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AGGRESSION 47: Milwaukee, WI - 9/8/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[FADEIN: The camera panning over shots of the crowd, the fans cheering as pyro goes off, finally the camera pans to the broadcast table where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews, and Mike Neely are sitting.]

DT: Welcome fans to the last Aggression before Russian Roulette. Tonight, Erik Black and Stalker meet in a Stalker's Rules match and who knows what kind of carnage that's going to cause.

DM: Beyond that we have a title defense, as Layne Winters, who's proving himself to be a fighting champion, takes on Copycat, who is making his singles debut here in EPW.

DT: And then after that a big six man tag, as the World Tag Team Champions, Larry Tact and Jared Wells, with their fellow Anthology member Sean Edmunds, will be fighting Jungle Storm and Shawn Hart.

MN: The foolish Brazilians have no idea what they have gotten themselves into going after Anthology's titles...They are going to get a beating tonight and THEN be finished off at Russian Roulette.

DT: And finally the main event tonight...As Marcus Westscott and Cameron Cruise meet up in a non-title hardcore match that could have plenty of meaning heading into Russian Roulette.

DM: There's no way Westscott can afford a loss heading into his World Title shot against Sean Stevens. He needs a big win tonight, but he's clearly got a tough draw, as the IC champion and the man seen as the leader of Anthology seeks to cut Westscott's momentum off right before his chance at the biggest prize in our sport.

[The lights dim, the crowd buzzes for a moment. CUEUP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit, popping the crowd BIG!]

DT: Of course, all of this might be put on hold, as it seems that The First is making good on his threat to crash this Aggression and to stage a sit-in till he gets Lindsay Troy to put him into the main event at Russian Roulette.

[CUTTO: The back, the crowd pops big, as The First, wearing a black suit jacket, black dress pants, white shirt and black tie. Face painted white with big black circles around his eyes and his chin painted black, makes his way down the hallway. Gotho walking in front of First.]

DT: And The First now about to make his way out to the arena...

[First and Gotho walk for a few more feet, the cameraman following them, when suddenly Gotho turns around and gets underhooks in on First's arms. First looks surprised for a moment before a STEEL CHAIR is seen crashing across The First's back! Before we can see anything else happen, the attacker, or attackers, knock the camera man to the ground.]

DT: What in the world?! Someone, or some group of people are attacking The First! What is going on?!

DM: Well a lot of people were not happy about First's plans to crash this show, there's more then a few people with a motive for this attack.

MN: I hope it's all of them, I hope the locker room rose up as one and decided to end this idiot's career!

[The sounds of the chair shots echos in the hallway, along with First grunting or yelling in pain. After 5 or six chair shots the cameraman gets to his feet. Showing Gotho holding up The First...AS FELIX RED DENTS THE CHAIR OVER FIRST'S HEAD! First hits the ground with a thud and lays motionless. Felix Red and Gotho stand over him for a moment before Felix drops the chair on the ground and they walk away.]

DT: MY...MY GOD THAT'S FELIX RED! I thought he was done with EPW...Why would he do this?!

MN: I don't care why he did it. I just wish he'd kept hitting him!

DT: This is INSANITY...Felix Red...The other half of The Forsaken, who held the World Tag Team Titles for over a year...Has just returned to EPW...And DESTROYED his former partner...What on earth is going on?!

[EMT's and staff rushing over to the unmoving First, working on getting a neck collar on him.]

DT: What a way to start the show...We'll be right back folks...


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalker vs. Erik Black - Stalker's Rules

DT: We're about to get underway with our opening match, ladies and gentlemen... a STALKER'S RULES match! And you know when Stalker gets involved in these kind of matches, things will ALWAYS get extreme!

MN: Is today "Hardcore Day" in Empire Pro, or something?

DM: Of course, we've still got a hardcore match for the main event tonight between two of the federation's top contenders... but I think right now, I think we're going to see the extreme experts show us how it's REALLY done...

[CUE UP: "Holy Mountain" by Sleep. The song's lazy, droning opening riff pounds through the PA, blasting the capacity crowd into a hypnotizing trance. As soon as the drums come in, "DOPESMOKER" ERIK BLACK emerges from the entry-way, carrying with him a giant aluminum trashcan full of a variety of weapons. Following close behind is his long-time tag team partner and friend, "THE SONIC TITAN" IVAN DALKICHEV. The dynamic duo pump up the fans as they makes his way down the ramp, with Erik slapping the side of garbage can and shaking the contents around.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is set for one fall, and will be fought under STALKER'S RULES!! Introducing first... being accompanied to the ring by "THE SONIC TITAN"... he hails from Lebanon, Indiana, and weighs in at 218 pounds... HERE IS... "DOPESMOKER"... EEEERRRRIIIIIKK BBBLLLLAAAAAACCCKKK!!

MN: Am I hearing things, or did Tony Fatora just say "Dope Smoker" on national television?

DM: Well, I'm sure you hear a LOT of things you normally shouldn't be hearing, Mike, like, "Go ahead... one more drink" or "Yeah, go ahead and grab them, she'll like it"... but you definitely heard right on that one.

MN: Kiss my ass, Dean! Am I the only one who finds it offensive that DRUG REFERENCES are being made now? And what the HELL is up with Ivan Dalkichev?! He looks like TIN-MAN mixed with a HARE KRISHNA!!

DM: I heard something about him having a life-altering experience, and he's taken up a life of pacifism. Whatever it was he was on, it must have been good stuff...

DT: Nevertheless, the former EPW Tag Team Champions remain TOGETHER after their recent liberation from the clutches of Nathan Fear! Erik Black is taking up a new direction in his career, and for whatever reason, he insists on being called "DOPESMOKER" while competing here in Empire Pro!

MN: There's no way the censors are going to let this pass.

[As Black reaches the ringside area, he enthusiastically begins taking out one item out of the trashcan at a time and throwing it in the ring, before throwing the can itself over the ropes. He momentarily turns to his longtime tag partner, and the two share a brief moment where they appear to be OM-ing in unison. When they break, they slap hands, and Black slides into the ring. His first move is grabbing a kendo stick and holding it aloft, pumping up the fans and banging his head in time with the music. Seconds later, it cuts out...]

[CUE UP: "Did My Time" by Korn. The lights dim except for a set of blue LED lamps around the stage. After a few moments, STALKER steps out onto the stage to a huge ovation of JEERS and BOOS from the capacity crowd. He gives them the crucifix pose for several moments before making his way down the ramp to the ring.]

TF: And his OPPONENT... from PARTS UNKNOWN... weighing in at 224 pounds... the INNOVATOR of INSANITY... SSSTTTTAAAAALLLLLKEEERRRR!!!

DM: Stalker is very much the "Innovator of Insanity". He may not boast the best record or have an entire closet full of titles... but NOBODY can deny the sheer HORROR he creates in that ring!

DT: The scheming Stalker is on his way to the ring now, and you really have to wonder... what's on his mind as he walks into this match? Does he have one eye looking back over his shoulder?

DM: He probably ought to, Dave! We can't forget that Rocko Daymon is still out there, wanting to get his hands onto him, and NO restraining order's going to keep him held back. On top of that, he's still waiting to hear back from Fusenshoff, as to whether or not his virtual slave will take his offer for freedom.

MN: Well, with Fusenshoff no longer carrying the TV Title... he's kind of run his use with the Fallen. Although, I wonder if the Fallen still exist these days; Nakita Dahaka's pretty much long gone, and "Triple X" Sean Stevens has his business defending the World Heavyweight Title...

DT: Even so, I don't think we can consider Stalker to be a man who stands alone in Empire Pro. We saw him speaking with an unidentified figure earlier in the week, and the two of them seem to have some great plans to unveil for Empire Pro. Right now, though, regardless of who his friends and enemies are, he's got to put all of his focus on this match.

MN: Not like it'd be a problem for him. This guy's just crazy... and with all those weapons in the ring, I know that I WOULD NOT want to be Erik Black right now!

[Stalker rolls into the ring and immediately falls into a corner, sitting slouched there against the bottom turnbuckles and brooding to himself. The music stops. Emilio Gomez skips checking both wrestlers and instead asks if both men are ready. Black is in his corner, wielding the kendo stick like a baseball bat. Stalker pulls himself to his feet, rips off his leather jacket, and makes a simple nod.]

DM: Looks like "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black wants to come out swingin'!

DT: And on the other side of the ring, Stalker is calm and collected. He's been in this situation before, and knows how to handle it!

MN: Let's just ring the damn bell already! I want to see some BLOOD!


MN: ALRIGHTY, here we go!

DT: Black making BEELINE across the ring... SWISH!! Stalker got out the way just in time to avoid that strike with the shinai! But Black is still SWINGING AWAY!

MN: He must've watched Highlander before he came to the ring.

DM: OOH!! Clipped Stalker in the thigh with that one! Stalker's trying to play defensively here, but it's not easy when you're opponent's swinging a weapon like a madman! Erik Black is DEFINITELY out for blood tonight!

DT: OH! He caught Stalker in the shoulder there! Black is making contact, but Stalker is careful enough to ensure he doesn't take a direct hit to a vulnerable spot, like his HEAD!

MN: Ah, Stalker's got a thick skull... he can take it...

DT: Here's Black with a BIG STRIKE--NO WAIT!! Stalker just CATCHES IT!! Stalker, switching places and wrapping that shinai across the throat--RIGHT INTO A RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!!

DM: That kendo stick across the collar bone near knocked Erik Black COLD, but that's the least of his worries now! Stalker pulling himself back to his feet, and now HE'S the one with the kendo stick! Black up now, but he's TOO LATE--!!

[SFX: *CRACK!!*]

Crowd: OOOOOoooohhhh...

DT: OH, NELLY!! Smack dab in the FOREHEAD, and Erik Black goes down!


DM: OH MAN!! Stalker is simply WAILING AWAY at Erik Black with that kendo stick now!

MN: THAT'S how you use a friggin' kendo stick!

