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AGGRESSION 44: Greensboro, NC - 6/19/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.
JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.
Troy Douglas ducking a clothesline by Cameron Cruise and then tossing him with a belly to belly suplex.
Felix Red and First, perched on opposite turnbuckles, then diving down onto their opponents.
Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.
Larry Tact and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.
“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.
And finally…. A dais with a throne upon it and Lindsay Troy sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to AGGRESSION! I’m Dave Thomas!! With me as always are Dean Matthews and the one and only…. Mike Neely.

MN: Damn straight.

DT: Before we get things completely underway, we have some video to show you from earlier tonight as Olvir Arsvinnar took on one half of Crimson Calling…

MN: Formerly known as Chronic Collizion!

DM: Formerly known as Crimson Calling!!

DT: …. Ivan Dalkichev.

This one-time only face-off between two of the largest athletes to grace the EPW ring was a true Clash of the Titans with a very odd twist. “The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar came to the ring first, making a bit of a scene when he poured the remainder of his horn of mead onto the shirt of a young girl in the front row. She didn’t seem to mind. The newly rechristened “Sonic Titan” Ivan Dalkichev came out next with “The Dragonaut” Erik Black in tow to their new entrance music, drawing some confusion from the audience as they made a slow and drawn out procession to the ring while wearing robes and bobbing to the musical rhythm.

The match started off with the immovable object meeting the irresistible force, as both men tested each other’s fortitude and strength with a slow series of running attacks and tie-ups. Ivan suddenly surprised everyone by whipping out his Sambo wrestling roots and keeping the Viking grounded with a series of slams and suplexes… but nothing seemed to phase the nearly invincible Olvir.

Olvir seemed to be taking things in his favor as he landed a few hard running strikes, including his infamous Mjolnir Blow and a running big boot, but could only get as far as the two count. He attempted a Berzerker Bomb, but obviously could not lift the massive Dalkichev over his shoulder. This did not stop him from trying for up to a minute, until Dalkichev reversed it, again implementing impressive wrestling and martial arts skills long thought unknown to him.

At the conclusion of the match, Ivan Dalkichev landed a HARD running headbutt and signaled to the crowd that he was ready to finish things. However, when he turned around, he found the mat to be missing of a certain Viking. In truth, the force of his blow caused Olvir to forget where he was and wander of the ring. The Viking pornstar was last seen plucking the female front-row fan from before over his shoulder and running to the back, leaving Ivan to scratch his head while the referee made it to the count of ten.

WINNER: “The Sonic Titan” Ivan Dalkichev by Count-Out


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Settling Up Debts

[Fade in as the program returns from commercial. We go to the boys at commentary.]

DM: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as our Aggression broadcast continues. We just witnessed a unique superheavyweight contest, but the crux of our action gets started right now.

MN: That's right! Moving on from Clash of the Titans, we've got O Brother, Where Art Thou! It's like MATINEE NIGHT! HA!

[He pauses for a beat.]

MN: ...wait a sec, where the hell did Thomas go?

[Now that Mike mentions it, EPW's regular commentator does happen to be missing from his seat.]

DM: You didn't happen to look up and spot him there in the ring?

MN: In the ring, REALLY?!?

[In fact, EPW commentator and correspondant DAVE THOMAS really IS standing in the center ring with a mic in hand, ready to address the audience.]

MN: Holy crap, Dave has LEGS?!

DM: ...did you huff something while we were off the air?

[The camera focuses on Dave Thomas as he smiles directly into the camera while speaking into the mic.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen... at this time, would you please welcome to the ring... the former EPW World Heavyweight Champion...


[The crowd POPS EXPLOSIVELY as "Albatross" by CoC hits the PA. After a moment's wait, "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON emerges from the entrance, pausing briefly on the stage to allow the fans to savor the moment. The former EPW World Champ and self-proclaimed paragon of professional wrestling excellence looks remarkably emotionless as he casually makes his way to the ring.]

DM: What an ovation for the former champion!

MN: Can you believe the fans still CHEER this LOSER??

DM: Well... say what you will about Rocko Daymon, he put up a valiant effort to take back the World Title at Wrestleverse III, but ultimately fell short.

MN: You got THAT right... and now I assume he's out here to whine about his complete and utter failure.

DM: Daymon wasn't scheduled to compete tonight, but he did request in advance this opportunity to come to the ring and speak to the fans of EPW for the first time since his return. I'm sure he's had a lot on his mind...

MN: I've got something on MY mind right now, like... why do I got to stay back behind this stupid table when freakin' DAVE THOMAS gets to do interviews in the ring?! Do I gotta start up my OWN fast food franchise to get that kind of respect or something?

DM: Dave didn't start up a fast food... nevermind, Mike. Just shut up and listen.

[Rocko Daymon, wearing his street clothes, steps into the ring and joins Dave Thomas.]

DT: Rocko... first of all, thank you for taking the time to come out here on your night off to address the fans. And also... my condolences in regards to the outcome of your match at Wrestleverse III...

[Daymon's gaze, from behind a set of simple aviator sunglasses, pans over the sea of fans as Thomas holds the mic near his face.]

Daymon: ...don't mention it, Dave. While I'm disappointed to be standing next to you here tonight WITHOUT the EPW World Title over my shoulder, I've come to grips with my fate. I suppose it's what I deserve, cause when the time finally came to step up and BE this federation's champion... I was too blinded by my own personal issues to fulfill my duty to these fans. I was more hungry for VENGEANCE than for gold... and ultimately, that's what cost me.

[He shakes his head.]

Daymon: But none of that matters anymore. With or without the EPW World Heavyweight Title around my waist, I will always be a champion in my heart. I am STILL the Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence, and I will prove that I don't NEED gold to FIGHT like a champion!

DM: If not a champion on paper, then forever a champion in spirit.

MN: Sounds like the epitaph of a LOSER, if you ask me.

[He earns a supportive pop from his fans, but now Thomas reels in the mic to ask another question.]

DT: But now I have to ask... what lies in the future of "The Undying" Rocko Daymon? If GOLD is no longer your interest, then... what about the VENGEANCE you mentioned? What will you do about the man that had a hand in putting you on the shelf for over a year with an injury that many of us were SURE you'd never come back from? What, Rocko, will you do with the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS??

[The capacity crowd BOOS VEHEMENTLY at the sound of the name of the reigning champion. Daymon remains silent for a moment as he collects his thoughts, holding back the sneer that wants to form on his face, but delivers his answer with calm, calculated certainty.]

Daymon: What will I do about Sean Stevens, Dave?

[He draws in a deep breath and exhales.]

Daymon: ...nothing.

MN: HAH! Damn RIGHT nothing!

DT: "Nothing?" After the man harassed you every night... ceaselessly slandered you on the air... assaulted and allegedly RAPED your wife... and, to top it all off, KICKED YOU from a three story window, thus causing your injury... all you can say is that you'll do... NOTHING??

Daymon: That's right, Dave... NOTHING. I'm going to do the champ this one favor and leave him off the hook. Now... let me tell you why.

[Daymon gestures for the mic and Thomas hands it over. Rocko turns his attention the the camera on the ring while he continues.]

Daymon: After I was eliminated... I found myself at yet another crossroads in my life. I don't know what to say to defend my actions, Dave... but realization of my loss, coupled with the knowledge that yet again, Stevens would be slipping through my fingers... well, it pushed me over the edge. And as I proceeded to MAIM and MANGLE Sean Stevens from pillar to post... busting open his face... throwing him into every hard and unforgiven surface around that ring... tossing aside a DOZEN men trying me to hold me back...

[He shakes his head, trailing off for a beat.]

Daymon: ...I was slowly beginning to realize that I was slipping over to a darker side.

MN: Oh man, the voice of Emporer Palpatine must have been getting to him! DARTH ROCKO!!

DM: Would you pipe down?

Daymon: And then, as I stood over him with the steel ring steps held over my head... knowing right then that I had the power to just END HIS CAREER and be done with it all... I realized I was becoming the very thing I hate.

[He turns back to Dave.]

Daymon: So I walked away from it. I decided that "VENGEANCE" wasn't worth giving up a part of my humanity and integrity that HE willingly threw aside years ago for the sake of glory. When I had the opportunity to finish him off, I showed RESTRAINT... and I'm going to let that fact be the one thing that ultimately seperates Rocko Daymon from "Triple X" Sean Stevens.

MN: That, and a WORLD TITLE!!

[Rocko looks like he's resisting the urge to sneer as he forces the next set of words out of his mouth.]

Daymon: But I'm going to say this right now, because it needs to be SAID: Whether you love or HATE "Triple X" Sean Stevens... he proved that at Wrestleverse III, there is no better man to carry that World Title in this company right now other than HIMSELF. We all know it's a victory he WON'T take in stride... but just the same, he fought honorably, and won convincingly, like a champion SHOULD.

[Daymon's admission draws a mixed reaction from the crowd, but nevertheless, looks as though he's visibly abhorring giving his rival public praise.]

DM: Humble words from the former champion.

MN: BAHAHAHA, what a punk-ass!! The only thing that makes someone even more than a loser is ADMITTING they're a loser!

DM: Well it's not like he's going to DENY Stevens' remarkable show of athleticism and determination at the Pay Per View! He's simply giving credit where he feels it's due.

Daymon: So, Dave... he deservedly has the title, I'm going to allow him to roll with it by doing and saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him from this point on... even in light of all the **** he put me through in the past year of my life. I can die satisfied knowing that just for ONE NIGHT... I was the better WRESTLER... and because I showed restraint, for the rest of our natural lives, I will ALWAYS be the better MAN!

[The crowd begins to POP... until a second voice suddenly breaks in over the PA.]

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..."

DM: Oh no, not HIM...!

[The fans begin to BOO without restraint as the camera cuts to JASON "STALKER" REEVES ambling down the ramp with a mic in hand.]

Stalker: Blah, blah, blah... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

[Rocko hands the mic back to Dave Thomas as he prepares himself. Stalker rolls into the ring, as his voice shifts from monotone to comemning. He reaches his feet and walks up to Rocko, practically shouting.]

Stalker: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... BLAH!!

[The final exclamation causes Rocko to briefly wipe saliva from his sunglasses.]

DM: What right does this clown think he has to come out here and interrupt this speech?

MN: Hey, he might be freakin' crazy, but Rocko was putting me to SLEEP in there! Thank Buddha SOMEBODY came out to break up this monotony!

[Stalker points an accusing finger directly at Rocko.]

Stalker: All I've heard since you've come BACK is "Triple X this" and "Sean Stevens that"... and here I'm sitting back there, listening to you sit here and try to save your pride, and this nagging question is eating away at the back of my brain...

[Gripping onto the mic with both hands, Stalker throws his head back and directs the following query to the heavens.]


DM: Oh boy, here we go...

Stalker: You talk about stopping yourself from ending Trip's career, because you felt like you were turning into something that you didn't want to? Something... that.. you HATED?!

[Taking a few steps back from a poised Daymon, Jason grins from ear to ear.]

Stalker: Something... like.. me?

[A look of disgust crosses Daymon's face as he stares Jason down.]

Stalker: You will never move on, not from me! Remember something about that night where Trip stomped your hand forcing you to fall? IT WAS ME who sent you through that window in the first place.

MN: He's got a point there...

Stalker: I took away your World Title! What you fought so damn hard for and you don't even think to mention my name?

[Dave Thomas reaches the mic over to Daymon but Jason shakes his finger at him.]

Stalker: I'm not done talking. Rocko, you know what? I am glad that you came back. I am GLAD that you choose once AGAIN to ignore me. Because I have plans for you...

[A commotion is seen on the opposite side of the ring... as FUSENSHOFF hops the guard rail with the TV title in hand.]

DM: Wait a second... FUSENSHOFF IS HERE!! But Stalker's not done talking!

Stalker: I am going to finish what I started... FINISH what we started oh so long ago.

[Fusenshoff is in the ring now to an unsuspecting Daymon. Dave Thomas doesn't even realize he's entered the ring.]

DM: Fusenshoff in the ring, but Daymon DOESN'T SEE HIM!!

MN: Oh man, this is gonna be GOOD...

Stalker: Your life.. your career... your future DREAMS and HOPES. I am going to PERSONALLY DESTROY THEM ALL!

[Daymon unfazed by Stalker's yelling motions for the mic. Fusenshoff, looking at the ground unsure of what to do, looks up and Jason nods at him. Daymon goes to turn around and BAM! ...Fusenshoff nails Daymon square in the face with the Television Title, sending Daymon's glasses flying and him straight to the mat.]


