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AGGRESSION 37: Miami, FL - 7/23/08 - Intro & Miles/Beast vs. Cruise/SB

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[CUE UP: "Imperial March" - Rage Against the Machine. A video montage plays, featuring smoke-wreathed images of various wrestlers, some of them leaving blurred trails as they move.
CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Adam Benjamin.
CUT TO: Shawn Hart coming off the ropes with a Quebrada.
CUT TO: Felix Red standing victorious in the ring.
CUT TO: JA delivering the Karelin Driver to Ron Artest
CUT TO: Adam Benjamin delivering a Shining Wizard to Karl Brown.
CUT TO: Joey Melton, mugging for the crowd.
CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Beast.
CUT TO: Ice Tre flailing away as he falls from a cage.
CUT TO: JA and Kin Hiroshi locking up in the middle of the ring.
CUT TO: Rocko Daymon, mugging with Caitlyn, tapping the belt over his shoulder.
CUT TO: “Triple X” Sean Stevens on the second turnbuckle staring out into the crowd with one arm raised overhead.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.
CUT TO: With a clash of metal, a logo slams across the screen, its edges flickering.]

[Pyro erupts around the stage and the ring itself as a wide angle shot of the crowd pans around the arena before finally resting on the broadcast team.]

DT: Good evening everyone and welcome to Empire Pro Wrestling’s Aggression 37!! I’m Dave Thomas, with me as always is Dean Matthews and….well, Mike Neely.

[We see a shot of Neely, stuffing his face.]

DM: [Looking over] That’s professionalism right there.

DT: Tonight the recently announced Kings of the Cage tournament gets underway with a shot at the World Tag Team Champions on the line. Also, we hope to have an update on the condition of the World Heavyweight Champion, Rocko Daymon! As everybody knows, the champion had an ATROCIOUS fall at the last Aggression that left his foe Stalker in bad shape!

DM: It’s an update most people are eagerly waiting to hear, Dave. Strange as it may seem, NOBODY knows the condition of Rocko Daymon after that fall! The Daymons have been out of the public eye for the past few weeks, and Lindsay Troy has done everything in her power to prevent any news from leaking out.

DT: Well, I suppose if there’s no news, there’s nothing to be worried about, right?

DM: I don’t know, Dave… Daymon’s suffered some fierce drops through his career and managed to come out unhurt… but NOBODY falls through a window and three stories into the top of car and just walks away without a scratch!

MN: Maybe he’s dead! OH MAN, wouldn’t that be wonderful!

DT: That’s a HORRIBLE thing to suggest, Mike!

MN: Well hey, I meant the GOOD kind of dead, you know? Like, uh… BRAIN dead, perhaps?

DM: Sitting in a wheelchair, eating through a tube, and pissing in a bag for the rest of his life?

MN: HAHAHAHA!! Yeah, that’d be great…

DM: …you’re a sick man, Mike.

[The lights dim and the cage -- which is roofed and encapsulates the ringside area "Cell-style" -- descends to the floor to the ROAR of the crowd. Once it finally lowers, several ring crew members check the links and open the door so that Tony Fatora and senior referee Pat Jones can step inside.]

DT: Okay, folks, it's time to get the 2008 Kings of the Cage tournament underway, but before we do, let's get a quick refresher on the rules!

MN: Oh, I wait with baited breath.

[A graphic takes over the full screen, revealing the rules to the tournament as Dave Thomas says them.]

DT: As you've seen, we're not using the "traditional" steel cage for this tournament, but rather a 20-foot high steel cell that surrounds our entire ringside area. That means escape doesn't mean a thing, folks, once that door locks, it's pinfall or submission only and one team walks out with the victory. And finally, although there won't be countouts or disqualifications, the fall must take place within the ring AND standard tag team rules apply. One man in the ring, one man on the apron, that's the way it goes.

DM: Until the large men in the cage decide to take matters into their own hands, of course.

DT: That's your refresher course, folks, so let's not waste any time and get this tourney started!

[The graphic flies away, and the shot switches to Tony Fatora in the middle of the ring.]

TF: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and is a first-round matchup in the Kings of the Cage Tournament!

[Crowd POPS!]

TF: Introducing first...

[CUE-UP: "All These Things I Hate [Revolve Around Me]" by Bullet for My Valentine, as Simply Beautiful and Cameron Cruise step out onto the entrance ramp to the cheers of the crowd. The duo look at each other, nod, and stride down to the ring with a purpose before stepping through the cage door and sliding into the squared circle.]

TF: At a total combined weight of 498 pounds, the team of SIMPLY BEEEEEAAAUUUTIFUUUUULL AAAND CAMEROOOOON CRUUUUUUISSSSEEEEEEEE!!! Their opponents...

["All These Things I Hate" fades away, and is quickly replaced by the opening strains of Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen", along with the requisite boos that have become a part of this man's life in Empire Pro Wrestling. Beast steps out on the ramp, looking extremely angry and focused. He looks to the back, motioning for his tag team partner to come out, but nobody appears.]

TF: First, he hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and weighs in at 285 pounds. He is a former EPW World Heavyweight Champion ... THIS. IS. BEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSTTTT!!!!!

[Beast pauses on the ramp as his music plays, waiting for his partner to make his entrance. Finally, after "Ladies and Gentlemen" fades into silence, we get the first indication that the Dean of Thermodynamics at the Professional Heel Academy is on his way. It comes in the form of fire. A LOT of fire, pouring from every conceivable orifice on the entrance ramp and heating the arena like a custom-made rotisserie oven. "Sleep Now With the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine pumps over the loudspeakers, and Craig Miles, flicking the ashes from his cigarette onto the metal grates of the ramp, struts out to the entranceway to join his exasperated tag team partner.]

TF: His tag team partner hails from Seattle,Washington and weighs in at 237 pounds. He is the Dean of Thermodynamics, he is one of wrestling's most legendary figures, he is "COCKY" CRAAAAAAAAIIIIIGGGG MIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!

[At long last, Beast and Miles step into the ring, passing Tony on his way out. As soon as the ring crew locks the doors, Simply Beautiful pounces!]

DT: Here comes ESS BEE ... SOMERSAULT PLANCHA ONTO BEAST!!! Andrew Rossi isn't wasting a moment in getting this one started!

DM: Neither is his partner!

DT: Cruise at a full sprint ... TOPEEEEEEE--NO! Cameron Cruise shot through the ropes like a Heat Seeking Missile, but the Cocky One moved and Cruise smashed face-first into the side of the cell!

MN: Miles moves, Loafy doesn't. Really took us long to determine who the brains of this pairing is, huh?

DT: Now the two combatants still standing are making a beeline right for each other! Craig Miles and SB trading lefts and rights, but Miles cuts him off with a knee to the gut, rolls him into the ring and Pat Jones FINALLY calls for the bell!


DM: Good, now we've got order and democracy restored in this here ANYTHING GOES CAGE MATCH.

MN: God, I hate order. Not so much democracy.

DT: I hate to ask, but why is that?

MN: Because we've got too many damn Communists around here already.

DM: He's got a point, Dave.

DT: Miles and SB are finally in the ring, and it looks like their respective partners have recovered enough to reach their corners. Collar-and-elbow lockup in the middle of the ring, and SB powers Miles back into the corner! Pat Jones calls for a break, SB complies -- but unleashes a WICKED chop as soon as he lets go! And another! And another! Miles tries to bull his way out of the corner, but Rossi sends him right to the mat with an armdrag! Miles pops up ... right into a hiptoss from Simply Beautiful! Miles up again ... but SB drops him with another armdrag, this time of Japanese origin!

MN: Straight outta Osaka, yo!

DM: Quiet, you.

DT: SB hooks the leg ... but a quick kickout from the Dean of Thermodynamics, who slips out of the ring.

DM: Craig Miles has been around the track plenty of times, folks, but this is his first time ever inside an EPW ring, and he's going to need to get used to our unique brand of competition.

DT: SB doesn't want to give him a chance to recover ... baseball slide - NO! Miles grabbed Rossi's legs and pulled him straight to the mats outside! He grabs SB, and he throws him head first into the wall of the cage!

MN: I think he's already used to the whole "competition" thingy, Deano.

DM: Evidently.

DT: Miles scoops Simply Beautiful off the mat and tosses him back in the ring. He lays in a couple of those patented stomps, and now it's time to let the former World Champion have a crack.

MN: Maaaaybe. Maaaaaybe not.

DT: Miles pulls his arm away at the last minute, and he goes right back to laying the boots into Andrew Rossi! What the hell is going on?

DM: He's making life as hard as possible for Beast, Dave. The big man badly wants in the ring, so I think Miles is going to make him earn it.

MN: Further evidence that Craig Miles is the greatest man to ever live.

DT: Miles pulls SB up, but drops him right back down with a sharp elbow strike to the top of the head! He drops down for a cover...


And a half! SB was knocked a little silly for a moment, but he recovered and SPRINTED to his corner to tag in Cameron Cruise.


DM: Dude, it's Cameron Cruise, and he's in a cage.

MN: No, I just had a bean burrito, and ... welll ...

DM: You're spending the next show in a plastic bubble, Mikey.

DT: Cruise in, but Miles stings him with an elbow to the gut ... and a chop! And another! And another! One more! He's chopping Cameron Cruise all the way around the ring! Miles whips Cruise into the corner ... takes charge ... COCKYline in against the turnbuckles! Severe whiplash for Cameron Cruise right there! Out of the corner ... BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Miles planted Cruise flat-back on the mat, and now he breaks into that patented strut!

DM: That's some fine struttin' there, boys.

DT: Miles strutting around the ring ... and Beast reaches out for the blind tag! The former world champ is in, and he pounces straight on Cruise! Rights and lefts ... and Miles pulls him off?

MN: Hmm. This is a strange dynamic.


DT: Miles pulled Beast off, and he's admonishing him right in the middle of the ring, but Beast just shoves him away! He spins around ... into a small package from Cruise!



Miles steps in to break it up! SB charges in after Miles ... NOBODY HOME!!!! Rossi charged at Miles, missed and went straight through the ropes to the floor! Cruise rolls up ... clothesline on Miles - he ducks, and Beast GORED CAMERON CRUISE RIGHT OUT OF HIS BOOTS!!!

MN: Dude. I think I just saw his spleen pop out.

DM: Too much information, man.

DT: Beast with the cover...



Cruise shoots the shoulder up just in the nick of time!

DM: If nothing else, Cam Cruise is one tough man. That gore has put many men down in Beast's time, and Cruise was gutsy enough to pull a shoulder off the mat.

MN: Wow, you’re the world’s most generic man.

DT: Beast scrapes Cruise off the canvas … irish whip … HYOOGE SPINEBUSTER! Pulls him right back up … into a backbreaker! He reaches over to tag in Miles … the Cocky One up top, and he DROPS THE KNEE right across Cruise’s chest while he’s draped across Beast’s knee!

MN: See, teamwork always prevails. Even when Big Loafy’s involved.

DM: It’s been four years, Neely. Can you finally stop with the “Loafy” thing?


DM: Crap.

DT: Miles lays down for the pin…



POINT FIVE!! Cruise showing tremendous heart, especially considering that his partner is completely laid out on the mats outside.

MN: Yeah, but he’s gonna get squished in like four seconds, so all this heart and guts crap kinda doesn’t mean anything.

DT: Miles tags Beast back in, and he catches cruise with a that trademarked clothesline as soon as he steps through the ropes! Cruise back up … another vicious lariat from Beast! Now he pulls Cruise up … TEST OF FAITH!!! Back up again … hooks in the pumphandle …

DM: Miles just tagged himself in!

DT: Beast has Cruise up … ABSOLUTION TWO KAY FOUR!!!! That vicious pumphandle piledriver! Beast drops for the cover, but Miles shoves him aside! Miles picks up Cruise … MILEStone!!!! Spinning tombstone piledriver, and Cameron Cruise might have a serious neck injury! Miles covers…

DM: Here comes SB!

DT: Beast sees him coming … OH WHAT A GORE!!!! Beast saw SB coming and charged straight at him with the Gore, sending both men into the cage! Pat Jones drops for the count…




[CUE-UP: “Sleep Now with the Fire” as Miles reaches into the corner, grabs a pack of cigarettes and lights one up, smirking as his partner looks at him from the floor.]

