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AGGRESSION 48: Tuscon, AZ - 11/25/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.

JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.

Cameron Cruise hitting Fusenshoff with the Shipwreck.

The First, perched on a turnbuckle, then diving down onto his opponent.

Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.

Larry Tact and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.

And finally…. A dais with a throne upon it and Lindsay Troy sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

The opening pyro for Aggression goes off on the top of the ramp, the crowd cheering loud as the camera pans around the arena.]

DT: Welcome everyone to another episode of Aggression…Tonight the battle between the newly formed faction known as HOPE and Anthology continues, as the re-instated Anarky battles Copycat in what shall assuredly be a war.

DM: I can’t say I’m a fan of either man…So I guess I’ll just have to call that one down the middle and be happy somebody lost.

MN: I’m the opposite, I’m thrilled with Anarky for ridding me of you at least for one show anyhow, and Copycat…Well, he’s not the Smartest Player In The Game for nothing.

DT: Also Layne Winters puts his Television title on the line as he faces “Dopesmoker” Erik Black.

DM: Winters has claimed that he doesn’t need HOPE…That they in fact need him, and tonight he’s going to try to prove he is all he says he is.

DT: And the main event, as two members of Anthology, Larry Tact and Sean Edmunds, face off against the man who brought HOPE to EPW…The First tagged with Fusenshoff to take the fight to Anthology.

MN: There is no HOPE against Anthology, and this punk has brought a world of pain down on Fusenshoff, Fuse should just call it and day and get out of town, save yourself the trouble and let the freak get what’s coming to him!

[MUSIC UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmmsteen’s Rising Force. The crowd pops as Olvir Arsvinnar power walks to the ring. Olvir with his fur covered boots, black trunks under a long loincloth. Olvir parades around the ring basking in the crowd’s cheers.]

TF: The following is a tag team match…Set for one fall…Introducing first, already in the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 317 pounds…OLVIR!!! ARS!! VINNAR!!! [pop!]

DT: Olvir in the ring and well…We don’t know who his partner is…

MN: I doubt this guy knows who his partner is, or that he’s even supposed to have one.

[Olvir’s music fades out…]

TF: And his partner…[pause…Nothing happening….Crowd buzzing, a beat passes…MUSIC UP: “Did My Time” by Korn, as Stalker and Omega makes their way to the ring, Omega with a small bandage on his forehead. Stalker has on a black wifebeater and blue jeans on. Omega is shirtless with black jeans and black wrestling boots under them, Barb in his hands. The crowd gives the two men a loud chorus of boos.]

TF: His opponents…Weighing in at a total combined weight of 658 pounds…The team of STALKER!!! And O!!! MEGA!!!!

DT: Well Stalker and Omega aren’t going to wait for Olvir’s partner to show up as they have hit the ring and are ready to go.

[Bell rings]

DT: Stalker circling the big man…Olvir goes to lock up, Stalker avoids him and pops him with a couple jabs…Olvir shrugs them off and goes back to trying to grappling Stalker. Stalker again avoids him and dropkicks Olvir in the knee…Olvir staggers but now grabs Stalker and pushes him into a corner…Olvir with a series of knees to the ribs of Stalker.

DM: And that was the same knee Olvir just got dropkicked in, he must be fighting through the pain to land these shots on Stalker.

MN: Really Matthews? I think you need to wake up…You do know Olvir’s agent is Nosellus Wallace right?

DT: Oh brother…Olvir being forced out of the corner by the ref….Stalker gets a thumb to the eye in on Olvir while the ref was busy with Olvir and couldn’t see it…Stalker makes the tag and here comes the big man.

DM: Omega may be one of the only men in EPW who can stand up to Olvir in a pure power match. This will be quite the confrontation.

DT: The two men lock up, and nothing happening as they both are pushing and fighting to move the other, neither man giving an inch…Omega shrugs Olvir off…Omega daring Olvir to take a run at him…Olvir does…Shoulderblock! Omega doesn’t budge! Olvir off the ropes, another shot…This time Omega staggers back a couple steps…Olvir off the ropes…DROPS OMEGA WITH A SHOULDERBLOCK! [pop!] Omega gets to his feet…AND GETS SLAMMED BY THE VIKING WARRIOR! Olvir off the ropes…LEGDROP! NO! OMEGA MOVES! Omega gets the tag to Stalker who rushes into the ring…OLVIR WITH A POWERSLAM AND A COVER!!




DT: Stalker kicks out…Olvir pulls him to his feet and blasts Stalker with a big right hand, and another shot…Stalker dives at Olvir and grabs a waist lock…Omega reaches out and gets a tag and he’s firing away with punch after punch while Olvir is trying to get disengaged from Stalker…Stalker gets out of the ring as Omega continues to mug Olvir in the corner…Stalker with a quick tag back to Omega…Olvir turns towards Stalker…Stalker grabs Olvir and gets a Thai Clinch and now drops off the apron, hangmanning Olvir throat first on the top rope! Olvir staggers and drops to his knees and now Stalker rushes into the ring and kicks away at the Viking Warrior.

MN: Brains will beat Brawn every time...And well, two also beats one…

DT: Stalker gets the tag to Omega and the two men just stomping away on Olvir…Stalker slowly getting out of the ring while Omega, behind the ref’s back, is choking Olvir senseless.

DM: You knew the numbers game was going to work against Olvir sooner or later. He’s up against basically impossible odds here facing two men the caliber of Stalker and Omega.

DT: Omega now stomping Olvir repeatedly in the head, he DRIVES a knee into the back of the head of the Viking Warrior…Omega now pulls Olvir into his corner and tags in Stalker, both men now kicking away on Olvir’s left knee…Stalker drags Oliver out to the middle of the ring and hooks a figure four leglock on him!

MN: He might be a giant monster of a man, but when he’s on his back he’s no bigger than anyone else, a sharp move by Stalker keeping this carnival act down.

DT: Olvir thrashing around trying to fight his way out of this hold [Crowd clapping, cheering]…Stalker putting all the pressure he can on the legs of Olvir, trying to make the big man submit, or at the very least do some serious damage to him…Olvir now fighting to reverse the hold…He’s almost got Stalker turned over…Stalker quickly lets go and puts the boots to Olvir’s back! Olvir getting to his feet and Stalker tags in Omega…They grab Olvir and both men whip him into the ropes…Olvir elevated…FLAPJACK!! Omega with a cover!!



NO!! [pop]

DT: Olvir kicks out again! Omega now throws Olvir to the mat…Olvir is in what would be his corner if he had a partner.

MN: What kind of moron takes a tag match and doesn’t have a partner? This guy is the very definition of ‘million dollar body, ten cent brain’

DT: Olvir getting hammered with punches to the back of the head…Olvir in the corner and Omega whips him to the other side…INTO STALKER’S BOOT! Olvir hits hard off that boot and staggers back into Omega who grabs Olvir…SPINEBUSTER!! BIG IMPACT! THE COVER!!



TH—NO! [pop!]

DT: Olvir fights out of that pin…But you have to wonder how much gas he’s going to have in the tank. Stalker tagged back in, and he grabs Olvir and HE HOOKS HIM FOR THE EVENFLOW…OLVIR WITH A BACKDROP! [pop!] Olvir gets to his feet as Stalker is up…Olvir whips him into the ropes…MJOLNIR-BLOW!! Olvir with a cover!




DT: Omega breaks it up! Omega pulls Stalker over towards his corner…Omega tagged in and he’s beating down on Olvir…Olvir now hung over the second rope and Omega puts his knee into his back choking him on the ropes…

DM: Olvir had the strength for one last push and well…It looks like he’s come up short here with Omega now back in control.

MN: Omega choking the life out of this big Viking goofball, and now he’s going to suffer dearly before being finished off by these two hardcore maniacs.

DT: Omega now grab Olvir…He’s going to try to power bomb the big man…Can he get him up…Olvir up and he’s punching away on Omega…Olvir falls crashing down on top of Omega! Both men down!

MN: Big deal, Omega will make the tag and Olvir…He’s got nobody to bail him out!

[Crowd starts yelling as a man, jumps the railing near the corner where Stalker is]


MN: Somebody get security! Stop this man!

DM: Rocko is Olvir’s partner? Well if that’s the case he showed up just in the nick of time!

DT: Rocko grabs Stalker and smashes him into the security railing! And now he whips him into the STEEL ring post! Stalker staggers back towards Rocko…ROCKO BACKDROPS HIM INTO THE STAIRS!

