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AGGRESSION 49: San Diego, CA - 12/31/09


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Backstage. Lindsay Troy is standing at the catering table, shuffling some small items onto her plate and muttering something under her breath as she roughly slams a few things onto her plate. A few moments later, someone walks up behind her.]

VOICE: What’d the roast beef ever do to you?

[Troy doesn’t even turn around. She recognizes the voice easily.]

TROY: It’s here.

[The camera pulls back a bit as we see “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan, former owner and CEO of Empire Pro. His joking remark isn’t met with the usual smirk and sarcastic retort – and his own demeanor becomes more serious immediately.]

RYAN: Is everything okay?

TROY: Well, why the hell wouldn’t it be?

RYAN: I dunno – because you’re slamming cold cuts around and cursing out hors d'oeuvres?

TROY: [not turning around, clearly annoyed] Did you want something, Dan?

RYAN: [eyebrows raising] I guess not. I just came to see how things were going around here.

TROY: [still with her back turned] You think I need you here to check up on me like I can’t do my job without you around?

[Ryan steps forward and places a hand on her shoulder, turning her part of the way around. Troy puts the plate down, resigned to looking Ryan in the eye and glares at him, resolved.]

RYAN: What’s going on, Lindz? Where is this coming from?

TROY: It’s coming from you coming in here and interrogating like I don’t know how to do my job.

RYAN: Lindsay, you invited me here. You asked me to come down and check things out last week, remember? You said come down tonight and check out some young talent and so on. What… is going on?

[For a moment is seems as if Troy’s resolve weakens and she looks almost sad – but she immediately steels herself and raises her chin up, defiantly.]

TROY: What’s going on is I have a show to run. If you wanna watch, then watch. I don’t care.

[With that, Troy turns and walks away, leaving her plate on the table and Ryan staring after her, confused.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intro, Rocko Daymon vs. Stalker

[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.

JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.

Cameron Cruise hitting Fusenshoff with the Shipwreck.

The First, perched on a turnbuckle, then diving down onto his opponent.

Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.

Larry Tact and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.

And finally…. A dais with a throne upon it and Lindsay Troy sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.]

The opening pyro for Aggression goes off on the top of the ramp, the crowd cheering loud as the camera pans around the arena.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Aggression 49!! We are live from San Diego, California – and coming off the heels of the big announcement of Sin City Showdown, we have a HUGE show tonight!! I’m Dave Thomas and with me as usual are Dean Matthews and of course, Mike Neely.

DM: So many things going on right now with the formation of HOPE and Sean Stevens jumping into Anthology back on 48, and just ahead – the big one as we join forces with the crew from WFW: NE for one day.

DT: Let’s go on up to the ring and get this party started!

["Did my time" by Korn blares over the speakers as black hits the big screen. Stalker walks out slowly staring at the ring cracking his knuckles as he makes his way down the ramp.]

TF: The following matchup is scheduled for on wall! Introducing first weighting in at 224 pounds and hailing from parts unknown…STALKER!!!
[In his usual street attire he slides under the bottom rope and gets ready for his match.]

TF: And his opponent!

[The opening riffs from "Death Is This Communion" by High On Fire thunderously resound over the PA. An explosion PEALS over the stage as Rocko Daymon makes his entrance to a FLOOD of diverse reactions from those who hate him out of spite and those who know a TRUE professional wrestler when they see one!]

TF: Hailing from Tacoma, Washington! Weighing in at 243 pounds! ROCKO DAYMON!!!

[Rocko stares into the sea of fans for several moments with his fist held high in the air, then nods and smiles to his wife before the two make their way toward the ring, walking like professional wrestling royalty.]

DT: Stalker is in the ring as Rocko Daymon slides on in the ring. These too literally hate each other.

MN: Daymon is just jealous, he is broke because he mistreated that babe of a wife of his and now he is jealous of what Stalker has.

DM: Well we shall see because as soon as Daymon slid into the ring Stalker began laying boots right to the head of Daymon!

DT: The bell hasn’t even rung yet! The hatred is pouring out as Stalker grabs Daymon and puts his neck on the ropes and begins to choke him.

MN: Perfectly legal when Stalker does it.

DM: Stalker pressing the point here as he let’s go at the four count pulling Daymon into the corner, a forearm followed by an uppercut, buckle-to-buckle Irish whip.

DT: Failed attempt as Daymon reverses that whip! Stalker bouncing out of the corner, BUG CHARGING CLOTHESLINE BY DAYMON!

MN: Stalker in other places of the world is considered a demi-god, did you know that? Right here you can see that chin lock Daymon is applying should be illegal.

DM: What…? Daymon with a chin lock, Stalker rolling to his right on his knees. Jesus Christ! Rocko Daymon with a huge knee to the face of Stalker as he yells at Stalker to get up!

MN: And taunting. Taunting should be illegal too.

DT: Stalker not looking happy as he is wiping a bit of blood from his nose, Daymon not holding back here. Stalker charging in at Rock, arm drag by Daymon.

DM: Another taunt by Daymon as Stalker approaches Daymon and is putting his hands up for a test of strength.

MN: We all know who will win that by a long shot.

DT: Rocko nodding and saying, “Yeah let’s go, come on!” tensions high as Daymon puts his hands up, and a straight kick low blow by Stalker! How pathetic!

DM: What amazes me is he is telling the referee he meant to kick his stomach. Ha.

DT: Stalker now putting the boots to Daymon yelling at him as Daymon is scooting away but just backed himself sitting in a corner. More boots, as Stalker is trying to choke Daymon with his foot now.

MN: Choke him to death! Then his wife can collect what little is left of him in life insurance!

DM: That’s not right Mike, not at all. Daymon grabbing the foot of Stalker, wrapping it with his own leg, and using it as a trip! Knee joint pressure has made Stalker fall!

DT: That is what makes him so deadly in that ring is he is so technically sound. Rocko is up, big elbow and Rocko grabbing Stalker by the throat and just punching him right in the face! Wow! Pinning him with one hand and just socking Stalker like a punching bag!

MN: Where’s the counting?!

DM: Now. Rocko with a pin…





DT: Kick out by Stalker at the edge as his senses are coming back. Rocking picking up Stalker, knee to the gut, running to the ropes, bouncing off FULL SPEED DAYMON TRAIN.


MN: PShh, look at Daymon against the turnbuckle huffing and puffing!

DT: Stalker getting up as his face is now a bloody mess, Daymon still winded catching his breath as he turns around..Stalker with a thumb to the eye as he is now unleashing punches to the face of
Daymon and screaming very profane words at him.
DM: This is just a brawl…there is no wrestling in this; this is just two men who hate one another throwing fists.

MN: And know they are! That homeless Rocko Daymon is swinging at Stalker, Stalker swinging back!

DT: Left by Daymon a right by Stalker, they are just trading shots back and forth; both men are bleeding from the nose and mouth now. Daymon screaming at the top of his lungs and charge tackling Stalk through the top and second rope out of the ring!


MN: That’s all you can say? Not you are concerned for the safety of Stalker?

DT: Daymon is just slamming the head of Stalker on the outside floor! Daymon trying to get up, he may have injured his leg on the fall, Stalker is climbing to his feet using the ring prom, both men now being counted.


DM: Stalker now returning the favor and is charging at Daymon!

MN: YEAH! Stalker lifting Daymon up and driving him into the barricade!


DT: Daymon fighting back though! Throwing shots to the sides of Stalker as Stalker is still slamming him into that barricade.


DM: Stalker letting go and now forearm the face of Daymon, Daymon returning shots, OVER THE BARRICADE THEY GO!


DT: Back on their feet again as security is clearing fans of the area. Daymon shoves Stalker into the chair and Rocko leaps at him, now both men are just fighting in the audience!


MN: This is insanity! They are still trading shots, you can’t even see Rocko’s face it looks painted red.


DM: Stalker leaning against the barricade, Rocko with a clothesline to Stalker over the barricade the both go over again!


DT: I think Daymon just told Stalker “I’ll kill you” Rocko walking towards Stalker, NO! Stalker kicks up to the face of Daymon and connects as they are both laying on the floor now.


MN: Get back in the ring you dope!

DM: Both men crawling to the ring, both men at the apron, Rocko getting to his feet but struggling. Stalker is just out of it trying to grip what apron he can.

DT: Rocko! On his feet! He has half his body in the ring!!!!!


MN: NO! The referee saying no he wasn’t in the
ring fully and this is a double count out!!! Technically this is a win for Stalker.

DT: What a match!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled this match up to be a double count out tie with no winner!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Three is better than two...

Well, Ain’t That Some Sh*t…

[CUT-TO: The audience has seen a wonderful show thus far, just one away from the fiftieth edition of EPW’s own Aggression. On this, the 49th, edition, the fans of San Diego were roaring in approval, but the fun and festivities come to a dead halt when the EPW-Tron flickers to life.

CUT-TO: The EPW Tag Team Titles, basking in a beautiful golden glow. Resting comfortably atop a giant pedestal, the voice of a young, elegant female knifes through the image.]

VOICE ONE: The EPW Tag Team Championships. To hold them is to be part of wrestling history. These titles have been contested all over the world and stand today as a representation of many things.






[The image now shows that of the EPW Tag Team Champions, every last champion throughout their illustrious history. Screen shots of the various teams to have held the gold flash in rapid-fire sequence. A who’s who of professional wrestling personalities from the legendary Cameron Cruise Project, the power- Christian Sands and Lindsay Troy, the twin titans known as Blitz, the dastardly Highland Park Social Club, the Proletariat, the Forsaken, then finally, to the current champions of Jared Wells and Larry Tact. After seeing the cavalcade of athletes, the fans give a polite ovation to all that the champions the belts have seen. Then, they hear a record scratch, followed by a rather uncouth voice.]

VOICE TWO: …So why in the F*CK have all the champions sucked so hard?

[The San Diego crowd doesn’t take too kindly to the legacy of the title belts being tarnished by anyone, let alone somebody they’ve never heard before. The footage stops on random screenshots of EPW’s current tag teams, Jungle Storm, The Men of Constant Sorrow, Anthology and just for kicks, a screenshot of Chronic Collision~! Then, a random picture of a badly drawn dump truck that appears to be dropping piles of feces all over the teams appears. Followed by another voice, this one rather high-pitched and annoying.]

VOICE THREE: Seriously, duders. Seriously, like… sh*ttacular. I’ve combated better teams beyond the twin moons of Vendarr near Alpha Centauri. They have ten-sided rings, *****es.

[Back to the scenes of The Cameron Cruise Project and the Troy/Sands pairing that did battle over the Tag Team Titles long ago… another dump truck, and yes, more feces for them, too. By now, the fans have had it with such historic teams getting defecated on, simulated or not. Blitz gets the poop treatment, so do the Highland Park Social Club and the previous tag teams highlighted from before.]

VOICE TWO: Yeah, that’s right, *****es! You got sh*t on! That’s right! Open up a big, fat Sh*t-o-gram!

[The Forsaken and The Proletariat each get this complete unnecessary treatment as the dump truck shakes, dropping simulated fecal matter all over their pictures of them posing with the tag team titles.]

VOICE THREE: Yup, THAT’S a sh*t-o-gram! Open that up to let you know that you’s all tha sh*t!

[Getting restless by this point, the crowd starts jeering the likes of these stupid n00bs. Thankfully, we’re back to the female voice. At least she was pleasant to hear.]

VOICE ONE: For far too long, the EPW Tag Team Titles have been held back by all those that have possessed them. For far too long, their shine has been tarnished by the likes of inferior competition and people who only covet those titles as just another notch. They don’t savor anything. They take it for granted. Your own EPW owner, Lindsay Troy, has used another company’s set of Tag Team Titles as a bargaining chip rather than a coveted prize to earn.

VOICE TWO: What a douchy move.

VOICE THREE: Hey, YOUR trainer did that with her.

VOICE TWO: Oh, yeah… that WAS pretty cool.

[Another voice adds his two cents.]

VOICE FOUR: Hey, are we gonna do to Dave & Busters? I’m starting to get hungry and I’ve got these giftcards for Christmas burning holes in my pockets…


[The crowd continues to jeer, trying to drown out the bickering of the voices. Rising above all of that, the female speaks on behalf of her cohorts one more time. Now, the scene shows that of four bodies: a big, blonde-haired giant, a shorter, but still well-built man with curly hair and blue eyes, a short man with hazel eyes and neatly-combed hair, and a young, raven-haired woman. All decked out in neatly-pressed suits and business attire, all carrying the same solemn expressions on their faces. Nodding to the camera, the woman proudly smiles, cutting away from the drab scene.]

