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AGGRESSION 46: Chicago, IL - 8/15/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[SFX: Mild applause ... as a familiar voice echoes.]

V/O: The Anthology is the dominant force. The First sells the most merchandise, and has won over the undying affection of twelve year old nerdy bloggers and prepubescent, flat chested, teenage girls.

And, Lindsay Troy is the boss.

[Darkness. ...no lights, no special effects, and no expensive production. Just a familiar voice, and a shaky camera.]

V/O: Marcus Westcott's the number one contender for the big belt, Rocko
Daymon's the tortured soul, and JA couldn't cut it, so he took his ball and went home.

[The crowd recognized his voice immediately, and instantly responded with jeers. Undeterred, the narrator continued.]

V/O: Jared Wells is our daddy, Fusenhoff is the neighborhood drunk, Ice Tre still can't effectively execute a successful run-in and now ... after years of mediocrity ... we're supposed to believe that Cameron Cruise is a badass.
This place has become a certified insane asylum, filled with delusional characters, clowns, freaks and geeks, and as much as you losers like to use my name to propel your pathetic careers, there's something that you can NEVER take from me.

[FADEIN: ...on a still shot of the EPW World Heavyweight Championship, on the shoulder of it's current holder, SEAN 'TRIPLE X' STEVENS, as the camera slowly panned backwards, revealing his Friday vehicle – a Bat Mobile-esque black 2009 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, with 20 inch black chrome rims, and equally dark tints.

The champ was dressed casually, but extravagantly in a $3, 000 black and gold Zazzle t-shirt with the words, “F'K THE RECESSION” on the front, with the bold declaration, “I'M STILL RICH” on the back, and a pair of faded black True Religion jeans.]

TRIPLE X: My name, my title, or my crown.

[Stevens paused for effect, as the boos grew to deafening proportions.]

TRIPLE X: Get the f[BEEP]ck off the throne you clones ... The King's back.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intro - and Daddy says Hello

[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.
JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.
Cameron Cruise hitting Fusenshoff with the Shipwreck.
Felix Red and First, perched on opposite turnbuckles, then diving down onto their opponents.
Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.
Larry Tact and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.
“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.
And finally…. A dais with a throne upon it and Lindsay Troy sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to AGGRESSION! I’m Dave Thomas!! With me as always are Dean Matthews and the one and only…. Mike Neely.

DM: What a night!

DT: Indeed we have a huge show in store. The Television title is on the line as the First takes on Layne Winters!

DM: The increasingly unstable Anarky takes on Sean Edmunds…

DT: Fusenhoff fights for his freedom tonight. Stalker has promised to let Fusenhoff out of his enslavement if he can beat former EPW World Champion Rocko Daymon in a Stalker's Rules match tonight!

MN: This one is tough for me, I mean, Fusenhoff remaining enslaved is awesome, but on the other hand, Rocko Daymon being beaten half dead would be great to...I guess I'm just rooting for carnage here!

DM: Plus Shawn Hart may pay for leaving Anthology as he's fighting Larry Tact...Copycat and Cruise take on Contradiction!

DT: And in our main event, the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title Marcus Westcott takes on Anthology member…Jared Wells…

[CUEUP: A Looking In View by Alice In Chains]

DT: And speaking of Mr. Wells…

[PYRO goes off all over the arena as Jared Wells walks out to the front entrance and stops. He is wearing a black & white Armani suit, hair spiked and styled with one half of the EPW Tag Title over his shoulder. Crowd is very Pro-Jared Wells as he seems to acknowledge the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring, grabs the mic and stands in the middle of the ring to a huge ovation]

[Chants of "JARED" break out as he is almost beside himself]

JARED WELLS: You know, just about fifteen minutes ago I was in the locker room getting ready to come out here do my thing. I got myself psyched, stretched out, got myself mentally prepared to come out here and talk to you people. But the burning sensation came from the waist below and I had to take a PEE-DIDDY. Heading to the urinal I felt like something was missing in my head and I wasn't sure. I was almost a lost of thought walking to the bath room. BUT THEN IT HIT ME!! It wasn't the fact that I took a two minute pee and it smelled of ammonia. It wasn't the fact that I thought fighting urine that smelled like ammonia would be cured by drinking lots of water. IT IS..........


[Crowd pops and chants of "JARED" break out again]

Let's clarify reality to the guys in the back that call Anthology a bunch of LOSERS or a JOKE.

SEAN EDMUNDS! I have been friends with Sean Edmunds for twelve years plus. Sean Edmunds has been world champion plenty of times and its safe to say he is the most ENTERTAINING WRESTLER ALIVE TODAY BAR NONE! He's spent more money bailing me out of jail than most of you in the back have made your entire career. He is one of the GREATEST wrestlers alive today.

COPYCAT! Not only did I hate this guy but he was my greatest and toughest opponent EVER in my career. Who would have ever thought that Jared Wells and Copycat would be on the same page after all these years. None of you saw it but I did and so did Copycat. Call it respect, call it a comeback, but him and I saw that the EPW needed to learn a lesson about the road we paved. Oh we have your attention now don't we EPW? Copycat is by far one of the GREATEST wrestlers alive today.

LARRY TACT! Same with Copycat I hated this man much of my career and I will admit he was one of my greatest opponents ever as well. Larry Tact proved to the world he was world champion by paying his dues. When I called on Larry Tact it wasn't an ego problem, it was respect and he knew what the intentions were when Anthology was formed. We currently carry the EPW World Tag Team Titles and there is a reason why. Larry Tact is one of the GREATEST wrestlers alive today.

CAMERON CRUISE! You know, I look at the current EPW Intercontinental Champion a bit differently than the gentlemen I talked about before. Cameron Cruise didn't grow up in the business at the same time with the likes of Edmunds, Tact, Copycat, Wells. Cameron Cruise called me one day when I was sitting home collecting a pay check bored to hell with my mexican friend doing drugs and he said "WHAT HAPPENED TO JARED WELLS? What happened to the man?" Long story short, Cameron Cruise got me off my ass and we built a dynasty like NON OTHER! Cameron Cruise paid his dues to be where he is at. There is a reason why Cameron Cruise is the current EPW Intercontinental Champion and there is a reason why he is one of the greatest wrestlers alive today!

[Crowd pops. Jared then takes his jacket off and loosens his tie and jumps around]


[Crowd pops again as Jared Wells calms down and acknowledges the crowd]

MARKY WESCOTT!!! In Chicago, fifteen years ago I met a blonde one night, I walked out the bar door with her and she changed my life forever. The only difference is I got up the next day and walked out on her and had to start paying the price. However, the price was big because here we are fifteen years later she's still waiting for DADDY to come home right now!!! Believe me, back then I wondered if she kept the baby or not. Sad part is I don't even remember her name but its almost a warm feeling knowing I have a little bastard son somewhere that I don't know. DADDY IS PROUD!

Tonight Marky I will prove to you that my lifestyle is better than yours. I will prove to you that my feet are bigger than yours. I will prove that I'm more entertaining than you. And I will prove to the number one contender in the EPW that I'm a better wrestler.

The Beast yesterday. Marcus Westcott today. Dick Mittens tomorrow. Jessica, Marky Westcott smile B[BLEEP]CHES its Jared Wells Appreciation Night! You both will appreciate the DANGLE TONIGHT IN CHICAGO!!

[Jared Wells drops the mic, and heads back]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Behind the curtain

[Moments later….

Jared Wells pops through the curtain and MOJO!! is right there.]

MOJO!: Mr. Wells!! Can I get a word.

[Wells slaps Massey on the back and moves past him in a hurry, a certain spring in his step]

Wells: Sorry Mojo! Gotta get to the garage. The boys are here, and the party’s about to start…

[Wells takes off down the hall and around a corner…and bursts through a set of door to the outside arrival area in the lower garage.

Wells pops out just in time to catch Cameron Cruise, Copycat, Sean Edmunds and Larry Tact climbing out of a stretch limousine. All four are dressed to the nines – Cruise and Tact have their belts in hand.]

Tact: Fellas! Welcome to CHI-TOWN.


[They all slap hands and exchange pleasantries when another limo pulls up. The doors open and Gabriel Carvalho, Mauricio Dos Santos and Ricardo “Lightning” Silva, better known as Jungle Storm step out. Almost simultaneously, a third limo pulls up and out step The Sergeant & Drunken Tiger, Contradiction.

Off to the side, a security guard just about pisses himself as he realizes a situation is developing that he won’t be able to control.]

Cameron Cruise: Hey guys look – it’s the tag team jobber squad.

Sean Edmunds: Yeah, hey – if you’re lookin’ for our bags, they’re in the trunk.

[Carvalho walks right up to and gets into Cameron Cruise’s face.]

Cruise: Unless you plan on buying us all dinner and a drink, I suggest you kick rocks, kid....

[Without a word, Carvalho throws a right hand. Everything goes slow motion.

The camera zooms in on the security guard, whose mouth forms the word “NOOOO!!!!”…then pulls back and goes to full speed. Suddenly the five members of Anthology and stomping away at all three members of Jungle Storm on the ground. The members of Contradiction quickly get involved but are quickly overwhelmed, as Jungle Storm are already out on the concrete leaving it five on two. Cruise and Copycat stomp away at the knees of two of the Jungle Storm members while Wells and Tact to likewise to Contradiction. Sean Edmunds pulls Mauricio Dos Santos to his feet delivers a brutal tiger driver.

Finally all five back away, smiling and give another round of high fives.]

Wells: Don’t forget those bags, eh guys??

[The five Anthology go through the same set of doors from before and we see them on the inside of the building – well, we see four of them. Someone’s missing. The four men, Copycat, Edmunds, Cruise and Tact start down the hall when Larry Tact stops and holds them back.]

Tact: Wait a second. Where’d Jared go??

Cruise: What the hell??

[They rush back through the doors and just on the other side Jared Wells is laid out on his back, groaning and grasping at a large bump forming over his left eye where he clearly took the brunt impact of…something.]

Edmunds: Jesus!!

[They rush to check on Wells, looking around but seeing only the five members of Jungle Storm and Contradiction, still out on the concrete and being attended to by medical personnel.]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Sean Edmunds vs. Anarky

[CUTTO: The camera panning over the crowd, who are holding signs and cheering loudly as the shot comes to focus on Tony Fatora in the ring.]

[CUEUP: "Brain Stew" by Green Day. The crowd booing loudly as Sean Edmunds steps onto the rampway. Edmunds wearing dark purple knee length tights with black ring boots. A white robe with "Sensational" in black sequins hangs loosely off his shoulders as he walks to the ring.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall...Introducing first, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 223 pounds...Representing Anthology..."Simply Sensational" SEAN!!! EDMUNDS!!

[The crowd booing as Edmunds gives a smug smile at the crowd as takes his rope off and hands it to a ring attendant.]

DT: Edmunds not exactly endearing himself to the fans as we kick off tonight's show...And he better be on his game cause he's facing a man who's really on the edge.

[CUEUP: "More Human Then Human" by White Zombie. Anarky, wearing his skull facepaint, turn leather shirt with the Anarchy symbol on the chest, ripped blue jeans and black work boots, hits the ring. The crowd with a loud mixed reaction with a bit more cheering then boos.]

TF: And his opponent...Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut...Weighing at 229 pounds...AN! R! KEY!!!

[Anarky hits the ring and bullrushes Edmunds into a corner and begins pounding away on him!]

DT: Anarky not even waiting for the bell here as he just starts beating the heck out of Edmunds! The ref forcing himself between the two men, telling Anarky to back off...Anarky standing a few feet away just looking enraged...[Bell rings] and now we're underway! Anarky right back punching away on Edmunds...Anarky sends Edmunds to the corner...Edmunds staggers out...INTO A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! Edmunds hits the mat hard and now Anarky stomping the heck out of Edmunds! Edmunds rolls out of the ring...Edmunds trying to get his bearing...ANARKY WITH A SLINGSHOT CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR!

DM: Anarky doing anything and everything he can to cripple and maim Edmunds. Anarky just assaulting Edmunds here.

DT: Anarky grabs Edmunds and SMASHES him into the apron...Edmunds trying to back off...Anarky lifts Edmunds off his feet...AND RUNS EDMUNDS BACKFIRST INTO THE SECURITY RAILING!

MN: This guy should be a rubber room, night fighting an elite wrestler like Edmunds!

DT: Edmunds thrown back into the ring, Anarky now dives on top of Edmunds and now dropping right hands and elbows from the mount on Edmunds. Edmunds fighting to get out from under Anarky...Edmunds escapes and gets to his feet as he get his head bashed into a turnbuckle...The ref trying to break the two men up...Edmunds gouges Anarky in the eye while the ref couldn't see it...Anarky staggers back a step...Edmunds with a drop toe hold sends Anarky into the 2nd turnbuckle!

MN: There we go! Outsmart this maniac! Show him who's boss!

DT: Anarky staggering and Edmunds catches him with a SNAP SUPLEX! Edmunds back up to his feet quickly and he drops an elbow! And another! Edmunds now locks into a reverse chinlock on Anarky.

DM: Edmunds trying to slow down Anarky and try to burn off some of that anger and rage that Anarky clearly uses to fuel himself in these matches.

MN: He's mad, stark raving mad...You saw what happened last show, he was BLEEDING all over the place and he still wanted to fight, and then he nearly killed himself and Larry Tact, and he's right back out here again...He's even smiling being in a headlock for crying out loud!

