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AGGRESSION 50: Las Vegas, NV - 2/10/2010


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[EARLIER IN THE DAY: The scene opened up at the arena's entrance. Several bloggers, tabloid journalists, and papparazzi stood at the front – flashing camera's in tow – as it's customary, on big shows/pay per views for the talent to arrive early.

SFX: A powerful engine revved, followed by screeching tires.

The media stood at attention, as an all black Batmobile-esque, 1.6 million dollar, Lamborghini Reventon, pulled up to the front of the building, stopping in front of the guardrails, and red carpet entrance. With the car in park, the driver pushed down on the gas pedal causing the engine to drown out the media, and smoke to come out of the dual exhaust pipes, causing a measure of excitement, anxiousness, and uncomfortability ... but, a grand entrance, nonetheless.

The doors of the high powered vehicle lifted up, as the driver stepped out.

EPW World Heavyweight Champion, SEAN 'TRIPLE X' STEVENS.

And, the flashbulbs followed shortly after.]


[Stevens, clad in slightly faded, light blue, True Religion jeans, a custom made t-shirt, hand made by Gianni Versace, before his unfortunate passing in 1997, with matching, low cut, Versace sneakers, paused in front of the logo, pretending as if he'd pause for the photo, before leaving, just as the photographers began to snap, leaving them empty.

Entering the building, the blue-eyed badass immediately made a sharp right, in search of his dressing room, conveniently running into EPW backstage interviewer, KENNY LOMBARDO, microphone in hand.]

LOMBARDO: Triple X! Triple X! Can I get an exclusive?!

TRIPLE X: The show doesn't start for another five hours.

LOMBARDO: Look, I'm up for a promotion ... this could be the exclusive I need to get the boss to make the big decision!

TRIPLE X: In the words of your your greaseball, fake tan having, Italian sausage eating cousin Luigi: Fuggedaboutit.

[Dejected, Lombardo began to walk in the opposite direction, and either by coincedence – or on cue – the hallway lights began to flicker, before dimming permanently. Caught completely off guard, the EPW World Heavyweight Champion turned in the opposite direction in search of his destination, only to be cut off...

... Standing before him was the “new” Fallen – 'THE STALKER' JASON REEVES, OMEGA, accompanied by 'Barb', and ERIK BLACK.
The two “original” Fallen members – Stevens and Reeves stood face-to-face.]

STALKER: Well, well, well ... if it isn't the leader of The Anthology. Long time no see, Trip.

[Initially shaken, not stirred, the champion responded.]

TRIPLE X: My phone accepts calls, too, Jason. What's this all about? You and your boys here to do something?

[The champion stepped back, found the nearest sofa, and sat down, extending his arms, carelessly.]

TRIPLE X: ...get to it. I got a match to prepare for.

STALKER: You know me better than that, Trip. I'm all about the theatrics. The smokes, the mirrors ... If I wanted to hurt you, you'd be hurt.

[Trip stood back up.]

TRIPLE X: Let's get one thing straight, when I created The Fallen, and added you to the team, you were nothing more than a delusional, garbage wrestler, that needed my guidance. The plan was to use you up, spit you out, and keep it moving. ...but, somewhere along the way, you became my friend. Hell, my best friend. A brother, even. Jason, I didn't leave The Fallen because I wanted you to fall on your face ... I left The Fallen because you no longer need to be associated with me as my sidekick. You're main event. You need to head your own group, without people accusing you of riding my coattails.

[Taken aback, The Stalker spoke.]

STALKER: In a lot of ways, the reason the original Fallen worked so well, was because we had a lot more in common than we thought, specifically, our lust for ruining people's lives, and killing their careers. But, I need you to hear me, Trip ... I don't care WHAT t-shirt you wear ... you are THE FALLEN. And, the moment you need me – or any of my boys, for that matter ... we're lurking in a shadow near you.

TRIPLE X: And, you already know ... if it gets to be too much, and you decide that you need my help ... just throw up the 'X', and I'm there.

[The Stalker extended his hand, the champion accepted it, pulling his best friend in for a half hug.]

STALKER: Destroy The First out there tonight.

TRIPLE X: Good luck to you guys, also. It's about time you won some gold. You deserve it.

[The new Fallen exited the dressing room, leaving one half of the old Fallen behind.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Office

The camera catches EPW Owner Dan Ryan turning a corner on his way to his office for the start of the show. He passes a few crew member, giving a courtesy nod and approaches his door. With a turn of the knob, he opens it and walks in – and stops short.
Ryan: I hope you've got a good reason for being here.

Copycat: I have no doubt, Ryan, that you know precisely why I'm here. I'm sure you were paying attention over the last few months of Lindsay Troy's reign of terror as EPW commissioner as I pointed out, time and time again, her unwillingness to do what was right for EPW, instead seeking every opportunity to irrationally punish Anthology. I thought you might be more apt to follow the logic that what's bad for Anthology is bad for business. But you amply proved me wrong at Aggression 49 when you fired Larry Tact for absolutely no good reason. It's clear to me now that your agenda is the same as Troy's was: Stop Anthology at any cost. Because just like her, you know that Anthology's continued success will mean your continued irrelevance, and you're too blind to see that it is your overinvolvement that is hurting EPW and this business as a whole. Even now, your prejudice is on full display -- with Larry's firing and your hiring of Troy Windham, a colossal waste of money for little gain, to add to GASP's ranks, the group GASP was formed to combat is actually smaller in numbers than it is. You tell me where the sense is in that.

Ryan: Do you have a point? Or are you just going to repeat the same complaints you've been bringing up every time you've been on TV for the last month?

Copycat: I'm sure you're very busy looking for more ways to drag down this industry for your own personal gain, so I'll get to the point you're so anxiously awaiting. Because of your actions, Anthology now has a statistical disadvantage against the men Lindsay Troy, with your complicity, hired to destroy us. I think it's as clear as day what you have to do to make this right: Fire a member of GASP.

Ryan: You can't be serious.

Copycat: As serious as a heart attack. And if you don't do the right thing, Ryan, I will have no choice but to initiate official action against you. As I'm sure you know, I'm a man with nearly unlimited resources, and I am not someone you want taking official action against these egregious hiring practices. You have until the first bell rings at Sin City Showdown to make your decision. All I ask you to do is one simple thing: Listen to reason. Just listen to reason, Dan, and do the right thing.

Ryan: [stepping in close, almost nose to nose with Copycat] I don’t know who told you to come into my office, and I don’t know why you think you can intimidate me – but let me give a very simple reply to your… request. You do whatever you have to do, Cat. You go right ahead. Take action. But Cat, just remember – when you make that decision to take action, I too will… take action.

Copycat stares Ryan down, not flinching – then gets a mild look of disgust on his face, brushes past the owner and walks out of the office, Ryan looking on as he goes.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intro - John Doe vs. Michael Bastard vs. Kenneth Williams


Sparks shoot out from all over the arena in rapid succession before the camera finally comes to rest on the broadcast position.]

DT: WELCOME!!.. to Las Vegas, Nevada and the first leg of an unprecedented day of wrestling as Empire Pro proudly brings to you… the 50th edition of the flagship… AGGRESSION!! As always, the inside source, the man with the plan… Dean Matthews is here!! And naturally, the one and only… Mike Neely!

MN: The sexiest man alive.

DM: Neely, you’re not even the sexiest man dead.

MN: That’s it! Let’s take this outside.

DM: Why you wanna go outside? Someone tell you about the free donuts?

DT: (chuckling) And we’re ready to kick off Aggression 50…What a night this is going to be. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention a few of our sponsors. James Coney Island made a general donation to the cause as well as a charity that I know is near and dear to our owner’s heart – the National Holocaust Museum. Dan Ryan gives a sizable donation every year, and I know if he were out here he’d encourage anyone with a heart for the horrible atrocities that many of those people went through, to give what you can.

[The camera shows all three broadcasters nodding in agreement, then switches to a shot of the ring.]

[MUSIC UP: “Kingdom Come” by Jay-Z. The crowd still buzzing from the opening pyro, gives Kenneth Williams a honest jeering as he makes his way to the ring. Williams stomps to the ring ignoring the crowd.]

TF: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall, introducing first from Savannah, Georgia weighing in at 240 pounds, Kenneth Williams!

DT: Kenneth Williams making his official EPW debut here tonight at Aggression 50, I’m eager to see what this newcomer brings to the table.

MN: I’m not, I want to see Doe and Bastard just beat the daylights out of each other after all the smacktalk that’s been going back and forth from those two camps.

[Williams music fades out and after a few seconds “All Secrets Known” by Alice In Chains blasts over the PA, Michael Bastard, in a white wife beater and dark grey sweat pants, with black ring boots peaking out from under the sweat pants, makes his way towards the ring. His hands taped up from the knuckles of his fingers to halfway down his forearm. Following behind him is The Amazing Logan, wearing a Local H T-Shirt under a gray blazer, blue jeans and a black cane finish his outfit.]

TF: And from Flint Michigan weighing in at 226 pounds…MICHAEL!! BASTARD!!!

[Bastard is near the ring when suddenly Logan yells “Look out!” Bastard turns just in time to avoid being beheaded by a clothesline as John Doe just flew from the back to ringside and tried to clothesline Bastard, the two men start trading punches on the floor as the bell rings!]

DT: We got a fight on our hands here as Bastard throws Doe into the ring and Williams now puts the boots to Doe who’s trying to get to his feet. Bastard now in the ring and he just CLOCKED Williams…

DM: Bastard is not here in EPW to make friends or get a fan base, he’s here to beat people up and win matches, plain and simple.

MN: With a shot like he landed on Williams he’s well on his way to getting that first part done.

DT: Bastard now firing a knee to the gut of Doe and a hard forearm to the back, Bastard now with a series of crisp left jabs rocking Doe back on his heels and a HARD right cross sends Doe crashing to the mat!

MN: Maybe this Amazing Logan really does have an eye for talent…He might have something with this Bastard fellow.

DT: Bastard now grabs Doe and elevates him…Running charge…LAUNCHES DOE FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

DM: He calls that the Car Crash and it looks like John Doe just got into one!

DT: Michael Bastard pulls the dazed John Doe to his feet. Bastard locks in a Muay Thai plum on Doe and drives in a series of knees to the gut, VICIOUS KNEE STRIKE TO THE CHIN! Doe drops like of bricks and Bastard covers!




DT: Williams hits the ring and breaks up the pin. Bastard now turns his attention to Williams as the two men trade punches. Williams sends Bastard into the ropes…Bastard ducks a clothesline and floats over…DDT BY BASTARD!! Bastard pops back to his feet and is now stomping the guts out of Williams, who’s flopping around like a fish in the ring.

DM: So far this match has been all Michael Bastard from the opening bell. We’d heard from the Amazing Logan that Bastard was going to make a statement here at Aggression 50 and so far he’s living up to the hype from his manager.

DT: Williams jerked to his feet by Bastard who gets an arm bar on him…PULLS HIM INTO A SHORT CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF THE NECK!

DM: He calls that the Sucker Blast and he just took Williams head off!

DT: Bastard flips Williams onto his back and covers! Leg hooked!




DT: Williams just got a shoulder up at 2 and a half…Bastard holds a thumb into the air and now drops down, locking in a body scissors and driving that thumb into the neck of Williams!

MN: Williams is cooked, this match is done!

DM: He calls that The Rusty Spike, he’s trying to chicken wing Williams arm with his free arm, and he almost has it!

DT: He’s got everything locked in, Williams is screaming, he’s going to tap! WAIT! DOE STOMPING AWAY ON BASTARD BREAKS IT UP! Williams flops to the floor as Doe now dropping a series of elbows onto Bastard.

DM: Doe saving the match up for himself and now he’s in control of things.

DT: Doe gets Bastard to his feet and whips him HARD into the corner…Bastard hits the corner and staggers out, dropping to his knees…GETS A DROPKICK IN THE FACE FROM DOE! Doe with a cover!




DT: Bastard fights out of that pin at two. Doe puts Bastard back on his back and drives a series of knees to the chin…Doe now pulls Bastard up…He’s got him elevated…BIG SUPLEX! Doe with a cover!




DM: Doe isn’t trying to get any style points here or drag this match out any longer then it has to, he’s trying to get a win and get out of here as quick as he can.

MN: I’d say that’s for the best, this Bastard character seems like he could take your head off at any moment.

DT: Williams rolling back into the ring…Doe sees him getting into the ring and he quickly TOSSES Bastard over the top rope and to the floor! Doe now ducks a wild right hand from Williams and catches him with a NECKBREAKER! Doe quickly goes for the cover!




DT: Williams kicks out! Williams has taken a beating from the other two men in this fight but he still hasn’t quit.

MN: I don’t know if I really would want to brag about being a human punching bag, doesn’t seem that impressive a thing to put on one’s resume.


DM: How the hell did he get up there so fast?! I never even saw him till he was in mid flight!

DT: Doe just got his skull crushed! Bastard back to his feet and he pulls up the nearly lifeless body of Williams…Bastard now has Williams hooks for a neckbreaker…NO! He just spun around and BLASTED him with a roaring elbow!

DM: That’s the black out and I think Williams may in fact be out!

DT: Bastard now grabs Williams and he gets him up…TOMBSTONE!! THE BASTARD DRIVER!!! WILLIAMS PLANTED!! BASTARD HOOKS BOTH LEGS!!!




DT: Doe a split second too late to break up that pin! Michael Bastard more than impressive in his debut here at Aggression 50.

TF: Here is your winner…MICHAEL!!! BASSSSSTARDDDD!!!

[Bell rings! MUSICUP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains. Bastard rolls from the ring, near Amazing Logan, who’s yelling at ringside fans about Bastard’s victory. Bastard stalks to the back as Logan spots a camera and yells “That’s just the first step…Everyone in EPW…Is on notice!”]

DT: A convincing win for Michael Bastard…John Doe had his moments, but in the end he was unable to stop the man Amazing Logan has promised us all will be making a huge impact on EPW…We’ll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
High Flyer vs. Rocko Daymon, & Upping the Ante

[MUSIC UP:. The crowd buzzing as High Flyer comes out from behind the curtain. He throws his hands up in the ‘devil’s horns’ sign as he makes his way to the ring. His white long tights looking oddly like snow covering his black ring boots.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall…Introducing first hailing from Los Angeles, California…Weighting in at 204 pounds…HIGH!! FLYER!!

DT: High Flyer making his EPW debut and he hasn’t exactly been giving the kid glove treatment, as he’s facing former EPW World Champion Rocko Daymon.

DM: Daymon I’m sure wants to get back on track and will be looking to ruin the debut of High Flyer here tonight.

[MUSIC UP: “Death is the Communion” by High On Fire. Rocko Daymon makes his way to the ring. Daymon in black ring boots, knee pads, elbow pads, MMA gloves, with a pair of blue jeans cut off at the knees to complete his outfit. The crowd give Daymon a loud pop as he makes his way to the ring.]

TF: And his opponent…From Tacoma Washington….Weighing in at 241 pounds…THE UNDYING!! ROCKO!!! DAYMON!!!

DT: Rocko Daymon getting these fans on their feet here as Aggression 50 continues to build…This has all the makings of a classic contest, the mat wrestling and technical skills of Daymon against…Well the name High Flyer says it all.

MN: Ugh, another jumping flipping moron, at least he doesn’t paint his face

[Bell rings and the match begins.]

DT: The two men lock up and Daymon bullrushes High Flyer into the ropes…Daymon fires off a series of rights and lefts to the chin of High Flyer who slumps against the ropes…Daymon sends him to the ropes and catches High Flyer coming back with a knee to the gut! Daymon quickly grapevines the left leg of High Flyer and is now trying to hyperextend the knee.

DM: Grounding the High Flying antics…Of well…High Flyer is clearly the game plan of Daymon.

MN: Well he also has that Cloverleaf submission, so it’s not just an anti-High Flyer move, he’s got holds based on busting up people’s legs.

DT: High Flyer scooting his way towards the ropes, and he gets there and forces a break…Daymon backs off for a moment…HIGH FLYER WITH A TACKLE AND NOW HE’S PUNCHING AWAY AT DAYMON!

DM: High Flyer just exploded off those ropes and caught Daymon off guard, and now he’s beating the daylights out of him.

MN: Daymon might be undying, but he’s not invulnerable!

DT: Mike Neely will be here all week folks…High Flyer gets Daymon back to his feet and connects with a kick to the gut and then BLASTS Daymon with an Enzuiguri! Daymon staggers and drops to his knees…HIGH FLYER OFF THE ROPES WITH A DROPKICK TO THE CHIN! A quick cover!




DT: Daymon powers out at 2.

DM: High Flyer just trying to catch Rocko Daymon napping there, I think he knows he’s going to need to do a lot more damage than that to win this match.

MN: Hey, three seconds is three seconds, if somebody doesn’t kick out, you take it and get out of town.

DT: High Flyer locks in a chinlock on Daymon, who wastes little time muscling his way to his feet…Daymon with an elbow and another shot to the mid-section gets High Flyer to break the hold…Daymon quickly off the ropes…JUST RUNS HIGH FLYER OVER WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK…Daymon gets Flyer back to his feet, elevates him…BIG TIME SUPLEX! Daymon with a cover!




DT: Flyer throws a shoulder out at two…Daymon quickly into a spinning toe hold putting pressure on the knee of High Flyer.

DM: Daymon back to the plan of grounding his opponent, and as Neely said this also sets up for the Tacoma Cloverleaf.

MN: See I’m full of insightful commentary, I only clown around because you two really are not worth the effort to educate about the finer points of this sport.

DT: Such as blind hero worship of Sean Stevens and Anthology?

MN: Yes exactly that!

DT: Oh brother, High Flyer grabbing at Daymon, trying to get him off balance….Daymon now trying to turn the spinning toe hold into a figure four…But High Flyer pulls him over into a small package!




DT: Only two, Daymon quickly out of that and both men rush to their feet.

DM: That wasn’t so much a pin attempt by High Flyer as it was a way to break that spinning toe hold from Rocko Daymon.

DT: The two men back up and they lock up again. This time High Flyer gets a wrist lock and fires in a quick series of kicks to the ribs of Daymon. Daymon doubles over and High Flyer quickly to the ropes…JUMPING SCISSORS KICK FLOORS DAYMON! High Flyer with the cover!




DT: Daymon not finished yet. High Flyer not giving up on offense, driving a couple kicks into the gut of Daymon before dropping an elbow and another elbow. Flyer going to the outside now, getting into his element on the ropes…He’s up top waiting on Daymon…MISSILE DROPKICK RIGHT ON THE CHIN! Flyer with a cover!




DT: Flyer is stunned as Daymon lives to fight on. High Flyer gets back to his feet, is measuring Daymon as he gets up…SPINNING HEEL KICK! DAYMON DUCKS! Flyer hits nothing but the mat…Flyer gets up…GETS BLASTED TO THE MAT WITH A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE FROM DAYMON! Both men down!

DM: Daymon clearly can still pack a lot of power, and that clothesline and its effect on High Flyer is a tribute to that.

MN: Yeah Rocko has been in a bunch of wars, there’s no denying that…He knows how to crack somebody when the moment calls for it.

DT: Daymon beats High Flyer to his feet…Daymon now catches Flyer with a kick to the leg, and another one…Flyer trying to keep his distance from these strikes and Rocko just charges him and pushes him into the corner. Daymon now firing away with rights and lefts into the ribs of High Flyer, trying to sap the energy of his opponent.

DM: Daymon’s whole plan for this match seems to be a grind it out style of offense, he wants to take this match to maybe 10-15 minutes and really wear down his opponent.

MN: Well this is Aggression 50 so I’m sure the network will give us a little leeway on the ending time…and I can always put in for overtime

DT: Daymon’s plan doesn’t factor in your pay Neely. At least I’d hope not, Daymon now whips High Flyer into the corner…Flyer does a flip in the corner and lands back into the ring…Daymon charges with a clothesline…High Flyer ducks and catches Daymon with a back elbow. Daymon rocked back into the corner and High Flyer whips him to the other corner. Daymon hits hard and staggers out…INTO A BULLDOG! HIGH FLYER WITH A COVER!




DT: Daymon again powering out. High Flyer gets a chinlock and this time Daymon isn’t rushing to his feet.

DM: As this match goes on, both men are trying to wear the other down, Daymon with striking and submission attempts to the legs of High Flyer, High Flyer keeping up his high impact attack and whenever he can, he keeps himself on top of Daymon trying to make the bigger man spend energy to get to his feet.

MN: But Flyer can’t keep him down, and how many tricks does Flyer really have up his sleeve?

DT: Daymon fights back up…High Flyer jumps up, he’s on Daymon’s shoulders…VICTORY ROLL BY HIGH FLYER!




DT: Oh that was so close, High Flyer nearly pulled the match out right there!

MN: I guess that was a trick he had…Too bad for him it didn’t work.

DT: High Flyer back to the attack with punches to the chin of Daymon. Rocko staggering and High Flyer sends him to the ropes…BIG BACKDROP! High Flyer now going back up top…He’s got Daymon lined up…FIVE AND A HALF STAR FROG SPLASH!! NOBODY HOME!!