FEMALE: Finally… EPW has something better.

[The image completely dissolves, fading to black, but not before we’re left with one more image, written in Old English.]

Paid for by your friends at The Heirs of Wrestling.

Who also approved this message.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
John Doe vs. Aran Dishon

DT: Our second match of the night features newcomer Aran Dishon and returning superstar John Doe.

DM: I’m excited to see what this new guy Dishon can do Dave. Everything I’ve heard has been good. Of course we already know a bit about John Doe. This is shaping up to be a strong test for both men.

MN: Doe says he’s back for the fans this time. It kinda makes you wanna vomit, huh?

DM: I’m not sure what you mean Mike. It’s a legitimate reason. We all know how intense the roar of the fans can be when your music is playing and you’re standing on that stage. Well… you don’t.

MN: YES I DO! I’ve been there and done that.

DM: Your high school musical isn’t quite the same Mike.

MN: You promised me you’d never mention that on air, Dean.

DM: Aaaand, you believed me…

DT: Here comes the challenger, “Reckless” Aran Dishon.

DM: I’m honestly really looking forward to seeing what this guy can do. He has decent size for a high flyer and looks like he might have some power to compliment it. That combined with superb aerial skills gives him quite a repertoire and huge potential.

MN: I’m still not quite sure how I feel about him Dean. I don’t think the fans do either. I think we’ll see where his allegiances lie later on down the road. Will he kiss up to the sloths that fill the seats in these arenas every week? Or will he take the path of accolades and glory, using every advantage he can to get a leg up on the competition?

DT: I wouldn’t call our fans sloths Mike. Who do you think pays your bills?

MN: Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy.

DM: They don’t like you either.

DT: Here comes Dishon now.

“For The Love of the Game” by Pillar blasts over the sound system and “Reckless” Aran Dishon gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. The twenty-one year-old is wearing white shorts, elbow and knee pads as well as black tape on his fingers. His brown hair is cut short and he has a youthful skip to his step as he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight our first bout is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing the challenger…. At five-feet-eleven and two-hundred twelve pounds…. He hails from Dallas, Texas…. ‘RRRRRRRRecklesssssssss’… ARRRRRRRANNNNNNN…. DIIISSSSHHHHHHHONNNNNN!!!!!!!

“Who Are You” by The Who blasts over the PA as John Doe makes his return to an EPW ring. The fans are in an uproar for the superstar as we hear the first big pop of the night. John Doe is soaking it in as a smile slowly creeps onto his face. He walks down the ramp slapping and sometimes even shaking fans’ hands.

DM: It’s good to have him back.

MN: Whatever.

Doe continues to make his way up to the ring while shaking hands. He climbs through the ropes and takes in more of the cheers. He walks over to his corner as Tony Fatora takes center stage.

TF: And your returning superstar, ladies and gentlemen…. He’s six-foot one, two-ten and his hometown is still unknown… bring it in again for JOOOHHHHHHNNNNNNNN DDDOOOOOOOOOEEE!!!!!!

DT: That’s quite an ovation for the returning superstar. The fans seem to love him.

MN: They also love men in tight underwear and PBR. I wouldn’t get a big head if I were him.

DT: It looks like this one’s going to start fast, as these two seem to be just itching to use their fists. The bell rings and both men shoot out of their corners like dragsters. Dishon goes for a flying elbow, but Doe ducks underneath it. They both stop and turn toward each other. Locking horns, the bigger Doe gains an advantage and tosses Aran into the ropes. Doe catches Dishon with a flying forearm smash and smiles as he gets his first taste of being back. Dishon is up like lightning and puts Doe in a standing sleeper.

DM: Wow! Did you see how fast Dishon moved there?! That’s serious speed.

DT: Dishon has a grip in tight as Doe falls to one knee. He’s trying to inch closer and closer to the ropes, but he’s a long way away. Finally he catches him at a stand-still position with both knees on the mat and Doe fighting for air. He’s bent over and trying his hardest to get out of this clutch. The crowd is on his side and roaring for him to get out of it. He’s waving, hand in the air, looking for support.

DM: Listen to this crowd, Mike.

MN: I don’t understand how it’s helping him get out of this sleeper though Dave. I mean, moral support can’t replace oxygen. What’s the deal?

DM: His adrenaline is kicking in here.

DT: Doe fights his way out of the hold and has all the momentum now. He lands a gorgeous Tornado DDT followed by an Irish Whip to Hurricanrana and picks up Dishon for a German Suplex. As the crowd goes wild he sets up Aran and executes a flawless Snapmare-dropkick to the head combo. The fans cheer as he makes the pin.




And Dishon kicks out very quickly after the two count.

DM: John Doe may have forgotten who he is, but he hasn’t forgotten his way around the wrestling ring.

DT: These two men are exchanging blows now before Dishon catches one and drags Doe down into an armbar. He gets an opportunity to really do some damage before Doe finally makes it to the ropes. Dishon breaks the hold, but uses his position to land a nice Tiger Suplex. He picks up Doe and pulls off a modified Spinebuster at a higher angle. He follows it up with a Brainbuster Suplex.

DM: Dishon’s registry of maneuvers suit him well, as it sets up his devastating finisher, A-Dishon by Subtraction. At this rate we may see it tonight.

DT: And here is looks like Dishon is going to climb the turnbuckle. He’s well known for his spectacular aerial skills…. OH wow! A Diving neckbreaker on his fallen opponent. That was a brutal collision.

MN: Man I love this guy’s moves. Maybe I can talk him into flipping off the crowd or staging a mass kidnapping. I can see the evil in his eyes.

DM: Are you using your regular eye or your lazy eye?

MN: I don’t have a lazy eye.

DM: Well that’s because you can’t tell. People with lazy eyes don’t realize it when they look in the mirror…

MN: What?! Really?! Oh my god! Please tell me you’re lying!

DT: Here’s the pin..



Thr…. NO!

Doe kicks out. You can see the resilience now. He doesn’t want anyone spoiling his comeback. He’s fighting to get to his feet, but the new guy, Dishon, looks determined. He grabs Doe and whips him into the ropes… Fireman’s Carry Slam! This guy is really in the zone. He picks up Doe again and executed a cradle neckbreaker.

DM: I don’t know how much more punishment Doe can take. Dishon is relentless.

MN: Who cares how much he can take? Just keep piling it on!

DT: Doe is dazed on his feet now as Aran bounces off the middle rope and hits a brilliant Spinning Wheel Kick. And here’s his Signature Move, it’s a modified Sliced Bread #2 with a full rotation. He calls it ‘Kids Do the Darndest Things’ and its definitely trouble for Doe. The fans don’t know what to think as Dishon is back to back with Doe. He pulls Doe up over his head and lands a flawless sit-down powerbomb.

DM: There it is… A-Dishon by Subtraction.

MN: And there goes Doe’s last coherent thought for the next few minutes.

DT: Dishon locks Doe down and pulls him in for the cover….




‘Reckless’ Aran Dishon wins his first match in EPW with a perfectly executed and dominating finisher. “For Love of The Game” by Pillar hits as Aran leaves to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

DM: I liked what I saw from both guys tonight Dave. Doe made Dishon work hard for this win and might’ve pulled it off himself if it weren’t for the incredible momentum Dishon rode to the finish line.

MN: I really loved it too. Especially as the fans fell silent when their beloved Doe started getting dropped on his head.

DM: Get help Mike.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Don't shoot the messenger...

DT: Word is Fusenshoff is making his way into the arena. He’s been delayed a few minutes because he was busy signing autographs on a bus.

MN: You mean public transportation?! They still have that?!

DM: I’ve heard rumors that he never drives anywhere…

MN: Doesn’t he have a driver’s license?

DM: Really Mike? You just asked if the biggest drunk you know has a driver’s license…

MN: Wow… yeah… what was I thinking?

The scene cuts backstage to Fusenshoff walking into the building. Walking in, he’s looking around when he sees the cameraman shooting him. Looking at him funny, Fusenshoff just keeps walking when a random event staff worker approaches Fuse. The guy is small and thin with a bit of a stutter.

Event Staff worker: Hello F- Fusenshoff.

Fusenshoff: Hi.

ES: I w- was told to give you a message.

Fusenshoff: By who?

ES: I c- can’t say…

Fusenshoff has a permanent look of mildly perturbed confusion on his face as he looks from the staff worker, back at the cameraman, and then back to the staff worker.

Fusenshoff: Well tell me the message then I guess.

ES: I was told to t-tell you to wait in the ring after your match tonight.

Now Fusenshoff looks really confused and more annoyed. The first thing that springs to his mind is the conniving tactics of Stalker.

Fusenshoff: Well now what the hell am I supposed to think about that? I’ve been dealing with nonsense like this since I joined EPW and I FINALLY thought I was rid of it.

The event staff worker doesn’t say a thing, just staring at Fusenshoff and flinching a few times.

Fusenshoff: Give me a clue who told you to tell me that.

ES: I c- can’t.

Fusenshoff frowns, then starts searching through his pockets. He finds a receipt for a half-gallon he bought yesterday and a couple Canadian loonies that have been in his coat for months. Finally he finds something he could potentially barter with.

Fusenshoff: Tell you what, I’ll give you this. Just give me a hint.

ES: A shot g- glass?! You’re trying to b- bribe me with a shot glass?

Fusenshoff: It has the Canadian flag on it.

ES: SO?!!!

The event staff worker now has the same look of slightly annoyed confusion that Fusenshoff presented minutes earlier. Fuse rolls his eyes and seems impatient.

Fusenshoff: I just spent the last couple bucks I have in my wallet on the bus fare, but I’ll take you out drinking after the show if you give me anything I can use. You have my word, every drink’s on me.

The event staff worker thinks it over for a few seconds and weighs his options. He’s a bright guy and knows a win-win when he sees it.

ES: I’ll tell you this much… it should at least calm your s- sneaking suspicions…

The worker pauses for emphasis. After all, he’s on camera.

Fusenshoff: Go ahead.

ES: He’s g- got an accent.

Fusenshoff: An accent?!

The event staff worker simply nods his head. Now Fuse looks really confused.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
HOPElessly awkward

[FADEIN to the camera coming into a locker room where Anarky sits, taping up his fists.]

ANARKY: Time is running short now, gentlemen. Anthology’s time is coming. With each moment that passes, their demise is all but assured…

Still you cannot see why I am here. Why I’d even bother to lift a finger to stop you. After all, it’s not as if I have some great… ethical dilemma.. for your existence.

But see… just like nothing irritates me more than someone like Sean Stevens, so f*cking cocky and sure of himself, so intent to fabricate this wonderful world in which he, alone, is the source of all light and warmth in the universe, so special and coddled he is..

Somehow, Anthology found a way to condense such arrogance and stupidity into a highly concentrated form of egomania. I know you’ll take it as a compliment. Don’t.

Larry keeps grasping at straws, trying his damnedest to figure out what I’m doing here… well… if destroying one thing is beautiful… than this, perhaps, is my Mona Lisa, is it not, Larry?

Why shatter the illusion of one man when you can take five or six?

Your entire existence is a delusion. Sean Edmunds and Copycat can’t stop talking about their rousing successes of having been granted a stay of execution by the refs as if it were some great feat. This is your great triumph.

The time has come, gentlemen… for your Waterloo. And when it comes… I…

[He stops now and listens. He starts to hear a weird groaning somewhere. He looks puzzled. He stands up and puts his ear up against the wall. He frowns and storms out of his locker room. He walks next door and on the locker room door, where the moans are even louder now, is the name 'Shawn Hart'. Anarky kicks in the door and stands in horror as he finds Shawn Hart jerking his hot beef.]

SJH: Oh GOD! Teriyaki! Mesquite Barbeque! Yes.... YESSSSSSS!!!

ANARKY: This… is only one of… many horrors I imagined.

[The Phenom extends a large slab of salami toward Anarky.]

SJH: Here for a pre-match meal? We've got a BIG ONE tonight, boy... and I KNOW you can't resist the HART BEEF INJECTION!

[Anarky takes a step back.]

ANARKY: Keep your meat to yourself, if you know what's good for you...

SJH: C'mon brah... it's no fun playing with your own beef. You've gotta share the flavor sensations with all your closest friends! So you wanna taste this big ol' thang or what?