DT: He *is* smiling...Anarky to his feet now Edmunds lets go of the headlock and knees Anarky in the face...Anarky rocked backwards...EDMUNDS WITH A ROLL-UP...HE'S GOT A HANDFUL OF ANARKY'S JEANS!




DT: Anarky kicks out...AND HE LOOKS OUTRAGED!!! ANARKY GETS ON TOP OF EDMUNDS AND HE'S CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM!! The ref counting for Anarky to break the choke...He's not doing it!!! [ref calls for the bell] Edmunds face is turning bright red...The ref finally prying Anarky off Edmunds...Anarky grabs Edmunds and throws him out on the floor in front of us...Now Anarky's getting a couple chairs...This looks bad!

DM: We need help out here now!

DT: And here they come!

[The crowd buzzes as a series of security guards and EPW staff rush to ringside, Anarky standing over Edmunds with one chair under Edmunds' head...Anarky holding the other chair, ready to strike.]

DT: Everyone out here now, trying to calm Anarky down...Trying to get him to not do this...Anarky standing over Edmunds, he could cave his skull in should he choose to.

[Dean Matthews stands up from his chair at the broadcast table]

DM: Anarky! Think about your career! You can't do this...

[Anarky who had been looking at the mob of security around him, turns towards Matthews.]

DM: Think about it Anarky...This isn't what you should be doing...

[Anarky suddenly rears back with the chair and SMASHES Dean Matthews in the head with it! Matthews falls like a stone to the ground, motionless, we can hear the headsets of the other two broadcasters being ripped off. The mob of security dives on Anarky. Anarky begins punching and kicking at everyone who gets near him, only after about 6 men are sent down is Anarky finally hit with a tazer from one of the guards and dropped to his knees...A mass of bodies dive on top of Anarky. After a few moments we hear a headset come back on.]

DT: We need help! RIGHT NOW!!! Dean's out cold! Oh geezus...I can't believe this...WE NEED HELP!!!! GET EMT'S OUT HERE NOW!!!

[Anarky is finally pulled to his feet, having been handcuffed by the security, who now begin dragging him to the back as EMTs rush to tend to Dean Matthews. The crowd is stunned, a low murmur going through the arena.]

DT: I...I don't even know what to say…these attacks are getting out of control!!...My God, I can only hope Dean is OK...We'll...We'll be right back...


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Confrontation - and Company Business


EPW Owner Lindsay Troy’s office. Suddenly the door busts open, causing her to jump as Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells, Larry Tact, Copycat and Sean Edmunds come in. They are ANGRY.

Edmunds is sweating profusely and clutching at his neck and Jared Wells is still nursing a bo-bo on his head.]

Cruise: What the hell is going on around here, Troy?? Where the hell is the security?? First some idiot jumps Jared in the parking lot and now Anarky?? That guy’s out of his mind! Did you see the way he took out Dean Matthews?

Troy: I saw it.

Cruise: Well are you gonna do something about it or what??

[Troy slams the palm of her hand down on her desk, making a loud booming sound that causes even the members of Anthology to pay attention.]

Troy: [seething] First thing’s first. I’ll be DAMNED if I ever let you of all people come in here and make demands of me. I don’t care who you think you are nowadays or what titles you hold now. Don’t EVER storm into my office and make demands of me again.

Cruise: Then..

Troy: [cutting him off] Not another word, Cruise. As a matter of fact, I am gonna do something about all of this. Do you think I haven’t notice you and your…boys….running around like you own the place?? You attack this guy, you attack that guy. Suddenly you get a little taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it. You think I haven’t noticed also…that you two… [she points to Tact and Wells] ..don’t even bother to defend your titles anymore?? Well..I’ve got news for you both.

At Russian Roulette, you will defend those belts in a triple threat match against both Jungle Storm and Contradiction.

[Everyone looks at Troy, dumbfounded, then back at each other, then back at Troy and then burst out into simultaneous laughter.]


Tact: Yeah! Hey, why not throw a couple announcers into the match to REALLY stack the odds.

Wells: The two of us against a bunch of guys we just crippled?? Sure thing, Troy. Whatever you say. NOT.A.PROBLEM.

Troy: I thought you’d feel that way. Don’t think I didn’t get word of your little encounter out back. So I’ve got a little wrinkle to throw at you. In addition to your defense of the titles at Russian Roulette – that SAME NIGHT, earlier in the show you will face two men of MY CHOOSING. You think you can soften everyone in your division up and it’ll be easy sailing?? Well guess what? I’ve got a couple guys who have done a little softening up of their own from time to time.

[For the first time, there are some nervous glances.]

Troy: What? Not funny? Well I’ll tell you what. On Aggression 47, I’ll let you know who your first opponents at Russian Roulette will be. In the meantime, get the hell out of my office.

[Troy glares daggers through Anthology as they stare her down as well. A few look as though they’re considering something, then they think better of it and back their way out of the office.

Lindsay takes a DEEP breath.

Another knock moments later – this one expected.]

Troy: “Come on in.”

The door opens, but an unfamiliar voice calls out first.

VOICE: “Is there a camera in there?”

Troy looks up, glances toward the camera then back at the person standing in the door.

Troy: “Well, I just had a miscreant or two to deal with and the camera was here for that – so yes.”

VOICE: “No cameras. At least, not yet.”

Troy: (waving a hand dismissively) “Not a problem.” (Troy looks in the direction of the cameraman) “Keep it on me, would ya?”

We hear a bit of noise as the person comes in, and Lindsay stands up to reach across and shake the person’s hand off screen with a smile.

Troy: “Nice to meet you in person finally. Dan speaks very highly of you.”

VOICE: “Likewise. Nice setup. The limo wasn’t necessary, you know.”

Troy: (amused) “Not your style?”

VOICE: “I’ve been known to ride in one now and then, but I usually have to pay for it.”

Troy: “It’s okay. It’s a company car. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t spend a single extra penny on it.”

Troy smiles as the other person, we assume…smiles as well.

Troy: “So after speaking with Dan, it’s my understanding you’d like a probationary type deal. A sort of – you feel us out, we feel you out sorta thing. Does that sound about right?”

VOICE: “That’s pretty much what we discussed, yes.”

Lindsay pulls some paperwork out of her briefcase and slides it across the desk.

Troy: “What this basically states is that you’ll take a match at Russian Roulette and see how it goes. From there, we’ll work on a match to match basis and you’re free to pull out at any time until such a time we decide to either make the deal permanent…or either party decides to terminate the agreement.”

VOICE: “Sounds pretty good.”

Troy: “Of course, feel free to have your attorneys look that over and get it back to me at your convenience – and how we proceed will be up to you. If you wanna be here for TV next show, that’s fine. Just let me know.”

With that, Troy stands and reaches across, once again shaking this person’s hand.

VOICE: “Excellent. I’ll be in touch.”

Troy nods as they leave the office and the door clicks to a close behind. Troy sits and looks at another stack of papers, looks at an attached photo and mutters to herself…

“Now then, what to do about YOU….”



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Mecca

FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce at this time, the former EPW World Heavyweight Champion and current #1 contender... "THE MECCA"... MARCUS WESTCOTT!!

[ Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen" begins to play over the PA, and Marcus gets a huge mixed reaction as he comes down the ramp and climbs into the ring, taking the mic from Fatora with a nod. ]

MW: Folks, I'll make this short and sweet. I'm out here for one reason only.


MW: After I finish caving in Jared Wells' face tonight to the point where he has to get corrective surgery on his mouth and that wonder tongue of his... I'm off to face Sean Stevens at Russian Roulette for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship.

[ Another mixed reaction from the crowd, slightly more cheers than jeers. ]

MW: Sean... I want you to listen, and listen closely... that is, if you're even bothering to watch this tonight, since Lord knows you've been about as scarce around here as a woman's orgasm around Cameron Cruise...

DT: Oh man... Cruise jokes NEVER get old.

MW: So if you can even be BOTHERED to show up at the PPV, I've got a challenge waiting for you, Sean. We all know you like to strut your stuff and tell everyone who'll listen that you're God's gift to professional wrestling, although we all know there's ONE MAN around here you've never been able to beat one on one.

[ Marcus points down at his chest, getting all fired up. ]

MW: And that man is standing RIGHT HERE, Stevens! You spend an awful lot of time running your mouth and calling yourself the KING, but we all know you're really just the clown prince. There's one special place you call yourself King OF, Sean... and that's the one place I want to strip the title off of you like a BEAST stripping the hide off of a kill in the jungle, Stevens... and that place is MY HOME...


[ Crowd POP! ]

MW: That's right, Sean. Marcus Westcott vs. Sean Stevens for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship inside a steel cage, but that's not all. I want the confines of a CELL, but the steel of a cage, so we're gonna put a LID on that cage! But Marcus... why not just fight in a Cell?

[ Marcus looks around a bit. ]

MW: CELLS ARE FOR PUSSIES! No mesh to save you Sean... just cold, unforgiving steel bars in every direction. JUST YOU AND ME, Sean! No Anthology to get their noses in this. No Ice FREAKING Tre to bring his rolling circus down here and spoil things again! JUST YOU AND ME inside a cage with absolutely NO escape! The door will be locked, and it'll be pinfalls and submissions only!


And when Russian Roulette is over, *I* will be the one left standing in that cage! *I* will be the King of the Cage, just like I've been twice before, Sean, and *I*... WILL... BE...


[ Marcus drops the mic as "Ladies and Gentlemen" play over the PA again, and the crowd lets out a decent pop! ]

DT: HOLY HELL! There's the challenge, folks! Westcott wants Stevens inside a steel cage, with no way out! Will Sean accept the challenge? If not, will Lindsay Troy make the match? We've got more after this, folks!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Rocko Daymon vs. Fusenshoff - Stalker's Rules

[CUTTO: The show returns from commercial break with a panoramic view of the capacity crowd. Zooming in on a dozen or so fans who suddenly realize they’re on TV; they pull at their t-shirts which include ‘Got Aggression?’, ‘Triple X- STILL the King!’, and a black shirt featuring The First in front of a background that is filled with synonyms for the word “First” as well as the word translated into many different languages. Are these shirts officially licensed? Probably. The camera also finds a fan-sign which reads: “Stalker can suck my Trynyty Wang!”]

DT: Back with more Aggression, folks, and we’re about set for the STALKER’S RULES match between Fusenshoff and Rocko Daymon! [Continues speaking as a side by side “vs.” graphic of the two competitors is briefly shown] And really, this one is about as interesting as it gets when you consider that Rocko, however accidentally, might well have cost Fusenshoff the TV Title to Layne Winters at Aggression 45.

MN: Accidentally?! Come on Davey Boy, read between the lines. Stalker broke Rocko’s arm and cost him the World Title, so Rocko cost Stalker’s slave the TV Title.

DT: Why would he do that? What would Rocko possibly have to gain from hurting Fusenshoff before his match?

MN: ‘Cause he’s unhinged and motivated by white hot vengeance!

DT: If Rocko Daymon had his way, it’d be Stalker in that ring across from him tonight, except Stalker is hiding behind a restraining order- surprise, surprise. And I’m sure Fusenshoff would love to have a piece of Stalker as well.

[Bell rings]

TF: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is STALKER’S RULES!

[CUEUP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica]

TF: Introducing first…hailing from Kamloops, British Columbia…he stands six foot three, weighing in at two-hundred and sixty three pounds, and is a former TWO-TIME, count ‘em TWO TIME EPW television champiooooonnnn… FYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSENSHOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!

[Fusenshoff appears at the top of the ramp, staring dead center into the ring and intently making his way to the ring. He’s wearing a black leather jacket over a white tanktop, plus matching boots and dark jeans]


[CUEUP: “Albatross” by Corrosion of Conformity; the opening riff blasts over the PA system until the first hit, whereupon the arena turns black]


[Crowd pops as fire EXPLODES from both sides of the entrance! A montage of victory spots plays on the big screen as Rocko Daymon walks with intensity towards the ring, eyes fixed on Fusenshoff]

DT: Daymon in the ring now…these two are INTENSE competitors. Normally I’d say it looked like a grudge match out there, judging by the little impromptu stare down, but I can’t think of a time when either man didn’t carry himself that way in the ring.

MN: Yeah, these guys are similar. Similar in that they’re both lucky Stalker isn’t in there right now. Fusenshoff should count his blessings he’s in that man’s care, and clearly Stalker put the restraining order on for Rocko’s benefit, not his. The man’s a humanitarian!

DT: Here we go…Rocko initiates the lockup and immediately hooks Fusenshoff in a side headlock. Fusenshoff isn’t exactly known for his catch-as-catch-can wrestling ability. Fuse powers out though and sends Daymon off the ropes...meets him with a forearm to the chin!

MN: Stalker taught him that one, had to be.

DT: That’s doubtful. Daymon gives a little smile, cracks his neck, and they circle again. Lockup? No! Daymon fakes with the punch to the solar plexus, followed by an axe-handle to the back. Rocko’s trying to work over Fuse early here.

MN: Not like it matters; Fusenshoff is happy to take pain as much as dish it out. He’s in there for the sweet release of combat, a.k.a. he’s a crazy-man.

DT: Wow Mike, that sounds like a compliment. Could it be that you’ve grown a soft spot for Fusenshoff?

MN: No, I still hate him.

DT: Rocko misses with the running knee lift and gets CLOBBERED with a clothesline from Fusenshoff! And right away Fuse batters Rocko with punches on the ground…finishing off with stomps.

MN: Ouch…bite the curb, Rocko!

