the corner... Foxx puts a shoulder to his gut, then tries for the Irish whip, but Ismail reverses and whips her into the corner! Rushes in after her - Foxx boosts herself up and catches him with a foot to the jaw, then hops to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a clothesline!

DM: Compared to Ismail, Foxx has very little strength and weight. She's going to have to count on her speed and agility to keep him off balance here.

DT: Ismail to his feet, and Foxx in with a quick chop to the chest that stuns him a little, and more of those jabs to keep him off his feet... back into the ropes and comes back with a SPINKICK! Down goes the self-styled Islamic Icon!

MN: Good! Now bite his head off!

DM: --Mike Neely. What. You, actually NOT rooting for the people the rest of the world hates.

MN: Ismail's a jerk! I wouldn't root for him with YOUR mouth!

DM: --Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Neely.

DT: You can see that Ismail's surprised as he climbs to his feet! Foxx catches him with the Irish whip, off the ropes, Foxx up for the hurricanRANA BUT ISMAIL POWERBOMBS HER TO THE MAT AND MY GOD HE JUST ABOUT KILLED HER!


MN: Did you HEAR the CRASH as she came DOWN?! There's got to be a Foxx-sized dent in the ring!

DM: This is Ismail's territory now, Dave Thomas. He's got a lot more raw power and technique behind his attacks, and if he can hurt Foxx a little he can just keep the pressure on and grind her down.

DT: Foxx holding her back as she pulls herself to her feet, but Ismail comes up behind her and nails her in the back of the head with a few right hands! Now grabs her by the neck and turns... SWINGING NECKBREAKER, and a crisp one at that!

DM: Foxx is going to be in a LOT of trouble if she can't find some way to gain back the momentum from Tariq Ismail.

DT: Ismail now grabbing a fistful of hair, tossing Foxx into the corner... YELLS SOMETHING AT HER IN ARABIC and just NAILS her in the face with his elbow! Pulls her out of the corner - SUPLEX BUT FOXX FLOATS THROUGH AND THERE'S THE SCHOOLBOY!! ONE - TWO - ISMAIL KICKS OUT!

DM: That's what she's got to do! Use that quickness and try to surprise him!

MN: That was fast!

DT: Both to their feet now - Ismail kicks Foxx in the gut! Whip into the ropes - Foxx REVERSES INTO A CRADLE PIN! ONE - TWO - Ismail fights out!

DM: Another close call!

DT: A visibly frustrated Ismail to his feet - Foxx catches him with a boot to the gut! Whip into the ropes, and there's the DROPKICK and the cover! One - TWO - Ismail gets the shoulder up! Foxx pins again - One - TWO - Shoulder up!

MN: Two pins in a row!

DM: Trying to wear down Ismail before he can get up and fling her around, she is. I like it. She's got a good eye for strategy, at least.

DT: Foxx now pulling Ismail to his feet... hooks him up, tries for a suplex but can't get him up, so just whips him into the corner! Rushes in after him - BODY splash!

MN: I'd let her squish ME with that body.

DM: Except it hurts.

MN: I like it rough, Dean.

DM: ...Never say that again. My brain needs to be washed with steel wool now.

DT: Now Foxx with the whip out of the corner, sending Tariq into the opposite turnbuckles... rushes in after him but Ismail DODGES AND FOXX FLIES FACE-FIRST INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! Ismail catches her from behind - HUGE BACK SUPLEX and Foxx is REELING!!

DM: Beautiful move by Ismail! It looks like he let Foxx send him into the corner so he could catch her off-guard - usually she has trouble whipping him because he's almost twice her weight.

MN: He's smart scum!

DT: Looks like Tariq Ismail has regained the momentum as he pulls the stunned Foxx to her feet and pushes her into the corner - and there's those big elbows to the head of the San Antonio native! Hooks Foxx by the head and boosts her to the top rope!

MN: Uh-oh.

DT: Ismail climbing to the second turnbuckle... Foxx recovers enough to slug him in the head! Now Foxx hooking Ismail by the head! Signaling to the crowd!



DT: Oh my! This does NOT look good for Tariq Ismail!



DM: HOLY COW!! He blocked that PERFECTLY!

DT: Ismail coming slowly to his feet and shouting at the crowd in Arabic, and listen to these fans booing their heads off! Now he's pulling Foxx up off the canvas, hooks her up... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Holds on... ANOTHER Northern Lights! A third, and Ismail holds on for the pin!

One -


Foxx gets the shoulder up!

MN: That was a close one! He really flung her around there!

DT: This crowd all over Tariq Ismail as he pulls Foxx off the canvas! Whips her off into the ropes and catches her with a HUGE powerslam! Foxx holding her back as she comes to his feet - Ismail cuts across her and SCORES with the neckbreaker! The cover - one - TWO - Foxx kicks out!

DM: Ismail's really keeping the heat on right now.

DT: Ismail setting Foxx's upper back against his knee - reaches around now and cinches in a neck vice! Looks like he's going to try for the submission!

MN: He's chokin' her out!

DM: This is bad news for Foxx. She's going to have to get up and get in the air if she's going to beat Tariq Ismail right now.

DT: Foxx trying to fight out of the hold, but Ismail won't give an inch! Looks like she's starting to fade!

DM: The fans are cheering for her! They want her to get back in this thing!

DT: There's the official, raising the arm... it drops once!

MN: Twice more and it's over!

DT: Raises Foxx's arm again... it drops twice!

DM: One more!

DT: Raises the arm... NO, SHE KEEPS IT UP AND THIS CROWD IS ROARING! Foxx fights to her feet! Elbow to the gut! Another one! Another, and she kicks Ismail off! Foxx to the ropes - comes back and TAKES ISMAIL DOWN WITH THE HURRICANRANA!

DM: She's getting back into this! Go get 'em!

MN: YEAH! Go! Kick his ass!

DT: Foxx's adrenaline is starting to flow! CLOTHESLINE to Ismail! Another one! Now up to the top rope she goes - SAILS OFF WITH THE MOONSAULT PRESS AND TAKES THE BIGGER MAN DOWN! HOLDS FOR THE COVER!




MN: That was a BEAUTIFUL moonsault! I thought it was over!

DT: Both competitors to their feet... Foxx with the kick to the gut, and SCORES with the scissors kick! Now up to the top rope! Signalling for the Vixen Dive! These fans are on their feet!

DM: She's gonna put him away!

MN: Here it comes!


DM: Nooooo! She missed!

DT: Foxx went for the high-risk finishing move but Tariq Ismail wasn't ready to go down! Now Ismail's pulling himself up with the help of the ropes and this crowd is just BEGGING Foxx to get to her feet!

MN: She's got to get up! It can't end here!

DT: Ismail pulling Foxx up by the hair... she throws a punch but he just SLUGS her to her knees! Now UNDERHOOKS THE ARMS... PULLS FOXX UP... TIGER BOMB!!! FOXX COMES CRASHING DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!!

DM: Ooooh, it's gotta be over!

MN: Come on, Foxx!

DT: Now Ismail calling for the Jihad! Pulls Foxx to her feet! Hooks the head - FOXX WITH THE ELBOW TO THE SIDE!!!


DT: Foxx with the Irish whip! Stops at arm's length and pulls Ismail back - CLOTHESLINE - ISMAIL DUCKS IT AND KEEPS AHOLD ON HER ARM! PULLS FOXX IN - JIHAD!!! HE HIT THE JIHAD OUT OF NOWHERE!!! THE COVER!!!




[SFX: *DING* - bell rings.]