MN: That’s why this jumping flipping crap don’t work, you screw it up and you’re nearly crippled!

DM: High Flyer went for the big move and he is paying a big price now!

DT: High Flyer clutching at his stomach as Daymon gets up, and now Daymon looking to lock up the Tacoma Cloverleaf…High Flyer fighting to not get turned over…But he’s trapped now! He’s locked in the hold!

DM: But he’s close to the ropes! Can he get to them?!

MN: This will be the first real test of the guy in EPW, can he survive this hold?

DT: Daymon sees that he’s not in the center of the ring and he’s trying to drag High Flyer more towards the middle…High Flyer trips Daymon as he was moving…Daymon faceplants on the mat, but he’s trying to keep the hold…Daymon trying to get back up…High Flyer rolls to his back…He grabs Daymon in a cradle!




DT: Daymon kicks out yet again!

DM: That’s the second time Daymon’s had a submission attempt turned into a pin on him, but I doubt it will stop him from seeking another try.

MN: Daymon’s got a bull in a china shop attitude about things, and if he’s got his mind set to something, he’ll do it. It’s why he and Stalker nearly both ended up dead.

DT: Daymon back to his feet and now he sees High Flyer pulling himself up by the ropes…BIG CLOTHESLINE BY DAYMON TAKES BOTH MEN TO THE OUTSIDE…

DM: While that move clearly did a lot of damage to High Flyer I don’t know if Rocko really wants to try to match moves outside the ring with a maniac like High Flyer, you never know what he’s going to do!

MN: I do, he’ll try to kill himself to be on a highlight reel.

DT: Daymon and High Flyer both back to their feet and Daymon BASHES Flyer’s face into the railing. High Flyer staggers away and Rocko now bounces Flyer’s face off the STEEL ring post! Flyer is on dream street as Daymon grabs him and whips him into the ringsteps…NO! HIGH FLYER WITH A REVERSAL AND DAYMON CRASHES INTO THE STEPS SHOULDER FIRST!

DM: That was a lot of impact on that move, and those steps didn’t give at all!

DT: High Flyer rolls into the ring at 7…Daymon still on the floor right now, that arm that hit the steps is limp by his side (Eight!) Daymon trying to shake it off…I don’t think he knows the count is so high!

DM: We’re at nine, and I don’t think High Flyer would want this match to end this way either but he’s laying on the mat trying to get his head clear also!!

DT: TEN! It’s a countout win for High Flyer! [Bell rings, crowd sort of stunned, some boo] well that was a kind of unfortunate ending for what was building up to be a really amazing match between these two men.

DM: I think Rocko Daymon just figured out what happened and he’s none too pleased about it!

DT: Daymon yelling at the ref, who’s telling him he had no choice but to count…EPW training staff now coming out trying to check on that shoulder of Daymon’s but he waves them off with his good arm and is walking to the back now…He still hasn’t moved that left arm at all since he hit those steps.

DM: That shoulder could be separated or broken, who knows what could have happened…

TF: Ladies and Gentleman your winner of the contest as a result of a count out…HIGH FLYER!!

[“Flyentology” by El-P hits on the PA, High Flyer in the ring looks a bit confused as to this turn of events, he lets the ref raise his hand but then quickly hops out of the ring.]

DT: High Flyer with the win here, but I’m sure he’d have wanted it to have come under different circumstances.

MN: Oh whatever on that, he had a successful debut, he should be thankful!

DT: If we get any word on the extent of Rocko Daymon’s shoulder injury we’ll be sure to pass it along. And we’ll be right back!

[The camera cuts to The Fallen in their locker room. Jason 'Stalker' Reeeves is standing in the corner, while Black and Omega are sitting down discussing something with 'Barb' close by. Jason nods the camera over as he steps forward with a grin on his face.]

Stalker: Well.. well.. After we claim the tag team titles tonight there will be one matter left on the agenda for me to take care of. Sin City Showdown will be featuring Stalker vs. Rocko Daymon in a last man standing match.

I've requested the camera time tonight to issue another stipulation to that match. Since Daymon is also apart of New ERA, I suggest we do a Career vs. Career match at Sin City Showdown. Look at it this way Rocko... if you accept this stipulation and win I will be out of your hair forever. But if I win... heh... I will finally put you to rest for GOOD. Hope that shoulder's okay for tonight.

[Jason smiles a sick smile, then shoves the camera back and motions for Black and Omega to follow him.]

Stalker: Get the hell out of here. We got some titles to win.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Tag Team Titles: Anthology (c) vs. The Fallen - Stalker's Rules Match

DT: Now we have a match set up with the “new” Anthology vs. the “new” Fallen.

DM: Let me clarify Dave. The new tag team representing Anthology is Copycat and Jared Wells. Larry Tact was fired by Lindsay Troy, the former owner of EPW. The Fallen, who’ve lost Nikita Dahaka, Fusenshoff and Sean Stevens, are now represented by Omega, Erik Black and Stalker. One is a new tag team, the other is a new tag team and a new stable.

MN: Was that really necessary Dean?! Sometimes I think you just like to hear yourself talk.

DM: Then I guess we do have something in common Mike.

MN: Yeah, that and we’re both commentators for EPW. Try to keep up Dean.

DT: The Cat has been declared tag champion. I’m sure the Smartest Player in the Game from Kalamazoo, Michigan wants to prove he’s more than capable of keeping the torch lit.

MN: Shout-out to the K-zoo baby!

DM: Anyway… I agree Dave, but I think it’s just as important to The Fallen to claim some gold and let it be known they’re a threat in the EPW stable war.

DT: They’d make that well known with a win here tonight. Here come the challengers now.

[“Did My Time” by KoRn plays over the speakers as Omega and Stalker make their way to the ring with Erik Black escorting them. The crowd boos very loudly as the three of them make their way to the ring. They scoff at the fans and refuse all hand slaps as they climb into the ring. Tony Fatora gives them plenty of space as they walk around, staring down fans and awaiting the tag champions.]

TF: Lllllllladies and gentlemen…. This is a tag team competition, scheduled for one-fall and is a STALKER’S RULES MATCH… and it’s for the Empire Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship title belts…. Introducing the challengers…. From Parts Unknown and Missouri, respectively… at a combined weight of five hundred and nineteen pounds… they’re escorted to the ring by “The Dopesmoker” Erik Black…. OOOOOOOOOMEEGGGGGAAAAAAA ANNND SSSSTALLLKKKERRRRRRR JAAASSONNNN REEEEEEEEVEESSSSSS…. TTTTTHHHHHHHHHHEEE FALLLLLLLLLLLEEENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

DT: Quite the introduction by Tony Fatora for this tag team competition. I don’t think there’s any question The Fallen could leave tonight as Tag Team Champions.

MN: It’s really a win-win situation guys. I have the utmost respect for all four of these competitors.

DM: Here comes The Anthology.

[“It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube plays over the PA and “The Daddy” Jared Wells walks out with Copycat. The fans give a chorus of boos similar to the one The Fallen received. The champs hold up their titles for the world to see as the jeers continue to rain down on them. Walking down the ramp more interested in their titles than the fans, The Anthology make their way to the ring. They enter the ring and hand off their belts to the referee as they stare down their competition. The Anthology and The Fallen exchange glares as Tony Fatora introduces the champions.]

TF: AND YOUR EPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! From Baltimore, Maryland and Kalamazoo, Michigan… totaling five hundred thirty four pounds in weight… defending their titles once again in front of a capacity crowd… “TTTHHHEEE DDAADDDDDYYYY” JJJJJARRREDDD WELLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS AND COOOOPYCCAAAAAAAATTT…. TTTHHHHEEEE AAANNNNNNNNNTHOLOGGYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

DT: The bell rings as Copycat and Omega start things off tonight. Stalker is already talking strategy with Erik Black, who’s standing just below him in The Fallen’s corner. They lock horns as the taller Omega takes control. He launches a barrage of fists and kicks into the far corner away from both Stalker and Wells. Omega puts his hands on the top rope and executes a standing spear into the midsection of Copycat. At six feet eight inches he’s able to choke The Cat using his right boot to the throat of his competitor. Copycat is gasping for air as the referee breaks the hold and The Cat falls to his knees.

DM: Omega looks dominant right now. He isn’t showing Copycat any mercy. Right away we see the motivation to win this match from The Fallen.

MN: Omega’s looking for the pin…



DT: And Wells comes in to break it up immediately. Rather than go back to his corner, Wells just starts stomping on Omega.

MN: This is a Stalker’s Rules tag match. How long did you think it would take before this became a street fight?!

DT: It’s clear the referee is going to have his hands full keeping track of this one. Black just handed Stalker Barb. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!

DM: Stalker just leveled Copycat here guys. The Cat smartly rolls out of the ring, though it won’t buy him as much time as usual in this hardcore-style match.

DT: Meanwhile the Daddy has firm control over Omega. He lands a well executed T-Bone Suplex.

DM: Wells has excelled at so many different styles over the years that there’s no question he’s capable of running this match. He started as more of a high flyer before turning to the hardcore brawler technique. That’s done its fair share of wear and tear on him though and he’s honed his technical skills the last few years. Truly he’s a renaissance man of wrestling.

MN: That’s why they call him Daddy Dean.

DM: You call him Daddy for a different reason Mike.

DT: Stalker and Copycat are maneuvering as Stalker gets ready to attack with Barb. Erik Black doesn’t seem to be all that interested in getting involved. He’s talking to a fan holding a bag of popcorn.

MN: I think Black might have the munchies.

DM: Ten bucks says he talks that fan into giving him some popcorn.

MN: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that fan’s baked too.

DT: Omega’s started to gain an advantage against Wells as the two brawl inside the ring. Reeves has Copycat cornered and drills him with Barb. The Fallen has control right now. Stalker looks for the pin after three consecutive swings to Copycat’s head with the steel chair.



The Smartest Player in the Game kicks out. It took some incredible resilience to kick out after that.

MN: The Cat is proving just how much the tag titles mean to him. There’s no way he’s going to let this one slip away.

DT: Omega’s going for tables now, but Wells is right on it. The Daddy drops Omega with a right as he’s pulling the tables out from underneath the ring. Wells with several stomps to Omega. It gives Wells enough time to slide a table in the ring. His tag belt is within arm’s reach and he uses it to whip Omega with it.

MN: Wells is showing us why he’s the pinnacle of the tag team division right now. Even in a hostile situation like a Stalker’s Rules match he’s thriving.

DM: There’s no doubt Wells proved with Tact that they were formidable together. Now we’ll see if the Anthology can keep the streak going.

DT: Copycat seems to be doing well against Stalker. He’s using his surroundings to his advantage, smashing Stalker into the metal steps. He goes for the pin.



3…. NO!!!!

Stalker kicks out in the nick of time. There’s no question he’s giving everything he has. He’s slow to get up, but The Cat springs into action. He rips the padding off the top turnbuckle as Wells slides Stalker into the ring. Omega jumps him immediately.

DM: Looks like Wells is being a good teammate, but lost the upper hand as Omega’s using his own tag title against him.

DT: Omega drives the tag belt into Wells’ skull repeatedly. Meanwhile Copycat is doing the same to Stalker with the unpadded turnbuckle. Omega goes for the pin. Copycat sees it, but is too far away and wisely leaves the fate of the match too Wells.

MN: Wow. Copycat isn’t even going to try for the save.

DM: There’s no way he’d make it.

DT: Omega with the pin on Wells.





DT: WELLS KICKS OUT!! WELLS KICKS OUT!!! And Copycat has taken the time he would’ve wasted setting up the table waiting in the ring. It’s draped across the ropes in the far corner of the ring. He has Stalker primed… LITTER BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

And that caught the ref’s attention as the crack of the table can be heard all around the arena. He slides in the ring and starts the count immediately. Omega is scrambling to make the save!




That’s it! That’s it! Copycat pins Stalker after a Litter Bomb through a table for the win!

DM: Brilliant tactics by Anthology. Wells sacrifices himself and takes a gamble in a match that he knew would be a battle and a half. Copycat all but sealed it as Omega pinned Wells. Together with a little luck and a hell of a lot of grit they’ve defended the tag belts for Anthology once again.

MN: The Fallen came out guns blazing. They gave absolutely everything and came a sliver away from winning this thing. The risk Anthology took almost blew up in their faces, but it had to be done. Both tag teams knew this was more than just another title defense.

[CUT TO: a commercial for James Coney Island hot dogs. “You’ll love the size of our wieners”.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
#1 Contenders Match to the EPW TV Title: Aran Dishon vs. "Dopesmoker" Erik Black

[SFX: Ding, ding, ding.]

TF: The next contest is for ONE FALL, with the winner being named NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the EPW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


TF: Making his way to the ring, standing at almost six feet tall, weighing two hundred and twelve pounds, hailing from DALLAS, TEXAS ... he is ... 'RECKLESS' AAAARRRRRRAAAAAANNNNN DIIIIIISSSHHOOOOOOONNN!

[Modest applause by the audience, as the fresh faced relative EPW newcomer made his way down the aisle in white trunks, with red trim, barely paying any attention to the flashbulbs, and cat calls. The youngster made it to the bottom of the aisle, and entered the ring, raising his arms in the air, exuding confidence, as his theme slowly died down.]


[CUEUP: "10001110101" by Clutch]

TF: This man comes to us out of Indianapolis, Indiana! Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-three pounds, standing five feet, eleven inches tall! He's a FORMER EPW TAG TEAM CHAMPION, A MEMBER OF THE WORLD REKNOWNED TAG TEAM THE CHRONIC COLLIZION! “THE ESCAPE ARTIST” ERRRRIIIIIIIIIIKKKKK BLAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!

[Black made also made his way down to ringside, in a business-like manner, not paying any attention to the audience, eyes fixated on his waiting opponent inside of the ring.]

[Once, inside the ring, the referee began giving out instructions, and patting both wrestlers down for weapons, taking a little extra time to pat down Black, who is known to play dirty, to his dismay, before deeming both competitors okay, and signalling for the Timekeeper to ring the bell.]

[SFX: Ding, ding, ding.]

DT: This should be a great contest. Two up-and-comers looking to make their dent in the EPW rankings. Black's been around for awhile, but this is his first SERIOUS forray into the EPW singles ranks, where I always felt, he and his partner Ivan Dalkichev could've done damage, had they chosen to go that path.

DM: We don't always agree, Dave ... but, we do on that. I've always said that Black was the glue that held that tag team together, and now he may be the missing link that takes The Fallen to the next level.

MN: Next level? What level is higher than having the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, and my PERSONAL friend – might I add – Sean Stevens in your group? Does it get any better than that? I think not.

DT: Both men meet in the center of the ring, and you can already see that it's a stalemate. Both are the same height, and are close in weight. The referree calls for the break.

DM: I wonder how long it's going to take for Black to start bending the rules... usually not long.

MN: Spoken like a true hater.

DT: Both men circle again ... Collar-and-elbow ... this time Black with the advantage, bullying Dishon into the corner, as the referee calls for the break. And, surprisingly ... he does it.

DM: Surprisingly, he doesn't! Black with an elbow to the jaw, that has to leave Dishon slightly woozy.

MN: Aran fell for the oldest trick in the wrestling handbook. ...rookie.

DT: Dishon is dizzy, Erik Black jolts to the ropes, they both meet in the center of the ring SPINNING HEEL KICK connects! He drops down for the early cover, however Dishon kicks out before the referee's hand can hit the mat for one.

DM: Veteran move though. This is the big leagues, who knows what's going on in Aran's head. That one maneuver may have been enough to end this thing, making it an early night for the Fallen's newest member!

DT: Black pulls Dishon to his feet ... forearm, then a chop has the newcomer reeling. Black sends his opponent to the ropes, Dishon bounces off, Black with a clothesline-- NO! Dishon slid through his legs, Black turns around and is met with a DROPKICK!

DM: That was a beautiful dropkick! From someone who has been in that ring, his elevation was almost unparalleled! And, I don't just hand out compliments.

MN: Um, since when? Yesterday? You're a regular male groupie.

DT: NEELEY!!!! Please let's not turn this into another Dean bashing segment for failing to make it as a wrestler! We have a match to call!

DM: .....what do you mean FAILING to make it as a wrestler?

DT: .........

MN: He said it, not me. ...of course, I would've ... but, he beat me to it.

DM: Is that how YOU feel, Dave?

DT: ...... DISHON WITH A CRADLE NECKBREAKER that has Black .... ummm .... C-R-AAADLING his neck in pain!

MN: Cradling his neck? Are you nervous Dave?

DT: Dishon drops down for the cover..



Black with the kickout. This thing isn't over just yet.

DM: We'll talk about this later.

MN: Ooooooooh. I smell a fight. Can I watch?!


MN: Oooooookay!

DT: Dishon is trying to end this match early, he's definitely not punching any clock. He immediately begins his climb to the top rope, as Black lays motionless below.

DM: I'm not so sure about this. That was a devastating neckbreaker but I can't imagine Erik being THAT hurt.

DT: Dishon takes the leap of faith ... SHOOTING STAR PRESS----- MISSSSSSS! Erik Black was playing possum! He baited the youngster in, gave him a false sense of confidence, and now he's clutching his right arm, as he seems to have landed awkwardly!

DM: Smart wrestling by the veteran.

MN: Apparently Erik's been smoking some of that “How High” pot.

DM: Huh?

MN: You know, they say if you smoke the ashes of a dead body, the body comes to you in the form of a ghost, and helps you for as long as you're smoking it.

DM: So you think a GHOST told Erik Black to move out of the way of that last move?

MN: Exactly.

DM: Eye Yie Yie.

DT: Both competitors are up! Black connects with a kick, a punch, a chop and another karate style kick that leaves Dishon in a world of pain!

MN: He's breaking out the Bruce Lee!

DT: Whatever it's called, it's working! Black has his opponent hooked by the head ... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX, and wait, he's bridging him! The referee drops down...



THR-- DISHON with a shoulder up!

DM: That was close. The youngster almost saw his dreams vanish before his very eyes.

MN: He's young, he'll get over it.

DT: Black's up on his feet, he's planning something, as he waits for Dishon to get up! Both men are on their feet ... Black charges TORNADO DDT! And, he nailed that PERFECTLY!

DM: The crowd is actually cheering that move.

DT: And, Black is eating it up in the corner posing! Now wait, he's actually climbing the turnbuckle posing for pictures, for a few of the audience members in the front row.

MN: Dude! Win the match first! What an idiot!

DM: Neeley's right, look behind him...

DT: Black doesn't notice Dishon who has made it to his feet. He quietly walks up behind his opponent ... Hooks him by the arms ... RAZOR'S EDGE POWERBOMB FROM THE SECOND ROPE! This has GOT to be it! But, the rookie's not done!


DT: Aran's scaling the ropes ... He looks down on his prey ... leaps ... FOUR-TWENTY PRESS AND HE CONNECTS! WOW! That was AMAZING!


DT: This match is over ... The referee drops down for the count ...




DISHON WINS! DISHON WINS! What a win for this youngster, and now he's the number one contender to the prestigious EPW Television Title!

DM: ...not so fast, Dave.

DT: I think you're right, Dean. The referee just noticed Erik Black's foot, which was on the bottom rope, which means that pinfall should've been broken up.

DM: Aran Dishon doesn't notice, as he's celebrating arguably the biggest win of his career, and I know that feeling.

MN: Sure you do.

DT: Wait, the referee's informing him now. Dishon's looking on in disbelief. He's asking the referree to hurry and ring the bell to restart the match. He wants to capitalize before Black fully comes to.

[SFX: Ding, ding, ding!]

DT: Aran Dishon charges the wobbly Erik Black ... Black counters with a small package!



THREE-- NO! Dishon with a shoulder up!

DM: That was a close call! And, another veteran bait by Erik Black!

MN: What is up with you? Like, are you on the payroll or something?

DM: You do the EXACT same thing whenever Stevens is in the ring, doesn't that make you hypocritical?

MN: No, that makes me ON THE PAYROLL.

DT: ...which makes you biased, which means you can no longer be on the our broadcast team, which means--

MN: --just kidding!

DT: Dishon is pissed. He's really laying into Black now with boots to the head, leaving the former tag team specialist wondering if he has a concussion I'm sure. He lifts Black to his feet, puts him on his shoulders ... FIREMAN'S CARRY!

DM: Aran Dishon is hungry, and that's exactly what you need to be in order to be EPW Television Champion. This youngster has all the tools.

MN: How would YOU know?

DM: Neeley, give me a break.

MN: You throwing in the towel?

DM: No, I'm about to throw a left hook that knocks you unconcious.

MN: I hope it's better than the ones you threw as a wrestler! Hah!

DT: Gentlemen, gentlemen! Dishon has Black back up. He hooks his arms, pedigree style, lifts him up! Puts some back into it! Double Underhook Suplex!

DM: Dishon really seems to have control now. I think the end may be near.

DT: Dishon climbs the ropes one more time. Say what you want about this youngster, he's definitely not afraid to take risks, and puts on one hell of a show! He leaps ... SUICIDE PLANCHA! AND, HE'S MET WITH A BOOT!

DM: He went to the wail one too many times!

DT: Black is up on his feet! CLOTHESLINE by the veteran! Dishon is back up, SPINNING HEEL KICK connects for Erik Black!

