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AGGRESSION 42: Buffalo, NY - 3/6/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[We get a shot of the Empire-Tron.

"Look At Me" by Geri Halliwell suddenly hits the speakers and through the curtain, riding a golf cart is Shawn Jessica Bubbles Hart. P-H-D.

On the seat in the front next to him is what appears to be a Heisman Trophy. Hart drives the cart to the side of the ring and struts his way up the steps in inside, procuring a microphone from a nearby ring-hand.]

SJH: It seems like only yesterday... that Empire Pro Wrestling was a festering, puuutrid, CESSPOOL of hatred and despair. A second-class, third-rate, BASTARDIZED shell of its former self. A trail gone sickeningly cold. A well that was drying up quicker than a Catholic girl's cunny!!

[The crowd loudly voices their collective objection.]

SJH: But then, on the 7th day, the good lord said, "SCREW THE REST! I'm gonna make the dopest, flyest, OG, pimp, hustler, gangsta, HARDCORE MOTHER TRUCKER clique the wrestling industry has ever seen!!

DM: Did he just say mother trucker?!

MN: Can he say that on television? Haha!

SJH: And then, like a shining beam of light from the heavens... the Anthology DESCENDED onto EPW, and the masses REJOICED!! Matches were five-star, merch sales were BOUNTIFUL, plot lines that had been minimalist and mundane became muy, muy CALIENTE!!

[The masses fail to rejoice, showering the Phenom with more boos.]

SJH: So with all that being said, with this place suddenly becoming viable again thanks to yours truly, Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells, and the one n' only Larry Tact, I pose to you, my Hart-broken PHENOM FIENDS-

[Again, there is no love lost between Hart and his audience.]

SJH: ...this question: why is it that Empire Pro management CONTINUES to disrespect me!?!?! Last week, I utterly DESTROYED Fusenshoff!! Wrecked him like I wrecked the back-sides of a bevy of Brazilian beauties not 10 minutes ago in my dressing room!! But then some JACKHOLE with a score to settle interfered and cost me, one of the SAVIORS of this god-forsaken place, my shot at regaining the gold!

[He shakes his head, quite disgusted with the situation.]

SJH: Disconcerting to say the least, but WITHOUT QUESTION... the GREATEST atrocity to come out of this STUPIFIED situation is EPW's failure to do the right thing and award me the title! Me - a member in good standing with the JIGGIEST buncha jerks this company has ever seen! ME - the longest reigning champion in that title's HISTORY! Meeeee - the SEXCELLENCE OF SEXECUTION!!

[A small group of woman are popped by this proclamation. The rest of the crown continues to jeer.]

SJH: I felt raped - done on all fronts by Lindsay Troy's giant dildo of JACKASSERY!! But then..... I had an epiphany. I put my soul-consuming, yet completely justified anger on the back-burner and came to the sweet and sudden realization that Shawn Jessica 'Bubbles' Hart, PhD., the PHENOM of EPW, Jam Master Jiggy in the flesh, is GREATER than Troy, greater than the championship committee, greater than the entire JAY-BRONE laden roster.. GREATER than Empire Pro Wrestling itself!!

DT: Listen to this ego-maniac rant and rave! No man is above the promotion!

MN: You KNOW it's true, Thomas!! Long live the Anthology!

SJH: So rather than continue to seek the approval of my inferiors, rather than get down on all fours - like your mothers, sister, daughters, and wives do at the very site of me - and BEG for a strap that I've so obviously TRANSCENDED -- I've decided to take matters into my own hands!!

[He retrieves the trophy and holds it at his side.]

SJH: I've beaten Doc Silver, I've beaten Jean Rabesque, I've beaten Michael Manson, Beast, Promo, and Ulysis Solian! I've BRUTALIZED Lindsay Troy and I've left Fusenshoff FLOPPING around the ring like fish out of water!! Hell, I practically FORCED James Irish into retirement... and after hitting her with my Hart On, we've yet to see Nakita Dahaka return to the fold with the Fallen!! I mean, the list goes on and on... and on and on and ON! And since EPW refuses to acknowledge my greatness, I've taken it upon myself... representing a force far greater than this played-out promotion, to award this FINE trophy...

[He holds it high above his head.]

SJH: A trophy that definitely ISN'T Andre Ware's Heisman Trophy, and definitely WASN'T purchased at a pawn shop...

DT: Umm, I'm being told by producers backstage that Cameron Cruise is insisting that it is Andre Ware's Heisman and it was, in fact, purchased at a pawn shop - but that it doesn't matter because... we..... rule.... you?

DM: Ummm...


[Hart raises his trophy victoriously and begins to jump for joy. The crowd is THOROUGHLY unimpressed. "Look At Me" by Geri Haliwell hits the PA, but can barely be heard over the arena's roar of disapproval. CUT TO: The announce position.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, Shawn Hart has just crowned himself heavyweight champion.... of the universe.

DM: Wow. I mean..... just...... wow.

MN: May his reign be as LONG as his-

[The intro music reverberates throughout the arena, cutting Neely off and the stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to AGGRESSION!

DM: Listen to this reception!

DT: We are LIVE in Buffalo, New York!! With me as always are Dean Matthews and of course...Mike Neely!!!

MN: Hello hello.

DT: Faction warfare has been heating up as of late and tonight we continue our push toward Wrestleverse III, as Triple X defends his World Championship against one half of the World Tag Team Champions, The First.

DM: And in a triple threat match that could get ugly fast, Marcus Westcott must face both Felix Red and Anarky, with his former Tag team partner Craig Miles serving as guest referee.

DT: And let us not forget Fusenshoff taking on Stalker one more time, this time with much at stake. Surprisingly, we're told that earlier today Stalker informed EPW Owner Lindsay Troy that he did NOT want the TV Title to be at stake, but that hardly takes the drama out of this one. If Stalker wins, Fusenshoff must join The Fallen. But if the champ wins, Stalker must leave EPW...forever.

DM: Talk about your high stakes! Who needs a title in all that??

DT: Let's head up to the ring for our first match!

Larry Tact vs. Omega

The streak of hot openers on Aggression continued as this match became a showcase both for Larry Tact’s considerably wrestling prowess as well as Omega displaying surprising agility and skill for a big man. Tact kept Omega generally off balance to start the match, working over the big man’s left leg after grounding him. Omega, however was able to work into a flurry of moves of his own, rocking the former NEW World Champion with a tombstone piledriver into a first turnbuckle kneedrop that got a close call on a two count. Omega wasn’t quick enough to escape the Tactful Surrender though, which Tact locked on after rolling through a scoop bodyslam attempt, and Omega was forced to tap out. As Tact celebrated, Frankie Scott merely stepped out on the stage and laughed at Omega, clearly angering the big man and the show went to commercial.

Winner: Larry Tact by pinfall
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Jared Wells vs. Olvir Arsvinnar, Stalker Makes a Request

[“It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube hits the PA, and the audience immediately begins BOOING! Stepping out onto the stage beneath the new and improved “ANTHOLOGY” video is JARED WELLS, who acknowledges the crowd with a sneering grin and a pose, and is soon joined by stable-mate Cameron Cruise. Both men make their way to the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… coming to the ring accompanied by Cameron Cruise, and representing the Anthology… fighting out of Baltimore, Maryland, he weighs in at 254 pounds… PLEASE WELCOME… JAAAARREEEEEDDDD WEEEEELLLLSSSS!!!!

DT: Since he was first introduced to EPW back at Unleashed, Jared Wells has certainly given the Anthology a harder edge! The problem is, he has yet to see victory in an EPW ring!

DM: Let’s not overlook the fact that those past two matches of his were against VERY challenging opponents, and though he didn’t score the win, Wells didn’t fail to impress! It’s going to be interesting to see tonight, however, if the Anthology picked up a real asset, or if this guy is a complete and utter flop.

MN: Don’t defy the power of DADDY, Dean-O! Wells is just getting himself adjusted to things.

[Wells enters the ring alone and poses for the jeering fans a few times. His music ends as “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen hits the PA, and the crowd begins to CHEER!! Literally charging out of the entrance, wildly thrusting his battle-axe into the sky, is a bellowing OLVIR ARSVINNAR, who is promptly joined by Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev of the CRIMSON CALLING!]

TF: And his opponent… accompanied by the CRIMSON CALLING… he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, and weighs in at a whopping 317 pounds… HERE IS… OOOOLLLVVIIIIRRR AAAARRRRSSVINNNAARRR!!

DT: Professional wrestling’s horny Viking is here, and he’s got some company! The Crimson Calling are here to support their friend and ally tonight!

MN: Man, what a chump! He’s gotta come to the ring with people in his corner to watch his back?

DM: I’m surprised you overlooked the fact that Cameron Cruise is standing over in Wells’ corner! The Anthology fooled these three once before, and they aren’t going to fall for it again.

DT: Of course, you’re referring to the events that occurred at Unleashed, as Jared Wells made his first appearance and assisted in the attack on Olvir and the Crimson Calling! No doubt, that would be the reason behind Olvir accepting this special challenge match! He’s here to regain his trampled honor by putting the very man that humiliated on his back!

MN: Yeah, fat chance. The Anthology are too smart and Wells is too BADASS to let that happen!

DM: I dunno, Mike… Olvir looks a bit… peevish, today!

[Olvir’s eyes FLARE in ways that would turn Hogan green as he storms into the ring and gets the crowd going! When his music ends, he puts the costume props down to be claimed by the timekeeper before the ref makes his final checks. A few moments later, he cues the bell, and as soon as it sound, Olvir CHARGES across the ring toward Wells!]

DT: Wow, here comes OLVIR, tearing across the ring as soon as the bell rings, and Jared Wells NARROWLY misses a running hammerblow!

MN: I believe the correct term is MJOLNIR-blow, Dave.

DM: Whatever its called, it was about to take Wells’ head off, but he got out of the way in good time… and here’s Olvir, running after him AGAIN now with a clothesline—but Wells DUCKS IT and gets away again!

DT: No surprise seeing Olvir coming out swinging…

MN: It’s the “Viking Way” after all.

DM: Well so far, it hasn’t given Jared Wells any problems. Wells is giving up nearly half a foot to the Norseman, but that seeming disadvantage in size is giving him a clear advantage in agility!

DT: Here’s Olvir again, charging forward with FORCE—but Wells SIDESTEPS, and he throws in a few hard jabs to the left abdomen of the Viking to go with it! Once again, Wells avoids harm by way of Arsvinnar! Probably a good thing to, given his strength…

DM: Strength is, unfortunately, useless when matched against a skilled opponent who is good on his feet. Wells is practically dancing circles around him in that ring!

DT: And you just know that isn’t making Olvir happy!

MN: Bah, he’s probably just angry over his own stupidity. Look at this!

[Wells is backed into a corner, but there’s a confident smirk on his face as he beckons Olvir to come at him again. Huffing in rage, Olvir POUNCES forward—just as Wells goes low and slips around him, causing the raging Viking to EAT the top turnbuckle!]

MN: HAHAHAHAHA!! Too slow, you stupid Viking! It’s a wonder how he chases down all those women…

DT: Wells has given Olvir the slip… and here he comes from behind while he’s got the big man stunned… lifts him UP—AND BRIDGES THE BACK SUPLEX!!


OH!! Olvir just POWERED out of that with a hefty GRUNT! You can hear the frustration in his voice now as he tries to get his hands on Jared Wells!

MN: You know, I said earlier that Olvir couldn’t touch ANYBODY in the Anthology. He certainly isn’t making a liar out of me here tonight!

DM: There’s Wells with the KNEE into Olvir’s face before the big man could get to his feet, and the Bastard Son keeps him at bay with a series of stomps to the chest and shoulders of the pornstar Viking!

MN: Stomp the TAR outta him, Daddy!

DT: Wells isn’t pulling back any weight on those kicks, but here we see Olvir RISING as though it didn’t even phase him! Jared switches from using his legs to using his arms, taking that bulging right python of Olvir’s and stretching it behind his back with a hammerlock!