DT: Big win for Ismail, fellas but Foxx certainly gave him a run for his money.

DM: That girl’s got talent.

MN: Yeah, talent to su…

DT: STOP. Right there. Right now.

MN: What’d I say?

DT: Folks, we're gonna go to commercial now and let Neels know what he can and can't say on the air.

MN: But I...

[Commerical for Jiggly-Puffs!]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Folks, this next match is certainly one that cannot go unnoticed.
DM: Indeed it cannot, as newly acquired Ken Cloverleaf and AJ Cirrus prepare to take on Troy Windham’s entourage, August De La Rossi and The Mysterious Zoltan.

MN: If you ask me, we’ve already weeded out the talent from the fed down the street all we need, so we can already see where this match is headed.

DM: Neels, Ken Cloverleaf is a former World Champion! AJ Cirrus is a renowned talent from several different companies!

MN: And Steven Shane took them both out last week!

DT: Neels, Steven Shane was tagging with the World Champion and the number one contender to her title.

MN: And they were beating the hell out of each other while Steven Shane made AJ Cirrus admit his inferiority to him.

DM: That’s a good point, but I don’t think Shane picking up the win really sealed the whole match and proved that these two men cannot compete.

DT: Well guys, the point, I think, is that Ken Cloverleaf and AJ Cirrus do have a tough road ahead of them if they wish to take that next step to the Tag Team Titles.

[Cue up “Autobahn” as The Mysterious Zoltan steps out from behind the curtain to heel heat.]

MN: That’s what I’m talking about right there, Thomas! Look at this man! The size of those chains around his neck pale in comparison to this man’s size!

[Zoltan rolls into the ring. Cue up “Take Me Out”, enter August De La Rossi.]

DT: Folks, this is quite an impressive team here. As you can see, Zoltan brings the power, while August quickens the pace to keep their opponents off balance.

DM: That’s one reason why many consider them one of the most formidable tag teams on the FW circuit. They certainly have the ability to keep their opponents guessing with their difference in styles.

DT: Well, both of their opponents tonight are former tag team champions. Not together, but I’m sure that doesn’t make much difference once they’re between those ropes.

DM: Ken Cloverleaf was actually one half of the 2003 FWI Tag Team of the Year as a member of Sensationally Perfect.

MN: And we saw who carried that tag team last week. There is no way they’re walking out of this arena when that Zoltan is standing across the ring from them.

[Cue up “The Wind Below”, as Ken Cloverleaf enters to even more heel heat.]

DT: Well, there’s the self-proclaimed 2003 Tag Team of the Year.

DM: Cloverleaf has been rather vocal about how he feels that he carried Sensationally Perfect.

MN: Yet, his former tag team partner is the one that earned the win last week.

DT: I think you’ve stressed that fact already, Neels.

MN: I’m just saying.

[Cloverleaf stops at the base of the ramp. Cue up “Papercut”. Enter AJ Cirrus to more heat.]

DT: The time for talking is over; we’re ready to get this one underway! The actions will do the talking now.

[The two teams stand in their corner as they decide who will start the match.]


DM: It would appear to be Cloverleaf and De La Rossi to start this match here.

DT: The two men encircle each other, each looking to scout out the opponent.

DM: There’s a collar and elbow tie-up. Cloverleaf quickly gets the advantage with that side headlock.

DT: De La Rossi presses him off and into the ropes. Cloverleaf back off, and De La Rossi hits the deck. Cloverleaf off the other set…

DM: Big dropkick by De La Rossi!

MN: The superiority is showing, folks!

DT: Cloverleaf bounces back up, but De La Rossi quickly takes him down with a drop toe hold! He now floats over and locks Cloverleaf in a front face lock.

DM: Cloverleaf is squirming, but he has nowhere to go. August reaching out with his free arm now and here comes Zoltan.

DT: Heavy stomps by Zoltan as August breaks the hold and leaves the ring. Zoltan pulling Cloverleaf back to a vertical base now.

MN: Oh man! What a noggin!

DM: Big headbutt there by Zoltan as he now lifts Cloverleaf up before sending him back down with that gorilla press slam! Zoltan going for the cover here…



…kickout by Cloverleaf.

MN: If I just got hit with a melon like that, I’d stay down just to keep from getting hit by it again.

DT: I don’t think you’d let him hit you with it in the first place.

MN: No, but I thought the world already knew I was smarter than Ken Cloverleaf.

DT: That’s not what I meant.

MN: What did you mean then?

DT: Nevermind.

DM: Zoltan sends Cloverleaf off the ropes…

DT: Wow! What a clothesline from Zoltan! He now pulls Cloverleaf to his corner as he reaches out to tag De La Rossi.

DM: De La Rossi to the second rope…

DT: Guillotine leg drop onto Cloverleaf! There’s a pin…



…NO! AJ Cirrus broke it up!

MN: These guys have to resort to cheating to win! This is ridiculous!

DT: Well, as the ref restrains AJ Cirrus here, the Entourage is getting an unfair advantage! Look at them stomping away at Cloverleaf!

DM: As underhanded as it may seem, this is good tag team wrestling.

MN: Underhanded? Did you see AJ Cirrus illegally enter the ring? Zoltan has to the count of five to exit the ring!

DM: And the ref has now started that five-count, and in doing so, Zoltan leaves the ring.

DT: De La Rossi picking Cloverleaf up off the canvas now. Backs him into the ropes and whips him across the ring. He looks for a back body drop.

DM: No! Cloverleaf leaped over him for a sunset flip!



…no! A kickout by De La Rossi.

DT: Look at De La Rossi now, charging Cloverleaf after that attempted quick win!

DM: But Cloverleaf with a quick drop toe hold! De La Rossi is trying to get back up, but Cloverleaf has his legs locked! He’s reaching to his corner…

DT: Yes! There’s a tag to AJ Cirrus!

DM: Cirrus with the right hands! He’s got De La Rossi reeling here! He’s rearing back!

DT: No!

[The crowd groans.]

MN: Beautiful! De La Rossi knew Cirrus’s weak spot, and he went for it!

DT: Neels, I think that’s every man’s weak spot.

MN: That’s how he knew it would work on Cirrus! Absolutely beautiful display of scouting there by De La Rossi!

DT: De La Rossi quickly takes down Cirrus with a bulldog. He now rolls to the corner.

MN: Zoltan! This guy is going to be able to make AJ Cirrus submit by simply flexing his calves in front of him!

DM: Zoltan, quickly pulls Cirrus up. But not before he sends him right back down with that belly-to-belly suplex! There’s the pin…



…kickout by Cirrus!

DT: Zoltan back up to a vertical base. He pulls Cirrus with him as he extends his arm to the corner.

DM: Now here comes De La Rossi again, leaping over those ropes to quickly fire off a right hand into Cirrus, followed by another. He backs him into the ropes.

DT: Irish whip to the other side. Wow! What a spinning heel kick there by De La Rossi! Another pin…



…No! Cloverleaf breaks it up!

MN: Zoltan looks angry!

DT: Zoltan backs Cloverleaf into the ropes with those clubbing right hands. He now whips him off.

DM: Springboard clothesline! Cloverleaf just took Zoltan down and out with that springboard clothesline! What a reversal!

DT: But De La Rossi, quick to make the recovery as he clubs down on Cloverleaf with that right forearm to the back of the neck.

DM: But here comes Cloverleaf! Right hand! Another right hand! Down goes De La Rossi!

MN: Zoltan! Where are you at?

DT: Cloverleaf picks up De La Rossi. He then sends him right back down with a snap suplex!

DM: Cloverleaf is on fire!