MN: Hmm. That was easy.

DT: Beast and Craig Miles move on to the semifinals, but after tonight, I’m not sure of two things. Can anybody beat these two, and can these two co-exist long enough to get to next week at Aggression?

[Cruise slowly gets to his feet clutching at his neck as Beast leaves the ring, with Miles a few steps behind him. As they reach the curtain we see Cruise slapping a turnbuckle while kicking the bottom rope in frustration. SB finally stirs and starts to shake the cobwebs as Cruise gives him the bad news. Cruise shrugs his shoulders and turns to exit the ring as SB's eyes widen in disbelief. SB shoots to his feet, grabbing Cruise by the shoulder and asks for a better explanation. Waving it off, Cruise turns to leave again before being stopped a second time. Cruise physically removes SB's hand and shoots him back a warning before turning to exit the ring to the back. Unrelenting, SB grabs Cruise by the shoulder and physically turns him around, causing Cruise to fire a right hand at SB, sending SB to the mat. Cruise exits and hops off the apron, slapping the mat in disgust as all of a sudden the fans produce a HUUUUUUUUGE Heel pop, tossing garbage and other trash at Cruise as he guards himself while heading over to the back.]

DT: What the hell has happened to Cameron Cruise?? He wasn’t exactly tearing it up out there, ya know. Surely he’s not gonna pin this one on SB?!

MN: He is, and don’t call me…

DM: AHEM….Good one, Neely. That joke was really funny when the wise men told it to Jesus.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Fallen vs. Second Coming

DT: Well, Round One of the King of the Cage is ready to continue now as we’ll witness the second coming of Second Coming, as well as The Fallen. Sean Stevens’ devilishly hot girlfriend and his fellow Rocko Daymon-nightmare, Stalker Jason Reeves.

DM: Stalker almost lost his leg at Aggression 36. After a brutal brawl that led to a multi-story fall onto the hood of a car, Stalker’s left leg is badly injured.

MN: It’s going to take more than a bum leg to stop this guy. The hobo and hottie from Hell team up to take over this King of the Cage tournament.

[CUE UP: “Did My Time” by Korn blares over the speakers as Stalker in his usual street clothes walks onto the stage.]

DT: There’s Stalker and he seems to be heavily favoring his left leg.

MN: What determination. It takes guts to put your career on the line like this.

DM: Nakita seems to think it will be an advantage for them. She wants to use his injury as a ploy to trap Second Coming.

TF: Standing 6’2” tall and weighing in at 242 pounds. He is from parts unknown and a former superstar at Superior Championship Wrestling. He is SSSTTTAAALLKKKEEERR JAAAASON REEEEEEVEEESSSSSS!

[Stalker slides into the ring as the lights go completely out. Red lights all around the arena and strobes along the entrance stage replace them. CUE UP: “Gently” by Slipknot hits as Nakita’s video lights up the screen. Thick fog covers the ground and a ring of fire encompasses center stage. Nakita rises up through the fire, cracking her knuckles. She walks down the ramp to a chorus of boos and steps between the ropes. Approaching the center of the ring, Nakita gets down on one knee and a spotlight shines over her nearly six-and-a-half foot frame. She approaches Stalker and they exchange words as the lights come back on.]

DT: These two look well-prepared for battle. They’ve been training hard in preparation for the cerebral aspect of tonight’s bout. They even spent some time playing chess together.

DM: The homeless don’t really play chess. I’m sure Stalker had a large learning curve to overcome.

MN: Say what you want. He’s been one step ahead of Rocko Daymon for months and stole the show at Agression 36.

TF: At 6’4” inches and 185 pounds, she is “The Dark Phenom” from Phoenix, Arizona. Ladies and gentlemen, one-third of the newest allegiance in EPW, NAAAKITAAAA DAAAHAAAKAAAA!!!!

DT: Stalker and Nakita look to be discussing strategy as they await their adversaries. Undoubtedly this team wants to take home the title of King of the Cage and reel in some tag team gold.

[CUE UP: “Hello” by Oasis hits over the speaker and the fans’ reaction is an ugly one. Bryan Storms walks onto the stage followed by Matt Johansson. They arrogantly taunt the crowd as they make their way down to the ring.]

DM: Can’t say I’m happy to see Storms back in an EPW ring. That rich boy really gets my goat. His fratboy sidekick isn’t much better.

MN: You’re just pissed because your girlfriend wanted a little more than an autograph from Storms.

TF: Weighing in at a combined 455 pounds and averaging a height on six-foot three inches. From Orlando, Florida and Long Island, New York. They’re back and looking to dominate the King of the Cage tournament. Bryan Storms and Matt Johansson, SEEEECOONNDDD COOOOMMMMMMINNNGGGGG!!!!

[SFX: Bell rings]

DT: Things get underway as the cage lowers. Dahaka and Storms square off to start this match. Storms taunts Dahaka by mocking her for being a woman, tiptoeing around the ring and pretending to cry. Dahaka responds by running at her opponent and executing a dropkick to the back of Storms. Storms goes down but is quick to get up and the two exchange blows in the corner of the ring. Dahaka gains an advantage, pinning Storms to the turnbuckle.

MN: Storms looks shocked at the brute strength of Nakita. She’s known as the toughest demon disciple for a reason.

DT: Nakita traps one of Storms’ arms in the ring ropes and does the same with the other. She backs up and taunts the crowd, who are booing her vigorously. After a running start Dahaka spears Storms, who grunts in pain. She backs up again and lands another vicious spear on one half of Second Coming.

MN: Go BABY go!!!

DT: It looks like Johansson is searching for anything under the ring to stop this onslaught. He’s found a baseball bat, but is hiding it from Nikita at ringside. Dahaka has rage in her eyes as she sets up for a third spear. WHOA!!! Johansson cracks Dahaka HARD on her knee as she’s running at Storms. She falls on her face at Storms’ feet.

MN: Not the kneecap! Stevens won’t be happy at all if Dahaka can’t get down on her knees.

DM: What are you trying to say Mike?

MN: I think you get my drift.

DM: Just remember it’s a family show.

DT: Johansson tags himself in with Storms’ trapped hand as Storms stomps on the back of the head of Dahaka. Johansson slides in the ring with the bat and wails on Dahaka’s back. Stalker limps into the ring, but gathers enough steam to clothesline Matt to the ground. The bat goes flying and hits the cage. Storms wiggled out from being trapped in the corner now and helps Johansson with Stalker. Stalker fights of both men with rights as his healthy leg is firmly planted, allowing a strong foundation for power.

MN: Look at Stalker. He’s like my hero! Tough as nails and creepy as Richard Gere at a pet store.

DM: I’m just gonna leave that one alone…

DT: Stalker is fighting off two men at once on a bum leg. OOOOHHHH!!! He just went down in a heap after brawling with Matt. Bryan took the opportunity to side stomp Stalker right in his left leg. Stalker is holding his knee in tremendous pain. He rolls out of the ring leaving Dahaka on her own. She’s now up and uses her height to apply an inverted headlock on Storms. With catlike quickness, Dahaka executes a reverse DDT Drop and is back on her feet to kick Johansson in the gut.

MN: Wow! Nakita is getting me hot.

DM: Really? Usually your only reaction to Nakita is cowering in fear.

MN: Leave me alone Dean! I feel what I feel okay?!

DM: HAHA! You’re such a baby!

DT: Storms rolls out of the ring as Dahaka bounces off the ropes and connects with a Cross-body on Johansson. She rolls through the move and tags in Stalker. Stalker maneuvers through the ropes and catches Matt with a right before he can get up. He Irish whips Matt into the ropes and executes a Russian Leg Sweep as Johansson falls on his face. Dahaka has a steel chair and slides it to Stalker. He picks it up and raises it over his head to beat Johansson with it. UUUGGGHHH!!! Matt kicks Stalker’s leg and he drops the chair.

DM: Stalker is writhing in pain. He’s getting what he deserves in this match.

DT: Johansson picks up the chair and levels Stalker in the head. Matt immediately attacks Stalker’s left leg with the butt of the steel chair. He’s mercilessly pummeling the formerly homeless wrestler’s leg.

MN: This isn’t fair! Someone put a stop to this!

DT: Dahaka runs in to save her partner, but is met with a running elbow from Bryan Storms. Johansson makes the pin and the ref counts…



And Stalker somehow kicks out with a bum leg. Stalker is shady, but he’s showing real grit in this one. Second Coming is putting on a spectacle of teamwork. There’s no ring rust with these two.

DM: A spectacle?! They’ve been doing nothing but using weapons to break down Stalker’s leg!

DT: The referee escorts Storms back to his corner and Dahaka lands a low blow from behind on Johansson. She grabs Stalker and drags him to the corner. Stalker tags her in once the ref is watching and Dahaka climbs the turnbuckle. Waiting for Johansson to get up and turn around, she executes a picture-perfect Missile Dropkick from the corner. Johansson goes down hard, but Dahaka pops right back up. She signals to Stalker to set up a table outside the ring.

MN: Oh man! Second Coming might be in trouble here. This has all the makings of an ugly outcome.

DT: Dahaka picks up Matt and jumps up onto his shoulders. She lands a hurricanrana on one-half of Second Coming. The crowd applauds her execution. Stalker grabs Johansson and drags him onto the table. Dahaka Irish Whips off the far ropes…. HOOOLLYYYY COOOOWWWWW!!! What a SUICIDE PLANCHA over the top rope!

DM: She’s nuts! There’s no point advancing to the second round if you have to forfeit because you’re DEAD!

MN: Holy crap that woman can brawl!

DT: Stalker picks up Matt and rolls him into the ring. He slides in himself to meet Storms with a clothesline. Dahaka slides in and makes the pin.



3! No KICKOUT! Johansson kicked out!! And Stalker and Storms take it to the outside. Storms gains advantage and Irish Whips Stalker into the cage. The whole thing rattles! In the ring Johansson counters a DDT by Nakita and gets her in a sleeper hold. Storms has the steel chair and is attacking Stalker’s knee relentlessly. Stalker is grunting loudly from the pain as Dahaka looks unconscious in the sleeper hold. The referee checks by raising her arm.



And she gets her arm up! Several elbows to the gut later Dahaka turns the tides on Johansson. Meanwhile outside Storms is on the top turnbuckle and Stalker’s on the ground seemingly out cold. His leg is inflamed. Storms looks to finish him off with an aerial attack, but the referee grabs his shorts. Bryan drops from the top of the turnbuckle to argue with the ref. The referee eventually gets Bryan to his spot on the apron. Stalker is crawling to his corner, hobbling in pain.

MN: The referee may have just saved Stalker’s career. Thank God. What would we do without him?

DM: We wouldn’t have to worry about him ending up on the sex offenders list… Caitlyn Daymon could sleep again at night… There’d be fewer hoboes at the Will Call window.

MN: We get your point.

DM: I can understand Dahaka hesitating to tag in Stalker in his condition, but what is Johansson waiting for? Storms is fresh and waiting to pounce.

DT: Dahaka plants Johansson with a Tornado DDT that leaves the blonde laid out on the mat. Dahaka taunts the crowd, who batter her with boos. Stalker is cheering her on as she climbs the turnbuckle. Taunting the crowd once more, Dahaka sets up for a moonsault. In mid –air Johansson gets his knees up. OOOOOHHHHH!!! Dahaka is keeled over and writhing in pain. Johansson looks at his tag partner, but instead pins Dahaka.




DM: What is Matt thinking?! Tag in Storms!! This is ridiculous!

DT: Johansson picks up Dahaka and sets her up to lift her in the air. He has her hanging in the air…. OOOUCCCCHHHH!!! Vicious BRAINBUSTER! That one had to hurt!! Johansson picks up a groggy Nakita and whips himself off the ropes. He lands a painful running knee lift and almost took Dahaka’s head off. Stalker jumps in to help his fallen teammate. Stalker with a Flying elbow to the face of Johansson.

DM: Where the hell is Storms going? Help Matt!

MN: I think he’s going for that bat from earlier…

DT: Johansson kicks Stalker’s leg from under him and Stalker goes down again. That leg is toast! This man has put his heart and soul into this match, but no one could take this kind of punishment without getting slowed down. Johansson quickly applies a textbook Figure Four leg lock on Stalker who’s now yelling in pain.

