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Aggression 45: Atlanta, GA - 7/17/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.
JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.
Troy Douglas ducking a clothesline by Cameron Cruise and then tossing him with a belly to belly suplex.
Felix Red and First, perched on opposite turnbuckles, then diving down onto their opponents.
Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.
Larry Tact and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.
“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.
And finally…. A dais with a throne upon it and Lindsay Troy sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to AGGRESSION! I’m Dave Thomas!! With me as always are Dean Matthews and the one and only…. Mike Neely.

MN: Hey-o!

DT: We have a huge night in store! Layne Winters gets a crack at Fusenshoff for the TV Title! Stalker takes on his long time nemesis Rocko Daymon and we have a huge six man main event as The Anthology takes on the team of World Champion Sean Stevens, Ice Tre and the next challenger to Stevens' World Title, Marcus Westcott.

DM: Not to mention Anarky taking on Larry Tact in a huge steel cage match, The First takes on Shawn Hart, and Frankie Scott says goodbye with a match against his long time rival, The Sergeant.

DT: Let's go up to the ring, to Tony Fatora and our first match!

[CUT TO: the ring - SARGE and DRUNKEN TIGER are already in the ring warming up, awaiting their opponents]

TF: The following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, hailing from PARTS UNKOWN and standing at a combined weight of a number so intimidating, the scale is afraid to list it…they are the team of SERGEANT and DRUNKEN TIGER….THEY…ARE…CONTRAAAAAAADIIIIIIIIIICTIIIOOOOONNNN!!!!

MN: Y’know it’s weird, I just don’t know how I feel about these guys.

DM: Well what are you waiting for, a written invitation?

MN: Something like that…

[Green and yellow lights flash through the crowd as the intro to “Back to the Primitive” by Soulfly begins to play. The audience stirs in excitement while the guitar riff plays, and then BOOOOM! The tribal drums begin to beat, the violent guitar chords are strum with bad intentions, and RICARDO “LIGHTNING” SILVA hops out, bouncing up and down, talking smack to an invisible enemy as the fans grasp for his hands. Behind him is his cousin GABRIEL CARVALHO and MAURICIO DOS SANTOS limping to the ring on a crutch, due to an ankle injury]


DT: And it looks like Dos Santos is sitting on the sidelines tonight after injuring himself on Powermaster’s trap door at Wrestleverse.

MN: Good riddance. Now the crowd gets to see the REAL reason why these guys are on fire…RICARDO SILVA!

DT: The bell rings and we’re off to the races…Carvalho starting against the big three hundred plus pounder Drunken Tiger. They lock up and Carvalho immediately transitions to the headlock. Tiger tries to pick him up but Carvalho spreads his feet to strengthen his base. Doesn’t matter- Tiger throws him off into the ropes, misses with the clothesline and NIIICE shoulder block executed the second time around by Tiger! Carvalho backs off and regroups.

DM: Drunken Tiger may look soft, but it takes a lot of strength to put down the Brazilian Brainbuster, who is no small man himself!

DT: Silva asks for the tag but it’s a no-go. Carvalho fakes for the lock up and hits Tiger with a nice forearm to the face! Working him in the corner now with kicks…

MN: This Mickey Mouse crap ain’t gonna get the job done. The sooner Carvalho tags in his cousin, the better.

DT: Carvalho tries for a ROLLING KNEE BAR but he can’t get the big man down- OH MY! Tiger just dropped a knee on Carvalho’s face, and now he’s hurt! The Brazilian looks for the tag, but he’s dragged to the opposite corner by Tiger who tags in Sarge.

MN: My wife got a Brazilian once. Lemme tell you…HIGHLY overrated. Trust me folks, sometimes the grass is on the field for a reason.

DT: That’s enough Neely, there’s kids watching!

MN: What? You think they don’t hear about this in health class? I’m just saying…the thing looked like a damn cow tongue with eyes…winked at me and everything.

DT: When are they going to fire you and bring in somebody with talent?

MN: The day they fire YOU and hire Colonel Sanders.

DT: Enough with the Dave Thomas jokes! Back to the action, and Carvalho just can’t find any momentum after the Contradiction double-team, and that running Liger bomb from Sarge doesn’t help either! For the…



KICKOUT! Carvalho’s still in it!

DM: Lightning Silva’s just BEGGING for that tag! He may not be an intimidating physical specimen, but the kid’s a game breaker. If he gets tagged, this is a new match!

DT: If that’s going to happen, Carvalho’s gotta mount some offense here and find the opening! But Sarge is making life for the Curitiba native very difficult…DROPS HIM WITH AN INVERTED NECKBREAKER! For the cover? No…Sarge has him up for a suplex!

MN: This Carvalho idiot is the weight holding down Silva’s Jungle Storm!

DM: SILVA’S Jungle Storm? Carvalho’s the one that brought ‘em to the states, and he’s the one that kept them in that big tag scramble at Wrestleverse!

MN: Yeah, you heard me Junior!

DT: Contradiction right now are looking like the next EPW Tag Champions with this onslaught of offense! Sarge whips a tired Gabe Carvalho off the ropes, goes for the spinning back elbow…MISSES!...Carvalho!...DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT!

DM: Here we go!


DT: The crowd is willing Carvalho back to life! He’s up now…will he tag Silva? Wait a minute…he does NOT…he’s going for a submission!

MN: Tag him, you crazy man, TAG HIM!

DT: Carvalho has Sarge in a figure four, and the submissions expert has him locked in tight! Silva beyond fuming now; he’s fuming to get into this match! Drunken Tiger is attempting to climb the turnbuckles and…wait a minute? Drunken Tiger is attempting to climb the TURNBUCKLES? What is he DOING?!

MN: You want reward? You’ve gotta take risks, Davey boy!

DM: Can he even get up there?

DT: Yes, he’s on top! The referee is over at the corner now counting down until he disqualifies Contradiction, but Tiger won’t get down! HOLD ON…Silva’s out of his corner now! Tiger leaps off with the axe handle!!!...NO!...SILVA WAS JUST IN TIME! TIGER IS OUT COLD AFTER TAKING THE LIGHTNING SHOT RIGHT ON THE CHIN!

MN: He’s carrying this operation on his back, baby!

DT: Referee’s now pushing Silva back to his corner. Dos Santos is screaming…and now he’s rolling into the ring with that crutch! Carvalho’s telling him to back off but it’s no use! NO!


DT: DOS SANTOS IS JUST…OH!...HE JUST BROKE THAT CRUTCH OVER SARGE’S HEAD! He’s out of the ring before the referee can turn his back…

MN: Now that’s what I call team work!

DT: The crowd is just livid, and Carvalho’s none too pleased himself! He thought he had control of the match, and clearly disapproves of Dos Santos’ methods!

DM: That seems to be the story of Jungle Storm- NEVER on the same page!

DT: Carvalho releases the figure four and tags in Silva, finally! Sarge is dead in the middle of the ring, Drunken Tiger is out of commission, and this Contradiction team is helpless!


DT: Silva’s gone up top…Carvalho readies Sarge for the powerbomb…HERE IT IS…DEATHWISH!!!! Silva fresh off the shooting star press makes the cover…




[SFX: Bell rings]


DM: Well, one way or the other, they found a way to get the job done, but the leader of this team, Carvalho, just stormed out of the ring, clearly frustrated by Dos Santos’ methods.

DT: And for once it seems Dos Santos and Silva are on the same page!

MN: The crowd may not like it, Carvalho might not either, but Jungle Storm is proving they know how to win by ANY means necessary! If they get Silva in action more, they could be wearing gold real soon!

DT: We’ve gotta take a timeout, folks. More when we return!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Sergeant vs Frankie Scott

[MUSIC UP: "Phenomemon" by Thousand Foot Krutch. The crowd pops solidly as Frankie Scott makes his way down the ramp, looking determined!]

DT: Frankie Scott getting ready for his match...WAIT A SECOND...The Sergeant charging out here and now the two men coming to blows already!

DM: These two guy have had a history with each other and it's boiling over here tonight!

DT: Sergeant dragging Scott to ringside and tosses him in the ring. The Sergeant gets in the ring [Bell rings] and we're off and running. Sergeant now hammering away on Scott who returns fight...The Sergeant rocked and DECKED by a series of right hands from Frankie Scott. Sergeant back to his feet and get FLATTENED by a clothesline!

DM: Frankie Scott's been in a bad frame of mind since his loss to Fusenhoff, and now he's looking to take out his anger on The Sergeant!

DT: Scott stomping away on The Sergeant and now he grabs him...SNAP SUPLEX! Scott with a floatover into a pin!




DT: Not enough to hold down The Sarge who's trying to get to his feet and gets a BIG punch to the stomach for his troubles. Scott backs Sergeant into the corner and now UNLOADING on him with knees to the gut!

MN: Scott's really taking it to The Sarge here, I mean this is a mugging!

DT: Scott now grabs The Sergeant and he gets a step over...SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Another floatover by Scott!




DT: Frankie Scott is really bringing it tonight. It might be a combination of that and the fact that Sarge found himself double booked on this card.

MN: Who knows what he did to deserve that treatment, but you know how the Queen can be when people displease her.

DT: Well whatever the case is, Sarge is really getting run over here. Scott backs Sarge back into the corner and sends him for the ride...SCOTT CHARGES WITH A CLOTHESLINE BUT NOBODY'S HOME!

DM: That might be the break Sarge needs to turn this match around!

DT: Sergeant with a series of kicks to the mid-section of Frankie Scott, he drags him out of the corner and now has a waistlock...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX BY SARGE!

MN: Now that'll crack your back, and neck!

DT: Sarge now stomping away on Frankie Scott...Scott picked up and DRIVEN into the turnbuckle...And now a BIG RIGHT from The Sarge. Scott put against the ropes and now sent to the other side...BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE BY THE SERGEANT! Sarge with the cover!




DT: Scott kicks out! Sarge puts the boots to him, and he drags Scott to his feet...Scott sent to the ropes...BACKDROP! NO! SCOTT WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD...AND A CLOTHESLINE...BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: Now it's just a question of who can dig down and come up with that last little bit of offense, find a way to get the win here!

DT: Both men slowly up to their feet...Sarge with a right...BLOCKED...Big right by Scott! Scott with another right! And another1 Sarge staggering...STANDING DROPKICK BY SCOTT! Sarge hits the deck hard but he's getting to his feet...ONLY TO TAKE A SHOULDER BLOCK! Scott off the ropes ANOTHER SHOULDERBLOCK! Scott now going to the outside...He's going up top.

DM: High risk for Frankie Scott here, but with his feud with The Sarge, he clearly thinks it's needed.





[Bell rings]

TF: Here is your winner...THE! SERGEANNNNNTTTTT!!!!

[The Sergeant rolls out of the ring, throwing his hand in the air in victory as Scott looks at the ref in disbelief.]

DT: The Sarge may have just one upped his rival in their final battle, a big win for him here tonight!

DM: And it's another hard luck loss for Frankie Scott...He gave it his all, but was just short.

MN: In other words he lost and he's a loser...Forget him!

DT: You're a sad man Neely...and clearly the fans disagree with you as Frankie Scott is getting a standing ovation here for his final match!

