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AGGRESSION 39: Oklahoma City, OK - 10/21/08

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[FADE IN: Backstage in the Locker room. Sifting through his bags is Cameron Cruise and by the look on his face, he's become quite irritated. Yelling out to the attendant passing by, he leans against the locker behind him as the Attendant rushes over.

A: Can I help you sir?

CRUISE: I sure as hell hope so, pal. It seems I forgot my cell phone back at the house and judging by the clock on the wall, I don't have time to fly back and get it. You got a phone around here? I need to make an important phone call right away.

A: Of course sir, it's right behind you in the back but it's a pay phone so you're gonna need some change to use it.

CRUISE: No problem, thanks.

[The Attendant takes off and Cruise heads to the back and fishes for some change in his pockets. Turning a corner, Cruise hears a familiar voice echoing in the back as it's transparent that the phone is in use.]]

VOICE: Ohh yeah baby! Oil of Olay, KY Jelly, and a double-edged dil- .....What? .........No, no...... .........Yeah, like in that Requiem for a Dream movie! I'll be Jennifer Connelly, you'll be the other chick, we'll line those thangs up and KAPOW - ass to ass action!

[Cruise cringed, as he realized who it was that was using up his time on the phone as it was one Shawn Jessica Hart. Unwilling to wait any longer, Cruise politely cleared his throat but Hart turned his back, not willing to have a discourse with Cruise. Growing further irritated, Cruise tapped Hart on the shoulder only to have Hart hold up a finger as if to signal one moment longer. Taking another route...]

CRUISE: Hey Shawn, I realize this is a public phone, but I need to make a really important phone call. You mind cutting it short??

[Hart waved Cruise off in a manner of a mother shooing away her child while talking to her own mother on the phone. Again, Cruise tried to get Hart's attention and AGAIN Hart waved him off. Finally losing his temper, Cruise whips Hart around and grabs Hart by the collar and slams him against the wall. HARD].


[Startled and shocked, Hart brushes Cruise's hands off and straightens his outfit abit. Still nose to nose, Hart shoots Cruise an Evil eye as Cruise prepares for a match even before he can get to the ring to wrestle a scheduled one against The Fallen..]

SJH: Say it, don't spray it, Jackhole.

[Hart then turns and walks off, leaving Cruise standing alone with the phone and disconcerted.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalker Rules.......Interrupted

[The camera zooms in on Jason Reeves, by himself, sitting in a dark corner of the arena. He motions with his hand for the camera to come closer, as it does his face becomes less of a shadow. Looking directly into the camera lenses he smiles.]

Stalker: Tonight is the night. It's the night that will go down in history as my defiance against the rules of this place. No longer am I bound to the structure of disqualifications and count outs. Tonight is the introduction of the world I threatened to bring here for a long time. I'm done biding my time, playing by the rules, whatever you want to call it. It's time for me to step up and take on I feel needs it. For now it's Cruise and Hiroshi.. at the pay per view.. well I got a plan for that.

It's all downhill from here.

I just hope that the powers that be are ready for the rest of their top shelf performers to be taken out by my hands.

[Jason shows his hands to the camera and they are taped and covered with shards of broken glass.]

Stalker: The war...... it's just begun.

[With a swift motion Jason pushes the camera back cutting it to static.]

Moments later...


We’re backstage, as Stalker steps out of the darkness of his promo area and comes around the corner….

Right into Lindsay Troy.

He stops short, and his eyes narrow in disdain.

Troy: Nice promo work there, Jason. I want you to take the glass off your hands.

Stalker: (stepping in closer) Maybe you didn’t hear me. It’s Stalker rules now. I was told it was anything goes.

Troy: Not by me you weren’t, and my word is the only one that counts. You’ll wrestle your match tonight and you’ll wrestle it by the book. You hear me?

Stalker: Or what??

Troy: Or….you really don’t want me to finish that sentence.

Troy and Stalker stare each other down for a few tense moments before Stalker relaxes slightly and chuckles a little bit, but disturbingly so.

Stalker: You’re the boss.

Stalker quickly unwinds the wrapping on his fist and slams it down in the hallway, sending shards of glass everywhere. Lindsay Troy holds her ground, watching as Stalker….stalks past and down the hall.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intro - Frankie Scott vs. Omega - Shawn Hart on commentary

[The intro music reverberates throughout the arena and stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to AGGRESSION!

DM: Listen to this reception! Ohhhhhh myyyyy!

DT: With the wrestling world still abuzz over the crowning of a new EPW CHAMPION, we're coming to you LIVE from the O-K-C, home of the NBA's Thunder.. just a stone's throw away from Sooner Country, for the first show in what will undoubtedly be a new era in Empire Pro! I'm Dave Thomas, with me as always are Dean Matthews and Mike Neely...

MN: Hello hello.

DT: ..And it is our pleasure to welcome in a former Empire Pro TV champ and one of the staples of the circuit, the PHENOM of EPW, Mr. Shawn Hart!

SJH: Represent!

MN: Yo-yo, big man! What'chu been doing with yourself?

SJH: Drinkin' margaritas n' bangin' señoritas!

MN: Whooooa Nellie!

DM: Sounds like business is good.

SJH: There's no business like HO BUSINESS, Dean-o.

DT: Well Shawn, we're glad to have you back tonight because we've got a HUGE night of fights on tap for you, perhaps most notably the final match of the Kings of the Cage tournament!

SJH: Yeah, well... since Fusenshoff decided to lay a giant egg of SUCK, the Phenom wasn't able to bring his own brand of jiggy freshness to this match, but as it is - it's gonna be off the heezie fah sheezie!

DM: So I guess we can put you in Ice Tre's corner for the TV title match, huh?

SJH: You can put me wherever you want, what matters now is that Tre puts his boot into the nether regions of Fusenshoff's anus!

DT: Indeed, Fusenshoff will defend his world's television title against Ice Tre in a match that could definitely steal the spotlight here on Aggression, but right now that spotlight is firmly locked onto "Triple X" Sean Stevens - fresh off his clash with JA for the EPW World Heavyweight Title - and "Cocky" Craig Miles, who issued an open challenge earlier this week despite his Kings of the Cage final, going TOE TO TOE in our MAIN EVENT!

DM: The guy's a scrapper, but with him pulling double duty in bouts of this caliber, Miles just might have to throw a couple more of those fireballs to get the job done against an angry Sean Stevens.

MN: Not to mention the Kings of the Cage final!

DT: All that, a new heavyweight champion, and MUCH MORE comin' at you from Oklahoma City, but right now - let's get to our first BOUT!

[CUE UP: “Phenomenon” by Thousand Foot Krutch. Once the music hits the speakers, Frankie Scott BURSTS out from behind the curtain, adding fuel to the crowd's already blazing fire. While making his way to the ring, Scott slaps many of the outstretched hands and waves his arms about as he moves quickly down the ramp.]

TF: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first... from Atlanta, Georgia... weighing in at TWO HUNDRED FORTY-TWO pounds...


DM: Frankie Scott is coming off a tough loss last week, but believe you me Davey-boy, he's got the grit and the determination to turn it around at any moment.

MN: Well, he's got his boy here at ringside right?

SJH: Heh, well... Frankie and I had some good times and some bad times in our brief moment together, but through it all - ONE THING remained constant!

DT: And what was that, Shawn?

SJH: His flaming red pubes...

DM: Say wha?

SJH: That man's crotch looks like the surface of the Planet Mars...

MN: Uhb?

[Upon reaching center-ring, Scott shoots Hart a glance that is quickly met with a thumbs up.]

DT: At any rate, I'm inclined to agree with you, Mr. Matthews. Frankie is the consummate pro and definitely has a shot each and every time out, but what the future holds for him on this particular night is anybody's guess.

[CUE UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson. The house lights gradually dim into blackness. Strobe lights circulate around the arena. The fans continue to be boisterous, despite not quite knowing what to make of Omega, who slides slowly through the curtains with ‘Barb’ in his grasp. He pauses for a beat, cautiously surveying his surroundings before continuing on down the aisle.]

TF: And his opponent, from the great state of Missouri... weighing in at TWOO HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE pooounds... he is......


DT: We saw this man when we were in New Orleans and guys, just like Lindsay Troy, I don't have any idea what to make of him.

MN: I do... he's a CRAZY BASTARD!

DT: Well, anybody who speaks with and hears voices from a steel chair definitely has a.... er.... different world perspective?

SJH: He's nuttier than my pet squirrel's sh** stains, Dave!

DM: Eeeeasy Shawn, this is a family show!

[Omega slides under the bottom rope, still latching onto ‘Barb’. As he eyes his opponent, he begins to whisper to her. Scott simply stares at the duo in disbelief.]

DT: The referee looking on now as Omega...leads Barb to her spot at ringside.

DM: Did that really just come out of your mouth?

DT: I-I really don't know...

[The two men begin to circle each other as the official calls for the opening bell!]

DT: And we're off here on Aggression as Omega and Frankie Scott look to be feeling each other out here in the early going!

[Hart is heard snickering.]

DT: Omega, the newcomer, and Frankie Scott... looking to get back on the right track, and there he goes looking to start things off with a standing dropkick, but Omega sidesteps it and PLANTS Scott with a hammer fist to the kidneys!!!

DM: No technique whatsoever on that one! He simply stepped around Scott and swung his flailing arm and balled fist into Scott's side!

SJH: Wowzers.

DT: You can see the pain on Frankie's face as he slides his way back into the corner. Meanwhile Omega appears to be shouting something to Barb at ringside.

MN: Again, this guy is one CRAZY bastard...

SJH: Oh, he's a total fruitcake, though I do find Barb strangely alluring.

DT: Omega nodding his head now, as if he's received some kind of instruction or advice from that barbed wire-laden steel chair, then quickly back on the attack and making his way to Scott... but as Omega reaches for his shoulders, Scott shoots between the legs of the six foot eight Omega and rolls underneath him! Omega - quick to turn about, but Frankie Scott catches him with a jab to the gut! And another! And another!

DM: Nice display of ring savvy from the Phenomenal one!

SJH: Heeeeeeey now! I've that shizz copyrighted!

