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AGGRESSION 43: Richmond, VA - 4/14/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[FADEIN: A wide shot of the crowd as pyro goes off around the EMPIRETron and guitar riffs herald another episode of Aggression. The camera pans around the cheering crowd for a few moments before resting on the announce team.]

DT: Welcome everybody to….AGGRESSION 43….we’re one show out from Wrestleverse III and tonight, we have so much in store it’s hard to keep track of it all.

DM: Apparently we’ve got announcements out the wazoo, as we’ll find out who will face Sean Stevens for the World Title, who will face Cameron Cruise for the Intercontinental Title…and we have a big World Tag Team Title match.

MN: Oh, and don’t forget….

[The words are immediately cut off as a graphical display flickers onto the EmpireTron and lingers for several moments.]


MN: Geez, THAT thing again! I wish somebody would tell me what the hell was up with those damn numbers!

DM: I wish I knew too, Mike. We've seen that display appear several times over the past few months, but... nobody has any idea what any of it means. Is it a code? A timer?

[Before they have the opportunity to discuss it further, the EmpireTron goes to black and a confused buzz fills the arena.]

DT: Well, I'm simply baffled... but regardless, the show must go on.

[MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre EPW Edit goes over the PA and the crowd pops big! The First, wearing a black three piece suit, black pants, black suit jacket, black shirt, white tie, walks onto the entraceway. His hair is jet black and pulled into a tight pony tail, he's wearing black horn rimmed glasses and is unmade up except for black lipstick and a little eye liner.]

DT: Well, we’re underway and what a way to start it off. The First, one half of the World Tag Team Champions and the man who last week took the World Champion Sean Stevens to the very brink!

MN: Get ahold of yourself, that match wasn't even close, Stevens was toying with him the whole time.

DM: Even during the period when The First had him pinned for about 10 seconds with the ref down?

MN: It's called false hope...Just wanted to dash his dreams even more.

[The First enters the ring and soaks in the cheers of the crowd, after a few moments he grabs a mic. The lights go back up and the music fades out.]

FIRST: Thank you...Now I all know you saw last week...I know you saw 'Triple X' Sean Stevens and I burn the house down...And I know a lot of you...Lot of you think I got cheated last week...[Crowd cheers]...That I got screwed [More cheers]...But honestly...[First shrugs his shoulders]...That's not the truth...Truth is in this business, you win or you lose, that's it...There really is no gray area...

But what did happen last week...What Sean Stevens wishes DIDN'T happen last week...Is that HE MADE ME A STAR [crowd pops]...He spent all that time yelling about how I was an easy mark, how I wasn't in his league...He found out otherwise...He found out I can hang with him...He KNOWS I can beat him...[crowd pops]

Wrestleverse three is right around the corner...And yeah I might have my plate full tonight with a tag match...But I'm calling Sean Stevens out! I WANT A REMATCH FOR THE EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!! [Crowd pops big!]

[MUSIC UP: "Killing in the name of" by Rage Against the Machine. Out comes none other than Cameron Cruise, dressed in black jeans, and a black ANTHOLOGY T-shirt, and his trademark Anarchy Shades, carrying the EPW Intercontinental title over his right shoulder]

CC: Let's just back the "Fluke Train" up here a second, First...did you just say what I think you said?? YOU deserve a World Title shot?? You not only can't be serious, but Jesus Christ...have you seen yourself lately?? What I mean is take a look in the Mirror sometime...you look like the type of guy that BEGS to be labeled the Poster Boy for Loneliness. You deserve a World title shot, what...because you had a good match for the first time in what...three years?? Newsflash First, performances like that has to be CONSTANT. If anyone deserves a shot at Sean Stevens and the EPW World Heavyweight Championship, it's ME. After all...I'm the one that put together the HOTTEST COMMODITIES ON THE CIRCUIT...I am the one that challenged Troy Douglas for the Intercontinental title---a title that shouldn't have been taken from me in the first place---and not only defeated him...

[Cruise circles around The First so First's back is to the rampway.]

CC: ....I took him out of action COMPLETELY. If you really think you deserve a title shot over me, you're really kidding yourself. But just to show you how gracious a competitor I really am, despite this "rift" we have between each other and The Fallen....by all means, let the better man deemed worthy enough of a shot win.

[Cruise moves the IC Title belt to his left hand and now reaches out with his right hand for a handshake. The crowd boos, as Cruise gives a big smile and continues to extend his hand...First looks at Cruise for a few moments, then takes off his glasses and puts them in his coat pocket. He looks for a bit longer and slowly begins to extend his hand. The crowd starts screaming and yelling and First spins around just in time to clock Jared Wells who's charged into the ring! First lnads a couple more rights to Wells before Cruise buries the IC Title into the back of The First!]

DT: Cruise just DRILLED The First in the back with that belt and now both Wells and Cruise are stomping away on The First...Wells ripping that suit jacket off The First's back and now choking him with it as Cruise stomps away on the gut of The First. [Crowd chanting "Felix! Felix!"]

MN: Chant all you want for that maniac, he's nowhere in the building, rubes.

DT: Wells now RIPPING THE FIRST'S SHIRT OFF...Now he's choking him with his tie! Cruise yelling at Wells to get The First back up...Wells lifts him to his feet...CRUISE WITH A REALITY CHECK...FIRST LANDED RIGHT ON THAT INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE BELT!

[The crowd booing loud as The First is motionless on the mat. Cruise grabs his belt and he and Wells stand over The First, looking very proud of what they have done...MUSIC UP: "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine, as the crowd boos louder]

DT: Cameron Cruise has sent a big message to The First and to all of EPW, he's tired or being overlooked, he wants respect and he wants his shot at the EPW World Title.

MN: I don't know if he stands a shot against Stevens, but I kinda like this guy...

DT: What's going to happen with the tag title match later this evening, will The First be in any conditon to compete? Will Felix Red show up?! I guess we'll find out, don't go anywhere fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 43: Winters vs. Olvir

DT: Well we’re back and we’ve finally made it to our first match of the evening, as this one pits newcomer “New School” Layne Winters up against our Pornstar Viking, Olvir Arsvinnar.

DM: Yeah, I’d say Winters didn’t exactly luck out on this one Mike. Olvir is a terror and a man with a very bright future here in EPW. Everyone who follows EPW knows that Olvir is a force to be reckoned with, and Winters is about to find out the same.

MN: He’s definitely a great barometer to find out just how talented the new guy is. A win over Arsvinnar would be a huge accomplishment in his inaugural match.

DT: Word is out that this new guy is pretty talented though. We’ll see what he brings to the table in just a minute. Let’s go to Tony Fatora for the introductions.

[CUE UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season hits the speakers as Layne Winters walks out to a mixed reaction. He walks down to the ring snarling at the fans and slapping hands with no one. It’s clear that he’s not here to make friends and the mixed reaction soon turns to boos. He steps over the middle ring rope and waits for his opponent.]

TF: LLLLLadies and gentlemen…. For our first match… weighing in at two hundred fifty poundsss… from Seattle Washingtonnnn…. He is escorted by Pamela Eurice… “NEWWWW SCHOOOOOL” LLLLLLAAYYNNNNNEEE WWWWWWINTERRSSSS!!!

MN: I think I like this guy. I’m not really sure just yet, but he seems like my kind of dude. And look at the funbags on his girlfriend.

DM: The fans don’t seem to be warming up to him.

DT: Here comes Olvir. I have a feeling their mood is going to change in just a moment.

[CUE UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. The music hits, and the crowd POPS to their feet, cheering wildly! Olvir comes out as the lyrics hit [“I am a Viii-kiiing! In going out to wa-ar!”], with a battle-axe over his shoulder and a mead horn in the other hand. He comes to the ring roaring to the audience, getting them pumped, finishing off by climbing the apron and downing the last of his mead, spitting the last mouthful over the audience as they go nuts.]

DM: The fans love this guy. Then again, what’s not to love?

MN: Careful Dean. You get too close to this guy and he’ll do more than just kick your ass. They don’t call him the Butt-dominator for nothing.

DT: TV-appropriate innuendos only Mike.

MN: Don’t look at me. Dean’s the one who should be worried about his ‘endo.