[Cut to a shot of Scott standing in the middle of the ring soaking in the cheers, allowing himself a little smirk and a nod at the crowd reaction. The Sergeant meanwhile backs his way up the ramp and as Scott catches his glance, gives him a quick ‘salute’-like hand gesture, and Scott nods back.]

DT: We'll be right back with more after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Princess Sparkle Pony

FADEIN: The little girl playing house with Princess Sparkle Pony, after a moment the camera pulls back to show Layne Winters walking into the room. The crowd boos seeing Winters show up.]

WINTERS: What the hell…? Didn’t I tell you to get this SH[BLEEP]T OUT OF THE G[BLEEP]DAMN LOCKER ROOM!?

CHILD: No! Not again!

[The child grabs Princess Sparkle Pony and runs from Winters.]

WINTERS: Yeah, that’s right! Run! Santa’s not real either, now get the F[BLEEP]K OUT OF HERE! Athletes ONLY you little orphan! G[BLEEP]DAMN moronic childish BULLS[BLEEP]T!

[Winters puts his foot through the dollhouse, and then gets his leg caught in it]

WINTERS: Ahh, you gotta be…COME ON!...GET OFF!...

[Winters shakes his leg around a few times and finally the dollhouse is sent flying off camera. The First now walks into the shot, getting a pop from the crowd. The First has his face painted with an X slashed through the eyes and cheekbones and another stripe running down the middle of his face. He's wearing his "Painted Up Freak" T-Shirt, black G.I. pants, and black ring boots.]

FIRST: The first time you did this, I figured you were just a lost soul...Just lashing out, maybe you decided to go after the hero of all these EPW fans...But now...Now you're clearly making this personal...

[The First starts circling Winters, who doesn't move in reaction.]

FIRST: What's the game here Winters, why are you so upset about me? Is it because you feel you're a creature of destiny, and it makes you sick seeing someone like me...The Painted Up Freak speaking of the same things...And it offends you? That it...Does it upset you to see a man like men, who revels in his own madness...Excel...Achieve...Make himself into something...While you're still struggling...Still trying to get to where you want to be...What is it Winters? What fills you with the rage and the hate inside you such that you have to confront me? Hell maybe you don't even know what it is...Maybe you're just blind to the reasons as to why Fate has brought you here...But I don't care...All I know is that I tire of you...Last week, you were kind enough to give me the honor...Told me to take a shot...So as a favor to you...I'm gonna let you take your shot...

[The First stands in front of Winters and points at his chin]

FIRST: Do it Winters, lemme feel that anger inside you, let me know what your rage is like [Smiles] but before you throw that shot Winters...Know this...Sean Stevens couldn't keep me down...Cameron Cruise and his army of thugs known as Anthology couldn't keep me down...Ask yourself this...What hope do you have to keep me down?

[Grinning harshly, Winters steps up an inch away from The First’s face]

WINTERS: Now you listen real good, carnival FREAK…I’m not Sean Stevens…and I’m not Cameron Cruise. I’m Layne F[BLEEP]KING Winters, and you don’t wanna know me. You’re the guy who loses pretty? I’M THE GUY who wins ugly. Take the first shot? All I need is one. ‘Cause I ain’t you, First; I get the job done when it counts, and not in some bull[BLEEP] tag match where the world champ’s got my back. Maybe it’s just not in the cards, eh? Maybe you need to rethink this as a career and do something else, like ballet or writing bad poetry. You talk about destiny? I’m about to walk out there and defeat a champion- you oughtta try it sometime. They don’t give silver medals for losing close ones- second place means jack SH[BLEEP]T. Before this night’s over, I’m walking back here with that TV strap, and if you’re still around…well, we’ll just see about that shot…

[Winters smiles and walks away from The First after a few moments First gives a dismissive 'good bye' wave in the direction Winters went.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalker vs......Daymon?

DT: Well this next match up should be interesting considering that Rocko Daymon has had a restraining order issued against him by Jason Reeves. If he steps out into that ring tonight he will be arrested by the police officers standing by.

DM: It's a punk ass move by the so called 'Stalker' he knew what he was doing when he set Rocko up like this and now he's getting away with it. To top it off he is going to have Fusenshoff do his dirty work for him so he can still hide behind that restraining order.

MN: I don't know about punk ass move... it's more like a BRILLIANT move.

DT: Well I just got word from the back that it won't be Daymon facing Stalker tonight and that a replacement has been chosen.

MN: Who? Who!?

DM: I'm sure if he knew he would say something dingbat.

DT: Let's get to the ring for the match up.

['Did my time' by Korn blasts over the PA system and Stalker steps out from behind the curtains to a chorus of boos. With a smirk on his face he walks down the ramp to screaming fans degrading him. He walks up the steps and outstretches his arms to the crowd as the boos only become louder. His smirk never fades.]

DT: Alright well Stalker is in the ring now let's see who he will be facing tonight!

[Silence is the only thing heard as Stalker stares at the curtains waiting for his opponent to appear. A few moments pass and nothing happens. Stalker smiles at the announcers and begins to make his exit out of the ring when "10001110101" by Clutch hits the PA and the fans jump to their feet in cheers. "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev steps out from behind the curtains and rumbles to the ring as Stalker backs up away to the other side.]

DM: This will be interesting.

MN: Completely unfair how does a man prepare to fight a beast like this simply on the fly?

DT: Well we are certainly about to find out as the ref has rung the bell and we are underway! Stalker charges in quickly at Ivan and goes straight for the legs with a running dropkick to the knee! Ivan falls to one knee and Stalker moves in with a series of forearms to the head and back.

MN: That's it! Wear him down!

DM: It's going to take a bit more than that to wear this huge mammoth down.

DT: Ivan is up to his feet now and Stalker is not giving up with the attacks on his back. He runs against the ropes comes back and NAILS Ivan in the back with a flying forearm but it doesn't faze him. Ivan slowly turns around and stares at Stalker.... OOOOHHH DECAPITATING Clothesline!!

DM: HAHAHa! Wow the fans loved that one as much as I did.

DT: Ivan is dragging Stalker by the hair to the corner and tosses him against the buckle. Stalker is laying there defenseless and 'The Raging Russian' uses his weight from his leg and applies a boot to Stalker’s throat!

MN: Get him off ref! Completely unfair!

DM: Bullcrap! After all the stuff Stalker has pulled that's the least he deserves!

DT: The ref finally breaks up the hold, much to the dismay of Ivan and the fans in the arena. Stalker struggles to get himself on his knees using the ropes and looks to be in a world of trouble. Ivan lumbers at him and Stalker nails him with a quick elbow to the gut. Followed by two more which sends the big man stumbling backwards.

MN: Here we go!

DT: Stalker up on his feet now charges at the standing Ivan with a cross body but Ivan catches him in mid air and SLAMS him back down to the mat. Ivan with a BIG ELBOW DROP!

DM: He's in dream land now.

DT: Ivan picks him up by the hair and sets him up for an Irish whip... Stalker tries to reverse it but can't pull the laughing big man anywhere. Ivan reverses the reversal and sends Stalker flying into the ref!

MN: That should be a DQ right there in Stalker's favor!

DM: You're an idiot.

DT: Ivan grabs the stumbling Stalker.. hooks him.. sets him up.. OH MY The Drunken Russian Dr... WAIT. Stalker slips out of the hold and spins Ivan around Swinging neckbreaker!

DM: Figures.. this chump is probably going to come away with the win now.

MN: Ivan is out cold now!

DT: The fans are screaming at Stalker as he is looking at the ref. Ivan is struggling to get up on his knees as Stalker has the ref stumbling up to his feet as well. WOW! Ivan charges forward and shoves both Stalker and the ref into the turnbuckle squashing the ref! Ivan enraged picks up Stalker who nails him with a LOW BLOW!

DM: Oh for god's sakes.

DT: Stalker hooks Ivan... EVENFLOW! The ref is still out and I doubt that move alone will be enough to put down the big man and I think Stalker realizes this as well!

MN: Now it's getting interesting.

DT: Going outside of the ring he is looking for a chair and quickly finds one. Stalker slides back into the ring and walks over to the big man.... CHAIR SHOT! CHAIR SHOT! The fans are going crazy with boos and are now even throwing garbage in the ring. Stalker with a wicked grin on his face opens up the chair in the middle of the ring.

DM: This isn't looking too good.

DT: Ivan seemingly more angered by the chair shots is getting up to his feet slowly and Stalker is waiting for him. Ivan lunges at him as he drops down and hooks Ivan's legs with a drop toe hold into the bottom of the chair! The sheer impact ripped the chair into two pieces!

MN: He's not finished yet!

DT: The ref is barely starting to come to but he has no clue that Stalker has used illegal weapons in this fight and is about to use yet another chair! Sizing Ivan up as he is struggling to one knee Stalker NAILS HIM WITH A DIRECT IMPACT Chair shot to the FACE! Ivan falls over lifeless and Stalker tosses the chair out of the ring. He hooks the leg for the cover and just in time as the ref is finally coming to... he looks over at the cover goes to count....1...........2...........3!! Stalker with the win.

DM: What a cheap win.

MN: That was a smart win my friend, smart win!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... STALKER!!

DT: Wait a second... what's going on HERE?!

DM: Stalker is adding INSULT TO INJURY, stomping the big man while he's DOWN! Come on, that's just DISRESPECTFUL!

DT: Why doesn't somebody DO something about this??

DM: Wait a sec... who's this coming down the rampway? It's... FUSENSHOFF!! He's here to STOP THIS!!

MN: Yeah, fat chance!

DT: Fusenshoff hits the ring... and he pulls Stalker off of Ivan Dalkichev! Stalker SHOVES him back! He looks simply FURIOUS!

MN: Does that idiot have any idea who he's shoving around? Fusenshoff is the SLAVE, and Stalker is the MASTER!

DT: Seems to me that the Television Champion didn't take too kindly to his "master's" display of brutality in that ring!

DM: Wait a minute, who's coming to the ring now?

DT: That looks like ERIK BLACK, coming to the aid of Ivan Dalkichev as Stalker verbally TEARS Fusenshoff a new one! Black trying to bring his tag partner of many years back to reality, and... wait a second, what did he just put into his mouth?

MN: Looks like a bit of the CHRONIC COLLIZION!!'s own form of FIRST AID!!

DM: Well, I think Erik Black has forgotten that we're not in California, and THAT particular form of medicinal use isn't quite LEGAL! Also, I think he forgot the fact that the ring is ENTIRELY SURROUNDED BY COPS!!

MN: Heh... WHOOPS!

DT: Erik Black immediately seeing his mistake, as Stalker's police escort are now focused entirely on HIM!

DM: He better get OUT of there before they nab him for POSSESSION!!

DT: A couple officers are now entering the ring... and there GOES ERIK BLACK, just LUNGING over the ropes and making a RUN for it! But oh man, they are AFTER HIM!!

DM: Black hopping the BARRICADE, and Stalker's police escort follow him through the CROWD! Well, I guess they don't call him "The Escape Artist" for nothing!

DT: Ivan Dalkichev leaving the ring... and that just leaves Stalker and Fusenshoff! Stalker's finally realizing that his POLICE ESCORT is gone! Without their protection --

["Albatross" by Corrosion of Conformity hits the PA, and the audience LOSES IT!]

MN: UH OH...

[Stalker's face turns WHITE as he turns to the stage and sees...]


DM: The former World Champion is HERE AFTER ALL! A bit late for his match, but I don't think he CARES! He's got Stalker all by himself in the ring!

