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AGGRESSION 52: Seattle, WA - 7/5/10


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
(FADEIN: A loud engine revved and purred making it’s way down the street as the doors of the Key Arena were held open, by two men in matching, black and white tuxedos.

Screeching around the corner were four twenty-four inch black on black rims, beneath a black Batmobile-esque Spada Codatronca TS, signifying the entrance of only one man – EPW World Heavyweight Champion, SEAN “TRIPLE X” STEVENS.

Professional wrestling’s undisputed KING pulled his designer car in front of the building, and exited, tossing his keys to valet, as he entered the arena in a “Gucci” sweatsuit, with matching brown “Gucci” lenses with gold trim around the frame. His mid-length golden locks were braided back into a pony-tail, and he had a five o’clock shadow. On his shoulder, was the glistening, glowing, extravagant, diamond encrusted most prestigious championship in the game.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Triple X drives his vehicle with the EPW World Championship draped over his shoulder. And, if <i>you</i> had a federation full of bloodsucking vultures after your most prized possession, you would too.

Trip entered the building, bypassing all of media, photographers, and paparazzi, desperately seeking his attention. He continued on in the direction, of what one would think was his dressing room, when something … no, <i>someone</i> … caused him to stop in his tracks.

Adjusting his sunglasses to fit atop his head, the “blue-eyed badass” approached…

…The First, in an “Outcast Hero” wife-beater, black gi pants, black ring boots, with his face painted like Prince Nuada. His right hand was taped halfway up to his elbow with the letters "OWG" written on the in black marker and his glare was equally as intense as the EPW Champion’s stare. The two foes approached each other, and stood face-to-face, nose-to-nose, man-to-man, intensity in their eyes, and anger in their hearts, both seemingly on the verge of exploding…

…that is, until Stevens cracked an arrogant smile, easing the tension, atleast on <i>his</i> end.

First, seeing the bigger picture, opted to walk away, instead of smacking the grin off of the champion’s face, like he <i>wanted</i> to do. However…

…when The First attempted to step around Stevens, the champion also stepped, staying in the First’s path, as his smile grew wider. The First attempted to step around Triple X once more … and, once more, the “blue-eyed badass” cut him off, and if it were at all possible, his **** eating grin now extended from ear-to-ear, as he gently removed the EPW title from his shoulder and forced it into the face of The First, as he lips parted.)

TRIPLE X (In a mocking tone): “I’m going to keep getting up! It’s MY time! You can’t beat me, Trip! You’re scared of me! There’s NOTHING that you can do to beat me, because I will not lose!”

The flamboyant superstar cleared his throat, before continuing, in his normal voice.

TRIPLE X: And, STILL Empire Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOORRRRRRLLLLLLDDDDDD!…………….

“…………….. ME!

“And you know what, Brian? I heard you talking this week about being the only person to survive me, with your career in tact, and I just think that it’s only right that you know that <b>everybody</b> whose ass I’ve kicked said the exact same thing that you did after it was over. It’s valiant that you’re still fighting, but … you’ll soon self destruct, too. And, while beating you has become my favorite hobby, and I’d love to say I’ll be seeing you next week … I’ll be honest? I’d be <i>very</i> surprised. So here’s my gift to you, little boy.

(The EPW title belt was already an inch away from the face of the challenger… however, Triple X shoved it further in his face.)

TRIPLE X: Here’s an up close and personal view of the EPW World Heavyweight Championship. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Enjoy it, smell it, bask in its glow … because, Brian … no pun intended … but, <i>this</i> is the “first” and last time you’ll ever be this close to it again.”

(The champion laughed, mightily.)

FIRST: Yeah. It's real nice, Trip. But - keep an eye on the ring out there tonight, because when I'm done with the 'Cat? It's you and me again… and this time... in the cage... there'll be no escape.

(And, instantly, the smile disappeared, as both competitors stared at the other until the camera faded out.)


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Rd. 1 - Cameron Cruise vs. Fusenshoff

[FADEIN: A wide shot of the crowd as pyro goes off, the camera pans over the crowd for a few moments before we CUTTO: The broadcast team sitting at the table at ringside.)

DT: Welcome everyone, Aggression 52 is live and we’re bringing you the opening round of the King of the Cage tournament!

DM: Yes, off the shocking events at Black Dawn, the return of Lindsay Troy to the active roster, now Dan Ryan has launched a league wide tournament that will assuredly crown the new King of the Cage and will most likely determine who is the EPW World Champion…

MN: I’ve contacted the ACLU, I’ve called all those personal injury lawyers I see on TV, I need somebody, anybody to file suit against EPW for the CRIME they are committing…Sean Stevens beat THREE MEN at Black Dawn, and did so in DOMINATING fashion, and his reward is to be thrown into a series of steel cage matches defending his World Title?! This is unthinkable…I can’t even conceive of such madness! And don’t even get me started on these rigged brackets!

DT: Well I think I just might, since tonight’s main event features “Triple X” Sean Stevens long time nemesis, as The First battles Copycat for the right to advance and face Sean Stevens next week, both to continue on in this tournament, but also for Stevens World Title…

DM: The First has come so close on so many times and you know he’s chomping at the bit to beat Copycat and get himself another crack at that title that keeps eluding him.

MN: The only good out of all of this is that for all of EPW management’s plotting, all their scheming, they never counted on such a highly motivated, highly energized Copycat…The Elliot Ness of EPW, the man who sees the corruption, the rot in EPW, will destroy the dreams of the brass and all the little gothtards fans when he crushes The First like a bug and then we’ll have two honorable, two noble men fighting for the EPW World Title!

DT: We also have the EPW World Television Title to be decided, the new champion, “The Dragon” Karl Brown enters the King of the Cage seeking even bigger glory, but has to defend that title against the maniac that is Anarky.
DM: Anarky’s never an easy match-up for anyone, Karl Brown may be coming off a big win having finally pulled that belt off Layne Winters…But he’s got his work cut out for him tonight.

DT: All that and 4 more first round matches in the King of the Cage tournament…It’s going to be an action packed night fans!

[Bell rings, after a moment “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica hits and Fuseshoff comes through the curtain, looking deadly serious as he makes his way towards the ring, the crowd giving Fuse a good pop as he heads to the cage.]
TF: The following contest is an FIRST ROUND MATCH in the KING OF THE CAGE TOURNAMENT! Introducing first…Hailing from Kamloops, British Columbia…Weighing in at 263 pounds…FUSENSHOFF!!
[Fuse steps through the door of the cage that has a rather prominent display of the words “Zane Inc.” on the door.]

DT: A quick shout out to our sponcer, William Zane Metals LLC

MN: Ah, EPW, tweeking the internet since 2004!

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine, the crowd gives Cameron Cruise a loud ovation as he heads towards the ring.]

TF: And his opponent…From Jacksonville, North Carolina…Weighing in at 263 pounds…CAMERON…CRUISE!!

[Crowd gives another pop for Cruise as he enters the ring, staring down Fuse, the cage door slams shut and the two men wait for the bell, which rings a couple seconds later.]

DT: And the King of the Cage is underway, Fusenshoff Vs Cameron Cruise, the winner of this match to face the winner of the High Flyer/Stalker match later tonight…The two men lock up…Fuse backing Cruise into the corner…Buries a forearm into his chest and now drives a series of knees to the midsection…No disqualification in any of tonight’s matches, ref is only in the ring to count a fall, acknowledge a submission, or see a man’s feet hit the floor after escaping the cage. Fuse sends Cruise hard into the other corner and BLASTS him with a clothesline as he staggers out!

DM: Fuse showing no ill effects from that loss to Anarky, coming out here guns blazing and putting a beating on Cruise.

MN: Between the drunken idiot and the Anthology reject I have a tough time picking a side, so I guess I’m just rooting for injuries and carnage…Amuse me you two!





DT: Cruise kicks out…Fuse grabs him and SMASHES Cruise’s head into the cage…Cruise flops to the ground and now Fuse calling for the door to be opened…Fuse makes a break for it…CRUISE TACKLES HIM! Fuse and Cruise now fighting on the apron trying to escape the cage…

DM: This is the danger of trying to escape via the door, it puts your opponent close to victory also if they prevent your escape.

MN: Yeah, so don’t try to win guys, just beat each other to a pulp!

DT: Cruise now dragging Fuse away from the gate and the refs shut it...Fuse trying to get to his feet and he takes a series of punches from Cruise who now SMASHES Fuse into the cage…Fuse staggers and gets BULLDOGGED into the mat! Cruise with a cover!




DT: Fuse gets the shoulder up at 2…Cruise DRIVES a knee into the face of Fuse and now locks in a rear chinlock…Cruise trying to grind away on Fusenshoff…

DM: In one of those oddities that you just can’t make up, both these men are listed at 263 pounds, so well, there won’t be any talk of a weight advantage in this contest.

MN: You’re just full of insights Matthews, no wonder they pay you the big money…

DT: Fuse gets to his feet…BACK SUPLEX ON CRUISE! Both men get to their feet, Cruise a bit slower and he gets popped with a series of right hands and INTO THE CAGE AGAIN goes Cruise…Who staggers and gets picked up and POWER SLAMMED, Fuse into the cover!




DT: Cruise just escaping that pin…Fuse stomping away on Cruise…And now Fuse climbing the cage…He’s trying to escape! Cruise in a daze as he gets to his feet, Fuse already on the top rope…CRUISE PULLS FUSE’S LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM! FUSE HITS THE TURNBUCKLE FACE FIRST!! Fuse is on dream street…GETS NAILED WITH A REALITY CHECK!!! CRUISE HAS IT!!

DM: But he’s too stunned to make a cover…Fuse is out of it…Cruise now trying to shake out the cobwebs…Cruise crawling, drapes an arm over Fuse’s chest!




DT: FUSE KICKS OUT! Cruise can’t believe it! This crowd is buzzing…Cruise is stunned…He grabs Fuse and INTO THE STEEL GOES FUSE! Cruise now grinding Fuse’s face into the metal…Fuse fires off some back elbows, staggering Cruise…CRUISE INTO THE CAGE NOW!

DM: These two men have certainly not been shy about using the cage as a weapon…The cage always adds an element of brutality to these matches.

DT: Fuse now choking Cruise over the top rope…Fuse lets go and he’s going to the corner and he’s trying to climb out of the cage…Cruise staggering over to Fuse grabbing at his legs…Fuse kicks Cruise away from him….Fuse now has himself nearly over the top of the cage..Cruise climbs the ropes, he’s got Fuse by one leg and is hanging on for dear life…Fuse coming back inside the cage now both men up on top trading punches, this is always a dangerous spot to be in...THEY BOTH FALL AND CROTCH THEMSELVES ON THE TOP ROPE! [Crowd groans!]

MN: Ohhh…That had to hurt…

DT: Both men crumple to the mat…No ten count here from the ref, cause we have to have a winner here.

MN: Says you, I’m sure High Flyer and Stalker wouldn’t mind knowing they have a bye waiting for them if they win their match, I say count away ref!

DT: Well that’s not happening Neely…Cruise back to his feet, waiting on Fuse, he’s measuring him…SWINGING NECKBREAKER!! Cruise caught all of that! A cover!




DT: Cruise wastes no time and all and quickly hooks up an STF…He’s got that Cruise Control submission sunk in on Fusenshoff…

DM: And there’s no disqualifications, Fuse can’t get to the ropes for a break, he’s going to have to fight his way out of this hold!

DT: Fuse thrashing in agony…He’s stuck in the middle of the ring, Cruise wrenching back on his chin…He’s in really bad shape here…Fusenshoff…Is he going to tap!? NO!! He’s pushing up, trying to bridge out of the hold…

DM: Fusenshoff needs to get one of his hands in between Cruise’s and break that finger lock that Cruise has under his chin…

DT: Or he can drive a thumb into Cruise’s eye, which is what he just did and he’s broken the hold…Cruise complaining to the ref, who just shrugs his shoulders at Cruise…Cruise now grabs Fusenshoff…IMPALER DDT!! Fuse is laid out…Cruise looks at him and thinks about a cover, but now he’s climbing the ropes, he’s going to escape the cage!

MN: Fuse isn’t moving, this is a great plan by Cruise…Get out while the getting is good!

DT: Cruise now up to the top rope Fuse starting to stir…Cruise on top of the cage, Fuse quickly climbing the ropes…Cruise has his legs over…FUSE GRABS CRUISE’S ARMS! Cruise hanging from the cage!

MN: Drop him! Let him win with two broken legs!

DT: Cruise being pulled back…Both men on top of the cage…They trade punches…OH MY GOODNESS!! FUSE JUST HIPTOSSED CRUISE OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE TO THE RING!! CRUISE SPLATTERED ON THE CANVAS!!! Fuse has a clear chance to escape the cage now…Wait…What’s he doing?!