[With the fans booing loudly and Jason smiling down at Daymon.]

Stalker: And I am going to do ALL OF THAT without even touching you!

["Did My Time" by Korn blasts over the PA as Jason slams the mic down and exits the ring as Dave Thomas checks on Daymon. Fusenshoff stands in silent horror at his own actions. A grinning Stalker mocks his emotions by actually APPLAUDING his work as he approaches him... but the Television Champion suddenly SHOVES HIM in rage before quickly leaving the ring and going up the ramp. Stalker is left in the ring with a sadistic grin, savoring a final look at the hurt Rocko Daymon before leaving the ring and going up the ramp himself.]

DM: The TV Champion looked just absolutely DISGUSTED with what he just did... and I have reason to believe that Stalker's the one forcing his hand against his will!

MN: Maybe he was just trying to save the locker room from being BORED TO DEATH!

DM: You know that isn't true, Mike... but nevermind that now, here comes Dave!

MN: Oh hey, DAVE! Welcome back! Man, I envy you so much right now... you just had a front row seat of watching Rocko Daymon get knocked freakin' COLD!

[As ring officials lead a hurt Daymon from the ring, Thomas takes his seat, looking very disturbed as he puts the headset back on.]

DT: There was nothing to enjoy about what just happened in that ring, Mike. I only hope that down the line, that sick bastard Stalker gets what's coming to him, PERSONALLY from Rocko Daymon, and Fusenshoff finally manages to cut loose and compete as a free man!

MN: Yeah, well, we can't ALL live in a perfect world, can we?

DM: I'd rather strive for a perfect world than living in STALKER'S world!

DT: I have a feeling there is more to this story that will unfold over the coming weeks... but for right now, we've got tag team action on the way, so stay tuned, fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Contradiction vs. Men of Constant Sorrow

[FADEIN: The rampway as The Men Of Constant Sorrow are making their way to the ring, heads down, not reacting to the crowd as "Man of Constant Sorrow" by the Stanley Brothers plays over the PA.]

DT: The Men of Constant Sorrow making their way out here, they don't exactly seem very...I don't know...Active...

MN: Well they are full of sorrow, what do you expect?

DT: WAIT A SECOND! CONTRADICTION JUST CHARGED OUT AND ARE ALL OVER THE MEN OF CONSTANT SORROW! Drunken Tiger beating the daylights out of Arthur and The Sarge is hammering away on Burnett. Contradiction getting this match into the ring...The ref now keeping them away from Burnett and Arthur, after a few seconds of letting them recover he's calling for the bell [Bell rings!] and we're underway!

DM: This match might have just started but clearly Contradiction have been chomping at the bit to get ahold of their opponents tonight.

DT: The Sarge putting the boots to Arthur and now sends him to the ropes...HIGH ELEVATION BACK BODY DROP! Arthur crashing to the mat and now Sarge makes the tag to Drunken Tiger.

DM: But in making that tag, Sarge left Arthur by himself and Arthur was able to make a tag himself to Burnett!

DT: Contradiction just getting started in tag wrestling and I'm sure that's something they'll see on the film and work to correct. Burnett and Drunken Tiger now circle and the Tiger now grabs Burnett and throws him into the corner...Tiger with a couple right hands rocks Burnett and now he whips him into the corner...Tiger charges...NOBODY HOME! Burnett now firing away with kick after kick to the mid-section of Drunken Tiger...Burnett tags in Arthur and the two men send Drunken Tiger to the ropes...FLAPJACK BY THE MEN OF CONSTANT SORROW! A cover!




DT: Arthur continues the attack on Drunken Tiger with a series of knees to the head...Arthur now pulls Drunken to his feet AND SLAMS THE BIG MAN! A quick cover!




DT: Arthur now getting Drunken Tiger to his feet as Arthur now sends him into the ropes...Sarge with a blind tag on Drunken Tiger as he hits the ropes...Drunken Tiger off the ropes...Arthur with a clothesline...Drunken Tiger ducks it...DRUNKEN TIGER OFF THE ROPES WITH A CLOTHESLINE AS SARGE DIVES AT THE BACK OF ARTHUR'S LEGS!! ARTHUR DOES A THREE SIXTY IN MID AIR!!

MN: Man they just about beheaded him!!

DT: Drunken Tiger chargs at Burnett as Sarge makes the cover!!!




[Bell rings!]

BF: Here are your winners...CON!!!! TRA!!!! DICTION!!!!

DT: What a devastating move out of nowhere and just like that Contradiction move up another rung in the tag team division!

DM: You have to think these guys could be in line for a crack at the tag titles currently held by Larry Tact and Jared Wells of Anthology!

DT: We'll be right back after a quick break!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Beast Laid Out, and The First's Winters of Discontent

(CUT TO: Backstage)

DT: Fans, I'm getting word that there's been an altercation of some sort, backstage! We've got a camera back there now, so let's take a look....

(The camera is heading down a hallway, and at the end we can see someone lying facedown on the floor.)

DT: It looks like they aren't moving...

MN: Forget attacked, they've been knocked the hell out!

DM: Who is it, though?

(A couple Event Staff members have arrived on the scene, and they roll over the person onto their back to reveal...)

DM: Whoa!


MN: Had it coming to him, if you ask me.

DT: I'm not sure what to say, folks. Marcus clearly has had some issues of late, with Craig Miles and Anarky. But did it really have to come to this?

DM: I think whoever did this better make sure they aren't discovered. Somehow I think Marcus won't take it lying down.

MN: No way, this is great! Now we won't have to listen to his big Canadian mouth for the rest of the night!

DM: I'll be sure to let him know that later.

MN: Hey, wait, I mean.... don't you dare!

DT: Folks, we'll be back after a short break, and maybe get a few answers about this shocking attack.

CUT TO....

[FADEIN: First, standing in front of a mirror, his face painted white, one side of his face is already painted up in a Kefka style make up, but black instead of red. The background is the tea party, with the little girl drinking tea, and the two plush horses on either side. Layne Winters appears in the reflection of the mirror standing behind the tea party]


[The little girl RUNS as Layne comes over and angrily punts the tea party table into mid-air! Tea cups and pots are broken and scattered across the floor. He takes a stuffed animal into his hands- RIPS IT INTO PIECES! Picks the table up, smashes it down, breaks off a leg, and uses it to bash the few unbroken cups. Meanwhile, First remains stoic in front of the mirror, only casually turning to survey the madness behind him]

LAYNE: WHAT THE F[BLEEP!] IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU’RE A G0DDAMN GROWN ASS MAN! [Kicks a plush horse against the wall violently] I’m in my locker room warming up, sweating, preparing myself for battle in the ring, and YOU?! [Kicks a pot!] YOU’RE OVER HERE HAVING TEA WITH KIDS AND STUFFED F[BLEEP!]KING ANIMALS!

[Layne picks up Princess Sparkle Pony, and that’s when First DIVES after her, holding on for dear life as Layne tries ripping the pony away from him. The two men struggle for a bit, First dropping to his knees and crossing his arms over Layne’s to try and secure his favorite stuffed animal. Finally, Layne lets go and First flies backwards to the ground, sitting Indian-style with Princess Sparkle Pony in his hands, his hair covering his face.]

LAYNE: Oh, GROW THE F[BLEEP!] UP! How on earth did a sad sack of excrement like you get to the main event? And I wondered how guys like Cruise and Tact walk around here with titles- NOW I KNOW! You won’t even stand up for yourself after I’ve trashed your little imaginary rendezvous here, how the HELL do you expect to take a title off Stevens, or Cruise, or ANYONE? You’re like that talented regular season team that can’t do JACK SH[BLEEP!] in the playoffs ‘cause they don’t got the fortitude…don’t got the BALLS! Sound familiar? Look at you…pathetic…you’re something out of Gothic Tiger Beat, you sorry son of a b[bleep!]. LOOK UP AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING, YOU FREAK! [First shoots a quick look at Layne, but slowly draws away his eyes] Go on, HIT ME! Do something about it! Or can you not muster the NERVE?

FIRST: [glances back up at Layne] ...You are but one of the unending moving parts that currently spiral around me that will decide if Sean Stevens and I are to win tonight. I am left to hope...[Winces at using that word]...You will not only win, but also maim Larry Tact such that he can not assist Anthology in the main event...So no, I will not strike you...I can not fight you....Instead I will merely wish you good luck.

LAYNE: LUCK?! Hell, I’m maiming Tact if I gotta do it in a wheelchair or on crutches. His fate was decided when he signed on the dotted f[bleep!]ing line! I don’t need “luck,” but maybe you do. You wanna be the champ? You wanna take Stevens’ spot? You want Cruise’s belt? Then MAN-THE F[BLEEP!]-UP!

[Layne spits on Princess Sparkle Pony, leaving the room as First watches him walking away.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Layne Winters vs. Larry Tact (c)

DT: Layne Winters stepped into EPW and before the ink was dry on his contract he knocked off one of the heavyweights here, beating Olvir Arsvinnar. Last week Shawn Hart barely escaped and had to strip the turnbuckle to take this guy out. Now he’s facing one of the best EPW has to offer in Larry Tact.

DM: There’s no doubt Layne’s been running the gauntlet right from the get-go here. A win over Olvir is no small feat. He started things off with a bang too this week, attacking Tact right away in their verbal joust and going after Larry’s fanbase.

MN: Like Tact gives a crap about those losers. Winters damn near killed one of those wusses and Larry didn’t even bat a lash.

DM: Either way Winters got his attention. These two went jugular hunting all week. Expect this to be an intense one. Both guys want a win here.

DT: Let’s leave it to the ever-eloquent Tony Fatora to start things off.

CUE UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season blares over the PA as Winters’ video lights up the arena. The capacity crowd is booing and screaming obscenities as “New School” Layne Winters walks to the ring sporting a mocking grin. He holds up his hands and motions for more, which stirs the crowd’s collective temper further. Right behind him is Pamela Eurice. The tall manager has a look on her face like she’d be willing to take on the crowd. The censors would do well to blur her lips as she curses like a sailor, but their attention is too focused on her exposed and recently enhanced midriff.

Sauntering down to the ring, Layne ignores the folks in the front row and makes his way to the steps. He directs Pamela to his corner, then gives her a pat on the ass. He stands right next to Tony Fatora, holding his nose up to the rafters and chest bulged.

TF: THEEEEEE CHALLLENGERRRR, hailing from Seattle, Washington… standing six feet, three inches tall and weighing just over two-hundred fifty pounds… HEEEE ISSSS…. NEWWWWWWW SCHOOOOOOOLL…. LAAYYYYYYYYYNNNEEEE WIIINNNNNNNNTTTERRRRRRRRRSSSSSS!!!!!!

MN: Layne looks on his game right now. It’s a shame he’s such an Anthology hater Dean. He’d make a fine addition to the most dominant collection of individuals in professional wrestling.

DM: I won’t argue with you on that Mike. He’s been very impressive since starting here in EPW. He may have bit off more than he can chew here against the formidable Larry Tact though.

DT: Who’s making his way to the stage now…

(The lights begin flickering WILDLY as the opening beats of "Pieces" by Hoobastank sound throughout the arena.)


(A BURST of black and gold pyro goes off as Larry Tact steps through the entrance, observing momentarily before heading down the ramp. He’s carrying his tag strap on his shoulder while listening to the fans hungrily jeer. Seeing a couple fans mouthing off along his way, he takes a moment to spit on his own hand before attempting to SLAP a couple fans across the face. Tact smirks, then proceeds to the ring steps and ascends them. He enters the ring and climbs a turnbuckle, pointing to himself and opening his arms to receive their reaction. Coming back down to the canvas, he stretches using the ropes, and hands his new gold to the referee. Smirking as he turns around, he changes his expression, now focused on his opponent.)

TF: And his opponent… he’s six foot six and two-hundred sixty pounds… from Manhattan, New York… One half of the current EPW TAGGG TEAAMMM CHAMMMPIONNNSSSS…. A veteran member of ANNNTTHHHHOLOGYYYY…. LAARRRRRRRRRRYYY TAAAAAAAAACCCCTTTTT!!!!!

DM: Look at these guys Mike. They look like they’re ready to kill each other. There’s no question things got heated earlier in the week. I think we’re in for a real treat here.

MN: A real treat. Like the ice cream sundae your mother spoon-fed me while we were laying in bed last night, Dean.

DM: Alright, why don’t we get off mothers Mike. I just got off yours.