MN: Come on ref! Get control of this maniac!

DM: With the history between these two men, you would expect the ref to give a little leeway in what they can do…

MN: To heck with that, I want that restraining order Stalker had to be enforced, cuff and stuff Daymon, and do it right quick!

DT: I’m pretty sure after Stalker’s actions at Russian Roulette that there isn’t a judge in the land that would honor that restraining order. Daymon grabbing Stalker, and now the ref is out trying to break these two up…

MN: Finally order being restored, and more importantly, Barb can now come out and play!

DT: Omega sees the ref is tied up with the melee outside the ring and he grabs Barb…He’s loading up waiting for Olvir to get up…WAIT! The ref is stuck with Stalker, Rocko just tripped Omega who fell and landed face first onto Barb! Olvir now to his feet, he kicks Barb out of the ring, he grabs the dazed Omega…HE’S GOT HIM UP!!! NORDIC BOMB!! The ref sees the pin!




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmmsteen’s Rising Force.]

TF: Here are your winners…OLVIR ARSVINNAR…AND ROCKO!!!!! DAY!!! MON!!!

DT: Stalker tried to get into the ring but Rocko held him out long enough for the pin. A bit of revenge for Rocko Daymon over the two men who did everything to maim him at Russian Roulette.

DM: Rocko and Stalker have a long history, we may be seeing another chapter in that story unfolding before us.

MN: Daymon better take this cheap win and get out of town, he’s messed with Stalker before and it cost him half a year of his career and the EPW World Title…He knows he’s fighting the wrong man…

DT: Say what you will Neely, tonight Olvir and Rocko leave the winners…We’ll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Original Beast

There's a buzz in the arena following the last match as the crowd anticipates the next part of the show, and finally, the lights drop, and Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen" thunders over the PA. The crowd responds with a huge pop, and Marcus Westcott steps out onto the stage, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt with "I got superkicked 5 times by Sean Stevens and all I got was this stupid t-shirt" written on it.

DT: Folks, former Champion and recent #1 contender Marcus Westcott is here, and boy-oh-boy, did he and Sean Stevens ever put on one CLASSIC match in the main event of Russian Roulette just a short time ago!

MN: I had no idea Loafy actually knew HOW to wrestle.

DT: He and Stevens did much more than that, Neely! They tore the house down, rebuilt it, and tore it back down again!

Marcus reaches the ring, climbs onto the apron and through the ropes, and walks to the center of the ring. He takes a mic out of his back pocket and goes to speak, but stops and puts his hands on his hips and smiles as he listens to the crowd. Marcus turns around in the ring, looking out to the entire arena, then stops and raises the mic again, and the crowd relaxes to let him speak.

Westcott: Wow... that's amazing. Imagine that. A year ago, you guys would have been booing me out of the building, but to come out here at Russian Roulette and tonight, and get this kind of response... thank you.

At Russian Roulette, you saw two guys come out here and give it their absolute all. You saw two guys push themselves farther than they've ever been pushed, and perform feats that they probably didn't think they could accomplish. And, unfortunately, Sean Stevens was the better man.

The crowd starts to boo, but Marcus cuts them off.

Westcott: No, no need to boo. We both wrestled our asses off in that match. I devastated him with moves I didn't even think I knew in that match. Stevens pulled out all the stops and wrestled a fantastic match. I took punishment from the World Champion that NO ONE else in this industry has been able to take, and I kept standing on my feet. No one's ever taken that many X-Factors and still kicked out. That match was a freaking CLASSIC, and people are going to be talking about that match ten and twenty years from now. The way that match went, Stevens and I could wrestle 10 matches, and we'd probably split 'em up. Even though I didn't win, I'm damned proud of that match.

That match...

Marcus catches himself for a moment, then continues on.

Westcott: ... that match... is the perfect way to end my EPW career.

There's a MAGNIFICENT buzz ripping through the arena.

DT: WHAT? Marcus Westcott is resigning from EPW?

MN: No more Loafy? Christmas comes early this year!

Westcott: I thought about this long and hard... I've been here for over 5 years. I was there when the doors of this company first opened. I helped build the rock solid foundation this company now sits on. I was World Champion for nearly a year, and I've fought some of the biggest legends and upcoming stars this business has to offer. I've wrestled an instant classic against probably the best this industry has to offer right now.

The best time to go out is while you're on top. I waited over four years to get another shot at the big strap, and right now, I don't know if I've got another four years in me to wait again, and knowing the ice that flows through Lindsay Troy's veins, not to mention the diseases flowing there as well, I'd likely be dead before I get another shot anyway. Right now, I can say I stand amongst the very best this business has to offer. Right now, I can say that I'm on top of my game. Right now, I could headline or be Champion of any federation out there, and that's how I'd rather be remembered, not as some broken down old man that hung on way past his prime.

The crowd launches into alternating chants of "PLEASE DON'T GO!" and "ONE MORE MATCH!", bringing a huge smile to Marcus' face.

Westcott: So, I'd like to say a few thank-you's. To Paul Freeman, who personally invited me to be part of the new upstart EPW... to all the guys in the back that I've wrestled with and against over the last five years... to Sean Stevens for the match of a lifetime... to all the EPW staff and crew that makes this company what it is night in and night out, and last, but certainly not least... to each and every one of you fans that either tuned in at home, or spent your hard earned money to come see me wrestle. Thank you very much. It's been an honor.

Marcus puts down the mic, and holds his hands out to the crowd, and he starts clapping. The crowd gets to their feet and lets out one last huge pop, as "Ladies and Gentlemen" plays again, for the last time. Marcus slowly turns in a circle, clapping to everyone in the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and heading up the ramp. As Marcus gets to the stage, he turns back and faces the crowd, and as he salutes them, one final red and white pyro blast lights up the stage. Marcus gives one more wave, then turns to walk back through the entrance.

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, amazing... we may have seen Marcus Westcott for the last time in an EPW ring.

MN: Only five years too late.

DM: Can I help you with your retirement speech, Neely??

MN: No way! I'm in my prime!

DM: Lucky us.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Daddy Says Hi

[CUEUP: Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube]

[PYRO goes off all over the arena as Jared Wells walks out to the front entrance and stops. He is wearing a black & white Armani suit, hair spiked and styled with one half of the EPW Tag Title over his shoulder. Holds up one half of the EPW tag title with a big smile on his face. He makes his way down to the ring, grabs the mic and stands in the middle of the ring to a chorus of BOOS]

JARED WELLS: You know since Russian Roulette I haven't been seen or heard. It would be easy for me to come out here and talk about how Larry Tact and myself DOMINATED the tag team gig at Russian Roulette thanks to Lindsay Troy. Forget Dan Ryan, Big Dog, and Jungle Storm..........


HOPE is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Layne Winters, Anarky, The First, and Shawn Hart believe this and so does the EPW.

When all is lost. You have lost everything. You are down and depressed and buried under ground mentally. The word that keeps you going......HOPE. Always HOPE for better things. Many people have told me HOPE can drive you insane. They can think what they want. They say if you stay strong inside, you can get through anything thanks to HOPE.

I don't believe in HOPE.

HOPE is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it. I happen to be the carrot dangler of you four F[BLEEP]KS. HOPE will be the the first step on the road to dissapointment. Line is in the sand now, you ready to dance?

Violence is the second best thing in the world to me, right after F[BLEEP]KING. Anarky, all of the sudden you've waken from your dry spell of S[BLEEP]T this past year. Recite me a poem will you 'NARK old friend? If I can recall you chastised me throughout the year about needing friends around. Here we are today 'NARK, you old hypocrite you. You complained the entire year and now your finding yourself doing the exact same thing. I'm a firm believer your career has gone impotent and now you rely strictly on HOPE. Good luck, because your decision making as of late has had my penis gone soft.

Layne Winters is the golden child of HOPE. Christ, even roaches have kids. Layne Winters, as much as I hate to admit it, but you really remind me a lot of myself. But I'm sorry to inform you that the simple EGO-F[BLEEP]K among your new found brothers will kill your career. Your the mother F[BLEEP]KER on the bottom of HOPE who has to cook for all the guys. Your the guy that has to cut out all the Victoria Secret coupons for Shawn Hart. 'Nark is going to need to lay down on the couch and wants you to sit in a chair impersonating Dr. Phil. When The First wants a back rub, BY GOD YOU WILL GIVE HIM ONE!