[Fusenshoff picks Rocko up and attempts a piledriver, but Rocko flips him over his back and immediately smashes a knee into Fuse’s forehead]

DT: Rocko returns fire, now! Standing German suplex for the COVER…



And Fusenshoff kicks out, no problem.

MN: Stalker couldn’t sell this guy for forty acres and a mule.

DT: Rocko picks up Fusenshoff, puts him right back down with a scoop slam. Rocko off the ropes…rolling knee across the face! And now he’s holding Fusenshoff with a kneeling shoulder lock. Look at this! Fusenshoff rolls out of it, revers-NO! Rocko delivers another knee to the face, and locks him right back in. Rocko Daymon is just relentless with those knees tonight…

MN: He needs to go to his bread and butter; he needs to brawl with Rocko! Come on Fuse, stick to the damn game-plan!

DT: Fuse reverses, pushes Rocko into the ropes, but he holds them and knocks Fusenshoff back. Running clothesline! No! Daymon got the boot up and into Fuse’s jaw…now meets him with a dropkick. Rocko right on top the action, not giving Fusenshoff a moment’s rest. He sends Fuse into the ropes…SPINEBUSTER SLAM! He rolls forward with the pin!



NO! Fusenshoff gets his shoulder up just in time.

MN: That’s it, I’m convinced: Fusenshoff’s throwing the match. He’s doing it to spite Stalker!

DT: What a ridiculous notion! Fusenshoff’s a two time TV Champion, and one of EPW’s fiercest competitors. Spite-losing for Jason Reeves earns him nothing…

MN: Look, I don’t see what a paraplegic has to do with this, Baconator. The man can’t feel his own jewels, why would he care about Fusenshoff?

DT: Jason Reeves is not Christopher Reeve, and I am NOT Dave Thomas! I mean…I AM Dave Thomas, but I’m not…umm…

MN: Face it Baconator, your daughter’s a red-headed wh[BLEEP]re.

DT: Rocko Daymon off the ropes with a crossbody, but Fusenshoff catches him! Throws him overhead with a body drop! Fusenshoff taking over the momentum now, and he has Rocko by the head, smashing him face-first into the turnbuckle! Daymon stumbles back dazed and gets hit with a running bulldog…FOR THE PIN!



AAAAND NO! Daymon’s up!

MN: Let’s go Fusenshoff, channel your inner-Stalker!

DT: I think one Stalker is plenty, thank you. A vicious elbow to the forehead sends Rocko back…Fusenshoff PLASTERS HIM with a clothesline!

[Fusenshoff ties Daymon’s feet up around the top turnbuckle, letting him hang upside down]

DT: And this is NOT GOOD for the former World Champion! Hung upside down in a tree of woe…Fusenshoff going to corner to corner…BASEBALL SLIDE! Daymon’s in a world of pain, and Fuse drags him right outside the ring.

MN: No pin? I thought this guy was smart?

DT: Fuse is smart enough to know it’s gonna take a lot more than that to put Rocko Daymon away. Now he’s looking to Irish whip him into the steps- OHHHH! But he gets reversed! Daymon slowly climbs onto the apron…back to the ring? No. He’s waiting for Fusenshoff to get up- he does. Rocko flies at him with a senton! Did you see that?! He just flipped off the apron at Fuse, and now both men are down.

MN: Great, a double count-out. Hey, why do I even bother coming to these shows? You think I need the paychecks or something?

DT: Yes, frankly I do.

MN: Believe me, I’m not afraid of making my kids eat government cheese for the next year. However, in the interest of my brand new boat, my new car, and the stylishly high class wardrobe I like to keep, I’ll remain at the announcer’s booth and watch these two go at it.

DT: Well don’t do us any favors, now! The referee’s at an eight count, but Daymon’s up and climbs into the ring. Wait, no, he’s back out to break the count for Fusen- wait a minute, WHAT?! Rocko just broke the count, refusing to win that way, and he smacks Fusenshoff in the face with his boot!

[Daymon grabs Fusenshoff and runs him headfirst into the guardrail, causing several fans to get up from their seats and move back]

DT: Rocko just brutalizing Fusenshoff, and he tosses him back into the ring.

MN: That was atrocious strategy, I’m sorry! Take the count-out and hit the showers, don’t waste any more time than you have to. Now it’s plain as day how a brilliant tactician like Stalker was able to con these two rubes.

DT: Now to the top rope…Rocko’s up! Fusenshoff scrambling to his feet. Rocko’s waiting…waiting…waiting…Fuse charges forward! Rocko lands on his groin, and now Fuse climbs up and has Rocko!

MN: This could be it!

DT: SUPERPLEX! Both men are down, again! It’s a rarity when we see Fusenshoff climb the ropes, but the occasion clearly called for it! Fuse drapes the arm over Rocko…This could be all!



THRRRRREEEE-NO! NO! Rocko got the shoulder up!

MN: These Zebras count slower than Resource Room children.

DT: Fusenshoff slowly drags Rocko up and hits him with a forearm! And another! He winds up for a third, but Rocko ducks under! Full nelson! SUPLEX! THE COUNT!



THRREEEE! HE-what?! No?! He didn’t get him!

MN: Will you stop scaring me like that? It’s either three or it’s not. Don’t even pronounce the “thruh” in three until it’s counted. I’m really getting sick of you play by play guys, trying to give people heart attacks and stuff.

DT: I think I speak for everyone in the building when I say: I thought he had him! Fusenshoff’s got double-underhooks now…could this be some variation of the Whiskey Bomb? Too late, Rocko flips him backward…but Fuse holds onto the underhooks and reverse rolls Rocko! Pin? No, Rocko’s immediately back up and is met with a kick to the midsection. Fuse off the ropes…WHISKEY BOMB! HE NAILED A RUNNING WHISKEY BOMB! HE HOOKS THE LEG!




DT: He did it! Fusenshoff’s beat Daymon! Fuse engaged in a bit of grappling, had Daymon used to the tempo, and like lightning he crept up on the former World Champ with the Whiskey Bomb!


DT: Unbelievable performance by Fusenshoff, considering how much trouble Rocko had him in only moments before.

MN: Hey, where’s his music?

[A chorus of boos begins to fill the arena]

DT: What’s going?! Oh NO…it’s Stalker! He’s walking down the aisle, and uh…hey, doesn’t he have a restraining order on Rocko Daymon?

MN: Nice job Matlock, but I’d leave the legal interpretations to his lawyer.

[Stalker raises the mic to his lips]


[Fusenshoff just stares at the ground shaking his head.]


[Fusenshoff jerks the microphone out of Stalker's hands.]


[He drops the mic and cocks his fist back, he pauses for a second as Stalker just grins at him.... and... WHAM!]

DM: HAHAHAH! Stalker just got laid out by Fusenshoff! Oh man I’ve been waiting to see that for quite a long time!

MN: He just knocked out his employer he's going to be gone for good now!

DM: We'll see about that.

DT: Guys.. who's coming down the rampway?

MN: That's Stalker's lawyer! He's probably here to give Fusenshoff his walking papers!

DT: Well he's got a mic in hand so looks like we are about to find out.

[Dave Anderson, representing Jason Reeves, with a mic in one hand and envelope in the other steps in the ring.]

Anderson: Fusenshoff. I suggest you stop yourself right now from doing anymore.

[Fusenshoff turns and glares at the young lawyer who doesn't back down an inch.]

Anderson: In my hand right here.... Is your FREEDOM!

[Anderson holds the envelope in the air and Fusenshoff lunges for it but Anderson pulls it back. Cocking his arm back again, he gets ready to lay out the lawyer, but Anderson smartly steps back.]

Anderson: Hold... hold on. Listen, Jason Reeves has informed me that he wishes to no longer have any control over your career here in Empire Pro Wrestling as you have proved to be a worthless asset to him. So in turn he has written out this agreement freeing you from any orders and or conditions stemming from the previous contract you signed. Do you understand?

[Nodding his head, Fusenshoff steps in to grab it, but Anderson again pulls the envelope away.]

Anderson: HOWEVER! Once you sign your name on the dotted line on the contract inside, you will NEVER...... EVER.. be allowed to touch, confront, wrestle or get involved in any business whatsoever with any match that Jason Reeves aka Stalker is EVER involved in again. If you do so those papers you signed will become immediately useless and will automatically terminate you from Empire Pro Wrestling. Now this has been looked over countless times, but go ahead and have your lawyers look over it all you want. We'll await your response.

[Handing Fusenshoff the envelope, Anderson quickly exits the ring, followed by a grinning Stalker.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Have a (Shawn) Hart

[FADEIN: The First, stretching in the back. As he warms up, we hear an off camera voice.]

VOICE: Abra-Cadabra...Make this man...Normal!

[The camera pans to show Shawn Hart, waving a stick with a gold star on the tip at The First, after a few moments he stops.]

HART: Dammit...I knew it was a bad idea to buy a wand that's on 75% discount. Don't worry man, one day I'll figure out a magical cure to your horrible outfits and all that junk on your face.

[First boggles]

HART: Aaaaaanywho, I see you're taking the indirect approach to your BLOOD WAR with Anthology...

FIRST: There were 6 of you and one of me...There was no logical reason for me to fight you...But I had hope...We fought last week...Your eyes opened to the lies of Anthology...You understood there was nothing there for you...Nothing but being a slave for Cameron Cruise...You broke free...Tonight...Tonight Layne Winters pays for making things personal with me...This is something I have to do...So tonight, you fight Anthology...You, one man, stand against five...And you do this why? Because now you have hope too...Maybe you'll open Larry Tact's eyes tonight, maybe you won't...But you'll beat him all the same...If he does or doesn't find hope...Is up to him...But in the end...Hope will destroy Anthology...

HART: HOPE?! Maaaaaan, actions speak louder than words... and while hope is fine for Disney flicks and the Family Channel, what Anthology needs is a ginormous BOOT to their collective ASSES!! So while you sit there HOPING, I'm gonna unleash some of my magic on them!

[SJH brandishes his wand.]

HART: That's why I'm brushing up on my Patronus charm.

FIRST: Is that even legal in this state?

HART: Not after sundown, but mark my words... I'm a man of ACTION, and tonight... I'm bringin' the action to Larry Tact!

[Hart waves his wand around for a couple moments, suddenly there's a loud shattering of glass and someone yelling.]

HART: I didn't do that...

[Hart and First look at each other for a beat, and then run off camera. A moment or so later Green Machine walks on camera, wearing a white #83 Wes Welker Patriots jersey. It has a big stain on it. He holds what appears to be the lid and handle of a coffee pot in his right hand.]

GREENIE: I can't believe that coffee pot just exploded like that on me, my first day interning for Lindsay and already things are going horrible...Bah...

[Greenie walks off in a huff.]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Larry Tact (c) vs. Shawn Hart

[FADEIN: The entranceway. Larry Tact is making his way to the ring. His EPW World Tag Team Title belt over his shoulder. "Pieces" by Hoobastank playing over the PA as the crowd is booing loudly.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, hailing from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 261 pounds...He is one half of the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Representing ANTHOLOGY [Boos!]...LARRY!!!!! TACT!!!!!

DT: Larry Tact making his way to the ring now...I'm sorry fans if I'm a bit distracted, but what just happened out here...Well I'm just at a loss for words really...

MN: That was horrible...Anarky is a maniac!

DT: Anarky's actions were beyond unacceptable...That's about all I can say...

MN: Thank goodness his aim was good, he could have hit me with that chair!

DT: Oh you're just awful Neely...This is no time for jokes...

MN: Well then why's Shawn Hart coming out here?!

[CUEUP: "It's Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell. Shawn Hart bursts through the curtain to a loud pop from the crowd. Hart's wearing pleather pants and white ring boots as he walks to the ring, high fiving fans on his way down the ramp.]

TF: And his opponent...He hails from Orlando, Florida and weighs in at 223 pounds..."THE PHENOM!" SHAWN! HART!

[Hart hits the ring and throws arms into the air, getting another pop from the crowd.]

[Bell rings]

DT: The two men circle...Hart catches Tact with a jab, and another! Tact being rocked by rights now...Hart with a dropkick staggers the big man...Hart with a BIG HIPTOSS gets Tact over...Tact back to his feet...EATS A FOREARM that rocks him...Hart grabs the left arm of Tact and breaks him down with an arm bar.

MN: Hart's a good wrestler and all, but he's just an idiot for throwing away the best thing that ever happened to him by turning his back on Anthology, Tact's gonna make him pay, mark my words!

DT: Last I checked, it was Tact and Wells with the tag titles and Edmunds, Copycat and Cruise who were getting the main events, I'm not exactly seeing what Hart was getting out of Anthology.

MN: I don't have to defend Anthology to you...Now that you put it that way, Hart was dead weight...Good to see him gone!

DT: You're just unreal...Hart fighting to keep Tact down...Tact trying to get to his feet...Hart now yanking on that arm, and now drives an elbow into the shoulder of Tact..Tact now cracks Hart with a right, and another...Hart lets go of the armbar, and Tact throws him into the ropes...BACKDROP! NO!...SUNSET FLIP BY HART! NO!...SITDOWN SPLASH BY TACT...HART MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!

MN: Dammit...Come on Larry, you can't let this traitor get the best of you!

DT: Tact still in that seated position...HART OFF THE ROPES WITH A LOW DROPKICK! Tact sent hard to the canvas! Hart covers!