DM: He can not be seriously thinking about this…





[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica” Crowd flipping out “Holy Sh*t!” chants]
TF: Your winner and advancing to the second round of the King of the Cage tournament…FUSE!!! ENNNN!!! SHOFF!!!!

DT: What a huge win for Fusenshoff, who’s still laying in the ring…That was one of the most INSANE things I’ve ever seen in my life..

MN: And fatal, hell he most likely killed Cruise with that move! They’ll need a spatula to scrape him off the canvas!

DT: Fusenshoff punches his ticket to the round of 8, we’ll find out who he fights later tonight, more King of the Cage when we return!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Best of Friends

(The scene cut to the backstage area, where EPW World Heavyweight Champion, SEAN STEVENS was seen standing in front of his dressing room, about to enter, when he noticed a familiar face walking in his direction.

Smiling, the champ approached his long time friend, and “Fallen” stable mate, JASON “THE STALKER” REEVES and extended his hand, anticipating a response, and perhaps a brotherly embrace, however, he was met with neither, simply a cold shoulder.

This was <i>clearly</i> a mistake, the champion thought, as he grabbed his good friend by the arm, spinning him around, only to be met with an intense stare down, by the homicidal maniac. Stalker approached the reigning King of the Cage with clenched fists.)


(Taken aback, the champion backpedaled.)

TRIPLE X: Um, yeah … try decaf Jason. What in the hell did they put in your protein shake? Hallucinogens?

STALKER: You see?! This! This LACK OF RESPECT is why I’ve been in the EPW for damn near two years and I have YET to get a real shot at a title!

TRIPLE X: And, that’s MY fault? ….How?

STALKER: Let’s be clear, Trip, I know what <i>this</i> whole thing is. You used me! Rocko Daymon kicked your ass for THAT very EPW World Title that you’re so proud of, and WHO got it back for you?!? WHO?!? Who risked his life to injure that man for YOU?! You always talk about how you stepped on Rocko’s fingers and caused him to fall out of that window… WHO ELSE FELL TRIP?!? WHO?!? WHO ELSE DID YOU SACRIFICE THAT NIGHT?!?

TRIPLE X: Listen, Jason … you’re <i>clearly</i> not thinking right now, so what I’ll do for the <i>both</i> of us is walk away, before something is said, or worse … done… that we’ll later regret. I have more important s<i>h</i>it to worry about, than your bruised little ego.


TRIPLE X: Like WHO? You? Pfft. Be for real, Jason.

(Stevens backpedaled into his dressing room.)


(The door slammed, as an enraged Stalker began to bang on it.)




Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Rd. 1 - High Flyer vs. Stalker

[BACKSTAGE, High Flyer finishes taping his wrists. He slaps his right wrist and tosses the tape into his gym bag. He looks up across the room to his Team VIAGRA-mates, Tony Davis and Mary-Lynn Mayweather.]

HIGH FLYER: So, I've got this awesome shirt made. Can I show it to you?

[Before they can answer fully, Flyer starts digging in his gym bag.]

MLM: This isn't like that shirt you made with the BP CEO covered in oil, is it?

[Without verbally answering, High Flyer holds up a t-shirt. On the front, it says, "Whoops, I killed my sister." He flips it around. It says "Oh, Wait, That was Stalker." MLM crosses her arms over her chest. Tony Davis walks over and grasps the shirt by the sleeve.]

TONY DAVIS: This is a poor quality hem.

MLM: You can't be serious.

HIGH FLYER: I'm never serious. But you're probably right. That guy is already crazy. No need to poke the sleeping bear.

[Tony notices what the shirt says on the front.]

TONY DAVIS: Wait a second. You killed my wife?!?

[Flyer frowns, and flips the shirt to reveal the back to Tony.]

TONY DAVIS: STALKER KILLED MY WIFE?! Oh he's a dead man. Like my wife!

HIGH FLYER: Tony. Your wife is...

[Flyer sighs, frustrated. Davis takes this as a dramatic pause and hangs on every word.]

HIGH FLYER: She's alive. This is about Stalker? Killing HIS sister? Remember?

TONY DAVIS: No. But I only remember pogs and leg warmers. Oooh! And funnel cake. Gotta get me some of that deliciousness.

[Tony promptly leaves the locker room without another word. Flyer rolls his eyes at Mayweather.]

HIGH FLYER: See why I can't get him employment at even a Jamba Juice?

[Flyer tosses the home made shirt into his gym bag, and stands to his feet. He cracks his knuckles.]

MLM: Jack. Be careful out there. You heard what he wants to do to you.

HIGH FLYER: C'mon. I'm never careful. Not gonna start now.

MLM: I'm serious Jack. If it looks like your career's in jeopardy... I'm gonna throw in the towel.

HIGH FLYER: I knew you said that. That's why I've hidden every towel in the arena tonight.

MLM: Every towel?

HIGH FLYER: Yes. Even the paper kind. WISH ME LUCK!

[Without another word, Flyer exits the locker room, ready to take on Stalker in the first round of the King of the Cage. This leaves Mary-Lynn behind to contemplate her situation.]

MLM: Huh. That's why I couldn't dry my hands in the woman's restroom...

[Back to ringside]

TF: The following is a first round match in the King of the Cage tournament! The winner is the first man to score a pinfall, submission, or escape the cage by climbing over the top, or by going through the Zane Gate!

Introducing first…

(CUE UP: “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne! The fans go crazy as the high-octane superstar sprints from behind the curtain, pumping his fist and geeing up the fans)

TF: Weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds and currently residing in Los Angeles, California…


MN: He’s back! Yip!

DT: High Flyer’s making a return after getting stuck in Europe a while back and missing the triple threat. He scored a count-out victory over Rocko Daymon in his debut, no small feat getting a win over a former world champ and he’s looking to build on that success and make a name for himself here in Empire Pro.

DM: A seventeen year career – he’s got the experience to be big here, but Stalker looked like he wanted to tear him limb from limb when I saw him backstage before the show. Flyer should be careful.

TF: And his opponent…

(CUE UP: "Did my time" by Korn. Stalker walks out slowly, staring at the ring cracking his knuckles as he makes his way down the ramp. He tests the integrity of the cage, yanking at the side and muttering to himself)

TF: From Parts Unknown, he weighs two hundred and twenty four pounds…


MN: I don’t think he approves of the cage.

DM: He’s an artist in these kinds of matches, where he can use the surroundings and the lack of rules to his advantage. He’s probably checking his canvas.

DT: He’s sadistic, yes, but he’s had a lot of success and I’m surprised he hasn’t had gold yet. He’s got two chances in the later rounds to win singles gold but first he has to go through the veteran High Flyer.

DM: It’s not too often we see people with this level of experience face off, so it could be good.

DT: Stalker finally stepping through the Zane Gate, the referee on the outside locks the door – these two had a heated war of words and I don’t like to think how nasty it could turn.

(SFX: Ding Ding Ding!)

DT: High Flyer in at the bell with a forearm to the temple, Irish whip far side, off the ropes on the angle – headscissor take down! Stalker slides across the canvas, he’d’ve left the ring if the cage wasn’t there. Back down again off the standing drop-kick from Flyer!

MN: Yay! Flippy! Terrific.

DT: Stalker talked about taking out Flyer’s knee but High Flyer keeping the offence quick in the early going. Kick to the ribs, somersault leg drop across the back of the neck!

DM: Grabs Stalker by the head, monkey-flip and Stalker lands hard. Flyer runs the ropes, gets behind Stalker – neckbreaker!

DT: But no cover.

DM: He knows that he’s going to have an easier time escaping the cage than getting the fall over Stalker. He’s too tough to go down easily.

DT: Waiting on Stalker to get to his feet, hooks the head – side headlock take down, and he grinds in on the neck.

DM: This might work. You sometimes forget he’s not just an aerial general, he’s probably the most gifted technician currently on the roster.

DT: I know a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing High Flyer take on the likes of the three champions, Fuse and others. Right now he’s in control with the headlock, but Stalker with a roll up – Flyer turns it back before any count is made, but Stalker’s managed to get his hands in there.

DM: That’s a smart idea. Loosen the grip.

MN: Come on! I want blood! I normally love watching Stalker work but it’s been at least a minute without any hint of blood.

DT: To be fair, High Flyer’s had Stalker rattled with some quick offence and this headlock. Stalker though does manage to work his way out and a hard shot to the back of the head with the forearm, diving into it putting all his weight into that shot.

DM: He grabs Flyer, brings him to his feet but Flyer grabs the arm and over with a hip block takedown! Holding the armbar and shaking the cobwebs. Stalker’s not having much luck in the early going.

DT: It’s kind of surprising. He’s back to his feet, Flyer still with a wrist lock – flying headscissor takedown! Keeping the headscissor applied on the canvas!

DM: Stalker is really looking annoyed.

DT: Trying to power out of the hold, he’s… back down! Excellent athleticism from Flyer, as Stalker stood up he kept a headscissor-like hold applied and span on his own head to take him down!

(Stalker slams his fist into the mat in anger, unable to break the vice-like grip from High Flyer. After a while, knowing he can’t realistically win the match with a headscissor, Flyer releases the hold, kicking Stalker in the head as he rolls back to a vertical base and waits for the man from Parts Unknown to get back up. As soon as Stalker is almost standing, Flyer’s in again, this time with a shoulder tackle. He goes for an elbow drop, missing narrowly, but is up again quickly, ducking a wild right hook and slamming Stalker’s jaw into Flyer’s knee. Stalker stumbles back against the ropes as Flyer plays to the fans, but as the aerial ace moves in for the kill he’s met with a thumb to the eye and a kick that looks suspiciously low)

MN: There it is! Stalker finding the opening.

DM: Grabs Flyer, right to the temple, kick to the knee, and a backbreaker. I don’t know whether we’re going to see strikes or grappling from Stalker.

DT: Well he tried to go after the leg but High Flyer quickly kicked him off, he’s going to protect that knee as best he can.

DM: Good luck. Aerial offence and good knees don’t stay friends for long.

DT: Stalker comes in as Flyer’s against the ropes with a thumb to the eye. Irish whip far side, Flyer under the clothesline, comes back but taken over by a knee to the midsection and Stalker quickly in with strikes to the head.

MN: That’s better. Can’t fly around if your brain’s been bashed in.

DT: Stalker being admonished by the ref, he brings Flyer to his feet – and there’s the first use of the cage, ramming Flyer’s skull against the steel! Looks like he wants to do it again, forcing Flyer through the ropes. A right hand by Stalker, runs the ropes but Flyer slides through his legs! Stalker turns, Flyer with a forearm to the head, another one, off the ropes Yakuza

DM: Misses.

DT: High Flyer missing with the Yakuza kick and Stalker with a waistlock takedown and again, strikes to the head.

DM: Short, hard and fast to the back of the head. Up, stomping on the knee. It was only a matter of time.

(After some insistence from the ref to let his opponent up, Stalker backs into the corner, running a hand over his face as he plans his next move. As High Flyer gets to his feet, Stalker charges in and connects with a running forearm which takes the 17 year veteran down. High Flyer gets up quickly but dazed, and gets met with a headbutt from the Fallen member)

DT: Flyer down against the middle rope, Stalker… Traylor Crash against the ropes!

DM: And choking Flyer against the rope – Stalker enjoying his work it looks like.

DT: He loves violence. I think maybe he needs to join Omega in the pysch ward.

MN: Hey! That’s discrimination!

DT: Sorry.

MN: Stupid.

DM: Stalker waiting for High Flyer to get back to his feet – charges clothesline and both men out onto the apron!

DT: So far we’ve not seen either man try for a real pinfall or to escape the cage! Stalker just took Flyer and himself into the cage, they’re between the cage and the ropes as Dean said, and I think Flyer hit his head on the apron.

MN: He won’t be flying now.

DT: Stalker bringing Flyer to his feet, rams his head into the cage wall, and look at him grating the eyes against the structure! It’s been all Stalker for the last few minutes, he trips Flyer – and smashes his leg and knee into the cage!

DM: This is actually pretty smart, there’s not a lot of room for Flyer to protect himself there and it’s legal.

DT: It’s twisted! Stalker kicking at the back of the leg, hammering away with right hands to the knee. He’s got Flyer’s leg on the ring rope now, climbing the cage – and down with all his weight across the knee!

DM: And I think it’s just the pain but Flyer rolling into the ring – Stalker wasn’t very high up the cage but he was high enough for that to be a serious move.

DT: He could walk right out the Zane Gate without having to worry, but Stalker following Flyer back into the ring. Kick to the knee, Stalker with the scoop – tree of woe in the corner!