DT: Frankie Scott - backing up... he hits the ropes for momentum, gathers a full head of steam, and...


DM: Wow..........

DT: OMEGA WITH A SICK POWERSLAM ON FRANKIE SCOTT!!! Down goes Frankie for the second time!

SJH: He planted that boy to the mat like I plant cannabis in my rose garden!

DT: Omega wasting no time here as he props Scott back to a standing position, takes him by the arm, and sends him shooting toward the ropes on the far side with Irish whip! Coming back the other way now... and Frankie ducks the clothesline attempt! Scott hits a second set of ropes... and CRASHES into Omega with a shoulder block, but the big man is still on his feet!

MN: That's three hundred pounds of schizophrenia, D-T!

DT: Omega is a smidge wobbly, but the impact wasn't enough to take him down. Frankie Scott quickly backs into the ropes and shoots off of them once again for go-round number two - and AGAIN Omega withstands the blow, although this time he's backed into the corner and reaching to the turnbuckle for support!

DM: Omega is CLEARLY loaded for bear. What an athlete!

SJH: Don't sleep on my boy Frankie, he's taken a couple of big shots already and gotten right back into it.

DT: Scott hits the ropes for a THIRD time, springs off of them, and goes for the-


DT: Biiiiiiiiiig BOOT by Omega as he lunges out of the corner leg first at Frankie's jaw!!!

DM: Yeeeeesh... Frankie was coming at him with so much momentum, he still ended up under Omega!

MN: Them's Ed-juh-cated feet!

DT: Omega yanks Scott back to a standing position... only to DROP HIM with a DDT!!

MN: I think even the fans in the cheap seats could hear his face smacking canvas there.

SJH: I haven't heard a smack like that since the Slavic spanking in Rodney Moore's Red Rumpers - Volume 2!!

DT: Omega hits the mat now, quickly hooking a leg for the cover...



MN: NO!!!

DT: Scott with just enough wherewithal to get his left foot onto that bottom rope to break the count! Surprisingly, Omega seems to have staved off any frustration and is looking to get right back into it as he has Scott by the neck, looking to get him back up to - WAIT! What's this?! Small package from Frankie Scott!! The official is there-



Omega kicks out with AUTHORITY, pressing Scott up and off of him! Both men hurrying back to their feet, with Omega attempting a lariat on the charging Scott - Scott deftly ducks the try though, reaches back, grabs Omega by the neck aaaaaaand-


DM: This guy is sick!!

SJH: Sicker than Lindsay Troy's anal herpes!

DT: Frankie Scott goes for the reverse neckbreaker, reaching back and falling to the mat with all the force he can muster and Omega goes NOWHERE! Scott just shot back down to the mat and landed on the back of his neck as Omega holds strong!

[A small, nearly inaudible chant begins to materializes amongst the masses.]


[The chant slowly grows louder.]

DT: And Omega follows THAT up with a big ELBOW DROP to the solar plexus of the fallen Frankie Scott!! Scott - doubled over in pain as Omega calmly finds his feet.

[A rather large contingent in the crowd can clearly be heard chanting, "WE WANT BARB!" followed by a succession of claps.]

DM: Omega is EERILY calm, Dave... almost disturbingly so. He's dishing out all this pain like it's nothing, and not even thinking twice!

DT: A large group of fans is now chanting for that steel chair and Omega, who looked to be continuing his assault, has been stopped in his tracks and - yes, he's now turning back and his eyes are FIXED on Barb at ringside.

MN: Look at him! He's talking to the chair now!

SJH: This guy makes the Spears family look stable, Mike.

[The chants quickly morph into cheers.]

DT: Well it looks like Barb has given the OK, because despite some avid admonition from the official, Omega is headed to the outside!

DM: Oy... the fight's in the ring, bub!

[The official yells out, "OOOONE!!!" as he begins a count.]

DT: Oh my... Omega's got the steel chair! The referee is IMPLORING him to release it, and has begun to initiate the mandatory 10-count, but Omega's eyes are LOCKED onto Barb!




DT: Omega is climbing up to the apron now - he's got the chair and Scott is out on the canvas!


DM: I think Frankie's beginning to stir.


DT: The referee is reaching for the chair and-

MN: Whoa whoa whoa..

DT: Omega pulled that chair back and looked as if he was going to start swinging!


SJH: That's what happens when you mess with a dude's woman!

DT: Frankie looks to be finding his feet! He's clearly been rattled by the big newcomer, but he's up on one knee now!! Meanwhile Omega, the referee, and Barb continue to debate... my God, they've got to get that chair out of his hands!


DM: Scott's in for a world of hurt if he doesn't hurry! Look at the crazed look in Omega's eyes!

DT: Frankie's just now starting to shake the cobwebs off! Oh my goodness!!





SJH: Frankie's UP!


[A loud SMACK echoes throughout the arena and the fans are driven into FRENZY!]

SJH: Hoooooooooooly Sh-


[The referee stumbles up against the turnbuckle and quickly signals for the BELL!]


DT: IT'S ALL OVER! The referee is calling for the bell, and it looks as if this thing's gonna end in a count-out!

DM: Oooh boy. I don't know, Dave. Omega was CLEARLY reentering the ring. If he hadn't attacked the referee, HELL.. if he hadn't gone to the outside to begin with, Omega might've won this thing!!

DT: Excellent move by Frankie Scott, capitalizing on some extracurricular activity by Omega and saving his own skin in the process!

[Frankie's victory is announced, after which his music hits the PA, but rather than celebrate, Frankie rolls out of the ring and begins to make his way toward the fallen Omega.]

MN: That idiot! What the hell is he doing?

SJH: Frankie, baby... you won! Get the hell out of here while the gettin's still good!

[With his eyes firmly fixed upon Omega, Frankie reaches down toward the steel chair!]

DT: Again, it appears as if Frankie Scott has won via count-out, but he's now stalking his tormentor!

DM: The match is over, Dave, but Frankie's going for the chair!

DT: He's got it! What's he gonna do! Omega is laid out on the ground, and Frankie's got the chair! Frankie takes another step toward Omega....

[Suddenly, Scott stops in his tracks and displays a hint of a grin.]

DT: Wait a minute, folks.. Frankie is pulling back.... and he's now tapping that steel chair with his other hand and nodding his head! It looks as if he's saying something to a still-dazed Omega... I can't quite make it out..

SJH: I think his flaming pubes have burned away all his brain cells.

MN: Wha?! He's turning tail now.

DT: Scott WISELY backs away from Omega and looks to be heading for the entryway, but he's taking Barb with him! Frankie Scott is STEALING the object of Omega's insanity!!

DM: Omega is beginning to come to, but I don't think he's realized exactly what happened.

DT: Frankie Scott... shooting one last look at Omega and now he's waving that steel chair as he steps back through the curtain! Scott has stolen the win and now he's stealing Barb!

SJH: Dude just signed his own death warrant.

DT: Fans, we'll be back after these words!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
After the break....

[CUTTO: The backstage area and a bloodied Omega; raging and ravaging everything that crosses his path.]

OMEGA: Where?! WHERE?!?!

[He approaches the catering table and POUNDS his clenched fists down the middle of it, SMASHING it in half and launching food into every direction.]


[Omega sends his fist into a wall and right through to the other side. As the camera zooms in to survey the damage, Omega storms off in anger. CUTTO: Ringside, where "Gently" by Slipknot is playing in the background and SJH appears to be sucking back on a frosty Corona.]

MN: Boozing on the job? Ballsy move, dont'chu think?

SJH: Pshh... when I was a baby, I wouldn't feed unless my mom put a ring of salt around her nipple!!

[Thomas shakes his head, then looks into the camera.]

DT: Ahem - Still much more to come here on Aggression, but as we see Omega on a tear backstage, all I can say is that I really, really, REALLY wouldn't want to be Frankie Scott right now.

SJH: Ungh? Oh.... yeah.... me either. I mean honestly, how can a guy look himself in the mirror wearing his hair like that. It's soooooooooo 2003!

MN: 2003? You mean the last time anybody cared about Shawn Hart?

SJH: Eeeeeeeeeasyyy. I'll pinch you SO hard!

MN: Do what now?

DM: Sounds like sexual harassment to me.

SJH: Not really what I was going for, Dean-o. Unless you guys are into that kind of thing?

DT: Uh, not really. Let’s go to commercial. Geez…


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Cut to the backstage area, just outside the office of EPW’s interim Owner and General Manager, as well as the federation’s most prolific World Heavyweight Champion, Lindsay Troy. The door is closed, and perhaps with good reason, as we can hear two very aggressive voices engaged in a verbal war. Troy’s biting words are very prolific as she argues with an as of yet unidentified man. Just to the left of the door is a bench for those waiting for an audience with the Queen of the Ring, currently occupied by two sullen individuals…]

[They are “THE FORMER ESCAPE ARTIST” Erik Black and “THE EX-RAGING RUSSIAN” Ivan Dalkichev, now unwillingly billed as The Crimson Calling. Noticeably bored, they sit with their hands supporting their hanging heads, seemingly waiting for the tumult inside to come to its end. Finally, it does, and we hear Troy sternly saying “just get the hell out”, and the door soon bursts open. A flustered Nathan Fear exits and abandons all courteously by slamming the door behind him. Red-faced [or should be say, CRIMSON-faced! *rimshot*], he turns to his team.]

Fear: Well boys, I have some bad news. Apparently, Ms. Troy is a bit too NARROW-MINDED to realize this team’s potential, which means we won’t be getting that shot at the tag titles at the upcoming Pay Per View.

Black: Oh… shock.

[Erik and Ivan look completely unsurprised and unfazed by this declaration. Their apathy only seems to further agitate their manager.]

Fear: If the two of YOU had been picking up your slack, we wouldn’t even BE in this situation! I swear, sometimes I wonder why I’m blowing so much money on the both of you! I’m trying to spread a message to the American people, and that message doesn’t quite sink in when the two of you go out there and much it up all the time!

[With a gruff rumble of nuisance, Fear stomps onward down the hall, signaling for them to follow. Erik and Ivan take their sweet time getting to their feet and simultaneously shake their heads in dismay.]