DT: What AMPLE TIMING as Erik Black leads Stalker's escort around the arena in a wild goose chase! Here's Daymon, SPRINTING TO THE RING!

DM: But Stalker orders FUSENSHOFF to defend him! Fusenshoff standing ready when Rocko slides under the ropes and storms to his feet! He's gotta get through the TV Champion first!


Crowd: *POP!*

MN: THAT MORON!! What is he DOING?!

DT: Stalker's probably thinking the exact same thing as he COMMANDS Fusenshoff to attack -- but TOO LATE!! ROCKO DAYMON ROCKS HIM WITH A HUGE RIGHT HAND!! AND ANOTHER!! A THIRD!! OH MAN, ROCKO DAYMON is going to WORK on Stalker's face!

DM: The former World Champion is simply RELENTLESS in that ring!


DT: NOBODY is stopping him now! Stalker's had this coming for a LONG time, and Fusenshoff has a front row seat of the action!

DM: It won't be lasting much LONGER, by the look of things! Here comes Stalker's rent-a-cops, spilling over the barricade and storming the ring! Now they're trying to PRY both men apart, but they aren't having much luck!

DT: Daymon has THREE MEN on either arm, and they're STILL having trouble getting the cuffs on! Wait a minute... now Stalker's dropping out of the ring! Stalker's picking up THAT SAME CHAIR he used to win his match!

MN: Time for PAYBACK!!

DM: Stalker's got some EVIL INTENTIONS with that chair, and here he comes back into the ring... now he's running TOWARD ROCKO -- !!


DT: OH NO!! HE JUST NAILED ONE OF HIS ESCORTS IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! That cop just hit the mat as though a DONUT were painted on the canvas!

MN: I think Rocko pulled him in the way!

DM: Regardless, Stalker's police escort are now trying to subdue HIM, and Rocko Daymon is breaking FREE!! Daymon RIPS that chair of Stalker's hand while he can't swing it... and now he's reeling back for a strike!

DT: NOT so fast! One of the police has ahold of that chair... Rocko's trying to TEAR it free, and meanwhile, Stalker's trying to break free from the police officers holding his arms! It's just complete chaos in the ring right now with everybody cluttered up...

DM: Rocko FREES the chair... here's the SWING --



DT: MY GOD!! LOOK AT ROCKO'S FACE!! He can HARDLY BELIEVE what he's DONE! That MUST have been an accident!

MN: Oh, I DOUBT IT!! Rocko was just waiting to get Fusenshoff's trust before he took him out with that cheap shot!

DM: That chair was DEFINITELY intended for Stalker, but it clearly missed its mark, and now the TV Champion Fusenshoff, who I should remind everyone has a TITLE DEFENSE later tonight, is lying on the mat clutching his face!

MN: I see BLOOD!

DT: Oh man, you're RIGHT Mike! Trails of blood seeping through Fusenshoff's fingers! I think he got cut open, and I think it's BAD!!

DM: The police escort FINALLY have Rocko Daymon's arms cuffed! The former World Champion is putting up a HELL of a struggle, but they are finally manhandling him out of the ring! No doubt they've got a squad car waiting in the back...

MN: Good RIDDANCE! That coward can't even SHOW UP FOR A MATCH, much less abide to a RESTRAINING ORDER!

DM: Well, it was impossible for him to do both in one night...

DT: EMTs coming to the ring now to attend to Fusenshoff. Folks, he definitely has a CUT right on his forehead, and Empire Pro's medical staff are going to give it a look over before he goes on tonight. I certainly HOPE this doesn't prevent him from coming out and defending his title...

MN: God, please, NO MORE people ducking matches tonight!

DM: It remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, that errant chair shot may have just been the beginning to a bad night for Fusenshoff...

DT: That title defense is hopefully later tonight, and we've got more action on the way! Rocko Daymon has left the arena in the back of a police squad car... the TV Champion Fusenshoff potentially HURT before his title defense tonight... the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! are still dishonoring the wellness policy! It's been a hectic night so far, but there's much more to come, so don't go away, fans!

[Fade out to commercial break.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Parking Lot Hijinks

DT: Hold on, I'm getting some breaking news from backstage.....

MN: You're fired!

DT: No, Mike, I'm still here.

MN: Dean's fired?

DM: No way, you would definitely go first!

MN: What?!

DT: NO it seems..... there's been an attack in the parking lot! Let's take it to a camera crew heading out there now......

[In the arena parking lot, a camera crew is running down a row of parked cars. We see the light shining down onto the pavement and then come upon one of the cars.]


MN: What the f---


DM: Someone is definitely paying for this.

[Lying bloodied on the beat up hood of the car, in a pile of shattered glass shards..... formerly the windshield..... is.......]


DM: You have to wonder, Dave. Is this attack somehow related to last week, when Marcus Westcott was found unconscious backstage?

DT: I'm not sure.

MN: No way!

DT: Why are you so sure, Mike?

MN: Because no one would be stupid enough to attack both Westcott and Anarky. They'd have to be crazy!

DM: Or..... have a grudge against both.

DT: It seems like anything is possible. We can only speculate for now, fans. First Westcott, now Anarky, are more to come? Hopefully we'll get some answers to this mystery soon!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Shawn Hart vs. The First, Phenom Leaves the....

[MUSIC UP: "It's Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell. Shawn Hart and Felicia come out through the curtain. Both wearing black pleather pants. Felicia has a tight white T-Shirt that reads "I'm with Stupid" and an arrow pointing to Hart. Hart has a sleeveless white T-Shirt reading "I'm with Boobage" and an arrow pointing to Felicia. The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction with a bit more boos then cheers.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall...Introducing first, being led to the ring by Felicia...He weighs in at 226 pounds...Hailing from ORLANDO, FLORIDA....REPRESENTING ANTHOLOGY..."THE PHENOM....SHAWN!...HART!!

[Hart hops on the apron as Felicia claps for him]

DT: Shawn Hart out here tonight looking to atone for the mistake he made last time on Aggression, it was his interference that backfired, costing Anthology the main event!

MN: Even the best of us make mistakes, and Shawn Hart is going to make everything right tonight by beating the crap out of this little freak and setting the record straight that Anthology's running things here in EPW.

DM: We'll see about that, because here comes The First!

[MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit. The First walks through the curtain wearing his new black EPW T-Shirt reading "Painted Up Freak" cut into a wife beater, black G.I. pants, and black ring boots. His face is painted white with a black X through his eyes and cheekbones and a vertical black stripe running down the middle of his face. His hair is raven black with dark purple at the ends. The First's right arm is taped half way to the elbow with the word "ANTHOLOGY" written on the tape with a big line driven through the word. The First paces around the stage, screaming at the fans and throwing his arms in the air. The fans pop LOUD in reaction to The First's entrance.]

DT:: Say what you want about him Neely, but The First may just be the most popular man in EPW Today.

MN: Bah, these people have no taste at all! The public is a bunch of morons.

TF: And his opponent...He weighs in today at 208 pounds...He hails from SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS...Here is...THEEEE!!!! FIIIIIIIRRRRRRSSSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!!!

[ The First makes his way to the ring, high fiving those who reach out to him, he hits the apron and hops over the top rope, landing on the second rope inside the ring. The First throws his arms up and gets another pop from the crowd.]

DM: This should be one heck of a match, one man seeking to redeem himself for a mistake, the other taking on what is the seemingly impossible task of trying to destroy Anthology, who have just cut a path of destruction across EPW ever since they were formed.

MN: This gothtard isn't destroying Anthology for one simple reason, Anthology can't be destroyed, Period!

[Bell rings, The First and Shawn Hart circle each other]

DT: The two men lock up and Hart starts to muscle The First towards the corner...First with an armdrag! Hart gets back up to his feet and they lock up again...Hart now with a side headlock...First now backs Hart into the ropes...Hart sent to the other side, First with a leapfrog and now Hart comes back...HIPTOSS BY THE FIRST...NO HART COUNTERS WITH ONE OF HIS OWN...NO...FIRST MOVES BEHIND HART AND A BACKSLIDE! HART'S PINNED!




DT: Hart out right at the count of two and he just CRACKS The First with a right hand...First staggers back and eats another big right...Hart pushes The First into the corner and now hammers him with a series of shoulderblocks into the stomach...

MN: There you go Hart, I know you like wrestling and all, but that's not what's needed here, you gotta fight this freak, stomp his guts out!

DT: If you want to help so become a manager and you can corner for Anthology and Stevens...Meanwhile Hart now with a scoop and a SLAM of The First...Hart DRIVES a knee into the skull of The First who's trying to get to his feet...He's back up and a PERFECT DROPKICK from the Phenom sends him back down again...Hart with a cover and he hooks the leg!




DT: The First out at two and a half [Crowd pops!] Hart now gets First back up and hooks him...BACKBREAKER! Hart is on his game tonight...And now SJH is making his way to the outside...Hart to the top...AND A BIG SPLASH ON THE FIRST!!! THAT COULD DO IT!




DT: FIRST KICKS OUT! [Crowd pops!] Hart giving the ref a look of disgust and horror as he's told it was just a two count.

DM: The First has taken some incredible beatings here in EPW, but he's been proven to be tough to keep down!

MN: Bah, quit doing his PR work, Hart has this in the bag!

DT: Hart now stalking The First...He's waiting on him to get up...I think it's time for the Hart On...The First is up...HART SPRINGS AT HIM...HART ON! NO!! FIRST HELD THE TOP ROPE! HART HITS THE MAT HARD! [crowd buzzing!]


DT: Hart gets back to his feet...SPINNING HEEL KICK BY THE FIRST! Hart back up again and The First now laying in big right hands with that taped up fist of his...Hart whipped to the ropes...First off the opposite ropes...SPEAR BY THE FIRST!! HE COVERS!




DT: Hart out at two...The First wasting no time and now hammering Hart with right hands...Hart staggering...He drops to one knee...FIRST OFF THE ROPES WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!

DM: That's normally the beginning of the end!

DT: The First quickly to the outside, he's up top and setting himself for the Cut The Thread...Wait...Felicia is on the apron! She's trying to grab at The First's legs!

MN: Hey, sometimes you have to stand up and act, you can't let a crime be committed...And that would be what having this freak win this match would be!

DT: The First now kicks Felicia away...CUT THE THREAD!!! NO!!! HART MOVED!!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!

MN: Yes! Finally some justice!

DT: It's amazing how justice in your mind is people interfering in The First's matches.

DM: Both men are hurt here, this really is anyone's match!

DT: You got that right, the ref giving both men a ten count, we're up to 6 already...Hart pulling himself up by the ropes...Hart now pointing at Felicia...She's looking at the Phenom and he nods...Felicia jumps on the apron and now she's trying to get into the ring! What the hell is this? The ref now holding her back, trying to get her to stay out of the match!

MN: It's like what I said before, sometimes you have to stand up for what's right, or in this case, provide a distraction so Anthology can put this punk to sleep!

DT: You might be right about that...Hart now looking down the rampway as The First is slowly getting to his feet...Hart CLOTHESLINES The First down and now again he's looking at the rampway...Hart looks exasperated as he's not seeing the cavalry coming to save the day...The First meanwhile is pulling himself up by the ropes and he's holding his throat from the effects of that clothesline.