DT: Ha ha. That one never gets old. Well if you’re done ripping off lines from Good Will Hunting, I’ll take it from here. As the bell rings these two start this one off fast. Winters rushes Tact. He dodges a clothesline and lands a knee to Winters’ midsection. Right away Tact has the upper hand.

He takes advantage with a lightning-fast hip toss which surprises Winters. On his back in a flash, Layne makes it to his feet just in time to catch several rights to the face which leave him with his back to the turnbuckle in Tact’s corner. Tact wastes no time with backhands to the chest of Winters, which leaves several red marks and the fans going wild…




Grabbing Layne’s left arm, Larry whips Winters into the ropes and runs at him, catching him off-guard. Meeting his opponent near the ropes, Tact lands a running knee-lift that sends Winters through the ropes. The EPW newcomer gets a hand on a rope and ends up lying on the apron, saving himself from a fall to the mats below. Rolling back in, he takes some vicious stomps from the tag champion before Tact picks him up. Larry lifts Layne up once again and executes a picture-perfect swinging neckbreaker. As is his custom, Tact leaves himself in perfect position to apply the quick pin.




DM: Larry has firm control of this one so far. Maybe all those attacks on innocent bystanders this week tired Winters out.

MN: The guy’s an animal Dean. Just wait, he’ll be everything we’ve seen so far and more tonight.

DM: Yeah? He looks like a stuffed animal at the moment. A Care Bear, or maybe Tickle Me Elmo.

DT: All jokes aside, Tact is putting on a show here and Winters is successfully enduring it. Both men reach their feet at approximately the same time, but it’s the Anthology vet that has the momentum. He lands a few more right hands to the dome of Winters before setting up the Kickswing DDT. In the process, Winters surprises Tact with a knee to the stomach. Before Larry can react, he’s floored by a snap suplex. Winters pounced on the downed Tact with incredible speed and drops haymakers from the mounted position above his opponent.

MN: Look at that ferocity from Winters, Dean. This guy has been a real force so far.

DM: He’s once again shocking everyone with his talent. It’s impossible to come fully prepared for this guy. You just don’t know what he’s gonna do next.

DT: We’ve only seen him twice and he’s using that unfamiliarity better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

MN: But Tact’s one of EPW’s very best. There’s no doubt Winters has his hands full.

DT: Some surprisingly sound commentary Mike. Meanwhile Winters just landed a belly-to-belly, a piledriver and just hit a flawless German suplex. Carrying his momentum over, he whips Tact, and bouncing off the opposite ropes, manages a Diving Crossbody into a pin. This could be it for Tact.




Wow, that was CLOSE! Winters almost stunned Tact here. Both men are up fast as this is turning out to be everything we hoped for. Rights and lefts are exchanged by both men. Finally Tact gains the advantage from his technical expertise, gaining a clinch grapple and planting a jumping knee-lift in Winters’ midsection. He takes the split-second advantage and turns it into a crushing Spinebuster. The crowd sighs all-together at the vicious maneuver.

DM: Winters is reeling here.

MN: Tact is pouring it on full-force now.

DT: And just as he’s pulled up, Winters is knocked down again. This time it’s a crushing Fireman’s Carry into a Stomach Buster. This could be all she wrote.




And a last-second kickout by Layne. It’s going to take a lot of grit from the reservoir to turn this one around and Pamela seems to sense it. She’s pacing in her corner and just grabbed the belt from the scorer’s table.

MN: Here we go. That woman is a firecracker.

DM: What’s she up to here?

DT: Pamela has the belt now and she’s up on the apron, within reach of Larry. Always the sound tactician, he has no choice but to confront Pamela. She swings Tact’s tag belt at his head and he catches it; meanwhile the referee is trying to intercede. She has a strong grip on the gold-plated trinket and within a second Tact is wrapped up by Winters. Pamela is off the apron after dropping the belt and the referee drops for the count.




MN: Classic! It’s a shame Tact had to lose this one, but what a finish! Winters proves again he’s a force right out of the gate.

DM: Ohhhhh! Here we go!

DT: Tact has his belt, left right at his feet from the struggle, and wails Winters with it. He’s viciously beating Layne with the belt before tossing it aside and using his fists. He leaves his fallen opponent with one last kick to the ribs before leaving, fully satiated, his gold over his shoulder.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Checking in with Anthology and...Let the Games Be....err...Continue

In the backstage area, a young man maybe in his late-20s is walking with a mic in hand. He addresses the camera as it follows him, trying to sound as professional as possible, and somewhat failing.)

"Fans, Arnold Timbs here, trying to get into the locker room of Anthology, so I can get a word with the members. It seems we've heard Copycat's thoughts of late, but not from the group as a whole. Maybe I can... oh, wait! Here it is..."

(He slows up in front of a door clearly marked "ANTHOLOGY" and makes as if trying to be super quiet... and failing again, given his lack of indoor voice.)

"Let's see if I can get inside..."

(He puts a hand on the doorknob and turns it. To his surprise, he finds it open, and slowly pushes it further. Suddenly, LARRY TACT swings the door open and pulls Timbs inside, the camera rushing in behind as Tact almost tosses Timbs into the glass table in the room, before poor Arnie grabs onto the arm of a couch, bracing his fall. Cameron Cruise pushes the door closed with his boot.)

TACT: "And here I thought it might be Layne Winters coming to greet us with some more big talk."

CRUISE: "No such luck."

(Panning around, the camera reveals all of Anthology gathered in the room. Jared Wells has a towel around his waist, apparently just out of the shower, while the rest are sporting "Anthology" t-shirts in addition to casual attire. Felicia Hart is admiring Shawn Hart admiring himself in front of a full-length mirror; Copycat is sitting in a recliner with headphones, and iPod on an arm; Cameron Cruise sits next to Copycat on a short bench, with his feet propped up on a stool, occasionally taking a swipe at the EPW Intercontinental title to rub out a smudge. Arnold Timbs looks up at Tact, holding the mic up, and speaking with uncalled for enthusiasm.)

AT: "Fans, it seems I'm in! Larry Tact.... Copycat... Shawn Hart... Jared Wells.... Cameron Cruise! Yes, it seems all of Anthology is present."

LT: "Yeah, and you're about to find out just how bad that is for you, if you don't tell us what the hell you're doing here. Who are you, anyway, some internet reporter?"

AT: "Why, I'm new EPW reporter, Arnold Timbs! I'm here to get a word from all of you, from Anthology..."

(Jared Wells places his arm around Arnold Timbs just wearing his white towel.)

JARED WELLS: "Young man, your mother knows who Jared Wells is."

(All those present begin laughing. Tact claps him on the shoulder, too hard, and hoists him up to his feet.)

LT: "That's just swell, Arnie. Real swell. What exactly is it you want to know?"

AT: "Oh, well for starters, since you're all here in the arena, I think the fans deserve to know where Anthology was during the attack earlier, on Marcus Westcott? I say you could have overwhelmed him with your assembled numbers!"

(Tact laughs.)

LT: "Marcus Westcott? You come here, are granted access to our locker room... and you're asking about the token Canadian?"

AT: "I think Marcus Westcott is anything but--"

LT: "Of course, you want to make a big deal out of this, Arnie. Marcus is hot **** to you, to all those pot-bellied, beer swilling toads in the seats. But YOU wouldn't stand a chance against Westcott... maybe, even, like most of the roster. But that's where the line is drawn between all of YOU..."

JARED WELLS: "I have no clue on who this Westcott guy is. Seriously. Did daddy miss something?"

(Tact motions around the room with an arm.)

"And all of US. As for our whereabouts, just look where we're standing. We were arriving at the arena, getting ourselves prepared for respective matches, and finding out whether or not Troy was actually going to give us free reign to do what we do each and every week: run roughshod over EPW."

AT: I see. Speaking of Layne Winters-- "New School," as he is called-- what do you think about his actions of the past week? Going around and attacking those we believe were your own fans, and especially....his win over Larry Tact tonight! Any comment?"

(Tact smirks, and nods, keeping his hand on Timbs' shoulder.)

LT: "You know, Arnie.... I'll do you one better. Since you brought this camera, this mic, and did all the work of coming to us... I'm going to SHOW you just what I think of Layne Winters actions. Let's call it.... my impersonation of Layne, shall we?"

AT: "Oh, well, sure! What does that--"

(Before he can finish his sentence, Tact takes Timbs by the shoulders and whirls him around, sending him flying into the wall! The mic hits the ground with a *THUD* as Timbs yells out momentarily and goes crashing down. Tact snatches the mic up and gets in the face of the cameraman, dragging him around and sending the camera shaking briefly. When it is still again, the focus is on all of Anthology, sitting or standing around on one side of the room, and Tact standing front and center with the mic.)

LT: "Now, you stand there, and keep your mouth shut! Anthology is about to give everyone a little update on what you all SHOULD be paying attention to around here."

(He cracks open a bottle of Lurisia water and takes a sip.)

"I shouldn't have to tell anyone that, to this point, it's been an absolute joke to see the few feeble attempts of those who have stood in the way of Anthology. It's been about as much of a joke as what Arnie Timbs here just tried to do, and that's catch Anthology at a moment of ease. It just doesn't happen."

"We're always on, always ready to fire off another stellar performance. So far, the opposition goes to the back with nothing to show for their efforrts against us, except black and blue spots all over, and their pride dragging limp between their legs, shriveled and ineffective. Meanwhile, Anthology continues to swell and produce."

(He reaches off camera and grabs his half of the EPW Tag Team Championship, holding it in front of him.)

"EPW Tag Team Championship. EPW Intercontinental Championship. Just symbols of our progress thus far. Then again, what with the likes of Sean Stevens and The First running around, you could beat them in the 7 game series and they STILL wouldn't acknowledge you were the better man, or team. But if you wave something shiny in front of them, they're all over it."

(He slings the belt over a shoulder.)

"Stevens and First aren't the exception, either. That's just the sad state of wrestling, these days. It's a sign of the times; people don't respect effort and ethic. Not too long ago, though, it wasn't so cut-and-dry. Talent wasn't so simply recognized. Title holders weren't the end-all-be-all of who could be called dominant in the ranks. People cared more about their matches."

"Oviously, titles are held by the cream of the crop. Anthology already holds half the gold in EPW, so that's clear. But some guys I saw over time... people like Golem, Minion, King Krusher, Nemesis... they didn't need just titles to motivate them. They didn't just show up during title matches, or act complacent or arrogant once they won them. They would go out there and give you all they had, putting each and every opponent to the test of THEIR will... THEIR standard of excellence. And more times than not, those who stepped up to face them, they FAILED to meet the standard. Even myself included, here or there."

"I can understand making a mistake against that caliber, and paying for it. But I've learned from it, and anyone in EPW is welcome to challenge. Even a guy like Layne Winters, who couldn't understand the concept of giving an honest shot to someone who was clearly inferior to me."

"To his credit, maybe Layne was onto something. Maybe I have been affected by the changes to the state of wrestling. Maybe I've been too relaxed, and not making it obvious where I should be, at the top, and alongside Anthology. Maybe... but probably not. Just in case, though, I'm more than capable of showing Troy, and the rest of EPW, just why Larry Tact is synonymous with, "elite."

"And that fire isn't lacking in any of us, here. It doesn't matter if we're in a title match, or not. It doesn't matter if we're holding a title, or not. We're going to put you in your place, regardless, because we are the quality standard of EPW. And tonight, that goes for 'Triple X,' The First, Anarky, and Layne Winters. But really, no one in EPW should count themselves exceptions to Anthology's Quality Check. Winters can have his little rollup win on a meaningless TV show. Last I checked, he was laid out cold in the middle of the ring. So you tell me who won."

(Tact takes another drink of his Lurisia as Arnold Timbs comes back onto the screen, holding his head. Tact walks over to the wall and props a leg on it, leaning back, and hands off the mic to Copycat.)[/i]

(Jared Wells standing still in his white towel, holds one half of the EPW tag team title over his shoulder, and a glass of Captain and Coke in the other.)

JARED WELLS: If your not in this elite fraternity we call Anthology then your just another victim of the EPW. Crash and burn, then run away just like everybody else. You see, this morning while daddy was rearranging his sock drawer the name Layne Winters, The First, Anarky, Sean Stevens popped into my head. They are all what daddy calls a failure, but more than that, an epic failure. Gather up little children, daddy is speaking. I compare the entire EPW like a female thinking there is nothing wrong with a simple Coca Cola. Until daddy puts a roofie in it, losing consciousness, you all will be raped."