TF: And the challenger… at an ENORMOUS three hundred-seventeen pounds… He hails from Las Vegas Nevada… Everybody’s Favorite POOOORNSTARRRR VVVVVIKINGGGG…. OOOOOOOOLLVVVIRRRRRR ARRRSSSSSSSSSVINNNARRRRRRR!!!!

DT: And the match gets underway. Winters is obviously ready to fight, as he launches himself at Arsvinnar. What he soon finds out is that Olvir isn’t just big, he’s quick too. Layne runs into a big boot from the Butt-Dominator. Immediately Arsvinnar begins to work the crowd, paying little attention to New School. The new guy is up in a flash, showing some serious athletic talent. He dropkicks Olvir in the back of the legs, sending the Viking to the mat.

DM: That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen Olvir go down!

MN: I’m not even gonna touch that one.

DT: Immediately Winters applies a heel hook on the downed Viking. The ref watches as Olvir goes for the ropes. The two men are battling for position as Layne has his maneuver locked in, but the brute strength of Arsvinnar overpowers him. The two stand up as Olvir looks a little stunned and plenty angry.

MN: The new kid has some moves!

DT: The two men lock horns, but Layne slips out and gets Arsvinnar by the waist. He tries for a German Suplex, but it doesn’t fly on the bigger Olvir. Olvir bats him away with one hand and Winters stumbles to the corner. Arsvinnar pounces and lays some serious chops to Winters’ chest.




DT: Olvir hears it from the fans as he rips the skin off Layne’s chest. Grabbing him by the arm, the Viking whips Winters into the ropes. Coming back, Winters baseball slides under the bigger man’s legs and catches him from behind. He gets up with enough time to attempt a diving cross-body, which Arsvinnar counters by catching him. Olvir suplexes the smaller man to the mat. Olvir with the pin.




DM: Olvir looks like he’s taking control here.

MN: Rubbish!! The man can’t even control his libido.

DM: Look who’s talking.

MN: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

DT: Olvir goes to pick up Winters, but he receives a kick to the face in return. Layne is up like lightning as Olvir holds his own head. Winters jumps on the mistake, landing a beautifully executed DDT on the bigger man.

DM: Whoa! Flawless.

MN: Here we go.

DT: Olvir gets up slowly and Winters waits patiently before jumping off the second rope and landing a forearm smash to the face. Arsvinnar is dazed and the new guy is full of adrenaline. He looks focused. He pounces on the Viking, landing another picture-perfect move. This time it’s a hurricanrana in the center of the ring.

DM: Olvir doesn’t know what hit him.

MN: One of my new favorite wrestlers hit him, that’s who.

DM: You just want to get close so you can move in on Pamela.

[Both announcers wait for Mike’s response, but he’s staring off with a silly grin on his face.]

DT: AAAnnyway… Layne looks to pick up the big man, but Arsvinnar levels him with a power clothesline. That sends Layne to the mat hard. The Viking goes for a pin.



Winters Kicks Out!

DT: Both men get up. Olvir is still a little out of it though, as he slipped a bit landing that last move. They reach their feet, but the Viking is a bit faster. He grabs for a grapple, but Winters counters it again. This time a knee to the gut and Arsvinnar stumbles. Winters takes advantage with a Drop Toe Hold, and locks in the Heel Hold again. This time Olvir is nowhere near the ropes. He is in agonizing pain as Winters wrenches as hard as he can.

DM: No way Olvir will tap. Too much pride.

MN: Yeah, and it comes before the fall.

DM: Haven’t you seen ‘Role Models’ yet? Cliché proverbs aren’t cool anymore Mike.

MN: Yeah… well the squeaky wheel gets… I mean… a bird in the hand…. Whatever.

[Dean chuckles.]

DT: Olvir is fighting with everything he has to keep his chances alive. The fans are cheering him on and it’s giving him a fighting chance. He crawls closer and closer to the bottom rope, and his length helps him finally reach it, but he can barely stand. The momentum from the crowd gets him up quick, but he’s wincing and hesitates. Layne uses it to his advantage. He lands a monster belly-to-belly suplex.

DM: There’s no way he could’ve pulled that off if Olvir wasn’t fighting on one leg.

MN: You don’t think he knows that?! This guy knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

DT: Winters again adds to the shock value. This time he holds up Olvir in a suplex position and lets the blood rush to his brain. He drops the big man with a Liger Bomb! He calls that the Green River Justice! Here’s the count.





DM: This guy really impressed me tonight Mike. A big win on one of EPW’s rising stars.

MN: That’s right. And look at him show up Olvir in the ring. Such class.

DM: Class?! You and I have two very different opinions on the definition of class.

MN: I could’ve told you that years ago Dean.

DT: A big win for Layne Winters, who hits the ground running in EPW.

MN: Nice one.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 43: Recap: Hart vs. Scott, Omega Syndrome

[CUT TO: Thomas, Matthews, and Neely at Ringside.]

DT: Alright fans, as we welcome you back to Aggression, I've been asked to remind you that today marks the official launch of EPW Online's All-Access service where, for a small fee, you'll get an exclusive look at EPW action you can't find on your TV sets.

MN: And some of that action happened earlier tonight!

DT: It did indeed, Mike. Namely, it was Anthology member and self-proclaimed Heavyweight Champion of the Universe, SHAWN HART, taking on his one-time tag team partner PHENOMENAL Frankie Scott, who challenged for the title.

DM: I still can't stomach SJH with this mythical title. A true champion earns his stripes in the wrestling ring.

MN: Hold your tongue!

DT: Well Dean-o, Frankie felt much the same way and, as such, vowed to beat Hart, retire the title, and return the old Heisman trophy that Hart says signifies his Universal Champion status to its rightful owner.

MN: Psshhhh.... No chance.

DT: Fans, here now, courtesy of EPW All-Access, are highlights of what transpired between these two men.

[CUT TO: Footage of SJH and Cameron Cruise hitting the ring in Hart's golf cart, whilst being peppered with beer cups and water bottles.]

DT: As one might expect, the Anthology received a less than warm reception from the EPW faithful, but despite the disapproval, Hart was focused on one thing and one thing only...

[CUT TO: The Phenom in the ring and holding Andre Ware's Heisman high over his head.]

DM: Frankie Scott.

[CUT TO: Frankie Scott, strutting down the rampway with a box in tow.]

DT: Frankie looked calm and collected in making his way to the ring, but what was in the box he brought with him?

MN: It's Barb! I know it! And by the way, Lord knows what kind of pervy antics Frankie's up to with that thing!

DM: Lord knows what pervy antics your sick, little mind is conjuring up as we speak.

[Frankie enters the ring, the official signals for the bell, and the two men begin to circle one another.]

DT: Now, almost from the get-go, SJH dominated this match-up with a series of arm drags, hip tosses, and snapmare takeovers, which he would then bridge into various submission holds..

[CUT TO: Hart whipping Scott off the ropes, catching him on the rebound, attempting an arm drag, having Frankie attempt a reverse arm drag which SJH stops cold, after which he finally connects with a hip toss. With Scott grounded, he quickly follows up with a reverse chinlock.]

DM: I may not agree with Hart's style outside the ring, but inside - he's solid. There's no denying that.

DT: Again, Hart looked to be in control early on, but let's jump into the live call of the match's waning moments to see how this thing ended!

[CUT TO: Scott catching Hart with a series of fists and the crowd going WILD. DT and company are on the call for EPW All-Access.]

DT: Hard right hands to the crown of the Phenom! Hart's in a reeeeeeeal bad way here now - and Scott's got him back against the ropes!

DM: What a comeback!

DT: Frankie now with the Irish Whip - here comes Hart back the other way.... SCOTT with a the biiiiiiiiiiiiiig lariat, sending Hart topsy-turvy, flipping down hard to the canvas! The Phenom is down!

MN: Noooooooo!

DT: And now it's Frankie Scott hitting the ropes, rebounding off of them, and a LEAPING SPLASH by Scott!! Hart is clutching his mid-section in pain!

DM: Here's Frankie with the cooooooooooover...

DT: ONE..............


[Cruise grabs Shawn's foot from the outside and drapes it over the bottom rope!]

DT: NO!!!!

DM: That son of a...