[The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister bats his eyelashes at his fellow HOPEster, but Anarky shakes his head and glares intensely at Hart.]

ANARKY: Listen, Shawn… I know you and I don’t meet eye to eye, and certainly your fascination with self-cured meat is, ah… disturbing even to me… we have a common goal, so if you could just, ah… stop jerking your meat… we could get back to, y’know, the business of annihilating Anthology…

[Shawn lowers his head in shame and places his meat on the table before him.]

SJH: Oy..... You're right, you're right. Those two-bit JACKHOLES gotta learn some RESPECT, and I've got just the thing to teach 'em!

[He grits his teeth, makes a fist with his right hand, and pounds it into his left palm.]

ANARKY: Now you're talking...

SJH: But once this bout is in the books, you jokers are gonna jerk it with me whether you like it or not!

ANARKY: Listen Hart, I don't that I want to-

[The Phenom quickly interjects.]

SJH: No time... NO TIME! We've got a match to win! Come along 'Nark... the PHENOM has left the building!

[Before Anarky can offer any rebuttal, Hart shakes his pelvis like Elvis and hop-scoots his way out of the room. Anarky shakes his head somewhat disgustedly and then trudges on after his partner.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
No comment

[CUT TO: BACKSTAGE near the door to EPW Owner Lindsay Troy’s office.

Kenny Lombardo is standing with a microphone. Troy comes out through the door and brushes by Lombardo, who tries to stop her.]

LOMBARDO: Ms. Troy!! I was wondering if I could have a minute!!

TROY: [not acknowledging or looking back at Lombardo at all.] No.

LOMBARDO: But I just…

TROY: Shut up, Lombardo.

[Troy keeps walking, now of earshot and turns a corner in the distance.]

LOMBARDO: Shut up?



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Five Way Elimination Match - #1 Contender to IC Title Match


[SLOW-PAN around the SOLD OUT arena; fans are jumping out of their seats to get on camera, throwing up signs and hand gestures. The camera cuts to a guy with a Flock of Seagulls haircut and purple lipstick/sparkly glitter on his lips, holding a sign that reads ‘I’VE GOT A HART-ON!’ Gross. TF [?] is already at center ring with a microphone]


[CUEUP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson]

DT: Here we go!

[The lights go out as a few strobe lights circulate around the arena. The music continues as OMEGA slowly makes his way from the backstage area holding his valet ‘Barb’- a steel chair wrapped in barb-wire]


[OMEGA cautiously looks around the place before making his way down the aisle. He slides under the bottom rope still holding ‘Barb’. As he goes to set her down in front of the turnbuckles, the referee protests]

DT: Referee Lou Helms wanting no part of any weapons tonight, instructing Omega to take Barb out of the ring.

MN: Awww, but she really LIKES it there, Lou!

DM: The thing about this five-way, is you’ve got a few guys with a reputation for taking things over the edge. With DQs being enforced, these guys have to be smart about what tactics they use.

MN: PLEASE let her stay Lou, PLEASE!

DT: Knock that off. Omega’s really giving the referee a problem over Barb; Helms is in the big man’s face, threatening DQ already!

[OMEGA finally relents, climbing out of the ring and leaning ‘Barb’ against the railing next to the announcer’s booth]

MN: Oh yeah, feel free to lay that right next to me, thanks. Always happy to sit next to murder-death-kill weapons, Omega!

[CUEUP: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep]


[ERIK BLACK runs out and stops at the top of the aisle, throwing up an arm to cheers from the thronging masses! He’s wearing loose fitting black pants and moccasins]

DT: Here comes a guy that gave the Television Champion a run for his money last week, and one who many consider a dark horse coming into this match!

DM: Never underestimate a guy who cares less about his body and well being than he does about yours.

[CUEUP: “My Way” by Butch Walker]

TF: NOW making his way to the ring! From KALAMAZOOOOOOOO, MICHIGAN!

[Smattering of BOOS as COPYCAT stops at the entrance to half-smile and look around the arena like “Who, me?”]


DT: Talk about a guy whose come oh so close to the Television Title, on two occasions, one of them being a match of the year candidate with Layne Winters and a ladder at Russian Roulette.

DM: Don’t forget he’s coming off of an important, if indecisive victory over Anarky. It may have been a DQ, but it was important that Copycat get a victory under his belt here in EPW.

MN: All ‘Nark did was save himself from a beatdown…and if he asks, I did NOT just say that!

[CUEUP: “Brain Stew” by Green Day]

TF: Also representing THE ANTHOLOGY!

[CUTTO: The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and fireworks shoot over the entrance to the down the ramp, creating a wall of sparkly good stuff. Through the wall of white fire steps SEAN EDMUNDS, making his way to the ring]


DM: Take a good look, because between him and Copycat, we might be looking at an Anthology victory here tonight. The two of them make an imposing duo.

DT: And I’m sure if it did come down to the two of them, they would have no problem putting their common allegiance aside to do battle one last time, as they have so many times in the past.

MN: Screw that, we can’t call them co-winners? Hart puts the belt up against both men; whoever beats him faster gets the belt?

DT: No, we’re not doing that.

MN: Yeah?

DT: No.

[Arena lights dim; camera flashes light up sporadically like stars with short life spans]

TF: [Solemnly] And finally…from Kamloops, British Columbia…

[CUEUP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica]

[The opening Indian-scale guitar riff ends…T-T-T-T-T-T-BOOOOOOM!...fireworks mark the end of the drums, as the song kicks into high gear. Shortly after, FUSENSHOFF walks out methodically, staring ahead as he makes his way to the ring, focused as ever]


[Mostly cheers from the crowd, but the segments that do like him ROAR with approval!]

DT: This right here is a man of consequence. He’ll jaw with you now and then, but when it comes to the ring…he’s all business and nothing but.

MN: He’s kind of like a mullet: business up front, party in the back. Well, he likes to drink anyway, so my sources tell me.

DT: Oh your sources, huh? And who might they be?

MN: I don’t reveal.

DT: How about half the damn promos he cuts where he’s in front of an empty whiskey bottle? Or the fact that his signature moves are named after drinks?

MN: You’ve been talking to my sources, haven’t you?

[SFX: Bell rings]

DT: Here we go, five way elimination match to determine the number one competitor to Shawn Hart’s Intercontinental title! Edmunds sneaks up behind Omega, and quickly pulls back...not wanting to engage. Both Edmunds and Erik Black are at a significant disadvantage in terms of size, with Fusenshoff being the next smallest at over 260 pounds. Smart money's on a bigger man taking this bout, but that's why we have the matches- anything can happen!

DM: Doesn't look like Edmunds wants to do much besides use Copycat as a human shield.

DT: Omega and Copycat break the ice and lock up...Omega seeming to have the slight power advantage, but look at this! Edmunds pushes Copycat to give him more force, and they've got Omega in the corner!

MN: Size matters...which is exactly why smart guys like Edmunds need really, really big friends.

DT: Copycat and Edmunds have some history of their own, as I'm sure- LOOK OUT! Erick Black just nailed Edmunds with a dropkick, and Edmunds goes right through the ropes to the outside! Omega reverses and puts Copycat in the corner...and right away hits him with a knee to the midsection. As I was saying, Copycat and Edmunds share a competitive history which includes many memorable matches in other organizations. If it comes down to the both of them, don't expect to see two allies hesitant to lock up. As Edmunds is looking for a way back into the ring that doesn't get his teeth kicked out by Black...

DM: Look at Fusenshoff- he can't be bothered! He's got a comfortable seat against the turnbuckle watching the rest of these guys labor on.

MN: Don't give him more credit than he deserves; my bet is he's drunk.

DT: Not so fast- Fusenshoff quickly rises from his seat and lands a VICIOUS ELBOW to the face of Erik Black...and dumps both Omega and Copycat RIGHT OUT OF THE RING!

[Crowd pops!]

DM: That's how you take care of business!

DT: He's gonna let the other three battle their way back into the ring while he works on Erik Black. And boy does he ever, dropping a hard knee across the face of the Indiana native. Meanwhile, Omega finds himself in trouble on the outside, his arms being held back by Copycat while Edmunds takes liberties.

MN: This probably ain’t the first time Copycat had someone from behind while Edmunds took full frontal liberties.

DT: Come on Neely, there are kids watching!

MN: What? With Cruise gone, Anthology needs a new pair of Dangle Brothers.

DT: Copycat with the Irish Whip, and OMEGA REVERSES HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS! He turns to Edmunds, who is pleading!

[EDMUNDS puts up his hands like “Come on, we can talk about this!” before turning and RUNNING!]

DT: There he goes! Omega gives chase!

DM: I’ve never seen Edmunds run so fast…

DT: Sean Edmunds just DARTING around the ring- [CROWD: OOOOOOOH!] EDMUNDS JUST GOT CRACKED! Erik Black came straight out of nowhere with a baseball slide to the head of a running Edmunds! Let’s see that again!

[SPLIT-SCREEN REPLAY: BLACK comes off the ropes and cracks EDMUNDS in the head so hard, it makes a sound effect]

MN: Jeez…that was some shot to the cranium. Edmunds is lucky he doesn’t wake up half a retard.

DT: Omega and Black are talking now, like they’re coordinating or something. Black hops up the turnbuckle…meanwhile Copycat opts to go after Fusenshoff, whom Black laid out with a tornado DDT a moment ago. Omega with Edmunds by the neck…CHOKESLAM TO THE FLOOR! BLACK OFF THE TURNBUCKLE- FLYING LEG DROP!

DM: Omega’s been focused on Anthology; no attention paid to Black, and they’ve even been working together. Interesting strategy.

DT: Anthology’s presence in this match creates an interesting dynamic- Black and Omega might have decided to counterbalance the Copycat/Edmunds tandem to avoid them dictating the order of eliminations.

MN: That’s way…waaaay too in depth. I’d rather just call them a couple of [BLEEP]holes and be done with it.

DT: Super. Omega rolls Edmunds into the ring; Copycat KNOCKS the big man off the apron though with a knee to the body! Black grabs Copycat by the ankle, attempting to pull him under the ropes, but Cat gives him a heel to the jaw.

DM: Yeah, Black’s not pulling two hundred and eighty pounds like that.

DT: Copycat turns and is met with a right fist to the gut from Fusenshoff. Fuse picks him up- that’s a big haul! And he drops him in an atomic bomb. Cat stumbling…DDT! Will this be our first elimination?



And he gets the shoulder up!

[Audience starts to look toward the entrance way]

MN: Look who decided to crash the party…

DT: That’s STALKER pacing at the entrance! What the hell is HE doing here?

DM: Is it me, or does bad stuff usually happen when that guy shows up?

MN: How dare you judge him. Truth be told, I’ve gotten to know the ol’ boy on a personal level, and it turns out Jason Reeves is a gentile human being with real feelings and emotions.

DT: Edmunds slow to his feet, but Fusenshoff plasters him with an elbow that sends him into the corner. Turning his attention back to Copycat…

DM: YOU’VE gotten to know Jason Reeves personally?

MN: Yes, and it turns out he does more than just point the camera- he enjoys Monster Truck rallies, Spanish dance music, and Tae Kwon Do.

DM: Who THE HELL are you talking about?

MN: I’m talking about Jason Reeves the EPW camera guy!

DM: I’m talking about Jason Reeves EPW STALKER!

MN: Oh God, Stalker, yeah, total sick maniac. Stay away from that guy.

DT: Can we get back to the match, please? Fusenshoff proving more than capable of handling both Anthology members- for now. He takes Copycat down hard with a Russian leg sweep, and goes RIGHT to the corner to deliver a knee to the face of Edmunds.

DM: Stalker’s gesturing something to either Omega or Black, I can’t tell which. Not sure what his interest is in either man…

DT: Copycat with a BIG clothesline- DUCKED by Fusenshoff; he counters with a knee! Swinging neckbreaker! Now he runs over to the corner- FRONT DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF EDMUNDS! This crowd is fired up now!

MN: Buncha ingrates. Anthology losing is bad for business, especially if it’s to drunken riff-raff like Fusenshoff!

DT: Erik Black goes unnoticed as he climbs atop the turnbuckle. Hold on, here comes Omega…and he’s coming over here…?

MN: She’s all yours, sir! I didn’t touch her, didn’t even look at her- I swear!

[OMEGA gives Neely a look as he grabs ‘Barb’]

DT: Omega’s got that barb-wire wrapped chair now…

MN: That’s Barb to you…cretin.