MN: UUGGGHHHH!!!! Even my leg hurts watching this!

DM: Dahaka’s getting up. What the hell is Storms doing?! Get in there!

DT: Dahaka is up now and sees her chance. Johansson spots her and releases the hold. Stalker is unconscious from the pain!

DM: He’s out Dave. He’ll be lucky if he ever walks again.

DT: Johansson is up, but not in time. Dahaka attacks him with furious vengeance. She runs Matt over like a freight train with the Running Gun! Dahaka’s super spear-like setup move puts Johansson on his back, and he’s not getting up. Dahaka taunts the crowd again. She looks possessed! She picks up Johansson…


DT: Dahaka is setting up Johansson in the corner for the The Dragon Snap! She’s running up the turnbuckle and flips over Matt. She’s applied The Dragon Sleeper! Johansson is flailing!! Wait a minute… Storms has the bat and he’s gonna swing on Dahaka.. NO!!! HE NAILS THE REF!! Storms just flattened the referee, cracking him in the back! Nakita releases the hold, but she’s not in time. Storms swings for her head just as Matt falls like a heap to the mat.

MN: WHOOOOAAA!!! That had to hurt!

DM: Storms was just biding his time, using Johansson as bait. Matt sacrifices for the team and Dahaka bought it- hook, line and sinker.

DT: Storms picks up Dahaka and puts her on the top turnbuckle… SLAPSHOT DRIVER!!!

DM: That’s gotta be it! She’s not getting up from that!

MN: Get up!! Get up!!!

DT: Storms drags Johansson onto Dahaka and revives the referee. He groggily makes the count…




DT: And that’s all for the team of Dahaka and Stalker. This one was almost like a handicap match. Stalker’s leg was too battered to wrestle, but he gave everything he had anyway. In the end it wasn’t enough, and Second Coming makes their return a successful one.

DM: Pretty brilliant strategy by Second Coming. They knew Dahaka was just waiting for a chance to catch them off guard while going after Stalker’s leg. Johansson sacrificed his body and Storms closed it out, ready and waiting for the moment when Dahaka would pounce. He countered with a baseball swing to the head and the Slapshot Driver.

MN: I could’ve thought of that. I’m a strategic expert.

DM: You got lost mowing your lawn last week Neely.

MN: …. It’s a big lawn!

DM: Whatever.

TF: Ladies and gentlemen…. Your winners, moving on to the second round of the King of the Cage… SECOOONNNDDD COOOMMMINNNGGGG!!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fusenshoff (c)/Shawn Hart vs. Crimson Calling

[Cut to: Dwayne Wade, NBA player for the Miami Heat sitting along side a few of his teammates down at ringside as the crowd pops wildly.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, its time to make our way back down to ringside where Tony Fatora is set to get the next match of the King Of The Cage Tag Team Tournament officially underway.

[Cut To: Empire Pro ring announcer, Tony Fatora, with a microphone in his hand set to announce the next match of the evening. Empire Pro referee, Bryan Weatherby is already in the ring ready to call the match to the best of his ability.]

TF: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and this is a first round match in the King Of The Cage Tag Team Tournament. Introducing first...

[CUEUP: “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley as the new TV champion steps out onto the entranceway to a mixed reaction from the Miami crowd. Many are still unsure about the relative newcomer, but others are ready to embrace anyone on the other side of the ring from the leader of the anti-EPW movement.]

DT: The current reigning television champion coming off of a strong title defense last week on Aggression 37 retaining after a very hard fought match against former EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Beast, and now the TV champ looks to move forward in the King Of Of The Cage tournament hoping to add tag team gold on that other shoulder of his.

MN: But first he's gotta see if he can coexist and work together with his tag team partner

DM: We'll this match should be a true test for the TV champ and his partner against not only an already established tag team, but former EPW World Tag Team Champions.

TF: … from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Weighing in at 263 pounds, he is the REIGNING and DEFENDING EPW World Television Champion … FUUUUUUSSEEEENSSSSHOOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!

[Fusensoff arrives at ringside, removes his EPW Television title from his shoulder and hands it to the time keeper before setting foot inside the steel cage closing it behind him. He walks up the ring steps and slides in between the ropes soaking in some mixed cheers and boos from the Miami crowd, still he remains focused as his theme music fades out and he patiently awaits for his partner and opponents to come forth.]

TF: And his tag team partner...

[Music queue up: "Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon. The Miami crowd immediately boo at the sound of "The Phenom's theme music and get even louder whenever Shawn Hart makes his way out driving a tricked out, decked out, pimped out golf cart jacked up on hydraulics. Two, of the four sexy bikini clad EPW girls, Tiffany and Candy are in the back holding up signs, one that reads "I just ran over D-Wade's foot", and the other says, "Me verses the Dolphins ...*SPOILER* I won B****es." Which got a nasty boo from the Miami crowd in response to that.

TF: Hailing from Orlando, Florida. Weighing in at 226 pounds. He is "Phenom" SHAWN HART.

[Hart rides down the aisle, and slams the cart into the cage. He gets out and takes a bow. A EPW stage hand drives the girls and the golf cart back up the ramp and to the back. Hart approaches D-Wade and the other members of the Miami Heat where he begins a brief trash talking session bad mouthing them in their seats. After Hart dares them to cross the barrier and attack him, one of them almost does but D-Wade and the EPW security stop him from crossing. Hart just smiles as he turns his back and walks over to the cage opening it up and closing it behind. He walks up the ring apron and slides between the ropes into the ring. Shawn approaches his tag team partner Fusensoff and gives him orders on how he thinks the match will go down which The Fuse takes obvious offense to and has to bite his tongue from saying what he really wants to say to The Phenom.]

DT: Already it looks like Shawn Hart's rubbing his tag team partner the wrong way, what do you think he said to Fusensoff?

MN: Most likely, I'm guess, stay out of my way, let me do my thing, and maybe just maybe I'll carry us through this match and advance to the next round.

DM: Not a good way to start off a tag team match by rubbing your own partner the wrong way. His ego's coming into play and in a tag team match such as this they need to be on the same page and not at each other's throats. The match hasn't even started yet.

TF: And their opponents...

[The sound of a flicking lighter... water bubbling... and obnoxious COUGHING heralds the intro to "10001110101" by Clutch. As the music swings into its first bluesy hard rock riff, "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev storms onto the stage, downing the last of his bottle of vodka, which he immediately SMASHES on the ground and beats his chest with his fist, roaring to the audience! Slinking through the mist behind him is "The Escape Artist" Erik Black, a plume of smoke escaping his lips and holding up “GEEZER” for the fans to see!]

MN: Hey Erik...share the wealth. Puff, puff, and pass that bad boy GEEZER over hear. Let me hit dat.

DM: Normally I don't think we would condone the use of drug use, but in this case I'll make an exception. A totally baked off his ass Mike McNeely is something that I just gotta see.

[The pair come face to face at the top of the ramp, flashing each other thumbs up, and make their way down. Dalkichev strides with Norrisean intensity, heading straight for the ring in a drunken stupor, while Black remains in tow, dancing to the music and playing to the fans.]

TF: Making their way down to the ring. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. At a total combined weight of 738 pounds. "The Escape Artist" Erik Black and "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev. CRIMSON CALLING!!

[As they come to the cage, they enter through the cage door. The hulking Dalkichev scales the apron, staggering slightly, and steps over the top rope to enter the squared circle. Black slides inside after him, walking around the ring on his knees while pumping up the audience. At the end of their set, Dalkichev drops to his knees in the center of the ring, holding his arms out to his sides. Black takes position behind him and holds his arms up in a V formation. When viewed from straight on, they form a five-pointed shape similar to a cannabis leaf!]

DT: One of the very heavily favored teams to potentially go the distance and even go as far to win the King of the Cage Tournament all together. These former EPW World Tag Team Champions are looking to recapture the tag team titles under their new moniker.

MN: Its a clean slate and a fresh start for the team formerly known as the Crimson Calling, but they are no strangers to tag team championship gold.

DM: And might I add that their in-ring chemistry is rivaled by very few in Empire Pro. No doubt Hart and Fuse have their work cut out for them and they better get on the same page if they have any inkling of up of winning this match and moving on in the tournament.

[The cage door closes as the former Empire Pro tag team champions have entered into the ring. EPW Referee, Bryan Weatherby stands by in the ring ready to call the action. Dalkichev and Black retreat to their corner discussing last minute strategy. Dalkichev is on the apron as Black is in the corner. Shawn Hart and Fusensoff have retreated to their own corner deciding who should enter into the match first. Fuse is on the apron and Hart is in the corner. The referee signals for the bell to begin.]


[Immediately, Shawn Hart takes off running and nails Erik Black right into the back with a huge running front drop kick right into the back of an unsuspecting Erik Black as he blast right into his tag team partner causing the big Russian behemoth to fly off of the apron and land face first into the case. Black falls through the ropes and landing on top of his tag team partner. Shawn Hart smiles devilishly and shrugs his shoulders and begins back peddling to his own corner slapping onto the back blind tagging in his partner, Fusensoff then immediately leaps over the top rope and lands on his feet to the outside drawing massive boos and jeers from an already hot Miami crowd following his earlier actions. Referee, Bryan Weatherby, seeing all of this has now declared both Fusensoff and and Ivan Dalkichev as the legal men. Shawn Hart points with his two index fingers and gesturing towards Fuse and the crowd.]


DT: Shawn Hart, being sneaky and blindsiding Black and Dalkichev from behind making the big man as the new legal man in this match as declared by Bryan Weatherby.

MN: He truly is a genius and this match will no doubt show his brilliance. Just you watch.

[Back on the outside as the Crimson Calling rise to their feet. Ivan Dalkichev regains his barrings, shaking the cobwebs out of his head and after colliding face first into the cage, the Russian big man is very much busted open bleeding from the forehead. They go back to the replay showing the impact of the hit and Ivan colliding with the cage. On the other side of the screen shows an enraged Dalkichev bleeding and starring laser beams of intensity at the team of Fuse and Hart. He listens to the ref's ruling and steps over the rope walking toward the center as Weatherby orders the new legal man Fusensoff to enter the ring at once. Stunned at first, still shocked by all that Hart has devised within this past minute of the match. Fuse lets out a sigh and steps between the ropes with purpose ready to fight as he moves toward his behemoth first round king of the cage opponent. Shawn Hart, once the close has clear and Fuse is in the center with The Raging Russian, he steps back up onto the apron in his corner smug and proud at what he has done.]

[In the ring, the 6'3 and 263 pound Fusensoff stands face-to-face with a very bloody and vengeful Russian Ivan Dalkichev who is no doubt living up to his moniker. Fuse looking up at the towering 7'1, near 500 Dalkichev with no fear despite the huge mismatch despite the fact that these are the two biggest men in this match-up. Ivan snarling with blood dripping down his face and gritting his teeth. Fuse, rolling his neck and cracking his knuckles ready for a fight. Fuse then waste no time as he unleashes a barrage of hard rights and elbows right into the bloody Russian trying to stagger the big man off of his feet. Fusensoff actually backs Ivan into the ropes sending him reeling. Fuse grabs his arm and attempts an Irish whip, but Dalkichev uses his weight and muscles Fuse reversing the hold and sends him into the ropes. On the return, Dalkichev hits a hard, spiking, very stiff Yakuza kick right into the face of Fusensoff making him land hard on the canvas. Now it looks like The Raging Russian is very much in control of his match now as he lumbers over to Fuse struggling to regain his barrings and get back up to his feet.]

DT: Dalkichev showing his brute strength and power as he takes down The Fuse with a huge nasty Yakuza kick right in his face.

[Dalkichev, while still behind Fusensoff as he struggles to rise to his feet, showing his own brute strength, under hooks Fuse's arms and lifts him up in an elevated double under hook chicken wing. Fuse feeling the pain and agony as the referee, Bryan Weatherby checks to see if if he is able to continue. Dalkichev keeps him in the air for some time but then lowers him back down to the ground but still keeps a strong hold of the double underhook, Ivan begins raining down multiple repeating head butts into the upper spine of Fuse's back and then tosses him face first onto the canvas. Fusensoff feeling the effects of the attack as his back is in intense pain but still he tries to get his barrings and get back to his feet. Back in his corner, Shawn Hart, mock shows concern, but really his is just admiring his handiwork for outsmarting Fuse and the former tag team champions feeling like a master strategist that he is being right now just soaks in the jeers and boos from the Miami crowd.]