DT: The referee is all over Cruise! I don't think he saw it, but I'm sure he knows what Cruise just did! Hart should REALLY be disqualified at this point! Every time Frankie starts to get any kind of momentum in this match, that TURNCOAT Cruise interjects himself into the match!

MN: Yeesh, ever heard of objectivity?

DT: Frankie's up now and pleading his case to the official.

DM: I agree with you, DT. Cruise is getting away with murder out there.

DT: Scott is turning his attention back to SJH now, and...



DM: Oh my!

DT: SJH connecting with the Hart On OUT OF NOWHERE!! He rolls over for the cover!! Hart hooks the leg....




[The bell rings, a chorus of boos rings out, and Cameron Cruise slides into the ring.]

DM: I can't believe it.

TF: The winner of this match-

[Cruise interrupts Fatora, whispering something into his ear. Tony shrugs, then continues.]

TF: And STILL Heavyweight Champion of the Universe..... PHENOM..... Shawwwwwwwwwn HART!

DT: Yeah, Heavyweight Champion of the Universe... why don't you try winning a real title in a fair match for a change?

MN: DAVE! This is starting to get a little ridiculous! Where's your professionalism?!

DT: I can be professional to a point, but I'm beginning to get a little fed up with the Anthology doing anything they want around here!

DM: You can say that again. These guys are a cancer!

[Scott, still on the mat, covers his face in frustration. Meanwhile, SJH and Cruise bring their post-match celebration to a close and turn their attention to Frankie.]

DT: Oh no. What's gonna happen now?

DM: Scott is still on the mat, the match is over, but Hart looks like he's got more punishment to dish out!

DT: The referee is trying to create a cushion between the Anthology and Scott.... BUT THERE'S A HAYMAKER FROM CRUISE!! THE REFEREE IS DOWN!!

[Hart giggles as he slowly edges in toward Scott. Frankie, now realizing the situation with which he is faced, backs into the same corner where his box rests. Meanwhile, some of the fans at ringside have resumed the throwing of cups and bottles that greeted SJH before the match.]

DT: Frankie Scott is in BIG TROUBLE here. Hart and Cruise have him cornered and he-

MN: The HELL?!

[CUT TO: The announce position where OMEGA has emerged from the crowd!]

DM: Omega is here!!

DT: And the Anthology has cleared the ring!! They want NO PART of Omega! Strange as it sounds, Omega may have inadvertently saved Frankie Scott!

MN: He's going for the box! He's here to save his Barb!

[The fans respond with a loud mix of cheers and jeers.]

DT: And before Scott can react, HE'S GOT IT OUT FROM BEHIND SCOTT! Omega hurries up the ramp with the box as Hart and Cruise look on from the entryway!

[Omega furiously rips through the box, then suddenly goes limp.]

DM: What's this now? Omega has retained possession of Barb, but...

[Without warning, Omega DESTROYS the box and begins to tantrum!]


[CUT TO: Scott, still in the ring, smirking at Omega. CUT TO: Hart and Cruise at the entryway, pointing and laughing.]

MN: HA! Even the Anthology thinks its funny!

[Omega takes notice of Hart and Cruise snickering behind him and, steaming and gritting his teeth, turns his attention to them.]

DT: Omega is INCENSED, and now he's taking issue with Anthology!

DM: These guys piss EVERYBODY off!

DT: Omega is moving towards Hart and Cruise to-

[Before he takes his second step, SJH lets out a high-pitched squeal that would put Mariah Carey to shame and he and Cruise retreat to their golf cart and ZOOM backstage!]

DM: What cowards!

DT: Cruise and Hart have made their exit, but look at Scott in the ring! He's getting a big laugh over it!

MN: Whoa, Omega is going crazy!

DT: Omega is stomping on the ramp, ripping at the guard rail - he's gone totally BERSERK!

DM: He can't touch Frankie now, but what's gonna happen at Wrestleverse?!

[CUT TO: The live feed and the announce position.]

DT: Alright, that footage was brought you by EPW All-Access, where SJH successfully defended his mythical title, as my colleague so eloquently put it, but SPEAKING of Wrestleverse and SJH, I'm receiving word that special Anthology correspondent Felicia Hart is standing by backstage with her brother!

[CUT TO: Felicia and SJH, now in a powder-blue jumpsuit and still wielding Andre Ware's Heisman.]

FELICIA: Shawn Hart, big bro, my HERO in the biz... you just made Frankie Scott look like a complete and utter failure. Who's next on your path of destruction?

SJH: Sis, if I've said once, I've said like 900 times... when it comes to yours truly, if you try to go over - you're gonna go UNDER! And Frankie Scott just WENT DOWN like a Peruvian whore! Now, up next is WRESTLEVERSE... and while I don't have an official match as of this moment, consider this my notice to the WHOLE of EPW that I'll take on any one of you JACKHOLES with the gall, the GUMPTION, to step into the ring with the FINEST SPEC-O-MINE this place has ever seen! Title versus title, hair versus hair, obesity versus YOUR MOTHER, SJH is gonna knock it down like I knock back Coronas!

[He brings the Heisman to the forefront.]

SJH: This trophy, while bequeathed to a BAFOON and eventually purchased at a pawn shop, still marks my spot as the top dog in the COSMOS and regardless of which poor soul makes the biggest mistake of his life and accepts my challenge, you can bet your bottom dollar that JAM MASTER JIGGY here will inevitably become the highlight of the night; the HIGHLIGHT OF WRESTLEVERSE! The PHENOM... has left.... the building!!

[Felicia swoons..... Creepy.....]

FELICIA: Whoa...We'll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Cracking the Code

[Without warning, the EmpireTron lights up...]


MN: AGAIN?! Dangit, that's just gonna make me pull my hair out!

DM: Wait a second... the rows are MOVING!

[The arena watches in near silence as the top row shifts to the left and the bottom to the right, until all three tiers realign into a single string of digits...]


DT: Well... I guess that sheds SOME light. I'm still just as baffled.

DM: Maybe it's the kind of code where every number represents a letter of the alphabet...?

MN: Alright, I got this!

[We can hear Mike snatch up a scrap piece of paper and his pen and begin scrawling away.]

DM: Yeah, go to it, Neels.

[As Mike works on the puzzle, the EmpireTron suddenly flickers to black. Neely continues his work and finally sets his pen down.]

MN: Okay, I think I got it!

DT: You cracked the code? Good work, Neely!

DM: So what did it say?

MN: Well, if my calculations are correct and the annual rainfaill in Peru is still somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty pounds... then that string of numbers said... "AHAECAAAE!!"

DT: ...

DM: ...WHAT?!

MN: "AHAECAAAE!!" I dunno, must be New Zealand.

DM: It's not even ENGLISH!!

MN: Hey, I didn't say it came from England. I said NEW ZEALAND. Man, I do you guys this favor, and you just crap all over me!

DT: Regardless... while this mystery may hang over us like a brooding dark cloud, we still have a lot of action to get through tonight!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 43: Anarky/Westcott vs. Stalker/Fuse, and Craig Can Go For MILES

DT: Alright folks, we’re back. And I’m being told as our first announcement concerning matches at Wrestleverse……Frankie Scott will face Omega….in a….let me get this right….”Barb On A Pole Match”

DM: Interesting…

DT: Well, those two have been going at it for a while now and I suppose it’s time to decide things once and for all.

[“Did My Time” by Korn hits the PA as the arena lights dim for a blue and black scheme. The audience begins to BOO as the standard Fallen video package plays on the Empire-Tron. Emerging from the entry-way is STALKER, who pumps both fists into the air as he soaks in the fans’ hate. Soon coming out from behind him is… FUSENSHOFF, who seems completely unwilling to be there with him. Stalker barks something in his ear and gives him the order to follow him to the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, representing THE FALLEN… please welcome, the team of… STAAAALKERRR, and FFFUUUUSSSEEEENNSSHOOOFFFF!!

DT: Seems like ever since these two crossed paths, Stalker’s done EVERYTHING in his power to make Fusenshoff’s life a living hell!

DM: Everybody witnessed at the last Aggression the maniacal STALKER overcoming the TV Champ inside the steel cage. Because of the stipulations involved in that match, FUSENSHOFF is now an unwilling member of the Fallen, and has NO POWER to resist their commands!

