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Aggression 33: Tuscon, AZ - 11/28/07

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Tuscon, Arizona. The arena's employee entrance/exit, earlier in the afternoon.

EPW World Champion, the 'blue-eyed badass' Sean Stevens leaned back against the wall, directly across from the area where the wrestlers would enter and exit the building, seemingly waiting for ... something, or someone. Occasionally, he'd glance down at his wrist watch, checking the time, sighing from restlessness.

As the double doors swung open, and EPW superstar, Rocko Daymon entered the building, his wife - Caitlyn - by his side, it had become increasingly clear just who it was he was looking for, as Triple X braced himself, for what could lead to a possible confrontation.

The couple stepped through the doors, and began their search for their dressing room, in the middle of another one of their "classic" verbal debates, about where the actual dressing room was located. They were so heavily involved in their semi-argument, and game of one-upmanship that they didn't notice Sean....

.... who had, by this time, walked to the middle of the hallway, stepping directly in the couple's path, Rocko almost collided with the champion, jumping back instinctively. Sean, wearing a big, bulky, white neck brace, as a result of Caitlyn Daymon's taser-to-the-neck technique last week, made an aggressive motion toward Caitlyn - who to her credit, didn't seem the least bit intimidated - but was met by a very heroic Rocko, who had stepped in between Stevens and his wife, in an attempt to protect her.

Trip wasn't dressed for competition - yet - as he was still in faded black jeans and a plain white t-shirt. But, he had the EPW World Championship draped over his shoulder, and as the two wrestlers stood face-to-face, Trip ripped off the neck brace, tossing it on the floor, locking eyes with Caitlyn as he did so.]

TRIPLE X: Let it be known that just for the record, I'd gladly eat a thousand rotten sausages, if it meant I never had to come face-to-face with your wife's diarrhea breath. They tasted MUCH better.

[Sean took the belt off of his shoulder, and raised it in Rocko's face, as Daymon stood there, not willing to back down, one bit.]

TRIPLE X: As for you, Robocop? You can send your wife to try to electrocute me with her little taser, and you can send all the subliminals you want.

[He took a step foward, they were now nose-to-nose.]

TRIPLE X: It still doesn't change the fact that as long as I'm alive, you will NEVER beat me for MY EPW world title.

[Sean backpeddled, not taking his eyes off of Rocko, or Caitlyn until he was around the corner and out of potential harm's way.

The camera panned back to Rocko, who was still standing in the same position as when he and Sean were staring each other down, chest puffed out.]

ROCKO: You see what you did, woman?! I almost had to kick that man's ass, and it would've been all because of that little stunt you pulled last week. It'd have been all YOUR fault.

[Caitlyn brushed Rocko off.]

CAITLYN: You didn't almost do anything. You didn't even say anything, you spineless coward.

ROCKO: Oh yeah?! And, what did YOU say? You didn't say anything EITHER!

CAITLYN: Oh, please...

[CUT TO: .........................]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Otaku vs. The Raptor

Otaku vs. The Raptor

The first match of the evening featured the newly signed Otaku and another relative newcomer in The Raptor, making his second appearance after a win over fellow newcomer Sanket Desai last week.

Otaku came to the ring dressed as Hinata Hyuga from 'Naruto', something he was apparently proud of, which was met with snickers from some in the audience and a raised eyebrow from his opponent. Things became serious rather quickly as soon as the bell rang, however as Otaku took control early with ground based submission holds, which effectively grounded The Raptor.

The Raptor took control near the five minute mark and attempted a high risk maneuver, narrowly missing a senton splash in the corner which Otaku capitalized on, hitting his stalling brainbuster for the three count.

Winner: Otaku


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Family Harmony - again...

[We open up in the arena parking garage as a sleek black Jaguar pulls through the access gate and comes to a stop in an empty spot near the wrestlers’ designated entrance. Reporter extraordinaire MOJO MASSEY pops into the frame with a mic in hand as the front doors of the car come open and the husband and wife duo of ROCKO and CAITLYN DAYMON step out. Rocko’s expression is very calm and focused as he rises out of the car, revealing for us his usual attire of jeans, a black t-shirt, and… a gaudy black and green flower shirt on top. Mojo approaches him as he comes around the car to the trunk, and pops it open.]

Mojo!: Hey, Rocko!

Rocko: Sup, Moj?

Mojo!: Looks like you two were able to make it to tonight’s event without any problems. I guess it’s safe to say, based on what you told me earlier this week, that you have numerous expectations on how things will pan out over the night.

[Rather than supplying him a confirmation, Rocko grumbles something and turns his attention to the trunk, first removing his bag and then moving a few things around. Caitlyn quickly steps into his place, much to the reporter’s chagrin.]

Caitlyn: You BET we’ve got expectations for tonight, Mojo! Last week was simply a tip of the iceberg for everything we have planned.

Mojo!: And just what do you have planned?

Caitlyn: Wouldn’t you like to know? I’d love to tell you, Mojo, but I’d have to kill you if I did.

…so, do you want to know?

Mojo!: Uh, no thank you. But, what if anybody tries to interfere with your plans? Certainly, Stalker must be looking for the both of you after what you did to him last week…

Caitlyn: PFFT! Do you honestly think we’re afraid of that piece of garbage? With Rock and I watching each other’s back’s tonight, I’m afraid there isn’t ANYBODY capable of stopping us! Not Stalker… not JA or Kin Hiroshi… and ESPECIALLY not that pathetic excuse of a champ, SEAN—

[Her words are immediately cut off as Rocko’s hand suddenly comes around her face and presses a handkerchief over her mouth and nose. Her eyes go wide as soon as she smells the chloroform, but Rocko seizes her by the waist with his free arm before she can squirm free.]

Mojo!: Oh my GOD!!

[Her struggle is fierce and animalistic as she writhes wildly, limbs flailing and kicking, but Rocko, like a stone, keeps her pinned down until the job is finished. After a few moments, her eyelids begin to flutter and her struggle weakens.]

Mojo!: Rocko, what are you—!?

[Caitlyn’s lights go out at last and Rocko drags her toward the car.]

Mojo!: Rocko, what is the meaning of this!?

Rocko: Shut up and grab her legs, will you?

Mojo!: HUH?! Oh… man!

[Awkwardly, Mojo stuffs the mic under his armpit and lifts Caitlyn off the ground by the feet while Rocko supports her upper body. Together, they dump her into the open turnk, and Rocko promptly shuts it.]

Mojo!: Why are you—??

Rocko: She’ll only get in the way tonight. That’s why.

Mojo!: In the way of what?

Rocko: In the way of those “expectations” you were asking about.

Mojo!: WHAT?!

Rocko: You’ll find out later. Now do you want a REAL news scoop, or are you just here to waste my time with the same old, “What’s going through your mind?” questions?

Mojo!: HUH?!

Rocko: Then follow me.

[Rocko picks up his bag and heads for the entrance. Mojo, possible because he doesn’t know what else to do, stammers after him.]

Mojo!: Where are we going?

Rocko: To pay the boss a visit.

Mojo!: Oh boy…

[They step inside, and we cut back to the ring.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Sanket Desai vs. Rob Franklin

Sanket Desai vs. Rob Franklin

The second match of the evening was over almost before it began, as Rob Franklin dominated Desai from the opening bell. Desai took several shots at Franklin to start the match, but the technically superior Franklin took control and never gave it back.

Desai was never able to mount any measurable defense against Franklin’s offense and fell victim to Franklin’s Ice Breaker, a diving headbutt from the top rope.

Winner: Rob Franklin


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Sarge goes Intercontinental

The opening instrumentals for “We Right Here” by DMX blare over the arena stereo system. The crowd goes crazy, knowing that this can only mean one thing: the combat tested and mother approved soldier from Missouri is in the building and about to make his way to the ring.
Bring it! what?
We right here
Were not goin anywhere
We right here
This is ours and we dont share
We right here
Bring your crew cuz we dont care
We right here

The Sergeant dashes to the ramp with a quickness, posing with the Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Title held high above his head. The look on Sarge's face is priceless, as he has the appearance of a boy on Christmas Day, getting exactly what he wanted from his parents. He plays to the crowd with an enormous smile on his face before making his way down to the ring.
Just like that
I can go away for a minute, do some other ****, but bounce right back.

Those particular lyrics of his song ring true tonight. Sarge steps through the ropes and poses once again for another thunderous positive reaction from the crowd.

Somebody from outside the ring tosses Sarge a microphone. He fumbles with it for a moment before speaking...

Sarge: Well would you look at me! I'm so excited right now that I can barely function properly!


Sarge: It might be hard for some people to believe, but this is the first gold I have ever had around my waist! This is the absolute best feeling I have had in my professional wrestling career!

Another POP!

Sarge: You know, if I would have won the title a year ago the way that I just did... well, I don't think I would have been nearly as satisfied. Sure I won the Intercontinental Title, but if I would have won it a year ago the only thing on my mind would have been the screwball ending of the match and how I used a chair to obtain the victory.

You see, that is exactly the reason why I couldn't win the title a year ago. What I've come to realize is that as long as I'm fighting fire with fire and nobody else gets hurt, all's fair.

A pause let's some low-level crowd noise in. The reaction is small, but positive.

Sarge: I'm a different guy than I used to be. I didn't change out of frustration or because I was upset. I changed because I know what I'm capable of, and I've found the way to be that same successful guy that I see in the mirror everyday... the guy that you fans see in me!


Sarge: Karl Brown found that out the hard way. I respect the hell out of the guy... really, I do... but he severely underestimated me. He had to adjust his plan to include a steel chair, but that failed, too. The man was the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history, but I beat him, making him look ridiculous in the process.

A chant of “SER-GEANT” starts in the crowd.

I made another man look pretty foolish at the last Aggression, too. He said I view the world through rose colored glasses...
Sarge is cut off as the arena lights darken and familiar piano music hits. The beginning strains of Van Halen’s “Right Now” echo throughout the building, and as the first blaring riffs of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar kick in, the lights come up to reveal a very determined looking Troy Douglas, who walks to the ring to the roar of the Tucson crowd, microphone in hand. Douglas steps through the middle rope as the chorus kicks in, the fans echoing the lyrics “RIGHT NOW” and cheering. Troy takes a moment to salute the fans, then turns his attention towards the Intercontinental Champion.
Douglas: Foolish, huh? Maybe so, Sarge. Maybe so.

Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe you finally ditched the rose-colored glasses and are now seeing clearly. Maybe the idealistic, altruistic, All-American boy isn’t quite so sweet and innocent anymore. Congratulations, kid. It only took you a year in this business to grow a pair and realize the world isn’t the shiny, happy place that we all want it to be. You realized that pragmatism and functionality sometimes have their place, that sometimes, the ends do justify the means.

You’re learning now the lessons I’ve been taught time and time again over a career a damn sight longer than yours, kid. You’re learning that sometimes, an eye for an eye is the right policy, especially with the vultures we have to deal with on a day to day basis in that locker room.

You’ve learned, Sarge, and now you’re the EPW Intercontinental Champion. Congrats, kid. You used a steel chair to cheat two better men out of a title they deserve far more than you do.
MASSIVE heat from the crowd.
Douglas: Okay, now I know not all of you are going to like that, but hear me out before you all start calling me the biggest bastard in professional wrestling.

You see, Sarge, you can come out here and say you fought fire with fire, that there was no collateral damage, and that all’s fair in love and war and whatever other tired cliché you want to pull out of mothballs to make your point, but you can’t deny the truth. When it all gets boiled down, you can’t deny the facts of the matter.

Because for all you say you respect the hell out of Karl Brown, your actions give away your intentions. You were willing to do whatever you had to do to take that belt from him, including throwing out the rulebook. And, like I’ve already said, that’s fine.

But if that’s the greatest feeling of your life, knowing what you had to do in order to get there, then you’ve got a conscience a little less aggressive than my own, kid. Because I’ve been down that road too. I’ve said far too many times that I’m going to do whatever’s necessary, damn the rulebook and the praise of all these people out here, I’m going to get what’s coming my way.

But, you know what happened, Sarge? Every single time, that came back and bit me right in the ass.

So, I figure it’s high time for another lesson, kid. This time, I’ll do the teaching, and you’ll learn what I’ve known for a long time.

Karma’s a *****.

Fan reaction becomes mixed. Sarge raises his eyebrows.
Sarge: Karma? You've got some twisted logic... I'll give you that much. You're trying to stand there and convince everyone, myself included, that I somehow have an illegitimate title reign simply because I used the very means originally turned against me to secure the victory?

There is a reason why these fans cheer me. To insinuate that I've turned my back on them is not only ludicrous, but makes you out to be the man that you are... a man that is full of crap.

Moderate POP from the crowd.

Sarge: But, I know that you didn't come out here to simply call into question my integrity. You want this belt right here, and you're upset that part of the reason I have this title in my possession is due to the fact I powerbombed you to the arena floor.

The crowd gives a collective “oooh!”, which prompts Douglas to raise the mic to his lips. Sarge cuts him off...

Sarge: Hold up, hold up, hold up! I know you came out here to spoil my party - great job, by the way – but I'm going to make this simple so that you can leave happy, the crowd can celebrate with me, and I can get you out of my face.

You go back there and talk to Dan Ryan or whoever the hell you need to talk to.

Make the match whatever you need it to be.

Make the match happen whenever you need it to happen.

Just escort yourself away from my celebration, and don't come back until we are able to legally settle this dispute in the center of the ring.

Hit the music!

“We Right Here” by DMX blares over the arena speakers. The crowd let's loose with a huge POP!

Sarge is shown celebrating in the ring with the Intercontinental Championship held high in the air, while Troy Douglas exits the ring with a humongous smile on his face.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka vs. Olvir Arsvinnar

Nakita Dahaka vs. Olvir Arsvinnar

This match was…interesting…to say the least.

Dahaka used a variety of attacks to try and wear down the mighty Viking, but ended up spending most of the match following Olvir around the ring as he posed and blew his Viking horn at random intervals. Frustrated at his strategy, or complete lack thereof, or indeed…complete lack of even acknowledging a match was taking place, Dahaka left the ring and returned with a steel chair, which she firmly planted over Olvir’s head.

This however seemed to excite the Viking, and he turned and simply bellowed in her direction. Dahaka, taken aback, slapped him across the face. Olvir smiled and scooped her up, climbing with her through the ropes and, as she fought back carried her up the ramp and through the curtain to um…parts unknown?

Result: Double Countout


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Interlude –

[Backstage, Sean 'Triple X' Stevens is seen walking down a broad corridor. He appears focused and brooding, hair damp and dressed for business. He rounds a corner and quickly comes to a halt. He had nearly CRASHED into his bouncing nemesis -- Ice Tre.]


[The stared at eachother for a moment, the air tense. Tre absently felt for the bandage on his forehead before his eyes caught Stevens t-shirt. They were both EXACTLY the same. Black cotton with the text across written in a bold, jarring white. It read, quite simply, "Caitlyn, Your Toe Is Showing!"]

ICE TRE: ...

[They quietly circled in the hall, each transfixed on the other's choice in t-shirt.]

STEVENS: ... nice shirt. I hear the 100% cotton makes the bumpy ambulance ride a little easier on the bruises.

[Tre points to Trip's shirt.]

ICE TRE: Glad you think so.

[Tre smirked, brushing off his right shoulder as he backpeddled. Stevens stood his ground, watching Tre disappear around the corner before continuing on himself.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Rocko and the #1 Contendership

[We open up outside the closed door of Dan Ryan’s office, where MOJO MASSEY stands ready with a mic. Next to him is ROCKO DAYMON, looking rather impatient.]

Mojo!: Hey guys, it’s me again. I’m here with—

Rocko: Yeah, yeah, they already know who we are. Shut up and let’s get the show on the road.

Mojo!: Okay…

[Mojo turns to the door and apprehensively readies himself to encroach upon the EPW owner’s domain. He raises his arm and is only able to get a single knock off before Rocko, losing what’s left of his patience, practically steamrolls over him as he grabs the doorknob and breaches the office. Inside, we can see DAN RYAN, the boss himself, behind his desk and in the middle of a phone conversation.]

Ryan: Look, just buy as many shares as you can. I want complete control over—

[He looks up and sees who just came in.]

Ryan: Hey… let me call you back.

[He hangs up and clasps his hands together, leaning forward, eyes focused solely on Daymon.]

Ryan: Okay, Rocko… what’s up?

Rocko: I’m here for only one thing, Boss. I want a shot for the title at Black Dawn.

[Ryan leans back, biting the corner of his lip.]

Ryan: Hmm… might not be able to grant that request, Rock. You see, the World Title scene has been pretty competitive as of late. The waiting list for a title shot is as long as my arm. As it is, I’m giving the spot on Black Dawn to the number one contender… and hopefully, we’ll have one by the end of tonight. But as of right now, I really don’t know of any reason why you should be put ahead of them.

Rocko: Then I’ll give you a reason. I’m just asking for you to give the opportunity to make you think otherwise.

Ryan: You had that opportunity at Russian Roulette… and it slipped through your fingers. I’m Sorry, Rock, but it looks like your ship has sailed. Maybe in a year or so, we can—

Rocko: Don’t give me that crap. I was SCREWED at Russian Roulette, and you know it! Hiroshi didn’t walk out of that match with the win, but somehow he’s granted a shot at JA’s number one contendership.

Ryan: Well, he DID ask nicely…

Rocko: If I knew that all I had to do was ask, I would have been here a lot sooner.

[Thoughtfully, Dan Ryan strokes his chin.]

Ryan: As far as I’m concerned, the screwjob at Russian Roulette was just comeuppance for all those that were equally screwed in the King of the Cage. But, because that was more of your wife than anything, and because I’m also a fair guy…

[A shark-like grin spreads across his face as he says this.]

Ryan: …I’m going to give you one more chance. Maybe if you and your partner can get your act together and win tonight against the tag team champions, I might consider giving you the winner of tonight’s face-off between Hiroshi and JA. Is that enough?

[Rocko comes to his feet.]

Rocko: …it’s doable.

[He promptly exits the office. Mojo stands as well and turns to the camera.]

Mojo!: Well fans, there you have it! Should Rocko Daymon succeed tonight against the Proletariat, then—

Ryan: Mojo, shut up and get out of here.

Mojo!: OH, uh… okay, sorry.

[Meekly, Mojo leaves the office as Ryan picks up the phone and begins dialing again. We cut back to the commentary table.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Rocko Daymon & Stalker vs. The Proletariat (c)

The Proletariat vs. Rocko Daymon and Stalker

The Proletariat made their way to the ring first, proudly bearing their tag titles, earning a vehement heel pop from the fans in attendance. Rocko Daymon came to the ring next, alone as expected. His partner Stalker made his entrance, and the tension between the two of them was immediately apparent. Before the bell rang, both men engaged in a dramatic stare-down and kept their distance from each other.

At the start of the match, C.P. Nero came in for Proletariat as Stalker was unwillingly elected to start things off for his team. But before a move was even made, a sadistic grin formed on his face as he turned back to his corner and tagged in Rocko. Daymon glared at him for a moment, but entered the ring without much debate. Rocko started things off in fairly solid form, catching Nero off-guard with a series of running shoulder blocks and clotheslines that came from all sides of the ring. A standing DDT from Daymon came before the first pin attempt in the match, which was promptly kicked out of.

Daymon continued the pressure, even as Nero tagged in his fellow champion C.E. Augusts, hitting the big man with three consecutive Russian Legsweeps that wowed the audience. A second pin attempt was broken up by Nero. Feeling fatigued, Rocko went for a tag… but instead received a hard elbow to the face on behalf of Stalker. Rocko reeled back, falling straight into a Dragon Suplex from C.E. Augustus, and things went downhill for him as Stalker dropped off the apron, hopped the barricade, and disappeared into the audience.

The Proletariat quickly went to work on the stranded Rocko Daymon, using their advantage in numbers to beat him into a pulp over the next several minutes. Frequent tags and several double-team moves prevented Rocko from gaining any kind of momentum. A top rope bulldog from C.P. Nero earned a near three count, and C.E. Augustus followed up with a Full Nelson Slam that shook the entire ring.

Daymon’s break came as he dodged a leg lariat attempt from C.P. Nero, hitting the ropes and knocking C.E. Augustus off the apron and into the barricade. But before Augustus could recover, two fans suddenly emerged from the ringside seats and began assaulting him. The duo were quickly revealed to be the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) who dragged the unsuspecting and dazed Augustus into the audience where they continued their attack until security broke up the fracas and removed the three of them from the audience area.