DM: I think the both of these men could use some bushido skills, personally. Stalker throwing the kendo stick aside now, and he's got his eyes on that trashcan Erik Black brought in earlier!

DT: Looks like he's going for a TWO BY FOUR!


DM: Shut up, Mike...

DT: Stalker's pulling back for a BIG SWING... but BLACK STINGS HIM with a SIDEKICK to the midsection! He came back from those shinai strikes fairly quickly!

MN: Well, marijuana IS a pain-killer...

DM: Stalker's doubled over, and here goes Erik Black off the ropes... QUICK NECKBREAKER puts the extremist superstar on his back! Black popping back to his feet... off the ropes again... ROLLING SENTON SPLASH before Stalker can get to his feet!

DT: Black is putting his speed and agility to use now, going to the corner and rising up to the second rope... and here comes Stalker to his feet! He better look out, because here comes Erik Black with a MOONSAULT--!!

[SFX: *CRACK!!*]

Crowd: OOOOOoooohhh...

DT: OH MAN!! The DOPESMOKER just took that 2X4 TO THE MID-SECTION while he was still IN THE AIR!! Stalker saw him coming that time...

DM: Stalker's making great use of the weapons that Erik Black brought with him to the ring, as we all expected he would. Black rolling on the mat, clutching his abs in pain... but Stalker's got something else in mind! He's going back to the trashcan for another weapon... no, he's just there to get the TRASHCAN!!

MN: Thinking outside the box here. Why use a bunch of sticks and bats when you got a perfectly good aluminum garbage can there?

DT: Stalker, setting the trashcan in between the second and third turnbuckle... now going back to Black before he can get to his feet! Stalker has him by the arm... looking for the IRISH WHIP--and Erik Black REVERSES!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: OH MAN!! STALKER JUST WENT HEAD FIRST INTO THAT GARBAGE CAN he had set in the CORNER!! Look at the DENT he put in the aluminum surface of that garbage can!

MN: Wow, I think I can see Stalker's scowl stamped in there!

DT: Erik Black slipping up behind him while he's reeling backwards... THERE'S THE VICTORY ROLL!!



Stalker breaks free!

DM: Stalker scrambling to his feet--but he goes DOWN AGAIN after a LEGSWEEP from Erik Black! Black sends a KICK to the face as Stalker tries to rise again, and now DOPESMOKER's giving him the BOOTS while he's on the mat! Now he's going for a weapon...

DT: Looks like he's decided on a PUSH BROOM!! What does he have planned with THAT?!

MN: He quits. He's taking up life as a janitor for EPW.

DM: Doubtful... Black with that push broom, bringing it down OVER THE THROAT OF STALKER!! He's CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM with a BROOM!!

DT: Stalker's STRUGGLING to free himself, but Black's putting ALL HIS WEIGHT down on that broom end! No breaks here, folks... under STALKER'S RULES... ANYTHING goes!

DM: OH MAN!! With a SURGE of strength, Stalker shoves the broom off his throat, and nearly dumps Erik Black on his ass! Stalker up now, and here comes Black with that BROOM to the MID-SECTION--AND STALKER CATCHES IT!! Stalker's trying to PULL IT AWAY FROM HIM!!

DT: We saw earlier what Stalker did when he removed his opponent's weapon, but... wait, Black's TWISTING the handle... and he FREES IT!! Stalker FALLS BACK, and now Black is TWIRLING THAT BROOM HANDLE like a BO STAFF!!

MN: Must've been a big Donatello fan back in the 80's...

DM: I think the surfer lifestyle of Michelangelo would have appealed to him more, honestly. Stalker using that broom end to defend himself, but here comes BLACK--

[SFX: *CRACK!!*]

DT: OH WOW!! HUGE STRIKE to the TEMPLE of Stalker sends him SPRAWLING to the mat! Stalker trying to get up, but here comes Erik Black with that BROOM HANDLE...

[SFX: *CRACK!!!*]


DM: Stalker's taking some PUNISHMENT now! He was quick on the move early on in this match, but "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black has finally found into his groove and is keeping the momentum on his side!

DT: Stalker trying to rise, but here's Black into the ropes... MEETS HIM WITH A LOW DROPKICK to the face before he could even SIT UP all the way! Black just keeps COMING and COMING!

MN: How exactly does a pothead like that have the lungs to keep up with all these moves?

DT: One can only wonder, Mike... here's Black now, standing with his back to Stalker--GOING FOR A STANDING MOONSAULT, WOW!! HE CROSSES OVER for the COVER!!



Stalker gets the shoulder up!

DM: "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black's been putting up a decent fight thus far, but Stalker is surviving it.

MN: He's sustained several kinds of extreme pain before in the past, and there's nothing that Black can do that would phase him in this kind of match...

DT: That's a possibility, but I think we have more to see of the young and innovative Erik Black! The Escape Artist is going for another weapon... and this time, he settles on a STEEL CHAIR!!

DM: You can't beat the good ol' traditional chair! Stalker's almost to his feet, but he doesn't see Black coming at him! Black holding the CHAIR UP as STALKER TURNS AROUND --

[SFX: *SMACK!!*]

DT: OH MAN!! Stalker takes the CHAIR RIGHT OVER THE HEAD... and he DOESN'T GO DOWN!!

DM: Erik Black is standing in absolute SHOCK! He's going for it AGAIN!!

[SFX: *SMACK!!*]

DT: GOOD GOD!! Stalker takes ANOTHER chairshot... and REMAINS ON HIS FEET!! How is that man STILL STANDING?!

[SFX: *SMACK!!*]

DM: A THIRD CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD, and Stalker REFUSES to go down! How is that even POSSIBLE?!

MN: Stalker COULD be a cyborg from the future. I mean, I don't think it's likely, but he COULD be...

DT: Stalker teetering on both feet... he may not have been taken down by those chairs to the head, but he nevertheless felt them! Black looking questionably at his weapon now... wait, now he's readjusting his hold on it! What does he have planned...?

[SFX: *SMACK!!*]

DM: ERIK BLACK just HIT HIMSELF WITH THAT STEEL CHAIR!! What in the HELL was he just thinking?!

DT: I guess after seeing Stalker take THREE right to head and not going down, he just had to test it on himself! Nevertheless, Erik Black has SUFFICIENTLY put himself on his own back, and he could have just knocked himself out cold!

MN: Kids... don't do drugs. Or you'll grow up hitting yourself in the face with a chair...

DT: I have to say, that's a first for me... and now Stalker regaining his senses, seeing Erik Black sprawled out on the mat with a chair nearby! THAT can't be good!

DM: It most certainly is NOT, Dave! Stalker taking the chair and setting it up in the center of the ring! Now he's getting Erik Black back up, and there's the whip to the ropes... look for the DROP TOE HOLD here... WAIT!! Erik VAULTS over the trip--onto the CHAIR--BOUNCES TO THE TURNBUCKLE--!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: A PERFECT COUNTER made by Erik Black, and he dodged a REAL bullet there! If Stalker had scored that Drop Toe Hold on the chair, then this match would be OVER for him! But honestly, I can't say if that last maneuver was a perfectly calculated move of genius or a completely stroke of idiot luck!

MN: Yeah, he was probably seeing pixies and unicorns, and jumped for 'em...

DT: Look at THIS...

[The camera zooms in on "The Sonic Titan" Ivan Dalkichev standing outside the ring, holding up the first of his cardboard signs for the fans which simply reads "DOPESMOKER".]


MN: Well, there goes our Pepsi endorsement...

DT: The fans are rallying behind Erik Black as he STAGGERS to his feet in a daze as if he completely forgot where he was! Now he sees Stalker lying motionless on the mat... and he DIVES ON HIIM going for the cover!



NO!! A kickout by Stalker! He stays alive in this match, but is Erik Black proving TOO MUCH for him?!

MN: He's just gettin' warmed up...

DM: Black is doing everything to keep the ball rolling, by hitting Stalker with a barrage of endless moves and preventing him from thinking. Half of Stalker's offense is that sadistic mind of his...

MN: It's like killing a zombie. You separate the brain stem from the rest of the body, and it will effectively de-animate the target.

DT: Provided he doesn't SMACK HIMSELF with anymore CHAIRS, I'd say Erik Black is well on the way to an UPSET VICTORY over Stalker here tonight! Black's going for a weapon... and what's he got here?

DM: A big ol' honkin' TABLE LEG off a dinner table! Looks a little heavy and clumsy, if you ask me...

DT: Stalker's slowly working back to his feet... and now Erik Black is SPINNING AROUND, trying to get some MOMENTUM on that big table leg in his hands! Black's swinging that leg like a FLAIL now, inching his way toward STALKER...

DM: And Stalker GOES FOR THE LEGS!! Erik Black didn't count on that, and the table leg goes FLYING from his hands without his even having a chance to use it as he gets TACKLED to the canvas! Stalker mounting his chest now... GOING AT IT WITH BIG RIGHT HANDS!! Black's face is taking a HUGE BEATING!!

MN: Hopefully, he'll knock that mangy-ass BEARD right off of him...

DT: Erik Black is getting PUMMELED, and it looks as though Stalker's effectively turned this match BACK in his favor! He finally comes back to his feet, bringing the dazed Black up with him! He's looking at that CHAIR he set up earlier, and setting his back to it!

DM: Stalker, hooking Black around the waist...

[SFX: *CRUNCH~!!*]

Crowd: OOOOooohhh...


DT: Black is simply HOWLING in pain there on the chair, and now Stalker's looking for another weapon! I think he's going to settle for a COOKIE SHEET!!

DM: Looks like they dragged out the standard fare for this match... Erik is sitting defenseless in that chair, and here comes STALKER--!!

[SFX: *BAM!!*]

Crowd: OOOOOoooooohhh...

DT: What a WHALLOPING SHOT across the SKULL with that stainless steel cookie sheet! Coming back on the OTHER SIDE NOW--!!

