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AGGRESSION 27: Portland, OR - 11/15/06

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Kenshiro Inogami vs. Foxx vs. Troy Douglas

Veteran of the ring and returning EPW superstar Troy Douglas took on the newcomer Ninja K and the always dangerous up and coming Foxx in the first match of the night. Douglas and Foxx began the match focusing on one another as Inogami paced himself, stalking the action from his corner. Douglas took control with his strength advantage, clotheslining Foxx off of an Irish Whip, but Foxx was also able to gain two quick two counts off of a sunset flip and victory roll pinning combination shortly thereafter. With the two focused on each other, it was after the second near fall that Ninja K made his move slipping behind Foxx and catching her with a kick to the ribs followed by two quick shots to the back of her thigh and knee before a swinging crescent kick to the back of the head that sent her flying to the mat. Douglas charged in but was caught around the midsection by Inogami, who locked him in and hit his Osaka Plex – an Overhead Northern Lights Salto Suplex. Inogami was in the middle of a series of rolling German suplexes when Foxx leapt from the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that stopped him short. Inogami was able to recover quickly, tossing Foxx to the outside and turning his attention back to Douglas. The end came when at the thirteen minute mark, Inogami locked Douglas into his submission finisher, The Imploding Star Submission. He failed to see Foxx regaining her senses on the outside however and Foxx was able to climb to the top turnbuckle with the two men on the inside tangled up and hit a huge Vixen’s Dive onto both men. With Inogami writhing on the mat and Douglas weakened by the submission he had been in, Douglas was easy pickings as Foxx quickly covered him and gained the upset.

Winner: Foxx

Karl “The Dragon” Brown vs. “Sensational” Steven Shane

What was to be the co-main event of Aggression lost some of its luster as Steven Shane was absent for all of the promotional week and then showed up to the show itself late. While the announcers discussed the possibilities surrounding the reasons for Shane’s behavior, with Neely suggesting preferential treatment due to Shane’s recent working relationship with Dan Ryan – Karl Brown was all business, taking it to the Sensational One and showing why he is the EPW Intercontinental Champion. While Steven Shane was game and helped put on a hell of a show for the crowd in Portland, Brown caught Shane clean and finished him off with the Dragon’s Bite. Ever the sportmanlike competitor however, Shane attacked Brown upon his recovery and laid him out while he celebrated for the fans – driving a chair into the back of his head and then driving it down into Brown’s neck. Shane spit on the champ to a chorus of boos as EMTs tended to The Dragon.

Winner: Karl “The Dragon” Brown (Retains EPW Intercontinental Title)


[CUE UP: "Imperial March" - Rage Against the Machine. A video montage plays, featuring smoke-wreathed images of various wrestlers, some of them leaving blurred trails as they move.
CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Adam Benjamin.
CUT TO: Karl Brown coming off the ropes with a Quebrada.
CUT TO: Steven Shane standing victorious in the ring.
CUT TO: JA delivering the Karelin Driver to Ron Artest
CUT TO: Adam Benjamin delivering a Shining Wizard to Karl Brown.
CUT TO: Joey Melton, mugging for the crowd.
CUT TO: An unhappy IrishRed stomping Wong-Pei.
CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Beast.
CUT TO: JA and Sebastian Dodd locking up in the middle of the ring.
CUT TO: Troy Windham, mugging with the Entourage.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.
CUT TO: With a clash of metal, a logo slams across the screen, its edges flickering.]

[Cut to the ramp, where a wreath of pyro explodes around the EmpireTron and several bomblike, smoky explosions ripple about the entry way. The camera zooms in on the screen as the pyro finally peters out, then blurs to roving shots of the roaring crowd as a small banner in the corner briefly appears to proclaim that EPW is broadcast en Espanol.]

[We cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Mike Neely and Dean Matthews sit.]

DT: Welcome to Portland, Oregon and Aggression 27!! I’m your host Dave Thomas and with me as always are my partners in crime, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely. Folks, this one has been a long time in coming but what a huge number of storylines to follow. Lindsay Troy….

MN: That’s Lindsay Troy-Windham.

DT: Right. The Champion continues to try and find a way out of this horrible situation she finds herself in…

MN: She never had it so good…

DT: …and tonight it gets a little tougher as she teams up with the Cameron Cruise Project to face the World Tag Team Champions, The Highland Park Social Club.

DM: Yes indeed, and as we saw in some taped action earlier Karl Brown once again defended his Intercontinental Title against Steven Shane but paid a very heavy price in doing so.

DT: Then there’s the intriguing duo of James Irish and The Sergeant who will be kicking things off for us here tonight. And folks, tag team wrestling has never seemed so intriguing here on Aggression.

DM: Couldn’t have said it better myself, Dave. The Sergeant and James Irish have to have a certain number of questions about each other due to their respective relationships with Ms. Erin. Not to mention, Adam Benjamin and “Classy” Mike C seem to be a bit off this week as we didn’t even hear from Mike C.

MN: But what you fail to realize is the resiliency of a team like Benjamin and Mike C. They’re not going to let some yups like Irish and The Sarge make them look bad. Mike C might not have been around during the week, but he’ll do more than show up tonight.

DT: Neels, Irish and Sarge are far from yups.

MN: They are when compared to Benjamin and Mike C.

DT: To each his own, Neels.


Adam Benjamin/Mike C vs. James Irish/The Sergeant

[CUE UP: “Final Countdown”]

[Benjamin and Mike C enter to massive heel heat.]

MN: And it would appear as though these fans are complete idiots to this “own” that you say they may have.

DT: I’m not too sure of many people outside of you that really like Adam Benjamin and Mike C.

MN: Because no one else appreciates real wrestling talent. They’d rather have someone that picks up a microphone and tells “yo momma” jokes all night.

[CUE UP: “I’ll Drink to You” by Duke Jupiter.]

[James emerges from the back with Erin surprisingly not by his side. He raises his hand and acknowledges the fans, staring daggers at his opponents. No fancy lights, no pyro, no smoke, nothing fancy.]

DT: Dean, where do you believe that Erin is?

DM: I’m not sure, Dave. Could James have possibly decided that ringside might be too dangerous against Benjamin and Mike C?

DT: I’m not sure. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out later in the evening.

[CUE UP: “We Right Here” by DMX.]

[The Sergeant exits through the curtains with Erin by his side! He plays to the crowd a little on his way to the ring. He gives Erin a smile as he steps up the steps. Upon entering the ring he begins stretching, immediately getting ready for his match and trying to tune out the crowd.]

DT: Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this!

DM: Neither was I, Dave! Erin has come out to the ring with The Sergeant here! How can James Irish feel about this?

MN: What do you mean? She’s still here at ringside for him. She just came out at a different time.

DT: Well, by the look in James’s eyes, I don’t think he’s liking it too much for whatever reason.


DM: Well, it looks like Irish and Benjamin are going to start out this match here. Sarge and Mike C take their places on the apron as Irish and Benjamin make their way to the middle of the ring.

DT: There’s a collar and elbow and Benjamin gets the upperhand. He quickly pulls Irish into a side headlock. Irish tries to counter as he pushes Benjamin off and into the ropes…

DM: Big shoulder block by Benjamin!

DT: Irish hit the mat hard there as Benjamin pulls him back up. He sizes him up… big knife-edge chop by Benjamin! And another! He backs Irish into the ropes. There’s a whip…

DM: Big back body drop as Irish flies across the ring!

DT: Benjamin continues the assault as he pulls Irish back up one more time. He pulls Irish into a front facelock…

DM: DDT! Benjamin goes for the pin…



But The Sarge breaks it up!

DT: Benjamin begins laying into Sarge now! The two are exchanging lefts and rights as the ref tries to pin himself in between them!

DM: And he finally does, but these two are still trying to go at it!

DT: There’s Irish out of nowhere with the schoolboy rollup!