[Dalkichev bounces off of the ropes and lands a massive atomic leg drop on Fusensoff right on the back of his head then rolls him over attempting the first cover of the match. The ref slides down to make the count.]






As Fusensoff gets the shoulder up.]

DT: And Fuse manages to kick out just in the neck of time as Ivan attempts the first cover of the match.

[Dalkichev rises to his feet, ready to inflict more punishment on Fusensoff, but just as he is, out of no where, "The Phenom" Shawn Hart uncharacteristic, unusual, and maybe a little unorthodox...for him, springboard jumps off of the top rope and nails a flying MIGHTY MOUSE punch into the face of the bloody Dalkichev. The impact causes the Russian giant to stagger backwards into his corner and nail his own tag team partner knocking Erik Black off of the corner and into the cage wall bouncing off and falling to the ground below. The recovering Russian comes to and rushes Shawn Hart grabbing the much smaller, rule-breaking, strategist by the throat and hoists him up into the air ready to hit a nasty looking choke slam. However, before he is able to complete the hold, referee Bryan Weatherby, trying to restore order in this match orders Ivan to release Hart at once and get out of the ring. Dalkichev drops Hart and gets in the face of the ref ordering him to explain what is going on. Weatherby points out that when he got hit by Hart, and how he staggered back into his corner knocking himself into his partner Erik Black making him the new legal man. Ivan, who is already upset as it is, looks over as conventional tag team wisdom calms him down when he looks over at his tag team partner getting up to his feet and stepping back up onto the apron. Weatherby repeats his order and orders Dalkichev out of the ring and Black to enter as the new legal man. The Raging Russian finally complies much against his protests as Black enters into the ring for the very first time. Once again Shawn Hart is pleased with his strategy working out so well as he slides out, all this allowing time for Fusensoff time to regain his senses and get back up to his feet with renewed focus and energy now eyeing the smaller teammate of Crimson Calling.]

DT: Once again, the scheming Shawn Hart using these opportunistic tactics nails the big Russian with a springboard flying forearm and knocking him into teammate Erik Black causing a blind tag of sorts making and making him the new legal man as declared and ruled by Weatherby.

MN: Absolutely brilliant. No wait... that's not brilliant. That's Phenomenal...as in Shawn Hartified!

DM: What?

MN: Yeah...exactly. You know.

[Fusensoff and Black circle each other toward the ring with Fuse with a four inch height advantage and outweighing Erik Black by almost a good 30 pounds. The veteran former tag team champion, showing no fear whatsoever and no backing down to the Fuse calls for a textbook collar and elbow tie-up which Fusensoff is more than happy to oblige.]

MN: Not smart. Think Erik, W.W.S.D? What would Shawn Do?

[Erik Black hits a standing switch and swings around to the back of Fusensoff and has a hammer lock in place, but Fuse, showing his own natural technical prowess as a wrestling prodigy throws in a few reverse elbows into Black then spins around the hold again and hooks in a hammer lock of his own. Fuse then hits an atomic drop on Black. As Erik is reeling, Fuse tosses his opponent headfirst into the turnbuckle padding. Black's head bounces off and staggers backwards once again right into the clutches of Fusensoff who grabs Black by the shoulders, falls backwards and pulls Black right onto his rising knees of a nasty back stabbing cracker like move. Fusensoff waste no time and rolls Black up for a cover hooking the leg as Weatherby slides down to make the count.]





[This time, it is the Raging Russian, Ivan Dalkichev that breaks up the count with a stiff boot raining down right on top of Fusensoff's head. Fuse jumps up to his feet and gets into the face of the Dalkichev throwing the rights and lefts on Ivan as they trade blows. The ref trying to restore order yells out the commands of both big men to to stop and for Ivan to get out of the ring and for Fuse to get back into the match. While that is going on. Shawn Hart jumps into the ring and runs over where he begins repeatedly stomping on Erik Black's head mercilessly literally kicking a man while he is down trying to keep The Escape Artist down and out in this match. Just as Weatherby gets both men to listen to him and Ivan back in his corner. Shawn Hart sees what is going on and slides out of the ring retreating back to his own corner as the crowd boo him without quarter. Again, Hart reminds them that he truly more intelligent than they are jawing off at one another.]

CROWD: YOU SUCK...[clap clap clap clap clap]...YOU SUCK [clap clap clap clap clap]...YOU SUCK [clap clap clap clap clap]

HART: I'm smarter than you! I'm smarter than you! I'm smarter than you! I'm smarter than you! [clap clap clap clap clap]

[Back in the ring, Fusensoff re-focuses his attention once again on Erik Black who is prone on the canvas and at his mercy. Fuse stands Black up to his feet, hooks him up into a suplex position, then takes him down with a fast snap suplex, but instead of laying their, Fuse waste no time as he does a rolling backwards flip and and jumps up to his feet, then immediately leaps up into the air and nails a knee drop right down on Black's sternum/chest area. While Black is clutching his ribs, Fuse mounts himself on top of Black pinning him down to the mat and rains down huge left and right punches one right after the other on The Escape Artist. The ref pushes him off of Black to get him to stop and regains order. Fuse gets in the ref's face as Weatherby explains to him what happened ordering him to restart, as he is going on, we see that Fuse actually caused Black to bleed from his nose as his nose may be broken but still Erik tries to get back up to his feet. Fuse nods his head as he walks over to the bleeding Erik Black. Fuse actually helps Erik up to a vertical base. With blood running down his mouth and his eyes watering. He's not crying by any means but its obvious that Fusensoff really jarred him with those mounted punches. Fuse checks on Black to see if he's alright as we can hear them talking to each other with a slightly audible voice.]

Fusensoff: You alright?

Black: Yeah.

Fusensoff: You can go on?

Black: Yeah.

Fusensoff: Good.

[Immediately following that little verbal exchange; Fusensoff, waste no time as he takes Black's arm and hits a short arm clotheslines making Erik turn end over end flipping in the air and landing hard on his back regaining control in this match in his favor. Fuse picks Black up and moves him near the ropes, picks him up into a suplex position then hoists him up into the air, dropping Black stomach first onto the top ropes sling shotting him off, Fuse spins him around and then WHAM drops Erik Black head first with a implant styled DDT. Fuse goes for a cover.]




KICK OUT??????

[Much to everybody's surprise, especially the team of Fusensoff and Shawn Hart, Erik Black kicked out as the Miami crowd pops very loudly in response. Erik Black showing that he really is still in this fight despite everything that he is has been through. Fuse can't believe it but shakes off the bewilderment and resumes his offense on Erik Black. Fuse hits a standing neck breaker on Black to once again work on the back and neck area that he had been doing since they locked up in this match. Then Fuse scoops Black up and nails an overhead belly-to-belly suplex toward his corner. Fusensoff walks over to his corner where Black had unfortunately landed ready to inflict more punishment on the smaller Erik Black; however, he feels a slap on the back as Shawn Hart has blind tagged himself into the match for the very first official time declaring himself. A totally shocked Fusensoff can't believe what Hart has done but Hart goes to work on Black as Weatherby orders Fuse out of the ring. Hart waste not time in going for a immediate roll-up pin and since it is close to their corner, their would be no way for Black's tag team partner to get to him in time. The ref drops down to make the count.]




Ref Stops Count...

[Thinking that he had the match won with all of his scheming, expecting to hear three and Ivan Dalkichev no way to break up the count. Hart thought he had the win, but the referee stopped the count when of all people, his own tag team partner Fusensoff drew Weatherby's attention to Shawn Hart and how he had grabbed a handful of Erik Black's wrestling gear for more leverage. The ref now seeing the illegal tactic by Hart stopped the count right away before he could slap the mat a third time. The ref tries to restore order by pushing Dalkichev back to their corner. A shocked Shawn Hart looks over and beams eyes of pure hatred at his tag team partner for what he did. Fuse just gives Hart a flip of the middle finger much to the crowd's delight. While Fuse and Hart are arguing with each other in their own corner. All of the while, Erik Black begins coming to and crawling back to his corner trying to tag in his tag team partner into the match. Closer and closes until.]


[And the big, massive, BLOODY Raging Russian is once again tagged into this match and rushes over to an unsuspecting Shawn Hart and Fusensoff nailing Hart in the back of the head and causing him to collide with Fusensoff knocking him off of the apron and land on the outside. Ivan looks over seeing that Bryan Weatherby has now declared Fusensoff as the legal man. Ivan wastes no time as he steps over to the rope to the outside and attacks Fuse on the outside tossing him into the cage wall.]

[Back in the ring, a recovering Shawn Hart rising to his feet, but feels that someone is behind him. When he turns around, he is starring face to face with a now recovered Erik Black. Partially dried blood dripping down his face intermixing with sweat. Black nods and grin with delight as the crowd pops loudly. Hart, with a look as he mouths the words "OH S***!" Erik Black unleashes the hard rights and elbows on the opportunistic and scheming Phenom. Black gets him reeling by unleashing a vicious martial arts combination on Hart backing him into the corner. Once Hart is reeling and leaning in the corner. Black locks on a head lock bulldog runs out and spikes him on the canvas head first.]

[Back on the outside, the referee counts as the two actual legal men fight on the outside. Ivan Dalkichev tosses Fusensoffs shoulder first into the steel steps causing it to make a loud CLANG and ultimately bust into two pieces.]

[Back in the ring, Erik Black sets up Shawn Hart up on top of the top rope. Erik Black waste no time, and runs to the opposite turnbuckle across from the prone Shawn Hart. With cat like reflexes, he leaps up onto the top rope, tight rope walking the length of the ring over to Hart, then hits a huge stiff spear right into Shawn Hart. The impact of the spear actually causes Hart to bounce of the cage and the sudden stop causes both men to fall down to the ground.]

[Back on the other side, hearing the ref's count getting closer to ten and to avoid a count out. Ivan Dalkichev tosses very hurt Fusensoff back into the ring following suit after him. The bloody and enraged Ivan Dalkichev picks up Fuse and places his head between the Raging Russian's legs then hoist him up into a Canadian Backbreaker and then drops him down with a sit-down pile driver with authority.]

DT: Drunken Russian Driver! Drunken Russian Driver! Drunken Russian Driver!

DM: And its over!

MN: No, No, Its not over!

[Ivan Dalkichev drops down all near 500 pounds right on top of Fusensoff crotch first on his face in classic drunken TEA BAG fashion. On the outside, Shawn Hart slowly starting to recover, but still incapacitated can only watch and unable to do nothing as he sees Ivan pinning his tag team partner and unable to stop.]

MN: Ewwwwwwwwwww Oh God no! Not cool. Just not cool. Now its over!





[Referee Bryan Weatherby signals for the bell and calling an end to the match as Tony Fatora announces the decisive winners.]

TF: And here are your winners and advancing to the next round of the King Of The Cage Tag Team Tournament. CRIMSON CALLING!

[Referee Bryan Weatherby raises Ivan Dalichev's hand high in the air at the announcement from Fatora. Shawn Hart manages to pick himself up and still feeling the affect of the suicide diving spear into the cage from Erik Black, limping his way out of the cage starring laser beams of pure hatred at the unconscious tag team partner of his known as Fusensoff who is still out cold flat on his back in the center of the ring. The officials let Hart of the ring as he back peddles up the ramp very upset that he lost. Ivan slides out of the ring and helps his tag team partner up to his feet and raises his hand victoriously as they leave the cage. Referee Bryan Weatherby checks on Fusensoff as he starts coming too he looks up and glares back into the direction of Shawn Hart returning the stare down.]

DT: One round down as Crimson Calling move one step closer to facing off against the Empire Pro World Tag Team Champions and hopefully capturing the titles again.-----

DM: Well, we’ve said it already but they may be the odds on favorites just due to their experience as a team, even against a stacked team like Craig Miles and Beast.

DT: We’ll be right back after this!!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Wicked Sight" Mike Plett/Kendall Codine vs. Priest & Eisenkreuz

[Scene fades in to the ring as we have “Wicked Sight” Mike Plett with Kendall Codine in his corner staring down Eisenkreuz with Priest in his corner.]