DT: Tact kicks out! Hart quickly back on top of Tact with a chinlock...Hart trying to keep the big man off his feet....Tact slowly pushing himself off the mat and getting to his feet now...Hart hanging on to Tact's back...TACT CRUSHES HART INTO THE CORNER! Tact now with a series of knees into the ribs of Hart...Tact with Hart...Just TOSSES him out of the corner! Hart crashing hard on the mat.

MN: There we go! Hart will learn the price of betraying Anthology now!

DT: Tact with a HARD kick to the head of Hart who's down prone on the mat now. Tact pulls him up by his hair and now lifts Hart up...BACKBREAKER! Tact holds up...AGAIN!...Tact STILL holding hard...A THIRD BACKBREAKER! Tact with a cover!




DT: Hart gets the shoulder up! [Crowd pops] Tact now bullying Hart, pushes him into a corner...Tact whips Hart to the other side...AND CRUSHES HIM WITH AN AVALANCHE! Hart falls to his knees and then crashes face first on the canvas...Tact lifts Hart back to his feet and SLAMS him to the mat in the middle of the ring...Tact off the ropes...DROPS A BIG LEG! The cover!




DT: Hart kicks out again! [Crowd pops!] and Tact locks in a chinlock of his own now...

MN: The big man grinding away at the little man, textbook wrestling, Hart's got fight, I'll give him that, but Tact is gonna squeeze it out of him!

DT: Hart fighting [Crowd clapping "Let's go Hart!" chant] he's making his way up to his feet...Tact lets go of the head lock and lands a big right hand! Hart fires back...Tact and Hart trading punches, this doesn't look like a good idea for the Phenom, and it's not as he takes three straight rights and is sent crashing to the mat again! [Crowd quieted]

MN: Hart's out of his element, he's trying to do to much to prove himself as some sort of "Anthology killer" or something and it's backfiring big time. Tact's schooling him!

DT: The Phenom trying to pull himself up by the ropes...Now Tact waiting on him...Hart's up...BIG FOOT BY TACT...NO! HART DUCKED! TACT'S LEG IS STUCK ON THE ROPES! Tact now crotched on that top rope and Hart taking full advantage, kicking the rope and now He goes to the outside...CLOTHESLINE OFF THE TOP!!! TACT CRASHES INTO THE RING!

MN: NO! This isn't right!

DT: Hart now drops a series of elbows on Tact...[Hart pops to his feet after the final elbow and yells "That's it!" at the crowd, who pop loud!] Hart now waiting for Tact...He's setting for the Hart On...[Crowd screaming, booing!] It's Copycat! Copycat rushing to the ring...He's trying to get into the ring...Now the ref is holding him back...Hart now sees this rushes over and drills Copycat with a right hand...Wait...Tact up! He's stalking Hart...HART SEES HIM COMING AND JUST BLASTED HIM WITH A SUPERKICK!! Copycat still has the ref tied up...WAIT!! MY GOD IT'S CAMERON CRUISE...HE JUST CAME OUT FROM UNDER THE RING!!! CRUISE IN THE RING WITH THE IC TITLE BELT...HART TURNS AROUND...AND GETS BLASTED!! HART'S KNOCKED COLD!!!

MN: Hart did that to Cruise to cost him that match with Stevens and that little emo twit! Turnabout is fair play!

DT: This is NOT FAIR! Tact makes the cover...Copycat now hops off the apron...THIS IS A CRIME!!!




[CUEUP: "Pieces" by Hoobastank. Crowd booing LOUD!]

TF: Here is your winner...LARRY!!!! TACCCCTTTT!!!!

DT: It took three men to beat Shawn Hart, this was an outrage!

MN: This is what happens when you cross Anthology...You pay the price, get used to it Hart, get used to it EPW!

DT: I can't believe you defend this...What an disgraceful display here folks...Copycat tying up the ref, allowing Cameron Cruise, who had been hiding under the ring for I guess the whole night apparently to sneak into the ring and cheap shot Shawn Hart with that belt...

MN: He's the champion, he can do what he wants with his title!

DT: Serious a three on one...I don't know how anyone can hope to beat those odds...

MN: There is no hope fighting against Anthology...Get that through your head Dave!

DT: Ugh, Dean getting laid out was horrible, having to spend the next 2 hours after it with you only makes it worse...We'll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat & Cameron Cruise vs. Contradiction

[FADEIN: The ring where Contradiction, Copycat and Cameron Cruise are trading blows as the ref tries desperately to restore order.]

DT: While we were on commercial, Anthology was parading around the ring celebrating their attack on Shawn Hart, and Contradiction ran out and decided it was time to start their tag match against Copycat and Cruise despite hardly being able to stand after that brutal attack earlier. All four men now brawling inside the ring, we haven't even had a bell yet.

MN: Of all the low down, underhanded tactics, these punks just charge into the ring and try to get an illegal advantage on Anthology!

DT: You would be all for it if Anthology were the ones getting the unfair edge. Besides, after that attack earlier, Contradiction are hardly in any shape to compete here tonight anyway!

MN: That's beside the point!

DT: Finally Drunken Tiger and Cruise agree to get out of the ring, Sarge and Copycat to start it off...[Bell rings] and we're legally underway!

MN: Now Contradiction gets what's coming to them!

DT: Copycat CRACKS Sarge with a big right hand...Sarge staggers and Copycat quickly scoops him up...HOTSHOT!! Sarge just connected throat first on the top rope!

MN: What a sweet move by the smartest wrestler in the sport!

DT: Copycat tags in Cruise and the IC Champion now putting the boots to Sarge...Cruise now picks up Sarge and backs him into Anthology's corner...Cruise firing a series of knees to the midsection. Quick tag and Copycat back in. Copycat with a series of elbow strikes to the face of Sarge who's now hiptossed out of the corner...Copycat DROPS A KNEE into the face of the Sergeant. Copycat now drags him back to the Anthology corner and tags in Cruise.

MN: Quick tags, trapping Sergeant on their half of the ring, Anthology has the tag champions and honestly, Cruise and Copycat may be the 2nd best tag team in EPW!

DT: You normally are pretty far gone, but you may be right on that point...Cruise now sinks in a chinlock on The Sergeant trying to wear him down even more [Crowd starts a "You ducked Stevens!" <Clap-Clap Clap-Clap-Clap!> "You ducked Stevens!" Chant] as these fans getting on the case of the IC Champion.

MN: Bah...They don't understand the business, Cruise Vs Stevens Title for Title should be a PPV main event, we just can't give these rubes a match like that on free TV.

DT: Well Cruise sure moved himself to the back of the line for a World Title shot, so his selfless consideration for the bottom lime of EPW isn't doing his career any favors. Cruise now pulls Sergeant back into his corner and tags in Copycat who now puts the boots to Sarge...Copycat whips Sarge to the ropes...Sergeant COMES CHARGING BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM! Sergeant has to make the tag now...Both men crawling towards their corners...Copycat makes the tag...SERGEANT...NO!!! CRUISE DRAGS HIM BACK! Cruise dropping a series of elbows on Sarge and now he picks him up...BACK SUPLEX!

MN: He's one of the best for a reason Dave...He knows what he's doing in that ring!

DT: Cruise now hooks Sergeant...REALITY CHECK! No! Sarge firing a series of back elbows trying to break the hold...and he does! both men down...Sergeant REALLY has to make the tag...Cruise makes it...Sarge...NO! Copycat stops him...AND SINKS IN THE CAT'S CLAW!!!

MN: It's time to go to sleep!

DT: Sarge is fighting it...Drunken Tiger trying to run-in but the ref is holding him back...SARGE HAS THE ROPES BUT THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT! Drunken Tiger hurting his partner by being in the ring...Copycat drags him away from the ropes now...Sarge is fading...

MN: See, Anthology KNOWS tag wrestling, these two clowns DON'T!

DT: I think Sarge has blacked out in the Cat's Claw...Copycat shifts from a standing holds to now putting Sarge on the mat...His shoulders are down!




[Bell rings, CUEUP: "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine"]


[Crowd boos as Copycat and Cruise raise their arms in victory and Drunken Tiger enters the ring to check on his partner]

DT: A win for Anthology here...Who really are dominating the tag ranks of course anybody can dominate when you damn near cripple your opponents before the match.

DM: Excuses excuses.

DT:...We'll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
King and Queen

[EPW owner and 'CHAIRWOMAN' LINDSAY TROY approached her office door with caution. When she left out earlier, she specifically remembered closing and locking it, however, as she came closer, it was crystal clear that someone had violated her space, breaking her door off of the hinges.
Troy, in brown pants and a turquoise blouse, gently pushed what was left of the door open, entering the room slowly. As a wrestler on the EPW roster, she had her fair share of enemies ... as the owner? Nearly everybody in the company wanted her head, and she'd be damned if she let any of them get the jump on her.

Suspiciously poking her head inside of the office, she jumped back, startled at first at the site of her violator, before instantly calming herself, noticing his calm, nonthreatening demeanor.]

TROY: Why is it that professional wrestlers as a whole can't just simply <i>open</i> a door instead of busting it open?

[She crossed the threshold and folded her arms over her chest]

TROY: What was so important that you couldn't wait until I returned, Sean?

['BLUE-EYED BADASS' Sean Stevens was still dressed in his same gear from earlier, however, the EPW World Heavyweight Championship was now around his waist, and his hair was tied back into a sloppy, self made, pony-tail. He arrogantly sat in Lindsay's chair, leaned back, with his feet propped up on her desk, and his arms rested comfortably behind his head.]

TRIPLE X: This is not how I pictured this going. In my head, there was a lot less talking and a lot more stripping. Which, of course, lead to passionate, butt naked, mind blowing sex.

[Lindsay smacked her lips, sarcastically.]

TROY: Wow. A sexual fantasy. I couldn't possibly have heard that from you before.

[She yawned.]

TROY: You and the rest of the [finger quotes.] boys [/finger quote] must get your material from the same fortune cookie. But, I could use a good laugh. Humor me ... WHY are you sitting in <b>my</b> chair, with your feet up on <b>my</b> desk?

TRIPLE X: Because I run Empire Pro Wrestling.

[The champ responded, matter-of-factly.]

TRIPLE X: I put asses in those seats week after week, and *I* am the guy that saved this company from going belly up when Joey made you “lose your smile”. In fact, I'm the reason you currently have a job here. I own everything in this f[BEE]king arena. So, <i>technically</i> this is <b>MY</b> desk.

[The owner rolled her eyes.]

TROY: Sure it is. I guess that's why The Anthology's been running roughshod over this place for the last month, blatantly disrespecting you, while you've done, oh I don't know ... Nothing.

[Lindsay smirked.]

TRIPLE X: The BLANDthology benefitted from circumstance. They were at the right time, and place. Nothing more.

TROY: Make excuses much, Trip?

TRIPLE X: I don't have to. Any idiot with eyes could tell that my mind was elsewhere. I haven't been focused in months. But, I was still good enough to retain my belt, and that's all that matters.

TROY: Well, you better get focused really fast, or else Westcott's going to make you the FORMER two time EPW Champion.


TROY: Marcus Westcott.

[Steven's scratched his head.]

TRIPLE X: ....... who?

TROY: The D-Bag Canadian you're supposed to kill in the face at Russian Roulette?

[The blue-eyed badass stared at her blankly.]

TRIPLE X: I kill lots of people in the face all of the time. You have to be more specific because that name still doesn't ring a bell.

TROY: You really are a lost cause.

TRIPLE X: Exactly! I used to be a student of the game. Nowadays I can't think, eat, or function properly!

TROY: And, I'm sure you'll tell me why, won't you?

TRIPLE X: Ivy broke off the engagement. She caught me cheating with the maid in our bedroom. And, the judge ruled in her favor at our custody hearing for our son, and decided that I have to pay thirty grand a month in child support!

[Looking repulsed, Troy narrows her eyes.]

TROY: You had steak and you went for hamburger instead. That's disgusting, Stevens.

TRIPLE X: Kim Kardashian's really not as disgusting as her reputation would have you believe, and nowhere <i>near</i> as disgusting as JA's face would've been had you booked him to lose to me for the sixtieth time.

TROY: I'd book him instead of Westcott if I didn't want to hear Marcus whine about not being allowed to cash in his banked shot.

TRIPLE X: More nonsensical Lindsay Troy match making, I see. I'm starting to think you throw a list of names in a hat and whoever wins gets a shot at my strap. Apparently, you could care less about that fact that you're regarded as the most out of touch owner on the planet. Why don't you return to something you're halfway decent at, and take his spot? Russian Roulette's been good to the both of us ... how about we see who's better at it?

TROY: Because that would mean I'd have to let you get close enough so I can rip your tongue from your mouth for real this time. [SMIRK] Maybe I'd be doing the world a favor.

[Noticing her Blackberry Tour on the desk, an offended Sean Stevens stood up with her property in his possession.]

TRIPLE X: Should I take that as a confession that you like it rough?

[He walked in Lindsay's direction held it up in front of her face, then dropped it, stomping on the remains, while never taking his eyes off of her as it shattered into pieces.]

TRIPLE X: Or should I remind you that the last time you tried, it didn't work out so well for you or your backup. Either way, don't flatter yourself.

TROY: You can take that as your welcome having sorely worn off. Now please, take your leave before your presence is removed in a less-than-pleasant way.

[Stevens stood his ground for a moment, as did Troy. Both individuals stared the other down, face-to-face, until common sense prevailed as the blue-eyed badass carefully backpedal out of the door, and into the hallway, leaving Lindsay Troy staring in disbelief.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV Title Match: Layne Winters (c) vs. The First

[FADEIN: The ring where Tony Fatora stands, mic in hand, ready to make an announcement.]