MN: Yeah that shot must have really rocked the little fre--...OH DAMMIT NO! FELICIA TURN THE REF AROUND!

DT: Hart now turns around as The First is back to his feet and holding his throat...FIRST BLASTS HART IN THE FACE WITH BLUE MIST! [Crowd pops!]

DM: I don't have my poison mist Wikipedia handy, but I'm sure that's not good for Hart!

DT: Hart blinded and staggering...FIRST WITH A SOULBREAKER!! [Crowd pops big!] First yells to the ref, who turns and sees the pin!





[Bell rings. Crowd pops! MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit]

TF: Here is your winner...THEEEEEE FIRRRRRRSSTTTTTTT!!!!!

[The First climbs out of the ring and begins high fiving fans as he makes his way to the back...He turns around to let out one more yell before heading back up the ramp.]

DT: A big win here for The First as he's defeated another member of Anthology here, it almost seems like the tide is turning in this war between him and this faction.

NM: In your dreams buddy, he may win a battle or two, but he's losing the war.

DT: Shawn Hart getting to his feet in the ring he looks stunned and upset...I think he's asking for a mic.

[Hart yells for a mic and finally gets one.]

HART: "I've had it........... I'VE HAD IT!!! I'm sick and tired and SICK of giving EVERYTHING I have to ensure that the NUTBAG BROTHERS get theirs, while the man the fans reeeeeeeally want to see, the jiggiest JACKHOLE this side of Jersey, Shawn Jessica Hart, gets STUCK with scraps!"

[The fans respond to SJH. Some with cheers, some with jeers, but most seemingly in agreement with this statement on some level.]

"Before I made my GRAND RETURN to this God-forsaken place, Anthology was NOTHING but a couple of weasels trying to wiggle their way into the main event. I'm the one who legitimized this whole operation, the guy that brought the whole thing together... HELL, I'm the person who coined the Anthology term! And where has it all gotten me?! HMMM?!?! What have I got to show for it?!"

[He looks inquisitively to the crowd, then turns his attention back to the hard camera.]

"NOT A GODD[FCC]AMN THING!! It's the same old story, week in and week out... Cruise and Wells get theirs while the Phenom's duckets somehow keep finding their way into the hands of the latest has-been to join the fold!"

[SJH SPITS in anger.]

"But ya know what? I'm BETTER than that! Chrissakes, I'm the LoC Champion... and the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAAAAAAMPIOOOOOON of the UNIVERSE!! I'm bigger aaaaaaaaaaaand better than you jokers could ever DREAM of being. And so it is, right here.... RIGHT NOW, with all the Hart-broken Phenom Fiends and GOD HIMSELF as my witnesses, that I declare... ONCE AND FOR ALL... that I, SJH, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister in the FLESH.... AM FINISHED!!!"

[The crowd cheers.]

"Finished taking my marching orders from a coupl'a wancy-pants posy boys. FINISHED playing second-fiddle to all the INFERIOR talent around here. And FUH-FUH-FINISHED letting other people keep me from getting that which is practically OWED to me.... a shot at EPW gold! Call it an outrage, call it a mockery, my Magic 8-balls calls it the TRUTH!

And the truth of the matter here, Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells... Mr. Tact, Mr. Edmunds, Copycat... is that as relates to aaaaaaaaaaall things Anthology..............


The PHENOM has left the building!!!"

[MUSIC UP: "It's Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell as Hart throws his arms up in the air and gets another pop from the crowd. Hart drops the mic and heads to the back/]

DT: I...I can't believe this! Shawn Hart has just quit Anthology!

MN: That fool! He's throwing away the only good thing he had going for him!

DM: You spent this whole match telling us how great he was Neely.

MN: But...But that was when he was a member of Anthology...This new Shawn Hart who just tossed that all away...He's an idiot!

DT: What shocking news, the first major defection from the Anthology camp is the The Phenom Shawn Hart, is this a bad omen for Anthology's matches later tonight?! We'll find out fans! Stay tuned!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Cage Match: Larry Tact (c) vs. Anarky

[MUSIC UP: "Pieces" by Hoobastank, the crowd starts booing as Larry Tact comes through the curtain, EPW World Tag Team Title Belt over his shoulder. He smiles wide as he walks with a swagger towards the ring. The crowd booing Tact loud!]

TF: The following contest is a STEEL CAGE MATCH that can ONLY be one by escaping the cage, either through the door or by coming over the top...and having BOTH FEET touch the ground...Introducing first. He hails from MANHATTEN, NEW YORK...Weighing in at 258 pounds...Here one ONE HALF off the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...REPRESENTING ANTHOLOGY...LARRY!!! TACT!!!

[Tact hands his belt to the time keeper before entering the ring. He looks supremely confident.]

DT: Larry Tact, looking for all the world like he's got nothing to worry about, what with the horrible condition Anarky was found in earlier tonight, after being brutally attacked by Anthology.

MN: Hey, how do you know Anthology was behind the attack? This could have been anyone that did this.

DT: You’re a real piece of work Neely.

[MUSIC UP: "More Human Then Human" by White Zombie]

TF: And his opponent...He weighs in today at 223 pounds...He hails from HARTFORD CONNECTICUT...AN! R! KEY!...

[The music continues with no Anarky to be seen]

DT: Well this may have all just have been a farce, after the condition Anarky was found it earlier tonight...

MN: Oh come on, he just had a little cut or two, Anarky's just scared of Tact and Anthology, just admit it!

[Suddenly Anarky comes through the curtain, flanked by a bunch of EPW staff telling him not to go to the ring. Anarky is shirtless, wearing cut up blue jeans and a belt. His face lacking it's standard skull facepaint, but rather caked in dried blood, with a wound above his hairline causing a fresh stream to pour down a small river of blood now and again, shards of glass can been stuck to his hair and arms. Anarky ignores the staff and the crowd, which is suprisingly cheering for him as he walks to the ring, a cold, dead gaze fixed on Tact]

DT: Anarky is here! I don't know if he's in any shape to wrestle at all, but he's out here and Anarky's entered the cage...HE'S NOT WAITING FOR THE BELL, HE'S ALL OVER TACT!!

[Bell rings!]

DT: Anarky tackled Tact to the mat and he's now punching away on him...Anarky pulls Tact up and SMASHES him into the STEEL CAGE..Tact staggering and ANARKY RUNS HIM INTO THE OTHER SIDE!

DM: Anarky just brutalizing Tact here. He's a man possessed!

DT: Anarky stomping away on Tact and now Anarky is pulling some of that glass out of his scalp AND GRINDING TACT'S FACE WITH IT!

MN: This is inhuman! Get this maniac out of there!

DT: Tact bleeding now from the forehead after Anarky has split him open with that glass...Tact fighting to get to his feet...Anarky punching away on Tact...Tact fires back with a right hand, both men trading shots...Anarky backs up and goes off the ropes...RUNS RIGHT INTO A BIG FOOT FROM TACT!

MN: Ha! The idiot practically did all Tact's work for him!

DT: Tact now drops to a mount on Anarky and just HAMMERS AWAY with big punches and forearms...Anarky's face being split open even worse here!

DM: Anarky might have run out of gas here, I mean he was in such horrible shape going into this match...His early attack could have just been all he had.

DT: Tact now pulling Anarky to his feet and SMASHES his face into the STEEL CAGE...TACT NOW GRINDING ANARKY'S FACE INTO THE CAGE! Tact tosses Anarky to the ground...Anarky in a bad way now as Tact puts the boots to him, and now Tact DRIVES A KNEE into the back of the head of Anarky...

DM: Tact seems to be on the same page as Anarky about just having carnage be his guide. Tact isn't exactly looking for an escape here either.

MN: And he shouldn't either. After that punk Hart turned tail and ran from Anthology, a message needs to be sent out. You mess with Anthology, you pay dearly!

DT: Tact DRILLS ANARKY INTO THE CAGE...Now Anarky's...BASHING HIS OWN HEAD INTO THE CAGE...ANARKY GRINDING HIS FACE ALONG THE STEEL...He turns and looks at Tact with a sick smile on his face...Anarky's face is covered in blood, he's OUT OF HIS MIND!

MN: This...This isn't right! You can't lock a man like Larry Tact, a TRUE WRESTLER, in a ring with a PAIN LOVING DEMONIC NUTJOB...

DT: As I recall Neely, Tact and Anthology demanded this to be a cage match, Tact ASKED for this!

MN: Hey, don't go bringing facts into this! This still isn't right!

DT: Tact throwing a series off right hands at Anarky...[Anarky can be heard screaming "HIT ME!"] Anarky waving him on...DEMANDING more Tact winds up for a swing...Anarky ducks...ANARKY GRABS TACT'S NECK...CHAOS BREAKER OUT OF NOWHERE!! Anarky pops to his feet still with that sick smile on his face. Oh lord he's taking his belt off!

MN: Stop the match! STOP THE MATCH!

DT: They can't do that till one man exits the cage, and that's the last thing on Anarky's mind! Anarky WHIPPING TACT WITH THE BELT! Tact thrashing about on the mat...ANARKY NOW STRANGLING TACT WITH THE BELT!

DM: Tact and Anthology clearly thought they had a winning plan with the attack on Anarky in the parking lot, but they are getting way more than they bargained for here.

DT: Anarky keeps choking away on Tact...Tact looks like he's fading...Tact trying to turn into Anarky to get some of the pressure off his throat...TACT GOES LOW ON ANARKY! Anarky doubles over...Tact now hooks Anarky...POWER BOMB...What a big time move from someone in such a desperate situation.

MN: That was awesome...Now get your head in the game Tact, don't try to keep the bloodbath going against this maniac, just get out of the cage and win!

DT: Tact now slowly climbing the cage, he looks in really bad shape at this point, but he's halfway up the cage as Anarky now stirring and now Anarky giving chase.

MN: Get moving Tact, Anthology needs a win!

DT: Tact to the top of the cage...Anarky grabbing Tact's hair...Anarky and Tact now both on top of the cage...Both men standing and trading punches on top of the cage...Now Anarky's got Tact hooked...It looks like he's going for a ura-nage!

MN: He wouldn't do that, he'd have to fall himself!


[The camera cuts to the broadcast table as all three men run for their lives, a couple seconds crash through the table. The table explodes into pieces as both men lay motionless in the wreckage]

DT: Is my mic on?! We need help out here! WE NEED HELP NOW!!!

[EMT's rush out to ringside as both men lay motionless, the scene goes on for a few moments as the medical workers get to work putting neck braces on both men and do their best to try to get then both on stretchers.]

DT: I can't believe this...We'll be right back fans...


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW TV Title Match: Fusenshoff (c) vs. Layne Winters

[As the footage returns from the commercial, "I Don't Know Anything" by Mad Season is playing over the PA, and the EPW fans are BOOING LOUDLY as "NEW SCHOOL" LAYNE WINTERS making his way down the ramp to the ring, escorted by PAMELA EURICE. Every step of the way, he talks trash with some of the ringside fans.]

DT: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we move into our TELEVISION TITLE CONTEST of the evening! Of course, we’re working from a makeshift table now, since Anarky and Larry Tact turned ours into kindling. But, coming to the ring now is a relative newcomer on the Empire Pro scene, but already, he's turned heads and made an impression!