Dalkichev: Bro?

Black: Sup, dude?

Dalkichev: This blows donkey balls.

Black: You’re tellin’ me, man. It’s like, ever since the Boss came back, the balls have been surgically stripped from the undeniably awesome tag team we once were. And you wanna know something?

[He turns to his partner, narrowing his eyes.]

Black: I think I’ve had enough of this ****.

[Ivan nods gravely.]

Dalkichev: The same, bro. I just wish we could walk away and tell him to, uh… how do you say, shine it where the sun don’t stick?

Black: Close. But yeah, dude, I know what you mean. Fear’s done nothing but hold us down ever since he came back, and gone to great lengths to royally eff up our mojo, ya know? I’d love to just say to his face that we’re through… but those damn contracts are air tight. We pretty much sold our souls to the devil without really thinking about it all those years ago…

[In frustration, Ivan hits his own palm.]

Dalkichev: D’AH!! I just wish he never came back! I dunno… I just wish, like, he’d go crazy again or something, and we’d be free to do what we did when it was just us on our own!

[Erik nods, and then… *DING!* His eyes widen with a sudden revelation.]

Black: You know what, ‘Van Halen? That right there is a wish that we can easily make into a reality!

[Ivan throws him a questionable look, but Erik is already digging for his cell phone. He dials the one number he dials more than any other number in his contacts list and holds it to his ear.]

Black: Yo, Reggie? Hey, it’s Erik. I was wondering if you could help me out…

[A wry smile crosses “The Former Escape Artist’s” face as we go back to the commentary team at ringside.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Fallen vs. Cameron Cruise/Kin Hiroshi - Hart Attack 2

[Silence abounds amongst the commentators as we cut to Nakita Dahaka and Stalker, conferring with one another in the ring.]

DT: Y-yes, well.. as we welcome you back to ringside, the Fallen have made their entrance and are awaiting the arrival of two men who should prove to be quite the handful for the pair.

DM: In looking at the Dark Phenom specifically, times have been a bit rocky of late. But a win here against this newly-formed Cruise/Hiroshi alliance could be just what the doctor ordered to get back on the winning trail.

DT: Well, barring the ingestion of any caustic confectionary treats, I'd wager the Fallen have the upper hand here given their experience together and their chemistry in tag team matches.

MN: You KNOW Reeves is hittin' that, right?

SJH: No doubt, baby!

MN: Heh - you're feelin' the bigger girls, aren't ya!

SJH: I'd bed her, but I wouldn't wed her.

MN: Word.

DM: Good grief…

[CUEUP: “Wings of a Butterfly” by H.I.M. A train of MUFFINS crosses over the Empire-Tron and the crowd responds loudly with a mixed chorus of cheers and jeers. Seconds later, Cameron Cruise and Kin Hiroshi emerge onto the entryway.]

DT: Cameron Cruise is very accomplished as a tag team wrestler, but if this new-found friendship with the Muffin Man continues to develop, I think this could be as formidable a team as any that he's been a part of in the past.

[CUTTO: Tony Fatora, standing beside Dahaka and Reeves in the ring.]

TF: And their opponents... coming in at a combined weight of FOOOOOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE POUNDS........... KIIIIN HIROOOSHIII... and CAAAAMEROON CRUUUUUUUISE!!

[CUTTO: With the pyrotechnics booming behind them, Cruise and Hiroshi begin the march to battle looking cool and confident.]

DM: I think we could take it even further, Dave. Because if this thing's legit, I think the whole of the tag team division is in for a whole heap of trouble. Not to mention their individual merits.

[Cam and Kin continue to storm down the ramp and toward the ring, seemingly on a collision course with their opponents. Inside the ring, Nakita and Stevens look equally focused.]

MN: Well, all I've got to say is I'm glad Cameron Cruise has finally pulled his head out of his ass and found himself a credible counterpart.

DT: I think Joey Melton might have something to say about that.

SJH: Psshhh... Melton's like the Sarah Palin of wrestling. You might think he's HOTTER than Mama Hart's Three Alarm Chili, but when ya get right down to it... he doesn't have the GOODS to get the job done! And neither does Cruise for that matter! Hiroshi's gonna carry his ass like I carry this commentary team!

[Kin is the first to climb the steps and squeeze through the ropes. Cruise follows in short order. Almost immediately, the official forms a barrier between them and the Fallen.]

DM: Anybody else you'd like to call out before you do your job, Hart?

SJH: Michael Bay will perish in flames!!! The Island SHANT be forgotten!

MN: Hear hear!

[After some gamesmanship from both sides, the official finally manages to get the teams into their respective corners.]

DT: Alright now, both teams look to be in position. The Muffin Man slides back through the ropes, leaving Cruise to start the match. On the other side, it looks like Stalker is first up.

DM: Both men had harsh words for one another in the weeks leading up to tonight's match. Now we'll see just who has who's number.

[The referee calls for the opening bell!]

DT: And we're underway here, as Reeves approaches his opponent.

DM: Look at Cruise smirk at him. I'm telling ya, something has gotten into Cameron Cruise.

DT: Cruise... appears to be shrugging Stalker off. Total disrespect being displayed by the former tag team champ... and STALKER RESPONDS WITH A SLAP TO THE FACE OF CRUISE!

DM: He's obviously not gonna put up with this kind of overt cockiness.

DT: Hard smack by Stalker, and yet Cruise CONTINUES to goad him. Cameron Cruise is sneering and snorting, practically BEGGING Reeves to try it again!

SJH: Shoot, if it's a smack he wants - I'd be tickled PINK to oblige.

DT: Hiroshi is shouting some instructions to Cruise now... and it looks like we're finally going to have a serious match. Cruise now - approaches Stalker and it looks like he's challenging him to a test of strength!

MN: Old school 'rasslin at its finest, folks.

DT: Cruise has his hands up in the air and Stalker, who appears anxious to impose his will in this match-up, is easing his left hand into Cruise's.

DM: My money's on Stalker.

DT: With one set of hands locked in, Stalker now motions his right hand toward-


DT: Cameron Cruise UNLOADS a slap of his own to the face Stalker!

DM: Apparently he doesn't respect anything anymore.

DT: Cruise attempting ANOTHER slap, but Stalker ducks it and counters with a BIIIG UPPERCUT!!

SJH: There ya go, nnnnnndaddio! Smack yo ***** UP!

DT: He took that one right on the chin and is slumped over in pain! And here's Stalker now with a KNEE LIFT, connecting square with Cruise's face!

DM: That'll learn 'im.

DT: Cruise is doing his best to regain his bearings and rub some feeling back into that chin, but STALKER won't have any of that as he looks to continue the assault.

MN: Stalker looks PISSED!

DT: Reeves has his clutches on Cruise's slumped shoulders. but CRUISE is back up in a hurry and CHARGING at Stalker with a lariat attempt! Stalker quickly sidesteps Cruise, and as Cameron turns back to face his opponent, STALKER catches his hips... AND NAILS HIM WITH A SIDE SUPLEX!

SJH: He's hurting, Dave. He's taken hard shots to the chin and now the ribs as well. I love it.

DM: All of Stalker's weight toppled right over Cruise's midsection as the two came crashing to the mat. A perfectly executed suplex by Stalker.

DT: Quick cover by Stalker!




DM: Little early in the match, but I like that Stalker's looking for the win.

DT: Stalker quickly back on the attack as he grabs Cruise by the legs, flips him over on the canvas…… and DROPS an elbow - rrrrright to the small of his back! Cruise is trying to muster up some strength and crawl away, but Stalker pulls him back toward his corner. Nakita quickly reaches out and the tag is MADE as the Dark Phenom makes hops into the ring.

SJH: The Dark wha?

DT: Dahaka wasting no time at all here as she steps over Cruise and hooks in with a reverse chin lock!

MN: Pshhh... rest hold city.

DM: Now Neely, we can't underestimate the cumulative effect of these kinds of holds. If she keeps it up, Cruise is gonna be fighting for each and every breath!

DT: Nakita is really cranking on that neck! Cruise is in trouble early!

DM: Cruise is in a bad position, here. He's too far away from the ropes to get a hold on them and Nakita is really cinching in on that neck. It's almost morphed from a chin lock into a rear naked choke-like maneuver.


[Out of nowhere, Kin comes into the ring and connects with a stiff kick to Nakita's neck.]

DT: Hiroshi enters the ring illegally and DRILLS the Dark Phenom to break the hold! Nakita is DOWN!

SJH: Kin's on it like I'm on onion booty!

DT: The referee is now admonishing the Muffin Man, guiding him back to his corner... and now Stalker is back in the ring with some harsh words of his own for Hiroshi! The referee is struggling to keep these two apart.

DM: He's gotta be careful here. This thing's gonna break down if he can't reel it back in.

DT: Dahaka is finding her feet after the blow from Kin Hiroshi, but Cruise is getting up as well…. Nakita with her back to Cruise... and as she turns back toward the man he catches her with a jab to the stomach! Cruise... struggling back to his feet now as Nakita also struggles to get back to a standing position. Cruise - sizes Nakita up.... and CONNECTS with a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP to her chest!

SJH: Look at those babies bounce, Dave.



DT: Cruise continues with ANOTHER chop across the chest of Nakita Dahaka! Cruise setting in with a THIRD chop now!

SJH: That bastard - he's damaging the merchandise!

DT: Cruise now... grasps Dahaka by the wrist and SWINGS her toward the far-side ropes with an Irish Whip! Back the other way now and Cameron Cruise swings around Nakita and locks in a SLEEPER HOLD!

DM: One good turn deserves another.

DT: Cruise is really wrenching in on the hold. He has a vice-like grip on the head of the Dark Phenom! Cruise now, backing into his corner and reaching out for the tag! Here comes Kin Hiroshi with a series of hooks and jabs to the midsection while Cruise continues to yank back on Nakita's neck! The referee initiates a count, but Cruise alertly finds his corner before its conclusion.

SJH: So I know I'm a total jackhole, but even I will tell ya that double-teaming a broad like this is NOT cool.