Kickout by Benjamin!

DM: Benjamin quickly gets back to his feet. He swings a clothesline, but Irish ducks the blow! Benjamin turns to face him again…

DT: Jump Swinging DDT by Irish!

DM: And there’s a tag to Sarge!

DT: Sarge quickly in and picks up Benjamin. Hard forearm as he backs the former TV champ into the ropes. There’s a whip…

DM: Arm drag! Benjamin pops right back up…

DT: But into a DDT by The Sarge! He makes the cover…



Save by Mike C!

DM: And now Sarge and Mike C are going at it! Again, the ref is trying to pry these men apart, but they are going nowhere!

DT: And now James Irish is back into the action! He pulls Adam Benjamin up to his feet…

DM: Headbanger’s Ball! Benjamin stumbles across the ring…

DT: And into a back body drop by Sarge that takes both of the men over the top rope!

DM: That leaves Mike C and James Irish in the ring!

DT: And Mike C charges Irish and takes his legs out from under him! And now Mike C is laying into Irish with right hands!

DM: The ref finally pries him off, but I don’t know if he realizes that neither of these men are the legal men!

DT: I don’t think he does because he’s allowing Mike C to pull Irish back to his feet here. There’s a hard knife edge chop as Mike C pulls Irish into him and picks him up for a big scoop slam. Mike C bounces off the near ropes…

DM: And a big knee drop to the face of James Irish. He goes for the cover…



Kickout by Irish!

DT: Well, Mike C doesn’t look very pleased, but it looks as though he’s signaling that he’s going to finish this match right now.

DM: Wait a second! Who the hell is that in the crowd?

MN: Probably Sarge making out with Erin.

DM: It’s “First Class” Chandler Maxwell! What the hell is he doing here in EPW?

DT: Well, it appears as though he’s entering the ring!

DM: And Mike C doesn’t look like he’s happy to see Maxwell here! He is right in his face!

DT: But Maxwell isn’t doing anything! He’s backing off now.

MN: This guy doesn’t want anything to do with Mike C.

DT: Look out! Mike C just turned around right into a Shining Wizard from his partner, Adam Benjamin! What the hell was that?

DM: I have no clue, but Mike C is out of it after that shot!

DT: And now Benjamin is leaving with Maxwell! What the hell are these two doing?

DM: I don’t know, but things aren’t looking too great for Mike C right now!

DT: They certainly aren’t as James Irish and Sarge are both up and waiting for Mike C to get back up here.

DM: Air Check from Irish! Mike C bounces right off the mat and into the hands of Sarge.

DT: Corrective Training! Sarge has it locked in! There’s nowhere for Mike C to go! And now he taps out!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… James Irish and The Sergeant!

[Erin rushes into the ring and wraps her arms around The Sarge. Irish gives him a stare as Sarge finishes his hug. Finally, Irish pushes Sarge in the shoulder.]

DT: Look out! Things could blow up here!

DM: James Irish is staring a hole through Sarge right now!

[They wait for a moment before Irish extends his hand and gives a shake to Sarge.]

DT: Yes!


DT: Great show of respect there by James Irish! Good for him! Folks, more Aggression is on the way, don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"PHENOMENAL" Frankie Scott vs. "the Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka

DT: Back from the break fellas and I don’t know about what’s going on right here…

DM: Yeah, Dahaka and Scott are in the ring but Scott doesn’t look right. He’s obviously nursing some sort of illness out here…

DT: In fact I’m told he’s got a case of the flu and a temperature of a hundred and two, but refuses to miss his match tonight.

DM: I can’t believe this….. how could the referee allow a very sick Frankie Scott compete?

MN: I don’t know but this has to be unsanitary. I mean look at him he is sweating before the match even starts!

DT: Determination Mike, he has a 102 degree fever, that is determination!

MN: That’s disgusting is what it is he’s going to give his disease to the rest of the locker room!

DM: The flu is a virus Mike.

MN: Where’s that bell……


MN: There it is!

DT: Nakita and Frankie circling up, Nakita going to grab Frankie Scott, but Frankie ducks it and runs past Dahaka.

DM: The key for Frankie is staying out of Dahaka's way without over straining himself due to his illness.

MN: No, the key is for him to take medicine so I won’t catch whatever he has!

DT: Dahaka going to another tie up, Frankie ducking it again, Dahaka stumbling forward, and here comes Frankie like a bolt of lighting towards Nakita! And a back elbow smashing into the face of Frankie Scott…… And a big elbow drop to follow it by Nakita Dahaka!

DM: Like I said Scott has to pace himself him running full speed into Dahaka is only going to make this match that much shorter.

MN: Well I hope he taps of cause Nakita is locking in that side headlock!

DT: Frankie Scott may be sick but he will not give up. Frankie Scott building up to his knees, no to his feet, a shot to the gut of Dahaka, and another he shoot her off, Frankie holding his head from that flu not really paying attention…BIG neck breaker from Dahaka and a cover…1….2..! Faint kick out as Frankie is coughing up some mucus.

MN: DISGUSTING! You sick freak get out of the ring!

DM: He cant help the fact he wants to put on a show for these fans.

MN: Card subject to change! SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Sick means change the subject of the match and get outta here for you don’t get your dieses near me!

DM: Well back to the match, Dahaka picking up a very ill Frankie Scott, and puts him back down with a scoop slam, rebound off the ropes, looking for a leg drop…NO! Frankie Scott with a side roll, on his feet and a fairly weak drop kick to Nakita.

DT: Frankie Scott’s pace has slowed down dramatically it is the key to this match, his moves are starting to look sloppy but he is still executing. Frankie Scott seems to be coughing up a storm as he uses the ropes to get up. Dahaka back on his feet as Frankie bounces off the ropes with a hopeless sprint that has now ended with Dahaka putting him back to the mat with a hard shoulder tackle.

MN: That’s right put his ass down!

DT: And Dahaka picking Franking up again and a forearm to the jaw line of Scott as Frankie falls back into a corner, and Nakita is using Frankie Scot for a straight up punching bag in that corner as she whips him into the cross corner….Frankie Scott leaping to the second rope HIGH CROSSBODY! Cover 1…kick out!

DM: This is not looking good what so ever for Frankie Scott his opponent is using his sickness against him. Frankie Scott now rolling off Dahaka as Nakita is getting to her feet. Frankie has to be burning up because he is shaking on the ground as Dahaka is now putting boots the rib cage of Frankie Scott.

MN: Key focus! Ok, ready? He puts the boots to his ribs or cuts his air anyway Frankie cant fight it cause he is sick which means this match is over and we can all decontaminate!

DT: Smart assessment Mike, stupid reason. Nakita grabbing Frankie and lifting him up by the neck, she's choking Frankie Scott in mid air! Wait…Frankie is leaning his head back…..FRANKIE SCOTT JUST SNEEZED! He has just sneezed in the eyes of Nakita Dahaka and Dahaka has dropped Scott!

MN: He has just become contaminated!!!

DM: Frankie Scott wiping his nose, a clothes line to Nakita that forces her into the ropes…BIG ARM DRAG FROM FRANKIE SCOTT! It didn’t have enough power to put Dahaka down for good….Nakita back on her feet…..Dropkick square to the face of Nakita that sets her down for good!

MN: That is disgusting, mucus in Nakita Dahaka eyes….poor girl.

DT: Frankie Scott crawling towards Nakita, who's wiping her eyes clean, 1…2..! Kick out! And Nakita grabbing the refs shirt and wiping her eyes, she turns around to a weak Frankie Scott who slugs Dahaka in the jaw! Another slow swing and Nakita blocks and a forearm to the face of Frankie Scott….Frankie turning around.

MN: YES! Dahaka with a Dragon sleeper hold that is making Frankie Scott squirm like a worm!

DM: Not a good position for Frankie Scott! He is already out of breath from being sick!