DM: Wells had better be careful now! He’s got all the room he needs for confidence given how well he’s been doing in this match, but now he’s trying to GRAPPLE the big man!

MN: Ah, who cares?! He’s got this oaf handled perfectly…

DT: Jared is putting some STRAIN into that hold… but wait, what’s THIS! Olvir’s forcing his arm BACK!! He’s using all of his strength, and Wells can do nothing but watch helplessly as the Viking berserker MUSCLES his arm out of his grip!

MN: Oh no, GET OUT THERE, Jared!

DT: TOO LATE!! Olvir WHIPS his arm around, and sends Wells staggering into the ropes! Here comes Wells bouncing back for the counter—AND KISSES THE BOTTOM OF OLVIR’S FUR-LINED BOOT as the Viking was waiting for him!

Crowd: POP!!

DM: Looks like you’re a liar after all, Neels!

MN: Oh, can it, Dean! Jared just lost his footing there! I’m pretty sure one of those Crimson Calling jackasses tripped him up!

DT: I’m pretty sure you’ve been hittin’ the brandy again and started seeing things, because both Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev have done nothing up until this point other than observe the match at hand!

DM: Wells quickly pops to his feet, but it looks like he’s still a little dazed from that boot to the face… walking STRAIGHT into the rock-hard chest of Olvir Arsvinnar! Here’s Olvir with a HUUGE HIPTOSS that tosses Wells clear to the other side of the ring!

DT: That’s the amazing strength of OLVIR on display, and Jared Wells suffered a hard landing! Now the Bastard Son rolls back to his feet and falls into the corner… but here comes OLVIR RUNNING LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN…


DM: OH MAN!! On any other day, I’d think Wells would have seen that coming and gotten out of the way, but the spontaneous intensity of the pornstar Viking is proving to be too much for him to handle!

MN: Hey now, let’s not forget who we’re dealing with. DADDY can handle ANYTHING! Why ELSE would the Anthology pick him up?

DT: Here’s Olvir, going for the cover!



And a kickout by Jared Wells, who rolls to safety while Olvir briefly argues with the ref about the speed of the counts!

DM: Olvir thought he had it, but he clearly only had him pinned for the count of two! Wells finds the opportunity to make it to his feet against the ropes… but here comes Olvir, looking for more, charging forward with a CLOTHESLINE—BUT WELLS REVERSES, AND DUMPS OLVIR TO THE OUTSIDE!!

DT: OOH!! Olvir takes a sick fall to the outside, and coincidentally lands RIGHT AT THE FEET of Cameron Cruise!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!

[Cruise stands acting in faux innocence while Olvir lies dazed on the ground. Even so, Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev come around the ring and stand him off, drawing a pop from the fans as Olvir is allowed to recover untouched.]

MN: Would you just LISTEN to these ungrateful fans, cheering for these two schoolyard bullies trying to push their weight around?

DT: They’re just making sure that Cruise doesn’t try anything, Mike!

MN: Like he WOULD!! Can’t you see Jared’s got this in complete control!

DT: Here comes Wells to the outside, and he runs right into Olvir, who’s ready to brawl! Now Wells is BRAWLING BACK!!

DM: Olvir’s got some serious haymakers that would turn any regular man’s face into PULP, but to Wells’ credit, he’s got a lot of experience in brawling, and the man knows how to take a hit and not let it faze him!

DT: Both men are going toe to toe around the ring as the referee starts the ten count! Here’s Olvir, switching it up from fists to elbows, and those huge PYTHONS OF HIS seem to be doing even more damage!

DM: But Wells ain’t backing down from that! Here’s Jared, taking the Viking by the arm… and HE JUST WHIPS OLVIR RIGHT INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!!

MN: OOOoohh… Daddy says NO!!

DT: Olvir is clutching his shoulder in pain… and as he’s doing that, Jared Wells is going to capitalize, as he climbs onto the apron and comes RUNNING OFF—OH NO, HE JUMPS STRAIGHT INTO OLVIR’S HAND!! The Viking pornstar sensation of professional wrestling has a VICE-LIKE GRIP around the NECK of Jared Wells, literally CHOKING the life out of him while his feet flail inches above the ground!



DT: Wells was looking for a solid double-play there, but I don’t think he counted on Olvir coming back with the counter so quickly! It’s as if that collision with the steel post barely HURT him!

MN: Bah!! That stupid Viking’s always gotta superman his way through a match any time his opponent starts gaining the advantage…

DM: Something else for the internet smarks to complain about… but nevertheless, Olvir has simply DEVASTATED Jared Wells! Arsvinnar is marching up and down the barricade, strutting his stuff! But now the fans and even the Crimson Calling are yelling at him, telling him to quite wasting time and go for the pin!

MN: It’s like he traded all his brains for that beard!

DT: Olvir’s finally realized that he has this match in the palm of his hands, and now rolls the limp body of Jared Wells into the ring! Here comes Olvir, in at the count of EIGHT, and he hooks the leg for the COVER!!





MN: WOO HOO!! Don’t count Daddy out YET!!

DM: A simply REMARKABLE comeback for the once known “Bastard Son,” Jared Wells, who digs deep and keeps this match alive! But can he come back now that the Viking has him overpowered and in his control?

DT: That remains to be seen, as now Olvir begins to peel Wells from the mat and… and wait just one moment, who is THIS?!

[The camera pans over from the ring to the rampway, where, with the lights down, we can only see a darkened figure in a suit briskly walking toward the ring.]

DT: Wait a second, that’s NATHAN FEAR!! And I think I know EXACTLY why he’s here tonight!

DM: I think they realize it too, Dave! Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev look like children caught in the act of stealing from the cookie jar, as their manager and legal employer angrily makes his way to their side of the ring!

DT: This doesn’t look good at all!

[As Olvir grapples with Wells in the ring, a red-faced Nathan Fear approaches the stunned Crimson Calling standing at ringside, accusingly pointing his finger in their faces and yelling loud enough for the ringside camera catching the action to pick it up on the mic.]


MN: Oh man, he sounds PISSED!!


[Erik and Ivan pleading try to explain their case, but every word is cut off by Fear’s incessant shouting. Finally, he grabs the Russian-born giant by the arm and begins pulling him to the back. Like a confused dog, Ivan allows himself to be dragged along, unsure if he’s capable of resisting. Erik follows, continuing to argue with Fear but being completely stonewalled. Cut back to the action in the ring, as Olvir holds Jared Wells vertical in the air…]

DM: Well… seems to me that the mastermind of the Crimson Calling had a few objections to his team coming out to support one of the competitors of this match!

DT: OH!! And said competitor just nailed his opponent with a HEAVY SKYSCRAPER SUPLEX!! Olvir rolls over for the cover…



NO!! Another kickout by Jared Wells!

MN: Thank the LORD IN HEAVEN that he came by and got rid of those eyesores! Now maybe without their constant interference, Wells can make a COMEBACK!!

DT: They WEREN’T interfering with anything, Mike! And now with Nathan Fear commanding the Crimson Calling away from the ring, there’s nobody to keep an eye on Cameron Cruise!

DM: Which would give Olvir a reason to be worried… except for right now, there isn’t ANY reason to be concerned, as he has complete control of this match! Olvir’s bringing Wells back to his feet, and hooking him from behind! He’s got him locked in the pump-handle hold! I think he’s going for the BERSERKER BOMB, Dave!!

DT: You’re absolutely right on that one, Dean-O! …but wait, Olvir HESISTATES as his gaze finds the top of the ramp, and now he’s watching his ALLIES being led through the entry-way!

MN: See ya later, you stupid stoners!

DM: Looks like Olvir’s trying to figure this out to himself, but MAN, could you ask for a worse time?! He’s got Wells RIGHT THERE, ready to be finished off!!

DT: FINALLY, Olvir realizes the urgency at hand… now he lifts WELLS UP—OH NO, WELLS SLIPS DOWN HIS BACK!!

DM: And he HANGS ONTO OLVIR while doing it! Wait a minute, he’s setting him up for the RAGE BOMB!! HOW IS HE GOING TO GET THAT ENORMOUS VIKING OFF THE MAT?!

MN: Don’t you DARE doubt the power of DADDY!!

DT: Wells STRAINING himself to lift the larger Olvir off the mat…

…and he DOES!!!


DM: OH MAN, WELLS JUST HIT OLVIR WITH THE RAGE BOMB!! I don’t know HOW he managed to pull that off!!

DT: The mere second of hesitation was all it took for Olvir to slip up and give Jared Wells that HUGE opportunity, and here he hooks the leg for the COVER!!



THREE!!! Wells has DONE IT!! He’s BEATEN the Viking pornstar!!

[The bell rings and fans BOO as Wells comes to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee. Cameron Cruise joins him in the ring as the Anthology celebrate their victory.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… JJJAAAARREEEED WEEEEELLLSSSS!!!

DM: So ultimately, Dave, it WASN’T the interference by Cameron Cruise that ultimately damned Olvir, as we all expected… but rather, the unintentional distraction caused by those who were meant to watch his back!

MN: Man, that is BEAUTIFUL!! The Crimson Calling suck so hard they make their FRIENDS lose matches!

DT: Regardless, Jared Wells jumped on the opportunity as soon as it presented itself, and he’s walking out of this ring tonight with a win under his belt, and… oh, now what the hell is THIS about?!

[The audience starts BOOING as back in the ring, Wells delivers a hard KICK to the chest of Olvir as he tries to rise off the mat. He doesn’t stop there, continuing to lay in a few boots while the Viking is down, and Cameron Cruise quickly joins in.]

DM: Looks like the Anthology has a message to send to Olvir!

DT: Now this is just two much! You’ve already won the match, damnit!

MN: Hey man, the Anthology has gotta show who wears the PANTS around this federation, and why pieces of garbage like that Viking have NO place in the ring with their greatness!

DT: But this is an unprecedented assault, and it’s two on one!

MN: I guess Olvir should’ve put his trust in better friends!

[The audience continues to BOO and throw garbage in the ring as Cruise and Wells, against the commands of the referee, continue to beat down on the fallen Olvir Arsvinnar, breaking off for only a moment or so to taunt the fans before going back to kicking the man while he’s down. Suddenly, a CHEER is heard as the camera pans back to the rampway.]

DM: Speaking of those friends, Neels…

DT: Oh wow, they’re BACK!! The Crimson Calling are coming BACK TO THE RING, led by a FURIOUS Ivan Dalkichev! That is CERTAINLY what I’d call a “Raging Russian!”

MN: Would you look at Fear?!

[Fear is still clung to Dalkichev’s arm, but comically, hasn’t the strength to pull his talent by force back up the ramp. Instead, as Ivan sternly marches down the rest of the ramp, followed by his partner Erik Black, Fear continues harmlessly yanking on his arm, barking orders that aren’t heard. Finally, Ivan bats him away, and both men storm the ring.]

DT: The Crimson Calling hit the ring… but the Anthology BOLT before the tables can be turned! What a couple of cowards!

MN: “Cowards?!” They’re suddenly facing three on two odds! “Geniuses,” if you ask me…

DM: Looks like Olvir got bailed out unexpectedly after we all thought the Crimson Calling were being leashed away by Nathan Fear… but for some reason, after seeing their friend in a position of peril, both Erik and Ivan decided to ignore the commands of their employer and act on their own behalf!

MN: Not like it did any good.

[Erik tends to Olvir while Ivan stands at the ropes and gives the death look to Cruise and Wells, who are equally smirking. Fear stands at ringside, looking dumbfounded at his disloyal team standing in the ring. He’s nearly knocked over by Wells who brushes by him as the Anthology make their way up the ramp. Meanwhile, “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube hits the PA. In the ring, Olvir finally sits up with a stunned look on his face, which he quickly shakes off and stands up as though nothing happened. Wells and Cruise are left standing on the stage, looking at the three in the ring, then shaking their heads and laughing before walking to the back.]

MN: Ya see, Dave… those guys aren’t WORTH the Anthology’s time! They whipped ‘em once before at Unleashed, and Jared Wells just added insult to injury here tonight by soundly defeating one of the biggest jokes in professional wrestling to date!