DT: Now it's Nakita and Kin Hiroshi... with Nakita already reeling. Hiroshi... scooping Nakita up, and DROPPING HER with a hard body slam! Nakita is doubled over in pain!

MN: The Muffin Man ain't messin' around.

DT: Hiroshi YANKS Dahaka up by her hair, pulls her back to her feet.... and sends her SHOOTING face-first into the turnbuckle! The impact of that Irish whip was so great, Nakita was repelled backward upon impact... and here comes Kin, catching Nakita as she stumbles backward and sending her back down to the canvas with a LEAPING BULLDOG!!

DM: Dahaka's in big trouble, Dave.

DT: Hiroshi drops to the mat, rolls over Nakita, and the official is there for the



STALKER is in for the save!

DM: This isn't the first time 'round the block for the Fallen. They weren't about to go out like that.

DT: And now the official is pushing Stalker back into his corner.... meanwhile, CAMERON CRUISE has reentered the ring and the two men continue to punish Nakita! Hiroshi's got the Dark Phenom propped up and Cruise is pounding into her with his fists! Stalker is doing his best to get the official to take notice, but the referee just wants him out!

SJH: Oy... the only thing on this girl that should ever be getting pounded is her sweet ass! These guys are crossing a line.

MN: Come now, Shawn. Girl wants to play with the boys... she's bound to get roughed up every once in awhile.

DT: Hiroshi has the waist lock on Nakita, gathers himself... AND SENDS HER FLYING ACROSS THE RING WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

DM: Sick impact on that suplex!

DT: The official finally turns back to the action in the ring, but Hiroshi has already retreated back to his corner and Cruise is back in the ring.... without being tagged, I might add.

MN: Rules are meant to be broken, Thomas.

[CUTTO: A close-up of Kin as he cracks a grin.]

DM: Look at Hiroshi smile. These guys are obviously out here to prove something tonight.. and whatever it is, it isn't good.

DT: Nakita is pulling herself toward her corner as Cruise stalks and saunters toward her…. Stalker’s hand is stretched out for the tag, but Cruise will have none of that. He’s got Nakita and he’s… he’s pulling her up by the hair!

SJH: Now I’ll be the FIRST to admit that hair-pulling is sexy like Sally Struthers in the proper-setting, but what kind of statement do these jokers think they’re making here?

DM: C’mon Shawn, you know as well as anybody that stuff like that is part of the game. Not saying I condone it, but I think a girl with the gumption of Nakita Dahaka knows what she’s up against.

DT: Cruise – propping Dahaka up, locking in the neck, hoisting her into the air…. And DROPPING her with a vertical suplex!

DM: Look at the face of Hiroshi, he’s still having a good laugh at all of this.

MN: Maybe he’s just on a sugar high from one of those muffins!

DT: Cruise going for cov- No, no…He looks to be mounting Dahaka’s limp body from behind..

SJH: Say WHA?!

[In the background, Hiroshi drops to the floor and begins to move covertly around the ring.]

DT: Cruise is now PULLING THE HAIR of Nakita Dahaka! It looked as if he was set to go for the pinfall attempt, but instead Cruise continues his dirty deeds! The referee is warning Cruise to stop, but he’s got a death grip on Nakita’s hair!

MN: Wait a minute… what’s Hiroshi doing?

DT: Cruise has Dahaka by the hair, but Hiroshi is making his way towards Stalker… Stalker doesn’t see him!!


DT: Hiroshi takes Stalker’s feet out from under him and his face smacked HARD against the ring apron as a result! Stalker is DOWN and the referee is forced to turn his attention away from Cruise and Dahaka! Hiroshi has Stalker back up on his feet now and…


MN: Yeeeouch!

DT: Stalker is sent HARD into the guard rail by Kin Hiroshi! His head LITERALLY bounced off the rail like a rubber ball! Stalker is writhing in pain on the arena floor! The referee is threatening to disqualify Cruise and Kin, but Hiroshi is quick to retreat back to his corner. Meanwhile Cruise has Dahaka up on his shoulders… and DOWN HARD to the canvas with a POWERBOMB!!

[Seconds after taking his place in the corner, Kin begins to ascend the turnbuckle.]

DT: Dahaka is in a world of hurt right now, and it looks like the Muffin Man is going up top!! The official is pleading with the man to return to his corner, but…

DM: Look out!

DT: GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ON DAHAKA!! Hiroshi hit the top rope, then CONNECTED on the leg drop – right across the neck and chest of the Dark Phenom! The official is motioning toward Hiroshi, but Kin quickly rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring! Cruise… drops down for the cover… he’s got her leg…. the official is there-






DM: Woooow!

DT: Nakita Dahaka has been PINNED by Cameron Cruise, and the Fallen have FALLEN!!

DM: They reeeeeeeally pushed the rules to their limits at the end there, Dave… I think they got away with just about all you can without getting smacked with the DQ..

SJH: Terrible… It’s one thing to cheat, it’s another to cheat with STYLE. These guys have NO style! They’re just a couple’a JACKHOLES out to make a name for themselves… and they’re doing it at the expense of a helpless woman!!

MN: Pshhh… like you never had a rough encounter with a chick.

SJH: Hey, those girls were bought and paid for!!! They knew they were gonna leave with sore booties AT BEST!

DT: The official is raising the hands of Hiroshi and Cruise. They’ve notched the win despite their actions here, as Stalker is still shaken up on the outside…

DM: He probably doesn’t even realize he’s lost yet.

DT: Hiroshi and Cruise look to be-

[Suddenly Hiroshi turns to the official, then PLANTS him with sick clothesline!]

DT: Whoa whoa whoa! Hiroshi attacking the referee with a hard lariat!! Cruise setting in now with boots to the gut!!


MN: These jokers are out of control!

DT: The referee has been DECIMATED at the hands of Cruise and Hiroshi as the timekeeper is calling for assistance! The bell is ringing out like a fire drill, but Hiroshi and Cruise are CONTINUING their assault!

DM: Where’s security?!

DT: Oh no… Cruise is turning to Dahaka…. She’s still down from the beating she took in the match. Cruise – motioning to Hiroshi…

MN: Nakita is in BIG trouble.

DT: For God’s sake! You’ve won the match! The woman is helpless!

[With sadistic smiles drapes across their face, Hiroshi and Cruise turn their attention to Nakita.]

DT: We need help out here!

SJH: This is unacceptable…


DT: Hiroshi is forcing Nakita back up to her feet… my God, this is DEPLORABLE!!!

DM: Hiroshi and Cruise are showing their true colors here. Wow….

DT: Hiroshi’s got her up! What are they going to do?!

SJH: That’s IT!!!

[The fans at ringside pop like a balloon as the Phenom drops his headset and stands from his chair.]

DT: Shawn! What are you-

[The enthusiasm spreads across the arena as Hart vacates his position and hits the ring with his beer still in hand! Upon catching sight on the oncoming SJH, Hiroshi releases Nakita and he and Cruise take a couple steps back.]

DT: Hart has hit the ring, ladies and gentlemen, and Hiroshi is backing away! The Phenom stands imposingly between Nakita and her would-be assailants, obviously irked by their actions! What's he gonna do here, Dean?!

DM: I dunno Dave, but Stalker on dream street and Nakita down on the mat... I don't like his chances...

[Cruise and Hiroshi spread out, the two of them glaring at Hart. Nakita meanwhile begins reclaiming her wits behind her savior.]

DT: I don't like the looks of this... Nakita looks to be regaining consciousness, but Kin and Cruise are primed to strike! Hart is shouting something at them, trying to ward them off, but their circling him like vultures circle their prey!

MN: Look at Nakita - Chick can barely walk and she looks like she wants to join the fight!

[While Cruise and Kin continue to shout back at Hart, Nakita hobbles up next to him. The two Phenoms now stand side by side as Hiroshi and Cruise edge in slightly.]

DT: Things are heating up now... but Hart looks like a man possessed! And look at Stalker - he's managed to pull himself to the apron! We're on our way to a full-blown melee! Hart is turning to Nakita... Nakita is saying something to Hart... Cruise and Hiroshi look ready to pounce!

DM: Dahaka's got her fists clenched, she's had enough..

DT: SJH and Dahaka nod at each other - Nakita CHARGES! Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO.......



DM: That sonuva*****!!



DT: Stalker is up on the apron.. Hart and Cruise join hands...... and LEVEL STALKER with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! Down he goes to the cold, hard floor once again as Hiroshi CONTINUES his assault on the battered and bloodied Nakita!!

DM: Don't look now, Dave, but I think Hart is headed our way!

[In the ring, Hiroshi and Cruise begin to smear Nakita's face against the canvas. As they do so, Hart rolls out of the ring, storms toward the announce table, and grabs his headset.]

SJH: Here's the score, douche bags! I've had ENOUGH of two-bit bitties like this infringing on MY gimmick and laughing all the way to the bank! There's only ONE Phenom in this company - DARK or light, MALE or female, WHITE or black... however the hell you wanna slice it! Got beef?! The REAL stars of EPW - CAMERON CRUISE... KIN HIROSHI - will be more than happy to set your happy-ass STRAIGHT! The Phenom has left the building!

[Hart angrily tosses his headset to the ground and SPITS on Thomas' face! Matthews is brought immediately to his feet.]

DT: Real class, Hart. That's what you are...

DM: Try it again, Shawn. I'm beggin' ya.

[Hart laughs and backs away. Cruise and Hiroshi are quickly there to meet him.]

DT: Cruise and Hiroshi have unleashed utter CHAOS, and it looks like that bastard Hart has joined them! Finally, EPW officials have emerged flanked by security, but Cruise, Hart, and Hiroshi are hopping the guard rail and their making their escape through the masses.

DM: Disgraceful. That's all I can say.

MN: Disgraceful?! What, that we don't get this kind of action out of every other match?

DM: Ugh... Don't you ever just shut up?

DT: Fans, we'll be right back..


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Rocko Daymon speaks....

[The camera cuts to the commentary table where Dave Thomas is wearing a sober expression.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen… our broadcast of Aggression will continue in just a moment, but first, we’d like to give you an update on the former champion, ROCKO DAYMON.