(As Timbs dusts himself off, Copycat takes out his earbuds and slowly stands up. He walks over to a nervous Timbs and claps him on the back – not hard enough to hurt him, but certainly enough to startle him. He puts his arm around Timbs’ shoulder, making him even more unnerved)

Copycat: Y’see, Arnie, we allowed you into the Anthology locker room for a reason. Take a look around you.

(After a second of hesitation, thinking this could be a trick, Timbs quickly glances around the room)

Copycat: Now, what you saw in that twitchy, terrified glimpse was five men who, by all rights, shouldn’t be in the same locker room. I’m sure you did your homework before starting this job, so you know all about Larry Tact, Shawn Hart, Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells and myself. And you know that while we are all formidable competitors in the ring, we’ve all shown moments of weakness. And sometimes, in this business, there’s no greater weakness than a rampant ego.

(Copycat motions to the people around him)

Copycat: We’re all men with egos, Arnie. And all other things being equal, you’d never be able to fit all five of our egos in a room this size. Shoot, you’d be lucky to have enough room for just two of us. And yet, here we all are. Now, aside from your willingness to fumble into rooms full of people who might harm you, you seem a pretty bright kid. So tell me, why do YOU think the five members of the Anthology are able to coexist, given our egos?

Timbs: Um … uh … I … don’t know?

(Copycat makes a “tsk tsk tsk” sound)

Copycat: Come on, Arnie, I expected better of you. The reason the five of us are able to share one locker room without any fights to the death over who gets stuck with the locker that smells like feet is because when official Anthology business is being conducted, against all our natural instincts, we check our egos at the door. Not because we somehow believe that it’s bad to take a little pride in one’s work, but because the problems facing the wrestling industry are too great for us to waste our time arguing amongst ourselves about who’s the best. We all realize the importance of our role in restoring the luster that has faded from this business, and we are willing to go to lengths we might once have avoided for the sake of that goal.

(Copycat leans in close and glares at Timbs, frightening the poor guy even more)

Copycat: That’s what Anarky, Layne Winters, the First and Sean Stevens are all going to learn tonight, if they haven’t already. They can try to deride the mission of the Anthology, they can accuse us of blindly following Cameron Cruise, they can tell us we’re trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. But those words won’t get to us. We are too invested in the critically important work we have to do to let them get in our way. At the end of the night, the Anthology will stand tall, just as we will do night after night after night until the sickness that has infected this business has been eradicated.

(Copycat lets a shaking Timbs go and sits back down in his recliner, in the process passing the mic off to Cameron Cruise.)

CRUISE: Now...normally, people might get the idea by now that what my friends here have tried to explain the first time out, but let's face it: we're not exactly living in normal times. You people seem to have the idea that I'm the so-called "leader" of this group, even though we never took a single vote.

This isn't a dictatorship people, this is a DEMOCRACY, all of us are in this for the same thing:


And we're going to do so by any means necessary, why?? Because it's a REALITY CHECK that those who don't believe us just...won't like.

(Cruise tosses the mic back at Timbs who still shakes but with Tact's hand on his shoulder slowly backs up toward the door, taking one last look at each member of Anthology before going back the same way he came in. Trembling, he starts to stammer abit as to try to sign off back to ringside before Felicia turns toward him and waves. Not seeing Shawn Hart slip out while Cruise spoke, Hart slips right in behind Timbs and after two minutes of silence goes by Hart lets out a bark so loud and sudden that it causes Timbs to spin around right into a cherry-pie planted right in his face. Stepping away from Hart, Timbs loses his footing and slips banana-peel style right on his backside. Yelping in pain, all the members of Anthology bursts out laughing as Hart walks back in and leaves Timbs out in the hallway by himself.

AT: Owww....I think I just went poo-poo in my Underroos....

CUT TO: Broadcast booth.

DT: Hold the phone one minute guys... I'm getting word from the back that ROCKO DAYMON is on a rampage in search of Stalker and Fusenshoff!

MN: HA, that's great!

DM: Let's go back there now with a camera...

[Cut to backstage as a camera comes dashing around the corner, spotting Rocko Daymon just in time for him to shake off another official trying to hold him back.]

Official: Mr. Daymon, if you'll just return to the infirmary --


[Daymon is still holding his head in slight pain, but it seems to have no effect on his current state of rage. The camera quickly steps to the side as he storms down the hallway, going straight for the door to the secondary locker room. A solid kick sends it swinging open.]

Daymon: STALKER!! Fight me, you ****ING COWARD!!

[To his dismay, the locker room is empty... save for a short young man with a stupid grin in a suit so tacky and cheap, you'd think he pulled it out of a dumpster.]

Young Man: Ah, Mr. Daymon, is it? I'm afraid Mr. Reeves is gone for the evening.

[At once, a pair of hands fall upon his collar, and he's yanked off his feet and slammed against the row of lockers, knocking the smirk right off his face. Daymon leans within inches of his face.]

Daymon: WHERE IS HE?!

Young Man: Uh-uhh... Mr. Daymon... he's GONE! Now, could you please unhand me? I wouldn't want to set you under any more legal hot water than you already are...

[Daymon releases him and backs off. The young man readjusts his suit, although it was wrinkled long before Rocko laid a hand on him.]

Daymon: Who are you? And what do you mean by "legal hot water?"

[The smirk again forms on the stranger's face.]

Young Man: Oh... I'm a professional wrestling legal consultant and Mr. Reeves' attorney... Danny Anderson! And I have THIS... for you.

[Upon saying the accentuated word, Danny Anderson, likely related to Terry "The Idol" Anderson, pulls out an envelope. Daymon retrieves it, rips it open, and begins reading the letter within.]

Daymon: What is this...?

Anderson: It's a legal notice. You see, because my client was closely affected by Sean Stevens' attack directed on YOU last year -- something that he claims he was involved in only as an INNOCENT BYSTANDER -- he is afraid that you may redirect some of your aggression back on him. As a result, you're being served a legal notice of a RESTRAINING ORDER. Starting immediately, you are no longer allowed to come within 100 feet of Mr. Jason "Stalker" Reeves, or you'll be arrested on the spot.

[Daymon looks up from the paper in his hand into the smirking face of Danny Anderson, now quickly growing more angry than he was before.]

Anderson: You have a GREAT day now!

[Cheerfully beaming in a way not unlike his own slimeball uncle of a TEAM reporter, Danny Anderson leaves the locker room. Rocko, now FURIOUS, crumbles up the letter and throws it across the room. We cut back to the guys at commentary.]

DT: Wow... as if Stalker wasn't already under Rocko Daymon's skin! First he orchestrates that blatant attack earlier this evening, and now he sets a RESTRAINING ORDER against him!

MN: Beautiful, isn't? Stalker made Rocko Daymon look like a PUNK, and just to add insult to injury, he can't lay a finger on him! Hell, he can't even get close enough to LOOK at him!

DM: Stalker has definitely made a crucial move in the chess game he's playing with Rocko Daymon. He's set Fusenshoff on the former champion's scent with his freedom at stake, and now Daymon may have no choice but to meet the Television Champion head on!

DT: Speaking of the Television Title... Fusenshoff is set to defend the belt against "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott here in just a few moments!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Television Title Match - Fusenshoff (c) vs. Frankie Scott

[EPW Aggression returns as the announcers are discussing amongst themselves.]

DT: At Wrestleverse we saw Frankie Scott tangle with Omega in a Barb on a Pole match, which was, to say the least, an entertaining match.

MN: After having to deal with that nutjob Omega and his obsession with that Barb, I think Frankie is due for some great things!

DM: And I think he's certainly going to get that chance tonight.

DT: Yes he is. Frankie Scott is about to get a chance at capturing EPW gold, in our next match for the Television Title!

["Phenomenon" by Thousand Foot Krutch. The fans give a resounding chorus of boos as Frankie Scott makes his way to the ring.]

TF: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL... and is an EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! Making his way to the ring at this time, the CHALLENGER! From Atlanta, Georgia... he weighs in at TWO HUNDRED FORTY-TWO pounds... the PHENOMENAL... FRRAAANNKIIIIEEE SSSCOOOTTTT!

MN: "Phenomenal" personified!

DM: He'll have to be just that, if he wants to take the EPW Television Title from Fusenshoff.

MN: Don't go putting it all on Frankie. He's got nothing to lose here, and EPW gold to gain! Frankie is going to show all these dimwits what a true Champion should be.

[Scott jumps on the apron and leaps over the ropes, ascending a turnbuckle and looking confidently out at the crowd.]

DT: Frankie Scott has shown a renewed focus of late...

["Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica sends the crowd to their feet and cheering like mad!]

DT: But this Television Champion is a tall task for ANY wrestler today!

TF: And now introducing... from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada... he weighs in at TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE pounds... accompanied to the ring by STALKER! He is the TWO-TIME EPW TELEVISION CHAMPION! FFFUUUUUUSSSEENNNSSSSHHOOOOOFFF!

"And the road becomes my bride,
I am stripped of all but pride.
So in her I do confide
and she keeps me satisfied.
Gives me all I need."

[Fusenshoff steps out wearing his black leather jacket and wife beater, black jeans and boots. The Television Title is held over his shoulder as he walks to the ring, staring only at the ring. Stalker follows out behind him.]

"And my ties are severed clean.
The less I have the more I gain.
Off the beaten path I reign.
Rover wand'rer nomad vagabond
call me what you will...."

[Stalker remains around the ringside area as Fusenshoff makes his way up the steps, entering the ring and handing the Television Title to the referee. As Frankie Scott looks at the Television Title, being held up in the air by the referee, popping the crowd, Fusenshoff leans his head on a turnbuckle.]

MN: Give me a break with all this no-frills BS Fusenshoff does. It's all about showing what you've got, and Frankie Scott will soon have that TV Title to give the "Phenomenal" treatment!

DM: Fusenshoff and Scott do seem to be opposites in that regard. Frankie is a little more flashy at times, while Fusenshoff is all business. This should be a good one.

DT: I agree, and it seems as if both men are ready to get this Television Title match underway!

[Bell rings.]

DT: And away we go, as Frankie Scott wastes no time! He comes head-on at Fusenshoff with a series of strikes, taking Fusenshoff off guard... backing him into the ropes... irish whip by Frankie, but Fusenshoff regains his bearings and ducks under a Clothesline attempt on the return! Bounce back off the ropes... but a DROPKICK by the challenger sends Fuse down!

DM: A soundly executed move if I ever saw one.

DT: Frankie is right on Fusenshoff with strikes, but the Champion shoves him off and regains a vertical base. Frankie Scott bounces off the ropes and lands a boot to the knee of Fusenshoff, sending him off balance.... Frankie off the ropes again, Fusenshoff whiffs on a big boot... Frankie takes out the leg on the return! And now the challenger is back on that leg, putting the Champion into a grapevine....

MN: There's all the focus you need! Frankie's locked in, no doubt.

DM: He does look fully focused, and is off to a good start.

DT: Fusenshoff trying to WRENCH his leg free.... and SUCCEEDING! Pure strength from the Champion right here.... Frankie releases the hold though, and lands a stiff kick to the leg of Fusenshoff!

DM: Sound strategy here. Take a man's leg out, and cut his mobility in half.

MN: That drunkard is constantly half-impaired as it is! Frankie's going to roll to the title!

DT: Fusenshoff is up to his feet, but Frankie immediately locks up.... headlock by Scott, but Fusenshoff with quick jabs to counter... Frankie breaks the hold and Fusenshoff locks him up... now he puts the headlock on Frankie... but the challenger lifts up the Champion and hits the back drop! Fusenshoff laid on his back momentarily, and Frankie mounts him to... no! Fusenshoff didn't give him a chance, socking him in the face and sending Frankie Scott staggering back! Fusenshoff with a rear waistlock, going for a suplex perhaps?

MN: Frankie blocked it!

DT: Frankie Scott with a reversal and... GERMAN SUPLEX! Frankie Scott hits the German Suplex on Fusenshoff, and holds on... a SECOND German Suplex... AND A THIRD!

DM: Frankie Scott is certainly looking to make a statement here tonight, as he covers....



DT: Kickout by Fusenshoff! And to me there's no doubt, Frankie Scott is stepping up. He's making it clear he wants to claim EPW gold, tonight!

MN: Just like I said! You guys are just slow to realize the obvious.

DM: Or we just respect the current Champion.

MN: That's a whole different problem.

DM: Oh please.