DM: And look how he’s only put the one leg over the rope and onto the support? That’s put all of Flyer’s weight on the one knee, more pain, stretching the ligaments.

DT: The referee trying to get Stalker to let Flyer down, but he’s stomping on the face of the Flyer!

MN: He should just leave, this is getting pathetic.

DT: High Flyer tied up in the corner, Stalker charges – but Flyer hits the mat and Stalker eats nothing by turnbuckle!


DT: The referee doing his job and annoying Mike. Flyer’s free but what damage has been caused to the knee?

DM: We’ll find out.

DT: Stalker recovered, Flyer up on one leg but Stalker with a headbutt. Grabs Flyer and almost rips his face off there before kicking the leg out. Brings him back – double arm DDT!

MN: Ring the bell!

DT: Stalker with a sick smile on his face, rocking back and forth on the canvas – what the hell is going through his head?

DM: I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but he’s wasting time.

MN: Nah, it’s all in hand.

DT: Stalker’s back to his feet, he’s still swaying – I think he’s finally lost it.

(Bringing his opponent to his feet, Stalker drags him to the opposite side of the ring from the Zane Gate. Stalker steps through the ropes and stuns Flyer with a right hand, which he follows by smashing his head into the turnbuckle, and hooks his head, looking for something big against the cage – but whatever it is isn’t to be as Flyer, in desperation, drops down and snaps Stalker’s throat off the top rope! Stalker slingshots back, his head hitting the cage, and with a rush of adrenaline Flyer sprints to the far side, hitting the ropes and coming back with a flying headbutt over the ropes that sends both men crashing to the apron against the cage! Several fans in the front row try to leave their seats as Flyer flies through the air, but fortunately the cage holds firm)

DT: What a move! On a hurt knee to launch himself over the top and headbutt Stalker!

DM: This could be the break he’s been waiting for.

DT: I think he hit his knee against the support strut though. Flyer’s rolled back into the ring, he’s holding the knee but he’s calling for the Zane Gate to be opened – does he think he’s knocked Stalker out!?

MN: No way.

DM: I think Flyer realises his knee’s not going to take too much of a concerted attack and there’s no use in dragging the match out unnecessarily – if he can get the win now it’s all good.

DT: Staggering to his feet, he’s about half way to the Gate!

MN: But Stalker’s there!

DT: Stalker coming in behind Flyer, Flyer almost at the Gate – but a side Russian legsweep takes him down.

DM: And the Zane Gate closes again.

DT: High Flyer hoped he’d done enough with that fabulous flying headbutt but it wasn’t to be – but he did manage to bust Stalker open!

DM: I didn’t notice but you’re right – maybe he hit his nose?

MN: Oh, he’s gonna pay for that.

DT: Stalker sees the blood on his hand – and he’s laughing?

DM: This isn’t good.

DT: Stalker laughing at the blood – and he just smashed his elbow into the head of High Flyer! No waiting, no measuring, just repeated shots with the point of the elbow directly to the temple!

DM: And choking him. Don’t forget choking.

DT: Stalker has snapped! Circling the ring, waiting on Flyer to get up – punt to the ribs!

MN: Chortle.

DT: High Flyer sent across the ring with that kick. Stalker grabs him, standing headscissor – sitout piledriver!

DM: I don’t know how Flyer can hope to take this punishment, Stalker attacking the head and knee, alternating for the last several minutes.

DT: He’s tough. High Flyer trying to catch his breath as the referee admonishes Stalker, but he just barges past! Grabs Flyer – through the ropes into the cage!

MN: Not too hard! Don’t throw him through the thing!

DT: Stalker catching his breath, taking his time now. Grabs Flyer over the ropes, measures – blocked! Flyer with a right hand! Stalker, blocked! Flyer! Flyer! Right hands, headbutt… DRAGONRANA!!


DT: High Flyer with a springboard dragonrana! I don’t believe it!

DM: Believe it.

DT: He’s holding the knee, backed up against the ropes – Stalker back to his feet, charges, Flyer ducks under, Backstabber!

MN: Oh come on! Where the hell does someone that almost crippled get the energy?!

DT: Never count out someone like Flyer! He waits for Stalker, waiting – Codebreaker!! Codebreaker!!

DM: Out of nowhere!

DT: Stalker hits the ground hard, Flyer’s got a clear shot at escaping!

DM: He’s already at the cage, but why’s he going over? Can his knee even take it?

DT: High Flyer trying to climb the cage, he might’ve been better off going through the door or at least using the ropes for help. Stalker is stirring, I think Flyer left it too close to the point of impact. Stalker… he’s up and grabbed the leg of Flyer!

DM: Thought so.

DT: Trying to yank Flyer off the cage, Flyer with a kick to the head. Stalker staggers back, Flyer – POWERSLAM!!


DT: Stalker with a powerslam as High Flyer came off the cage with a cross body attempt! Holy hell!

DM: You said it! That took a lot of power, especially with Flyer coming from that height and the impact was huge!

DT: Stalker taunting Flyer, he’s right by the Zane Gate!

MN: Yes! Who called it, baby?

DT: Stalker with one foot on the apron, he’s going to – close the door?!?


DT: Stalker just pulled the door shut! I think he’s not done yet!

DM: We’ll see if that costs him.

DT: Stalker coming back to the middle of the ring, grabs Flyer’s leg and kicks at the back of the knee. Elbow drop to the knee, floats over and hammers away at the skull!

DM: I cannot understand why he didn’t just walk out the door.

DT: Who knows what goes on in his head? Irish whip into the corner, charges – big running knee! Lifts Flyer up again, Irish whip, reversed! Stalker hard into the corner, back out, leg lariat from Flyer!

DM: Looks like I was right, Stalker was an idiot for not winning when he had it won.

DT: High Flyer is breathing heavily, he looks groggy and his knee’s hurting – but he’s back to his feet! Stalker’s up, Flyer in – snap suplex! Flyer back up – standing moonsault!

MN: Come on, Stalker! Just crush him already!

DT: High Flyer doesn’t want to make the same mistake he did earlier, going away from Stalker to try and climb the cage this time. Stalker’s spotted him though, Flyer isn’t very high up the cage. Stalker grabs the leg and drives the knee into the wall.

DM: Climbing up with Flyer.

DT: Smashes Flyer into the cage, Flyer still hanging onto the cage. Stalker climbing the cage, Flyer going with him, shot to the ribs by Flyer! Kick by Flyer!

DM: Thumb to the eye by Stalker.

DT: These two men have hit each other hard in this match, they’re almost at the top of the cage – Flyer smashes Stalker against the top of the cage! He’s toppling! He’s swaying!


DT: Stalker… elbow to the back of Flyer’s head!


DT: Stalker with another shot to Flyer, he’s trying to get his leg over – one leg’s out of the cage!

MN: Stalker’s gonna win it baby!!

DT: Stalker just needs to climb over – but Flyer with a hand on his boot!

MN: Bootlicker!!

DT: Stalker trying to shake Flyer loose, he’s looking down at the arena floor but Flyer’s at the top of the cage too! Both men on the cage, one leg over!

DM: Right hand from Stalker, right from Flyer! This is dangerous.

DT: Both men teetering on the top of the cage. Flyer with a right, thumb to the eye by Stalker, smashes Flyer’s head into the cage.

MN: HA! Throw him back inside and it’s an easy win!

DT: Stalker has Flyer by the hair, look at the grin on Stalker’s face!

DM: But what’s he saying to him? I can’t see it.

DT: Stalker taunting Flyer, pointing to the arena floor, the fans – HOLY ****!!!

(SFX: CRASH!!!!)

(SFX: ding ding ding ding)


MN: What the hell…

DT: High Flyer hit the floor hard, his leg hit the guard rail – the referee’s called for the bell… what the hell just happened?

MN: Dean? Dean?

DT: Folks, Dean Matthews is heading to check on High Flyer… Stalker is sat on top of the cage, he’s laughing… what the hell has happened?!

MN: Do we even have a winner?

DT: How can you even think about that at a time like this? High Flyer could have just broken his back!

MN: Just saying.

DT: The referees’re calling for some help… I… I’ve never seen someone thrown from the top of the cage to the arena floor!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match… by escaping the cage…


MN: Crap!

DT: High Flyer’s been announced as the winner but… after that fall… will he even be able to make it to the second round? Will he even be able to walk again? He could have broken his back or his hip with that fall! Can we just cut to commercials, please!

(The camera shows EMTs checking High Flyer as the referees and Dean Matthews, and the front row who narrowly avoided being hit, look on before panning to show Stalker laughing at the top of the cage)
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Chamber of the Muse

[FADEIN: An area of the arena near the entranceway. Large numbers of candles are lit, roses and violets are arranged in rows, and standing in the middle of all this in front of a large black couch is Muse, wearing a black corset, white tank top, green army short skirt, fishnets.,, black pumps, huge gold framed goggles, and a bowler hat. The intro from the Unplugged version of “All Apologizes” plays in a loop.]

MUSE: Welcome everyone, to the Chamber of the Muse! I think sometimes well, we all just need to get something off our chest and well, that’s what this show is all about, and tonight’s guests, well they don’t have to do any fighting cause they won the bye…And they told me they have a big surprise tonight…They are the NEW EPW World Tag Team Champions…Here are the HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

[CUE-UP: “A Golden Dawn” by Gospel. The eerie tones flood the PA system as the tune is not immediately recognizable, but when the curtains part, the fans start to show their love, appreciation, and utter devotion to the Heirs of Wrestling. And if you truly believe that, welcome to your first EPW show.

Alexandria Malone, decked out in blue blouse and leather pants, leads her charges to the stage. Frank Pierce is decked out in a fancy blue sport coat, powder blue dress shirt, and Emporio Armani Jeans. Ryan Gallway throws his silver silk scarf over his shoulder, wearing a white shirt, red suspenders, and green pants that make him look like he escaped from a Nintendo game. And bringing up the rear was big Mack Brody, wearing a black leather vest, blue jeans and diamond studded earrings. In short, he looked like the worlds’ most badass metrosexual. Alexandria is wearing both EPW Tag Team Titles over each of her shoulders, and both she and Frank are given microphones as the music cuts.]

MUSE: So well, you guys all were telling me you had a big surprise for us tonight, and well I wanna be the one to get the scoop, so what’s the deal?

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: Well, Muse, before we get to the EPW Tag Team Titles, Seattle’s hometown boy, Frank Pierce, has something to say to the likes of his brethren. Frank, take it away.

FRANK PIERCE: Well, thanks for having us. GO, SEATTLE! THE HUSKIES, MY ALMA MATER! U-DUB REP, *****ES!

[And with that, the locals go buck-f*cking-wild as Frank looks out to the crowd.]

FRANK PIERCE: You see, when the bunch of us aren’t too busy kicking the sh*t out of Anthology and putting the final nail into the coffin that was their abysmal run with these belts, we’d heard whispers. That we were a bunch of f*cking sell-outs. That we sold out our previous employer up in Canada out for big-time contracts here in EPW. That we don’t remember or cherish where we came from. Well, that talk ends here. To all you retarded naysayers that want to open your wordholds…

[He looks out to the crowd, thousands of his hometown fans.]

FRANK PIERCE: I’m not gonna have that sh*t anymore. So, here it is, Seattle. Frank Pierce, Ryan Gallway, Mack Brody, and Alexandria Malone, the Heirs of Wrestling… YOUR EPW Tag Team Champions are the new proud sponsors of…


[Frank unbuttons his shirt to reveal… AN OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER JERSEY!]


MUSE: You hear that, Seattle? Go, Thunder! [crowd continues booing] So, anyway, Heirs, you wanted this time. What’s going to be your big secret?

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: Well, I’m glad you asked. See, Muse, my boys here took a good while to learn the inner workings of Empire Pro Wrestling. They knocked down whatever team was put in front of them and finally, they made it to Black Dawn where despite Copycat powerbombing Frank Pierce off the stage…

[Cut to Frank, looking a little pained after that reminder.]

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: …they won the EPW Tag Team Titles. Symbols of class. Skill. Superiority. Excellence. A veritable Who’s Who of wrestling talent has held the gold with pride. Up-and-comers and legends alike have held these titles…

[Taking both pieces of gold, Malone lets them simply fall to the floor. Rubbing her hands together like she was taking out the trash, the crowd lets them have it with a symphony of boos. Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody nod along.]

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: They’re rubbish! Do you people not understand what’s standing before you? This is wrestling royalty of the highest caliber! Our trainers, and in some cases, our own family and our own blood were legends in this ring! These belts? They’ve been stained by the hands of the inferior and the weak. For far too long, EPW has been trained to think that mediocrity equates to excellence. Well, no longer. From this day forth, the EPW Tag Team Titles are dead to us.