DT: Wait a second, Black motions to Omega.

[OMEGA tosses the chair up to ERIK BLACK, who then leaps off the turnbuckle and dropkicks BARB into the face of FUSENSHOFF- followed by a SMACK sound effect and ARAHHHH from the crowd!]


DM: And look at Stalker, he’s smiling! The man is SMILING.

DT: It’s official; Omega and Erik Black have been disqualified, and now they climb over the railing together. They must have been working as a team all along- and there’s Stalker, exiting with them.

DM: Something’s going on here between these two and Stalker, and it ain’t kosher.

MN: Just to clarify, we ARE talking about the sick maniac guy, aren’t we? Not the camera guy?

DM: THE STAL-KER! Damn you, Neely!

MN: Go to hell Matthews, if I gave my pink slip tomorrow this company wouldn’t last the weekend.

DT: Well it’s a whole new game, with Anthology in control. Edmunds has Fusenshoff’s arms tied up, and Copycat is going to town. He’s opening up Fuse even more with punches and elbows to the head. Edmunds lets him drop to his knees…

[COPYCAT places his foot on FUSENSHOFF’s head and pushes him down. EDMUNDS walks by and face washes him to a chorus of boos]

DM: Come on ref, are they trying to win or embarrass him?!

DT: The fans here telling Edmunds to sit and spin; Copycat drops a shin across Fusenshoff’s neck, choking him.

MN: If I were Fusenshoff, I’d just give up now. You’ve got Anthology kicking the crap out of you, you’re NOT gonna win, and they’re just going to rough you up more before putting you out of your misery. Just give up, save yourself the embarrassment.

DM: If Fusenshoff was Mike Neely, Fusenshoff would probably be a hundred and eighty pounds soaking wet and afraid of his dog’s shadow.

MN: I own two German-bred shepherds, big as your mother; take a walk, Matthews.

DT: Copycat lifts Fuse up by his hair…HE’S GOT HIM UP!...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! WOW! He got height like a rollercoaster! Edmunds off the ropes with a quick rolling senton…hooks the leg!



NO! Fusenshoff got the shoulder up! He’s still in the game!

DM: Look at Edmunds! He’s got Fusenshoff’s blood on his hands, so he grimaces and wipes it on Copycat.

MN: I hope our drunken friend’s been using clean needles!

DT: Copycat sends Fusenshoff off the ropes...SIDEWALK SLAM!




MN: He’s on his last legs, count on it!

DT: Edmunds from the top rope! FLYING ELBOW! Could THIS be it?!




MN: Damn it, don’t say three if it ain’t three! I have a heart condition, you know.

DT: The two Anthology veterans, former champions in their own right, now conferring. Copycat gets underneath a woozy Fusenshoff and hoists him on his shoulders. Edmunds…back up to the top rope.

DM: Oh man, this is gonna be high impact. Fuse is tough as nails, but his night’s about to end.

DT: Fusenshoff’s bleeding from the head, eyes are glazed over and NO he’s not intoxicated…

MN: …or is he?

DT: He looks to be a step or a half step from death’s door. Edmunds sizes him up! HERE HE GOES! WAIT! FUSENSHOFF WITH THE FORWARD VICTORY ROLL! EDMUNDS MISSED A FRONT FLIP NECKBREAKER AND LANDS HARD!




DM: From the jaws of defeat…unbelievable!

MN: What a lucky move…it should be illegal!

DT: Cat’s trying to get at Fusenshoff, but the ref is holding him back, trying to get him out of the ring. Edmunds, slow to his feet! Fusenshoff, slow to his feet! He gets there first- HE HAS EDMUNDS! IS IT?! YES! WHISKEY BOMB! THE COVER!




MN: Hey, you guys want him to do his job. Well, he’s trying to get rid of Copycat. That’s a near three hundred pound man we’re talking about.

DT: Fuse gets right up, tosses the ref aside, and now we have a brawl on our hands! Rights and lefts to the face of Copycat- Cat returns the favor! Three more refs storm out to the ring to separate these two…IT’S PANDEMONIUM!

DM: What the hell is Edmunds reaching for in his tights?

MN: Isn’t it obvious, Matthews? He’s fixing his manhood. You really need this stuff explained to you?


DM: And he still ain’t as blind as these refs!

MN: Stick to your day job Chief, there’s a reason they pay me for the one-liners.

DT: Edmunds has the leg hooked…FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Will it be enough?!




[SFX: Bell rings]


DM: Boy did Fusenshoff ever get the raw deal here, tonight. First he gets a barb-wire wrapped chair kicked into his head, then he’s forced to fight Anthology handi-capped…has Edmunds BEAT, and then this happens.

MN: Look you’re talking about Copycat and Edmunds. There’s a reason Anthology kicked out Cruise and kept these two; they’re IQ’s getting higher all the time! You’re looking at the smartest player in the game and hell, maybe the second smartest right next to him with his hands raised.

DT: “Simply Sensational” Sean Edmunds moves on with a victory tonight and earns himself a shot at the former Anthology member Shawn Hart’s Intercontinental Title! More when we come back here on AGGRESSION!

[CUTTO: Commercial break]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Enter the Dragon

DT: What a match we’ve just witnessed!

MN: But why’s Fuse still in the ring? The match is over, why doesn’t he go backstage and do whatever it is he does after matches?

DT: Don’t you remember? he got called out by someone earlier tonight.

MN: If he’s on camera I don’t pay attention.

DM: Unless there’s half-naked women involved you don’t pay any attention, Mike.

MN: True.

DT: Fusenshoff’s got a mic, let’s hear what he’s got to say.

Fusenshoff: [breathing heavily still after his match] Well here I am. Whoever sent me that letter, I’ll listen to your proposition, so whatever you’ve got to say, get out here and say it. After what just happened in the ring, I'm ready for anything.

[There’s some static on the big screen, and as it clears, we see a man wearing a cowboy-style hat, a dark green leather coat, white T-shirt and dark blue jeans, sitting on a stool with his head bowed and arms folded across his chest. As he speaks, he reaches for the top of his hat, gripping it gently]

Man: Well, me coming out there right now might be a little tricky, since it’s past five in the morning here.

[The man removes his hat, lifting his face to the camera with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his lips as the crowd EXPLODES in a huge cheer. The sound is so loud, the commentators are barely audible]






[As the crowd chants, Brown waits, letting the moment sink in for them. In the ring, Fusenshoff is slightly taken aback, but quickly regains his composure, watching the screen carefully. After almost thirty seconds of being on screen, The Dragon starts to speak, the crowd quieting down to listen]

Karl: I’ve missed you guys, too. It’s been a while since I was in California, but you guys are just as loud, just as vocal, and just as great as ever!

Crowd: *pop*

Karl: Now, I know some people have questions about what I’ve been up to the last couple of years since I last wrestled in front of an EPW crowd, and someday I’ll let you know. But one thing I will say is that I’ve kept up-to-date with what’s been going on, and that’s led me to this.

You see, a lot of people have been asking me about something to do with the current state of wrestling. After I left, when I started doing radio work, I’d get asked nearly every single day for my thoughts on this or that, what I thought about matches, match-ups, everything. But the one question I was asked the most, was: what do I think about Fusenshoff?

At first, I admit, I just kind of shrugged it off. I’d just gotten out of wrestling and didn’t keep that close an eye on things. I said that I thought you had potential, but left it at that. Yet time after time, whenever someone spoke to me about wrestling, your name came up. When you were TV champ, facing all comers, people were asking if I felt you were taking the same path I had. When you were in the Tournament of Champions, people asked if that was like me winning the Invitational in two thousand six. When people saw your matches, they wanted to know what I thought. So, I started watching your matches. I didn’t have any expectations, just in case you were the recipient of really good PR like some people in this business.

But you know something, Fusenshoff? You impressed me. In the ring, you’re one of the best today. Your victories – hell, even your losses – you’ve shown me something that I’ve only seen in a couple of people in this industry. But what impressed me the most, and set you above everybody else in Empire Pro?

It’s your attitude. You want to win, like everyone does. I can’t think of anyone who enjoys losing. But winning isn’t everything to you. When you lost the TV title you didn’t go whining and crying, you stood tall and moved on knowing that it wasn’t your night. You – more than anyone on this roster – understand what professional wrestling is about. It’s not about the money, the fast cars, the women chasing after you, or the titles.

It’s about self-respect. It’s about testing yourself, going beyond your limits, always striving for that next peak, and staying true to yourself.

And the more I watched you, the more impressed I got, and yet… I still can’t answer the question that everyone’s been asking.

What do I think of Fusenshoff?

DT: Why not?

MN: Because he’s bored himself to sleep talking! He’s always been overly verbose.

DM: Stop looking at your word-a-day calendar, Mike.

MN: Yessir.

Karl: And that’s why I’m doing this right now. I can’t honestly answer what I think about you, because so far all I’ve done is watched. I’ve seen you with Stalker and Rocko and Layne Winters, I’ve seen you in tag matches, singles matches, and full on fights. All of that’s given me an idea, but a spectator can’t say for sure what they think of someone.

That’s why I’ve been speaking with the front office about finding out for myself just what you’re all about.

DT: No way!

Karl: At Aggression fifty, Fusenshoff… I want to find out for myself what you can do, and give Aggression a treat as well.

The man who won the very first match in Empire Pro Wrestling… against the best damn wrestler on the roster!

Crowd: *huge pop*

Karl: What do you say, Fusenshoff? You and me, one on one. Deal or no deal?

[The crowd are buzzing loudly as Fusenshoff steps back into the ring, the mic raised to his lips. You can sense he knows the answer, but like an expert holds the audience until one word sends them into an explosion]

Fusenshoff: Deal.

Crowd: *MEGAPOP*





Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fallen Rise Up

[Camera fades in backstage where Omega, Erik 'Dopesmoker' Black and Stalker are huddled together. Kenny Lombardo cautiously approaches them as Black and Omega are intently listening to what Stalker is saying.]

Lombardo: Guys just one question - why in the.....

[Before Lombardo could finish his question Stalker grabs the mic out of his hands and shoves him out of the way.]

Stalker: Listen up! What everyone just witnessed right there was just a taste of what is about to engulf the Empire Pro. We are at the very brink of a coming war here and WE will not be left of out the battlefield.

[Stalker steadies himself in front of the camera as Omega petting Barb in his hands and Erik Black stand to face the camera as well.]

Stalker: You fools have ignored us for FAR too long. And now... now it's time. For the Fallen to rise yet again. Rocko Daymon you may have gotten away tonight but not any longer! Aggression 50 you and I will FINALLY END THIS... in a... LAST... MAN... STANDING match.

[A grin crosses Stalker's face as points behind him to Black and Omega.]

Stalker: As for these two... well... let's just say that if Wells and Tact have the balls to accept a Hardcore tag team bout then let us know. Because we will be waiting for them at Aggression 50. Don't be pussies, boys. We have declared our side and now you all know what's at stake... not simply your next match or your next title chance but your careers!

[With that Stalker drops the mic and walks out of camera view followed by Omega. Erik Black begins to follow but then stops a second as he bends down to grab the mic.]


[Black stops and looks around almost as if he lost himself for a second then drops the mic and runs out of the camera view.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
First thing's First

[BACK FROM COMMERCIAL! Panoramic view of the arena, with the little EPW Aggression logo in the corner of the screen]

DT: Still more to come tonight, including The First versus Jared Wells and our main event, where HOPE and Anthology COLLIDE in a tag bout! But first we go to Ken Regan who is standing by with two special guests. Take it away Ken!

[CUTTO: An older, distinguished gentleman with blondish gray hair and eye glasses named KEN REGAN, pronounced REE-GAN, stands next to THE FIRST and LAYNE WINTERS. THE FIRST is wearing his black Obamacon ‘HOPE’ t-shirt cut into a wife beater and black gi pants,, his face painted like Prince Nuada. WINTERS is off for the night, yet dressed for action in his mud-green wrestling trunks and a black Seattle Seahawks tee. He stands next to his ally, rubbing his hand and fist, sneer-smirking at the camera]

REGAN: Alright, I’m standing here with The First and EPW Television Champion Layne Winters. Two men who have put their rivalry aside to form the counterbalance to Anthology: HOPE. Tonight, First, you square off against Jared Wells, who dropped a bombshell last week by introducing EPW World Heavyweight Champion Sean Stevens as the NEW leader of Anthology. Does this put the momentum with Anthology?