DT: De La Rossi bounces right back up after that snap suplex. And there he goes! Cloverleaf just took himself AND De La Rossi to the outside with that clothesline!

MN: Don’t look now, fellas!

DT: Uh oh! Zoltan is back up! AJ had better stay on the ground!

MN: He’s wobbling!

DM: Kick to the midsection by Zoltan!

DT: The Zoltan Explosion! He holds on for the cover…





TF: Here are your winners… Troy Windham’s Entourage!

MN: I told you! I told you nobody messes with The Mysterious Zoltan, and look where AJ Cirrus is now! He’s counting the birds!

DM: And now, The Entourage have a shot against Blitz for the EPW Tag Team Titles!

DT: Wow! I cannot wait to see that one.

[CUTTO: De La Rossi and Zoltan heading up the ramp]

DM: Folks, there are your number one contenders. We’ve got to take a break, but don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: We’re back in Philadelphia as Aggression 20 continues! The TV Title picture continues to evolve as we’ve got Adam Benjamin taking on X-ecutioner….
DM: Adam’s been losing his mind lately. I kinda like it.

DT: Let’s go up to Tony Fatora….

TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is scheduled for one fall!

[CUE UP: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin makes his way slowly to the ring. Adam is wearing two English flag bandana's one that cover his head and the other that covers the lower part of his face revealing only his stone cold eyes. Adam makes his way into the ring and stands firm in his corner.]

TONY FATORA: Introducing first... He hails from the United Kingdom... He weighs two hundred and forty five pounds... A former Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Championnnn... ADAAAAAAAAAM... BEEEEEEEEEN-JAMIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!!!

DT: There was a time not so long ago when Adam Benjamin was contending at a World Championship level, and though he's since lowered his sights there's no denying this young man's ability and determination. But tonight, the man from the UK faces a tall challenge in the up-and-comer X-Ecutioner.

DM: X hasn't had much luck recently, but he could very well turn that cold streak around tonight against the former Intercontinental Champion.

[CUE UP: "Step Up" - Drowning Pool. The crowd boos as the hulking X-Ecutioner stalks to the ring, stepping over the ropes and shouting to warm up the fans.]

TONY FATORA: And from Death Valley... Weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds... ECKSSSS-E-CUTIONERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

MN: That guy is tall.

DM: This guy has some promise. I think once he realizes his potential X-Ecutioner could develop into a great wrestler, but he needs that spark.

DT: Think he could find it tonight, Dean?

DM: I hope so, Dave Thomas.

[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

DT: There's the bell! Benjamin looks to get a head start by shooting in - oh, X-Ecutioner slugs him down before he can touch him!

DM: Obviously X has the strength advantage in this match. Benjamin's going to have to rely on agility and technique to bring the big man down, and with Benjamin's experience X-Ecutioner could be in for a tough fight if he's not careful to keep the pressure on.

MN: He can hoss at him!

DT: X slugging at the upper back of Benjamin with those powerful right hands. Now whips him into the ropes, and there's the HUGE clothesline, knocking Benjamin to the mat! The Englishman up... another huge lariat from the man from Death Valley! One more clothesline, and Benjamin slides to the outside to regroup!

MN: X-Ecutioner's shouting at him to get back in the ring!

DT: Benjamin catching his breath for a moment before circling the ring... slides back in, but X-Ecutioner stomps on his upper back!

DM: Smart move by the big man. He's trying to keep Adam Benjamin off balance and beat him before he really gets into the swing of things.

MN: Do the body slam! Do the body slam, Hossy McHossHoss!

DT: Pulling Benjamin off the mat, X-Ecutioner whips him off into the corner... rushes in after him, and there's the clothesline! Pulls him out, and another clothesline, this time short-arm!

MN: It's like a clothesline clinic in there! X is really throwing his weight around!

DT: Now Benjamin wobbling to his knees - and X-Ecutioner just BOOTS him right in the side of the head, knocking him down! Pulls Benjamin up, there's the Irish whip and the BAAACK BODY DROP rocks Benjamin hard!

DM: Oof, what a drop!

MN: He hit like a ton of bricks!

DT: Benjamin's holding his back as he staggers to his feet, and X-Ecutioner moving in... hoists Benjamin up - BODY SLAM but Benjamin grabs the leg and rolls X-Ecutioner up! One - TWO - NO, kickout by the big man!

DM: That was close! Came out of the blue!

MN: Quick, quick little Benjamin... whoo!

DT: Both men climbing to their feet... X-Ecutioner swings at Benjamin but Benjamin CATCHES HIM AND BRINGS HIM DOWN FOR A BACKSLIDE! One - TWO - X-Ecutioner fights out!

DM: Another close one! Now you see Benjamin's experience at work. He's gotten his head together and he's going after the holes in X-Ecutioner's attacks.

DT: X-Ecutioner looking a bit flustered as he rushes Benjamin, but the Englishman rolls behind him with a schoolboy-style clip takedown! Now stands up, then drops an elbow across X-Ecutioner's right thigh! Knee drop to the thigh, another, and X-Ecutioner is shouting in pain and frustration!

DM: Tried and true strategy here from Benjamin, taking X-Ecutioner off his vertical base and breaking down that leg.

MN: Someone get Hossy a peg leg! He'll need it at this rate!

DT: Another knee drop to te leg of X-Ecutioner, but X kicks Benjamin off with his good leg and comes to his feet! Benjamin back into the ropes... clips the back of X-Ecutioner's knee, and down goes the big man!

MN: Ow! That hadda sting!

DT: You can see the focus in Benjamin's eyes as he slams X-Ecutioner's knee into the mat, and the big man cries out in pain! Now Benjamin pulling X's leg across the rope... boosts up and DROPS his bottom across the thigh, and X-Ecutioner is WRITHING!

DM: That was all Benjamin's weight dropping down onto that leg!

DT: Benjamin now dragging X-Ecutioner into the middle of the ring... wraps his arms around the ankle, kneels on X's back facing the leg, lifts the leg and presses the knee against the opposite calf, and now pulling back with all his might! X is screaming in pain, but... I've never seen this type of hold before!

DM: This is something entirely new, Dave Thomas - I've never seen it, but it's putting a lot of stress on X-Ecutioner's thigh and knee - I think. It's hard to tell. Either way, it's having quite an effect, and Benjamin's weight is keeping the big man pinned down.

MN: Good job, Benj!


DM: Uh-oh!

DT: Pulls Benjamin off him! Comes to his feet!

DM: Uh-oh!




--NOO, KICKOUT by Adam Benjamin!

MN: I thought it was OVER!

DM: Man, Benjamin's a tough cookie! That was a huge slam and he still kicked out!

DT: X-Ecutioner looking undaunted here as he pulls Benjamin off the mat... sets him up... ANOTHER CHOKESLAM BUT BENJAMIN HOOKS AN ARM AROUND X'S UPPER BODY AND SOMEHOW TURNS IT INTO A DDT!!! MY GOD WHAT A COUNTER!!!

DM: WOW! I've never seen anyone counter a chokeslam like that, but... wow, Benjamin's got some moves.

DT: Benjamin setting himself up in a corner... X-Ecutioner to his knees... Benjamin out and NAILS HIM WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!! THE COVER!!!




[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]


DT: Big win for Adam Benjamin!

MN: I'd have to say, Big Daddy English is the favorite for the TV title.

DM: I don't know about that, but I'll admit he was impressive.