[SFX: *BAM!!*]

Crowd: OOOOOoooooohhh...

DT: That's TWO SHOTS from the cookie sheet on either side of the head!

MN: Man oh man, when Erik Black wakes up tomorrow, he's going to have to smoke a whole POUND of his dope to shake THAT head ache!

DM: Black's body is so overwhelmed with pain right now he's practically SPASMING! Or he could be overdosing... I don't know. Stalker doesn't know either, but he DOES know that it would be a crime to leave that TABLE LEG Erik used earlier out of this equation! He plucks it up off the mat, and now he's tucking it under his arm like a LANCE!!


[SFX: *BLAMM!!!*]

Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOhhhh!!


DT: And Erik Black just TOOK IT STRAIGHT TO THE CHEST!! That knocked him CLEAR out of the chair and sent him SPRAWLING VIOLENTLY across the canvas!!

DM: That should do it right there if you ask me, but... Stalker's ignoring the pinfall! It's strange to see him go this far through the match without ending it!

DT: Erik Black is the only man to make a pin or submission attempt thus far. Stalker seems to feel this match will end when it ends, and he's patient enough to go through this for as long as it takes to get there!

MN: Hey man, take your time! Only four matches on the bill tonight!

DT: Black is in trouble now, where only minutes ago he was actually doing quite well... and Stalker looks relatively unphased, given the punishment he went through earlier in this match. I guess he really IS a trained veteran of extreme matches... and now, it's HIS stage! He brings Black to his feet by the HAIR... and just THROWS HIM OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!! Erik Black FLAILS WILDLY to the floor!!

DM: Black looking shaky, but nevertheless, he tries to get to his feet! Watch Stalker now... Erik is back up, turns around, and Stalker BLASTS HIM WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!! Oh man, ERIK BLACK GETS KNOCKED RIGHT INTO THE STEEL BARRICADE!!

MN: 'Bout knocked his TEETH out!

DT: "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black is lying dazed on the rail now, as Stalker retrieves a few things before rolling outside to continue his offense! Black weakly turning around... and seeing Stalker wielding a SLEDGEHAMMER in one hand and a BASEBALL BAT in the other!

DM: Stalker is ARMED and DANGEROUS, and Erik Black realizes he's got his BACK against the wall! Stalker rearing down on him, and Black is looking for something to DEFEND himself with! Wait... Black REACHES INTO THE CROWD... he's got...


DT: Well THAT'S to going to help him! It's a sledgehammer and baseball bat up against his meager FOOT-LONG?!

MN: Hey now... there ain't ANYTHING meager about twelve inches of wiener...

DM: Stalker with an evil grin on his face as he steps up and lets go with a SWING of his BAT... and he gets a BEEF FRANK TO THE FACE!!

DT: Stalker's left STUNNED, trying to wipe the MUSTARD AND RELISH out of his eyes, but he can't DO SO without dropping his WEAPONS!! Erik Black with an opportunity now, bouncing up to the GUARDRAIL --

Crowd: *POP!!*


MN: I will NEVER speak ill of Oscar Meyer again...

DM: Stalker is LAID OUT at ringside, and Erik Black isn't finished now! Black popping up to the apron... bouncing off the SECOND ROPE -- AND GOING FOR AN ASAI MOONSAULT!!!

Crowd: *PO--* AAAAAaawww...

DT: NO DICE!! Stalker GOT OUT OF THE WAY as soon as he saw the DOPESMOKER go airborne!

DM: Black could have just kept it on the outside, and he'd likely still be in control of the match. But he had to go daredevil, and it ended up costing him! Now Stalker's got the opportunity he needs to extend his lead! Stalker's coming around the ring now, raising the apron and looking under the canvas for something useful!

DT: Stalker, rummaging around... but I think he's taking too much TIME in his search! Erik Black, looking a little groggy and tired, but still making it to his feet somehow!

MN: Come on... TABLE, CHAIR, doesn't matter WHAT you grab, just as long as you USE IT!!

DM: Looks like he's GOT SOMETHING... and it's... a FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!

MN: Otherwise known as "The Flaming Wrestler Prevention Kit"!

DT: Black is UP and sees Stalker around the ring... and here he comes RUNNING -- and SWINGING AROUND THE STEEL RINGPOST!!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: OH MAN!! He just LAID OUT STALKER with BOTH LEGS!! What an INCREDIBLY ATHLETIC maneuver that made GREAT use of the environment!

DM: Stalker was hoping to use that fire extinguisher before he got the chance to recover, but he was TOO LATE, and now BLACK is going for it! Stalker trying to rise, but Black takes AIM --



MN: That sounds... so completely NON-threatening!

DT: Looks like it did the trick, though! Stalker trying to rise now, but he's rubbing his eyes! I think he might be temporarily BLINDED!

DM: Stalker is stumbling around the ringside area, and now his back is facing Erik Black! Black's still got that fire extinguisher... and TAKES OUT STALKER FROM BEHIND, targeting the back of his LEGS!! Now he BRINGS IT DOWN ON TOP OF HIM!!

[SFX: *BAM!!*]

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Black bringing it down AGAIN--but Stalker CATCHES IT!!

DM: Both men locked in a game of tug of war over the fire extinguisher now, but Stalker finds the SWITCH --


DT: AND ERIK BLACK GETS THE SEE-OH-TWO RIGHT IN THE FACE!! OH MAN, looks like he got a MOUTHFUL of DRY ICE!! Black is CHOKING on CO2 DUST, and now he's running to the guardrail, trying to get a DRINK from one of the fans!

DM: Stalker, meanwhile, using this opportunity to get back to his feet and grab that fire extinguisher!

MN: No more BURNING, you hippie!

DT: Oh wow... Black just dumps a HUGE CUP of MOUNTAIN DEW over his face, and it looks like that did the trick! But here comes STALKER from BEHIND...

[SFX: *BANG!!*]


MN: Well, THOSE fans are certainly getting their money's worth!

DM: The fans are clearing aside to make room for the brawling competitors, and security is getting involved to make sure nobody gets TOO close to the action! I don't think that's going to MATTER much with these two individuals... but here comes Stalker to his feet first, tossing a few chairs aside and finding a stunned Erik Black at the bottom of the pile!

DT: Bad news for Erik Black! Stalker bringing right back to his feet, kicking a few chairs aside... and whips him RIGHT INTO THE GUARDRAIL -- !!


Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: BUT BLACK REVERSED IT!! HE SENT STALKER INTO THE STEEL GUARDRAIL INSTEAD!! What a GREAT and WELL-TIMED reversal, and now Black has a chance to get back INTO this match!

DT: Stalker's lying dazed against the guardrail, and now Black is grabbing one of the ringside seats... he TOSSES it Stalker -- but Stalker CATCHES IT --

[SFX: *SMACK!!*]

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: OH MAN, BLACK just PLASTERS STALKER with the VAN DAMINATOR!! I bet Stalker regrets catching that chair NOW!! Stalker is LAID OUT now, and "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black is already plotting his next move!

DT: Black is pulling Stalker's top half over the barricade, and leaving him dangling! Now he's going back to the RING, and he's still got that CHAIR!

MN: I'd be pissed if I was the guy sitting in that seat. Now he has to stand for the rest of the show.

DM: Black with that chair, going up to the apron! Now he's holding it up for the FANS and TAPPING THE SEAT!!


DT: Black... running the length of the APRON...!!!

[SFX: *SMASSHH~!!!*]

Crowd: *POP~!!!!*


MN: That boy's got some UPS...

Crowd: "HOLY ****!! HOLY ****!! HOLY ****!!"

MN: Bah, so typical...

DT: "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black is going ALL OUT tonight in his singles debut, and he's got these fans on their FEET! Stalker is COMPLETELY OUT OF IT on that one, and now Black is going for the PIN! Remember, it's FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE under Stalker's Rules!




DM: Blows my mind how ANYBODY could withstand that kind of punishment! Black can hardly believe it himself... but now he's LAUGHING!

MN: I think he's enjoying himself a little too much out there...

DT: Erik Black leaves Stalker to recover as he goes back to the ring... and now he's searching underneath... and pulling out a TABLE!! And ANOTHER!! And A THIRD!!

MN: THREE!! THREE TABLES!! Hah-hah-hah...

DM: Thank you for the pun, "Count". Black slides the first table into the ring... I don't know what he has planned, but I hope he realizes how much TIME he's wasting right now! Behind him, Stalker's slowly creeping back to his feet with the help of the guardrail...

DT: Black is setting up the NEXT table now, and positioning it near the corner of the ring! I don't like where THAT is set at ALL!

DM: Stalker back on his feet now, watching this elaborate task of setting up tables while he catches his breath... and now Erik Black is setting the third table spanning from the ring apron to the guardrail!

MN: Low bridge hazard!

DT: Here's Stalker WITH A DOUBLE-AXEHANDLE over the back of Erik Black while he was just finished setting up the final table... and Stalker DRAPES HIM OVER IT!!

DM: Black is in a BAD spot now! Stalker, climbing up to the RING APRON... but Black SUDDENLY LANDS A KICK to the MID-SECTION from on the table!

MN: Bah...

DT: Stalker doubles over, and nearly FALLS OFF the apron, but he catches the top rope... and now Black is on the move! He slides off the table... slips into the ring... now he's grabbing STALKER FROM BEHIND...






DM: I'm pretty sure he calls that move THE GREEN HIT... but it certainly didn't hit THERE! Stalker, still standing on the apron as he sees Erik Black rises from the splintered remains of that table... and he looks like he just knocked himself onto an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PLANET!!

MN: Look at that babbling idiot! He has no idea what hit him!


DM: What a DEVASTATING one-two combo by Stalker... and I honestly don't see how Erik Black can come back from that one! He's taken kendo sticks, and table legs, and whole TABLES! Whatever's keeping him going, there can't be much left.

DT: You may be RIGHT on that, Dean-O! Black isn't moving any more, and Stalker peels him off the floor... now he rolls him back into the ring! He's looking to finish this where it started, but the question is HOW?!