Shawn Hart, you really didn't surprise me one bit here on your decision to shack with these guys. You've already said that Anthology will suffer night in and night out. Pal, I was suffering since day one when you joined Anthology. You think I really want to hang out with a guy that wears clear heels at night? Enjoy the Intercontinental title reign and when the time comes for me to bust you up, if you still have that title I'll have no problem snatching it right out of your prancing ass.

[Jared then stares at the crowd and makes sure his title is firmly resting on his shoulder]

The leader of the bunch of misfits, The First. It would only make sense wouldn't it? Old poppa First sitting in the rocking chair with his children telling them to grab one toy and get back to the carpet. Who is your daddy and what does he do? Jared Wells is and I do just about anything I want. Much like your bromosexual group, you now are put in a position in the EPW to do whatever it takes. Another hypocrite of the bunch.

ANTHOLOGY took years to plan, group, and build. HOPE is nothing more than a premature ejaculation to us and the entire world will find out soon enough. HURRY UP PULL OUT! PULL OUT!! PULL OUT!!

Later tonight, Anthology is coming out to the ring and one more time… we’re gonna do what we always do – MAKE AN IMPACT.

[Jared throws the mic out of the ring onto the outside walking away from taunting fans]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW TV Title Match: Layne Winters (c) vs. "Dopesmoker" Erik Black

[Bell rings. After a beat MUSIC UP: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep hits, the crowd buzzing as “The Dopesmoker” Erik Black makes his way to the ring, wearing loose fitting black pants, and moccasins. Black holds a bong in his hands as he walks to the ring, his Empire Tron Video and lightshow are a bunch of crazy spiraling lights and colors.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit and it is for the EPW WORLD…TELEVISION…CHAMPIONSHIP…Currently making his way to the ring, hailing from Indianapolis Indiana…Weighing in at 216 pounds…Here is the CHALLENGER…”THE DOPESMOKER!!” ERIK!! BLACK!!! [Crowd cheers as Black kicks off his moccasins and hands the bong to a ring attendant.]

DT: Erik Black, having decided to make a go of it as a singles wrestler here in EPW has now found himself with a chance at bringing home some gold, as tonight he’s got a shot at the World Television Championship.

DM: Black and his partner Ivan Dalkichev never did manage to re-capture the EPW World Tag Team Titles after being the first ever tag champions. Tonight he seeks to end that title drought and bring home the TV title.

[Black’s music fades out, and then after a moment MUSIC UP: “I don’t know anything” by Mad Season hits. Layne Winters steps out from the curtain to a loud mixed reaction. He doesn’t react at all to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Winters wearing dark green trunks, knee pads, boots, and a black “This is the New School” T-Shirt. The EPW World Television Title strapped around his waist.]

TF: And his opponent…Hailing from Seattle, Washington…Weighing in at 249 pounds…Representing HOPE…Here is the EPW World Television Champion…”NEW SCHOOL!” LAYNE! WINTERS!

[Another loud reaction from the crowd as Winters takes off his T-shirt and then the belt. He holds onto the belt for a few moments before finally handing it over to Pat Jones, Jones shows the belt to the camera before handing it off to the time keeper, and then calling for the bell.]

DT: And we’re underway for the EPW World TV Title…Erik Black and Layne Winters and Winters with a bull rush sends Black into a corner…Winters with a quick series of knees to the gut as Pat Jones calls for a break…Winters whips Black to the corner and FOLLOWS WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE!

DM: Say what you will about Layne Winters, the man is a fighting champion, ever since he’s won the EPW World Television Title he’s defended it every week, a time limit draw with The First and two wins over Copycat have proven that the Dean of the New School is for real.

MN: He was cool before he sold himself out joining up with these HOPE morons…Now well, to hell with him.

DT: Winters pulls Black out of the corner…He hooks Black…ELEVATES HIM…BACK SUPLEX! He held the Dopesmoker in the air for a good while before dropping him hard on the mat. Winters now stomping away on the challenger. Winters grabs Black secures an arm bar, working the left arm of the challenger.

DM: Layne is a smart champion and he knows the length of these matches…He went over 14 minutes to beat Fusenshoff for the title, he went the distance with The First, he knows that wearing down the opponent and milking the clock is only to his benefit…

DT: Black fighting to get up…Winters with a knee to the ribs and he cranks that arm…Black fires in a right hand…Winters responds by yanking the arm…Black fires a headbutt that catches Winters off guard and rocks him backward…Black now with a series of punches…Winters stumbles and gets NAILED WITH A DROPKICK! Winters back up…ANOTHER DROPKICK! Winters gets up again…HIP TOSS by Black…Winters up, BLACK WITH A ROLL UP!



NO!! [Crowd buzzing]

DT: Winters rolls free and quickly ducks out to the floor [“Back him off!” Winters yells at Pat Jones] Winters getting his wits about him on the floor.

MN: He’s fighting a pot head, exactly how intelligent do you have to be to beat one of them?

DT: Winters now back on the apron, and he gets back into the ring…Black trying to avoid Winters, but Winters gets a clinch and backs Black into a corner…No shot of a clean break as Winters cracks Black with a right hand and another…Winters sends Black into the ropes…No! Reversal by Black…Black catches Winters with a Hurricanrana…

DM: Stonercanrana?

DT: Black reaches back to get Layne’s legs for a pinning cradle…But he loses control and Winters pulls him into a Sunset flip!



NO!! [pop!]

DT: Black rolls through and BLASTS Winters in the head with a kick! Winters clutching his temple…Black gets him up and SLAMS him…Black now goes to the second rope…DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO THE CHEST OF WINTERS! HE HOOKS THE LEG!




[“TWO!” shouts]

DT: Winters kicks out…Black grabs Winters and sends him to the ropes…Black with a clothesline…NO! Winters ducks and grabs Black…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! BIG IMPACT FROM WINTERS!

DM: Winters enjoying a big size advantage in this match and was able to get the smaller Black caught and thrown with that Belly to Belly Suplex.

MN: Man, I got nobody to root for here…This whole HOPE thing is so depressing, cause normally I’d enjoy watching Anarky kill someone or Winters putting on a clinic in the ring, but now it’s just horrible…

DT: My heart bleeds for you Neely. Winters goes back to the armbar…Winters now driving a series of knees into the shoulder of Black, Winters now turns it into a hammer lock and pushes Black face down into the mat.

DM: I’m a bit surprised by Winters deciding to work the arm of Black, normally against a high flyer like The Dopesmoker one would be looking to try to take out a leg, but here Winters is working an arm, which is an interesting choice.

MN: Oh come on Matthews, just condemn him for being stupid. Say something like “Winters going for Black’s arm is as dumb as Belichick going for it on 4th and 2” man up and stir the pot a little.

DT: While football expert Mike Neely gives us his thoughts on last Sunday’s games, Black fighting his way to his feet. Black with a go behind and reverses the hammerlock on Winters…Winters quickly with a drop toe hold gets Black back down and locks on a headlock…Winters again transitions from the headlock back into an arm bar…Textbook chain wrestling by the Television champion.

MN: See, normally watching some stoner getting punked out would make me happy…To hell with it, I’m cheering Layne Winters, no matter how awful the company he keeps is.

DT: Should we stop the match and tell him so that he may weep with pride? Black again trying to fight his way back up…Winters gets behind Black, he steps over…SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Winters floats over for the cover!



NO!! [pop!]

DT: Black gets out at 2…Winters quickly back to the arm. Black trying to get to his feet, and Winters now DRIVES HIM SHOULER FIRST INTO THE TURN BUCKLE! Winters now getting a wrist lock on Black…Black fires back with a right hand and another…Black breaks free of the hold…And…Now he’s…

MN: He’s trying to keep his pants up! Man this guy is a total wreck, he’s fighting for the TV title and trying to avoid getting pinched for exposing himself in public.

DT: Black had Winters staggering but he’s given Winters a few moments to recover with this…Well wardrobe malfunction…Black appears to be all squared away…WINTERS DRILLS HIM WITH A RUNNING KNEE TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!

DM: That caught Black right in the temple!

DT: Black drops like a sack of bricks…Winters with a cover!




DT: Black got a foot on the ropes! Winters is irate as he glares at Pat Jones…Winters grabs Black and now he hooks him…Here comes GREEN RIVER JUSTICE…NO! Black while in the air landing a series of knees to Winters head! Black back down on his feet…ROLLS UP WINTERS!!



NO!! [“TWO!”]