DM: And the referee lifting up Frankie’s hand…..1............2………..3….

SFX: Ding Ding Ding!

FATORA: Here is your winner by submission….NAKITA DAHAKA!

DT: And now Dahaka sliding out of the ring and grabbing a chair…oh no, come on! Frankie Scott has given all he could and this is the treatment he is receiving!?!

MN: Good Medicine! Haha!


DM: And a sickening chair shot to the skull of Frankie Scott! Jesus…..

MN: Lesson learned don’t sneeze in peoples eyes!

DT: Oh man….we’ve gotta get some help for Frankie Scott here folks….we’ll be back right after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Cut to Tony Fatora in the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… making his return to Empire Pro Wrestling…

[“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits the PA. The spotlight hits the top of the rampway.]


[Daymon appears at the top of the rampway, adorned in jeans, a black dress shirt, and sunglasses. He holds his arms out at his sides in the standard crucifix pose, greeted by a favorable crowd reaction, and makes his way down to the ring.]

DT: Love him or hate him, he’s back.

MN: Eh… it’s not that I hate him. It’s that I could care less.

[The timekeeper hands Rocko a mic as he removes the sunglasses and steps into the ring. The music ends. Daymon stands in the center of the ring absorbing the cheers for a few moments before raising the mic.]

RD: I must say… I’ve truly missed all you, the fans of Empire Pro.

[He gets a good pop.]

RD: And it seems many of you missed me as well. Now that I’m back from a couple years of “soul searching”, I’ve returned to you, the fans. To Empire Pro, the federation I consider my home, though maybe I haven’t been around as long as some of the legends around here, and maybe I haven’t made quite an impact.

But I was here since the beginning… with Beast, and Benjamin, and Douglas, and Ryan. Because I left, I missed out on a couple great years where Empire Pro’s finest helped craft this place into one of the greatest and most renowned federations on the market. It hurts me knowing I wasn’t a part of that…

All is not lost, however. Now that I’m back, I can help carry this fed into a new era…

MN: My God… whatever era this guy carries us into, I’m sure it will be lifeless and boring.

RD: You see, Empire Pro has many fine talents, I’ve noticed… but very few out there represent the IDEAL professional wrestler. They lack the respect… the attitude… the dedication. Sometimes one of those things, sometimes all of them.

In the time I’ve been away from Empire Pro, I’ve thought long and hard about what it means to lace up your boots and step into this ring. And through every match I’ve been in, I’ve come just a little bit closer to finding an answer.

MN: Oh, please… now he’s going to bore us to death with his ring philosophy.

DT: The man is talking, Mike!

DM: Yeah, but when he talks, it usually goes on for hours…

RD: So now I’m back, for you, the fans. I’m here again to show you all just what this ideal I speak of really is. I’m here to be that warrior… that man… that TRUE professional—

“Don’t even say it, Rocko!”

[“Final Countdown” by Europe hits the PA. The crowd comes alive as Adam Benjamin appears at the top of the ramp and makes his way down to the ring, mic in hand, scowling.]

MN: Thank God, the Savior has come to free me from Rocko Daymon!

DT: Adam Benjamin? What could he have to say to Rocko to interrupt his welcome back speech?

DM: Benjamin and Daymon have always had a rivalry across various feds. Let’s not forget it was Rocko that eliminated Adam Benjamin from the World Title tournament in Empire Pro’s earliest days.

DT: This might get ugly.

[Benjamin steps into the ring and the music ends. Daymon turns back to the crowd.]

AB: Shut up, Rocko. Just SHUT THE HELL UP!! It’s a wonder these fans can sit here and stomach your crap without vomiting all over each other!

MN: He’s got a point…

AB: You want to sit here and talk about being a “true” professional wrestler… about being the man with the attitude and determination and respect. But where was any of that in you, Rocko, years ago, when you hung up the boots and RETIRED?!

[Benjamin turns to the audience.]

AB: Fans… as you SAVIOR, I beg you… don’t listen to the LIES of this hack! He might come out and talk about what it means to be a professional wrestler… but I ask you, does a TRUE professional wrestler WALK AWAY from the greatest federation in the industry? Does he turn his back on the fans and on his dreams, just because he believes he’s not good enough to CUT IT with the rest?

And suddenly a couple years come around, and here he thinks he can come back and all will be forgiven. People, are you going to accept this slimeball with open arms? The very man who GAVE UP on you because he lacked the spine to be a man?

[The audience begins to boo, although whether this is directed toward Adam or Rocko is not clear.]

AB: Over the past couple years, guys like ME have been turning this federation into one of the best in the industry! And yet you want to sit here and whine about missing it? You gave up, Rocko! Say it with me… YOU… GAVE… UP!!

MN: Damn right!

[The boos intensify. Rocko raises the mic to say something, but suddenly hears a chant forming in the crowd, saying “You Gave Up!” Still others, in support, begin chanting “Bull****!”]

DT: Looks like the audience has differing opinions on this matter…

[With a shake of his head, Daymon leaves the ring.]

AB: Welcome back, Rocko! Now get the HELL out of the ring I made!

[Rocko waves him off and goes back up the rampway. Benjamin, wearing a triumphant grin, finds the time to pose for his fans. Half of them cheer, and the other half boo with disgust. Trash is thrown into the ring and onto the rampway after the departing Rocko. “Final Countdown” begins to play.]

DM: Sounds like Benjamin is calling out Rocko Daymon…

MN: Nah, he was just out there to tell the truth. Daymon doesn’t DESERVE to come back to Empire Pro! Listen to the fans… He gave up! Are we supposed to forgive a quitter?

DT: Either way, it seems as though Rocko Daymon’s return won’t be as warm-hearted as he may have expected. And what will happen now that Adam Benjamin has turned many fans against him?

MN: Probably turn tail and run again…

DT: Fans, many thought it would be an EPW first-and-only time we broadcast a match via satellite last week. Well, here on Aggression this week, yet again, we have the joy of broadening our horizons and exploring the world thanks in large part to Mr. Irishred.

MN: Usually, this is where I would throw in my trump statement to totally take down everything you just said. But quite frankly, this guy has pushed my buttons way too far and I’m going to have to agree with you here, Thomas. Irishred has come in here and tried to make a mockery of everything we stand for, and tonight I hope this big ass Viking shows him what’s really going on when you mess with EPW.

DM: Excellent stuff, guys. However, I must now direct your attentions to your television monitors because I have just gotten word that both of these competitors have entered the ring and they are ready to begin!


Live From Norway..
Irishred vs. Hans, the Incontinent Viking

[CUTTO: Irishred and Hans the Incontinent Viking standing inside a ring aboard a freighter on the Norwegian Sea. The look in Irishred’s eyes show that he isn’t looking at Hans, he is staring a hole through Dan Ryan, whose head has taken the place of Hans’s. The ref calls for the bell.]

[A loud horn sounds, much like you would hear inside the Metrodome.]

DT: Well, I guess we’ll say that the horn has sounded and we’re ready to get this match underway! Both men step to the middle of the ring and there’s a collar and elbow. Irishred quickly latches onto a side headlock.

DM: But Hans pushes him off with great force, sending Irishred back-first into the turnbuckle! Irishred is grabbing his back and Hans is… is he dancing?

MN: I’m not sure if that’s what the Vikings call it, but Hans is definitely gyrating in some way that leaves me feeling uncomfortable and wondering if he really knows what he’s doing inside that ring.

DT: Well, he has finally stopped as Irishred has gotten back to his feet. Hans quickly grabs hold of Irishred and whips him across the ring before catching him with a big boot to the face!

DM: I think Irishred might have met his match here with Hans the Incontinent Viking! This is a very impressive showing from someone who’s never been on national television before!

DT: And now Hans is pulling out a new dance move! This guy is absolutely loving it in this ring!