DM: And that's the very reason he's coming to the ring tonight to compete for the EPW TV Title. He may be a rookie by EPW standards, but we can't forget that Winters is a seasoned vet of seven years fighting out of Seattle. He's taken to Empire Pro like a duck to water, and he's got the talent and potential to go far.

MN: I gotta say, I LIKE this Layne Winters! He doesn't take crap from ANYBODY! Of course, none of these FANS know a good talent when they see it...

[Winters and Eurice grace the ring, taunting the fans and strutting their stuff. Then suddenly, the lights to black. The fans CHEER as the opening guitars to "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica hits the PA.]

DT: And here comes THE CHAMPION!!

DM: Maybe. After that chairshot, I'd be very SURPRISED to see him come out here for this title defense...

[The camera zooms in on the spotlight over the entrance, but nobody appears.]

DT: Is the champion going to make it?

MN: I doubt it. First chance he has to duck out of this competition, he'll take without a moment's consideration! That Fusenshoff is nothing but a --


[The audience POPS WILDLY as Fusenshoff, carrying the EPW Television Title, appears through the entry-way and boldly makes his way to the ring, eyes trained on his opponent. On his head, where he was earlier cut open, there is a bandage in place.]

DM: Looks like they took care of that ugly cut wound back in the infirmary! Fusenshoff is HERE and he's ready to defend his title! I don't know if that chair shot took anything out of him, but you have to hand it to the man for having the courage to come out here and go through with this match!

MN: Courage or STUPIDITY?! Do you really think that meager BAND-AID on his forehead is going to stay in place through this entire match?

DT: That cut was sustained earlier in the show thanks to an errant chairshot at the hands of Rocko Daymon. I have no idea if it will or will not affect his performance in this match, but regardless, Fusenshoff is HERE, and he looks ready to fight!

[Fusenshoff enters the ring and goes to his own corner, removing his jacket and handing it to the timekeeper. Referee David Rosenkrantz checks with him to ensure he's willing to compete. Fusenshoff, without hesitation, nods, and hands the belt over. Tony Fatora stands in the ring to announce...]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is for EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING TELEVISION TITLE!! This match will be fifteen minutes in length, and is set for one fall! Introducing first, the challenger... fighting out of Seattle, Washington, and weight in at 250 pounds... HE IS... "NEW SCHOOL"... LLLLLAAAYYYNNNEE WWWIIINNNNTTEEERRSSS!!!

[The crowd BOOS LOUDLY as Winters poses, Pamela showing him off.]

TF: And his opponent... hailing from Kaloomps, British Columbia... he weighs in at 263 pounds... he is the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPION... HE IS... FFFFUUUUUUSSSSSEEEENNNNSSSSHOOOOFFFF!!!!

[TREMENDOUS pop for the TV Champ, who doesn't seem to acknowledge the crowd, instead focusing on the competition and looking ready to fight.]

DT: Quite an ovation for Fusenshoff! He hasn't lost the support of the fans, even with his career and actions under the control of that nefarious STALKER!!

DM: Fusenshoff still abides by the laws of ethics and honor. He doesn't like being Stalker's puppet any more than the fans like seeing him being jerked around by his chain!

MN: I, for one, LOVE IT!!

TF: The referee for this contest... DAVID ROSENKRANTZ!!

[Rosenkrantz holds the TV Title up for the fans and the cameras to see. Then he hands it over to the timekeeper as Fatora quits the ring. The ref makes his final checks, again giving Fusenshoff's bandage the once over, and when everything's set, gives the cue for the bell.]


DT: The bell rings, and the battle for the EPW TV Title beg -- OH WAIT, right away here comes WINTERS with a running CLOTHESLINE --

DM: And the champ DUCKS!! He spins the challenger around... AND STARTS POUNDING AWAY at his FACE!

Crowd: *POP!*

DM: Looks like that gash on his head isn't hampering his ring skills ONE BIT! Fusenshoff is SWINING AWAY without mercy, and Layne Winters had NO IDEA he'd be fighting with this kind of intensity so early in the match!

MN: I think all the blood flowing into his brain is seeping out that cut on his head...

DT: The TV Champ has Winters BACKING UP with every successful blow to the head... BAM!! Winters goes down after a HUGE haymaker from Fusenshoff! Winters back up... and walks straight into Fusenshoff, who DROPS HIM with a Scoop Slam! Winters up again... runs right into ANOTHER Scoop Slam!

DM: Layne Winters is just getting THROWN AROUND in that ring... and he rolls under the ropes to the outside to escape the champion's simply remarkable wrath!

MN: Layne just needs another minute to calculate this. It's hard being a BRILLIANT wrestler when you have to share the ring with punch-drunk APES like Fusenshoff...

DT: Pamela joins Winters on the outside to tend to him, while the TV Champion Fusenshoff stands ready and waiting in the ring! He is NOT AT ALL affected by that chairshot from earlier in the evening, as it appears!

DM: I don't know, Dave. That may have been more serious that it currently appears. Winters, taking a moment to scowl off some younger ringside fans calling his MASCULINITY into question... now he rises up to the ring apron, preparing to reenter the ring!

MN: Round two, Layne! Let's show this tough guy what WRESTLING'S made of!

DT: Winters is telling referee David Rosenkrantz to keep the TV Champion AT BAY while he makes his reentry. Winters... back in, at last, and he releases the rope!

DM: Here comes FUSENSHOFF!! The champion, looking for the tie-up -- but Winters SLIPS AROUND the outside, and now he has him in a reverse waistlock! Looking for the GERMAN SUPLEX I think... but Fusenshoff STUNS HIM with a stinging elbow to the face!

DT: Winters knocked away... but bites back by SHOVING Fusenshoff into the ropes! Fuse bounces back... running right into a HIPTOSS delivered by Winters! Winters is calling him back to his feet... looking for ANOTHER hiptoss -- but Fusenshoff BLOCKS IT, and counters with an BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!

DM: WOW!! The TV Champ is trying to POWERHOUSE the challenge into OBLIVION!! Looks like his recalculations were still a little off, Neels...

MN: Bah...

DT: Winters is left STUNNED on the mat... and Fusenshoff quickly makes the cover, hooking the legs for the pin!



And Layne Winters kicks out!

DM: Despite this beating he's taken, I wouldn't expect the challenger to go down that easily. This is his first appearance in a title match here in Empire Pro, and you just KNOW he's going to put it all on the line here tonight.

DT: That may be, but unless Layne Winters can find a way to escape the power game of Fusenshoff, his first EPW title match may just end in quick and bitter disappointment!

MN: You're always so quick to rule out the REAL talent in that ring. Winters is just getting warmed up!

DT: Winters trying to get to his feet, but Fusenshoff, coming in from behind, has him by the waist! The TV Champ brings the challenger to his feet... lifts him UP... and THERE'S the ATOMIC DROP, leaving Winters reeling in pain!

DM: Fusenshoff's got him right where he wants him! There goes the TV Champ into the ropes... WOW!! Nearly DECAPITATES Layne Winters with that LARIAT!!

DT: "New School" Layne Winters drops to the mat... and here's Fusenshoff with another pin!



And Winters kicks out! The challenger is certainly proving here tonight he can hang strong against Fusenshoff's advantage in strength! But he STILL needs to get an offense going!


DM: This capacity crowd is rallying behind the TV Champ, and Fusenshoff has all the momentum rolling on his side now! He brings Layne Winters back to his feet... there's the WHIP to the ropes! Fuse looks for the BACK BODY DROP -- but Winters LEAPFROGS!!

DT: Here's Winters off the ropes... Fusenshoff turns around -- AND HE'S MET WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY THAT PUTS HIM TO THE MAT! Just like that Winters EXPLODES back into this match!

MN: I KNEW he had it in him!

DM: He's got to capitalize on that first! Fusenshoff trying to get to his feet, but Winters quickly sweeps around and slaps on a front facelock, and he locks the arm around the back for good measure! The TV Champ is trying to break free, but Winters has him tied up perfectly!

DT: Wait a second... Fusenshoff, lifting WINTERS OFF THE MAT... could be going for the SPINEBUSTER -- BUT WINTERS drives the FOREARM across the back, and his feet find the mat once again! Winters with ANOTHER forearm to the back, leaves Fusenshoff stunned and unable to break out of that hold!

DM: Fuse seems to be having trouble with the technically-oriented challenger's grip! Winters turning around now... transfers right into a NECKBREAKER!! OH MAN, he had some HEAT on that one!

DT: Fusenshoff is FLAT on the mat, and Layne Winters doesn't waste any time going for the pin!



And a KICKOUT by Fusenshoff!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: It's too soon in the match to count out the DRIVE and DEDICATION of the EPW Television Champion!

DM: But already, Winters, showing some poise and focus, doesn't waste any time pouting over the kickout! Instead, he flips over, and throws Fusenshoff right back into that front facelock! Look at how he controls Fusenshoff's arm by locking it behind his back...

MN: Yeah, I know man. That's just BRILLIANT WRESTLING!

DM: ...right, but Neels, don't try bluffing anyone listening out there into thinking you have actual WRESTLING knowledge.

MN: You obviously know NOTHING about me, Dean-O! You forget that I've studied the entire career of Joey Melton! I KNOW good wrestling when I SEE it, and I'm SEEING IT right now!

DT: Fusenshoff's options are limited in breaking out of this hold, as Winters controls his dominant arm and keeps his destructive strength pinned down!

DM: Fusenshoff's looking for the ropes, but... Winters with the SWEEP -- and as he wraps the legs, he sinks in the GUILLOTINE!! Very DANGEROUS position for Fusenshoff right now!

DT: You got THAT right, Dean-O! Fuse was looking to make the rope break, but Winters was right there with the trip, and the moment the champion went to the mat, the challenger was right there to wrap the legs around his ribs and sink in the chokehold!

DM: "New School" Layne Winters, pulling UP on that arm to cut off the champion's air supply! He's squeezing those legs together like a VICE against his ribs to keep him from drawing a full breath! He's got the hold LOCKED IN, right in the center of the ring, and it's only a matter of time before it's LIGHTS OUT for Fusenshoff!

MN: Freakin' A-RIGHT, man! Winters is SCHOOLING this drunk-ass hobo street fighter in ways never thought imaginable! I guess THAT'S why they call him... NEW SCHOOL!

DM: Good job on that one, Mike. You get a gold star.

DT: Fusenshoff is fading, but he's REFUSED to tap at this point! But... now the FANS are getting into it!


MN: IDIOTS!! They're cheering for the WRONG GUY!!

DT: The Television Champion is digging down DEEP... and OH MY, he's FORCING HIMSELF BACK TO HIS FEET... even while Layne Winters CONTINUES to keep the guillotine chokehold in place!

DM: Fusenshoff is BACK UP, and now Winters finds himself CLINGING HELPLESSLY against his opponent... but NOT FOR LONG!! FUSENSHOFF DROPS TO THE MAT, and simply CRUSHES Layne Winters with a SPINEBUSTER!!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: A TREMENDOUS comeback for the EPW TV Champ! But you can already SEE the effect of that submission hold! Fusenshoff is taking some time getting to his feet... and he looks a little disoriented!

MN: Guess he must have suffered some BRAIN DAMAGE after Layne choked him out those past few minutes!