MN: Which means whenever Stalker says “jump,” Fusenshoff says “how high?” It’s a BRILLIANT acquisition on the part of Stalker and Sean Stevens!

DT: I don’t like it one bit. How SOULLESS of a human being do you have to be to control and manipulate somebody against their own will??

DM: I don’t know if I can speak for Stalker, but… Fusenshoff agreed to the terms. He fought for the opportunity to expel that sick bastard from this federation for good. Besides, just because he’s a member of the Fallen doesn’t mean he holds the same kind of loyalty.

[In the ring, Stalker sternly gives Fusenshoff instructions during the match, which the TV Champ only seems to be half-listening to. Then, “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie kicks in over the PA. Emerging from the entry-way is ANARKY, to a chorus of booing fans, who ignores the audience while staring daggers into the team waiting for him in the ring as he briskly makes his way down to the ramp.]

TF: And their opponent… fighting out of Hartford, Connecticut, and weighing in at 231 pounds… HERE IS… AAAANNAAAARRRKKKYYYY!!!

DT: We witnessed earlier in the show a sudden change up in the planned match at Wrestleverse. No longer will “Cocky” Craig Miles be going head to head with “The Mecca” Marcus Westcott… but instead, this man, ANARKY, will take his place!

DM: And I don’t doubt there’s any love lost between the two… but this news comes on the night of their scheduled match where they’re fighting on the same side! Not to mention, I don’t think Anarky takes too kindly to be forced to fight on Miles’ behalf.

MN: Craig Miles is a GENIUS, end of story! And it’s only fair that ‘Nark takes his place after Empire Pro was CLEARLY responsible for that attack on the last show!

DT: You’re crazy, Neely…

[Anarky climbs onto the apron, but holds off on entering, seeing Stalker ready to pounce in the ring. Moments later, “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits the PA, and the fans begin POPPING WILDLY! Coming of the entry-way is the former World Heavyweight champion, “THE MECCA” MARCUS WESTCOTT! Westcott slaps hands with a few fans as he comes down the ramp and joins the sneering Anarky on the apron.]

DT: Now HERE’S a man who has a right to be angry! Westcott wants nothing more than to get his hands on Craig Miles, but Miles has typically ducked out of the opportunity! Now he finds himself teaming up with a man who will be his OPPONENT come Wrestleverse!

DM: These two didn’t care for each other to begin with, but… now that they know they’re future opponents, how are they going to cooperate??

DT: Both of these men went through HELL in the previous show’s Bunkhouse Rules match. No doubt, they’ll take a trip through hell again come Wrestleverse! But what will come out of this situation? Two teams, BOTH of which have a lot of deep-seeded hate between partners!

MN: OH MAN, where’s the popcorn vendor!

[The ref makes his final checks before Anarky, without comment, obligates himself to start off his team. In The Fallen’s corner, Stalker naturally orders Fusenshoff to start things off for them.]

DT: Referee Brian Weatherby signals the timekeeper… and this match is underway! Anarky and the Television Champion approach the center of the ring and begin circling each other… both men have their fists up, as if “wrestling” were the last thing on their minds!

DM: You’re not going to see a whole lot of technical prowess in that ring with that many brawlers in the match.

MN: Thank GOD! For once, I don’t have to sit through you guys calling “reverse intangible cradle-plexes” and “inverted hammer naked toss-locks”…

DT: And there they GO!! Anarky makes the first move with a BIG haymaker that Fusenshoff could only partially deflect… and he follows it up with a few more, directed right at the TV Champion’s face!

MN: See, even I could call this match! Anarky lands a PUNCH… but now Fusenshoff comes back with a KICK!

DM: That toe to the gut doubles Anarky over, and Fuse tries to follow through with the DDT—but he’s bulled into the corner by ‘Nark! Anarky, now, switching up from the face to the body, as he keeps Fusenshoff PINNED in the corner and lands in as many shots to the ribs and kidneys that he can possibly get in!

MN: Textbook Fusenshoff, serving as Empire Pro’s trusty punching bag!

DT: Brian Weatherby’s there trying to split them up… and he nearly gets STEAMROLLED by the two competitors as FUSENSHOFF suddenly FORCES his way out of the corner, and BLASTS Anarky with a big KNEE to the chest! You can’t count out Fuse that quickly!

DM: A desperate, albeit wise attempt on the part of the TV Champion. ‘Nark was giving him no quarter there in that corner…

DT: Fuse, trying to keep up the pressure, going for a LOW TACKLE—but Anarky PLANTS HIS FEET and stops him with a HAMMERBLOW across the back! Fusenshoff is reeling in pain… and Anarky uses the opportunity to DRILL HIM with a standing DDT!

MN: HA!! I get this warm, tingly sensation every time I see Fusenshoff fail at life…

DT: Anarky back to his feet and leaves Fuse on the mat… instead going to his tag partner and FUTURE OPPONENT, Marcus Westcott, standing ready there on the apron! Westcott reaches over the ropes for the tag… but ANARKY JUST B*TCHSLAPS HIM!!

[Crowd: BOOOOO!!!]


DM: Well, that’s ONE way to make a tag… although I can’t say in all confidence that it was a smart move! Westcott is FUMING while ‘Nark stands right in front of him chuckling, and I’m suddenly doubtful that we’ll make it through this entire match without one or BOTH teams getting into it with each other!

DT: Regardless, “The Mecca” and former World Champion keeps his anger under wraps and steps into the ring, giving Anarky the look of the death!

MN: Hey, if Furball can’t take a hit like that, then what use is he in the ring? ‘Nark’s just trying to toughen him up… you know, trying to make sure he’s not a TOTAL wimp when it comes time for them to meet at Wrestleverse.

DT: Westcott turns his focus to Fusenshoff, as he gets to his feet… BUT THE TV CHAMP JUST LIGHTS OUT OF NOWHERE with a LARIAT that immediately puts Westcott to the mat!

DM: And to think, if ‘Nark hadn’t riled him up, he would have seen that coming!

MN: Maybe he should get with the program and screw his head on straight, eh?

DT: I don’t think the former World Champion needs to be given instructions on the topic of focus, Mike… but while we’re on the subject, why don’t we focus on the match at hand, as Marcus Westcott comes to his feet… but he’s met with a BOOT to the gut on the part of Fusenshoff! Fuse follows through… with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER that puts “The Mecca” onto the mat!

DM: Great form on that move! It’s remarkable to see how well of a technical wrestler Fusenshoff can be sometimes.

DT: Fusenshoff hooks both legs for the cover…



And a strong kickout by Marcus Westcott!

DM: It’s gonna take a lot more than that to put the former champion on his back for the count of three!

MN: Like a good whiff of Lindsay Troy’s shoes. Man, you could knock out a RHINO with that powerful of a smell!

DT: Nobody wants to hear about your foot fetish, Neely! Fusenshoff keeps Westcott on the mat with a series of HARD KICKS to the chest, leaving him hurt and motionless, and goes to his corner to make the tag to STALKER!

MN: Oh boy… the gloves are off now!

DT: Stalker comes SPRINTING across the ring, and meets “The Mecca” with a running SOCCER KICK to the face before the former champ could even see it coming!

DM: And now Stalker’s practically SMOTHERING Westcott with a series of hard kicks! Westcott in a world of trouble, and Anarky simply SMIRKS from his place on the apron!

DT: Stalker’s finally beaten Westcott to the point where he can barely defend himself, and now pulls him off the mat… there’s the whip to the ropes—but it’s REVERSED by Westcott! There goes Stalker into the ropes, as Westcott sets him up for the back body drop… he might have telegraphed that a little too early!

DM: Right on that one, Dave! Stalker meets Westcott in the middle of the ring and PLUGS him across the back with a forearm! Now he’s setting him up into a front facelock… signaling for the EVENFLOW—




THR—OH, and a NEAR kickout by a baffled Stalker!

DM: You know, I almost have to wonder if Westcott intentionally set himself up for that!

MN: Failing upwards seems to be Furball’s status quo...

DM: I didn’t mean it like THAT, Neels! I was commenting on the intuitive genius of the former champion! He gave Stalker the opportunity for an early finish, only to turn it around on him when he least expected it!

MN: BAHAHAHAHAHA!! Beastcott… GENIUS… that’s a good one, Dean-O.