Back in the ring, C.P. Nero had just laid Rocko Daymon out with a Butterfly Suplex and went to make a tag, but suddenly found himself alone. Sensing something amiss, he opted to go for the May 1st to finish off the weakened Rocko… but with sudden energy, Daymon countered the Shiranui attempt with a Spinebuster out of nowhere, and the audience popped!

Both men made it to their feet before the ten count, and as soon as Nero was up, Daymon leveled him with a Spear and went to work on his face with a seemingly unstoppable barrage of punches. Daymon quickly got him to his feet, sent him into the corner, and landed the back-first splash, quickly following through with the Brain Rocker, and earned a surprise win!

Winners: Rocko Daymon & Stalker


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

DT: I don’t believe it! Rocko Daymon practically SINGLE-HANDEDLY defeated the Tag Team Champions, the Proletariat!

DM: I wouldn’t say “single-handedly”, Dave, considering he had a little help from those idiot stoners…

DT: Nevertheless, Daymon has pulled off a very impressive from-behind victory over the champions, and I guess now this may mean that Dan Ryan will grant his request for a—OH WAIT A MINUTE, STALKER’S BACK!!

MN: Uh-oh!!

[Daymon is barely back on his feet after his grueling match, but as he stands up and turns around, Stalker slides back into the ring with a chair in hand and LEVELS HIM on the spot! Daymon hits the mat like a ton of bricks and takes a few more shots to the back from the steel chair before Stalker’s appetite has been sated, and he asks for a mic.]

Stalker: You know Rocko...

[Jason Reeves stands over the fallen Rocko Daymon with a giant grin on his face.]

Stalker: Just because you have let go the fact that I got screwed over way back when, doesn't mean I have to as well. You see, you were always this way, thinking it's the Rocko way or no way. Well I hate to tell you but just like the popular kids in high school the world doesn't revolve around your life.

[A few cheers can be heard but mostly boos come from the crowd.]

Stalker: Yeah yeah… blah blah. Whatever, this piece of trash...

[Jason points at Rocko as he kneels down next to him.]

Stalker: He seriously thinks that i'm just going to simply let him become Number One Contender for the title that I KNOW I WILL WIN BEFORE HIM!! You see Rocko.. all that time away gave me much, much, thinking time. All my hatred for you is just one big happy ball now of revenge and their is no way you are going to slow down it's roll.

[Standing back up now Jason looks at the crowd.]

Stalker: You fans know what you truly want. You want someone willing to put their life on the line. AND THAT is what I AM ALL ABOUT! This piece of garbage right here thinks that by simply telling me what to do, I'll do it.

[Jason begins laughing to himself in a crazed manner.]

Stalker: We all know those kind of people... we all despise those kind of people. AND you my friend Rocko are just a pawn in my game. YES, MY GAME. Not yours, not Kin's, not JA's, hell not even that *****-ass champion Sean Stevens can think as twisted as me. Rocko… your memory serves only one purpose and that is to serve your little ego. Just like when you had your slut taser me last week. Just to stroke your ego. You are done with Otter boy. Welcome to my world!!

[Stalker drops the mic and poses for the fans as “I Did My Time” by Korn hits the PA. Looking proud of his work, he makes his way to the locker room area as Rocko crawls out of the ring. As he gets to his feet on the outside, he bolts up the aisle after his attacker.]

DT: Strong words from Stalker, getting payback for what Rocko and Caitlyn did to him last week.

DM: This feud between the two of them is getting out of hand. I mean, it was seven years ago!

DT: Some things just never die, Dean.

MN: “Otter boy?” I thought Rocko was a wallaby!

DT: In any case, I’m being told that Kenny Lombardo is backstage right now with the CHRONIC COLLIZION!!

MN: Formerly the Crimson Calling!

DM: Ugh…

[We cut to backstage with Kenny Lombardo on the mic. To his right is the bearded, grinning face of the always-tripped-out “ESCAPE ARTIST” Erik Black, and on the left is the hulking block of pink muscle known as the “RAGING RUSSIAN” Ivan Dalkichev. The members of the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! look very proud of their actions.]

Lombardo: Hey guys, Kenny Lombardo here with the Chronic Collizion—

Black: Formerly the Crimson Calling, yo!

Lombardo: Right, right. Well guys, based on your interference in that last match, I guess it’s safe to say that you two aren’t letting the Proletariat off the hook after they escaped with their tag team titles at the last Aggression.

Black: DAMN STRAIGHT, Kenny G! I suppose the Proletariat THOUGHT they could get away, just like they thought they could get away with the image that WE created! But they thought WRONG! Tell ‘em how it is, Ivan…

Dalkichev: Lindsay Lohan… I VJORK YOU IN ASS!!

Black: No, NO, dude, we’re talking about the PROLE! The commie bastards that have our belts!

Dalkichev: OH…


[Growling like a caged animal, Ivan pounds his chest and walks off camera. Erik can only shake his head.]

Black: Nevermind, I’ll handle it…

We’re laying down the challenge right here, Kenny… we want those rip-off bastards at Black Dawn in the STEEL CAGE, with the titles that WE made famous on the line! Refuse our challenge, and we’ll make sure that tonight is only the first in a series of horrible events they can look forward to!

Ivan, wait up, you got my Burger King coupons!!

[Erik runs after Ivan as we cut back to ringside.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The First vs. Beast, Felix Red vs. Cross

The next…situation got out of hand quickly. The First was scheduled to face off against Beast and was accompanied to the ring by Felix Red, who originally dressed as Dope revealed his identity on the last Aggression.

Beast was wary of Felix’s presence on the outside and was on the defensive from the outset as The First was able to ground the former champion and take aim on his right knee with not only submission locks, but quick strikes from various running angles as well.

Felix, apparently bored with the affair reached up and pulled the rope down during an attempted reversal of an Irish Whip and Beast tumbled to the floor. Beast was up immediately and in Felix Red’s face and gave him a shove before turning to get back into the ring, but it only got him a club upside the back of his head for his trouble. Felix rolled Beast back in and followed, joining The First in a two on one beatdown. After having no luck restoring order, the referee called for the bell, handing Beast a win by disqualification.

Winner: Beast via DQ

As the bell rang, the action continued as neither Felix or The First let up. A huge crowd roar signaled the arrival of Cross however who dove through the ropes and began to lay into both Felix and The First with right hands. Somewhere in the mayhem, Dan Ryan made his way down the ramp. While the brawl ensued in the ring, Ryan was giving orders to officials at ringside, and the bell rang signifying the beginning of the match between Felix Red and The First.

With Beast incapacitated, it wasn’t long before the two men overpowered Cross as well. Felix gave Ryan a look, but Ryan made no move nor made any expression other than simply looking on. The First and Felix stood Cross up and quickly hit their tag team finisher – Art of Despair .

After that, Felix covered for the easy three count and the victory. Ryan stared Beast and Cross down as they laid on the mat, then backed his way up the ramp with a smirk on his face.

Winner: Felix Red


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Sarge & Irish vs. Douglas & Rossi

DT: Next up folks, we've got two champions and former permanent tag team partners teaming up once again as the reiging Intercontinental Champion The Sergeant teams up with EPW Television Champion James Irish to take on the team of Troy Douglas and "Simple Wrestling" Andrew Rossi.

MN: Both of these guys, Rossi and Douglas have been gunning for the champs leading into Black Dawn. This will be a nice litmus test of where they are, and I'd love to see them both challenge for those belts at the big show.

DT: Both teams are already in the ring, as the commercial break ran a little long and it looks like Irish and Douglas will be the first to start off this stellar tag match.

MN: Stellar? Why is that? Because one team is composed of two supposed champions?

DM: How are they supposed champions Mike?

MN: Well first one cheated to gain his belt last week and the other... well let's just say the ref counted a little fast for him last week.

DM: I bet you wouldn't say that to their faces.

DT: Guys.. the match? Let's focus on it.

MN: Yeah guys the match.

DM: Whatever.

DT: The bell rings, Troy and James tie it up in the center of the ring and Irish quickly pushes Douglas against the ropes laying some elbows to his back. Irish whips him into the corner and charges in with a quick clothesline. Following it up now as he uses a take down to bring Douglas to the mat.

DM: Working on his leg now as Irish is laying some heavy kicks to it and now wraps his legs around it and slams it to the mat. Douglas slaps the mat in pain as Irish holds on to his leg for an awkward submission move. "Simply Wrestling" Andrew Rossi comes in from his corner and lays a kick to the face of Irish... and another! The Sarge comes storming in to take out Rossi and both men are being seperated by the ref.

MN: Come on and get up already Douglas.

DM: He's trying.. but so is Irish as both men reach their feet at the same time. They hook up again and Douglas with a quick knee to the gut of Irish.

MN: What the hell? Why is Douglas holding his leg?

DT: Could it be because Irish was working on that leg before?

MN: I guess...

DT: Well it doesn't look to affect him that much as Douglas now has Irish in his corner and Douglas is going to town on Irish with a series of punches to the gut. Douglas now applies a choke hold as Rossi tags himself in...

DM: The ref is trying to break up the hold as Rossi comes in with a spear to the gut! Douglas backs off like he did nothing as Irish slumps out of the corner and Rossi is standing over him smiling.

MN: That's good teamwork.

DT: So far, I agree. Rossi picks Douglas up and hooks him for a swinging neckbreaker! Rossi goes for a quick cover... 1.....2...NO! Irish kicks out.

DM: Rossi looks a bit angry with the count but ignores it as he picks up Irish again and swings him across the ring.. Irish hits the ropes and Rossi nails him with a dropkick... Irish doesn't fall though as he stumbles backwards and grabs hold of the ropes to keep himself from falling. Rossi charges in and CLOTHESLINES Irish out of the ring to the floor.

MN: Get him Douglas!

DT: That's exactly what he's doing, Rossi tries to go out of the ring and the ref pushes him back as Douglas stalks over to the fallen James Irish. Douglas picks him up and whips him into THE STEEL STEPS! The ref doesn't even see it as he is being easily distracted by Rossi.

DM: Douglas picks up Irish and hooks him.. oh my god he's going to suplex him on those steps!! WAIT THE SERGEANT OUT OF NOWHERE nails Douglas with a clothesline in the back of the head.

MN: Rossi get the ref to break this up!!

DT: Mike it was okay before but not now?