DM: While I can’t say they’re the most adored faction in Empire Pro, Jared Wells has truly proven the Anthology’s strength here tonight by scoring his first win in EPW! As for what will become of the Crimson Calling after this act of defiance? I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

DT: An interesting turn of developments tonight. Once again, the Anthology prove themselves craftier than EPW’s own tag team legends and Viking pornstar sensation! Will the Anthology’s rise in the ranks continue? We’ve got more action on the way, so I’m sure we’ll find that out soon enough!

[Back from commercial]

[Fade in to backstage during EPW's Aggression. Jason Reeves is seen walking slowly towards a door the reads 'Lindsay Troy'. He pauses for a moment outside, but without knocking, opens the door and walks in to Lindsay who is looking over some paperwork.]

Stalker: Just wanted to let you know I'm not happy with the way my match's contract is stated for tonight and I would like it changed.

Troy doesn't look up. That doesn't stop her from answering, though.

Troy: Oh wow, someone's unhappy about something and wants to barge in here and b*tch about it. It's not like I've never seen THAT before.

Stalker: B*tch about it, eh? That's a funny thing to say coming from you.

Troy: I have my moments of irony.

[Jason's face turns into a smirk as he leans down on to Troy's desk.]

Stalker: Listen bottom line is, I don't want that title on the line and I don't simply want Fusenshoff in the Fallen. I want COMPLETE control over everything he does during an EPW event. At this point, he'll sign anything, just make sure you get it done.

Troy: I'm sorry, at what point during this conversation did I make it kosher for you to demand anything of me?

[With a loud WHAP, she slams the papers upon the desk and turns cold, hazel eyes to Stalker's piercing browns.]

Troy: I can't for the life of me think of even one somewhat-plausible reason to even agree to what you're suggesting. Maybe because yourself and Stevens make it so hard for me not to think of the both of you as a couple of sh*theads, but I keep you on the payroll because you somehow make me money. [pause] Well, Stevens does, much as I am loathe to admit it. I'm not so sure about you.

[The smirk turns into an all out grin on Jason's face.]

Stalker: Just because they boo me, throw trash on me, yell insults at me, does not mean for a second that they can't simply WAIT to see what I do next.

I am what you call the man everyone pays money to hate. Hell, there are even a few out there that like me.

Maybe even you.

[Jason leans in a bit closer.]

Stalker: You run this company and I am basically just setting out a challenge. He'll get to keep his belt even if he loses. That way, I'll even have more FUN! So, boss, I am now asking you to inform Fusenshoff of my challenge and get it signed. You and I both know he will. Even though we both know he has no chance in hell at beating me tonight.

Troy: If he agrees to it, I'll let it go. But don't think for a second that I won't null-in-void that clause should I see anything or hear about anything that makes me think he's getting purposely screwed. And then, I might just null-in-void you for good measure.

Stalker: That's all I ask for, boss.

[Jason turns around and begins to exit but stops for a brief moment.]

Stalker: Oh and don't worry. I won't destroy his career like I did Rocko's.

[With that, he quickly exits the room.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Encouragement Anonymous

[Cut to: The scene opens with a camera following a man who’s clearly wearing a mask. The fans erupt, knowing without hesitation that they’re looking at Jerichoholics Anonymous from behind. He’s followed down the hall before the former EPW World Heavyweight Champion knocks on an unmarked door. There is a long pause and JA raises his hand again, ready to knock. At that moment, he hears a voice from inside.]

Fusenshoff: Yeah.

[JA opens the door and walks into the room. The smell of musk mixed with ethanol attacks his nostrils. He knows Fuse doesn’t drink the day of a match, but he still reeks of it. JA steps inside and the camera pans to the TV champion. He is sitting on a bench with his head between his legs, obviously deep in thought and concentrating hard. The fans cheer loudly, though not quite the pop JA received. Fuse slowly raises his head and looks up at his friend, before sitting upright and offering a chair to the masked man..]

JA: This a bad time?

Fusenshoff: Nah, just prepping myself mentally. Not that inclined to spend the rest of my life as Reeves’ lackey.

JA: Damn Fuse, this is one comfy chair. It almost feels like a Swedish massage, minus the happy ending..

[Fusenshoff shifts in his chair a bit. A look of concern and wariness paints his face.]

JA: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t take that the wrong way now. I’ve got a lineup of cute young co-eds with fanboy boyfriends to take care of that for me.

Fusenshoff: Well thank God for co-eds then.

JA: Amen brother. Well, since that ice breaker melted like the Arctic cap, I’ll just get right down to business. I stopped in hoping to raise your spirits a little. You’ve seemed kinda down in the dumps, what with Stalker ruining your matches every chance he gets.

Fusenshoff: Thanks man. The psycho’s been sending me on a downward spiral as steep as a corkscrew now that you mention it. I’ve been drinking like a father at his daughter’s wedding damn near every night.

JA: Well then take him out for good tonight. Hit him fast like J Roll and hard like Howard.. Leave him in the dust like you’re Brian Westbrook and send him home unemployed like the other fifteen percent of Americans.

Fusenshoff: Dude… I don’t watch baseball…

JA: That last one’s a football player actually… nevermind. Just remember, you’re Jeff Carter and he’s Claude Lemieux. He’s all washed up and you’re a young gun, primed to be a perennial Hart Trophy candidate in EPW.

Fusenshoff: Now you’re speaking my language, except I’m a Canucks fan. Either way you should’ve started with the hockey analogy.

JA: Well the Phillies just won the World Series and I figured… anyway, talk to me in June when the Stanley Cup comes to Philadelphia.

Fusenshoff: Not if Mats Sundin has anything to say about it.

JA: He doesn’t.

Fusenshoff: Right… anyway, thanks for the pep talk. I promise you I’ll either climb out of that cage or have to be carried out by paramedics. You can count on that.

JA: Glad to hear it… so good luck. Break an arm.

Fusenshoff: You mean leg. Break a leg.

JA: Don’t do that. Crutches suck.

[The scene fades as JA leaves the locker room and Fusenshoff shakes his head with a grin on his face. It’s a rare and fleeting grin on the face of the Television Champion.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalker vs. Fusenshoff (c)

DT: Now we have a match that was supposed to be a Television Title match, but surprisingly….earlier today Stalker told Lindsay Troy he wasn’t interested in the title.

DM: That shocked me Dave, but there’s already so much on the line in this match. If Stalker loses, he’s done- out of EPW. If he wins, Fusenshoff becomes a member of The Fallen.

MN: Think about it Dean, why hold the title when you own the champion?

DM: A surprisingly good point Mike. You took your medication today didn’t you?

MN: Just my Viagra. I put it to good use too. WOOOO!!!!

DM: Went and bought that new Jenna Jameson video, huh?

MN: I won’t dignify that question with a response…

DM: That’s what I thought.

MN: Let’s get back to the match… Stalker put it all on the line this time Dean. A common expression is ‘put up or shut up’ and that’s exactly what he did.

DM: And Fusenshoff’s playing with fire too. He finally gets his wish- a match without interference. Potentially more if he can end all the torture Stalker’s put him through with a win tonight.

MN: BUT when he loses… he’ll be a member of The Fallen and one step closer to becoming what Stalker wants him to be.

DT: No doubt, the ramifications of this match will have a big effect on all of EPW. Stalker’s been a huge player in EPW for years, boosting the prestige of the Fallen, sending Rocko Daymon to almost a year-long vacation, and making Fusenshoff’s life miserable. On the other hand, Fusenshoff could be put in a position that he never had any intention of finding himself in. We go to Tony Fatora for the introductions…

[Cue up “Did My Time” by Korn over the PA. He cracks his knuckles on the stage as the chorus of boos drown just about everything. Stalker smirks and walks down the ramp as signs read “Leave Fusenshoff Alone” and “Stalker The Career Killer”. He walks off to the side of the ring and walks into the cage. Fans boo him more and more as he holds up his hands, encouraging the jeers.]

TF: Standing six feet two inches tall and weighing two hundred twenty four pounds… from Parts Unkown… a founding member of The Fallen… SSSSSSSTTTAAALLKKKEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

MN: Look at the fire in his eyes Dean… I’ve never seen him like this.

DM: He looks as good as I’ve ever seen him Mike. He’s come prepared.

[Cue up "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica as it hits over the sound system.

"And the road becomes my bride,
I am stripped of all but pride.
So in her I do confide
and she keeps me satisfied.
Gives me all I need."

Fusenshoff steps out from the entrance. No fireworks, just a spotlight, no superfluous spectacles. He's wearing a black leather jacket, wife beater, black jeans and black boots. He’s carrying the EPW World Television Title.

"And my ties are severed clean.
The less I have the more I gain.
Off the beaten path I reign.
Rover wand'rer nomad vagabond
call me what you will...."

He makes his way down to the ring without even looking out at the capacity crowd. His focus and concentration remains unwavering. The only thing on his mind is his worst enemy in the cage. He's not here for the fan support, the achievements, the glory. He's here because wrestling is his release. Wrestling eases his pain.

"Wherever I may roam
where I lay my head is home.
Carved upon my stone:
My body lies, but still I roam... yeah, yeah!"

Fusenshoff leaves his Television Title with the referee. He’s staring Stalker down as he steps into the cage. The two men take their respective corners, both looking to make this match a war.

DT: Look at these men… they’re both ready for Armageddon.

DM: And Fusenshoff looks the same as he always does. He’s the epitome of focus.

MN: He’ll be a great asset to The Fallen.

DM: Don’t jump to conclusions yet Mike.

DT: The bell rings and they’re both very methodical as they meet in the middle of the ring. They lock up as both try to gain leverage. Stalker knees Fuse in the stomach, but he doesn’t flinch. The TV champ returns the assault and Stalker just absorbs the blow. Finally Fusenshoff gets the upper hand and gets Stalker into an inverted headlock. He plants Stalker’s head into the mat and jumps on him before he can get up. Fuse lands rights and lefts before Stalker finally catches one of his swings. He reverses it and throws Fuse off him so he can get to his feet. The two men stare each other down as the fans cheer.

MN: Things are getting fast and furious right from the beginning.

DM: You getting paid for a plug like that, Mike? You know the new movie’s coming out.

MN: Thirty-seven cents every time I mention it.

DM: Wow. Don’t spend it all in one place.

DT: Stalker with a kick to the gut followed by a Fisherman Buster. Stalker picks up Fusenshoff immediately. He grabs him by the hair and slams his face into the cage… not ONCE… NOT TWICE… THREE TIMES Fusenshoff’s face smashes against the cage.

MN: I wonder if Stalker will have the power to make Fuse do that to himself once he controls his every move.

DM: How’s he gonna do that from the unemployment line?

MN: Clever- ridiculous, but clever.

DT: Fusenshoff has been cut open and blood is racing down his face. He’s holding his forehead as Stalker stomps him repeatedly. Stalker gouges his eyes and lets out a warrior’s roar.

MN: Stalker is PUMPED Dean. Watch out now.

DM: He looks good Mike. I’m not gonna argue with you.

DT: Fusenshoff gets to his feet as Stalker runs up for a clothesline. Fusenshoff ducks it and grabs a chunk of Stalker’s hair from behind. He uses his extraordinary quickness for a man his size, lifting up Stalker and executing a picture-perfect inverted Death Valley Driver. He wastes no time, putting Stalker in a Camel Clutch. The fans cheer as Stalker screams.

DM: Wow, that was fast. The tables have turned.

MN: Dammit! This can’t happen. Stalker’s my hero!

DT: Stalker with a brilliant reversal. He chops Fuse’s leg out from under him, who crashes to the mat. Stalker rolls away and jumps frantically at the cage. He starts to climb, but Fuse is fast to his feet and gets his hand around Stalker’s boot just in the knick of time. Fuse pulls to the point where he leaves his feet and they both crash to the mat. Fusenshoff is the first man up and grabs Stalker. He punches Stalker repeatedly… WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! The fans yell as the rights meet Stalker’s cheekbone. Fuse whips Stalker into the cage and his face collides with it. Fuse catches him before he falls, spinning him around… and he lands a Brain Buster in the middle of the ring. Fuse picks him up and hits… THE WHISKEY BOMB!