DM: Fusenshoff seems to be resisting the urge to BLACK OUT right there in the ring! Remember... he inadvertently suffered a CHAIRSHOT to the HEAD earlier in the night at the hands of Rocko Daymon, which left him cut open and BLEEDING in the ring! The champ needs MEDICAL ATTENTION, or things are just going to get WORSE for him!

DT: Winters looking a bit shaken up as he gets to his feet with the help of the ropes... and here comes FUSENSHOFF -- and the CHAMPION PUTS WINTERS OVER THE ROPES with a RUNNING LARIAT! Winters TUMBLES HARD to the mat on the outside!

DM: Could Fuse be looking to turn things around back to his advantage? Here's the champ, stepping out onto the apron and waiting for Winters to get to his feet... Fusenshoff looking for a DOUBLE AXE-HANDLE OFF THE APRON -- BUT WINTERS STEPS ASIDE, and SHOVES HIM RIGHT INTO THE STEEL BARRICADE!!

Crowd: OOOooohhh...

MN: Oh MAN, they could hear THAT impact all the way up in the NOSEBLEED section! Can we get a replay of that?

[Split-Screen Replay: Fusenshoff daringly DIVES off the apron, only to miss his intended target and connect HEAD FIRST with the barricade!]

DT: Oh MAN, he hit it HEAD ON!! How much more PUNISHMENT is Fusenshoff's skull going to TAKE tonight?!

MN: As much as it TAKES until he just ROLLS OVER and lets Layne walk out of here with the TITLE!

DM: Yeah, Fusenshoff rolling over... FAT CHANCE!

DT: Layne Winters is rolling over Fusenshoff as we speak as Referee David Rosenkrantz makes the ten count! Winters, trying to get Fusenshoff back to his feet, but... seems to be having some trouble! Fusenshoff doesn't seem to be RESPONDING! He must have knocked himself out COLD!

DM: Oh man, get a look at THAT...!

[Camera zooms in on Fusenshoff's bleary-eyed face. Red spots appear in the white of the bandage over his forehead.]

DM: Looks like that GASH just got REOPENED! Fusenshoff is in a REALLY dangerous place now! He's KNOCKED OUT! He's BLEEDING... and Rosenkrantz is at the count of FIVE!

DT: Oh boy, this doesn't look good... Layne Winters practically DRAGGING Fusenshoff back to the ring, trying to slide the bigger man back under the ropes! He can't walk out with the title by COUNT OUT!

MN: No, but the PIN is only moments away!

DM: Fusenshoff's OUT COLD! Winters has him inside... and quickly follows as Rosenkrantz reaches the count of EIGHT! Fuse is DEFENSELESS!!

DT: Here's Winters with the PIN! This COULD BE IT!





DM: He was CLOSE, but Fusenshoff CAME TO at the very last minute! What REMARKABLE endurance on the part of the champion! But now we have to wonder, with his wounds reopened and blood seeping from the bandage on his head, how much longer can he HOLD OUT?!

DT: Winters trying to get Fusenshoff to his feet, now that Fusenshoff is CONSCIOUS again... wait, Fusenshoff FIGHTING BACK! Fuse with PUNCHES TO THE MID-SECTION of Layne Winters! The champion BOUNDS to his feet and throws himself to the ropes... but he runs right into a BOOT from Winters!

DM: Winters with the DDT!! OH MAN!! Fusenshoff hit the mat HEAD-FIRST! Is he out cold again?!

DT: I don't think so, but Fusenshoff looks HURT! Oh man... that bandage is just DRENCHED in blood now! Here's Winters with yet another COVER...



And Fusenshoff KICKS OUT AGAIN!!

DM: He isn't giving up yet! The longer he bleeds, the more strength he loses, but he isn't down and out YET!

DT: Winters is bringing Fusenshoff back to his feet... and he just RIPS THE REMAINS of that BANDAGE off his FACE!

MN: That's right! He found a weak point, and he's going to jump all over it!

DM: Winters is putting some STIFF SHOTS into the face of Fusenshoff, targeting that open cut on his forehead! BAM! A hard CHOP across the chest finally puts Fuse to the mat! "New School" looks a bit disgusted at having his opponent’s blood on his knuckles, but if you want to make an omelet, you've gotta break a few eggs!

MN: I just want to see him beak Fusenshoff's FACE! That ungrateful punk has had it coming for a LONG time!

DT: Here's Winters, pulling Fusenshoff back off the mat by the hair... and he just SLAPS HIM right across his blood-stained face! What BLATANT disrespect to the TV Champ!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

MN: Oh, please... just WHAT has Fusenshoff done recently to deserve RESPECT?!

DM: The challenger is trying to HUMILIATE the champion... no doubt, seeing the seriousness of Fusenshoff's cut has got him feeling fairly confident right about now! Here's Winters, grabbing Fusenshoff from behind... bringing the TV Champ back to his feet... and THERE'S the RELEASED GERMAN SUPLEX he was looking for earlier in this match!

DT: Fusenshoff got dropped directly on the BACK of his HEAD... and every second that ticks by, the MORE energy he loses! With that cut in the head, he's like a TIRE losing AIR!

DM: Right you are on that, Dave...

DT: Fusenshoff staggering back to his feet... I don't think he even knows where he IS!! He walks right into Layne Winters...and here's Winters, locking arms -- turns it into a BACKSLIDE PIN!!



THRE--OH NO, FUSENSHOFF KICKS OUT!! I thought FOR CERTAIN that Winters was going to steal this match RIGHT THERE!

MN: You WERE certain, Dave! That idiot David Rosenkrantz doesn't know how to COUNT properly! I counted that MYSELF and it was THREE!

DM: Whatever, Neels... here's Winters, getting Fusenshoff up again... and he sets him up in the standing head-scissor! Look for something BIG here...

DT: Layne Winters sees the FINISH LINE and the EPW TV TITLE in sight... now he lifts up Fusenshoff by the WAIST... RIGHT INTO A JUMPING PILEDRIVER!! OH MY GOD, HE DRILLED HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE MAT!!

DM: Jeez, Winters is trying to make a modern art display out of the ring, using Fusenshoff's profusely bleeding FACE as his paintbrush! The ring is a collage of the TV Champion's own blood, and every time the challenger puts him down focusing on his head, Fusenshoff slips even further away!

DT: "New School" Layne Winters... hooking BOTH LEGS for the COVER!!




MN: How does he keep DOING THAT?!

DM: The Television Champion didn't even have to COMPETE tonight, but he's putting EVERYTHING HE'S GOT on the line here tonight! THAT right there is what I call COMMITMENT to a title, even if Fusenshoff was never particularly proud of it...

DT: We all have to remember that what Fusenshoff does in that ring, he does for HIMSELF... not for any title and CERTAINLY not for anyone, including that damned STALKER! But RIGHT NOW, he's got a plate full of problems, served personally by "New School" Layne Winters!

DM: Winters is getting FRUSTRATED now! You can hear him exchanging choice words with David Rosenkrantz on the speed of that count, but simply put, Fusenshoff powered out at the last second! This is the PERFECT opportunity for Fusenshoff to mount a comeback... but...

MN: But let's FACE IT, Dean... he doesn't HAVE ENOUGH to make a comeback right now! Look at him! He's a BLEEDING MESS in that ring!

DT: He's still in this match, isn't he?! Let's not count out Fusenshoff just yet. We can't be too quick to forget the impressive COMEBACKS this man is capable of!

DM: Winters on top of Fusenshoff immediately... now he rolls him over onto his belly in the center of the ring. There he boosts him onto his knees... OH MAN, LOOK AT THIS!! A CROSS-FACE CLUTCH!! That's quite an INNOVATIVE submission hold, and against an opponent whose life is slowly slipping away every second that passes in that ring, it can be quite DANGEROUS!

DT: Winters is pulling BACK on that Crossface hold, just SQUEEZING the life-force out of Fusenshoff as the blood continues trailing down his face! HOW is the TV Champion going to escape THIS ONE?!

MN: The point is that he WON'T, Dave! The moron won't stay down long enough, so Layne's going to finish this off slow and painfully! Heh heh...

DM: The arms of Layne Winters are tensed around the crimson-masked face of Fusenshoff, tightening like the strangling clutch of a BOA CONSTRICTER!! I don't see Fuse escaping this one! In a few moments, it's going to be lights out, and that's all she wrote!

DT: Even so... Fusenshoff is FIGHTING the pain! He's REFUSING to tap out at all costs!

MN: That's okay. He'll won't have a choice soon enough...

DM: This could be IT for the Television Champion, Fusenshoff...

[Camera zooms in on the gore-ridden face of Fusenshoff as his eyes roll back and he slips away.]

DM: ...that's it, I think he's OUT!!

DT: Rosenkrantz raising the hand of Fusenshoff to see if he is able to respond... and it DROPS!!

MN: That's ONE!

DT: Rosenkratz raising the arm again... and once again, it DROPS!!

MN: That's TWO!!

DM: Just one more, and we'll see a new TV Champion crowned here tonight...

DT: Rosenkrantz... RAISING THE ARM...



And it FALLS --


Crowd: *POP!*

DM: I can't believe what I'm SEEING!! I thought for CERTAIN he was GONE! The champion is putting up an ENORMOUS effort here tonight, and however this competition turns out, it’s one that he should be commended for!

MN: Oh right... give all the props to FUSENSHOFF, but nothing to the brilliant wrestling ability of Layne Winters!

DT: The capacity crowd is getting behind the TV Champion...


DT: ...and now he's getting his legs moving! Fusenshoff is desperately trying to FREE himself from that innovated Crossface hold applied by Layne Winters!

DM: He's trying to move his legs up so he can get his feet on the mat and is that as leverage! Winters, looking DESPERATE in the light of this amazing show of DURABILITY on the part of the champion, tries closing the gap... but Fusenshoff is already on his knees!

DT: Fusenshoff is fighting the PAIN and the urge to PASS OUT with every fiber of his being! His fists are clenched and SHAKING with fury as he STILL continues to bleed out through the open gash on his forehead! But even now, he manages to put ONE foot to the mat... and now BOTH! Fusenshoff is RISING TO HIS FEET!

Crowd: *POP!*

DM: ...and Winters is hanging there WITH HIM!

MN: Come on, Layne! Squeeze his head until POPS like a melon!

DM: Winters is just hanging on for dear life at this point... but here's Fusenshoff, charging BACK-FIRST INTO THE CORNER -- AND HE JUST SANDWICHED Layne Winters in that corner!

DT: Winters REFUSES to let go... and this time, Fusenshoff hooks both of Winters' legs wrapped around his torso... and drops STRAIGHT BACK!!

DM: OH MAN, Winters got CRUSHED... but even THAT'S not enough to release his grip! "New School" isn't giving up on that hold until it puts Fusenshoff away for good, and now the TV Champ has made the mistake of dropping BACK to the mat, giving the challenger all that extra leverage!

MN: Heh... moron...

DT: Layne Winters is trying to reposition himself... but Fusenshoff's ALREADY RISING AGAIN!? He will simply NOT stay down! And can you BLAME HIM given what's at stake?

DM: Winters still clinging to the back of Fusenshoff with only that Crossface held in place, legs trying to form a vice around the champion's legs... but now Fusenshoff reaches back and grabs him by the back of the hair -- AND DROPS RIGHT INTO AN ACE CRUSHER!!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: YES!! The death grip of Layne Winters is FINALLY broken, and "New School" goes SPRAWLING to the mat clutching his jaw! Fusenshoff, completely EXHAUSTED, just COLLAPSES to the mat with him!