[We cut to file footage of previous events, beginning with Daymon’s horrifying fall with Stalker out of a third-story window, and cutting to him standing in the ring with his arm in a sling, throwing the EPW World Heavyweight Title to the feet of “Triple X” Sean Stevens.]

DM: Let’s just take you fans back a few shows ago at Aggression 36 in Charlotte when, following the main, Daymon suffered a completely HORRENDOUS fall that was the result of an unsanctioned brawl with his nemesis, Stalker. When we last saw him, Rocko wordlessly came to the ring and abandoned his title, unable to defend it with his arm apparently impaired.

[Cut back to the commentary table.]

DT: Now, however, following a statement on behalf of the Daymon family, EPW has come to learn that the extent of the former champion’s injuries include a dislocated shoulder, a fractured ulna, and two broken ribs. His physician reported that the recovery time for this set of injuries could be anywhere between nine months to two years.

DM: Of course, nearly everybody has been left to wonder what is going through the former champ’s mind through these very trying and stressful past few months where he has been all but silent. However, earlier this week, Rocko Daymon was generous enough to approve of an interview with our own Mojo Massey, where the former champion spoke for the first time on the subject of his injury and those responsible for causing him to forfeit his title.

DT: Let’s roll the tape…

[Fade out…]

[…and back in, on the once critically acclaimed GXW backstage personality Mojo Massey, wearing a face that can only be described as business-like. He’s sitting on a deck chair on the back porch, and seated right across the patio table next to him is none other that the former World Heavyweight Champion himself, Rocko Daymon, wearing his sling, his standard ugly flower print shirt, and pounding down a bottle of Heineken.]

Mojo!: Hello again, fans of Empire Pro. This is Mojo Massey, currently in Tacoma, Washington at the residence of the former EPW World Heavyweight Champion himself, Rocko Daymon, here to get a few words from the legend, the myth, the MAN for the first time since his injury. First of all, Rocko… on behalf of the staff and the fans of Empire Pro, I’d just like to thank you for taking this time to clear the air on a number of subjects.

Rocko: Not a problem, Moj. The pleasure’s all mine. Want a brew?

Mojo!: Ah, no thank you.

[Shrugging, Daymon takes a swig of the green bottle in his hand.]

Mojo!: Well, Rocko, obviously what you’ve had to put up with in the past four months has been very taxing on your emotions.

[Daymon smirks.]

Rocko: That’s putting it lightly, Moj. I can’t really describe in words the roller coaster of feelings and emotions I’ve been riding for these past months. But, for right now… I think I’m fine. It’s no secret that my arm is ****ed up, and I’ve come to accept it. **** happens, and your only choice is to simply deal with it.

Mojo!: I suppose so… but don’t you feel that there’s a bit of injustice in the way your arm was maimed? I mean, had not Jason “Stalker” Reeves provoked you throughout the night, and if only “Triple X” Sean Stevens hadn’t kicked you off the ledge of that window… why, you could STILL be the champion! You could right now be preparing yourself for your first major defense! Don’t you feel robbed in any way?

[Daymon deliberates his answer carefully, taking another sip of his lager, until finally speaking.]

Rocko: Robbed? …maybe. Stalker could have grown a brain and realized he was barking up the wrong tree… and Stevens could have taken his loss and humility like a man and moved on. But professional wrestling was never a sport for rational-minded people. I was intentionally injured because certain people could not accept the fact that I rose above their expectations and prevailed over everything they threw at me. How can I feel robbed when they failed to take what’s important to me?

Everybody’s always seen me as the man in EPW who’s always bumping his head on the glass ceiling. I think back on all the time I’ve spent in Empire Pro, and I can’t help but think that I’ve been the federation’s resident “unlucky one.” Had the referee been just a bit more observant back at Aggression oh-one in the nation’s capital… I would have won my debut match against Christian Sands. Had the EPW management at the time not been so gung-ho on pushing a man that wasn’t as committed as they thought he would be, as was the case with Maelstrom… I probably could have had an effect on the earliest EPW title scene. Had I not got into it with said management, well hell… I probably wouldn’t have missed out on all those years. Had some gangster wannabe actually known how to safely throw himself from the top of a twenty foot steel cage in the recent KotC tournament… I probably could have gone on to take that title at Russian Roulette, the way I wanted to, and I could’ve avoided this completely.

Now here I am, sitting at home without MY title and unable to compete. I should feel cheated, Mojo, but honestly… it’s to be expected at this point. The entire professional wrestling community has long looked at me as always being in the right place at the wrong time, and I guess forfeiting over a title only coincides with their expectations.

But what do I have to regret? I was determined as hell to prove everybody wrong… and I did just that. I outlasted Kin Hiroshi and JA… and went on to pin the very man who many believed I would NEVER pin. And, through the whole ordeal, I managed to lift the spirits of the EPW fans and inspired millions of others out there trying to break through their own glass ceilings that hard work and determination truly CAN pay off.

That was my goal from the onset, Mojo… just to prove that I COULD do it. I may not go down in history as EPW’s most prolific World Champion… and I may not have the longest title reign… and I may not be remembered fifty years from now as a legitimate professional wrestling champion, but I could care less. Winning that title at Black Dawn was more than just putting the belt around my waist; it was fulfilling a decade-long ambition of defining myself as the very model of a superior professional wrestler. Years from now, people will forget I ever carried that title… but that doesn’t matter to me. Even if I NEVER win that title back, knowing that just once, I prevailed over all odds and at one time stood at the very peak of the professional wrestling mountain… I can say beyond a doubt that the fire that’s burned inside me all these years has been put to rest. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, and that’s all I’ve ever fought for. And I can die with a smile on my face knowing that there isn’t a window high enough I can be thrown from for anybody to dispute that.

Mojo!: That’s… very inspiring to hear, Rocko. It’s good to hear that you’ve come to terms with your loss. But now I have to wonder, what are your thoughts on Stalker and Stevens? Do you still harbor ill feelings? Will you seek vengeance once you’re able to?

[Daymon stiffens up slightly, and takes another drink.]

Rocko: …too soon to tell, Mojo. I may be at peace with the lot I’ve been dealt with right now, but it doesn’t mean Stevens and Stalker are entirely off the hook. Believe me, Mojo… “ill feelings” doesn’t do it justice. Why, I can assure you, the only thing that prevented me from strangling the life out of Sean Stevens there in the ring as I threw the belt at his feet was knowing he wouldn’t FEEL enough of it with my good hand being the way it is at present.

However… karma can sometimes be a beautiful thing. Stevens thought that putting me on the shelf would be a free pass to putting that belt around his waist… but it didn’t work.

Mojo!: You’re right. The World Champion is now Jerichoholic Anonymous!

[Daymon nods.]

Rocko: I know ol’ JA never really cared for me… but that’s okay. The fans love him, and he’s undeniably a great talent. Now he’s the standard-bearer of Empire Pro, and I couldn’t think of a better person to fill those shoes with me sitting at home. I have to admit, I felt that justice had been served when JA won that title… even if the man could give two ****s about me.

Mojo!: So… what’s next for Rocko Daymon at this point?

[Daymon shrugs.]

Rocko: Dunno, Moj.

Mojo!: Well… when can we expect you back in the ring?

Rocko: Once again, I dunno. There’s no definite timeline on when my arm will heal up. On top of that, there’s also the question as to whether or not I WANT to come back…

[Massey is noticeably taken aback.]

Mojo!: You mean… you’re considering retiring?

[Again, Rocko shrugs.]

Rocko: Nothing’s definite at this point, Mojo. But in the past few months, I’ve had all the time in the world to sit here and think without distraction. I’ve reflected on the decade of my career, and what I’ve accomplished… and honestly, I’d be satisfied leaving my legacy the way it is. It may not be the greatest the world has ever known, but it’s good enough for me, and that’s all that matters.

On top of that, I’ve been thinking a lot on how much I’ve missed out on time I could have spent with my family, but instead dedicated to furthering myself in the ring. Now I can spend a little more time with them… with my kids, especially.

Who knows, Mojo? Maybe by the time my arm is good to go again, I’d rather be the family man I sometimes feel I should be instead of the man who goes into that ring night after night and punishes his body for almost nothing to show for it.

Mojo!: Maybe… but I feel that would disappoint a lot of your fans.

[The former champion nods.]

Rocko: That may be, Mojo… but they just have to understand that I have to be a human being before I can be a hero. From this point on, though… the sky’s the limit, and the road ahead of me branches off into many paths. If I don’t return… I only hope the fans remember me for a while, and remember the emotion and courage I fought with as I took the title.

But if I decide to come back…

[He smiles.]

Rocko: …you can bet your ass there will be hell to pay.

Mojo!: Well Rocko, where you go from here on out is a decision only you can make, but I do wish you the best of luck in the future.

Rocko: Thank you, Mojo. I appreciate the blessing. Oh, and when you go back… be sure to tell Neels that shirt makes him look fat.

[The reporter chuckles.]

Mojo!: Will do, Rocko. Thank you for your time.

[We cut back to the team at commentary, Mike Neely now looking a bit flustered.]

MN: W-WHAT?! I can’t believe that bastard just said that!!

DM: Well Neels, I mean, he DOES have a point. That shirt kinda gives off this jelly-roll effect.

MN: Oh, whatever! I’m not going to take criticism from some maimed punk who has his own crappy taste in fashion! What’s with those stupid flower shirts?! I mean, how can they even COMPETE with this shirt! I pick up a TON of chicks in this shirt!

DM: Yeah, chicks named Dan and Gary and Steve…

MN: Oh, you can go right to hell, Dean…

DM: You can bet your ass I’ll be two steps behind you.

DT: Well, those were some very deep words from the former champion. It seems as though he has a hazy future in the professional wrestling world, even deliberating the possibility of retirement. Though he’s come to grips with his untimely and unfortunate loss of the World Heavyweight Title, I can’t help but think he’ll want to seek some form of vengeance once he’s able to.