DM: And now he’s mounting Irishred while he’s dancing! This… intruder, this virus that we’ve been calling Irishred is stuck on his back while an extremely large Viking shakes his helmet in his face!

[Hans gets back up and plays to the very partial Norwegians, who greet him with much fanfare.]

DT: Uh oh. Bad move by Hans here. He doesn’t even see Irishred getting back to his feet!

DM: Hans turns around right into a stiff right from Red! And another! Red has him reeling as the two meet in the ropes. Red takes a step back…

DT: Oh my! Knee to the groin from Irishred! I’m not up on my Norwegian area of International Waters Wrestling Rulebook, but I’m quite certain that move is illegal just about anywhere.

MN: Except Amsterdam. It’s totally legal until you yell the secret word there.

DM: Okay…

DT: Back to the action at hand here. Red has heard it from the ref and now he’s back on the attack. He nails Hans with several more right hands before whipping him across the ring. Hans rebounds and slides through the legs of Irishred. What agility by this guy!

DM: Oh my! Hans was able to quickly get up to his feet there and he actually ripped down the pants of Irishred! Listen to the Norwegian fans! They’re loving it!

DT: Well, Irishred certainly isn’t as he quickly pulls his drawers back up. The look on his face spells disgust and this doesn’t bode well for Hans, who might have been having fun earlier, but I think that’s about to end.

[Red’s eyes dance with hate as he stares down Hans. He then removes his Denver Broncos jersey to reveal his severely scarred torso. The fans silence.]

DM: Look out here, Hans.

DT: Irishred charges. And there’s a clothesline! Hans pops back up! But there’s another clothesline! Red reaches down and pulls the Viking to his feet.

DM: And Red sends him right back down with that move he calls Bad Company, that pumphandle fallaway slam!

DT: Red is going for the cover here…



Kickout by Hans!

DM: And that’s not going to make Irishred happy at all.

DT: Or is it? Look at that smile on the face of Irishred!

MN: I’ve seen that look before. That is the look of a sick and twisted man who is about to take pride in the carnage that he plans to lay forth on his opponent.

DT: Red pulls Hans back up to his feet. He whips him to the corner.

DM: And Red quickly follows in with a big clothesline! Hans is wobbly in the corner and doesn’t really have anywhere to go!

DT: Red reaches down and lifts Hans up to the top rope here. Things aren’t looking good for the incontinent Viking now. Red wraps his arms around Hans’s waist. He lifts him up…

DM: No! Irishred just sat Hans back down in a hurry! He had him all set up for that top rope piledriver that he likes to call the Whipping Post, but he just sat Hans down as if he were on fire!

DT: And now Red is telling the referee something. What is he telling him?

[The ref walks over Hans, who is still out of it on the top rope. The ref gives a little lean-in toward Hans’s midsection before quickly pulling his head away and grabbing his nose.]

DT: No way. You don’t think that Hans…

MN: He shat himself! Isn’t this grounds for submission? That sounds to me like he pretty much gave up all control… of this match AND his body.

DM: Well, the referee has told Red that there’s nothing he can do. There must be a pinfall or submission to finish this match.

DT: We’ll see what Red does here as he grabs Hans in a front facelock before driving him down from that top rope with a HUGE DDT.

MN: If I were Red, I’d make sure I had this match over before I tried any kind of pin. I wouldn’t want him to kick out and “spray”, if you know what I mean.

DM: Red climbs up the ropes now.

DT: What’s he going to do up there?

MN: Be careful where you aim!

DM: Cold shot! Irishred just nailed Hans with that knee to the kidneys!

MN: Irishred is begging for a digestive disaster here.

DT: Red makes his way to the fallen Viking and looks down. He seems hesitant here…

MN: Wouldn’t you?

DT: Well, he reaches down and grabs the legs…
DM: Freebird! Albeit a rather sloppy one…

MN: Can you find some better words, Matthews?

DM: Well, I would try, but I’m waiting to see if Hans is going to tap out from this. He doesn’t seem to be feeling anything, as he’s not even moving!

DT: The ref leans in… and quickly pulls away. And now he calls for the bell!

DM: And look at Red run! He’s trying to get as far away from this as possible!

MN: Wait a second! He didn’t do it again, did he?

DT: Folks, this freighter is in need of a cleanup, but we don’t have time to stick around, unfortunately. We’ve got even more great EPW action coming your way! Don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[A shot comes in to focus backstage. Immediately in the foreground we see someone face down on the concrete hallway floor of the arena. A closer shot shows that it’s BLOODHUNT, out cold.

The shot pulls back and we see “Triple X” Sean Stevens standing to the side, kneeling down next to him.]

Stevens: That’s what we in the business call a receipt, big man. And don’t worry….this one’s on the house.

[Cut back to the broadcast position.]


EPW Television Championship
"Da Bomb" Mike Evers (c) vs. "The Phenom" Shawn Hart

DM: Wow, just when I thought Stevens was out of the picture he comes back with a vengeance.

MN: Pssh, Stevens ain’t takin’ sh*t from that fool lyin’ down.

DT: And we’re about ready to go now with the TV title match. Both men are in the ring… what’s he doing out here?

[CUTTO: The entrance way, where Frankie Scott is limping, looking disorientated. He’s pointing to the ring, which causes Shawn Hart to duck outside. Mike Evers moves towards the ropes too, puzzled at what Scott is shouting at them]

DT: It sounds like Frankie Scott is… challenging Evers and Hart to put the title on the line straight after this match?

MN: He’s nuts!

DM: I don’t think Dan Ryan would sanction that, not with Scott in the state he’s in, or after that match against Dahaka earlier.

DT: But Hart is… chuckling to himself, trying to point Scott to the back.

DM: The EMT’s are coming out – thank goodness, I do not think Scott would be able to compete again tonight, and not for a title.

DT: SCOTT JUST SLAPPED HART! Whatever Hart was saying has riled Frankie Scott, but the EMTs are there to pull him away! Hart does not look happy out there though!

MN: Poor Scott, thinking he has a chance at winning the TV title tonight.

DT: Mike Evers has gone outside to see if Scott’s OK RIGHT HAND BY HART! Shawn Hart getting this match under way on the outside, and a hard whip into the barrier! Grabbing Evers by the hair, and DRIVES him face first into the ring apron! This is vicious from Hart, as he rolls the champ back into the ring



No! Kickout with ease by Da Bomb, and the Phenom is trying to keep the action fast paced and aggressive!

DM: He didn’t get to retaliate against Scott, so he’s taking it out against Evers.

DT: Shawn Hart picking Evers up by the hair, but Evers with a shot to the gut! Evers going for the Irish Whip, reversal by Hart, and a HARD running lariat by the champ! Look how his arm wrapped around the throat of Hart there, almost took his head off!

DM: A lot of people ask what the difference between the clothesline and the lariat is – that’s it just there, the arm bending on impact.

DT: Mike Evers now stalking Hart… BIG scoopslam! Straight down into the cover




MN: No way he’s going to get the pin after three moves! That never happens except in squash matches!

DT: Very little chance of a squash happening here, but Mike Evers is looking to stay in control, picking Hart up and shoving him back against the ropes. Hard kick, and a STINGING chop to the chest there!

DM: That’s left a nasty welt!

DT: Mike Evers with another Irish Whip, taking Hart down with a drop-toe-hold on the rebound. Evers back up, and NAILS Hart with an elbow drop right into the shoulders!

DM: Mike Evers now picking Hart up, and applying the side headlock there. A simple hold, but effective. Shawn Hart trying to prise the hands apart but nothing doing.

DT: But instead going for the shove off the ropes! Mike Evers going across the ring, Hart ducks under, and a nice shoulder block by the television champ to take down the challenger! Evers back off the ropes, Hart stays down, tries for the leapfrog DROPKICK BY EVERS! Shawn Hart rolling out of the ring from the impact there as Mike Evers flew in with a precision dropkick to the chest!