TF: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL...With a 15 minute time limit...and it is for the EPW...WORLD! TELEVISION! CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

[Crowd pops!]

DT: These two men have had a couple of run-ins the last two weeks, and now they'll be settling this issue, with the EPW TV Title at stake.

MN: There's one MAN in this match, his opponent is just a make-up wearing BOY.

[MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by the Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit. The crowd pops big!]

DT: Say what you want about him, listen to this ovation as the challenger makes his way out to the ring!

[CUTTO: The First stepping through the curtain to the roar of the crowd. He's wearing a black "Painted Up Freak" T-Shirt cut into a wife beater, black gi pants, and black ring boots. His right hand is taped almost to the elbow with the word "HOPE" written on the tape in black marker. His face is painted white, with a large black circle covering his right eye, his left eye has a black rectangle going from his eyebrow half way down his cheek. The First has on black lipstick and his nails are painted black, his hair is jet black with about an inch on the tips dyed green. He paces around the rampway, screaming at the crowd. waving his arms, urging them to cheer louder and they respond in kind.]

DT: This crowd is on it's feet, The First is inciting this crowd to greater and greater noise and they are giving it to him!

MN: He makes me sick, this pleading for attention, and the fact that these idiots give it to him disgusts me, I can't wait till Layne Winters beats the daylights out of him.

[The First high-five’s the fans as he makes his way to the ring. Once on the apron he jumps from the apron onto the second rope inside the ring and raises his arms at the crowd, letting out another yell. His music ends as he now paces in the ring...The silence continues for a while.]

DT: Layne Winters taking his time here...Letting The First stew in the ring for a bit.

MN: Yeah, make him wait, the world doesn't run on your schedule, you freak, it runs according to the CHAMPIONS schedule.

[The First stands waiting for a few moments, with no sign of Winters or his music, he waves on the crowd who start a "First" chant. The First smiles...First looks over at a teenage fan in the front row who has his face painted like The First..."Good job" he says, pointing at his own face.]

MN: Ugh, look at this, he's got these idiot kids making fools of themselves...Why can't they look up to somebody respectable, like Layne Winters.

DT: The fact you just declared Layne Winters to be a better role model then anyone on this planet shows how far gone you are.

[MUSIC UP: "I Don't Know Anything" by Mad Season and the crowd instantly turns hostile with a loud chorus of boos.

[Green and silver lights flash at the entranceway curtains while the letters spelling out L-A-Y-N-E-W-I-N-T-E-R-S appear on the big screen, fading in and out individually. Mad Season plays for another quarter minute before Layne Winters slowly walks out of the curtain, Pamela at his side, wearing the EPW Television title around his waist and hands on his hips. The smattering of boos begin to get louder and soon fill the arena. Layne bows his head, smiling...pointing to the title around his waist and promptly turning it into a big middle finger that he flashes the entire arena]

DT: The ever tactful and beloved EPW World Television Champion making his way to the ring.

MN: Hey, if you had to deal with a angry mob of idiots who would support that moron in the ring over a true wrestler, you would be a bit ticked off to!

[Layne stares hard at The First as he steps through the ropes. Pamela strips the title off him; Layne kisses it and proceeds to circle around the ring warming up his shoulders...keeping his eyes on The First. First puts a hand on to his throat and then walks towards Winters and fakes a Green Mist spit, causing Layne to flinch and come back threatening a fake punch. First smiles and turns to his corner as Pat Jones keeps the two men apart.]

DT: Mind games before the bell by The First here!

MN: He doesn't have a mind...

TF: Introducing first...The Challenger...He hails from SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS...Weighing in at 208 pounds...THHHHHEEEE....FIRST!!!!!

{Crowd Pops...The First Smiles and raises an arm in the air.]

TF: And his opponent [Boos]...He hails from SEATTLE, WASHINGTON...Weighting in at 248 pounds...Here is the EPW...WORLD! TELEVISION! CHAMPION! "NEW SCHOOL!" LANNNNNNYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!! WINTERS!!!!

[Crowd boos as Winters keeps glaring at The First, not reacting to the crowd's anger.]

[Bell rings.]

DT: And we're underway for the EPW Television Title as Winters and The First circle each other...Collar and elbow tie up, leading to a side headlock from Winters...First pushes Winters into the ropes and now whips him to the other side...NO! Winters hangs onto the headlock!

MN: Take that you little goofball!

DT: The First now trying to get himself back towards the ropes, and he makes it...This time he holds them and Pat Jones gives Winters the five count to break the head lock...Winters with a clean break...[Winters looks at his chest which has a smear of First's white face paint on it and disgustedly says "God d*mmit, now I got this sh*t on me."] Winters and First lock up again...First with a go-behind into a hammerlock...Winters with a quick switch gets behind First and gets a waistlock...Winters lifts The First off his feet and DUMPS him on his stomach! Winters gets on top and now SLAPPING THE FIRST REPEATEDLY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

MN: He's b*tch slapping the punk, this is great!

DT: First gets out from under Winters and gets to his feet ["You got nothing! Nothing!" Winters yells at First.] Winters waving First on...First charges and Winters clips him with a right hand. Winters with another HARD right hand and The First staggers back...Winters with a knee to the gut and now hooks First up...BIG SUPLEX! First flat on his back on the mat!

MN: New School taking this punk to school!

[Winters pops back to his feet, pointing at the fallen First, "There's your hero, there's your [kicks First in the head] hero.]

DT: Winters giving the badmouth to the crowd and The First as he lays in a series of boots...To the chest and head of The First...Winters pulls First to his feet and backs him into the corner...First sent to the opposite side and hits HARD he staggers out into a BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE! Winters drops down for the cover!




[Crowd pops!]

DT: First kicks out at two! Winters quickly slaps on a rear chinlock. Winters really leaning on The First, making him carry Winters' body weight as well as his own...After fighting big guys like Olvir and Tact he's finally got the size advantage tonight, he's got The First outweighed by about 40 pounds!

MN: Give me a break Dave, this kid is 210 only if he was soaking wet and with a brick in each pocket, he looks like a child against Winters!

DT: The First fighting his way to his feet [fans clapping, cheering!]...First with an elbow to the mid-section of Winters, and another...First breaks free...First off the ropes...WINTERS WITH A CLOTHESLINE...NO FIRST DUCKS...OFF THE OTHER SIDE...FIRST WITH A CROSSBODY!! NO!! WINTERS CATCHES HIM IN MID AIR!!...FALL AWAY SLAM BY WINTERS!!

MN: Ha! Winters with a clinic out there!

[Winters get up as The First lays on his side. "What did you expect?! Seriously?! What did you expect?!" Winters yells at the crowd.]

DT: Winters letting this crowd know that his domination in this match is no surprise, at least not to Layne Winters...Winters now pulls First back to his feet and drills him with a right hand, and now a shot to the body...Winters with an arm wringer and now PULLS FIRST INTO A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! NO! FIRST DUCKS! First now hammering away on Winters with right hands! Winters staggering...STANDING DROPKICK BY THE FIRST SENDS WINTERS TO THE FLOOR! [Crowd pops!] Winters scrambling to his feet on the outside. [Winters spins around, getting his wits about him, he screams "Get him back! Get him back!" at ref Pat Jones.]

MN: Get it back together Layne, the freak just got lucky!

DT: Winters trying to regroup on the outside now as The First paces around in the ring. [First in the ring waving his hands at Winters yelling "C'mon! C'mon!"] Winters taking a rather measured approach to entering the ring....Winters back in now and he and The First lock back up...Winters again gets a headlock and now takes First to the mat with it...First's shoulders down...But only a 1 count...

MN: Winters wrestling a smart game plan, he's keeping this punk grounded.

DT: First again fighting to his feet...Winters pulls him down by the hair! I don't think Pat Jones saw that [Crowd boos!]...First again fights back up...ANOTHER HAIR PULL! But this time Winters got caught! [Jones gives Winters a count. Winters jumps up and gets in Jones face, screaming at him "What?! WHAT?! I didn't do anything!"] Winters turns around...DROPKICK BY THE FIRST! Winters scrambles to his feet...FIRST WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Winters again back up...ROCKED BY ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Winters back up and he's on rubber legs...First sends him to the ropes...First to the other side...SPEAR BY THE FIRST!!! Winters clutching at his stomach and rolls to the outside!

MN: Smart move by Winters getting to the floor, he can't lose the title if he's not in the ring!

DT: The First hops to the outside and he's stalking Winters...Winters to his feet, and gets a punch to the gut from The First...First now rocking Winters with a series of right hands...First now BOUNCES Winters head off the apron...Winters staggering away from The First trying to get some distance...First now putting a hand to his throat.

MN: This is illegal! Stop this Pat Jones!

DT: First now rounds the corner, he's ready to spray that mist in Winters face...Wait! Winters now hiding behind Pamela...What a coward!

MN: A coward?! His opponent is about to use some illegal chemical agent! It's anything goes! Pamela is a tough lady, she can deal with this goofball!

DT: The First glaring at Winters hiding behind Pamela...First now just sprays that mist into the apron...WINTERS LUNGES AT FIRST AND DRILLS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD!

MN: Ha! Well played Layne!

DT: Winters now scoops up The First...OH NO!!! FIRST DRIVEN INTO THE RINGPOST BACK FIRST! Winters now dumps First on the floor...Winters rolls into the ring...[Winters stands in the ring, crowd booing loud! "Yeah, cheer that piece of trash!" he shouts, pointing down at The First.]

MN: The TV Champion standing in his glory, what a moment!

DT: You're unreal...Pat Jones counting The First out now...He's up to 5...6...


DT: First getting to his knees...


DT: First now hanging onto the apron...


DT: First...DIVES INTO THE RING! [Crowd pops! Winters shouts "Dammit!"] This match continues! Winters stomping away on First...Winters whips The First into the corner...FIRST HITS CHEST FIRST He staggers back...BACK SUPLEX BY WINTERS! HE COVERS!




DT: First kicks out! [Crowd pops!]...Winters gives Pat Jones some lip...Winters now pulls The First back to his feet...First throws a kick...Winters catches his foot...FIRST WITH AN ENZIGURI...WINTERS DUCKS...WINTERS WITH AN ANKLELOCK!

MN: YEAH! Tap him out!

DT: First screaming in pain...First thrashing, trying to get to the ropes...Winters drags him back to the middle...Wait...First flips over on his back and grabs Winters...INSIDE CRADLE!!




DT: NO! [Crowd groans!] Winters just gets the shoulder up! Winters shoots to his feet and is he's livid! Winters grabs First...IMPALER DDT!

MN: That's it! We're done here folks!

DT: Winters now gives the cutthroat sign...Winters hooks The First...GREEN RIVER JUSTICE...NO! FIRST GOES OVER THE SHOULDER AND GETS BEHIND WINTERS...SOULBREAKER!!!! [Crowd pops huge!] SOULBREAKER BY THE FIRST!!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!


DT: Winters and First both down...First now starting to crawl over towards Winters...Can he get there? First throws a arm over Winters chest!




DT: WINTERS KICKS OUT!!! [Crowd groans!] The Champion showing a lot of heart surviving that Soulbreaker...

MN: Heart of a champion! Winters isn't losing to this freak...Come on Layne!

DT: The First getting to his feet...Winters getting up and now First hammering him with a series of right hands...Winters staggers into the corner and The First kicks Winters in the gut repeatedly...First sends Winters to the corner...Winters staggers out...SPINNING HEEL KICK! Winters decked!

MN: I knew it! Dammit I knew it...This was like one of those football games where your team is up 6 but they should be up 20, and you just know they've left the door open to blow it...Winters was mopping the floor with this goof, but he didn't finish him...COME ON LAYNE...GET IT TOGETHER!

DT: The First getting to his feet now...[First looks at the crowd for a moment before yelling "Come on!" inciting them to cheer, which they do.] Winters up and he eats another right hand, and another...First backs Winters into the corner...Winters sent for the ride and hits hard...First now measures him...HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW BY THE FIRST! Winters staggers out of the corner..The First quickly to the second rope...Winters turns around...RIGHT INTO A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK BY THE FIRST!! HE COVERS!



THR--NO! NO!!!

DT: Winters again gets the shoulder up at two! [Crowd buzzing!] First shakes his head but now he gets Winters to his feet...First with a quick series of left jabs...Winters staggering...BIG RIGHT HAND...Winters stumbling...DROPS TO ONE KNEE!! [Crowd pops!] First has him where he wants him for the Shining Wizard! WAIT A SECOND!!! PAMELA ON THE APRON!! GET HER OFF THERE REF!!

MN: I think she's demanding that the freak's hand tape be checked! I'm sure it's loaded!

DT: First sees this...Wait...He's going to his throat! [Crowd pops] This distraction is gonna backfire on Winters...

MN: Wait! No! That's not fair, he can only do that once a match!

DT: Who made that rule?! FIRST WITH THE MIST!! NO!! WINTERS WITH A CHOP TO FIRST'S THROAT! First crumples to the ground...Is that blood or red mist pouring out of First's mouth?! Winters with a cover, Pamela still has the ref tied up...Now Pat Jones sees the pin!




DT: FIRST KICKED OUT! [Crowd pops!] Winters is irate! He's all over Pat Jones over the speed of that count!

MN: I blame that no good harlot! Winters had First beaten if she hadn't had the ref tied up!

