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AGGRESSION 51: Albequerque, NM - 4/27/10


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.

JA hitting the Karelin Driver on Rocko Daymon.

Cameron Cruise hitting Fusenshoff with the Shipwreck.

The First, perched on a turnbuckle, then diving down onto his opponent.

Fusenshoff, clotheslining Stalker over the top rope.

Copycat and Jared Wells stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

“Triple X” Sean Stevens standing victorious on top of a cage, face bloodied, holding the EPW World title up high.

And finally…. A desk with a high backed leather chair and Dan Ryan sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.

The opening pyro for Aggression goes off on the top of the ramp, the crowd cheering loud as the camera pans around the arena.

CUT TO: The broadcast table to show Dave Thomas in a black suit jacket, blue shirt with a blue/silver trimmed tie. Next to him is Dean Matthews in a grey suit jacket, white shirt, tan tie. Mike Neely wearing only a button up blue shirt, no tie.]

DT: Welcome everyone to Aggression…Dave Thomas here with Dean Matthews and the ever loveable Mike Neely…And boy do we have a lot of stuff on our plate tonight, double so given the controversial ending to Aggression 50, which saw Sean Stevens get himself disqualified to save his EPW World Title!

MN: Oh give me a break, he was tired of dragging that bum around and put an end to that farce as quickly as he could. Sean Stevens is STILL the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, no matter if you like it or not.

DM: Not to mention that Cameron Cruise made his return to EPW since his ouster from Anthology and did it by beating down Stevens and his former best friend and the man who stabbed him in the back, Jared Wells.

MN: You two should just write mash-notes to that tiny goofball and Cruise…A guy winning a title match by disqualification and another guy getting a cheap shot on the best wrestler on the planet today amounts to a whole lot of NOTHING in my book.

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine As pyro BOOMS and the crowd goes NUTS, the former Anthology member dressed in black jeans and wearing a blue and orange Champ Bailey #24 Broncos jersey. Cruise stops and psychs up along with the town natives and hits the ring. Getting tossed a microphone, Cruise pauses as the crowd continues to pop big time while he sits up on a turnbuckle waiting politely as the crowd finally quiets down abit.]

DM: Lots of Broncos fans here in Albequerque and Cameron Cruise is playing it up!

MN: Whatta nerd.

DT: And here’s the man who threw down the gauntlet in Las Vegas, ending Aggression 50 standing in the ring with the EPW World Title in hand!

DM: Cameron Cruise speaking for the first time since he was betrayed by Anthology…

CRUISE: It's been quite a while since I've heard such a response like that from the fans. I gotta admit...one of the good things I've forgotten about performing and being in the squared circle is that I get to hear something like this...and believe me when I tell you...

It feels GOOD.

[Crowd POPS!!]

See, in the time away that I took from Empire Pro, I found myself thinking alot about what some people might call a "Wake Up Call" or the latest "Kick Heard 'Round The World" from those who love digging into the "dirtsheets".

From the boys I used to call "brothers" hiding and locking me out of the dressing room to getting superkicked by the World Heavyweight Champion before getting stabbed in the back by the one man I thought I could count on in a situation like that....Jared Wells.

[The Camera cuts to a close up of Cruise's face as he suddenly turns to a facial grimace while the crowd gives a gradual heel pop at the sound of "The Bastard Son's” name being mentioned.]

Jared Wells, the same man that I had entrusted to watch my back in bars as well as in the ring....turned his back on me, and turned his back on "The Dangle Brothers"....I was thoroughly....THOROUGHLY taken by surprise.

Afterwards, when I saw the replay on the tapes backstage and I'll tell everyone right now right off the bat....I got sick, sick at what had happened, sick at what had become of something that had taken the World by storm...but something occured to me about three days before the show in Las Vegas, Aggression 50.

[Cruise hops off the turnbuckle and starts to slowly pace around the ring]

They did me a favor.

Not only was the beating I received a wake up call in one sense, but it made me wake up in another. So in that I owe Sean Stevens, Jared Wells, and the rest of Anthology a huge gratitude of thanks [Crowd starts to give abit of a heel pop], but unfortunately, it's going to come in the form of my right foot STRAIGHT UP THEIR ASS!!!


[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd pops big as The First comes through the curtain. His face painted up in the spider web motif. He’s got a HOPE Obamacon T-Shirt and black gi pants on as he heads to the ring.]

DT: And here is the man who many believe should be the EPW World Champion!

MN: Who thinks that?! Idiots and fools only, he never pinned Stevens, he never made him submit, he gets nothing!

DM: He drove Stevens to the point where Stevens got himself disqualified to save his title Neely, and you know that.

NM: He said he was saving himself, and this idiot for the War Games, EPW matters so much to Sean Stevens he’s willing to forgo finishing this freak off to be better prepared to defend the company’s honor in a company Vs company war!

DT: You are truly beyond belief…

[The First, mic in hand, enters the ring.]

FIRST: Cammy, we’ve had our issues…But let me say this, I don’t think anyone in this building, me included, has a problem with you beating the hell out of Triple X and Jared Wells…[Cheers!]…But what I do have a problem with, is you trying to sneak your way into MY BUSINESS…These people all saw Trip run from the ring, then get himself disqualified to save his title…Now I’m not going to throw myself a pity party, to hell with that, but we got Black Dawn coming up…And as far as I’m concerned the main event of that night will be my FINAL SHOT at Triple X for the World Title…[Cheers!]…Now you can go fight your former Dangle Brother Jared Wells, or maybe Copycat or someone like that…But you’re NOT getting in my way when it comes to the EPW World Heavyweight Championship…

CRUISE: I was with you First, right up until that last part. See, until Aggression 50, you had already had one shot at pinning Sean Stevens, but on top of that you even had a shot at beating me for the EPW Intercontinental title as well as even your little buddy Layne Winters.


Now, maybe some people who were able to accomplish things in the Tag Team Division were successful in turning just as successful in Singles, some were not, let's be honest here First; between you and I....

I'm the Former, you're the latter.

I've shown that I could do well in a title match and you...you just can't seal the deal. As far as Sean Stevens is concerned, I'd have expected a little more gratitude out of you. You're lucky I waited until after the match was over to do what I did to Jared and Sean. Regardless of whether or not you won the World Heavyweight Championship, I was STILL going to do what I came to do and the circumstances around it had not one bit of an effect on it.

But you need to understand something while I've got you here in the ring, and that's that while I plan on getting my revenge on Anthology, Sean Stevens and THAT DIRTY *****...it only seems fair to me that it's HIGH TIME that I get a chance at winning something that has evaded me since the BEGINNING: The EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.


FIRST: OK Cammy…Well –

[MUSIC UP: “King Back” by TI. Stevens steps out onto the stage, pyro exploding around him, sunglasses on and the EPW World title slung over his shoulder. He strides to the ring purposfully, glancing into the crowd occasionally but remaining stoic as he approaches the ring.]

MN: Finally some sanity will be brought to these proceedings. Listening to this has-been and this never-will-be argue over who’s going to be the lamb offered up to the slaughter was driving me nuts!

DT: Do you wash his collection of cars in your spare time Neely?! The EPW World Heavyweight Champion Sean Stevens now making his way into the ring.

[Stevens climbs into the ring, mic in hand.]

STEVENS: Let me tell you two rejects something. RIGHT. NOW. I’m the man around here. I call the shots. You.. [pointing at Cruise] ..don’t demand anything. And you.. [pointing at First] …should be happy you’re even getting another chance at this. So don’t come out here and tell the King what’s gonna happen. When it comes to me and MY TITLE, I’m the boss. When I’m ready to…



“Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins starts up and DAN RYAN steps out onto the stage, mic in hand. The crowd roars but Ryan quickly motions for the music to stop and holds a hand up to calm down the crowd.]

RYAN: Actually, Sean… I’m the boss.

[Another roar of the crowd. Meanwhile. Stevens seethes.]

RYAN: And truth be told, you’ve all got this stuff a little wrong. First, you’ve had a couple shots at this – and this last time, the KING took the easy way out. But it’s not gonna be one on one – because Cruise, I’m making your day tonight. You’re in.

[CAMERA SHOT: Cameron Cruise with a huge **** eating grin as the crowd cheers – and Stevens shakes his head in disgust.]

RYAN: Furthermore, if we all wanna be completely technical – there’s one man whose name has been left out of all of this, a little bit unfairly. There’s one man who’s been overlooked, who may be more deserving of a title shot than either one of you. There’s only one man… who recently pinned the champ.

[Huge crowd pop again as Stevens perks up, now shaking his head and mouthing the words ‘no way’.]

RYAN: That’s why… the World Championship match at Black Dawn is now… a FOUR… WAY… DANCE. The fourth man?? “THE PHENOM”….SHAWN….HART.

[Ape**** crazysexycool pop.

Stevens still saying ‘no way’ in the ring.]

RYAN: And Shawn… I decided to make things interesting. You wanna be known as the greatest to ever step in the ring? You wanna be the greatest EPW World Champion of all time? Here’s a true test of that – because this match will be… No disqualification… no countout… and last but not least, and I like this one the best… everyone else on the EPW roster is BANNED FROM RINGSIDE. If anyone… and I do mean ANYONE… interferes in this match, they will be FIRED ON THE SPOT.

[The First and Cruise look at Stevens, smiling – and Stevens spits right in the face of Cameron Cruise. Stevens sneers at First and Cruise, they stare at him, then each other, and then turn and start throwing punches at Stevens!]

DT: Both First and Cruise just beating the daylights out of the World Champion!

MN: This is unfair! Get Anthology out here now!

DT: Wait! Cruise just grabbed First’s arm and PULLED HIM INTO A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Stevens now with a eye gouge on Cruise! Cruise stumbles away clutching at his eye…Stevens loading up…

MN: Take his head off!

DT: X-FACTOR! NO! Cruise side-steps! Cruise hooks Stevens…REALITY CHECK ON THE WORLD CHAMP!! [Cheers!]

DM: Cruise sending a BIG message to everyone!

DT: Stevens rolling to the floor, Cruise now standing in the ring arms raised…

DM: He’s got to turn around!



DT: Anthology and HOPE storming out here! Cruise quickly makes his escape out through the crowd!
[A camera follows Cruise who’s amid the sea of people in the stands, Cruise making the belt motion around his waist.

MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine, drawing another cheer from the crowd!]

DT: Stevens back to his feet seething on the floor, while in the ring First is looking disgusted, and it doesn’t exactly look like anyone in HOPE is ready to give him a shoulder to cry on. What a wild way to start tonight’s show.

MN: I’m all for beating that little freak up, but really, what nerve does Cruise have thinking he has the right to go after Stevens?!

DT: He’s gotten the best of the World Champ the last two times we’ve seen him, I think that gives him all the right in the world…

MN: Oh whatever…

DT: Big time events happening as we move towards Black Dawn, don’t go away everyone!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Prep work


The camera peeks around the corner to show Copycat standing outside the Anthology locker room dressed to wrestle, talking on his cell phone. We only hear the tail end of the conversation]

Copycat: ... doing what you're doing. Wait for my call. I won't be long.

[Copycat flips the phone shut and opens the locker room door]

Copycat: Don't drop this.