MN: Now THAT was impressive!

DM: Shawn Hart doesn’t look too impressed out there though.

DT: Hart quickly into the ring, charging in with a clothesline, but Evers ducks under. Hart off the ropes HURRICANRANA!



THRENO!! Shawn Hart taken off guard with that move! Mike Evers almost stealing that one, picking Hart up again and not letting up the pressure! Sends Hart off the ropes again, misses with the clothesline… ELECTRIC CHAIR!



NO!! Mike Evers kicking out that time after the Electric Chair Drop into a pinning combination by Hart!

DM: Nice way to regain control after that early flourish.

DT: And Hart looking to maintain it, picking Evers up and… PRESSING HIM OVER HIS HEAD! WHAT A DISPLAY OF POWER as he DUMPS him over the top rope!!


DM: That’ll keep him in control for now.

DT: Measuring Evers now… SLINGSHOT PLANCHA! Shawn Hart putting his own body on the line to inflict more damage and keep Evers on the back foot! Showboating to the crowd now as he rolls back inside, and this match has taken an interesting turn!

DM: But Mike Evers is getting back into the ring, albeit groggily. Shawn Hart there to meet him, a hard right hand to the side of the head, followed up with a hard scoop slam in the middle of the ring. He’s pointing to the corner!

DT: Hart going to the corner, quickly up to the top – DIVING HEADBUTT! Hooks the leg




DM: Hart looking a little pissed with that one, picking Evers up, hooks the arms and a NICE Butterfly Powerbomb!



No! Kickout there by Evers again, as Hart just stomps on his back there!

MN: Fast paced and high-impact action from these two that’s for sure.

DT: You’re right there Mike, as Hart now picking Evers back up again. Picks him up, setting him on the top rope – he’s following him up! Hooks the head… SUPERPLEX!



NO!! Mike Evers with enough wherewithal to kickout still! Shawn Hart is completely dominating the Champion right now! Picking him up, a hard right hand AND EVERS FIRES ONE BACK! Mike Evers with a kick to the gut, SUNSET FLIP!



THREENO!! Mike Evers nearly stealing it there from Shawn Hart, who’s looking stunned as he gets back to his feet!

DM: I’ll admit I thought Evers was out of it myself.

DT: Hart up quicker, swings a fist MISSES! Evers ducked under and catches Hart with an atomic drop!! The crowd on their feet as Evers grabs the leg of Hart… FIGURE FOUR!! FIGURE FOUR!! SHAWN HART IS SCREAMING IN PAIN AS MIKE EVERS HAS IT LOCKED IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING!!!

MN: Calm down, Dave! Jeez, you’re making my ears bleed!

DM: He’s right though – there’s nowhere for Hart to go and Evers has that hold locked in tight.

DT: Shawn Hart trying to swing punches at Evers but he’s too far away! He can’t reach the ropes, he’s trying to claw his way over but no dice either! The crowd are deafening trying to get Hart to quit but he’s refusing to tap!!

DM: If he doesn’t get out of this hold soon he won’t be refusing.

DT: Mike Ever’s now releasing the hold, getting fed up of waiting, and drills Hart with an elbow for his troubles!



THRNO!! Hart kicking out but instinctively clutching the leg now, as Evers is arguing with the ref! He’s not gonna budge though, and Evers with Hart by the head, Irish Whip… DDT!! Spinning DDT by Hart!




DM: OK, I did not expect Hart to manage that!

MN: Told you he was good.

DM: I already knew that, Mike.

DT: Mike Evers was taken by surprise too, he’s really groggy trying to get back to his feet using the ropes. Shawn Hart shaking the leg out, trying to stalk him… and a bulldog takedown!



NO! AGAIN Mike Evers with the kickout, and Shawn Hart is looking really frustrated – after that attack at the beginning of the match on the outside I think he’d hoped he’d done enough damage. He just can’t seem to put Evers away! Picking Evers up by the hair now, kick to the gut, and a snap suplex NO! Mike Evers landing on his feet there and the crowd are in rapture as he scores with a dropkick to the face as Hart tried to get up! Both men are down!!

DM: Both men are putting a lot into these moves and now it’s showing. The one wants to win the title, the other retain it – it’s the most interesting time in a match.

DT: The ref’s up to three now – who do you think’s going to win this one, Mike?

MN: I’m sticking with the Phenom.

DT: Six






THRENONONONO!! Shawn Hart had had long enough to recover his sense with Evers taken out too! What a match!

DM: And both men are really sluggish trying to get back to their feet. Mike Evers is up first though, measuring Hart – and the right hand connects! Hart fires back, but Evers with another one! Hart swings MISS!

DT: Mike Evers going for a full nelson or dragon suplex HART SLIPS DOWN AND OUT! VICTORY ROLL!!




TONY FATORA: Th’ winner of this match, and NEEEEEW Empire Pro Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPION… “THE PHENOM”… SHAWN… HART!!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DM: What a match!!

MN: I think I just had one.

DT: That’s disgusting!!

DM: Geez Neely, why don’t you and…you go get a room.

MN: If only I could do such a thing. I heard of this guy in Singapore who could….

DT: SO ANYWAY….up next we have JA taking on Sean Stevens, who took out his attacker Bloodhunt earlier in the evening.

DM: Stevens is a bit of an enigma right now as he’s trying to find his place around here, but we all know what JA is about. He’s just about as good as it gets in the squared circle.

DT: Let’s go up to the ring to Tony Fatora!!


"Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. JA

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

[CUE UP: “Eat the Rich” Fozzy]

TF: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 215 and three-eighths pounds...JAYYYYYY-AYYYYYEEEE! His opponent…

[CUE UP: “Patiently Waiting” No Hype Necessary]

TF: From Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 267 pounds…“TRIPLE ECKKKKSSSS” SEAN STEVENS!!!

[SFX: Bell rings]

DT: Two veterans, two accomplished champions, this one has the makings of an exciting bout.

MN: Did you just use the word “bout”? Could you be any bigger a broadcast nerd?

DM: No idea, Chandler.

DT: JA and Stevens circle…Stevens offers the hand for the lock-up, and here we go!

DM: And there we stop. Quick break by Triple X as he shoves the former IC Champ away.

DT: JA wants straight back in…shoved away with the forearm to the face by Sean Stevens. Clubs him with another, whip off the ropes…swing and a miss on the clothesline…dropkick to the knee by the Anglo Luchador! Stevens rubs the leg…off the ropes comes JA…diving shoulderblock to the right knee and Triple X flops to the mat!

DM: JA showing that ring savvy, he’s picked a spot, now watch him go to work on that right knee.

MN: Dude, he’s not THAT much bigger than him. He doesn’t need to do the whole “let’s keep the big guy off his feet” routine. It’s passé.

DT: Stevens up…JA clips that knee once again! Off the ropes from behind…BULLDOG! The former IC champ is firmly in control right here, he’s putting it right to Triple X.

MN: Yeeaaaaah!!!

DM: Huh? What the hell was that?

MN: I found a decoder ring at the bottom of my Cracker Jack box! This RULES!!!

DM: Uhhhhhh….huh.

DT: Back to the actual WRESTLING. JA waits for Stevens to rise, and meets him with a knife-edge chop. One more, and the irish whip…knee to the gut! Stevens doubled over…JA comes off the ropes…SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! The pin…



EASY KICKOUT! Stevens kicks out, but JA has all the momentum on his side right now.

DM: He’s really socking it to him right now.

MN: Pithy, Deano. Verrrry pithy.

DM: This from the Cracker Jack guy.

DT: JA still on the attack, he’s got Stevens on the mat with another low dropkick to that right knee. Now, he’s…

DM: …ignoring all aspects of technical wrestling.