DM: There it is. I’m surprised he didn’t go for the Domination there, but The Whiskey Bomb is a brutal move too.

MN: NOOO!!!!! This can’t happen! Get up Stalker!

DT: Fuse heads for the cage and is climbing up it with incredible speed. Meanwhile Stalker is out in the middle of the ring. Stalker shows signs of life after about ten seconds and gets himself up off the mat.

DM: It’s too late! Fuse is out of reach now!

MN: I can’t believe this! What about The Fallen? How will Triple X fight so many enemies without an ally?

DT: Stalker is to his feet, but Fuse has his hand on the top of the cage. It’s just a formality now. This one’s over.

DM: Done deenee! Mike, are you crying? Mike?

DT: Stalker runs to the entrance door of the cage. He’s shaking the entire cage and screaming as loud as he can. Fusenshoff is losing his grip and looks like he’s about to fall.

DM: Wow, Stalker is a man possessed.

MN: ::sniffle:: ::sniffle:: Wha-?

DT: Fuse is hanging on for dear life. Stalker lets out a demonic scream and his hand have blood all over them. The whole cage is shaking and Fuse has lost his footing. The hand he placed at the top of the cage is the only thing keeping him from falling….




DT: Ladies and gentlemen, Stalker just ripped the door of the cage right off its hinges!!! Two more tugs and the door is completely separated from the cage. Fuse has regained his footing and looks down, wondering why the cage isn’t shaking anymore.


DT: Stalker has the cage door above his head and tosses it with force into the center of the ring. He’s breathing heavily and staring at his bloodied hands. His eyes are like saucers as he turns his head and looks at the opening- his opportunity for victory right in front of him.

MN: YES!!!! YES!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!

DM: Damn you Neely, my ears are gonna be bleeding like Stalker’s hands and Fuse’s face if you don’t shut up!

DT: Fusenshoff takes two steps down the cage, trying desperately to get down before Stalker walks out the opening where the door used to be- a fleeting attempt. Stalker sees this and his face is that of a man possessed. Fuse looks ready to jump down, and Stalker times his next move perfectly. As Fuse is falling, Stalker dives at his feet and Fuse spirals out of control in mid-air. He lands hard on the shoulder he’s been nursing since Beast dislocated at an Aggression more than six months ago.

MN: This is the best night of my LIFE!

DM: Here comes the World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens. He’s running down to the ring.

DT: Fuse is crawling on one arm toward the door. Stalker picks him up by his hair, but Fuse is still fighting it. Triple X watches from the opening of the door, but doesn’t step inside yet. He just watches his partner with a huge grin as Fuse struggles to break free.

MN: Looks like Stevens wants a front row seat.

DM: There isn’t much hope for Fusenshoff now. Not much you can do when your opponent maniacally rips the hinges off a steel door.

MN: You can say that again. AAAHHAHAHAHA!!!!

DT: Stalker is in a tug of war with Fuse, only instead of rope, it’s the Television Champion’s hair. Stalker uses Fuse’s momentum and just slams his face into the mat. The extra force knocks Fusenshoff out cold. He picks him up and drags him to the center of the ring.

DM: Oh man, this is gonna hurt.

DT: Stalker with the EVENFLOW onto the steel caged door! He picks up Fuse again… ANOTHER EVENFLOW! The crowd is a chorus of boos. Stevens is egging them on from the side of the cage. Stalker stands up and throws up his fist as the crowd rains jeers on the Fallen member. Someone throws popcorn at the cage and a few kernels land in the ring. Stalker picks up Fuse again… A THIRD EVENFLOW! Fuse’s body is completely limp.

DM: Somebody stop this! He’s gonna kill him.

MN: Yeah, probably. HAHAHA!!

DT: Stalker finally leaves the ring as “Did My Time” by Korn plays over the sound system.

TF: Your winner and STILL a member of The Fallen…. SSSTTAAAALLKKKKKEERRRRRR!!!!

DM: What a psycho!

MN: What a hero!

DM: Stalker had this thing won when he used his rage and insanity to rip apart a steel door! The rest was just as crazy!

MN: Nothing wrong with that. He sent a message to ALL of EPW what he’s capable of. Everyone backstage saw this… no one will want a piece of Stalker now. Plus he’s got the World Champion and the Television Champion watching his back. Don’t look now he’s getting back in the ring.

DT: Stalker is holding the Television Title and a Fallen t-shirt on his shoulder and has a microphone in his hand. The World Heavyweight Champion is standing right beside him. Fusenshoff is still a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.

Stalker: You fools have witnessed first-hand the full power of The Fallen tonight. The EPW World Heavyweight Champion… The EPW Television Champion… and the craziest, most unpredictable son of a b***h this federation has ever seen. Bring on all challengers, because we have a new pet, and a dangerous one at that. I’ll do whatever I want with him; sneak attacks, run-ins, and anything else I can come up with in my sick, twisted head! This is a call-out to everyone. No one is safe. Each and every one of you better watch your back!

DT: Stalker just threatened everyone willing to challenge The Fallen. Stevens just picked up Fusenshoff, who’s still completely out of it. They throw the Fallen shirt around his neck and strap the Television Title around his waist. Then they carry Fuse out of the ring and up the ramp, laughing as fans toss drinks, popcorn and snacks all over the place.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Laying Down the Law, or "I hate Katy Perry"

[FADEIN: A backstage area in the arena, The First is stretching out in a hallway when the clacking of heels against tiles cause him to glance in the direction of the noise. Lindsay Troy approaches, arms over her chest and the makings of a scowl starting to form on her face. She stops in front of The First and glances down at one half of the night's main event.]

TROY: I suppose this is the part where a nice Boss would clap you on the back and wish you "good luck", but I seemed to have run out of "nice" somewhere along the line. I think it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

FIRST: Well, I'll take whatever you're willing to offer...And beyond standard small talk what do I owe this visit to?

TROY: There's this whole messy ordeal with yours and Felix's boycott on defending the tag titles. It's no longer conducive to my schedule, sorry to say.

[She pauses, then smirks.]

TROY: Actually, I'm not sorry. Consider it over, effective immediately.

FIRST: Well since you and EPW haven't exactly given us opponent worth our time to defend the tag titles...We've been exploring other options. Such as Felix about to brutally maim and perhaps end the careers of TAFKA Beast and Anarky...And I'm looking to become World Champion in a couple hours...So really, I'm not thinking stripping us of the tag titles is going to be to big of a loss...

TROY: As much as I am a fan of someone killing Marcus in the face, and really am not picky as to who does it, just stripping you of the titles seems so blasé. So I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'll strip you of the titles, AND suspend the both of you without pay, AND if you happen to beat Stevens tonight, I'll strip you of that title also. Then, maybe I'll just anoint myself EPW World Champ, a la Matt Haas.

FIRST: [A bit of a pause] I...Guess the Forsaken will be defending the tag titles on the next Aggression then...[Nods at Troy]

TROY: Way to take one for the team there, Kid.

[At this moment Ryoko walks in.]

RYOKO: Madam Troy...As manager for the Forsaken...I must petition you to disallow for Stalker or anyone else to be at ringside to assist Sean Stevens tonight. They are not managers and do not have a right to be ringside.

[Troy ponders Ryoko for a moment.]

TROY: I have a great idea, how about Stalker, and Fusenhoff are banned from ringside, and so is Felix, you, and fatty, sound good dear?

[Ryoko pauses a moment.]

RYOKO: Yes, this is agreeable.

TROY: Thank goodness for that.

[With a half-hearted, bordering on sarcastic, wave, The Queen departs for her office. First sighs...His eyes bug a bit.]

RYOKO: Trading a 110 pound woman and a comic tub of lard for one or two thugs seems to be a good deal. Good luck First, I must now go assist Felix.

[Ryoko walks away, First goes back to stretching for a moment before Gotho, holding a boombox playing "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry shambles into the picture]

GOTHO: Dance time!

[First grabs the boombox and throws it across the room]

FIRST: No...No time for dancing, you distract me again...I'm going to hurt you...Badly...

[First walks off]

GOTHO: Well I can dance by myself...[Singing badly, dancing] Cause you're hot then your cold, you're yes then you're no...



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Marcus Westcott vs. Felix Red vs. Anarky - Special Guest Referee: Craig Miles

[FADEIN: The rampway as "Sleep Now In the Fire" by RATM is playing, "Cocky" Craig Miles walks out, wearing a black and white striped ref shirt with the sleeves cut off, black pants, and his tool belt full of various and sundry objects. Miles swaggers to the ring as much of the crowd is jeering him.]

TF: Introducing first our special guest referee for this No DQ Street fight...COCKY! CRAIG! MILES!!! [Crowd gives a shower of boos to Miles who smiles wickedly]

DT: This match will be a war, that much is clear. These four men were all in the same match, in quite different rolls at Unleashed, where Craig Miles betrayed Marcus Westscott, leading to his defeat at the hands of the Forsaken, via a pinfall counted by Anarky.

DM: This is really a second chapter in some ways of that contest, and who knows what to expect.

MN: I know what to expect! Carnage! This is going to be amazing!

[MUSIC-UP: "More Human Then Human" by White Zombie. Anarky, wearing his trademark skull face-paint, ripped jeans, a black leather jacket, black Napalm Death T-Shirt, and black wrestling boots. He carries a baseball bat to the ring in his hands, which are in gloves that are covered in barbed wire.]

TF: "Introducing first..Weighing in at 245 pounds...AN! RRRRR!!!! KEY!!!!!"

[The crowd boos loudly as Anarky enters the ring, where he is almost instantly confronted by Miles who's got a small flashlight]

DT: What in the world is Craig Miles doing?!

MN: He's flashing the light up Anarky's nose looking for coke! Ha ha! That Miles is a genius!

DT: Anarky pushes Miles away, Miles now tugging on his ref shirt and giving Anarky the business.

[Before anything more can happen between between the two men suddenly "Never Wanted To Dance" by MSI, the TBM Remix hits over the PA. The crowd pops as Felix Red, wearing a black Dresden Dolls T-Shirt, black dickies, sneakers and his EPW World Tag belt, comes out from the curtain, he is flanked by Ryoko, her hair dyed black, she is wearing a black top with a deep purple jacket and dress cut at the knee, she carries a small purple purse with her. Gotho follows on the other side wearing a black school girl outfit with his hair in pigtails, attempting to look as much like Lyn-Z from MSI as any 340+ pound man could. Gotho does some dancing for a little bit, then starts to cry. Felix cuffs him on the back of the head to get him back towards walking to the ring.]

TF: Introducing his opponents, first, being led to the ring by El Gothopotamus and Ryoko, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is one half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions...FELIX!!!! RED!!!!"

[The crowd pops as Felix gets in the ring, he takes his belt off and looks like he's ready to use it as a weapon. When "Ladies and Gentleman" by Saliva hits, Marcus Westscott charges to the ring at a dead run. His arms are taped up, he's wearing a plain white wife-beater and faded blue jeans over his white wrestling boots, he hits the ring and begins attacking!]

[Bell rings]

DT: Westscott with that Kendo Stick to the head of Felix! And a shot for Anarky! Felix now being worn out with that stick and he rolls to the floor...Anarky gets CRACKED by the stick and he too goes to the floor...Westscott now screaming in the ring, and he winds up at Miles...But holds off!

MN: If Beast knows what's good for him, he won't hit Miles, he knows his match at the PPV with Miles will be off if he does!

DT: You owe a dollar to the "Don't call him Beast" fund Mikey...Miles smirking, flashing that MILES-WIDE grin at Westscott, who turns to look at as Felix is getting in the ring...OH MY! Miles just used a staple gun on the back of Westscott's head!

DM: There isn't a lot Westscott, or really anyone can do about Miles's antics, since he is in charge of this match as referee.