[He tosses the phone into the room, closes the door and heads past the camera, presumably toward the ring]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat vs. Anarky

[FADEIN: The curtain where Copycat comes out, drawing boos from the crowd, his EPW World Tag Team Title belt across his waist, over his red trunks. Red knee pads and boots complete his outfit as he walks to the ring, a smirk plastered on his face. As “My Way” by Butch Walker plays.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Kalamazoo, Michigan, weighing in at 280 pounds…One half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions…Representing Anthology…COPY!!!! CAT!!!!

DT: Fans we’ve gotten some late breaking news that High Flyer has been caught in that whole mess over in Europe with the flight restrictions and all that and he’s not in the building tonight, so this match is a one on one affair for Copycat against Anarky.

MN: Oh man, you know the struggles Anarky has with Copycat, no wonder Copycat’s got such a big grin on his face, it’s like having your favorite meal waiting for you at dinner.

DM: These two men have had a long history and another chapter of that history will be written tonight.

[MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie. Anarky comes out, skull face paint, black torn up shirt with the Anarchy symbol on the back, ripped jeans. He looks almost indifferent as he walks to the ring, the crowd mixed in its reaction to him.]

TF: And his opponent, from Hartford, Connecticut…Weighing in at 231 pounds…Representing HOPE…AN! RRR!! KEY!!!

DT: Anarky’s expression far different from that of Copycat’s as he makes his way into the ring…

MN: Well there’s clearly going to be a difference between a man knowing he’s heading to the chair and a guy who’s going to cash a winning powerball ticket. Come on Thomas, put down the Baconator and think for once!

[Bell rings]

DT: Thanks for your brilliant insights Neely. Anarky with a bull rush and Copycat quickly ducks between the ropes!

DM: Copycat knows Anarky’s going to go at him with a full on onslaught so he’s going to make him wait, try to frustrate Anarky, who we’ve seen lose his cool in the past.

MN: Lose his cool?! The man wouldn’t know cool if he was trapped in a blizzard. He’s a maniac!

DT: Anarky being kept away from Copycat by the ref…Now Cat gets back out of the ropes and they lock up…Copycat with a side headlock…Anarky throwing elbows into the back of Copycat, trying to soften him up…Anarky lifts Copycat for a back suplex…COPYCAT SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT AND LANDS ON ANARKY! A PIN!




DT: Copycat pops to his feet, a big smile on his face, letting Anarky know how close that was to being the finish.

MN: He’s so far inside Anarky’s head…Anarky’s got nothing for Copycat!

DT: Anarky charges Copycat and lands a series of right hands…Anarky whips Copycat to the ropes…COPYCAT BOWLS HIM OVER WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK!

DM: Anarky might be a tough man, but he is giving up about fifty pounds in that ring, he’s not going to win the power game against Copycat.

MN: And that’s all he has, stupid rage based aggression, Copycat is the perfect opponent against Anarky, he’s too strong for Anarky’s violence and he’s far too smart to be lured into a street fight.

DT: Anarky gets back to his feet…Copycat goading him…They trade punches and now Copycat bullies Anarky into the corner…Copycat sends Anarky into the opposite corner…Anarky staggers out into a kick to the gut…gutwrench suplex! Copycat Covers!




DT: Anarky fights out of another pin, Copycat gets an arm bar and keeps Anarky down on the mat.

MN: This is just like a little kid pulling the wings off a fly…I almost wish you two were on the Anthology bandwagon so you could enjoy this the way I’m enjoying it…

DM: This match isn’t over by a long shot Neely, I wouldn’t be so cocky betting against someone like Anarky.

MN: Well I am…So tough!

DT: Anarky fights to his feet, a couple of elbows break him free of the chinlock…Anarky off the ropes…KIT KAT KICK BY COPYCAT DECKS ANARKY! Copycat now off the ropes…STRAY CAT STRUT…AND HE DROPS THE ELBOW!! THE COVER!!




DT: Copycat with a look of annoyance at the ref as he pulls Anarky back to his feet…Anarky sent to the corner again…COPYCAT CHARGES IN WITH A KNEE…ANARKY MOVES! Copycat limping on that leg…Anarky kicking away at it! Anarky drops Copycat to the ground and now he’s stomping away repeatedly on that knee!

DM: This is the break Anarky needed to get back into this match!

DT: Anarky driving knee after knee into the leg of Copycat…Anarky drapes Copycat’s leg across the bottom rope…JUMP UP AND DRIVES HIS FOOT INTO THE KNEE! Copycat rolls to the floor to try to get away from Anarky!

MN: Dammit Cat, you’re playing into his hands! He lives to be on the floor!

DT: Anarky to the floor and he bounces Copycat’s head off the apron…Copycat…WHIPPED INTO THE RINGSTEPS!! His legs SMASHED into that steel! Anarky grabs Copycat and throws him back into the ring…Anarky grabs Copycat’s leg…WRAPS IT AROUND THE RING POST! AND AGAIN!!

DM: This is the kind of brutal, violent offense we’re used to seeing from Anarky, you give him any opening at all and he’ll beat you to a pulp.

DT: Anarky back into the ring…He backs Copycat into a corner, drives a series of shoulders into the ribs. Anarky with a headlock…RUNNING START…BULLDOGS COPYCAT INTO THE MAT!

MN: But he doesn’t go for a pin, this idiot doesn’t get the point of this sport, it’s to win matches, he just wants to impress all the vampires and sadists out there by seeing how much blood and screaming he can cause, but that isn’t what pads the bank account, it’s wins! It’s why Copycat’s a jet setter and he’s got a crappy bar in some rundown part of town.

DT: Oh you are just insufferable Neely. Anarky grabs that leg and gets a spinning toe hold…He jumps up…CRUSHING THAT KNEE UNDER HIS OWN!

DM: Anarky softening up that knee, you have to think he’ll be setting up a submission attempt in the near future.

MN: That would be for a thinking wrestler someone with a brain, this drooling lunatic will just keep hitting that leg till it falls off and then use it as a club to beat Copycat with it!

DT: Anarky grabs Copycat and sends him into the ropes….Copycat back…Ducks a flying clothesline! Anarky scrambles back to his feet…GETS BLASTED BY A CLOTHESLINE FROM COPYCAT! BOTH MEN DOWN!

MN: And the tide turns, when the only way you can win a match is by murder, you tend to lose a few you could have won if you had just tried to win, maybe one day Anarky will learn that lesson, I doubt it.

DT: Copycat slowly getting to his feet and shaking out that bad knee...Anarky getting to his feet…Copycat grabs him…GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! Copycat grabs at his bad knee, the quickly turns over towards Anarky and goes for the pin!




DT: That second or two Copycat took dealing with his knee injury might have cost him the pin there. Copycat pulls Anarky up…Anarky kicks him in the bad leg! Copycat staggers…Anarky off the ropes…CHOPBLOCKS COPYCAT TO THE GROUND!

DM: Anarky is relentless in his brutal attack on Copycat’s knee, he’s landed just about every move I can think of that one can hit a knee with.

MN: This man isn’t a wrestler, he’s a sadist…Why couldn’t you have gotten crippled when he hit you with that chair, then HOPE would never have gotten him re-instated and I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap!

DM: I’m sorry I can take a chairshot Neely, maybe we should see how you fair if Anarky were to hit you with one.

MN: I’m good thank you…And management cares about me, Anarky even looks at me cross eyed he’ll be flipping burgers for a living!

DT: Copycat pulls himself to his feet by the ropes...Anarky rushes him…COPYCAT BACKDROPS HIM TO THE FLOOR! Anarky sent flying! Anarky laid out on the floor as Copycat’s down in the ring.

DM: This has been a brutal match, these two always go tooth and nail, and tonight is no exception.

MN: Well the nails need to be going into the coffin of Anarky, I want this finished!

DT: Anarky slowly getting to his feet on the floor, back onto the apron…Copycat grabs him and hooks him…Suplex back into the ring! No! Anarky lands on his feet behind Copycat! Anarky crumples to the ground he’s clutching his right ankle…I’d hate to speculate about what happened…

MN: I won’t! He tore his Achilles tendon! Tough break Anarky, enjoy being retired!

DT: The ref hovering over Anarky who’s in agony…Copycat pushes the ref aside…ANARKY WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!




[Bell rings! MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie as Anarky rolls out of the ring to the floor as Copycat pops to his feet, livid and screaming at the ref.]

TF: Here is your winner…ANNNNNN! RRRR!! KEY!!!!!

MN: Oh of all the low down, school yard stunts…

DT: Anarky just caught Copycat sleeping and picked up the victory…He just outsmarted the smartest player in the game!

MN: No he didn’t! That was bush-league! And it was a fast count to boot!

DT: Well no matter how you want to spin this Anarky’s upstaged his longtime foe here tonight and gotten himself a victory…

[Copycat, in the ring, fuming as Anarky slips out with a [painted on] toothy grin as he backs his way up the ramp.]

DM: And Copycat is LIVID!

MN: He has every right to be! Of all the lowdown…

DT: Well, regardless it goes down as a win for Anarky. We’ll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
WOMEN - Always late.


Dan Ryan pacing in the unloading area talking on a cell phone.]

RYAN: What the hell is the holdup?..... the problem?.... the problem is my wife was supposed to be here 45 minutes ago, that’s the problem….. yeah well….. no, just find out what the hell is taking so long….. yeah…..fine…..

[Ryan flips the phone shut and sighs, annoyed as he walks back through a door into the arena.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Heirs of Wrestling vs. Michael Bastard & Fusenshoff

TF: The following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

[CUE UP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains. Michael Bastard steps from behind the curtain, his face in a scowl. He stalks to the ring as his manager, The Amazing Logan, taunts the crowd]

TF: Weighing two hundred and twenty eight pounds, he hails from Flint, Michigan, and is accompanied to the ring by his manager, The Amazing Logan…


MN: What a sick, vicious guy!

DM: You like him, don’t you?

MN: After what we saw back in February? Hell yeah!

DT: Michael Bastard had an amazing day on February 10, beating John Doe and Kenneth Williams before putting on a hell of a display against former EPW Intercontinental Champ and SWIFT MMA specialist Jonathan Marx on Sin City Showdown. But tonight he’s got his hands full teaming with someone he’s never teamed with against tag team experts.

[CUE UP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica. The crowd pops as the lyrics kick in and Fusenshoff steps from behind the curtain. He makes his way down to the ring without even looking out at the capacity crowd. His focus and concentration remains unwavering as he slides into the ring, heading to his corner and talking briefly with his partner before resting his head against the top turnbuckle pad]

TF: And his partner, weighing two hundred and sixty three pounds and hailing from British Columbia, Canada…


DT: Someone else who had a stunning night, beating The Dragon cleanly in a match of the year contender before competing in the War Games match at the joint event.

MN: But didn’t he get beat by Cameron Cruise?

DT: Yes.

MN: Shows how good he isn’t.

TF: And their opponents, led to the ring by Alexandra Malone…

[CUE UP: “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini. As soon as the popular quote hits over the speakers, a barrage of trumpets blasts throughout the arena speakers. A quick series of red, blue, and gold lights flash throughout the arena in tune with the music as “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini blasts loudly.

