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AGGRESSION 25: Green Bay, WI - 8/8/06

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Dan Ryan walks through the halls of the Resch Center on the way to his temporary office for the evening. With his cell phone pressed to his ear, Ryan scowls as whomever he's trying to reach has let the call go directly to voicemail, which results in him slamming the phone's top down upon the keypad and shoving it back into its holder. Nearby arena workers quickly move off to the side to let the Boss, in his agitated state, pass by unhindered. Turning down the hallway where his destination lies, Dan discovers the door to his office is ajar. He stops in front of the threshold and, very slowly, pushes it open all the way to find a figure with a head of curly hair sitting in front of the desk, waiting. ]

Ryan: Having trouble answering your phone, I see.

[Dan enters his office and walks around to take his seat behind the desk, noting that Lindsay Troy(-Windham)'s angry eyes never leave his. Her cell phone remains clutched in her hand. ]

Troy: I haven't exactly been feeling quite talkative lately, you see.

Ryan: And yet, here you are. In my office. Staring.

[Troy continues to stare. Ryan finally sits down and stares back for a few moments. Neither says a word.]

Ryan: OK, I get it. It's a staring contest. I must warn you, I won the Texas State Fair blue ribbon five years running.

Troy: Another one of your accolades I'm sure you're proud of, along with running a successful wrestling company whose World Champion got married off in a druggy haze on its last pay-per-view.

[Lindsay brings her legs up onto the chair in an Indian-style position and lets her phone fall into her lap.]

Troy: Why'd you let him back in, Dan?

Ryan: I didn't let him back in, Lindz. His contract was good this whole time.

Troy (eyes narrowing): What are you talking about?

Ryan: He never actually filed retirement papers. His contract was never terminated.

[There's a deathly long pause while Troy(-Windham) stewed silently in the chair, her nails making deep indentations in the leather. If she was a bomb, the timer would be ticking ever closer to 0:00.]

Troy (trying extremely hard to remain calm): So this is it, then? You're going to sit here, nonchalant, without a care or a thought as to what happened and I have to live with the aftermath that the decision to hire him brought on?

Ryan (a confused look on his face): Have to live with the aftermath? Excuse me, Lindsay but the last time I checked - being a target and the ultimate homing point for drama and attempts to take you out come with the territory when you have the phrase World Champion attached to your name. Instead of *****ing to me, why not do something about it? I hired him because the drama is good for business and it continues to be. I don't get involved in ring issues unless I absolutely have to. What? Are you saying Troy Windham is more than you can handle?

Troy: This isn't about "drama" anymore, Dan. This certainly isn't the same thing as you putting Marcus in a dress, or stringing Frankie Scott along on a string or letting Irishred play the "rebel." This may pop the Nielsen ratings for you and it may be "good for business", but did you even stop to think...I mean, really think just what Windham's done? August may have gotten his priesthood through one of those on-line ordinations, but now Windham could make a claim to everything I have and everything Alaina has. And do you think he won't? Do you really think that his ego wouldn't let him at least try?

You know as well as I do just where this is going to end up, and when the time comes I'll handle it just like I handled the main event at Unleashed. But because of YOUR hire and YOUR need to screw with all of us just a little, what I will ultimately do to Windham is vindication that Marcus, Frankie and Red can only dream of.

Ryan: Don't worry about everything you or everything Alaina has. I'll take care of that. As for handling it, I would suggest you stop talking about it - and do it.

[Sensing an upcoming roundabout argument, she merely bites her tongue, takes her phone to hand once more and stands up from her seat. Her eyes lift to meet Ryan's once more.]

Troy: I'd like to think that you know, better than anyone, what happens when my personal life is trifled with.

[With a spin of her body, Troy(-Windham) exits the room, shutting the door forcefully behind her. Ryan looks off to the side as one of the office's pictures comes crashing to the floor and nods his head.

Ryan: That I do...

[Troy leaves the room, and a moment later, a knock is heard at the door, and it then opens � showing Steven Shane and Frankie Scott waiting outside.]

Ryan: Fellas, thanks for coming before the show got started. I wanted to have a word with the two of you.

[The two walk in, continuing to stand.]

Scott: [glancing at Shane] Sure thing.

Shane: Yeah, what’s up?

Ryan: I wanted to touch base on what happened at Unleashed. I do appreciate the gesture, but I by no means intend to start some sort of stable here. I appreciate what you two did, but I didn’t ask for it. You’re under no obligations to me here other than what I signed you for.

Shane: Just protecting my paycheck, man. That’s all. You gave Kenny and I a shot at finishing our story here on our terms and I appreciate that. Besides, it ain’t like Red and I are the best of buddies.

[Ryan nods.]

Scott: Yeah, and you coulda been a real dick when I came on board, Dan. You and I both know that. I appreciate the shot at getting back in this game. I’m not letting that dickhead ruin it for any of us.

Ryan: [Nodding] Understood, guys. Well, I do appreciate it let me say again, so thanks.

[Ryan stands and shakes the hand of both men, and they turn and walk out leaving Ryan alone in his office where he looks down at a piece of paper on his desk and stares; a grin slowly coming across his face.]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[CUE UP: "Imperial March" - Rage Against the Machine. A video montage plays, featuring smoke-wreathed images of various wrestlers, some of them leaving blurred trails as they move.
CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Adam Benjamin.

CUT TO: Karl Brown coming off the ropes with a Quebrada.

CUT TO: Christian Sands and Lindsay Troy standing victorious in the ring.

CUT TO: Troy Douglas standing victorious on a turnbuckle.

CUT TO: Adam Benjamin delivering a Shining Wizard to Karl Brown.

CUT TO: Golem cradling his claw, smirking.

CUT TO: Boogie Smallz lighting up a blunt.

CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Christian Sands.

CUT TO: JA and Sebastian Dodd locking up in the middle of the ring.

CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.

CUTTO: With a clash of metal, a logo slams across the screen, its edges flickering.]

[Cut to the ramp, where a wreath of pyro explodes around the EmpireTron and several bomblike, smoky explosions ripple about the entry way. The camera zooms in on the screen as the pyro finally peters out, then blurs to roving shots of the roaring crowd as a small banner in the corner briefly appears to proclaim that EPW is broadcast en Espanol.] [We cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Mike Neely and Dean Matthews sit.]

DT: Well folks, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for! Aggression is about to hit the air waves once again as we get set to bring you great EPW action here LIVE in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

DM: That’s right Dave. What a night we have in store for all the fans here. None other than Joey Melton will be in the main event as he takes on JA in what promises to be one hell of a match!

DT: We’ve also got the EPW Aggression debut of James Irish as he gets set to take on former number one contender, “Triple X” Sean Stevens!

DM: Not to mention that The Sensational One, Steven Shane makes his Aggression return as he gets set to take on the Intercontinental Champion, Karl Brown, in a non-title match-up!

DT: It is certainly going to be some night here on Aggression!

MN: And it certainly will be if you guys would actually shut up, and let someone else get a word in edgewise.

DT: Folks, I’m Dave Thomas alongside, as always, Mike Neely and Dean Matthews. We’re here to bring you all the great action, and it looks like we’re going to get started with that right now!


Priest/Eisenkruez vs. "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin/"Classy" Mike C

[CUE UP: "I Am the Bullgod" by Kid Rock.]

[Bring on the HEAT.]

DM: Well, we’re going to be starting the night off with some great tag team action here as this team, Priest and Eisenkruez gets set to take on a team that doesn’t have that much experience together, “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin and “Classy” Mike C.

MN: This is going to be an excellent match for Priest and Eisenkruez to walk away with, they are easily my picks to win this match.

[CUE UP: "Begging You" by The Stone Roses]

[Strobe lighting flashes at the top of the ramp. Classy Mike C steps out onto the stage and holds his arms out to his side, prompting the majority of fans to boo and jeer him. Mike C walks down the ramp and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring. Mike C stands in the centre of the ring and holds his arms out whilst staring out at the crowd, triggering fireworks to shoot up from behind him. After a few seconds, the fireworks stop and the music starts to fade as Mike C goes and stands in his corner.]

DT: What’s your take on Classy Mike C, Dean?

DM: Well, the guy is a renowned title holder from several different organizations. Whether or not that will mean anything in EPW, I’m not sure, but I can guarantee that he won’t go down without a fight.

[CUE UP: “Voodoo” by Godsmack.]

[Heat rains down from the rafters again.]

DM: Well, if it isn’t Mr. Ego himself.

MN: Mr. Ego? You mean Mr. Confidence?

DM: Whatever you want to say, Neels.

MN: There’s a very fine line between ego and confidence. It is very apparent that Adam Benjamin is full of confidence in his case.

DM: Riiiiight.

DT: Well guys, it looks like all our competitors are in the ring. We’ve got ourselves our first Empire Pro match of the night!


DM: And it looks like Adam Benjamin and Priest will be the ones to start this off here. They make their way to the middle of the ring, and there’s a collar and elbow tie-up. Benjamin gets the advantage with his size as he pushes Priest back and into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip.

DT: But Priest ducks a clothesline! He hits the opposite ropes.

DM: Big flying forearm as Benjamin was not ready for that!

DT: Priest quickly makes his way back to Benjamin and grabs him by the arm. There’s an arm wrench. And again Priest takes it around! That torque could make Benjamin tap out, just as easily as a more complicated submission hold.

DM: And now he’s pulling that arm in behind Benjamin into a hammerlock. Look out!

DT: Big back suplex, right onto that folded arm of Benjamin’s! Priest quickly grabs him in an armbar as he reaches out and tags in the big guy!

MN: Eisenkreuz just entered the ring so quickly; I think he shifted it about two inches.

DT: He is a big man. And with that shoulder all contorted, I have to worry for Adam Benjamin here. Eisenkreuz bounces off the ropes while Priest still has a hold of that armbar.

DM: Big knee drop right onto that shoulder! He could have dislocated the former TV champ’s shoulder right there!

DT: But Eisenkreuz doesn’t care. Priest exits the ring and Eisenkreuz pulls Benjamin up to his feet here.

DM: Oh my! Would you look at that power?

DT: Eisenkreuz just gave Benjamin such an arm wrench that he flipped him over and back onto his back! And now he drops a leg over that arm! Benjamin is in a world of hurt here! Eisenkreuz reaches back out and tags Priest back into the match.

DM: Priest comes in quickly and bounces off the near ropes. Beautiful dropkick to the shoulder there by Priest!

DT: Priest isn’t going to let up the attack here. Looks like he’s going to go for a shoulder breaker here as he throws Benjamin up and onto that shoulder.

DM: But Benjamin slips out the back! Priest turns around, right into a kick to the midsection.

DT: DDT! Adam Benjamin is a last-ditch DDT there as he tries his best to get to the other corner and tag in his tag team partner.