MN: Well The Sergeant is cheating.

DM: What was Douglas doing then?

MN: Being a proffesional.

DT: Wow... anyways folks the ref is now outside the ring breaking up what's become a fist fight between Douglas and The Sarge on the outside.

DM: Rossi meanwhile has slipped Irish back into the ring and has his legged hooked for a pin.. the ref finally sees it and slides in.. 1.....2...NO! Irish with a foot on the ropes.

MN: Oh garbage that should have been a three count.

DT: Rossi agrees with you. He is determined to get a three count on Irish as he yanks Irish away from the ropes and hooks his leg again... 1....2..NO! Irish with his shoulder up this time. Rossi is livid now as he yanks Irish up by the hair he hooks Irish and Irish out of nowhere with a kick to the gut.. and a DDT!! The Sarge is yelling for Irish to get the tag in and James Irish is slowly making his way to the corner.

DM: But so is Rossi.. and Rossi is there first! Douglas gets the tag in charges at Irish and YANKS him away by the leg just as Irish had his hand out ready for the tag. The Sarge is screaming now and tries to get in the ring but the ref is quick to break it up! Douglas picks up Irish and gets ready to whip him into his corner but Irish reverses it and sends Douglas flying into the REF!

MN: The ref is out cold.. Rossi and Douglas' chances just got better!

DM: Rossi is looking to take quick advantage of this as he gets in the ring and charges right at Irish who ducks a clothesline nails Rossi in the gut and HITS HIM WITH A JUMPING DDT! The Sarge is in the ring now too as he is working on Douglas in the corner..

DT: This is amazing The Sarge and Irish has complete control over their oppenents now and each one of them is laying into
them in seperate ring corners. Irish nails Rossi in the corner with a stiff clothesline as Douglas and The Sarge spill out to the outside of the ring.

MN: Come on ref get up and stop this madness!

DT: But I thought you liked the fact that the ref got knocked out.

MN: I did then but not now.

DM: You amaze me more and more. WHOA! Irish just charged at Rossi in the corner and tried to spear him through the turnbuckles but Rossi moved and Irish is now dazed as he went shoulder first into the steel post! Rossi slides to the outside of the ring and goes for the time keeper's chair!

MN: Here we go!

DT: Rossi slides back in the ring and The Sarge who is easily handling Douglas on the outside sees Rossi with the chair in the ring! The Sarge slides in spins Rossi around before he can connect with the chair and yanks the chair right out of Rossi's hands. Rossi is now staring The Sarge down and look at this the ref is starting to stir.

DM: So is Irish! Irish sees Rossi's back to him and tackles him from behind sending Rossi head first into the steel chair in The Sarges hands!!! THE BELL RINGS!

DT: What in the world?!?

MN: This is excellent! Rossi and Troy Douglas just won this match by DQ for the Sarge using the chair on Rossi!

TF: The winner of the match....as a result of a Disqualification....the team of "SIMPLY WRESTLING" ANDREW ROSSI and TROOOOOYY DOUGLAAAASS!!!

DT: A cheap win by Rossi and Douglas here on Aggression...

MN: Cheap?? That was smart as hell. You wish you thought of it, Thomas.

DT: Not really, no.

DM: It may have been cheap, but it may also be a preview of the sort of things the champs will have to be ready for to hang on to those belts.

DT: We'll be right back after this!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Kin Hiroshi vs. JA for the #1 Contender's spot - And, an announcement

DT: We’re about to be treated to a match between two individuals who are NO strangers to each other. And now they compete for the right to be the number one contender.

DM: Should be an interesting match up. They’re both very talented, respectable athletes, and either one of them would make a great contender against Sean Stevens at Black Dawn.

MN: Bleh…

[“Sigillus Diaboli” hits the PA, and the crowd POPS LOUDLY as the lights slowly flicker to black.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Number One Contendership to the EPW World Heavyweight Title, and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… hailing from Tokyo, Japan, and weighing in at 245 pounds… he is the MUFFIN MAN… KIIIIINN HIIIIRRROOOOSSSHHIIIIII!!!

[The lights come up on the stage as a waterfall pyro rains from the entry-way. Kin Hiroshi emerges and POSES, drawing a massive pop! With regal grace, he makes his way to the ring. He climbs up to the apron and poses for the fans again.]

DT: At the last Aggression, Kin Hiroshi and JA were paired together to take on the former World Champion, Beast… but they couldn’t connect on the same page. It likely had to do with the knowledge that they’re both competing for the spot in the main event at Black Dawn.

DM: These two have had tough fights in the past. They’re hardly friends, so it wasn’t really expected that they would work well together in any case.

MN: And as a result, Beast just SCHOOLED THEM!

DM: He took advantage of their inner turmoil, yes…

[“Eat the Rich” by Fozzy hits the PA. The audience POPS as the lights go black and a silhouette appears in the entry-way.]

TF: And his opponent… hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 219 pounds… he is the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the EPW World Title… HE IS… JAAAAAYYY AAAAAYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!

[HUGE pop as pyros explode on the stage and JA bounds onto the rampway! Confidently, he makes his way to the ring! He slips in under the ropes and begins playing it up to the fans who cheer him on from all sides of the ring!]

DT: JA’s come very far here in Empire Pro, and as the number one contender, he may finally achieve his dream if he makes it to Black Dawn with a shot against the World Champion, Sean Stevens…

DM: JA has some unfinished business to settle with Stevens that stemmed from their match in the finals of the King of the Cage. JA may have lost, but he’s determined to bounce back and put that belt around his waist.

MN: Sounds to me like he just needs to come to grips with his own inferiority.

[Hiroshi and JA stare at each other intently from either side of the ring. After making his final checks, the ref cues the bell.]

DT: The bell has sounded… and the fight for the number one contender status is underway! Both men advancing on each other… and Kin Hiroshi shoots low for a takedown!

DM: Nearly took JA off his feet, but the Anglo Luchadore has a good guard against that kind of approach… he maintains his balance and counters with a front facelock… and Hiroshi bulls him into the corner!

DT: The referee orders the break and both men back up… but Kin Hiroshi with a BOOT to the gut as soon as the ref gives the all clear, and Snapmares JA to the floor! Kind of a cheap shot, but I’ll give it to him.

MN: I thought you hated cheap tactics!

DT: Well, I don’t hate Hiroshi! The Muffin Man stays in control with a headlock on JA… and now JA works his way back onto his feet! JA takes Hiroshi by the leg… lifts him up and DROPS HIM with a mat slam, and Hiroshi breaks the hold!

DM: Hiroshi back up, and JA puts him down with a dropkick! Hiroshi up again… and JA with a Spinning Heel Kick puts him to the mat once again! Hiroshi up a third time… and JA with a side-kick—and Hiroshi CATCHES him by the foot!!

DT: Look for the enziguri here from JA—BUT HIROSHI DUCKS and flips JA over onto his back!

MN: Heh heh… shot his wad on that one.

DT: JA coming to his feet again, but Hiroshi hooks him from behind, going for a VICTORY ROLL pin! One… Two… and JA kicks out!

DM: Too soon. He’s gotta wear him down a little more.

DT: Both men back on their feet… and Hiroshi, with a Japanese Arm Drag, puts JA back onto the mat! He slaps on an arm bar for added effect… and now JA quickly moves himself near the ropes, and gets his foot on the bottom cable! Hiroshi waits until the count of three from the ref before he breaks the hold!

DM: Smart move by JA, going for the ropes instead of trying to use his energy in breaking out of that submission hold.

DT: It’s been a fairly close fight in these opening minutes, the momentum switching back and forth between both competitors by the second. And knowing what’s at stake, I’m practically at the edge of my seat.

MN: Dave, watching popcorn in the MICROWAVE practically has you on the edge of your seat!

DT: Can it, Mike… Both men back up and circling the ring… and now Hiroshi raises his hand, inviting JA to the test of strength! And now the FANS are getting into it!

DM: JA looks unsure of himself. I think he wants to keep this match a ground and pound, but Hiroshi keeps his hand in the air, beckoning him to step forward! This audience sounds like they want to see it!

DT: And now JA steps forward, and both men lock their hands together!

MN: Eh, that’s the problem with these fan favorites… always doing what the fans want them to do rather than what they SHOULD be doing!

DM: Even though I hate to agree with him, Mike might be right on that… and now it begins! Both men straining against each other, using all of their strength to put the other over!

DT: And it looks like Kin Hiroshi is gaining an advantage, bending JA backwards! You might be right after all, Dean… accepting this contest may have been a mistake for JA!

DM: Hiroshi almost has him on the mat… but OH, JA’s forcing himself back up! Now he’s got Hiroshi back up to where the two of them started!

DT: The fans are going wild… and now JA’s gaining the lead, pushing Hiroshi down to the mat! And he’s got his SHOULDERS PINNED DOWN!! There’s the count… ONE… TWO… NO!! Hiroshi lifts himself up with a sudden surge of strength… But JA keeps pressing him… there’s ANOTHER pin! ONE… TWO… NO!! Hiroshi pushes back! What a fine display of endurance!

MN: Is it Hiroshi’s endurance, or JA’s incompetence? I really can’t tell…

DM: Anything can give at this point… and Kin Hiroshi catches JA off guard with a Legsweep to the mat! He hooks the leg and looks for the STF… but JA breaks free and BOOTS him away! Back to the basics with these two…

DT: JA on his feet, but Hiroshi pounces on him with a double-axe handle smash over the back, forcing him back to his knees! Hiroshi hooks him around the waist… lifts him with a GUTWRENCH… POWERBOMB, and keeps the legs hooked for the pin!



And JA kicks out!!

DM: The Anglo Luchadore looks a little shaky after that move. He took a sick bump on the back of his head.

MN: Not that he has many brain cells to lose anyway.

DT: Kin Hiroshi is looking to gain an solid advantage in this match… he gets JA to his feet, tucks his head under his arm, and goes for the REVERSE DDT that drops JA back on his head! He’s doing everything to knock JA into next Tuesday!

DM: But JA is still managing to get up off the mat, and Hiroshi is forced to work on him some more! Hiroshi has him back up… hooks him around the face and the leg… there’s the LIFT UP, and—OH MY, that was a hard Fisherman Buster!!

DT: Hiroshi hooks the leg for another pin!



OH NO!! JA with the kickout…

MN: Hiroshi can work on his head all he wants, but he must forget that JA’s got a particularly thick skull. That’s why he’s never been able to think of anything original.