DT: Stalker’s up in a huff, and Westcott’s there to meet him! Westcott looking for the tie-up, but Stalker breaks it with a STIFF shot to the face! There’s a SECOND… and he follows through with a DISCUS PUNCH to level the former champion where he stands!

DM: Stalker evidently didn’t take too kindly to being outsmarted…

DT: Westcott getting back to his feet, but Stalker throws himself into the ropes… Westcott back up—IN TIME TO EAT A RUNNING KNEE LIFT FROM STALKER!! That knocked the BEJESUS out of “The Mecca!” Here’s Stalker with the cover…



And ANOTHER kickout by Marcus Westcott!

MN: DANG! Is anything gonna put Big Ugly down for good? Somebody bring out those flaming tables!!

DM: I don’t know how many more sick and twisted stunts I can tolerate from the likes of Westcott and Anarky… in fact, I’m still amazed that the two of them are able to STAND after that war during the last show!

DT: Stalker’s giving some lip to Weatherby on the pacing of his counts, but I don’t think there’s anything to argue there… Stalker has Westcott back to his feet, and goes for an Irish Whip to the corner—but it’s REVERSED by “The Mecca”!! Stalker connects with the turnbuckle HARD, and comes staggering out of the corner—walking straight into a POWERSLAM, courtesy of Marcus Westscott!

[Crowd: POP!!]

MN: Aw, man… EPIC FAIL.

DM: The former champion has finally COME ALIVE in this match, and right away, got the crowd back into this contest! Stalker’s struggling to make it to his feet, but now Westcott helps him up the rest of the way…

DT: There’s Stalker with a RIGHT HOOK, but “The Mecca” easily ducks it and spins him around… transitioning straight into a BRIDGED GERMAN SUPLEX!!



NO!! A kickout by Stalker!

MN: BARELY! Why doesn’t that chump Fusenshoff DO something about this!?

DM: Why would he, Neels? I think he likes what he sees. I can’t honestly say I feel any different, either!

DT: Westcott back up, and going to his corner to make the tag to Anarky… and I’m sure he hasn’t soon forgotten about that slap to the face!

DM: ‘Nark just leans over the ropes and points at his cheek, telling him to return the favor.

MN: That man’s really got a set on him…

DT: Westcott looks like he’s mulling it over…


[Crowd: POP!!!*]


MN: Man, what a CHEAP shot!! That wasn’t any tag!

DM: Brian Weatherby thinks differently, as he’s telling Westcott to leave the ring… but not before he reaches over the ropes, grabs the stunned Anarky by the shirt, and YANKS HIM into the ring!

DT: The fans are just eating this up! Back in the opposite corner, Stalker stealthily makes the tag to Fusenshoff, watching the events unfolding across the ring with some intrigue. Hopefully, he’s getting a few ideas!

MN: I doubt Fusenshoff has the mental capacity for any such ideas. This is a guy that does nothing but DRINK when he isn’t wrestling.

DM: Fusenshoff’s back in the ring, meeting an enraged Anarky coming back to his feet! ‘Nark is interrupted from going after his tag partner as Fusenshoff grabs him from behind… lifts him UP… and NAILS him with an Atomic Drop that leaves him reeling!

DT: Anarky stumbles into the ropes near his corner… and Marcus Westcott is much obliged to tag himself back in, before pulling him over the ropes to the outside! Why NOT, when you’re on a roll?

DM: There’s a serious breakdown happening in the team of Westcott and Anarky… and if I were “The Mecca” right now, I’d be trying to finish this match before I found myself in the position to make another tag!

MN: Yeah, cause who knows WHAT ‘Nark would do to make the tag this time. Probably gouge out his eye, or some sick crap like that…

DT: The former World Heavyweight champion is back in the ring, and now finds himself face to face with the reigning Television champion!

DM: Fuse looking for a kick to the gut… but it’s BLOCKED by Westcott! Marcus spins him around… locks arms with Fusenshoff… and NAILS HIM WITH A GARGOYLE SUPLEX!!

DT: WOW!! Westcott’s going strong… but here comes STALKER into this match, brushing by the ref and CLOBBERING “The Mecca” with a running double axe-handle! Stalker’s trying to brawl him into the corner… but Westcott BLOCKS a punch, switches right into a hammerlock before Stalker can even think to do anything, and HE HITS HIM WITH A CHICKENWING SUPLEX!!

[Crowd: POP!!]

DM: Man, leave it to a WRESTLER to show these tough guys how it’s really done!

MN: Oh, can it, Dean!

DT: Westcott rolls Stalker out of the ring and turns his attention to the recovering Fusenshoff… and now Westcott squats down, preparing for the GORE!! He’s got the TV Champ set RIGHT IN HIS SIGHTS, and Fusenshoff isn’t even aware of his predicament!


MN: Yes!

DT: Westcott about to sprint forward… but Anarky GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND and spins him around… AND HITS HIM WITH THE CHAOS BREAKER!!


[Crowd: BOOO!!!]

DM: Anarky has just TURNED HIS BACK on his own tag partner… and now as he exits the ring and walks up the rampway in contempt, Fusenshoff, in the ring, has fully recovered, and finds Marcus Westcott lying motionless at his feet!

DT: Fusenshoff just found one HELL of an opportunity to put this away! Now he brings Westcott to his feet… there’s the BOOT to the gut… and NAILS HIM WITH THE DOMINATION!! He makes the cover!




[The audience BOOS LOUDLY as Fusenshoff rolls off of Westcott, looking exhausted. On the rampway, Anarky observes the outcome with utter disdain. Shaking his head, he disappears through the entryway.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, by pinfall… FUSENSHOFF and STALKER!!

[Referee Brian Weatherby raises Fusenshoff’s arm in victory as the timekeeper hands him the TV Title. His partner and controller, Stalker, reenters the ring, looking on in astonishment.]

MN: Oh man, that was BEAUTIFUL!! Furball thought he had this in the bag, then he got screwed over by his PARTNER!! Man, that guy just needs to stay the hell AWAY from tag matches!

DT: I guess credit to this victory goes to Anarky… although, I’m sure some of it is also due to Craig Miles, after having set up Anarky in his place for Wrestleverse!

DM: And it didn’t take long for Anarky and Westcott to begin butting heads! Even more remarkable is how Stalker and Fusenshoff managed to stay on the same page through this entire affair.

[Without warning, Stalker SPINS Fusenshoff around and PLANTS HIM with the Evenflow DDT! The audience BOOS VEHEMENTLY as Stalker pops to his feet LAUGHING MANIACALLY over the fallen body of Fusenshoff!]

DM: Um… forget I said anything there.

DT: Looks like Stalker was saving up that cheap shot for a while!

MN: HA HA!! I love seeing that idiot Fuse get punked around… even if it’s from another idiot like Stalker!

DT: The growing animosity from these two enemies is only getting worse, and no doubt, it will build to a head come Wrestleverse! But for now, we’ve got more …..

[Thomas’ words are cut off as the EmpireTron flickers to life once more.]

[FADEIN: A hospital room, where a bruised and scarred up CRAIG MILES is sitting in a wheelchair. Surrounding him are several ‘suits,’ that are his lawyers. Uncharacteristically, MILES is not wearing his sunglasses, not smirking or smoking a cigarette. Instead, he’s wearing a hospital gown, a neck brace and nothing else.]

MILES: “Some of you may find this ironic or funny and I’m sure in some of your eyes, you’ll feel that my current state of life is basic karmic retribution for all that I’ve done in my fifteen-plus year career in this sport and industry. I’m sure some of you will be expecting me to show up tonight in the arena on my own two feet, with a chair in my hand…and ready to blast Anarky or Marcus Westcott across the back of the head like this is an elaborate set-up I’ve constructed.”

[MILES purses his lips…but that’s it. It’s becoming apparent that any physical movement will not be happening.]

MILES: “Harold Fiano broke my neck. By swinging a baseball bat into the BACK of my head, while I was not looking…while I could not brace myself for IMPACT…he completely shattered my clavicle. What the world doesn’t know is that in my initial anger…my initial bitterness, I was ready to have this place SHUT DOWN. I was ready to sue the entire Ryan family for every penny they’re worth for employing an out of control DRUG ADDICTED CRACKHEAD. Harold Fiano is a DANGEROUS LIABILITY and should be BANNED from this sport.”