DT: Well folks after the short break we are back in the ring with another KOTC match. Priest and Eisenkreuz against Mickey Plett and.... Kendall Codine.

DM: It's been a long time for Codine, this is his first match back and honestly, he doesn't look comfortable.

MN: He's not even in the ring yet, if he's uncomfortable now, wait until Eisenkreuz gets a hold of him.

DT: The ref rings the bell and we are underway. Plett is slowly circling the bigger Eisenkreuz who is just staring at him.

DM: Plett is definitely unsure about how to approach the bigger man and he doesn't want to leave anything open.

DT: Finally Eisenkreuz makes the first approach with a solid swing from his right arm, which Plett backs away from and counters with a swift kick to the gut. Eisenkreuz, caught off guard, stumbles back and Plett follows it up with a quick clothesline that sends the big man to the mat.

DM: There you go, Plett. Good way to start.

MN: You can't be serious.

DT: Plett patiently waits for Eisenkreuz to make it up to his feet... but sends him right back down with a quick dropkick. Plett bounces off the ropes and charges with a quick leg drop across the throat of Eisenkreuz. Plett hooks the leg for the cover.. 1..NO.

MN: What an idiot you aren't going to take him out with a simple LEG... DROP.

DM: He's just testing him Neely give him a break.

DT: Plett picks up Eisenkreuz who quickly shoves him off, reels back and nails him with a right hand. Plett bounces into the ropes and Eisenkreuz quickly charges at him with a clothesline that sends Plett over the top ropes and to the floor!

MN: Go Priest go!

DM: Oh great.

DT: Eisenkreuz is distracting the ref while Priest is getting some kicks and punches in on Plett... and here comes Codine! Priest is circling back away from Codine, while he checks on his partner. The ref starts the count while Priest is baiting Codine.

MN: Perfect tag team work.

DM: That's funny coming from your mouth.

MN: Why?

DM: You wouldn't even step foot in that ring.

MN: Lies!

DT: Focus, guys. Plett is back up on the apron and Eisenkreuz charges at him, Plett ducks below and nails him with a shoulder to the gut, Eisenkreuz stumbles back and Plett gets in the ring, charges and capitalizes with a SPINEBUSTER!

DM: Priest wants a tag in now but it doesn't look like Plett is gonig to let Eisenkreuz get the chance.

MN: Cause Plett will go down easily if Priest gets in there.

DT: Plett picks Eisenkreuz and whips him into the ropes near Priest who slaps the back of Eisenkreuz, the ref sees it and counts it as a tag but Plett doesn't.. Eisenkreuz ducks Plett's clothesline, Plett spins around and is hoisted up in the air. Priest is on the top rope... Missile DROPKICK!

MN: Now that's what you call great team work. You won't be seeing any of that from Codine and Plett.

DM: Maybe that's cause Priest and Eisenkreuz have been a team for.. years?

MN: It doesn't matter they've always been perfect together.

DM: When have they not been together?


DT: Goes for the quick cover.. 1....2...NO! Plett barely kicks out. Priest is furious about the count and is getting into the ref's face about it. Plett is staggering to his feet behind Priest as he turns around. Priest go for him but Plett ducks and knocks him down with a stiff clothesline. He stumbles over to Codine and makes the tag!

DM: There we go.


DM: Shut up.

DT: Codine is in, picks up Priest, scoop slam! Picks him up again and ANOTHER Scoop Slam. Codine charges at Eisenkreuz and knocks him off the apron! The fans are cheering loudly now, Codine makes his way back over to Priest who is getting up slowly and tries to pick him up, Priest with a rakes to the eyes!

MN: Here we go.

DM: It was a rake.. to the eyes... Neely.

DT: Priest grabs a hold of Codine and whips him into Codine's own corner! Priest charges in and nails a dazed Plett with a forearm the sends him flying to the floor. The ref is getting in Priest's face now as Priest backs off. Eisenkreuz is getting back up on the apron and is getting in the ring and the ref doesn't see him!

DM: Uh oh.

DT: The ref is watching a dazed Plett get to his feet on the outside as Priest yanks Codine out of the corner and whips him across the ring to a waiting Eisenkreuz, who grabs him... HOISTS him up.. SIT OUT CHOKESLAM!! Eisenkreuz rolls out of the ring and Priest goes for the cover.. the ref turns around.... 1......2......3!! Plett went for the save but was too short! Priest and Eisenkreuz are the winners!

DM: Big win for the long suffering team of Priest and Eisenkreuz tonight!! They move on in what has to be considered an upset!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Fallen take over, The Queen takes it back

[Cue up: “Love Me or Hate Me” by Lil Wayne. The capacity crowd immediately begins BOOING with spite!]

DT: Wait a minute, what’s THIS all about??

DM: I don’t know, Dave… but from the sound of it, it seems like the former champion is here to make his presence known tonight!

[The curtain is violently ripped aside as the “Blue-Eyed Badass” makes his stately entrance, clad in black tights and the new 100% cotton “King of the Gladiators” t-shirt, welcomed with a PEAL of jeers from the audience, but a noticeable contingent of cheers from Stevens’ hometown—and mostly female—supporters.]

DT: Quite a seething response from this Orlando crowd directed at the former champion!

MN: Excuse me, isn’t this Stevens’ HOMETOWN?! Can’t these stupid fans show the man a bit of RESPECT!?

DM: Given how this man acts and operates, I doubt his own MOTHER would cheer for him coming to the ring.

MN: Oh, whatever…

DT: But it looks like he’s dressed to compete! He’s not scheduled to—

DM: Wait, who’s that coming out of the entry-way behind him!

[Literally COLLAPSING out onto the stage is a bruised PAUL FREEMAN, looking like he’s just been mugged in a back alley… and only a moment later, NAKITA DAHAKA follows him out, lighting prodding the EPW General Manager with a couple boots until he forces himself onto his feet. Stevens leads the way to the ring as Dahaka continue to goad Freeman after him. The GM looks completely unwilling.]

DT: Why, that’s Empire Pro General Manager PAUL FREEMAN!! My God, what have they DONE to him!?

MN: Probably asked him nicely to accompany the FALLEN out to the ring, and when he REFUSED, well… convinced him through other means!

DM: I don’t know where this is going, but I have a BAD feeling. The Gruesome Twosome is coming to the ring together with the EPW General Manager practically held hostage, and Sean Stevens has a VERY unsettling smile on his face!

DT: Does the former champion have something up his sleeve tonight??

[Stevens scales the steps, slips through the ropes, and pumps up a turnbuckle to pose for the booing fans around him, several times pointing to his chest and making the “belt” motion around his waist. Dropping back down to the mat, he turns to Dahaka, who has wrangled Paul Freeman in with them. Stevens promptly calls for a mic…]

TRIPLE X: Forgive the interruption, ladies and gentlemen. I know you were all just casually watching tonight’s Princes of the Cage tournament, peacefully gorging your ugly faces and allowing your filthy, cracker offspring to scream and whine until appeased with buckets of ice cream. But you see, new events have recently unfolded backstage … and as the greatest WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION in EPW's six year history, the one and only KING of EPW, and well ... the only really noteworthy thing to come out of Orlando since Mickey Mouse... [Resounding Boos.] I felt it necessary to break the news to ALL of you here tonight and watching at home!

[Stevens turns to Freeman, who practically winces at the cutting gaze of “Triple X,” perhaps fearing more abuse. The former champion approaches him with predatory body language and gets in close to his face.]

TRIPLE X: Come on, Freeman … tell these people what you told ME earlier. It's your turn to talk now.

[Stevens rams the mic into his hand, and Freeman hesitantly takes it. The audience hushes as Freeman unwillingly speaks…]

PAUL FREEMAN: Ladies and gentlemen… earlier in the evening… the former champion “Triple X” Sean Stevens approached the front office in regards to his rematch clause for the EPW World Heavyweight Title.

Now, allow me to explain… every competitor that signs a contract with Empire Pro has a special clause that states if they should ever succeed in becoming the prestigious EPW World Heavyweight Champion, they would be granted an automatic title shot upon losing the title. This is a rule that has stood in place since the beginning of Empire Pro, when I was the original owner.

Fans… I regret to inform you that this… this PIECE OF TRASH—

[Before Freeman can outright curse Stevens to his face, Dahaka steps forward and SMACKS Freeman hard against the back of the head! Freeman rubs the sore spot and regains his bearings.]

PAUL FREEMAN: …I regret to inform you all… that “Triple X” Sean Stevens has DEMANDED his rematch… TONIGHT!

[Resounding BOOS fill the entire arena!]

DM: OH MAN!! Sean Stevens is really jumping on that rematch clause!

DT: But we don’t even know the condition of the champion!! Is this even LEGAL?!

MN: Shut up and listen, Dave!

[Stevens gestures to Freeman to go on.]

PAUL FREEMAN: Ladies and gentlemen… as an executive member of Empire Pro and the designated enforcer of the official rules and regulations… I have no choice but to recognize “Triple X” Sean Stevens’ claim to a rematch!

Here tonight in Orlando, Florida… the EPW Heavyweight Champion ROCKO DAYMON must defend his title in an officially sanctioned rematch… which will begin at the time of the challenger’s request.

TRIPLE X: I'd say right now sounds pretty swell.

PAUL FREEMAN: Folks, I’m sorry, I—

TRIPLE X: Alright, shut up, your turn to talk is over.

[Stevens goes to the ropes and points a finger at Tony Fatora.]

TRIPLE X: You, Dumbass Number One… do your job! And while you’re at it, tell Dumbass Number Two to pull the cork out of his ass and ring the bell! And somebody GET A REFEREE DOWN HERE NOW!!

[Stevens drops the mic and removes his shirt, tossing it to a cluster of young female fans in the front row, who immediately rip it to shreds, as a few ring officials hurry to their tasks.]

DT: I just CANNOT BELIEVE this is HAPPENING right now!

MN: Oh come on, Dave! I was getting BORED watching all this stupid tag action! Now we get a TITLE MATCH!? MAN, talk about a huge surprise!

DM: This is INDEED a surprise, but I still can’t shake the feeling that Sean Stevens knows a little more than he’s letting on right now! We don’t even know if the champion is in the ARENA tonight, and to be quite honest, just watching “Triple X” push the hard-working Empire Pro employees around tonight is making me sick to my stomach!

DT: You’re not alone, Dean-O.

MN: Oh, shut up, the both of you! We’re practically the HIGHEST PAID employees! Who CARES about those ditch-diggers?!

[A referee comes running down the ramp as Dahaka prevents Freeman from leaving the ring, and Tony Fatora reenters the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is an officially sanctioned REMATCH for the EPW World Heavyweight Title! Introducing first, the challenger… hailing from Orlando, Florida and weighing in at 245 pounds. He is the 2007 Wrestler of the Year… the former EPW World Heavyweight Champion… the “Blue-Eyed Badass… SEAN… “TRIPLE ECKS”… STEEEEEVEEENNNS!!!

[Stevens briefly throws his arms into the air, getting TREMENDOUS HEAT from the fans…]

[…when “DEATH IS THIS COMMUNION” suddenly hits the PA! The fans POP to their feet!! We just see Stevens turning to the entrance when the LIGHTS go to black and a red haze forms over the stage!]

DT: OH MY, THE CHAMPION IS HERE!! We haven’t seen or heard anything from him in several weeks, but he’s HERE TONIGHT in ORLANDO!!

DM: This must settle the mystery at last, Dave! If Daymon’s HERE, then he MUST be ready to defend his title!

MN: Oh yeah, well WHERE IS HE?!

[Moments pass, and nobody appears on stage. The music continues for another minute. Stevens can be seen impatiently pacing back and forth in the ring.]

DT: I… don’t know quite how to answer that one, Neels. The music is playing, but still, nobody has stepped through that curtain.

MN: Great, so somebody call up the guys in the sound truck out back and tell ‘em to stop screwing around!

DM: You know, maybe we were wrong, but—


[A TREMENDOUS POP shakes the arena as ROCKO DAYMON, in full wrestling regalia, steps through the curtain and onto the stage, looking intently at the man waiting for him in the ring! On his left shoulder the World Heavyweight Title hangs loosely. In spite of the cheering fans around him, his eyes do not leave Sean Stevens, who stands with a broad smile on his face.]