DM: I think JA’s originality is a head above others in the fact that he’s an amalgam of MANY great aspects of professional wrestling.

MN: Amal-WHAT?!

DM: Nevermind. I guess YOU’RE the one with the thick skull!

DT: Hiroshi brings JA to his feet again. JA looking woozy, but Hiroshi won’t give him a moment to relax as he whips him into the ropes. Sets up for the back-body drop… but JA with the SUNSET FLIP rolls him up into a pin!



THREE—NO!! Hiroshi kicks out! JA almost stole the match right there. But Hiroshi isn’t going to fall for those kind of tricks. Not with a chance at being the number one contender on the line.

DM: Hiroshi’s still looking strong, but JA may be running out of steam. Both men back on their feet… and Hiroshi meets JA with a boot to the gut! EUROPEAN uppercut knocks JA back into the corner! Hiroshi comes back for some distance, and comes charging in…

DT: And Kin Hiroshi just PANCAKES JA with the STINGER SPLASH!! He’s got the fans cheering for him now, and JA stumbles out of the corner… straight into a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX from Kin Hiroshi! The Muffin Man is just DOMINANT right now! If he keeps this up, he could very well become the new number one contender!

DM: Some might say he deserved that right at Russian Roulette… but now he’s going to earn his chance! Here’s the cover on JA!



THREE—NO!! JA kicks out again! He isn’t about to let his opportunity slip away!

MN: Opportunity? To what! Getting his ass kicked by Sean Stevens just like in the final round of the King of the Cage tournament?

DT: Hiroshi slapping the mat in frustration… and now he brings JA to his—OH, BALLTAP from JA!! Follows through with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, and now the fans are cheering for the Anglo Luchadore!! What a TREMENDOUS comeback!

DM: JA just took everything Hiroshi gave him… and the moment the Muffin Man put his guard down, he let him have it!

DT: Both men lying on the mat, and the referee begins the ten count. Hiroshi beginning to stir, but it looks the wind’s been knocked out of him! And now JA is showing signs of life…

DM: The fans are really getting into it now… JA using the ropes to get to his feet, and Hiroshi’s almost made it back up!

MN: Oh, the anticipation is KILLING me…

DT: Hiroshi up… and so is JA! Hiroshi stepping forward, but JA fires back with a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP across the chest! And another! And ANOTHER!! JA working Kin Hiroshi into the corner, laying into his chest with heavy chop after chop… and there’s the Irish Whip to the other corner!

DM: JA follows and presses into Hiroshi’s chest with his knees… MONKEY FLIP out of the corner!! Kin Hiroshi just went for a ride!

DT: JA’s making a comeback… Hiroshi back on his feet, tries to back himself into the corner, but gets a KNEE to the gut for his efforts! JA hooks both arms… BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER!! Jeez, that looked painful…

DM: JA’s got Hiroshi weakened, and now he knows this is his chance to make the cover!

DT: Here it comes…



THREE—NO!! Kin Hiroshi manages to kick out! He’s still got fight left in him! He’s not going to let this chance slip through his fingers!

MN: He really just needs to get used to disappointment…

DM: JA isn’t quite finished… he gets Kin Hiroshi to his feet, and BLASTS HIM with a released German Suplex in the middle of the ring, and… he ignores the cover! No, he’s going to the TURNBUCKLE!!

MN: Oh, great…

DT: JA scaling the top rope… he’s going to put Kin Hiroshi away for good! Hiroshi is laid out in the middle of the ring, and JA has him right where he wants him… HERE WE GO!!


DT: MY GOD!! JA just came CRASHING DOWN on nothing but hard canvas!!

MN: HAHAHAHAHA!! Seeing that made my day…

DT: This match is beginning to take a toll on both competitors… but now Hiroshi is on his feet, and with JA hurt after that suicide dive from the top rope, he’s ready to put this one away!

DM: Now’s the time to act. JA’s risky move ended up backfiring, and this is the perfect opportunity to go for the finish.

DT: Hiroshi looking for the H.L.B… he has JA up, and sets him onto his shoulders—but JA is trying to SQUIRM FREE!! Hiroshi’s got him locked in place… but now JA uses his free arm to grab onto the top rope, and he’s hanging on for dear life!!

DM: JA’s made contact with the ropes, and now Hiroshi has to break contact! The referee is telling him to put him down, but Hiroshi is telling him no! And now the referee is threatening to disqualify him!

DT: Come on, he’s SO CLOSE to putting this one away!

DM: Rules are rules, Dave! And Hiroshi knows it! And he just TOSSES JA over the ropes to the outside—OH WAIT, JA’S FOOT CLIPPED THE REFEREE IN THE HEAD!!


DT: I think Hiroshi tosses JA over the ropes in frustration, but I don’t think he intended to take out the referee… and, OH WAIT, COMING DOWN THE RAMP RIGHT NOW!!

MN: IT’S STALKER!!! He’s here to pay Hiroshi!

DM: Oh, that bastard!!

DT: Stalker’s got a chair, and I bet I know what he’s going to use it for!! Hiroshi doesn’t see him coming cause he’s bending over the ref, and now Stalker slides into the ring… and OH MY GOD, he just WRAPS THAT STEEL CHAIR over the back of Kin Hiroshi’s head!! The Muffin Man didn’t see it coming!!

DM: That son of a *****!! I oughta go in there and rip his arm right out of the socket!!

MN: WHY?! This is the most interesting this match has been since the bell rang!!

DT: The referee didn’t see a thing… and neither did Hiroshi, or JA, who’s still lying on the outside! Stalker standing tall in the middle of the ring, and… WAIT, HERE COMES ROCKO!! ROCKO DAYMON is sprinting to the ring looking for payback!!

DM: Finally! This is the first time I’m GLAD to see that bonehead!

MN: He’s the MAN!!

DM: Damnit, Mike, SHUT THE HELL UP!!

DT: Stalker’s waiting for him as he rolls into the ring… Stalker with the CHAIR-SHOT—but Daymon CATCHES the chair before it can connect, and he just RIPS IT out of his hands!!

DM: Get him, GET HIM!!

DT: Rocko SWINGING THAT CHAIR, but Stalker rolls over the ropes to the outside, and he just missed having his head taken off!! You just KNOW Rocko is pissed about Stalker leaving him to the wolves earlier tonight!

DM: Wait a second, the referee’s come to… and now he sees Rocko, and the chair, and Hiroshi lying on the mat!

DT: I think he’s getting an idea, but I think it’s the WRONG idea… and wait, he’s signaling the bell!!

[The ref waves his hands in the air and gives the cue to the timekeeper, taking the chair out of the bewildered Rocko Daymon’s hands and discussing something with Tony Fatora.]

DT: What the hell is going on? Is it over?

DM: He must think that he took out Hiroshi with that chair!

MN: Wow, what a moron…

DT: JA’s back on his feet, coming back into the ring and wondering what the big deal is. Let’s see what Tony has to say…

[Fatora nods to the ref and raises the mic.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… as a result of interference from ROCKO DAYMON… JA has been DISQUALIFIED!!

DT: Oh, come on!!

[JA throws his hands into the air in anger. Rocko approaches the referee, shaking his head, explaining that he wasn’t the one that interfered. Outside the ring, Stalker CACKLES madly!]

TF: As a result, here is your winner…and NEW Number One Contender to the EPW World Heavyweight Title…


[The audience is torn between a POP and a JEER… mostly the latter as a result of the shady finish. The reaction is mixed, but VERY thunderous.]

DT: Well, talk about controversy! Rocko Daymon came to the ring to prevent Stalker from interfering, and ended up being the one it fell upon!

DM: Man, JA is not happy about this! To lose a shot at the world title over a DQ is just a terrible thing.

DT: Wait a minute, JA attacking Rocko from behind!! He takes him by the waist… KARELIN DRIVER!! MY GOD, he just DROPPED ROCKO DAYMON on his HEAD!! Why in the HELL did he just do that??

DM: JA didn’t see Stalker hit the ring either! He thinks Rocko is the guilty one!

DT: Look at STALKER on the outside!

[The camera cuts to Jason Reeves, pointing at his fallen nemesis in the ring and laughing. Meanwhile, the referee, in the process of helping Kin Hiroshi back to his feet, comes at JA and tells him to lay off. JA has to be restrained from attacking the dazed Rocko Daymon any longer, and the referee removes him from the ring.]

DM: This was a part of Stalker’s plan all along! Coming to the ring to avenge Hiroshi’s interference in his match against Cross at the last Aggression wasn’t his only agenda… he wanted Rocko to follow him to the ring so the interference ruling would be pegged on HIM, and now JA’s taken his frustration out on the scapegoat!

MN: You gotta admit, that IS a pretty clever scheme.

DT: It’s UNJUST, is what it is! JA just attacked the man who came to the ring to keep things fair!

[JA and the referee argue with each other as they go up the ramp to the backstage area. Back in the ring, Hiroshi comes to his feet, holding the back of his head. Even with “Sigillum Diaboli” playing and realizing that he is the new number one contender, celebrating is the last thing on his mind. He sneers as he sees Rocko Daymon trying to come to his feet in a daze, the chair right next to him. Without hesitation, he picks the chair up and…]

DT: OH GOD!! Kin Hiroshi just LAID OUT Rocko Daymon with that chair!!

DM: I guess JA and the referee weren’t the only ones who were duped! After all, Hiroshi didn’t see who hit him from behind…

MN: Stalker’s having the time of his life right now!

DT: Kin Hiroshi is just GOING TO WORK on Rocko Daymon with that chair… and now he’s setting it on the ground! He’s bringing Rocko to his feet… what’s he doing?

DM: He’s got Rocko on his shoulders! He’s going for the H.L.B. on the chair!!

DT: No, this isn’t RIGHT!!

DM: BAM!! JAPANESE BURNING HAMMER ON THE CHAIR!! Jesus Christ, he nearly BUSTED Rocko’s skull open!!

[Hiroshi pops to his feet and raises the chair in the air, pumping up his fans and making the “Number One” gesture while pointing to himself. Unseen to him, Stalker cheers him on the outside, taking delight in watching his two rivals turned on each other. Hiroshi turns to the fallen body of Rocko and begins stopping him again when a booming voice comes over the PA.]

“Alright, that’s enough!”