DM: Black seems to be building momentum!

MN: He'll crash soon. He's a smoker. The weed'll wear off shortly. Trust me. Mine did.

DT: Erik Black has him hooked by the head ... ONE HANDED BULLDOG! He drops down for the cover...



NO! Dishon got his shoulder up!

DM: But, barely!

DT: Black is back up, so is Dishon, Black charges ... RUNNING STO AND THE BACK OF DISHON'S NECK HITS THE CANVAS WITH A THUD!!! Now, Black is climbing the ropes ... Dishon slowly makes his way to his feet, unaware where his opponent is ... Black leaps ... MISSILE DROPKICK THAT CONNECTS CAUSING DISHON TO ROLL OUT OF THE RING!

DM: Aran may be out ... Black connected right on the button of his chin. We may be headed for a countout.

MN: Nope. The stoner's too stupid to let that happen. Look at him.







DT: Both men are stirring! Surprisingly, Dishon makes it to his feet first! And, even more surprising ... he pulls Black up with him.

DT: DDT! DDT ON THE COLD HARD CONCRETE! And, Black is out! All Aran has to do now is slide in the ring and it's academic!


DM: This is a HUGE mistake by the rookie! I can't believe he's not taking the win!

MN: Finally we agree on something. Very stupid move.

DT: We don't know WHY he's doing what he's doing, maybe he's more noble than we give him credit for being, but Aran Dishon breaks the count by sliding a seemingly unconcious Erik Black into the ring. Maybe he wants to prove that he can beat the veteran by pin.

MN: I dunno, call me dumb, but wouldn't you MUCH rather cash a championship CHECK? Screw nobility ... the name of the game is WINNING.

DT: Black is out of it, Dishon is signalling that the end is near he's setting him up for his patented springboard neckbreaker – Kids Do the Darndest Things.

MN: What do you mean?

DT: That's the move – Kids Do the Darndest Things.

MN: Liiiiiiikkkkke what?

DT: Nevermind. Dishon charges, hooks his neck, NO! Black ducks, and connects with a vicious SUPERKICK! And, immediately scales the top ropes before Dishon hits the ground, which is INEVITABLE.

DM: You're right. Dishon tried to fight it, he was dazed, but his legs gave out on him.






DM: Well deserved win, hard fought matchup by both participants.

DT: Aran Dishon is going to watch the tapes and kick himself for not winning the match when he had it, but the youngster has plenty more opportunities to get it right, and tonight was DEFINITELY a step in the right direction for him!

DM: I agree. He made some mistakes, but move for move, skill for skill, he's right there with the best of them, and as some as he increases his wrestling IQ, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

MN: So says the wrestling failure!



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Heirs of Wrestling vs. HOPE (Anarky & Layne Winters (c) )

[FADEIN: The entranceway MUSIC UP: “The sh!t” by Danger Mouse and Jimini. As the Heirs of Wrestling make their way towards the ring. Alexandria Malone leading the way, wearing tight leather pants and a purple blouse. Ryan Gallway looks nearly ready to get into a fight with the fans as he’s jawing with anyone who’s jeering the Heirs. He’s got on reflective metallic shorts, a 10 gallon white cowboy hat and a black cowboy vest. Frank Pierce avoids even looking at the rabble in the crowd, while standing in a gaudy blood red robe that had has LED’s flashing all over it. Behind them Mac Brody, in Scott Steiner like black and gold shorts, walks towards the ring, the whole time he stares into a compact mirror, making sure his hair is perfect.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, being led to the ring by Alexandra Malone, here is Frank Pierce, Ryan Gallway and Mac Brody…THE HEIRS…OF…WRESTLING! [crowd gives a loud boo to the brash newcomers as they make their way to the ring.]

DT: The Heirs of Wrestling making their debut here in EPW at Aggression 50, and well they have their work cut out for them tonight.

DM: You wouldn’t know it from hearing this group talk, the Heirs of Wrestling seem supremely confident in their abilities and are convinced they’ll make a big name for themselves defeating two members of HOPE tonight.

MN: I honestly don’t have a dog in this race , since well, Anarky laid you out with a chair Dean, and I’m thankful for that, and I like Winters a lot, but these kids show the crowd the proper disrespect that everyone should give them. So good luck to everyone I guess.

[The Heirs of Wrestling’s theme fades out and then MUSIC UP: “Surprise Your Dead” By Faith No More. Layne Winters and Anarky head towards the ring, drawing a loud mixed reaction from the crowd. Winters is in his deep green trunks, knee pads, and ring boots with the EPW World Television Title across his waist. Anarky standing beside him in his skull make up, torn up black shirt with the Anarchy symbol and black pants. ]

TF: And their opponents…Weighing in at a combined weight of 468 pounds…Representing HOPE…Here is ANARKY! And the EPW World Television Champion…”NEW SCHOOL” LAYNE WINTERS!!

[Winters and Anarky hit the ring, ref Pat Jones has to keep order before the bell as the Heirs of Wrestling back off and huddle in their corner, either they talk things over or play paper rock scissors or something but after a beat an annoyed looking Frank Pierce hops to the floor with Alexandra Malone, leaving Gallway and Brody to compete in tonight’s match. Pat Jones calls for the bell.]

DT: Anarky and Gallway starting this match off…Anarky gets Gallway to lock up and quickly powers the smaller man into the corner, the ref and Gallway calling for a clean break…Fat chance of that from Anarky who gives Gallway a couple right hands to the jaw and now LAUNCHES him from the corner with a hiptoss. Gallway gets to his feet and gets DECKED by a forearm from Anarky.

DM: After all the smacktalk and insults from the Heirs of Wrestling you had to know that HOPE wouldn’t be fighting this match in a straight up catch-as-catch style. Anarky and Winters are clearly spoiling for a fight tonight!

MN: And they’ll get one, these kids have the skills to back up all their talk…Well they better or it’ll be a painful night for them.

DT: Gallway back to his feet and he’s circling around Anarky…They lock up, Gallway gets an armbar on Anarky, who quickly reverses it and now is twisting the arm of Gallway.

MN: Anarky really delights in making people suffer…He could spend 20 minutes holding this armbar as long as Gallway kept screaming to amuse him.

DT: Gallway rolls through the armbar and gets himself free…A DROPKICK by Gallway staggers Anarky backwards and Gallway now back in his corner [Gallway shoots Anarky a ‘you’re in trouble now’ look as he tags in Brody.] and he makes the tag to Brody. The big man now in the ring for the first time in this match.

DM: The dynamics of this match change quite a bit with the 300 plus pound powerhouse hitting the ring.

MN: He might have Anarky beaten in power and muscle, but don’t count out the fact that Anarky’s criminally insane, that’s the great equalizer.

DT: Anarky waves on Brody, showing no fear of the bigger man…Brody comes at Anarky who side steps and catches him with a kick to the mid-section and now a quick series of right hands rocks Brody on his heels, Anarky now off the ropes with a clothesline rocks Brody…Anarky off the ropes…Crossbody…GETS CAUGHT BY BRODY!

DM: but while he’s in Brody’s arms he’ stuck his leg out and Layne Winters just tagged himself in behind Brody’s back!

DT: Brody slams Anarky to the mat…GETS NAILED WITH A CHOP BLOCK BY WINTERS!

MN: It’s that kind of soulless brutality that makes me love Layne Winters, a move like that might end somebody’s career and Winters doesn’t even think twice about doing it. That’s being determined to be the best.

DM: Or you’re just a sicko, could be either.

DT: Winters now drives an elbow into the knee of Brody and now scissors the leg trying to hyperextend the knee. Brody trying to get towards the ropes or his corner but Winters has him trapped in the middle of the ring…Gallway now trying to enter the ring and Pat Jones stopping him, but that means Pierce hops up on the apron on the side of the ring behind Jones…He’s trying to get into the ring! Winters pops up and DECKS Pierce to the floor with a right hand!

DM: While that distraction didn’t exactly turn out the way Pierce wanted it to, it did get Brody out of that leglock.

DT: Brody tags Gallway back in and he circles around Winters…Gallway catches Winters coming in with a kick and another…Gallway with a foot sweep takes Winters off his feet…Winters back up…GETS BLASTED BY A DOUBLE HIGH KNEE!

DM: I believe he calls that the tea bag…

MN: Hey no politics!

DM: It’s the move’s name…Easy Neely…

MN: Well I gotta keep an eye on you…

DT: While my partners are off on another planet Gallway now has Winters rocked on his feet. Gallway thows a kick that Winters catches…GALLWAY WITH AN ENZIGURI! WINTERS DUCKS! Gallway hits the mat hard and Winters now drags Gallway into the corner and tags in Anarky…Both members of HOPE reigning down a series of elbows on Gallway as Pat Jones gives Winters the 5 count to leave the ring and he finally does.

MN: Just because these two hang around with the little goofball doesn’t mean they’ve mellowed out one bit, Anarky and Winters are killers, plain and simple.

DT: Anarky now puts Gallway in a seated position and now yanking back on his chin while driving a knee into his back…Anarky just wrenching away on the neck of Gallway who’s fighting to get to his feet….Anarky elevates him…BACK SUPLEX! Gallway clutching at his neck in pain as Anarky stands over him. Anarky with a kick to the head and another one…

DM: This is what Anarky’s all about, injury, pain…He hasn’t gone for a cover, and I doubt he will, till he feels he’s taught these guys a lesson.

DT: Anarky tags in Winters now. Winters putting the boots to Gallway and he pulls him to his feet… Winters whips him to the ropes…Brody makes a tag as Gallway hits the ropes…Winters misses a clothesline on Gallway, but quickly charges an BLASTS Brody with a running knee before he can get into the ring!

DM: The Heirs of Wrestling thought Winters would miss that blind tag, but what good awareness from the man from the New School to see Brody coming.

DT: Winters now on the apron measuring Brody, who’s down on the floor…WAIT! DROPKICK FROM BEHIND BY GALLWAY SENDS WINTERS CRASHING INTO THE RAILING! Gallway being yelled at by Pat Jones cause he’s supposed to be out of the ring…Allowing Pierce to grab Winters behind the ref’s back and DRIVE him into the ring steps!
MN: The Heirs of Wrestling will jump at any chance to do damage, they are completely without mercy. I love these guys!

DT: Brody now back to his feet and he throws Winters back into the ring Brody now hammering away on Winters…He picks up the EPW TV Champion and just SLAMS Winters hard into the mat. Brody with a quick Tag to Gallway…Brody locks in a Camel Clutch on Winters…Gallway of the ropes…DROPKICK RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF WINTERS!!!

DM: You can tell the Heirs of Wrestling have teamwork and coordination down pat. Moves like that show these men are always on the same page.

DT: Gallway elevates HIGH for a KNEEDROP and he covers Winters!




DT: Winters fights out of the pin at two…Gallway drags him back to the Heirs corner and makes the tag to Brody. Both men stomping away on Winters before Gallway gets back on the apron. Brody now pulls Winters to his feet and gets an arm bar…YANKS WINTERS INTO A BRUTAL SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Brody drops down for the cover!




DT: Winters again kicks out. Brody now pulls Winters to his feet…He tags in Gallway…Brody off the ropes…A BIG FOREARM SMASH DROPS WINTERS! GALLWAY OFF THE TOP WITH A SPLASH!! THE COVER!!




DT: Winters still fighting! Gallway gets a headlock and now grinding down on Winters, trying to keep the Television Champion on the mat…Winters slowly rising to his feet Gallway inches him over to the Heirs corner and makes the tag…Brody in and hammering away on the mid-section of Winters. Brody now gets Winters up to his feet…BRUTAL BICYCLE KICK TO THE CHIN! Brody glaring at the crowd, he’s telling them that this match is finished…He grabs Winters…Setting him up for the Midas Touch Powerbomb…WINTERS OVER THE SHOULDER! NECKBREAKER ON BRODY!!! Both men down!

DM: Winters needs to make a tag in the worst way possible, he has taken a beating in there!

DT: Both men crawling for the tag…Brody tags in Gallway…Winters reaching to Anarky…NO!! GALLWAY PULLS HIM BACK IN! Gallway drives a knee into his gut and another…Gallway backs Winters into the corner, he sends him to the other side…Winters reverses…Gallway hits the corner…Winters charges…Gallway moves…Winters hits the corner hard and stumbles back…ENZIGURI FLOORS WINTERS! Gallway now going to the outside…He’s up top…GATES OF EUROPA 450 SPLASH! NOBODY HOME!!

DM: That most likely would have finished off Winters but he got out of the way, and now Gallway looks like he needs to make a tag as bad as Winters does.

DT: Gallway crashed and burned…and Winters now almost to Anarky…MAKES THE TAG! Anarky in and he’s just BEATING THE HELL OUT OF GALLWAYAnarky now hammering Gallway with punches from the mount…Brody charges in…GETS BACKDROPPED OVER THE TOP ROPE! Anarky now grabs Gallway and whips him into the corner, Gallway staggers out and gets BLASTED with a clothesline! Brody charges back into the Anarky stops in his tracks with a kick to the gut and a HARD KNEE LIFT takes the big man down!

DM: Anarky’s just going through the Heirs of Wrestling like a hot knife through butter here!

MN: This guy is just scary once he gets rolling, and he might not stop till people are in the hospital, or the grave!

DT: Anarky pulls Gallway into HOPE’s corner and tags in Winters, the two of them beating down Gallway now…Brody over, and he tries his luck with Anarky…Brody and Anarky spill to the floor as Winters grabs Gallway…NEARLY BREAKS HIM IN HALF WITH A SPINEBUSTER….Winters now grabs Gallway, it’s time for Green River Justice! Winters gets him up…WAIT! ALEXANDRA MALONE IS IN THE RING! Winters drops Gallway and runs her out of the ring…OH LORD! PIERCE JUST HIT WINTERS WITH A CHAIR!! MALONE SUCKERED WINTERS INTO FOLLOWING HER! WINTERS STAGGERS INTO A ROLL UP BY GALLWAY…HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS!!




[Bell rings. Crowd booing loud! MUSIC UP: “The Sh!t” by Danger Mouse and Jimini.]

TF: The winners of this contest…THE HEIRS! OF! WRESSSSSTLLLLLLINNNNGG!!! [More boos as Gallway runs from the ring as Anarky comes charging after him…Winters, clutching his head as he slowly tries to get to his feet as the Heirs of Wrestling back up down the rampway, arms raised in victory.]

DT: The Heirs of Wrestling outright STEAL a match from HOPE…

MN: Call it what you want, I say it was a successful debut for the new guys!

DT: Winters back to his feet…And he is SCREAMING MAD…Even Anarky looks a little taken aback by how upset Winters is…Winters now storming out off the ring, he’s got a chair…He’s giving chase to the Heirs, who’ve already made it back behind the curtain..

DM: Well they better find out what Winters is doing or else they might win the battle and lose the war here.

DT: What a debut for the Heirs of Wrestling, who’ve clearly made a name for themselves in the tag division here in EPW…And who knows what Layne Winters is going to do?

MN: Whatever it is, it’ll be painful.

DT: We’ll be right back fans!

[CUT TO: a commercial for Grace Community Church. A sad looking fellow sitting on empty bleachers, looking out onto an empty softball field sobbing gently.

“Cut from the team? Life lost it’s meaning? At Grace Community Church – no one is cut from the team. Find hope. Grace Community Church.”]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Winters Loses His S**t, Part One

[CUTTO: Backstage, where MICHAEL BASTARD is standing diagonal from his manager, THE AMAZING LOGAN. Logan’s holding himself up with a black-finish oak cane complete with gold handle]


[Bastard gets BELTED with a chair and goes crashing into Logan, knocking him down. LAYNE WINTERS enters the shot, holding the steel chair as he drives it into Bastard’s knee for good measure. He looks at Logan, throws down the chair, and offers him an arm]

WINTERS: Come on man, grab my arm. … Stand up, I said. Don’t look at me cross-eyed, just stand the f[BLEEP]k up; I ain’t gonna hurt you ‘til you’re on two feet. Let’s do this like men…

[He looks at Winters for another second before reluctantly grabbing his hand. Winters basically tugs him up slightly before DECKING HIM with a knee! He continues the barrage of punishment with punches, before grabbing his oak cane complete with golden handle…and WHACKING him with it!]


[Winters begins whacking the cane against the wall, trying to break it unsuccessfully. AARON DISHON then enters the shot, surprised at what he sees]

WINTERS: Hey Dishon! Hold this thing under your foot while I break it. Quickly Susan, I’ve got sh[BLEEP]t to do.

[Dishon complies, as Winters stomps the middle of the cane, finally snapping it in half. He grabs a broken end and immediately BEATS DISHON OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!]

WINTERS: C’mere…C’MERE! [SMACK!] You people think I’m playing around? You think I’m F[BLEEP]KING with you?

[Security rushes over to break up the commotion, separating Winters from Dishon]




Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW Intercontinental Title Match: "The Phenom" Shawn Hart (c) vs. Sean Edmunds

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, when the bell rings your official in charge of this match is David Rozenkrantz. The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Empire Pro Wrestling INTERCONTINENTAL… CHAMPIONSHIP!

[CUE UP: “Brain Stew” by Green Day. The first few riffs blare over the PA system as the lights dim and fireworks shoot down over the entrance to the rampway to create a wall. The crowd spit venom as through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds. He steps through the wall of white and begins to make his way to the ring. Jawing with a few fans, Edmunds finally climbs into the ring, posing on one of the corners. He hops off, goes to the next and does the same before taking off his robe and cracking his knuckles to get ready for the match]

TF: Introducing the challenger, weighing two hundred and twenty-eight pounds, he hails from Boston, Massachusetts. Representing Anthology, he is Simply Sensational… ladies and gentlemen… SEEEAAANN… EEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDMUUUUUUUUNNNNNDDDDDSSSS!!

MN: Go, Sean, Go! Go, Sean, Go!

DT: Mike Neely, one-man cheer-squad.

MN: And why shouldn’t I cheer for a man who’s Simply Sensational? You’re looking at the next and GREATEST Intercontinental Champion of all! There is no way Shawn Hart is going to survive this, I give him five minutes.

DM: Edmunds has been looking very sharp recently, and by outlasting four other hungry competitors, two from Fallen, his own teammate Copycat and Fusenshoff, I have to say he’s got a great chance to walk away with the gold.

MN: See?

DM: If the champ will let him.

[“Brain Stew” fades as we CUE UP: "Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Multi-coloured lights strobe across the stage before, several seconds later, Shawn Hart almost wheelies onto the rampway in his pimped-up HartMobil. The fans pop at the apparent skill of the driver, but when he veers sharply to avoid going over the edge they’re not so sure it was deliberate. Regaining control, Hart heads to the ring, parking his cart askew by the steps. He rolls into the ring as the fans give him a nice pop, and he poses with the Intercontinental Title belt in the centre of the ring]

TF: And the opponent, weighing two hundred fifteen pounds, he comes to us from Orlando, Florida and represents HOPE. He is the reigning and defending Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion… The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister… the Corona Man… the PHENOM… SHAWN… HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRTTTT!!

MN: Did you see that? He’s so scared of facing Edmunds tonight he almost drove into the crowd! When’s he gonna learn to drive?

DM: I think he learnt in Britain, on the wrong side of the road. Or when high. Or something.

MN: It’s the “or something” I’m worried about!

DT: Hart’s… not the most serious Intercontinental Champion we’ve had outside of the ring, but he’s all business when the bell rings. David Rosenkrantz has the belt from Shawn Hart now, he’s showing it to both competitors.

MN: And Edmunds telling Hart who the belt’s leaving with! Gold going back to Anthology!

DT: Hart has other ideas and he’s letting Edmunds know

Crowd: Ooooooh!

DT: Edmunds just slapped the taste out of Hart’s mouth! Rozenkrantz is admonishing Edmunds, Hart’s backed up – and there’s the bell, we’re under way!

[After some brief circling, Hart and Edmunds clash in a collar-and-elbow. With his slight weight advantage, Edmunds gets the better of things, pushing Hart back near the ropes, but the Orlando native shows his quickness with a go-behind into a hammerlock]

DT: And Edmunds straight into the ropes to break the hold.

MN: Why shouldn’t he use the ropes? He’s a cagey wrestler, I bet he knew Hart would go for a hammerlock so he thought, nu-uh, you ain’t catching me.

DM: Mike, that almost sounded intelligent.

MN: Really?

DM: Until you started talking.

MN: Grr!

DT: Edmunds and Hart lock up again, this time it’s Edmunds in charge with a headlock centre of the ring. Hart trying to fight out of it with a wrist-lock?

DM: But Edmunds grinding the headlock. It’s not enough to cause the submission but it does hurt and it’ll stop you getting your bearings.

[Hart again tries to escape, but the veteran uses his hips to deliver a picture-perfect headlock takedown. Hart slaps the mat in frustration, but as Edmunds tries to cinch it in again the smaller man fires off a knee to the back!]

DT: Hart taking an innovative way out here, Edmunds’ grip loosens, Hart with another knee DROPKICK! Hart rolled back and connected with that dropkick straight to the jaw!


DT: And Hart with the two count off the cover!