[Muse looks on, still amazed by what’s going on as the fans continue to jeer at five years of history being verbally defecated.]

FRANK PIERCEA: We are the EPW Tag Team Champions, so we are REQUIRED to hold these titles. But they’ll equate to paperweights. They’ll be nothing more than dirt beneath our heels. We will not share the same belts that people like Joey Melton, Lindsay Troy, Anthology and… ew… Cameron… Cruise… have won. For tonight, Muse, on your show, we are going to roll out our OWN TAG TEAM TITLES!

MUSE: Oh, WOW, that is awesome! You heard it right here, folks, new championships for our new EPW Tag Team Champions!

[Gallway moves over to the entryway and does his best Ed McMahon impression. It fails.]

RYAN GALLWAY: Introducing, to you and the EPW fans all over the world… our OWN Tag Team Titles! The Dynastic Devine Right Ravishing Ruling Consortium Titles!

[Two lowly stagehands roll out several cases, each covered under a black silk sheet. Frank, Ryan and Mack all dap fists while Muse inches closer to the cases containing these new titles.]

MUSE: Oh, come out with them already! Whip ‘em out! Whip ‘em out!
[Frank moves over to the first case and unveils the sheet, resembling a big, golden belt akin to a certain World Championship you may have seen on TV before. Encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other various jewels, Frank takes his title out of the case and lets Alexandria Malone proudly fasten it around his waist!]

FRANK PIERCE: Introducing the first of our DDRRRC Championships… My belt. For any man that’s worth over 20 Mil, he is worthy of having a championship that MEANS that he’s money. Hand-crafted by the finest hands that a Japanese sweatshop can buy, say hello to the EPW 1.8 Trillion Yen Championship! OOOH, and check this sh*t out!

[The God-awful title even comes equipped with a series of beautiful LED lights, including a bright light that flashes upwards from the buckle, right at Frank.]

FRANK PIERCE: It even comes with my own personal spotlight. Because, really, when you’re this young… and talented… and dashing… and awesome… and talented some more… you DESERVE the spotlight wherever you go!

MUSE: Wow, it’s so pretty…I feel like it’s the wave of the future, all belts should be covered in pretty, sparkling lights!

[Coming up next, Alexandria makes her way over to the second case.]

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: While I may not compete here, I do have an eye for talent, hence why these gentlemen wear gold in only their third official match with the company. So in honor of me, the guys have thrown together a little something for me. Introducing the EPW Best Manager Ever Championship!

[Inside her case, a golden title of her own that looks like something that was thrown together at a local Claire’s. It’s a championship bathed in gold coloring with pink stripes along the outside. In the center of the design is a golden plaque reading “Best Manager Ever” pointing upwards at the wearer. Taking it out of the case, she holds the title up for all to see.]

MUSE: Wow?! You get a belt too?! Man I wish my mom or dad was in wrestling, all my dad ever did was help save the bald eagle from extinction…I wanna be an Heir and get a belt too!

[Snatching the microphone from Alexandria, Ryan Gallway makes his way to his case with Mack Brody trailing behind him.]

RYAN GALLWAY: And next up is my title, so it’s time to **** you all up with some truth. You think that these talented hands are going to carry the same gold that was worn by… ew… Blitz… The Highland Park Social Club and the list goes on… they can suck my interdimensional nines. You bunch of ramalamas can run around, praising the teams of the past, but they don’t matter. We matter. WE ARE HEREOS WHO ENDED THE REIGN OF ANTHOLOGY THAT NO OTHER TEAM COULD BEAT!

MACK BRODY: And we looked f*cking awesome while doing it! Gaze upon our titles and thus, gaze onto perfection itself… then get down on your knees and suck perfection’s mastodonic wang!

[Gallway and Brody nod to one another before undoing their respective covers. The camera cuts to Ryan’s title first, a title looking silver in color. Reflective lights cover the belt, along with an LED scroll displaying “TAG CHAMPION, *****ES!”]

RYAN GALLWAY: Say hello to the EPW Interdimensional Hyperflux Signifier of Romancing! Made of the rare alloy, Unattanium! No other title belt has that!

[Mack Brody shows off his title, a big, bright golden title. The only color is golden, including the strap. It appears to have even been given a spray tan and has been extra greased up to make it even shinier.]

MUSE: Ryan, love the title! Mack… er… not so much. It’s covered in grease or… something.

MACK BRODY: Baby oil! Keeps it extra smooth!

MUSE: That’s really icky.

MACK BRODY: Ickily awesome!

[While Ryan Gallway holds his title up for all to see and Mack Brody gives his a onceover, wanting to know exactly what the hell is wrong with it, she turns her attention back to Frank and Alexandria.]

MUSE: There you have it, the new EPW Dynastic Devine… 1.8 Trillion… Flux… EPW Tag Team Titles! But that brings me to my next question. You guys got a bye for the competition next week, So are you guys really all in the King of the Cage, what’s gonna happen if you win? You’ll all be world champions?! That would be amazing…First would never let me be World Champion if he won the title…He’s selfish that way…

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: Well, as you already know, because the Heirs are the single greatest collection of talent, they’ve out-seeded everybody else, thus were given a bye in this tournament. The Heirs don’t know who they’re going to face until after Karl Brown and Anarky duke it out. But here’s the thing… we set up a deal with Paul Freeman, handling things in Dan Ryan’s place. By contract, any two of us can defend the EPW Tag Team Championships at a time… but by the very nature of that contract, any one of US can fight for our spot in this tournament!

[Jeering the revelation, all three Heirs look at one another and smirk as Frank looks out to the audience with disdain.]

FRANK PIERCE: Karl “The Dragon” Brown… Anarky… tonight, we’re going to find out which one of you is walking into the cage next week… but until match time comes, you aren’t going to know what one of us you ARE fighting. Could be Gallway… could be me… could be big Mack over here. Like the rest of the morons that make up the general EPW audience, you’ll just have to wait until next week to find out. And we do hope that the winner brings the EPW Television Title our way. Even with all this gold we have now… there’s always room for more!

MUSE: You guys have been the bestest guests ever! Everyone give the Heirs of Wrestling a big hand!

[Completely ignoring Muse at this point as she looks a little upset at the fact, Alexandria, Frank and Ryan raise their new God-awful titles into the sky. Mack Brody still looks on at his, wondering what the hell he could do to make it better. In the meantime, Frank picks up the actual EPW Tag Team Titles and drags them across the ground as “A Golden Dawn” by Gospel cues up.]

DT: I don’t believe this! They’re DEFACING history! And what’s worse, the Heirs are exercising their right to use their Freebirds Rule next week?

DM: I can believe it! Even though this is a singles tournament, the element of surprise could still pose a threat to either Anarky or Brown!

MN: Bow to your Heirs! I am in firm support of our new, rich, and awesome rulers!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Rd. 1 - "Dopesmoker" Erik Black vs. Donovan Astros

(Cut to the ring. The crew have just made the finishing touches on erecting the steel cross-barred cage structure that surrounds all four sides of the ring.)

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re obliged to announce again that tonight’s show is sponsored by William Zane Iron Working... the manufacturers of the OFFICIAL cage used in the EPW King of the Cage Tournament!

DM: Absolutely remarkable! I don’t think we’ve ever seen a structure of such design and marvel grace the Empire Pro ring!

MN: William Zane Iron Working! If it ain’t Zane... it ain’t SANE!!

DM: That’s not their pitch line, Neels...

MN: Well, it SHOULD be...

(CUE UP: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep. The opening notes BLARE over the PA, drawing an immediate reaction from the crowd.)

MN: Uh oh... something out there is smelling kinda CRISPY!

(A fog machine fills the entry-way with a white mist... although we could also assume it’s some other kind of smoke. With red lights washing over the stage and the Fallen’s video package cycling over the EmpireTron, “DOPESMOKER” ERIK BLACK staggers through the haze, adorned in his robe and sunglasses, holding GEEZER up high over his head.)

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is a PRELIMINARY ROUND MATCH in the KING OF THE CAGE TOURNAMENT! Introducing first... hailing from the HOOSIER HEMPLAND of Indianapolis, Indiana... he weighs in at 218 pounds... HERE IS... ERIK BLACK... TTHHEEEE DOOOOOOOOPESMOOOOOKEEEEERRRR!!!!!

(The DOPESMOKER comically jigs up and down the stage for a moment to pump up the crowd. The freaks and geeks of professional wrestling give the alternative icon a supportive and warm welcome while the traditional fans and parents in the audience boo disapprovingly. A few moments later, he struts his way down the stage.)

DT: Empire Pro’s resident DOPESMOKER seems to be in his usual HIGH spirits, even after coming up short in the bout for the Television Title at Black Dawn!

MN: I don’t think he CARES, Dave! He’s probably too stoned to even remember that match...

DM: He may not be the Television Champion, but Erik Black has made it clear that walking away from Black Dawn with the belt was NOT on his agenda that night.

MN: If that’s really the case, then what purpose did he even have being in the ring competing for a title?!

DM: I... really can’t answer that, to be honest. Black has what you could call an “alternative view” on the sport of wrestling. The way this guy defines “success” and “failure” is very different from how an average wrestler would interpret them. In his mind, he probably took more satisfaction in having a hand in “New School” Layne Winters’ defeat.

(As the DOPESMOKER reaches the cage, confidently smirking at the towering walls of steel that loom several meters over his head, he turns to give the audience a demonstration of Geezer’s burning abilities and his remarkable lung capacity, sending a cloud of smoke billowing off into the air where the arena’s ventilation system picks it up. Black throws off the robe, slips out of his moccassins, and delicately removes the shades before jumping through the cage door – stumbling the first couple of steps before regaining his balance himself and playing up to the crowd again.)

DT: It’s hard to truly comprehend what goes on in the DOPESMOKER’s highly afflicted mind. He is a completely unpredictable force in the ring... perhaps only held back by his perceived and highly unsual lack of motivation to win matches. It leaves many to wonder... is he the psychedelic visionary he believes himself to be, or just some ranting and raving madman?

MN: Well, he hangs out with nutjobs like Stalker and Omega... so what does THAT tell you?

(CUE UP: “Worldwide Suicide” by Pearl Jam. The spotlight falls back to the stage as the fans turn their attention to the entry-way. A montage of action clips from NAPW and various indie federations plays on the EmpireTron, featuring Donovan Astros at various stages of his career. Moments later, DONOVAN ASTROS steps out onto the EPW stage for the first time, dressed in his ring gear, proudly and confidently posing for the first time in front of a major audience.)

TF: And his opponent... making his EMPIRE PRO DEBUT... hailing from the CITY OF ANGELS, Los Angeles, California... he weighs in at 237 pounds... PLEASE WELCOME... DDOOOOOONNOOOOVVVAAAAAANNN AAAAAAAASSSTRRROOOOOOSSSSS!!!!!

(Astros pumps a fist in the air as he strides down the ramp, eyes intent on the steel cage surrounding the ring. He gets a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd, but pockets of indie fans can be heard cheering him on. The camera gets a brief flash of a sign held over the ringside barricade that reads “DONOVAN ASTROS – WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE”. Astros briefly points to the sign while smiling to the camera.)

DT: Here’s our first look at Empire Pro’s newest signed talent... Donovan Astros, a man of many years experience in indie leagues, breaking into mainstream, global-scale professional wrestling for the first time in his long career! Should be interesting what he can offer us!

DM: I’ve watched some of Astros work up in Alberta... and I can safely say, Dave, that he’s a welcome addition to the Empire Pro roster! A top-notch wrestler, if there ever was one. Hardly young anymore, but not quite past his prime just yet.

DT: Astros has had an illustrious, if not overlooked, career... but only NOW does he find the opportunity to perform in a major company renown over the entire planet! This is a much-anticipated moment in his life, and you can bet he’ll be determined to make a statement here tonight in that very cage!

MN: If he’s so great, why’d it take him so long to get here to the big leagues?

DM: As someone with an actual WRESTLING background... I can tell you from heart that this is NOT an easy industry to find success. It comes only after years of hard work and determination... and heaven forbid you hamper that by getting yourself injured!

MN: Yeah... remember that, all you aspiring and would-be wrestlers listening out there: DON’T GET INJURED. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself wasting the rest of your miserable life stuck behind a commentary table... like “The Show Stealer” Dean Matthews here.

DM: ...I’m going to kill you one of these days, Neels...

(Astros arrives at the ring, stoically glancing up to the cage before stepping inside, followed by the ruling official, Emilio Gomez. The outside official, Andrew Gardell, closes the door, sealing the two competitors and the ref alone in the cage.)

DT: Both competitors have entered the cage... and the Zane Gate has been sealed!

MN: ...did you say, “the Zane Gate has been sealed?” What the hell is this... Dungeons and Dragons?