[MILES takes a deep breath…his lawyers looking resolute behind him.]

MILES: “I subpoenaed every medical record of this federation, I looked into the lack of drug testing done here…I even started looking into Fiano’s assets and his FAMILY’s assets to rip them away, just like he’s basically ripped my career away from me. BUT…”

[The corner of MILES’ mouth smirks…]

MILES: “Dan Ryan called. He pleaded his case and after a long discussion, he talked me off the ledge. He said he would do whatever it takes to square this away as not only a businessman, but an honorable competitor. Anarky…Harold…this is what’s going to happen…”

[MILES ever so slightly nods at his lawyer, who produces a cigarette and lights it for MILES and places it on his lips.]

MILES: “You and Westcott are going to wrestle at this upcoming pay-per-view. You and Westcott are going to fight in an insane stipulation that I will think up. And you both will fight for the #1 contendership to Shauna Stevens’ EPW World Championship. In hindsight, Marcus…you COULD have saved me. You COULD have put the grudge aside and stopped some cocaine nosejobbed lunatic from ENDING my career…but you didn’t. This is the only way I know that either yours…or Anarky’s dreams will be CRUSHED into a powder you can’t shove in your nose or into some roid-fused protein smoothie. And what happens if neither of you agree?”

[MILES nods slightly again, the lawyer takes the cigarette and ashes it for him…]

MILES: “I will resume my legal actions against EPW and shut this place down ‘cause Dan Ryan’s word…meant nothing.”


[CUT TO: Westcott frowning at the screen and Anarky’s eyes narrow, then glance over at Westcott as the shot fades to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 43: World Tag Team Titles: The Forsaken (c) vs. The Anthology (Wells/Tact)

[FADEIN: The entranceway as "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube is playing as Jared Wells and Larry Tact of Anthology make their way to the ring, both men look supremely confident.]

DT: Anthology now closing in on capturing their second title in EPW, Cameron Cruise has already won the IC Title on the last Aggression and now Jared Wells and Larry Tact seem to be in a prime position to win the tag titles from the Forsaken. The First has already been beaten by Anthology to kick off our show, and on top of that, nobody knows if Felix Red is even in the building or not!

MN: Look, the little punk goth shot his mouth off and he paid for it. As for Felix, I'm sure he's fine doing what he's doing and avoiding a beating from Anthology.

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the EPW World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, representing Anthology, weighing in at a combined weight of 489 pounds...The team of JARED WELLS and LARRY TACT!

[Crowd boos!]

DT: Now the real question is, are they going to have opponents?!

[MUSIC UP: "Never Wanted To Dance" By MSI, TBM remix. The music goes on longer then normal and then after a while The First walks out, wearing a plain white T-Shirt, his black dress pants from earlier in the show. First is barefoot and carrying both tag belts in his hands, he charges into the ring and starts hammering away on Tact!]

DT: Woah! The First charging out here and unloading on Larry Tact..Wells with a BIG CLOTHESLINE to the back of The First's neck sending him hard to the mat...Tact goes to the outside as Wells is hammering away on The First [Bell rings] and now I guess this match is offically underway!

DM: The First trying to get an advantage by just attacking as soon as he hit the ring, but the numbers advantage of Anthology has turned that around on him.

DT: Wells muscles First into the corner and now PUNISHES him with a series of shoulder blocks to the stomach...Wells grabs two handfuls of The First's long hair and just TOSSES HIM to the mat by it!

MN: Man I love Wells! Show freakboy how it's done!

DT: Wells putting the boots to The First now and he tags in Tact. Tact and Wells both stomping away on First as they make the exchange and now Tact throws The First into a corner...He whips The First to the other side...First staggers out...BACKDROP! NO! SUNSET FLIP BY THE FIRST!




DT: Tact escapes at two and quickly dives on top of The First and hammers him with a series of big right hands. Tact tags in Wells who gets in a couple punches as Tact holds First's arms...Wells now pushes First into a corner and drives a series of knees into his stomach...Wells scoops The First up and slams him to the mat...Wells drops an elbow and a cover!




DT: Wells now flips First onto the mat and a HARD KICK to the back of The First...Wells with a kick to the head and now First thrown back into Anthology's corner! Wells makes the tag and both men hammering away on The First!

DT: Wells and Tact now send The First into the ropes...Double back elbow! The First is rocked and he staggers into the ropes...The ref trying to get Wells to leave the ring now, Wells giving the ref static back as Tact now goes over to The First...WHO SPITS GREEN MIST IN HIS FACE!

MN: WHAT?! That's illegal! WAIT...He's trying to get DQ'ed! The nerve!

DT: The ref still with Wells who's now fighting to get back into the ring as First unloads with a series of kicks to Tact...First off the ropes...SPINNING HEEL KICK! A COVER! THE REF SWOOPS OVER!




DT: Tact kicks out! Tact still appears to be blinded as he gets to his feet and takes a series of rights from The First...Who now connects with a FOOTSWEEP! First quickly off the ropes...LEGDROP! HE COVERS!




DT: Tact gets the shoulder off the mat at two...Both men back up...Tact with a quick rake of the eyes and he gets the tag to Wells who comes in and DRILLS First with a couple right hands...First sent into the ropes...SPINEBUSTER BY WELLS! Wells back to his feet with a sick look on his face...

MN: It's called confidence, he knows he's got this thing in the bag, him and Tact are just toying with this idiot!

DT: Wells now grabs The First and hooks him...INVERTED DDT! He plants The First and now makes a cover!




DT: First kicked out!! Wells makes the tag to Tact and tells Tact to end this thing...Tact picks The First up and sends him to the ropes...FIRST WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! Tact just got blindsided! First quickly to his feet firing right hands at Tact who's rocked...Tact drops to one knee...FIRST OFF THE ROPES WITH A SHINING WIZARD!! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: The problem for The First is that he doesn't have a partner to tag, if Tact can make it to his corner, Wells will be ready to come in and continue the beating!

[Suddenly the crowd pops HUGE as a shirtless, kind of crazed looking Felix Red, wearing black dickies with his dreads pulled into a giant ponytail. Felix hops over the railing and stands in the corner, looking for a tag!]

DT: FELIX RED IS HERE! TACT MAKES THE TAG...FIRST MAKES THE TAG AS WELL!! FELIX ALL OVER JARED WELLS WITH RIGHTS AND LEFTS! Wells staggered and sent for the ride...BIG BACK BODY DROP! Wells staggering to his feet and now Tact is back in the ring and he's being hammered away on by Felix, now The First is back in there and fighting away with Tact.

DM: The ref has lost all control of this match, this is complete chaos!





DT: The First tried to get into the ring to make the save but Cruise just KNOCKED HIM COLD WITH THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE BELT! [bell rings!] WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS!

[MUSIC UP: "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube as the crowd is booing]


DT: The Forsaken's over year long run with the tag titles has ended tonight in controversal fashion to say the least...What more can happen tonight?! We'll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Queen Holds Court

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm getting word that KENNY LOMBARDO is currently backstage with the owner and general manager of Empire Pro, LINDSAY TROY, who has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT involving the main event of the forthcoming professional wrestling extravaganza, WRESLEVERSE!

[Cut to backstage, outside the office of EPW Owner and CEO, Lindsay Troy. Standing nearby is Kenny Lombardo with a mic in hand.]

LOMBARDO: Ms. Troy, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give the fans this opportunity to learn about what they can expect from the upcoming EPW Pay Per View! We've all been left wondering what you've had in mind for the main event of Wrestleverse... so here, on the last show until the PPV event, could you give us some insight on your plans?

TROY: Certainly, Kenny. As you know, WRESTLEVERSE is our grand-daddy of shows here at Empire Pro. First thing’s first….as a result of what just happened tonight – Jared Wells and Larry Tact will defend the EPW World Tag Team Titles against Felix Red and a partner of his choosing.

LOMBARDO: Partner of his choosing? What about The First?

TROY: I have other plans for him. As a result of Cameron Cruise’s involvement out there tonight, he will defend the EPW Intercontinental Title against The First at Wrestleverse.