DT: Indeed. Folks, time for another commercial break.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[The show comes back to life at the broadcast table.]
DT: Folks, during the break we had a little bit of excitement backstage. It seems that Karl Brown and Sebastian Dodd got into a bit of a heated exchange backstage that led to some physicality. Let’s take a look at the footage we have from the end of that altercation.

[The shot cuts to backstage as Karl Brown and Sebastian Dodd are tearing into each other in the main catering area. Brown tosses Dodd over the top of the catering table, then dives over it onto him as the two re-engage in peppering each other with fists around what’s left of a quite lovely spread of sandwiches – good sub style sandwiches, too – not that cheap-ass pimento cheese crap.

As the two tear into each other, security comes pouring in. Damian Stone, watching the melee from his table where he was enjoying a nice snack, boos them as they break the two men up. Dan Ryan appears a moment later.]

Ryan: You two think you can try not to cost me money back here with this crap? For Christ’s sake! Look – fine, you two want to whine and ***** about the Intercontinental Title? Great. At Black Dawn – Karl Brown and Sebastian Dodd for the Intercontinental Title – winner takes all. How’s that?

[Brown nods yes and Dodd sneers at Brown, but turns to Ryan and nods as well.]

Ryan: Good. You’re off the card tonight – a punishment for all of…[Ryan waves to the room]….this. Now go back to your dressing room and think about how poor Damian Stone has to clean up all of this mess.

[Cut to Stone.]

Stone: WH-WH-WHAT??

[Cut back to the broadcast booth.]

MN: Well, spank my ass and call me Nancy.

DM: Okay, Nancy.

DT: So we’ve got a little switch here tonight. Karl Brown and Sebastian Dodd will face each other at Black Dawn, and Jack Owyns will face John Doe here tonight.

[CUE UP: Sunny Day by Zug Island, and Jack Owyns begins heading down the ramp.]

[SFX: Bell rings.]

TONY FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington...

MN: Where the sun never shines...

TF: ... he stands six feet, one inch tall and weighs in at two hundred and thirty seven pounds...

DM: You've been watching too much "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" again, haven't you?


Owyns enters the ring and hops up and down, waiting for his opponent.

[CUE UP: "Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem, and John Doe makes his way out from the back.]

TF: Aaaaand his opponent! Hailing from Parts Unknown, he also stands six feet, one inch tall and weighs in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is... JOHNNNNNN DOOOOEEEEEEEE!!!

DT: John Doe slides into the ring, looking to get - but Owyns doesn't let him! Owyns is stomping away at Doe! He hasn't even gotten to his feet once yet!

[SFX: Bell rings.]

DM: The official's called for the bell, and we're officially underway! Owyns is POUNDING away at John Doe!

MN: That kinda reminds me of the night I pounded...

DT+DM: Neely!

MN: Oh, nevermind.

DT: Back to the action now, Owyns has pulled Doe up to his feet, and there's an Irish Whip into the ropes! Doe rebounds.... there's a clothesline from Owyns... no siree! Doe ducks under and hits the opposite ropes and rebounds... FLYING FOREARM to Owyns' face!

DM: That's a high impact move, Dave, and Owyns just hit the canvas HARD.

DT: Doe now pulls Owyns up to his feet and boots him square in the breadbasket. He hooks an arm... there's a nicely executed snap suplex!

DM: That was real crisp, Dave! That'll leave welts on your back if you're not careful!

MN: That kinda reminds me of the night I got whi-

DM: Neely! Family show!

MN: RIght!

DT: Once again, Doe has pulled Owyns up to his feet, and there's a solid European uppercut from Doe! Owyns returns fire, but Doe ducks, and Owyns spins around on wobbly legs! Doe grabs him around the waist, and... WOW! What a release German suplex from John Doe!

DM: He dropped him right on the back of his head, Dave! There's a cover!


Doe quickly gets to his feet and heads for the corner. He climbs up to the top rope...


Doe hits a huge moonsault, and goes for the cover!


Doe picks Owyns up again, and whips him to the ropes, yet Owyns reverses and sends Doe to the ropes. Owyns hits the far ropes as well and comes charging at Doe!



DT: Doe just nailed Owyns with a drop kick to the back of the head! Owyns has stumbled into the ropes, and he bounces off!


DT: And a cover!! ONE! TWO!! THREEEEE!!!

[SFX: Bell rings.]

[CUE UP: "Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem, and John Doe gets to his feet as the official raises his arm!]

DT: There's a convincing win for John Doe tonight on Aggression as we continue to head down the road to Black Dawn! We'll be right back after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: We’re back and it’s time for As the Cameron Cruise Project turns, part two!
DM: You know Cameron’s hot after being stripped of his Intercontinental Title earlier tonight. I can’t wait to see this…

[MUSIC CUEUP: “I Need A Hero” – Bonnie Tyler]

[Where have all the good men gone? And where are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Excellent questions indeed. A sold-out Wachovia Center collectively stand poised for answers, but accustomed in life to receiving none. Joey Melton decked out in an immaculate three-piece suit struts down the aisle, house mic in his hand.]

JOEY MELTON: Christ, you know it ain’t easy, you know how hard it can be. The way things are goooooooooooin, they’re gonna crucify me.

[CROWD: Booooo!]

JOEY MELTON: People, [Melton turns and begins to walk backwards as he motions to the crowd for calm, and perspective] my good people. Don’t blame me for Cameron Cruise’s situation. Don’t blame me for the hate instilled in the man’s heart, nor his unwillingness to accept all of God’s creatures as they were born. Equal, and in dire need of understanding and love.

DT: Please…

MN: Quiet, the truth’s being told.

DT: Uh huh.

[Joey brushes the poor reception off like water off his back, and steps between the ropes to enter the ring.]

JOEY MELTON: I was witness to horrors, the hate speak that pours from Cruise’s body for over a year. I saw, [Joey leans over the top rope to point at a fan] Shut your mouth kid, while I’m up here you understand that? [BOO!] I’ll drag you AND your momma up here and paint your ass red, don’t for a second think I won’t. [YOU SUCK MELTON!] I saw, Cameron Cruise save a bundle of duck eggs from acres of land set to be destroyed for commercial development, raise the duckies in an incubator and then when they were ready to fly and make their own way, Cruise released them in a pond with a bevy of hunters, no POACHERS, taking aim in the bushes! He raised those poor ducks to be slaughtered! THAT [BOOOOOOOOOOO] THAT is the essence of Cameron Cruise. No respect for God’s creatures, nor his fellow man! I speak the truth, and you idiots know it! That’s why I’m out here…that’s why I have a forum to EDCUATE you poor, economically depressed people who haven’t seen a winning sports franchise since Moses climbed up the mountain to fetch ‘say-so’. I tell it like it is…and when I say Cameron Cruise is a neo-Nazi, you better believe it!

MN: I bet Melton’s a wonder on telethons.

DM: He’d get my five bucks.


JOEY MELTON: You saw the video! For those of you who didn’t, I tried to arrange it to be shown here tonight, but apparently our fearless leader Dan Ryan has seen enough. He’s seen the proof…the damning evidence. Cameron Cruise hates Jews, blacks, and [Censor]. Cameron Cruise believes the holocaust should be a national holiday, and reenacted like the Civil War. Cameron Cruise is FOR segregation, AND a tax increase. Has he ever shared a public fountain with a black man? Has he ever had a taste of brown sugar, or helped an old queer across the street?

DM: Neither has Neely, come to think of it.

JOEY MELTON: No, he hasn’t, but Cameron Cruise has a crippling phobia, and it’s PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT! PEOPLE WHO AREN’T AS WHITE AS WHITE CAN BE!