DM: Benjamin is almost there. He reaches out…

DT: What the hell? Mike C just left the apron! What’s he doing?

MN: Looks like he’s getting a phone number, Thomas!

DT: Like there aren’t bigger fish to fry here tonight?

MN: Look, this wrestling match could go on for another 5, 10 minutes. Getting that phone number could give him something to do ALL NIGHT LONG.

DT: But his partner is looking for the tag-

DM: And now Priest pulls Benjamin back to the wrong side of the ring. There’s a tag to Eisenkreuz.

DT: The big man enters the ring with such force. He would be a very intimidating man to know that you were going to face. He pulls Benjamin up by the hair as he NAILS him with a knife-edge chop. And another! Benjamin is reeling into the ropes! There’s a whip!

DM: Big boot by Eisenkreuz and Benjamin hits the mat hard! Eisenkreuz going for the pin here!



Kickout by Benjamin!

DT: No problems for Eisenkreuz, as he reaches down and pulls Benjamin up again.

DM: But there’s a right hand by Benjamin! And another! Benjamin bounces off the near ropes.

DT: Good God! Another big boot sends Adam Benjamin right back to where he came from! Priest and Eisenkreuz are just dominating the former Television champ here, but that’s because he can’t even get a tag to his partner!

MN: The guy’s just locking up his interests for the rest of the night, Thomas!

DT: Yeah, the guy’s just abandoning his partner when he needs him most!

DM: Eisenkreuz reaches down and pulls Benjamin up again here. He throws him onto his shoulder.

DT: There’s that shoulder breaker they were looking for earlier! Benjamin slumps to the mat as Eisenkreuz reaches out and tags in Priest.

DM: Priest hits the ring and quickly pulls Benjamin up again. Benjamin tries to swing at Priest, but he ducks the blow and grabs Benjamin in a rear waistlock.

DT: Big German suplex with a bridge!



NO! Benjamin somehow managed to kick out there! I don’t know how he did it!

DM: And Priest doesn’t look very happy that he didn’t get the three there, as he gives the referee a piece of his mind.

[Massive heat.]

DT: And look at Priest playing to this crowd! He’s letting them know that he could really care less what they think, because he’s going to end this match right here.

DM: It looks like Priest is just going to wait for Adam Benjamin to get to his feet here. Benjamin begins to rise slowly. Priest charges…

DT: But Benjamin moves out of the way! Benjamin just missed getting nailed by that spear! Priest went all the way into the steel ring post with that shoulder!

DM: Priest stumbles out of the corner, holding that arm.

DT: Death Valley Driver! Benjamin somehow mustered the strength to lift Priest up onto his shoulders and send him crashing to the mat with that DVD! Benjamin makes a lunge to his corner.

DM: And he tags in Mike C, who wasn’t even paying attention! He had his back turned, still talking to his female friend and Benjamin caught him with the blind tag! Here comes Mike C.

DT: He makes his way over to Priest and picks him up. He whips him into the far ropes.

DM: Spinebuster! But here comes Eisenkreuz.

DT: There’s a right by Mike C! And another! He’s barely moving the big guy, but he’s got him reeling. Mike C hits the ropes.

DM: Bulldog! Down goes Eisenkreuz!

DT: Mike C turns back to Priest. Priest swings a right hand, but Mike C ducks it.

DM: Atomic drop! Priest is going to be feeling that one! Mike C isn’t done though!

DT: He makes his way back over to Priest and quickly catches him with a boot the midsection.

DM: Gutwrench suplex! Priest is down! And look at the look in Mike C’s eyes!

DT: Oh my!

MN: And look at the imprint on Mike C’s face of that HUGE boot of Eisenkreuz! Never take your eye off the ball, or the very large opponent on the opposite side of the ring!

DT: Well, Eisenkreuz just killed the momentum that Mike C had going there upon entering this match and it looks like things will slow down again.

DM: But there’s Adam Benjamin! From out of nowhere, he just nailed the big guy with a flying forearm! Eisenkreuz doesn’t go down, but he is certainly stunned!

DT: Benjamin nails Eisenkreuz right in the chest with several HARD knife-edge chops as he backs the big guy into the ropes! Benjamin steps back..¦

DM: And a clothesline! Both men go spilling out of the ring and to the floor, as we’re left back at square one with Priest and “Classy” Mike C!

DT: Both men are up, but both are wobbly! Priest swings a right hand at Mike C, but he ducks the blow. Mike C nails Priest with a right of his own. And now a double leg take down.

DM: The Classyleaf! Mike C just came out of nowhere and locked Priest right in that Texas Cloverleaf! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it applied that fast! Priest is stuck right in the middle of the ring!

MN: And Eisenkreuz is playing grab-ass on the floor with Benjamin!

DT: Priest reaches out -- but there’s the tap!


TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners.. “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin and “Classy” Miiikkee C!

DM: What a great way to start out the night here on Aggression!

DT: Absolutely right, Dean. These guys didn’t seem all that coherent, but at least they got the job done.

MN: Which is all that matters, and I’m glad that I picked these guys to win here tonight. One and oh for Neels tonight.

DT: But didn’t you-

MN: Hush, Thomas. I must revel in this victory.

DT: Folks, we’ve got plenty more great action set to come later tonight, don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Kin Hiroshi vs. "PHENOMENAL" Frankie Scott

DT: So Adam Benjamin and Classy Mike C make a nice debut as a tag team tonight with a win over the veteran team of Priest and Eisenkreuz, and you have to like how Mike C took care of business in his Empire Pro debut. DM: Not bad at all. Along with A-Ben’s technical expertise, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with for sure.

DT: Our next two opponents are already in the ring as our last break ran a little long, but we’ve got Kin Hiroshi who took the World Champ to the absolute limit at Unleashed taking on a resurgent Frankie Scott, who finally overcame The Sergeant in a wild brawl on that same show. Let’s go up to Tony Fatora!


DT: Kin and Frankie staring each other down here. And they tie up. Kin grabbing a swift headlock. Frankie searching for a way out. He is trying to force Kin back, but Kin is bracing with his leg, Frankie staring to pull up for a top wrist lock!but Kin pulls Frankie back into the head lock by his hair.

DM: The ref is telling Kin to watch the hair.

MN: What! He didn't touch him! Pssh, this ref is blind, just like the whole set of them this company hires.

DM: Kin is jaw jacking a fan!Frank with an elbow to the gut he shoots off Kin!.drop down, kin jumps over and stops in his tracks. Frankie stands up and turns around and Kin is right there to snatch a head lock take over.

MN: This is why I like Kin, he is smart, unlike Frankie!.I mean what's so Phenomenal about him anyways?

DT: Do you always have to dislike the EPW roster? Kin working the head, but Frankie is moving around. AND HE HOOKS KIN's HEAD WITH HIS LEGS! Mr. Scott might just choke out Kin right here tonight!

MN: CHEATER!!!!! He can't just choke him out, choking is illegal.

DM: Choking is only illegal when you want it to be Mike. And Kin gets his bottom foot on the rope. Frankie Scott holding his head, the damage may have already been done; Kin on his feet, Frankie is on the approach. Irish whip attempt, Kin reverses, Leap frog!.NO FRANKIE WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!!!!! COVER 1!.2!.and a boot to the head from Kin.


DM: JESUS! You literally could feel boot hitting the spin of Frankie Scott.

MN: SOMEBODY CALL 911!!!! Kin Hiroshi is a fast one, I bet he could run a circle around Frankie Scott.

DM: And Kin locking in a rear chin lock, and Frankie Scott is trying to get the crowd rallying behind him!FRANKIE SCOTT ROLLS TO THE SIDE WITH A HEAD HUNTER!!!! PIN COVER!..1!.kick out, and both men jump to their feet.






MN: His face looks as though he just get hit by a semi!..GET UP KIN!

DT: Kin Hiroshi crawling in the opposite corner. Here comes a refreshed and energy filled Frankie Scott!!! A HARD PUNCH RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OF KIN HIROSHI!


DM: Frankie Scott hooking the tights of Kin Hiroshi and sits him on the top rope. Frankie Scot now on the top rope!!!.SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE FROM FRANKIE SCOTT!!!! AND KIN HIROSHI IS ROLLING AROUND LIKE A FISH OUT OF THE WATER!!!

DT: I think Kin may have really hurt his back, the referee checking on him, cover by Frankie Scott!.wait a second!a fan has just jumped the guard rails!!!


CROWD: 1!.2!..3!..4!..



MN: Why would you do that to a great man such as Irish Red?!!?

DM: Frankie Scott lifting up Kin as the ref is directing security to Irish Red's location!LOW BLOW FROM KIN HIROSHI!.

DT: N.F.M! KIN HIROSHI HAS JUST HIT HIS VERSION OF THE CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pin Cover as the referee turns around 1!2!3!!!!

SFX: Ding Ding!

MN: YES!!!!

FATORA: Here is your winner KIN HIROSHI!!!!!!

DT: Big win for Hiroshi and IrishRed gets a measure of revenge on Frankie Scott!! We’ll be right back after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Back from the break and IrishRed is STILL in the ring. MN: God I hate this guy!

[Irishred stands dead center in the ring. He is dressed in blue jeans, cowboy boots, white A1E T-shirt, white UCW Hat and he wears the UCW World Title around his waist. In one hand he holds a sheaf of papers, in the other the microphone.]

IR: Hello to each and every one of you. Hello especially to you Danny! I know you're in the back watching a monitor right now, that vein in your forehead bulging, your face the same color as a ripe tomato, screaming at the booth, yelling for security...

Oh how I wish I could see that. But before you get super excited I want you, and the 15 to 20 here in the arena and the up to 100 watching at home to pay attention to what I have put together. If everyone will turn their attention to the big screen...I have a special surprise for you all. I'm sorry I didn't spring for popcorn. I feel terrible about that.

[The arena lights go to black and on the screen we see an old movie countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The screen goes to white with red rose petals falling across it. In old English lettering the words "Shane and Dan...A Love Story" roll onto the screen. Next we see a picture of Dan Ryan in his EPW office and then Irishred in his bar in Yankton South Dakota.]

Voice over: It's been said that there is no such thing as Love at first sight. These two men have dared to prove different. Of course their first meeting didn't go as smooth as either would have liked...but still you could see there was a spark. The scene was the MBE Cup. Like the beginning of most romances there was someone else involved.

[The scene happens during the MBE Cup: *Irishred is seen watching Lindsay Troy's promo on the monitor in his locker room as he tapes up for the match*

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Stupid little *****. Oh look, I'll intimidate him with prison humor and physical violence. Silly little whore. Just do what you do best you ignorant slut. Keep your mouth closed until you get paid to open wide. ****ing dumb dime store floozy playing with the big boys. If you want to get noticed that badly start by putting a bag over your face you wretched scumbag, then someone might, I said MIGHT give you the time of day. Seriously; you are pathetic. Go and **** with someone else's match Lindsay. You will only get hurt here. If you are that worried about your man that you have to divert attention to yourself pull him out of the match. Otherwise do us all a favor and just SHUT THE **** UP."]