FIRST: Momentum is a funny thing Ken...One night you look like a world beater, the next night you can't do anything right...Yeah, Sean Stevens was big for Anthology last week, but this week, HOPE has an answer for them...[Smiles at Ken] And after my match with Wells...After Anarky and Hart take care of Stevens and Tact...Well, we'll just see who's got the momentum then.

REGAN: Layne Winters, you’re a man who’s previously sworn off allegiances; a lone wolf who has gone unbeaten since winning the TV title, including a bout against the man standing next to you. Tonight, you come into Aggression 49 not only as a full fledged member of HOPE, but in The First’s corner against Wells. Exactly what hand are you playing in this entanglement?

WINTERS: I’ll tell you what hand I’m playing, Ken: the one that feeds my mouth, lines my pockets, and straps my waist! You say allegiance, call me ‘full-fledged’, but the FACT IS, I wear no colors, salute no flag, and take no blood oath. This little spat with Anthology…it might be personal to HIM [nods over at FIRST], and it might be personal to Shawn Hart, or even Anarky. But for me, personal ain’t got nothing to do with it! The face-painted creature to my right knows as good as any man, that under different circumstances I’d just as well clean out HIS skull as I would Wells’ or Stevens’. This is about BUSINESS, and right now I’m in the business of making sure this freak gets to Black Dawn without a scratch or a blemish. Now if you or anybody else wants to kid themselves into believing that Layne Winters works for free, then I’m a better actor than people give me credit for. But as long as HOPE has me in their corner, Jared Wells can pull a rabbit out of his hat or a Sean Stevens out of his ass, it ain’t gonna make a difference. I’m the most dangerous man IN-THIS-COMPANY, and if Anthology wants to test me… I’ll scrape my oats from the bottom of their F[BLEEP]KING skulls, and that ain’t no SH[BLEEP].

[THE FIRST looks over at WINTERS, and back to the camera]

REGAN: You heard it from the horse’s mouth. Back to you, Dave!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Jared Wells (c) vs. The First

DT: What a night we’ve had so far folks and now well, things are about to get even bigger!

DM: Indeed they will, Jared Wells has stepped up for Anthology and now vows to take down the founder of HOPE, The First, in what is sure to be an intense battle.

MN: Daddy is coming to play, and this freak is gonna PAY…

[MUSIC UP: “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. The crowd boos loudly as Jared Wells comes through the curtain, but he’s not alone, as the rest of Anthology, Sean Stevens, Copycat, Larry Tact, and Sean Edmunds follow him. Wells is in Scott Steiner styled black trunks with “Daddy” on the seat in white and “JW” in white inside a white circle on the right leg. Black knee pads/ring boots fill out his outfit.]

TF: Making his way to the ring…He hails from BALTIMORE MARYLAND and weighs in tonight at 255 pounds…REPRESENTING ANTHOLOGY…And ONE HALF of the EPW WORLD! TAG TEAM! CHAMPIONS!!! JARRRREEEEDD!!! WELLLSSS!!

[Anthology stand on the side of the ring across from the ramp way as Wells warms up in the ring, Wells music fades out…After a few moments MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by the Birthday Massacre and the crowd pops HUGE…The First comes out from behind the curtain, face painted like Prince Nuada, with his face white and the scars lined in black. His hair has more is a mix of black and blond. He has on his black Obamacon HOPE wifebeater T-Shirt. Black gi pants and black ring boots. His right hand taped up half way to the elbow with the word “Regicide” written on the tape in black marker. Following him is Muse who has her face painted like Princess Nuala, her hair is blonde, over a light blue shirt cut to expose her stomach and a frilly blue skirt cut above the knee. Behind them is the rest of HOPE, Anarky, Shawn Hart, and Layne Winters. First and Muse high five the fans as they make their way to the ring.]

TF: And his opponent…He hails from SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS…Weighing in at 208 pounds…Representing HOPE…THE!!!! FIRRRRSSSSTTT!!!

[The First hits the ring and hops on the second rope, posing for the crowd for a few moments before hoping back down and gets ready for the match.]

DT: This is a big test for The First here, he’s made no secret of his intention of securing a re-match with Sean Stevens for the EPW World Title, what happens here with Wells tonight might go a long way in him earning that rematch.

MN: He already lost to Stevens…To hell with this kid!

DM: You and I both know that match was mired in controversy Neely.

MN: A loss is a loss.

[The bell rings and the two men circle.]

DT: And this match is under way…First fires a leg kick into the left leg of Wells…Wells charges at The First who spins away from him and connects with another leg kick. Wells shakes his head as he stalks The First now…

DM: First has to avoid getting in a clinch with Wells and letting the big man use his power on him, First has to keep to striking and being able to use his high flying offense.

MN: So you’re saying he has to run like a coward pretty much.

DT: First hits another leg kick on Wells…Wells looks annoyed and throws a kick of his own…First catches his leg and trips him…First now quickly drives and elbow into the knee of Wells and now scissors the leg of Wells on the mat…

DM: Smart wrestling by First here trying to take away the leg of Wells, he doesn’t have any size advantage at all if he can’t stand up.

MN: Bah, you would recommend anyone to take out anyone else’s legs. It grounds high flyers, it takes away power from strong guys, note to the locker room, if you want Dean Matthews praise, just go for your opponent’s leg.

DT: While Neely works himself into a rage over commentary that’s more than just blind shilling for Anthology, Wells fires a series of elbows into the back and shoulder of The First…First continues to keep Wells leg grapevined and Wells now pulls himself over to the ropes and gets a break.

DM: Wells clearly has the size and strength advantage over First and was just able to muscle himself to the ropes to get a break on that hold.

DT: Both men back up…Wells with a bull rush just pushes The First into a corner…First looking for a clean break, fat chance he’s going to get that as Wells fires a knee into his gut and another…Wells now with a series of back elbows to the face as Pat Jones calls for Wells to get First out of the corner. Wells whips First to the other side…First hits hard and staggers out…Wells CRACKS First in the face with a STIFF Forearm to the chin…First drops hard to the mat, Wells with a cover!



NO!! [pop!]

DT: First kicks out…Wells now pulls First to his feet by his hair….Wells just TOSSES FIRST OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! First hits on the side of the ring where Anthology is standing…Pat Jones warning Anthology to back off…

DM: And HOPE isn’t exactly leaving things to chance as they rush over…Oh you can just feel this is going to erupt at any moment.

MN: Of course it is, HOPE is going to start something just to get this match thrown out, they know this idiot can’t hang with Jared Wells, much less dream of beating Stevens…

DT: Edmunds pulls First up and tosses him back into the ring and that crisis has been averted…Wells kicks First in the back of the head…Wells drags First to his feet and SMASHES him face first into the turnbuckle…Wells pulls First out to the middle of the ring, he elevates him…DELAYED SUPLEX! First stuck in the air for a good 5 seconds…SENT CRASHING TO THE MAT!

DM: Wells has a great deal of power and he’s putting that power on display here tonight.

MN: Anyone looks like a power house fighting this shrimp. The heaviest thing he’s got is the horseshoe up his ass, and tonight Wells is going to pull it out and beat him with it!

DT: Wells cranking a chinlock now on the head of The First, First stuck carrying all the weight of Wells on his back as one half of the EPW Tag Champions keeps the pressure on…First fights to his feet…FIRST GETS WELLS UP…BACK SUPLEX! [Pop!]

DM: Wells is no small man, for First to get him up for that suplex took a lot of power.

MN: That was just about all the energy this idiot had and look, Wells is beating him to his feet!

DT: You’re right about that…Wells with a right hand…Blocked! First with a right and another shot! Wells staggering…First with a dropkick, sending Wells crashing to the floor on the HOPE side of the ring!

MN: Clear them out ref! Don’t let these thugs get cheap shots in on Wells!

DT: Pat Jones keeping HOPE away from Wells and now trying to keep Anthology from charging over to the HOPE side of the ring…Hart and Winters keeping their distance but Anarky looks ready to strike.

DM: You know Anarky lives up to his name and I’m sure he’d have no problem kicking off this brawl.

DT: Anarky just throws Wells back into the ring and First quickly back upon Jared Wells with kicks to the stomach..Wells backed into a corner and First sends him to the other side…First measuring Wells…HANDSPING ELBOW! WELLS OUT OF THE WAY! First staggers out of the corner…GETS CLOTHESLINED IN THE BACK OF THE NECK!

DM: Wells just bowling over The First…Wells has so much power and he knows what to do with it in that ring.

MN: This guy has been around the block more than once, he’s seen flash in the pan punks like this kid before, and he’s going to send him crying to mommy!

DT: Wells now grabs The First and pulls him to his feet…Wells lifts First…EXPLODER SUPLEX! First may have landed on his head! Wells with a cover!



NO!! [pop!]

DT: First kicks out. Wells quickly gets First back to his feet and sends him to the ropes…BACKDROP! NO!! First with a sunset flip trying to get Wells over…Wells drops down on top of First…He’s got a pin!



NO!! [Pop!]

DT: Wells dropped his knees onto First’s shoulders and hooked one leg but he couldn’t get the other and First was just barely able to power out…Both men get to their feet…First throws a kick, Wells catches it…GETS BLASTED BY AN ENZIGURI…Wells staggering…First off the ropes…SPEARS WELLS! First covers!



NO!! [Groans!]

DT: Wells LAUNCHES First off him at two…Still plenty of fight left in Wells as he gets to his feet…First catches him with a dropkick…Wells staggers…Another dropkick and Wells goes through the ropes, but lucky for him he’s on the Anthology side of the ring.

DM: Wells needs to regroup after this offensive assault from First has clearly got him reeling.

MN: He hasn’t come close to finishing Wells, we still got plenty of match left here.

DT: Wells trying to get his wits about him on the floor, as First takes his shirt off and throws it at Anthology [girl pop!] Stevens throws the shirt down to the floor and glares at First…First goading Stevens to get into the ring…Wells now back on the apron…First goes over to Wells…Wells grabs First’s head and drops down clotheslining him on the top rope! Wells now quickly back into the ring and putting the boots to The First…

MN: See, I told you, one big move and Daddy has got things going in the right direction again…

DT: Wells back in the ring and he pulls First up…First drops down quick and catches Wells with a jawbreaker! Wells staggers, now Wells and First in the middle of the ring trading shots…Both men just throwing right hands…First now grabs Wells and a HEADBUTT…Well that’s didn’t have a real winner as First and Wells both staggering…WAIT! WELLS JUST FELL OUT OF THE RING ON THE HOPE SIDE AND FIRST FELL ONTO THE ANTHLOGY SIDE!

MN: Sorry Jared, your sacrifice will be remembered throughout history..But now the freak finally gets finished!

[Bell rings as both factions begin beating the hell out of the guy who fell out on their side of the ring. After a few moments both sides figure out that one of their guys is stuck in the enemies area and suddenly HOPE and Anthology both hit the ring and a wild melee breaks out!]

DT: It’s broken down completely now! Anthology and HOPE are brawling all over the ring…Edmunds and Hart spill to the floor, followed by Copycat and Winters…Anarky with a clothesline sends Tact over the top…Anarky now brawling with Tact on the floor…Stevens goes outside and grabs The First and throws him into the ring…Wells and Stevens now in the ring stomping the guts out of The First!

MN: Finish him off! Beat him to within an inch of his life and then take that inch!

DT: Wells now pulling First to his feet…Stevens lining him up …Here comes an X-Factor!

[Lights go out. Crowd pops!]

MN: NO! DAMMIT! EPW is like a third world country when it comes to the electricity, I hate this company! Lindsay Troy couldn’t run a Burger King much less a wrestling company!

DM: Our headsets are working just fine Neely!

MN: Oh…Ummmm…I didn’t mean any of that…

DT: Well while Neely gets ready to work on his resume…We’re still in the dark

[The lights come back on, and now Stevens and Wells are across the ring from The First…But also now a man, somewhere around 6’6”, who’s wearing the First Obamacon “HOPE” T-Shirt, black pants, and First’s make-up and hair style . The crowd is buzzing with noise, as Stevens charges First and Wells charges the larger-First-a-be.]

DT: We got a fight now! Stevens and First trading shots as are Wells and this…I dunno what to call him…

DM: Bigger First? Super First?

MN: NO! He’s bad enough as he is, we don’t need extras!