DT: I think Fusenshoff has certainly earned the respect of the EPW locker room, having always dutifully defended the Television Title. Fusenshoff up to his feet and met with another lock-up from Scott... Frankie with a suplex attempt, but it's blocked! Frankie tries again... blocked once more! Fusenshoff with the knees to the stomach of Frankie... and breaks the tie-up... only to charge in with a Clothesline! Frankie goes down, but pops back up.... and is met with a hard right, now another that sends him stumbling towards the ropes!

DM: Now Fusenshoff is starting to get into HIS game...

MN: Funny, I don't remember us suddenly warping into a bar.

DM: Fusenshoff is more geared towards power and brawling... oh, you know what I mean!

DT: Frankie Scott has been battered into a corner, and Fusenshoff is looking to turn things around... closing in and sending Frankie to the opposite corner with an irish whip... now charging in and... MISSING the splash! Frankie managed to roll along the ropes out of the corner... and he lands a kick, sending the Television Champion back into the corner! Fusenshoff reeling as he receives two more kicks to the knee, and Frankie now lifts Fusenshoff up to the top turnbuckle!

DM: High risk for Frankie here, but what a statement he'd make by hitting a move here!

MN: Frankie's going to go Phenomenal on Fusenshoff right here!

DT: Frankie steps up to the second turnbuckle and lands a pair of rights to Fusenshoff's head... ascends to the TOP turnbuckle now.... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPERPLEX?!?

DM: Fuse is fighting it!

DT: Yes he is... Fusenshoff striking Frankie square on the head.... but he isn't knocking Frankie off the top! The challenger fighting back with a right hand... Fusenshoff with a right... it's a top rope battle!

DM: Someone's going to pay dearly....

MN: Let's hope it's Fusenshoff!

DT: Frankie nearly knocked Fusenshoff back and OFF the top rope! But Fuse grabbed Frankie and.... MY LORD!

[Fusenshoff falls from the top, and grabs Frankie Scott just as he's going! Both men plunge.... but Fusenshoff gets a hand on the top rope! Crowd POPS at Frankie's fall!]


DM: Fusenshoff fell to the floor, but he had a moment to brace for it by getting a grip on the top rope just long enough!

CROWD: E-P-W! E-P-W! E-P-W! E-P-W!

MN: Listen to these idiots cheering... don't they realize their Phenomenal One could be hurt!

DM: I think it's one of those train wreck moments, Neels.

MN: Well someone call an ambulance for Frankie Scott!

DT: The referee has started the ten count as neither of these two are showing signs. But after that, I wouldn't blame either one of these men if they're unable to continue!

[The referee begins the count.]





DT: FUSENSHOFF is moving! He's rolled onto his stomach....



MN: Frankie too!


DT: Fusenshoff is to his feet, and he rolls into the ring!

DM: I don't think Frankie Scott will make it!



DT: HE MADE IT! Frankie Scott showing his determination to win the EPW Television Title, as he gets back in the ring!

DM: That was a gut check for Frankie right there, and he passed.

MN: The sign of a true Champion!

DT: Don't forget Fuse made it back in first, Mike.

MN: Fuse who??

DM: No doubt, this would be a great time for Fusenshoff to finish this match. Frankie's got to still be feeling the effects of that fall.

DT: I think Fusenshoff realizes that, as he picks Frankie Scott up... irish whip... and a textbook POWERSLAM by the Champion! Here's a cover by Fusenshoff!




DM: Oh so close! Frankie Scott needs to pull himself together if he wants to have a chance, and that could be the start. Fusenshoff looks a bit frustrated.

MN: He can't put away something this Phenomenal so easily!

DT: Fusenshoff lands shots to the face of Frankie, backing him up.... irish whip sends Frankie off the ropes... but a big boot fails! Frankie comes back with a bulldog on Fuse, sending him to the mat! Frankie Scott gets back to his feet, as does Fuse... but Frankie hits a Japanese arm drag! Fusenshoff back up but Frankie hits him with a boot... then an irish whip sends Fuse to the ropes... he ducks under a Clothesline... BIG spinning leg lariat by the Television Champion! Frankie goes back to the mat!

DM: What a shot! Fusenshoff hits hard, and that was a perfect example.

DT: He wastes little time in making a cover....




DT: Frankie Scott JUST kicks out, REFUSING to stay down for the three!

MN: Frankie fights on!

DM: He is showing some great resilience in this match. Fusenshoff has to start pulling out all the stops here.

DT: I think he might have shared your thoughts, because it looks like he's going for the Whiskey Bomb right here! He has Frankie up... but it's fought! Frankie Scott gets out of the attempted Whiskey Bomb, and goes off the ropes... BOTH men with clotheslines, knocking each other down!

DM: As good as pushing the reset button....

MN: No way... I say Frankie's about to short circuit Fusenshoff!

DT: Both men getting to their feet... Fusenshoff up first... but the challenger ROCKS the Champion with a HARD FOREARM to the jaw as he was getting up! Frankie to his feet and wastes no time... grabs Fusenshoff and... DDT! He just PLANTED the Television Champion with that DDT!

DM: Fusenshoff better watch out... momentum's building for the challenger!

MN: He's getting a lesson in Phenomenal performance!

DT: Frankie Scott is looking to go to the top rope again here... Fusenshoff is still down... can Frankie make amends for the previous top rope incident, and cash in here??

DM: If he does, we might have a new Television Champion tonight!

DT: Frankie Scott is on the top rope, and HE LEAPS!



DM: What a move!

MN: Just pin him now, Frankie! This is OVER!

DT: Pinfall attempt by Frankie.... COULD WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION?!






DT: Frankie Scott looked to have the pinfall and Teleivsion Title secured, but SOMEHOW Fusenshoff kicked out!


DM: Nothing to do but keep going on with the match!

DT: Yes, and despite being a bit upset, Frankie Scott does just that! It looks like he's going for a submission.... Sharpshooter! He's trying to get it locked in... AND HE DOES IT! The Challenger with a Sharpshooter locked in on the Champion!

DM: Now it's gut check time for Fusenshoff!


DT: Stalker looks concerned about the way this match is going, and is DEMANDING that Fusenshoff get to the ropes!

DM: Frankie didn't check where he was, it seems... because Fusenshoff wasn't that far from the ropes to begin with, and he's gotten close enough to reach for them now....

DT: Fusenshoff GRABS the bottom rope! The referee tells Frankie Scott he has to break the hold, and Frankie complies after an extra moment of keeping it on.

DM: With how Frankie's been targeting the leg of Fusenshoff this match, it would have been perfect had he locked on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

MN: He's still got things under control!

DT: That's true, as the challenger lands a couple more boots to the leg of Fusenshoff for good measure. The Champion gets to his feet... but Frankie comes off the ropes with a springboard bulldog! AND HITS!

MN: He's not done yet!

DT: You're right, as Frankie bounces off the ropes... ROLLING SENTON SPLASH! Another big move from Frankie Scott... and a pinfall attempt here!





DM: He's certainly cutting it close! I wonder if he's got much left to give...

MN: Can't be long now for crowning a new Champion!

DT: It does look as if Fuse is being taxed here. Frankie Scott is putting on a TON of pressure for the Champion to deal with... and look at Stalker! He's SCREAMING at Fusenshoff as Frankie Scott just called for the Phenom Drop!

DM: I think he senses Fusenshoff might not be coming back this time!

DT: Fusenshoff is slow to his feet... and Frankie helps him up... setting him up!














[Bell rings.]


DM: The Television Champion went for a counter, almost got countered right out of his title, and then countered one more time to retain! What a series and what a match!

MN: Frankie almost took the Television Title to Phenomenal places!

DT: He came so close, on MULTIPLE occasions... but in the end, it was just a counter too much for Frankie Scott, who falls short tonight against Fusenshoff.

DM: I have to admit, Frankie Scott was very impressive tonight. He put on quite a performance, from bell to bell, and was resilient in his bid for EPW gold. This isn't a time to be discouraged if you're Frankie Scott.

MN: He's got to stay hungry and try again!

DT: Frankie Scott has battled back before, and if he continues to, then I'm sure he'll get another title shot in the future. Fans, we'll be right back with more EPW Aggression action!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Anarky vs. "The Phenom" Shawn Hart

[MUSIC UP: "More Human Then Human" by White Zombie. The crowd boos loudly as Anarky walks out onto the rampway. Anarky's torn leather shirt with the Anarchy "A" on it looks more beaten then normal. He's wearing torn up blue jeans, black ring boots and his trademark skull facepaint as he walks to the ring.]

BF: The following contest is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring first...He hails from Hartford, Conneticut! Weighing in at 229 pounds...ANNNN....RRRRRR....KEEEEEYYY!!!!

[Anarky enters the ring, barely reacting to the hostile crowd. He begins stretching out with the ropes as he awaits his opponent.]

[MUSIC UP: "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls as Shawn Hart, wearing a sleeveless Anthology T-Shirt and black tights with white ring boots. Flanking Hart is Jared Wells who's also rocking an Anthology T-Shirt.]

BF: And his opponent...He hails from Orlando Florida and is led to the ring by one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Jared Wells...Representing Anthology....He weighed in at 217 pounds...THE PHENOM!!!! SHAWWWWWNNNN!!! HART!!!!!

[Hart gets boo'ed, but some of the smarks pop for him, causing a generally mixed reaction from the crowd.]

[Bell rings.]

DT: The two men lock up and Anarky just RIPS Hart to the ground with a hair pull! Anarky choking the life out of Hart!

DM: Anarky clearly not caring at all about the rules here!

DT: The ref giving Anarky a 5 count....Anarky breaking at 4 and going right back to the choke! Anarky breaks again at 4 and now he's BITING HART!

MN: Anarky's clearly living up to his name here! No rules!

DT: The ref now really getting on Anarky's case about his actions, Anarky lets go of Hart and now stomping away on Hart...Hart rolling to the ropes to try to escape...Anarky now putting his boot on Hart's throat and using the ropes to push down even harder!

DM: This match has totally fallen apart! The ref has got to get Anarky under control here!

DT: The ref finally gets a break...Anarky stomping on Hart. He pulls him up and now HAMMERS Hart with a right hand, backing Hart into a corner and punching away on him in the corner!

MN: He's using a closed fist on a man in the ropes! Nothing Anarky's done in this match has even come close to being legal!

DT: Hart sent to the other corner...Anarky charges...HART BACKDROPS ANARKY TO THE FLOOR!

DM: Hart getting a much needed break from the beating he's taking!

DT: Anarky trying to get to his feet on the floor...WELLS WITH A RUNNING KICK TO THE HEAD! ANARKY COULD BE OUT FROM THAT SHOT!

MN: Two can play at this rule breaking game!

DT: Well apparently Wells didn't play to good at it...The ref is yelling at Wells and now he's tossed him! [Crowd pops as the ref makes the 'you're outta here!' motion umpires use to toss players and managers in baseball]

DM: Normally this would clearly have been grounds for awarding this match to Anarky, but given Anarky's rulebreaking tactics, the ref is going to let this match continue, but without Jared Wells at ringside!

DT: Shawn Hart now goes to the floor and tosses Anarky back into the ring. Hart putting the boots to Anarky and now gets him to his feet...BACK SUPLEX!

MN: That might be the first real move used this whole match!

DT: Hart now drops a couple elbows on Anarky and now he climbs the ropes...PIN POINT ELBOW OFF THE SECOND ROPE! HART COVERS!!




DT: Anarky throws the shoulder up at two! [Crowd buzzes] Hart quickly locks on a chinlock and leans onto Anarky putting his weight on the back of the maniac.

DM: Hart trying to fight this match pretty much by the book, Anarky's thrown the book out totally!

DT: Anarky getting back to his feet...Hart with a knee to the back and another...Hart moves Anarky back into a corner and fire away with a BIG KNIFE-EDGE! ['Woo!'] and ANOTHER ['Woo!'] Hart sends Anarky to the other corner...Anarky staggers out into a RUNNING BULLDOG!! HART COVERS!!




DT: Anarky again powers out...Hart shakes his head and now he's stalking Anarky...Waiting on him, I think he's looking for the Hart On...Anarky up to his feet...Hart leaps at him...HART ON! NO! ANARKY THROWS HIM OFF! Hart turns around...RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM ANARKY!

DM: Hart went from being one move away from winning to thing to getting his clock cleaned!

DT: Hart stumbles to his feet and takes another clothesline...Anarky off the ropes with a BIG SHOULDER BLOCK sends Hart crashing to the mat hard! Hart reeling as Anarky now putting the boots to Hart...Anarky picks him up...Snap Suplex!