DT: She was interfering on behalf of Winters...You're a joke Neely...Winters now pulling The First to his feet by his hair ["That's it!" Winters yells at the crowd.] Winters hooks The First...GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! NO!!! FIRST WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!!




DT: Winters kicks out! [Crowd buzzing!] Winters charges back at The First...FIRST WITH A JAWBREAKER!! Winters staggers...DROPS TO ONE KNEE! [Crowd pops!] FIRST OFF THE ROPES WITH A SHINING WIZARD!!

MN: NO!!!


MN: Whew...That was to close...Come on Winters!

DT: Both men down...Pat Jones giving them the ten count...Winters up first...Winters grabs The First and hooks him...SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE...FIRST DID A FLIP IN MID AIR!!! WINTERS DOWN FOR THE PIN...HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS!!




DT: First rolls the shoulder! [Crowd pops!]...Winters is practically SHAKING with anger...HE SLAPS THE FIRST! [Crowd 'OH!!'] Winters SCREAMING at The First ["Just quit you little freak!"] WAIT FIRST JUMPS UP ON WINTERS SHOULDERS...FIRST GETS HIMSELF SET FOR A VICTORY ROLL!! FIRST HAS WINTERS PINNED!!





MN: I can't take this!

DT: Winters back to his feet...BIG DROPKICK BY THE FIRST...Winters gets back up but he's on dream street...FIRST OFF THE ROPES WITH A SPEAR!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!!



THREE!!! NO! NO!!!

DT: WINTERS ESCAPES!!! [Crowd buzzing! "First" chant!] First now gets Winters back up and First sets Winters up...SUPLEX! NO! WINTERS LANDS BEHIND FIRST...HE HOOKS HIM IN A FULL NELSON...DRAGON SUPLEX BY WINTERS!! HE BRIDGES!!



THREE!!! NO! NO!!!!

DT: FIRST KICKS OUT!!!! [Crowd pops!] Winters pulls First up...A right hand by Winters...BLOCKED BY FIRST! First with a series of right hands! Now First laying in knife edge chops on Winters! Winters is rocked...WINTERS TO ONE KNEE!! [Crowd pops!] The First pointing at the fallen Winters ['Yeah!' First yells at the crowd.] FIRST OFF THE ROPES!!

[Bell rings. Crowd quiets.]

DT: Wait...What?! Pat Jones gets in the way of First as he was about to charge at Winters with that Shining Wizard...What the hell?!

TF: Ladies and Gentlemen...The 15 minute time limit has expired...This bout is a draw...A DRAW!!

[Crowd booing loudly! "Five more minutes!" chant breaks out...The First shaking his head in disbelief hears the chants and starts egging them on.]

DT: These fans want to see this match continue, and I agree with them!

MN: Drop dead...We have time limits for a reason and it's over. The freak had his shot and he blew it!

[Winters, paces around the ring, he hears the chanting and sneers..."Get my belt and a mic" he yells at Pamela. She rushes over to the time keeper and fetches the TV Title belt and a mic for Winters. Winters takes the belt and throws it over his shoulder.]

WINTERS: Three and OH First…THREE AND OH! You couldn’t beat Stevens…couldn’t beat Cruise…and you sure as hell didn’t- [interrupted by the crowd’s chant of “5 more minutes!”] …NO! He doesn’t get five more minutes, he doesn’t get SH[BLEEP]T! You hear that, freak? You get NOTH-ING! I leave the way I came- as the EPW Television Champion! And you’re leavin’ empty handed motherf[BLEEP]ker!

[The First walks over to Winters, takes the mic]

FIRST: Layne...You're right...I didn't beat you...But you didn't beat me...And not taking five more minutes to see who would win...That's a damn shame...

[Crowd goes crazy with a smattering of boos and loose chants asking for more time. Winters grabs back the mic]

WINTERS: You had your fifteen minutes, punk, AND YOU LOST! [Boos, Winters turns to the crowd] Yeah, you heard me, HE LOST! HE BLEW IT! He came to take my belt, I came to retain it…he failed…*I* WON! That’s right, the leader of the New School…ME!...Layne Winters, walks back to that locker room VICTORIOUS!

[Winters sneers at The First and turns to look out side the ring.]

WINTERS: Tony! TONY! [Ring announcer Tony Fatora startles for a moment] ANNOUNCE IT! Make all these people...And this FREAK...HEAR it...Declare me STILL World Television champion! DO IT!

[Crowd booing as Tony Fatora gets to his feet. Winters climbs to the second rope and holds the TV Title in the air. The crowd booing loud!]

TF: This match is a DRAW...And so...STILL EPW World Television Champion..."New School!" LAYNE!!! WINTERS!!!!

[The camera cuts from Winters celebrating in the corner to The First still in the ring, glaring at Winters. First puts his hand to his throat.]

DT: I don't think this is over in First's mind!

MN: Layne, get out of the ring!

DT: Winters hops off the second rope, he sees The First still in the ring and is walking towards him...AND GETS A FACE FULL OF GREEN MIST!!! [Crowd pops!] Winters crashing to the mat, thrashing around in agony...The First now leaving ringside...Winters still laying in the ring clutching his eyes...Pamela coming in to check on him...

[Winters can be heard yelling "Get me water...Get me some friggin' water dammit!" at Pamela.]

DT: Who knows if this is the last we'll see of the issue between Layne Winters and The First...We'll be right back after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Marcus Westcott vs. Jared Wells (c)

[Returning from commercial, the footage fades in on Dave Thomas and Mike Neely sitting alone, looking proud and professional at the ringside commentary table.]

DT: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we draw near the conclusion of tonight’s Aggression!

MN: You mean Jared Wells Appreciation Night!

DT: …right, anything you say, Mike.

MN: Man, it’s GREAT not having Dean here with his BORING wrestling encyclopedia-ness, agreeing to every freaking thing you say. Now that it’s just you and me, it’s as if the playing field’s been leveled! It genuinely feels for the first time in years that I can STEP UP and SAY SOMETHING again!

DT: Mike, just because it’s only you and me doesn’t make half of your notorious babbling any less nonsensical than it already is…

[The arena lights dim to black, and the crowd POPS with anticipation! The opening of “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva chitters in over the PA, and…]


[A BIG red and white pyro EXPLODES over the stage! As the song suddenly BLASTS into a heavy rock beat, a frenetic highlight reel of Marcus Westcott kicking ass in the ring flashes across the Empire-Tron. Tony Fatora, standing in the ring, continues announcing as the eponymous opening lyrics.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to our MAIN EVENT of the evening! Now introducing the first competitor… hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada… he weighs in at 285 pounds… he is the FORMER EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… and the CURRENT NUMBER ONE CONTENDER… HE IS…



[“The Mecca” Marcus Westcott emerges from the smoke on the stage to a BIG pop from the fans, and proudly makes his way down the rampway. He slaps hands with a few fans on his trip to the ring, but mostly plays it cool.]

DT: The number one contender is now coming to the ring, and it sounds like he’s building some support from the Empire Pro fanbase!

MN: This guy’s the number one contender?! Dang… sometimes I forget. But good thing he’s GOT that support from those idiot fans, because he’s going to NEED IT when he meets the Champ!

DT: Marcus Westcott, a former champ himself, does indeed have a date in the ring with the seemingly unstoppable “Triple X” Sean Stevens, and a win tonight will give him a LOT of momentum going into that title match!

MN: Look, regardless of this so-called “momentum”, Marcus Westcott’s time is over. It died when BEAST died, if you ask me! And I’m NOT ALONE in this opinion!

DT: You’re right… you AREN’T alone in that sentiment, Mike. But I know Westcott is coming out here tonight to prove all of you to be WRONG!

MN: Well, he’s certainly welcome to try…

[Westcott ascends to the apron and plays up a bit for the fans, not really seeming to care as to whether they love him or hate him. He does, in fact, draw some very supportive cheers from the crowd! Moments later, the lazy rhythm of “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube begins playing on the PA, and the fans go WILD! On the Empire-Tron, the Anthology logo briefly passes by, the follows with a highlight reel of Jared Wells in the ring and posing cockily for the fans.]

TF: And his opponent… hailing from Baltimore, Maryland… he weighs in at 254 pounds, and is ONE HALF of the EMPIRE PRO TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… HE IS…



[Wells tears the curtain aside and steps out onto the stage to a HUGE ovation from the local fans! He takes a moment playing up to the crowd for a bit before turning around and flexing both arms, where the word “DADDY” is scrawled across the seat of his tights. Around his waist, he proudly bears his EPW World Tag Team Title. Working the crowd, he strides down the ramp, all the while being rained upon by bras thrown from the crowd…]

MN: Man, hear THAT ovation from this hometown crowd!

DT: Wait a sec… we’re in Chicago!


DT: But Jared Wells is from Baltimore! How in the hell can CHICAGO be his hometown??

MN: Well… hey, come on! Yeah, he’s FROM Baltimore, but… he still REPRESENTS this city! They’ve been LOYAL to the Bastard Son for many years, so much that he might as well say he was a full-fledged Chicagopher!

DT: “Chicagopher?” Nevermind… so long as he represents the good people of Chicago on this night, over the nefarious crew who call themselves the Anthology. By the way, there’s a bra on your head.

MN: I know, I put it there!

DT: …would you take it off, please? You’re… creeping me out.

[Wells climbs the apron, pumps up to the second rope, and flashes the crowd his signature pose, buffing up and sending strobes of flash photography through the crowd. Young girls and milfs alike SQUEAL around the front row and reach out to touch his physique, but are restrained by a pair of bodyguards being sandwiched between the mob of Wells-worshippers and the guardrail. The music cuts out as Jared dresses down and sets his title aside for the timekeeper. Westcott, meanwhile, paces in a steady circle in his corner like a caged animal.]

DT: Jared Wells has certainly got the attention of this audience here tonight… but look at the intensity we’re seeing in the former champion Marcus Westcott now, even before the match has begun!

MN: He’s going through ANXIETY, Dave. Chicagophers HATE Canuckians!

DT: Bah… well, Mike, however you may see it, I tend to think that Marcus Westcott on proving something here tonight, and Jared Wells Appreciation Night be damned, he’s NOT going to be overlooked!

MN: No, but he WILL be HUMILIATED!

[Senior Referee makes the final checks on both competitors before being assured everything is squared away. Satisfied, he cues for the bell.]



DT: Both men out of their corners, and step right into the opening lock-up! Marcus Westcott, using his impressive STRENGTH, tries to force Wells into the corner… but Wells comes back with his OWN strength and turns it around on the number one contender!

MN: Oh no, DADDY don’t play THAT game! Wells ain’t the biggest cat on the block, but he ain’t quite a LIGHTWEIGHT either!

DT: Here we go, Marcus Westcott slips his arms inside and quickly slaps a hammerlock onto the right arm of Jared Wells! Westcott, using that strong grip to STRAIN the wrist!

MN: BAM! He got an elbow right to the face for that one! Thinks he can target the ARMS, can he!? Daddy don’t play THAT game EITHER! Here goes Wells into the ropes…

DT: Westcott slaps the feeling in his face and comes back to his senses… now he braces himself for a RUNNING SHOULDER BLOCK—OH MAN! The COLLISION sends both men to the mat!

MN: An action is always met with a greater or equal reaction. I think Albert Einstein said that.

DT: Try Newton, Mike… Wells and Westcott up at the same time… Marcus going for another tie-up, but Jared catches him with a boot to the gut! Wells hooks him for the suplex… no wait, Westcott is FIGHTING IT! Westcott looking to REVERSE!!

MN: But Wells is fighting THAT, too! Westcott has no choice but to break off and step back! Man, it’s BEAUTIFUL! Westcott thinks he can superman his way through this match just because of how BIG and BUFF he is, but Jared is proving he’s no SLOUCH in the brawn department!

DT: Both men a bit hesitate for a moment as they look the over with calculating focus. No doubt, they’re realizing they are almost at equal levels of strength and need a different approach to defeating their opponent other than overpowering them!

MN: Fortunately for Jared, he’s got an advantage in BRAINS! And with that… he’s got BALLS! Here, THIS is what I’m talking about! Wells putting his hand into the air and nodding his head!

DT: Oh boy… another damned Clash of the Titans… but the crowd WANTS TO SEE IT HAPPEN, and Westcott is locking hands with Wells and going for it! Both men CHALLENGING each other’s limits as they try to push the other over!


DT: …no, Mike, he’s drifting BACK! WESTCOTT is winning this face-off! Wells visibly TREMORING as he is bent further and further back on his knees, and Westcott doesn’t seem to be RELENTING!

MN: Oh damn, COME ON, Jared! Didn’t you remember the juice this morning?!

DT: Let’s not get into that, Mike… Wells only INCHES above the mat now, but… wait, Wells RISING… Westcott suddenly looking WORRIED as the strength of JARED WELLS works its way back up, and both men are right where they started!

MN: But NOT for LONG! WELLS putting WESTCOTT over now!

DT: At least you’ve got it right this time… both men, deadlocked in a duel of brawn, and now the number one contender having to DIG DEEP to prevent himself from being driven back any further!

MN: OH!! Wells just KNEED HIM in the side! That was PERFECT! And it was just what he needed to set Westcott up for a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!

DT: Wells BRIDGES for the PIN!



And Westcott kicks out! A sneaky tactic from Wells, but not enough to keep the number one contender down for the three!

MN: Bah, that wasn’t sneaky… Wells was just getting BORED. Westcott and boredom go hand in hand.