With Alexandria Malone leading the way down to ringside, the trio of rich, asshole punks start to make their way down to the ring, a single spotlight shining down on them the entire way. Ryan Gallway talks trash to the fans near ringside, babbling incoherently. Frank Pierce looks rather dismissive of the crowd, trying to avoid them touching him at all costs. Mack Brody brings up the rear for the group, checking himself out in a compact mirror the entire time, making sure that each and every strand of his golden mane is perfect.

Gallway and Pierce lift Alexandria up first into the ring. Both men leap over the ropes and pose on either side of the turnbuckle. Brody climbs over the ropes and flexes his muscles for the crowd while Alexandria Malone raises her hands out, showing off her charges to the world]

TF: Frank Pierce, Ryan Gallway and “Midas” Mack Brody…


DT: All three are taking part?!

MN: Why not, Dave? You sing the praises of Fusenshoff, he should be able to take on all three on his own to hear you.

DM: The referee’s telling the Heirs that it’s two on two, and he’s forcing them to choose someone to stand with Alexandra.

MN: I’ll do it!

DM: She’d break your leg before you got near her.

DT: Looks like Gallway’s sitting this one out, they’re going for the power game. Fuse and Bastard deciding who’s going to start, Bastard really wants at the Heirs! There’s the bell and Bastard rushes past Fuse, double clothesline as the Heirs were getting instructions from Alexandra!

MN: No fair!

DT: They should have heard the bell. Pierce back up first, Bastard with a jab rocks him back. Irish whip, and a head to the gut!

DM: That’s different.

DT: Mack Brody coming in to try and help his partner, clubbing axe handle as Bastard tried to scoop Pierce off the mat.

MN: And Fuse is in too! The ref has no control already!

DT: Fusenshoff in to help his partner against the two-on-one, tackles Brody. Michael shoots him a look but has Pierce by the hair, headbutt!

[As Bastard looks to press the advantage with a striking attack, Fuse and Brody are exchanging rights hands. The biggest man in the match quickly gains the upper hand with a thumb to the eye, throwing Fuse back into the corner, but as he charges in with a clothesline attempt, Fuse moves out of the way, scooping Brody up onto his shoulders. On the far side, without even noticing what’s going on, Bastard sends Pierce across the ring with an Irish Whip]


DM: I don’t think they even knew what was happening, they just did it!

DT: Fusenshoff with a huge display of power, tossing Brody onto the incoming Pierce!

MN: And finally the ref’s getting some order.

DT: The referee forcing Fuse from the ring, Michael Bastard has Brody by the head, knee to the temple. Pierce rolling to the outside and it looks like we have a match now. Big scoop and a slam, quickly into a cover.



Easy kickout by Brody, and Bastard with a tag to Fuse.

[The crowd pops as Fusenshoff enters the match [officially], kicking Brody in the head. As the big man gets back to his feet, Fuse grabs him in a side headlock. Mack quickly forces him back to the ropes and tries to fire him off, but as he pushes Fuse simply shifts his weight, taking Brody over in a takedown!]

DT: A bit of technical wrestling from Fusenshoff, trying to isolate Brody.

DM: And a non-technical right to the skull.

MN: CHEAT! Closed fist!

DT: Brody is trying to power his way out of it, Fuse with another right hand, releases the hold and a knee to the head.



Another kickout, but Fuse is still on the attack! Has Brody up, knee to the gut, tags in Bastard – BIG double suplex!

[As Fuse leaves the ring, Bastard smashes his knee into the back of Brody’s skull. The Amazing Logan yells at him to do it again, and Bastard obliges before throwing Brody across the ring with an Irish whip]

DT: Bastard charges in, but Brody with a knee to the face! Bastard staggered, comes in again, STO! STO! And the big man quickly makes a tag, shaking the cobwebs.

DM: That’s what makes tag team specialists so special. He knew he wouldn’t be at his peak with those shots to the head so he’s taking a rest.

DT: Frank Pierce in, up to the second rope and drops an elbow to the back of the head.



No dice. They may be after tag team gold but that kind of early cover won’t cut it.

MN: It could have done! Never know.

DT: Frank Pierce with a rear chinlock, and look how he spins it around so Bastard’s facing the Heirs of Wrestling corner – smart move.

DM: And it’s smart because Brody can keep an eye on Fuse.

MN: You’re looking at the next tag champs, you know. Of course they know how to cut the ring in two.

DT: The referee making sure it’s not a choke, but Michael Bastard fighting his way back to his feet, elbow to the gut – DDT by Pierce!



And another kickout by Bastard.

[Unperturbed, the Heir member peppers Bastard with right hands. The ref starts his count but only gets to three before Pierce brings Bastard back to his feet, tagging in Brody. The big man drops to one knee as Pierce hits a Russian leg sweep onto Brody’s knee!]

DM: Great double-team move there, and Brody with a reverse DDT out of it.

MN: Hell yeah! Break that Bastard!

DT: MIKE! Family show!

MN: What? That’s his name!

DT: Sigh. Mack Brody playing to the crowd, Gallway and Malone are pleased with how things are going. Bastard back to his feet, Brody with a right hand, hooks the head, T-Bone suplex!

MN: This is just a demolition.

DT: Bastard’s holding his back, Brody rattles him with a boot to the head. Brings him back up, has him against the ropes – right hand by Brody misses! Bastard ducks under, fires off a right, another right, Irish whip far side and a BIG running lariat! Mack Brody took too long after the T-bone!

DM: Brody back up, Bastard in with another clothesline and Brody’s outside!

DT: Michael Bastard following him quickly, Malone and Gallway trying to check on Brody but Bastard with a kick to the head.

[As Gallway and Malone are forced away by the referee as Bastard grabs Brody by the hair, throwing him head-first into the barrier. Frank Pierce leaps down with a double axe handle across the back, saving his partner from further punishment. This forces Fusenshoff into action, as he sprints round and tackles Pierce with a forearm]

DT: This is breaking down!

MN: Fight fight fight fight!

DT: Bastard joining Fusenshoff in the attack on Pierce. Fuse grabbing Pierce, atomic drop and Bastard with a spear! These two are really impressing me with their teamwork! This could impact the big announcement we’ve got coming after this match.

DM: But Brody in and clips Bastard’s knee. Fusenshoff being ordered round to his corner by the referee, Brody checking on his partner – and Gallway with an Enziguri behind the ref’s back.

MN: Boo-yah!

DT: Oh come on! This is meant to be a tag match not three on two!

MN: It’s the Heirs of Wrestling against Bastard and Fuse, there are three Heirs. So three people to beat, it’s only fair.

DT: Brody rolling Bastard into the ring. Tags in Pierce, Brody exposing the ribs… elbow from the second rope. Michael Bastard is one tough

MN: Bastard?

DT: But he really needs to make the tag, Fuse is itching to get in there, he’s like a caged animal!

DM: Pierce controlling Bastard with an armbar, clubs the shoulder and forces him to one knee. Logan’s trying to get his man back to his senses, Bastard’s trying to swipe at Pierce but nowhere near.

DT: Pierce wringing the arm again, sends him off into the corner. Tag to Brody, Pierce charging in but Bastard ducks under! Brody charges, Bastard ducks under again, off the ropes, FLYING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

MN: But he’s tired.

DT: Michael Bastard drops to his knees after the double clothesline, but he’s back up, breathing hard, Fuse is yelling at him to make the tag! Bastard making his way towards Fuse, Pierce grabs him by the ankle – FOOTSTOMP! And there’s the tag!


DT: Fuse in and takes Brody down and a clothesline, Bastard got the tag after stomping on the back of Pierce’s head – I think Pierce might have busted his nose on that. Fuse with Brody, swinging neckbreaker!



Kickout at two, but Fuse still in control as Malone is checking Pierce on the outside. Bastard getting to words from Logan, Fuse hooks the head, DDT! The big man now, up to the second rope – blockbuster!



THNO! Pierce saw what was happening and saved Brody there!

DM: And the referee’s forcing Pierce out. I wonder what’ll happen if Fuse and Bastard manage the win tonight?

MN: Not gonna happen.

DT: But Fusenshoff is in complete control right now, continuing his impact offence with a knee to the gut and implant DDT! He’s not going for the cover, instead picking Brody back up, and a HUGE scoop slam!

DM: And Bastard tags himself back in. I don’t know how smart that is, Fuse is on a roll and Bastard can’t have recovered yet?

DT: Nonetheless, Bastard up to the top rope. Fuse picks Brody up, cross body!



Kickout by Brody! Fuse shakes his head as he steps outside, Bastard brings Brody to his feet, Sucker Blast!



And again Pierce in to break up the fall!

DM: And Bastard looks pissed!

DT: Michael Bastard going after Pierce, and Brody uses it as a chance to attack! Pierce steps through the ropes, back in off the tag. Winds up a right, blocked! Bastard fires a right, Pierce ducks under, backslide!



THRENO! No! So close to stealing it there!

MN: Come on! Beat the Bastard already! Or the wino!

DT: Michael Bastard up first, Pierce tries for a takedown but Bastard with a big gutwrench suplex! Pierce slides across the ring, and he’s in the wrong part of town! Bastard in with a splash into the corner, tag to Fuse who comes in, inverted atomic drop by Bastard – Atomic Drop by Fuse – knee to the face by Bastard, and a BIG reverse suplex by Fuse!



NO! no! Brody in to break it up!

MN: And Bastard tackles Brody.

DT: Fuse and Pierce going at it, Bastard and Brody, the ref’s lost all control – again!

DM: Right hands from Pierce to Fusenshoff, Fuse with a knee to the gut. Pierce is against the ropes, Fuse with a clothesline and both men are on the outside.

DT: The ref’s trying to break up Brody and Bastard, Fuse and Pierce are down on the floor, Fuse up first – PRECISION POINT! NO! DAMMIT!


DT: Ryan Gallway just attacked Fusenshoff on the outside with the Precision Point, Fuse’s head hit the ground hard!

DM: And the referee never saw it.

DT: Frank Pierce rolling back into the ring, Bastard has Brody back in the corner and is stomping a mudhole – Break Your Damn Backbreaker! Dammit the Heirs are going to steal this!

MN: Can’t steal what’s yours.

DT: The ref’s trying to get one of the Heirs out of the ring, Brody shakes the cobwebs. Pierce with Bastard, Irish Whip towards Brody






THREE!! The Heirs of Wrestling steal it! Crap!

[SFX: Ding ding ding ding]

TF: The winners of this match, by pinfall…


[CUE UP: “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini. Gallway and Malone roll into the ring to celebrate with Brody and Pierce]

DT: A hard-fought, stolen victory for the Heirs of Wrestling tonight, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Bastard and Fusenshoff. Those two impressed me for their first time teaming.

MN: They were useless! You’d expect that with Fuse on the team.

DT: The Amazing Logan’s checking on Bastard, Fuse looks pissed at what happened at the end but this match is in the books. Heirs of Wrestling pick up another win.

MN: And looked damned impressive doing it.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX


Dan Ryan again, back pacing in the loading area. He opens his phone and punches in some numbers, angrily.]