MN: Well at least Anarky is trying to keep his attack somewhere within the rules now.


DM: I don't think that's a fan!

DT: It's...IT'S SEAN EDMUNDS!!! My lord! Sean Edmunds is beating the daylights out of Anarky! Where the hell did he come from? What is he doing here?

MN: Well he came from the crowd and he's beating up Anarky, I think that covers your questions.

DT: Oh be quiet! Edmunds now going to the outside and he's brought a chair into the ring! Anarky trying to get to his feet...DDT ON THE CHAIR BY EDMUNDS!! Edmunds and Hart now standing over Anarky...[Crowd booing loud] EDMUNDS JUST RIPPED OFF THAT DRESS SHIRT HE WAS WEARING TO REVEAL AN ANTHOLOGY T-SHIRT! SEAN EDMUNDS IS IN ANTHOLOGY!

DM: I can't believe this, Sean Edmunds has made his return to wrestling and he's doing it as a member of anthology!

DT: Anthology just keeps getting more powerful, this is amazing! Hart and Edmunds leaving the ring now as EMT's are rushing in to check on Anarky.

DM: Anarky just got LEVELED by being driven into that chair...I'd like to hope he'll be OK.

DT: Anarky starting to stir a bit as the EMT's tell him to stay down and they'll get a stretcher for him...Anarky waving them off and he's getting to his feet [Crowd gives a mild pop for Anarky getting up] the EMT's pleading with Anarky to let them examine him...ANARKY PUNCHES AN EMT! AND ANOTHER! AND THE LAST ONE! ANARKY STOMPING AWAY ON THE EMT'S! WHAT IS GOING THROUGH HIS MIND?!

MN: He has a mind?

DT: Anarky just laid ouf the medical staff that was trying to take care of him...What the hell was that all about?! And Edmunds is in Anthology, this is crazy! We'll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) & The First vs. Copycat & Cameron Cruise (c)

[“My Way” by Butch Walker comes in over the PA, along with The Anthology’s video package. The audience begins to BOO LOUDLY. After a series of back and forth pyros, COPYCAT steps out onto the stage, posing for the jeering fans, before walking determinedly to the ring.]

DC: Ladies and gentlemen… now for our MAIN EVENT of the evening! Coming to the ring first, representing THE ANTHOLOGY… hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan and weighing in at 280 pounds… making his EPW DEBUT here tonight… the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME… CCCOOOOPPPPYYYCCAAATTT!!!

DT: Welcome back to Aggression, fans of Empire Pro, and if your just joining us, you’re just in time for our MAIN EVENT! Coming to the ring now, the man introduced into the Anthology at Wrestleverse III, making a controversial interference in the Intercontinental Title Match!

DM: Copycat is known the world over as a champion in many other leagues. He had some VERY disparaging things to say about some of the biggest names in this federation back at Wrestleverse. It’s time to see if there’s any CREDIBILITY to those words as he makes his EPW debut in the main event against some of those very names.

DT: The Anthology just seems to CONSTANTLY be growing with foreign talent… but are all these new acquisitions going to pay off in the long run?

MN: I think you’re going to get the answer to that question SOON, Dave, when you see just how talented Copycat is!

[As Copycat reaches the ring, “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine. Replaces his music. The fans BOO VEHEMENTLY as CAMERON CRUISE steps out onto the stage, proudly displaying the EPW Intercontinental Title. He heckles the crowd for a few moments before striding down the ramp and joining his tag partner.]

DC: And his partner… from Jacksonville, North Carolina, he weighs in at 263 pounds… he is THE EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… HE IS… “THE CRIPPLER”… CCAAAAAMMMEEERRROOONNNN CCCCRRRUUUIIISSSEEE!!!

DT: The IC Champion and unofficial figurehead of the Anthology, Cameron Cruise, walked out of Wrestleverse with a very controversial win in order to retain his title. There’s still a bit of an argument as to whether or not he KNEW about Copycat’s interference before the match!

MN: Clearly, he knew NOTHING of it… but even if he DID, who gives a damn? There is NO better Intercontinental Champion in this federation right now than THAT MAN, and I’m damn thankful Copycat helped him keep that belt!

DM: I don’t think everybody would agree with you on that one, Neels. Cameron Cruise has definitely come a long way and proven himself as one of this federation’s top competitors. But everybody knows that the WORLD Champion issued him a challenge for the big strap on this show, and Cruise turned it DOWN in order to tag up with his new teammate, Copycat.

MN: Right, well, Cameron Cruise isn’t about to blow the main event of what would be the BIGGEST and BEST Pay Per View event of the DECADE. That’s just bad business…

DT: Or maybe he’s just lacking the SPINE…

[The Anthology members meet up and hit the ring, going to opposite turnbuckles and POSING for the booing crowd as pyros shoot up from within the ring. Moments later… MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit, the lights dim as The First walks into a purple spotlight in the middle of the ramp way. First's face is painted white with black lines around his eyes like Kefka. He's wearing a black "Pax Vobicscum" T-Shirt cut into a wife beater, with black karate pants, black ring boots, and his right hand taped up to the elbow, with the words "No Hope" written on the tape. First runs back and forth on the top of the ramp way screaming at the crowd who respond by popping big!]

DC: And the opponent… hailing from Salem, Massachusetts… he weighs in at 210 pounds… HERE IS… THE FORSAKEN ONE… TTTHHHEEEEE FFFFIIIIIIRRRRSSSSSTTTT!!!!

DT: And here comes the very man that was SCREWED OVER by Cameron Cruise and the Anthology at Wrestleverse! THE FIRST… the HIGH-FLYING WONDER… the AERIAL DAREDEVIL… he gave it his ALL when the Intercontinental Championship was on the line! But because of the two men standing in the ring, that dream could not be achieved!

MN: And it will NEVER be achieved, cause this mopey GOTH KID doesn’t know the FIRST THING about being a successful professional wrestler!

DM: Maybe if he had fewer people interfering in his matches…

DT: You KNOW The First has vengeance on the mind tonight! On the same token, it’s comforting to know at least SOMEBODY out there has the courage to stand up to the ever-growing Anthology!

MN: Is it courage, or is he simply lacking BRAINPOWER?

[The First waits on stage, not at all interested in going to the ring alone. A moment later… the lights dim. SFX: Thunder, Lightning, Horses, Chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of Gladiator-style war.]


[CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.]


[CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious. ]


[CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant. Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence.]

"Time to ride, n[BEEP]."


[Fireworks in the shape of an X shot to the roof, as "King Back," by TI blasted over the PA system, and Trip stepped through the curtain. He was immediately met with a chorus of boos – that he ignored – as he stood on the stage in a 100% cotton "King of the Gladiators" t-shirt, black and silver tights, and a pair of millionaire "Gucci" sunglasses, which had minor drops of water on them, from his soaked light brown locks, and, of course, THE EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE, proudly worn around the waist. For a moment, he lingers on stage, looking at his tag partner with mild indifference… and confidently strides down the ramp toward the ring, with The First following.]

DC: And his partner… from Orlando, Florida… weighing in at 243 pounds… he is the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… The KING OF THE GLADIATORS… PLANET EARTH’S CHAMPION… The BLUE-EYED BADASS…



DT: Love him or hate him… there are few who can argue the IMPACT that the World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, has made on Empire Pro.

MN: Glad somebody finally REALIZES it!

DM: There hasn’t been a person to hold the EPW World Heavyweight Title quite like Sean Stevens. EPW’s ONLY two-time champ… not to mention, probably the ONLY champion with the gall and confidence to come out and make challenges to other contenders, even throwing his title on the line!

DT: Such is how he came to be in this match! Sean Stevens made the challenge to Cameron Cruise, title for title, but… the IC Champ mysteriously REFUSED the offer!

MN: Probably because “Triple X” Sean Stevens vs. “The Crippler” Cameron Cruise, with both EPW titles on the line, would be a match of ASTRONOMICAL PROPORTIONS that couldn’t exist on live TV! Television sets across the globe would EXPLODE from the sheer awesomeness!

DT: Nevertheless… Sean Stevens has found an unlikely partner in The First, as the two of them address the issue of the growing Anthology. It will be interesting to see how these two try and coexist.

DM: That’s a good observation, Dave. They both have it in for the Anthology, but they are HARDLY friends. This union will either work out and provide an amazing one-time high-flying duo… or it will self-destruct and the two will turn on each other.

[Stevens and The First reach the ring and step inside together, with the two members representing the Anthology keeping their distance on the other side of the ring. The First pops up a turnbuckle to a BIG face pop while Stevens, somewhat irked to have the young high-flying superstar stealing his thunder, removes his belt and scales another turnbuckle, to almost the opposite reaction. As the music ends, all four men meet in the center of the ring around Pat Jones…]

[After the respective champions hand of their titles, Jones holds them briefly in the air for the fans to see, and relinquishes them to the timekeeper. After some brief talk, Cameron Cruise obliges to stay in the ring while Copycat goes to the apron. In the other corner, there is no discussion, as Sean Stevens “volunteers” The First to start things off to no resistance.]

DM: No surprises here… The First and Cameron Cruise are eager to start this off on their own!

DT: Looks like this animosity is ready to come to a HEAD!! Pat Jones cues the bell… AND HERE COMES THE FIRST, charging right out of the gate for CRUISE, and landing the RUNNING DROPKICK before the IC Champ could even react!

DM: That slapped the smirk right off Cruise’s face! The First is off to a quick start, and he’s already back on Cruise before the IC Champ can even make it to his feet… there’s the whip to the ropes… and The First meets Cruise with a SPINNING HEEL KICK that puts him to the mat again!

MN: Hey, HEY!! This is all wrong, restart the match!

DT: A match can’t be restarted when it’s already begun, Mike…

MN: Yeah, but Cammy CLEARLY wasn’t ready when that stupid ref jumped the gun and rang the bell!

DM: That’s just too bad for Cameron Cruise! Cruise looks stunned, but nevertheless back on his feet… walking straight into a BOOT—oh wait, he CAUGHT it!

DT: Big mistake there! Cruise, looking down at the leg of The First, suddenly realizes what he’s in for!


DT: TOO LATE!! The First NAILS the ENZIGURI, and Cameron Cruise rolls to the floor the second he hits the mat! The high-flying superstar has the IC Champ on the RUN, and these fans are PUMPED and ON THEIR FEET!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Seems to me that Cameron Cruise didn’t quite expect The First to come out swinging at the sound of the bell, and now he has to take a moment to regain his bearings and rethink his strategy.

DT: All the while, The First occupies the ring, working up the crowd and getting them on his side! Look at the sheer disgust on the face of the World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens…

MN: Right with you on that one, Trip!

DM: Here’s Cruise, back on the apron, telling Pat Jones to keep The First at bay! He takes one step in… and here comes The First! Cruise drops to the floor once again!

Crowd: BOOO!!

DT: Oh, COME ON!! Grow a spine and get in the match, why don’t you!

MN: I’ll have you know, Dave, that Cameron Cruise has more spine than ANYBODY in this entire arena!

DT: And that’s why he turned down the champ’s offer for a title shot, huh?

MN: Cammy has his OWN belt to worry about, Dave!

DM: Well, Cruise definitely wants back into the ring, but he’d be stupid to walk straight into another beating from The First! Jones is on the count of four while Cruise takes a moment to deliberate with his tag partner…

DT: Wait, here comes The First, charging to the ROPES—OH, but Cruise and Copycat clear out before he can throw himself to the outside!

Crowd: AAAWWwww…

DT: The crowd was clearly disappointed with that.

MN: Heh heh… BLUE-BALLED ‘em!!

DM: Wait a second… I don’t think Cruise realizes he ran around to the corner where SEAN STEVENS is waiting! Here’s STEVENS dropping from the apron, walking with a PURPOSE toward Cruise, who quickly books it in the other direction!

MN: Oh no… get AWAY from him, Cammy! Now is not the time!

DM: Cruise rolls BACK into the ring to get away from Sean Stevens… but backs up right into THE FIRST!! There’s a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP from one former tag champ to another, and The First pops back to his feet before running to the ropes…

DT: SENTON SPLASH on the prone body of Cameron Cruise! He goes for the cover!



And Cruise kicks out!

DM: Cruise has a lot more in him, but that all may change if he can’t diffuse the momentum The First has right now!

MN: Ah, that scrawny twerp is bound to run out of gas eventually!