JOEY MELTON: I know that doesn’t sit well, mainly because most of you are illiterate and can’t understand what I’m saying. But, you can understand this. Cameron Cruise is NOT a friend to the Jewish community in South Florida. I dare say, Cameron Cruise is the reason the poor, socially challenged people, MY people in New Orleans weren’t evacuated safely, and in time! [BOOOOOOOOOOOO] Cameron Cruise has NOT watched a single minute of news coverage. No, friends, Cruise…YOUR former IC champion has been too busy trying to secure guest spots on Greg The Bunny. It’s true.

DT: Can we cut his mic now?

MN: Greg The Bunny? That’s high-class.


JOEY MELTON: And I say this tonight. Sincerely. Bring that camera in tight, ass wipe. [CLOSE-UP – Melton looks sad, bottom lip tucked in like Clinton apologizing for one of his many crimes] I refuse to betray humanity and give Cameron Cruise the time of day! I refuse to be in this very ring tonight and wrestle that man! He was stripped of the IC title, as far as I’m concerned he should be run out of town and back to Alabama where the racists run scouting combines to be drafted into the KKK. Dan Ryan, I must respectfully decline to be a part of your show tonight, IF it involves me lowering myself to wrestle a noted hater like Cameron Cruise. And I most certainly will not be appearing at BLACK DAWN to wrestle Cruise!

MN: You have to respect a man who takes a stand.

DM: Here, here.

[Chants of “Chicken Sh*t” break out.]

JOEY MELTON: I’m doing this for YOU! For you people to dumb to realize when you’ve been slighted! Every mass of wasted humanity must be led into battle, and I’ve taken the post! Joey Melton is ready to get his hands dirty and lead you poor people to social victory! We must shun Cameron Cruise! We must…

[HUGE POP. The roof LIFTS off.]

[Everyone rubber necks to see a furious Cameron Cruise race down the aisle and slide through the bottom rope. Melton turns but not in time! Cameron buries his right foot into Joey’s stomach.]

DT: Cruise! Cameron Cruise has hit the ring! Right boot to Melton, and Joey is GASPING FOR AIR! Cameron right hand! Another right hand and Melton’s rocked! Listen to this place!

MN: I’ve never seen Philly this happy! Well once, but the paternity suit brought against Santa was eventually dismissed.

DT: Cruise kicking away at Joey in the corner, now he’s ripping that jacket off!

[Fans cheer as Kin Hiroshi makes his way down.]

MN: That suit cost more than Cruise’s mortgage payment, I’m sure of it!

DM: Or his wife’s breasts!

DT: Well it’s off now! Cameron tearing at that navy blue shirt…

MN: Not the cufflings!

DT: Yes! Cruise whips Joey into the corner! Melton is stunned! Shoulder into Joey’s sternum! Melton buried himself in the ring with trash, and now Cameron’s come to take it out! Cruise on the middle rope, driving hard right hands into Melton’s skull! [Crowd chants with Cruise, 1..2..3…4…5..6..7..8…]

[In a fit of desperation, Joey is able to grab onto Cameron’s legs.]

DT: Inverted atomic drop! Melton saved himself there! Joey’s cut! He’s bleeding guys.

MN: Of course he is...the man was just savagely attacked by a racist!

DM: He said he wasn’t wrestling tonight, this is uncalled for.

DT: Oh shut up, the both of you! Melton on his feet, barely! He spots Hiroshi in the corner. Look at his face, I’ve never seen Joey happier!

MN: Obviously you haven’t seen the Melton/Troy sex tape that’s being passed around backstage, have you?

DM: I was told that was just a myth.

MN: No, its breathtaking.

DT: Melton wipes the blood off his forehead and reaches for Hiroshi!

[Fans Booing, pleading with Hiroshi! Kin looks at Joey, and then jumps off the apron]

DT: Hiroshi wouldn’t tag! Hiroshi wouldn’t tag! Melton’s furious!

MN: As he should be! How can Kin turn his back on Joey!

DT: Payback is a… Melton screaming at Hiroshi, telling him to get his butt back on the apron! Oh, NOW he wants this to be a match!

DM: I just want the sex tape.

DT: Hiroshi has a seat in a folding chair at ringside! I love it!

MN: Cruise is right! A white man wouldn’t betray Melton like this!

DT: Stop! [SFX: CRACK!] Cruise from behind with a chair! [SFX: WHACK!] Another home run swing! Melton’s on his knees! SHIPWRECK! SHIPWRECK! Joey’s in dream street! Cruise pulling Melton to the center of the ring, is this…

DM: The end of innocence? Maybe. But then I’ve been wrong before. See Smarty Jones.

DT: THE FIGURE FOUR! Cruise has got Melton in the FIGURE FOUR! [CROWD LOVES IT]

[Hiroshi back on the apron.]

DT: The ref he’s checking Melton! That’s it! That’s it!


DT: Cameron Cruise has just beaten Joey Melton!

[The Wachovia Center explodes.]

MN: If that was a legal match, I’m Mariah Carey’s lover.

DT: Hiroshi hugs Cruise in the ring! Stripped of the IC title, but nonetheless payback for the former champion tonight!

CAMERON CRUISE: [on house mic] Whether you want it or not Joey, at BLACK DAWN we settle the score. There’ll be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Just you and me Melton, and the truth. The reality that I’m the better man, that I’m your lifeline in this business and without me you’re just a sad old man. You’re dreaming a good dream now, but when you wake, when Lindsay has to remind you that you’re contractually obligated to show up for the PPV and face me one on one, you’re in a for a reality check that you just won’t like.


DT: Cruise threw the mic on Melton’s limp body, and heads out of the ring!

MN: Limp body? Not if you’ve seen the video I have. Lord.


DT: Fans, we have to take a break, but when we come back it’s JA and Steven Shane!!!

[FADE-OUT – Cruise leaving to a thunderous ovation.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back once again and it’s main event time! Tony Fatora, take it away!!!
TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first...

[CUE UP: "Eat the Rich" by Fozzy]

TONY FATORA: Weighing in at two hundred, fifteen and three eigths pounds, he hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... The Anglo Luchador..... JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

DT: One of the premier performers in wrestling today, JA asked for an opponent for what could be termed a comeback match after that attack by Savoy a while back.

DM: JA's a great competitor. He's playing a lot of mindgames with Savoy, and I can't wait until those two squre off, but tonight he's facing a tough man in his own right.

[CUE UP: "Damn" by Fabolous]


DM: Shane's a tremendous competitor. We got a glimpse of what he can do last Aggression in the three-on-two handicap match, but tonight looks likely to showcase his talents against another hungry competitor. Both have a history in A1E, and we should be in for a real treat.

DT: There's the bell, and both men quickly into the collar and elbow. Both men jockeying for position here in the early going, but Shane manages to push JA against the ropes. JA reverses it, but Shane turns again. In the corner now, as the ref asks for a clean break... and Shane gives him one, appluading JA as he backs away from the corner.

DM: JA's going to want to use his speed against the bigger man. That was a clean break, but how long they'll stay clean once the desire to win kicks into high gear is anyone's guess.

MN: I'm surprised JA didn't bring a sack of sh-

DT: Mike....

MN: What? Can't I finish a sentence without being interupted?

DM: No.

DT: Back to the ring now as the two men lock up again. JA with the advantage this time, driving up into Shane and forcing him back. The ref asks for the break at the ropes... Shane throwing JA into the corner there!!

DM: JA did the smart thing driving up there, keeping Shane off his balance, but Shane letting the luchador know who the stronger man is.