DT: He’s taking that right knee of Sean Stevens and just SLAMMING his kneecap straight onto the canvas! He lifts the leg again…and brings it CRASHING down!!! Up again…and down again! Sean Stevens is clutching that right knee and he is in obvious pain.

MN: Duh, Davey. What was the giveaway? The yelping, or the grabbing?

DT: The Anglo Luchador has the knee measured up…from the corner he comes…KNEE DROP…NO! Stevens pulled away at the last second, and the point of JA’s knee slammed straight into the mat! And with the height he came from, that has GOT to hurt.

MN: Thanks again, Captain Obvious.

DT: That right knee of Triple X can’t be in good shape, but JA is in pain too. JA hobbles up…big forearm by Stevens…and another! Off the ropes…HUGE CLOTHESLINE!!!
Up comes JA…CLOTHESLINE AGAIN! Up once more…chop by Stevens…hooks the head…SNAP SUPLEX! What a CRACK that made as JA’s back was sent crashing to the mat! Turns over for the pin…



TWO AND A QUARTER!!! JA wasn’t going to be put away by that one.

DM: Obviously not. Case in point, the match is still going on.

DT: JA’s up, but Stevens is straight back to work. He jabs at his chest roughly…hooks JA…POWERSLAM!!! He reared back and just drove his opponent straight into the canvas! You could almost see the air being forced from JA’s lungs due to the impact.

MN: But…you couldn’t.

DT: Triple X has JA in the corner…he heads to the second rope…and drops the elbow! Spiked him straight across the sternum with it! Couple more shots to the head with the forearm, and he grabs JA from behind! Dragon Sleeper applied!

DM: JA had all the energy early on in this one, this hold will cut off the airflow and slowly wear the Anglo Luchador down.

DT: He’s got that sleeper locked in, and JA is struggling but can’t really fight the hold! Stevens leans back…and he locks in a body scissors to go with the sleeper! JA is slowing getting choked out!

MN: Rock-a-bye baby…

DT: Referee Bryan Weatherby checks the arm…



THRRRRR…HE KEEPS THE ARM UP!!! JA is nearly knocked out, but he is groping for the ropes!

MN: Heheh. You said “groping”. Cool.

DM: Nice observation, Butthead.

MN: Hey, don’t call me Butthead!

DM: But…it…nevermind.

DT: JA is fighting back, regaining his strength. Stevens lets go of the scissors to crank back some more…and that’s the opening! JA pushes off and gets to the ropes, and Sean Stevens will have to break the hold. JA’s out, but Dean, that had to take a big toll on him.

DM: Well, Dave…

MN: HEY! Why do you always ask him first?

DT: Because he’s the actual wrestling expert, Neely.


DM: Plus, he likes me better.

DT: Damn right.

MN: Yup….HEY!!! Hey! Well, yeah.

DM: Exactly.

DT: JA’s up but worn out from that sleeper, and Triple X is on the prowl. Stevens strikes JA in the gut…hooks the head…DDT is COUNTERED!!! JA slipped out…springboard off the ropes…FLYING ELBOW!!! And JA is headed up top!!!

DM: Don’t see this as often from JA anymore, but he’s got as good an aerial arsenal as anybody.

DT: Stevens gets to his feet…JA measures him up…but Stevens dives to the ropes! JA is crotched on the top rope!

MN: You said…

DM: Dude. Just don’t go there.

DT: Stevens comes up top as well…front facelock…SUPERPLEX!!!! NO! NO! JA rolled through in midair…REVERSE DDT!!! Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!

MN: Sweet ever loving HOLY HELL!!!

DT: He drapes the arm across…



THRRRRRRRNOOOOO!!!! Somehow, Sean Stevens got the shoulder up. I was sure that he was out!

DM: Me too.

MN: Me three!

DM: Tool.

DT: Stevens struggles his way to his feet…INSIDE CRADLE BY JA!!!!



NOT THIS TIME!!! Close call again, but Triple X wriggled his way free! But JA is relentless on the attack! Straight kick…and another! Stevens doubles over…JA rattles his brains with a devastating DDT! He pulls Stevens up…whips him into the corner…charges…HUGE RUNNING SPLASH!!!!

MN: Did he just take some crack or something, because I swear he couldn’t move like this a couple minutes ago.

DM: Too right.

DT: JA has placed Stevens up top. JA ascends the turnbuckles…springboards up…HURRICANRANA-NOOOOOO!!!! Stevens is now the one to change the momentum in the air, and he nailed JA with a POWERBOMB!!! Unbelievable once again! He’s got this one wrapped up!



THREEEE!! NO! JA got his left shoulder up at the ABSOLUTE last second. Both men have worn each other out with some phenomenal impact maneuvers in this one. Stevens with the ball in his court…standing headscissors…OOOF!!!

DM: Oof indeed.

DT: JA used the back of his head as a weapon there to give Stevens a surreptitious little low blow and escape! JA takes advantage…he wants the devastating Karelin Driver…COUNTERED AGAIN!!! Stevens bailed out! JA spins around…SUPERKICK!!! He pulls JA up, this could be it…

…IT IS!!! THE X-TERMINATOR!!! Hit it square! The pin…



THREEEEEE!!!! This one is in the books, an impressive win over a very tough opponent for Triple X Sean Stevens!

DM: What a big win for Sean Stevens and you know JA isn’t happy about this….

[Cut to a shot of JA slamming his fist on the mat in frustration.]

DM: …but he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here tonight.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Six Person Tag Team Match
"Queen of the Ring"Lindsay Troy (c)/The Cameron Cruise Project vs. The Highland Park Social Club (c)

DT: Well fellas, let’s get right to it. Tony Fatora is in the ring and THIS…is the MAIN EVENT!! Take it away Tony!!!

TONY FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event for the evening, and is a SIX PERSON TAG TEAM MATCH!!

Introducing first

[CUE UP: “Ride of the Valkyries” as, to a huge chorus of boos, the Highland Park Social Club step out onto the stage]

TONY FATORA: From Highland Park, Illinois, they are the current Empire Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Champions… RICHARD FARNSWIRTH… CHIP FRIENDLY… and SLAMBO THE CLOWN… THE HIGHLAND PARK… SOCIAL CLUB!!

DT: Here we are, main event time, and after last week this match is going to be intense to say the least.

DM: A lot of history between Farnswirth and Troy exists, but tonight she’s got Cruise and Melton to back her up after the Entourage walked out on her last week.

TONY FATORA: And their opponents…

[CUE UP: “Chip Away The Stone” by Aerosmith as, to a HUGE reaction, Lindsay Troy steps out onto the rampway, her World Title around her waist, with Cameron Cruise and Joey Melton on either side, flanking her]

TONY FATORA: They consist of the former World Tag Team Champions, and the current reigning WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ladies and gentleman… CAMERON CRUISE… JOEY MELTON… and the Queen of the Ring… LINDSAY… TROY!!!

DT: And here they go! Lindsay Troy just sprinting down the aisle, dropping her belt on the way and firing right hands at Farnswirth! Melton and Cruise in quickly, and all six are going at it before the bell can even sound!! Melton going at it with Friendly, Slambo with Cruise, and Lindsay just knocked Farnswirth down with a kick to the head!

MN: How are we supposed to call this match?

DM: With difficulty and because we’re paid for it. Troy with Farnswirth back up as Cruise just gets LEVELLED with a clothesline from Slambo. The referee trying to get some semblance of order in there, as Slambo tosses Cruise to the outside! Following him out, and a BIG double axe-handle across the back! Troy with Farnswirth against the ropes… CLOTHESLINE takes them both out of there! More referees are coming down to try and break Slambo and Cruise and Troy and Farnswirth up as we’re left with Melton and Friendly in the ring.

DT: The referee signalling the start of this match but there’s already been a lot of action! Chip Friendly with the Irish whip, reversed by Melton, BACK body drop takes him down and the friendly one just rolls to the outside! Joey Melton last one standing in the ring as Lindsay and Cameron now are making their way to their corner, and the Highland Park Social Club is holding a conference on the outside.