DM: It probably took everything he had just break free from that submission hold. But with his life-force continuing to leak away through that cut, I have to wonder how much more he has left!

MN: NOT MUCH, believe me...

DT: Well see about that, Mike! Fusenshoff is trying to get to his feet again! It's quite an effort for him, but he manages to get up as a dazed Layne Winters rises also! Winters turns around... and nearly JUMPS OUT OF HIS SHOES the minute he sees FUSENSHOFF standing over him!

DM: OH! Hard kick to the mid-section... and Fusenshoff goes right for the WHIP to the ropes! Here comes Winters on the return -- RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A BIIIIG POWERSLAM!! OH MAN, he nearly got PUT THROUGH THE RING!!

DT: Fusenshoff with the PIN!!



THR--NO!! Winters kicks out!

MN: Come on, you didn't think Winters was going to spend the past five minutes kicking Fusenshoff's ass, only to turn around to go down just like THAT!

DM: Stranger things have happened in the world of professional wrestling. Fusenshoff, still a little slow to get up... and that gives Winters the opportunity to rise to his feet unscathed! Fuse up, and here comes Winters... "New School" meets him with a CHOP across the chest... but Fuse just STIFFENS UP and tells him to hit him again!

DT: Winters with ANOTHER chop across the chest, and he put some FORCE into that one... Fusenshoff is just SOAKING UP THE PAIN!! He's telling Winters to hit him AGAIN!

MN: Well, if you insist...


DM: Winters is trying to flounder to his feet... and once again, Fusenshoff, taking too long to regain his bearings! He must be getting DIZZY with all that blood loss! Winters trying to get up by the ropes... but here comes Fuse at last! The TV Champ hooks the challenger from behind... gets him to his FEET -- AND THERE'S A BACK SUPLEX!! Once again, Layne Winters is getting mercilessly MANHANDLED in that ring!

DT: Layne Winters is finally UNMOVING on the mat, and now Fusenshoff makes the win to PUT THIS ONE AWAY!!



THR--NO!! A KICKOUT by Layne Winters!

MN: That's right, Layne! You can hang in there!

DM: Fusenshoff knows he's in the home stretch. He's just gotta hang in there long enough to keep Layne Winters down! But so far, "New School" is coming back from EVERYTHING he's dishing out!

DT: Time is running out for the TV Champion! Fusenshoff is slowly back up to his feet, fighting the exhaustion wearing out his entire body... and now he's bringing Winters up with him! Fuse DITCHES Winters into the corner, and the challenger is TRAPPED! Fusenshoff grabs the middle set of ropes... AND DRIVES THAT SHOULDER RIGHT INTO THE RIBS of Layne Winters!

DM: That just knocked the WIND out of Winters! Fusenshoff with ANOTHER BIG SHOULDER, and Winters is looking in bad shape! Wait a minute... Fusenshoff now lifting Winters UP! Wait, he dropped him... Fusenshoff's strength is LEAVING him!

MN: HA! It was only a matter of time!

DT: NO!! Fusenshoff with a BIG ELBOW to the face of Layne Winters, keeps him stunned... and now he's lifting him up AGAIN! He sets Layne Winters up to the TOP ROPE... and now he's going up WITH HIM!!

DM: We could potentially be about to witness high-risk move from the champ! Fuse trying to hook those arms... but Winters is FIGHTING BACK!

MN: Come on, Layne! Knock him off!

DT: OH NO!! Winters just SHOVES the TV Champ off the top rope, and Fusenshoff tumbles into the ring! Now Winters is trying to turn this to his advantage... he's setting himself up on the top rope! Winters could be looking for -- OH MAN, SHOT DOWN!! FUSENSHOFF THROWS HIMSELF INTO THE ROPES, and Layne Winters RACKS HIMSELF on the turnbuckle!!

DM: OOOhhh... Winters tried to turn things around in his favor, but that didn't last long, and now Fusenshoff's RETURNING to the top rope! Fusenshoff with the waist lock... looking for the SUPLEX... but he can't get Layne Winters over!

DT: Come on, Fusenshoff, you can DO IT!!

MN: CHOKE, Hasselhoff, CHOKE!!


DM: That COULD BE ENOUGH to stop Layne Winters, but Fusenshoff is just too damn SPENT to even MOVE at this point! He's got to make the cover!

DT: COME ON, Fuse, he's only RIGHT THERE! Fusenshoff rolling onto his side... DRAGGING himself over the body of Layne Winters! This is IT!!




Crowd: AAAaawww...

DM: Fusenshoff can hardly believe it! It took everything he had to throw Layne Winters off the top rope with that suplex, but even THAT wasn't enough! Fusenshoff has been bleeding out in the ring consistently for the last seven minutes of this competition. There's NO WAY he can keep this going for much longer...

DT: Three minutes are left in this competition for the EPW Television Title... and now Fusenshoff, using the ropes to get back to his feet! Winters managed to kick out, but he's having some trouble trying to get up himself! Fuse is behind him in his blind spot... and the TV Champ is STALKING his competition!


DM: TOO LATE! Here's Fusenshoff from behind...

WHISKEY BOMB!! OH MAN, he NAILED IT!! Fusenshoff, in a LAST DITCH EFFORT, used the LAST of his strength to bury Layne Winters face first into the mat!!

DT: HE'S DONE IT AT LAST!! Fusenshoff drapes an arm over the chest, going for the PIN...




DM: It AIN'T OVER YET!! And the task of finishing match just gets more and more difficult for Fusenshoff as Layne Winters refuses to stay down! But how much longer can he last against the strength of the TV Champion?

MN: Come on, Winters, you're SOO CLOSE!!

DT: I don't think Winters can withstand any more... and Fusenshoff KNOWS it! Fusenshoff, looking like he's in absolute PAIN as he forces himself back onto his feet... and now he's bringing Winters up! Fuse is giving the signal to the fans... he's going for the DOMINATION!!

DM: Fusenshoff is going ALL OUT right now! There's only two minutes left to put this match away! If he can stay strong for that long, he'll walk out of here with the title by default! The window of opportunity is CLOSING on Layne Winters!

DT: Fusenshoff gets Winters back to his feet... he's trying to lift Winters up, but... he CAN'T!!

DM: Uh oh... Fusenshoff just hit a BRICK WALL! He doesn't have the power to keep this one going!

DT: Fusenshoff... FIGHTING THE PAIN... trying AGAIN to finish off Layne Winters... lifting him up over his shoulders... going for THE DOMINATION...


BUT WINTERS SLIPS DOWN HIS BACK!! Fusenshoff didn't have the STRENGTH TO HOLD HIM IN PLACE!! Fuse practically COLLAPSES where he stands!

DM: The opportunity is right there for Layne Winters... he spins Fusenshoff around, and lifts him up for the suplex --



DT: Winters hooks both legs...




[SFX: *DING! DING! DING!* "I Don't Know Anything" by Mad Season hits the PA as Winters releases the pin and falls to the mat in exhaustion.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner...



MN: Oh what a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Somebody FINALLY took that belt off that drunk LOSER!!

DM: What a REMARKABLE display of STRENGTH and ENDURANCE on the part of both men! Both men gave it everything, but in the end, I think Fusenshoff's injury cost him GREATLY in the long run of this match!

DT: You can say that again, Dean-O... I think if Rocko Daymon hadn't hit him with that CHAIR earlier in the night, things would have been MUCH different!

MN: Oh yeah, well I don't think so. I think you guys are writing off the ability of the NEW TV Champ... "NEW SCHOOL" LAYNE WINTERS!!

DM: Okay... credit needs to be given where it's due. Layne Winters gave it his ALL in this title match, and it PAID OFF! It's hard to imagine this is only his FOURTH match here since coming out of the indy federations in the Pacific Northwest and jumping head-first into the big leagues, but in that little time, he's ALREADY brought Empire Pro gold around his waist!

[Winters is handed the EPW TV Title by Rosenkrantz as his arm is raised in victory. He spends a moment grinning WILDLY to the camera amid a crowd of booing fans, until he's literally knocked off his feet by Pamela as she rushes into the ring. The couple roll to the outside and continue celebrating to the spiteful fans as the ref checks on Fusenshoff and calls for EMTs.]

DT: A hard-fought victory for Layne Winters as he joins Pamela in the celebration. He might have put a fight tonight, but I wish he'd be more RESPECTFUL to the Empire Pro fans.

MN: SCREW THEM! Just what have THEY done to deserve his respect?! Layne Winters has been wrestling for SEVEN YEARS, and he just earned the BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT of his career, and all you can do is whine about the fact that he KNOWS he's better than the rest of these snot-nosed idiots?!

DM: EMTs are coming to the ring to help Fusenshoff to the back and patch him up again... oh wait, look who's coming with them!

DT: STALKER?! Strange seeing HIM coming to the aid of Fusenshoff!

MN: What, you really thought he didn't CARE about Fusenshoff? I mean, come on... by now, Fuse should be able to distinguish his friends from his enemies. Stalker is obviously there to be his FRIEND, but Rocko Daymon? Come on, he cracked him over the head with a chair, and pretty much hampered his entire performance in this match!

DM: It's going to be interesting to see how that develops. I don't think it was anything personal on Rocko's part, but Fusenshoff may not see it that way.

DT: Regardless, this night belongs to LAYNE WINTERS, who leaves the ring with the EPW TV Title after a hard-fought battle! Fusenshoff is being led to the back to have his cut attended to. We've got more action on the way fans, so don't leave us just yet!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Main Event: Stevens (c), Tre, Westcott vs. Cruise (c), Wells (c), Edmunds

[FADEIN: The broken broadcast table to the side of the announce team, who are all now at a makeshift fold out table next to the rubble created earlier in the night.]

DT: Fans while we were on break earlier following that big cage match, both Larry Tact and Anarky were stretchered off and taken to a near-by hospital. We will give you any updates we get on their condition, that was a scary, scary moment.

DM: Anarky's done a lot of crazy things in his career, but willingly throwing himself off a 15 foot high steel cage just to injure Larry Tact...Anarky may be going out of his mind.

MN: Maybe?! He tried to kill Larry Tact! He tried to kill himself! He tried to kill the three of us! He needs to spend a good long time in a rubber room.

DT: Not to mention, we have a new Television champion as we just saw moments ago.

DM: That’s huge. Fusenshoff has had a stranglehold on the belt for some time. But I think his encounter with Rocko Daymon earlier had a little bit of bearing on the title match.

DT: Well be that as it may, we do have a main event to get to.

[MUSIC UP: "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against The Machine. The Anthology video package begins playing on the EmpireTron as Cameron Cruise, IC Title around his waist makes his way out from behind the curtain, flanked by Jared Wells on his right. Wells with his EPW World Tag Team Title Belt over his shoulder. While Anthology's latest new signing, Sean Edmunds, is on Cruise's left. All three men look supremely confident and they begin to walk to the ring.]

TF: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...This is the MAIN EVENT of the evening...A SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH...Set for ONE FALL....Introducing first...Weighing in at a combined weight of 736 pounds...Here is SEAN EDMUNDS...One half of the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...JARED WELLS...AND THE EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...CAMERON CRUISE...HERE...IS....ANNNNNNNN!! THALLLLLL!!!!!!!! OOOOO!!!!! GGGGGG!!!!!!!