DT: Felix now back in the ring and stomping on Westscott, who's prone from that staple shot to the head...Felix measuring Westscott and a THRUST KICK by Felix Red drops him to the mat, Felix covers...And Miles is pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up...He's just smoking in the corner, ignoring the pin!

MN: You ever smoked? Sometimes you need a fix, everything else can wait!

DT: Felix gives up on the pin and stalks over to Miles, who just blows smoke in Felix's face...WAIT ANARKY WITH A ROLL UP ON FELIX!



DT: Miles with a really slow count there also on Felix...Who knows what games he's playing here.

MN: I do, he's hoping for carnage, and I love it!

DT: Westscott has gone to the floor, he's looking under the ring and he's got a table...He throws that table into the ring...And now he's got another one and he slides THAT one into the ring also!

MN: I'm liking this already!

DT: Anarky trying to rake at Felix with those barbed wire gloves...Felix fighting with Anarky and he's taken off one of Anarky's gloves, but Anarky manages to cut up Felix with his other gloved hand!

DM: This fight is going to be a true test of wills, and all these men have so much hatred of each other that nobody's going to go down without taking a great deal of abuse!

DT: Westscott has one table set up in the corner and now he's got the other table unfolded and set up in the middle of the ring...Westscott charges into the corner and CRUSHES BOTH MEN into the corner...He drives a couple of headbutts into Anarky's skull and Anarky falls to the mat, Felix now grabbed by Westscott who HIPTOSSES HIM THROUGH THE TABLE PROPPED UP IN THE CORNER!

[Crowd buzzing!]

DT: Westscott wastes no time and quickly gets Felix back up...He scoops him off the ground...SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE OTHER TABLE!!!!

{HOLY SH*T! Chant!]

DT: Felix just got DESTROYED! The cover!




DT: Anarky breaks it up! And I must say, that was a faster count then we've seen out of Miles!

MN: He's like Pedro in his prime, changing speeds, working all sections of the zone, it's a masterpiece!

DT: I don't think counting to three is the same as pitching in the bigs Neely...Anarky stomping away on Westscott who's trying to get up...Anarky now driving Westscott to a corner and GRINDING that barbed wire glove in Westscott's face! Westscott howling as his flesh is being ripped open.

DM: Anarky, I know he's lost that baseball bat he had at the start, but of the three men, he's clearly come loaded for bear in this fight.

DT: Felix now over and he's got Felix's other glove and now ANARKY is having the barbed wire driven into HIS scalp! Anarky flailing, trying to get free of Felix...Felix drops the glove and grabs Anarky...UNPRETTIER ON THE GLOVE!! Anarky thrashing on the mat in agony! Felix covers!


DT: Westscott with the save on what was a lightning like count from Miles...Westscott now kicking the hell out of Felix and now Felix is tossed over the top to the floor!

MN: Good, get the tiny guy out of the way and let these two maul each other for a while!

DT: Anarky and Westscott now trading shots on each other, big right hands by both men...OH ANARKY GOES LOW ON WESTSCOTT! Westscott falls to the mat in agony.

DM: There is no rules here, these man can do anything they want and clearly they are going to!

DT: Anarky now standing over Westscott...OH MY! MILES JUST LIT A SMALL BLOWTORCH AND SHOT ANARKY WITH THE FLAME! Anarky cutching at his face, he could be blinded!

MN: You gotta love Craig Miles! You have to!

DT: I don't think any of the men in this match would agree with that, wait a minute! Felix is to his feet on the outside and now he and Gotho are getting out a table...The table set up now on the floor...Felix into the ring and he grabs Westscott and pulls him to the floor...Felix and Gotho now hammering Westscott with right hands...Now Felix puts Westscott on the table...Ryoko runs over and grabs Westscott's arms, Gotho has his legs...Felix slides into the ring...Off the ropes...NO HANDS PLANCHA FROM THE RING TO THE FLOOR DRIVING WESTSCOTT THROUGH THAT TABLE!!!

[Competing "HOLY! SH*T!" and "EPW" chants break out! The camera pans to Ryoko checking on Felix.]

MN: You know, for someone who really doesn't want to be here, Ryoko isn't acting like it.

DT: The relationship between Felix and Ryoko is something we could spend hours trying to figure out, what matters right now is Anarky getting his wits about him and he's to the floor and he grabs Westscott and throws him into the ring...Ryoko and Gotho now toss Felix in...Anarky goes for the cover on Westscott as Felix throws an arm over his chest...Now Miles jumps on top! What is he doing?!

[MIles yells "PILE ON!" as Anarky glares at him]

MN: Man this guy is a card! Miles is working these fools like a speed bag!

DT: Anarky throws Felix off Westscott and stomps on Felix a couple times, he now goes to the outside...What's he doing now?

MN: Whatever it is, I think they aren't bleeding enough, so I hope it brings the gore!

DT: Anarky's got a bag and now he's back in the ring...He opens the bag...OH LORD...IT'S THUMBTACKS!!!

[Crowd buzzing!]

DM: The brutality of this match just keeps getting more and more intense as things go on. This is getting scary!

DT: Anarky now gets Westscott up and stands him near the tacks...A right hand...Another one...Westscott staggering...another shot...He's almost fallen over...WAIT! WESTSCOTT GRABS ANARKY...BACKDROP INTO THE TACKS!!!

MN: Oh man, this is amazing!

DT: Anarky screaming as he rolls to the floor in agony...Felix is up...Westscott kicks him in the stomach and now he hooks him...Oh no...OH NOOOOO...POWERBOMB ON FELIX RED INTO THE TACKS!!!!

MN: On the humanity! Thank goodness I'm TiVo'ing this show!!

DT: Westscott covers!




DT: Ryoko just reached in and gouged Westscott in the eye...Of course Miles took his sweet time getting around to counting...Westscott goes outside after Ryoko, Gotho tries to get in the way, and he gets DECKED for his troubles...Westscott now chasing Ryoko around the ring...ANARKY BLINDSIDES WESTSCOTT WITH A CHAIRSHOT! Right as Westscott was turning that corner to get after Ryoko, Anarky just sprung up and BELTED Westscott with that chair!

DM: Ryoko unwittingly giving Anarky the advantage there, meanwhile in the ring Felix is getting to his feet...and Miles looks like he's sizing him up...HE JUST BREATHED FIRE AT FELIX!!

MN: Whiskey + Fire = DRAGONFIRE!!! Oh he's the cock of the walk! Dance little puppets, dance on the strings of the puppetmaster Craig Miles!

DT: You want me to give Miles the note saying you like him or you going to meet him after history class and tell him yourself Neely?

MN: Hey, you got to respect genius.

DT: Anarky now has the run of the place with Felix burned and Westscott just about knocked out...Anarky rolls Westscott into the ring...He now drags him away from the ropes and covers...




DT: Miles with an OUTRAGIOUSLY SLOW COUNT there on Westscott and Anarky is livid...Anarky and Miles now jawing...Anarky with a right hand! Miles...Staggers back and falls to the floor...Now he's laying outside the ring like he's been shot...This is a joke!

MN: He knocked out the ref! Anarky's going to be looking at fines, a suspension...He might never work in this business after that horrific act!

DT: Miles contines to ham it up laying there on the floor...Now Anarky going to the outside...He's got another table and he slides it into the ring...Anarky sets up that table in the middle of the ring now...And now he's got Westscott and he's setting him up in the corner...Oh lord...He's gonna Super Bomb him through the table!

DM: This match has seen so much and now perhaps this is what it will take to end this battle.

DT: Wait a second, Gotho now in the ring, he's taking a couple punches at Westscott and telling Anarky to wait a second...Oh lord...Gotho just pulled out LIGHTER FLUID from that school girl vest he was wearing...He's spraying down the table...Now he's got some matches...THE TABLE IS ON FIRE!!!



[Crowd explodes...LOUD "HOLY SH*T!" chants!]

DT: That HAS to be it...But Miles is still on the floor faking his injury from that punch by Anarky.

MN: See, Anarky did it to himself, he's got nobody else to blame!

DT: Anarky back to his feet and now he's going outside to get Miles who's now pretending to be using the steel steps to get to his feet...Anarky yelling at Miles, who reacts by drunkenly staggering away from Anarky...OH LORD! FELIX RED OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A CHAIRSHOT ON ANARKY, CRUSHING ANARKY'S SKULL INTO THE RINGPOST!!!

MN: Westscott dead, check, Anarky dead, check...Now if Miles could just take care of Felix, this would be perfection!

DT: Miles now quits his games and looks fine...Felix staggers into the ring...This match has taken just about everything from these three men. Felix waiting on Westscott to get up...He's measuring him...Westscott up...IMPALER DDT INTO THE WRECKAGE OF THAT TABLE...Oh man...Westscott has been put through hell here...And now Felix isn't content to pin him...No...He's hooking Wescott up...ANTI-LIFE EQUATION! He's got that Regal Stretch locked in on Westscott!

DM: With Miles making up the rules as he goes along on these pins, it's not a bad idea to think submission, of course he's attacked everyone in the fight, he might just attack Felix if he feels like it to break the hold.

DT: Miles now getting in the face of Westscott, he's giving him the business, he's telling Westscott to tap, to be a quitter...Now he's BEGGING Westscott to tap out, he wants to see it happen...Wait, Anarky's starting to get into the ring, he's got that bat he brought with him at the start of the match.

MN: I hope Anarky breaks this up before that wimp Westscott taps out...I want to see the slaughter continue!
[Crowd goes from buzzing to a kind of shocked silence]

MN: Is...Is...He...Dead?

DT: Felix getting in Anarky's face, Anarky threatening Felix with the shards of that bat...WAIT! WESTSCOTT WENT LOW ON FELIX RED! Felix crumples to the mat and rolls to the outside...Westscott now giving chase to Felix...Westscott now peppering Felix with right hands...Felix rocked back into the steel steps...Westscott now DRIVES him into the steps! Felix now staggering towards the ramp...Westscott grabs a chair...AND CRACKS FELIX WITH IT! Felix staggers INTO ANOTHER SHOT! Felix down...Westscott swings again...Ryoko grabs the chair! Westscott turns onto her...Felix grabs him from behind and fires a couple right hands!

DM: Again Ryoko going above and beyond the call of duty to help Felix!

DT: Westscott staggers back...AND LANDS ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT!! Felix dumped to the ramp...

MN: What is Anarky doing?!

DT: Oh lord...Anarky has Felix's tag belt and he's wrapped it over his shoulder...He pulls Miles up...Miles is limp...ANARKY WITH A CHAOS BREAKER ON THE BELT!!!! This is INHUMAN...Miles was knocked cold by that shot with the bat...Why...Why is Anarky continuing this attack?

DM: Clearly the comments between these two men before this match set something off in Anarky, who's basically gotten this match thrown out by his beating on Craig Miles!

DT: Westscott meanwhile continues to chase after Felix and strike him with that chair whenever he can, they are up on top of the rampway now...Ryoko's beggng Felix to leave, grabbing at his arm...Felix pulls himself away from her to land a series of punches on Westscott...Westscott counters with a headbutt...AND A HUGE CHAIRSHOT! Felix topplies to the ground...He's trying to get to his feet even still!

DM: Felix is like a punch drunk fighter, he has no idea where he is or what he's doing, but he wants to keep fighting anyhow.

MN: Well if he does he's gonna end up on the slab next to Miles in the coroner's office.

DT: Meanwhile back in the ring, Anarky' ripped some of that barbed wire off one of his gloves...and now he flips Miles onto his stomach...AND LOCKS ON A CROSSFACE!!!! HE'S GOT THAT BARBED WIRE ACROSS MILES' FOREHEAD AS HE'S RIPPING BACK ON MILES'S NECK!!!

DM: Miles isn't screaming or fighting this...Miles needs help...We need help out here NOW!

DT: Meanwhile on the rampway Felix continues to try to fight Westscott, who's more then happy to continue beating him with the chair...Ryoko continues to struggle with getting Felix away,,,Felix pulls free...INTO ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT!!! Felix out on his feet...Westscott backs up a bit...THE BIG WIND-UP!!!! THE CHAIRSHOT!!! NO!! GOTHO GRABBED THE CHAIR!!!