[crowd pop]

TROY: Now ………over the past few months, I've had the task of thinking of what would be the perfect headliner for one such event. Sad to say, Kenny... for weeks, my mind was drawing a blank. But that isn't the case anymore. Recent events have come to light, and after much deliberation, I have a main event planned for Wrestleverse that the loyal Empire Pro Wrestling fans won't soon forget. Of course, the title match will feature the reigning champion, "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS...

[Crowd BOOS loudly.]

TROY: And he'll be defending his title against.. JERICOHOLIC ANONYMOUS!!

[Crowd POPS wildly!]



TROY: That's right, Kenny. The main event of Wrestleverse will be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the title.

LOMBARDO: Then... who's the third competitor?

[A wry smile forms on the EPW owner's face.]

TROY: You'll find out before the night is through, Kenny. Just keep watching.

[Gently patting the reporter on the shoulder, Troy retreats back into her office. We cut back to the commentary table.]

DT: Oh man, a TRIPLE THREAT MAIN EVENT scheduled to headline WRESTLEVERSE!! But now the question remains... who will be the third man to join the champion "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS and the fan favorite JERICOHOLIC ANONYMOUS in that monumental match?

DM: Well, the good news is that we'll find out before the night's over.

MN: But the night's ALMOST over!

DM: Yeah, so you should probably put the screwdriver down and stay awake, Neels.

MN: Don't you tell me how to live my life, Dean!

DT: We've got the main event up next, fans! A REMATCH between two men who will meet each other again at Wrestleverse! Stay tuned!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 43: "Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) vs. JA, and The Code is Broken

[FADEIN: A wide shot of the crowd in the arena. MUSIC UP: "Eat The Rich" by Fozzy and the crowd explodes!]

DT: Listen to this crowd! They are PUMPED UP as the former EPW World Champion is getting ready to make his way to the ring!

[JA steps on the ramp, the crowd cheering BIG. JA stands wearing a navy blue mask with lightning bolts on either side. Long navy blue tights with lightning bolts on them and white wrestling boots. Lollipop stands beside him, wearing a low cut blue top and a pair of faded blue jeans. JA throws his arms into the air, sending a massive wave of pyro through the arena!]

TF: The Following contesting is set for one fall and it is a non-title match! Introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, weighing in at 218 pounds...The Former EPW World Heavyweight Champion!!!! JAAAAYYYYYYY....AAAAAYYYYEEEE!!!!

[Crowd continues cheering as JA slaps hands with the fans and makes his way onto the ring apron.]

DT: JA, has hit a bit of a rough patch as of late, but right now he can turn that all around, he can show the world he's among the elite in this business still...

MN: Gimme a break, this guy has been beaten from pillar to post by everyone in this company, he gets a charity case non title match and you're acting like he's still got it, unreal.

DM: JA may have had a hard time of things as of late, but he does hold a win over Sean Stevens and that was a win that captured the EPW World Title for JA.

MN: And France was a military powerhouse back in the day...It means nothing in the here and now.

DM: JA now in the ring as he awaits the champion.

[JA's music fades out...After a few moments, the lights dim in the arena.]


CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.

[MUSIC UP: "King Back" By TI as the crowd begins booing loud..."Triple X" Sean Stevens steps onto the rampway, he's shirtless, wearing black tights with blue X's on the legs and seat...The EPW World Title belt around his waist, and a pair of Mark Jacobs shades covering his baby blue eyes. Stevens talks a few steps before standing, arms crossed on the rampway as a massive burst of pyro goes off.]

TF: And his opponent! He hails from Orlando Florida, weighing in at 240 pounds...The only two-time EPW World Heavyweight Champion and the Reigning...EPW World Heavyweight Champion..."TRIPLE X!!!" SEAN!! STEVENS!! [The crowd boos LOUD for Stevens as he enters the ring. Stevens doesn't even react to the crowd and merely gets to the business ot taking of his belt and sunglasses and handing them to somebody at ringside.]

MN: Ha! He wouldn't even let the ref or JA anywhere near the belt! He knows this is just a waste of his time,

DT: You don't think anyone on the roster is worth Stevens time do you?

MN: I'll have to think about it.

[Bell rings]

DT: And we're underway here. JA quickly charges in and pops Stevens with a right hand and another! JA hammering the champion, backing him into the ropes, sends him to the other side and a DROPKICK on the BUTTON Stevens down and JA quickly dives on top for a cover!




DT: Only two and Stevens gets out quick JA continues to hound the champion, backing him into a corner...[Loud slap] AND A BIG CHOP [Crowd woos] Another [Woo] JA just WEARING OUT the Champion with the chops...Stevens sent to the other corner...He hits hard and staggers out...JA grabs him...BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! THE COVER!




MN: He attacked him before the bell! something's off here! How the hell is JA beating up the champ like this!

DT: JA is one of the best, and he's clearly bringing the A game here tonight...Stevens struggling to his feet as JA catches him...BACK SUPLEX JA now going to the outside...He may try to finish things right here!

DM: JA has a wide array of moves that can end a match, and this impending Frog Splash is one of them.

DT: JA OFF THE TOP!! STEVENS GETS UP THE KNEES! He had the Frog Splash well scouted, JA clutching at his stomach in agony while laying on the mat.

MN: I knew Stevens was just playing possum, he suckered JA in the whole way.

DT: Stevens now up and stomping away on JA. Stevens gets JA into a seated position and now hammerlocks the left arm of The Anglo Luchador...JA fighting to his feet as Stevens cranks that hold and now throws JA shoulder first into the turnbuckle!

DM: So many of JA's moves require having power in the upper body to use, taking out JA's arm will really limit his offense.

DT: Stevens with a armdrag puts JA back down and once again CRANKS the arm...He's really pulling back on that shoulder and elbow...Stevens now LEGDROPS the arm of JA! JA gets to his feet quickly holding that injured left arm close to his body. Stevens now striking away with jabs to the masked face of the former champ!

MN: And notice how the champ is circling such that he's opening up the left side of JA's body, where he can't use that injured arm to defend himself, smart smart tactics by the champ!

DT: I have to agree with you there...JA throws a kick with his left leg, but Stevens catches it...Footsweeps the other leg and now drives a BIG ELBOW right into the chest of JA...A cover!




DT: JA kicks out but gets put right back into an armbar by the champion. Stevens wrenching back on the arm of JA, who fights to his feet...JA backs Stevens into a corner...JA with a series of knees to the midsection of the champion..Stevens thrown into the corner...JA now firing away with right hands...JA sends Stevens into the ropes...BACKDROP! NO! STEVENS CATCHES JA WITH A SINGLE ARM DDT!!

MN: Perfectly timed move! JA's shoulder may be seperated!

DT: JA howling in agony as he holds that left arm...Stevens with a cover!




DT: Again JA fights out of it and again he gets armbarred for his troubles...Stevens continuing to work that shoulder...JA gets up and turns into Stevens and lands a knee to the gut, Another knee...JA with a HIPTOSS breaks the armbar.

MN: But the damage is done! Even with that mask on you can see the pain in JA's eyes!

DT: JA holding that injured arm close to his body...Stevens gets up and eats a quick series of right hands...JA whips Stevens into the ropes...RUNNING KNEE LIFT FLOORS THE CHAMPION!

DM: JA having to use different tactics then he normally would with his arm in it's current condition.

DT: Stevens back to his feet but he's dazed as JA rocks the champion with a series of right hands. JA with a kick to the gut doubles over Stevens...JA WITH A ROLLING NECKBREAKER!

DM: I don't know if he got everything on that hold with his bad arm, but he did send Triple X down to the mat hard!

DT: Stevens being dragged back up by JA, who's got him...SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! JA FLOATS OVER FOR A COVER!




DT: Stevens escapes at two and a half! JA now stalking him...Waiting on Stevens to get up...Stevens to his feet...JA FROM BEHIND LOCKS IN THE LEONARD NIMOY SPECIAL!

DM: This is a nerve pinch and a full nelson, it's like a swiss army knife of finishers!

DT: Stevens fighting the hold for all he's worth...JA LETS GO! That arm gave on him! Stevens grabs him...PULLS HIM INTO A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!

MN: All that work on the arm early in the match paid off big time there, JA couldn't keep that bum arm locked in on the hold.