DM: This is a hell of a first match for Astros... debuting in the EPW ring for the first time within a CAGE and up against one of the most unconventional and erratic stars this sport has ever seen in the Dopesmoker.

DT: Referee Emilio Gomez has made his final preparations... and it looks like we’re ready to get this one underway! Let the tournament to crown Empire Pro’s KING OF THE CAGE officially commence!


DT: There’s the bell... Astros comes out of his corner, and Black comes out of his to meet him... wait, Black suddenly puts on the brakes and points to the CAGE WALL!

DM: There’s an awfully cocky smirk on the Dopesmoker’s face! He could be trying to get into Astros’ head here, possibly trying to psych him out by – OH WAIT!! Astros took his eyes off him when he looked to where he was pointing, and Black IMMEDIATELY tries scrambling up the cage wall!

MN: Wow, he really fell for that one...

DT: Some cunning and trickery on the part of the Dopesmoker, going for the quick and effortless win... but Donovan Astros almost IMMEDIATELY catches on and yanks him right off the cage wall!

DM: This match could have just ended before it had even BEGUN... Astros now with a waistlock on Black... no, Black quickly REVERSES, putting Astros into a waistlock of his own!

DT: Black shoves him forward, and – BACK UP the cage wall he goes! Astros quickly recovers and pulls him down again and draws him into a headlock! What is Erik Black’s angle here?

DM: It seems as though he’s trying to finish this match as quickly and painlessly as possible! The Dopesmoker’s fast on his feet, but so far, Astros’ keen senses have kept this contest from ending in a premature fashion!

MN: Don’t take your eyes off that sneaky little stoner, even for a SECOND...

DT: Astros, trying to WRENCH the head of the Dopesmoker... but now Black is SQUIRMING! Black SLIPS OUT... and now he’s TAUNTING the newcomer, pointing to his head!!

MN: D’OH! Butterfingers!

DM: Well, they don’t call him “The Escape Artist” for nothing! Black’s got a knack at escaping holds, as Astros is just now finding out! Undeterred, Donovan Astros goes after the Dopesmoker again... NO!! Black slips under the lock-up attempt, and clips the leg with a low hook kick!

DT: Black backing away... doesn’t capitalize on that kick, instead allowing Astros to recover on his own while he goads him on with a cocky smirk! I get the feeling he’s just TOYING with this newcomer!

DM: Or maybe he’s trying to get under his skin. A flustered opponent is more prone to making mistakes. It’s all psychological strategy.

MN: “Psychological?” Don’t you mean PSYCHEDELIC?

DT: Astros standing impatiently with his hands on his hips while Black dances on the other side of the ring, continuing to beckon him! He’s definitely looking flustered, but I think that may be making him only more determined to punish the Dopesmoker!

DM: Astros advances... he’s got Black trapped in a corner now! No where for the Escape Artist to RUN now! But Black BITES BACK with a desperate kick to the mid-section!

DT: The Dopesmoker sees a window... going to the second rope, looking for the TORNADO DDT – NO, WAIT!! Astros PLANTS HIS FEET and tosses him HARD right back into the corner!!

DM: Finally... Astros’ persistence is beginning to pay off! There’s a HARD elbow strike to Dopesmoker’s face, practically CRUSHING the stoner daredevil in the corner! Astros follows with a HIP TOSS right out of the corner, and Black bounces off the mat like a rag doll!

DT: Black, looking surprised as he gets to his feet, turns around – AND GETS VIOLENTLY RIPPED INSIDE OUT AS ASTROS NEARLY DECAPITATES HIM WITH A LARIAT!!

MN: WOW!! Nearly knocked Smokey into NEXT Friday!

DM: Dopesmoker scrambles to his feet... has NO IDEA WHERE HE IS... and stumbles right into Astros – BIG BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!

Crowd: “OOOH!”

DT: EXCELLENT FORM!! A quick counter finally stops the Escape Artist’s irksome speed... and Astros covers with the lateral press!



Black slips out the back door!

DM: The Escape Artist... living to his namesake! But now Astros has a chance to capitalize on this opportunity! Astros bringing Black to his feet again... lifts him UP... and DROPS HIM WITH THE VERTICLE SUPLEX!!

DT: Astros to his feet... OFF THE ROPES... NO!! Went for the knee drop, but Black rolled out of the way! Donovan telegraphed that only slightly.

MN: Gettin’ slower with old age, I suppose...

DM: Black, INTO THE ROPES with a BURST of speed... OOH!! LOW Dropkick connects with that KNEE, and Astros COLLAPSES to the mat in agony! He barely had a chance to get to his feet!

DT: Despite a few bumps, the Dopesmoker has apparently not slowed! Now Erik Black springs to the ropes – oh wow, JUMPS to the top rope, clinging to that cage wall like a cat on a curtain!

MN: That’s a hell of a tongue-twister you just said, Dave. You deserve a medal for pulling that off without a flub...

DM: Black WAITING... Astros, getting to his feet... and DOPESMOKER SPRINGS OFF THE CAGE WITH A MOONSAULT!!


DT: Erik Black is attaining NEW ALTITUDES in the cage, and he just TOTALLY LAID OUT Donovan Astros with that Springboard Moonsault!

MN: Sounded like the crowd just had a psych-gasm of epic proportions...

DM: Black, making the unbelievable, BELIEVABLE... now he’s back to his feet, heading for the the ZANE GATE!!

DT: Yet again, Erik Black is looking for the finish by escape! But Astros – making a QUICK recovery – hustles to his feet and TACKLES the Dopesmoker right as he reaches the ropes! He’s not going to just let him WALK OUT without a fight!

DM: Black’s crawling for the Zane Gate, but Astros DRAGS HIM back to the center of the mat! Astros, locking the leg... I think he’s looking for AN STF!!

DT: There’s the bridge... AND HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN!! Black is FLAILING in pain!

MN: Let’s see him escape THAT!

DT: Emilio Gomez asks Black if he’s giving it up... but the Dopesmoker grits his teeth and WAVES HIM OFF! Donovan Astros just strains that hold even HARDER!

DM: Even against a much shorter opponent, Astros has some AMAZING leverage on that bridge! That’s highly remarkable flexibility, given his age!

MN: Yeah, he’s fit... but is he SMART?!

DT: Black, trying to wriggle his way out... he claims he can escape ANY submission hold, and one would think this would be NO CHALLENGE for him!

MN: You’d THINK...

DM: He may not get that chance here... Astros – FLIPPING OVER now... looking to HOOK THE ARMS – I think he calls this the MARTYR’S CROSS –

DT: OH WAIT!! BLACK SLIPPED OUT!! Astros took the risk of going for the transition, and the Escape Artist found the perfect opportunity to slip out of yet ANOTHER hold!

MN: Astros got a little greedy there. Not that greed’s a BAD thing, but that time, it clearly didn’t pay off.

DM: Black DRAGGING himself in the direction of the Zane Gate... but he’s not going to make it! Astros gets a STOMP in across the upper back... lifting the Dopesmoker off the mat... off his FEET –


Crowd: “OOHHHH!!”


DT: That was a SICKENING collision...

MN: ...or could it have been a CHRONIC COLLIZION?!! Zing!

DT: This twelve-year veteran, Donovan Astros... beginning to DOMINATE the cage here tonight, throwing the lightweight Erik Black like a LAWN DART into the cage wall! Black is TWITCHING on the mat in pain...

DM: Astros DRAGS HIM back to his feet by the arms... wait, SWITCHES AROUND – OH MAN, WHAT A GREAT AZTEC SUPLEX!!


DT: Donovan Astros BRIDGES FOR THE PIN!!



THR – OH, THAT COULD HAVE BEEN IT RIGHT THERE!! But Erik Black got the shoulder up!

DM: You can’t count out the Dopesmoker’s resiliency!

MN: Must be all that medical marijuana...

DT: He’s survived up to this point, but Donovan Astros has found his rhythm, and is systematically overpowering the smaller competitor! Astros now, peeling the Dopesmoker off the mat... there’s the Irish Whip to the ROPES!!

DM: Black... connects CHEST-FIRST with the rope and bounces BACKWARDS!!

MN: Does that idiot even remember where he is?!



DM: Let’s see the replay on that...

(Split-frame replay shows the last move in slow motion, while in real time, both wrestlers lie motionless in the cage. The replay shows Black, comically running BACKWARDS right into an Electric Chair position from Astros. Held high over the mat for a few moments, Black suddenly snaps back into reality, and counters with a rolling arm drag.)

DT: That could have been the counter “The Dopesmoker” Erik Black was looking for to get back into this match! I barely though it POSSIBLE for him to pull off a move like THAT in his condition!

MN: Astros clearly had a brainfart there and hesitated when he should have just dropped that druggie right on his back...

DM: Opportunity missed... and now the Dopesmoker trying to rally... he’s back to his feet! Astros UP AS WELL!! Black goes for a KICK right to the mid – OH NO, Astros CAUGHT IT –

DT: And Black REVERSES WITH THE ENZIGURI!! He nearly KICKED HIS HEAD OFF!! Black could finish it off right here... but ONCE AGAIN, he’s headed up the cage wall! I don’t understand why he doesn’t just go for a PINFALL attempt...

MN: Well come on, Dave... he’s the ESCAPE ARTIST! If he’s gonna actually make an EFFORT this time to win, he might as well go about doing it his OWN way!

DM: It could be a mistake, though! That punishment inflicted by Astros did a number on him... and he’s not as quick on his feet as before! He might have better luck just going head-to-head with Astros and banking on his skill!

DT: Astros trying to recuperate... Black almost halfway up the cage wall now... here comes ASTROS – HE’S GOT THE LEG!! Astros is trying to YANK HIM DOWN, but Black is CLINGING ON for DEAR LIFE!!

DM: I don’t think the Dopesmoker is gonna be able to shake him loose! He looks PANICKED! Astros getting into position now... WAIT... he’s got BLACK ON HIS SHOULDERS in the POWERBOMB POSITION!!

MN: Oh man, THIS could be good!

DT: Black is PRIED away from the cage wall... Astros RUNNING NOW –


Crowd: “OOOOOOHHH!!”


DM: I thought the whole side of the CAGE was going to GIVE IN under the FORCE of Erik Black being thrown RIGHT INTO IT!!

MN: We still got that Zane guy’s number to order more of these if they break, right?!

DM: Let’s see if we can get another look at that...

(The footage splits, with real-time showing close-ups of Erik Black’s pain-stricken face as he lies contorted among the ropes against the cage wall. The replay shows another angle of Astros charging across the ring and THROWING Black into the opposite cage wall. Dopesmoker sticks up against the steel edge of the cage for a moment like a cartoon coyote smashed into a cliffside, before falling into a mess on the apron between the ropes and the cage.)

DT: Erik Black made a HUGE mistake trying to leave the cage again, and Donovan Astros made him PAY FOR IT!! Astros has him right where he wants him now! He’s pulling Black back through the ropes... NO WAIT!! Black’s legs are STILL DANGLING ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE!!

DM: Astros has him SUSPENDED OVER THE MAT... and SPIKES HIS HEAD DOWN with the DDT!! I think he calls that one the CONCUSSION CANNON!

MN: Because anybody on the receiving end usually ends up with a CONCUSSION... right?

DT: It certainly looks as though Erik Black has been KNOCKED OUT COLD... and I think Astros is ready to FINISH THIS!!

DM: Here it comes... Astros bringing a bleary-eyed Dopesmoker to his feet... there’s the front-facelock... THE LIFT-UP... Astros SLINGSHOTS HIM OFF THE ROPES – OH NO, WAIT, BLACK KICKED HIS FEET OFF THE CAGE – HE SLIPS OUT and SLIDES DOWN HIS BACK!!


DM: WOW!!! That was an act of complete desperation, but just the same, Erik Black just SAVED HIS ASS his from defeat via a Slingshot Effect right there and completely TURNED THIS MATCH AROUND!

DT: I couldn’t tell if that contact he made with the cage wall was intentional or by complete accident... but nevertheless, Black has a chance to finish things off... but he’s crawling AWAY from Astros! Struggling to his feet now... and he’s TRYING TO CLIMB THE CAGE WALL!

MN: Better than going through whatever a “Zane Gate” is...

DM: This could be a risky choice on the part of the Dopesmoker! I almost think he could have made a successful three-count if he had gone for the pin... but Black INSISTS on winning by leaving the cage!

DT: That Green Hit – that FORWARD SOMERSAULT CUTTER – has left Donovan Astros stunned on the mat, but that alone won’t buy him enough time to get over the cage wall on his own power! Even now, Astros beginning to stir... showing signs of life! Erik Black, almost halfway up the cage!