MN: The little flunky earning his pay!

DT: Westscott glaring at Gotho, Felix now again being grabbed by Ryoko to leave...He's fighting her...WAIT...WHAT IN THE...Ryoko just pulled Felix towards her and...She's kissing him!

MN: I'll never understand women...Never...

DT: Ryoko and Felix embracing and now she's leading him to the back...

MN: Back to her hotel room...

DT: Gotho meanwhile hits Westscott with the chair...NO EFFECT! Westscott...RIPS the chair away from Gotho...And now grabs him...HE THROWS GOTHO OFF THE RAMP AND THROUGH A TABLE!!!

MN: Maybe he'll be the one they autopsy after Miles.

DT: Westscott on the ramp now looking into the ring as three security guards are trying to break Anarky's grip on Miles...Westscott doesn't appear to be to upset about this turn of events.

DM: Miles left Westscott to the wolves at Unleashed where he was beaten by the Forsaken, I doubt Miles can expect a helping hand in his moment of need here.

DT: More security piling into the ring...They finally pry Anarky's hands from Miles...Anarky being held down...They got those plastic zip tie things, using them as a form of handcuffs on Anarky who's screaming and fighting as they are literally dragging him from the ring! Anarky fighting even with his arms pinned behind his back, kicking at anyone he can...This is demonic...Anarky's lost his mind!

MN: Did he ever have one before?

DT: We need EMT's! We need an ambulance...My God...This is...Inhuman...
[The camera pans to a shot above Craig Miles as EMT's get into the ring, with the mat area around his head turning red as blood pools around his head.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
IC Title Match: Troy Douglas (c) vs. Cameron Cruise

DT: Welcome back to Aggression, everyone! It's just about time for Troy Douglas to put his EPW Intercontinental Title on the line, against Anthology's own Cameron Cruise. Anything to say before this one gets started?

DM: Cameron Cruise has looked solid in his matches, and as focused as I've seen him at any point in the past year. But Troy Douglas hasn't backed down from any challenge, defending against everyone, and he's held that belt for a long time now. He's done a lot of good for the Intercontinental Title, and made it clear you need to be at the top of your game to have a chance of taking it from this Champion. Whenever you get two guys at the top of their games in the ring, it should be a great match.

MN: Screw that, Douglas and his reign of dooming the Intercontinental Title are finally going to get killed off! And who else could do it but a member of Anthology?

DM: Wasn't it another member of Anthology who failed to beat Douglas at Unleashed?

MN: Everyone has an off day, and every Megatron has a lucky one.

DT: I think Troy Douglas is well past the lucky stage, Mike. As impressive as the roll Cruise and Anthology have been on, he's going up against a Champion whose reign has endured many challenges, and eaten up time on the calendar. Let's leave it at that and hand things over to Tony Fatora for the introductions!

TF: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for the EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

["Pieces" by Hoobastank. Larry Tact walks down the ramp, ignoring the boos from the crowd and bypassing the ring, heading instead towards the announce table.]

DT: What's this? I know one member of Anthology is in this match, but it isn't Larry Tact...

MN: He must have heard what you said about his losing to Dougie and got pissed off. Dean, you're a dead man!

DM: I was just stating facts. I didn't actually name names.

DT: It seems Tact is heading this way, Dean. Looks like we may need to make some room, at least.

DM: Easier said than done, with Mike here.

MN: Hey, it's not my fault the diet pills I bought were a year past expiration!

[Tact takes up a chair and sits at the announce table.]

DT: Welcome, Larry. Here to watch your fellow Anthology member try and get some gold?

LT: That's right.

DM: Is that all?

LT: What is that supposed to mean?

MN: Dean's clearly got some personal problems with you, Larry!

DM: Mike, that's not true at all! I just noticed Anthology seems to be operating in pairs, at least.

LT: We're not afraid to show our strength. Right now, though, it's all about Cameron becoming the new Intercontinental Champion, and nothing more. I just wanted a ringside seat for Anthology's first title victory.

MN: Who wouldn't!

["All These Things I Hate [Revolve Around You]" by Bullet For My Valentine. Cameron Cruise hears the boos of the crowd as soon as he steps out from behind the curtain, staring at the ring as he walks down the ramp.]

TF: Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina! He stands six feet, three inches tall and weighed in at 263 pounds! He is a former EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... one of the founding members of THE ANTHOLOGY.... CAMMMMERRRROONNNNNN CRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUIISSSSSSEEE!!!!!

DT: Cruise hears it from the crowd, who are solidly behind the Intercontinental Champion.

MN: What fools.

LT: Cruise eats it all up. He's ready for this match, and he'll thrive here. It's been a long time coming.

["You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell. After the first ten seconds play, a series of three loud cannon blasts goes off! As the song cuts to the first chorus, Troy Douglas steps onto the ramp, the EPW Intercontinental Title around his waist, to a MONSTER POP from the crowd!]

TF: And now, introducing... from Greensboro, North Carolina! He stands six feet, five inches tall, and weighed in at 260 pounds! He is the man at the End of the Road... the reigning and defending EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! TRRROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYY DOOOOUUUUUUUGGLLLLAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

[Douglas makes his way down to the ring and enters, climbing each turnbuckle and holding the IC Title up to the cheers of the crowd!]

DT: A Champion EPW can be proud of, Troy Douglas.

LT: Don't speak for everyone, it's not your place.

DM: You seemed to be locked in on Douglas when you first arrived here, Larry, but of late you attacked Sean Stevens. Any reason?

LT: I was asked by Anthology to get in on the six-man tag with Stevens involved, and then I took advantage last week in striking him when the opportunity arose. I did what I had to do. If a message was sent, all the better.

DM: Some might call that, 'biting off more than you can chew.' You haven't even tasted EPW gold yet, and you're going around attacking the EPW World Heavyweight Champion?

LT: I'm well aware of what I'm doing, and what he's got. I don't do anything without a purpose, and I definitely didn't come here so I could lay back and play with anyone who happened into the ring against me. I came here to compete at the highest level, which means there's plenty of reason, and pounds of gold, in attacking Stevens. Besides, I beat Troy before, and Cameron here is about to take the only thing worth recognizing him for.

DM: I wouldn't be too confident. There's no question that Troy Douglas has the tools to make it all the way to the top. You should know that pretty well, having competed with him. In fact, sitting here at ringside, and knowing what happened at Unleashed, I'd think it would make you want to be the one going for the title right now.

LT: I wouldn't have turned down the chance. But if Anthology will be getting gold, I can look forward to this for now. It'll be satisfying seeing Cameron show you that he's also got what it takes. He'll give a demonstration by beating Troy tonight.

MN: Douglas was just holding onto his belt while Anthology came together, right?

LT: Sure, that's one way of looking at it. And once Cameron gets the strap, I can adjust my sights, elsewhere, for more Anthology gold that EPW will contribute, like it or not.

DT: As Cruise and Douglas meet center ring, it's clear that confidence is not something lacking in Anthology.

LT: Of course not.

DT: The bell rings, and we're officially on our way in this Intercontinental Title match! Douglas and Cruise exchange words as they continue to stare at each other. Now it's Cruise with a forearm, but Douglas blocks and returns with his own! Cruise backed into the ropes by two more, and then whipped to the ropes. Cruise ducks under a clothesline... returns with a Cross Body... caught! Troy Douglas heaves Cruise up and over with a Fallaway Slam! What strength!

DM: Cruise is no small man, but Douglas showing right away that his powerful frame is not just for show.

DT: Douglas with a club on the rising Cruise before picking him up, then works on the stomach with some knees to the stomach. Douglas not letting Cruise even get started as he whips him into the corner and immediate follows in with a forceful clothesline.

DM: Getting the momentum early on can lead to a quick match. I'm sure Troy wouldn't mind that.

MN: Cruise would!

DT: Douglas whips Cameron to the opposite corner and follows in, but Cruise with a boot up! He quickly comes back out with a boot to the guts, and hits several forearms to the face of Troy Douglas. He rolls the Champion with a neckbreaker, quickly follows up with an elbow to the sternum and then another! Cruise backs up to the corner and mounts the second rope... Douglas gets back up and Cruise lands a dropkick! Now the first cover of the match....


Kickout at TWO!

DT: Troy Douglas refuses to give the title up this early.

LT: That wouldn't have been worth walking down here for.

MN: But Cruise has taken the momentum, it's only a matter of time before the celebration!

DT: Cruise is waiting for Douglas as he stands, and lands a clean forearm to the face... but Troy returns it with one of his own! Cruise returns, as does the Champion again! And Troy with another! He comes in close with a knee to the guts of Cruise, then locks an arm around the challenger's head and flips him over onto the mat. Douglas mounts Cruise's back as he tries to stand, and starts landing fists right to the temple!

DM: What was that about Cruise having taken the momentum?

MN: Cruise might be used to this kind of punishment from Beau Michaels, but this doesn't look so good in the ring!

DT: Douglas applies a camel clutch, and the referee checks to make sure it's no choke, but it's all legal.

MN: Choking now? Is he trying to distract poor Cameron with flashbacks to Beau's bed tricks??

LT: From what I've heard, those rumors have only been confirmed by Beau. But everyone knows how he mixes and matches reality and fantasy, as much as Jared Wells does with women.

DM: For Cameron's sake, we can only hope that sully picture is true.

DT: Douglas sees there's no quit in Cruise at the moment, and he releases the hold with one parting blow to the head of Cruise. Now a cover by Douglas...




DT: The Champion gets the challenger to his feet and runs him into the corner with a shoulder charge! But Cruise looks to get out with clubbing blows to Douglas's back, and he gets a moment to elevate himself up to the second rope! Douglas lifts his head and takes a forearm, then another by Cruise, who hooks the Champion... BULLDOG from the second rope! Cruise hits it and makes a cover...




DM: Nice move there by Cruise, turning his defense into offense.

MN: That's just what Anthology does, turn the tables like that!

LT: That's only the beginning.

DT: Cruise seems to be getting ahold of things, as he lands a swinging neckbreaker on Troy Douglas, followed by knees to the neck. He lifts up Douglas and drops him with a double underhook Suplex. He lifts Troy up again and hooks the arm for a Suplex and.... Douglas with a block! Troy finds Cruise's midsection and breaks free after a couple hammerblows to the ribs. Cruise is momentarily stunned and Troy hits the ropes... RRROOOOOAAARRRING ELBOW! MISSES! Cruise evades and Douglas turns, clothesline! No Douglas ducks under and goes for a running knee. Cruise somehow rolls over the knee and counters with a roll up!



TH-- NO!

DM: That looked like it caught Douglas off guard a little.

LT: Wouldn't you be, if you expected to have your opponent down, and ended up the one in a predicament?

MN: The only thing Dean knows how to knock down is drinks! hahaha!

DM: Now Neels, don't go projecting your problems onto others again.

MN: ...I'll get you.

DT: Both men are up, and Cruise is countered as he goes for a quick arm wringer! Douglas spins Cruise back around and this time connects with the knee to Cruise's guts! Cruise doubles over from the force, and Troy wastes little time as he lifts the challenger up into a military press... and brings him down into a European Uppercut!

DM: Strength and timing lead to a smooth combination for the Intercontinental Champion. Can he follow it up?

DT: Looks like he's about to do just that as he picks Cruise up and sends him into the ropes.... Cruise tries to stop himself but can't, and receives a spinning kick to the guts, then another running knee!

MN: If I were Cruise right now, I'd hurl after all these knees and kicks to my stomach.

LT: That's why he's competing for the title. You just stay right here at the announce table.

DT: Douglas lifts Cruise in a Fireman's Carry, then drops him with a Gutbuster! I can't imagine Cruise is feeling too good after that one.

MN: Don't hate, Thomas! Like Larry said, I'm here to protect Anthology from you two haters to my left!

DM: Score another poor attempt at slang for Neels.