RYAN: Me again… look, it’s been over an hour. The show is more than half over. You find out where the hell my wife is and tell that driver that if anything happens to her I will hold him personally responsible… and by that …. I mean…. I will break…. him… in… half. You got that?... …. Good.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stalking the World

[The arena goes pitch black and the announcer's are suddenly cut off from speaking. "The Path" by High on Fire begins playing over the PA and an enormous eruption of cheers fills the arena. A video package of Rocko Daymon begins playing over the EmpireTron however, it's not his normal enterance package this video is showing clips from his very first match, important encounters, title wins, shows a few clips of him and his former wife together. Capping off with a close up of him holding the belt high in the air after he beat Sean Stevens for his first EPW world championship.]

V/O: Rocko Daymon had a brilliant career and was on his way to solidifying his spot among the sports elitest. Until......

[Daymon's picture of him holding the title slowly degrades into a almost black and white picture of a close up of Stalker's face. Violent and brutal images play through now storylining the events that have conspired over the past three years between the two men. Stalker visciously beating Daymon's wife, following the family around outside of the wrestling arena, numerous attacks inside and outside the ring, then a close up of Stalker sending Daymon through the three story window. Another close up of Stalker laughing insanely at the expense of Rocko.]

V/O: Finally at Sin City Showdown this rivalry was finished and the man that sought his revenge finally recieved his ultimate gift... Rocko Daymon's... career.... OVER!

[A barrage of fireworks sets off around the EmpireTron has a barrage of images from their Last Man Standing match appear on the screen. Finally it shows Stalker standing victorious over Daymon. The house lights slowly come up and Jason 'Stalker' Reeves is standing in the middle of the ring. He's beaten up badly, with a neckbrace on and a large bandage covering half of his forehead.]

Stalker: Finally.....

Crowd: BOO!!!!!!!!

Stalker: Finally it has happened. Rocko's career is DONE WITH! JUST like I had been promising since I set foot into this damn company. The feeling.. well the feeling I just can't describe it.

[Jason's face turns into an actual smile, a real life genuine smile, not evil looking... nothing of the sort. He is just plain happy.]

Stalker: I have been thinking it over all day, what I was going to say when I came out here and I realized there really isn't much, except thank you. Thank you Rocko for proving that I was right and that I AM the better man then you.

Crowd: BOO!!!!

Stalker: Oh shut it already! This is a start of a new era for me a new era where EVERYONE AND ANYONE can be a target. So this is a call out, to everyone in the back. Black Dawn, No Rules, accept it tonight, accept it next week whatever. I'll take on the whole f*cking roster. My burden is finally gone and no one...... NO ONE will be able to hold back the EMPIRE OF EXTREME!

["The Path" by High on Fire blares on the PA and Stalker drops the mic to the ground in shock. The crowd jump to their feet and the boos suddenly become massive cheers. Everyone looks to the curtains as.......... no one steps out. After almost twenty seconds the fans boo loudly and start throwing debris into the ring as Jason Reeves grins at everyone. He outstretches his arms and looks straight up into the air as the lights go completely out again and the announcer's mics return to normal.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: Stalking the World

[CUE UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season. A decidedly negative reaction resonates through the crowd as “New School” Layne Winters’ HOPE video package plays on the EmpireTron.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is a GAUNTLET MATCH for the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING TELEVISION TITLE!! Introducing first... hailing from Seattle, Washington... weighing in at two-hundred and fifty pounds... he is the REIGNING EPW TELEIVISION CHAMPION...




[As the lyrics kick in, “NEW SCHOOL” LAYNE WINTERS storms out onto the stage, posing briefly with the TV Title to the sea of jeering fans before making his way down to the ring.]

DT: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen... and to those of you just joining, you are just in time to witness Layne Winters OPEN Gauntlet Challenge to any man willing to dethrone him as the Television Champion of Empire Pro!

DM: This is an incredibly gutsy – and in my honest opinion, an incredibly STUPID move to make on the part of the champion. He’s had a pretty dominant run with the belt so far... but I think that’s given him a Superman complex, and tonight, he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

MN: Oh, PLEASE, Dean-O! It’s a measly THREE GUYS he has to go through, which is NOTHING that Layne Winters can’t handle! This man is the ONLY member of HOPE, as far as I’m concerned, that GETS ANYTHING DONE! He’s so badass, only THREE exceptionally stupid people had the balls to accept this challenge!

DT: It won’t be an easy task for the TV Champion to walk out of this arena with his title reign in tact... but should he succeed, it will be a MAJOR victory for this young, upcoming star!

[Layne enters the ring and removes his belt, irreverently passing it over to the ref and pacing the ring, ready for the first challenge. “I Don’t Know Anything” fades out as the EmpireTron suddenly lights up... not playing The Fallen’s video package, but instead bearing the stern, no-nonsense face of “THE EGO BUSTER” DAN RYAN seated behind his desk in the office. The crowd POPS as they recognize the face of the longstanding Owner and CEO of Empire Pro.]


Dan Ryan: Pardon the interruption, ladies and gentlemen...

DT: Now what could this be about...?

[With his brief address to the fanbase out of the way, Ryan clasps his massive hands together and leans forward with his lip slightly curling into a sneer.

Dan Ryan: Listen closely, Layne... because what I have to say affects this Gauntlet Match.

[He briefly holds up a manilla folder. On the tab isn’t exactly a name, but the Greek symbol for “OMEGA.”]

Dan Ryan: Earlier today... one of the competitors in this match failed the“routine psychological exam” that is required by every employee of Empire Pro.

DM: “Routine psychological exam?” That’s the first I ever heard of that!

MN: Was there a change in our contracts, does anybody know?

Dan Ryan: As a result, until OMEGA can be deemed mentally fit to compete in the ring again by a licensed psychiatrist, I have no choice but to suspend him until further notice.


[Ryan puts the folder away into a drawer and closes it, showing the signs of a sneer once again.]

Dan Ryan: Long story short... OMEGA’s not here tonight. That’s one name you won’t have to worry about in tonight’s Gauntlet Match. One down, two to go... now let’s get started.

[The EmpireTron cuts to black as the crowd bustles in the wake of OMEGA’s suspension and the change in the match. In the ring, Winters shakes his head as if he could care less.]

DT: Oh man... what an ANNOUNCEMENT! OMEGA is SUSPENDED! What a BLOW to THE FALLEN! Not to mention, Layne Winters definitely just caught a lucky break in this Gauntlet Match! You heard Mr. Ryan clearly: “One down, two to go!”

DM: And he didn’t have to lift a FINGER on the first man, thanks to this “routine psychological exam,” or whatever it’s called. Sounds to me like OMEGA’s lifestyle of being married to a steel chair has finally caught up with him.

MN: You know, I suppose that would explain the big guys in white shirts I saw dragging him into the back of a paddy wagon earlier today. It took TEN of those goons to get that maniac in there...

DM: What, you’re saying you saw the orderlies drag him off to the nuthouse... and you didn’t think to TELL us?!

MN: Come on... it’s OMEGA! You ever even PASSED the guy in the back?!

DT: If you catch his eye, he’ll start screaming to you about the end of times... and if you don’t look at him, he starts FOLLOWING YOU AROUND until you do...

MN: I figured that guy just fought off guys in white shirts all the TIME!

[CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The arena POPS HARD!! Green and white bursts of light flare out from the rigging hanging above. On the EmpireTron, Karl “The Dragon” Brown’s regular video package plays, recapping many of his greatest moments in his longstanding Empire Pro career.]

TF: Introducing the FIRST opponent... hailing from NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND... he weighs in at TWO-HUNDRED and ELEVEN pounds... he is the FORMER EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...


Crowd: *POP!!*

[As the vocals come in, KARL BROWN steps out onto the stage, pumps both fists into the air... ]


Crowd: *POP!!!*

[…and springs forward with a HARD chop of his arm in the wake of the pyros exploding over him. He slaps hands with the fans on his way down the aisle to the ring, pausing for every handshake and photo op.]

DT: Oh man... WHAT a REACTION for the former Interncontinental Champion!

MN: What a reaction INDEED! Don’t these morons realize that competing for the TV Title is more like a STEP DOWN in his career?

DM: Given how competitive the TV Title division has been lately, Neels? It would mean a lot to Karl Brown’s career if he could END the championship of this rising star here tonight!

DT: This is going to be a classic contest of the “New School” of Layne Winters going head-to-head with the OLD-school technical mastery of Karl “The Dragon” Brown!

MN: If history has proven anything, Thomas... it’s that it’s always OUT with the “old,” and IN with the “NEW”...

[Brown reaches the ring, springing over the top rope and doing his signature pose on the middle rope as the TV Champion stares him down while pacing impatiently in his corner of the ring. Referee Bryan Weatherby comes by to collect the belt, which Winters hands over. Weatherby presents the belt to all four sides of the audience before handing off to the timekeeper and making a few final checks on both opponents.]

DT: The EPW Television Title is what’s at stake here tonight! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more competitive era for that belt!

DM: And through all the competition... Layne Winters has been backing up his hype, every step of the way. He’s definitely a vital part of HOPE’s battle plan against the Anthology.

MN: You mean HOPE-less? Honestly, Layne could do so much better than anything those other clowns have to offer...

DT: Which of these two men will go on to fight “DOPESMOKER” Erik Black? Will the TV Champ continue his dominance... or is Karl Brown setting him up for an upset here tonight?

[The ref flags down the timekeeper to ring the bell.]

DM: Looks like we’re about to find out...


DT: Both men come out of their corners... and they immediately tie-up! No hesitations between THESE two!

DM: They exchanged some very heated words in the weeks leading up to this event... Winters, using that size advantage, pressures Brown back into the corner! The ref calls the break, and Winters breaks contact...


Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!!”

DT: OH, what a CHEAP SHOT by Layne Winters, catching Brown off guard with a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP to the chest just as the ref called the clean break!

MN: Just telling him to get his scrawny ass out of the corner, is all.

DM: Could be a crucial move in the opening moments of this match, as Winters follows through with an IRISH WHIP to the far corner! Brown CONNECTS, and Winters FOLLOWS... OH NO, hits NOTHING but the TURNBUCKLE with the running shoulder block!

DT: “The Dragon” sprang out of the way... and now he waits for the stunned Layne Winters to turn around... and RIGHT INTO AN ARMDRAG!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Winters popping up... RUNS INTO ANOTHER ARM DRAG! Good elevation on that one!

MN: Come on, Layne... what are you doing in there?!

DT: Winters back up – WHOA!! Just BARELY MISSES the STANDING DROPKICK from Karl Brown, and quickly rolls over the ropes to escape to the outside!

MN: That’s a smart move there...

DT: And I’m sure some would call it a COWARDLY move.

DM: Either way, “The Dragon” was clearly on a hot streak there with that fast and relentless catch-as-can offense. Winters moving to to the outside breaks up Brown’s momentum, and gives him a chance to regroup.


DT: Karl Brown, the lone man in the ring, is getting these fans FIRED UP here tonight!

MN: What a bunch of hypocritical ingrates. Later tonight, I bet you’ll be hearing “HOPE” chants, but you aren’t going to get that sort of treatment for Layne Winters, all because he’s a little rough around the edges!