DM: Stalker's going for the TABLE that Erik Black slid into the ring only a minute ago! Stalker's setting it upright in the CORNER... and I have a pretty good idea of what he has in mind to DO WITH IT!!

DT: Stalker, going back to the prone body of "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black... and lifting him up over his SHOULDER!!

MN: Human Lawn Darts! FAR OUT!!

DM: Stalker's got Erik's head aimed right at that table, and begins CHARGING -- !!

[CUE UP: "Albatross" by CoC riffs in over the PA. The fans POP TREMENDOUSLY! Stalker stops dead in his tracks, drops the unconscious black from his shoulder, and looks right to the entrance.]


MN: Oh great... who invited THIS shmuck?!

DM: Daymon ON THE STAGE and coming to the ring! There's nobody to protect Stalker this time, because it's HIS RULES, and that means interferences are LEGAL!!

MN: But his just being this close is ILLEGAL to the LAW, you idiots!

DT: Daymon doesn't care! He's hear for Stalker, and he's -- OH WAIT!!

[A steel chair wrapped in barbed wire suddenly FLIES INTO THE FRAME -- ]


Crowd: *SHOCK~!!*


MN: OH MAN, it's --

[The camera pans over to catch a glimpse of the assailant, staring down on the knocked out Rocko with a crazed look in his eyes...]


DT: HE'S BACK!! The CRAZIEST BASTARD IN WRESTLING IS BACK!! And what a way to COME BACK, than to just BLAST the former World Heavyweight Champion with his long-time life partner, BARB!!

MN: Where's this guy BEEN anyway?! And what the hell is he doing out here NOW?!

DT: I don't know, but... wait, Stalker is LAUGHING in the ring! Now Omega is NODDING to him! Is there an ALLIANCE HERE?!

DM: Wait a minutes... STALKER... and OMEGA... TOGETHER?! The TWO OF THOSE LUNATICS working TOGETHER?!

MN: ...oh man, the thought just scares me...


DM: Stalker is FLAILING WILDLY trying to rip him off, but Black is clinging on for DEAR LIFE!! How much longer can Stalker last in THIS situation!

DT: He's gotta think of SOMETHING fast, otherwise Black will get him to the ground, and that'll be ALL she wrote!

DM: Stalker sees the table in the corner... he's GOING FOR IT!!

[SFX: *CRASH!!*]


[The camera cuts momentarily to the stage, as a number of ring officials spill out to try and drag the deranged Omega from attacking the incapacitated Rocko Daymon any further. He savagely shoves them aside and continues stomping away at the former World Heavyweight Champ.]

DT: Well, ladies and gentlemen... it looks like our ring officials are trying to do something about the brawl occurring on the stage. I guess for now, the action in the ring will remain undisturbed!

DM: If you ask me, I think Stalker almost KNEW Rocko would be coming out here tonight, and arranged for Omega to stop him! He's a sick and sadistic man... but he knows how to walk into a battle prepared!

MN: Or maybe Rocko just has trouble passing the idiot test... we may never know.

DT: Stalker's plan with the table went a little awry, and now he has to improvise... Stalker bringing Erik Black back onto his feet... going for the standing leg-scissor... lifts Black up for the POWERBOMB -- AND BLACK COUNTERS WITH A HURRICANRANA!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: This match has just gone ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! Erik Black looks DELIRIOUS from pain and exhaustion, and he's been LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLE for the past five or so minutes... and now he's setting Stalker up ONTO THE FINAL TABLE!! It's RIGHT BELOW THE TURNBUCKLE!!

DM: Oh man, that's from nearly EIGHT FEET STRAIGHT UP!!

MN: This kid is a FREAKING MORON if he thinks he can pull this off...

DT: Stalker is LAID OUT on the table... and Erik Black is CLIMBING up to the apron!


DT: Black is BACK IN THE RING and SCALING THE TURNBUCKLE now! Pumping up the FANS... and now pulling something out of his pocket! Is that a... OH GEEZ!!

MN: Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Guess he wants to be high in two different ways!

DM: They don't call him "DOPESMOKER" for nothing! Black takes a HIT... THROWS the joint into the CROWD...





MN: Jeez, this is SO 1995...

DM: That was a HORRIBLE FALL for Erik Black, and honestly, I think of everything that's been done to him in this match, the most damage he's taken he's done to HIMSELF!!

DT: Stalker's peeling Erik Black off the floor, and rolling him back into the ring! Now... he's calling OMEGA down to the ring!

DM: OH BOY... here comes OMEGA, breaking away from the ring officials as they drag the beaten Rocko Daymon back to the infirmary... and he's got BARB WITH HIM!!

DT: Oh man, NOT BARB!!

MN: WHOA-OH HERE SHE COMES... watch out, boy, she'll CHEW YOU UP!!

DM: Thanks, always, for the Hall and Oates references, Neels, but that was BEYOND lame. Omega sliding that chair wrapped in barbed wire into the ring, and Stalker SETS IT UP... now he's bringing the hardly conscious ERIK BLACK back to his feet!

DT: I don't like where THIS is going! Stalker, with the WHIP to the ropes... here's Black on the return -- !!

[SFX: *BLAAMM!!!*]


DM: WOW!! Erik Black's forehead SPLIT WIDE OPEN the second it connected with that HORRIBLY ALTERED steel chair!

MN: Hey man, don't you EVER knock my rendition of "Maneater" again...

DT: There is NO WAY Erik Black is getting up from that one... but Stalker isn't finished! Stalker is laying Barb flat on the mat... oh no, what is THIS?! Stalker bringing BLACK BACK TO HIS FEET...


DM: I think that's IT! Stalker looking for the pin now... NOW he makes the cover, and OF COURSE we know why!

DT: Stalker HOOKS THE LEG...





[CUE UP: "Did My Time" by Korn. The capacity crowd JEERS with ferocity as Stalker rises off of the fallen body of "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black, looking exhausted, worn-out, and hurt, but nevertheless triumphant. A sinister grin crosses his face as Gomez victoriously raises his arm. Omega joins him in the ring, first tending to Barb by picking her up and wiping the blood stains from her razor wire, whispering delightfully on her job well done.]

DT: What a HELLACIOUS BATTLE between these two! We've seen CHAIRS and TABLES and even HOT DOGS used in this completely EXTREME match... but in the end, the longtime hardcore veteran pulled out the expected win!

DM: "DOPESMOKER" Erik Black put up a spirited fight, and he successfully had the crowd rallied behind him every second of this match, but in the end, his daredevil risks ended up costing him!

MN: I guess that'll show him for thinking he could take on the HARDCORE JEDI MASTER!!

DT: To think, we have even MORE hardcore action in tonight's main event between Cameron Cruise and Marcus Westcott! Is this just a sampling of things to come?

DM: What I’m interested in, Dave, is of the things that will come out of THIS particular alliance...

[Stalker and Omega stand face to face for a moment in the ring, looking at each other with sadistic grins, knowing their plans are unfolding and the world can do nothing but watch. Then they turn and look down at the fallen body of Erik Black, lying flat on his back. Stalker chuckles a bit over his opponent, but nevertheless gives him a respectful salute before the two turn and exit the ring together. From the outside, the SONIC TITAN Ivan Dalkichev drags Black from the ring and attempts to bring him to.]

DM: Stalker and Omega in cahoots... I have to say, that's a fairly appropriate pairing, given how similarly sick and sadistic both men are!

MN: Yeah, all we need to do now is round up these lunatics and send them all back to the asylum!

DT: You know... they might go back there and hear that... and come back for you.

MN: *ULP!*

[The camera gets a lingering shot of Stalker in his crucifix pose and Omega holding Barb high over his head while standing on the stage, and we fade out to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Quick Strike

[CUTTO: Backstage. The camera follows down a backstage corridor, with EPW Security rushing down it.]

DT: It would seem there's a commotion going on backstage. We haven't gotten any word on what's going on, but it clearly seems to be a priority.

MN: Yeah, just look at the muscle booking it down the hall!

DT: Where are they headed....

[They soon come upon a dressing room marked with a gold plate that reads 'EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION' and underneath another plate, 'TRIPLE X' SEAN STEVENS.]

DT: The World Heavyweight Champion? What could he... OH NO!

[The door has been left ajar. The cameraman approaches while Security enters and finds it completely torn up: an overturned couch, broken light stands, and a shattered mirror are among the wreckage. The EPW World Heavyweight Champion is nowhere to be found.]

DT: Was this Sean Stevens' doing, or..... was he....

[Moving further into the room, we find a hole in the wall near the showers. And as the cameraman heads over there with Security....]


[There lies the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, face-down on the shower floor, shards of glass sticking out of him and mixing with a pool of blood beneath him!]


DT: I-I... WHO?? Who COULD... who WOULD do this to the EPW World Heavyweight Champion?!?

MN: Someone who wants to be ROYALLY *****ED!!!!

DT: I can only imagine this is tied to the mysterious hit-and-run attacks we've seen for the past few weeks. But to think not even the World Heavyweight Champion is safe??

MN: It's not like he has a shortage of enemies in EPW. But the one who did this has a ginormous set of balls.... and a serious death wish!!!

DT: One or ONES even!

MN: There you go again, jumping to the easy conclusions. ANTHOLOGY already plead their case to Ms. Troy, and she basically told them to STOP WHINING! They made it clear they aren't responsible!

DT: I don't know anymore.... the guilty part does quick work, that's for sure. If only we could catch them in the act, but they're always a step or two ahead!

MN: Even I can't figure this one out, but I'd shake their hand if I knew who it was. They're picking off these targets at will!

DT: I'd rather see the person or persons responsible get what's coming to them! Hopefully the World Heavyweight Champion isn't too banged up, especially with the PPV coming up! Let's go to break and try to sort this out.....

[Paramedics come in to tend to 'Triple X' as we cut to commercial.....]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV Title Match: Layne Winters (c) vs. Copycat

[FADEIN: The broadcasting table.]