MN: Hey yo. I'm just pimpin' support for my boys, Anthologyyy!

DM: Never do that, Neels. Not you. Ever.

MN: Okay yo.

DM: *sigh*

DT: Cruise whipped against the ropes.... THERE is the RRROOOARRING ELLLBOOOOWW CONNECTS! Cruise staggers back into the ropes though... only to be brought down hard with a SPINEBUSTER! Douglas looks pumped and the crowd agrees!

DM: How's that seat, Larry? Feeling a little hotter now?

LT: I'm a believer that, at times, you just need to weather a storm, and wait for a chance.

MN: In other words, it isn't over yet!

DT: Douglas may have drastically different ideas, as he brings Cruise to a corner, and now to the second rope. Could this be the End of the Road for Cruise and Anthology's hope for gold tonight?

DM: The End of the Road is just that, so Cruise had better do something.

DT: Douglas up to the second rope. He has Cruise hooked! No, Cruise won't let him as he keeps an arm free, hitting Douglas in the midsection! Cruise elbows Douglas off the second rope... but the Champion lands on his feet and hits a boot to the face of Cruise! Douglas goes back up to the second rope, but Cruise goes to the top rope! They're exchanging blows.... Douglas is up to the top as well!

DM: Here we go!

LT: Show him how much you want it, Cameron!

DT: Douglas gets a good shot in! He wants to end the match right here!

DM: Cruise is going to regret going to the top rope.


DT: Wait, Cruise is battling still... headbutt to Douglas's leg! The Champion's leg slips, but Cruise keeps him from falling back, and pulls him in!

DM: What's he doing?

DT: Cruise is lifting up Douglas.... OH MY!!



LT: Just pin him and the celebration begins, Cameron!

MN: Do it!

DT: Both men are down after Cameron Cruise hits the Shipwreck from the top rope!

DM: That may have been a desperation move on the part of the challenger, but I have to think the Champion took the brunt of the damage.

LT: Call it what you want. Anthology is about to claim the Intercontinental title.

DT: Cruise rolls over... he hooks the leg!




DT: TROY DOUGLAS KICKED OUT! OH MY! He kicked out of the Shipwreck from the top rope!

LT: Meh.

DM: Look at the face of Cruise, he's shocked!

MN: I call shenanigans! That count was clearly in favor of Dougie, there's no way he could have kicked out of that!

DT: Somehow he did it, and Cameron Cruise is yelling at the referee, but there's no changing his mind. Cruise goes back to Douglas and lays in the boots to him, hammering away with fists to the face of the Champion. The referee puts in a five count, and Cruise barely stops before five, and gets a stern warning!

DM: If he lets his emotions get to him, he'll be disqualified, and even more upset.

LT: He's still got a golden opportunity. Douglas is weakened, just finish him!

DT: Cruise is getting himself back under control, and lifts Douglas up, who does look like he's struggling. Cruise whips Douglas to the corner, and he comes in with a running clothesline. Now he mounts the second rope and lands heavy punches to Douglas's head, as the crowd expresses its displeasure!

LT: I doubt he can hear them right now. He's locked in to finish this.

MN: Who cares what those idiots think, anyway?!

DM: You should. They help pay you to sit here and make comments like those.

MN: Everyone loves hearing what I have to say.

DM: Right.

DT: Cruise gets off the ropes and brings Douglas out to the middle of the ring. Looks like he wants to finish it right here, as he boots Douglas in the guts, hooks the head... High Impact DDT?

LT: That's ri--

DT: NO! The Champion counter Cruise into a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! COVER!!

[Tact stands up from his seat.]






DT: Wait, SHOULDER UP! Cruise had a shoulder up in the last second!

DM: That was razor close.

MN: No way, the referee just saw Cruise's shoulder way late! Heresy!

DM: That seat too hot to sit in now, Larry?

LT: Shut it. I just wanted to make sure the referee made the tactful call.

[Tact sits back down.]

DM: Right.

DT: Cruise is the one getting up first, as Douglas still looks somewhat limited. He's getting up as well, but slower. Cruise steps back to the ropes, then goes off them for an added burst and charges at Douglas! The Champion looks to counter with a Spinebuster!

LT: Didn't get under him.

DT: Cruise stops the Champion with a knee to the head as he bent a moment too soon to lift the challenger. Cruise quickly hooks Douglas's head and hits a High Impact DDT!

MN: Yes!

DM: Douglas tried to cover his damage by making his move a moment earlier, and that early movement gave him away.

LT: In another moment, it's going to have cost him the strap.

DM: Hm, deja vu moment.

MN: Just wait and see!

DT: Cruise isn't taking any chances this time. He brings Douglas up and sets him in place.... REALITY CHECK! He hits it perfectly on the Intercontinental Champion!

LT: FORMER Intercontinental Champion in...

DT: Cover by Cruise, could we see a new Champion?




DT: That's it, it's over! We have a new EPW Intercontinental Champion!


MN: Anthology has claimed their first title in EPW!

LT: Looks like Cameron beat me to the punch. I'll have to find my EPW gold elsewhere.

[Tact stands and goes into the ring, taking the Intercontinental Title from the referee and shoving him away. He hands it to Cruise and they celebrate in the ring.]

DT: As Mike pointed out, Anthology has staked their claim to EPW gold, after Troy Douglas did what he could to keep from being dethroned.

DM: I really thought Troy was going to comeback after he kicked out of the Shipwreck, but it wasn't to be. Anthology has the Intercontinental Title in their camp, now, which makes things even more interesting between themselves, the Fallen, and the Forsaken.

MN: Anthology will be breaking out the ho's and the booze for Cruise tonight!

DM: You only wish you could be apart of it.

MN: Hey, maybe Larry will send me an invite, after seeing my masterful skills on the mic!

DM: I think not.

DT: Troy Douglas is on the mat and holding onto his neck right now. You have to wonder if he came down a little too hard on the next because he is NOT getting up.

DM: Well, he took the Shipwreck twice and that’s a devastating move to take just once.

DT: In any case, we do have a new EPW Intercontinental Champion, and his name is Cameron Cruise! More EPW action after a quick break.

MN: God help us all.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Main Event: World Title - "Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) vs. The First

DT: Folks we’re back, and unfortunately we have some bad news regarding Troy Douglas. Apparently, the former Intercontinental Champion has suffered a neck injury of some sort. While in commercial, paramedics came to the ring and braced Douglas’ neck, then we had an ambulance come down the entrance ramp and saw him loaded up and taken away to the hospital. It didn’t look good at all.

DM: Well our thoughts will certainly be with Troy Douglas and I certainly hope he makes a full recovery.

[FADEIN: A shot of the crowd as the bell rings to get everyone's attention.]

TF: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL...And it is for...THE E! P! DOUBLE-U! WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHTTTTT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

[Crowd pops]

[MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit, the crowd begins buzzing and then finally pops huge as The First walks out from behind the curtain into a purple spotlight. The First is shirtless, wearing black gi pants, black wrestling boots, he's wearing black lipstick with his face painted white and a black X slashed across his eyes and cheekbones. First's hair is black with blotches of purple. His right hand is taped up almost halfway to the elbow with a black Ankh drawn on it]

DT: Thanks to the actions of Ryoko and Lindsay Troy, there will be nobody at ringside tonight, tonight The First walks alone into battle, no Felix Red, no Ryoko, no Gotho...Everything is upon the shoulders of The First...

[The First gets to the ring and hops over the top rope, landing on the second rope inside the ring where he he raises his arms and screams at the crowd, who pop loudly in response.]

DT: The First soaking in this moment, this crowd crowd is electric!

MN: Like the Patriots soaked in the moment before the Bears broken them in half and had the Fridge rub it in their faces. Like the Chargers before Steve Young and Jerry Rice tore them to pieces...All this punk is, is a lamb, and he's about to be slaughtered!

[The music fades out, the crowd buzzes, some start booing, and the finally the lights dim]


CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


[The Empiretron and the whole arena go dark for a beat...Then MUSIC UP: "King Back" by TI. "Triple X" Sean Stevens walks out on the stand as MASSIVE PYRO goes off, blasting blue streams in an "X" pattern as Stevens stands at the top of the ramp looking smug. Stevens is wearing black wrestling boots, black tights with a blue "X" on each leg and one on the seat of the tights. He's rocking a new EPW "Finisher" line T-Shirt in black with a pair of piercing blue eyes balefully staring out, above the eyes is a crown in gold with three X's upon it. Stevens begins to swagger to the ring, EPW World Title Belt strapped around his waist, and a custom pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses that may have run five figures covering his eyes. Stevens steps into the ring and goes to all 4 corners, soaking in boos everytime he throws his arms up at the crowd.]

DT: The champion, brimming with confidence, he harbors no fear of The First, he most likely has no respect for him, Triple X has made it clear, tonight is nothing more then an object lesson for the rest of EPW, do not cross him or this will happen to you.

MN: And it's going to be brutal, this kid hasn't been in the wars like the champ, he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, this will be Sean Stevens night to shine!

[The bell rings]

TF: Introducing first...[Tony gets a bit of a puzzled look on his face as he says that and then continues.] THE CHALLENGER...He hails from SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS and weighs in at 207 POUNDS...He is one half of the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!...THE FIIIRRRRSSSTTTTT!!!!

{The First raises his arms to a cheer from the crowd, he's pacing back and forth, Stevens stands across the ring arms crossed over his chest, almost like a statue.]


[Stevens still doesn't move, continuing to smile smugly at The First as the crowd boos, Stevens finally deigns to take off his sunglasses and T-Shirt, handing them to a ringside attendant, he continues to wear the EPW World Title around his waist.]

DT: Stevens showing no reguard for The First what-so-ever...Senior offical Pat Jones now having to coax Stevens into removing the EPW World Title Belt...[Stevens finally takes the belt off, we can hear him telling Jones "Don't let him touch it...He doesn't deserve it"] Jones now showing the belt to The First who almost recoils from it, who knows what kinds of superstitions he's got going on in that mind of his.

MN: He should be struck blind for even looking at the title...

DT: Pat Jones now holding aloft the title these two men will be fighting over...He finally hands to the time keeper...Jones backing both men away from each other...

[Bell Rings]

DT: And here we go! Stevens and First lock up and Stevens powers The First into the corner...Ref calling for a clean break and Stevens gives him one...

MN: See, he knows he doesn't need to take any advantages, he knows he can win this on the up and up...

DT: They lock up again and Stevens again backs him into a corner...Another clean break...NO! {Crowd buzzing] STEVENS JUST SLAPPED THE FIRST!

DM: The disrespect leading up to this match was clear, and now Stevens just made it official that he has nothing but disgust towards The First.

DT: Stevens ducks a wild right hand by The First and now hammers him to the body. Stevens sends him to the ropes...BACK BODY DROP! PEFECTLY TIMED UP BY STEVENS! THE FIRST SENT SAILING! First back to his feet and Stevens sends him back into the ropes...HUGE CLOTHESLINE! BIG TIME IMPACT FROM THE CHAMP!

MN: I told you from the start this was a complete mismatch...Stevens is going to prove it...This match lasts only so long as Stevens wants it to...

{Stevens yelling "Get up Brian...Get up!"]

DT: Stevens now imploring The First to get to his feet...First up and wobbly legged...RUNNING FOREARM BY STEVENS! he just SMASHED The First with that shot and The First is flat on his face in the the ring.

DM: Clearly the champion's game plan has been to just unload with all the high impact moves he came up with early to take the challenger out quickly!

MN: And notice he's not calling this idiot by his gothtard name...He's calling him Brian...That'll be his name when he's making my coffee at starbucks next week when he's run out of this company on a rail!

DT: Stevens now has The First...He hooks him up...POWER BOMB!!!! OH MAN!!!! THAT COULD BE ALL!! Stevens now raising his arms to the crowd, soaking in the boos...Stevens now walking over to a corner and now waiting for The First to get to his feet...I think he's going for the X-Factor!

DM: After his total domination up to this point, if he did land the X-Factor that would make quite the statement win for the champion...