[The Muffin Man backs away as “Zero” by the Smashing Pumpkins his the PA. Dan Ryan emerges on the stage, looking somewhat pissed.]

Ryan: Here, Kin… look at this.

[He points up to the Empire Tron, showing a replay of Stalker slipping into the ring and hitting him over the head with a chair. Hiroshi seems taken aback by this revelation.]

Ryan: You want somebody to break apart? Look no further than that man standing right there…

[He points to ringside, where Hiroshi sees Stalker for the first time. Stalker mockingly waves back to him. Hiroshi, enraged, throws the chair out at him, but Stalker dodges it.]

Ryan: Alright, now CUT IT OUT!! Kin, you might be the new number one contender by default… but seeing as how the man you just laid out had the balls to come out and save your ass, I figure he deserves the same chance that you had.

DT: What’s he saying?

DM: Oh please… please don’t let him say what I think he’s going to…

Ryan: That’s right… at the next Aggression, you’ll be putting you’re newly acquired title shot ON THE LINE against Rocko Daymon.

[Hiroshi’s expression is mixed, and generally unreadable. Rocko Daymon is only slightly conscious to hear this news.]

DM: ****!!!

DT: What an announcement! It will be Hiroshi and Daymon at Aggression! I guess Daymon’s one-man performance against the Proletariat was enough to convince the EPW Owner Dan Ryan that he deserves another shot at the World Heavyweight Title!

[Stalker shrugs upon hearing this, going over to the barricade as though he’s about to exit through the audience. Dan Ryan spots him and begins walking down the ramp.]

Ryan: Where do you think YOU’RE going, Stalker?

[Stalker suddenly halts as Dan Ryan comes to ringside and approaches him, jutting a finger directly into his chest.]

Ryan: Seeing as YOU feel the need to poke your nose where it doesn’t belong every time either of these men are in the ring, I think I’m going to put you in a position where, for once, you CAN’T interfere!


Ryan: In fact, I’m going to do you a favor, Stalker. I’m going to leave you with the choice of which of these men go on to fight Sean Stevens at Black Dawn. I’m making YOU the guest referee!


DT: Oh, MAN!! Stalker as the referee in the match between DAYMON and HIROSHI!? He hates the BOTH of them!

[In the ring, Hiroshi shakes his head in utter disbelief. Stalker’s eyes narrow as this news sinks in. Dan Ryan leans in close, looking grave.]

Ryan: And you WILL decide a winner, Stalker. If not, then you can watch Black Dawn back at whatever homeless shelter you crawled out of!

[Ryan turns away and heads back up the ramp as “Zero” plays again. The camera zooms in on Stalker’s expressionless face… which suddenly stretches into a smile as he hops the barricade and exits through the audience. In the ring, Hiroshi takes a last look at Rocko Daymon, his future opponent. He only shakes his head in disgust and leaves the ring, heading up the ramp and making more “Number One” gestures while pointing to himself, playing up to his fans. Rocko, weakly, rolls from the ring. Ring officials come to assist him, but he pushes them away, collapsing over the barricade and picking himself up again in pursuit of Stalker.]

DT: This situation just keeps getting more and more convoluted. Just as soon as a new number one contender is announced, the right to face the champion is on the line AGAIN! And with Stalker involved, you know things won’t pan out easily…

MN: Yeah, if Stalker keeps interfering, I think it would be safe to assume that Sean Stevens won’t even have to defend his title at Black Dawn!

DM: What I’m interested in is how JA is going to react to this news. This match was blatantly robbed to him, and now ROCKO DAYMON is the one who gets to fight for the title shot?

DT: Daymon has competed fiercely to earn his place in the main event… but you are right, JA can’t be happy about this. And discovering that Stalker has cost him his title shot must not sit well with him.

MN: Eh, he never would have HAD a title shot if it weren’t for Stalker in the first place! Rocko should have been the number one contender from the onset!

DT: Actually, I think it would have gone to Kin Hiroshi…

DM: Would the both of you shut up! JA was the rightful number one contender to begin with!

DT: Hiroshi!

DM: JA!!

MN: PRINGLES!! …er, I mean, ROCKO!!

[Cut to commercial as the commentators continue arguing.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Great Escape

[We open up in the parking garage as the entrance comes swinging open and Rocko Daymon spills out onto the asphalt in a heap, still in his ring gear, his face stretched in intense pain. He opens his eyes and blinks up at the man standing over him.]

Mojo!: …hey, Rocko.

Rocko: …sup, Moj?

Mojo!: I take it you’re, uh… not in any mood to answer a few questions.

Rocko: Now what gave you that idea?

[Straining, Rocko makes it to his feet and limps to his car.]

Mojo!: Is there anything I can do for you?

Rocko: Nah.

Mojo!: I take it that all of this is exactly what you were expecting tonight?

Rocko: Yup.

Mojo!: And you still came to the arena knowing what you would be going through?

Rocko: Yup.

[The reporter shakes his head as he looks over Rocko’s bruised body again.]

Mojo!: You’ve got some balls, Rocko. I’ll give you that. But at least you can say the worst is over.

[The approach Rocko’s black Jaguar. A loud pounding is coming from the trunk. Daymon lets out a heavy sigh.]

Rocko: Not quite.

[He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his key to open it and approaches the car…]

Mojo!: Oh, wait a second!

[Mojo darts behind another car, his head poking over the hood just slightly.]

Mojo!: Okay, go ahead!

[Rocko hesitates only briefly as he inserts the key into the lock, and opens the trunk…]


[A fist burrows itself into his face, and he sprawls to the asphalt for what seems like the seventh or eight time that night.]

Caitlyn: YOU BASTARD!!

[Rocko’s “better half” lunges out of the trunk like a hungry lioness released from a cage and falls upon him, thrashing mercilessly at his face. The camera catches a glimpse of Rocko’s face in between blows, which shows his expression hard as stone.]

Caitlyn: Thought you could put me out of your way, HUH?! Thought you and I were through with this, but I guess the first time I kicked your ass wasn’t enough for you!

[She suddenly stops.]

Caitlyn: Why the HELL aren’t you fighting back??

[Rocko turns his face to the side and spits out a wad of saliva mixed with blood.]

Rocko: Crazy woman… you have NO idea what I’ve been through today. I’ve been taking hits seemingly every time I turn around… and the entire time, you’ve been in that trunk, safe and sound.

[Caitlyn’s eyes narrow.]

Caitlyn: You put me in there so I wouldn’t get hurt?!

Rocko: That’s right.

[Her lips curl back into a snarl.]

Caitlyn: YOU… that’s… THAT’S…

…that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me!

[Mojo peeks up from behind the car, throwing the camera a bewildered expression. Caitlyn helps her beaten husband off the ground and leads him to the passenger side.]

Caitlyn: I could have been there to help you, you know! We could have taken them!

Rocko: Maybe… but sometimes, the best strategy is to let them think they’ve got the upper hand.

Caitlyn: Did Ryan give you the title shot?

[She opens the door and sets him inside.]

Rocko: Not quite. Next week, I’ll earn it with a win over Hiroshi.

Caitlyn: Well, that’s not so bad.

Rocko: No… except that in the boss’ infinite wisdom, he made Stalker the guest referee.

[She shakes her head.]

Caitlyn: Damnit… what the hell are we going to do?

Rocko: I’ve already plan… let’s just get back to the hotel.

[Caitlyn closes the door, crosses over to the driver’s side, and the black vehicle pulls out of the parking garage. Mojo again steps in front of the camera, looking confused. We fade to black.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
THE CHAMP....IS.....cutting a promo

[CUT TO: Mojo Massey standing in front of an EPW: Aggression backdrop, holding a microphone, as the EPW World Champion, 'XXX' Sean Stevens walks into the picture dressed for competition, in black tights with a golden crown on the front and rear, and the now infamous 100% cotton, limited edition, "Caitlyn, Your Toe Is Showing!" t-shirt, with a big brown Camel on the back smoking a cigarette...

...purchasable at any vendor, or online by going to http://www.empireprowrestling.com ... going to the shopzone section, and clicking on Joe Camel's twin brother ... err ... twin camel. We don't need any stinkin' lawsuits!

On his head, was a shiny, 24 carat, solid gold, King's Crown that matched the art on his tights, with little white and yellow diamonds all over.]

MOJO!: Sean Stevens, last week, we saw a different side of you. A more aggressive, sadistic side. A side that saw you really attempt to HURT someone. Last week you weren't the entertainer that the wrestling industry grew to know you as. Last week, you seemingly became a man that was hell bent on inflicting as much punishment as possible on his foes, and liked doing it. What brought this on?

TRIPLE X: What brought this on? Hmmm ... let's see. What about when I busted my ass, week in and week out, and these people booed the hell out of me? Or what about that time I spent the day out with my lady, and little Ricky Ricardo and his merry band of Retarded Idiots decided that they didn't want us to have a nice, peaceful lunch and started to f_ck with me? What about when Ice Tre punched me dead in the temple, giving me a concussion, and the audience ... cheered?

What brought my aggressive side out? I'll tell you what brought it out. A little b_tch in rapper's clothing, that has literally disrespected everything that this sport once stood for. There's a generation of kids in wrestling schools across the country who - by this time next year - will be able to call themselves Professional Wrestlers, and it's not because of the figure four leglock that they were taught by a veteran, but because they were told that if they could cut a promo, they'd sell t-shirts, make more money and become stars. People like Ice Tre have taken shortcuts to success, and the sh_t pisses me the hell off!

Whatever happened to staying in the gym sixteen straight hours, learning your craft? Bouncing off the ropes so much, that the wire left red marks on your back? What happened to the good old days, when you had your boys - men that you went to war with, men that, through this rough and tough fraternity, became your brothers? I went away for a year and some change, and came back to an industry where it became COOL to be stupid, and as much as I loved the crowd participation during my matches ... if I gotta walk around with a f_cking diamond ... thingy ... in my mouth, covering my teeth, and say "yo" after every sentence in order to be liked around here, then each and every fan in attendance can kiss my blue-eyed bad *ASS*!

MOJO!: Well, last week, Caitlyn Daymon tasered you a total of FOUR times, how are you able to compete this week?