DT: Well fans, what's already been a brutal and crazy night is now about to have some gold put on the line, as Layne Winters now makes his second defense of the EPW World TV Title, last week going to the time limit with The First, now facing Copycat in his singles debut in EPW.

DM: Finally Copycat quits talking about beating up the whole EPW locker room and meets somebody one on one.

MN: You two whine all you want, Copycat played this perfect, he's called his shot and now he's got himself a World Television Title Shot right off the bat!

[CUEUP: “My Way” by Butch Walker. The crowd boos as Copycat's video package hits the EmpireTron. Copycat walks to the ring in an open red robe, red trunks, red knee pads and ring boots. He enters the ring and then looks at the crowd with a cocky sneer.]

DT: Copycat clearly holding this crowd, and even his opponent Layne Winters in contempt.

DM: It's one thing to disrespect these fans, but Layne Winters in his short time in EPW has made a name for himself for sure, his only loss coming at the hands of Shawn Hart, since then he beat Copycat's fellow Anthology member Larry Tact, defeated Fusenhoff for the TV Title 2 aggressions ago, and on our last show fought The First, who'd been on quite a roll, to a draw.

MN: And now that freak has been rolled into a coffin.

[CUEUP: “I Don't Know Anything” by Mad Season. Green and silver lights flash at the entranceway curtains while the letters spelling out L-A-Y-N-E-W-I-N-T-E-R-S appear on the big screen, fading in and out individually. Layne Winters slowly walks out of the curtain, Pamela at his side, wearing the EPW Television title around his waist over his mud green trunks. The smattering of boos begin to get louder and soon fill the arena. Layne bows his head, smiling...pointing to the title around his waist and promptly turning it into a big middle finger that he flashes the entire arena. Winters knee pads, ring boots and elbow pad on his right arm match his trunks. He enters the ring and stares daggers at Copycat.]

TF: The following contest is for the WORLD...TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! With a 15 minute time limit! Introducing first, the challenger, representing Anthology! From Kalamazoo, Michigan...Weighing in at 278 pounds...COPY!!! CATTTT!!!!!

[Crowd boos, Copycat doesn't react, keeping his eyes on Winters.]

TF: And his opponent...He hails from Seattle, Washington...Weighing in tonight at 251 pounds...Here is the currently EPW...WORLD...TELEVISION CHAMPION! NEW SCHOOL! LAYNE!! WINTERS!!!

[Winters takes off his belt as ref Pat Jones requests it, but before handing it to Jones he sticks it in Copycat's face, yelling “You don't win this by being entertaining! You win this by WRESTLING!” Jones stops the two men from coming to blows and Winters finals hands over the belt. Jones holds it aloft for the camera, then hands it to the ring keeper and calls for the bell.]

DT: And here we go! The EPW TV Title to be decided. The two men lock up. Winters knees Copycat in the gut and now lands a series of hard right hands...Winters scoops up Copycat and SLAMS him to the mat...Winters, picking up a near 300 pound man and just driving him hard to the ground, that was impressive!

MN: I'm torn on this one, Winters did the world a favor on the last show, but Copycat's Anthology, so well, I guess I'll be happy either way.

DT: Winters lands a series of stomps to Copycat and now off the ropes...BIG KNEE DROP to the head of Copycat! Winters covers!




DT: Copycat out right at two. Winters gets him back up and lifts him...SIDEWALK SLAM by the TV Champion! [“Was that entertaining?! I'm just here to learn, teach me!' Winters yells at Copycat before kicking him in the ribs twice.]

DM: Winters clearly enjoying beating up Copycat, these two men showed nothing but disgust for each other heading into this match, and it's clearly at a boiling point now.

DT: Winters now backs Copycat into the ropes. He whips him to the other side and FLATTENS HIM WITH A BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE! Winters drops down for the pin, he hooks the leg!




DT: Copycat still with plenty of fight left in him, Winters locks on a reverse chinlock to stop Copycat from getting to his feet...Copycat fighting to his feet. He throws a series of elbows into Winter's stomach to break the hold...Copycat off the ropes...Ducks a clothesline from Winters, Cat off the ropes...FLYING FOREARM!

DM: Big time impact from the challenger and it appears to have shifted the momentum of this match to Copycat's side!

MN: That's it, I'm backing the Cat for this match!

DT: The ever important Neely seal of approval is now on Copycat for this match...Winters trying to get to his feet and he gets a punch in the face for his troubles. Copycat sends Winters into the opposite corner and follows him in with a RUNNING KNEE! Winters is rocked...Copycat takes him out of the corner with a BULLDOG! And now a cover!




DT: Winters kicks out, Copycat giving Pat Jones a bit of lip over that count. Copycat now buries his hand into the shoulder of Winters, trying to apply pressure to that nerve while at the same time getting his weight on Layne's back.

DM: Winters has fought some of the biggest men in EPW, Olvir, Fusenhoff, Tact, and now Copycat. With the exception of his recent match with The First, Winters has been the same size or smaller then his opponents.

DT: And you wouldn't think that would often be the case for a man over 6 foot and weighing in a little over 250, but that's been what Winters has had to face. Winters getting to his feet, takes a knee to the gut as he gets up, and then a right to the jaw, Winters now staggering into the corner. Copycat drives his head into the turnbuckle...And now a series of shoulder blocks in the corner...Winters getting all the wind knocked out of his system. Copycat now backs away and measuring Winters...Winters stumbles out of the corner...KIT KAT KICK! Copycat just FLOORED Winters and he covers!




DT: Winters kicks out! Copycat lifts Winters up...AND A BACKBREAKER...Copycat off the ropes...STRAY CAT STRUT...AND THE ELBOW! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!




DT: Winters refusing to quit! Copycat punches the mat in anger as he glares at Winters. Copycat getting Winters back to his feet, he hooks him up now...I think it's time for the Litterbomb!

MN: I like Copycat and all, but Litterbomb...Just doesn't do it for me, he's a cat based guy. Gotta be a better name then that.

DT: I'll be sure to tell him your deeply held concerns. WINTERS WITH A BACKDROP! He just POWERED out of that Litterbomb attempt. Copycat gets up a bit wobbling and he is getting HAMMERED by right hand after right hand from Winters who now bounces off the ropes...CLOTHESLINES down Copycat...Copycat back up...ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE...Winters going to the second rope...He waits on Copycat to get up...FOREARM OFF THE SECOND ROPE! He just cracked Copycat with that! The cover!




DT: Copycat escapes and man that was close. Winters quickly getting Copycat back to his feet and kicks him in the gut to double him over....DDT! He planted him! A cover!




DT: Again Copycat escapes!

MN: Anthology doesn't recruit wimps, Copycat is as tough as they come, he didn'r want to waste his solo return to the ring on some meaningless match, no he''s going to be TV Champ when tonight's all said and done, and all the gold will be in the hands of Anthology or Trip, which makes things right in my world.

DT: Doing as best I can to not react to Neely's insane rambling, Winters now waves his arms, he says this match is done, he's waiting on Copycat to get up. He has Copycat now and hooks him...GREEN RIVER JUSTICE! NO! COPYCAT LANDS BEHIND WINTERS...INVERTED DDT! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: Copycat just saved himself there, the Green River Justice put down Fusenhoff to win the TV Title for Winters, and it's effects are nothing short of devastating.

DT: Both men trying to get to their feet now as Copycat is first to his feet and hammers Winters with a series of right hands. Winters rocked and now Copycat muscles Winters up on his shoulders...SAMOAN DROP!! Copycat with a cover!




DT: Winters out at two. Copycat now gets him back to his feet...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Winters lands HARD on his neck! Copycat DROPS A BIG LEG! HE COVERS! LEG HOOKED!!




MN: Just die Winters! Die like every everyone from Seattle does!

DT: Oh just stop Neely! Copycat now has decided it's time to finish this thing, he's got Winters hooked...HE'S GOT HIM UP...LITTERBOMB!! HE JUST CRUSHED WINTERS!! THE COVER!!!




DT: WINTERS GOT THE FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Copycat can't believe it...He hooks the leg!




DT: Copycat is LIVID! He drags Winters into the middle of the ring and covers again.




DT: Winters kicks out! Copycat is just beside himself! He rolls to the outside...HE'S GOT A CHAIR! WHAT IS HE DOING!!! OH LORD THAT CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF WINTERS! [Bell rings!]

DM: Copycat has let his anger get the best of him and he's thrown away his chance at winning the World TV Title!

DT: Winters was hit with that Litterbomb and I'm sure Copycat thought there was no way this wouldn't be over, but Winters escaped THREE pins and now in a fit of rage Copycat is assaulting Winters with that chair! Other EPW refs and staff out here now trying to subdue Copycat, who's just gone berzerk.

MN: Look, Layne Winters is beneath Copycat, scum like him using the ropes to save themselves from certain defeat, it's just galling to a talent the likes of Copycat.

DT: You'll spin anything...You're disgrace

TF: The winner of this bout as a result of a disqualification and STILL World Television Champion....”NEW SCHOOL!” LAYNE! WINTERS! [Crowd gives Layne a bit of a pop as Pamela hovers over him to see if he's OK]

DT: Copycat lost his temper, and lost his shot at the TV Title, I don't know if this is the end of the issue between these two men, we'll be right back with more after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Good Luck, Doc

[FADEIN to a small office. The walls are wood-paneled and a man in a sweater vest, khakis and white balding hair sits up across from the man known as Anarky, who is slouched over, silent. Not a sound can be heard. Finally, the older man speaks.]

THERAPIST: "Listen, Anarky. I can sit here and get paid to do nothing. But that's not going to help you, is it? EPW doesn't exactly consider your current mental status acceptable. And if you aren't going to do anything to convince me they should even take a risk ever letting you walk into the ring again, I don't see why I should bother."

[Anarky just stares at him for a moment and smiles.]