DT: Stevens now pulling JA up by the mask...Stevens lifts up JA...SHOULDERBREAKER!!! Stevens with a quick cover!




DT: JA gets the right shoulder up just in time! Stevens is OUTRAGED and lets Pat Jones know how he feels about it...Stevens now walking away from JA and now he's setting up shop in the corner, he's waiting for JA to get up, I think he's going to try to end it with the X-Factor here!

MN: Turn his lights out! Show everyone that nobody on the roster can hold a candle to the champ!

DT: JA now to his feet...STEVENS CHARGES!!! X-FACTOR! NO! JA SIDESTEPS!! Stevens pulled up with the X-Factor cause he almost BEHEADED Pat Jones!



MN: DQ! Throw the match out! What a cowardly act by a beaten man!

DT: You have to kidding me, he was clearly going for Stevens with that Superkick...Stevens and JA trading right hands...Stevens kicks at JA's bad left arm and that sends JA back into the ropes...STEVENS WITH A CLOTHESLINE SENDS THEM BOTH TO THE FLOOR!

DM: With the ref down and now both fighters on the outside, you have to think anything could happen!

DT: Stevens now grabs JA and WHIPS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! [SFX: Loud crash!] He hit SHOULDER FIRST into those steps...

MN: The champ put out Rocko Daymon with a broken arm, I think he's about to do the same to JA...

DT: Stevens now throws JA back into the ring...Stevens giving some lip to the fans at ringside who are chewing him out...Stevens now back into the ring, standing over JA, soaking in the boos from this crowd...

MN: He's just got to wait for Jones to get up, then he'll dust off this bum!

DT: JA WITH A BALLTAP! HE JUST HIT STEVENS LOW! Stevens drops to his knees in agony...JA now up...He's dragging Stevens up...KARELIN DRIVER!!! GOOD LORD HE PLANTED STEVENS!!! JA cutching at his bad arm, but now he throws an arm across Trip's chest...Stevens is out! Wait...Pat Jones starting to stir.

DM: This is just like last time on Aggression, Stevens was out with no ref, the champ catching some breaks!

DT: This has to have been at least an 8 count...Jones is over...




DT: Stevens gets a shoulder up! I can't believe it!

MN: I can, he can't be beat! Just accept it!

DT: He was already beaten! JA slowly getting to his feet...He's grabbing Stevens legs...He's going for the Walls!

DM: The question is, if he gets the hold, can he hang on to it with his bad arm?

DT: Stevens fighting tooth and nail to avoid being turned over...Stevens into the ropes, forcing a break...Pat Jones is groggy but he's still able to force a break...JA backs off as Stevens gets to the outside...

MN: Get your wits about you champ!

DT: Wait a second, Stevens just waved his arms in disgust at the ring, he's walking up the ramp...What is he doing?!

[Crowd starts booing as Stevens continues up the ramp, JA seems a bit confused as Pat Jones continues to count.]

DT: Is Stevens really just walking away from this match? This is insane!

[Pat Jones gets to 10 and calls for the bell, JA stands in the middle of the ring, hands on hips, shaking his head at Stevens.]

TF: Here is your winner by count-out...JJJJJAAAAAYYYYYY AAAAAYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!

[MUSIC UP: "Eat The Rich" by Fozzy as the crowd has a mixed reaction of boos for Stevens bailing out, and cheers for JA winning, as JA, with Lollipop now in the ring beside him, continues to look disgusted as Stevens stops halfway up the ramp and turns his head, smirking in JA's direction. "I smirk in your general direction!!"]

DT: What a disgusting display by the champion, he just quit on this match and walked out.

MN: Hey, look, sometimes it isn't worth your trouble, tonight was one of those nights.

DT: I do hope these two men meet again, I hope we settle between them once and for all...I really don't know what I can say about Sean Stevens except that his bailing on this match is a disgrace...And I hope the next time he runs into JA he gets what's coming to him!

[The camera shows JA in the ring, still moving around his injuried arm and glaring at the champion, while Stevens is actually stopped now - about halfway up the ramp.

Suddenly, the lights go out and the EMPIRETron flickers to life]

DT: Oh geez, what the HELL is happening now?!

MN: Stop touching my leg, Dean!

DM: ...I'm not, Mike.


[Nine familiar figures appear on the EmpireTron.]


DT: THIS again! What does any of it mean? It's starting to drive me CRAZY!

[In a matter of seconds, they reform into a single line...]


MN: I already figured it out! It's AHAECAAAE!

DM: That's not a word, Mike. I don't even think that's pronounceable.

[...and condense. Dividers appear.]


MN: OOOooohhh...

DM: Figure the code out now, Mike.

MN: I CAN'T... without my Little Orphan Annie's Top Secret Decoder Ring!

DM: Maybe it's a crummy Ovaltine commercial.

DT: Wait a minute... LOOK!!

[In sequence, every number switches to its alphabetical equivalent.]


R | 15 | 3 | 11 | 15


R | O | 3 | 11 | 15


R | O | C | 11 | 15


R | O | C | K | 15


R | O | C | K | O



[The audience CHEERS WILDLY as the name lingers upon the screen for a moment longer, then disappears, sending the entire arena in pitch black once again.]

[An electric guitar intro riff slowly fades in and pans left and right through the entire arena as red and gold lights illuminate the stage. The fans begin chanting "ROCKO!! ROCKO!! ROCKO!!" as the spotlight falls on the entry-way.]

[BOOM!! As "The Fall of Icarus" by Nebula jams in over the PA, pyrotechnics EXPLODE over the stage, causing the crowd to POP with exhiliration! Moments later, emerging from the smoke in front of the curtain is ROCKO DAYMON, in street clothes and bearing a full beard... and no sling on his right arm.]


DM: And he doesn't look happy!

[The camera zooms in on Rocko's face as he stares daggers into Stevens, halfway up the ramp. We cut to the expression of the champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens, who is noticeably suprised, but shows more rage than actual dread. He can be seen inaudibly cursing, drowned out by the sound of the maniacally cheering crowd.]

DT: Stevens had a pivotal role in the injury Daymon sustained almost a year ago that caused the champion to drop the title and miss several months of action! Stevens tried to remove his biggest threat from Empire Pro... but it looks like he failed!

DM: And the look on Rocko's face says only one thing... VENGEANCE!

[Not breaking his gaze from the champion, Daymon makes a slow but deliberate path down the rampway. In response, Stevens sneers and goes further up the ramp to meet him, and within seconds, Daymon accelerates to a full on sprint!]


[Stevens and Daymon COLLIDE three fourths of the way up the ramp as the latter crashes into the champion with a running tackle! In moments, the two have tumbled back down near the ring and are tangled up on the floor, fists flying wildly and without restraint as they relentlessly TEAR INTO EACH OTHER as the audience CHEERS WILDLY!!]

DM: Wait a minute, UP ON THE TOP ROPE--

[The crowd POPS AGAIN as JERICOHOLIC ANONYMOUS comes diving off the top rope with a Corkscrew Senton Splash, TUMBLING into both Stevens and Daymon and sending all three men into a pile at ringside. The trio are soon on their feet and all fighting amongst themselves when a team of referees and security come running down the ramp and begin to intervene. The fans begin chanting "EPW!! EPW!! EPW!!"]

DT: Man, the ROOF is about to come off this place! The former champion has returned, and has come right for the man that kicked him out of a three story window... and JA is there to get a piece of the action!

DM: Security is having a hard time keeping these three men seperated! Someone with some authority is going to have to step in here!

MN: Say no more! The Witch Queen has ARRIVED!!

[The camera cuts to the entry-way as Lindsay Troy appears, carrying a mic.]

TROY: GENTLEMEN!! Stop this at once!

[Security finally seperate all three men to seperate sides of the ring, and they turn their attention to the EPW owner standing on the stage.]

TROY: Ladies and gentlemen... you are looking at the MAIN EVENT of Wrestleverse!

[The audience POPS!!]


DM: This is a HUGE turn of events! The top three competitors in EPW over the past YEAR in the same match together... for the TITLE!!

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, this is Dave Thomas! We'll see you all again at WRESTLEVERSE!!

["The Imperial March" begins blasting over the PA as security continue to try and keep the three intensely staring men seperated at ringside, and we fade to the EPW logo.]
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