DT: You only wish, Mike… Cruise back to his feet, but The First with a LEGSWEEP puts him to the mat once again! Here’s The First back into the ropes… and comes back with a JUMPING LEGDROP across the face of the IC Champ!

DM: The First looking to capitalize… he bounds up to the second rope in the near turnbuckle… comes LUNGING OFF with the KNEE DROP—OH NO!! Cruise rolled out of the way, and The First drove that knee into nothing but HARD CANVAS!!

MN: YEAH!! I KNEW Cruise was just waiting for him to slip up!

DT: The First back up, holding that knee… but now he’s given Cruise his window of opportunity! Cruise with the CHOP BLOCK to the back of the hurt leg, and he puts The First back to the mat! What a cheap shot!

DM: Cruise sees a weak point, and you better believe he’s going to jump all over it… Cruise has a hold of that leg now, and STOMPS IT on the mat, putting even more strain on that knee! OH MAN, he stomps it again… AND AGAIN!! Talk about letting off some steam!

MN: Well yeah, you’d be pissed off too if that SHRIMP was in there humiliating you!

DT: The First, while he had an energetic start to this match, is suddenly in a world of trouble, as Cameron Cruise quickly debilitated one of his essential legs! Even so, The First, trying to force himself to his feet, limping on one leg… but here comes CRUISE—and the IC Champ just LEVELS HIM with a running lariat!!

DM: That clothesline sent The First flipping head over heels, and that could have knocked him out cold!

DT: Here’s Cruise, hooking the leg for the cover!



And The First makes the kick out!

MN: Bah… you didn’t knock him HARD ENOUGH, Cammy! Tear that annoying little fly APART, and start with his wings!

DT: Cruise going to his corner… makes the tag to COPYCAT! It’s time to see what this newcomer can bring to Empire Pro!

DM: The First is trying to make it to his corner, but he can’t get there in time on his bummed leg, and now Copycat spins him around… there’s a BOOT to the midsection… and Copycat lifts The First up into the SUPLEX POSITION!!

DT: WOW, would you LOOK at that POWER?! Copycat holding him in place for several seconds… and brings him DOWN to the mat with PAINFUL IMPACT!!

MN: WHAM!! Looks like the Anthology struck gold YET AGAIN picking up THIS guy!

DT: The First in a world of hurt… but Copycat is already bringing him off the mat again… now he lifts him UP… AND BACK DOWN ACROSS THE KNEE with a HARD Rib-Breaker!!

DM: Copycat is definitely playing the power game against The First, given the disparity in size and weight! Cat knows he has the advantage, and he’s going to roll with it as best he can!

MN: They don’t call him the Smartest Player in the Game for nothing!

DT: We’ve seen The First fall victim to overpowering opponents before, but can his agility and determination save him against this new, unpredictable opponent? Copycat, bringing him to his feet once again… there’s the whip to the ROPES—and The First DUCKS the clothesline attempt!

DM: Here’s his chance! The First, rebounding off the other set of ropes… going for a CROSS BODY BLOCK—BUT COPYCAT REVERSES IT INTO A POWERSLAM!!

DT: MY GOD, what IMPACT!! Copycat quickly goes for the cover…



And The First kicks out!

MN: Damn… I thought he had him there!

DT: You’d do well to remember that it takes much more than THAT to put down The First for good! But now Copycat, bringing The First back to his feet… what does he have planned for the high-flying wonder now?

DM: Copycat boosts The First onto his shoulders… could be going for the SAMOAN DROP—oh wait, THE FIRST REVERSES WITH A CRUCIFIX PIN!!




Copycat KICKS OUT!

DM: The First couldn’t steal the victory, but he nevertheless opens a window of opportunity… he’s heading for his CORNER—but Copycat grabs him by the leg!

DM: Time to SLAM that window down on his fingers!

DT: The First, bouncing on one foot and trying to REACH that extra few inches to the hand of Sean Stevens… but now Copycat is drawing him back to the center of the ring!

DM: Look for the enziguri here again… The First GOING FOR IT—OH NO, Copycat released the leg just in time! He was quick not to make the same mistake as Cameron Cruise earlier in the match!

MN: Come on… The First to be some kind of IDIOT to think he could have pulled that off again!

DT: The First took a hard fall on the back of his head there… now Copycat, bouncing off the ropes, comes at him with an ELBOW DROP—OH NO, The First ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!! I guess he didn’t fall so hard on his head after all, but Copycat sure thought he was out of it!

DM: Wasn’t so smart with that one, Neels. Explain THAT to me.

MN: Uh… just a miscalculation on his part!

DT: That “miscalculation” is soon going to come back and haunt him, as The First makes it to his corner, and there’s the tag to “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS!!


DM: The World Champion is FINALLY in the ring, and he’s ready to show these guys how it’s done!

DT: Copycat back on his feet… but he meets a determined Sean Stevens, who simply BLASTS him with a forearm to the face!! Stevens had enough strength behind that to knock Copycat clear into the ropes… and now Stevens whips him to the other side of the ring!

DM: Here’s Cat on the rebound… WHOA!! Stevens telegraphs the Back Body Drop… and Copycat puts on the BRAKES!! Here’s Cat with a kick to the—NO!! Stevens CAUGHT IT!!

DT: The World Champion with a DRAGON SCREW puts Copycat to the mat! He follows through with an ELBOW DROP right into the inner thigh! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stevens set him UP for that one!

DM: No doubt trying to outsmart the acclaimed “Smartest Player In The Game.”

MN: Well, I mean, he IS the World Heavyweight Champ… and… VERY brilliant at that.

DM: More brilliant than even Cameron Cruise and his cronies?

MN: Aw, man, don’t force me to make impossible decisions like that!

DT: Stevens still has a hold of that leg… and now he’s… going for a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK?! Submission attempt on the part of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, targeting that same leg of Copycat!

DM: Stevens has it LOCKED IN, and Copycat is now feeling the BURN courtesy of this federation’s champion! I’m sure he’s beginning to REGRET all those disparaging remarks he made about some of Empire Pro’s elite!

MN: Yeah, maybe Cammy should have passed the memo to Cat about dropping the champ’s name and subsequently paying the price for it…

DT: Copycat feeling INCREDIBLE pain right now, but so far, he’s kept his composure and REFUSED to tap out! I can see why… he’s only a few feet away from the ropes! The champ didn’t bother dragging him closer to the center of the ring, and with that short of a distance, Copycat KNOWS he can break out of this hold!

DM: Cat, now, trying to drag himself to the ropes… Stevens only putting up MINIMAL resistance! It’s as if he WANTS Copycat to break this hold, but he’s still intent on making him EARN IT in the most PAINFUL ways!

MN: You see? Never EVER say the champ isn’t MERCIFUL.

DT: Copycat only a foot away… now a few INCHES… and YES, he has the bottom rope! Pat Jones ordering Stevens break the figure-four… but Stevens SHAKES HIS HEAD!!

DM: Stevens is going to milk that hold for everything it’s worth! Jones making the count now… ONE… TWO… THREE… and Stevens releases before he can be disqualified! Copycat escapes, but I think he lost one of his nine lives back there!

DT: Stevens is already bringing Copycat back to his feet, and you can see the EPW newcomer favoring that leg now… granted, The First had that knee of his take a lot of punishment, so both teams seem hampered with the same handicap!

DM: Stevens, taking Copycat around the waist… AND JUST SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A DEVASTATING Belly-To-Belly Suplex!! It’s always gonna hurt when a man that size gets LIFTED UP and THROWN DOWN!!

DT: The World Champion, going for the pin…



NO! A kickout by Copycat!

DM: So far, the champ has been nothing short of FLAWLESS in that ring! Now he’s back on his feet, and has a handful of Copycat’s hair as he leads him back to his corner… Stevens makes the TAG to The First, right before setting Cat to the mat with a SNAPMARE!

DT: What’s he have planned here? Stevens, giving The First some manner of a signal, and now he hooks both of Copycat’s arms… Copycat is a SITTING DUCK!! Here comes THE FIRST—

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: OVER THE ROPES WITH A DROPKICK TO THE CHEST OF COPYCAT!! What GREAT double teamwork on the part of The First and Sean Stevens!

DM: I didn’t think the two of them were capable of that sort of communication!

MN: Yeah, me neither. I mean, from STEVENS, yeah, obviously, but I can’t see The First capable of such brilliance. I’ll just chalk that up to the champ showing him how its done.

DT: Here’s The First, going for another cover on Copycat…



NO!! Copycat manages to hang in there!

DM: Cat still has that hurt leg… and although The First’s knee took some punishment earlier in the match, he’s had a chance to sit on the apron and rest up. If the Anthology wants to retake control, he HAS to make the tag to Cameron Cruise!

MN: Yes, do it NOW that Stevens is out of the ring!

DT: The First with the whip on Copycat—and he’s definitely got a LIMP in that run… wait, Copycat makes the tag to CRUISE as he hits the ropes! Copycat on the return… The First LEAPFROGS and keeps his attention on Cruise!

DM: The First saw the tag being made, and now Cruise coming into the ring… but Copycat’s still MOVING!!


DM: TOO LATE!! Copycat GOT HIM WITH THE RUNNING BULLDOG!! And now the legal man, Cameron Cruise, adds insult to injury by just laying the BOOTS into the back of the head of The First!

MN: STOMP HIM, CAMMY!! Kick the HAIR DYE off his head!

DT: Cruise knows this is his chance to turn things around, and now he brings The First back to his feet and OOH… kick to the gut doubles him over… and Cruise follows through with a PILEDRIVER!!

DM: OOohh… good thing this match isn’t taking place south of the border, otherwise Cruise would have SURELY picked up the DQ for THAT crippling maneuver!

DT: Here’s Cruise with the cover, and I don’t know if The First has enough to kick out of this…



THR—OH NO, HE MADE IT!! Sean Stevens had one foot in the ring, but his assistance wasn’t needed!

MN: Yeah it was…

DT: Cruise getting The First up to a sitting position… and he slaps on a CHINLOCK!!

DM: Oh my God, the dreaded CHINLOCK OF DOOM!!

DT: The First now in a precarious position, as Cruise forces the knee in his back and just PULLS back on that jawline without remorse! The First looks like he’s slipping away…

MN: It’s because of all that blood loss from CUTTING HIMSELF to deal with the pain of being a complete FAILBAG!

DT: Cruise WRENCHING the face of The First… but now these FANS are getting into it! The fans, rallying behind The First, as the aerial wonder tries his HARDEST to muster the strength and energy to force himself out!


DM: Note that Stevens isn’t really participating in the rally efforts…

MN: Why SHOULD he?

DT: The First, with his fists CLENCHED and SHAKING… and YES, he is FORCING HIMSELF TO HIS FEET!! Cruise can HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!

DM: The First, DESPERATELY trying to pry his way out of this GOD-AWFUL BORING CHINLOCK… he’s up to a KNEE… now BOTH KNEES… now he’s getting UP!!

MN: Come on, Cammy, don’t blow it NOW!!

DT: Yes… The First is UP AT LAST!! The First drives an ELBOW into the ribs of Cruise… and ANOTHER… and a THIRD! But Cruise will NOT release his grip! The First is going to have to take other measures!

DM: The First, grabbing Cruise around the waist… looking for a BACK SUPLEX—oh no, Cruise somehow LANDED ON HIS FEET!!

DT: Cruise with an ELBOW to the back of The First’s head… FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A TIGER SUPLEX!! MY GOD, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! Cruise BRIDGES for the PIN!!




MN: Still, all that hard work trying to get to his feet and all these stupid fans cheering his name… where did it get him? On his DAMB SHOULDERS!! HA HA!!

DT: The First, getting to his feet… OH NO!! A VERY LOW KNEE to the midsection puts him back to the mat! Pat Jones warning Cruise about blows below the waist, but the IC Champ SWEARS he was aiming for the abdomen!
MN: Well, I mean, clearly he WAS…

DM: Cruise to his corner now, making the tag back to Copycat… and it looks like they have something in mind for The First!

DT: There’s Copycat into the ropes… and Cruise hoists up The First! Copycat with a LUNGING CLOTHESLINE brings The First back to the mat! The First is REALLY in a bad spot now!

MN: He was in a bad spot the minute he stepped into the ring!

DM: Cat, bringing The First to his feet… what’s he have in store here? Copycat… PRESSES THE FIRST OVER HIS HEAD!! OH MAN, what STRENGTH!!

MN: Doesn’t take much when your opponent weighs as much as a sack of potatoes!