DT: Stevens with a right hand, First ducks…Stevens turns around…GREEN MIST IN THE EYES!! Stevens rolls out to the floor, away from where the rest of Anthology and HOPE are still fighting…Wells now being rocked by right hand after right hand from this very tall man in the First outfit…HE HOOKS WELLS…SNAP REVERSE NECKBREAKER!

DM: What a minutes?! Could that be?!

[Wells rolls out to the floor as the larger First now gets to his feet, pulls a cloth from his pocket and begins wiping off his face paint, while at the same time removing his wig to reveal his blond hair, the crowd EXPLODES when they figure out his identity.]


DM: First had said he had a big name coming in to even the sides with Anthology, but really who could have expected this?!

MN: Dammit, you have to be kidding me, how does this kid get Troy Windham, this has to be blackmail!

DT: The rest of HOPE get back into the ring and now the five of them standing tall in the ring as Anthology is on the outside…Troy Windham calling for a mic! [“Troy!” chant]

WINDHAM: So… why Troy why? Why have you… out of all people… come from nowhere and joined HOPE? Troy Windham… the sneakiest, most conniving, most ruthless SOB to ever enter this industry… why would he show up in the EPW of all places?

After all, I’m the guy who bragged and boasted about being the person who shut down this promotion’s predecessor. I’m the guy who, under the guise of a mask, snuck into this league to punish Lindsay Troy. And then, I made her an honest woman and married her against her will. My most recent so-called “arch-nemesis”… and I use that term loosely since he’s really insignificant in the grand scheme of life… is Dan Ryan, the guy most associated with this promotion. So, why would I enter this league that I’ve sneered at? And why would I partner with HOPE?

Well, let me explain.

First, ask yourself this… how did I become the biggest star in the history of this industry? I’m a great athlete, but admittedly not a World Class one. I don’t have 75 moves in my arsenal, but I do have a collection of bulldogs, DDTs and other so-called relics of the past.

Well, I am what I promised I would become for a simple reason. Because I am, without question, the smartest person in the history of professional wrestling. But I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now. I’ve had six surgeries on my neck, fusing some of my vertebrae together. I’ve had every bone in my left hand and wrist broken by Eli Flair. And the league that I’ve defined for decades… the CSWA… well, it ain’t doing so well these days.

The last thing I want to do is be one of those stars who hung around a bit too long. And the best way to go out is on top. And, while I’ve done some bad bad things here in EPW… it’s pretty safe to say that this league is the best going in the world today. I’ve only been a guest star here. Now, it’s time for me to be THE star. I’m already the best that has ever stepped foot between these ropes. But I’m never satisfied with my resume. Because, 100 years from now, I STILL want to be the best. And being the man here in EPW… that’s the one thing left that I need to do.

And that means I’m going to do battle with the guy who is the so-called ruler of this league. A guy who has stormed through everyone who has gone through his past. I’m going to have to go toe-to-toe with Sean Stevens.

Stevens, aside for some brief altercations we had in some fly-by-night promotion that I had my name attached to, we’ve never done business together. But now, son, you’re going to have to prove yourself against the person who is without doubt the best in history.

But having a match or a feud… that’s too easy for me. I’ve done that time and time again. And while it has made me a household name… I’m over that. No, Stevens. Instead, I’m going to outplay you in the game of human chess.

You took over Anthology in an attempt to dominate EPW forever. Me and my management team, we watched that from afar… and I realized right then and there that this was my chance to become not just Mr. CSWA… but also Mr. EPW.

HOPE springs eternal, Stevens. HOPE springs eternal, Anthology. HOPE springs eternal, EPW.

Especially now that there’s a new sheriff in town.

[Windham drops the mic as the crowd is electric…Stevens glaring that the ring looking outraged as First and Winters walk over and open the ropes, daring Anthology to enter.]

DT: I…I can’t believe this, Troy Windham is back in EPW! And he’s in HOPE! What a huge moment!

DM: The balance of power in this faction war appears to once again have shifted, this time in favor of HOPE…

DT: All this and we STILL have the main event to come! We’ll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Anarky & Shawn Hart (c) vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) & Larry Tact (c)

[Returning from commercial, we open up on the boys at commentary. Dave is smiling politely. Dean wears his smug half-smirk. Mike looks like he'd be anywhere else than with these two.]

DT: It's about time now for our main event of the evening, ladies and gentlemen! We've been hit with a lot of surprises tonight... the appearance of a third faction in EPW's stable war... Troy Windham returning as HOPE's advisor….and just now during the break, we were told that Lindsay Troy has banned all Anthology and HOPE members from ringside for this main event.... but either way tonight, in this tag match, bragging rights will officially be established!

DM: You're right about that, Dave. Tonight's match is an important one for HOPE. The World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens, in his new position as the leader of Anthology, marks a significant setback in HOPE's fight for survival! If they can't beat two of the Anthology's very best here tonight, then it's probably a good call to suggest they won't win against them when it matters.

MN: Hopefully, you're talking about that First twerp. Consider tonight a little bit of warm-up for the champ!

DT: You seem confident...

MN: Shouldn't I be? I mean, the Anthology is sending out the fed's WORLD CHAMP and its current TAG TEAM CHAMP. All HOPE has working for them is Shawn Hart, walking around with the IC strap... something he only got by beating that failure Cameron Cruise!

DT: Anyway... let's go to Tony Fatora in the ring.

[We cut away to the ring where Tony Fatora, EPW's long-time ring announcer, greets the camera with a proud smile.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to tonight's TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT!!

[The crowd POPS EXCITEDLY, and moments later, the lights cut to black. The electronic intro to "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie flutters over the PA Anarky's new HOPE video package. As soon as the song hits its familiar opening riff, ANARKY storms out onto the stage, all but ignoring the moderate crowd pop he gets as he sternly makes his way to the ring, eyes burning on the destination ahead of him.]

TF: Introducing first... hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, and I weighing in at 231 pounds... representing HOPE... HE IS... AAAAANNNNNAAAAARRRRKKKKYYYY!!!!

MN: Relax, Dean... I'll make sure he doesn't kick your ass tonight.

DM: Oh go to hell, Neels.

DT: One has to question the mentality of HOPE to allow someone as dangerous and unhinged as Anarky among their ranks, but... since its inception, Anarky has proven himself to be the unrestrained muscle of HOPE!

DM: To think that this man could have just as easily walked into Russian Roulette III in place of Marcus Westcott sends chills down my spine. Tonight, however, Anarky's finally going to get his shot at the champion in this tag team match. The question is, however... can he work well with someone like "The Phenom" Shawn Hart in his corner?

MN: I don't think ANYBODY can...

[As Anarky reaches the ring, he hops to the apron and waits for the arrival of his partner. "Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs grooves in over the PA. Orange, yellow, and red lights light up the stage as "THE PHENOM" SHAWN HART rolls out of the entry-way in a golf cart, driving in a zig-zag path down the entry-way as he brushes up past the barricade and slaps hands with some fans. Over his shoulder, he proudly bears the EPW IC Title

TF: Coming to the ring now, his partner... hailing from Orlando, Florida, and weighing in at 215 pounds... representing HOPE, he is the Empire Pro Wrestling INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!! Here is...


DT: The EYE-SEE CHAMP is in the house, and this capacity crowd has COME ALIVE for Shawn Hart!!

MN: Bah... that Benedict Arnold deserves NONE of this!

DM: Shawn Hart has really made some strides in recent months ever since leaving the Anthology, helping to found HOPE and scoring a win over Cameron Cruise to become the Intercontinental Champion!

DT: Tonight presents a new opportunity to get revenge against the Anthology... this time, by picking up a victory over the World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens!

MN: Come on, Dave, there's NO CHANCE of that happening. He might be the Intercontinental Champ, but that only makes him the SECOND best.

[Hart pulls his golf cart up around the steel steps where the ring crew is waiting to drag it out of the ringside area. Hart bounds from the driver's seat to the steps, playing up to the cheering fans as he struts along the apron and steps through the ropes. His first act is to scale up to the second rope, hoist up the IC strap, and pose in a perfect photo-op moment where he proudly displays his hairy-chested physique and its heightened sex appeal with the belt held right around his waist.]
[When he's had his fill playing to the fans, his music cuts and he goes to his corner to get a high-five from Anarky. With a quizzical glare peering back at him through Anarky's skull paint, Hart is unceremoniously left hanging. This is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a booming voice over the PA...]


[The EmpireTron begins playing the World Champion's new Anthology video package. The first shot shows him from his modest Empire Pro beginnings, fresh-faced but still with a glint of arrogance in his eye, marching down to the ring sans World Title.]


[In the next clip, the fully matured "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS stands with the remainder of the Anthology in the ring, gloating over the fallen body of the deposed Cameron Cruise.]


[As "KING!!" is spoken, we get a shot of "Triple X" Sean Stevens hoisting the EPW World Heavyweight Title high over his head while standing on top of the steel cage, fireworks exploding in the heavens, only moments after his hard fought battle at Russian Roulette III. "King Back" by T.I. hits the PA as the arena lights cut out. Fluorescent blue lasers dance across the stage as the Anthology's video package plays on the EmpireTron, detailing the infamous crew's backstage musings and action in the ring.]

TF: And their opponents... at a combined weight of 503 pounds...

[To everyone's amazement, a LIMOSUINE drives out from the side of the stage and pulls up right at the peak of the entry-way.]

DT: Oh come on, not THIS again...

[The driver gets out and hurries over to open the door. Stepping out in sequence is EPW Tag Team Champion LARRY TACT, EPW World Heavyweight Champion "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS, and three supermodel escorts. Tact and Stevens bear matching Ray Ban sunglasses, matching "Reign of the Anthology" t-shirts, and their respective titles. Quite arrogantly, the procession makes its way to the ring, with Stevens and Tact jawing at the fans. Both men enter the ring together and scale opposing turnbuckles, posing with their belts displayed to a jeering capacity crowd.]

DT: They certainly aren't MODEST, are they?

MN: Hey, when you're the very BEST there is... you don't NEED to be modest!

DM: They aren't the best until they prove it here tonight, Neels!

MN: I'm sorry... but were you SLEEPING through that EPIC cage match at Russian Roulette where Stevens came out STILL champion?!

DT: All I know is, with "Triple X" Sean Stevens in command of the Anthology... his power is exploding almost beyond his own control! The question now is, can he lead the Anthology to slowing the momentum of HOPE!

MN: Oh, no sweat! He's got the TAG CHAMP in his corner tonight! Larry Tact is by far the Anthology's most consistent and strongest member! This is a pairing that can't POSSIBLY fail! Look at how they already seem to be on the same page!

[Tact and Stevens discard their clothing items to their escorts, who carry them back up the ramp. Both sides briefly confer strategy and who goes in first. The ref, meanwhile, carries all the available titles to the timekeeper.]

DM: Man, enough gold in that ring to be in Fort Knox right now!

[Making his final checks, he nods again to the timekeeper.]

DT: Senior Official Pat Jones cues for the bell, and it looks as though this tag match will start off pitting the Tag Team Champion against the Intercontinental Champion!

DM: Hart and Tact are in the ring, and we're ready to get this one underway!


DT: Both men circling each other in the center of the ring... and there's the LOCK-UP! Hart and Tact... WRANGLING each other around the ring, trying to get the first move on the other!

DM: And it's HART coming out on top with a headlock! Hart, PUMPING up the crowd... but don't get carried away, Shawn! Tact backing into the ropes... and pushes Hart right off! Hart into the ropes... coming back with a lariat -- but Tact COUNTERS with a hip toss!

MN: YEAH! Good move, Larry!

DT: Hart is back to his feet, but Tact meets him with an ELBOW across the side of the face that knocks the IC Champ into the ropes! Tact taking him around the waist now... looking for a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX -- but he's DENIED!

DM: Hart has ahold of the top rope, preventing Tact from lifting him! Tact releases, and -- WHOA, NELLY!! Hart kicks up his LEGS and sends Tact ROLLING to the mat with a LEG-SCISSOR TAKEDOWN! GREAT counter!

MN: Lame...

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: Fast action so far early in this match... Hart goes to his corner, and makes the tag to Anarky! The unstable brawler hits the ring with a sadistic glint in his eye, meeting Larry Tact just as the Tag Team Champion makes it to his feet!

DM: Tact comes looking for the grapple, but gets a BOOT to his gut instead! Anarky steps up and begins WAILING AWAY with rights and lefts! He's blatantly got his fists closed there, and Pat Jones interferes, much to the discontent of the fans!