DM: It’ll take a whole lot more than that to put someone like Sean Edmunds away, but he’s making a good start, using his agility.

MN: Sean’s more agile!

DM: He’s also been wrestling longer, he’s more banged up.

DT: Hart has Edmunds by the head, forearm shot to the temple, HARTNO! Hart going for the Hart On but Edmunds sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a belly-to-belly!

DM: Just like that, Hart came close to retaining. Some finishers are all about pain, but the Hart On’s about stunning you for the three.

DT: But it didn’t work there, as Edmunds with a stomp to the back and he plants the elbow. It’s been pretty even so far in this contest, Hart kicking out before the one there.

DM: Edmunds has Hart up, hooks him and down with a backbreaker!

DT: One

Two and an easy kickout by the champion.

MN: Edmunds just wants to make sure the fans go home with their money’s worth. That’s all. Anthology are kind like that.

DT: Sure, Mike. Edmunds is in control, though, he’s got Hart up, Irish whip far side, Hart slides through the legs and a nice bulldog as Edmunds was stumbling around!

[Rather than going for the cover, the smaller Hart executes a crisp scoop-slam, dropping Edmunds near a corner. Hart mounts the corner before delivering a second-rope elbow drop, which he follows by placing his shin right across Edmunds’ throat0

MN: Come on, ref!

DM: Hart’s not above taking advantage of the referee’s five count, and you know that Edmunds would do the same if he was in control right now.

DT: Edmunds grabbing the ropes, picking himself up off the mat but Shawn Jessica Hart in quickly with a kick to the midsection. Hard Irish whip to the far side, follows it up with a VICIOUS leg lariat!

DM: Sweating yet, Mike?

MN: No, I know Sean’ll pick things up.

DT: Hart letting Edmunds slump to the mat, climbs the corner again, high knee drop to the head!



Kickout by the challenger!

[Hoping to keep the pressure on, Hart picks Edmunds up and nails him with a right hand. Pushing the Sensational One back to the ropes, Hart tries an Irish whip only to have it reversed. Edmunds doesn’t get a chance to make good the advantage, though, as Hart takes him down with a shoulder block before coming off the ropes again]

DT: Hart with a leapfrog on Edmunds, comes back NICE counter into the atomic drop, and Edmunds with a short-arm lariat takes the champion down!

MN: See? See? Told you, he is just Simply… SENSATIONAL!

DM: It was a nice move, he had Hart scouted there but it’s going to take more than a couple of moves to wrest the title away.

DT: Edmunds off the ropes and just DRILLS Hart with the elbow drop, and look at him now toying with the fans!

MN: It’s in the bag! He just wants to give the fans a long, hard look at



NO!! Shawn Hart almost stole it there with a schoolboy roll-up as Edmunds turned his attention to the fans!

DM: You cannot afford to take your eyes off someone like Hart, I thought Edmunds would know that by now!

DT: Hart back to his feet first, straight into a side headlock on the Anthology member! Edmunds trying to fight out of it but Hart refusing to let go, Edmunds can’t even fire him off the ropes!

DM: Edmunds showed how hard it can be to get out of a standing headlock earlier and now he’s going to have to show how to get out of it.

DT: Edmunds with a forearm to the kidneys, tries to fire Hart off again but no dice! And look how Hart’s sitting down slightly.

DM: It lowers his centre of gravity. You sometimes see a suplex used to break this hold and if you can make it harder to lift you… it saves a headache.

DT: But grabbing the hair works!

DM: Yes.

DT: Edmunds almost dragging Hart back by the hair, hooks him suplex but Hart lands on his feet! Shawn Hart spins the challenger around, kick to the gut, comes off the ropes POWERSLAM!


No! Kickout off the powerslam, Sean Edmunds showing GREAT physical strength there!

DM: And those power moves can knock you for a loop!

MN: That’s what I’m talking about! Sean can knock Hart out with one move!

DM: He could but all he has to do is knock the wind out of him for about five seconds.

[The Orlando native has other ideas, it seems, as he jabs the point of his elbow into the top of the champion’s head as the two try to get to their feet. Rattled, Hart is easy prey for Edmunds as the larger man hooks him by the head, taking him over in a snap suplex. Hart arches in pain, but Edmunds is quickly on his feet, executing a standing senton splash and laying back into a lax cover]

DT: One!


Another kickout by the champ. Edmunds is looking vicious in there, stomping away on Hart.

MN: This is getting fun! Anthology are going to have almost all the gold after this one, it’s going to be sweet!

DM: Unless Stevens loses to First.

MN: Not gonna happen. I could beat First!

DM: I’d like to see that, shall I get him out here?

MN: Erm… no thanks.

DT: Edmunds has Hart hooked again, brings him to the centre of the ring and takes him down with a nice snapmare, off the ropes, and a diving clothesline on the mat! He goes for the cover again but Hart with the wherewithal to kickout before the two.

[Unperturbed, Edmunds drags the champ to the bottom rope and drapes him throat first across the cable. The ref starts to tell him to back off, but Edmunds pleads innocence – all the while resting his full weight on the back of the champion! The fans are livid as Rosenkrantz takes a few seconds to start his count, but Edmunds executes a splash at four, breaking the illegal hold and still managing to choke Shawn Hart against the rope.

Following on from that, Edmunds jaws with someone at ringside as he drags the champ to his feet. Hooking the head again, he takes the champ down with an impact Russian legsweep, Hart’s head bouncing off the canvas]

MN: You know, Edmunds was asked to be part of the Harlem Globetrotters because he could dribble like that.

DM: Really?

MN: Yup.

DM: Who tried to sign you up for your dribbling? Someone get Mike a bib!


DT: Edmunds looks in total control, but I think his celebrations are a little premature! Hart’s one tough competitor and this showboating could cost the challenger.

MN: Not if he keeps scoring with those right hands.

DT: Edmunds being admonished for using the closed fist, he’s got Hart back against the ropes. Irish whip far side and a beautiful standing dropkick there by the challenger!

SE: In the bag, baby! In the bag!

DT: Will you listen to him? The crowd letting them know what they think of him, grabs Hart again



THRNO!! Shawn Hart going for the inside cradle, the small package but he couldn’t hook it tight enough!

MN: Snicker.

DM: A bib or chemical castration. Neels needs something.

DT: Edmunds incensed that Hart could grab that hold, he’s stomping away on the champ! Has Hart up, whip into the corner and a HUGE spear! Hart’s doubled up!

DM: Edmunds hates being embarrassed, and Hart nearly made a complete fool out of him.

DT: Edmunds sitting Hart up on the top rope, follows him… HURRICANRANA! Sean Edmunds with a hurricanrana out of the corner!



THNO!! NO!! Shawn Hart after these impact moves, after the hurricanrana, manages to squeeze the shoulder up!

MN: Keep it calm, Sean! Remember, gold for Anthology! Gold for Anthology! Sensational!

DT: Edmunds with Hart up again, he’s looking peeved. Picks him up, shoulder breaker… and down with a powerslam! Nice sequence there, and he’s calling for the end!

DM: Off the ropes, over Hart, Asai NO!

MN: NO!!

DT: Shawn Hart rolled into the ropes and Edmunds eats nothing but canvas!

[Hart leans against the ropes as Edmunds scrambles to the other side holding his face. Smelling the opportunity, Hart launches himself across the ring in a dead sprint, going for a clothesline and taking both men to the outside! The fans in the front row are on their feet as the champ lands on his feet, the challenger sprawled on the floor. Hart punches the air, eliciting a positive response from the fans before he drives Edmunds face first into the ring apron]

DT: Shawn Hart with Edmunds in trouble

Crowd: Woooo!



DT: Edmunds’ chest is beat red! Three stiff chops and Edmunds can’t get away, Hart clubs him with a hard right, grabs the champ by the head, into the ring post and rolls him back inside!

MN: Disqualify him!

DT: Hart up on the apron, Edmunds to his feet, SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!



THRNO! No! Sean Edmunds somehow, somehow kicks out!

[In control, Hart hooks Edmunds from behind and plants him with a release German suplex, the Anthology member rolling over and falling back down on his face. Hart peels him from the canvas, dropping him into an inverted atomic drop to Mike’s protests – and the champ follows it up with a double leg-trip, dragging Edmunds into the middle of the ring]

MN: Snap out of it, Sean! Come on!

DT: Hart with Edmunds… SLINGSHOT to the buckle! Listen to these fans they can sense this one’s almost over!


DM: Very likely. Hart with Edmunds, goes for the Irish whip, Edmunds reverses OH!


DT: Sean Edmunds just reversed the champ back into the corner straight into the referee!

MN: What was Rozenkrantz doing?

DT: Trying to get into position, but he didn’t expect Edmunds to launch Hart back into the corner. We’ve got no ref, Hart’s back to his feet, Edmunds SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK!!

The cover! No ref!




DM: No ref, Mike!


DT: And Edmunds now realising it, he’s not happy!

DM: But what can he do about it? He caused the ref to get knocked out, even if it was an accident!

DT: Edmunds drags Hart to the middle of the ring, hooks him… double underhook suplex! Goes for the cover again but the ref’s still out.

MN: STUPID REF! Anthology would be more golden than normal right now!

DT: I’ve got to agree. Edmunds has this won but for the ref. He’s trying to revive the ref, I don’t think David’s moving HART ON!! HART ON!! SHAWN HART HITS IT!

MN: NO!!

DT: But Hart can’t capitalise! All three men are down, Edmunds is down, Hart is down, the referee’s down, can this even continue?

[Slowly, ever so slowly, Hart starts to move, dragging himself over towards the fallen Edmunds. The referee too starts to move, holding his head, the fans imploring him to move faster. Hart almost manages to drape an arm over the challenger, but Edmunds finally starts to stir, trying to roll himself to the ropes]

DT: Finally there’s some life back in the ring! Hart nearly managed a cover, he’s up to his knees, the referee’s leaning in the corner. Edmunds using the ropes, Hart comes in, kick to the gut by Edmunds! Hart coming in again, another boot by Edmunds, LARIAT!





DT: Edmunds is arguing with the ref, goes back to Hart



THNO! Hart almost with the small package!

DM: These two have been hitting hard for what, ten, twelve minutes?

DT: I don’t know, but Hart with Edmunds, whips him into the corner and a BIG Splash! Lifts him up, Edmunds on the top rope, Hart follows him but he’s met with a big right! Hart with a right, Edmunds, both men on the ropes, Hart with a thumb to the eye! He hooks him… BIG SUPLEX! Edmunds screaming in pain as his back hits





DM: Sean Edmunds will not give up tonight!

DT: Hart slowly back to the corner, waiting on Edmunds… SUPERNO! Edmunds ducked it, Hart turns, cross body!


MN: TWO!!!


DT: Shawn Hart with another kickout and Edmunds cannot believe it!

DM: I can’t believe it! I thought after the beating he’s taken Hart would be out of it by now.

DT: Edmunds picking Hart up, Inverted Atomic Drop!

MN: Boo-ya!

DT: Hooks Hart for the Northern Lights INSIDE CRADLE!




[SFX: ding ding ding ding]

TF: The winner of the match… and STILL Intercontinental Champion… SHAWN… HAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRTTTTTT!!!

[CUE UP: "Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The referee gives Hart the belt, as Edmunds lashes out against the ropes]

DT: Sean Edmunds thought he had it but Hart retains with a surprise inside cradle! What a match HEY!

Crowd: BOO!!

DT: Edmunds attacking Hart from behind! He’s got him hooked… TOMBSTONE!! This is sick, Hart won the match!

MN: Not the war.

DT: Sean Edmunds not letting up, off the ropes… ASAI MOONSAULT! Rozenkrantz can’t get him under control!

DM: You never want to annoy an Anthology member. Or beat them, obviously.

DT: Edmunds punishing Hart with right hands, Rozenkrantz FINALLY has him off! Oh look at that, posing with the belt!

MN: THAT’S how things should be!

DT: But it’s not how they are! I don’t think Hart’s going to forget this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Winters Loses His S**t, Part Two

[CUTTO: Backstage, LAYNE WINTERS stands across from OMEGA with his arms folded]

WINTERS: See, what I did to Bastard and Dishon back there…that’s got nothin’ to do with you. ‘Cause I respect you, Omega. You’re not like the rest of these jokers, running around thinking they’re on the level. Guys like us man…we’re a dying breed. And I wanna shake your hand, Omega, to let you know- you have my RESPECT, brother. So shake my hand… [extends hand; Omega hesitates] You’re six foot eight, the f[bleep]k am I gonna do? Now shake my hand and let’s be done with it…

[Relenting, Omega finally extends his hand to Winters, who shakes it without a problem… … …before TOOEY! SPITTING white foam saliva into Omega’s eyes and immediately cracking him with an elbow! Omega, reeling backwards, throws a BIG PUNCH to Winters’ face, causing him to stagger a bit before they eventually tangle up. Security swarms in to break it up]


[Winters pulls away from security for but a moment before spotting KENNETH WILLIAMS, who is onlooking, SMACKING him in the face and shoving him. Security once again is required to break up a fight]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fusenshoff vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown - Winters, Part Three

DT: It sounds like Kenny Lombardo is backstage looking to get a word with Fusenshoff before his confrontation with “The Dragon” Karl Brown tonight.

[The scene opens with Kenny Lombardo looking a little nervous. He seems anxious about knocking on Fusenshoff’s locker room door. He straightens up, takes a deep breath and knocks. Almost instantly he puts his ear to the door in anticipation. After a moment the door opens slowly, but deliberately, as Fusenshoff comes into view and there’s a big pop. ]

[He looks at Kenny for a moment as the two meet eye-to-eye. There isn’t a word said as Fusenshoff turns his back and walks into what looks like a hockey locker room. Fusenshoff takes a seat on the bench in the middle of the room. No duffel bag, no booze, just Fusenshoff already in his usual attire. Kenny stands over him like a reporter talking to an athlete after a game. Fusenshoff has his head down, seemingly in deep thought.]

Kenny Lombardo: “Hello Fusenshoff. I was hoping to get a few sound bites before you take on “The Dragon” [another huge pop] tonight.”

[Fusenshoff says nothing once again. He just sits upright and looks at Kenny, awaiting the next question. Kenny takes a hint.]

Kenny Lombardo: Okay, umm. Aggression 50 is shaping up to be the biggest TV event in EPW’s storied history. Do you think that has anything to do with Karl Brown picking now to come back?

Fusenshoff: “I don’t think there’s any question about that Kenny. Karl held the Intercontinental Title for nearly two years. He won the first ever TEAM Invitational tournament. Only three men can make that claim: Dan Ryan, Mike Randalls and Karl Brown. Something else that goes unnoticed sometimes is the fact that Lindsay Troy, arguably EPW’s greatest World Champion, was the top champ while Karl held the IC title.”

Kenny Lombardo: “What does that have to do with Karl Brown?”

Fusenshoff: “Only one wrestler stood between Karl and the top spot. She may have been the best EPW has seen. If he hadn’t left we could be calling him EPW World Champion right now.”

Kenny Lombardo: “Is that a shot at Sean Stevens and Anthology? You’ve certainly been grappling with those guys a lot lately and have reason to dislike your former Fallen stablemate.”

Fusenshoff: “What?! No. I’m saying Karl is main event-caliber talent and this is the biggest Aggression ever in a fed that he dominated in. No wonder you’re not on the air much anymore.”

[Kenny is a bit taken-aback. The hostility is surprising coming from Fusenshoff of all people.]

Kenny Lombardo: “Sorry for going off-topic. Next question… why do you think Karl called you out for his return?”

Fusenshoff: “I can’t answer that; ask him. I will say that Karl is a wrestler I’ve wanted to challenge myself against for years.

Kenny Lombardo: “And once this is over, what’s next for you? You’re free from Stalker and The Fallen. You may still hold ill-will against Rocko Daymon who hit you with a weapon the night you lost your TV title. Stalker’s new stable might have cost you an IC title shot. You’ve worked with HOPE and against Anthology on a couple shows lately.”

Fusenshoff: “You just said a whole lot Kenny. To clarify, I can’t touch Stalker. Rocko didn’t intentionally do anything and I hold no ill-will. HOPE seems to be doing just fine on their own and Anthology has enough on their plate.”

Kenny Lombardo: “What about with Brown? Could we see you two together in tag team competition someday? Do you see a possibility of this match being the beginning of an ugly feud?”

Fusenshoff: “I competed in the Kings of The Cage tournament about twenty months ago and it was a disaster. Generally speaking, I don’t play well with others. It’s not likely Karl and I will be at each other’s throats after this either.”

Kenny Lombardo: “So you have nothing on the agenda.”

Fusenshoff: “I plan to be booked every week like clockwork and will come out expecting to fight until my limbs catch fire and won’t move anymore- or I win. It’s the one and only constant you can always expect from me, no matter how entangled I get in the drama of professional wrestling.”

[There’s a moment of silence as Kenny lets Fusenshoff’s final words sink in.]

Kenny Lombardo: “Thanks for your time Fusenshoff.”

[The scene fades quickly as Fusenshoff bows his head once again and Kenny leaves the locker room, closing the door behind him.

A few seconds pass, and Karl Brown is coming down the hall on his way to his dressing room for final preparations.]

KL: Karl, we’re seconds away from the opening bell, what’s going through your mind?

Karl: Fuse is a tough competitor, and this should be a challenge.

KL: But what’s your strategy going to be? I saw you earlier watching tapes.

Karl: Of course I’ve been watching tapes. I’ve studied Fusenhoff carefully, I’ve seen what he likes to do in the ring and I know he’ll try some of those, but he’s never faced anyone like me. Just like he’s going to challenge me, I’m going to challenge him and if he wants to win, he’s going to have to show everyone something new. This one’s not going to come down to who wants it more, but whose body is able to keep up with that drive, that desire. I respect Fuse as a man and as a wrestler but in that ring, there is no respect, there are no friends, it’s two men fighting it out and forcing each other beyond known limits.

KL: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Karl: Only this – fans, don’t leave your seat. You don’t want to miss this.

[Karl walks out of shot]

KL: Back to ringside.

DT: Welcome to the fiftieth edition of Aggression, ladies and gentlemen! And if you think this show has been big, just you wait because we’ve got a good one!

DM: You got it! Karl “The Dragon” Brown surprised us all with his appearance on Forty-Nine and made an open challenge to the former two-time EPW TV Champion Fusenshoff! Fuse accepted and now we’ve got a battle between two world-class athletes!

DT: Nothing on the line here, no titles, no grudges, just pride!

MN: Ugg… just wake me when this is over, I thought we were supposed to have action!

DT: Guys, let’s take it to ringside for introductions!

[The bell rings as the ring announcer gets ready for the contest.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will have a thirty-minute time limit!

[MUSIC UP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica. The opening Indian-scale guitar riff ends…T-T-T-T-T-T-BOOOOOOM!...fireworks mark the end of the drums, as the song kicks into high gear. Shortly after, FUSENSHOFF walks out methodically, staring ahead as he makes his way to the ring, focused as ever.]

TF: Making his way to the ring…He hails from KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA and weighs in tonight at 263 pounds… THIS… IS… FUUUSSSSSSENNNNNNNNSHHOFFFFFF!

DT: Great reaction here for Fusenshoff! He hasn’t looked any better than he has right now, and he’s going to need everything in his tank if he’s going to walk out of here with the win over his opponent!

MN: Let’s hope this is as quick as possible! I got 35 on red and if I’m not there when they roll that sucka, there’s gonna be hell to pay!

[In the ring, Fusenshoff bounces off both sets of ropes to get himself ready for what could be a definite masterpiece match-up. Whipping off his wifebeater and tossing it into the crowd, the Canadian native stalks around the ring as his music cuts.]

TF: And his opponent…

[The lights cut out seconds before “Rainmaker” blasts over the PA. As soon as the guitars kick in, green and white lights flash around the arena. The Hoff’s opponent hasn’t even made it out to ringside yet, but that doesn’t stop the very lively Sin City crowd from making a ruckus for the return…]

TF: Making his way to the ring, from Nottingham, England…

[Without fail, “The Dragon” steps out from behind the curtain as the lyrics kick in, taking a quick look around the arena before walking to the ring, high-fiving fans. He appears almost taken aback by the sheer favorable response he’s getting, but doesn’t let it completely overwhelm him. This is a big moment… his first EPW match in at least two years and now, the former EPW World and Intercontinental Champion is about to be embroiled in what could be a show-stealer.]


[When he reaches the ring, he vaults over the top rope and stands on the middle rope, pointing out at and saluting the fans. Leaping off the top rope, he immediately shuts out the crowd when he sees the determined glare of Fusenshoff starting back at him. Nodding, he takes off his black jacket and tosses it off. Tonight, he favors the color of red with a black dragon running up and down the sides of his trunks.]

DM: We’re going to be in store for something amazing, no doubt. We saw Karl “The Dragon” Brown make the challenge to Fusenshoff for this match and accepted without hesitation. Dave, what do you make of this match?

DT: Well, this is going to come down to several factors Karl “The Dragon” Brown undoubtedly has the speed and the in-ring experience, but he’s also been away for a couple years so ring rust could come into play. Meanwhile, Fusenshoff has been wrestling for a good while now looking as good as he’s ever been. He favors more of an in-your-face approach as opposed to Karl’s technical stylings, so we’ll see who gets the advantage.