MN: Hey, HEY!! Why the hell are we still talking about this guy?! Rocko Daymon’s at home, drinking beer, slapping Caitlyn around, and that’s all there is to that. He’s a thing of the past, and we’re in the present, and at PRESENT, we have a show to call! So on with the show!

DT: Alright… let’s go to commercial....

MN: Hey, you ruined my call!!

DM: It sucked anyway....


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV Title Match: Fusenshoff (c) vs. Ice Tre

MN: ……but of course, that was before I knew she had webbed feet.

DM: Um, we’re back on the air, Neely.

DT: Well, as fascinating as that story was we have a bout for the Television Title once again.

DM: Fusenshoff and Ice Tre had an ugly promo week Mike. Fusenshoff made a grave mistake in forgetting which event we are up to, not once but twice. A slip of the tongue is one thing but...

MN: The guy is a sloppy, boozed up lummox and an embarrassment to our prestigious Television Title. He's about as charismatic as a news anchor with narcolepsy.

DM: Well we all know how charismatic Ice Tre is. He's fun, exciting, vivacious and would represent EPW as the Television Champion better than anyone in my humble opinion.

MN: Yeah, right. Just as soon as he learns how to wrestle.

DT: These two men will square off in just a moment. Allow me to pass it along to Tony Fatora.

"Bad as Can" by BEETLEJUICE suddenly bumps through the PA system, the crowd rises to their feet in anticipation, and the curtain parts. It is Ice Tre ... and DAMN is he a sight!?! Dressed in a bedazzled blue/white ring coat, no shirt, and blue tights, Ice Tre trots down the aisle, brimming with confidence and all-smiles. Tonight is the night.

He slaps the hands of fans along his way to ringside, awkwardly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. Raising a fist, he snaps his bulky shades from his face and glares into the camera with his version of "menace".

TF: Standing five feet ten inches tall and weighing one-hundred seventy one pounds, from The Mean Streets... the self-proclaimed KINNNNGGG OF THE RINNGGGG..... ICCCCCCCCCEE TREEEEEEEEE!!!!!

MN: Ice Tre looking as ridiculous as ever Dean.

DM: You don't look at his gear or chains to get a look at the true Ice Tre.. You look into his eyes. You'll see a fierce man with character and a resilience that is unquestioned in this sport.

MN: Do you spend a lot of time staring longingly into Ice Tre's eyes Dean?

DM: No.... by sa.... SHUT UP!

MN: Awww, that's sweeeet.


“A Little Less Conversation, a little more action please.
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me.
A little more bite and a little less bark,
A little more fight and a little less spark.
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me.”

“A little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley hits as there are a few more cheers than boos from the fans. Fusenshoff steps out to no fireworks or fancy lights. His black, long hair is matted and he's wearing his typical ring attire. Black jeans over-top his wrestling shorts and a wife-beater underneath a black leather jacket. Black wrestling boots are the only indication he has a match tonight.

The look in Fusenshoff's eyes is something the fans have grown accustomed to. Rarely is such focus and concentration evident in an age of constant distraction and blatant attempts through media and advertising to hold the public's attention a few short moments. Fusenshoff climbs into the ring as ready as he is the night of all his matches, and yet as ready as he'll ever be.

TF: Hailing from Kamloops, British Columbia. At six foot three and two-hundred sixty three pounds. Your current TELEVISSSSSIOONNNN CHAMMMMMPIONNNNNNNN.... FUUUUUUUUSENNNSHOFFFFF!!!

MN: It amazes me how this drunken buffoon manages to make it to these events, let alone show up seemingly sober and more determined than Roseanne Barr at an Old Country Buffet.

DM: Few realize that the day of a match Fusenshoff shows up completely sober. He chooses not to drink on these days because he doesn't need to escape his own reality while in the ring.

DT: And there's the bell. The two men circle each other in the ring. After a few moments, Ice Tre bounces off the ropes and runs toward Fuse. Tre attempts a clothesline but it is reversed by Fusenshoff. He applies a reverse armbar, but Ice Tre's right foot is on the ropes. Referee Andrew Gardell breaks the hold and Fusenshoff is quick to relinquish it.

DM: You can see the inexperience there for Fusenshoff. He's been a wrestler for less than two years. Facing a much smaller opponent, he whipped Tre around too quickly on that armbar allowing Tre to get his foot to the ropes. He has ridiculous athleticism and focus, but needs work on his execution.

MN: You never know Dean. Maybe some of that greasy, disgusting, never-washed, grungy hair got in his eyes and he blew the maneuver. Whatever it was all I know is I can smell that booze-hound from over here.

DT: Back to the action and Fusenshoff has Ice Tre lined up for... a snap suplex. Fusenshoff performs that move flawlessly and Ice Tre is holding his lower back. After a few stomps to the shoulder Fusenshoff picks Tre up again. He whips Tre into the ropes and Ice Tre ducks a clothesline.. Tre comes back with a missile dropkick on Fusenshoff.

DM: Check that out. Tre pulled off a nice missile dropkick there. It looks like his wrestling skills are starting to improve.

MN: Are you kidding me? He should change his name to Ice “Backyard” Tre. The guy couldn't land a frog splash on a sleeping koala bear.

DM: Wow, Mike. You have to be one of the most negative people I've met in my life.

MN: Aw shucks, Dean. You always know the right thing to say.

DM: ...

DT: Anyway, Fusenshoff is down and Ice Tre goes for the pin. He barely gets a one count before Fuse pops out of it. Both men are up now and exchanging blows. Fusenshoff overpowers Tre and corners him. Fuse grabs the self-proclaimed king and bashes his head into the turnbuckle. Tre wobbles and Fuse takes the opportunity to land a swinging neckbreaker. Fuse goes for the pin.

1 ...

2 .. kickout!

DM: It takes a helluvalot more than that to keep Ice Tre down.

MN: Yeah, we know Dean. He has a lot of heart and yada yada yada. Do you have to mention that every single time he has a match? It's getting a little repetitive.

DM: Whatever Mike.

DT: Fuse picks up Tre who jumps up with a fury.. He catches Fusenshoff off guard with a flurry of punches. He whips the big man into the ropes and lands a nice drop toe-hold. And there's Stalker. Some of us knew it was only a matter of time before he'd run out here again.

MN: Thank GOD! Now things are actually getting interesting! [breaks into song] Here he comes to save the DAAAAAYY!!

DT: And Stalker slides in to go after Fusenshoff. Gardell looks poised to call the match. After that match alongside Nakita earlier tonight, and what happened because of Lindsay Troy rebuffing his “Stalker Rules” stipulation, you know he’s pissed.

DM: This is such garbage. Ice Tre gets a shot at the TV title, and just like last week, Stalker comes in to interfere and blows the title shot.

DT: Not if Ice Tre has anything to say about it! Tre just grabbed Referee Gardell and DDT'd him in the middle of the ring! Smart thinking by Tre, even if it'll probably cost him a hefty fine. The referee is out cold and the match continues.

DM: Wow, what quick, smart thinking by Tre!

MN: Yeah, that was pretty sweet! Maybe there's hope for Tre yet.

DT: Meanwhile Stalker and Fusenshoff are going at it like rabid hyenas in the ring. Fusenshoff is pounding on Stalker, though his temperament hasn't seemed to change.

DM: I'm telling you, he's always even keel in the ring. Though part of him probably wants to go ape-crap on Stalker right now, his emotions don't get in the way of his focus.

DT: Stalker is taking the brunt of the attack. He's down on one knee and taking heavy rights to the face. Ice Tre is taking this time to watch gleefully and occasionally flare up the crowd with his charismatic taunts.

DM: Tre is letting the two other men in the ring fight this one out while the referee is unconscious. He's catching his breath and getting the crowd on his side. Good strategy.

MN: I don't think Stalker was prepared for this. I think he expected the match to be over by now.

DT: Stalker takes a few more rights from the TV Champ... oooh, low blow. Stalker saw an opening and just introduced Fuse's testicles to his appendix. Fuse keels over in pain. Stalker stomps violently on Fusenshoff with rage in his eyes . Stalker picks up Fuse and signals for a powerbomb. He gets Fuse up on his shoulders, but Fuse grabs Stalker by his hair and holds on like Stalker's a bucking bronco. Pulling Stalker's head back, Fuse punches him a couple times and Stalker falls backward, unable to keep his balance.

DM: Wow, there's something you don't see everyday. Fuse grabs a handful of Stalker's hair to avoid going for a ride.. Fuse sees a window and lands a few punches. Next thing you know Stalker loses his balance and they both fall to the mat.

MN: Yeah Dean, Dave just said that.

DM: I'm just saying... that was pretty sweet.

MN: So just say, 'that was pretty sweet.' That kind of circumlocution can get a commentator fired.

DM: Well Sooorrrrry. Isn’t five syllables about three past your vocabulary allotment, Neely?

DT: Stalker is dazed on the ground and Fuse looks to jump on his adversary's misstep. He picks up Stalker and sets up for the Domination. Fusenshoff lands his patented finisher.

MN: Damn that looks painful. The way he leaves guys landing on their necks.

DM: Yeah there's no getting up from that move if he pulls it off correctly. The trick is doing it right. It's a tough one to pull off and this guy's a spring chicken. He got it right that time though. Stalker is toast.

DT: Andrew is getting to his feet. While Fusenshoff was laying Stalker out with the Domination, Ice Tre was waking up the referee. A split second after the move, Tre is right behind the Television Champion. He rolls up the Champ in the middle of the ring!!

1 ...

2 ...


DT: And WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!! ICE TRE IS YOUR NEW TELEVISION CHAMP!!! Talk about a brilliant strategy to pick up the win!

DM: I don't know if Ice Tre planned this whole thing or not. He researched his opponent and undoubtedly knew Stalker was likely to interfere. The way he took out the ref before he could be disqualified was brilliant. He waited in the wings and found his opportunity, then capitalized flawlessly. Improvised or not, that was strategic genius Bill Belichick would be proud of. And now he's the TV champ!

MN: I'm a big fan of good strategy, but couldn't he have thrown in a chair show or a low blow for good measure. What's the point of pulling off a great plan without being devious or iniquitous. Hopefully he learned a thing or two from Stalker tonight. With those brains he could be a great heel some day.