Voice over: Irishred was maybe a little jealous to start.

[DAN RYAN in his limousine, staring head on at the camera Ryan: "RED!! HOOOOOOLY MOTHER OF GOD...." "What....the hell.....was that?" "Nice comeback, bro. Really nice comeback. Wanna take a breath? Wanna say two words without saying '****'?" "Truth be told, Lindsay could pin your shoulders to the mat just as well as the rest of the people in this match could - but I'll tell you one thing, I know for sure that I can do that and so much more." "Why not just continue to keep your piehole shut and let me do the talking before you talk yourself into an embarrassing situation you can't pull yourself out of." "Christ."] Voice over: Dan of course had an immediate attraction to the Midwestern wrestler. Things didn't go much better then next time they met.

[The scene is again the MBE Cup: Red has hit wits about him again and starts tossing chairs from ringside at Spoiler and Hida. One misses and careens off Troy's skull, which leads to some harsh words from Dan Ryan. Red is just looking for a fight and begs Ryan on. The refs are so focused on keeping the teams apart there is no one standing between Red and Ryan, and The Ego Buster dives through the ropes and he and Red crash into the guardrail and begin brawling.]

Voice over: Everyone could see the special bond they shared in that moment and knew there was so much more to come. They tried to hid their affections but couldn't.

[The scene is the MBE Cup Final: Red charges across the ring to be caught with a spray of water in the face from the unimpressed Ryan. Red smiles as he wipes the water off his face and spits directly in the Ego Busters face.

Bobby: Red with the ultimate insult to Dan Ryan.

Professor: And who knows what's been in that mouth.]

Voice Over: People said it wouldn't last. But these two men did all they could do to prove them wrong.

[The scene is UCW, Dan Ryan and Irishred are in the ring. Irishred has the Ego Buster pinned to the mat. The ref's hand hits three and Irishred rolls from the ring smiling at Dan Ryan.

Voice over: Others tried to come between these two and break up their love. One of them fought for their love and one just laid back and let it happen.

[The scene is The UCW ring Irishred has the then UCW World Champion First tied up in the ropes where he hammers him repeatedly with a steel chair almost killing the young man. Irishred goes on to win the title in this match. The scene cuts to Dan Ryan walking out to the UCW ring and laying down for the First in a number one contenders match.]

Voice over: Dan was just playing hard to get. But Red would have none of that.

[The scene is the recent TEAM super show: The door opens and Dan Ryan steps out. He is wearing jeans and an EPW T-Shirt. He walks into the circle and both he and Red clue their attention onto each other. There is an intense staredown, before they charge after each other and begin slugging it out, much to the delight of the crowd. Ryan cuts Red off with a knee to the gut and grabs Red by his neck and then rams Red head first into the hood of an Aston Martin Vanquish. He goes to do it again, but Red backhands him in the balls. Ryan is doubled over, and now Red is the one that slams Ryan’s head into the Aston Martin Vanquish. The dents are very noticeable. Red grabs Ryan by the wrist and pulls him forward and decks him with a short-arm clothesline.]

JC: Red is now going over to his truck. Good lord, look at all the stuff he put in the rear!! He is taking the contents of it and is throwing it into the middle of the circle of cars that surround these two men. Is that a WELCOME TO YANKTON sign in Red’s hands?!

[Ryan tries to get up. He is up, and he turns around...


... He gets nailed in the head with the WELCOME TO YANKTON sign.]

Irishred: HERE IS A GIFT FROM MY HOMETOWN YOU LITTLE *****!! JC: Wow!! I guess Red is paying Ryan back for the comments he made about Red’s hometown of Yankton South Dakota!!

[The shot sends Ryan flying into the hood of the Aston Martin Vanquish, with his head almost hitting the windshield. Red drops the sign and walks up the hood of that car. He drags Ryan up to his feet and then DDT’s on the hood of that car. Ryan’s head bounces off the hood and he is now lying on his back. Red walks up the windshield and to the roof of the car. He gets a full head of steam and then comes leaping off the roof.]]

Voice over: Where will the future take these two crazy kids in their quest to find love in a world of violence. Only time will tell.

[On the screen there is an obviously doctored image of Irishred handing a bouquet of flowers to Dan Ryan. They walk off into the sunset hand in hand as the word "The End" come across the screen.

The lights come back up in the arena and there is a smattering of applause covered by boos. Irishred takes the paperwork and tosses page after page to the mat until he stops at almost the last page.]

IR: Hey Danny; I know you have been busy and all with the running of this little carnival of miscreants, the birth of your new child and keeping your "World Champion" well protected, but not reading the fine print in a contract is just sloppy and inexcusable. Let me read to you from section 12, part L, subsection 1. "If at anytime the owner of EPW, Mr. Dan Ryan, comes into physical contact with the above named wrestler, Irishred, this contract will between the wrestler known as Irishred and EPW will become ironclad for one full calendar year from the point of aggression. Furthermore, Irishred cannot be suspended, banned or fired for any of this actions following the point of aggression."

Dan...how did you miss that? What the hell was going through your head? How could you just blindly sign off on this? I had my lawyers add this just for you. I knew that your obvious attraction for me would cause you to put your hands on me. So the bottom line of this Danny boy is that you're stuck with me and I can do whatever I want. I can take my slotted TV time and show UCW fights, I can come out here and sell MBE merchandise, I can come out here and throw matches, I can come out here and do whatever the hell I want and you are powerless.

But at least remember this Dan...we'll always have Paris.

[Irishred drops the mic and walks out of the ring laughing the whole time. ]

MN: You think we could just kill that guy?


MN: Would you miss him?

[Neely turns to Matthews]

MN: Would you?

[Dean just rolls his eyes.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
James Irish vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

DT: Folks, we’re just over halfway through what is already promising to be one hell of a night here on Empire Pro Aggression!

DM: And there’s really not much more to say than that, Dave. We’ve seen some outstanding wrestling here tonight, including the Television Title match we just saw as Mike Evers successfully defended his new title for the very first time.

DT: Certainly doesn’t get much better than this, but I’m certain we’re not quite done yet.

["Patiently Waiting" begins blaring over the PA system as fireworks began to blast, in the shape of an X, with the loud boom commanding the fans' attention. “Triple X” Sean Stevens steps through the curtain, immediately raising his arms in the air.]

[Massive Heat]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen!the following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred sixty-seven pounds!from Orlando, Florida! "Triple X" Seaaaaaaannnnnn Steeeeeeeveeennnnnssss!!

[Trip walks down to the ring, and slides in, running to the nearest turnbuckle, raising his arms in an “X” in the air. "Triiiiiiiipal Eccckkks" begins to form. As his music slowly comes to an end, he hops down, turning to face the task before him.]

DM: These fans certainly are not that big on “Triple X” Sean Stevens here.

MN: That’s because they’re idiots, Matthews. Did you hear the way they were cheering Mike Evers a few minutes ago?

DT: Well, like him or not, Sean Stevens has certainly had a very nice debut here in EPW. He was in a match for the EPW World Title in no time!

MN: You know, personally, I like him.

DT: I know that you do, Neels. You’ll probably be blowing smoke up his rear this whole match. It’s the fans that don’t like him.

MN: Thomas! I can’t believe you’d say such a thing on television! And I don’t know what you’re getting at with the whole smoke thing, but if you’re saying that I’m picking Sean Stevens to win this match, then you are correct, my friend.

DT: As I had suspected!

"I'll Drink to You" by Duke Jupiter blares, and James emerges from the back with Erin Flanagan right behind him.

TF: And his opponent!weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds!from Fredonia, New York! JAAAAAAAMMMEESSSS IIIIIIIIRRRISSSSHHHHH!!!!

[HUGE crowd pop.]

James raises his hand and acknowledges them, giving high fives because he's in a good mood. No fancy lights, no pyro, no smoke, nothing fancy. He just simply makes his way down to the ring.

DM: Well fans, we are about to see the Empire Pro Aggression debut of James Irish. If you haven’t seen James anywhere else in the wrestling world, you’re in for a treat. This man is a highly decorated champion, and he will no doubt continue that winning attitude here in EPW.

DT: I, too, have had a chance to see some of James’s matches, and I must say there really isn’t a hole in this guy’s game. I’m definitely happy to have him here in Empire Pro.

MN: You know, I’ve never seen this guy, but that could be do to my inability to watch any type of wrestling that isn’t among the elite.

DT: Neels, Irish comes from several VERY elite programs.

MN: Evidently not EPW-caliber.

DT: Well, that remains to be seen.

DM: Mark my words, Dave. James Irish is going to be huge here in EPW, and we’re ready to get that started here tonight.


DT: Well folks, this one should no doubt be good. Both of these men are excellent competitors.

DM: Couldn’t have said it better myself, Dave.

DT: They step to the middle of the ring. And James Irish is going to extend a hand to Sean Stevens here. Nice gesture for a man in his first EPW match.

DM: Oh! But Stevens just slaps Irish across the face! The two are duking it out now, as Irish is not happy with Stevens! Stevens gets the upperhand as he backs Irish into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip. Stevens charges after Irish.

DT: Big swinging neck breaker by Stevens! Sean Stevens is showing James Irish that he isn’t going to take him lightly here at all!

DM: That is very apparent, as Stevens is staying on the attack. He pulls Irish back up to his feet and nails him with several knife-edge chops as he backs the Fredonia native into the corner.

DT: And those chops are ripping through the flesh on James Irish’s chest! We can’t see his chest, but I would venture to guess that it is beet red right about now. Stevens now grabs him by the arm and looks to whip him across the ring.

DM: But Irish reverses! Stevens crashes into the corner. Irish will follow him in here.

DT: And there’s a big Tornado DDT! Irish isn’t going to waste any time here as he wants to inflict the pain on Stevens early and often it would appear!

DM: Irish bounces himself off the near ropes and now comes back to the fallen Stevens.

DT: Big knee drop on the face of Triple X! Irish is going to hook the leg here!



But Stevens kicks out!

MN: And speaking of kicks. How about the kick that Ms. Flanagan packs on the outside of the ring? You think she blindly hands out her phone number like she dresses?

DM: Neels, we’re trying to call a wrestling match here.

MN: And I’m trying to call Erin Flanagan! Do you already have the number? Don’t you lie to me, Matthews!

DT: Back to the action here. Irish is pulling Stevens up to his feet. Irish now nails Stevens with some knife-edge chops of his own. Listen to the crowd “Whooâ€-ing along with their apparent favorite here in this match!

DM: They certainly love The Mad Genius of Pro Wrestling here!

DT: Irish has now backed Stevens into the ropes. He whips him across the ring!