MN: Fusenshoff kicks ass in five, then we can all watch Sean Stevens walk outta here against Heath Ledger’s cousin, The First!


[Both men circle one another, seemingly waiting for the other man to make that very pivotal first move that will set the pace for the entire match. Fusenshoff goes in for a grapple, but IMMEDIATELY, The Dragon heads right into a Schoolboy!]



[Rolling back up to his feet, Fusenshoff seems taken off-guard by the quick approach that his opponent takes. He tries to go in for another tie-up, but The Dragon is already there once again, ducking under the clothesline and rolling him up into another modified Cradle Pin!]



[Brown runs off the ropes and tries for another quick assault to rattle his opponent, but Fuse hits the brakes and knocks him down with a big Shoulder Block. Getting himself a run off the ropes, Fusenshoff looks to collect on the momentum, but The Dragon kips up to his feet and takes him down with a quick Arm Drag! Fusenshoff is back on his feet again and walks right into a quick Cross Body Block!

Rolling back onto his feet, Karl waits for Fuse to make it back to a vertical base and whips him into the corner. Fusenshoff bounces backwards as The Dragon tries for another assault, but he quickly adjusts himself and spins him into a big cradle before DROPPING him with a high-impact swinging neckbreaker!]

[The fans give a nice reaction for the beautiful counter to The Dragon’s fast-paced offense. Moving right into dropping bombs, Fuse drops a few big elbow drops right into the chest of The Dragon before pulling him up to his feet and hurling him into the corner. A few mudhole stomps take the wind right out of his sails before he gets driven down, courtesy of a picture-perfect Pendulum Backbreaker! The crowd groans from the impact as he goes right into the cover.]




[Right when he realizes that the move doesn’t put Brown down, he moves right into a quick modified Surfboard submission, pulling on both arms while driving a big knee into the back. Pulling backwards, Fusenshoff doesn’t relent on the early attempt at the submission hold.]


[Getting firmly in the corner of the former multiple-time EPW title holder, The Dragon starts to kick back up to his feet, and slowly gets to one knee. The pain being inflicted on him is evident on his face, but he manages to get to both feet and does a flip forward, using both feet to kick Fusenshoff right in the chest!]

[Free of the deadly submission hold, a pair of sharp kicks greet Fuse in the gut and stun him for the moment. The Dragon runs off the ropes, but Fusenshoff grabs him by the head and hurls him right over the top…]

DM: NO! Karl grabs the top rope! What’s he gonna do here?


[Sure enough, a charge from Fuse doesn’t end well as he ends up dumped right out on the floor! Brown heads back into the ring and paces around for a moment, noticing the reaction. Grinning from ear-to-ear, he grabs ahold of both ropes and slingshots himself right out to the floor…


[What Mike Neely refers to is Fusenshoff ducking out of harm’s way, leaving The Dragon to hit nothing but mat on the outside. Clutching his chest in pain from the impact, he tries to will himself to his feet, cursing himself under his breath for the failed high-risk offense. When he turns around, a Somersault Apron Dive from Fusenshoff finds its mark right across the body of The Dragon!]


DM: It’s not often that you’re actually going to see Fusenshoff bust out some high-risk offense, but it looks like he’s busting out all the stops to walk away victorious here on Aggression 50!


[Wasting zero time, Fuse gets back to his feet and hurls Karl Brown back underneath the bottom rope. The BC, Canada native follows him back into the ring and hooks both legs for the cover.]




[Fusenshoff grimaces a little bit, sure that the combination of dives on the outside would score him the victory, but he doesn’t appear deterred. Rather, he looks more determined than ever to get back into this match. Scooping up The Dragon, he gets himself a very good run across the ring before drilling him back-first into the canvas with a Running Powerslam!]


MN: I’m betting that Karl Brown thinks it was a terrible idea to get back in the squared circle!

DM: Maybe, maybe not. One thing we’re seeing for sure is Fusenshoff working over that back with high-impact moves! And here’s another cover!




[Seeing his opponent on the ground for just a moment, Fuse goes to the second rope and tries to mount another big offensive maneuver, but shockingly, The Dragon beats him to the punch with a leaping Enzuigiri that stuns him! The fans pop for the big-time maneuver as Fuse falls forward on the mat! Clutching his back in pain, he uses the aid of the ropes to get himself back to his feet while Fuse holds his head, wondering what the hell hit him.]

[Back on his feet, he greets Fuse with several Knife-Edge Chops to the chest before running to the ropes…]


MN: Wow, I think he remembered he’s in an actual wrestling match now!

[Fusenshoff scrambles to his feet, but gets knocked back down with a big Clothesline. Once more, Fuse gets back to his feet, but this time, finds himself on the bad end of a Headscissors that sends him flying into the ropes! The crowd gets another big “DRAGON!” chant going as Brown waits for Fusenshoff to return to his feet. He tries for another big Clothesline, but Fusenhoff grabs him! An attempt at an Exploder Suplex goes nowhere as Karl elbows his way right out.]

[Karl Brown tries to whip him into the corner, but Fuse puts the brakes on and sends him for the ride in the corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table. He gets a run, but a pair of feet catch him right in the jaw! Leaving him open, Karl grabs him by the head and lets out a roar to the crowd off the second rope.]

DT: And there we go! The Diamond Dust from Karl “The Dragon” Brown! He’s getting back into this match!

DM: And right into the cover!




[Fusenshoff somehow finds a way to kick out of the high-impact move out of the corner, stunning Karl for the moment. Slowly sitting back up again, he grabs Fuse and tries for a suplex of some kind, but Fusenshoff gets the leg right back up and blocks. He delivers a pair of knees to the gut of The Dragon and plants him firmly into the middle of the ring with an Exploder Suplex that rattles his spine!]




DT: That was almost three right there! Just when The Dragon thinks that he’s got Fuse off-kilter, he stays with him and brings the fight right back to him!

MN: You know, I gotta give him his due… he’s a fierce competitor and I’m seeing why he’s called The Dragon.

DM: Oh, yeah?

MN: Yeah… he’s DRAGGING ON this damn match!

[Not wanting to lose the advantage, Fusenshoff pummels the back with a couple of stiff Forearm Shots before looking for another Back Suplex, but this time Karl flips out and lands on his feet behind him! Before Fuse can register what has happened, Karl grabs him around the waist and incredibly, throws him up and over with a German Suplex with a bridge!]




[Fusenshoff just barely manages to kick out, much to the chagrin of the crowd who thought that would do it. It’s clear that the damage Fusenshoff has done to his back is still pretty evident, but that doesn’t deter him from doing what he needs to do. The Dragon starts to go up to the top rope, but Fuse has it well scouted and rolls out underneath the bottom rope. The Sin City crowd starts to deliver a few jeers for the tactic, but it turns out to be a very smart one…]



MN: Is he just stupid? His back has been abused worse than a red-headed stepchild this whole match and he’s gonna keep doing things like this?

DM: It goes to show you what kind of a competitor both of these men are! Fusenshoff won’t quit and The Dragon will go the extra mile for the win!

[The Dragon is the first man back up to his feet, but Fusenshoff isn’t that far behind. Rolling him back underneath the ropes, he follows him in and leaps into a big Somersault Slingshot Legdrop right across the throat! He hooks a leg and goes for the win!]




DT: Incredible! These two are just throwing bombs at each other now and they’re both just not quitting!

DM: They’ve exchanged opening holds, big moves and even saw them throw in some high-risk moves, but these two just keep fighting!

CROWD: THIS IS AWE-SOME! Clap-clap-clapcclapclap! THIS IS AWE-SOME! Clap-clap-clapcclapclap!

[The crowd is now completely engrossed in this incredible back and forth contest, but neither man pay attention to the crowd any longer, instead hoping for the victory. Karl whips at his chest with a few more Chops, knocking the wind out of Fusenshoff, but Fuse returns fire with an open-handed Chop of his own. The two continue to beat each other mercilessly with no end in sight, but finally, Karl gets the advantage with a fast barrage of kicks thrown in for good measure.]

[Karl goes for a big running move off the ropes, but Fusenshoff counters and rolls through, looking for what appears to be a Double Underhook Powerbomb-style maneuver, but Karl breaks free and rolls him up into the Jackknife!]







[The Dragon goes for a backslide, but Fusenshoff’s strength wins out in this particular exchange, pulling him downwards into a pin!]




[The Dragon goes for one more big-time move, but gets rolled up into a Small Package from Fusenshoff!]










[The camera cuts to the look on the faces of both men, almost both painted in disbelief that this match is still going on!]


DT: The crowd is loving every moment of this! I’m thinking that it’s safe to say that Karl “The Dragon” Brown has shaken off that ring rust!

MN: Give it time, he’ll rust out quicker than the Tin Man in a monsoon!

DM: Fusenshoff is just relentless! He kicks him in the stomach and takes him to the ropes… NO! SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA INTO THE COVER!




[Just barely, Fusenshoff kicks out and powers The Dragon off him. Karl drills him with a Side Forearm shot and tries for another whip, but Fuse stops him in mid-move and kicks him in the side. He tries for the Double Underhook, possibly looking for the Powerbomb, but Karl snaps his way out of it. Fuse goes in for the Short-Arm Clothesline, but The Dragon ducks and goes in for another backslide pin attempt… he got it… NO! ROLL THROUGH BY FUSENSHOFF!]

DM: THAT’LL DO IT! Beautiful series of counters ending in the Sit-Out Tiger Bomb!




DT: That was Fusenshofff’s second or third attempt before finally connected with the Underhook Powerbomb! I don’t know how The Dragon kicked out!

MN: He’s just not going to die, will he?!

[Fusenshoff takes in heavy breaths, silently wondering what the hell the right combination would be to score what could be the biggest win of his EPW career. The Dragon rolled out of the path of harm and used the corner to pull himself up. Fuse sees him and goes for a Body Avalanche, but The Dragon gets a boot up out of nothing more than desperation.]

[The Dragon heads out to the apron and starts to ascend the buckles looking for his next big move, but Fusenshoff still has the bearings to strike him with a big right hand. Simple, but it does the job of stunning him. He climbs up to the second rope and looks to be going for a Superplex. Karl sees this coming and tries with all his might to fight free, throwing a couple right hands and even a desperation headbutt to keep himself from taking a deadly plunge. Seeing the crowd come to life again, The Dragon has him right where he wants him.]







DT: YES! WAIT… NO! The referee was about to call that three-count, but he’s waving at the timekeeper!

DM: Close fall! But he’s letting us all know that was a CLOSE two, but a two-count nonetheless!

[The Dragon’s eyes go wide, damn sure that he had the three-count, but the referee tells him with two fingers that this match is still very much on. The Dragon takes him by the back of the neck and hooks him, possibly looking for that killing blow that he calls the Dragon’s Bite, but Fusenshoff has enough wherewithals to shove him back towards the ropes and send him flying into the corner! He staggers forward…]







[If it was at all possible, this cover was even closer than the Sunset Flip Bomb off the top rope from earlier, but the Whiskey Bomb does NOT spell victory for Fuse. With a face something as white as a ghost, he’s flat-out shocked that Karl Brown still finds a way to kick out of one of Fusenshoff’s most devastating moves. Not knowing what to do at this point, he tries to follow through. He takes him back to his feet again, but The Dragon leaps forward and connects with an Enzuigiri to the side of the head!]

DT: Fusenshoff just had his brains rattled! And now, The Dragon’s going back to the top rope again!

DM: Fuse may not have anything left after the Whiskey Bomb. If he hits whatever he’s going for up top, this could be it!

[Perched up top perfectly, the former EPW Champion flies with incredible height with something of a Frog Splash and a Crossbody! He gets Fusenshoff right where he wants him…]









DM: I don’t believe it! It took EVERYTHING these two could throw at one another and it took an incredible amount of strength on the part of Fusenshoff, but he did it!

DT: Undoubtedly, this is up there with one of, if not THE biggest wins in the career of Fusenshoff! Karl “The Dragon” Brown just showed everybody why he’s reached the success he has and has shown he can hang with ANYBODY in that ring, but in the end, Fusenshoff just wanted it a little bit more!

[“Wherever I May Roam” blasts throughout the arena, but Fusenshoff is just barely able to get to his feet, still shaking from the tremendous bout he’d just had with the legendary Dragon himself. The music stops as he waits in the ring, helping a very stunned and staggered Karl Brown make it back to his feet on spaghetti legs.]

[The two simply stare at one another, without even so much as a facial expression being exchanged. After those initial awkward moments pass, Karl extends a hand out to Fusenshoff and waits for him to respond. Looking down, Fusenshoff takes the hand and the crowd goes batsh*t crazy.]


DT: And that’s a class act right there! Karl “The Dragon” Brown wanted to see if Fusenshoff could live up to the incredible heights that others have placed upon him and it’s a safe bet he got his answer!

DM: That was just a fantastic match from beginning to end. Either man could’ve gotten the duke here, but Fusenshoff takes it here tonight! Hopefully, down the line, we get to see the rematch!

DT: Well, folks, if you think that this match was the tip of the iceberg, we’ve still got a lot more show coming up! Stay tuned!

[CUEUP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season]

[Boos fill the arena as LAYNE WINTERS walks to the ring with ANARKY at his side. The EPW Television Title is slung over his shoulder]

DM: WAIT – hold that thought!! What’s he doing out here?

DT: Layne Winters making an unscheduled appearance, there’s Anarky too…and we’ve been seeing footage all night of Winters attacking people at random. Now I’m not sure what his beef with Brown or Fusenshoff is, but they’re on guard, likely expecting the least out of Winters.

MN: We’ve seen it before, and we’ve seen it tonight…you can’t let your guard down around this man. He’ll beat the hell out of you IN the ring, OUT of the ring, in your home, whatever. Where I come from, we just call the police, but you know how it is around here…everyone’s proud.

DT: Winters calling for the mic…

WINTERS: I didn’t ask for music, TURN IT OFF. YOU…[points at Fusenshoff] If we have business, it ain’t tonight…so hit the bricks.

[Fusenshoff makes a step toward Winters, only to be cut off by Anarky. Fuse shoots him a quick look, shakes his head, and turns to the ropes to exit]

DM: He has business with BROWN?

MN: You wanna know what Brown can do for him?

DM: I wanna know who pays you for those jokes.

MN: Dan Ryan.

WINTERS: As for Karl Brown…something’s been bugging me all week about you, Karl. See, tonight I sent a message to the entire locker room: AMBITION NEED NOT APPLY. I look around backstage and see a lot of new faces, some not so new- rookies trying to carve their name in the cement, veterans trying to climb the ladder…live the dream. But I’ve got dreams too, Karl, dreams and injuries. In fact, one might say I’ve got a short sleep cycle…and when I wake, well…this is all I’ve ever known. Now while that might not mean much to you, or a bunch of pseudonym-using creatures of the entertainment industry, or these mark motherf[BLEEP]kers who pay to see ‘em [immediate BOOS!]…it means something TO ME.

DM: I feel so enlightened.

DT: Where could he be going with this?

WINTERS: It’s bad enough I’ve gotta look over my shoulder at all the guys nipping at my heels, trying to take MY SPOT, or leapfrog over me to take the spot I have on reserve…and you damn well better believe that sh[BLEEP]t’s on reserve. But now…I’ve gotta open up the biggest Aggression of the YEAR so some washed up, has-been, never-was, creature of the industry…can practically f[BLEEP]king headline? [BOOS]

DT: This is ridiculous. Somebody get him OUT of the ring please!

WINTERS: Understand something, Karl. When HOPE’s in town, and most importantly, when I’M in town…you sit in the back of the bus. You don’t sit up front like Rosa Parks, refusing to give me your seat. ‘Cause I’ll beat you back the hell where you belong, guaranteed. [BOOS] Your career is an abortion, of the back alley variety. Somebody routed you out with a clothes-hanger, yet here you stand…clogging up the show so you and Fusenshoff can suck each other’s dicks with a handshake and respect. It’s vomit-inducing, embarrassing, and it could drive a person to torture small animals.

DT: Do we really have to be subjected to this?

MN: Yes. Can someone pass me a Diet Soda? I’m on calorie deficit.

WINTERS: The bottom line is, there’s not a single man in this company who could hold my water, and to show you just how f[BLEEP]king miniscule you and the rest of the locker room are, I pose a challenge to ANY MAN at Aggression 51, to get in line and face me in a gauntlet match for the EPW TELEVISION TITLE!

DM: For once, Winters and I are on the same page! Let’s get that match signed, PLEASE.

[Winters drops the TV Title at Brown’s feet]

WINTERS: Go ahead, Brown, pick it up. Accept my challenge and put that belt in your hands. [Brown looks at it, unsure] Pick it up. … PICK UP THE BELT, BROWN. [Brown looks again, still not moving] If I wanted to take you out, I’d have done it already. Now put that championship in your hands…pick up the title.

DT: What is this game Winters is playing?

[After more hesitation, Brown kneels down slowly to grab the title, prompting Winters to LAUNCH a kick right to his face! He and Anarky back Brown into the turnbuckles, stomping him out]

DT: He’s SICK! He’s absolutely SICK!

DM: I want The First to answer for this! How could he ally himself with a man like Winters? HOW?

MN: [Laughing] You guys are so stupid. Haven’t you seen the movie ‘Shane’?

WINTERS: You NEVER touch my f[BLEEP]king title, understand? [STOMP!] NEVER put your hands on my property! [STOMP!] You respect Fusenshoff, huh? [STOMP!] I beat him..respect ME, Karl! [STOMP!] RESPECT ME! [STOMP!]

[Winters pulls Brown out of the corner and sets him up for a suplex. He lifts him…holds…holds…holds…BAM! GREEN RIVER JUSTICE! Looking down at the fallen Brown, he SPITS on his face for good measure!]

DT: By far, by a MILE…the WORST attitude in EPW! I don’t know what gives him this sense of superiority, but what start out as a chip on the shoulder has grown to an ego matched by few in this company, or well…perhaps matched by only one.

MN: Hey, he’s a CHAMPION Neely! He gets to do what he wants, and you get to like it!

DT: It’s a disgrace is what it is. More after this.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
HOPE In the Balance

[CUTTO: Somewhere in the back, the crowd pops as they see The First on camera walking down a hallway he turns a corner, the camera catches up to him to show an enraged Layne Winters, still on the warpath.]

FIRST: What the hell are you doing?! Why are attacking these people, what is wrong with you?!

WINTERS: F[BLEEP]K OFF! I’ll END this f[BLEEP]king show! I’ll cripple the entire F[BLEEP]KING locker room, EPW will be cutting disability checks until they file CHAPTER SIX!

FIRST: Look you lost a match, that happens to everyone, there’s no reason for this…All you’re doing is building an army against yourself, against HOPE…This isn''t helping things...

WINTER: No, I’ll tell you what’s not helping things- YOU BEING 0 FOR 3 IN F[BLEEP]KING TITLE MATCHES! See, maybe a marketing creation like yourself can afford losses…I CAN’T. You know what tricep surgery feels like? How about arthroscopic knee surgery? [The First shakes his head ‘no’] Of course you don’t; you’re 190 pounds soaking wet. Well let me tell you something; I’ve been putting off arm surgery for a long, long time. When I get it done, that’s three months I’m out. And you think it’ll ever be the same when I do get back? Understand something, FREAK...I’m on a time schedule you couldn’t begin to fathom. I need my shot, and I needed it YESTERDAY. Now maybe that doesn’t mean something to a guy who can go into the tank half the year and still get a main event push, but I ain’t F[BLEEP]KING AROUND HERE!

FIRST: Yeah-yeah, you’re using me to get your title shot…You use me same way the suits do…I get how the world works Layne…I might be strange, but I ain’t stupid…Look, you want the title shot I promised you? Then stop this foolishness…GROW UP! [Winters glares at First.] Be a man, accept what happened and move on…Don’t lash out at everyone, don’t get in my face hurling insults…Don’t talk to me about an easy road to the top…I dominated the tag division of this company for over a year…I fought whoever they put in front of me…I won my matches, and I called out Triple X…And I beat his ass…The world knows that…And deep down, he knows it too…That’s why it’s been nearly a year since that night in Buffalo…I’ve waited all that damn time for a re-match Layne…Yeah Cameron Cruise and his thugs beat me…Yeah you survived 15 minutes with me…But don’t you question why I am where I am…You sided with HOPE for one reason...You know I can beat Triple X...Tonight...I'm going to prove that....

WINTERS: [smiles] Fine then…you go out there, get your victory. Put an end to Stevens, like fate tells you it will. But remember this: it’s not only your fate hanging in the balance; if YOU lose, EYE lose…and I sure as hell ain’t going 0 and 2 tonight. So go out there…honor our deal like you’re supposed to…make good on your fourth shot…or I’ll deliver you a fate that’ll keep you from ever getting a fifth.

[First shakes his head in disgust at Winters. He starts walking away, saying “My time tonight…My time.”]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Title: "Triple X" Sean Stevens (c) vs. The First

[Fade in on the commentary team at their table.]