DM: Weatherby’s at the count of six now as Winters continues jawing with some ringside fans... but perhaps he shouldn’t have turned his attention away from the ring just now!

DT: You may be RIGHT, Dean! Brown running into the far ropes... here is on the return – OVER THE ROPES WITH A VAULTING BODY PRESS – AND HE CONNECTS RIGHT AS WINTERS TURNS AROUND!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: WHAT ELEVATION!! It’s amazing to believe that a veteran of Karl Brown’s age can still GO TO THOSE LIMITS!

MN: Joke’s on him! He’s probably done so much damage to that brittle spine of his with all that jumping around... I’d say he’s walking on a ticking time-bomb. Layne, on the other hand... Layne is YOUNG and FRESH!!

DT: And despite all that, he’s now on the receiving end of the former Intercontinental Champion is showing a DIE-HARD HIGH-FLYING offense here tonight! This is definitely NOT the way Winters had hoped to start this Gauntlet Match...

DM: True, but at the same time, I doubt he expected to get a free ride past OMEGA. Count has been reset now with Brown going to the outside, but I don’t think he intends to stay out there for long. He rolls Winters into the ring under the ropes... bringing this match back to the squared circle.

DT: Winters still looks a little dazed after that vaulting body press by way of Karl Brown. The TV Champion back to his feet as the first of two challengers to the title slips back into the ring... Brown hooking Winters around the waist... follows it up with a RELEASED GERMAN SUPLEX – OH NO!!

MN: Look at THAT!! Winters landed RIGHT ON HIS FEET!

DM: Great athleticism by the champion, who looks to capitalize – NO! Brown COUNTERS with a drop-toe-hold... transitioning right into a Side Headlock!

DT: Winters, trying to make a move... but Brown ROLLS HIM OVER! Shoulders ON THE MAT!


TWO – NO! Winters quickly got off the mat before the two count!

DM: Brown could have had something there if he had an arm free to hook a leg or something.

MN: Don’t flatter yourself, Dean...

DT: Winters repositioning himself to prevent Brown from pulling a move like that again! The challenger WRENCHES the temples of the TV Champion... but Winters is already working himself back onto his feet! I don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to hold him...

DM: Winters looking for the reversal here... LIFTS BROWN UP AND OVER with the BACK SUPLEX...

MN: HA!! There we – oh CRAP!!

DT: ...but Brown DROPS TO HIS FEET and goes RIGHT BACK to that headlock! That must be pretty frustrating for the TV Champion...

MN: Hardly a minor nuisance...

DM: The champion is clearly having trouble getting a handle of Karl Brown in this match. I gotta say... Brown has been pretty hot in that ring ever since he returned! If he continues to shut out Winters like this, I don’t doubt for a minute that he’ll be the one walking out with that TV Title...

DT: Provided of course he makes it through Erik Black in the next round. Winters, right now, has his hands full with his first of two opponents here tonight... looking for an escape strategy now... he backs into the ropes, and SHOVES Brown off!

DM: Here goes Karl into the ropes, but WATCH OUT when he gets that momentum going! Brown on the return... INTO THE AIR with a FLYING FOREARM!!


MN: Winters’ Rock just beat Brown’s Scissors there!

DM: That Dropkick by Layne Winters caught “The Dragon” square in the jaw! The champion with a chance to turn things around now... and he starts it off by STOMPING THE TAR out of Karl Brown as he lies hurt on the mat!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

DT: Winters just RELENTLESSLY kicking away at the HEAD and BACK of Karl Brown! The ref finally telling him to back off, but Winters just nudges him out of the way and brings “The Dragon” back to his feet!

DM: Could be a big move here in the center of the ring... YES... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY LAYNE WINTERS!!


DT: Winters HOOKS THE LEG for the cover...



Brown kicks out! May still be a little too early in this match...

MN: Still... if there was a chance he knocked Brown out cold there a moment ago, he was going to go for it!

DM: It will take more than that to keep “The Dragon” on the ground! But that may be the strategy currently employed by Layne Winters... underhooking the arms from behind Brown and driving that KNEE into his back!

DT: What a PAINFUL looking hold! Brown is GRINDING HIS TEETH as Winters buries that knee deeper into his spine!

MN: Every minute he remains in that hold is another year off that cockroach’s career...


DT: This capacity crowd is getting behind the former Intercontinental Champion! Brown DIGGING DEEP now... trying to work his way out of that hold!

DM: He’s trying to cross around that knee, but the TV Champion is trying to keep him pinned in place! Wait... Brown GETS ARM free... and HE COUNTERS WITH A SNAPMARE!!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: Brown right on top of Winters... sinking in a DRAGON SLEEPER!! A DRAGON SLEEPER by “THE DRAGON!!”

MN: Oh crap, Layne, GET OUT OF THERE!!

DM: Winters needs to be careful here! If Brown switches right into the DRAGON’S BITE, his reign as TV Champion will be officially OVER!

DT: Brown wrangling Winters to his feet! The TV Champion is still FIGHTING with everything he’s got! Brown LIFTS HIM UP... no wait, WINTERS LANDS ON HIS FEET and REVERSES THE HOLD!!

DM: OH WOW, VICIOUS REVERSE DDT!! Brown got dropped right on the back of his HEAD there!

MN: YEAH!! THAT shut ‘em up...

DT: The crowd is DEAD SILENT after that last move... and Winters, quickly hooking a leg and making the cover!



NO!! Brown kicks out!

DM: He should have hooked the other leg there, but he got careless...

MN: Give the guy a BREAK, Dean! He just REVERSED the DRAGON’S BITE!

DT: Winters looking a little frustrated... hooks BOTH legs this time!



Brown kicks out AGAIN! You gotta do more than THAT, Layne!

MN: They can’t hear you in there, Dave. Believe me, I’ve been trying for years...

DT: Winters bringing “The Dragon” back to his feet now, and slapping on a front-face lock... what’s he got going on here?

DM: A SNAP SUPLEX!! Brown just got whipped HARD to the mat! Winters, already popping back to his feet... runs over to the corner, and he boosts himself up to the second rope!

MN: Here it COMES, baby!



DT: Winters WITH THE COVER... could this be IT?!




MN: Oh just stay DOWN already! He’s already gotta go through ANOTHER guy tonight!

DT: They can’t hear you, Mike... remember? You’ve been trying for years?

MN: That doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying, damnit! LAYNE! GO ALL THE WAY!!

DM: Winters looking ready to FINISH this as he brings Brown back to his feet... maybe he DID hear you, Neels!

MN: REALLY?! Hey, Layne! If you can hear this, then QUIT HOPE as soon as you can! They’re DRAGGING YOU DOWN!

DT: Stop that, Mike...

MN: What? I’m just trying to give some friendly business advice!

DM: Guys... IN THE RING... Layne Winters lifting Karl Brown UP for the GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! He’s GOING FOR IT!!

DT: The TV Champion, holding the CHALLENGER just SIX FEET from UTTER DEMISE... but wait, Karl Brown BEGINNING TO STRUGGLE! I don’t think Winters can HOLD HIM!

MN: Come on, Layne! FINISH HIM!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: What the hell is THAT?!




THR – OH NO!! JUST BARELY!! Karl Brown was a FRACTION OF A SECOND AWAY from ending Layne Winters’ TV Title reign!

Crowd: “AAAAAAaaaawww...”

MN: My heart skipped a beat there for a minute...

DT: Winters scrambling to his feet, and – OH!! WHAT a HEEL KICK to the FACE of KARL BROWN as he was rising to his knees! You could hear the SMACK from the sole of his BOOT off of “The Dragon’s” face clear up in the rafters!

DM: Winters ain’t about to give up control when he’s this close to finishing things... but now he’s gotta DIG DEEP to finally keep Karl Brown from coming back!

MN: He’s barely begun to kick his heels in the dirt at this point, Dean-O...

DT: Some would say the same of Karl Brown! Winters, bringing Brown back to his feet now... and he’s leading him over to the CORNER! Winters... setting Brown to the TOP ROPE! What business does he have going up there?!

DM: It can’t be good for Karl Brown!

MN: Damn right, it can’t be! You guys wanted to see him DIG DEEP, right?

DT: Will LAYNE WINTERS SLAY “THE DRAGON” HERE TONIGHT... Winters UP to the top rope! He’s hooking Brown... wait... NO... BROWN IS FIGHTING IT!! “The Dragon”... FIGHTING BACK with SHOTS TO THE RIBS!!

DM: Winters releases the hold – OH MAN!! And Karl Brown just ROCKS HIM with an ELBOW SHOT that practically KNOCKS HIM OUT COLD!! Winters TUMBLES FROM THE TOP ROPE... and now Brown READJUSTS HIMSELF!!

MN: Oh, come on...

DT: Here we go, Karl! “The Dragon”... PERCHED ON THE TOP ROPE... Winters back to his feet, and turns around – AND BROWN CATCHES HIM WITH THE FLYING CROSS BODY






Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Wow, I really thought the TV Champion had it there with that quick reversal... but Brown managed to kick out at JUST the last second!

DT: Brown is doing EVERYTHING he can to fight back, but Winters is just one step ahead of him! Both men slowly struggling to their feet now... and Winters is the first man back to his feet! Here’s a big hook – NO! BLOCKED by KARL BROWN!!

DM: “The Dragon” BITES BACK with some BIG KARATE CHOPS to the CHEST of Layne Winters! Winters getting BACKED INTO THE ROPES now! The crowd is ON THEIR FEET in support of Karl Brown!

MN: Come on, Layne... DO SOMETHING!!

DM: The TV Champion can hardly defend himself! Brown bounces Winters off the ropes, and catches him with a NORTHERN LIGHTS – no wait... WINTERS COUNTERS by driving an ELBOW into the SPINE!!

DT: Winters drapes the arm over his neck... LIFTS HIM UP... GOD NO, IT’S THE GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!!! THE TV CHAMPION NAILED IT!!


DM: The crowd has just gone DEATHLY SILENT!! Karl Brown looked to have ALL the momentum going right there, when Winters turned it around in one quick and fatal action!

DT: Brown was SO close... but now Winters, hooks a leg and makes the cover...




Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Layne Winters can HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!

MN: Hell, I can hardly believe it MYSELF! What idiot makes these RINGS so small?!

DT: Winters on his feet arguing with the referee... Karl Brown looks DAMAGED to all hell, but now he’s trying to get up with the help of the ropes!

DM: Winters needs to get over it and get back to the match!

[CUE UP: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep. Winters turns his attention from the referee over to the entrance, as “DOPESMOKER” ERIK BLACK emerges and starts striding down the rampway with a big, cocky smile on his face. Winters looks utterly confused.]

MN: Uhh... did I miss something?

DM: Wait a second... there wasn’t a PINFALL, was there?

DT: No, it was clearly a break made by contact with the ropes! The bell didn’t ring... the ref didn’t even wave to the timekeeper! I have NO idea what’s going on here, but Erik Black is COMING TO THE RING! Maybe there were some crossed wires in the back, and somebody gave Erik the go-ahead...

DM: Or maybe he’s looking to get a JUMP on whoever walks out of this the winner!

MN: Not a bad idea, actually...