DM: He’s only got a few feet left... Astros is COMING TO!! Now HE’S getting to his feet! Black... inching up to THE TOP...


DT: Astros up, and RUNS TO THE CAGE WALL... he’s GOT THE LEG!! Astros is trying to PULL HIM DOWN, but Black’s got an arm over the edge of the cage wall! Black’s THRASHING HIS LEGS in defense!!

DM: OH!!! Astros just CAUGHT ONE IN THE FACE and was sent FLAILING TO THE MAT!! Black SCRAMBLING over the cage wall... HE MADE IT OUT!!


MN: I don’t believe... THAT POT-HEAD PULLED IT OFF!!



(“Holy Mountain” blares over the PA as Donovan Astros drops back to the mat and shakes his head in frustration. The victor stands on the outside, celebrating his victory with an awkward jig hampered by the pain pulsating through his body. He grabs Geezer and takes a hit before catching eyes with Astros back in the cage and serving him a cocky smirk.)

DT: It’s hard to believe... but after a LONG stretch of short-comings, the DOPESMOKER has won the preliminary round of the King of the Cage tournament! He’s moving on to the NEXT ROUND to challenge the winner of the Winters and Bastard match!

(We get a brief visual overlay of the tournament. Erik Black’s portrait – labelled “DOPESMOKER” – flickers for a second before moving on to the next bracket.)

DM: He squirmed... he slipped... and ultimately, he CLIMBED out of that cage, ESCAPING both opponent and structure as he said he would! One could say that Donovan Astros really proved his wrestling superiority in this match... and indeed, his experience and skill DID shine through at several points... but in the end, he was out-done by Erik Black’s catch-as-can strategy of “keep away.”

MN: Win the fight by fighting as little as possible! As ridiculous as that sounds, it turned out to be the SMART MOVE! I almost felt like there was more we could have seen from our new guy, though...

DT: I couldn’t agree with you more there, Neely. Donovan Astros had an impressive first-time showing, in the STEEL CAGE of all places! It will be interesting to see how he takes to future challenges in his journey into Empire Pro... but for right now, the DOPESMOKER will be the man to move on to the next stage in this tournament to proclaim the King of the Cage!

DM: Now I’m left wondering... is there anybody who could possibly stop the ESCAPE ARTIST from escaping that cage in future rounds? Could Erik Black be ONTO something? Or is he just REALLY STONED and REALLY LUCKY?

MN: Man... could you imagine the hell that’s going to break loose if THIS GUY wins the whole thing? The Gandhi Method can’t be THAT successful, can it?

DT: We’ll have to wait for the next Aggression to answer that question. For right now, we have to take a break. Stay tuned, fans, we’ve got MORE action inside the steel cage – again, sponsored by William Zane Iron Working!

MN: If it ain’t Zane, IT AIN’T –

DM: Pipe down, Neels... we’ll be right back. Don’t go away!

(A visibly frustrated Donovan Astros steps out of the steel cage in a huff and walks back up the ramp while the DOPESMOKER steps in front of the ringside camera and shouts “IT’S GONNA FALL!! IT’S ALL GONNA FALL!!” for a while before the camera fades to commercials.)


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Just a King Lookin' For a Queen

(Backstage. More precisely, in front of a dressing room door, with a nameplate that read: “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy in gold plated bubble letters with shining stars on each end.)

“No one puts their hands on me,” a familiar voice echoed.

“Do you hear me?”

(Lindsay’s dressing room door slowly cracked open, as the familiar, yet anonymous voice continued.)

“No one EVER puts there hands on me, without suffering some form of consequence. You all know the drill. That consequence could be their career. Their livelihood. Their ability to know what it feels like to have functioning limbs, which allow them to get up out of their beds, and enter a wrestling ring, to earn a paycheck.”

(The dressing room door opened even more, as the camera panned slowly from the bottom up – Louis Vuitton sneakers, dark blue, crisp, True Religion jeans, a wife beater, and Ray Ban sunglasses – revealing the source to be EPW World Heavyweight Champion SEAN “TRIPLE X” STEVENS, and that infamous smug grin.)

TRIPLE X: After <i>once again</i> successfully defending my right to call myself the very <i>best</i> in this industry, I think it goes without saying that I am the most feared, respected, and revered wrestler in the entire world and tonight, you, the viewer, will be able to witness, first hand, what we in the wrestling business refer to as a,” finger quotes, “’backstage attack’,” end quotes, “as I annihilate another pretender to the throne, proving without a shadow of a doubt, that no title supersedes the position of King.

“Rumor has it, Lindsay Troy is either <i>in</i> the arena, or about to arrive. Well, rest assured, when she comes, I will show the world, once more, why I have no peer, as I beat that disgusting skank into submission, forcing her to bow before me.”



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Rd. 1 - Layne Winters vs. Michael Bastard

[FADEIN: A tight shot of the gate on the cage. The bell rings and after a beat “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains hits. Michael Bastard makes his way towards the ring walking at a quick pace. Bastard wearing his usual white wife-beater, grey sweat pants over black wrestling boots, with his hands taped up half way up the forearm. Behind him The Amazing Logan follows, a smug look on his face. Logan has a grey suit jacket over a Nirvana T-Shirt, jeans and his trademark cane round out his outfit.]

TF: The following contest is a first round match in the KING OF THE CAGE tournament, making his way to the ring with his manager The Amazing Logan…From Flint Michigan weighing in at 225 pounds…MICHAEL!!! BASTARD!!! [The crowd gives Bastard a mixed reaction that he completely ignores as he enters the cage.]

DT: Michael Bastard off a big win against Stalker in a Stalker’s rules match, once again placed in a situation where there is no rules, just a fight.

MN: Yeah but he’s dealing with a man hell bent on becoming EPW World Champion, Layne Winters just spent a year DOMINATING anyone who tried to pry the World Television title off him, and now that he got jobbed out of that belt by Shawn Hart, it’s time for bigger and better things…

DM: So you’re endorsing him to beat Stevens?

MN: I didn’t say that, but if anyone did upend him…Well I guess I’d want it to be Layne…But really I don’t want to think about any of that, this tournament is a FARCE!

[MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season, the crowd snaps to booing loudly as Layne Winters makes his way towards the ring. Winters in his standard dark green trunks, knee pads, ring boots and elbow pad on his right arm. He takes his time getting to ringside and making it to the cage, barking at the ref to back Bastard off before he steps into the cage.]

TF: And his opponent, from Seattle Washington [Pop!] weighing in at 254 pounds…”New School” LAYNE….WINTERS!!

DT: Winters gets a more mixed than usual reaction from the crowd…Some support for the home town wrestler I guess…And now the Zane Gate locking these two men inside the cage…[Bell rings] and this match is underway…Winters and Bastard lock up…Winters backs Bastard into a corner and they start throwing short punches at each other! This is like a hockey fight! Both men not backing down, it’s just brutal dirty boxing….Winters spins Bastard away from the corner and tackles him to the ground, Winters punching away on Bastard from top position.

DM: Winters might be the bigger man here, but you know for sure Bastard is going to fight him tooth and nail every step of the way…

MN: I wouldn’t be comfortable where Winters is, this Bastard has all kinds of hand to hand training, who the hell knows what he’s going to do when it comes to ground fighting.

DT: Bastard trying to trap one of Winters arms, he’s working for an armbar…Winters pulls his arm free and transitions to a headscissors. Bastard now trying to fight free of this and he pries his head free and both men quickly back to their feet…

DM: Neither man giving an inch here in the early going of this match.

DT: And they lock up again, Bastard gets a side headlock and switches to a hammerlock, Winters trying to catch him with a back elbow…Bastard HAMMERS Winters with forearms into the back of the head, Winters staggered…Bastard pulls him in…SUCKER BLAST! He decks Winters! Bastard with a cover!




DT: Winters powers out…Bastard gets him to his feet, Bastard RIPPING HOOKS TO THE BODY! He’s just mauling Winters with those punches and he sends Winters FLYING INTO THE CAGE!
MN: Maybe this Bastard guy is the real deal, he took it to Stalker and now he’s just wearing out Winters.

DT: Bastard now whips Winters to the ropes…Backdrop…NO! SINGLE ARM DDT BY WINTERS! Winters with a big counter there to steal back the momentum in this match.

DM: He needed it, Bastard was really giving him a beating before he landed that shot.

DT: Winters now backs Bastard into the corner, Winters with a series of shoulder blocks…There is no need for a break here since this match is has no disqualifications. Winters now just STRANGLING Bastard! Winters with a BIG hiptoss just launched Bastard out of the corner to the mat. Winters now puts the boots to him, stomping Bastard in the back and the back of the head.

MN: I knew Layne would get it together, this Bastard kid ain’t so tough.

DM: You seemed sold on him a few minutes ago.

MN: Things change, you have to adapt to new situations.

DT: Winters gets Bastard to his feet…And now it’s Bastard’s turn to hit the cage! Winters catches him on the rebound and hooks him…GREEN RIVER JUSTICE! NO! BASTARD LANDS BEHIND HIM!! REVERSE DDT! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: Bastard has to know the end was coming with that Green River Justice, a quick counter has saved his bacon in this match.

DT: Again both men struggle to their feet. Bastard catches Winters with a big right…Winters staggers, Bastard gets that Thai Plum! Bastard with a series of BRUTAL knees to the mid-section…Winters trying to cover up but he is getting MUGGED….Bastard with a KNEE TO THE CHIN drops Winters hard…Bastard with a cover!




DT: Winters fighting to stay in this match…Bastard grabs him and I think it’s time for Winters to eat some more steel…Winters with a thumb to the throat…And now Winters breaks free of Bastard and comes off the ropes…RUNNING CLOTHESLINE FLOORS BASTARD!

DM: One move, like a quick throat strike is all it takes to change who’s got control in this match, these two men are beating the hell out of each other, and neither one of them has made any effort to escape the cage, this is a straight up fight, and last man standing wins it.

DT: Winters now grabs Bastard…RUNS HIM INTO THE CAGE…Bastard staggering…INTO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CAGE…Winters still holding out…INTO THE THIRD SIDE OF THE CAGE…And well he might as well complete it…BASTARD HITS ALL FOUR CAGE WALLS…Winters holding Bastard up, Bastard must be out on his feet…Winters hooks him….GREEN RIVER JUSTICE! NO! BASTARD COUNTERS INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!!




DT: My God that was close…Winters giving the ref a look to make sure that was two…Winters grabs Bastard and pulls him to his feet…BASTARD CRACKS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! Bastard with a kick to the ribs…This guy just FIGHTS…Bastard now lifts Winters up…HOT SHOTS HIM ON THE TOP ROPE! Winters crashes to the mat clutching his throat…

DM: So far in this match it’s been Michael Bastard’s ability to avoid the Green River Justice that has both kept him in the contest and kept Winters off balance, he can’t land his finishing move on him!

DT: Winters now pulled to his feet…BELLY TO BELLY BY BASTARD…That was a heck of a throw by Bastard…Bastard waiting on Winters to get to his feet…Winters staggering back up….BASTARD OFF THE ROPES DECKS HIM WITHN A RUNNING FOREARM! WINTERS MIGHT BE OUT! THE COVER!!




DT: Winters kicks out again! Bastard not wasting a moment and grabs Winters and he’s going to try to finish it! BASTARD DRIVER! NO WINTERS WITH A REVERSAL! WINTERS WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON BASTARD!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN…WINTERS NEEDS TO MAKE A COVER!!

DM: What a counter out of nowhere by Winters and he’s just about knocked out Bastard, but can he get the pin to advance in the King of the Cage?!

MN: Cover him Layne, get on him!!

DT: Winters crawling, he drapes an arm over Bastard!




DT: Bastard kicks out! These two are not going to quit! This is one hell of a fight!

DM: The whole locker room of Empire Pro was put on notice when this tournament was announced and we have seen a hell of a lot of action tonight to show just how badly everyone wants to be King of the Cage and EPW World Champion…

DT: Winters making it to his feet, Bastard now starting to stir…Winters grabs him, it looks like he’s going for Green River Justice one more time…HE’S GOT BASTARD UP! BASTARD LANDS BEHIND HIM! Bastard with a waist lock…Winters fights it, reverses…Winters now behind Bastard…GERMAN SUPLEX! Winters keeps his hands clasped…He’s muscling Bastard up again…ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Winters won’t let gop…Bastard pulled back up…A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!!




DM: Man what determination by Bastard to keep fighting!

MN: But Winters still has him hooked! He doesn’t show any signs of stopping!

DT: Winters does have his hands locked…Back up…GERMAN SUPLEX NUMBER FOUR!! Winters not letting go…He is RELENTLESS…GERMAN SUPLEX NUMBER FIVE!!! [Some of the crowd yell “Five!”] Bastard has to get out of this hold…Winters pulls him back up again…NUMBER SIX!! [“Six!”]