DT: Shane and JA again going for a lockup, but JA with an armdrag!! Shane up, but JA meets him with a dropkick square to the face!! Shane trying to get up again, but JA off the ropes and takes him down with a flying back elbow. The cover…


Kickout by Shane there, as JA plays to the crowd!! I think he just let the Sensational One know that whilst he has more strength than the former IC champ, JA beats him in the speed department.

DM: JA giving Shane time to get to his feet. That’s a mistake right there.

DT: They go for another lock up… NO!! Shane changes it into a swinging lariat, and JA’s head just snapped on the mat!!

DM: Told you it was a mistake.

DT: Shane picking JA up, and a hard slam down followed by a kneedrop. Shane with the cover, but JA kicks out before the count of one. Both men back up, and Shane with a right hand rocks the masked Luchador. Irish Whip off the ropes, and a shoulder tackle takes JA down. Shane off the ropes, JA lies flat. Shane on the rebound, leapfrog there by JA. Shane again off the ropes, JA with a Mexican arm-drag take down!! JA trying to lock in an armbar, but Shane grabs him by the mask and throws him to the mat! Headlock applied there, but JA manages to get out quickly, pulling Shane down for the quick cover!!

DM: Shane out before the one count. JA runs the ropes, but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl slam there. Shane managing a two count there on the cover, and this action has been quick.

MN: Damn right, I can’t even get a sentence in to be interrupted by Mr Rude over there.

DT: Rick Rude’s dead.

MN: Don’t try to be clever with me, Dave, it doesn’t suit you.

DM: Kiddies, kiddies. Steven Shane trying to gain an advantage here, keeping JA down and stretching the arms straight above his head, using his legs for leverage. The ref asking JA if he wants to give it up, but JA twisting… turning… and managing to spin out of it. Shane’s arms are crossed now, and JA with a double footed kick to the gut gets his hands free!!

DT: JA now coming off the ropes, and hits a shining wizard there!!

DM: These two are going to be out of breath sooner rather than later if they keep up this pace.

DT: JA picking Shane up now, locking in a full nelson… Snap Dragon Suplex!! JA following up with an elbow drop, and now looking to press the advantage by twisting the neck of the Sensational One.

DM: Hurt a mans neck and there’s a lot less that they can do. Shane trying to prize JA’s hands, but JA with a stiff kick to the back followed by a somersault neckbreaker from the front.

DT: JA now stalking Shane. Shane standing, gets met with a kick to the gut and a DDT! The Anglo-Luchador now moving to the outside… BIG somersault leg drop there!! The cover…


TH- NO!! Steven Shane still with presence of mind to kick out there. JA now with Shane by the hair, forcing him back to the corner, perching him on the top rope. Follows him up, and levels him with a shot to the head. Getting his footing… HURRICANRANA from the top rope!!

DM: Shane landed square on his back, the best way to land, whereas JA landed slightly off it looked like. JA still the first man to his feet though, shaking out his wrist or shoulder.

DT: JA with another cover, but only gets a two count!! JA has just been dominant in the past few minutes, and he’s signaling to end it!! Picking Shane up, could it be the Karelin Driver?

DM: He tries to pick him up, but Shane holding onto the leg. JA with a shot to the back, and another, but Shane won’t let go of the leg. JA now lets go of Shane, off the ropes… BIG sidewalk slam there!!

MN: Boo-ya!

DM: Shane shaking his head a little, the shots from JA did something and that move could very well have been a desperation move to get a respite.

DT: A respite Shane is taking, as he slowly pulls the masked Luchador to his feet. A hard forearm to the side of the face, followed by another, and a whip into the turnbuckle. Shane following JA into the corner with a kick to the gut. Hooks the arms, double arm suplex!! Shane goes for the cover.


Kickout there by JA.

DM: Shane now trying to get some air back, applying a chinlock on the mat.

DT: The referee asking JA if he wants to give it up, but JA refuses to quit.

MN: He’ll quit… when Savoy gets vengeance for the craptacular display JA gave him last Aggression.

DT: The fans trying to stir JA, as he tries to turn his body onto the mat?

DM: This could work.

DT: JA manages to get to his feet, dropping down on his front. Shane’s got all his weight on the back of JA!!

DM: Keep watching.

DT: JA MANANGES TO SQUIRM FREE!! Quick elbow drop to the back of Shane. The cover..



NO!!! Kickout by Shane, who levels JA with a clothesline as they both get to their feet!!

DM: Interesting counter there by JA, but it seemed effective. I don’t know if he could’ve done it without the element of surprise, as Shane looked just as shocked as the rest of us when JA worked his way onto his own stomach. Shane now pushing himself off the canvas.

DT: Shane to his feet. He picks JA up, and a snap suplex takes him down! Shane again lifting JA off the mat, this time Irish Whip to the corner - CLOTHESLINE into the corner almost takes JA’s head off!!

DM: This is the strength advantage coming into full play. Shane even has time to taunt the fans. A SENSATIONAL act all round.

DT: Are you reading from Mike’s cue-cards?


DM: How can I read them? He wrote them.

MN: I miss the good old days. When it was just me and Dave and I could insult him without fear of reprisal.

DT: Back in the ring, Shane has JA in the corner again. Elbows to the head… and another… and a fifth!! Shane cheering to the fans, who applaud his efforts. JA FIRING BACK!! A headbutt!! And another!! Shane backing off… SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!! The cover by JA…



THRKICKOUT!!! JA almost stole it from Shane there!!

DM: JA on the attack again. Takes Shane down there with a forearm uppercut. Off the ropes… Shane catches him.

DT: Headscissors takedown by the Luchador!! He’s starting to feel it as the crowd gets behind him!! JA with a knee to the face of Shane. Picks him up… STANDING DROPKICK!! JA off to the ropes now… LIONSAULT!! The cover… the count…


THRKICKOUT!! Kickout AGAIN by Steven Shane, and JA is starting to look flustered as he can’t seem to put his opponent away!!

DM: Both men have been putting a lot into these shots tonight - neither one wants to lose.

DT: JA now with Shane backed into the corner. He lifts him up to the top rope, slapping the taste out of his mouth there. Following him up, looks like he’s going for a suplex…WAIT A MINUTE!! AJ CIRRUS JUST SLID IN AND POWERBOMBED JA OFF THE ROPE!! Ken Cloverleaf in now and he pushes Shane to the floor!! What are they doing here?!?!

MN: Takin’ out the trash.

DT: Cloverleaf over to Shane on the outside, whips him into the steel steps!! This is not right, these two were putting on a great match.

DM: Cirrus and Cloverleaf beg to differ, obviously.

DT: Cirrus now outside with his partner, stomping away on Shane!! JA’s sliding to the outside, but Cloverleaf cuts him off with a clothesline. Can we get security out here?

DM: Doesn’t look like it. Cirrus picking Shane off the floor, pushing him back into the railings. Cirrus charging in.

DT: STEVEN SHANE JUST ELEVATED HIM OVER ONTO THE CHAIRS AT RINGSIDE!! AJ CIRRUS LANDS BACK FIRST ON THE CHAIRS!! Cloverleaf coming over, attacking Shane again… I think this match has been thrown out.

DM: What was your first clue?

DT: Security FINALLY coming down. Folks, we’ve gotta take a break…when we come back, it’s the big contract signing for the main event at Black Dawn!!

[Graphic of Lindsay Troy and Cross as we fade to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Aggression comes back from commercial and cuts to a close-up of the announce table. Dave Thomas is trying to keep a straight face while Dean Matthews looks on in disgust at Mike Neely. Neely, having traded in the shirt he was wearing before, is now sporting a hand-written "QUEEN OF MY WORLD" T-shirt with Lindsay Troy's name scribbled inside a badly drawn heart.
DM: I have it on good authority that Melton's going to kill you after the show, Neels.