DT: Winters looking PISSED right now... he’s calling Black into the ring! He wants to start the next match RIGHT NOW, before he even finishes up the first one! But the first round is STILL happening... and Karl Brown, almost to his FEET now!

DM: Wait... somebody over the barricade –

[The camera cuts to the outside of the ring as the person hopping the barricades is none other than...]

DM: STALKER!! STALKER IS HERE!! And what’s that in his hand...?



Crowd: “OOOOOooooohhh...”




DT: Winters on rubber legs... falls into KARL BROWN – AND BROWN NAILS HIM WITH THE DRAGON’S BITE!!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: He’s too late! Weatherby’s already waving down the timekeeper!


Crowd: “ONE...




DT: Brown to his feet, throwing his arms into the air, but... I don’t think he realizes what just happened!

MN: Idiot thinks he’s WON!!

DM: Karl Brown amid celebrating, but... now he’s seeing Stalker in the ring!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... due to outside interference... Karl “The Dragon” Brown has been DISQUALIFIED!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!!”

DT: “The Dragon” is FURIOUS! He was about to finish Winters off RIGHT THERE!

MN: Oh please, Dave... he wouldn’t have done any such thing if that idiot Stalker hadn’t got involved!

DM: Stalker came into the ring I guess to make the presence of OMEGA felt here tonight by way of BARB! He definitely seems pleased with himself!

DT: There’s no way he’s getting away for sticking his nose into THIS match! Wait a second, now Karl Brown is GETTING IN HIS FACE!! You LET HIM HEAR IT, Karl!

DM: Stalker SHOVES HIM back... and OH MAN, BROWN just NAILED HIM across the face!

MN: He just hit a guy in a NECK BRACE!!

DT: Weatherby jumping in to split these two men up, but he’ll have no luck in doing THAT! Stalker TACKLES Brown, and both men tumble from the ring!

DM: We might need a little help down here with these two...

[The camera briefly cuts to the ramp to show a train of ring officials running down to the ringside area to split up the brawl on the outside.]

DT: Well, it’s a real shame to see that Karl Brown won’t be leaving tonight with the TV Title! I think these fans had their hearts set on it!

MN: Tough luck, suckers...

DM: Wait a second... Weatherby’s out of the ring dealing with the brawl... and ERIK BLACK just slipped inside!



DM: VAN HERBINATOR!! THE FALLEN are seriously getting some shots in here tonight in REVENGE for OMEGA’s exile!

DT: I don’t think Black’s finished! The former tag team champion, going to the TOP ROPE with that BARBED-WIRE CHAIR!! What’s he got PLANNED?!


MN: RING THE BELL, DAMNIT!! Somebody DISQUALIFY that maniac!

DT: HOW?! Bryan Weatherby hasn’t even started the SECOND ROUND! He’s been too busy breaking up Karl Brown and Stalker on the outside!

[The camera cuts to the team of officials, now having broken up Stalker to one side of the ring and corralling Karl Brown off on the rampway. Weatherby suddenly realizes what’s happening in the ring as Erik Black waves to him, signaling that he’s ready to go.]

DT: FINALLY... the ref comes back into the ring! Although at this point, I don’t know if Layne Winters can DO anything! After just BARELY SURVIVING Karl Brown and taking the FULL ASSAULT of Barb and “DOPESMOKER” beforehand... the chances are EXTREMELY BLEAK for the TV Champion...

MN: Stupid trashmen wrestlers...

DM: Weatherby’s trying to figure out what’s going on, but Black ORDERS him to ring the bell...


DT: Now begins the second round of this Gauntlet Match! Black wasting NO TIME going to Winters for the cover – wait a sec, HE STUMBLES!!









[CUE UP: “I Don’t Anything” by Mad Season. Black BURSTS from the pinning hold and looks around in UTTER SHOCK! Bryan Weatherby raises the arm of Layne Winters, still holding his head in pain.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the WINNER of the GAUNTLET MATCH...



DT: In all honesty, I don’t know whether to call Layne Winters FORMIDABLE or just plain LUCKY!

DM: Well... sometimes, matches can be lost as simple as that! Perhaps Erik Black got a little too careless there in the ring with those early chairshots and thought he had this thing one.

MN: No way, man... Layne wasn’t going to let ANYBODY taken that belt from him here tonight! Erik Black lives up to the Forrest Gump sentiment: Stupid IS, Stupid DOES... and Winters REMINDED HIM here of that tonight!

DT: A big – if not CONTROVERSIAL – defense for the TV Champion... but the celebration is short-lived! Stalker BACK IN THE RING... and THE FALLEN are ganging up on Layne Winters!

DM: Winters can’t even DEFEND himself right now! After the Dragon’s Bite, and all the chair shots... he’s just SPENT!!

MN: Ah, these hack vultures...

DT: Black setting Winters up into the COTTONMOUTH now!! Winters is FLAILING IN PAIN... and Stalker just JAMS HIS BOOTS right into those ribs!!

DM: Those lunatics are going to make a PICASSO PAINTING out of him!

DT: Where are the other members of HOPE?! Why is NOBODY coming to the aid of their stablemate in Layne Winters!?

DM: I guess it doesn’t pay to be the unpopular guy...


Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: What does this idiot want now?!

DT: Karl Brown is NOT letting these guys leave the arena with the last laugh! Brown HITS the ring, and... HE PICKS UP BARB!! Stalker and Black leaving Winters on the mat, and now they realize they’re in TROUBLE!!

DM: Stalker and Black trying to circle around Brown... he can’t cover ALL his bases! Black trying to SLIP UP BEHIND –


Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: Black is left stumbling around in a DAZE... and now Stalker coming to his aid... NO!! BARELY dodges another big swing from BARB, and Stalker slips out of the ring! He shouldn’t even BE in that ring with that neck brace!

DT: Karl Brown STANDING TALL in the ring! He sets the belt down and grabs Black from behind...


Crowd: *POP!!!*


[The roof is nearly blown off the arena as Brown POPS back to his feet and angrily boots Barb from the ring as Stalker drags what’s left of “DOPESMOKER” from the ring.]

DM: Karl “The Dragon” Brown is standing tall in the ring... but he ain’t exactly alone!

MN: Why doesn’t this idiot HELP the champ?! Can’t he see Layne’s HURT!

DT: Brown, helping Winters to his feet... NO WAIT!! SETS HIM INTO THE DRAGON SLEEPER!!



[The crowd POPS LOUDLY AGAIN, and breaks out into another “DRA-GON!!” chant. Brown works them a bit before going to the timekeeper and asking for the TV Title. He holds it up briefly, earning ANOTHER big pop, before dropping it across the chest of the unconscious Layne Winters. Backpedaling up the ramp is Stalker with a visibly dazed and utterly disoriented Erik Black leaning on his shoulder.]

DT: Layne Winters continues to extend his already impressive Television Title reign... but here tonight, Karl “The Dragon” Brown has earned the last laugh! There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to give up his pursuit of the TV Title so easily after being disqualified in that manner!

DM: A no-show, a DQ, and a fluke? This wasn’t the Gauntlet Challenge that Layne Winters wanted to overcome, THAT’S for sure. If anything, this has only given him more problems to worry about. There’s still more fight left in Karl Brown, and he knows it. On the same token, you can’t expect The Fallen to simply up and walk away from this.

MN: Speaking of, I think it’s about time somebody DID something about that maniac STALKER and his annoying of habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong!

DM: And I'd like to know where the hell HOPE was while Layne Winters was getting the crap beat out of him? I thought they were supposed to be a team.

DT: We’ll see how all this develops... but right now, ladies and gentlemen, we have to go to commercial! Don’t go away, though, because we still have more action to come... PLUS, the main event!

[Fade to commercial as Karl Brown continues pepping up the crowd in the ring over the fallen body of Layne Winters with The Fallen sneering on from the rampway.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat Done Did It

[BACKSTAGE – once more.

Dan Ryan is in a hallway as his phone rings and he quickly digs it out of his pocket and answers.]

RYAN: Hello?... YES…. It’s about damn time. Yeah, thanks.

[Ryan flips the phone shut and mutters under his breath… ‘better be a damn good reason for this’…

He heads through the door and out into the arrival area as a limo rolls into position near the drop off area.

Alaina Troy-Ryan pops out of the back of the limo, perfectly unharmed…]

ALAINA: The driver got so lost! It felt like we were going in circles for hours!”

RYAN: Who the hell is this guy anyway? Is he not our normal guy?

[Ryan leans to look through the front glass, but the driver has dark shades on and he can’t tell who the guy is. Ryan frowns suspiciously. Alaina turns to retrieve something from the limo…]

ALAINA: Hang on, let me get my purse real quick…

[Alaina turns to lean back into the car when, as she steps back into the limo, there's a sudden squeal of tires and – WHAM! -- out of nowhere, a black car with tinted windows barrels into Ryan, sending him into the air and leaving him lying motionless on the ground. Alaina screams, runs over to him to make sure he's all right, while the car that just nailed him shows no activity for a few seconds. When Alaina takes her eyes off of Ryan to look over at the car, the front driver's side door opens, real slow like, and Copycat steps out of it. Dead eyes, no expression on his face. Kneels down to Alaina, now pretty much frozen as she tends to the downed Ryan, and stares into her eyes.]

Copycat: Do me a favor.

[Alaina nods silently.]

Copycat: When your husband regains consciousness ... when his wounds heal ... when his bones knit ... when he's capable of doing his job as owner of EPW once again ... you ask him if he's ready to listen ... to reason.

[Copycat gets up and backs away from Ryan and his wife as officials rush in. Security runs over to him, and he calmly raises his arms and allows them to lead him away.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Shawn Hart (c), Cameron Cruise & The First vs. Anthology (c)

[FADEIN: The camera panning through the crowd, drawing cheers and people holding up signs. After a moment the bell rings, drawing another pop.]

TF: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT! [Pop!] of the evening…And it’s a SIX MAN TAG…Set for ONE FALL…[MUSIC UP: “Phenomena” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The crowd pops loud as Shawn Hart stands on top of the ramp way. Hart has on black leather pants with white ring boots, the EPW IC title slung over his shoulder. Beside him stands Felicia, also wearing black leather pants, and a white T-Shirt that reads “I’m Felicia” in black letters. She has in her hands a stack of papers.]

TF: Introducing first…From Orlando Florida…Weighing in at 223 pounds…He is the Intercontinental Champion…Representing HOPE!!! THE PHENOM! SHAWN!!! HART!!

DT: The man who pinned Sean Stevens and nearly pulled out one of the greatest upsets in the history of this sport, Shawn Hart getting a loud reception from these fans here!

DM: Hart shocked the world when he managed to come back from what appeared to be impossible odds to nearly win the War Games single handedly, and tonight, Dan Ryan rewarded him by putting him in the World Title match at Black Dawn.

MN: He lost all the same, they don’t give out any awards for almost winning…

DM: We’ll see about that after Black Dawn…

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine. Cameron Cruise jogs towards the ring. The crowd popping big for Cruise as he makes his way to the ring. Cruise hits the ring, with Hart keeping his distance from him.]

TF: Hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina…Weighing in at 263 pounds…CAMERON!!! CRUISE!!! [Cruise hops to the second rope, getting a pop from the crowd!]