DT: Winters escapes! Winters rushes at Black…Who drops down and pulls Winters by his trunks into the turnbuckle! Winters hits hard and staggers out…Black with a hiptoss! Winters back to his feet, catches a kick from Black…WHO NAILS THE ENZAGURI!! Winters staggering and Black quickly to the second rope…FLYING UPPERCUT OFF THE SECOND ROPE BY BLACK!

DM: SHORYUKEN, by the Dopesmoker!

DT: Winters sent crashing to the mat by Black, who gets to his feet quickly and comes off the ropes…DROPPING A LEG!! THE COVER!!



THR-NO! [Some groans from the crowd who wanted to see a title change]

DT: Winters gets out at two. Black stomps away on him…Black gets him and whips him into the corner…Winters staggers out into a BIG back body drop!

DM: Black has taken control of this match, the question now is can he put Winters away for the title?

DT: Winters stumbles to his feet…Black waiting on him…ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD! WINTERS IS OUT!!! THE COVER!!



THR—NO! NO!! [groans!]

DT: Winters just always finding a way, he’s been put through the ringer time and time again yet he’s still found ways to keep winning and holding that TV Title…Black pulls Winters back to his feet…BLACK WITH A DDT! He yells to the crowd…And now…He runs to the ropes…SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!! NO!! HE SLIPPED AND CROTCHED HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

[small ‘you f*cked up!’ chant]

MN: That goofball idiot!

DT: Winters getting to his feet ahead of Black…Black gets up…Winters grabs him…GERMAN SUPLEX!! Winters holds on to the waist lock, he gets Black up again…ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX…Winters still holding on…Black dragged back to his feet…A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX…Winters with a bridge!



THR—NO! [Pop!]

DT: Black rolls his shoulder and gets out of the pin!

DM: But Winters still has his hands locked and he’s dragging Black back up again….

MN: Suplex him till you kill him Winters!!

DT: A FORTH GERMAN IN A ROW!! Winters doesn’t even bother going for a bridge that time, he keeps his hands locked and gets Black up again…A FIFTH GERMAN SUPLEX! WINTERS BRIDGES AGAIN!




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season]

TF: Here is your winner and STILL World Television Champion…”NEW SCHOOL” LAYNE! WINNNTTEEERRSSS!!!

[Winters grabs the TV Title Belt from Pat Jones and gives him a hard stare before letting him raise his arm…Winters walks from the ring with the belt over his shoulder.]

DT: a hard fought battle for sure, and the bringer of the ‘New School’ keeps his belt…

DM: Erik Black made one mistake and that was all it took for Winters to get the advantage and score a big win here tonight.

DT: We’ll be right back with more action fans, don’t go away!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The New Beast

The screen flickers and the arena is "treated" to the sight of Bruce "The Beast" Richards, sitting on his couch in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He scratches his chin, and then raises a hand in greeting.

BRUCE RICHARDS: Hello, EPW fans. I'm sorry I can't be there this evening, but sometimes, life will throw you a curve, and you just have to work with it. I wanted to be there tonight, to address you all personally, but I suppose this pre-recorded message will have to do.

The crowd murmurs a little, not really sure what to think at this point.

BRUCE RICHARDS: I wanted to...well, to apologize for you. When I made my debut at Russian Roulette, I knew I wanted it to be a statement. A statement that Bruce Richards was here to compete, and to inform EVERYONE in the locker room that I was more than just "a small-time guy with someone else's name," as I saw on the message boards.

He smiles at that one, and the crowd laughs a little.

BRUCE RICHARDS: It's true, New Alberta Pro is a little smaller in scope than the EPW. Hell, the cost of the pyro at the beginning of tonight's show probably cost more than our entire operating budget. It's a bigger stage, sure. Which makes it that much noticeable when you fail.

Bruce frowns, and sighs a little.

BRUCE RICHARDS: Yes, I won my match. But I failed in my mission. I wanted to come out, every show, and wrestle the best match. To make an impact, month in, month out. This month...well, you can see where I am. And next month, it doesn't look any better. Now, you all barely know me. Some of you probably think that I'm the kind of guy who would flake after one show. But I promise you, my absence only means that December comes with a gift to the EPW locker room. It means that next month, every single one of the wrestlers don't have to face me. And for the fans, my gift to you will come a little later. In January. Because then, I'll bring "The Beast" back to the EPW. Then, I promise I'll give you a fight that will make up for all the time I've been away. Then, everyone will understand just exactly why I'm here.

Bruce smiles.


The screen fades to black.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX


The Anthology dressing room door, from the outside. Cameron Cruise walks up and turns the knob.


He leans in and hears a discussion going on, words like “impact”, “change” coming through.]


[Cruise jiggles the handled again to no avail, then frowns and bangs on the door with a closed fist. After a few annoyed minutes, the door opens and Jared Wells’ face peeks out.]

JARED WELLS: Hey buddy, what’s up?

CAMERON CRUISE: What’s up?? I just got here. Uh, you guys having some kind of meeting in there?

JARED WELLS: [Keeping the door shut] Not at all.

CAMERON CRUISE: [Eyes narrowing] What’s going on, Jared? What are you tryin’ to hide?

JARED WELLS: [smiling] Cammy, come on. You’re my best friend. There’s nothing going on. Don’t even sweat it. We’re gonna go out to the ring in a few and it’ll all be clear then, ok? Don’t worry about it. Just meet us by the curtain after the next match, alright? Then later tonight we’ll party.

CAMERON CRUISE: Alright. I gotta change. I’ll see you in a few.

[Cruise walks away, Wells looking at him as he goes. Once Cruise is out of view, he closes the door.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat vs. Anarky

[Bell rings as we get ready for the next match]

DT: And here we go folks, the first confrontation between Anthology and HOPE…As Copycat will now go one on one with Anarky…

DM: Copycat, who came so very close to unseating Layne Winters for the TV Title, now put in a match with the freshly re-instated maniac who HOPE seeks to unleash upon Anthology to destroy them.

[MUSIC UP: “My Way” by Butch Walker. Copycat, wearing red trunks with “Copycat” in black on the seat, red knee pads and ring boots. Cat looks at the crowd with a sneer as they boo him loudly. He gets about half way to the ring when suddenly Anarky bursts out from the curtain and runs down the ramp, tackling Copycat and then begins punching away on him.]

DT: Anarky just flying out here like a bat out of hell and he’s all over Copycat…Anarky dragging Copycat to the ring and he throws him into the ring. Copycat staggering as Anarky hits him with a boot to the gut and now comes off the ropes with a RUNNING KNEELIFT to flatten The Smartest Player In The Game.

MN: The bell hasn’t rung yet! This is crap! To hell with this thug Anarky!

DT: The ref now backing Anarky off…Anarky with that manic look in his eyes, just waiting for the ref to call for the bell…He’s talking to Copycat…[Bell rings] and I guess Copycat said he was ready cause we’re under way now…Copycat gets to his feet just in time to take a knee to the ribs and an uppercut…Anarky muscles up Copycat and SLAMS him to the mat!

DM: Copycat is a really big guy, for Anarky to lift him up and throw him to the ground, that’s a lot of strength shown by the maniac from HOPE.

MN: Didn’t this guy cave your head in with a chair? How are you calling a match objectively?

DM: It’s called being professional, you should try it sometime.

DT: Anarky stomping on Copycat, and now he drops an elbow…Off the ropes…Another elbow…And another, and another…Anarky now just lets out a scream and begins choking Copycat! The ref giving Anarky the count and he breaks at 4…Anarky now pulls Copycat to his feet…He lifts him…Inverted atomic drop! Anarky off the ropes…DECKS COPYCAT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! THE COVER!



NO!! [“Two!”]

DT: Copycat kicks out…Anarky grabbing Copycat for a sleeper, and Copycat dives into the ropes…The ref calling for a break…COPYCAT WITH A LOW MULE KICK! He just nailed Anarky while the ref was unable to see a low blow and that spills Anarky to the mat in a world of hurt.

MN: Good, he got what was coming to him from that cheap shot stunt he pulled running out and attacking Copycat before the bell.

DM: Turnabout is fair play and Anarky has never been one to abide by any rules, so I’d say Copycat had to fight fire with fire.

MN: You agreed with me? I might have to start taking this Mayan calendar stuff seriously.

DT: Copycat now stomping away on Anarky. Cat now picks him up and a BACKBREAKER…Cat holds him…ANOTHER ONE…And he lifts him back up…ONE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE…Copycat now bending Anarky over his knee, trying to submit him.