DT: Oh man, Wells beginning to STOMP Westcott on the mat before he has the chance to even stand up! So what does Wells go hand in hand with? Kicking you while you’re down??

MN: Actually, he’s synonymous with EXPERIENCE and CRAFTINESS… trains of thought that furball could NEVER reach on his own mental power!

DT: Wells dragging Westcott to the ropes, and setting the number one contender over the bottom rope… and PRESSING his FOOT DOWN onto his BACK! He’s CHOKING THE LIFE out of Marcus Westcott while he POSES SMUGLY for his fans! You call that CRAFTINESS?!

MN: He’s WINNING, ain’t he?!

DT: Wells finally steps off of Westcott as Pat Jones reaches the count of four… the referee, giving him a stern warning, but Wells blows him off and now brings the number one contender back to his feet… NO! Westcott bites back with a SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE!

MN: Now how in the hell did he do that?!

DT: We can’t forget that Marcus Westcott is a FORMER World Champion, Mike, and capable of some very amazing feats! Westcott beckoning Wells back onto his feet, and up comes the Bastard Son… and walks right into a SCOOP SLAM from the number one contender! He’s getting this crowd back on HIS side!

MN: Bah, those fickle morons! Daddy’s in a tight spot, but hey, that’s nothing new to HIM, if you get my drift! Westcott bringing him back to his feet… no, Wells just suddenly TACKLES HIM to the mat! Looks like HE’S capable of some amazing feats himself!

DT: This back and forth action continues as Wells mounts the chest of Marcus Westcott and LETS HIM HAVE IT! The fans of Chicago showing their SUPPORT for Jared Wells as he POUNDS AWAY at the face of the number one contender! But wait, Westcott BLOCKS, and pops Wells OFF with a quick counter!

MN: DAMN that tricky Transformers-worshipping caveman! Wells getting off now—oh crap, WESTCOTT GOT HIS ARM and slaps on a WRIST TWIST!!

DT: That’s an ARMBAR, Mike!

MN: WHATEVER, I happen to think “Wrist Twist” sounds better! At least it RHYMES!

DT: Wells in reach of the ropes, and he doesn’t waste a SECOND getting that bottom rope and forcing Westcott to break the hold! Westcott wants to work those arms and strip some of the strength out of Wells’ gameplan, but thus far, he hasn’t found the opportunity to get his licks in!

MN: Hopefully, he NEVER will! Fuzzball back up… and Wells on his feet as well, telling the fans its no sweat!

DT: Wait now, Wells makes the mistake of turning his back on Westcott… here comes MARCUS with the ROLL-UP FROM BEHIND!



And Wells kicks out! Maybe in the future, he should pay less attention to his fans and more on his opponent!

MN: BAH! Westcott thought he could sneak away with it there, but there was NO way he was going to fool Wells with that one! Believe me… DADDY’S got it covered!

DT: Would you STOP calling him DADDY!

MN: Westcott up, but BAM!! He walks right into a BACK ELBOW from Wells! Westcott left REELING, and Jared just measures him and—


Crowd: WOOO!!

MN: HYOOGE knife-edge chop to the chest of the number one contender!

DT: The tag champion Wells is using his brawling skills to pull ahead! Now he grabs the hurt Westcott by the arm… and lays a KNEE into those ribs! THERE’S A SECOND, and Westcott doubles-over!

MN: Wells with the hook around the waist… THROWS WESTCOTT TO THE MAT with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!

DT: Westcott holding his midsection after the impact, but Wells moves ahead, hooking the legs for the cover!



And Westcott KICKS OUT! Now can he come back?

MN: NO DICE! Westcott EATS a boot from Jared, and gets an ELBOW DROP buried into his CHEST for good measure! Wells is just going to PUMMEL HIM into the canvas from this point on!

DT: Wells bringing the number one contender to his feet… no, throwing him into the TURNBUCKLE!! OH!! Marcus Westcott went between the second and third ropes and his shoulder collided with the steel ring post!


DT: Westcott in a WORLD of pain right now, but Jared Wells keeps up the pressure… now he’s setting the number one contender into the tree of woe! Walking a distance up the ropes now… what does Wells have planned here?

MN: Something BIG, I hope! Jared Wells, bouncing OFF THE SECOND ROPE—OH MAN!! And he just KICKS IN Westcott’s crooked Canadian teeth with a MISSILE DROPKICK!! There’s still a bit of the ol’ high-flyer in Jared Wells after all!

DT: Wells has these Chicago fans PUMPED and ROWDY, and now he makes the COVER!



KICKOUT by Westcott! The number one contender is still hanging in there, but Jared Wells is DEFINITELY proving here tonight that he himself is a force to be reckoned with!

MN: That was his point from the get-go, Dave! And it only gets worse from here on out for Marky-Mark… here’s Wells, bringing him back to his feet—wait, WHAT HAPPENED?!

DT: WESTCOTT WITH THE SWEEP! Wells didn’t see that coming, and now Westcott looking for an ANKLE LOCK!

MN: THAT CRAFTY CANUCK!! Wells just KICKS him away, and rightly so!

DT: Westcott’s potential turn-around just got cut short, and now Wells scrambles to his feet… Westcott looking to grapple, but he gets PLASTERED with a hard European uppercut by Jared Wells! The veteran brawler and Tag Team Champion isn’t giving the number one contender a SECOND to even recuperate!

MN: He’s the kind of man that goes right for the THROAT! Westcott reeling like a fool… and Wells holds his head down… there’s a FOREARM SHOT to the back, and The Wrestler Formerly Known As Beast drops to his knees!

DT: Wells takes ahold of Westcott… lifts him UP—AND BACK DOWN ACROSS THE KNEE with the RIBBREAKER!! Westcott’s taking all that damage to the body, and it could affect his conditioning as this match lingers on! But Jared Wells is showing no signs of slowing!

MN: No slowing down at this point, Dave! Jared Wells is in the main event, and fully prepared to show that he can fight on ANY level! Wells running to the turnbuckle… up to the second rope… PUMPS THE GUNS FOR THE FANS…

DT: Oh my…

MN: Wells OFF THE TURNBUCKLE with the FLYING ELBOW… and he NAILS IT!! Marcus Westcott took all of that right into the STERNUM!

DT: Wells is riding high with every successful strike! Here he goes for the cover once again!



TH—KICKOUT! Westcott’s NOT OUT OF THIS YET, and many fans in the audience are HAPPY to see this match continue!

MN: Well yeah, watching Jared make a buffoon out of Westcott IS pretty entertaining…

DT: I’d rather think they were entertained by this MATCH as these two competitors continue to give their all in this exhibition main event for THEIR satisfaction! Jared Wells still maintains control of the action… now he’s bringing the number one contender to his feet. Westcott gets WHIPPED to the corner… and he CONNECTS HARD!

MN: Alright, here we GO… Wells charging after him… GOING FOR THE BIG SPLASH—AAAAH, WHAT THE CRAP?!

DT: Westcott JUMPED OUT OF THE WAY, and Wells got a good MOUTHFUL of that top turnbuckle! The Tag Team Champion staggering out of the corner… WHOOOAAA MAN, HE JUST GOT PLASTERED WITH A SPINEBUSTER FROM WESTCOTT! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!

MN: That’s IMPOSSIBLE! Westcott’s been getting HAMMERED all this time! He should be OUT FOR THE COUNT by now!

DT: You forget that Marcus Westcott is a VERY resilient competitor, Mike! He can take UNTOLD amounts of punishment and come back for more! You just know Sean Stevens is watching this match closely in the back, likely wondering how FAR he’ll have to go keep the number one contender from claiming his title!

MN: Fat chance of THAT happening! Wells is a tad dazed on the mat right now, but I assure you, loyal listeners, he is NOT OUT! Not by a LONGSHOT! Oh sure, Marcus Westcott might be hooking the legs right now… but this is ALL a part of Jared Wells’ strategy!

DT: OH MAN!! Westcott flips Wells to the mat with a SLINGSHOT!!

MN: AH… uh, but I assure you all, that Well is STILL in full control of what is happening! This is just all part of the show!

DT: Nobody’s buying it, Mike. Marcus Westcott still has ahold of the legs of Jared Wells… locks them in place, and bridges over with the STF! SUBMISSION ATTEMPT made by the number one contender!

MN: OH MAN… something’s gone WRONG here! Marcus Westcott has some sort of inverted back-to-back CHINLOCK applied! Jared Wells could be in a REAL pickle here!

DT: I’LL say! The former champion STRAINING that hold with EXPERT precision and form, and Jared Wells looks to be in a LOT of hurt! Wells reaching out for the ropes, but it’s NOWHERE in sight!

MN: Damnit… that idiot WESTCOTT couldn’t have picked a worse place!

DT: But all the BETTER for him! Wait a second… Wells trying to shift his weight and roll Westcott off balance! Marcus is trying to hold it in place, but Wells is putting up a TOUGH STRUGGLE!! Westcott CAN’T HANG ON!!

MN: WOOHOO!! Wells breaks FREE!

DT: Wells trying to get out from under Westcott, but the number one contender STILL has that leg! Westcott with a KNEE CRUSHER!!

MN: AAAH, that hurt just looking at it! Wells NEEDS that knee for when he’s pleasing all these Chicagopher MILFS tonight!

DT: Westcott appears methodically working the limbs of Wells, specifically the legs on which the Tag Team Champion stands! If he couldn’t manage in the power game, I suppose he’ll make do with SUBMISSIONS! Here he is again with Wells’ weakened leg… hooking it now for a HALF CRAB!!

MN: DAMN!! Wells is getting MAULED in there! But nevertheless, he isn’t showing signs of GIVING UP! The ref asking if he’ll submit, and Wells just tells him “STEP BACK, JACK!!”

DT: He didn’t say that, Mike…

MN: Well that’s what he WOULD’VE said if he wasn’t in EXCRUCIATING PAIN, Dave!! But what’s important here is that Jared is FIGHTING that pain! Westcott’s putting everything he’s got, but Wells is NOT giving in!

DT: Wells is trying to drag himself to the ropes… Westcott’s digging his HEELS into the canvas to prevent him from getting any further! Jared Wells is doing EVERYTHING he can to touch those ropes, but I think the trained poise of “The Mecca” isn’t going to BUDGE!!

MN: By ZEUS’ BEARD, Wells is TRAPPED! But nevertheless, he won’t GIVE UP! Westcott’s finally REALIZING this… and MERCIFULLY, he releases the hold and allows Jared Wells to drop to the mat and catch a breather!

DT: That leg of Jared Wells can’t be doing well as he holds it… but now we’re beginning to see the killer instinct in Marcus Westcott, looming over Wells and STOMPING AWAY at that leg! Westcott’s doing everything he can to leave his opponent maimed and vulnerable!

MN: Oh man… the biggest crime that is occurring right now is that the more punishment Jared Wells takes, the fewer ladies he’ll be able to PLEASE tonight! But hey, maybe he’ll personally ask ME to help him take up some of the leg work!

DT: Only in your wildest dreams, Mike! Back to the action in the ring… Westcott stalking the blind spot of Jared Wells as the Tag Team Champion attempts to rise to his feet with the help of the ropes!


DT: I think he’s TOO LATE!! Wells pivoting around… and Westcott NABS HIM the instant he turns to face him, lifting him by that leg and DRIVING HIM TO THE MAT WITH A CRADLE SUPLEX!!

MN: OH MAN, I never even knew that move EXISTED!!

DT: Wells in PHENOMENAL pain, and perhaps PHENOMENAL shame, as Westcott goes for the COVER!



NO!! Jared Wells kicks out!

MN: PHEW!! Admittedly, my heart skipped a beat there… but of COURSE, I shouldn’t be too quick to forget that this is just ALL part of the show—masterfully constructed by JARED WELLS, of course!

DT: Right, whatever helps you sleep at night, Mike…

MN: Five shots of Scotch and half a ladder, thank you very much!

DT: Too much info on Mike Neely’s personal life… back to the action! Westcott is still in control of the match… depending on who you ask, of course. The number one contender has Jared Wells back on his feet… and there he whips him to the ropes! Wells is running a tad SLOW on that weakened leg of his…

MN: …but maybe that’s a GOOD thing as Westcott telegraphs a back body drop! Wells grabs him by the head—AND DROPS HIM WITH A SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!

DT: OH MY!! Could Jared Wells be turning it around on Marcus Westcott?! We saw the number one contender have a difficult time earlier in this match when the Tag Team Champion was allowed to gain momentum!

MN: Oh yeah, it’s going to be a DIFFICULT time for him for sure! Wells on his feet… running into the ropes with the grace of a MONGOOSE!!

DT: A mongoose with GLUE on its paws, if you ask me! Wells on the rebound… but Marcus Westcott catches him with a BIIIIG POWERSLAM!! OH MAN, they could FEEL THAT up in the NOSEBLEED SECTION, I’m sure!

MN: Ah man… Jared Wells is SO off his game right now! I think its because Marcus Westcott has bored this crowd into SILENCE!!

DT: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mike… it seems to me like Marcus Westcott’s got quite a bit of them on his side here tonight!

MN: Yeah, I don’t actually hear any of them…

DT: Westcott’s beginning to DOMINATE Jared Wells in that ring! Wells groggily trying to get to his feet, but Westcott is right there behind him… the number one contender has him by the waist… SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE BRIDGES THE PIN!!



TH—NO!! Wells managed to kick out! He’s hanging in there by the skin of his teeth!