STEVENS[looking annoyed]: How am I able to compete this week?! I got a better question. How was I able to beat the ENTIRE empire pro wrestling roster in a battle royal in my first match back after a year-and-a-half break? How was I able to carry an Intercontinental Champion that never defended his title, a muffin obssessed retard, an ultra talentless 'gimmick' wrestler from that 'steak sauce' federation, Beast, Joey Melton - or his brother -- and, the most overrated champion to ever put on a pair of wrestling boots, Lindsay Troy, to the 2006 Match of the Year? How did a guy labeled a pretty boy, find it in him to get gritty, lace up his construction boots, and beat the best that this business has to offer in a series of steel cage matches to become...

.... the 2007 King of the Cage?

[Stevens paused, as if he were awaiting a response, before continuing seconds later.]

STEVENS: It's not a matter of if , or how ... it's WHEN, Mojo. Caitlyn Daymon could've pulled out an AK-47 that night and let off nine shots, and I'd still be here tonight, in front of you, answering a bunch of stupid 50 Cent comparison questions.

*I* am a bonified LEGEND!

People think I talk a lot of sh_t, they think I'm a bunch of hype ... but, when it's all said and done, and the dust has settled...

[He unbuckled the EPW World Championship, and raised it in front of the main camera.]

TRIPLE X: ... I always end up with things like these. Or this...

[He pointed to his 'King of the Cage' crown on his head.]

TRIPLE X: No matter where I go, who I have to go through, or what so called, professional wrestling SUPERSTAR, I have to add to my list of victims, it always ends up the same, and I think that's the reason why I'm so disliked.

Because I look better than everybody else,

I'm more gifted than everybody else,

My endorsemetns see to it that I have more money than everybody else,

and when it's all said and done, everybody has no choice but to do the one thing thing they never wanted to say or do, and that's, acknowledge my greatness, and Bow Down to the King, like the royal b_tches that you all ARE!

[Boos echo, as Sean made his way past the Gorilla Position, where he'd soon make his grand entrance to the ring. .]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Ice Tre vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) - cage weapons, etc. match, etc.

DT: Fans, the match we are about to witness is going to be ... it's going to be ugly. Very ugly.

MN: The EPW World Champion chose this match because he wanted to send a message. Ice Tre is a man who has taunted and PESTERED Triple X ever since Wrestleverse II. At every opportunity, the walking insurance-payoff-in-the-making, Ice Tre, has made a NUISANCE of himself, normally at Sean Stevens' expense! He has -- put simply -- had enough! Tonight, the New World Champion is going to make a statement. And in the process, likely KILL Ice Tre.

DM: But it was Ice Tre and HIS ... peoplez ... who requested a WEAPONS MATCH stipulation! Does this heightened street-fight aspect give the so called King of the Streets an advantage? While doubtful, I think it's something Triple X needs to keep in mind--

MN: You honestly think that Sean Stevens, in his ten years plus in this sport, and his countless feuds with countless legends, that this is going to be his FIRST Weapons match? Or the first time he's swung a baseball bat in anger? Not to MENTION that this bout is ALSO going down inside the confines of a Steel Cage. Lest we forget that it was the King of the Cage Tournament that BROUGHT Triple X to the EPW World Heavyweight Championship. Forget the weapons, Dean ... no one can control what goes on inside a steel cage quite like Sean Stevens. He proved that this past summer, no doubt about it. He swerved ALL of us last week when he feigned retirement, lulling his enemies into a false sense of security -- and then STRUCK. He chose this match tonight because he wants to assert his dominance over all of Empire Pro. And his reign truly begins ... tonight with Ice Tre.

DT: Say what you want about EITHER man, one thing is absolutely certain; what we are about to see ... is going to be ugly.

MN: Very ugly.

[The bell rings, and the fans erupt. The lights dim and the steel cage hanging ominously above the ring slowly lowers...]

TF: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for tonight's MAIN EVENT!

DT: We can see, as the cage is locked in place by the EPW ring crew, a wide array of weapons HANGING on the walls of the steel monstrosity! I want to remind everyone that this is a non-title match, and that the winner must successfully EXIT the cage via the door or by climbing up, over, and OUT of it!

TF: Introducing first, from San Diego, California...

[Bass? Thumpin'.]

TF: Weighing in tonight at 181 pounds...

[Crowd? Jumpin'.]

TF: He is the Undisputed KING of the STREETS. The CAPTAIN and driving force behind Team EPW. He is ... ICE ... TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

[Your Boy is in the Building. Stepping through the curtain with a waft of theatrical smoke, Ice Tre dramatically limps to the ring; not in pain, just doin' his thang. He wears no shirt, a massive set of chains around his scrawny neck.]

DM: Ice Tre comes into this, his first match back from serious injuries suffered at the hands of his opponent, with no question that he has vengeance on his mind. Sean Stevens is undoubtedly the favorite in this match, but as unimpressive as Ice Tre may be in a wrestling ring ... you throw that apparently-street-wise kid in a cage full of weapons? He just may become dangerous. Possibly.

MN: This is going to be a massacre!

[Tre enters the ring and immediately -- awkwardly -- climbs up the wall of the cage, posing for a jubilant crowd. His pale skin looks remarkably paler under the intense flashbulbs.]

TF: And his opponent...

[Lights cut out. CUE UP: "No Hook," by Jay Z. Blue and white fireworks.]

TF: From Orlando, Florida ... he is the 2007 KING of the CAGE and the REIGNING EPW World CHAMPION ... ladies and gentlemen, "TRIPLE X" ... Sean ... STEVENNNNS!!!!!

[The curtain parted, spotlight hit, and "Triple X" Sean Stevens walked through with his hair soaking wet -- crown atop his head and clad in a custom "Camel Toe" t-shirt, black tights, with neon blue X's on the legs and rear. Sean pauses at the top of the ramp, bitterly giving the audience the once over, then thrusts his arms in the air before continuing his walk down to the ring. Once at ringside, Sean ignores Tre and instead berates several fans in the front row. Finally assessing the cage, Triple X takes his time entering through the door. He sneers in Tre's direction.]

DT: There is no referee inside that cage with them. No one and nothing to pull them apart. Finally, the score between these two men will be settled!

[The bell rings and the match begins.]

DM: They lock up instantly and just as quickly, Triple X has Tre backed into the corner! Stevens LAYS into him, throwing knee after knee ito his midsection. He BLASTS Tre with a right forearm! Then a left! Another! Stevens with a pair of stiff knife-edge chops! Irish whips Ice Tre into the opposite corner and ... Tre already appears to be out of it.

DT: Stevens takes his time, lays a boot in Tre's gut, gras him... VERTICAL SUPLEX in the center of the ring! Picture perfect! Tre is suprisingly quick to return to his feet but is met with a right cross from Stevens! Another irish whip into the ropes ... and Tre runs into a CRUSHING LARIAT from Triple X!

MN: That nearly took the pimp out of his gators!

[Tre shakes his head, releasing the cobwebs and is, again, back on his feet in no time.]

DT: Ice Tre CHARGES across the ring, an EXPLOSION!

DM: Stevens ducks the wild clothesline and Tre hits the ropes--


DM: Stevens is dominating early, as expected!

MN: He's also expected to dominate in the middle of the match, as well as at the END. Come on, Dean. Let's stop the charade.

DM: Triple X pulls Tre to his feet, pounding him across the back of the neck and shoulders! He forces Tre back to the mat and applies a PUNISHING armbar. He is simply BENDING Tre's ... diminutive arm the wrong way!

[The camera focuses on the pain etched on Tre's face. The bandage that had begun the match covering his stitches now hung loosely, blood beginning to trickle slowly.]

MN: Just merciless! Stevens badgers Tre into the corner and is just working him over. He looks as focused and as determined as I have ever seen him. This is a man who is at his absolute prime, the apex of a storied career! Think about it, gentlemen! Sean Stevens has bested the very best this promotion has to offer, time and again. His standing in this industry is set in stone. The man that he is methodically picking apart right now represents EVERYTHING that Sean Stevens stands AGAINST.

DT: Stevens adjusts his grip on Tre's right arm, moves it to the wrist and PULLS him into -- CLOTHESLINE! Trip with a GUILLOTINE LEGDROP across that right shoulder! He springs to his feet, arm raised! Look at the arrogance!

[Trip takes a moment to walk around the ring, eyes trained on the fans -- fist raised above in defiance. Ice Tre lay at his feet, writhing in pain. His shoulder is, again, dislocated and his stitches have been obliterated.]

DM: Sean Stevens could probably walk out that door right now... look at Tre! He is done! Two minutes into the match and I think Ice Tre is hurt.

MN: Triple X STOMPS on that shoulder, just wearing it down! I love it!

DT: Stevens is in total control and now he ... he's looking for a weapon! Found one he likes ... he just pulled a coil of STEEL CHAIN off the wall!?!

MN: He loads it ... WHIPS IT ACROSS TRE's BACK! AGAIN with the CHAIN! AGAIN! Tre charges at him-- Sean Stevens with a STANDING DROPKICK!! Unbelievable!!!

DT: Stevens now ... wrapping the chain around Tre's neck and just WRENCHING BACK! Oh my GOD!! He's going ... he's gonna KILL HIM!

DM: He is just draining and choking the life out of the self-proclaimed King of the Streets!

[Finally, Triple X removes the steel chains and throws them into the corner. Pulling Tre to his feet by his own cheap gold chains, Stevens aims a clenched fist at Tre's gushing forehead.]

DT: Stevens BLASTS Tre with a right hand! And another! DDT ONTO THE CHAIN!!! Tre is down in a heap and Stevens is back on the offensive, laying boots on that same right shoulder!!! He pulls Tre up by that hurting right arm and LEVELS him with another vicious clothesline! And .. what's this? Is Stevens going to climb out?

[Stevens smiles, starting up the cage to a chorus of boo's ... but he only goes high enough to reach his next weapon on choice.]

MN: STEEL CHAIR! He just pulled the CHAIR down! Weighing it in his hands, Trip turns--

DM: Tre DUCKS the CHAIR, hits the near rope--

MN: CREAMED with the X-FACTOR! Sean Stevens just removed Ice Tre's head! Busted his cap! ... Word Up!

DT: That was a BRUTAL superkick!

[Stevens raises the chair above his head as if to strike, then rethinks. He, again, eyes the crowd before choosing to OPEN the chair up ... and take a seat.]

DT: What the ... ?

[Stevens leaned forward head rested on his hands, elbows on his knees ... attentively and patiently waiting for Ice Tre to get up. The crowd made themselves known, booing like crazy.]