DT: One of the four men in the main event of Black Dawn, Cameron Cruise made a statement at the end of Aggression 50, and now he’s going to try to make an even BIGGER Statement and capture the title he’s sought all these years but has eluded his grasp, the EPW World Title!

MN: Give me a break, Stevens has no reason to even set foot in the ring with the sideshow freak, THIS bum gets a crack at the belt?! This is pathetic…The main event won’t last more than 5 minutes, if that!

DM: Cameron Cruise is a two time World Tag Champion, he’s a two time Intercontinental champion…If anyone has been long overdue for a shot at the World Title, it’s Cameron Cruise and Black Dawn will finally right that wrong and it may see him finally climb to the top of the mountain!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by the Birthday Massacre. The crowd goes nuts as The First burst from behind the curtain, his face painted up in a spiderweb motif. He’s wearing his standard HOPE wife beater, black gi pants, black ring boots, with his right hand taped halfway up his arm, the letters “EPW” written on the tape in black. Muse follows behind him, wearing a top hat with large gold rimmed goggles strapped on it, a black tube top covering her chest above a white corset. A black leather mini skirt, fishnet stalking, and black calf high heels complete her outfit.]

TF: And hailing from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 210 pounds…Representing HOPE!! THE!!! FIRST!!!!

[First does his ‘jump from the apron to inside the ring, landing on the second rope’ spot and yells at the crowd, who yell back in approval.]

DT: And speaking of men who should be World Champion, if it wasn’t for the desperate acts Sean Stevens took to save his title at Aggression 50, this man right here would be the new EPW World Heavyweight champion!

MN: But he’s not, so quit dreaming, and nothing Stevens did was desperate…He had this whole thing planned out long ago.

DM: So you’re saying his efforts to flee the ring with his belt, and when that failed, using the belt as a weapon to get himself disqualified was all a plan?

MN: Sean Stevens doesn’t have to defend his belt in ways you find acceptable, what matters is that he defends it…He walked into that ring champion, and he left it champion, and there is nothing you or any of these morons can do to change that fact!

DT: Well we will see who is left standing after Black Dawn Neely…

MN: That will be Stevens, it always is…One of these days you two will learn to accept that.

[First’s music fades out…Nothing happens for a few moments.]

DT: Anthology clearly playing mind games with their challengers.

DM: Well the longer First and Hart remain in the ring the more likely something will happen, these three men have no use for each other.

[The lights dim…]

VOICE: And the prophecy read that…One day like the Phoenix rose from the ashes…That a boy will be born unto a family in the slums…This boy will go on and use the knowledge that he gains while fighting for survival in the streets…To become a great leader…And in time that boy will grow to become KING!

[MUSIC UP: “King Back” by TI. A series of spotlights hit the top of the ramp, showing the EPW World Heavyweight Champion “Triple X” Sean Stevens wearing a black airbrushed T-Shirt reading “Always The King”. EPW World Heavyweight Title Belt strapped across his waist, black tights with blue X’s on the legs and seat, black ring boots, aviator style Mark Jacobs sunglasses on. To his right is Jared wells in his black Scott Steiner style trunks, with “JW” in white on the right leg and “Daddy” in white on the seat, his EPW World Tag Team Title belt over his shoulder. To his left is Sean Edmunds in a sequined white robe that says “Simply Sensational” in red on the back. The three men stand on top of the ramp way for a few moments before heading to the ring. The crowd booing LOUD!]

TF: And their opponents…At a total combined weight of 727 pounds…The team of “Simply Sensational” SEAN! EDMUNDS!…One half of the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…JARED WELLS!!! And the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! “TRIPLE X!” SEAN!! STEVENS!!! They are…ANNNN! THOLOGY!!!!

MN: This is a how a team enters the ring, as a unit, this is solidarity. These three punks coming out here all were trying to draw attention to themselves. Anthology on the other hand cares about supporting each other.

DT: Read into the entrances what you will Neely, My attention was on the fact that in the trash talk leading up to this match Sean Stevens made the claim he’d risk his career Vs The First at Black Dawn...

DM: A bold statement by the EPW World Champion, and as we know, owner Dan Ryan said that no such stipulations would be put into that match.

MN: Well of course not, I mean if somehow Stevens suffered a flash pin, well EPW wouldn’t last three months without Stevens on the roster…I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy having a roof over my head!

[Anthology hit the ring, ref Pat Jones maintaining order as best he can while gathering up the various belts from the competitors. Cruise and Hart leave the ring, leaving First to start for his team, while Stevens and Edmunds take to the apron, having Wells start for Anthology. After a moment Jones calls for the bell and the match begins.]

DT: And we are under way for the main event! Wells waving First to come to him…First shakes his head…And now he points to Stevens! [Crowd pops! “I want him!” First yells at Wells.] Stevens not even LOOKING at The First…[“Tag! Tag! Tag!” chant] this crowd wants to see it, they want to see the fight that ended in such controversy at Aggression 50 pick right up here at Aggression 51!

DM: I can’t blame them, why wait till Black Dawn, let’s see it tonight!

DT: Wells seems to be wavering with this crowd screaming at him…He backs towards the Anthology corner…STEVENS HOPS OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! [*Loud* Boos!] Oh of all the low…

MN: What? This kid doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as Stevens, Aggression 50 proved it, Black Dawn will be a farce! Good on Stevens to not dirty himself fighting such filth!

DT: First circling Wells now…Wells goes to grapple First…First sidesteps and lands a couple of left jabs…Dropkick by First staggers Wells…First grabs Wells and whips him to the ropes…No, reversal by Wells…Wells with a clothesline, ducked by First…First back off the ropes…SPINNING HEEL KICK SENDS WELLS TO THE MAT! [Pop!]

DM: First has to stick to that quick strike offense, using his speed to negate the huge size advantage that Wells has over him.

MN: He has nothing but smoke and mirrors…Sooner or later Daddy will catch him and it’s gonna be pain for the freak!

DT: First grabs Wellls as Wells gets to his feet, First with an arm bar and he makes the tag to Shawn Hart…Hart in now and he lands a kick to the ribs of Wells…Hart now stomps on Wells foot! Wells hopping around in pain and Hart with a FOOTSWEEP drops the big man! [Pop!] Wells pops up and charges at Hart, gets caught with a hiptoss…Hart has the arm barred standing over Wells…Hart now…Licking one of his fingers? OH MY GOODNESS HE JUST GAVE WELLS A WET WILLY!! [Crowd Laughing!] Wells thrashing on the ground in a fit and he gets to his feet…Wells with a roundhouse right, Hart ducks it…CATCHES WELLS WITH A SCHOOL BOY!!




DT: Wells kicks out and he’s LIVID! Edmunds trying to calm him down in the Anthology corner…Edmunds tags in and tells Wells to just relax on the apron while he handles business…Hart now…Well with the gestures he just made I’m pretty sure he told Edmunds to kiss his ass…[pop!] Hart now…Tags in Cruise!

DM: I don’t think Cruise was expecting that to happen.

MN: Typical Hart, rile up the other team and then bail out before having to suffer for it.

DT: Cruise and Edmunds lock up…Cruise backs Edmunds into the corner…Unloads with a forearm across the chest and another one…Edmunds sent to the opposite corner…BIG HIPTOSS AS HE STAGGERS OUT! [Pop!]

DM: Wells couldn’t use his size advantage against First or Hart to his advantage but Cruise is having no problems throwing Edmunds around.

MN: Oh just keep flapping your gums about how great this rag tag bunch of losers is doing, you’ll be singing a different tune soon enough!

DT: Cruise gets Edmunds to his feet and sends him to the ropes…CRUISE WITH A POWERSLAM! [Pop!] Cruise pops to his feet, Hart tags Cruise from behind…Hart rushes to the top rope…HART OFF THE TOP WITH A WINDMILL FIST DROP TO THE FACE OF EDMUNDS!! [Pop! Camera cuts to ringside where Felicia, Muse, and 3 fans hold up score cards, 2 reading ‘10’ 2 reading ‘9’ Muse has a ‘6’. Hart sees this and glares at her. She notices it’s upside down and flips it around for a ‘9’.]

DM: Well the judges and the fans seem to be approving of Shawn Hart’s actions tonight.

MN: It just hurts so much when reality bends to the will of idiots and makes them look right...Come on Anthology get it together!

DT: Hart tags The First back in…First with a series of right hands backs Edmunds into the ropes…Stevens makes a blind tag to Edmunds as First sends Edmunds to the other side…Edmunds hangs onto the ropes…First turns around…GETS BEHEADED BY A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE FROM STEVENS!! First did a 360 in mid-air! [Boos!]

MN: There we go! This is what happens when the champ gets involved, people start paying the price!

DT: Stevens now with a stomp to the head of First…Stevens drags First over to the Anthology corner and tags in Wells…Wells puts the boots to The First as he’s laying on the mat…Wells gets First to his feet, Wells locks in a bear hug!

DM: Wells using his power and size to keep The First from being able to get moving and this bear hug will suck the wind out of First.

MN: It’ll end this match is what it will do…Crush him like a bug Wells!

DT: First firing a right hand to Wells and another…Another breaks the hold…First lunges to make a tag…Wells catches him…Has First up…SPINEBUSTER BY DADDY WELLS! HE COVERS!!




DT: First kicks out! [Pop!] Wells makes the tag to Edmunds. Edmunds back into the ring…He’s got First to his feet, he sets…SNAP SUPLEX! Edmunds drops the elbow into the chest of The First and another one…Edmunds pops to his feet and throws his hands up [Boos!] not exactly making friends with the crowd here…Edmunds gets First up…GERMAN SUPLEX! EDMUNDS WITH A BRIDGE!




DT: First still not done fighting…Edmunds gets First back to his feet…Edmunds sends First to the ropes…BACKDROP! NO! FIRST WITH A NECKBREAKER! Edmunds set a little too early and he paid for it! First needs to make a tag! [Crowd clapping, making noise!]

DM: Edmunds has left First with an opening, now the question is if he can make the tag and get one of his two team-mates into the fight.

MN: Come on Edmunds stop him!

DT: Edmunds makes the tag to Wells…FIRST TAGS CRUISE! [Pop!] Now these two men, former friends going chest to chest here!

MN: Take him out Wells, he stole all your thunder, all your glory, Anthology was always your deal, and this parasite took the spotlight!

DT: Wells shoves Cruise…Cruise shoves Wells back…Wells off the ropes…Shoulder block…NO EFFECT!

DM: You know Cruise isn’t going to back down here…No quarter given nor asked for!

DT: Cruise now off the ropes…SHOULDER BLOCK! WELLS DOESN’T BUDGE!

MN: Of course not! Cruise isn’t upstaging the driving force behind Anthology!

DT: Both men staring at each other…Now they are criss crossing the ring…Wells drops down, Cruise hops over him…Cruise off the ropes..Wells misses with a clothesline…Cruise off the ropes…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: A stalemate from the former dangle brothers as both men were thinking the same thing and it ends up laying both men out in the center of the ring.

MN: Come on Wells, get the tag, and get the champ in there!