DT: Well, fans of Empire Pro... it's been a monumental fiftieth Aggression thus far! And now it's time for the MAIN EVENT of this event!

MN: Yeah, yeah, let's get it over with... I wanna hit the crap tables before we get called in for the Sin City Showdown.

DM: The EPW World Heavyweight Champion and leader of the Anthology, "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS, puts his title on the line tonight against the number one contender and founder of HOPE, THE FIRST!! These two men have been rivals stemming back to their first encounter, when The First took Stevens to his very LIMIT, but was denied a rematch!

MN: Because he LOST! He had his chance, and he BLEW it!

DT: The build-up to this match started approximately one year ago in the city of Brotherly Love... let's take you back!

[Fade out to the highlight reel. First shot is a series of fireworks exploding in the rafters at the start of Aggression 41. Cut to a shot of The First, then of the Forsaken, coming to the ring for the main event.]

DT V/O: I was told this match was a special challenge made by the team we’re seeing approach the ring now. No doubt, they’re bringing their A-Game tonight!

[It then cuts to "Triple X" Sean Stevens, then a part of The Fallen, coming to the ring as the EPW World Heavyweight Champion.]

Triple X V/O: You're like dogs hollering at the moon. I'm the moon, shining above you all, you're beneath me, howling for my acknowledgement. For months you've gone on and on about how you've run roughshod over EPW, about how easy it was, about how you could do this, and could be that, if only you cared enough to want it.

[Cut to the climax of the match. "Triple X" Sean Stevens finishes off Felix Red with the X-Factor... but as he goes for the cover...]


[Flash forward to later in the match. The First BODY SPLASHES Stevens over the ropes to the outside. In another shot, they're brawling endlessly outside the ring. Cut to the final moment of the match, as Felix Red lies draped over Stalker, with The First holding the pinned man's legs, securing the three count. Slow-motion shot of Stevens' reaction, then it fades to black...]

The First V/O: Without opportunity, there cannot be achievement.

[When it comes back, we're at Aggression 42. The First stands alone in the ring, waiting on his opponent.]

The First V/O: And how odd is it now that the EPW World Champion calls me out, how odd that I have been ORDERED to fight for the EPW World Title... I did not ask for this match, I was instead... handed it...

["Triple X" Sean Stevens walks alone to the ring this time with his title on his shoulder.]

DT V/O: Triple X has made it clear, tonight is nothing more then an object lesson for the rest of EPW, do not cross him or this will happen to you.

[We flash through a few highlights of the hard-fought battle between both contenders as they trade high-flying spots. In the end, the First hits Stevens with Poison Mist to the eyes, slapping him into a flash pin that gets broken up as the ref notices his foot on the ropes. As The First argues with the referee, Stevens rolls him up and gets the three count! Stevens, with a victorious smirk on his face, pats the belt shouting "You can't beat me!"]

DT V/O: Triple X has retained the title, but what a battle it was...

[CUE UP: "Blueprint 2" by Jay-Z.]

[We cut to The First standing in the ring at the next Aggression, on the mic addressing the crowd.]

The First: What Sean Stevens wishes DIDN'T happen last week...Is that HE MADE ME A STAR!! He spent all that time yelling about how I was an easy mark, how I wasn't in his league...He found out otherwise...He found out I can hang with him...He KNOWS I can beat him...

[Cut to the conclusion of the main event of Aggression 44. After securing the pinfall over Cameron Cruise, The First picks the EPW World Heavyweight Title off of the mat and looks it over...]

Triple X V/O: You want to be the EPW World Heavyweight Champion? You should. If you're not in this business to be the best then you shouldn't be here, but just because you want something doesn't mean it's going to happen.

[...and moments later, Stevens RIPS it out of his hand and takes it back. The two men stare each other down for a tense moment.]

Triple X V/O: For all of your talk of beating me to a pulp, it's amazing how I walked out of that match, unscathed, virtually unstained, with my reputation – as the baddest mother****er on the planet – in tact.

[Fade to Russian Roulette, as The First stands in the ring with the newly formed HOPE...]

The First: Anthology thought they wanted to find HOPE? No…It’s as I’ve said all along…HOPE will destroy Anthology…And that’s what we’re going to do…

[Cut to the conclusion of the Pay Per View event, as "Triple X" Sean Stevens stands tall at the top of the cage holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title.]

The First V/O: That belt… It has to be in the HOPE camp, so WE control it… So whoever wins tonight’s main event… Don’t worry about finding HOPE… Cause HOPE is coming for you…

[We move ahead to Aggression 48. "Triple X" Sean Stevens CLOCKS Cameron Cruise in the face with the X-Factor amid the other members of Anthology as he usurps the groups founder and figurehead. Cut forward to him on the mic.]

Triple X: Cameron Cruise!! You wanted to lead a group of men like these?? You thought you could run anything around here?? You wanted to be the king? YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE ONLY KING IN EPW!! You, from this point forward… are no better than the rest of the trash backstage. You Cameron Cruise…. are GARBAGE.

[Later in the evening, members of Anthology hold up The First for Stevens to BLAST HIM with an X-Factor!! The shot of the recoil is played back in slow motion to emphasize the impact.]

DT V/O: Now the new Stevens led Anthology has flexed it’s muscle…What can HOPE do about this shift in power?

[Cut to the following Aggression, as the crowd EXPLODES at the sight of Troy Windham in a HOPE t-shirt!]


[Cut to the faces of DAN RYAN and SEAN STEVENS look back at each other.]

Ryan: At Aggression 50 I want you one on one against The First as a little Black Dawn preview. Windham can be in First’s corner and you can have Wells in yours to keep things even.

[Fade to black.]

Stevens V/O: ...whatever you say.

[We fade in a shot of Stevens standing in the ring with the title, looking toward the entrance for his opponent to appear.]

Triple X V/O: I am a bad person, Nadalny... but I make bad look so fucking good. I go above and beyond in everything that I do, I lead an extraordinary life, with success to boot, and ordinary guys like you, look at me in disdain because you all think I'm due for a dose of reality. But, this is reality. I am who I am, and I've been who I've been for thirteen years in this sport. YOU sons of *****es – my opponents – are the ones living in Never Never Land, thinking that you all have the ability to change anything, when it's clearly transparent that you don't.

[Cut to footage of The First pumping up the fans as he bounds down the rampway to the ring.]

The First V/O: My life is in danger Trip? You can't kill me... This body isn't who I am... Death is really isn't so bad... These bones, flesh, blood, it's but a vessel for the soul... It's but a container for a journey... You can not kill a soul Trip...You can damage them, you can injure them... But they will endure... Because life is eternal...

[Wipe to a shot of Stevens and The First face-to-face in early 2009...]

The First V/O: I... Am... Eternal...

[Flash to a still shot of both men in 2010 standing face to face, and slow fade to black...]

[We return to the commentary table. Neely is actually asleep.]

DM: Neels, wake-up!

MN: HUH?! WHAT?! Christ almighty, what film school drop-out did Dan Ryan pick up to make a highlight reel THAT FREAKING LONG AND BORING?!

DT: It's been a year since these two have crossed paths, and since then, they've been immersed in the struggles between HOPE and the Anthology! Tonight's match could shift the balance between either faction! It all depends on who walks out of here as the EPW World Heavyweight Champion...

DM: Some would argue that on that night, "Triple X" Sean Stevens MADE The First into the star he is today. In his first match with Stevens, he came SO CLOSE to winning... but the champion has downplayed it greatly.

MN: Trip's got this knack at making people obsess over him when they get beat. Look at the list... Rocko, JA, Ice Tre, Lindsay Troy... they all hold these everlasting grudges that change NOTHING! The First is a painted-up freak riding fifteen minutes of fame, and I guarantee that tonight, the CHAMPION will dispel any belief that The First can fight at his level!

DT: The competitors are about ready to enter the ring... so let's go to Tony Fatora! Take it away, Ton'!

[The camera cuts to Tony Fatora standing alone in the ring with a mic.]

TF: The following contest is set is the MAIN EVENT! And it is for THE EPW WORLD HEAVYWWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!

[A beat passes, and then the lights in the arena go out, and the crowd pops big! MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by the Birthday Massacre. As the song slowly builds, the Empiretron flickers, before finally going into an old school ‘the number 5 with a circle around it…to 4…3…2…1…And then the words “THE FIRST” flash on the Empiretron as the Guitars and drums kick in. The First bursts from the curtain like he’s been shot out from a cannon, a spotlight following him. ]

TF: Introducing first... THE CHALLENGER... hailing from Salem, Massachusetts, and weighing in at 210 pounds... the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER... TTTHHHEEEEE FFFFIIIIIIRRRSSSSTTTT!!!!

[The First’s face painted like The Joker, only his lipstick is black, he’s wearing the First Obamacon “HOPE” Wife beater, black gi pants, black ring boots. His right hand is taped up almost to the elbow with an Ankh drawn on the tape in black marker. First walks along the ramp way, screaming at the, crowd, waving his hands at them, demanding they cheer louder, and they do! Troy Windham follows out behind him, a wry smile on his face as he watches The First flipping out.]

[First jogs towards the ring, high-fiving the fans as he makes his way to ringside, before hoping onto the apron and then jump over the top rope and landing on the 2nd rope inside the ring. He raises his arms to the crowd and gives a loud yell as the crowd cheers. The lights come back up as The First paces the ring, waiting for Sean Stevens.]

DT: Quite an ovation for the high-flying daredevil superstar!

MN: These fans hop on ever bandwagon with a t-shirt to sell... and every year, their patron savior FAILS HORRIBLY!

DM: It's hard to deny the fierce determination and dedication as displayed in The First! He's gone from tag team sensation to main event superstar, and TONIGHT, at Aggression 50, he could ink his name in Empire Pro history!

[The lights cut to black again. MUSIC UP: "King Back" by T.I. The EmpireTron flashes through a compilation of "Triple X" Sean Stevens and the Anthology's video packages. Rolling out from one side of the stage is a luxurious pearl white STRETCH LIMOSUINE, pulling its way through the curtain and coming to a stop.]

DT: Give me a BREAK...

MN: That's entering in STYLE!!

[The chauffer quickly hurries out and gets the door. Appearing first is Jared Wells, holding up his drink for the crowd with a fairly cocky smirk on his face... and following him is the champion, "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS, in his typical wrestling tights, shades, and 100% cotton t-shirt. The capacity crowd BOOS LOUDLY as both men make their way to the ring, Wells mugging it up and ripping signs while Stevens smirks, completely unmoved by their reaction.]

TF: And now... hailing from ORLANDO, FLORIDA... weighing in at 243 POUNDS... he is THE EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... the LEADER of ANTHOLOGY... the KING of the CAGE...


DM: Shuddap, Neels...


[A BIG swell of JEERS comes from the crowd as Stevens scales the apron, holding up the belt to pose for the fans. Wells holds open the ropes to give the champion easy access to enter the ring. Stevens pumps up to a few turnbuckles, getting nothing but negative reactions even as he removes his shirt and throws it into the crowd. Some women go for it and rip it to shreds...]

MN: He looks great, doesn't he?!

DT: Sean Stevens definitely thinks he OWNS the place...

DM: But as long as the World Heavyweight Title hangs on his waist, Dave, he CAN!

DT: We can only hope that will only change TONIGHT!

MN: Watch what you say, Dave! You'd learn to appreciate what it's LIKE to have Stevens as your CHAMPION!!

DT: Since the champion emerged from the backstage area, the First has not taken his eyes has not taken his eyes off of him! Conversely, "Triple X" Sean Stevens hasn't even so much as GLANCED in the challenger's general direction!

DM: Seems a bit too preoccupied with himself, if you ask me...

MN: Come on, guys... clearly, the First isn't even WORTH consideration until the bell rings! All eyes are on the champion, because he IS the ENTIRE show... no questions asked.

[Windham and Wells head to the outside as Pat Jones makes his final checks.]

DT: I think we're about ready to go!

DM: The First... Stevens... FOR THE BELT...

MN: FINALLY! Let's get this OVER WITH!

[SFX: *DING!! DING!!*]

DT: There's the bell, and the main event of Aggression 50 BEGINS with both men coming out of their corners and circling each other right around the center of the ring... and they go RIGHT into the tie-up! Remember, the First is giving up a good forty to fifty pounds in weight here!

DM: It's bound to make a difference whenever these two go head-to-head, as we're seeing right now with STEVENS powering The First back against the ropes! Stevens quickly breaks contact... but NAILS the challenger with a stiff chop to the chest of the First!

MN: ...what, no WHOO?! What a bunch of ingrates in the crowd tonight! You CAN'T NOT follow up a knife-edge chop without a "WHOO!!"

DT: Referee Pat Jones keeps Stevens at bay as the First recuperates against the ropes... but the challenger just LUNGES right back into it with the collar-and-elbow tie-up again! Now it's the challenger, trying to bull the champion to the ropes, but... Stevens braces his legs, and transitions right into a SIDE HEADLOCK!

DM: The First was looking to catch the champion off his guard there, but Stevens quickly maintained control of the situation! Now as he squeezes the head of the First between his bicep and ribs, the challenger struggles to free himself! He's KICKING like a ferocious animal breaking free of its bonds!

MN: Looks more like a mouse with it's snout caught in the mouse trap...

DT: The First backing into the ropes... and he SHOVES Stevens off and into the far set of the ropes! Here comes the First, bouncing to the second rope, and COMING OFF WITH A SPRING-BOARD WHEEL-KICK... but hits ONLY THE AIR!!

MN: HAH!! Nobody home!!

DM: Stevens clutched that top rope before he could return, sending the First landing hard on the mat! The challenger back up... and NOW Stevens comes running back across the ring! The champ DROPS him with a running shoulder block... MAN, the back of the First's HEAD connected with the canvas! The First is stunned, and the champion uses the opportunity turns to the crowd with a cocky smirk and a strut!

Crowd: "BOOOOO!!!"

MN: Oh, you brainless idiots... by the end of this match, every one of you is going to be cheering that man's name once again!

DT: I dunno about that... but Stevens' better put a lid on that kind of self-centered arrogance if he doesn't want to be UPSET here tonight!

MN: Right, Dave... keep telling yourself that...

DM: Dave may be onto something here... the First, shaking out the cobwebs, and sees the champ with his back to him! The First crawling over, looking for the ROLL-UP -- OH NO!! Stevens SPUN AROUND with a swift KNEE to the challenger's face!

MN: Man, the champ really set him up for that one...

DT: The First back on the mat, and Sean Stevens mercilessly STOMPS AWAY at his face and chest!! The challenger can do little more than raise an arm to defend himself, but now Stevens kicks it aside... and DROPS A STIFF ELBOW right into the ribs! Stevens up... A SECOND ELBOW!! The World Heavyweight Champion is pulling NO punches here tonight!

MN: He's humiliated to be attending the main event of Aggression 50 with THIS bum! It's like having to take out the trash... something you HAVE to do, but don't want to.

DM: I get a feeling that before this night is through, that smug little smirk on Stevens face is going to be turned upside down. For now, though... The First has GOT to get off his back! That's the worst place to be when you're undersized and do your best work up in the air!

DT: Stevens will keep him on the ground for a bit longer as he takes the challenger by the leg... and it looks like he's going for the FIGURE FOUR!! But the First senses it, and he's trying to force himself back up to his feet! Stevens, still with ahold of that leg as he tries to force the First back to -- OH, BUT HE GOT HIT IN THE FACE WITH A MULE KICK!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: The champ, slightly stung... but now ANGRY as he charges forward and meets the First rolling to his feet! Stevens, reaching for his THROAT, but the First slips around him and traps the champion with a waistlock!

MN: Just WHAT is this shrimp trying to prove?

DT: Stevens looking impatient with this unforeseen turn of events... but I see him reaching for the First's hands clasped around his waist! Stevens... BREAKS FREE from the hold, and quickly uses his hold of the First's wrist to slap on an ARM WRENCH with a twist!

DM: It's the left arm twisted up in the hands of the champion, and Stevens meanwhile PUNISHES the First with a series of FOREARMS right into the spine! The First is getting worn down bit by bit...

DT: He needs to do something soon... he NEEDS to get that explosive offense of his into this match, or the champion will continue chipping away at him until there's nothing left!

MN: Or until the champ mercilessly ENDS this...

DM: The First, slapping that shoulder... wait, now he FLIPS THROUGH it! The First back to his feet, and REVERSES the arm wrench onto the champ!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Stevens reeling in the pain in his arm and shoulder, and the First uses the opportunity to KICK OUT HIS LEGS with a sweep! Stevens on his BACK, and the First transitions right into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR, wrench the arm of the World Heavyweight Champion!

DM: He's got that arm locked in JUST RIGHT, Dave! Stevens feeling some of the burn for HIMSELF now, much to his chagrin!

MN: What, did he have to STEAL this move from his own HOPE lackey, Shawn Hart?! What an unoriginal tard...

DM: Uh, Mike... do I have to remind you that in Stevens' last title defense, he copied the moves of THREE of his former opponents?

MN: Well, uh... it's not like anybody was putting those moves to use, or anything.

DT: Stevens, gritting down and resisting the pain... and he is no doubt formulating an escape strategy in his head! The First holding on tight, keeping him from inching anywhere near the ropes...

MN: The champion doesn't INCH, Dave; he goes MILES at a time!

DM: Stevens rolling toward the First now... and he's got his LEGS back on the canvas! The First, still WRINGING that arm... and he DROPS the champ back to the mat! Stevens, rolling over again... legs WORKING... and he's forcing himself UP now!

DT: Stevens ON HIS FEET... and LIFTS THE FIRST OFF THE MAT while the challenger continues with that armbar!

MN: Geez, kid, give it UP ALREADY!!

DM: Stevens trying to SHAKE HIM LOOSE... and he ends up just DROPPING HIM right on the shoulders to the mat! The First, lying a little stunned on the canvas and holding his head... and Stevens uses the opportunity to shake the feeling back into his arm...

DT: ...or maybe the First isn't as STUNNED as he thinks! The First, SCRAMBLING to his feet... and catches Stevens by SURPRISE as he was turning around to go for him! The First goes RIGHT BACK TO THAT ARM, giving it a WRENCH... and follows up with a HOOK KICK TO THE FACE to put Sean Stevens to the mat!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: WHAT THE HELL just happened?!

DM: The First, picking up momentum at last! He boosts himself to the second rope, and... and Sean Stevens SLIPS OUT OF THE RING!!

DT: Damn it...

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!!"

DM: "Triple X" checks in with Jared Wells, as there seems to be some concern as to whether or not that last strike to the face did some damage to the World Champion's nose...

MN: Stevens' face is the FACE of this industry, I feel I should remind the two of you! If that PERFECT nose of his was to ever get broken or cut open in any way, it would cost this company alone BILLIONS of dollars! Don't come complaining to ME when they cut your salaries...

DT: Oh, that is just preposterous! Get back in the ring and get on with the match, you jackass!

DM: Stevens has to be careful with the pacing of this match. I think he remembers all too well how close he came to losing that belt in his last match with the First... even if he refuses to admit it. When the First's uncanny momentum gets going, it's hard to stop him.

MN: Well, he better watch those FACE KICKS if he has any hope of keeping his JOB here!


DT: Pat Jones, up to the count of six now... and Stevens has FINALLY elected to continue this match, scaling the steel steps and coming to the apron. He ORDERS Jones to keep the First back in his corner... come on, just GET BACK IN THE RING!!

MN: Watch your tongue, Dave! That man is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and he will enter that ring whenever he DAMN WELL PLEASES!!

DM: Stevens, stepping through the ropes... here we go again, finally! The First stepping forward... they go RIGHT INTO the tie-up! Stevens powering through, and he takes the First by the arm... there's the Irish Whip! The First returns... right into a BACK BODY DROP -- no, HE REVERSES WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*



TWO -- and Stevens QUICKLY kicks out!!

MN: You ain't gonna get it THAT easily!

DM: Stevens scrambling back up... WHOA!! Stops himself just INCHES before having his HEAD taken off by a SPINNING HEEL KICK from the First! Stevens DROPS BACK to the canvas, and rolls to the outside AGAIN!!

Crowd: "BOOOOO!!!"

DT: The fans are getting very heated now, and I don't blame them! Stevens talking it over with Wells on the outside again! For some reason, the champion is having PROBLEMS handling the quick offense of the First!

MN: It's NOT a problem, Dave... just a temporary set-back!

DM: Temporary or not, I hope Stevens and Wells realize where they're STANDING, because here comes the First off the opposite end of the ropes... Stevens and Wells, RIGHT BY the apron, turning in time to see the challenger COMING WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE --

DT: -- FAKED by the First!! Wells THROWS HIMSELF out of the way, but...

Crowd: *POP* -- "HUH?!"


MN: He isn't falling for THAT one again!

DT: The First, caught up in the ropes, and he gets YANKED to the floor by "Triple X" Sean Stevens!! Stevens now, horribly DISICIPLINING the First with a salvo of hard stomps to the ribs in retaliation for the psyche-out attempt!

MN: Perhaps that fool should have left the mind games at HOME! The champion isn't stupid enough to be duped by cheap lucha tricks...

DM: Stevens bringing The First off the ground now... and now he's leading him over to a STEEL STEPS!!