ANARKY: "Let's face it, doc. The only chance I got is if you accept bribes or you suffer from some kind of mental... slowness. Cause only a f*cking idiot would ever try to sit here and tell me my mental status is f*cking acceptable."

[The man considers this for a moment and smiles.]

THERAPIST: "Anarky. As a wrestler, we expect a certain amount of anger. You wouldn't be good at your job if you couldn't get fired up for a match, so to speak. But what we cannot have is you attacking innocent bystanders. EPW can neither afford nor accept this kind of wanton violence against non-participants."

ANARKY: "Non-participants? Innocents? Don't give me that sh*t. Dean was as guilty as you or I. As anybody. F*ck that. His entire livelihood is nothing more than a glorification of men like me, of monsters. He's the motherf*cking pimp in this whore house... and you want me to sit here and act like some f*cking nun and ignore his transgression? He's as good as anybody."

THERAPIST: "Where does this nihilism come from? Have you always felt this way?"

ANARKY: "Does it matter? Whether I was born with it or whether I was simply raped by mimes? Will it change something? Will we have a breakthrough, doc?"

THERAPIST: "I'm not a moron, you know. I understand you are unimpressed by emotional exploration. But just as you do your job, I'm expected to do mine. And if that means convincing you to explore your rage with your opponents rather than the people around you, regardless of whether they deserve it, then I will have to try.

"Perhaps, Anarky, if you are not convinced by the simple moral judgment upon your actions, then consider this: by attacking Dean Matthews, you've actually restricted yourself from further violence. Any ability you have to feel alive, as you like to say, is now gone."

[At this, Anarky narrows his eyes and sits up a little.]

ANARKY: "I will find a way. They can suspend me all they want. They can hire a million security guards. I will always f*cking claw my way through. Because I care not for your f*cking concerns. There are other ways.

"You see, it isn't about nihilism or feeling alive or any of that other sh*t, doc.

"I.. I am a f*cking prophet... a visionary. I see through you. Through you all. And I know who you are. And with one hand you condemn me, but with your other you pat me on the back and reassure me, and you whisper, more, more... draw their blood... do what I cannot... what I am afraid of... be my vengeance, my rage...

"I am just a siphon... a f*cking channel through which energy flows... I am everyone... I am you... when all you feel is anger. When you just want to reach out and crush someone.

"I will never change, my friend. So just write me off. Just tell them to send me up the f*cking river, cause it's too late, man. You can't come back from this. You don't just wake the f*ck up and scream EUREKA I GET IT cause there ain't sh*t to get.

"This... this is me. All I'll ever be. So don't f*cking tell me what I can able to do. Don't f*cking tell me what's gone. As long as there's blood, as long as there's rage inside you all, YOU WILL F*CKING NEED ME.

"So f*ck you. But thanks, doc, it was a real breakthrough."

[Anarky stands up and approaches the doctor, who cowers in fear. 'Nark just laughs and shakes his head, then walks away. After a moment, the phone rings. The therapist stands up and answers it.]

THERAPIST: "No. No, I'm sorry. I know you spent a lot of money. No. Listen, I know. I'm sorry. There's just... there's no way. [Pause.] No, I don't think so. Oh, and if were you, I'd hire more security guards. A... lot more security guards."

[He sighs and hangs up the phone before looking out the window.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Anthology vs. Jungle Storm & Shawn Hart - And Aftermath

[FADEIN: The ramp to the ring as “Brain Stew” by Green Day plays over the PA. Sean Edmunds, Larry Tact, and Jared Wells making their way to the ring, the crowd jeering the mass of Anthology loudly as they make their way to ringside. There are a few pro-Wells signs that can be seen in the crowd.]

TF: The following contest is a 6 man tag match, scheduled for one fall, making their way to the ring first...Here are the EPW World Tag Team Champions...JARED WELLS AND LARRY TACT!!!! Their partner, also representing Anthology....”Simply Sensational” SEAN...EDMUNDS!

[The crowd continues to boo as the men hit the ring, Wells and Tact hold aloft their tag belts as the crowd keeps on them.]

DT: Anthology as usual not making themselves any friends as usual.

MN: They may not be popular, but they'll work as a team, I can't imagine how 3 tough guys from Brazil are going to deal with pretty boy Hart.

[MUSIC UP: “Phenomena” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Shawn Hart, wearing black pleather pants and black ring boots, makes his way towards the ring, the trio of Jungle Storm suddenly speed past Hart and hit the ring, all three men attacking Anthology!]

DT: Oh my goodness! Jungle Storm have charged the ring and are all over Anthology! The ref trying to retain order here.

MN: This isn't a 4 on 3 handicap match! Get one of them out of there!

DT: Anthology hit the floor and now they are screaming at the ref to get order and get one of Jungle Storm out of the ring. Carvalho, Dos Santos and Silva now all arguing in, Dos Santos and Silva now getting each others faces, and finally Silva now walking out of the ring, glaring at his two partners.

MN: How the hell are they ever going to work together with Hart when they can't even settle their own issues?

DT: Well we're about to find out, as Dos Santos has elected to start for his team against Edmunds. Santos and Edmunds circle each other and Dos Santos just now unloading rights and lefts upon Edmunds, he backs him into the Jungle Storm corner and gets a Thai Clinch...AND A SERIES OF STIFF KNEES TO THE MID-SECTION OF EDMUNDS!

DM: Jungle Storm are well versed in just about every fighting style there is to know and currently that's all on display here!

DT: Dos Santos makes the tag to Carvalho who takes Edmunds out of the corner and a BIG hiptoss...Edmunds scampers over his own corner...Carvalho waving on Anthology, he just wants to fight somebody here, he doesn't care who!

DM: Carvalho seen by most as the calming influence over Jungle Storm and the man who leading them into their tag title match at Russian Roulette.

DT: Tact now tagged in and he and Carvalho lock up. Carvalho gets a side headlock. And now takes Tact down to the mat.

DM: Jungle Storm clearly want revenge for what happened to them last week, but Carvalho isn't letting that get in the way of a sound wrestling plan.

DT: Carvalho makes his back towards his own corner. Dos Santos tags back in and he exploits Tact being trapped in the headlock by kicking him in the ribs repeatedly!

MN: Come on ref, get some order in there! This is absurd!

DT: Dos Santos now firing away with rights to the body. Tact now sent to the ropes, GETS FLOORED BY A CLOTHESLINE! Tact gets back to his feet...GETS DRILLED WITH A SPINNING BACK ELBOW! DOS SANTOS COVERS!




DT: Tact powers out at two! Dos Santos pulls him over to Jungle Storm's corner...and wait a second, Shawn Hart just tagged himself in!

MN: Oh of course the glory hound wanting to pick the bones after Jungle Storm did all the hard work, what a punk Hart turned out to be.

DT: Hart fires a series of hard right hands to Tact's jaw. Hart now measures him and lands a dropkick Tact reeling now as Hart whips him to the ropes. Wells makes a blind tag as Tact was coming off the ropes and Hart LEAPFROGS Tact...Tact off the other side, but he holds the ropes to avoid getting caught with a backdrop, WELLS BULLDOGS HART DOWN FROM BEHIND!

MN: See, this is the kind of tactics the tag champions use and that's why they are so successful.

DT: Wells stomping away on Hart now...Hart now thrown into the Anthology corner and gets a boot to the gut and now a big right hand from Wells who tags in Edmunds. Edmunds fires away with a series of jabs to Hart...Snapmare by Edmunds brings Hart into the middle of the ring and a BIG DROPKICK to the back of Hart. Edmunds now hooks up Hart and a SLAM...He goes to the outside...Edmunds off the top with a splash...NOBODY HOME!

DM: Hart hasn't suffered that much abuse, he needs to make the tag now before Anthology can really get to work on him.

DT: Hart making his way over his corner now...Wait a second...Wells just charged across the ring and cheap shotted Carvalho and Dos Santos! Now both of them AND Silva are trying to get into the ring. The ref is trying to stop a riot!

MN: Let them get in there and get themselves DQ'ed. This ref is working with Jungle Storm by saving them from themselves!

DT: You're like a black hole for reality, logic has no hope of escaping your crazy mind.

DM: While Jungle Storm have the ref tied up, Anthology is putting a 3 on 1 beating on Hart in the corner!

DT: Hart at the mercy of Anthology, who have none, Wells now tagged in and the legal man, he throws Hart into the ropes...SPINEBUSTER! Big time impact from Wells who stands over Hart now, putting the boots to the ex member of Anthology.

MN: Hart really made the mistake of his life turning his back on Anthology, he's going to pay for that mistake over and over again.

DT: Wells pulls Hart up to his feet, Wells with a waist lock...He gets Hart off the ground...BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! 250 plus pounds of Jared Wells crashing down on Shawn Hart...Wells with a cover!




DT: Hart rolls the shoulder off the mat at 2 and a half and Wells quickly moves to tag in Edmunds. Edmunds now in and he pushes Hart into the Anthology corner and UNLOADS with a series of knife edge chops [Crowd “Woo'ing” along] Edmunds pulls Hart out to the middle of the ring and hooks him...NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!




DT: DOS SANTOS BREAKS IT UP! The ref now getting Dos Santos back into his corner. Edmunds and Tact switch without a tag and that FURTHER outrages Jungle Storm, who can't get the ref to turn around, and see the illegal switch. And now he turns around with Tact in the ring and he's allowing it to stand...Get control in there buddy!

MN: Wells was dominating Hart, he could have made the tag if he wanted to. He's just outraging the rubes and playing Jungle Storm for suckers.

DT: Tact now picks Hart up...HART WITH A HART ON!!! [Crowd pops!] Out of NOWHERE Hart just CRUSHED Tact with that move! Hart not able to follow up with a cover, he needs to make the tag!

DM: Hart and Tact have had a long history of matches against each other, it's kind of a shocker that Tact could leave himself open to such a move, he has to know how deadly Shawn Hart can be.