DM: Big spinning heel kick that catches Stevens right in the jaw! That move could have very well slowed Triple X enough for Irish to mount a huge offense here.

DT: Irish is not going to slow down for Triple X here. That is very apparent. He reaches down and pulls Stevens up once more. He locks in a front facelock.

DM: Fisherman’s suplex by Irish! He bridges for the pin!



But Stevens kicks out again! James Irish is really showing us something here in his Aggression debut!

DT: And he’s looking to show us more here as he pulls Stevens up yet again. Irish now takes a step back.

DM: Oh my! James Irish launched himself at Sean Stevens, looking for what appeared to be a jump swinging DDT, but Stevens managed to use that extra twenty pounds he has on Irish and just pressed the newcomer off of him! Stevens is down to one knee, but at least he has slowed Irish also!

MN: I believe that was part of the strategy. Let the other guy get his confidence up and then CRUSH him.

DT: You think that’s what it was?

MN: Absolutely. There’s no other way Irish could have kept up with Triple X.

DT: I guess we’ll see, as it appears Stevens is going on the offensive here. He makes his way to Irish and pulls him up. Irish swings a right, but Stevens ducks the blow.

DM: Big German suplex by Stevens for the reversal! Irish bounced off the apron like a super ball!

MN: As I said, Stevens was letting the new guy feel like he could do something here.

DT: Well, he is apparently done doing that, because now he’s heading up to the top rope. Irish is prone in the middle of the ring!

DM: What a frog splash! Sean Stevens could have very well taken the breath out of both of these men with that one move there! He falls back and lands on top of Irish for the pin!



DT: Irish gets the shoulder up, but just barely! Stevens really did a number on him with that move there!

DM: But Stevens is also slow after that move. He’s still barely on his knees here.

MN: It’s called fighting at a hundred percent, Matthews. Stevens is merely keeping himself safe from injury here.

DT: Well, he’s back up again. Irish is also slowly getting to his feet, but it looks to be too late as Stevens is simply waiting on him.

MN: It was too late for Irish before he got in the ring.

DT: Kick to the midsection by Stevens. Standing headscissors.

DM: Big spike piledriver by Stevens! Again, if you’re not familiar with James Irish, you might not know that he suffered a neck injury from somewhat the same move at the hands of the Highland Park Social Club! That could very well end this match!

DT: Well, Irish is down on the mat, and he is clutching the hell out of that neck. We might need some help out here.

DM: But Irish’s pain isn’t slowing Stevens at all.

MN: Of course it’s not. It’s win or go home. Stevens is going to do what it takes to walk out with that win.

DT: Stevens steps to the outside and to the apron. What’s he going to do out there?

DM: Oh my! Stevens clears the top rope with that jump!

DT: But he misses the swan dive as James Irish rolls out of the way! Sean Stevens’s chest just smacked right into the canvas with no remorse! This could be a huge opening for Irish!

DM: But he’s not able to capitalize, because that neck is still smarting from that piledriver. Excellent scouting by Triple X on that one.

DT: Stevens is back up, as he meets Irish, who was still trying to get up.

DM: But Irish catches him with a right to the midsection! Triple X doubles over.

DT: DDT! Irish managed to muster the strength to catch Stevens with a DDT! He’s now back to his feet and ready to get back to business! He’s heading to the outside.

MN: I don’t like this!

DT: Irish ascends to the top rope. Funk #49!

DM: NO! Stevens moved out of the way! Irish just got a butt full of canvas! Now Stevens has a chance to capitalize here!

MN: Way to play opossum, Sean!

DT: Stevens is back up and quickly drills Irish with a boot to the face before picking him back up again.

DM: Kick to the back of the knee! Irish lands on his knees! There’s an inverted facelock by Stevens!

DT: He lifts Irish up for that X-Terminator!

DM: But Irish reverses it into a reverse DDT! Oh my God! He could have snapped Triple X’s neck on that move! What velocity on that move! How did he reverse that?

DT: I have no clue, but both of these men are down now, and this match is as wide open as ever. It’s a race to their feet!

DM: It looks like Irish is going to win this one, but not by far. He walks over to meet the rising Stevens.

DT: There’s a right by Stevens! But Irish fires back! Another by Stevens! And again Irish strikes back! Stevens swings again!

DM: Look out! Irish ducks the blow and locks Stevens in a small package!




MN: What?!?!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner! JAAAAAAMMMMESSS IIIIIIIRRRISSSHHH!!!

DT: What a debut for James Irish! He comes in and knocks out a man that just got done with a shot at the EPW World Champion! Excellent match from both men, but Irish is the one that pulls away with the victory here tonight.

DM: Dave, I’m sure that these two aren’t done just yet. A match like that warrants a rematch, and I’ll be proud to call that one for Empire Pro!

DT: Folks, we’ve gotta take a break. Don’t go anywhere! There’s even more action on the way!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW Television Championship
"Da Bomb" Mike Evers (c) vs. Foxx

DT: Back again and the Television Champ is in the ring with his challenger, Foxx.

DM: Look at that look on the face of Mike Evers! Look at him like he has nothing to worry about!

MN: Well duh, Foxx is a girl!

DT: That means nothing, if you haven't noticed Foxx can put on one hell of a match up!


MN: SOMEONE CALL THE MORGUE! Girls can't fight!

DT: I beg to differ, Foxx and Mike starting this off by squaring off. Foxx is approaching Mike Evers. They are standing toe to toe. And Mike Evers shoves Foxx to prove his strength! And Foxx out of nowhere pulls out a headlock on Mike Evers!

DM: Clever girl! Work his head and show him that she is more technically advanced! Wait! Mike Evers pushing Foxx to the ropes and shoots her off!. Mike grabbing his head! BIG SHOULDER FLYING SHOULDER TAKCLE AND MIKE EVERS STUMBLES TO HIS REAR END!

MN: Steroids! That girl is on steroids! Cheater!

DT: Mike Evers is looking at Foxx is complete confusion. Mike Evers stands up… HERE HE COMES FULL BLAST CHARGING AT FOXX… ARM DRAG FROM THE CHALLENGER!

DM: She is quick and she is smart! The title may just change hands tonight! Mike Evers to his feet! Clothesline attempt from Foxx, Mike ducks, he connects with a forearm to the face. Foxx is in trouble as Mike Evers has her against the ropes. Irish whip, Foxx on the rebound! MIKE EVERS LOOKING FOR A FLAP JACK!.

DT: NO! FOXX IN THE AIR AND CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK STRAIGHT TO THE JAW OF EVERS!! Cover from Fox! One! kick out from Evers as he rolls to his feet, Foxx with a straight jab to the face of Evers, Evers is in the buckle a kick to the mid section from Foxx, and another, one more for good luck! And now a hard right hook from Foxx! Foxx going for a chop… no! Evers ducks and chops Foxx straight across the chest!


MN: Where's sexual harassment panda at?

DM: That is fin in this sport, she agreed to the match. And Evers with a punch to the back of the head from Foxx as she was huddled over from that chop! Foxx standing up.. AND ANTOHER CHOP! CROWD: WOOO!!!!

MN: He just wants to touch her breasts! Not that I blame him!

DT: Pervert. And Mike Irish whipping Foxx to the opposite buckle, FOXX REVERSING THE WHIP! Mike heading towards the buckle, Foxx following! Up and over from Mike, Foxx goes under him and turns around! DROPKICK FROM MIKE EVERS AND FOXXX IS IN THE TURNBUCKLE!

MN: And Mike Evers is playing the crowd. Because he will not be beat by a girl!

DM: Mike charging Foxx looking to smash her in the corner! NO! FOXX WITH A DROP TOE HOLD! Mike Evers face just hit that top turnbuckle! I think he may be seeing stars! Mike turning around! A CHOP FROM FOXX! Payback is a *****!


MN: Sexual harassment! She just wanted to touch his nipple!

DT: Shut it! Mike Evers standing up. Foxx is right there waiting! SHE LEAPS ON MIKES SHOULDERS!!! HURRICARANA!!!! NO! Mike Evers stopping her, runs to the ropes and dumps her out of the ring!

DM: Smart move from Evers, get her out of the ring before her momentum picks up. Mike Evers reaching over the top rope and is now pulling Foxx onto the apron by her hair. Foxx is in a world a of pain, Mike hooking her head, looks as though he is going to suplex her back in the ring.. he's got her over! NO! Foxx floats over and lands behind Mike! School boy roll up! 1.. 2.. kick out from Evers!

DT: Wait! Evers turning around after that pin fall attempt from Foxx! Snap mare from Foxx! And she connects with a dropkick to the back of Evers head!


DM: No she didn't! Foxx picking up Mike, a shard forearm to the face of Evers, he is against the ropes! Irish whip from Foxx! NO! Evers reverses to an arm wringer! Kick to the midsection from Mike! SUPLEX!!!! NO! EVERS LIFTS UP FOXX AND DROPS HER STOMACH FIRST ON THE TOP ROPE! AND FOXX IS HOLDING HER GUT AND STANDING ON THE APRON!


MN: Jesus Christ! he is losing to a girl! a freaking girl! You know those things that cook you food! yeah! a girl.

DM: That means nothing here! Foxx getting to her feet and is picking up Mike Evers. She rolls him in the ring and is sliding in after him. Pin fall…1...2.. And Evers gets his foot on the ropes! The crowd is on their feet! Foxx using the ropes to get up, she is tired. Mike Evers is on his feet, Foxx with a kick to the stomach of Evers NO! Mike catches it! DRAGON SCREW TAKEDOWN! Mike is back on his feet, Foxx rolls to her feet, she turns around, clothes line from Evers, she pops up, and another, she's up again Evers with a kick, now a fore arm, Foxx against the ropes! Irish whip! EVERS LOOKING FOR A FLAP JACK! NO! HEAD SCISSORS AS EVERS PUTS FOXX IN THE AIR!!!!

DT: What a display! Mike Evers is in the turnbuckle.. Foxx looking to shoot him off… And she does! Mike Evers taking the turnbuckle, Foxx runs full speed at him, Clothes line! NO! Evers ducks and lifts Foxx up and goes to throw her to the outside! BUT FOXX IS HOLDING ON TO THE TOP ROPE!!! She is on the outside! Evers turning around and Foxx slams his head into the turnbuckle with all her might and Evers hit's the matt!


MN: She's taking to long pumping up the fans… she better hurry!


DM: COVER! 1.!2.!3!!!!



DM: Great job by Evers here tonight and a valiant attempt by Foxx!

DT: We’ll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Folks, what a night this has been here already on Aggression! How about that debut for James Irish? Not to mention Mike Evers retaining in his first title defense.