MN: Oh, BARELY, Dave! That was CLEARLY a TWO point ZERO ZERO ONE SECOND count! I had it measured PERFECTLY in my head! Wells is back on his feet with the help of the ropes…

DT: But now he’s being STALKED by the Marcus Westcott… here comes Westcott—WITH THE GORE!! OH NO!! WELLS SLIPPED OUT OF THE RING as soon as he saw him coming! He knew EXACTLY what would have happened if he had been half a second too late!

MN: Yeah! Marcus Westcott would have been in SERIOUS trouble then!

DT: Westcott stepping up to the ropes—but Wells reaches in, takes him by the ankle, and TRIPS HIM! Oh no, Wells dragging Westcott to the outside, and now he’s BRAWLING WITH HIM in the ringside area!

MN: YEAH, HERE WE GO!! Wells throwing some SERIOUS RIGHTS AND LEFTS, and Westcott doesn’t know HOW to defend himself! He’s fighting on the level of a scrapper and CAN’T STAND on his own two feet!

DT: Let’s not be HASTY here, Mike! Westcott’s hair being manhandled by Wells while senior official Pat Jones tells the competitors to get back in the ring! The Tag Team champion is leading him to the GUARDRAIL! Wells driving Westcott FACE-FIRST—NO!! Westcott got the LEG UP!! The number one contender drives JARED WELLS FACE-FIRST INTO THE GUARDRAIL INSTEAD!!

MN: Oh WHAT the HELL?! Jared Wells should be turning this thing AROUND by now! Westcott’s taking him by the arm… no, not the whip into the STEEL STEPS!! Oh my God, he’s GOING FOR IT—NO WAIT!! WELLS REVERSES!!


DT: OH MY!! Marcus Westcott just went VIOLENTLY into those steel steps! But perhaps the damage has already been done to Jared Wells, who appears to have a slight cut on his brow thanks to that introduction to the guard rail…

MN: Oh, THAT little thing?! That ain’t ANYTHING! It was totally worth Jared getting an up-close glimpse of that front-row hottie’s CLEAVAGE! Besides, chicks dig scars…

DT: Wells rolling Westcott back into the ring as Pat Jones reaches seven… plenty of time left on the clock, but neither man is willing to risk being counted out for no good reason at this point! Here’s Wells, draping the arm across the chest of Marcus Westcott!!



THR—OH, AND WESTCOTT KICKS OUT!! The audience is GOING WILD as this match continues!

MN: Oh man… I think it’s about time Jared put this one AWAY, if you ask me! Wells bringing Westcott to his feet—wait, Westcott GETS ALL TANGLED UP and they ROLL OVER TOGETHER!!




THREE—OH, BUT A NEAR KICKOUT by Wells! Westcott almost STOLE IT right there! And Wells promptly delivers a HARD KICK to the ribs as soon as he’s back on his feet for THAT near upset!

MN: Yeah, REMEMBER THAT FEELING, you furry punk?!

DT: Wells continues with the stomps… but WAIT! Westcott CATCHES HIM by the leg! Westcott BACK TO HIS FEET, and he’s got the SAME LEG he was working on before!

MN: OH MAN!! Westcott DROPS Jared with a weird twisty thing!

DT: That was clearly a Dragon Screw, Mike! Does Dean have to be here ALL the time to explain wrestling to you?

MN: SHH!! Let’s speak no more of Dean… right now, Jared Wells may have agitated that leg again, because he appears to be holding it while on the mat! I’m certain he’s just FAKING, though… to give his opponent the impression that he might actually be doing some damage!

DT: If that’s an act, then give Jared Wells the Oscar! Because if he isn’t playing possum now, then he’s going to be in SERIOUS TROUBLE, as Marcus Westcott stalks him for THE GORE!! Wells has his BACK TURNED TO HIM!!

MN: Don’t turn around, Jared… whatever you do, DON’T TURN AROUND!!


MN: ACK!! NOBODY TOLD ME they were going to be using WIRES in this match! That looked like some SERIOUS John Woo stuff!

DT: Jared Wells could have been completely DEBILITATED as Marcus Westcott put the brunt of that impact into his weak point… and now Westcott’s moving forward! Westcott taking ahold of both legs and FLIPPING OVER for the JACKNIFE PIN!!



THREE—NO!! WELLS KICKS OUT!! He ALMOST didn’t have the leg strength for that!

MN: Oh NOOOO, Dave, you’ve got the wrong idea! He’s just trying to make it seem dramatic!

DT: The fans are going wild now as Marcus Westcott CONTINUES to wear down those legs of the Tag Team Champion! Westcott setting Wells into a REVERSE FIGURE FOUR—HE COULD GE GOING FOR THE JUDAS CRADLE!!

MN: But Jared’s not going to LET THAT HAPPEN!! Wells is twisting around and delivering some HARD FOREARMS to the exposed head of Marcus Westcott while he has a clear shot at it, and a HARD ONE across the ear knocks him back! Talk about getting DENIED!! Absolutely NOBODY makes a ***** out of DADDY!

DT: Westcott, still determined to PUT THIS ONE AWAY! He’s got Wells back on his feet and he’s putting on the pump-handle hold! Wells lifted UP—NO WAIT! HE SLIPS DOWN HIS BACK!!

MN: Westcott can’t react in time! Wells LIFTS HIM UP and SLAMS HIM with a BACK SUPLEX!! OH YEAH, baby! Daddy’s STILL in this!

DT: But nevertheless, looking a bit HURT as he makes it to his feet! Those legs looked like they were about to BUCKLE!

MN: Jared Wells knows how to draw emotion from a crowd… unlike WESTCOTT, just now rising to his feet! There goes Jared into the ropes… WHO-HO-HOA MAN, Wells damn well nearly CLOBBERED HIS HEAD OFF with a SPINNING POLISH HAMMER!!




THRE—OH NO, Westcott KICKED OUT! I was SURE he was unconscious!

MN: That THICK SKULL of his must be protecting him! But DADDY’S the MASTER of thickness and ply! Jared Wells looking to put this match away now, as he brings the so-called number one contender to his feet… there’s the WHIP to the corner, and Westcott CONNECTS!!

DT: Westcott STILL looking bleary from that big shot to the head… here comes WELLS—JARED WELLS LANDS THE BIG SPLASH!! MY GOD, Marcus Westcott just got CRUSHED in the corner!

MN: Listen to those fans NOW, Dave! They’re HOT for Jared Wells! And Wells is GIVING THEM a fight they’ll long remember! Wells bringing Marcus Westcott up to the TOP ROPE now! It’s time to go ALL OUT! It’s time to FINISH THIS thing and lay claim to some of that fresh BOOTY out in the front row!

DT: Oh my, potentially HIGH RISK MANUEVER COMING UP! Wells trying to HOOK the arms of Marcus Westcott, but… he doesn’t have the LEG POWER to lift him off the turnbuckle! Wait, now Westcott is FIGHTING BACK!!

MN: OH NO!! JARED WELLS is HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE lest he fall from the turnbuckle! But he’s not BACKING DOWN!! YES!! HE BLOCKS one from Westcott, and BAM!! A BIG forearm reminds EVERYBODY who’s the BOSS of this match!

DT: Westcott stunned now, but can Wells manage to get him over? Wait a second, he’s hooking the arms… I THINK HE’S GOING FOR IT!!


DT: What a TREMENDOUS thing to witness! Marcus Westcott is lying sprawled out and unmoving on the mat, and Jared Wells is slow to get over to him, on account of his legs being in PHENOMENAL pain! To be fair folks, after taking a GORE to the back of his KNEES, I’m surprised he’s able to move at ALL! NOW he drapes the arm across the chest of WESTCOTT! Is this IT?!



THREE—OH MY GOD, WESTCOTT KICKED OUT!! SOME HOW… SOME WAY… Marcus Westcott is taking ALL this punishment and coming back for more!

MN: BAH, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Well, it’s time for Jared Wells to do something he obviously WON’T come back from! DADDY bringing the number one contender and ancient champion of Empire Pro to his feet… and bending him BACKWARDS!! Jared Wells is going for THE RAGE BOMB!! HE LIFTS WESTCOTT UP—






TTHHRREEE!!! Marcus Westcott has DONE IT!!

DT: AAAAAaaaahhh, DAMNIT!!


[The fans POP LOUDLY as “Ladies and Gentlemen” plays over the PA and Westcott rolls off of Jared Wells, looking exhausted and hardly capable of staying conscious. Wells shoots up immediately, but suddenly realizes he’s too late, and SLAPS the mat in frustration!]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by pinfall… “THE MECCA”… MMMAAARRRCCCCUUUSSSSS WWWEEESSSTTTCCCOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!

DT: A BIG WIN for the number one contender Marcus Westcott as he walks into RUSSIAN ROULETTE to fight the WORLD CHAMPION for the belt!

MN: Oh, HE GOT LUCKY tonight, Dave! OBVIOUSLY, Jared Wells GAVE him that win to give him that little EGO BOOST he needs going into the most important match of his career! That’s why Jared Wells is THE MAN!

DT: Jared Wells certainly DID put up a challenge worthy of this main event here tonight! He put up a VERY REMARKABLE effort and made this entire match one, long, grueling back and force clash of super powers! He was CLOSE, but… unfortunately not quick enough for the poise and innovative excellence of “THE MECCA”!!

[Westcott painfully makes it back to his feet and allows his arm to be raised by Pat Jones as his name is announced to the crowd, earning a BIG FACE POP in return. He smiles and appears proud and confident celebrating his main event victory alone in the ring. Jared Wells, having exited to the ringside area, comically grieves his loss, and makes his way to the coddling ringside female fans to seek comfort. It becomes obvious that the entire capacity crowd is CHEERING, for BOTH competitors.]

MN: Oh yeah… no kind of ass like SYMPATHY ASS! I suppose THAT was his angle all along!

DT: I have the feeling Jared Wells will move on from this disappointment and remember the, uh, “finer points in life.” But right now, the moment belongs to the triumphant NUMBER ONE CONTENDER! He had a HELL of a match tonight and put up one HELL of a fight to earn the victory! The question now is… will it be enough to defeat the CHAMPION, “Triple X” Sean Stevens??

MN: Well, why don’t we ask him! He’s coming down the ramp now!



Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!

[The camera catches a shot of Jared Wells on the far side of the ring area, arms draped around and among several fans of the female persuasion where he sees Stevens clock Westcott and laughs.]

MN: HA HA, OH YEAH!! What a PERFECT WAY to ruin that idiot’s party! The World Heavyweight Champion “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS just ran into the ring and CLOCKED that so-called number one contender IN THE FACE with his very title! That will be the CLOSEST Marcus Westcott ever gets to THAT belt AGAIN!

DT: What a DISGRACEFUL and INSULTING ACT by “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS!! The World Champion, sending a MESSAGE to his future opponent as he stands victoriously in the ring! Will Marcus Westcott AVENGE this insult at Russian Roulette?!

MN: Not a CHANCE! This is simply a sign of things to come!

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are OUT OF TIME tonight! Many things occurred tonight, and it will no doubt all come to a HEAD at our Pay Per View event! Don’t forget to join us LIVE for RUSSIAN ROULETTE to see how it all comes down! For Mike Neely, and Dean Matthews, who unfortunately could not be with us for most of this show, I’m Dave Thomas… GOOD NIGHT!

[“King Back” triumphantly booms through the PA as “Triple X” Sean Stevens, smugly holding his title, stands over the fallen body of “The Mecca” Marcus Westcott, looking cocky and triumphant in the wake of his actions. The fans BOO LOUDLY as they watch this. The camera fades to the EPW logo…]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DVD Extra: Epilogue

[EPW World Heavyweight Champion, SEAN 'TRIPLE X' STEVENS stood defiantly over the fallen body of number one contender to the EPW title, Marcus Westcott, as referee's, EMT's, and security rushed to his aid.]

"If there was ever any doubt, let it be known."

[<b>Ten Minutes earlier:</b>

Sweat dripped down the face of number one contender Marcus Westcott, as he gasped for air in an effort to gather his second wind. He and Jared Wells had just faced off in the ring, and both were worse for wear. Despite how they felt about them personally, the fans appreciated a good, hard fought match, and showed their appreciation by tearing the roof off of the building.]

V/O: You breathe because I'm friendly. You exist because I allow it.

But, just as God giveth...

[<b>Five Minutes Later:</b>

Westcott made his way up the ramp, acknowledging a group of fans chanting his name with a cool nod. He approached the curtain with his guard down, hardly expecting to have his lights turned out by a vicious Superkick, that saw him hit the pavement like a sack of bricks.

<b>One Minute Later: </b>

Jared Wells made his way through the curtain, having spent a little extra time with his “fans” at ringside… only to be met with the same fate – his at the hand of a kick to the stomach, and a X-Terminator on the unprotected floor.

He held his jaw in agony, and his rolled around in an effort to ease the pain, while Westcott laid unconscious.]

V/O: “... God taketh away.”

[<b>FWD: </b> To the present ... Lindsay Troy looks on, as JASON 'THE STALKER' REEVES appears out of the shadows, admiring his friend's work, as they both exit the arena together, into Stevens' awaiting 2009 Ferrari 250 Testarossa, speeding off into the night.]

V/O: I am your champion, I am your leader, and I am your King. Cherish me, honor me, bow down, and worship me the ground that I walk on. Because if you challenge me, if you rise up against me, if you disobey me, or try to overrule me? ...I will destroy the lives of you and your loved ones, systematically breaking you down… until you cease to exist.
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