DT: The First, DANGLING IN AIR… and Copycat brings him DOWN HARD to the mat!! Now Copycat bounces back to his feet… bounces off the ropes… STRUTTING HIS STUFF to the center of the ring?!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

DM: It’s the STRAY CAT STRUT!! Copycat NAILS the elbow across the chest of The First!

DT: The First is getting PUMMELED in there! Here’s Copycat with the cover!



NO!! The First kicked out! He stays alive in this match, but already, you can tell the punishment he’s going through won’t end soon, as Copycat pulls him to his feet and leads him back to his corner, tagging in Cameron Cruise!

DM: Cat, scooping The First onto his shoulder… his HEAD is just hanging out there in the open! Now Cruise GRABS IT, and DROPS HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER!! The Anthology are really dishing out the double team tactics now, and it’s paying off!

MN: Strength in numbers. I mean, COME ON, it’s just basic logic here!

DT: Here’s CRUISE, going for the cover on The First!



NO!! AGAIN, The First kicks out! Say what you will about the daredevil wonder, he can withstand nearly ANYTHING!

MN: Ah, I’d say he doesn’t have much longer in him…

DM: Not unless he can somehow turn things around. Sean Stevens waits patiently in his corner for the tag, although only absently interested in The First’s progress. Cruise, now, getting The First back to his feet… there’s the whip to the ropes!

DT: Cruise waiting for The First… looking for a CLOTHESLINE—but it MISSED!! Here’s The First on the rebound… BLASTS CRUISE OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SPEAR!!

Crowd: POP!!

DM: THERE IT IS!! Just like THAT, The First gets this crowd back on their feet and gives himself the chance he needs!

DT: Both men are lying prone on the mat as Pat Jones begins the ten count…



DM: Cruise is now showing signs of life, holding his ribs in pain! That spear knocked the wind clear OUT of him!


DT: The First coming to now… trying to crawl to his corner where the World Champion waits with his arm extended over the ropes! Cruise trying to get to his feet…



DT: Cruise is UP… and The First only a FEW FEET AWAY from his corner now! Who’s going to make it there FIRST!!

MN: Not The First, hopefully!

DM: Well, that kind of IS his name…

DT: The First, only INCHES AWAY…

NO!! SHUT DOWN BY CAMERON CRUISE!! Cruise, drags The First back to the center of the ring, and that just SILENCED this capacity crowd!

MN: Damn right it did!

DT: Cruise is getting The First back to his feet… now he has him by the waist! Cruise going for a GERMAN SUPLEX—



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: MY GOD, HOW HE DOES IT IS BEYOND ME!! The First just took that beating for several minutes, only to come back and nail the IC Champ with his FINISHER when nobody expected it!

DM: But now he’s gotta make the COVER!!

DT: The First, CRAWLING over the prone body of Cameron Cruise… he hooks the leg for the COVER…





DM: Pat Jones telling Copycat to exit the ring… I think Cameron Cruise really lucked out on that one!

MN: Luck had NOTHING to do with that!

DT: Regardless of what the cause was, I don’t think Cameron Cruise is quite out of the storm just yet, as The First makes it to his feet… and MAKES THE TAG TO SEAN STEVENS!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Wow… a crowd reaction for the CHAMPION!?

MN: Uh-oh… STEVENS and CRUISE in the ring together?!

DM: Your worst nightmare come true, Mike. Who do you think will come over in this one?

MN: OH MAN… don’t make me have to CHOOSE!

DM: Cruise slowly getting to his feet, and he still has yet to realize a tag was made! I’m sure he’s not even aware he was saved from that PIN!!

DT: Stevens going to the near corner… and he STARTS LOADING THE BOOT!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: I don’t think that’s gonna happen, Neels! Cruise almost to his feet now… Stevens has him RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM…

DT: Cruise TURNING AROUND… and here’s “TRIPLE X” with the X-FACTOR




DM: I was CERTAIN he was down and out, but somehow, SOME WAY, Cameron Cruise reacted to seeing Sean Stevens coming at him, and NARROWLY missed having his head kicked off his shoulders and into the moon!

DT: Here’s the IC Champion, going for the cover on the WORLD Champion…




DM: But I can, Dave! Though Stevens took a HUGE drop on his head, he’s barely been TOUCHED this entire match! It’s going to take more than that to finish off EPW’s WORLD CHAMPION!!

DT: How are you doing over there, Mike?


DT: …Mike, you think you could lower your hands?


DT: But you’re missing the match!

MN: I can’t watch, Dave! Not while the TWO GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS EVER occupy the same ring! It’s like a PARADOX!! I’m afraid if I look, my HEAD will explode!

DM: …Cameron Cruise is one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever??

DT: Go ahead and miss it then, Mike, cause I don’t think you’re going to like what you’ll see next… Cruise getting Sean Stevens back onto his feet… lifting him UP OVER HIS SHOULDERS—HE’S LOOKING FOR THE SHIPWRECK!!

DM: WAIT!! Stevens, from being held upside down, grabs ahold of the NEARBY ROPES!! Cruise can’t WALK HIM to the center of the ring!


DM: And Stevens HANGS ONTO THE ROPES!! Stevens, using ONLY HIS ARMSTRENGTH, lifts himself UP and FLIPPING BACK OVER THE ROPES!! MY GOD, what ATHLETICISM!! Even if he IS just showing off to the fans, who right now, have NO IDEA what to think of their World Champion!!

MN: Oh yeah, here I’ve been ALL THIS TIME behind the champ, suddenly everybody realizes what a BAD ASS he is, and now everybody’s hopping on the bandwagon! Hate to say I TOLD YOU SO!!

DT: COPYCAT IN THE RING, RUNNING AT STEVENS… NO!! THROWN OVER THE ROPES WITH A BACK BODY DROP by the CHAMP!! Copycat spills over next to Cameron Cruise, and now BOTH members of the Anthology laid out on the outside!

DM: I don’t think Stevens is DONE here… here goes “Triple X” into the far set of ropes… COULD BE GOING OVER THE TOP—

No wait, HE PUTS ON THE BREAKS just as Cruise and Cat get to their feet! He locks eyes… and points to the NEAR TURNBUCKLE—



Crowd: *POPPP!!!!*


MN: What happened?! DID HE MAKE IT?!

DT: Damnit, Mike, uncover your eyes and watch the match!

MN: Not until Stevens tags out!



DT: What I’m seeing right now is simply BEYOND WORDS!! These fans are ON THEIR FEET as the team of The First and the World Heavyweight Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, close in on VICTORY over the Anthology!

DM: But they’ve gotta make the PIN now, Dave! Stevens is seeing his chance to put this away… and now he’s stripping Cruise off the mat, and rolling him back into the ring! Stevens is going to PUT THIS AWAY!!

DT: I think you’re RIGHT, Dean-O!! Stevens getting Cruise set up for THE X-TERMINATOR… he lifts Cruise UP… OVER…


DM: Stevens turning around… WALKS STRAIGHT INTO A REALITY CHECK FROM CAMERON CRUISE!! How does Cruise keep SURVIVING by the skin of his TEETH?!

MN: Still doubt his being one of the BEST EVER, do you?

DM: Oh shut up… you’re not even watching anymore.

MN: No, but in my mind, they’re both beating up the shrimp in their, and THAT’S entertaining!

DT: Cruise doesn’t HAVE ENOUGH in him to make the tag! Both men LAID OUT in the middle of the ring, as Cruise now tries to drag his way to his corner, to make the tag!!

DM: The Cat finally returns to the apron and sees what’s going down! He’s REACHING OVER THE ROPES for the tag to Cruise! I think the IC Champ is going to MAKE IT!!

DT: Stevens is hardly UP at this point… AND CRUISE MAKES THE TAG!! COPYCAT in the ring now, and he’s got the champ right where he WANTS him!

DM: Copycat getting Stevens back to his feet, and slips behind him… and he locks in THE CAT’S CLAW!! MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT CLAWHOLD!! Stevens is REACHING OUT with his free arm to touch the ropes… but he MISSES!!


DM: Cat releases the hold on the champ and goes to the corner… TAG MADE TO CAMERON CRUISE… but Stevens still wants a PIECE of him! I don’t think the champion realizes the TAG was made! Pat Jones is telling him to get on the apron—but “Triple X” SHOVES him aside and starts LAYING INTO THE CAT with his fists!!

DT: But now the REF is getting in face! Pat Jones DID NOT LIKE that shove!



Crowd: BOOOOO!!!

DT: That SON OF A *****!! And here I thought I was starting to LIKE HIM!!


MN: …hey, what’s going on? Why is everybody out?

DM: Welcome back to the match, Neels…

DT: It’s COMPLETE and UTTER PANDEMONIUM in the ring right now! The ref is knocked out… three of the four participants are lying PRONE on the mat… and EVEN NOW, HERE COMES THE FIRST INTO THE RING!!


DM: He’s got the CROWD on his side!! The First, RUNNING AT CRUISE…


Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: The First PUMPS BACK TO HIS FEET and just GETS THIS CROWD ELECTRIFIED!! The chance to FINISH the match is at hand, but… now the ref is out!

DM: The First is checking on Pat Jones, but man, he took ALL of that missile dropkick from before! I don’t think he’ll be coming out of that for—

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

DT: Wait a second, someone’s running to the RING…


MN: OH YEAH, THE GOOD DOCTOR is HERE with the CURE for this match!!

DM: With the ref out, Hart has the CLEAR opportunity to interfere!! He could ruin EVERYTHING for The First right now!


DM: Hart running along the ringside… HE JUST TOOK THE WORLD TITLE FROM THE TIMEKEEPER!! He’s going to USE IT AS A WEAPON!!

MN: Damn RIGHT he is! He’s going to give The First the closest look he’ll ever have at THAT title!

DT: Shawn Hart, rolling into the ring to help his Anthology teammates… HE LUNGES AFTER THE FIRST WITH THE TITLE IN HAND…



DM: The ref CAN’T while he’s OUT, Neels! Besides, Hart was trying to INTERFERE with a WEAPON!!

DT: The First, ROLLING out of the ring… and now Hart is BACK ON HIS FEET with that title in his hands… but I don’t think he can SEE anything!!

DM: Wait a minute, Cruise to his feet… approaching HART—



DT: Shawn Hart, DROPS the belt and RUNS FROM THE RING!! No doubt, going to the back to wash his EYES out, although I don’t think he’s going to be too pleased to find out that he just CLOCKED HIS OWN TEAM MEMBER IN THE FACE with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!

DM: Here comes The First, back onto the apron… GOING UP TOP NOW!! HE’S GOT ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!!








[The bell rings as The First rolls off of Cameron Cruise and scrambles to his feet as “Happy Birthday” comes over the PA. Pat Jones, still looking a tad weary, raises his arm in victory.]

DT: What a VICTORY for the THE FIRST!! He FINALLY claimed his vengeance against the Anthology!

MN: Yeah, but only because he caused Shawn Hart to screw up!

DM: The First never said he was above going outside the rules, Neels. The way I see it… tonight was an eye for an eye! The Anthology thought they could use their numbers to prevail, and tonight, they were proved WRONG by the very man who has been the victim to their schemes time and time again!

[Copycat drags Cruise from the ring and attempts to bring him to. Meanwhile, The First spots the World Heavyweight Title idly laying on the mat… and picks it up. The fans POP WILDLY. The First stares at the prestigious belt for several moments…]

DT: Oh, what’s THIS!

DM: Somebody looking into his possible future, if you ask me!

MN: Oh come on, NOW you guys are just getting delusional!

[…and suddenly, IT’S GONE. RIPPED from his hand by the very man who owns it: SEAN STEVENS. “Triple X” promptly throws it over his shoulder, giving a foreboding look to his partner. The First nods, and the uneasy pairing part ways. Up the ramp, Cameron Cruise and Copycat, amid a crowd of booing fans, look angrily back into the ring before disappearing.]

MN: THERE!! THANK YOU, Sean, for taking back what’s rightfully YOURS!!

DM: These two worked together to pick up the win tonight, but I don’t think things are quite finished between the two of THEM! We might see another meeting down the line, but I’m sure that will have to come after Sean Stevens’ upcoming match with the number one contender, Marcus Westcott!

DT: A matter for the future… for right now, though, we are OUT OF TIME!! Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for yet another evening of NONSTOP ACTION! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, I’ve Dave Thomas… GOOD NIGHT!!

[Stevens drops out of the ring and makes his way back up the ramp while The First pops up a turnbuckle, working up the cheering fans around him. Fade to the EPW logo.]
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