DM: How many times is he going to keep suplexing him!?

MN: Until Bastard’s dead seems to be the right number to me!

DT: Bastard looks out of it…WINTERS WITH GERMAN SUPLEX NUMBER SEVEN! [“Seven!”] This is just disturbing to watch…Winters is just trying to DESTROY this man…Winters has him up again….LANDS NUMBER EIGHT…THIS TIME WITH A BRIGE!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season]

TF: Here is your winner, “New School” LAYNE…WINTERS!!

[Winters sitting on the mat looks more disgusted than happy, he glares down at the fallen Michael Bastard before pulling his arm away from the ref when he tries to raise it in victory, Winters exits the cage, walking to the back he yells at the camera “This is my tournament! You get in my way you get destroyed like he did!”]

DT: A brutal victory for the hometown wrestler Layne Winters as he advances in the King of the Cage, up next Karl Brown and Anarky square off to see who moves on and who will be EPW World Television Champion!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


Triple X shut off the lights, and took position behind the door, as the knob turned, and the door opened, as the figure entered the room.

Stevens took two steps in it’s direction, noting how much taller Troy seemed compared to last week.

He planted his feet and began his attack, when a punch to his temple staggered him, causing him to backpedal into the same wall as the light switch, with his momentum, as he regained his bearings, causing it to flip on. To his surprise, it wasn’t a well prepared Lindsay Troy that nailed him … It was worse.

It was Judas Iscariot.


Benedict Arnold.


TRIPLE X: WHAT. THE. F<i>U</i>CK?! You stupid son-of-a-b<i>I</i>tch!

(Stevens charged in the direction of his “former” friend, spearing him knocking over the large sofa, causing Reeves’ head to bounce off of the concrete.

Both men shook off the cobwebs, and gathered themselves, making it to their feet simultaneously, with the same idea in mind.

Stalker connected with a wild haymaker that buckled the EPW World Champion’s knees. Showing the heart that made him who he is, Trip sent a return shot, an uppercut that busted The Stalker’s nose upon impact.)


(The two stood in the center of the room, exchanging heavyweight blows, exhausted at the pace in which they were being thrown as Stalker connected with a body shot to Stevens’ stomach that caused the King of the Cage to collapse, and gasp for air, as he fought back the urge to vomit.

The Stalker hovered over his “fallen” friend turned foe, as Trip crawled to the door, using a lamp post as a balancing beam to get to his feet. Reeves, sensing that the time to kill was near ripped the glass mirror that was propped off of the wall, and pulled it back and swung…

… at the <i>exact</i> same time that Stevens swung the lamp.

Both connected.

Both collapsed.

Blood was everywhere, and Lindsay Troy’s dressing room was torn to shreds.)



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Dragon

(CUT TO: The backstage area. Kenny Lombardo, EPW’s number one interviewer, is waiting by the stage door. After a few seconds the side-door opens and the reigning TV champ walks through carrying his gym bag. Kenny moves to try and cut Brown off, but the champ just smiles and goes to move past)

KL: Hey, Karl, wait up a sec. I wanted to ask you something for the fans ahead of tonight’s match with Anarky.

Karl: (dropping his bag) OK, Kenny. Just spit it out so I can get to the locker-room and get ready for said match.

KL: Cool. Well there’s been a bit of a buzz online about you giving Anarky carte blanche to bring anything he wants to the ring tonight. People’re asking, are you insane?!

Karl: You know, I’ve never swam in that river.

KL: Huh?

Karl: Sorry, I really should stop trying humour. Listen, Kenny – it’s like I said before. Anarky keeps going on about how dangerous a cage match is, and to be honest I’ve been in more dangerous situations here. So I’ve given him the chance to make the match more dangerous if he wants by bringing something unexpected to the ring, something he thinks I can’t prepare for. Plus he’s got a reputation for his brawling style and using weapons every now and then so I’ve decided to give him that little crutch to fall back on in case he’s worried he can’t get the job done on his own in a normal cage match environment.

KL: But this is Anarky! They stopped letting him into the local hardware store because he used the stuff so effectively. You’ve got to be having second thoughts.

Karl: Kenny, how long have you known me? Six years? Have you ever known me go to the ring without a plan and without being prepared?

(Kenny shakes his head)

Karl: Besides, there’s no point in regretting it now. There’s no point in me worrying about what might happen, because if it’s going to happen then worrying about it won’t change anything. If Anarky doesn’t bring anything to the ring, so be it. If he does and proves to me that he needs to rely on a crutch

KL: (interrupting) You say that, but why is it a crutch? You’ve used weapons before.

Karl: Yes and it was a crutch for me then. If weapons are part of the match that’s something else, but if you need to bring them in with you to a normal match then you’ve met a challenge you don’t think you can beat on your own. I’ll be honest and say that night when I lost the intercontinental championship, that’s what happened. My mind told me I needed to do something that, on reflection, I didn’t. The same with guys like Anarky – no matter how tough or talented they are, and he is, they have a doubt in the back of their mind saying “I can’t do this! I need help.” They bring the hardware out when they think they need an extra edge. As far as I know – and I haven’t spoken to the office yet – this match is still a straight steel cage match. I’ve given Anarky the option to bring something to the ring, and if he does he can use it – but it will show that he doesn’t think he can beat me on his own. Some people surround themselves with others for the same reason, and Anarky chewed First out for that at Black Dawn. Well, if he brings something down to the ring tonight to use it, he’ll show he’s the same. Except… maybe a little slower on the uptake than people give him credit for.

KL: What do you mean?

(Karl just smiles, grabbing his bag from the floor. He shakes his head slightly as he walks past Kenny towards the locker-room area, ignoring Kenny’s attempts to get him to explain what he meant)

KL: Well… I guess we’ve gotten all out of him we’re going to. It should be a big match, Anarky vs The Dragon inside the steel cage with a spot in the second round and the TV title on the line.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC Rd. 1 - Anarky vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown - EPW TV Title Match

[FADEIN: The top of the ramp. MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie. Anarky makes his way through the curtain, face painted in his traditional skull make up, black torn up shirt with the Anarchy simple on it, ripped jeans, black boots. The crowd gives Anarky a loud chorus of boos as he makes his way to the ring.]

TF: The following contest is a first round match in the King of the Cage tournament, and it is ALSO for the EPW World Television Championship! Making his way to the ring from Hartford Connecticut weighting in at 231 pounds…AN! AR! KY!!! [More boos!]

DT: Anarky off a big win over Fusenshoff at Black Dawn now looking to continue upon that victory, and perhaps capture some gold along the way.

MN: Anarky’s said he doesn’t really care about being a champion, but if Karl Brown gets too big for his britches here, he’s gonna get laid out and Anarky’s gonna have a belt of his own.

DM: I don’t know about that, after upending Layne Winters, I think Karl Brown is more than capable of handling himself with anyone.

[The lights go out for a couple seconds. MUSIC UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden hits and the crowd pops loud…Green and white lights cover the arena as Karl Brown makes his way towards the ring. Brown wearing a dark green leather Jacket with a black dragon on the back. Brown has on red tights with a black dragon on them. The EPW World TV Title rests over his right shoulder.]

TF: And his opponent, from Nottingham England, weighting in at 211 pounds…He is the EPW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION…KARL!!! “THE DRAGON”!!! BROWN!!!

DT: The new EPW World Television bringing this crowd to its feet, Karl Brown not only fighting to advance in the King of the Cage, but also trying to keep that belt he just won.

DM: That does bring up an interesting question, will Anarky fight only to win the Television title, or will he be willing to win via escape?

MN: Anarky’s nuts, one minute he might be hell bent on winning that belt to teach Karl Brown a lesson, the next minute he’d walk out the cage cause he doesn’t care…He needs medication…

[Bell rings]

DT: And the first title fight of the King of the Cage is underway…Brown and Anarky collar and elbow tie up, Brown with a go-behind into a waist lock, Anarky tries to power out, Brown lifts him, dumps Anarky on his stomach. Brown riding Anarky now and transitions to a head lock…Anarky powers back to his feet…elevates Brown, ATOMIC DROP…Brown breaks the head lock and staggers away…Hits the ropes and comes back…CATCHES ANARKY WITH A CLOTHESLINE…

DM: I don’t think Anarky expected Brown to be able to rally so quick after that atomic drop, but The Dragon wasn’t slowed down by it!

MN: Wait till Anarky really gets to this guy, he doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

DT: Brown catches Anarky getting back to his feet and hiptosses him over, Brown secures an armbar…Anarky on the mat disgusted with himself for getting caught in this hold…Brown wrenching on the arm as Anarky slowly moves to his feet…Brown transitions to a hammerlock…Anarky catches Brown with a back elbow and another…Anarky spins free and now just UNLOADS on Brown with a series of right hands, sending Brown toppling over into the corner.

DM: This is a classic example of a brawler against a wrestler. Can Brown get this back under control and keep it a wrestling match, or will Anarky be able to turn this into a street fight?

MN: We’re in a cage, there are no rules, that favors the guy that wants a fight, Brown’s about to find out Anarky wasn’t just talking a good game.

DT: Anarky now stomping Brown, and sends him HARD into the cage…That cage has gotten quite the workout tonight. Anarky now DRIVES Brown face first into the mat…Anarky now with a cover on Brown…




DT: Brown kicks out. Anarky back to his feet and he stomps away on Brown as he tries to get up…Brown stands and gets caught with a series of punches by Anarky…Anarky sends Brown into the ropes….Brown ducks a clothesline…Comes back and lands a cross body…HE HOOKS THE LEG!!




DT: Oh Brown almost had him there! Anarky scampers back to his feet, gets caught in another hiptoss and finds himself back on the mat in an armbar AGAIN!

MN: Karl’s not getting it, this is a fight…He can keep Anarky under wraps for a while, but sooner or later he’s going to have to throw down with him.

DM: Well maybe Brown expects that to happen and he’s trying to wear Anarky down for when it happens…
MN: Sure thing, Karl Brown apologist.

DT: Anarky getting back to his feet again, Brown switches into a full nelson…Anarky runs lifts Brown onto his back and runs him HARD into the corner and that breaks the hold…Anarky sends Brown to the other corner…BROWN CHARGES OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Both men on the mat!

DM: Brown manages to take one or two of Anarky’s shots and then get one off his own in. He’s not just letting Anarky beat the hell out of him, he’s giving as good as he’s getting…

DT: Both men back to their feet, Anarky and Brown hammering each other with right hands…Brown ducks a right and catches Anarky with a series of body shots and now sends him into the ropes…DROPKICK DECKS ANARKY! Brown back to his feet, sees Anarky between him and the door, and he decides to try to climb the cage!

MN: That’s the Zane brand door Thomas, and I think they want it called a gate too…You are just poison for our sponsors

DT: Thanks for the update Neely…Brown up to the top rope…Anarky getting to his feet…And he catches Brown as Brown just got a leg on top of the cage…Brown’s in a bad way…JUST GOT TOSSED OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE MAT! Anarky drops off the ropes and makes the cover!




DT: Almost a new World Television Champion, and that win would have put Anarky into the second round to fight one of the Heirs of Wrestling…Anarky now grabs Brown and sends him CRASHING into the cage…Brown staggers back INTO A DDT! Anarky with a cover!




DT: Brown again kicks out! Anarky pulls Brown back up….Brown elevated…BRAIN BUSTER!!! ANARKY JUST DUMPED HIM ON HIS HEAD! ANARKY WITH A COVER!!




DT: Brown won’t quit, he’s not going to lose that title without being beaten half dead for it!

MN: Anarky will do that for you, he’s a nut. Brown could end up at the cemetery if he pushes his luck fighting Anarky.

DT: Anarky now gets on top of Brown…HE’S CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM!

MN: Oh crap, he heard us! I didn’t mean it!

DT: Anarky just strangling Brown now! Brown fighting…He gets one of Anarky’s arms…Flips around…HE HAS ANARKY IN A CROSSFACE!! ANARKY TRAPPED IN THAT HOLD!
DM: What a counter by Karl Brown, he turned a very bad looking situation into a potential match winning submission!

MN: Really, you think this nut is going to tap out? If he broke Anarky’s arm he’d just thank him for giving him a new injury to enjoy!

DT: Brown wrenching away on that hold…Anarky thrashing…Anarky getting to his knees and he manages to get himself back up to take the pressure off his neck and shoulder…Brown with a knee to the stomach and he flips Anarky to the mat with a shoulder throw...Brown off the ropes…HARD KICK TO THE HEAD as Anarky was trying to get to his feet…Brown calling for the door to be opened…

DM: Anarky’s down this could be the moment for Karl Brown to advance to the second round and retain his title!