DT: Hart now crawling towards his corner...Tact moving towards his corner...Tact tags in Wells...HART TAGS IN DOS SANTOS!! Wells in and now being hammered by rights from Dos Santos! Santos off the ropes...Shoulder block FLOORS WELLS...Edmunds in the ring...TAKES A BIG FOOT TO THE FACE! DOS SANTOS IS A HOUSE OF FIRE IN THERE!

MN: Get out of the ring Anthology! Take 5 and regroup!

DT: Well Dos Santos isn't allowing that as he's all over Wells...Wells thrown hard into the corner..DOS SANTOS CRUSHES HIM WITH A SPLASH! Wells falls into the middle of the ring, Dos Santon with the tag to Shawn Hart who goes up top...ELBOW OFF THE TOP BY HART! THE COVER!




DT: Tact breaks it out, and all hell's broken loose! All 6 men fighting in the ring now...Carvalho and Tact now crash to the floor Edmunds and Dos Santos also go spilling to the floor...Wait a second, Wells just kicked at Silva who's outside the ring. Silva now trying to get in the ring but the ref is stopping him...OH WAIT A MINUTE!

MN: This is GREAT!


DM: This is the second Aggression in a row where Cruise has attacked Hart...Anthology clearly will not tolerate defections!

DT: Cruise now back out of the ring...Edmunds pulls Silva away from the ref, Wells has the pin...This is a DISGRACE!




[Bell rings, crowd booing loud!]

TF: Here are your winners...Larry Tact, Jared Wells, and Sean Edmunds...ANTHOLOGY!!!

DT: Anthology not stopping either here...Now all 4 Anthology at ringside attacking Jungle Storm, and now here comes Copycat...This is just sickening...Silva grabbed by Cruise...REALITY CHECK...The other two members of Jungle Storm being double teamed...Now Tact and Edmunds holding Dos Santos...CRUISE CRACKS HIM WITH THE BELT TO THE SKULL...And now Carvalho SUFFERS THE SAME FATE...I don't even know what to say fans...This is just an outrage...

MN: Nothing can stop Anthology, just accept it!

DT: Shawn Hart and Jungle Storm laid out...Anthology standing tall, and I guess you really just have to ask yourself...What hope is there to beat Anthology?!

MN: None! That's what hope there is!


[“Yer Majesty“ by Shinedown starts up and the crowd gets to their feet as EPW Owner, “The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy steps out onto the stage with a microphone.]

TROY: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!! Hold up just a second!! Cut it out RIGHT THIS SECOND or you’re all on the bread line tomorrow, you understand me?!

DT: It’s the owner!! And Anthology has stopped in their tracks! Edmunds, Cruise, Wells and Tact… they’re all glaring up at the owner with huge smirks on their faces. Copycat still standing over Jungle Storm…. Larry Tact is egging Lindsay Troy on…

MN: Maybe not the smartest move in the world.

TROY: First of all, it’s real brave of you to execute such a brilliant plan, guys. Five on three. Nice going. You’ve really proven yourselves.

[The camera cuts to Anthology generally laughing it up and having a good time, not impressed.]

TROY: Well, I’m gonna cut this celebration short. I told you two last week that not only did you have to defend the belts at Russian Roulette, but you were gonna face a team of my choosing earlier in the night prior that that title defense. You’ve been making it a habit, wearing down a softening up your opponents in your title defense… so at Russian Roulette… you’ll be the ones getting softened up…

[Jared Wells snatches a microphone out of a crewman’s hand…]

WELLS: Spit it out, Troy!! We don’t have all day, you know! There are parties to get to, laaaadies to get to. Who is it?? Crimson Calling??? You think we’re afraid of them?? It’s not Forsaken. What team from EPW’s past did you dig up, Troy??? You know what?? It doesn’t matter WHO it is…. We are the World Tag Team Champions for a reason. So bring em out. Go ahead. Bring out this team you’ve chosen. We’ll lay them out just like we laid these two losers out.


TROY: Not afraid huh? Well….

Let me introduce the first man you’ll have to team up against. I’ll start by saying this – he is my former tag team partner…

[the crowd pops]


[bigger pop]

He has held the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP…. with THREE different men.

[sustained pop]

He is, without a doubt…. well, I’ll just let the music speak for itself…

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers blasts over the speakers…. The crowd goes apesh!t.]

[Onto the stage, walking slowly and basking it all in ….


Dog walks over to Troy and gives her a big hug as the men in the ring looks on, not nearly as happy as they were a few minutes ago. Cruise especially knows exactly what this means and doesn’t look pleased AT ALL.]


DM: This man is a legend, Dave!! I bonafide legend and is absolutely synonymous with A1E. No one has done more, no one has meant more. What an unbelievable get for Lindsay Troy!

[Big Dog takes his place next to Troy and just smiles, staring up at the ring.]

TROY: And his partner?? Well – I’d say you know him pretty well. I’d say that most of you in that ring know him directly, from staring up at him on your back after a three count.

He is a man I know very well. In fact, you just might call him… family.

[The crowd busts into a huge pop. Some anticipate this, some are anxious to hear the name.]

He has won SIX World Tag Team Championships with FIVE different partners.

[The pop grows louder.]


[The rafters are shaking. Anthology is looking around, not knowing what to do here.]


[“Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins kicks in and the familiar pyro and strobe effect goes off, flashing scene after scene of Ryan’s career on the EPWTron.]

[The the crowd blows the roof off.]

MN: Oh….my GOD.

DT: Oh my God is right!!!! Dan Ryan and Big Dog?! At Russian Roulette???

[Ryan steps through the curtain and raises both arms as Troy and Big Dog both have huge s**t eating grins on their faces. The mood in the ring gets deathly serious as Jared Wells suddenly doesn’t look to be in the mood to party. The rest start to whisper to themselves as Ryan takes in the ovation.]

TROY: Settle down….ok, settle down….

The bottom line is… Wells? Tact? You WILL face your opponents and defend those belts on even terms. And if you even THINK of having anyone else in Anthology interfere in your title match… those belts are MINE. You hear me?? MINE. So I suggest you go home and do whatever it is you do, party, live it up… but I promise you this: your days of bullying people around here are OVER.

[Troy drops the microphone and Ryan and Big Dog throw their hands up one more time to a thunderous ovation as the scene fades out.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Main Event - Non IC Title Match: Cameron Cruise (c) vs. Marcus Westcott

[FADEIN: The ring where Cameron Cruise is stalking about. “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine playing in the background]

DT: While we were on break, the rest of Anthology was sent to the back, and may have been sent out of here. Cruise hit the mic and told Westscott to get out here and had his music played....

MN: Thank goodness you're here for the recap of what happens on the ad breaks or we'd all just be lost Dave.

DT: I'm doing more then you Neely.

TF: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening, and it is a HARDCORE match, set for ONE FALL...In the ring currently, Hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina...weighing 264 pounds...Here is the Intercontinental Champion and representing ANTHOLOGY...CAMERON!!! CRUUUUUUUISE!!!

[Cruise smirks as the crowd boos him, after a few moments his music fades out.]

DT: Cruise signed himself up for a real fight tonight, and now he's about to get one.

[CUEUP: “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva. The crowd pops LOUD as Marcus Westscott stands at the top of the ramp. He casts a hard glace at Cruise in the ring. He wears black leather pants, and black ring boots. Westscott power walks to the ring looking absolutely ready for a fight. Pat Jones keeps the two men apart.]

TF: And his opponent...He hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...Weighing in at 283 pounds...He is the #1 Contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship...MARCUS!!!! WEST!!! SCOOOOOTTTT!!!! [Crowd pops loudly, Westscott keeps his focus on Cruise the whole time. Pat Jones backs the men up a few feet before calling for the bell. Once it rings the two men charge and begin throwing haymakers!]

DT: WE HAVE A FIGHT HERE! Westscott and Cruise just hammering away on each other..Westscott now getting the edge and a series of right hands sends Cruise to the mat! Cruise gets back up and gets KNOCKED RIGHT BACK DOWN...Cruise rolls to the outside to escape, but he'll find no relief as Westscott follows him right out and RAMS Cruise HEAD FIRST into the STEEL ringpost!

MN: This is all not fair! Cruise needed some recovery time after that beating he put on Hart and Jungle Storm, this match should be stopped and a 10 minute break given to Cruise!

DT: It's not Westscott's fault that Cruise decided to meddle in another match. And he's clearly not going to give Cruise any quarter at all in this match as he just TOSSES Cruise hard into the security wall! Westscott now pulling up the foam padding on the outside of the ring, exposing the concrete floor unde it...Westscott now grabs Cruise and sets him for a PILEDRIVER...NO! CRUISE WITH A BACKDROP! Westscott lands on the CONCRETE hard!

DM: Cruise may have saved himself with that move, I'm pretty sure a pile driver on the cement would have been match ending if not career threatening!

MN: He always comes up with the big moves when he needs them, you two chuckleheads always dismiss and mock Cruise, but when the chips are down, he finds a way.

DT: Cruise now throws Westscott back into the ring and now Cruise going under the ring...And he's got a trash can full of weapons!

DM: It's amazing what you find under the ring in EPW...

DT: Cruise tosses the can and it's weapons into the ring and now gets back in there himself, he grabs a Speed Limit sign out of the can and CRACKS Westscott in the head with it Westscott staggers and takes ANOTHER shot across the back...Westscott in a ton of pain, as Cruise drops the street sign down and now INVERTED DDT ON THE SIGN!!! Westscott took a HARD fall...Cruise with a cover!




DT: Westscott kicks out. Cruise puts the boots to him and now goes and gets a metal pipe out of the trash can...He loads up waiting on Westscott...Westscott's up...HOME RUN SWING! Westscott ducks! Westscott with a kick to the gut and now a right hand and another! Cruise is wobbling and Westscott RIPS the pipe away from him and BENDS IT OVER HIS HEAD! Cruise falls like a ton of bricks, he's out! Westscott with a cover!