DM: The Club weren’t expecting Troy and the Project to come at them so suddenly, as evidenced by the fact Farnswirth was facing Slambo at the time.

MN: Yeah – Mrs Windham should be ashamed of herself!

DT: I don’t know about that, but Joey Melton’s back in his corner waiting on one of the HSPC to get into the ring. It looks like Richard Farnswirth is going to start, sliding back into the ring – and he’s pointing at Lindsay! The crowd are lapping it up as they’re practically joining Lindsay in begging for the tag.

MN: She begs for more from her husband.

DM: His death?

MN: It does begin with D, yes.

DM: Mike can spell – I never knew.

DT: Joey Melton is pointing at Troy, asking Richard Farnswirth if he really wants her in the ring… THERE’S THE TAG! Lindsay Troy vaulting over the ropes, ready to go… and Farnswirth tags in Chip Friendly?

DM: The crowd do not like that, but it’s a smart strategy. He’s trying to get her off her game, as she goes straight for him! Chip Friendly lets her get past, but PLANTS her with a release German suplex!

DT: Chip Friendly picking the champ up, connecting with a knee to the gut, and an Irish Whip straight into his own corner! The referee telling Farnswirth and Slambo to back off, as Friendly drives the elbow into the side of the head! Brings her out of the corner, scoop up and slam down. Quick elbow drop



Easy kickout there at two by the champion, as Friendly reaches up and tags in Slambo!

DM: Already we’re seeing good firm strategy from the Highland Park Social Club. I don’t know if targeting Lindsay is the best strategy, but get whoever you can, keep the fresh man in, and wear down your opponent is the cornerstone of tag team wrestling.

DT: And when you get someone like Slambo deciding to club away on you it’s going to wear you down that much quicker. Slambo with Troy up, sends her off the ropes, and a hard shoulder block takes her down!

MN: She’ll never be able to compete, she should be at Troy Windham’s doing the dishes or something! In a maids outfit!

DT: I am still shocked she didn’t kill you in the back. Slambo living up to his name here as he shoves Lindsay back into the corner, driving his knee into her gut. Tags in Friendly again, who just puts the boots in! Irish whip off the ropes, Lindsay Troy under the clothesline, back on the rebound LEG LARIAT! Lindsay Troy takes Chip Friendly down with a leg lariat and quickly tags in Cameron Cruise, who takes the smiling one down with a drop toe-hold! Floatover, into a hammerlock, and he’s wisely keeping an eye on Slambo and Farnswirth on the far side.

DM: Cruise is no slouch in there, as he’s cinched that hammerlock in nicely, but the match is still young.

DT: Cruise bringing Friendly to his feet, still with the hammerlock applied, and just clubs him across the shoulders!

MN: Ewww… that looked wrong when Chip fell forward.

DM: You make it too easy, Mike. Cruise switching into a side headlock, trying to wrench the neck of Friendly, but Chip quickly takes him off the ropes.

DT: Shoulder block by Cruise takes Friendly down. Cruise back off the ropes, Friendly over the top – and he starts running the other ropes! Criss-cross action here as neither seems able or willing to launch an attack!

DM: Was that a tag by Farnswirth?

DT: Cruise still running, KNEELIFT by Richard Farnswirth coming in off the blind tag! Cruise went down hard there, as Farnswirth and Friendly start to put the boots in.

MN: That’s the way to do it! Get him!

DT: Calm down, Mike. Friendly now to the ring apron, and we get our first look at Richard Farnswirth in this match. Farnswirth with a fist drop



Kickout at two by Cruise, but Farnswirth still applying the pressure and not letting up as he nails Cruise with a measured right before trying to get to his feet.

DM: Richard Farnswirth now with Cruise up, and takes him down with a snapmare there, picking him up part way and twisting his neck. This move was very popular in British wrestling back in the seventies and eighties, and whilst it doesn’t look all that punishing, done right it can tear the muscles either side of the neck. If that happens it’s all over.

DT: And Cruise is feeling the effects of it right now, as he’s trying to get his arm round for an elbow to the gut but the twisting motion on his neck is too great.

DM: Exactly. This hold can really wear someone down. Hurt their neck and they instinctively move a lot more gingerly around the ring. And it shifts very nicely into another snap mare, just like that one.

DT: Richard Farnswirth with Cameron Cruise in a lot of trouble right now, going for the cover NO! HE’S CHOKING HIM!


DT: Richard Farnswirth breaks the hold before the referee can count to five, looking at him as if to ask what he did wrong! Come on, he’s knows full well, and Lindsay Troy on the outside is just staring straight through him!

DM: And he knows it, smiling back as he leans in and starts choking Cameron again!

DT: And again breaking it before the count of five! Joey Melton shouting at the ref as the ref shouts at Farnswirth, and so far the Highland Park Social Club has had it pretty much all their own way after that pre-match exchange.

DM: And Farnswirth again going for the choke

DT: AND LINDSAY TROY HAS SEEN ENOUGH! Troy in and Farnswirth slides out under the bottom rope as the ref moves in to restrain the world champ! Lindsay Troy is incensed out there as Farnswirth is tapping his head.

DM: Like I said earlier he’s playing mind games. He knows that Lindsay is having a tough time with Troy Windham, and he’s using that to get under her skin even more.

DT: Lindsay Troy checking on Cameron Cruise as Joey Melton watches on, helping Cruise to the corner – and there’s the tag to Joey Melton! Richard Farnswirth back into the ring, tag to Chip Friendly, and we’re back to square one pretty much with two fresh competitors circling each other!

DM: The two veterans being very cautious here, but there’s the tie up, and a quick pull apart. These two paired up at the beginning of the match, and they lock up again, Chip Friendly going behind but Melton dropping down with a toe-hold.

DT: Chip Friendly trying to fight off Joey Melton, but Melton applying a leg lock on the canvas, obviously hoping later to get the figure four.

DM: Friendly finally though managing force Melton off with a kick to the side of the head.

DT: Both men back up quickly, Friendly coming in again – hip toss by Melton! Chip Friendly having real problems right this instant as Melton comes in, twists the arm, and there’s the tag to Lindsay! Troy comes in over the top, axe handle across the shoulder, and now taking over where Melton left off, twisting the arm round.

DM: Lindsay Troy quick with three hard kicks to the chest there, and she takes Friendly down into an arm-bar, going for the Fujiwara!

DT: NO! Chip Friendly still too close to the ropes after the tag and manages to get his hand out. The referee forcing Melton and Cruise back as Chip Friendly gets to his feet, shaking the arm out. The two now circling again, and look at the marks on Chip’s chest from those kicks! There’s the lock up, Friendly now quickly going behind and a take down there, as he moves into a front face lock! Picking Lindsay up still with the hold applied, a knee to the face and a SHARP snap suplex!



And another kick out!

DM: Still far too early with the calibre of these wrestlers.

DT: Chip Friendly keeping the pressure applied though, switching quickly into a scissored arm-bar!

DM: This works because it makes it harder for Lindsay to shift her position –she also has to be careful not to let her far shoulder touch the mat because she can’t do a lot with the near one.

DT: She’s trying to roll out of it though. Chip Friendly forcing her down with his legs, and I’d say so far this has been a pretty even match.

MN: What match are you watching? The Social Club have had it all their own way!

DT: Lindsay Troy though still trying to get out of the hold



NO!! Chip Friendly releasing the arm bar and rolling back out of the pinning predicament as Lindsay Troy now tapping her head and showing him how close he was to losing! He’s still smiling though, as Richard Farnswirth is looking on.

DM: Just like that we’re pretty much at square one again. That’s the thing with six person tag team matches, you can always have one person well rested if you work it out correctly. Right now that’s Slambo and Cameron Cruise.