MN: Good luck with that, this guy shaves with a dull butter knife and then pours salt in all the cuts, he’s only going to thank Copycat for the abuse he’s putting him through.

DM: Anarky is clearly a man obsessed with inflicting and suffering pain, who knows if Copycat can bring him to his breaking point.

MN: He won’t unless he kills him.

DT: Copycat grinding away with that hold, fighting with all he’s got to try to put Anarky away…Anarky thrashing and Copycat just dumps him on the mat…Copycat now locking up Anarky now Copycat flips onto his back…Pulling Anarky up into a surfboard!

DM: And Copycat, ever aware, keeps his shoulders off the mat while having this hold locked in on Anarky.

MN: He’s not the Smartest Player In The Game for nothing, he knows his moves inside and out…

DT: Anarky finally snakes a leg free and he drops down on top of Copycat, who quickly moves and hooks Anarky in a crucifix pinning combination!



NO!! [“Two!”]

DT: Anarky fights out of that hold and both men get to their feet, but Copycat strikes first with a big kick to the face of Anarky, sending Anarky into the ropes…Anarky staggers back towards Copycat, who just LAUNCHES ANARKY INTO THE AIR…Anarky crashes hard chest first onto the mat!

DM: You might forget it sometimes, but Copycat Is a mountain of a man, he’s using all that power, and his intelligence to try to get the upper hand in this match and secure a win.

MN: And it’s not just a win for him, it’s a win for Anthology over these idiots in HOPE…Don’t think for a second that both men aren’t thinking about how important it is to get the first win in this faction war.

DT: Copycat now pulls Anarky up and he hooks him…FISHERMAN’S BUSTER! HE COVERS!!



TH—NO!![“Two!” some buzzing]

DT: Anarky fights out of it yet again. Copycat grabs him and throws him into the corner…Copycat with a series of shoulder blocks to the ribs of Anarky…Now he whips him to the other side…Anarky hits hard…Copycat charges…INTO A BOOT FROM ANARKY! Copycat stumbles backwards…Anarky quickly hops up to the second rope…ANARKY WITH A DROPKICK OFF THE SECOND ROPE! HE COVERS!!



TH—NO!! [“Two!” boos!]

MN: Quick on the count there ref? You got a date or something and want to get out of here early?

DM: I didn’t notice any difference in his counts for Anarky or Copycat

MN: That’s because you are blind and deaf!

DT: While my co-hosts get ready for pistols at dawn, Anarky is back to his feet and hammering away om Copycat with kicks and knees to the head! Anarky just beating the hell out of Copycat with strikes here…Anarky now gets to a mount position on Copycat and just blasting him with short elbows, forearms and punches!

MN: Come on ref, you can’t be allowing this crap to go on!

DM: What? Anarky can’t use effective ground and pound tactics to win a match?

MN: Ground and what? Quit speaking Klingon Matthews.

DT: Copycat manages to push Anarky off him…Cat gets up, but Anarky catches him with an Inverted DDT! Anarky with a cover!



NO!! [“TWO!” boos!]

DT: Copycat kicks out…Anarky kicks him in the head a couple times and now gets him to his feet…Anarky doubles Copycat over with a knee to the gut…DOUBLE ARM DDT BY ANARKY! HE COVERS!



THR-NO! [Groans!]

DT: Copycat not giving up, he’s fighting to stay in this match.

MN: He is the Smartest Player In The Game and he may also be the toughest, Anarky’s a sicko and all that but he’s still going to need to find a lot more to keep Copycat down.

DM: Copycat showed us how tough he was in that brutal ladder match with Layne Winters, so we know this man won’t go down without a fight, the question is does Anarky have what it takes to finish off Copycat?

DT: Anarky now gets Copycat back to his feet…Anarky hooking him for the CHAOS BREAKER…Copycat fighting it…And he breaks free! Copycat with a thrust kick! Anarky sidesteps! Anarky with a forearm to the throat of Copycat! Copycat clutching at his neck…ANARKY WITH A ROLL UP!



THR-NO! NO! [groans, buzzing!]

DT: Copycat kicked out again! Anarky looks disgusted…He’s pacing around the ring now waiting for Copycat to get to his feet…Copycat pulls himself up by the ropes…Now he turns towards Anarky…ANARKY THROWS FIRE AT COPYCAT!! COPYCAT DUCKS! Copycat quickly slides out under the bottom rope! [Bell rings!] what the heck is Anarky doing?!

MN: He’s trying to maim Copycat, that’s what! They need to ban this guy forever…He couldn’t beat Copycat within the rules so he decided to start cheating, what a gutless coward!

DM: Anarky’s never truly been about winning or losing, I don’t exactly know what to blame this on, a lack of focus or getting desperate…All I know is, I’m not going to be the one to try to figure out Anarky’s mind.

TF: Here is your winner by disqualification…COPYCAT!

[boos! MUSIC UP: “My Way” by Butch Walker]

DT: Well however you look at it Copycat weathered the storm, and avoided getting his face burnt off to pick up a win…We’ll be right back with more after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[“It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube kicks in as the shot comes back from commercial, and the members of Anthology step out onto the stage led by Jared Wells.]

DT: We are back… and apparently, we’re gonna hear from Anthology beforr the main event.

DM: Well, Jared Wells promised they were gonna make an impact tonight so this has to have something to do with that.

DT: Wells on his way out in the front here and the rest of the crew is right behind him…

[Wells has his tag team title belt around his waist, followed by Larry Tact and Sean Edmunds side by side, with Copycat right behind him and Cameron Cruise bringing up the rear. The make their way to the ring and one by one climb in.

Boos cascade down on the group as the music finally dies down.]

WELLS: Now now, calm down. Calm down.

Earlier tonight I came out here and told you people that Anthology was here to make an impact tonight. Now at Russian Roulette things didn’t exactly go as planned. Layne Winters lucked his way to a win over Copycat and Cameron came up short against Shawn Hart…

[Cruise gives Wells a bit of a sideways glance at this.]

WELLS: So what does the most dominant force in wrestling do when it suffers a setback?? We regroup. And tonight, in front of God and the world, we’re gonna make a statement. TONIGHT…

We add a new member.


[The camera catches reaction shots of the group. No one seems too surprised, except Cameron Cruise, who seems legitimately surprised.]

MN: YES! I knew they wouldn’t stay down for long!!

DM: The question is…. who is it?

WELLS: So, without further delay allow me to shock the wrestling world…. ONE…. MORE….. TIME!

[Wells makes a dramatic gesture toward the main stage as the crowd stands in anticipation.




“King Back” by TI blares over the speakers as on the stage stands…


More pyro goes off and he starts a long walk to the ring.]

DT: Dear God!!! Sean Stevens??? Are you kidding me??

MN: Oh crap, I think I need to change my pants…

DM: This is gonna be bad…

DT: Sean Stevens in Anthology?? How is this possible?

MN: Someone just played the trump card, Thomas!! I love it!!

DT: The World Heavyweight Champion is on his way to the ring and I simply cannot believe my eyes!

[Stevens makes it to the ring, climbing in and slapping hands with the other Anthology members, all except Cameron Cruise whose jaw is among those needing to be physically raised back up. Stevens plants himself dead center in the ring, World Title around his waist and takes the microphone.]

“TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS: SO – here I stand. Here I stand the undisputed World Champion, having defeated every Tom, Dick, Rocko and Marcus to solidify my standing as the most dominant man in the sport – and now, to top it all off, I have behind me the most dominant, the most destructive, the most important group of men the business has to offer.

Now, when you are as hated as I am you learn to surround yourself with only the best. You put the right people around you and let them do their jobs. You are looking at the future of domination in this sport. You are looking at the single most powerful faction in wrestling history.

Now some people might think this is an odd match. You may be right. In some cases, it is. And speaking to that point directly, there were certainly some conditions that come along with this deal.

First of all, I back up every one of these men when they need me.

Secondly, they stand by me when the jealous masses come gunning to screw me out of my title or my place atop this business.

And last…. But certainly not least….

I get to do… THIS.

[In one fluid motion, Stevens turns and CLOCKS CAMERON CRUISE WITH THE X-FACTOR, knocking him flat on his ass.]

DT: Dear God!!

DM: Oh no! Cameron Cruise is out cold on the mat!!

MN: Eh, I never really liked him anyway.

[The crowd gasps as the rest of Anthology gathers around the fallen Cruise. Wells alone hangs back, seemingly uncertain. ]

SEAN STEVENS: Cameron Cruise!! You wanted to lead a group of men like these?? You thought you could run anything around here?? You wanted to be the king? YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE ONLY KING IN EPW!! You, from this point forward… are no better than the rest of the trash backstage. You Cameron Cruise…. are GARBAGE.