DM: Maybe Craig Miles can get him enrolled inthe Academy.

MN: What does he have to do to get a spot??

DM: You don't wanna know.....


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalker Rules Revisited

[Backstage: Lindsay Troy’s office]

[Stalker busts in almost immediately, angry as HELL.]

Stalker: You screwed me earlier tonight by not allowing my stipulation. You caused Nakita and I to be laid out by those fruitcakes and now…NOW…..ICE TRE IS THE TV CHAMPION??

Troy: Didn’t YOU just cause that?

Stalker: (intensely whispering) If you had allowed my stipulation in the first place, I would have bloodied his ass up and they’d have been forced to end the match. He was supposed to be embarrassed, not lose to friggin’ Ice Tre!!

Troy: So you’re mad that I didn’t allow your stipulation of glass wrapped around your fist earlier in the night because it didn’t allow you to interfere in the way you would have preferred later on?

Stalker: You’re starting to understand.

Troy: Well, for some reason you think I’m here to help you cheat.

Stalker: Look, whatever. Bottom line is, I want the TV Title. I want Tre at Unleashed.

Troy: Oh, so you want Ice Tre now? And could that have been your real plan all along? What I see is a man whose real plan was to get the belt onto someone you see as less of a threat, a man who thinks it’s easier to beat a goofy Ice Tre for the belt than an angry Fusenshoff.

Stalker: You see a lot.

Troy: I got lasik last year.

Stalker: Do I get the shot or don’t’ I?

Troy: You can have your shot. I’ll even do you one better. You can have your Stalker Rules stipulation, too.

Stalker: Now.......now you’re talking.

Troy: With one caveat. It’ll be a three way dance. Stalker Rules……Ice Tre……vs Stalker….vs Fusenshoff. Sorry, I can’t let him be screwed out of the title like that without getting a shot back at it.

Stalker: Doesn’t even matter. You just signed their death sentences.

Stalker turns and blasts through the door.

Troy watches him go, then hits an intercom button on her phone. “Sophie!”

“Yes, Miss Troy?”

“I’d like you to look into the possibility of our health plan covering anger management classes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Always so polite, Sophie. You from Texas or something?”

“Amarillo, actually.”

“Figures. Oh, and Sophie?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Two advil please.”


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Finals: Miles/Beast vs. Priest & Eisenkreuz


Priest & Eisenkreuz vs. Miles & Beast

The finals of the KOC tournament started off with the two teams entering the ring in different fashions, as Priest and Eisenkreuz walked out together while Beast and Miles had their separate intros. After all four men got in the ring, The Forsaken brought out their couch from F-TV and put it on the ramp way, and sat down to watch the match.

Early on Miles and Beast’s general distrust for each other led to a series of near falls for Priest who just kept hitting move after move on whoever got into the ring with him. After a while of this Miles finally caught him with a swinging neck breaker and began to work him over. Priest then spent a great deal of time being beaten on but still fighting off Miles and Beast, who, in spite of their misgivings with each other, showed excellent tag team tactics in cutting the ring off and refusing to let Priest tag in Eisenkreuz.

Eisenkreuz became more and more angry as Priest kept being away from making the tag, and after a while made repeated efforts to charge into the ring, normally getting in a few shots on Miles and Beast before being dragged back to his corner by the ref. This process also wasn’t any good for Priest, who had to suffer many double team beatings behind the ref’s back.

Finally after Priest and Beast double clotheslined each other, Priest crawled to his corner to make the tag, but this time Miles shot across the ring and clotheslined Eisenkreuz off the apron, Beast made it to his feet and then blasted Priest with an Absolution 2K4 for the pin and the victory in the KoC tournament.

After the pinfall the Forsaken cheered joyfully for Beast and Miles before leaving the stage.

WINNERS OF THE KoC- “Cocky” Craig Miles & Beast.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Troy Douglas & Olvir Arsvinnar vs. The Forsaken (c)

DT: So now, probably the moment I’ve dreaded the most…….

DM: The payment on your sex change operation is coming due?

DT: Uh…no. Actually, it’s the debut of the Olvir Arsvinnar – Troy Douglas team.

DM: Oh. Cuz you have a balloon payment you know.

DT: (sigh) ANYWAY………these two were placed together to take on the current World Tag Team Champions, The Forsaken.

MN: Olvir and Troy look like they want to start this match off for their respected teams.

DM: Troy quickly grapples Olvir and pushes the bigger man to the neutral corner. The ref orders Troy to back out and he does. Olvir steps out of the corner shaking his finger at Troy.

MN: To be completely honest, Troy had no business man handling Olvir like that. I mean seriously if he makes Olvir angry it won't be good for Douglas.

DT: Troy Douglas slaps Olvir's hand away and Olvir is fuming but Douglas doesn't care as he nails him with a square punch right to the jaw. Olvir reels back into the corner and Douglas charges in with a stiff knee.

DM: Well Neely it looks like it didn't matter that Olvir got pissed.

MN: Just you wait.

DT: With a irish whip Olvir goes flying face first into the other neutral corner and comes stumbling backwards out. Douglas hooks him... neckbreaker!

DM: Now he's dragging Olvir to the corner and looks ready to make the first tag of the match. He tags in Johansson and he quickly drops an elbow to the back of Olvir's head.



MN: What?

DM: What?

DT: What.. wait... focus on the match. Johansson pulls Olvir up who with a quick motion pulls down Johansson's tights! Matt is caught off guard as Olvir makes a charge for a tag and reaches out and slaps in Felix Red!

DM: Red steps through the ropes and immediately clotheslines an incoming Johansson.

MN: Here we go.. now it's gonna get good.

DT: Red follows up his clothesline with multiple boots to the chest... lifting Matt up now he hooks him and suplexes him to the mat! Red back on his feet pulls Matt up by the hair and whips him across the ring and he comes flying back into the backflip kick from Felix! Damn he almost took his head off with that.. Red hooks the leg for the cover.. 1...2..no!

DM: Felix is upset with the count but ignores it as he goes back to work on Johansson.

DT: He sends Johansson into his own corner and tags in The First.

MN: This match is over.. the ref might as well call it already!

DM: The tag goes to The First. He jumps over the ropes and together The Forsaken lay into Johansson in the corner nailing him with multiple kicks while Olvir laughs crazily at the situation.

DT: The ref finally gets Red out of the ring while Matt slowly stumbles out of the corner. The First dropkicks Johansson to the mat. He taunts Storms and Storms steps through the ropes only to be stopped by the ref. Johansson is on his feet and takes a swing at The First who ducks it.. drops to the mat and NAILS him with a low blow!

MN: YES! Look at OlViR he's making the ring shake with his yelling and stomping! This man needs to be let back in the ring already!

DM: I think The First agrees with you. He makes the tag to the huge beast of a man.

DT: Olvir steps in the ring and walks over to the fallen Johansson who rolls on his back and kicks at the standing Olvir... Olvir angered by the kicks goes in again to pick up the fallen Johansson but he escapes his grasp and stumbles his way to tagging in Storms!

DM: Storms.. sizes up Olvir from across the ring who seems to be staring directly at Douglas?

MN: He wants a piece of the intercontinental champion.

DT: Shaking his finger at Storms he points to Douglas who immediately tags himself in and tells Storms that he's got it. Douglas and Olvir lock up in the middle of the ring again and neither is moving. Olvir finally overpowers Douglas and nails him with an elbow to the back.

MN: Douglas doesn't know what he's gotten himself into!

DM: Olvir picks Douglas up and slings him across the ring into the turnbuckle and comes flying in with a huge splash. Douglas.. crumpled falls out onto his knees.

DT: Olvir pounds his chest in excitement as he drags Douglas to the center of the ring. He hooks Douglas up for the Berserker BOMB if this hits it will be the end for Douglas. But he.. is... what is he doing?

DM: That question is not new when it concerns this idiot.

MN: I see what it is... DAMN she's hot!

DT: Olvir throws Douglas off to the side and both of his team members are confused themselves. Olvir walks over the ropes and drops down to ringside and the ref slowly starts counting confused as well. Olvir goes to the fans and reaches out his arm and through the mess emerges a beautiful and big breasted blonde. Olvir scoops her up and lifts her onto his shoulder.

MN: HAHAHA This is amazing!

DM: He's pointing towards the locker rooms and is headed that way and the unknown female seems delighted to come along!

DT: This is insanity and the ref doesn't understand it either. Douglas gets to his feet and sees what's going on but he doesn't want to win this way. He charges out of the ring and catches up to Olvir who's half way up. Douglas spins him around and takes the female off his shoulder.

MN: Uh oh..

DM: That pissed him off.

DT: Douglas ducks a straight punch from Olvir and nails him with a knee to the gut. He throws Olvir face first down onto the rampway and kicks him in the back of the head. Wait what's this? Is that Larry Tact?

DM: It sure is.

MN: Tact is just coming down to check out Olvir in action.. that is all.

DM: Sure Mike.

DT: Douglas rolls Olvir into the ring and turns around to see Tact smiling at him. Douglas confused with what he's doing here throws his arms up in the air asking Tact to bring it.. but he doesn't and is just staring at him.

MN: Better not keep your eyes off Olvir too long now.

DM: Olvir is up and he's enraged! He's looking crazily around the ring for the female but can't find her.. he looks down and sees Douglas with his back turned to him. He pounds his chest multiple times and charges out of the ring towards the time keeper!

MN: Oh my god he's lost it!!

DT: Grabbing his battle axe he runs around the ring towards Douglas and takes a huge swing with it but Douglas at the last second ducks it and the ref's seen enough ringing the bell! Tact laughs at Douglas and makes his way back up the ramp as Douglas backs away from the crazed viking.

MN: The ref is trying to pull the axe out of Olvir's hand and now he has the ref in his sights.

DM: The female runs to Olvir and pats him on the back and he turns around almost chopping her head off but stops and calms down as she pats him on the chest.

DT: This is insanity. All of this to have the match end in disqualification.