DT: Wells over to his corner…Makes the tag to Stevens…Cruise almost to his corner…NO! STEVENS PULLS HIM INTO THE ANTHOLOGY CORNER! Stevens now stomping the daylights out of Cruise!

DM: The World Champion laying down the law here as he’s mauling Cameron Cruise!

MN: This is about the natural order of the world…This is about a nobody being put in his place by the greatest wrestler on the planet today.

DT: Stevens grabs Cruise and hooks him…CRUISE ELEVATED…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Stevens just DRIVES Cruise into the mat! Triple X, the EPW World Champion now drops an elbow on Cruise…Stevens thinks about it for a moment and now tags in Edmunds…Who quickly starts stomping to the chest and head of the fallen Cruise.

MN: Beat him into a pulp don’t let him make it to Black Dawn!

DT: Edmunds pushes Cruise into the corner and whips him to the other side…EDMUNDS WITH A DROPKICK IN THE CORNER! He just CRUSHED Cruise into those turnbuckles with that textbook dropkick.

DM: And he caught Cruise right as he hit the corner to that was dead on timing by Edmunds!

DT: Cruise gets snap marred to the mat…Edmunds with a ROLLING NECK SNAP! He drops into the cover!




DT: Cruise gets the shoulder up at 2! Edmunds gets a chinlock on Cruise, keeping the bigger man down Cruise fighting as he knows this match may be key in building momentum towards Black Dawn…

DM: Cruise has had a great deal of success in the past at Black Dawn, at the first Black Dawn Cruise won a 4 way match for a shot at the EPW World Title…This time he’ll be in another four way and he won’t just be fighting for a title shot, he’ll be fighting to win the EPW World Title…

MN: That’s all he’ll be doing, he ain’t winning it, that’s for sure! I hope nobody gets to upset when Stevens ends that farce of a match in under 5 minutes.

DT: Edmunds makes the tag to Wells and Wells now taking free shots at Cruise as Edmunds holds Cruise’s arms…Cruise stuck in the wrong corner here as Pat Jones tries to prevent a three on one…Wells pulls Cruise out of the Anthology corner…He lifts Cruise up…He has Cruise over his shoulder…PLANTS HIM WITH A POWER SLAM! WELLS WITH A COVER!!




DT: Cruise kicks out again! [Pop! “Cruise!” chant] You have to know he’s going to fight until he’s knocked out practically…These men stabbed him in the back, they betrayed him when they brought in Stevens to Anthology under the condition he’d get to run Cruise out of the group…

MN: Look, when you can add the most dominating wrestler in the business to your group, you do whatever is needed, and if it requires pushing a never-will-be like Cruise to the curb to do so, then so be it.

DT: You’ll say anything to defend these guys you are completely without shame…Wells pulls Cruise to his feet…He sets him up…CRUISE IS UP…PILEDRIVER BY WELLS! Cruise got PLANTED…Wells with the cover!




DT: CRUISE KICKS OUT AGAIN!! [Pop!] Anthology’s busting out the big guns and they still haven’t found a way to keep Cruise down!

DM: Cruise has gone through wars in the past, and tonight you know with the EPW World Title in his sights at Black Dawn that he’s going to do everything he can to keep fighting.

MN: He’s just getting himself beaten up so he’ll be in no shape to compete come Black Dawn this foolish pride of Cruise is going to backfire big time!

DT: Wells tags Stevens back in…Stevens DRIVES a knee into the head of Cruise…Triple X now back to his feet…TURNS AROUND AND SUCKER PUNCHES FIRST! First and Hart both rush into the ring and get held back by Pat Jones, allowing a three on one attack behind the ref’s back!

MN: Ha! Stevens just played HOPE for fools, of course maybe they WANT this to happen, Hart knows the little freak needs all the help he can get to win the title, maybe they want Cruise out of the way and are letting Anthology do the dirty work!

DT: Jones finally turns around to see the beating all three members of Anthology are putting on Cruise…Edmunds and Wells quit giving Cruise the business as Stevens now scoops Cruise up…SLAMS HIM DOWN! Stevens pops to his feet he’s going out to the top…STEVENS OFF THE TOP WITH A FROG SPLASH! Cruise just got FLATTENED!! STEVENS HOOKS THE LEG!




MN: WHAT?! Pat Jones is out to embarrass Anthology! That’s the only justification for these obscenely slow counts!

DT: He’s been giving the same count the whole match and Anthology’s hit Cruise with just about everything and they haven’t put him down…Stevens tags in Edmunds…The Sensational One hits the ring and he grabs Cruise by the legs…GETS CRUISE TURNED OVER IN A BOSTON CRAB!

MN: If he wants to be a hero well then he’s going to pay in pain…Save yourself for Black Dawn Cruise, tap out, I promise not to laugh at you…For long!

DT: Cruise trying to fight out of this hold…He’s pushing off the mat…He’s almost got free! WAIT! [Boo!] Edmunds presses his head against the top turnbuckle so Cruise can’t push himself free of the Boston Crab!

DM: Edmunds using that turnbuckle to brace himself and prevent Cruise from escaping the hold. Pat Jones is busy asking Cruise if he’ll submit, so he didn’t see Edmunds illegal actions!

DT: Felicia now jumps on the apron! She’s screaming at Pat Jones about Edmunds use of the corner to assist in maintaining the hold!

MN: Which will only allow Edmunds to keep doing it, way to go you dumb broad!

DT: Edmunds continuing to use the corner for leverage…First runs over…FIRST SPITS GREEN MIST IN EDMUNDS FACE!!

DM: First clearly deciding turnabout is fair play here, retaliating for Edmunds tactics in kind!

MN: What?! He had that no good jezebel distract the ref! This match should be awarded to Anthology!

DT: Well it’s not, both men down and they need to make tags…Edmunds and Cruise crawling to their corners…Edmunds tags in Stevens…CRUISE REACHES…DOESN’T MAKE IT!!

MN: I think Hart got alligator arms there!

DT: Oh will you stop! Stevens pulls Cruise back into the middle of the ring and puts the boots to him…Stevens pulls Cruise to his feet…IMPALER DDT! CRUISE KNOCKED OUT! STEVENS COVERS!




DT: CRUISE KICKED OUT AGAIN!! [Pop!] Cruise has taken one hell of a beating, Anthology’s thrown all they can at him, but he’s still fighting!

DM: If he’s this hard to keep down tonight, just think the effort he’ll be putting forth come Black Dawn when he has the chance to win the EPW World Title!

DT: Stevens tags in Wells…Wells grabs Cruise and SLAMS him to the mat…Wells now waiting on Cruise…He’s got him lined up…Cruise to his feet…WELLS WITH A RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! CRUISE SIDE STEPPED IT!! REALITY CHECK OUT OF NOWHERE!!! CRUISE NAILED IT!!

MN: Oh you HAVE to be kidding me! Get up Wells! Get up!

DT: Cruise crawling towards his corner…Wells slowly stirring…Wells closer then Cruise, has less ground to cover…Wells…MAKES THE TAG TO EDMUNDS…Cruise…MAKES THE TAG TO FIRST!! [Pop!] First hammering away with right hands to the head of Edmunds…DROPS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Edmunds scampers to his feet and gets backed into a corner…First sends him to the other corner…HANDSPRING ELBOW BY THE FIRST! Edmunds staggers out, First hooks him for a suplex…STEVENS FROM BEHIND WITH A CLOTHESLINE ON FIRST! HART NOW IN THE RING ATTACKING STEVENS!! Wells and Cruise pair off! It’s chaos in the ring! Hart and Stevens spill to the floor as do Wells and Cruise…First getting back to his feet from that clothesline…Edmunds…Wait a second, he just reached into his wrestling boot…EDMUNDS CRACKS FIRST WITH BRASS KNUCKS!! HE KNOCKED FIRST COLD!!

DM: Pat Jones is trying to maintain order with the melee going on outside the ring and didn’t see it!


DT: Edmunds with the cover...He’s screaming at Jones to get in the ring…HERE’S THE REF!! THE COUNT!!





MN: How can you defend this constant blatant cheating by these frauds?! Your every waking thought is consumed by hatred for the cheating Anthology does, but never a word about when others cheat!

DT: So Muse is supposed to let First get pinned there after Edmunds used brass knucks to knock him out.

MN: Well…Yes!

DT: Edmunds is livid…He pulls The First to his feet…Hart hops on the apron…HART GRABS EDMUNDS AND DROPS DOWN, DRIVING EDMUNDS THROAT ACROSS THE TOP ROPE! Edmunds staggers…INTO A SOULBREAKER BY THE FIRST!! THE COVER!!




[Bell rings, the first few seconds of “Happy Birthday” hit on the PA but shut off as the melee outside the ring gets out of control.]

DT: Wells was about to make the save but the Heirs of Wrestling burst through the crowd and they pull Wells off the apron and are beating the hell out of him… Now it’s a 3 on 1 with the Heirs and Wells…Hart grabs Gallway and…Well the two of them now just watching the chaos around them, not really doing anything…

DM: With all the bodies flying around, maybe keeping your distance is for the best…

DT: Cruise and Edmunds now fighting on the floor…Meanwhile First getting to his feet in the ring…STEVENS WAITING BEHIND HIM…FIRST TURNS! X-FACTOR! NO! FIRST SIDESTEPPED! SOULBREAKER! NO STEVENS SHRUGS HIM OFF!! First and Stevens now trading punches in the center of the ring!

DM: On the outside, both Pierce and Brody just sent Wells crashing into the ring steps! Wells gets a hand up on the step and stops himself, and instead hops over. He now has a chair! He’s out for blood!

MN: I’ve enjoyed the Heirs antics up to a point, but stepping on Anthology’s toes…That’s a death sentence!

DT: Edmunds with a thumb to the eye blinds Cruise…Edmunds now heading over to the time keeper, what the heck is he doing? While in the ring…Stevens is staggered by The First…Stevens drops to his knees…LOW BLOW BY STEVENS!! First crumples to the mat! Stevens now standing in the corner…Waiting for First to get up…

MN: And once he does he’ll be knocked out so hard he won’t even make Black Dawn! X-Factor ahoy!

DT: Edmunds has pulled the EPW World Title Belt away from the time keeper and he’s going back over towards Cruise with it…EDMUNDS WITH A BELT SHOT!! CRUISE SIDESTEPS! DROP TOE HOLD! EDMUNDS HIT HIS FACE OFF THE BELT!!

DM: Quick thinking by Cruise saved his bacon there!

DT: Cruise now standing over Edmunds…And now he picks up the EPW World Title Belt and holds it aloft [Pop!] Stevens was waiting on First to get up, but now he sees Cruise with the belt and he turns his attention to him…Cruise laying the belt at the foot of the rampway, DARING Stevens to come out and get it…Stevens yelling at Cruise…First getting to his feet behind Stevens…WE’RE OUT OF TIME…THIS IS ALL GOING TO COME TO A HEAD AT BLACK DAWN!! YOU CAN’T MISS IT!!

[The camera cuts between the Tag Team brawl on the outside, Cruise waving on Stevens, First stalking Stevens from behind, and then finally a hard shot of the head plate of the EPW World Heavyweight Championship Belt before finally FADING TO BLACK.]

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