DT: Stevens just waiting on the First now...First to his feet...STEVENS COMING WITH THE X-FACTOR...FIRST SIDESTEPS! Stevens misses! First hammering away with HUGE RIGHTS! Stevens rocked...DROPKICK BY THE FIRST FLOORS STEVENS! Stevens gets to his feet and charges...INTO A ARMDRAG! He comes at The First again...ANOTHER ARM DRAG! Stevens back up and First cracks him with a right hand! Stevens staggers to the ropes...FIRST CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!

MN: Unreal...C'mon Stevens, get your head in the game!

DT: Referee Pat Jones keeping The First in the ring as Stevens is out on the floor and he is irate! He can't believe this has happened.

DM: Stevens clearly thought he could dominate The First and he's just been proven wrong.

DT: Stevens now back on the apron, demanding The First back off as he re-enters the ring. Stevens back in now and he grabs The First in a side headlock and quickly takes him to the mat. Stevens leaning on The First, putting all his weight on him.

DM: If the high impact stuff wasn't working it might be time to slow this fight down and try to grind down The First...Who hasn't had many singles matches in his EPW career.

MN: He can't go the distance with a machine like Trip...He'll be sucking wind and begging for momma at the half hour mark!

DT: First now fighting to his feet, he's battling to get back up and he does...First with a series of elbows into the gut of Stevens breaks the hold...First off the ropes...RIGHT INTO A BIG KNEE FROM STEVENS! First down again and Stevens quickly on top of him witth a rear chinlock.

MN: It might not be pretty, it might not get all these idiot kids in the crowd excited, but this is effective wrestling, this jumping flipping guy can't do anything if he's gassed out.

DT: First again trying to get back to his feet...First back to his feet...Stevens gives him a knee in the back and then shoves him face first into the turnbuckle! Stevens now spins The First around and drives a series of shoulders into the mid-section of the challenger...Stevens whips The First HARD into the corner...The First slumps in the corner as Stevens walks over and kicks him in the stomach, and again! Stevens now drags The First out of the corner and hooks him...SWINGING BREAKER!!! Stevens with the cover!!




DT: First kicks out! Stevens letting Pat Jones know wouldn't mind it if he picked up the pace on the count a little...Stevens picks The First up and elevates him...BRAINBUSTER!!! He just PLANTED him! And a cover!




DT: Again The First kicks out! Stevens now flips him over The First to his stomach and LOCKS IN THE STF!!! FIRST SCREAMING IN AGONY!!!

MN: Forget pinning this freak, tap him out!!!

DT: Stevens cranking on The First's neck...wrenching back, trying to force the challenge for the EPW World Title to quit...

[Stevens can be heard screaming "TAP BRIAN!! TAP OUT!"]

DT: Stevens continuing the bad mouth on The First as he's inching his way closer to the ropes...This crowd cheering, yelling, doing all they can to motivate The First as he's fighting his way over...

DM: Even if The First does make the ropes, how much damage till be done from this hold? Stevens has it sunk in deep!

DT: The First struggling...He's almost there...HE'S MADE THE ROPES!!!

[Crowd pops!]

DT: Stevens hanging on for the full four seconds before breaking it and now he's getting in Pat Jones face over what, I couldn't tell you...The First has fallen to the floor...Stevens now going outside after him...Stevens pulls The First to his feet and SLAMS his face into the STEEL steps...The First on dream street and now DRIVEN into the STEEL post! First is face down on the floor...Stevens scoops him up...DRIVES HIM SPINE FIRST INTO THE RING POST! AND AGAIN!

MN: Not only is he busted open, but he also may have a broken back!

DT: You are right about that, First is bleeding currently and Stevens has just dominated to this point in the match...Stevens now going over by the time keeper...What's he doing...He's got the EPW World Title Belt...He's waiting on The First to get up...

MN: Hey it's outside the ring, anything goes...

DT: Well not according to Pat Jones who's gone outside the ring and taken the World Title Belt away from Stevens....Stevens doesn't seem to be putting up to much resistance about this...Wait! Jones is busy handing the belt to the timekeeper, Triple X just grabbed a steel chair and charges at The First...FIRST DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO THE CHAMPION'S FACE!!!


DT: Stevens plan backfires! First now back to his feet and he grabs Triple X and BANGS his head off the apron...AND INTO THE RING POST! Stevens staggers back INTO A FOOTSWEEP! Stevens lands HARD on the floor! First dragging the champion along the floor...Now he gets into the ring...First off the ropes...OH LORD A SWANTON BOMB JUMPING OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!

[E-P-DUB! Chants!]

DM: The First is making it clear he will do anything and everything to beat Sean Stevens and claim that EPW Title...

DT: The First now throwing Stevens back into the ring...He's putting the boots to Stevens...Triple X picked up and now DRIVEN face first into the turnbuckle...He staggers and The First peppers him with a series of right hands...First whips Stevens into the ropes...KNEE TO THE GUT doubles over Stevens...First off the ropes...AXE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Stevens is down! A COVER!!!




DT: No! Stevens gets the shoulder up! First quickly back to his feet and stomping away on Triple X...First locks Stevens in an arm bar and throws a kick to the face...ANOTHER...SPINNING HEEL KICK! A big shot from the challenger and another cover!




MN: Come on Trip, get it together...Get back in this thing!

DT: First again has Stevens to his feet and continues his brutal attack with those right hands from the very taped up right hand of The First...Stevens rocks back into the corner...First now gets on the second rope...The challenger hammering away with right hands...This crowd counting along...We're up to seven...WAIT...STEVENS HOOKS THE FIRST UP...RUNNING POWERBOMB!! NO COUNTERED INTO A HURACANRANA! Stevens stumbles to his feet...INTO A SPEAR FROM THE FIRST!!! HE COVERS!!!




DT: Stevens just kicked out again! The Champion will not stay down...First drops a series of elbows to the chest of Triple X...First going to the outside...He's going up top....Stevens getting to his feet...FIRST OFF THE TOP WITH A CROSS BODY!!! THE LEG IS HOOKED!!!!



THR--NO! NO!!!


[Crowd groans, some smarks shout 'Two!']

MN: How the hell is this happening?!

DT: For the first time in the match now The First looks horrified, he can't believe that wasn't the winning move for him...First looks at Pat Jones in disbelief...He now grabs Stevens...Stevens fires a quick series of right hands to the gut of The First...First kicks Triple X in the head and hooks for a suplex...NO! Stevens counters out...HE'S GOT FIRST UP!!!! X-TERMINATOR!!! X-TERMINATOR!!! HE HIT IT!! HE HIT IT!!!


DM: It's incredible that after all the abuse that Triple X has taken to this point in the match that he could rally and hit such a move!

DT: Both men down, the champion HAS to get himself over to the prone body of The First and make the cover...Stevens is crawling, inching his way over...He throws an arm over the chest of The First...



THREE!! NO!!! NO!!!

[Crowd pops!!]

DT: THE FIRST JUST GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!! At the LAST possible moment! Stevens can not believe it...He punches the mat in anger...Stevens now again measuring The First, demanding he get to his feet...I think it's time for the X-Factor.

MN: I'll almost be upset if the X-Factor gets it done when the X-Terminator didn't, since this punk is a bug that needs to be exterminated!


DM: That's the second time that the champion has gone for the X-Factor and had terrible results with it.

DT: Stevens is out on his feet...And he's busted wide open! The First quickly to the outside...He's going under the ring...HE'S GOT A TABLE!!

MN: You mean we didn't run out of them in the triple threat match?

DT: I guess not...The First puts Triple X on the table and hammers him with a series of rights to the head, he's targetting that fresh cut on the champion's forehead...The First now back on the apron...He's going up top!

MN: No! Somebody stop this maniac!

DT: Wait! Stevens just got off the table, he's up on the apron, he hammering away with rights on The First...The Stevens climbing the ropes...Stevens grabs The First...OHMYGODNO!!!!! STEVENS SUPERPLEXS THE FIRST OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

["Holy Sh*t!" chants, crowd buzzing!]

DM: I don't know who really got the worst of that move, as both men went sailing and hit that table hard!

DT: Pat Jones taking time with the ten count, he knows this crowd wants to see a winner in this contest. Both men struggling to get to their feet after that devastating move...The First and Stevens crawling towards the ring, both men rolling themselves into the ring...This battle continues...

MN: What right does Jones have slowing down the count, this should have been a double count out and Trip should have his belt!

DT: I thought this was a lay-up for Stevens...

MN: He's still got this, just a little more drama then I was expecting...

DT: First and Stevens now in the ring back on their feet, both men trading right hands...First with a series of rights and Stevens staggers...Stevens with a kick to the gut, .Stevens loads up...BIG RIGHT! FIRST DUCKS!! OH MY!! Stevens just CLOCKED Pat Jones with that punch...Jones staggers into the ropes and sluimps there...First now firing a series of rights and lefts to the gut of Stevens...First with a BIG RIGHT, and ANOTHER...Stevens drops to one knee...First hits the ropes...SHINING WIZARD! TRIPLE X IS DOWN!! THE CHAMP IS DOWN!!

MN: Oh lord...This can't be happening...

DT: First to the apron...He's up top...CUT THE THREAD!!!! FRONT FLIP LEGDROP OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! FIRST COVERS!!! Jones still in the ropes...First yelling at Jones to get over and make the cover, Jones pulls him self off the ropes...AND FACEPLANTS INTO THE MAT!

[Crowd booing, yelling!]

MN: At last, justice!

DT: How the hell is this justice?! It was Stevens that knocked the ref silly in the first place! First banging the mat, counting out the fall himself...One...Two...Three...Four...Five...He finally gets off Stevens and shakes his head disgusted...He had the champ beat...

MN: Oh cry me a river...Such it up freak boy!

DT: First now trying to wake up Pat Jones who still hasn't moved since he tried to get over there...First shaking Jones now...Who seems to be stirring...WAIT A SECOND...STEVENS IS UP...HE'S WAITING ON THE FIRST!

MN: Turn around moron!

DT: First turns around...RIGHT INTO AN X-FACTOR!!! THE FIRST GOT BEHEADED!!! First falls through the ropes to the floor!

MN: Dammit, can this kid get any luckier?!

DT: Stevens now falls against the ropes himself....This has been a brutal, intense match up...The Champion now rolls to the floor and grabs The First...He smashes First's head into the apron...And AGAIN...Stevens now back into the ring...He reaches through the ropes to grab First and pull him into the ring...WAIT!! FIRST JUST SPIT RED MIST INTO STEVEN'S FACE!! THE CHAMPION IS BLINDED!!!

DM: And that mist is red! It's going to be nearly impossible for Pat Jones to notice it with the blood all over the champion's face!

DT: The First quickly rolls into the ring...ROLL UP ON STEVENS!!! HE'S GOT THE TIGHTS!! HIS FOOT IS ON THE ROPES!!!!



THREE!!! NO! NO!!!

DT: WAIT WAIT!! Jones is waving off the fall!!! He's poining at the rope that's still shaking from when the First's foot was on it!

MN: Ha ha! He got busted!!

DT: First thought he had it! Now Jones is telling him he saw the cheating, First is livid!

[Jones is pointing at his eyes then the bottom rope, First is screaming "I had him and you were--]






[Bell rings, crowd booing LOUD! MUSIC UP: "King Back" by TI, as Stevens rolls out of the ring to the floor, Pat Jones follows him to the outside and hands him the EPW World Title Belt.]


[More boos as Stevens, face covers in blood and mist continues backing up the apron, holding the belt aloft. The First still in the ring, seething, he kicks the bottom rope in anger.]

DT: Triple X has retained the title, but what a battle it was...What a night of action this has been, thank you all for joining us and we will see you next time on Aggression!

[Camera cuts between shots of Stevens on top of the ramp now strapping his belt back around his waist, and The First on the second rope in the ring glaring at him...The First yells "This isn't over" at Stevens...Stevens pats the EPW World Title Belt and smiles "You can't beat me." then raises his arms in the air]

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