[Stevens motions toward Cruise and Edmunds, Copycat & Tact start laying into Cruise.]

DT: No! Somebody stop this! Cameron Cruise may be a lot of things, but he doesn’t deserve this!!

MN: Look, Thomas… you live by the sword, you die by the sword!

DT: Cruise is defenseless! Somebody get out here!!

[The group keeps kicking Cruise until finally Wells steps in and pushes them all back to a bit of a cheer from the audience.]

DT: Finally, someone with some sense!! I never thought I’d be saying that about Jared Wells, but for heaven’s sake, that’s his best friend in there.

MN: Oh please, someone get out the tissues for this guy…

[Wells slowly helps Cruise to his feet, chastising the rest of Anthology – then in a quick motion boots Cruise in the gut and hits a hard RAGE BOMB right in the middle of the ring.]

MN: HA!!

DT: I spoke too soon.

[Wells shares a laugh with Stevens and gives him a quick high five, then turns and pulls Cruise back up again.]


[Wells steps back from a wobbling Cruise, then Copycat leaps into him and drills him with his own finisher, The Reality Check. Cruise lies completely prone in the ring, not moving at all.]

WELLS: AND NOW…. FOR THE FIRST TIME, I CAN TRULY SAY ….. THAT … IS A REALITY CHECK THAT YOU[Wells points a finger down in Cruise’s face] …JUST… WON’T… LIKE.

[“King Back” starts back up as Anthology high five each other and slowly leave the ring, leaving Cruise out cold dead center.]

DT: This is just ridiculous.

DM: And unfortunately, Cameron Cruise has made a lot of enemies so there’s no one out here to protect the guy. I almost feel bad for him.

MN: Gimme a break. Out with the old, in with the new. Good riddance!

DT: You make me sick. Go change your pants for Christ’s sake!!

MN: OOPS…. Uh, be right back….

DT: We’ll be right back too…. Jesus…


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: The First & Fusenshoff vs. Sean Edmunds & Larry Tact (c)

[FADEIN: The broadcast position]

DT: We’ve had so much crazy things happen tonight and we still have the main event, who knows what’s going to happen here?

MN: I do, Anthology is now rebuilt and more powerful than ever before, and now Fusenhoff better see the writing on the wall and get himself out of this match ASAP…This is about the little freak paying dearly for his foolish attempt at fighting Anthology!

DM: Well so far tonight we’ve seen Anarky attempt to set Copycat on fire…We’ve seen Layne Winters hang on to the TV Title for HOPE in a war with Erik Black, and now…[MUSIC UP: “Brain Stew” by Green Day] What has been an epic war of words is now about to turn physical…

[CUTTO: The top of the rampway where Sean Edmunds, wearing his white ring robe reading “Simply Sensational” on the back in black sequins. The robe is open enough to show he’s wearing knee length dark purple trunks, knee pads and ring boots with interlocking S’s on them in gold. The crowd giving Edmunds a loud chorus of boos.]

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL and it is the MAIN EVENT of the evening, introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 226 pounds…Representing Anthology…”SIMPLY SENSATIONAL!!!” SEAN!! ED!!! MUNDS!!!

DT: Edmunds has truly had a war of words with The First, he knows he hasn’t brought his A-Game since joining EPW…Tonight he vows to make a major statement for himself and for Anthology…

MN: I wouldn’t doubt him, this man is way too talented to get lost in the shuffle in Anthology or EPW, tonight will be his breakout moment when he silences this freak and crushes all the HOPE out of these fans…

[MUSIC UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank. The crowd gives another wave of boos as Larry Tact, EPW World Tag Team Title belt over his shoulder, wearing black tights with black ring boots makes his way to the ring he shakes his head at a rather loud fan who’s getting in his face and motions like he’ll slap him before then turning away in disgust.]

TF: And his partner, hailing from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 262 pounds…He is one half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions…Representing Anthology…LARRY!!! TACT!!!! [More boos as Tact hits the ring, he and Edmunds have a fist bump and then start talking.]

DT: Anthology in the ring now, they know this is not a match to take lightly, what with the dynamic events of tonight having happened, they truly want to put their best foot forward.

MN: And they will, these are two true veterans of the ring, not some idiot who thought being a wrestler would be cool and some big drunk goof!

[MUSIC UP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica. The crowd pops big as Fusenshoff wearing a white wife beater, blue jeans, black work books. He looks at the crowd and seems to be soaking in the cheers for the first time in maybe his career.]

DT: Fusenshoff a man who’s been so beaten down, so broken by his wars with Stalker, by everything he seems like he almost has a new lease on life after what happened at Russian Roulette.

DM: The normally grim, determined Fusenshoff seemingly finally finding a moment of tranquility and well, maybe even a bit of happiness in this word.

MN: Oh you two sound swooning over this nitwit. If he’d played his cards right he’d be with Stevens and currently ruling EPW…But no he’s a big dumb idiot who’s on the wrong side of the ring tonight, he’ll be back to crying in his beer in no time!

TF: And their opponents…Introducing first…From Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada…Weighing in att 265 pounds…FUSE!!! EN!!! SHOFF!!!!

[Fuse walks half way down the ramp and starts to have both members of Anthology waving him towards the ring. He shakes his head at them and stays half way up the ramp as his music fades out.]

DT: Fusenshoff not looking like he wants to get stuck in a 2 on 1 situation here, and you know Anthology has no concern for the rules and would love to start this before the bell.

MN: You just condemn Anthology all the time and [The crowd begins starting a ‘First’ chant, getting louder as it builds.] and man I hate these idiots…Why do they cheer this is moron? And don’t answer that Matthews, I don’t need to hear your worshipful crap about this peon.

[After the First chant goes for a bit MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre hits on the PA and the crowd EXPLODES….The First walks out from the curtain, Muse following behind. The First’s face is painted Kefka style, he’s wearing the First Obamacon “HOPE” T-Shirt, black gi pants, and black ring boots. He holds his taped up right arm to the camera with the words “The King is Dead” written on the tape in a black marker. Muse is wearing a light blue tank top, light blue tight shorts stopping at the knee, and b;acl combat boots. The First paces back and forth on the top of the stage area, screaming at the crowd to get even louder.]

TF: And his partner…He hails from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 208 pounds…Representing HOPE…THEEEEEE!!!!!! FIRRRRRRSSSSSTTTT!!!!!! [Pop!]

[The First and Muse high five the fans as they make it to where Fusenhoff is on the ramp and then all three rush to the ring, Anthology quickly back out of the ring, allowing First to climb to the second rope and pose to the crowd. He does the same in the opposite corner, and then Anthology re-enter the ring and force Pat Jones to keep order in the ring. First’ music fades out, and all four men mill about the ring for a moment, before Fusenhoff and Tact step out of the ring, leaving Edmunds and The First to start the match as the bell rings.]

DT: And we are under way with the main event. The First and Sean Edmunds circling each other, both men clearly want to fight their own match, Edmunds wants to keep this a wrestling match, First wants to turn it into a striking contest and allow him the chance to take to the air. They lock up and Edmunds gets a waist lock. First connects with a couple back elbows and breaks the hold and now First firing away with a series of right hands to Edmunds who’s staggered…First off the ropes with a SPINNING HEEL KICK that sends Edmunds crashing to the mat! Edmunds rolls to the outside. First now grabs the top rope SLINGSHOTS TO THE FLOOR! EDMUNDS SIDESTEPS…FIRSTS LANDS ON HIS FEET! First hammering Edmunds with more right hands and now WHIPS him into the STEEL steps!

DM: First and Edmunds had a lot to say, and so far it looks like The First is getting the last word here!

MN: It’s really early…Talk to me when the match is over to see who’s got the last word.

DT: Edmunds rolls back into the ring and gets to his corner…Edmunds tags in Tact, First now in the ring, and now Tact pointing at Fusenshoff…He wants the big man…And FIRST MAKES THE TAG [pop!]

DM: and now its power Vs power, as the former two time TV Champion faces one half of the tag team champions…

DT: The two men meet in the middle of the ring and they waste no time at all trading BIG RIGHTS…Both men firing away…Fuse blocks a right and now fires a series into Tact who staggers into a corner…Fuse whips him to the otherside…NO! Tact with reversal…TACT CHARGES...INTO A BIG BOOT FROM FUSE! [pop!] Tact staggers back…AND GETS BLASTED BY A CLOTHESLINE! Tact staggers to his feet…GETS BLASTED BY A RUNNING SHOULDER BLOCK! Fuse drops down for a pin!