DM: No doubt about it, Dave. This James Irish fellow is new to the Empire Pro ring, but he’s no stranger to the squared circle in general. The man has made a name for himself on other circuits, and now, Dan Ryan has cashed in on that talent. As for Evers, we all had a feeling about that kid. It’s good to see him do well.

MN: Talent? The guy seems to me like a poorly directed, white version of Good Times.

DM: Neels, he just defeated a man that last week was challenging Lindsay Troy for her EPW World Heavyweight Championship.

MN: A man that lost to a woman, Matthews.

DM: That “woman” has been the EPW champion for over a year.

MN: Facing guys like Big Loafy? I could beat him with both of his arms tied behind his back.

DM: I think you mean-

MN: I know what I mean, Matthews!

DM: Okay!


[Suddenly the lights of the arena go dark. "Ride of the Valkyries" pipes through the sound system as the crowd is to their feet booing the arrival of the Highland Park Social Club.]

DT: Well, here they are. The new World Tag Team Champions, Richard Farnswirth and Chip Friendly of the Highland Park Social Club.

[Richard and Chip step through the curtain, the EPW tag team titles shining around their waists. A figure trails behind them, never quite entering the spotlight that follows Richard and Chip to the ring. As they reach ringside, the figure hurries around them and hops up on the apron. Not surprisingly, it's Slambo the Clown.]

MN: These people should show more respect for the new champs!

[Slambo holds open the ropes to allow his best friends to enter the ring. Richard takes the microphone from Fatora and stands center ring waiting for the crowd to die down. The smile on his face is unmistakeable, as is the velvet bag that Chip Friendly has in his hands. Again, Slambo stands back toward a corner, avoiding the spotlight.]

RF: Well, well, well ... [The crowd continues to boo, but it doesn't deter Farnswirth.]

RF: From day one, we promised everyone here in Empire Pro - the so-called athletes in the back, you simpletons in the crowd, and the management - that we were the pre-eminent collection of talent in this business.

[Chip leans in toward the microphone.]

CF: And he means "simpletons" in absolutely the friendliest way possible.

RF: Of course I do, Chipmeister! And so has begun the hostile takeover of EPW by the HPSC. We set the goal of winning these belts, and we made it look easy. Right now, there are people back behind those curtains that are wondering just what our next goal is going to be.

DM: I'm sure they're all just shaking.

RF: But for now, we need to conduct a little business. At Unleashed, the full might of the HPSC was indeed unleashed. The THREE members of the Highland Park Social Club were victorious in a match for the tag team titles.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I knew exactly what I was doing when I had my lawyers draw up the contract for that match. The three of us won the titles, and therefore ... the three of us will defend them!

[Behind Richard, Slambo suddenly perks up. Richard smiles and turns to Chip, who walks up beside him.]

RF: My best friend and yours, Chip Friendly, has a little gift we'd like to present to our PARTNER. Slambo, front and center!

[Slambo nearly leaps to center ring, his energy level having tripled. He can hardly contain himself.]

DT: What's going on here? We can't have three people as "tag team" champions.

RF: Chipster, would you do the honors?

CF: Why certainly!

[Chip loosens the draw string on the velvet bag he's carrying in. With great fanfare, he reaches inside and draws out ... the most hideous excuse for a title belt you've ever seen! It appears to be a strip of tractor tire with a hubcap superglued to the center of it. Nevertheless, Slambo's eyes light up as Chip turns and presents it to him. Slambo clutches the "title belt" to his chest.]

RF: Haha, it always does my heart good to do something nice for somebody.

MN: It almost brings a tear to my eye, guys.

DM: It almost brings my lunch back up.

RF: Consider yourselves on notice, boys. The ENTIRE Highland Park Social Club are now your World Tag Team Champions.

[Richard tosses the microphone back at Tony before the triad leaves the ring to head back to their lockerroom.]

DT: So now the Club is defending under triad rules??

DM: It would certainly appear so.

MN: Why not? Slambo won the damn thing!!

DT: We’ll have to get a ruling from Dan Ryan sometime later but for right now let’s go up to Tony Fatora for our next big match!


"Sensational" Steven Shane vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown

[CUE UP: “Damn” by Fabolous.]

[HUGE pop.]

[As the Fab Girls let out their first “Damn,” Fabolous’s raps bring pyro around the EPWtron. It starts at the top and splits down each side before meeting again at the bottom. Fountain pyros fill the front of the stage and sides of the ramp as Steven Shane makes his way out from behind the curtain to another big pop.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first! weighing in at two hundred fifty three pounds! from Hollywood, California! “SENSATIONALLL” STEVEEEEEENNNNNN SHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNEEE!

DT: I tell you what, we haven’t seen this guy in the ring that often in the past few weeks, but these fans certainly remember who Steven Shane is.

DM: Undoubtedly, Dave. But I think the thing that has them wrapped around his finger is his actions these past few weeks with the resident thorn in Dan Ryan’s side, Irishred.

MN: And usually, I wouldn’t agree with you on something like that, but that damn Red thinks that he can come in here and run this damn show and ruin what we’ve built up. Quite frankly, it makes me sick, and it’s good to see someone sticking up for the boss on this one.

DT: Are you just saying that because Dan Ryan signs your paycheck? Because I don’t think he really needed that.

MN: Erroneous! Erroneous on all accounts, Thomas! Dan Ryan only gets the respect he deserves from me.

DT: And a little more!

[CUE UP: "Rainmaker" by Iron Maiden.]

[Another HUGE pop.]

[Karl Brown makes his way from behind the curtain to an arena full of screaming fans. He makes his way down the ramp, Intercontinental Title draped over his shoulder. He does nothing but stare straight at Shane on his way up the steps and into the ring.]

DT: What a look of intensity from Karl Brown!

DM: These two really went at it this week, including Shane telling Karl that he lacked charisma and telling him he would be second tier his whole life.

MN: And could Shane be more right? This guy bored me on his walk to the ring, let alone when he has a microphone in his hand.

DM: But, as Karl Brown said all week, it’s in-ring ability that matters to him, and now’s the time to pay up on that charge.

[Brown pulls his title off his shoulder and hands it to the ref. The ref simply walks the title to the corner, due to the non-title stipulation. He then makes his way back to the center of the ring and calls for the bell.]


DT: Well, here we go. We’ll now get to see just which one of these men is going to pull through on their promise and come away from this match with a victory.

DM: Going to be a classic match-up, Dave.

DT: Both competitors step to the middle of the ring. There’s a quick collar and elbow. Shane gets the advantage with that extra weight. Now he quickly locks Brown in a side headlock. Brown with quick defense as he presses his adversary off of him into the ropes.

DM: Shane rebounds, and Brown hits the deck. Shane rebounds once more, and now Brown leap frogs him! Shane rebounds once more.

DT: Hip toss! No! Reversed by Shane! No! Reversed again! Both men are now tangled in the ropes! Neither was going to give an inch on that hip toss, and now the referee must call for a break.

MN: Stop toying with him Shane! This guy’s only a champ because Ryan wants him to feel special! Now take that away from him!

DT: Both men step back to the center of the ring. Shane tries to throw a quick right, but Brown ducks it. Brown tries to throw one of his own, but now Shane blocks it! There’s another shot by Shane!

DM: But Brown ducks this one! Beautiful neckbreaker by Brown!

DT: Shane made a mistake there, and now Brown is on the offensive. He pulls Shane back up to his feet and backs him into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip.

DM: Reversed by Shane! Brown into the ropes. Shane with a back body drop.

DT: But Brown lands on his feet behind Shane! Shane spins around, and there’s a kick by Brown!

DM: But Shane blocks it! Brown is stuck here!

DT: Enziguri! NO! Shane ducked the blow! And now he quickly kicks Brown’s feet out from under him! Brown quickly gets back up to his feet, but on the opposite side of the ring from Shane!

[Crowd pop.]

MN: Karl Brown wanted to preach in-ring ability, and I believe that Shane is simply showing him here that Karl Brown isn’t the only one who can get the crowd out of their seats with great technical wrestling!

DT: But Brown isn’t going to back down by any means. He makes his way back over to Shane. But there’s a kick to the midsection by Shane! He whips Brown into the ropes!

DM: And Brown slides through Shane’s legs! Two points for that takedown from behind by Brown! Shane quickly hops back to his feet.

DT: And an armdrag by Brown! He now holds Shane to the mat with that armbar! Shane screams out in pain as Brown cranks on that shoulder socket!

DM: Brown now releases the hold and bounces off the far ropes. And now he nails the rising Shane with a knee right to the face! Shane just fell backwards and flat to his back! Brown’s going to go for the pin here!



Kickout by Shane!

MN: Stupid move by a stupid German! He’ll never keep Shane down this early.

DT: Neels, Brown is British.

MN: It’s all the same over there. Trust me; I’ve seen a lot of Europeans that steered clear of the Colgate, if you know what I mean.

DM: Well, this Brit is staying on the attack here as he pulls The Sensational One back up to his feet. There’s a front facelock.

DT: Nice snap suplex by the Dragon! He quickly floats over and flips Shane to lock him in a lying hammerlock! Excellent move there by the Dragon, as he continues to work on that shoulder that he started off on an armbar earlier.

DM: Well, it’s no doubt in an effort to set up that Dragon’s Bite. The weaker Shane’s shoulder is, the easier it will be to lift him for that reverse implant DDT.

DT: Well, Shane is slowly trying to work his way back up here as he is to one knee. He swings his free arm back at Brown, but the Dragon ducks the blow. Shane is in a world of trouble here if he can’t do something to get Karl Brown off him soon.

DM: Well, Shane reaches for the ropes now, but Brown has himself positioned between Shane and the ropes. There’s no way he can reach them!

MN: Don’t you two worry about Shane. He’s a ring general in there. He’ll figure something out.

DT: It certainly doesn’t look like he has any type of plan now. He’s just spreading his legs to try and at least keep a good base here against Brown’s brilliant positioning.

DM: Look out! That wasn’t just to keep a base! It was to gain leverage to push Karl Brown right back into the corner and force him to break that hold! Brown was nowhere near ready to hit that turnbuckle, and the surprise led him to break the hold!

DT: Shane is still slowed by that shoulder a bit, as he makes his way to the corner where Brown is still holding that back. There’s a stiff right by Shane. And another! And another! He may only have one arm right now, but he can certainly use it!

DM: There’s a whip across the ring to the other corner. Brown hits hard. And now here comes Shane!

DT: But Brown ducks out of the way! That injured shoulder of Shane’s runs right into that turnbuckle! There’s a roll-up by Brown!



NO! Shane oh so barely kicked out of that pinning predicament!

MN: Calm down, Thomas. You and I both know there is no reason to get excited about a Karl Brown near-fall. He’s not going to win this match. You heard what The Sensational One said earlier this week.

DT: Shane slowly back up to his feet as Brown waits for his opponent now. Shane is now up. He swings that right hand at Brown, but the Dragon ducks and grabs Shane from behind in a waist lock.