TF: And his opponent… hailing from Tacoma, Washington, and weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds… he is the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… He is the Legend, the Myth, the MAN…


DT: The champion IS HERE!! And he looks READY TO DEFEND!! I don’t believe it, we’re going to see a REMATCH of their Black Dawn epic battle here TONIGHT, and—


[The cheers suddenly become GASPS of shock and awe as Daymon drops the belt from his shoulder and reveals a CAST and SLING in place on his right arm, earlier obstructed by the large belt. Daymon looks at his wounded limb for a moment and into the crowd of stunned onlookers, somewhat apologetically, and with the title in tow makes his way to the ring.]

DT: Uh… uh… ladies… ladies and gentlemen, I… I don’t know quite what to SAY right now… it… uh, it APPEARS as though Rocko Daymon is legitimately INJURED!!

DM: This must have been why everybody’s kept it a secret! That injury is a DEATH SENTENCE to Rocko Daymon’s title reign, and now he’s being FORCED to come down here and defend thanks to Sean Stevens’ rematch clause!


DT: This WAS all part of Sean Stevens’ plan! He intentionally kicked him off the ledge of that window to INJURE him and secure a virtual FREE RIDE back to the World Title!

MN: Come on, Dave, you can’t deny that’s BRILLIANT!!

DM: While that may be debatable, Mike, I don’t think there’s a SOUL in this arena that doesn’t want to see Stevens’ head on a pike right now!

DT: And what about the champion? What can he DO with an injury like that?

DM: Nothing, Dave. He can do nothing but come to the ring and go through the motions!

[Daymon rises on the steps and enters the ring, taking great care not to aggravate his arm. He pays no mind to the audience, keeping the title dangling in his healthy hand as he approaches the center of the ring and stands eye to eye with Stevens, who hasn’t stopped smiling since seeing him appear with the cast in place. The music promptly ends, and while the two foes are practically nose to nose with Daymon staring daggers into the heart of his old rival, Dahaka shoves Freeman toward them and puts a mic into his hand.]

PAUL FREEMAN: Mr. Daymon… there’s no easy way to say this. As the World Heavyweight Champion, it is your DUTY to defend the title when required to. And if you are unable to, then you have no choice than to forfeit the title to the challenger… Sean Stevens…

[Daymon holds the belt out in front of him for a moment later, looking at up close for a final few moments… and finally, he recklessly THROWS IT at the feet of Sean Stevens. With his final act as champion made, Daymon turns and steps through the ropes, again tending to his arm, and heads up the ramp without delay.]

DT: I can’t believe it. He just THREW it down on the mat! That’s it… the short-lived reign is over.

DM: As a former wrestler, I can say beyond a doubt that there’s no worse feeling that having to give up something that precious to you over something completely out of your control.

[Back in the ring, Stevens savors the sight of Daymon leaving in shame for a moment longer, before bending down and retrieving HIS title and proceeding to strap it to his waist. Behind him, Dahaka can be seen wrenching the mic out of Freeman’s hand and props one of Stevens’ arms.]




[Stevens immediately pumps up to a turnbuckle and POSES over a mass of jeering fans, pointing at the belt and his face simultaneously as dozens of lights from press photographers flash from beneath him. “Love Me or Hate Me” by Lil Wayne pumps over the PA, and the now former World Champion Rocko Daymon continues walking up the ramp without looking back.]

DT: “Triple X” is the WORLD CHAMPION once again! Who would have BELIEVE… the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE changing hands here tonight on Aggression!

DM: Anything can happen in the sport of professional wrestling, Dave, and this here tonight proves just that! I think by reacquiring that title, “Triple X” Sean Steven also secures himself as EPW’s first TWO-TIME World Champion!

MN: Alright, POWER to the new champ!

[Stevens promptly goes to Fatora and rips the mic from his hand and points up the ramp, where Daymon is still slowly walking back to the locker room.]

TRIPLE X: Hang on, Rocko! I got something to say to you…

[As if not hearing him, Daymon continues up the ramp and onto the stage.]

Triple X: Hey… HEY!! ROCKO!! What, did the fall kill your HEARING TOO?! I F*CKED YOUR WIFE! The very least that you could do is FACE ME, you piece of sh*t!!

[Daymon ignores him again and disappears unceremoniously through the curtain.]

TRIPLE X: Well, FINE!! I don't need to stare at your ugly mug to say what I need to say!

[Stevens turns away from the stage and faces the crowd to address them…]

TRIPLE X: You people want to know what a B*TCH is?! A b*tch is a guy can't even break through the glass ceiling right! A man who fights his entire life for one moment, only to--

[...And finds that his mic is cut off. He thumps it against the heel of his hand, to no avail. He checks Dahaka's mic to find that it's not working either. A scowl crosses his face then, and he stomps over to the corner closest to the timekeeper's station to demand a new mic.]

[It's at this precise moment that the opening chords to "YER MAJESTY" by SHINEDOWN rip through the arena. Stevens' head snaps to the curtain and Freeman looks a little bit relieved to see Lindsay Troy sauntering out onto the stage with her own microphone in hand. The crowd roars as the Queen signals for the music to stop, gives pause, then raps her own mic against her hand. The resounding feedback echoes off the confines of the arena and Troy lifts the mic to her lips, satisfied.]

TROY: That's funny. Mine works.

[Laughter from the crowd. Stevens? Not finding it funny.]

TROY: I heard there was this thing going on out here and I was watching everything unfold and I felt compelled to go check the nameplate on my door. You might be wondering why. See, I was pretty sure that the placard had the word OWNER on it but, pfft, you never know...my eyesight could be going. So I got up out of my fancy leather chair, walked the whole ten feet to the door in my fancy shoes and WOULDN'T YA KNOW IT, it DID say OWNER on it! What a coincidence!

[Sarcasm? It's dripping. Troy starts to walk slowly down the ramp.]

TROY: I'm bringing this up because everyone and their MOMS knows that Sean Stevens wouldn't have the SACK to bring this little clause up to me. Might be because he has mommy issues. Might be because he's a spineless piece of sh[BLEEP]...


TROY: Yeah yeah, family show, whatever. Or it might be because Seanykins knows that I still carry the Stars with me and I'd just as soon cut grooves in him deeper than the ones in the Aggro Crag than listen to this ridiculousness. Because believe me, this is pretty ridiculous, almost as much as Paul Freeman thinking he's the end-all, be-all executer of EPW Law. That...would be me.


TROY: Oh what, did you think with Dan gone that meant the mice get to play their way. Why do I always have to straighten you people out?! [Shakes her head] Anyway Paul, you can peace on outta there now.

[He moves to leave. ]

[... Just as Nakita Dahaka steps in front of him, staring a hole in him that keeps him still, if only for a moment.]

TROY: [to Dahaka] Really wouldn't be doing that if I were you. [to Stevens] Gotta thank you though, Sean, because you bought me some time from having to deal with this as the first line of defense. I had an inkling that you'd try to pull some shenanigans, so I called an emergency board meeting earlier to ratify that pesky little loophole, which was really just Dan and I talking about "America's Got Talent" and then me telling him I was changing the game up.


[Troy enters the ring and she's smirking.]

TROY: See, nobody gets handed ANYTHING for free in my company. You get a rematch as your right for being the last champ, something that EYE never got, but you don't get to name it without a sign-off on my part. As far as I'm concerned, Rocko Daymon has vacated the title [Crowd: BOOOOOOOOO!] but you are NOT the new EPW Heavyweight Champion. [Crowd: RAHHHHHHHH!] You want this title back? You earn it on Aggression 38 by taking on the Number One Contender. Who, by my calculations...

[She breaks out the Blackberry Pearl and makes a show of ostentatiously pushing random buttons on it]

TROY: Is Jericoholic Anonymous.

[Nakita Dahaka wrestles a mic out of the hand of Tony Fedora and hands it to Sean, who casually raises it to his mouth.]

TRIPLE X: JA? That's about as ridiculous as your spiel about never getting a rematch for MY title. Unless, Russian Roulette didn't count? Then again, if one man beat the hell out of me and my spouse at the same time, I'd probably try to forget it, too. You see, you think you run things around here, Troy ... but, the truth of the matter is since that moment where you lost your smile, leaving Empire Pro high and dry because you lost your first match in two years ... it ceased from being your promotion. I'm the one who carried Empire on his back, I'm the one who kept it relevant, and I am the only person that can realistically call this promotion “mine.”

F[Bleeeeeep]k you, f[Bleeeeeep]k JA, and f[bleeeeeeeeeeep]k your stupid idea. This is MY belt.

TROY: Hey, no skin off my nose, Craggy. You don't like it, then don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. I'll make sure to FedEx you your last paycheck in the mail. Consider your ass, and your contract, TERMINATED.

[A gasp through the arena, then massive cheers.]

TROY: [grinning] Oh, right, Dan said I could add that part in.

TRIPLE X: It figures. The SECOND most overrated wrestler on the planet delivering long distance insults from the FIRST. How cute. But, I'm not giving either of you what you want. I could quit today and go make a million dollars just for being pretty, but when I do quit ... it'll be on MY terms.

TROY: Ah ah ah...changing your tune now. Figures. [SMIRK~!] Well fine, Harvey Two Face, guess I'll be seeing you at 38. But one more thing before you go.

[She holds out her hand.]

TROY: I'll be taking that belt back now.

TRIPLE X: If you wanted to touch the EPW World Heavyweight Championship again, all you had to do was ask, Lindsay.

[He slings it at her feet.]

TRIPLE X: Hang on to it until Aggression 38. Hell, take it to JA's locker room, and let him get a glimpse of it. It's as close as the both of you will EVER get to calling it yours.

DT: Gentlemen, it looks like we have ourselves a main event for Aggression 38!

DM: I, for one, am excited! Triple X vs. Jerichoholic Anonymous for the richest prize in our industry! No hand-outs, nothing's for free, you have to WORK to be the EPW World Champion, and Lindsay Troy laid down the law tonight!

MN: Her jealousy is so blatantly obvious, it's sickening! Whether Triple X is awarded the title tonight, or beats JA next week, the end result is still the same!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: The Forsaken (c) vs. Troy Douglas (c) & Larry Tact

DT: Ladies and Gentleman, huge news for next week but we’re not done yet. Let’s go up to Tony Fatora….it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!!


DT: Well what’s wrong with that? We’ve seen nothing but great tag team events all evening as a way of showcasing Empire Pro’s tag scene, but right now, we’re going to catch a glimpse of the CREAM OF THE CROP, as the vaunted Tag Team Champions, THE FORSAKEN, defend against the pairing of newcomer LARRY TACT and the Intercontinental Champion TROY DOUGLAS!

[Cut to the ring, where Tony Fatora is standing inside.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… our next event is a TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT for the EPW TAG TEAM TITLES!

[The lights begin flickering WILDLY as the opening beats of "Pieces" by Hoobastank sound throughout the arena.]


[A BURST of black and gold pyro goes off as Larry Tact steps through the entrance, observing momentarily before heading down the ramp.]

TF: Introducing first… from Manhattan, New York… he weighs in at 260 pounds… HE IS… LAAAAAARRRYYYY TTTAAAAAACCCTTT!!!

MN: The man is simply TACTILIZING!

DM: That’s not a word, Mike.

MN: Well, it oughta be!

DT: The highly acclaimed LARRY TACT had a successful debut at the last Aggression, and tonight he finds himself in the main event, amid the resurgence of Empire Pro’s tag team hooplah!

MN: I guess the man’s just destined for great things. Can I imagine him with EPW gold around his waist? I sure can.

DT: That dream might be a reality tonight, Mike. Who knows?

[Seeing a couple fans mouthing off along his way, he takes a moment to spit on his own hand before attempting to SLAP a couple fans across the face. Tact smirks, then proceeds to the ring steps and ascends them. He enters the ring and climbs a turnbuckle, pointing to himself and opening his arms to receive their reaction. Coming back down to the canvas, he stretches using the ropes. After a moment, “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell hits the PA, and the booing fans are IMMEDIATELY CHEERING WILDLY!!]