DT: CRUISE KICKS OUT! [Crowd groans!] How did he kick out of that, he looked to be dead to the world!

MN: You keep counting this man out, yet he beat Troy Douglas and ran him out of EPW...You and all these moron fans were already to celebrate The First's IC Title win, but Cruise sent him to the back with NOTHING...It's about time you accept that Cruise is ELITE.

DT: While Neely continues his Cruise hero worship, Westscott pulls a cowbell out of the trash can...

DM: Clearly this match needed more cowbell!

DT: I think you only beat Neely to that line cause he's afraid of what's going to happen to Cruise...Cruise gets to his feet...GETS SMASHED BY THE COWBELL! And now Westscott DRIVING the edge of that bell into the skull of Cruise...He's trying to split him open!

MN: And you condone this barbarianism....You're all in favor of this.

DT: Well after all the stunts that Cruise has pulled...Yes! Cruise appears to have a cut in his forehead now from that cowbell...Westscott gives him a shot to the back of the head with the cowbell. Cruise drops to his knees as Westscott now winds up with the cowbell...CRUISE GOES LOW! Westscott crumples to the mat in agony after that VILE low blow by Cruise.

MN: Oh, so using a cowbell and splitting a man open with it is A-OK, but throwing a punch to the groin is unacceptable...You have a screwed up sense of morality Thomas.

DT: Cruise now gets to his feet and grabs the trash can and DRIVES it into the head of Westscott. Now he rests the trash can on Westscott's head...Cruise to the second rope...LEGDROP INTO THE TRASH CAN!!

DM: Westscott trashing on the mat in agony having that can compressed into his face!

DT: Cruise picks up the can and gives Westscott ANOTHER HARD SHOT with and a cover!




DT: Westscott won't quit. Cruise picks him up and throws him into a corner...Cruise to the outside...He's got himself a steel chair...He throws that into the ring, and now another one...Cruise up on the apron giving Westscott a couple right hands...And now back in the ring, Cruise unfolds both chairs...He's got them set up in the middle of the ring...He grabs Westscott and hooks him...SUIPLEX INTO THE UNFOLDED CHAIRS!!! [Crowd groans!]

MN: Now that is how you do it! Cruise is showing the world what a fraud of a #1 contender Westscott is.

DT: Cruise with the cover!




DT: WESTSCOTT POWERS OUT AT TWO!! [Crowd pops!] Cruise can't believe it and is letting Pat Jones know he doesn't agree with that count.

MN: That was a crime of a two count! The anti-Anthology bias in this company is disgusting!

DT: Cruise now grabs one of the chair and rests Westscott's head on it...Cruise grabs the other chair...GOING FOR A CONCHAIRTOE...WESTSCOTT MOVES!! Cruise stalks him...ANOTHER SWING...ANOTHER MISS! WESTSCOTT KICKS CRUISE LOW! [Crowd pops!] Westscott gets to his feet, he looks dazed, he rips the chair away from Cruise's hands...AND SMASHES CRUISE WITH IT! Both men fall to the mat! [“West-SCOTT!” chants!]

DM: Westscott summoned up what energy he had to land that chair shot on Cruise and now both the #1 contender and the Intercontinental Champion find themselves laid out on the mat.

MN: And I don't hear any howls of protest over that low blow Westscott landed...The double standard as always.

DT: Well turnabout is fair play as far as I'm concerned...Both men getting to their feet, both men have chairs...CHAIR FIGHT! The two men swinging away...Blocking each other's chair shots...Cruise swings and misses...WESTSCOTT CONNECTS! ANOTHER ONE ACROSS THE BACK OF CRUISE Westscott now unfolds the chair and punches Cruise a few times, Cruise falls into the chair...Westscott off the ropes...BIG FOOT!! CRUISE DOES A FLIP FLYING OUT OF THAT CHAIR! WESTSCOTT COVERS!!




MN: Come on Cruise, fight through this! Westscott's not in your class!

DT: Cruise escaping the pin, but Westscott still has control of this match. Westscott now going to the outside...And he's got a table! [Crowd pops!] Westscott slides the table into the ring. Westscott now climbing into the ring...WAIT! CRUISE WITH A LEG DROP TO THE BACK OF WESTSCOTT'S HEAD AS HE WAS GETTING IN THE RING! WESTSCOTT JUST GOT HIS THROAT DRIVEN INTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!

DM: Cruise always has his wits about him, he knows when and how to do the most damage with a move!

DT: Cruise now grabs one of the chairs and sets it up in between the top and middle ropes...Cruise grabs Westscott and THROWS HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE CHAIR!! Westscott hit the chair head on and his shoulder hit the ringpost! CRUISE WITH A CRADLE...HE'S GOT THE TIGHTS!!




MN: OH GIVE ME A BREAK! [Crowd pops!]

DT: WESTSCOTT WON'T QUIT! These fans are on their feet...Cruise is beside himself and now he pulls Westscott up...REALITY CHECK!!! HE JUST NAILED IT!! CRUISE WITH A COVER!!




DT: WESTSCOTT GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Cruise is ENRAGED! His face is twisted in anger. He goes over and unfolds that chair...Now wait a minute, he's going back to the outside...OH LORD HE'S GOT A BAG.

MN: And I'm pretty sure it's not full of post it notes or greeting cards...

DT: Cruise now opens the bag...And spills THUMBTACKS ALL OVER THE TABLE!

DM: Just when you think this match can't get any more brutal, these two men just outdo themselves with violence!

DT: Cruise now whips Westscott into the ropes...He catches him...SPINEBUSTER INTO THE TABLE...NO! Westscott countered with a LOU THESZ PRESS! They missed the table but Westscott now BASHING CRUISE'S HEAD INTO THE MAT...There's thumbtacks all over the place and I'm sure some of them are currently being driven into the SKULL of the intercontinental champion!

MN: This isn't right! Really somebody needs to stop this!

DT: Westscott now up and he's yelling at Cruise to get to his feet...Cruise stumbles up...Westscott kicks him in the gut...POWERBOMB...NO! Cruise up on Westscott's shoulders punching away...Trying to get Westscott off balance...Westscott falls! Cruise saved himself there...And now he grabs a chair...Westscott back up...KNOCKED BACK DOWN BY A CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD BY CRUISE!


DT: You are just...I can't even come up with the words...Cruise now waiting on Westscott to get up again...WAIT!! A FAN JUST HOPPED THE SECURITY RAIL!

DM: That's not a fan...That's Shawn Hart!

DT: It's Shawn Hart! He just hopped the railing and now he's on the apron! Cruise charges at him, and Hart jumps to the floor...Cruise yelling at Hart...Who's pointing in the ring...Cruise turns around...GETS KICKED IN THE GUT BY WESTSCOTT...WESTSCOTT HAS HIM UP!!! POWER BOMB THROUGH THE THUMBTACK COVERED TABLE!!! WESTSCOTT FOLDED CRUISE IN HALF AND COVERS HIM!!!




[Bell rings. CUEUP: “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva.]

TF: Here is your winner...MARCUS!! WESTSCOTT!! [Crowd pops huge!]

DT: What a match, and what a DEVASTATING finish...

MN: What injustice...Hart running out here as a distraction...He's going to pay for that!

DT: Well he just might, as the rest of Anthology are charging out to the ring...Hart fleeing through the crowd with Anthology giving pursuit...

MN: I hope a camera is still on them when they catch him and maim him!

DT: Meanwhile in the ring, Cruise is being pried from the wreckage and helped to the floor...Westscott stands in the ring soaking in the ovation from this crowd.

[Crowd boos as “Triple X” Sean Stevens, EPW World Title belt over his shoulder and still a little bloodied up from the attack earlier, makes his way to the ring. Stevens is wearing a “Still The King” T-Shirt and custom faded jeans. He enters the ring and gets face to face with Westscott.]

DT: The Champion and the #1 Contender nose to nose here...Are they going to go to blows?! Will we see a preview of Russian Roulette right here?

[Stevens backs off, almost dismissive of Westscott...But then suddenly grabs his belt and goes to smash Westscott with it!]

DT: STEVENS WITH THE BELT! WESTSCOTT DUCKS!! The two men now trading punches! Westscott now winning the exchange! Stevens staggering...Westscott off the ropes...BIG FOOT! Stevens sent flying through the ropes and to the floor! [Crowd pops big! 'West-SCOTT!' chant]

MN: This is criminal! How dare he attack Stevens!

DT: Stevens took the first swing here Neely...And now look at this...Stevens dropped the belt in the ring and now Westscott picks it up...and holds it over his head for the crowd to see [Crowd pops!]

MN: Ah...I'm gonna be sick! Somebody get that belt away from him!

DT: Stevens screaming at the refs and staff around the ring to get his belt back...Westscott now walks over to the side of the ring and throws the belt at Stevens! [“It's not going to be yours much longer! Enjoy what time you have left with it!” Westscott yells at Stevens, who merely glares at Westscott in a rage]

DT: What a night Russian Roulette is going to be...What's going to happen when these two men get inside a roofed steel cage to decide who will be the EPW World Heavyweight Champion? I can't wait to see it! We'll see you at Russian Roulette!

[The camera cuts back and forth from Westscott to Stevens and back as both men continue to stare each other down as Stevens backs his way up the ramp...Holding the EPW World Title Belt aloft...Westscott smiling big, brimming with confidence as we...FADEOUT]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

"Yes, everything is in order for your debut...."

Backstage in Lindsay Troy's office.

"Mr. Richards."

The camera for the first time pulls back to show Bruce "The Beast" Richards, former NAPW World Champion and former member of NAPW World Champions "The New and Improved DX".

"Excellent. And my opponent?"

Troy smiles.

"I'll let you know in the next day or so."

Richards nods and pulls his jacket on over his massive torso.

"Very good. I'll be in touch."

Lindsay stands and sticks out a hand, getting a handshake.

"Nice doing business with you, Bruce."

Richards kinda half-smiles and goes through the door, leaving Troy smiling and leaning back in her chair.
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