DM: Big German suplex by Brown! Shane just folded up like an accordion! This could be it if Brown gets the cover.

DT: But he’s not going for the win here!

MN: He’s stupid.

DT: Brown is pulling Shane back up again. There’s a forearm to the lower back, and Shane tumbles face-first into the corner. Brown reaches down and picks Shane up to the top rope.

DM: What the hell is he going to do here?

MN: I believe it’s called homicide. Are the locals around?

DT: Brown now pulls himself up and to the top rope, along with Shane. There’s another waistlock. Good God!

DM: This could be a top rope German suplex by Brown here!

DT: No! Shane held onto the ropes! Brown is pulling with all his might, but The Sensational One realized the danger he was in and held onto those ropes to block the move! Brown is going to have to do something here.

DM: Shane nails him with a back elbow! Brown is reeling on that top rope!

DT: And another! Brown goes crashing to the mat! Shane is trying to regain himself here as he stands up on that turnbuckle.

DM: Oh my God! Shane just nailed Brown with a moonsault! I’m not sure if we’ve ever seen a high-risk move like that from Shane! He’s got the cover!




DT: Wow! I do not believe that Karl Brown just kicked out of that moonsault! What a move by Steven Shane! I can’t believe he pulled off that move.

DM: Well, no secret that Shane is one hell of an athlete, but he’s not the type to bust out big moves like that. He’s more of a mat technician.

MN: The man’s got one arm, and you’re wondering why he’s flying rather than grinding Brown’s head off. Think before you speak, Matthews. Shane is something so sensational, only God can touch him. And he just proved that by showing he can do ANYTHING in that ring!

DT: Well, both men are still slowed after that move as we get back to the action. It looks like Shane will be the first to his feet. He catches Brown with a right as the I-C champ backs up a step. Brown swings back and nails Shane with a right of his own!

DM: And now Shane fires back! But so does Brown!

DT: No! Shane ducks! Kick to the midsection!

DM: DDT by Shane! Out of nowhere with that one good arm of his! Shane bounces back up here now. He could very well be feeling the energy he needs to finish off this match.

MN: He’s had the energy the whole time. He just wanted to show Karl Brown how a real man puts on a wrestling match.

DT: Brown tries to get back up, but Shane catches him and whips him into the ropes.

DM: Spinebuster! Shane just obliterated Brown’s backbone with that spinebuster! That could be it!



Kickout by Brown!

DT: And Shane can’t believe it! He’s really bringing it to Karl Brown here, but Brown is taking it all and then kicking out afterwards!

DM: Well, Shane is looking to finish it here. He pulls Brown up and into a standing headscissors. We all know Shane likes to set up the California Clutch with a devastating powerbomb. Shane heaves him up.

DT: But the shoulder gave out! Shane can’t get Brown up because of that injured shoulder! He tries again!

DM: But Brown reverses with a back body drop! Shane’s spine comes crashing down on the mat! Brown is wobbly, but he turns to face his rising opponent.

DT: Shane swings a right. But Brown ducks it!

DM: Russian leg sweep! Shane hits the mat hard. Brown bounces right back up and gets behind his opponent. Could it be?

DT: Dragon’s Bite! Karl Brown just nailed that dragon sleeper-slash-reverse DDT! Shane is out of it here and Brown slumps to the mat on top of him. Hooks the near leg!




MN: The ropes! Shane got his foot on the bottom rope!

DT: And the ref is telling Karl Brown that right now! Brown didn’t have the energy to hook that far leg, and Shane managed to get that foot on the ropes! This match will continue!

DM: But how can it? These men are absolutely spent! They waged a war of words earlier this week, and now, they’ve waged a war of physicality, not sparing each other anything!

DT: Well, Brown is back up to his feet, as Shane is pulling himself up on the ropes.

DM: Brown meets Shane with a kick to the midsection. There’s an Irish whip.

DT: But Shane reverses! Brown rebounds!

DM: Tilt-O-Whirl backbreaker by Shane! How did he manage that with only one arm?

MN: Because he’s more Sensational than you’ll ever know, Matthews! Pin him Shane!

DT: Well, that doesn’t look to be happening, Neels. Both men are on the mat here. Shane is on a knee, but that’s not much further than Karl Brown, who is on his back.


DM: These fans are looking for something big to happen here, and I’m sure they’re going to get it! Listen to them cheering on these two men!

DT: Shane is up, and he makes his way to the fallen Brown.

MN: Look out! He’s got that killer look in his eyes!

DT: Shane grabs Karl Brown’s legs.

DM: California Clutch! All he needs to do is turn it over here!

DT: And he does! Karl Brown is locked in that California Clutch, and he is screaming in pain!

DM: One of the most devastating submission moves of all time. Many greats have used it, including Bret Hart and Sting, both multiple time World Champions.

DT: And now Shane has it locked in here on the Intercontinental Champion, but Karl Brown is trying his best not to give up.

MN: But he’s nowhere near the ropes! Steven Shane out-sensationaled Karl Brown again here by making sure that the opponent was right in the middle of the ring. It would take a crane to pull Karl Brown close enough to the ropes to break this hold.

DT: Shane certainly has it locked in and in a good position, but Brown is not giving up. He’s making Shane earn this tap out.

DM: Don’t speak too soon though, Dave. Brown has that arm up and it looks like it could come crashing down at any minute.

MN: All he has to do is accept the fact that Shane was right and he was wrong. Slap that mat you bad-toothed moron!

DT: He’s not going to do anything like that, Neels. He’s got too much warrior in him to give this one up yet.

DM: But now he’s slumped to the mat. He might have won the mental game, but his body could have very well given out on him!

DT: The ref will do his job and check him here as he lifts up the near arm.


DM: Things are looking grim now.

DT: The ref lifts the arm again.


MN: It’s all over! Ring the bell now!

DM: Brown is out of it here.

DT: One last chance as the ref lifts the arm again.

MN: Here we go.


DT: NO! Brown catches his hand before it hits the mat! He quickly crawls for the ropes!

DM: But Shane pulls him right back to the middle of the ring! Brown is stuck again with what could have very well been his last-ditch effort!

DT: Brown raises his arm!


MN: Yes! He tapped out!

DT: Karl Brown tapped out to the California Clutch! What a match these two just put on!

DM: Hold on a second, Dave.

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has went to the full extent of the time limit. Therefore, the referee has declared this match a DRAW!

MN: What? Did the damn ref have a freakin’ stop watch? It was two more seconds and Shane had this match won! I demand a reverse decision!

DT: Rules are rules, Neels. Shane might have made Brown tap, but he didn’t get him to do it within the time limit, so the match must go down as a draw.

MN: I don’t believe this. Bush got a recount!

DM: No doubt about it though, this was an excellent match though.

DT: No doubt, Dean. Folks, we’ve got to take a commercial break here. Don’t go anywhere though. We’ve got our main event still on the way, here on Aggression!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DB: Well, folks, I think it's just about Main Event ti –

[CUE UP: "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. Out from the back comes THE ENTOURAGE... first comes out Z.!, wearing a jacket with gold lame fringe and blue Capri clamdiggers which end at his knees, thus allowing him to flex The World's Greatest Calf Muscles. Following next, mock clapping, is August De La Rossi, wearing a priests collar and a t-shirt that has a cartoon of Venezuelan firebrand Hugo Chavez sitting on a throne with a cartoon of President George W. Bush begging him for mercy. August slowly walks out, sneering at the crowd, pointing at a few fans, and making some comments.

AUGUST: "Ohhh, will you shut up? Talk to me when you burn the new Futureheads album!"

They then start walking up to a podium set up next to the ring ramp.]

MN: Ah, there they are! Troy Windham's Entourage! Look at those calves! Listen to August! The most god-faring and the only man to tell it how it REALLY is. Z! August De La Rossi! I can NOT get enough of these guys.

DM: I think everyone else in this arena will disagree with you.

[August has a microphone and sneers at the crowd. The crowd starts booing and then chants --


AUGUST: Ooooh, homophobia! How typically American! Why do you think I've denounced my country and have sworn my allegiance to the cause of the Bolivian Revolution and this man, Hugo Chavez, the only leader in the world who is like me and tells it like it is! I hope he starves each and every single one of you of your precious oil...

[More boos from the crowd.]

AUGUST: Here, let me HELP you out, since none of you are bright enough to start it on your own. YOOOOO ESSSS AYYYYY! YOOOO ESS AYYYY! [The crowd starts the chant. August pauses, and then laughs.] Let them hear you in Iraq! Let them hear you in Lebanon! Let them hear you in New Orleans! I still think there's a few people in the Superdome waiting for the almighty American government! The cause of all of the world's problems... the poverty, disease and international capitalist WARFARE that you all propagate is on YOUR shoulders, not mine! That's why I've DENOUNCED AMERICA. That's why I DON'T VOTE. Because NONE OF YOU PEOPLE DESERVE DEMOCRACY!

[The crowd boos and now... garbage starts pouring down on August. Z.! bats down the garbage and kicks it away. August continues to sneer... motioning the fans to throw even MORE at him.]

AUGUST: That's why right now, I will introduce to you my mentor... the man who is ABOVE such a limited conception as a NATION STATE. This man is YOUR KING. This man is your DICTATOR. This man is the man who, at CSWA'S Anniversary GOLD RUSH... THE ONLY EVENT IN THIS SPORT THAT MATTERS... will RETAIN HIS CSWA UNIFIED CHAMPIONSHIP... THE ONLY CHAMPIONSHIP IN THIS SPORT THAT MATTERS.... [the boos and garbage continue] and be officially anointed as THE GREATEST WRESTLER WHO HAS EVER LIVED... the man who will take his rightful place AMONGST THE GODS OF THE SUPERFICIAL CAPITALIST SOCIETY YOU ALL SUPPORT... Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you the man YOU WILL ALL HAIL... and the man who makes Lindsay Troy's clitoris QUIVER... TROOOOYYYYY WIIIINNNDHAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

[CUE UP: A harpists version of Wagner's Bridal Chorus. Slowly, from the back, walks Troy Windham, his hair tousled properly, wearing tinted shades and a white tuxedo with a black bowtie and a matching cumberbun. Troy slowly walks out, holding his arms out as the crowd starts in on him.]


[Troy continues to eat it, slowly walking and laughing like he's heard the punchline to the best joke ever written. Troy pauses for the camera, pulls the shades down to his nose and then flashes his wedding band at the camera. He then spins and walks up to the podium. Z.! steps aside, applauding and then immediately steps behind Troy, standing as a blockade for the Cokes, beers and wadded up paper being thrown his way. August starts proudly applauding, then he salutes Troy, and then kneels and presents him the microphone. Troy thanks him and August gets up, clapping some more. Troy pauses and then taps the microphone so it makes loud feedback noises.]