Crowd: OOOhhhh...

DT: MY GOD, he just drove him HEAD FIRST INTO THOSE STEPS!! The First BARELY got the hands up in time to protect his head, but Stevens isn't finished! Stevens has ahold of the challenger by the hair...

[SFX: *BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! BAM!!*]

DT: ...and just DRIVES HIM MERCILESSLY FACE-FIRST BACK INTO THOSE STEPS... OVER... and OVER... and OVER!! The First is getting PULVERIZED out there!

DM: Stevens, now, setting him up against the steel steps... and begins CHOKING HIM with the HEEL OF HIS BOOT across the NECK!! The First is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now... and the champion is going to see sure to make him suffer for his mistake!

MN: As well he should! He wanted to be a main event star, and now he's arrived! If you can't stand the burn, then get the hell out of the spotlight!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: But here comes TROY WINDHAM to the rescue!

MN: Hey, watch it there, has-been... you lay ONE FINGER on the champion, and you'll forever regret it!

DM: Windham's not here to fight the champ, but he IS telling Stevens to cut the shit and take the fight back into the ring! Pat Jones at the count of five now, but Stevens simply ignores him, jawing back at the professional wrestling legend as he brings The First back off the ground by his hair, and rolls him back into the ring...

DT: No, wait... Stevens YANKS HIM OUT AGAIN BY THE HAIR!! CHRIST, The First hit the ground HARD on his way out!!


Crowd: "BOOOOO!!"

DT: What the hell was the point of THAT?!

DM: I guess Stevens wanted to break the count the HARD way... and as a way of showing Troy Windham that he's NOT going to be intimidated by the presence of a wrestling legend!

MN: The nerve of that old man, thinking he can tell the KING of the CAGE how to wrestle in HIS ring! Stevens is TEN TIMES the World Champion Troy Windham ever was...

DT: You only say that now because Windham is on the side of The First. I seem to recall you giving a lot of love to Windham back when Lindsay Troy was champion...

MN: What can I say? My faith was broken...

DM: Windham continuing to jaw at Stevens -- along with many of the ringside fans -- but here comes Jared Wells now to intercept Windham! Are these two going to come to fisticuffs in the middle of the World Heavyweight Title bout?!

DT: Windham wouldn't create that kind of distraction... but I can see it coming from Jared Wells! While the two of them hurl insults, the champion is still in control of The First! Now Stevens brings him to the barricade... hoists him up onto his SHOULDER -- and MY GOD, he drops him FACE-FIRST onto that STEEL SECURITY RAIL!!

DM: The First is in absolute agony, clutching his face... and Stevens SWEEPS HIM OVER THE BARRIER with a CLOTHESLINE!! The challenger just got DUMPED INTO THE FRONT ROW!!

MN: HAHAHAHA!! That's where that BUM belongs... sitting in the front row, WATCHING the main event instead of BEING in it!

DT: Oh, shut the hell up already, Mike... "Triple X" Sean Stevens slips under the ropes to break up Pat Jones ten count once again, and now turning to the barricade for more punishment... if he continues to control the match at this rate, I don't know if -- OH MAN, THE FIRST SPRINGING OFF THE BARRICADE!! OH YES, STEVENS GETS LAID OUT WITH A DIVING CROSS BODY-BLOCK!!


Crowd: *POP!!!!*

DM: What TREMENDOUS RESILIENCE on the part of the challenger, back from being tossed into the crowd and WAILING AWAY at the face of "Triple X" Sean Stevens with a FLURRY of hard rights and lefts!! I honestly thought he'd be OUT for a while, given the sheer brutality of the champion's offense, but against all expectations, The First is still hanging in there and giving Stevens a fight he won't forget!

MN: Oh, don't flatter yourself, Dean...

DT: The First, pulling himself off of the champion, FIRES up the crowd...

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: ...and now he leaves Stevens stunned on his back, trying to get to his feet! The First, meanwhile, scaling the apron... boosting himself up to the SECOND ROPE, and he comes BOUNCING OFF with the ASAI MOONSAULT -- OH NO, STEVENS ROLLS TO THE SIDE!!


Crowd: AWWWwww...

DM: Thanks to the fast footwork of the champion, The First just BELLY-FLOPPED the floor outside the ring... and still, he struggles in finding that high-flying explosive offense! If The First can't catch a break at any point of this match, then it won't be long before the champion finds an opportunity to finish this match off for good!

DT: Pat Jones at seven... and Stevens peels The First off the mat, and rolls him back into the ring! Stevens follows, and finally, this match resumes in the squared circle! The First, a little slow to rise after that missed moonsault, but Stevens helps him up the rest of the way!

DM: Stevens with both arms locked around the waist... and THERE'S A SPINNING BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! The First was practically thrown from the RING again!

MN: Heh... that would've been nice.

DT: Stevens drags the challenger back toward the center of the ring... there's the lateral press, and he hooks the leg!



And The First KICKS OUT!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Still relatively early in this match, and we've seen The First withstand some devastating moves thus far in this match! Stevens still has a long way to go before he finally quiets this outspoken challenger!

MN: Well dang, I hope he finishes this SOON, cause I've got box seats to Destrucity II!!

DT: Stevens has been dominant for the last few minutes of the match, and doesn't even give The First a chance to rise off the mat! Stevens has him by the HAIR again, blatantly ignoring the warnings given to him by the referee and senior official, Pat Jones... Stevens leads The First to the corner, and DRIVES HIM HEAD FIRST into the top turnbuckle pad! And AGAIN!! AND AGAIN!!

MN: BONK!! BONK!! BONK!! Man, that's great...

DM: Stevens is through messing around, now! The First has tried his patience, and now he's -- wait, The First got a FOOT UP!! YES!! A BACK ELBOW to the face of the champion leaves him reeling back!

DT: Here goes The First, springing off the SECOND ROPE with a DIVING WHEEL KICK -- OH NO, STEVENS JUST BATTED HIM OUT OF THE AIR!!!

Crowd: "AAAaaawww..."

DM: Well, THAT'S a cock-tease! "Triple X" Sean Stevens is HEAVILY enforcing this ring as a no-fly zone here tonight!

MN: And we can be ALL thankful for that! The champion's trying to make this a traditional technical wrestling clinic... not some flippidy-floppidy-floop spotfest...

DM: You know nothing about technical wrestling, Mike, and choking your opponent while he's sat up against the steel steps is NOT what I'd call technical wrestling.

DT: Stevens still has a hold of the leg... putting some BOOTS into the thigh of The First! No doubt, if he can hurt the challenger's legs, he'll further prevent him from making any high-risk or daredevil maneuvers!

DM: That could be what he has on his mind, Dave... Stevens putting that leg over the bottom rope and STOMPING AWAY at the ankle! Pat Jones, finally getting involved, takes Stevens by the arm and pulls him away after some effort!

MN: Stupid ref! The one time they actually follow on the freakin' "contact with the ropes" rule...

DT: Stevens getting an earful from Pat Jones, but the champion walks right by him. The First, meanwhile, makes it back to his feet with the help of the ropes... immediately comes BOUNCING OFF THE SECOND ROPE with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK --

DM: And Stevens BATS HIM OUT OF THE AIR!! Yet again, NO LUCK going into the air for The First! If I were him, I'd change his gameplan at this point...

DT: When you're undersized, and the only thing you have more than your opponent is HEART, the high-flying gameplan is many times the only thing you can rely on! Stevens bringing The First to his feet again with a waistlock... The First, trying to break free, but Stevens HOISTS HIM OVER WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! He BRIDGES for the cover!



NO!! The First kicks out once again!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Stevens is looking like he's about ready to put this one away, but I think The First still wants to give him a little more! I don't know how much more he can take, though...

MN: Would this punk just GIVE IT UP, already?! The champion has CLEARLY outwrestled him up to this point...

DT: The match still isn't over, Mike! Stevens brings The First back to his feet... there's the WHIP to the ROPES!! The First on the rebound... DUCKS a lariat attempt from the champion! The First, WITH THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO COUNTER --


DT: The First FLOPS BACK and ROLLS UNDER THE ROPES to get away!

Crowd: "WHOA...!!"

MN: Heh heh... run while you still can, twerp!

DM: Talk about looking down the barrel of a GUN!! Stevens had his finger on the trigger to put him away with the X-Factor, but The First quite wisely got the hell out of there! And now Stevens turns back to the crowd, pointing to his head and GLOATING...

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!"

DT: He seems really proud of the fact that he came THAT close to finishing things off, but it wasn't close enough!

MN: Come on, did you see how that punk ran away like a squealing little girl?! Stevens is SO in control right now...

DM: If he's SO in control, then explain to me how -- wait, The First is back on the apron! Stevens still has his BACK turned to him!!



Crowd: *POP!!!*


MN: Wait a sec, time out... TIME OUT!!

DT: Stevens stumbling to his feet, but The First is already running himself into the ropes... FORWARD FLIPPING NECKBREAKER!! HE JUST BOUNCED THE CHAMPION'S HEAD RIGHT OFF THE MAT!!

DM: The First is FINALLY on a roll, and Sean Stevens can hardly FIGURE OUT WHERE HE IS right now!!

MN: Somebody, STOP THIS!! DO SOMETHING, Jared!!

DM: Stevens BACK UP, but walks straight into The First, waiting with a three-quarter facelock... and the challenger RUNS OFF THE TURNBUCKLE -- GOOD GOD, HE JUST HIT HIM WITH THE SHIRANUI!! The First is pulling out ALL THE STOPS!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: The explosive offense of The First has FINALLY come alive in this match, and the World Heavyweight Champion is OUT in the center of the ring! Here comes The First, taking him by the arm... and goes into LA MANISTRO CRADLE!!



NO!! ...Stevens kicked out, and quickly ROLLS out of the ring!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: This time, the fans are HAPPY to see the champion running out of his own ring! The First, getting the crowd PUMPED as Jared Wells tends to Sean Stevens! "Triple X" looks rather SURPRISED with that last onslaught of moves!

DT: He definitely didn't see it coming!

MN: You'd think that, wouldn't you, Dave? But I bet you anything that Trip willingly LET that punk do all that just now...

DM: That is preposterous, Neels. Why would Stevens even CONSIDER giving his opponent that kind of opportunity?

MN: Come on... you really think these people paid eighty bucks to come see the champ squash this bug? No... see, Trip KNOWS this business. He's gotta make a fight out of it to send these idiots home thinking they say the main event match of the decade, even if they DON'T appreciate his work like I do.

DT: Your blatant denial leaves me speechless sometimes, Mike. But back to the action... Stevens finally recuperated, and boy, does he look FURIOUS!

DM: As well he should be right now, Dave! The challenger's got this entire house ROARING, and for the first time in this match, the champion looks just a TAD less confident in his belief that he's in complete control of this match!

MN: He still is... you just aren't seeing it right now!

DT: Stevens gets some words of advice from Jared Wells... back on the apron now as Pat Jones reaches the count of eight, and he defiantly reenters the ring! The First advancing... going for the FOREARM to the face of the champion, but Stevens BLOCKS IT!!

DM: Oh, damn... Stevens with a BODY BLOW to double over The First... locking both arms around the waist now... could be seeing a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB -- OH NO, WAIT A SECOND!! The First SLIPS DOWN HIS BACK!! He's got ahold of the champ's HEAD... and he NAILS HIM with the FALLING NECKBREAKER!!

DT: Great counter by The First, who was quick to escape Steven's clutch... the champ is left lying briefly stunned on the map, and The First quickly pops to his feet and runs into the ropes!

DM: Here he is on the return... FLIPPING SENTON SPLASH across the chest of "Triple X" Sean Stevens! The First is keeping the momentum going!

DT: Now he hooks the leg for the COVER...



NO!! Stevens kicks out!

MN: Ain't gonna win it that easily.

DM: Stevens dominated through the start of the match, but now the champion struggles to handle this unpredictable high-flying offense of The First! The First, meanwhile, goes to the TURNBUCKLE! High-risk maneuver coming up!

MN: Oh crap, I can't watch...

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: The First is going all out here tonight! He's up on the TOP ROPE and waiting for Stevens to turn around... here HE COMES OFF WITH A DIVING HURRICANRANA --


Crowd: "WHOA..."

MN: Whoa, Dave... watch the F-bombs there. Let's not forget that this is a family show...

DM: "Triple X" still has him UP ON HIS SHOULDERS... Stevens BLASTS HIM INTO THE MAT with a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!!

DT: The champion HOOKS THE LEGS for the cover!!



NO!! The First managed to KICK OUT!!

DM: That was one instance where the daredevil attack plan of The First didn't pay off like he hoped, and now the champ has an opportunity to capitalize!

MN: All that high-flying nonsense is good for is a few quick minutes of crowd pops... but now it's time to get SERIOUS with this match again!

DT: Stevens, maintains the hold on the legs of The First... and it looks like he's going for that FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK once again!! The First doesn’t have enough left to fight him off, and Stevens SINKS IT IN!! Oh MAN, bad place to be for The First!!

DM: The First in a WORLD of pain right now... he's struggling to make it over to the ropes, but he's just too LIGHT to pull himself and the weight of the champion with him!! Stevens is doing everything he can to cripple the high-flying offense of The First!

MN: For the good of all of professional wrestling, I might add!

DM: The First... trying to fight the pain and come out with a plan of escape, and believe me, folks, I know from experience, that it is NO easy task! I think Stevens is trying to make him TAP here as he adds further strain to the hold, but The First REFUSES!!


DT: Pat Jones is telling the challenger that he's got to make a move or tap it out, but The First has come TOO FAR to simply throw this away without seeing out to the end!!

MN: This IS the end, Dave. He made it. He'll get his congratulatory runner's up cookie and we'll all go home happy.

DM: We've seen Stevens cut the legs out from under opponents before, but I don't think it would affect ANYONE more than it would with the high-flying superstar The First, who relies on those legs for easily eighty percent of his offense, as you'd get from ANYBODY in that cruiserweight range!

DT: The First, digging his knuckles into his forehead, biting down HARD ENOUGH to make his LIP bleed... and wait a second, Jones sees his SHOULDERS on the mat!




DM: He's gotta be careful there! He's losing a lot of steam in that hold...

DT: Every moment The First spent Leg Lock, The First loses more vitality in his mobility... when could play a factor should this match draw on longer! But if you're in Mike Neely's camp, this match is just MOMENTS AWAY from being over!! Still, The First maintains consciousness, refuses to tap, and... and HEY, WAIT A SECOND!!

Crowd: "BOOOOO!!!!"

DM: Stevens is REACHING THROUGH THE ROPES... and JARED WELLS grabs him by the hand!! The First is CONVULSING from the added pain brought along by that leverage!!

MN: Just slapping some SKIN with a homeboy, is all...

DT: That rotten SON OF A --

MN: WHOA, Dave... we really need to watch those outbursts of yours... I think you're losing your cool buddy!

DM: Pat Jones FINALLY figuring it out, and he runs over to the ropes JUST as Jared Wells releases his hold on the champion's hand... palms held up! Yeah, you're REALLY innocent there, Jared!

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!"

DT: Pat Jones may have missed it, but everybody ELSE in this arena saw it happen... including the man coming over around the ring ONCE AGAIN!! Here comes TROY WINDHAM, and OH, MAN, does HE LOOK PISSED OFF!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: Windham is going for Wells!! He's throwing his suit jacket on the ground and uncuffing his shirt!! If Wells is willing to get involved in this one, then you bet your ass that Troy Windham's willing to get involved himself!

MN: Where the hell is SECURITY?! There's a senile bastard on a rampage out here!

DT: Stevens maintains the Figure Four back in the ring, and The First still fights it... but now we've got something happening right here in front of our commentary table!! Jared Wells and Troy Windham in a HOT war of words... and now both men are getting a little SHOVEY!!

DM: Wow, Mike! Looks like your request for added security has been granted, as here come a pair of officials down the rampway to keep these two separated during the main event! Here this whole time, I thought your headset was unplugged.

[In a random shot of the crowd, the camera picks up on and holds on a fan holding up a homemade sign with a depiction of wrestling star "High Flyer" taking something in the shape of a dirigible (blimp) up the a$$.]

MN: What the hell was that??

DM: It seemed to be High Flyer with a dirigible up the a$$.

MN: What the heck did that have to do with ANYTHING??

DM: I dunno. It does seem a bit random.

MN: He's not even part of this company! And who even says dirigible???

DM: He had a match earlier tonight, for crying out loud!! And 'dirigible' is what it's called, Neely.

MN: But it makes NO KINDA SENSE!! What's it even doing going up his ass?! What about the people?!?! THE PEOPLE!!!


MN: You clearly don't mind human suffering.

DM: Well he does work with you.

DT: The officiating team is trying to keep Wells and Windham from breaking into an all-out brawl, and now it's getting the attention of PAT JONES, sticking his head through the ropes and threatening to send both men back to the locker room if they don't keep it cool! Tell that bastard WELLS to keep his HANDS to himself, then!

MN: Someone tell that idiot ref to focus on the MATCH!! Seriously, The First could tap at ANY MOMENT here!!

DT: Oh you're one to talk!

DM: The EPW World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens, keeps the strong leg of The First tightly bound into a Figure Four Leglock... and for as long as he's been essentially TRAPPED in that hold, The First has stayed in it! But how much longer can he hold out?!

DT: Wait a second, The First's shoulders are ON THE MAT once again, but there's no referee to make the count! Stevens, calling over his shoulder, trying to get the attention of Pat Jones, because -- OH WAIT A SECOND!! THE FIRST JUST SAT STRAIGHT UP!!



Crowd: *POP!!!!*

DT: The champion, BLINDED, recoils in pain and The First BREAKS FREE from the Figure Four Leglock!! Stevens is left trying to wipe whatever that liquid was from his EYES!!

MN: What kind of CHEAP CRAP IS THAT?! You're losing the match, so you SPIT IN THE EYE of the guy that's beating you?!

DT: After the involvement of Jared Wells, Mike... it was quite obvious that the GLOVES were off! The First is here tonight to show Sean Stevens that if the champ is going to fight dirty, then he'll fight dirty as well!

DM: Stevens, still wiping his eyes as he struggles back to his feet... but it's a WRONG MOVE to turn your back on The First!! Here comes the challenger, grabbing Stevens by the shoulders...


MN: WHAT THE HELL!? Why isn't that referee DOING anything!!

DM: Windham and Wells are still in the process of being pried apart on the outside, but meanwhile, the match has just taken a DRAMATIC TURN in the ring!! The First HOOKING BOTH LEGS for the cover on Stevens... but Jones doesn't see it!!

DT: Come on, Pat, TURN AROUND!! COME ON!!

MN: NOW this idiot figures out there's a MATCH happening in the ring!?

DT: Jones SPRAWLS to the canvas and makes the count...



WE HAVE A NEW -- NOOO!!! STEVENS KICKED OUT!! The First was HALF A SECOND AWAY from being the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, but just had the worst luck right there...

MN: Man, that wasn't LUCK, that was JUSTICE!! If the EPW World Heavyweight Title changed hands over THAT little stunt, then it would ruin the integrity of this federation FOREVER!!

DM: So you think, Neels...

DT: A close call for the champion, but nevertheless, he keeps the match going, but now it's a game of endurance as he struggles against the explosive aerial attacks of The First. The challenger crosses over to the other side of the ring while Stevens tries to get to his feet... wait a second, I think he's GOT SOMETHING IN MIND HERE!!

DM: He DOES, Dave! Here comes The First charging forward, looking for the SHINING WIZ -- but STEVENS COUNTERS with a low SHOULDER BLOCK to the abdomen of The First!! Quick thinking on the part of the champ, who was moments away from having his HEAD kicked off!

MN: Oh, Dean... the only person here in ANY position to kick someone's head off is Trip and Trip alone.

DT: The First, stunned only briefly, but Stevens uses that half second of time to jump back to his feet and run into the ropes! Here we go... The First, LEAPFROGS on the return... Stevens coming back, and The First drops to his back looking for the MONKEY FLIP -- NO!!

DM: Stevens STOPPED HIMSELF, and The First is in a BAD position now!! Stevens hooks his legs... SLINGSHOTS HIM ONTO THE ROPES!! Oh man, The First nearly got GARROTTED by that top rope!

DT: The champion has the chance to take this match back... but he has to capitalize! The First is lying on his back, hands on his throat as he struggles to breath... and Stevens is boosting himself up to the SECOND ROPE!!

DM: Stevens coming off WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEGDROP!! HE NAILED IT!! That's not going to help The First's BREATHING situation any either, I can tell you!

MN: Hopefully, he'll destroy whatever poison-spewing gland he's got down there!

DT: I don't think that's a... oh, nevermind, Mike. Stevens, putting some HARD and UNFORGIVING stomps directly to The First's FACE!! You can definitely sense the champion's frustration right now...

DM: Perhaps he was expecting less of a challenge in The First, but the number one contender has given the champ quite a bit of die-hard resistance here tonight! But right now, Stevens is BACK in control of this match... he brings the challenger back to his feet by the hair, and takes him by the arm... there's the IRISH WHIP to the corner, and Stevens charges after him!


Crowd: *POP!!!*







Crowd: "BOOOOO!!"