DM: I don’t think Fuse really thought he’d pin Tact there, but you have to make your opponent expend energy kicking out, and if you catch them sleeping and steal a win.

MN: As if you’ll ever catch anyone in Anthology sleeping and get a fluke win. Fuse is in the big time now, let’s see if he can hang here.

DT: Fusenshoff gets Tact back to his feet and peppers him with jabs , Tact still in a daze and now Fuse tags in The First, who CATCHES TACT WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! [pop!] Tact down, First waiting on him…Tact gets to his feet…SPEAR BY THE FIRST! [pop!] He covers!




DT: Tact powers out First grabs him in a front headlock, Tact powers to his feet and bulls First into the ropes…First sent to the other side…First off the ropes and catches Tact…FLYING HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Tact gets back up…BIG DROPKICK SENDS TACT TO THE FLOOR! Edmunds charges into the ring …BACKDROP BY THE FIRST! Edmunds and Tact hit the floor trying to reground [First takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd, making the girls scream!] Anthology can get nothing going here!

MN: This is sickening, I can’t stand watching this punk gloating in the ring, and Fuse…To hell with him too!

DM: Well you might not like it, but it’s what’s happening, First and Fusenshoff in complete control here.

DT: Fuse now tagged in, and Anthology getting back into the ring, Tact tags in Edmunds, and now Edmunds will try his luck with the big guy…They lock up…Fuse backs Edmunds into a corner, Edmunds yelling at Pat Jones to get him a clean break…Fuse gives him one…[SMACK!] and Edmunds slaps Fuse in the face! [crowd yells ‘ooohhhh!’] Edmunds now ducking between the ropes as Pat Jones keeps the livid Fusenshoff from Edmunds.

MN: He’s in the ropes! Back him up ref! Fusenshoff is just another big idiot who doesn’t get the rules of this sport.

DT: Or doesn’t like it when people abuse them. Pat Jones backs him off…Fuse charges…INTO A DROP TOE HOLD! Edmunds gets Fuse to over-react, Fuse stumbling back to his feet. Edmunds goes after Fuse…AND GETS CAUGHT AND ELEVATED INTO A PRESS SLAM! [Crowd pops!] Fuse holds Edmunds up before dumping him down! Fuse putting the boots to Edmunds and now tags in The First who comes in and both men now stomping away on Edmunds. Pat Jones trying to get Fuse out of the ring as First has Edmunds and whips him to the ropes…No Edmunds reversed and as First hits the ropes he gets KNEED IN THE BACK by Tact…First staggers off the ropes…RUNNING KNEE LIFT BY EDMUNDS FLATTENS HIM!

DM: A cheap shot by Tact turning the tide of this match in favor of Anthology!

MN: Cheap shot! If the big muscle head didn’t fight with the ref he’d never have had the chance to get that shot in, this is all Fuse’s fault!

DT: Edmunds now dropping a series of elbows into the chest of The First. He now picks him up and SLAMS him to the mat, Edmunds makes the tag to Tact. Tact bullies First into the Anthology corner and now hammers him with a series of knees to the gut…Jones telling Tact to let First out of the corner, and while Tact has the ref tied up Edmunds is CHOKING FIRST OUT WITH THE TAG ROPE! Come on ref, turn around!

DM: Tact being a seasoned pro in the tag ranks has clearly shown Edmunds the tricks of the trade here, this misdirecting of the ref allowing these cheap shots to happen.

MN: Hey, this little freak has loaded hand tape and spits some sort of chemical in people’s eyes and you two don’t ever say a word about any of that, Anthology knows there is no rules and there and they are just doing what has to be done!

DT: Edmunds taking the tag from Tact and now snap mares The First onto the mat and a STIFF kick to the back of First by Edmunds…Edmunds now drops a forearm to the back of The First’s neck, and now he locks in a full nelson...Edmunds trying to wear down his opponent here...

DM: Edmunds wants to keep First grounded, keep him from getting to his feet and being able to take to the air, if Anthology keeps First isolated in the ring and grounded their chances of winning skyrocket.

MN: What from 99% to 99.9%? Look this kid is great for getting the Twilight demographic to buy T-Shirts and tickets, but he can’t hang in a real fight, and Fuse, he’s a sad sack just a bad night away from drinking till his liver falls out.

DT: First fighting to his feet, he gets a switch in Edmunds and has a waist lock…First goes for a German suplex…No Edmunds fights him off…Edmunds now with a go behind…He has First hooked…EDMUNDS POPS THE HIPS…BIG GERMAN SUPLEX!!! HE HOLDS A BRIDGE!!



NO! [pop!]

DT: First breaks out at two and a half…Edmunds gives him a kick to the back of the head, drags him over to the Anthology corner and tags in Tact. Tact and Edmunds both stomping away on First…Fusenshoff trying to get in to stop this double team and First now being subjected to even MORE abuse, come on ref, turn around!

MN: Thanks Fuse for playing into Anthology’s hands, that sucker…

DT: Fuse finally ushered out of the ring, and now Pat Jones tells Edmunds to get out of the ring after a brutal beating was dished out behind the ref’s back to The First…Tact now grabs First…He’s got him by the throat…CHOKESLAM BY TACT…He just SPIKED First into the mat…Tact with a cover!



TH—NO! [pop!]

DT: First again escapes! Tact grabs The First and throws him into the Anthology corner...Tact puts a boot under First’s throat and chokes the life from him…Pat Jones gives him the count and Tact breaks at 4…Tact tags in Edmunds…Edmunds now firing shots into the midsection of The First as Tact holds his arms…Muse now the apron screaming at the ref to get Tact out of the ring…Which is only serving to distract the ref and further allow the double teaming to continue.

MN: I might hate that little moron, but I do thank him for the eye candy…Maybe she’ll need a little comforting after her idiot boyfriend is left laying.

DT: Pat Jones finally gets Muse off the apron. Edmunds now gets First back to his feet…Edmunds locks up First…DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! EDMUNDS WITH A COVER!



TH-NO! [pop!]

DT: First again finds a way out! Edmunds showing a bit of anger now and he grabs The First and sets him up on the top rope. Edmunds now to the second rope…He’s got First hooks…BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!!! FIRST HITS WITH CRUSHING IMPACT!!!

MN: That’s all she wrote! Cover him Edmunds! Get over there!

DT: Edmunds hurt himself with that move, but First does look out of it…Edmunds crawls over and tags in Tact…Tact rushes in for the pin!



THR-NO! NO! [Big pop!] Tact looks disgusted at Pat Jones over that count, but First just won’t quit.

DM: First has taken big time shot after big time shot from Anthology but he’s still fighting!

MN: More like getting whipped…They’ll finish him off soon enough…

DT: Tact now gets up and he SLAPS Fusenshoff! Provoking the big man to get into the ring…WAIT! Muse just tripped Edmunds as he was trying to get into the ring! Pat Jones is busy with Fusenshoff while Edmunds is now chasing Muse…Tact now looking confused at what’s going on outside the ring...

DM: Meanwhile First is getting to his feet using the ropes…And now he’s grabbing his throat…


DT: You know it was Tact that provoked Fuse to get into the ring…And now Tact goes over to First…AND GETS BLASTED IN THE FACE BY GREEN MIST!!! [pop!] Tact rolls to the floor and is clutching at his face…Edmunds now trying to help him, while Muse rushes back to her team’s corner…Fuse now back on the apron and First crawling towards him for the tag!

[We can hear a headset being taken off. Neely’s voice can be heard a bit more distant then normal]

MN: Sean, Here! Take this!

DT: Neely just threw a bottle of water to Edmunds who’s now pouring it in Tact’s face… [We hear the headset going back on] And well, glad to have you back Neely.

MN: I’m only upset getting that crap out of Tact’s eyes is going to destroy the evidence that that little emotard did it in the first place…Not that corrupt Anthology hating ref would care!

DM: Well all of this came about because Tact pulls Fusenshoff into the ring allowing for Muse and First to attempt their underhanded tactics, I’d say they were fighting fire with fire.

MN: I don’t care what you say Matthews, I wish Anarky would hit you with a chair again.