TROY: [tapping] IS THIS WORKING? [tapping] IS THIS WORKING? This is an EPW microphone, these don't work as well as the microphones I'm used to in the only league that matters... THE CSWA. Of course, you all know me in the CSWA. I'm the Unified Champion there, the holder of the only belt that matters. And I know that all of you are eagerly waiting for August 29th, the night of the Anniversary Pay-Per-View, the night of Gold Rush, when I defeat all of my greatest opponents at once and cement myself as the greatest wrestler who... has... ever.... lived.

AUGUST: You already have, as far as I'm concerned!

TROY: Now, I know the arena's sold out, but I'm truly sorry. I left the CSWA Unified Title back at my compound in Hawaii. I know each and every single one of you people out there bought a ticket to not just see me, but to see the greatest title in this sport up close and personal... but I left it back at the compound since the light that reflects off of the vast array of jewels and diamonds would BLIND each and every single one of you people. But I'm sure my... [Troy sneers] good friend and fearsome opponent Dan Ryan...

[The crowd POPS at the mention of his name. Troy laughs and August takes the mic from him.]

AUGUST: Don't worry folks, you'll see The Epitome retain his undefeated streak against Ryan at Gold Rush! I know, we're ALL excited!

TROY: I'm sure, since you're all disappointed I didn't bring The Big Gold with me, Dan Ryan will offer each and every single ONE of you a refund! That is... if any of you actually PAID for a ticket, since we all know they were giving them out for free all over town right before the show! Just like they give tetanus shots to anyone who has to wade through this garbage!

DT: Why are we even listening to this?

MN: Because we're lucky! We're so honored!

TROY: Now... the last time you saw me step foot in an EPW arena... you saw what happened. The Wedding Of The Century. I, along with the avant-garde dancers of the ballet company I am a trustee of... came out here for the celebration of a lifetime! You all witnessed it, but let me remind you of what happened. After your world champion Lindsay Troy defeated the so-called best this company has to offer... I came out of the crowd and did what she... AND EVERY WOMAN ALIVE DREAMS OF... I took Lindsay Troy and I MARRIED HER. I took that awkward, scared little girl... and I singlehandedly transformed her into the woman you saw before you now... I took her hand and marriage AND MADE HER MY PROPERTY!

[Troy shows the crowd his wedding band. The crowd boos.]

AUGUST: My mentor here ALLOWED an ant like Lindsay Troy to marry him... A GOD! But Troy Windham, he is a benevolent god... so let's tell these people your offer!

TROY: Lindsay Troy, it has come to my attention that you're still fighting your raw, primal sexual urges and questioning this. You could make me my omelettes and rub my feet every morning the rest of my life... and not only that, but, Lindsay Troy, from the way your mouth works, I'd bet I'd make really good use of that, too! You'd love being on your knees before me, servicing your KING! But, Lindsay Troy, I am giving you an opportunity to get out of this... I will grant you a divorce and, aside from CSWA Gold Rush, leave you alone for the rest of your career if you do one thing for me...

AUGUST: And what's that, boss?


DT: How dare he! It's not his at all!!

TROY: Lindsay Troy... WINDHAM. if you want a divorce, if you want me to stop publicly humiliating you and physically beating you... if you, for some reason, don't want to spend all of eternity at my beck and call... I want you to present me with the EPW World Title so I can take it with me... and then throw it off of a CSWA Cruise Ship into the bottom of the ocean where it BELONGS! So what's it going to be, Mrs. Windham?

[CUE UP: "Chip Away The Stone" by Aerosmith. The crowd leaps up UNANIMOUSLY at Lindsay Troy's music. Only, there's a pause.]

TROY: Come on out, Lindsay! Don't be shy, I promise you, I'll save the sex for behind closed doors--

[Lindsay Troy comes walking out at that point, solemnly, EPW World Title around her waist. Her head's down. She looks up at Troy with pure hatred and disgust, who blows her a kiss and then waves his ring finger at her. Lindsay then looks down at the title, and then back at Troy.]


[Z.! sternly points at Lindsay to walk up the stairs. Lindsay compliantly walks up the steps to Troy. August stands between them, as Troy cackles in delight.]

AUGUST: So, Mrs. Windham... what's it going to be? Do you want to stay married to this man for all of eternity and have him beat you with a frat paddle until you give him your title? Or are you going to take the easy way out and give him the belt now?

[Lindsay looks down... holding her head like she's crying.]

LINDSAY: Troy... if I give this to you... you'll quit? Just like that? Pack up and be out of EPW and out of my life?

TROY: Yes, Lindsay. You heard me. Like everything I've always said... it's the GOSPEL.

LINDSAY: And all I have to do... is give you the EPW title and you'll leave?

TROY: Yeah, Lindsay. Give it to me now.

[Lindsay pauses and looks out to the fans, who are frothing at the mouth with their chants of DON'T YOU DO IT! DON'T YOU DO IT! ]

LINDSAY: As much as this title means to me, and as much as all the support has meant to me...I'm left with little choice.

[She looks down at the belt strapped around her waist, then painstakingly unfastens it and folds it neatly in her hands. Holding it there for a moment, she slowly offers it forward to Windham.]

AUGUST: Boss, she's really doing it --

[Instantly, Lindsay jerks the title back and RAMS it right into Troy Windham's nose. She dives right on top of him, throwing a series of vicious, unchecked punches all over his face...the bridge of his nose, his cheeks, his perfectly sculpted jaw as the crowd EXPLODES! August then grabs Lindsay from behind, and she tosses him over her head with little effort and then thrust-kicks him right in the throat! August is writhing from the shot, but from behind comes Z.!, who levels Lindsay with a diving tackle from behind. Z.! starts growling in Lindsay's face, using his forearms to keep her down while she struggles under his weight. Troy gets up, and wipes blood from his nose.]

TROY: That b*tch broke my nose! She broke my nose! Get her up! Get her up, Z.! I'm going to end her career right here!

[Z.! picks Lindsay up and short-arm clotheslines her back to the stage. August, holding his throat and coughing, starts laying the boots to her. Z.! then gets her up in a full-nelson.]

TROY: I'm going to slap the sh*t out of you, just like my wife deserves! And then I'm going to SlackKnife you right off of this stage!

[Troy gently slaps Lindsay in the face once. But then, the crowd starts SCREAMING. From behind, there's a figure dressed in a mixture of black and camo --]


[SMACK! CLANG! Joey swings a chair right into Z.!'s back, sending him to the ground. Troy ducks as Joey wildly swings the chair, and he falls backwards down the stairs. Lindsay is SCREAMING at Troy, who is hightailing it out of there, but instead of following, she turns her attention to Z!. She kicks him right in the nuts, and Joey CROWNS him with a shot right to his head. Z.! rolls down the ring. Joey has the chair over his head, like he's going to throw it on Z.!, when August grabs it from behind.]


[August makes a sound crashing through a table 10 feet beneath him.]



[Joey eggs the crowd on with the chant while Lindsay grabs the mic.]

LINDSAY: Windham...you'll get this footage later on tonight, no doubt when some doctor is trying realign your nose with the rest of your face When you're getting fitted for your nasal splint, you'd better take the time to realize that you've opened up a bigger can of words than you're prepared to deal with. This is far from over, Troy, and in the end there WILL be only one Windham left standing and it sure as F**K won't be you.

[CUE UP: "I ****ing Hate You" by Godsmack as the crowd goes ape at the dramatic music shift and Aggression goes to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"The Anglo Luchador" JA vs. Joey Melton

TONY FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is your Aggression Main Event of the evening! Introducing first..

[CUE UP: “Eat the Rich” by Fozzy. JA comes out to a huge pop, soaking up the crowd as he strides to the ring]

TONY FATORA: Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he weighs in at two hundred and fifteen pounds and three eighths, he is the Anglo Luchador.. JJJJJJJ..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

DT: Time for the main event, and JA looks in great shape coming off that hard-fought win at Unleashed inside the steel cage against Shawn Hart.

DM: After all those two did to each other over the months, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t all over, but tonight JA’s going to be looking forwards as he takes on one of the people from the six way elimination match.

DT: You’ve got to think that what happened after that match is in the back of Melton’s mind though - his fiancée got married off to Troy Windham of all people!

MN: Hey! Lindsay couldn’t have done any better!

DM: Well, she could’ve done worse and married Neels.

MN: Ba

DT: Family show, Mike.

MN: ..bar stewards. You two are a pair of bar stewards.

[CUE UP: “I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. The legend that is Joey Melton enters the arena to a loud reception, his eyes somewhat distant and his stride mildly lethargic as he makes his way to the ring]

TONY FATORA: And his opponent, coming to us from New York City, he weighs in at two hundred and ten pounds.. He is the Sexual All American, The Unifier.. JJJJJOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEYYYYYY.. MMMMMMEEEEEELLLLLLLLLTTTTTTOOOOOOONNNNN!!

DT: Mike showing some glimmer of creativity, but look at Joey - he doesn’t look at his best.

DM: Would you be, Dave? He’s had his fiancée stolen from him, and doesn’t have the satisfaction of beating Troy Windham to a pulp tonight.

MN: As if he ever could.

DM: Love does strange things to people, Mike. And if you remember, JA took Troy Windham to the limit back in San Antonio.

MN: Troy slaughtered him!

DT: Thanks to Shawn Hart. And it was hardly slaughtered. But there’s the bell, and this match is under way! Meeting each other in the middle of the ring, and Melton with a surprise right hand to kick things off! Melton continuing with right hands, probably looking to end this one quickly, and delivers an Irish whip off the ropes, but JA just took him down with a flying headscissors! Melton just bounced back up off the bottom rope, and JA takes him down with an arm-drag. Melton up, and another arm-drag take down, and JA using his speed to good effect!

DM: JA’s a tough competitor - we’ve seen time and time again how he can use his speed to attack from just about anywhere at any time, as Melton just discovered with that dropkick to the back of the head!

DT: JA going for the cover.. just the one count there, but just like that it could all be over, as JA just scored with a powerful swinging neckbreaker!

DM: Melton’s head is definitely not in the game tonight, but if he wants to win, as hard as it is he’s going to have to forget about what’s going on between Troy Windham and Lindsay Troy

MN: Windham.

DM: and concentrate on this match.

DT: It’s a little hard to concentrate though when you get someone like JA just PLANTING you with a brain buster! Joey Melton wisely rolling to the outside, and it’s been all JA in the opening minutes of this contest.

DM: Joey Melton’s really not having any luck right now in this match. I don’t think the brain buster was as severe as it could have been, but Joey’s focus wasn’t entirely on this match when he stepped through the curtain. I think he’s realising that he’s going to have to try and forget about Lindsay for a few minutes if he wants to pick up the victory.