MN: Bah, ALMOST...

DM: Quick action happening in the ring now... both men SCRAMBLING to their feet!! Stevens makes it up first, and HE GETS OFF A STANDING DROPKICK that puts the challenger back to the mat! I think The First was thinking the same thing, but the champ beat him to the punch!

MN: Keep moving, Trip! Don't give him a chance to think OR breath!


DM: Picture perfect precision!! It looks as though the champion has decided to fight fire with fire, combating The First's explosive offense with some flashy moves of his own! Remember, "Triple X" is no stranger in the skies!!

MN: Trip's got hang-time like a MOFO...

DT: I think the champion's got some PLANS with said hangtime, as he goes to the corner! Not the near corner, mind you... the FAR one!

DM: Oh, you gotta be kidding me! That's like half the distance to the ring!

MN: Nothing but a bunny hop to "The KING of the CAGE!!"

DT: Stevens may be biting off more than he can chew here... but nevertheless, MOCKINGLY POSES to the booing fans as he ascends to the top rope... there's NO WAY he can make this!!

MN: Prepare to be wowed yet again, Dave...

DM: I think he's GOING FOR IT...

DT: "Triple X" Sean Stevens DIVES FROM THE TOP ROPE...



MN: There was your photo op moment of the night!

DT: I hate to say it, but I think that may have sealed it for the champion... Stevens, hooks the leg FOR THE PIN...




Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: All that distance, for nothing!

MN: Hey, it HURT the guy, didn't it!

DM: Stevens shaking his head, but he looks determined as he gets to his feet and brings The First up with him! The champion scoops him up... AND DROPS HIM ACROSS HIS KNEE with a HARD RIB-BREAKER!!

DT: Ooh... The First not moving after receiving that one! Stevens quickly gets to his feet and goes to the nearest turnbuckle... going BACK TO THE TOP ROPE!!

DM: Stevens keeps switching it up between blunt power and high-flying techniques! Now the World Heavyweight Champion and King of the Cage stands perched on the top rope again...

MN: Photo op number two!!

DT: Stevens, OFF THE TOP ROPE with the FROG SPLASH...



GOD NO, HE NAILED IT!!! The First just took ALL OF THAT DESTRUCTIVE FORCE right into the ribs!!

DM: That damn well DESTROYED the number one contender!!

DT: Stevens, WITH THE PIN...




Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Oh, just SHUT UP, already!!

DT: Stevens is FURIOUS!!

DM: He's definitely wanting to finish this thing and go home, but The First is NOT going out without a fight! Stevens takes a moment to argue with the referee on the speed of the count, but it seemed like a pretty even three-count if you ask me...

MN: Pat Jones is getting old and senile! And he's making the champion look like a FOOL! I bet after tonight, he's out of a job...

Crowd: "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

DT: The crowd is letting the champion HEAR IT here tonight... and the look on his face tells the entire story!

MN: These ungrateful inbred bastards!! It should be a considered a PRIVILEGE to be watching a professional wrestling legend of this magnitude grace the MAIN EVENT of Aggression 50!!

DM: He's still a scumbag, Neels...

DT: Stevens, nodding to the jeering fans, like he's agreeing to give them what they want... and now he brings The First back to his feet! Stevens with the Irish Whip -- NO!! Hangs on and yanks The First back --


Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

MN: OH YEAH, BABY!! Nothing like a little SOLE music to compliment the evening!

DM: The First drops DEAD to the canvas... and now GARBAGE RAINS over the ring as Stevens mockingly POSES to the fans!!

DT: My God, I can't believe it's ENDING THIS WAY!! The First was SO CLOSE to succeeding! But now Stevens goes for the lateral press, and THIS is IT...







MN: Come on, there's gotta be some MISTAKE here! Tell me that was just a violent spasm, because there's no way that goth punk has any functioning brain cells left!

DM: I am simply STUNNED by the resiliency displayed by The First in this match! To take the X-Factor STRAIGHT TO THE FACE and come back for more... you really have to admire his courage and determination to become champion!

DT: The First hangs on to a final thread of hope... but I'm not sure anything outside of a MIRACLE can save him from what's going to happen NEXT!! Stevens is just ENRAGED now, slapping the mat in fury and coaxing The First back to his feet!

DM: The First looks hurt, but nevertheless rises, telling the champ to bring his worst!

MN: Oh, kid, you just made the worst mistake of your life...

DM: Stevens TWIRLS THE FIRST AROUND... inverted facelock...


DM: BUT THE FIRST SLIPPED OUT!! The challenger lands harmlessly BEHIND THE CHAMP!!


DT: The First shoves Stevens into the ropes... the champion comes back with a LARIAT -- AND IT'S DUCKED!! The FIRST going into the ropes!!

DM: Both men returning... The First LEAPFROGS as Stevens goes low!! Running BACK into the ropes... STEVENS DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE!! BACK INTO THE ROPES!!

DT: OH, GOD!! MID-AIR COLLISION!! Both men went for the Cross Body Block and just TOOK EACH OTHER OUT!!

DM: We got two men down on the canvas... Pat Jones beginning the ten count, and -- STEVENS KIPS UP --


Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Oh, you cheap scoundrel!!



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: WHAT A COMEBACK!! The First was just about to be put away, and is now MOMENTS AWAY FROM BECOMING THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! All he has to do is SEAL IT NOW!!

MN: Oh no!


Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!"

DM: Oh, what the hell?!

MN: Yes, good job, Jared! Quick! Help him!

DT: Jared Wells is trying to bring the stunned Sean Stevens back to reality, leaving The First dismayed on the top rope! He was looking for the finish, and Wells just slipped in right when the opportunity was ripe! That is SUCH... bah...

DM: Stevens is back up, but he's obviously been knocked around pretty good! Stevens is barely able to WALK STRAIGHT as he comes around the ring tended by Jared Wells!

DT: Just where the hell are they going?!

MN: Where do think? To that overpaid moron who sits there and keeps the time... and holds the KING'S title!

DM: Stevens going to the timekeeper... and just KICKS HIM OVER as he rips the World Heavyweight Title from his hands! Come on, Sean, you're just going to get yourself disqualified with that!

MN: That's the idea! There's NO WAY he's leaving here tonight without that belt...

DT: He's not looking for a weapon, he's packing his bags and HITTING THE ROAD!! That BASTARD has HAD ENOUGH!! Stevens, one arm carrying the title and the other slung over Jared Wells shoulder... and they're going right for the RAMP!!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOO!!!"

DM: The First, standing in the ring, can hardly believe it! After all this, "Triple X" Sean Stevens is WALKING AWAY from his own title defense!

MN: Hey, it wouldn't be the first time the champion has decided that his royal presence is above entertaining the idiot masses who rally behind talentless HACKS like that freak in the ring!

DM: NOT SO FAST!! TROY WINDHAM is barring their way up the ramp! Wells stepping up, and the two of them START MIXING IT UP -- NO!! STEVENS JUST BLINDSIDED WINDHAM WITH THE TITLE!!

MN: See THAT, Troy?! That's the BELT taken from the WOMAN you couldn't BEAT!!

DT: Wells, KICKING AWAY at a defenseless Windham, and Stevens is booking it up the ramp for the entry-way! If he thinks he can get away with this, he's -- wait a second, what is The First doing on the top rope?!

DM: ...NO WAY!!!

DT: The First, pausing only BRIEFLY to measure the distance...



Crowd: *POP!!!*


MN: Man, either I need to lay off the sauce, or there are some SERIOUS John Woo wire-fu effects going on in this match!

DM: I think The First had a few Eggs of the Eagle for breakfast this morning!

DT: Both men laid out on the rampway... and signs of life appear first in the number one contender! The FIRST is back on his feet, and he's got THIS CAPACITY CROWD BEHIND HIM!! The First peels Stevens off the mat and half-drags the flattened champion back to the ring! He stopped him from getting away, but now he needs to FINISH IT!!

DM: Stevens is barely able to STAND at this point! The First has TAKEN the champion to his LIMIT!! Stevens is rolled back into the ring, and The First follows!! The number one contender sets him up right in the center of the ring... and RALLIES THE FANS as he makes his way to the corner!!

MN: No... NO NO NO!!





Crowd: *POP!!!*





DM: He's GOT HIM!!

DT: TWO!!!!


DT: THR --


Crowd: "BOOOOOOO!!!"



DM: The First back to his feet as Wells holds that belt in a threatening manner!! Jones ORDERING him to leave the ring, but there's no way Wells is going to comply! One nick from that belt, and Jones will have no choice but to throw this match out, and the champ will retain by default!


MN: Get him, Jared! Knock his freakin' head off, and let's go home! This punk can pay for this insult later!



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: Windham spins Wells around... AND JUST STARTS POUNDING AWAY!! Wells is getting CREAMED!! Windham, now... RIPPING OPEN HIS ANTHOLOGY SHIRT and SMACKING AWAY at his chest with STIFF CHOPS!! Wells is up against the ropes, getting BRUTALIZED by "The Epitome" Troy Windham!!

MN: Get that fossil OUT OF THE RING, ref!!

DM: Now he's calling over The First... both men locking hands... THERE'S THE DOUBLE LARIAT SENDING WELLS OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!! Well, at least THAT distraction is taken care of!

DT: Windham leaves the ring to take finish the job on the outside... now The First, turning back to the recovering "Triple X" Sean Stevens -- but Stevens is BACK ON HIS FEET --








TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of this match, by disqualification... THE FIRST!!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOO!!!!"

[The jeering fans send another volley of trash and beer cups into the ring. The "loser" stands tall in the ring, holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title with the First's face-paint still smudged against the gold indentation. The challenger lies in a slump at his feet, holding his face and likely knocked out.]

DT: I just CAN'T BELIEVE what just HAPPENED!! Rather than FINISH THE MATCH, Stevens just hit The First with the belt and disqualified himself to keep the title!

MN: Relax, Dave... it's in the best interest of the federation.

DM: Oh, that is BULLSHIT, Neels! The First came out here tonight, took EVERYTHING THE CHAMPION COULD GIVE HIM, and had the opportunity to walk out of that ring as the NEW EPW World Heavyweight Champion... but Sean Stevens, with the help of Jared Wells, robbed him BLIND of that opportunity!

DT: The First took Sean Stevens to the champion's VERY LIMIT in that ring, and Stevens realized he didn't HAVE ENOUGH to finish this one strong!

MN: Tell me, Dave... which guy is standing in the ring? Who REALLY finished strong?

DT: I got a feeling this isn't over yet! Here comes TROY WINDHAM into the ring to set things right... NO!! Jared Wells GRABS BY THE ANKLE!! Stevens sees him -- X-FACTOR ON TROY WINDHAM!! HE JUST KICKED HOPE'S ADVISOR POINT BLANK IN THE FACE!!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"

MN: Oh man, I bet he'd been waiting to do that for a LONG time! The NERVE of that chump, calling the champ a RIP-OFF?!

DM: Stevens with a smirk on his face as he sees Troy Windham flat on his back... and now Wells is in the ring with him!

DT: Stevens, ordering him to hold up The First... come on, what's THIS now?! The MATCH is OVER, damnit!!

DM: Wells holding The First... and SHOVES him into Stevens -- RIGHT INTO ANOTHER X-FACTOR!!! Come on, that's enough now!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"


DT: This is just sickening... he just ROBBED The First of his dream of being champion, and now he's adding insult to injury!

MN: He TOLD the little prick not to PISS HIM OFF! You're going to see now why every man that Stevens has DEFENDED that belt against quickly disappears from wrestling!

DM: Stevens isn't finished! He's strapping the EPW World Heavyweight Title across his shoulder now and bringing a lifeless First back to his feet!! Pat Jones and the other officials are trying to get into the ring and help him, but Wells keeps them at bay!

DT: Put him down, Sean!! Goddamnit, THAT'S ENOUGH!!



Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

MN: Welcome to the MAIN EVENT, you freak!

DT: Stevens back up, and VICIOUSLY STOMPING THE FIRST while he's down!! He's not even CONSCIOUS, damnit!!

[CUE UP: "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine. The crowd POPS WITH SURPRISE as both Stevens and Wells desist from the beatdown and look to the entry-way.]




[CAMERON CRUISE storms out of the entry-way, fire in his eyes as he sprints down the ramp and enters the ring!]


DM: We haven't seen him since Sean Stevens USURPED the Anthology out from under him!

MN: What is doing BACK HERE?!

DM: What do YOU think, Neels?!

DT: Stevens is ordering Wells to take care of him, but... Wells BAILS!! He'd rather get out of DODGE rather than go toe to toe with the friend he betrayed!!


MN: Hey, now, HE JUST GOT DONE WITH DEFENDING THE TITLE in a HARD-FOUGHT MATCH!! Somebody get that disgraced failure out of there!!

DT: Stevens REELING... and Cruise yanks him back -- RIGHT INTO A REALITY CHECK!!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: OH MAN!! Anthology may not like THAT Reality Check, but these FANS sure did!!

DT: Stevens rolls to the floor! What a COMEBACK for Cameron Cruise, getting some sweet revenge on the man that took his place at the top of the Anthology!

MN: Cameron Cruise was NEVER the leader of the Anthology, which was the main problem!

DM: Wait a sec... Wells BACK in the ring as Cruise is trying to exit! Cruise turning around now... and he goes FACE to FACE with his former best friend! I'm not sure what's going on here, but... maybe Jared is begging Cruise to come back to the Anthology!

MN: Or maybe he's just trying to explain, "Hey, man, nothing personal." Business decisions should NEVER affect friendships...

DT: I don't know if I agree with THAT, Mike... Cruise, decides it's not worth it, turns to leave -- WAIT, SPINS AROUND AND TAKES OUT WELLS WITH A REALITY CHECK!!

DM: Wells gets the COLD SHOULDER from Cameron Cruise, and rolls to the floor holding his face in pain!! I can hardly believe it, but... The First's former rival in Cruise just SAVED HIM from that massive beat-down from the champ and Wells!

DT: Stevens and Wells retreating up the ramp, jawing back at Cameron Cruise! Meanwhile, Windham pulls The First from the ring and helps him recover... and Cruise sees the TITLE!!

MN: Oh, you gotta be KIDDING ME?!

DT: Cameron Cruise HOLDS UP THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!! Stevens is FUMING on the rampway!! Now The First sees him, and he doesn't look any happier!

DM: Cameron Cruise stakes his bid for Sean Stevens' World Heavyweight Title, but I don't think The First is finished with the champion just yet! Either way, "Triple X" Sean Stevens is looking forward to some VERY serious competition!

MN: That idiot in the ring just made a TREMENDOUS mistake, my friend... but regardless, Stevens will deal with the BOTH of these pests in due time!

DT: That time will come... but RIGHT NOW, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the END of Aggression 50! We've had a TREMENDOUS fiftieth show, and we've witnessed MANY interesting developments! It's too soon to say what will come of this, but the action here in Las Vegas will CONTINUE! For Dean Matthews and Mike Neely... I'm Dave Thomas! We'll see you soon at the SIN CITY SHOWDOWN!!

[The camera cuts to triple-frames, showing still images of Cruise, proudly smirking with the title held in his hands... Stevens, sneering in absolute contempt and frustration... and The First, sternly gazing with an expression of unsatisfied determination. Fade to the EPW logo.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[First walks through the curtain, the shot switches from the camera that was following him on the arena floor to one that’s in the back…First runs his hands through his hair and lets out a long breath.]


[He gives a loud shout. Layne Winters walks over to him.]

WINTERS: Don't worry clown, since you and title quests are obviously INCOM-F[BLEEP]KINGPATIBLE...I'll be there at Black Dawn to bring it home for real.

FIRST: No way in hell that happens, this thing between Stevens and I, it’s far from settled…Tonight didn’t prove a damn thing except what I already knew, I can beat him…Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells, all the garbage that went on…To hell with them, to hell with all that…No, I’m finishing things at Black Dawn.


FIRST: Yeah, but what did you do tonight? You made a fool of yourself in the locker room, you lose one match and now you’re a big baby. You think you’re gonna get a title shot after you tried to destroy this company? You think Dan Ryan will put you in the main event of his shows after you tried to cripple just about everyone? What are you thinking, or are you even thinking?! Look, Dan Ryan himself said that Aggression 50 was a preview of Black Dawn, I dunno what he has PLANNED for Black Dawn, but well…I’m going to be involved.

WINTERS: This was a PREVIEW of Black Dawn because HOPE allowed the fan friendly clown to once again leave empty handed. Black Dawn is when [Points to his own chest] HOPE brings out the big gun to win the title…ME!

[Anarky walks into the shot and gives a look at First and Winters.]

ANARKY: Aw, hey, look, the kids are fighting again. Do I need to put you two in time-out? Are you guys really f*cking arguing about who gets to walk into the ring and get slapped around by Stevens? Or have you already f*cking forgotten that the only person who walks into that ring with Stevens and walks out with his arms raised is ME.

WINTERS: Don't give me that SH[BLEEP]T! Talk to me when you actually HAVE a belt in your hands. IN FACT...what the F[BLEEP]K am I doing listening to you anyway? The only reason you're still in EPW is because me and the clown vouched for you...so get bent.

ANARKY: Aw, hey, sorry pal, do you want me to Pay it Forward? Maybe go adopt a cute little Haitian kid and feed him and hope he grows up to be a big strong nobody like yourself? I mean, I’m sure I could train a kid to get into that ring and fail more spectacularly than you just did, but it WILL be challenging.

WINTERS: I hadn't lost but ONCE until I teamed with you, but HEY- if you're feeling strong Anarky, step to the f[BLEEP]king plate, brother.

ANARKY: Son, don’t forget that while you were starin’ up at the big bright lights and wishin’ that someday you could just HOPE to get far enough to develop a serious painkiller addiction, I was out there sacrificing EVERYTHING for this sport. And you wanna run your mouth cause you managed to stumble backwards into a TV title? Congratula-f*cking-lations, you nothing. How about you stop running your mouth and just start running.

[First steps between Anarky and Winters.]

FIRST: BACK OFF! CALM DOWN! Things are going to be like this, here’s the deal, Black Dawn is my last chance at Stevens as long as he’s champion…You happy?! I’ll put it in the contract, this is IT for me, all or nothing…And WHEN I beat him at Black Dawn for the World Title, [Points at Winters] if you want a shot [Points at Anarky] or you want a shot…Or Hart wants a shot, or Stevens wants a rematch, or Copycat, Edmunds, Wells, Anthology, HOPE, Fallen, WHOEVER…I’LL FIGHT EVERYONE…Line up the whole damn locker room and I’ll go through all of you or I’ll die trying!

ANARKY: Nobody needs your permission to take what is theirs, kid. Someday you’ll understand that. Until then, enjoy your humiliation. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find something to blame your next failure on. You always do.

[Anarky shakes his head at First and walks away, First turns towards Winters who’s seething.]

WINTERS: Understand that it's only out of the kindness buried deep, deep within my heart...that I even continue on with this Mickey Mouse horsesh[BLEEP]t you call a title quest. If you can actually win this thing, then I'll be happy to make your title reign the shortest in EPW history. But if you lose...I'm next in line, and I'll crush Stevens, BELIEVE IT.

[Winters walks away from First, who runs his hands through his hair and lets out a deep breath. Suddenly Shawn Hart walks over to him.]

FIRST: Guess it wasn’t possible you wouldn’t get your 2 cents in.

[SJH puts his hand on First's shoulder.]

HART: Sharing is caring, amigo.

FIRST: If you say so…

HART: Listen... I totally understand this seemingly insatiable desire of yours to get that gold from Mr. Stevens. And ya know what? After all you've been through in the last year with Cruise and Anthology and Triple X now, I'd say you've more than earned the right to see your little quest through to the end.

[The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinsiter edges in closer to First.]

HART: But make no mistake about it - Winters, he's still a kid. And 'Nark? Well, let's just say he's got a ways to go before ANYONE can really say he's back in business. So after Black Dawn, the ONLIEST logical contender for that EPW title is the guy standing before you right now! The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister... SJH!

[Hart cracks a grin.]

HART: So at the PPV, you go get that gold! Hell, I'd get it for ya if I could. But remember, whether you’re successful or not, in the 2-0-TEN... it's ultimately gonna be resting 'round MY sumptuous waist!

FIRST: Look Shawn…I--

HART: [Cutting First off] The Phenom has left the building!

[Hart turns on his heel and walks away…First looks just dumbfounded…]

FIRST: [Yelling to nobody in particular] Anyone else?! Anyone else want to run me down?

MUSE: [Off Camera] Yeah, you suck!

FIRST: What?! Where you been?

MUSE: I was with my band, we were playing some gigs…Look, you had a bad night, you go get cleaned up, we’ll go out, I’ll try to get you drunk…And well, we’ll move on…

FIRST: At this rate you might not need to try.

MUSE: Look, you know as well as I do, none of this matters…Black Dawn will be the end…Or the beginning…And you’ll just walk the path meant for you…And honestly, I think it’ll be a beginning…

FIRST: Thanks…

[First puts his arm over Muse’s shoulder, and they walk towards the back.]

MUSE: Oh, and I too want a title shot if you win, I’m gonna kick your ass…

FIRST: I knew you were gonna say that…


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