MN: 'Bout TIME he did something about it! How this maniac even got his suspension lifted is beyond me!

DT: Very much a loose cannon in Empire Pro, but Anarky relents for the moment! He knows how important it is to the other members of HOPE that they score this win over the Anthology!

DM: But now Tact has the chance to come back! Anarky suddenly finds himself in the CLINCH... and Tact looking for a KNEE STRIKE -- but it's BLOCKED by Anarky! Anarky lands a DRAGON SCREW to put Tact to the mat... and goes right into the MOUNT to lay in even MORE rights and lefts!


DT: Jones yet again warning about the closed fist gets Anarky to stop his onslaught, but it was enough to leave Tact DAZED and on his back! 'Nark pins the shoulders, and here's the pin attempt in the match!



NO! Tact kicked out!

DM: HOPE has looked solid thus far in this match... Anarky brings Larry Tact back to his feet, and there's the whip into the ropes! Wait -- TAG MADE by Tact to the World Champion Stevens as he sprung off the ropes!

DT: Anarky looking for the back body drop, but Tact LEAP FROGS -- and SLIDES right out of the ring! Anarky staring him down, but he doesn't see STEVENS going to the TOP ROPE!!

MN: Oh yeah! Turn around nice and slow, Mr. Skull-Face!

DM: Stevens OFF THE TOP... and Anarky TURNS RIGHT INTO A MISSLE DROPKICK!! True to Sean Stevens style, this arena goes DEAD SILENT! That was a good play of bait and switch, and now the World Champion has a chance to gain some momentum for his team!

DT: Anarky, only briefly stunned, pushes back to his feet... but his first attempt to strike Sean Stevens is turned into a HAMMERLOCK by the champ! Stevens strains the arm, and Anarky BITES BACK with an elbow!

MN: Oh, BIG MISTAKE, buddy!

DM: Stevens with a LEGSWEEP, and Anarky unexpectedly kisses the mat! Stevens switches around, and slaps on a front facelock before 'Nark can rise!

DT: 'Nark, trying to break free, but Stevens NAILS HIM right in the spine with a few forearms to keep him from struggling any further! Now Stevens hooks the arm... VERTICLE SUPLEX!!

MN: Great form on that one!

DT: Stevens back on his feet while Anarky lies temporarily stunned on his back! The champion bounces off the ropes... and a BIG jumping elbow drop connects RIGHT in the sternum! Anarky WINDED, and Stevens quickly crosses over and hooks the legs for a cover!



And a KICKOUT made by Anarky! I hardly expected him to go down that easily.

MN: You'd be surprised...

DM: Stevens bringing 'Nark back to his feet... no wait, Anarky just BATS his hands away, and CLOCKS the World Champion with a hard HEADBUTT!

DT: Stevens is REELING... and Anarky goes to his corner to tag in the Intercontinental Champion!

DM: Shawn Hart hits the ring with a purpose, but the World Champion is quick to regain his bearings! Both men tie-up... and Stevens comes out of it with a HARD CHOP to the pecs of the Phenom! But Hart just SOAKS IT UP!!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: "Triple X" Sean Stevens with ANOTHER stiff chop to the chest... and Hart doesn't BUDGE!

MN: Uh oh, I think he's got his HART ON!!

DM: Shawn Hart is REALLY getting this crowd on fire now, telling the World Champion to bring his worst! Stevens... with a BOOT TO THE GUT this time! Follows through with a DDT -- NO WAY, HART COUNTERS WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*




NO!! Kickout made by Sean Stevens!

MN: Yeah, get real...

DT: Hart rolls over first and slaps an unsuspecting Sean Stevens into a rear chinlock, digging a knee deep into the World Champion's spine! Hart's definitely showing some SKILL against Empire Pro's icon here tonight!

MN: Bah... Trip is just letting him have his moment.

DM: Sure, Neels... Stevens not giving in without a fight, but Hart might have something more in store for him here... he gets up to BOTH knees and rolls BACK!! WOW!! What a PAINFUL looking maneuver! I don't even know what to call that!

MN: A botched Codebreaker...

DT: Innovated submission hold applied by Shawn Hart, stretching back on the chin of "Triple X" while arching him over his knees... but wait, Stevens ROLLS THROUGH... right into an INVERTED FACELOCK on Hart! What a COUNTER!!

DM: Stevens brings Hart off the mat... has a handful of tights and goes for the INVERTED SUPLEX -- but Hart SLIPS OUT and lands on his feet right behind the champ! Here's Hart with a CLUTCH ROLL-UP!!




KICKOUT!! It was too good to be true!

MN: In your dreams, Dave...

DM: Hart still in control of this match, brings the champion back to his feet... there's the Irish Whip to the corner, and Sean Stevens CONNECTS!! Here comes Hart running off the ropes looking to follow through --


MN: DENIED!! Trip just threw him off like a cheap pair of sunglasses!

DM: Hart, scrambling to his feet, but Sean Stevens has already gone to his corner... and TAGS IN Larry Tact!

Crowd: "BOOOOO!!"

DT: I guess he decided that he had enough of it!

MN: What are you talking about? This is all just tactful tag team strategy!

DM: No doubt, the champion "Triple X" Sean Stevens is trying to break up the momentum set by his Intercontinental counterpart... meanwhile, Hart remains in the ring while Tact intercepts him! Both men tie up... and it's TACT coming out on top with a wristlock on Hart!

DT: Tact wrenches the arm and shoulder of the IC champ, and Hart just GRITS through the pain... Hart, scheming for a counter, and -- wait, he just drops FLAT ON HIS BACK! What the HELL?! Tact YANKED HIM DOWN by his HAIR!!

MN: That's a lie! You didn't see ANYTHING!

Crowd: "BOOOOO!!"

DM: I don't think the ref saw it, but he knows something is up! Tact explaining to Pat Jones that Hart must have slipped! Whether by purpose or accident, however, it put Hart on the mat, and the way he hit his head, I think it dazed him quite a bit!

DT: Tact is pressing the issue now, sitting Hart up and slapping on a STRAITJACKET SLEEPER and drives his knee into the back of the Intercontinental Champion! Hart in a WORLD of pain now, with his own arms be forced to squeeze the life out of him! But he simply refuses to tap out!

DM: And as the seconds tic away, Hart loses more and more energy to stay in this battle! Tact knows he can give his team the edge if he can manage to wear down Hart and make him the weaker man in HOPE's corner!

MN: He's ALWAYS been the weaker man! That's why he couldn't cut it with the Anthology to begin with!


DT: Hart, getting support from the crowd now! Even ANARKY is slapping the ropes, trying to get Shawn Hart pumped up!

MN: Or just warning him of the repercussions of wimping out...

DM: I think Neels might be right. 'Nark, apparently, is motivating Hart through profanity right now...

DM: Hart working back to his FEET now... and he's UP -- but Tact just DRIVES HIM RIGHT BACK TO THE MAT!! Hart was driven down HARD on the back of his head, and Tact has the perfect opportunity to lay in a few stiff boots to the ribs of the IC Champion!

DT: Pat Jones finally steps in to break it up, but Tact only moves away to return to his corner and make the tag back to Sean Stevens! Tact back on the apron, his work done...

MN: And done WELL, I might add!

DM: Hart trying to get to his corner, but Stevens is too quick! Stevens drags him back to the center of the ring by the leg... and proceeds to slap on the ESS-TEE-EFF!! THERE'S one you don't see enough of these days!

DT: Sean Stevens has the PERFECT angle stretching back on the neck and right leg of Shawn Hart! Jones asking if Hart will tap out, but he's FIGHTING IT with all he's got!


MN: Jeez, not THIS again!

DM: Hart has no chance of reaching the ropes from here... instead he tries POWERING out... and HE MAKES IT!! Hart ROLLING OVER, but Stevens slips out and QUICKLY traps him on the mat with a waistlock!

DT: Come on, Shawn!

MN: Come on, SEAN!!

DT: Hart trying to wriggle free, but Stevens digs his heels... GERMAN SUPLEX puts Hart on his SHOULDERS!!



NO!! Hart kicked out, and he stays alive!

DM: He's definitely fighting an uphill battle at this point, but he has not given up! If he can only make a tag to Anarky, who is more than eager to just bounce in there and lay WASTE to everything, HOPE can stay in this main event!

MN: Sorry, ain't happening. The champion's just about to wrap things up...

DT: The champion isn't losing a step now, bringing Hart back to his feet... there's the WHIP to the corner, and Hart connects HARD!! Stevens going up to the SECOND rope now... and goes RIGHT TO WORK on Hart's forehead!



...and a BIG TEN leaves Hart falling flat to the mat like a sack of bricks! The World Champion, meanwhile, plays himself to the camera, casually throwing back his hair and smirking for the fans watching at home!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOO!!"

DM: The champion's infamous ego on display...

MN: Knock it all you want, haters! He's the BEST!!

DT: The World Champion has Shawn Hart in the palm of his hand now... bringing him back to his feet, and hooks both arms... lifting him for a SUPLEX?! NO -- DROPS HIM INTO A PAINFUL LOOKING BACKBREAKER!! OH MAN!!

DM: That was a potentially crippling maneuver... and it could have very well done the job, as Hart doesn't look to be moving any time soon!

DT: Here goes Stevens with the cover!



NO!! That one got broken up by ANARKY!

MN: Get that punk out of the ring, ref! Come on!

DM: Pat Jones is telling him to get back on the apron, but 'Nark -- being 'Nark -- is going to argue the point! He's not doing his partner any favors, because the ref has his back turned to Stevens reeling Hart in to his corner so Tact can CHOKE HIM over the top rope!

DT: Anarky's trying to break it up, but Pat Jones just WON'T let him by! Come on, this is just SICKENING!

MN: Looks like our senior official is a bit overpaid...

DM: Anarky, FINALLY going to the apron, and Pat Jones turns his attention back to the match just as Stevens pulls Hart out of the corner and drops him to the mat with a HARD Swinging Neckbreaker!! Anthology still controls the match!

DT: Shawn Hart just needs the perfect break to bring all the momentum back on his side!

MN: Yeah, fat chance...

DM: Stevens, making the tag back to Larry Tact... and both men holding a little conversation now! It looks like the champion is telling Tact to hoist him up for something he has planned!

MN: Oh man, this could be GOOD!

DT: I don't like where this is going! Tact, setting a defenseless Hart into a standing headscissor... lifts him UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS as if going for a STALLING POWERBOMB... and there goes Stevens, into the ROPES --


DT: And Tact is left in LIMBO, holding Hart on his SHOULDERS!! But NOT FOR LONG!! Hart with a HURRICANRANA, and HOOKS THE LEGS for the pin!!



NO!! Tact rolls THROUGH IT!!



HART kicks out!!

DM: That miscue on the part of the Anthology could be all Shawn Hart needs to get back in this match! He makes a mad dash for his corner just as Anarky jumps back onto the apron!


Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Oh NO!!

DT: Oh YES!!! Anarky RAGING into the ring as Tact makes it to his feet, and the Tag Champion just get LEVELED by a lariat! The World Champion, back into the ring... and runs straight into a ROARING POWERSLAM by Anarky!!

DM: I hardly believe what I'm hearing, but that crazy son of a ***** has this arena ON ITS FEET!!

DT: Anarky goes back to the legal man, pushing him back into the corner and GOING TO TOWN with a series of hard punches to the face! Tact can do NOTHING to defend himself! Anarky taking him by the arm now, and Stevens makes it to his feet... but Anarky goes for the IRISH WHIP -- Tact and Stevens COLLIDE VIOLENTLY!!

DM: 'Nark has wanted to be in that ring for a while now, and he's just taken out both a Tag Champion and the World Champion SINGLE-HANDEDLY!! And at the best possible time! He's saved HOPE's chances in winning this bout!

MN: It ain't over YET!

DT: The World Champion rolls from the ring as Anarky brings Larry Tact back to his feet! Here's a front-facelock, and he hooks the arm... lifting him UP HIGH... and RIGHT DOWN INTO THE MAT with a BRAINBUSTER!! GOOD GOD!!

DM: It could be lights out for Larry Tact!

DT: Anarky going for the COVER...



THR--NO!! Tact kicks out!


DM: Worried, Neels?


MN: Don't be so sure of that, Dave! Here comes Sean Stevens back on the apron! As long as he's there, there's NO WAY Tact can go down! Not that Larry needs somebody to watch his back...