TF: And his partner… hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, and weighing in at 260 pounds… he is the EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… HE IS… TTTTRROOOOOOYYYY DOOOOOOUUUGGLAAAASSSS!!!

[Three LOUD CANNON BLASTS erupt on the stage, and as the smoke clears, Douglas BOUNDS onto the stage and pumping up the fans while bearing the IC Title around his waist! Slapping hands with his admirers by the barrier, he makes his way to the ring.]

DT: This capacity crowd is ON THEIR FEET, hailing the entrance of the Intercontinental Champion, TROY DOUGLAS!!

DM: He’s still hot after winning the IC Title at Black Dawn, and tonight, he may very well become a champion! Probably a good thing, because I recall his tag partner saying he was AFTER his Intercontinental Title!

DT: That should create an unusual dynamic between these two partners. Can they coexist to overcome the champions?

DM: Hard to say, Dave. Douglas and Tact have proven themselves as expert singles wrestlers, but against the team with the kind of hustle and cunning as the Forsaken? Let’s just hope they hit it off well.

[After stepping through the ropes, Douglas scales a couple turnbuckles to pose with the title around his waist through a handful of photo opportunities. When finished, he hands the belt off to the timekeeper outside and goes to his corner, greeting Tact for the first time. They exchange inaudible words before “Agenda Suicide [Fake Agenda Mix]” by The Faint hits the PA. While generally mixed, a very core following within the fans POP EXPLOSIVELY!]

TF: And their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of 435 pounds… accompanied to the ring by GOTHOPOTIMUS, they are the EPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… please welcome, the team of THE FIRST and FELIX RED… THEEEE FOOOORRSSAAAAAAKKEEEEENNN!!!

[The First slinks out of the curtain first, hair spilling over his face while his head is hung low. Felix Red and Gotho soon follow him out, with Red interacting a bit more with the fans in his usual way.]

DT: Perhaps one of the more ALTERNATIVE teams to come through EPW’s ranks, yet very successful in the short time they’ve been around! Few believed the team of Felix Red and The First would carry the titles past Black Dawn, but they did, and are here to prove tonight that they STILL can!

DM: I gotta admit… while I’m not crazy about a brawler like Felix or a spot-monkey like The First, these two are a legitimately deadly duo. They don’t give off that “superstar” appeal that you see in most of today’s mainstream wrestling, and I think it’s that low-key approach that helps them succeed against such opponents.

MN: “Low-key?!” Man, just look at their HAIR!! There’s nothing low-key about that! Did security pat these guys down at the door? They might have concealed weapons!!

DT: Relax, Mike…

[The both slip into the ring, leaving Gotho on the outside, while The First pulls himself into the corner to sit and Felix sits on the adjacent turnbuckle, not really showing themselves off to the fans as the previous champion did. When the music ends, they go to their respective corner and hand the belts off to Pat Jones, who holds them high over his head and displays them to all four sides of the arena before handing them off the timekeeper. After both teams talk it over, Douglas and The First are left sharing the ring.]

DT: Looks like the Intercontinental Champion will start this one off while The First steps in on behalf the Forsaken.

MN: Great… Megatron versus that annoying kid who got banned from the mall for skateboarding outside the Banana Republic!

DM: There’s an obvious difference in size and strength between the two men standing in the ring. Senior official Pat Jones calls for the bell, and our main event for the EPW Tag Team Titles is underway!

DT: Douglas advancing… The First steps up to meet him… and there’s the collar-and-elbow tie-up! The First has to compete with Douglas’ advantage in strength… and Douglas gains the initial advantage by slapping on a hammerlock! Oh, but not so fast… The First slips out of the hold and slaps on one of his own!

DM: The First is definitely going to use that agility of his while going toe to toe with a guy like Douglas… but does he have the arm-strength to keep Douglas at bay?

MN: He’s a TOOTHPICK, Dean!

DT: There’s Douglas with the reversal, again working the arm of The First in that hammerlock… but the Tag Team Champion bites back with an elbow to the face! There’s a second, and The First breaks free, going right into the ropes… NO!! Put to the mat with a standing shoulder block from Troy Douglas as he came back!

DM: And now the IC champ is looking to capitalize as he sends himself into the ropes… here’s The First back on his feet… DEFTLY ducks a running clothesline from Douglas, and sends himself back into—no, UNDER the ropes, and onto the apron!

DT: Here’s The First, boosting up to the top rope AND DIVING INSIDE WITH A DROPKICK that catches Troy Douglas off-guard and sends him to the mat!

MN: Man, he’s a springy bastard!

DM: It’s that kind of agility that keeps The First with an advantage over larger and stronger opponents like Douglas!

DT: The First, lighting-quick, runs against the ropes… CATCHES DOUGLAS IN THE FACE with a running dropkick as the IC Champion was pushing himself to his feet!

DM: And now the element of teamwork comes into play as The First tags in Felix Red! The First takes ahold of Douglas’ leg, allowing his partner to land a STIFF KICK into that exposed thigh!

DT: Douglas is in trouble now, as Red slaps on a front-face lock and clinches that forearm across the neck. The IC Champion is no slouch in the ring, but tonight he’s up against two of Empire Pro’s brightest tag team talents!

MN: Bright, if not a tad loopy…

DM: I think Felix would take that as a compliment. Here’s Felix with a KNEE into the sternum of Troy Douglas! There’s a SECOND, so hard that Douglas’ feet left the mat! It’s like Red is just PUNISHING the IC Champion.

MN: Yeah, and I’m right there with him! PUNISH HIM, Felix! Beat his ass for boring me to tears all the time!

DT: OH WAIT!! Douglas with the COUNTER, just SANDWICHING Felix Red into the corner with a shoulder thrust to the ribs! Douglas finally manages to slap out of that facelock, and puts a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP right into the chest of Felix Red!

DM: Douglas has him right where he wants him… pulls back, and OH MAN, ANOTHER CHOP that just RINGS THROUGH THE ENTIRE ARENA!! Looks like the IC Champ is doing the punishing now!

MN: Meh…

DT: Here’s Douglas looking for the Irish Whip to the other corner… and FELIX CONNECTS!! Felix, stumbling away from the turnbuckle and holding his back… left wide open as the IC Champ BOLTS FORWARD AND FLIPS HIM THROUGH THE AIR WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!


MN: Nearly knocked the hair dye out of his dreadlocks!

DM: Looks like Douglas ignores the opportunity to make a tag to Larry Tact, instead hooking the leg for the pin!

DT: First cover in the main event!



And Felix Red kicks out!

DM: Good opportunity to make a tag… but Douglas seems to prefer wearing Felix down on his own! This might cost him later, Dave.

DT: Well, the IC Champion has always been very sure of his own abilities… such as right now as he brings the Tag Team Champion Felix Red to his feet… looking for a VERTICLE SUPLEX—but FELIX slips down his back… and DASHES to his corner to tag in The First!


DT: Here comes Douglas—NO!! Stopped with a Drop Toe Hold by Felix that causes him to fall onto the second rope—and THE FIRST, with BOTH LEGS, simply BLASTS the IC Champion back into the ring! A superb double-play on the part of the Forsaken!

MN: That’s why they carry the BELTS, amigos!

DM: Troy’s gotta be kicking himself now about failing to make that tag when he had the opportunity… but on second thought, it looks like he’s getting his fill of kicks from THE FIRST who uses those whip-like legs to keep the IC Champ on the mat! Larry Tact is still standing there in his corner, looking bored, waiting to get in on this match.

DT: Looks like he’ll have to wait longer as the Forsaken seek an early advantage by chipping away at the weakened Troy Douglas! The First pulling Troy Douglas back to his feet… and there’s the whip to the turnbuckle!! OOH!! Douglas connected hard, and now he comes staggering out as The First goes into the ropes—AND OFF OF THEM WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSS-BODY BLOCK!! He hooks the legs for the pin!



And the Intercontinental Champion kicks out!

DM: He isn’t going to last much longer if he doesn’t tag Tact into this match. Douglas is a tremendous talent when working on his own, but I’m not sure if he’s aware of the element of teamwork in this tag contest.

DT: Couldn’t agree with you more, Dean. Douglas picking himself up off the mat… catches a KICK to the ribs from The First—but THE FIRST COUNTERS with a Reverse Enziguri, knocking the IC Champ back into his own corner where Tact promptly tags himself in!

MN: There’s teamwork for ya, Dean!

DM: Not quite what I had in mind, but a great opportunity for the team of Douglas and Tact to continue their ambitions at being tag team champions. The acclaimed Larry Tact steps inside, and catches The First with an ARM DRAG as he ran to intercept him! He threw the lighter man with EASE!

DT: The First pops back to his feet… but ANOTHER Arm Drag puts him to the mat! Larry Tact is coming into this match like a house on fire!

MN: David Koresh style!

DM: The First back on his feet, but telegraphs a blow that Tact easily counters into a standing Armbar… watch his leg here… grapevines The First’s left leg, and FORCES HIM FACE-FIRST to the mat! Tact keeps moving, transitioning The First over onto his back but keeping that arm in place… right into a modified Cross Armbar! That’s unbelievable strain on The First’s shoulder!

MN: Man, I’m glad I got the human wrestling dictionary over here, otherwise I’d just be calling this action as, “Yeah, he’s got him in a hold. It looks like it hurts.”

DM: Obviously, Larry Tact has built his reputation on being a solid technical wrestler, and he’s got the right size and strength to be a physical force in the ring, to deliver all those big ring-shaking slams you mark over all the time.

MN: Awesome! I’m a fan, you’re a fan!

DM: My God, we agree on something!

DT: I better call my late Uncle Roy to see how the weather is down there and if, in fact, Hell TRULY has frozen over! In the meantime, The First continues to fight the pain in his arm as Tact continues to keep that Armbar held in place! The First is refusing to submit to this, but how much longer can he hold out?

MN: Say Dave, how can you call your Uncle Roy if he’s dead?

DT: Nevermind, Mike. I was making a metaphor. Just shut up and watch.

DM: Wait a second, sounds like the FANS are coming to the support of the Tag Team Champion! The First on his side, giving his legs the leverage they need to work himself onto his legs! The First trying to make something happen… but Tact FORCES him back to the mat!

DT: Oh, but The First doesn’t stay down for long this time! He’s back on his feet, and Tact’s got that arm locked in his grasp like a VICE! But a SHOT TO THE FOREHEAD from The First’s free arm causes him to break the hold, and The First ESCAPES that torturous submission hold!

DM: But at what cost? Being in the size and strength disadvantage, The First needs every limb at his disposal!

MN: Eh, he’s got three or four more he can burn through. Don’t these goth kids regenerate? You know, they cut themselves all the time…

DT: Tact back up, and catches The First while he was busy rubbing the pain out of his arm! There’s a FOREARM to the lower back that keeps the Tag Team Champion hurting, and Tact goes right back to that arm by taking his wrist and giving it a TWIST!

DM: Tact is playing it very simple and reserved right now. He has the power and ability to throw The First around the ring like a rag doll, but he’s withholding that strength to give his opponent an extra dose of pain!

MN: I thought he was a masochist!

DT: Looks like it’s working effectively with—oh wait, The First flips over and REVERSES the arm wrench, sending Larry Tact flipping to the mat! Wait, keeps ahold of the arm—and SMASHES a defenseless Larry Tact into the mat with a standing Senton Splash!

DM: A great turnaround for the Forsaken, and The First goes right over to his own corner, and makes the tag to a grinning Felix Red! Tact and Red are hardly strangers in this sport, Dave.

DT: Well it looks like they can carry their familiarity of one another into the EPW ring!

DM: Felix steps in as Tact comes to his feet and tells him to bring it! Both men CRASH into the tie-up! It’s a regular battle of strength!

DT: Tact overpowering, forcing Felix right into the corner! Pat Jones calls for the break, and there’s the release… AND TACT STRIKES—NO!! Felix QUICKLY got out of the way before Tact could land a cheap shot like that!

MN: Come on, he can’t wait around forever!

DM: Felix meets Tact with a BOOT TO THE GUT as he turns around… follows through with a ROLLING DDT, and quickly hooks the leg for the cover!

DT: Could this be it?!



NO! Larry Tact kicks out! He’s hardly taken a beating yet!