MN: This isn't about beating Ice Tre ... it's about BEATING Ice Tre! He could win the match here ... he could bludgeon Tre to death ... instead? He's WAITING for him!

[Tre is not quick to oblige, left hand clutching the opposite shoulder, face contorted in pain.]

DT: Sean Stevens, the EPW World Champion, is sending a message tonight.

DM: He grows impatient and leaps from his chair. He YANKS Tre to his feet -- LOW BLOW BY ICE TRE and this ARENA ABSOLUTELY EXPLODES!!!

[Tre uses the ropes to stand, flashing his version of a gang sign.]

DT: Stevens is down to a knee, and Tre is staggering! He shoots into the ropes, Triple X runs at him-- SWINGING NECKBREAKER by SEAN STEVENS!!! Just like that, Stevens regains control! He slowly gets up and is PISSED! He BLASTS Tre with kick after kick, boot after boot! Now he pulls Tre back to his feet, go behind -- GERMAN SUPLEX ... rolls through ... and ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Sean Stevens rolls through to his feet and RUNS up the turnbuckle, waits .... BIG SPLASH--

MN: ICE TRE ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Using the chair to help him up, Tre is upright -- BULLDOG ONTO THE CHAIR!! Sean Stevens just DROVE Tre's head onto that chair!! It's BENT!

[Camera catches the twisted steel before focusing back on the action; Stevens grabbing Tre by his head and RUNNING him, head first, into the CAGE WALL!]

DT: INTO THE WALL!!! Stevens grabs the chair and raises it above his head--

DM: Tre reaches up, grabbing Trip's tights -- he YANKS him into the turnbuckle! Trip, momentarily stunned ... Tre to his feet!

DT: Stevens turns-- CHAIRSHOT? NO! Tre kicks him in the gut! He GRABS the chair from Stevens! Swings and--


[Tre instinctively brings the chair up, defensive, a modest swing behind it -- and Stevens punches it full force.]

DM: Tre opens the chair and sets it down before clenching his shoulder! ...Stevens goes to a knee in the corner, nursing his hand!

DT: This is Tre's chance ... and he's acting on it! On the prowl, he pulls Stevens to his feet, but ... Stevens comes up firing with lefts! He rocks Tre into the corner, swings with another HARD right--

MN: Tre ducked it, Trip NAILED the cage! Tre BLASTS Triple X with a kick to the gut and WHIPS him into the ropes. Tre goes for his ICE PICK SUPER KICK--

DT: But Stevens SLIDES under it and BEHIND Tre, GRABS him -- attempts a Half Nelson Suplex but Tre put the brakes on?!? KNOCKS Trip back with an elbow-- another! Tre spins, tries to whip Stevens towards him, but Stevens REVERSES it -- pulls Tre in with another clothesline!

[Wide-eyed, Tre crawled across the ring, blood pooling from his head. His arm had just been pulled back in it's socket, a unique pain that Tre was still trying to process when Stevens wrenched him back up to his feet.]

DM: He's setting him up... WAIT! Tre with a knee to the midsection ... A Knife edge Chop! ANOTHER! ... ANOTHER! Stevens looks SHOCKED!

MN: We're ALL shocked! I'm not sure if Ice Tre has ever strung more than two offensive moves together!!

DT: Tre sends Stevens into the ropes-- ICE PICK! ICE PICK! ICE PICK!

DM: Ice Tre's fabled, never-before-seen, "finisher"! He just NAILED it! I ... don't believe it!

[Tre regains his balance, center of the ring, and raises his arms to cheers. He points upward as he starts up the cage, forgetting about the door in typical Tre fashion.]

DM: Stevens is pulling himself up the ropes, slowly, still favoring that hand! Tre is halfway up, passing a TwoByFour along the way! He's almost there! Stevens just realized it!!!

[Stevens spits out blood, angrily, as he scales the cage -- carefully favoring his bloody right hand.]

MN: Stevens was hoping to catch Tre before he made it to the top, but ... Tre is there!!! Stevens grabs onto his leg and is using that to help him up faster--!

[Tre carefully swings his other leg over the cage, swaying precariously. His eyes again go wide, now with fear. Stevens pounded Tre in the head with a closed left fist as he, TOO, reached the top of the cage!! Flashbulbs exploded from every other seat in the arena!]

DM: Tre and Trip both straddled the wall, facing eachother, nearly 20 feet off the ground!! Tre throws a right, another! NO! Stevens blocks it and lays in his own, both men desperately trying to maintain their balance!!!

[Ice Tre reaches into his baggy jeans pocket ... and pulls out a small can. Of mace. He quickly removes the cap and UNLOADS, spraying it in Stevens face!!!]

MN: TRE JUST MACED HIM! ...is that legal?!?

DT: Stevens is clawing his eyes out, teetering atop the cage!!! WAIT! He's gone beserk!!! He's PUMMELING Ice Tre, BLIND!!!

[Left hand clutching Ice Tre's fake gold chains, bloody, mangled right hand POUNDING Tre's face, Steven's face was a mask of hate. He pulled Tre in by the chains with each agonizing right hand, maximizing the impact!]

MN: Ice Tre is in trouble!!

[A THUNDEROUS right hand -- and Ice Tre's fake, cheap gold chains ... Break.]


[The bell rings!]


TF: The winner of this bout...

[The crowd erupts as ringside officials help Tre to his feet -- one raising his hand.]

TF: ...ICE ... TREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

[Atop the cage, Stevens sat uneasily in disbelief, left hand still clutching the remnants of Tre's gold chains ... his right hand drenched in their blood.]

DT: Ice Tre ... has DONE IT!?!? He's defeated Sean Stevens! He has ... defeated the EPW World Champion!!!

DM: Look at this! The referee just handed Tre Sean Stevens' custom 'King of the Cage' crown?!?

[A bloody and exhausted Ice Tre smiles as the crown is placed atop his head, backpeddling up the aisle as the crowd reels. Stevens remains atop the wall, fuming, barking in Tre's direction.]

MN: I am absolutely speechless!

DT: Then ALL of my dreams have come true! Fans, we are out of time! For all of us here ... GOOD NIGHT!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Rocko & Caitlyn Daymon's hotel room. Forty-five minutes after the show went off the air.

After last week's attack's, Caitlyn Daymon was sure that tonight would be a hellish one filled with ugly, violent displays of revenge by her husband's enemies. There were several close calls, but nothing really stuck, and as she packed her bags, she sighed a sigh of relief, if not only for making it through the night unscathed.

Rocko had said something about grabbing a snack downstairs ‘real quick’, but had promised he'd be back in thirty minutes.

... that was fifteen minutes ago.

She continued placing items in their suitcase, when she noticed a big metal trash can, near the bathroom door, with his garbage man jumpsuit laying on top.

"Stupid costume," she mumbled as, but making a mental note that she never noticed it in the room. She walked in the direction of the bathroom, to pick it up, noticing that the bathroom door was slightly cracked. "Strange," she thought as she entered the room. It was very dark inside, so Caitlyn did the logical thing and turned on the light switch...

... as 'Triple X' Sean Stevens - in an act that resembled something straight out of a Horror Movie - stood there, directly in front of her, looking as sadistic as ever. Caitlyn tried to retreat, but it was too late, grabbing a handful of hair, Sean used his free hand to cover her mouth, which didn't fully work, as you could still hear her the after affects of her screams, with the echo in the bathroom magnifying it.

Her next move would be the thing that would drive him over the edge, if last week wasn't enough. Caitlyn - with all of her might - bit down on Sean's hand, causing him to scream himself, before he shoved her to the floor, her head just missing the sink.

She tried to get back up, but was met with a stiff slap, that turned her face completely red.]

TRIPLE X[breathing heavily]: Now look what you made me do, you stupid b_tch!

[Caitlyn tried to make another move for the door, but backed off as Triple X raised his fist in the air in a threatening motion. Next, he walked to the door, shutting and locking it.]

TRIPLE X: You're a smart woman, Caitlyn, so let me make one thing perfectly clear to you. Whatever it is you were trying to prove last week, it didn't work. I am not a joke, and this is not a game. You can not wi--

-- who in the hell do you think you're looking at like that?!

[Sean grabbed Caitlyn by the hair, yanking her toward the toilet, forcing her head inside of it, against her will. After a second or so, he pulled her out of it, as drippings from the water splashed all over his shirt, and the floor.]

TRIPLE X: Do you understand that I have no issues with HURTING you? Do you know my history? I will Ike Turner your ass without so much as batting an eyelash, and end your HUSBAND'S career if he even thought about trying to defend you. ...f_cking skank.

[Caitlyn spat on him, it landed directly on his face. Trip whiped it off slowly, taking in the moment, before rushing her, and jamming her head down the toilet again, this time keeping it under there for ten seconds, flushing the toilet in the process.

This time, after he let her up, she fought for air, breathing heavily.]

TRIPLE X: You want to take this to another level? You and your husband want to see the depths I'll lower myself to in order to keep MY title? You and Rocko want my attention? Well do me a favor and tell him what THIS felt like.

[For a third time, Sean rammed her head down the toilet, keeping it under water for what felt like thirty seconds, and when he let her up this time, she began to vomit.

Triple X stood up, glancing at himself in the mirror. He had been through hell tonight, but it didn't matter because in the end, he was still champion, and things ended up in his favor ... just like they always did.

He adjusted the bandage on his forehead, and winked at himself, admiring his attractiveness, almost as if Caitlyn wasn't even in the room. As he walked to the door, unlocking it to let himself out, he turned to face the breathless Caitlyn Daymon one last time.]

TRIPLE X: When Rocko finds his way out of that storage closet I locked him in, tell him he can have a shot at me in two weeks on Aggression, since he’s all tied up next week. No gimmicks, just the two of us inside of the ring, face to face. Who needs to wait until Black Dawn, I say?

[Sean exited the bathroom, but stood outside of the door, delivering one final message.]

TRIPLE X: But, if you or him even think about using your little electrical thingy on me before our match, or lay a finger on me, the deal is OFF. I'll still gladly whip your punk ass husband for the world to see, but it won't be for MY title. And, if you try to get cute and interfere during the match, you better make it a good one, because if you don't succeed, I will never give that bastard a shot at the EPW World Championship as long as I am the champ. ... same rules apply to after the match as well, Kate.

Now clean yourself up, you smell like old ass.

[Trip slammed the door behind him.

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