[The crowd boos loudly as all three men get in the ring, soaking in the hatred of the crowd.]

MN: Look at them...The most powerful force in EPW today...The most powerful faction in Wrestling...Anthology, a unified front, I bet you won't be seeing the misfits they are fighting coming out as one.

DT: You may be right about this, Anthology's opponents in these situations have often been people with issues with each other, last week, Sean Stevens and The First managed to look past that to score a victory over Anthology.

MN: And it was a big mistake on Stevens part, that little freak nearly stole his belt before Stevens took it back!

DT: I don't think that was what was happening, but now Stevens is tagging with a man who will be fighting him for the EPW World Title on the next PPV, AND he's tagging with a man who COST him the World Title in a match with JA...It will be very interesting to see if they can work together.

MN: They can't...Stevens learned full well last week if you give any of these ingrates an inch they'll take a mile, no more free rides from the Champ!

[MUSIC UP: "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva. Marcus Westcott stalks out onto the rampway with a scowl on his face...Westcott gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, some of whom seem to be cheering him just cause he's against Anthology...Westcott makes his way to ringside and starts pointing at Wells and Edmunds, Pat Jones tries to keep everyone apart from each other.]

DT: Marcus Westcott isn't backing down from anyone, he doesn't care if it's 3 on 1 in that ring he's still walking out and looking for a fight!

DM: Westcott hasn't gotten to be the #1 contender by laying back, he's clearly looking to send a message to both Anthology and to Sean Stevens tonight!

[MUSIC UP: "Bad As Can" by Beetlejuice. The crowd gets on their feet as Ice Tre, rocking a blue ring jacket and so much ice and bling as to look like it outweighs him, makes his way down to the ring, high fiving the cheering fans.]

DT: Ice Tre in the house! This crowd is electric!

MN: Ugh...This guy is a joke...I almost forgot how much I hated him for costing Stevens for the title...If he screwed anything up for Trip tonight he might pass the gothtard for #1 on my hate list.

DT: I'm sure he's deeply concerned about such issues Neely...

[The lights dim. SFX: Thunder, Lightning, Horses, Chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of Gladiator-style war.


CUTTO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.

Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence.

"Time to ride, n[BEEP]."

[The EPW World Champion Sean Stevens steps onto the rampway, soaking in a reaction of more boos then cheers, but getting some respect from the crowd who likes to back a winner. Stevens has on his "Finisher" line "Blue Eyed Badass" T-Shirt, black tights with blue X's on the legs and one on the seat. A top line pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, and of course, the EPW World Title strapped around his waist.]


DT: You are such a sad little man Neely, honestly.

MN: I can't help it, greatness deserves praise.

DT: Sean Stevens, the only two time EPW World Champion, and a man who's clearly been on a roll as of late making his way to the ring to join his two partners.

MN: Think of all he's done, he won the main event of Wrestleverse 3...I mean, that's big, but last week he carried that emo idiot to a win over Anthology...This man is a miracle worker!

TF: And now introducing their opponents...At a combined weight of 651 pounds...ICE TRE!!! The #1 contender to the EPW World Champion...MARCUS! WEST! SCOTT!...And the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! TRIPLE X!!! SEAN!!!! STEVE! ANNNNNNSSSS!!!!

[The crowd buzzes, Tre's faction of support seems to have the fans behind his team. Anthology huddle up and Jared Wells looks to start for them, while after a moment or two in the other corner Sean Stevens refuses to leave the ring, Ice Tre and Westcott take to the apron, Westcott protesting a bit more as he does.]

[Bell rings.]

DT: And we're underway, Sean Stevens locking up with Jared Wells to start. Stevens shoves Wells backwards...Wells gives Stevens a smirk and they lock up again...Stevens with a knee to the gut of Wells and now he pushes the Tag Champion backwards into his own corner...Stevens yelling at Wells to tag in Cruise!

DM: Stevens wanted Cruise badly at the last aggression, calling for a title Vs title match, when that fell through he went so far as to tag with The First to get his hands on him...Clearly he still wants more!

MN: NO! Don't tag Cruise!

DT: Wells makes the tag and now for the second week in a row the EPW World Champion and IC Champ are face to face in the ring!

MN: Why is life so cruel!

DT: Stevens and Cruise circle and Stevens CRACKS Cruise with a right hand, and another shot! Cruise staggers into the ropes and gets whipped to the other side...CRUISE SPIKED INTO THE MAT WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!

DM: What big time impact from the champion!

DT: Cruise stumbling to his feet but he's quickly grabbed by Stevens and hooked up...SNAP SUPLEX!

MN: Stop killing each other! You should be working together to rid this company of all non-Anthology, non-Stevens people! This is tragic!

DT: I'm so glad you're at least watching what's happening this week, Cruise landed hard from that suplex, but he also landed near his corner and he makes the tag to Sean Edmunds, who's now the third member of Anthology to try his luck with the champ.

DM: Sean Edmunds was quite outspoken leading up to this match, let's see if he can back it up in the ring.

DT: Edmunds and Stevens trading right hands...Edmunds I think just caught Stevens with an finger in the eye...I don't think Pat Jones saw that and now Edmunds peppering Stevens with right hands and now has him backed into the corner and driving knees into the gut of the Champion. Edmunds now sends Stevens to the opposite corner...Stevens hits HARD and staggers out into a BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE from Edmunds!

MN: I mean this is good for Anthology, but it's beating up Stevens...Couldn't they wait till Ice Tre was in there to bust out the big offense?

DT: Stevens back to his feet and he lands a right to Edmunds...The two men trading shots...Stevens with kick to the midsection and a HAYMAKER of a right hand rocks Edmunds backwards...Westcott calling for a tag but Stevens is ignoring him...Edmunds gets up and knees Stevens in the back...Stevens stumbles into his corner and Westcott tags himself in!

DM: Westcott not taking kindly to being blown off by the champion he'll be fighting in short order.

DT: Westcott now in the ring hammering away on Edmunds...Edmunds staggers backwards and now Westcott scoops him up and a BIG SLAM from the #1 contender...Westcott dropping a series of elbows into Edmunds chest...And now Westcott off the ropes...DRIVES a knee into the FACE of Edmunds...

MN: Westcott’s kinda cool, but I can't abide by people beating on Anthology...

DT: Marcus Westcott now throws Edmunds into Westcott’s corner...Stevens holding his hands away from Westcott, he's not giving him a tag...WESTSCOTT SLAPS STEVENS!

DM: Westcott had a tag match with Anarky that turned out a lot like this...Marcus Westcott has no luck with his tag partners.

DT: Stevens back in the ring and he's nose to nose with Westcott...AND NOW THEY ARE TRADING PUNCHES!

MN: YES! That's it Stevens, fight those who are not in Anthology!

DT: While they are trading blows, Ice Tre just made a tag on Stevens...Ice Tre legal now and he gets in the ring...Tre mugging and looking as bad-ass as he can as Edmunds now just smirking at him...

DM: While we await Edmunds and Tre engaging, Stevens and Westcott have gone to the floor and continue to brawl.

DT: Tre and Edmunds lock up...Edmunds slugs Tre...Tre staggers...Edmunds with a kick to the gut, and a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! Edmunds now stomping away on Tre...

MN: Beat him dead, and then beat him some more!

DT: Wells tagged in now and he's stomping Ice Tre...Wells throws Tre into the Anthology corner and now all three men taking shots at him...The ref needs to get control here!

MN: Hey Anthology makes the rules around here, not some pinhead in a striped shirt!

DT: Meanwhile on the floor, Stevens has just been THROWN into the STEEL STEPS by Westcott Stevens slumps down and takes a BRUTAL KICK TO THE HEAD by Westcott! The champ is down!

DM: Westcott isn't getting on the apron either, he's still leaving Ice Tre to fend for himself in the ring!

DT: Cruise now tagged in...The ref trying to get Wells out of the ring...TRE JUST BLASTS CRUISE WITH BRASS KNUCKS!! HE KNOCKED CRUISE COLD!

MN: That cheating worthless little!

DT: Tre throws the knucks out of the ring, he covers!




DT: Wells breaks up the pin, but now Cruise and Tre are down...Westcott now back on the apron, Tre and Cruise crawling to their corners...

MN: Unreal, Westcott goes from beating up the champ to now bailing this Jamie Kennedy wanna-be out of the beating he so richly deserves, damn you Westcott!

DT: Cruise makes the tag to Wells...TRE LUNGES...BUT STEVENS JUST PULLED WESTSCOTT OFF THE APRON! Tre now dragged back to Anthology's corner and Wells stomping him silly! Wells pulls him up...POWER BOMB BY WELLS!

MN: I think he broke his back, or at least I'm hoping he did!

DT: Wells tags in Edmunds now...Edmunds with a cocky swagger around the ring, this match has turned into a 3 on 1 against Ice Tre...Edmunds now with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER ON TRE! Edmunds now tags in Cruise who puts the boots to Tre, who's barely moving.

MN: Make him stop moving...Make him stop breathing!

DT: Meanwhile on the floor, Stevens is getting the best of Westcott and BOUNCES his head of the STEEL RINGPOST...Westcott is out of it...WAIT A SECOND....NOW ANTHOLOGY IS ALL OVER STEVENS! Pat Jones out on the floor trying to break this melee up!

DM: Anthology now attacking the champion and #1 contender...Wells and Edmunds beating them down while Cruise has control in the ring!

DT: Cruise now hooking waiting for Tre to get to his feet...He's getting ready for a REALITY CHECK...Tre to his feet, Cruise charges...TRE JUST THREW FIRE!! [Crowd pops!] TRE BLINDED CRUISE...TRE WITH A ROLL UP!!! THE REF BACK IN THE RING!!!




DT: CRUISE KICKED OUT! Tre nearly stole it there with the fire!

DM: Where does Tre come up with all these tricks?

DT: Cruise thrashing around clutching his face...He's yelling at his fellow Anthology mates to tag him out...Wells tags Cruise who rolls to the outside...WESTSCOTT DECKS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The outside of the ring providing no safety at all!

MN: I was hating Ice Tre, but Westcott might be surpassing him, he's attacking all the good of EPW, it's a disgrace!


[Bell rings!]

DT: Sean Stevens just got himself and his team disqualified! What on earth was he thinking!

DM: He clearly doesn't care about this match, hell just about everyone out here is somebody he hates. He just wants to fight!

DT: Anthology are going to win this by DQ...But really, it's just a pure fight now, everyone except Ice Tre is on the floor...Westcott now being the victim of a 4 on 1 beating...And Anthology quickly turns on him...Anthology now beating the hell out of Stevens...Westcott getting up and throwing punches at everyone in sight...ICE TRE UP TOP! TRE CRASHES DOWN ON EVERYONE FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! ["EPW" chants!]

DM: Tre might have knocked himself senseless with that move!

MN: You're acting like he had sense to begin with!

DT: We're running out of time fans...My lord, there's people laid out everywhere...We'll be back next week with MORE AGGRESSION!

[Sean Edmunds pulls himself to his feet, he staggers away from the pile of bodies and grabs a steel chair...Stevens, Westcott and Wells are getting to their feet as Edmunds makes his way back towards everyone with the chair and we FADEOUT]
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