DT: And it looks like Chip’s tagging in the big man! Lindsay Troy charging in, through his legs DROPKICK to the back of the knee! Lindsay Troy using her athleticism as she takes Slambo down with a headscissors, using the fact he was down to one knee to pull it off even better! Kick to the head as Slambo’s trying to get to his feet, off the ropes again CAUGHT! Lindsay Troy caught in mid air as she went for a cross body BUT CRUISE WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE OUTSIDE TAKES SLAMBO DOWN!!



NO!! Richard Farnswirth coming in to break up the pin after Cameron Cruise just FLEW across the ring! Cruise exchanging right hands with Farnswirth , fighting him back into a corner as Slambo and Lindsay get to their feet, Slambo misses with the clothesline, and Lindsay Troy with a hard forearm shot to the side of the head! JOEY MELTON WITH A CLIP!


DT: The referee was busy trying to separate Cruise and Farnswirth and Joey Melton took advantage to clip the leg of the biggest man in this match! Lindsay Troy stomping on the inside of Slambo’s knee as the ref forces Chip Friendly out of the ring! Chip Friendly trying there to gain some measure of retribution but to no avail as the ref stops him, and Lindsay Troy now applying a leg lock on the big man in the middle of the ring.

DM: Slambo’s seemed really out of his game this week, I’m surprised.

DT: And Richard Farnswirth does not look happy over on the far side, as Lindsay Troy turns her head and is challenging him to get into the ring!

MN: He could destroy her whenever he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to.

DT: So you’re saying Richard Farnswirth is the best wrestler on the roster?

MN: Exactly!

DM: What about Troy Windham?

MN: …oh crap.

DT: Lindsay now releases the hold, bringing Slambo back to his feet, and a kick to the side of the leg! That had to sting! Irish Whip into the corner, there’s the tag to Cruise, and nice double team move there with the double suplex!



Kickout at two by Slambo. Cameron Cruise in control right now, applying a leg lock of his own!

DM: Nice continuity here by the World Champion and the Project.

DT: And a quick tag to Joey Melton from the canvas! Melton coming in, stomping on the knee of Slambo, as Cruise rolls to the outside.

DM: If you want someone who can work over the leg there are few better than Joey Melton.

DT: Melton picking Slambo up, and a harsh chop to the chest! Backing Slambo to the ropes, attempting the Irish whip, reversed, Melton ducks under the lariat AND CHIP FRIENDLY PULLS THE ROPE DOWN!! COME ON!

MN: Turn about’s fair play.

DT: The referee admonishing Chip Friendly, who’s coming into the ring to protest his innocence AND RICHARD FARNSWIRTH ATTACKING MELTON ON THE OUTSIDE! That was premeditated!

DM: Naturally.

DT: Cameron Cruise trying to get the ref to spot what’s going on, as Melton goes into the steps! This is not right!

DM: No-one said it was.

DT: Farnswirth rolling Melton back into the ring, and Slambo walks over and there’s the tag to Chip Friendly. Friendly now has pretty much a free reign to do what he wants to Joey Melton after that assault on the outside.

DM: Technically even being in the ring is assault, so it’s not that much different. These guys get paid for beating each other up.

DT: But still… forget it. Joey Melton back on his feet, and Chip Friendly takes him down with a standing drop kick!



THKickout! The master of the smiley face only able to get a two count there but Melton looks hurt after going into the steps, holding his shoulder as Chip Friendly lands a hard right to the side of the head! Grabbing the arm, full twist ASIATIC SPIKE! Chip Friendly just DRILLS Joey Melton with an Asiatic Spike, and tags in Richard Farnswirth as Melton clutches at his throat!

DM: That is a very misunderstood move – it cuts off the air supply briefly, and hurts like hell.

DT: Farnswirth now with Melton up, takes him down with a side headlock, and switches into a sleeperhold! Joey Melton trying to fight it but look at the positioning there, Farnswirth very quick to lean Melton forwards and almost jumped onto his back to keep the hold applied!

DM: And Farnswirth has the hold applied tightly, it’s going to be very difficult to shift him. Cutting off the blood supply to the brain and restricting how much air Melton can get into his lungs, this is a smart move.

MN: Of course it is! No way the Club are going to lose to any team with Joey Melton on it.

DM: What if he was teaming with Troy Windham?

MN: …damn you.

DT: And Richard Farnswirth wants to damn the crowd too, as they’re trying to get Joey to stir – Farnswirth switching now, applying an arm bar as dragging Melton to his feet! There’s the tag to Chip Friendly, quick kick to the gut. Setting up – DRAGON suplex there!





DT: Referee Rosenkrantz ordering Cruise out of the ring, but I think that was a crucial interception as Melton is still showing the effects of that collision with the steps.

DM: I think he hit his head going into them, he’s looking really groggy.

DT: Whatever the reason, Chip Friendly is in firm control, taking Melton down with a back suplex! Only a two count from the cover but all these blows to the head

MN: Are killing what’s left of Melton’s braincells!

DT: Probably. But more seriously they’re damaging the head and neck. Chip Friendly picking Melton up, Irish whip into the corner, and a BIG running knee lift takes Melton to the mat! The cover



THNO!! Cameron Cruise in AGAIN to save the match for his team!

DM: And the ref has had enough as he’s warning Cruise he’ll disqualify him if he does it one more time.

DT: And Chip Friendly now tagging in Slambo again, who’s still limping slightly after the work done on his legs earlier. Slambo in, quick powerslam there, following it up with an elbow drop!




DM: And the referee unable to do anything about it! Nice strategy, because he said he’d DQ Cruise, not Lindsay!

DT: But Joey Melton is the one suffering from it, as Slambo just leans his weight onto the throat! The referee not even looking as he’s admonishing Lindsay… and Slambo releases the pressure as he turns! Stretching his knee out, picking Melton up – BACK BREAKER!!



THRENOOOO!! Joey MELTON this time kicking out, and Slambo is getting frustrated! Farnswirth calling for the tag, and ordering Slambo to hold Melton. Farnswirth climbing to the top rope!

DM: This’ll be interesting.

DT: MISSES! Richard Farnswirth coming down with a double axe handle and Joey Melton moved, pulling Slambo into the blow! Farnswirth up quickly again, charges in OUCH!! Joey Melton with a drop toe-hold sending Farnswirth crashing INTO Slambo as the two clash heads! Melton moving as quickly as he can… THERE’S THE TAG!!!

MN: NO!!

DT: Lindsay Troy in over the top rope, going straight for Farnswirth, right hands, and a sharp kick to the gut sends him flying! Slambo coming up from behind, nails her with a hard forearm, but Cameron Cruise is in!! Cruise attacking Slambo, Irish whip into the corner and a big splash! Chip Friendly in to the fray too, going at it with Lindsay! Richard Farnswirth on the outside, and the referee’s having trouble in there! Farnswirth – HEY!

MN: Bout time he got that again.

DM: Tony Fatora shoved out of the way, and Farnswirth with a chair! Moving back towards the ring

DT: FLYING CLOTHESLINE BY MELTON!! Joey Melton comes off the steps with a flying clothesline, as Chip Friendly gets DDT’d in the ring! Cruise being hammered by Slambo, and Lindsay to the outside with a plancha on Melton and Farnswirth!!

DM: The ref has lost this one.

DT: I’ve got to concur as the referee is signalling for the bell, but that’s not stopping them! Chip Friendly and Slambo double teaming Cruise, as Joey Melton comes in with a chair! Lindsay Troy smashing Farnswirth’s head against the barrier, and Chip and Slambo run out of the ring!! Security coming out now!

MN: It’s mayhem!!

DM: A melee!!

MN: A donnybrook!!!

DT: We’re out of time! We’ll see you all next week! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews I’m Dave Thomas….GOOD NIGHT!!!

[Cut to: copyright info….fade OUT…]

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