DM: Anarky, meanwhile, has Tact back on his feet and whips him to the ropes... Tact runs straight into a KNEE LIFT from Anarky that puts him right on the mat!

DT: Anarky drops down for the cover...




MN: Called it!

DM: Pat Jones trying to get Stevens out of the ring, but now ANARKY is getting into it with the World Champion! 'Nark SHOVES Stevens, and --

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOO!!!"

MN: YEAH!! Game, set, MATCH!!

DT: Pat Jones STILL demanding Stevens leave the ring, and now the champion does so, pointing to the limp body of Anarky as Larry Tact drapes over him to make the cover! Goddamnit, NOT LIKE THIS!!






Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: What the hell, HE CAN'T DO THAT!! Can't this ref get some CONTROL to this match!!

DT: All hell is about to BREAK LOOSE! Hart to his feet, and he's calling out the CHAMPION there on the apron!

DM: Uh oh... Pat Jones telling Hart to get back to his corner, but Hart is ignoring him completely as the IC Champion jaws off to the World Heavyweight Champion! And Stevens just stands there and tells him to BRING IT!

MN: The CHAMP ain't afraid of you, you wannabe!

DT: Wait a second, Tact back on his feet, holding the back of his head... and sees Shawn Hart with his back to him! Stevens is keeping him DISTRACTED! Here comes Tact from behind -- AND STEVENS PULLS DOWN THE TOP ROPE, and both men SPILL TO THE OUTSIDE!!

DM: Hart should have gone back to his corner, but HOPE is safe for now, as Larry Tact -- the legal man -- is on the outside of the ring! Tact bringing a stunned Hart back to his feet and CHOPPING HIM MERCILESSLY against the apron!

MN: Payback's a bitch, ain't it?! That'll teach you to break up the Anthology's pins!

DT: Pat Jones making the ten count on Tact, but... wait, he's got his back turned on the action in the ring! Stevens comes around the corner where he can't see him, and slips into the ring just as a groggy Anarky reaches his feet...

DM: Uh oh... Stevens hooking 'Nark from behind with an inverted face lock -- LIFTS HIM UP -- AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE X-TERMINATOR!!!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

DT: DAMNIT, Stevens just LAID OUT the LEGAL MAN in the ring! But the only man available to pin him is out on ringside! Jones at the count of FIVE as Tact takes Hart by the arm... AND WHIPS HIM MERCILESSLY INTO THE GUARDRAIL!!

DM: This isn't looking good for HOPE!

MN: Come on, Larry, get back in the ring and let's wrap this up!

DT: Stevens waves for his attention and points out Anarky laid out in the ring! Tact slides back -- NO!! Hart grabs him by the ankle and YANKS HIM OUT AGAIN!! It broke the TEN COUNT and it bought Anarky THAT MUCH more time to recover!

MN: What the hell, didn't he just get thrown into the STEEL BARRICADE?!

DM: Hart came right back! He hasn't had enough of Larry Tact on the outside, and now both men trading HARD rights and lefts as Pat Jones continues the count! Sean Stevens understands that this is not going to fly when Anarky is laid out in the middle of the ring and the opportunity to pin him is RIGHT THERE, and he comes around the ring to get involved!

DT: OH MAN!! Shawn Hart just got LAID OUT by the champ with a running clothesline to the back of the head that he just didn't see coming! Stevens nods to Tact, and the Tag Champ FINALLY rolls back into the ring! He makes the cover on ANARKY...




MN: DAMN!! If he had just been a SECOND FASTER!!

DM: Shawn Hart's interference outside the ring bought Anarky a bit more time to recover from that DEVASTATING X-Terminator! But Hart is paying the price now, as Sean Stevens traps him in a FIGURE FOURLOCK on the outside!!

DT: What is the meaning of THAT?!

MN: Isn't it obvious, Dave? That way, Shawn Hart is more concerned with his LEGS not being broken than trying to muck up the finish!

DM: Speaking of the finish, Larry Tact knows he's got Anarky right where he wants him, and stands him up to his feet... Tact slapping on a front-facelock, hooks the leg... going for the STARBREAKER -- but Anarky BLOCKS IT!! He FREED HIS LEG at the last second and dropped back to his feet!!

DT: Tact, struggling for control, but Anarky switches it up on him and twists him around... and lands THE CHAOS BREAKER!!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: Oh man, WHAT A REVERSAL!! "Triple X" Sean Stevens hears the crowd, and he sees that something is up! Stevens, now, trying to BREAK the figure four applied on Hart, but his LEGS ARE ALL TANGLED!!

DT: Anarky drapes the arm across the chest of Larry Tact as Sean Stevens struggles to his feet...



THREEEE!!! Stevens got in the ring, but was just a SNAP SECOND too late as Pat Jones made the three count before he could break it up!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!!!

["More Human Than Human" hits the PA as Anarky rolls off of Tact onto his back. Stevens argues with Pat Jones about making the break, but Jones confides that the three count was made before he could get there, leaving the World Champion to KICK the mat in sheer frustration! Meanwhile, Shawn Hart, limping slightly from the figure four sustained only moments earlier, makes it to his feet and is delighted to discover his tag partner pulled out the win.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match...


DM: The champion STILL can't believe it!

DT: Well, he's just going to have to deal with the reality! Here tonight, HOPE has upstaged the Anthology, and proven their legitimacy here in Empire Pro!

MN: This is BLASPHEMY!! Anarky isn't even a CHAMPION!!

DM: And the one man who came into this match without gold around his waist came up making the big play in the end! Against a talented Tag Team Champion and the federation's VERY BEST, Anarky and Shawn Hart found a way for HOPE to hang on!

[Pulling Tact from the ring, Stevens leads him up the ramp. The defeated members of Anthology glare angrily back to the ring, holding their titles as though to prove they were still, by default, the BEST on paper. Meanwhile, HOPE celebrates in the ring. Shawn Hart bounds from one turnbuckle to the next while Anarky talks trash to the departing Anthology.]

DT: It's been a big night for HOPE tonight, but... one has to wonder what Anthology will do in response to this!

MN: Oh, believe me, there will be HELL to pay!

DT: We'll see you next time, fans, LIVE from LAS VEGAS where we will present the FIFTIETH INSTALLMENT of EPW'S AGGRESSION!! It's going to be a MONUMENTAL event, and you won't want to miss it! Until then, I'm Dave Thomas... this is Mike Neely and "The Show Stealer" Dean Matthews... GOOD NIGHT!!

[CUT TO: Backstage, Lindsay Troy’s office. Troy has a determined serious look on her face as she goes through some paperwork and glances over at a monitor; the sight of Troy Windham, not one of her favorite people in the world to put it mildly, doesn’t help her mood.

Just then, the door bursts open and the tag team champions, Larry Tact and Jared Wells come through.]

TACT: What the f*** kinda operation are you runnin’, Troy??

WELLS: Yeah, what the hell?? Because you banned everyone from ringside in the main event, you let those HOPE douchebags cheat their way to a victory, and besides that - TROY WINDHAM? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?



TROY: [starting almost literally turn red with anger] Tact, for the sake of your career…

TACT: These two lunatic jobbers Erik Black and Omega Man or whatever the hell his name is are challenging US to a title match?? Have you lost your mind completely letting these people pull this s**t??

TROY: Like I said, Tact – for the sake of your career, I would leave my office…..right. now.

TACT: Psshh… whatever, Troy. What’re you gonna do, fire me??

WELLS: [laughing] Yeah, right. She doesn’t have the guts.


Lindsay Troy practically ERUPTS out of her chair and slams both hands down on the desk, startling both men.]

TROY: As a matter of FACT, that’s EXACTLY WHAT I’M GONNA DO.

TACT: Uhhh… what?


WELLS: Whoa whoa whoa…. You wouldn’t dare.


TACT: You can’t do this!! [turning to Wells] She can’t do this!

WELLS: Troy, you’re gonna fire one half of the tag team champions right before the biggest show in the history of the company?? Come on, think this through!!


[Troy slams her hand down on an intercom button on her phone, and a female voice comes through – “Yes, Ms. Troy?”]

TROY: Phyllis, security, my office. NOW.

TACT: Hold on! I misspoke!! Everything’s fine – there’s no need for this!

[Four security guards enter the office, two of them grabbing one of Tact’s arms each.]

TROY: Get him the hell outta here.

[The guards start to drag Tact out and he and Wells continue to protest.]

TACT: You can’t do this! You’re gonna hear from my attorneys!

WELLS: [pointing a finger in Troy’s face] You’re gonna regret this. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.

TROY: [leaning in and seething through clinched teeth] Leave now – or you can join him.

[This gets Wells’ attention and he finally leaves the room, but less than five seconds later Wells is back, this time with Sean Stevens, Copycat and Sean Edmunds in tow.]

STEVENS: Where do you get off?? There’s no way you’re firing Tact, just no way.


STEVENS: [dismissive] What the hell is your problem anyway? You on the rag, or what??

[Uh oh.]

TROY: That’s IT. I’ve had it with every last one of you. I’m sick of your mouth, I’m sick of your cheating, and I’m sick of looking at you. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU – GET OUT. YOU’RE ALL TERMINATED, IMMEDIATELY.

[Stevens’ mouth actually drops open.]

TROY: [pointing as she talks, shaking in anger] YOU. [Wells.] YOU. [Copycat.] YOU. [Edmunds.] AND ESPECIALLY…. YOU. [Stevens.]

[The commotion in the office has been overheard by various people in the hallways and a small crowd has gathered – through the crowd, Dan Ryan pushes his way through and into the office.]

STEVENS: Not gonna happen, Troy!!! No way you can do this!!

RYAN: What’s going on here?

[Troy doesn’t take her glare off of Stevens, so he addresses Ryan himself.]

STEVENS: Your sister-in-law just fired the World Champion, the Tag Team Champions and the number one contender to the Intercontinental Title all at once.

[Ryan glances over at Troy, one eyebrow raised. He talks to Stevens, but keeps his gaze on Troy.]

RYAN: I see.

STEVENS: ****, Dan – do something about this. I don’t care if you like me or not, this is bull**** and you know it!

RYAN: [still looking at Troy, addressing her now] Are you sure this is such a good idea, Lindz?

TROY: [now turning her glare to Ryan] DON’T TELL ME HOW TO RUN THE COMPANY… DAN.

[Ryan’s eyebrows raise one more time as he stares straight into Lindsay Troy’s eyes. She stares back, and over the course of the next few moments, something softens. Finally, she throws her hands up.]

TROY: Fine. F**k this. You think I’m not doing my job? You do it. I’m officially handing the company back over to you. You deal with these morons for a while.

[Troy quickly packs up a few personal items and shoves her way through the group in her office.]

RYAN: Lindsay….

TROY: See you later, Dan. Good luck with all this. And Dan…. don’t call me. Just leave me alone.

[Ryan sighs, but says nothing more – just lets her walk out.]

STEVENS: So what about all this, Dan?? You gonna let her fire all of us and cripple the company?

[Ryan looks at Stevens, thinks for a moment.]

RYAN: No. No I’m not.

STEVENS: I knew you’d do what was best for business.

RYAN: Except for Larry Tact. He stays fired.

STEVENS/WELLS/COPYCAT/EDMUNDS: [almost simultaneously] WHAT?!?!

RYAN: Consider it…. a lesson learned.

WELLS: We have the tag team titles to defend!!

RYAN: Well, Stevens is the World Champion… but I see two other very capable men for you to team with. Pick one, and I’ll let you hold onto the titles and defend ‘em.

WELLS: So I can pick between Copycat and Edmunds and we’ll keep the belts.

RYAN: I’m compromising here, for the sake of business.

STEVENS: And what about Windham??

RYAN: At Aggression 50 I want you one on one against The First as a little Black Dawn preview. Windham can be in First’s corner and you can have Wells in yours to keep things even. But if anyone else interferes in that match, I’ll revisit these firings and may change my mind.

[Stevens glares at Ryan but nods his head slightly.]

RYAN: Go home. Get your rest. Do whatever. But DON’T…. make the mistake of coming into THIS office and trying to dictate anything to anyone in here EVER AGAIN.

[Ryan gets nose to nose with Sean Stevens.]

RYAN: You get me, sweetheart?

STEVENS: Sure thing, boss… [Stevens backs away and motions for the rest of Anthology to leave with him.] Whatever you say….

[Ryan glares after them as we….


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