MN: We are lucky Olvir didn't his hands on the ref.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. "Cocky" Craig Miles

[FADEIN: A shot of the crowd, who start cheering and holding up signs as they see they are on camera. This goes on for a beat before "Sleep Now in the Fire" by RATM kicks in over the PA system, causing a *huge* amount of heat. Insane pyro/flame plumes dot the stage area as “Cocky” Craig Miles, still smoking a cigarette, begins his walk to the ring.]

TF: “Ladies and Gentleman, this is the MAIN EVENT of the evening! Scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first, weighing in at 235 pounds, and hailing from Seattle, Washington…”The Dean of Thermodynamics”…COCKY!!! CRAIG!!!! MILES!!! [Crowd boos loudly as Miles enters the ring and begins strutting.]

DT: “Craig Miles asked for one of the Fallen to face him tonight, and he got the leader of the pack himself…This is going to be an all out war.”

DM: “And both these men have gold on the line at Unleashed…Miles, in his dysfunctional relationship with Beast, will be challenging the Forsaken for the EPW World Tag Team Titles, and Triple X will get his return match with JA and have the chance to be the first ever two time EPW World Heavyweight Champion, so getting some much needed momentum going into those matches has to be on the minds of both men.”

[Suddenly the lights go out in the arena, the crowd buzzing!]

[SFX: The booming of thunder and lightning… the clomping hooves of steeds and the sound of chariot wheels digging through the earth… the cacophony of steel on steel, occasionally piercing the flesh, followed by the SCREAM of a man as his blood falls upon the sand…]

“…And the prophecy read that one day, like The Phoenix that rose from the ashes, that a boy would be born unto a family in the slums!”

[CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball… signs of a proud and successful life in the dog-eat-dog world of athletic competition]

“This boy would go on to use the knowledge he gained, while fighting for survival in the streets to become a great leader!”

[CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.]

“And in time that boy would grow to become … a King.”

[CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.]

[Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence…]

[MUSIC UP: "King Back" by TI. LOUD Pyro going off , as “Triple X” Sean Stevens begins power walking to the ring, looking intense and motivated. Miles merely smirks at him with his trademark MILESwide grin as Stevens continues to stare daggers at him.]

DT: “And here is the former--”

MN: [Cutting him off “And next EPW World Champion!”

DT: “Well I don’t know about that! But the former EPW World Champion Sean Stevens has hit the ring and he’s not waiting for his intro, they are going at it!”

[Tony Fatora bails out of the ring as Pat Jones calls for the bell with Miles and Stevens trading bombs. The bell rings and we‘re underway!]

DM: “It’s breaking down and it’s just started!”

DT: “Both men hammering away on each other with right hands…Miles with a thumb to the eye and that stuns Stevens…Miles with a big knee to the gut and he hooks him…SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Miles now quickly floats over to the mount position and begins HAMMERING Stevens with right hand after right hand!”

MN: “Miles might be a lot of talk about how he doesn’t care about wins and losses, but make no mistake, he is in there to fight and beat the hell out of you!”

DT: “Stevens manages to push Miles off him and he rolls to the floor to try to get his wits about him…MILES WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK! Stevens sent flying into the railing! Miles now outside and he’s UNLOADING! [Crowd ‘woo’ing!] with brutal knife edge chops on Triple X!”

DM: “I think it’s possible with his title shot coming up at Unleashed that Stevens didn’t have himself mentally focused on the task at hand tonight and he’s paying the price for it right now as Miles is just picking him apart!”

DT: “Miles now whips Stevens into the ring post…NO! REVERSAL BY STEVENS! Miles just got a face full of unforgiving STEEL! Miles is down and he’s hurt!”

MN: “That move was a real game changer…Like the Dodgers getting Manny! Enjoy not winning a title for another 100 years Cubs fans!”

DT: “That’s pretty cruel…Stevens shaking his head and trying to get out the cobwebs from that earlier beating by Miles…Miles getting to his feet and he eats a BIG right hand, and ANOTHER…Stevens throws him into the ring, Pat Jones giving them a lot of time out there, he knows this crowd doesn’t want a double count-out…Miles back in the ring and Stevens now kicking away at the fallen Craig Miles…Miles now pulling himself up in the corner as Stevens stalks him…Right hand by Stevens…BLOCKED by Miles! Miles peppering Stevens with right hand after right hand. Stevens with a kick to the gut and he whips Miles to the ropes…Clothesline by Stevens! DUCKED by Miles! Miles coming back off the ropes…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY STEVENS! A COVER!”



DT: “Two count only! Miles threw that shoulder up to break the pin attempt…Stevens still on the attack now…He’s hammering Miles with right hands and he pulls Miles to his feet….TEXTBOOK DROPKICK by Stevens!”

DM: “He really exploded off the mat with that dropkick! Miles will be seeing if any teeth are loose tomorrow!”

DT: “Miles back on the mat as Stevens now stalking him…Miles back to his feet…GERMAN SUPLEX BY STEVENS!! HE BRIDGES!!”



MN: “Not enough to keep Miles down!”

DT: “Indeed not, as Miles powers out at two! Stevens looking a bit annoyed at referee Pat Jones as he pulls Miles up and puts him in the corner…a couple right hands by Stevens and now he whips Miles to the other side…MILES CHARGES OUT WITH A COCKYLINE! HE NEARLY BEHEADED STEVENS!!”

DM: “We’ve seen this before with Miles, you beat on him and he just comes back with some move, some trick and he gets the upper hand on you!”

DT: “Stevens hasn’t moved since he got BLASTED by that Clothesline…Miles on the ground trying to get his wits about him…He’s crawling over to Stevens now…Can he make the cover? He throws an arm over Stevens chest!”



DT: “NO! NO! Just at the last moment Stevens got the shoulder up! Both men still down and now crawling to their feet…Stevens up first and he charges Miles…SPINEBUSTER BY MILES!!! He PLANTED STEVENS!!! A COVER!”




DT: “So close! Miles just about had it there! Miles sits up and just shakes his head…Miles now grabs Stevens and just TOSSES him out of the ring! Stevens landed hard on the floor…Miles goes out after him and I have a feeling this match is about to get a lot more violent!”

DM: “Chairs, tables, lighter fluid, it’s all likely out there, double so with Miles, nobody knows what demonic stuff he’s got planned!”

DT: “Miles picks up Stevens and DRIVES his head into the STEEL ring post…Stevens staggers…And GOES LOW on Miles! [Crowd groans] Pat Jones yelling at both men to clean up their act and get it back in the ring!”

MN: “Tell the zebra to cut the crap and let ‘em kill each other, the fans don’t want a technical wrestling clinic, they want blood!”

[Suddenly the lights go out in the arena!]

DT: “What the hell is this?!”

DM: “Either we’re going out of business or something crazy is about to happen, either way this is a bad sign!”

[The lights come back on, showing to the surprise of everyone, we see Gothopotamus
Standing on the top rope, above both Miles and Stevens.]

DT: “What the hell?! That’s the Forsaken’s flunky!”

DM: “How the hell did he even get up there?!”


DM: “We got incoming!”

DT: “The Forsaken charging down to ringside, they are all over Miles! Felix Red and The First hammering Miles! Miles thrown into the ring…The Forsaken whip him into the ropes…DOUBLE FLAPJACK!”

MN: “Well with the way this is going, maybe Beast will have to win the belts by himself at Unleashed!”

DT: “The Forsaken standing on either side of Miles, waiting for him to get up…When he does get to his feet, the Art of Despair is coming!”

MN: “Miles will be despairing about the fact he got Totally Eliminated!”

DT: “WAIT! IT’S BEAST! BEAST IS IN THE RING! HE JUST BLINDSIDED THE FIRST WITH A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! Beast And Felix Red brawling now! They are going at it like two mad men!”

DM: “This is just pure chaos…We need help from the back to try to contain this!”

DT: “Felix with a SPIN HEEL KICK on Beast, Beast staggers and falls through the ropes to the floor! First and Miles getting up…Miles with a RUNNING KICK to the face of The First sends him to the floor…All four men now brawling at ringside…Miles just SPIKED The First’s head on the railing! Felix just drilled Miles from behind with a forearm to the back of the head and now kicking away at him…Beast staggering over trying to help his partner!”

DM: “Beast and Miles want very little to do with each other, but they clearly want to beat the Forsaken!”

DT: “The brawl continues up the ramp…Now EPW staff and arena security are heading in and trying to pull the 4 men apart…Most of the security is being tossed aside as the four men continue to attack each other!”

DM: “Meanwhile in the ring, Sean Stevens is trying to get his wits about him after being hit by that flying blob…”

DT: “Stevens in the ring, I think he’s yelling at the ref he wants a DQ victory, Pat Jones is shaking his head…This one has been thrown out of the books, a double DQ…LOOK WHO’S COMING!”


DT: “JAY AYE CHARGES THE RING! He catches Stevens with two big rights and sends Stevens to the floor…Stevens to his feet and he’s LIVID!!! JA now standing on the second rope, holding the EPW World Title Belt in his right hand over his head…JA pointing down at Stevens…Stevens GLARING at JA!”

MN: “Get in there Stevens! Take a piece out of him before Unleashed!”

DT: “Miles and Beast have been pulled away from the Forsaken by the security…Miles looks at Beast and just gives him that MILESwide smile…Beast shakes his head, he STILL can’t believe what he’s dealing with…THE FORSAKEN BREAK THROUGH THE SECURITY! THE FIGHT CONTINUES!!”

MN: “We need police! We need tear gas and tasers…This isn’t going to end any other way!”

DT: “Stevens hops on the apron! And now he hops back off…JA now laying the EPW World Title belt in the ring like a line in the sand, he’s DARING Stevens to come into the ring!”

DM: “Will Stevens cross the line? Or will be wait for Unleashed?”

DT: “I wish we had more time…I can’t believe everything that’s happening here! We’ll see you all at Unleashed!!!”

[The camera cuts between shots of the continuing brawl on the ramp between the Forsaken and Miles and Beast, and scenes of JA and Stevens continuing to stare each other down, with Stevens now and then making moves towards the ring, then thinking better of it.]

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