MN: Melton's one of my idols and all, but that geriatric will have to catch me first. TROY! I know you're back there, sweetcheeks. Call me later! We'll do dinner.

DM: Where? Denny's?

MN: How did you kn...wait a second!

DT: While Neely's last night on earth slowly draws to a close, [Neely: Hey!] Dan Ryan promised us a contract signing of epic proportions!

MN: I wonder how much that contract would be worth on Ebay. Think Ryan would photocopy it for me after the ink dries?

DM: I don't think so, Tim.

MN: It's Mike!

As if on cue, "ZERO" by The Smashing Pumpkins hits. The camera cuts away from the three announcers, pans across the ring where the tech crew has adorned the mat with a red carpet and placed a table, covered with a red tablecloth, and two chairs in the center, before settling on the entranceway. Dan Ryan walks out from the back to a mixed reaction [we're in Philadelphia, remember?], clipboard in one hand and microphone in the other. He takes his time walking down the ramp and entering the ring, but when he does the music immediately cuts off.

Ryan: Philadelphia, PA...


Ryan: The city...of brotherly love...


Ryan: The home...of professional choke artists!

BOO! MASSIVE HEEL HEAT! Ryan sets the clipboard down in the middle of the table and smirks at the crowd. The fans are RABID!

DM: Talk about setting them up and knocking them down.

MN: Hahahaha, SUCKERS! Hey Ryan, tell the "Freddie Mitchell and Terrell Owens go into a bar" joke you were saying backstage!

DT: This is just uncalled for.

DM: But not terribly unlikely.

DT: True.

Two heavyset gentlemen in the front row wearing "MCNABB IS GOD!" T-shirts start frothing at the mouth.

Ryan: As fun as it is to come to this city and get under its natives' skin, this isn't the sole reason why I'm out here. EPW has a pay-per-view coming up and the main event needs to be secured. So, without further ado...

[Cue-up: "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West.]

No, it's not the Christian Son of God coming back to save the Philadelphians' souls from years of anguish and to lead them up to the Promised Land...but hey, Cross is out on the stage! Will he prove to be a worthy substitute?

Crowd: CHEER!

I guess so.

Cross and Kanye walk through the valley of the shadow of death and eat pieces of ish like you for breakfast. WORD! The former A1E and CWWF World Champion strides down the aisle, hops up onto the apron and eases himself into the ring. He casts a weary eye toward Ryan, who merely golf claps in approval.

DT: Cross giving the Boss an uneasy look here, and can you blame him given what Ryan's done in the past to other superstars in this company?

MN: Hey, wait a sec...Bruce Springsteen's here?

DM: God, Neely, you're such an imbecile.

Cross casts his gaze down to the table where the contract lies, but immediately snaps his neck upwards once the lights in the Wachovia Center cut out. Cameras start flashing and the crowd's noise level becomes louder as the Ryantron lit up with an all-too-familiar quote.

"Do you really have to be the ice queen intellectual or the slut whore? Isn't there some way to be both?"

[Cue-up: "Money, Power, Respect" by Lil Kim, et. al.]

Pyro explodes on the stage and in the ring, causing the fans at ringside to duck for cover. Spotlights shine down onto the stage as Lindsay Troy walks out from behind the curtain, dressed in black boots, black pants and a suit jacket. Around her waist is the EPW World Title, glinting brightly as flashes of light explode all around her. She may not be parting the Red Sea, or restoring sight to the blind, but the Queen has the crowd in the palm of her hand...

...until she undoes the buttons of her jacket to reveal a t-shirt: an airbrushed image of the Patriots' mascot choking the life out of an Eagle wearing a TO jersey.

Crowd: DIE, *****!

Troy sneers at the Philadelphia faithful and cooly makes her way down the aisle, managing to duck and dodge various cups of liquid that are being tossed her way. She keeps her eyes locked on Cross in the ring before she, herself, hops up on the apron and flips herself up and over the top rope. Giving Ryan a nod, Troy climbs all four turnbuckles as the crowd, for the most part, lets her have it.

MN: This is NO WAY to treat a lady!

DM: Oh come off it already. Just take one look at her shirt and try and tell me that she doesn't deserve this reaction.

MN: In case you haven't noticed, DEAN-O, I'm not looking at her shirt.

DM: You're just sick, Neels.

MN: What? It's not as if I can help it!

The lights, thankfully, come back up to reveal Troy and Cross, one on each side of the table, locked in an intense stare-down. Dan Ryan eyes the two intently.

DT: You can just feel the tension between these two long-time friends and adversaries. Their friendship was forged in the X-Wrestling Federation and carried over to numerous other companies before being tested and taken to the limit on a scaffold in A1E.

MN: Why don't you just write a ballad while you're at it, Thomas!

Ryan finally reaches into the pocket of his pants and produces a pen, which he lays on top of the contract. Neither Troy nor Cross make the first move to reach for it. Only after a long, tense two minutes does Cross take the pen to hand and sign the line reserved for his signature.

The crowd cheers as he replaces the pen back on top of the clipboard, his eyes never breaking from Troy's after doing so. Her face, before set in stone, begins to show a hint of amusement as she takes the pen in hand and then the contract. She puts the contract under her arm and pulls out a microphone from inside her jacket.

Troy: It always comes down to this, doesn't it Xandor?

Ryan's eyebrows raise in interest as Cross' mouth twitches. He motions to a techie outside the ring and is immediately rewarded with a microphone of his own.

Cross: Just sign the contract, Lindsay.

DM: Doesn't look like Cross is in the mood for Troy's pleasantries.

MN: She asked him a question, the LEAST he can do is answer it!

Troy: So that's it, then? "Just sign the contract, Lindsay." You've got nothing else to say to me? No, "Hey, are you getting the same deja vu feeling I'm getting?" Or, "Don't you think this whole situation is a bit ironic?" I'll sign the contract, when I'm good and damn well ready. But Xandor...we haven't talked much since I won this title.

She slaps the faceplate of the EPW title and watches as Cross scowls.

Want to tell me why that is?

Cross slightly turns his head to the crowd as the roar in the arena increases a notch. After a second of letting Troy's smugness simmer inside, he turns his attention back to the champion.

Cross: You just don't get it, do you "Champ?" This...points at both Troy and himself then their surroundings ..."our relationship"...has never been about championships, at least not for me or my family. But obviously for Lindsay Troy, the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, it's always been solely about HER and HER ego.

Maybe that clears things up for you.

The noise level increases as Ryan crosses his arms in front of him and Troy looks out into the sea of people. She chuckles then whips her head back to look at Cross.

Troy: BULL****!

DT: WHOA! Family Show! I don't think the censors caught that.

MN: Ya gotta love a girl with spirit. I know I do!

DM: This could get very ugly very fast.

Cross looks slightly taken aback by the outburst while Ryan looks on, amused.

Troy: You hypocrite. Don't stand there across from me and tell me that this has never been about championships. DON'T EVEN. For your uncle, no...it never was. But for you...

She gives a moment's pause, then continues.

You've always wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty to the point of obsession. You want to finger point and say that I've got an ego problem? What about you, Xandor? It started with Dusty, it continued to me and my Triple Star Title then spread to Max's World Title. So don't you fuc[BLEEP!]ing stand there and feed me some story about how I'm the only person with an ego standing in this ring. You're nothing more than a liar if you do.