DT: I don’t know if he’ll be able to though. It must’ve cut like a knife when he regained consciousness and saw what happened. The referee now up to five on his count, and Melton choosing to roll back into the ring, cautiously keeping his eye on the Anglo Luchador, but will he be any more successful after that brief respite?

DM: I think there’s your answer! A hard slap right across the face by Melton, and a knee to the gut driving the air out of JA.

DT: And he goes for a side headlock!

MN: Such enthusiasm for a headlock.. yawn...

DT: Joey Melton with the headlock cinched in, as JA tries to fight out of that tight grip. Forcing him back to the ropes, slingshot reversal.. and Joey Melton telegraphed that one! Dropping the head way too early, and JA now with a headlock on Joey Melton!

DM: A rare rookie mistake from the fifteen year veteran, but he quickly manages to get JA off the ropes.

DT: Melton drops down.. AND JA FOLLOWS HIM! JA just reapplied the side headlock when Joey Melton was looking for him to go over the top! You can hear the frustration as Melton kicks at the canvas! He just can’t catch a break here.

MN: He’s old, he should just call it quits and retire now.

DT: Don’t count out his career, Mike. Everyone has a bad day.

MN: Not Troy Windham!

DM: I’m sure Lindsay’s giving him plenty of bad days.

MN: Nah, she’s just playing hard to get.

DM: I somehow doubt that. You may think when a woman says they hate you they’re playing hard to get, but they really do mean they hate you. Especially you.

MN: Yeah.. well.. at least I’ve never been my own mystery wrestler.

DM: If that’s the best you can come up with, I’ve won.

DT: In the ring, JA still has the headlock locked in on the canvas. The referee is trying to see if it’s a choke hold, but Melton starting to try and worm his way out of it.. ROLL UP!



No! JA manages to roll both men back to the canvas as Melton tried for the quick counter. Melton trying again, but only gets a two count! This has got to be frustrating, but finally JA releases the hold, and drops the elbow straight across the chest of Joey Melton as he tried to roll away!

MN: He’s making Melton look like a first match rookie out there!

DM: I never thought I’d see the day that happened.

DT: JA now picking Melton up, and he slams him down hard there before dropping the leg down. Another cover


Kickout just after the count there! One of the things that makes JA so good is his ability to change pace - I don’t know of many better at going from mile a minute to marathon pace just like that.

DM: Joey Melton again going out to the floor, and I’m not sure if he’s able to get back into this match. He’s too distracted.

DT: JA not giving him any time though as he follows him out! Spins him round, and a hard chop to the chest! You could hear the smack from here, and Melton is trying to get away from him!

DM: This is becoming sad.

DT: JA follows Melton, and bounces his head off the ring apron! Grabs the head and lands a stiff forearm shot there, and he looks to repeat the apron trick BUT MELTON BLOCKS IT! Joey Melton with an elbow to the gut and thumb to the eye in quick succession, and he might finally be able to build some momentum after smashing JA face first into the apron. He rolls him back into the ring, and JA looks dazed.

DM: He might be bleeding, but we won’t be able to tell for a short while because of the mask.

DT: Joey Melton looking to slow the pace down now, as he drives a knee down into the inside of JA’s left leg there, following up with a hard stomp to the hamstring.

DM: It’s a smart move - not only will it set up for the figure four, but it might slow JA down if he regains the advantage.

DT: Spinning toe-hold there, and JA just slaps the mat in pain!

DM: He’s got to be very careful not to let his shoulders get counted whilst he’s down there - it’s rare, but I have seen people lose track of where their shoulders are when they’re in a hold like this. They’re too focused on the pain.

DT: The good news for Joey Melton though is he doesn’t have to concentrate too hard to just keep the pressure on, right?

DM: Smart man.

MN: First time for everything.

DM: And maybe one day you’ll have yours.


DT: Joey Melton’s certainly having it his own way right now, as he tightens his grip with a look of determination on his face. Has he finally started concentrating on the match?

DM: He might ha




THKICKOUT!! Joey Melton left himself open to an inside cradle as he applied the pressure there, and the masked Luchador so very almost made him pay for it! Sorry to interrupt you, Dean.

DM: No problem. As I was saying, Melton may have started to focus on this match more than what’s going on with Mister and Missus Windham, but he still left himself open to a nice roll-up manoeuvre .

MN: Very French sounding there Matthews.

DM: Merci, Neels.

DT: I don’t think Joey Melton’s giving any merci’s right now though, as JA just took him down with a drop toe-hold and sprang back up to dropkick him full on in the face as he was getting back up! He’s now got Melton up by the hair, and pushes him back into the corner.

Crowd: WOOOOH!

DT: Oh boy.

Crowd: WOOOH!

DT: Hard chops here in the corner by JA, and the crowd are


DT: ..loving it.

MN: It’s part of the fun, Wendy.

DT: .. I never get a break with that, do I?

[As Dave and Mike argue, JA springs up onto the second rope, before flying off to plants his feet squarely in the side of the legend’s head. Melton’s head snaps over, causing him to drop hard to the canvas]

DT: JA setting Melton in position now, maybe looking to finish this.. and a big splash from the second rope!



NO! Joey Melton at the last second there getting the shoulder up, and after that drop kick, you’ve got to think his brain’s even more scrambled!

MN: Scrambled brains - get them at Wendy’s!

DM: Joey Melton is in a lot of trouble though - he’s taken a couple of hard shots to the head, and he was clearly disorientated to begin with. It might help get his mind on the job at hand, or it might make him even more disorientated.


MN: Ow..ouch.. that hurt just watching it!

DT: But he’s not going for the cover! JA picking Melton up again, and a sickening snap as he connects with an Enziguri there! The cover



THRNO!! Joey Melton manages to get the left shoulder up, and that had to be on instinct! I don’t think ANYONE could still be thinking clearly after a dropkick to the head, that suplex, and then an enziguri!

DM: Don’t count Melton out yet. He’s been in tougher matches, and say what you will about his age, he’s still got a lot of fight left in him.

DT: How much that lot might be though is the question. JA’s been relentless in his attacks, and he’s outsmarted anything Melton’s tried!

DM: Maybe, but there’s still life in this match.

DT: The Luchador now picking Melton back up off the canvas, but a thumb to the eyes gives him the time to plant his masked opponent with a side Russian legsweep!

DM: Told you.

DT: Joey Melton getting a quick two count on the cover there, picking JA up and returns the favour for those chops earlier!

Crowd: WOOOOOH!!

DT: Another stiff chop across the chest, and he follows it up with an abdominal stretch. He’s looking to wear JA down and catch his breath at the same time.

DM: And give himself some time to think - you can see by the way he’s wrapped the leg round that he’s using this hold properly, and he’s leaning back far enough that even if JA wanted to, he couldn’t hip-toss him out. Meanwhile he’s leaving the ribs exposed, and stretching them on that side too - this move does a lot more damage than it’s name implies.

DT: And Melton’s showing us how much by driving the point of his elbow down hard into the ribs of JA! JA just shouting in pain as the referee’s asking him if he wants to call it quits. The torque on the ribs has got to be excruciating! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen this move put on so well!

MN: Troy Windham could do better.

DT: He’s not in this match, Mike. JA’s tensing his right arm though, he’s trying to get Joey off-balance enough for a hip-toss, but Melton’s having none of it as he pulls back even harder! Another scream from JA, and the crowd are trying to rally him!

Crowd: *clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap*

DT: JA still trying to fight his way out of this.. but Melton releases the hold, connecting with a hard smash to the ribs and SPIKING JA down with a DDT! There’s the cover


KICKOUT! Joey Melton getting some control here, and he might have had it there.

MN: Except for the fact he didn’t. Real smart Dave. DT: I’ll ignore that. Joey Melton taking his time here, letting JA get back to his feet before DRILLING him with a hard right hand! JA reeling back, and Melton steps in with a schoolboy rollup!!



THRNO!! JA managing to roll the shoulder up there, but Joey Melton stays in control, stomping on the inside of JA’s knee!

DM: Finally, Melton showing why he’s so highly regarded even at his age.

DT: Melton sends JA into the corner hard there, following it up with a hard clothesline knocking the air right out of the Anglo Luchador! Melton letting JA droop in the corner as he looks around, firmly in control at this point, and a hard knee drives yet more air out of his opponent!

DM: Melton’s still being cautious though - he looks a little groggy still, but that didn’t stop him just laying out JA with a shortarm clothesline!

DT: The cover..


NO!! JA JUST manages to get the right shoulder up that time, and Melton’s arguing with the ref that it was three!

MN: He’s just telling the ref he doesn’t know how to count. Now, if that were Troy Windham in the ref’s shirt

DM: I’m sure Joey Melton would’ve forgotten the match and killed him.


DT: Melton really not pleased with the referee, sneering at him as he picks JA back up off the canvas. He measures him, and connects with a hard right hand, knocking JA down! JA back up, and Melton measures him again.. BLOCKED!! JA with a right of his own! Melton tries to fire back BUT HE’S BLOCKED AGAIN! JA JUST TOOK OUT THE KNEE OF JOEY MELTON WITH A DROPKICK!!

DM: And just like that, momentum can change again.

DT: JA very slow to get back to his feet though! It’s a good thing for him he connected squarely with that dropkick to the front of Melton’s knee, because that’s slowed Melton down enough to give him a chance to recover!

DM: But Joey Melton’s still up first, holding the knee slightly, but vertical.

DT: Melton stalking JA as best he can, and he hooks the head, looking for a suplex.. BLOCKED!! Melton tries again.. BLOCKED!! JA trying now for a suplex, BUT MELTON BLOCKS IT! Melton pushes JA back into the corner BUT JA SPINS HIM ROUND INTO IT! JA with repeated hard shoulders to the gut, and Joey Melton’s almost slumped over his shoulder with that last one! I cannot believe how hard JA was just ramming Melton with the shoulder!

MN: Not the first time Joey’s been man-rammed.


MN: What? He’s admitted it enough times.

DT: You don’t need to say it though! JA propping Melton up in the corner, and a hard right hand rocks him back some more! Irish whip across the ring, and Melton BARELY able to stay on his feet with the impact! JA follows him in with a HARD spear in the corner for good measure!

DM: Big move time.

DT: JA setting Melton up on the top rope, and he rocks him with a right hand! JA following him up AND THEY’RE BOTH ON THE TOP ROPE!! MELTON TRYING TO FIGHT OUT OF THIS, AS JA CLUBS HIM ACROSS THE BACK!! JA hooking the head of Melton BUT MELTON BLOCKS THE SUPLEX WITH A RIGHT HAND!



DM: The ref’s counting..





[sfx: bell rings]


[CUE UP: “I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, as Joey Melton quickly gets out of the ring, and JA argues with the referee]

DT: Joey Melton just screwed JA out of the win, after JA pretty much dominated most of the match!!

MN: That shows you right there why Joey Melton is the legend that he is!
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