DT: Meanwhile in the ring, First has inched ever closer to Fusenhoff…Tact now dives into the ring…TO LATE!!! FUSE GETS THE TAG AND HE’S UNLOADING ON TACT WITH RIGHTS ! Tact staggers….FUSENSHOFF SLAMS HIM!!

DM: Tact’s over 260 and Fuse just picked him up like he was a pillow!

DT: Tact back to his feet…GETS CLIPPED BY A BIG BOOT! Edmunds in now…And he gets DECKED with a BIG CLOTHESLINE! Edmunds rolls to the floor…Fuse off the ropes…STIFF LARIAT TO TACT!! He covers!!



THR-NO! [groans!]

DT: Edmunds makes the save…First in now and he and Edmunds spill to the floor…Edmunds and First fighting on the outside as Fuse now grabs Tact and whips him into the corner…Tact hits HARD and staggers out of the ring…INTO A RUNNING FOREARM FROM FUSENSHOFF! Tact is down and may be out and now Fuse grabs him…It’s time for the Whiskey Bomb! Fuse with a kick to the gut doubles over Tact….AND CRUSHES HIM DRIVING A LEG INTO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD…THAT SHOULD DO IT!

DM: But the ref is tied up outside the ring, Edmunds just ran First into the ring post!

DT: You’re right, Edmunds just sent First into the ring post and the back of his head just BOUNCED off that post…Pat Jones is out there looking at First while in the ring Fuse is going for a cover on Tact…EDMUNDS IN THE RING…HE JUST PUNCHED FUSE IN THE BACK OF THE NECK! FUSE SLUMPS TO THE MAT LIKE HE’S BEEN SHOT!

DM: What the hell? I mean I know Fuse didn’t see that punch coming, but I can’t believe the effect of it.

MN: Hey, you catch anyone in the right spot you’ll knock them out.

[A replay comes up, showing Edmunds looking down at The First and Pat Jones, and then quickly going to the Anthology corner, and pulling out a pair of brass knuckles from the bottom turnbuckle before he rushes into the ring and cracks Fuse in the back of the head!]

DT: And now we see the truth! Edmunds back on the apron and he throws those knucks under the ring…Fuse and Tact laid out in the ring now…Edmunds screaming at Tact to make the pin…Tact starting to move, he’s crawling for a tag…Edmunds reaching out for the tag…First is out of it on the floor…TACT MAKES THE TAG!! EDMUNDS RUSHES IN!!! THE COVER!!!



THRE—NO!!!!!! [Huge pop!]

DT: FUSE GOT THE SHOULDER UP!! Edmunds is irate! Edmunds quickly locks in a full nelson, working on that damaged neck of Fuse…Edmunds grinding away, keeping the bigger man down…And Fuse might be fading here…Muse banging on the apron getting this crowd to clap, trying to rally Fusenshoff…

MN: He’s cooked! Edmunds knows how to finish a match, and he’ll get this done.

DT: Fuse trying to fight to his feet. Edmunds moves him into the Anthology corner and makes the tag to Tact, [‘Work the neck’ Edmunds says to Tact]…Tact and Edmunds using the full 5 count to get in as many punches and kicks into Fuse before Edmunds gets out of the ring and now Tact snap mares Fuse to the mat and now locks in a neck crank…Fuse once again trapped in a painful hold, but this time from one half of the tag team champions. [Crowd clapping]…Once again the fans trying to rally Fuse…

MN: It’s like trying to cheer a fish out of water, he’s lost in that ring right now, waste all the energy you want rooting for him, rubes, he’s moments from being put away by Anthology!

DT: Fuse back up…To his feet, a series of elbows breaks the hold…Fuse off the ropes…RUNS INTO A BOOT TO THE GUT…Tact doubles over Fuse…AND NOW LANDS AN AXE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE NECK! FUSE MIGHT BE KNOCKED OUT! TACT COVERS!!



THR-NO!! [Pop!]

DT: FIRST WITH THE SAVE! But now Pat Jones ushering The First back out of the ring and both members of Anthology getting in cheap shots with a double team…And now Tact and Edmunds switching without a tag…C’mon ref!

DM: I dunno why that’s always so upsetting, but it just is.

MN: Oh it’s like the neighborhood play in baseball, they could make the tag so it’s all good…

DT: Edmunds now grabs Fuse SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!!Edmunds now puts Fuse in a sitting position…Edmunds up to the second rope…DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO THE BACK OF FUSE’S NECK! EDMUNDS WITH A COVER!



THR—NO!! [pop!]

DT: FUSE AGAIN KICKS OUT! Edmunds is LIVID…He can’t believe that wasn’t the match…Edmunds drags Fusenshoff back into the Anthology corner and tags Tact back in. Tact drops a series of elbows on Fuse…Tact now backs Fuse into a corner…He gives him a back elbow….And another one…Tact sends Fuse to the other corner…FUSE EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A CLOTHESLINE! BOTH MEN DOWN!

MN: AH! Make the tag Tact! Get Edmunds back in there!

DT: Fuse is very near to his corner…[Crowd clapping/stomping!] he needs to make the tag badly…Tact grabs Fuse’s leg…He’s trying to drag him back…FUSE BREAKS FREE!! HE MAKES THE TAG [pop!] HERE COMES THE FIRST!


DT: First with a series of right hands to Tact…First off the ropes…Dropkicks Tact in the knee, Tact drops to his knees…DROPKICK TO THE FACE! Edmunds charges into the ring…First ducks a clothesline from Edmunds and now rocks him with a series of right hands…First off the ropes…Edmunds goes for a backdrop…DDT BY THE FIRST! [pop!] Edmunds stumbles to his feet, Fusenshoff rushes him…CLOTHESLINES HIM TO THE FLOOR! Tact now staggering to his feet…FUSENSHOFF WITH A BIG BOOT…TACT STAGGERING!!!

MN: Get that oaf out of the ring! This isn’t fair!

DM: All 4 men were in the ring just a second ago, cool your jets Neely!

MN: What?! I see an injustice I speak out!

DT: Tact in a daze and First now whips him into the corner…HAND SPRING ELBOW BY THE FIRST! Tact staggers out, First with a couple right hands…TACT DROPS TO ONE KNEE!! [pop!] First off the ropes…SHINING WIZARD!!

DM: That’s normally the beginning of the end!

MN: Get up Edmunds! Somebody do something!

DT: First going to the top…OFF THE TOP!!! CUT THE THREAD!!!! [Big pop!] HE HIT IT!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!!




[Bell rings! Big pop!]

DT: EDMUNDS IN TO LATE! Edmunds hammering away on The First!! [loud booing!] AND HERE COMES ANTHOLOGY!!

MN: Get him! Destroy this moron!

DT: Stevens and Copycat hitting the ring…Wells just grabbed Fusenshoff and pulled him off the apron and Fuse hits HARD on the floor…In the ring, Stevens, Edmunds and Copycat all stomping away on The First…First now pulled to his feet by Edmunds and Cat…Stevens lines him up…X-FACTOR!! First hits the mat and he’s not moving [‘Get him up!’ Stevens yells at Copycat and Edmunds] and now they’ll do it again…WAIT! MUSE IN THE RING…She’s trying to protect First…NO! THEY CAN’T DO THIS…COPYCAT AND EDMUNDS HOLDING MUSE UP FOR STEVENS!! [loud pop!] HERE COMES HOPE!!

MN: Dammit! Those killjoys!

DT: Hart, Anarky, Winters hitting the ring, all of them armed with chairs…Anthology bails out off the ring…Hart and Muse looking over First who’s still out of it on the mat, Anarky and Winters daring any of Anthology to get into the ring…Stevens and company backing up the ramp, looking proud over what they have done…

DM: Well First and Fusenshoff might have won the battle tonight, but Anthology clearly looks to be out to win this war.

MN: Who really won? That punk is laid out, as he usually is, and Anthology is standing tall, as they always do!

DT: This has been a night of complete chaos…And now the new Stevens led Anthology has flexed it’s muscle…What can HOPE do about this shift in power?

MN: Nothing! That’s exactly what they can do.

DT: We’ll see about that Neely…We’re out of time fans…For Matthews and Neely…This is Dave Thomas and we’ll see you all next time on Aggression!

[The camera cuts from Fusenshoff, on his feet outside the ring, staring at the two warring factions, to the ring where Anarky and Winters continue their patrol while First is just now moving his arms as Muse and Hart kneel over him, to the ramp where Anthology stand, the camera fixes on Stevens who’s yelling ‘You want to play Brian? You want to play? This is what you get.’]

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