Cross: You just don't listen, do you? I said "OUR RELATIONSHIP" was never based on championships. My family didn't accept you on the basis of your winning titles. We accepted you on the basis of one man's love for a fatherless young woman. Maybe if you listened to Xandor more closely to his fatherly lectures, you would have heard that he always emphasized being the absolute best as long as it didn't compromise the concept of family.

I've done that. I am damn proud of it.

You, on the other hand, have taken whatever is to your advantage and done whatever the hell you wanted no matter the consequences to those who cared for you. You want to talk about hypocrisy? Then take a look in the mirror once in a while.

I admit I've gone over the top in pursuit of titles, but I would NEVER compromise my family to achieve it.

You didn't think twice when you superkicked me last week and you sure as hell didn't think twice when you threw me off the scaffold.

So...he who has no sin, may cast the first stone.

Troy: You would never compromise your family to achieve a title?

Then why the hell did you get up on that scaffold?

The crowd buzzes; these are old wounds that are being opened up on an unsuspecting audience. Troy knows it; Cross knows it; Dan Ryan knows it.

You knew the consequences and yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I had an inkling of what could have happened...to either of us...once that match started. But I've never been one to let the unknown scare me. But you? You've second-guessed yourself so many ******* times and you let your pride talk you into getting up there. You didn't compromise your family, knowing that you or I may have died up there? You didn't think of that ahead of time?

Did you?

I did. And I got up on that scaffold for reasons that have become foggy over the years. Did I do it because it was my job? Because I had a reputation at stake? Or did I do it because I refused to be dictated to by a man that knows me better, at times, than I even know myself?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you've never compromised your uncle's love, ever?!

He was a mentor to me, your uncle. Half of what I do now I wouldn't have been able to do if he didn't help train me. I owe a lot to your uncle, but I never turned my back on him.

I didn't go running away to Mexico to go "find myself" or whatever the hell it was you did after he died.

Cross' face grows furious and he jerks the mic up to his lips, but Troy cuts him off.

This is the way it has to be, Xandor. You and I, as good of friends as we are and as many times as we've faced and forgiven each other over the years, are destined to fight over the things in this industry that promoters, wrestlers and fans hold sacred.


We did it in XWF. We did it in A1E. We're doing it here.

That superkick was not meant for you, but I could tell you that until I'm blue in the face and it's not going to make a lick of difference in the long run.

I'm thankful to have known your uncle for as long as I did and I'm thankful that, even though we're at each others' throats more often than not, I have you too. You give me balance, as warped and strange as that is half the time...you do.

So you know what?

Troy takes the clipboard, holds it up, gives it a quick read and signs her name with a flourish to the surprising cheers of the crowd.

We're going to do this...




She tosses the clipboard and pen back on the table.

Cross: As always, suit yourself, Champ. You got to believe whatever helps you sleep at night and I have to go out and do what's best for MY family.

Cross tosses the mic on the table as the crowd urges both combatants to give them a preview of the PPV. Troy tosses her mic onto the mat and steps up to the table, jawing with Cross who gives it right back to her. Cross looks about ready to flip the table over and reach over to take Troy's throat in his hands, but Ryan spreads his massive arms to separate the two.

Ryan: Now, now children. No need to start fighting over the toys just yet. There's still...one more thing I have to say.

Both Troy and Cross look at Dan, who merely smirks.

You see, I thought this match could use a little X factor so I took the liberty of asking a very special person to be the special guest referee. He's someone the both of you are quite familiar with and he should be coming out here, oh...

Ryan checks his watch

...right about nowish.

[Cue-up: "Eat the Rich" by Fozzy]

Troy's head snaps around to glare at the stage and entrance ramp while Cross' eyes narrow in disapproval. The crowd gives a HYOOOOOOOGE ovation as JA steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand and Lollipop by his side.

JA: Well, well look at what we have here. A veritable lovers' quarrel. Such a pity you two can't just kiss and make up. But hey, the World Championship will do that to you. Yes, tricksy hobbitses always trying to take our Precious.

MN: What the hell, did he watch the Lord of the Rings movies recently?

DM: Hush.

JA: See, I know what the World Championship can do to you. Hell, I've been through that in our unofficial sister company.

MN: See! I told you!

DM: Shut up Clapper!

JA: So, who bettah than Kanyo... I mean, Jericoholic Anonymous to oversee the festivities.

MN: GASP! He's going to get us sued!

JA starts walking to the ring with his girlfriend walking beside him.

JA: I know how intense a World Championship match feels. I know how tempers may flare. Hell, I could see that when you kicked your good buddy Criss-Cross in the mug, Miss Thang. And now you're at each others throats. How cute.

But being a grudge-holding, gunslinging mess of a wrestler myself, I can sympathize with your plights, which makes me the perfect ref for this match.

JA arrives to the ring, climbs inside the ropes and assists Lollipop inside as well. He moves the table out of the way and stands in-between Cross and Troy. Before he can continue, however, Troy takes her mic to hand and scowls at the Anglo-Luchador.

Troy: As heartwarming as your opening monologue is, you're forgetting that, lately, some of us win world titles when the opportunity is presented to us.

MN: Someone call Doc Silver...Troy just went SHOOTIE!

JA's body language indicates that he's less-than-thrilled at Troy's comment. Lollipop rubs his arm and scowls at Troy, before sticking her tongue out.

MN: Oh, what are we...five?

DM: I often ponder that same question in reference to you.

JA: AS I WAS SAYING...you know I won't call for the bell for a low-blow, and if you two crazy kids insist on rumbling outside of the ring, I'll keep my twenty count tucked in my back pocket with my wallet and my stress-ball ass-cushion, y'know for the days when I take all those really bad butt-bumps. And I won't even mind it if a certain Champion decided she wanted to take all her aggressions out on a certain challenger's knee, no matter how injured it is, and I won't even stop the match.

Troy smirks while Cross fumes.

JA: Speaking of injuries, how's that knee of yours, Crissy?

Cross swipes his mic off the table and, after a long moment, raises it to his mouth.

Cross: Actually, JA, it's funny you should mention that...

Instantly, Cross drops the mic to the mat, leans his weight back and lets fly a lightning-quick superkick. JA reacts quickly, hitting the deck and taking Lollipop down with him. Troy is not so quick to react and ends up eating leather as Cross' foot pops her square in the mouth.

DT: Holy crap! Cross just nailed Troy with that kick!

DM: Sweet revenge!

MN: Please, our fair Champion doesn't deserve this treatment!

Troy goes down like she's been shot, spit flying out of her mouth and out of the ring. The crowd goes BANANAS~! as JA checks on Lolli and then looks over at the damage. Ryan glares a hole through Cross as the #1 Contender brushes past him, intentionally bumping shoulders with the EPW owner, and exits the ring. Cross' eyes never leave Troy's body and a smirk forms across his lips as "Jesus Walks" begins to play again.

Lindsay pulls herself to a vertical base with the aid of the ropes and wipes her mouth free from trickling blood. The Champion and the Challenger eye one another with vengeful intent as gets to the top of the stage and exits through the curtain.

[As Troy begins to try and leave the ring, the EmpireTro comes to life.]

[CUT TO: Dis 3, wearing his mask and cape, sitting on a gold throne, on the EmpireTron screen.]


[At that point, blood cascades from the roof into the ring and onto Lindsay Troy as dry ice smoke drowns the entranceway. Dis 3's cackle is the only thing heard. Troy looks at her red coated body and hands in disgust and anger and slams the mat before staring up at the screen at the image of a smiling, cackling Dis 3.]

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