DM: That may change in time with Felix Red in control. Red has Tact back to his feet, and there’s the whip to the—no, TACT REVERSES, sending Felix into the ropes! Here’s Tact looking for the Back Body Drop—BUT FELIX CATCHES HIM IN THE FACE with a FLIPPING BICYCLE KICK!

DT: Incredible display of athleticism on the part of Felix Red… and in a remarkable display of brutality, he just DECKS TROY DOUGLAS RIGHT OFF THE APRON!! Now Felix is just standing there with a sadistic grin on his face! What did Douglas do to provoke that?!

MN: His presence is a talent vacuum, Dave! Come on, we’ve been watching the guy for how long? You’d THINK you’d have it figured out by now…

DM: Tact is back on his feet, but Felix is there to meet him with a SHARP KICK to the side! Felix follows through, right into a HIGH KICK into the chest of Larry Tact that knocks him back into his team’s corner! A grappler like Tact is naturally going to have a hard time with a striker like Felix Red when he’s on his feet and moving too fast to react!

DT: Wait a second, here comes an incensed TROY DOUGLAS, sliding into the ring and looking for revenge! But PAT JONES is immediately there to stop him, ordering him back to the apron!

DM: And the Forsaken go right to work with the DOUBLE-TEAMING while Pat Jones has his back to their corner! The First has Tact’s arms wrapped back around the steel post while Felix Red just goes INTO HIM with a BARRAGE of Shotokan Kicks!

MN: He learned that move from Chun Li!

DT: Textbook double-teaming, and you have to wonder if Felix Red knocked Douglas off the apron just to get him angry so they could have this opportunity!

DM: I wouldn’t put it past him. Felix Red is notorious for pissing off his opponents, and Troy Douglas doesn’t appear any different. But it looks like the referee has finally coaxed Troy back onto the apron, and turns back to the action just in time for The First to resume his place on the apron as if nothing ever happened.

DT: There’s the tag to The First, but Felix is going up to the second rope, and The First is going to the near corner. Here’s Felix OFF THE TURNBUCKLE WITH A TORNADO DDT ON LARRY TACT… and THE FIRST COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A GUILLOTINE LEGDROP to follow it up!! The First quickly going for the pin!



NO!! Broken up by Douglas, who immediately goes after Felix, but the Tag Team Champion is already in the ringside area, leaving Pat Jones to order him out of the ring once again!

DM: The IC Champ has GOT to get his head screwed on straight! He’s testing the ref’s patience, and look now, as Felix slips back into the ring and holds down on the legs of the prone Larry Tact… Douglas’ distracting the referee is playing right into the Forsaken’s advantage!

DT: Here’s The First jumping back to the top rope, AND COMES SAILING THROUGH THE AIR WITH A MOONSAULT!! Man, Douglas is KILLING Larry Tact in there!

MN: It’s a real bummer to see a solid talent like that get weighed down by a loser like Troy Douglas…

DT: To be fair, the two of them aren’t a regular tag team, and they ARE going up against the Tag Team Champions. Even so, Troy Douglas is demonstrating little discipline and patience. He’s finally back on the apron, and Felix Red slips to the outside once again, as The First makes the cover and Pat Jones makes the count!



THR—OH NO, Tact with the kickout! It’s truly remarkable that he’s able to survive the Forsaken working in tandem!

MN: No thanks to Megatron over there…

DM: The First makes the quick tag back to Felix Red, and goes to bring Larry Tact back off the mat. Felix standing ready in his corner, and The First delivers Tact with an Irish Whip—RIGHT INTO A SPINNING HEEL KICK—

DT: NO!!! Tact DUCKED the Spinning Heel Kick from Felix Red!! Felix turns around… and gets BLASTED IN THE FACE with a HARD BACK ELBOW from Tact! Here comes The FIRST to his partner’s aid!!

DM: And he’s met with an ELBOW TO THE FACE of his own! Tact is fighting back! Now he boots The First onto his shoulders in the Fireman’s Carry position! Wait, Felix Red coming back to put a stop to this… and he’s DOUBLED OVER with a BOOT TO THE GUT! Here comes The First off of Tact’s shoulders—OH MAN!!

DT: AND TACT DROPS THE FIRST into a STOMACH BUSTER with FELIX RED’S HEAD between GUT AND KNEE!! What a TREMENDOUS double play that leaves The First rolling out of the ring, clutching his abs, and Felix Red lying prone on the mat! Just like that, Larry Tact tears down the Forsaken’s momentum!

DM: Now would be an excellent time to tag in the waiting Troy Douglas with his arm hanging over the ropes… but Tact just looks at him, and IGNORES him! Can’t say that’s a wise move there…

MN: Who gives a damn about it being a “wise” move?! It was a BOLD move! It’s there to make a statement! In that statement, Larry Tact is telling Troy Douglas, “SCREW YOU, I’m better off without you! I’LL win the titles!”

DT: I think Mike has a point there, Dean, although I can’t help but wonder how these two will take the Tag Team Titles unless they can cooperate! Regardless, Larry Tact back in control as he brings Felix Red back to his feet… has him in a standing head-scissor… and just CRUSHES Felix with a SNAP POWERBOMB—right into a PRAWN HOLD!



NO!! A desperate kickout from Felix Red, and the Forsaken keep their titles from slipping away!

DM: Well, if Tact can keep up this kind of offense, I guess he CAN win without Douglas’ help… but it won’t be easy.

MN: Leave “easy” for punks like Megatron over there who can only win titles when their opponents have morality issues. Larry Tact doesn’t need “easy” to be a badass!

DT: Tact still in control, brings Felix Red to his feet… going for the whip—REVERSED BY FELIX!! Wait, Douglas with the BLIND TAG as Tact bounces off the ropes!!


DT: But he’s not the legal man! Pat Jones is trying to explain this to him as Troy Douglas tears into the ring, practically SHOVES his partner to the side, and delivers a barrage of fists to Felix Red’s face while he’s down! Larry Tact looks PISSED!!

MN: As well he oughta be! Troy Douglas just RUINED his freakin’ ring-mojo! Tact was about to win the titles right there!

DM: I dunno about that, but Tact is looking very irritated as he goes to the apron per Pat Jones’ request, leaving Troy Douglas in the ring with Felix Red. While I feel Tact needs to rest up, I don’t think he appreciated Douglas volunteering himself back into this match.

DT: Douglas taking the control on behalf of his team… brings Felix Red to his feet, and hooks him around the waist… GERMAN SUPLEX with a BRIDGE!!



And Felix kicks out!

MN: Maybe Troy just wants the pinfall for himself! Makes sense, you know? He uses a SUPERIOR talent like Larry to go in to wear down the Forsaken, but just slips in at the last second to steal all the glory, so he can go around and say, “Yeah, I won the Tag Titles on my own!” Man, what a selfish, egoist prick!

DT: I wouldn’t go as far as to make an assumption like that, Mike. Douglas wasn’t happy when Felix took that cheap shot at him earlier, and now he’s here to settle the score. Douglas with the Tag Team Champion back to his feet… there’s a whip to the ropes—and Felix MAKES THE TAG to The First as he comes running back!

DM: Here’s Douglas with a LARIAT—and Felix DUCKS, SLIPPING under the ropes to the outside! The First setting himself onto the TOP ROPE!! Is Troy even aware the tag was made?!

DT: I don’t think so, Dean! He’s looking to Felix Red, who points to his corner, where The First is perched and waiting… Douglas turns around—AND THE FIRST COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A DIVING HURRICANRANA!!! What a DEATH-DEFYING MANUEVER!!

DM: Executed with perfection, with the assistance of Felix Red! It’s that kind of teamwork that brought those two to the tag team titles!

MN: I bet Douglas wishes he hadn’t jumped in on his own now!

DT: Larry Tact can only shakes his head from his place on the apron… and The First makes the cover! Could this be it?!



THR—NO!! The Forsaken were HALF A SECOND AWAY from retaining their titles, but Troy Douglas stays alive!

DM: Alive, but banged up, and against the tandem of The First and Felix Red, he may not—OH, THE FIRST WITH INESCAPABLE TORMENT OUT OF NOWHERE!!





MN: Bah…

DM: I thought for CERTAIN that Douglas wasn’t getting out of that one! But the Intercontinental Champion keeps his chances for victory alive, and is given the opportunity to recover as he has ahold of the ropes! The First goes to his corner to tag in Felix Red…

DT: …and there goes Douglas, diving to his corner to make the tag!

MN: COME ON, LARRY!! Show him how it’s done!

DT: Wait a minute, Tact just DROPS TO THE FLOOR!! He REFUSES the tag!

DM: Oh man, you can’t leave a man hangin’ like that! I guess Tact has decided he’s had enough of Troy Douglas in this match!

DT: Oh, come on… Douglas’ behavior has been questionable, but the TAG TITLES are on the line here!

MN: BULLCRAP!! Larry Tact has nothing to gain by carrying Troy Douglas on his shoulders! Carrying the EPW Tag Titles with THAT worthless CHOKE ARTIST would only hold him down!

DM: Douglas having some words with Tact, but maybe he should bring his attention back to—TOO LATE!! Felix Red jumps the IC Champ from behind, sets him onto his shoulders—


DM: Troy Douglas is in a bad place, and Felix makes the tag back to The First—who IMMEDIATELY goes to the top rope—

DT: CUT THE THREAT!! WHAT a DOUBLE KO from the FORSAKEN!! It’s ALL OVER for Troy Douglas as The First makes the cover!!




[“Agenda Suicide” hits the PA as The First pops back to his feet and slaps hands with Felix Red. Pat Jones holds up their arms in victory as a disgusted Larry Tact goes back up the rampway.]

DM: Well THERE’S one for the FTV Highlight Reel! The Forsaken came out tonight and proved WHY they are the Tag Team Champions!

MN: Oh, stop stroking them off, Dean! The Forsaken won because TACT wisely backed out of this match at the last minute. Not that I blame him, because he probably realized that failure was imminent with that CHOKE ARTIST Troy Douglas!

DT: I’d have to disagree, Mike. It seemed to me that the reason why Douglas and Tact couldn’t cooperate was instigated by the Forsaken, who took advantage of the rift between teammates and used their advantage in teamwork to pull out the win here tonight!

DM: Either way, with the performance by the champions we just witnessed, you really have to consider the state of the Kings of the Cage Tournament, which is well underway. While the four remaining teams will push themselves to their very limits to earn the title of Kings of the Cage, their greatest challenge will certainly lie in the two men standing tall in the ring, who stand at the end of the road!

DT: This has been a TREMENDOUS evening for EPW’s Tag Team scene! With the Kings of the Cage Tournament past the first round, what lies next for the Tag Team Champions, the Forsaken?

[With their titles returned to them by Gothopotimus, The First and Felix Red scale opposing turnbuckles and present their belts to the cheering fans while Pat Jones assists Douglas from the ring and to the back.]

MN: Sitting on their ass and waiting for someone to mount a challenge would be my guess.

DT: Folks, that’s it for tonight!! For Dean Matthews and Mike Neely…..we’re outta here!!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[The camera switches backstage as we see Rocko Daymon walking towards the exit of the building with a blank look on his face. From out of the shadows Jason Reeves emerges, cane in hand with a grin crossing his face.]

Stalker: I told you Rocko... I TOLD YOU. An eye for an eye... One career for another.

[Rocko stops and stares at him, saying nothing, just a blank stare directly at Jason, who gets right into his face.]

Stalker: I hope you enjoy this.. Rocko. Because it only gets better from here. You think your wife will want to be with someone that's as sad and as broken as you are? You couldn't even defend her, chump. Remember that. I cut her, filmed her, and posted a website showing her goods to the world and you didn't do ****! You are a ****ing chump just like you were back in SCW. If it weren't for Devon Jackson we wouldn't even be having this conversation because he gave you the satisfaction of being the best back then, ME.

[His expression doesn't change, his blank stare doesn't change. He just looks forward, but doesn't budge.]

Stalker: Be silent. It's good, don't defend your wife, don't defend your career and your achievements. I love it. When you get home you need to realize that the same man that drove you through that glass window is the same man that started your journey to being on the top. Of everything. I brought your ass into this world and I just took you out. Go home and cry little man, this place isn't for babies.

[Jason spits on the floor and stares at Rocko's face one last time before he slowly limps away and Rocko continues walking.]

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