DT: Brown through the door…ANARKY TACKLES HIM! Brown’s hands touching the floor, but you need your feet to hit…Brown clinging to the steps, trying to pull himself through, but Anarky’s got his legs and he’s dragging him back into the ring, and with that the Zane Gate is closed…Happy Neely?

MN: Yes, I’ve come to enjoy the size of my paychecks and keeping the folks that pay the bills happy is good for me…

DT: Anarky drags Brown into the ring…BROWN WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!




DT: Anarky kicks out! Both men back up…Anarky misses with a roundhouse…Brown catches him with a kick to the midsection…SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

DM: Brown getting the better of Anarky at this stage of the match.

MN: Who cares, you gotta WIN for it to matter, having control and 50 cents will buy you the paper in the morning.

DT: Brown now going to the outside…Is he trying to climb the cage?! No he’s measuring Anarky…Anarky to his feet…DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE TOP BY BROWN! HE COVERS!!




DT: Anarky STILL fighting! Brown shakes his head, he’s pulling Anarky up, I think it’s high time for a DRAGON’S BITE! Brown hooks him…Anarky spins out of it…KICKS BROWN LOW! Brown doubles over…ANARKY HAS HIM HOOKED…CHAOS BREAKER!!! CHAOS BREAKER OUT OF NOWHERE!!

DM: Just like that, when it seemed Anarky was about to be laid out by the Dragon’s Bite, what a turn of events and now this match has turned completely in Anarky’s favor.

MN: Get on him Anarky, finish this!

DT: Both men down…Anarky rolls over to his stomach…He’s waving for the door to be opened…Anarky crawling towards the door, Brown not moving…Anarky now near the ropes, he’s almost out the door…Brown stirring…Brown gets Anarky by the ankle! Anarky trying to pull himself out of the ring, Brown trying to keep him in…Anarky flips over to his back…Anarky throws a series of kicks into Brown’s face…BROWN LETS GO! ANARKY TOPPLES TO THE FLOOR! ANARKY’S ESCAPED THE CAGE! ANARKY WINS!!

[Bell rings, crowd booing. MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie]

TF: Here is your winner…Via escaping the cage…ANNNN…ARRRRR…KEYYYYY!!!!!

[More boos]

DT: What a hard fought match this was, and don’t discount the fact that Karl Brown kept fighting he could have let Anarky escape, knowing full well he’d keep his TV Title, but he fought, and in the end, Anarky barely got free of him…

[Anarky stumbles to his feet and raises his arm in victory, glaring at Karl Brown who is getting up, still inside the ring, looking down at Anarky, shaking his head in disgust that Anarky managed to make it free of him and out of the cage.]

MN: It is a shame Brown keeps the title…But Anarky’s got those foolish dreams of being the top dog in this company, that’s where his mind is at…Of course Stevens will make short work of him if they do meet up…

DT: Speaking of Stevens, we’ll find out who he does face in round two…Copycat Vs The First, the final match of round one, NEXT!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX


The “QUEEN OF THE RING” LINDSAY TROY turned the corner in search of her dressing room. As she approached, she heard the commotion of several unrecognizable voices. Cautiously, she advanced to the door. It was cracked. Lindsay pushed it lightly, and was immediately taken aback at the police presence inside.

There were ten officers in uniforms, filing reports, talking or looking for more evidence.

On the floor, in handcuffs, faces filled with blood, was the man she attacked while making her surprising return last week, Sean Stevens, and The Stalker.

The Queen shook her head in amazement.)

TROY (smirking): Get me Liam Neeson and Rampage Jackson and we've got ourselves an A-Team sequel.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: Finale

[FADEIN: A wide shot of the crowd, the bell rings, drawing a cheer, after a beat MUSIC UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush. The crowd boos LOUD as Copycat slowly walks towards the ring. He doesn’t react at all to the crowd, his eyes cold and dead.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and is the FINAL first round match in the King of the Cage Tournament…Introducting first…From Kalamazoo Michigan, weighing in at 280 pounds…COPY!!! CAT!!

[The crowd boos again, Copycat hits the ring, walking to a corner and just staring daggers at the entranceway.]

DT: Copycat has said…Well not said, but had his messengers say quite a lot leading up to this match, talk of the corruption of EPW and the need to save this company from itself, and from people like The First, and tonight he’s going to begin his crusade.

MN: Well this company DOES need to be rid of the stupid gothtard! He lost, he’s done, I am outraged that Dan Ryan revoked the career ending stipulations those two talked about, he should be out of this company, he should be making my Baconators when I get hungry at 1 AM!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The First comes through the curtain arms extended to the sides, screaming at the crowd. Muse follows him, wearing her crazy steam punk outfit. First has on an “Outcast Hero” Wife-beater, black gi pants, black ring boots, his right arm taped up almost to the elbow with “OWG” written in black marker on it. His face painted like Prince Nuada.]

TF: And his opponent, hailing from Salem Massachusetts, weighing in at 193 pounds…THE FIRST!

[The crowd pops big as The First and Muse make their way to the ring, First high fiving every fan he can reach, before finally hitting ringside and entering the cage, keeping his distance from Copycat.]

DT: And here he is, the man who came SO CLOSE to capturing the EPW World Title at Black Dawn, now standing in the ring, another crack at that title hanging in the balance.

DM: You just have to wonder, can The First get another shot at the title, and would he be able to make good on it?

MN: The answer to both those questions is NO…The Elliot Ness of EPW the Jim Garrison of Wrestling will expose this company, and this stupid freak, for the world to see.

[Bell rings.]

DT: Copycat and The First for the right to fight for the World Title, and here we go…Copycat just walking straight towards First…First circling him, First lands a leg kick and another one…Copycat charges and pins First into a corner, not where First wants to be against the much bigger Copycat…Copycat cracks First with a series of forearms…And now he’s gouging him in the eyes! First fighting, trying to get Copycat’s fingers out of his eyes and he gets free and stumbles out of the corner, Copycat slowly stalking him.

DM: This match is all about distance, First hast to keep himself away from Copycat, has to land that high impact, high flying style of offense, and not let Copycat get him into close quarters, where Copycat will clearly have the edge.

MN: This kid is mentally shot from having his pipe-dream of being EPW Champion go up in smoke, Stevens started his down fall, Copycat finishes it tonight!

DT: Copycat following First, who spins and catches Copycat with a right hand and another one! First with a kick to the mid-section…First off the ropes…SPINNING HEEL KICK DROPS COPYCAT!! Copycat scrambles back to his feet…First of the ropes with a clothesline staggers him…Off the ropes again, another clothesline…Copycat still won’t fall…First off the ropes…THIRD CLOTHESLINE DROPS THE BIG MAN! FIRST WITH A COVER!




DT: Copycat THROWS First off him as he makes his way back to his feet…First strikes with a series of right hands…Copycat thumbs First in the eye! First clutching at his face and Copycat grabs him…RUNS HIM INTO THE CAGE! Copycat holds him up and hooks him…VIOLENT BODY SLAM TO THE MAT!

MN: You knew this was coming, Copycat’s just a monster, this shrimp might make a good going of it for a while, but now it’s going to be one long glorious beating…Somebody get me some popcorn!

DT: Copycat now sits First up on the mat…DRIVES HIS FINGERS INTO HIS EYES!! First howling in pain as Copycat just gouging First’s eyes…

DM: There are no rules in this match this is completely legal what Copycat is doing, even if it’s pretty uncomfortable to watch happen.

MN: What are you two talking about, we’re seeing a worthless career finally ended, this is great!

DT: First finally gets Copycat’s fingers out of his eyes…First in a fetal ball on the mat clutching at his face…Copycat standing over him and stomps him in the ribs and again…First now dragged to his feet…Copycat DECKS him with a big boot! Copycat slowly drops down into a cover!



DT: First kicks out…Copycat didn’t bother to hook a leg or really put much weight on First with that pin attempt.

MN: Some things you have to savor in this world…Like bringing truth to the blind fools of EPW, or ended the career of an over-rated fraud!

DT: Copycat now again DRIVING A THUMB INTO FIRST’S EYE….First fighting like mad to get pry Copycat’s thumb out of his eye…First staggers to his feet and scampers to a corner, trying to get distance between himself and Copycat…Copycat stalking him First catches Copycat with a kick to the ribs as he comes in…First jumps up and gets a headscissors on Copycat….HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN BY FIRST! First back to his feet quickly, catching Copycat as he’s getting up, First with a series of right hands, First with a kick to the gut, gets his leg caught…ENZIGURI BY FIRST!

DM: First doing everything he can to combat the much larger Copycat, and he’s finding ways of knocking the big man down!

MN: Oh yeah, he’s amazing, keep talking him up, so he can break your heart again!

DT: Copycat stumbles to his feet…First now grabs him and whips him into the opposite corner…First sets up…HAND-SPRING ELBOW! NO!! Copycat moved…First hit the corner hard and staggers out…COPYCAT JUST SPIT GREEN MIST IN FIRST’S FACE!! FIRST CRUMPLES TO THE MAT BLINDED!

DM: Well they do call him Copycat for a reason.

MN: You know I should be a fan of that, but I’m kind of worried, I mean really, green mist is a kinda novice mist, I’m afraid if the moron ever gets a chance he might use a more deadly mist…

DT: I wasn’t aware you were a mistologist Neely…Copycat now pulls First to his feet…He slings First over his shoulder…FIRST SENT FLYING INTO THE CAGE! First crashing to the mat…Copycat standing over him, glaring at him with those unblinking eyes..Cat stomps First in the chest, and again…I think First might have been opened up from crashing into the cage there…Yes he is bleeding as Copycat now picks him up, First again thrown over Copycat’s shoulder…Copycat turns and a POWERSLAM plants First, Copycat with a cover!




DT: First kicks out at two and a half! Copycat kneeling over First and punches away at him…Trying to further open up that cut…AND NOW BACK TO THE GOUGING OF THE EYES!! What is going through the mind of Copycat?

MN: That he’s going to retire this freak tonight, defeat is to good for him, the ending of his career is what he deserves!

DT: First again fights free, he has been just manhandled by Copycat, who…Well he’s insane that’s all I can say…Copycat grabs First again…Lifts him up…PRESS SLAM!!! First fell a long way there! Copycat off the ropes...DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO THE CHEST!! COPYCAT WITH A COVER!!




MN: That was a slow count, but I don’t mind, right now he’d only end up in the hospital for a few days, I want traction, I want months of painful rehab!
DT: You are a horrible human being Neely…And now it looks like Copycat is going to finish things once and for all…First now being set up…COPYCAT HAS HIM UP FOR THE LITTERBOMB…WAIT!! FIRST JUST SPIT BLUE MIST IN COPYCAT’S FACE!! Copycat drops The First…First lands on his feet, gets behind the staggering Copycat…SOULBREAKER!!! SOULBREAKER BY THE FIRST!!

MN: Dammit! I knew that was coming to…Don’t mist the mist master!

DM: Are you giving The First credit for something Neely?

MN: Hey, I call it like I see it…

DT: First now crawling over towards Copycat…He makes the cover!




DT: OH THAT WAS CLOSE! Copycat JUST got the shoulder up…First back to his feet and he kicks away at the head of Copycat…First out to the apron…Waiting on Copycat to get to his feet…Copycat’s up…SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE BY THE FIRST! First pops to his feet and yells at the crowd who get loud in response…Copycat up but on rubber legs…First with a series of right hands…Copycat staggers…HE DROPS TO ONE KNEE!! First off the ropes…SHINING WIZARD! NO!!! COPYCAT GOT A THUMB TO THE EYE! FIRST ON THE MAT THRASHING IN AGONY!!!

MN: Hey, the eye attack has been working, keep to it…

DT: Ref Pat Jones checking on The First who’s clutching at his face…Copycat grabs him by the hair and pulls him up…First throwing forearm after forearm into the chest of Copycat…Copycat staggers back…First off the ropes…SHOULDERBLOCK sends Copycat down! First going to the outside…He’s going to the top rope…He’s trying to escape the cage! Copycat quickly after him…Copycat now catches First, both men on the top rope…COPYCAY THROWS FIRST TO THE MAT!! OHHHH…COPYCAT SLIPPED AND CROTCHED HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE!

DM: Both men in bad shape here, this has been a brutal match…

DT: Copycat pulling himself up off the corner…He’s climbing the cage, he’s trying to escape now! First now crawling towards the door! Copycat to the top of the cage, as First now is near the apron, the refs opening the gate…

MN: Zane!

DT: I hope that’s in your contract…Copycat’s over the top of the cage…First half way through the door! Both men so close…COPYCAT DROPPING OFF THE CAGE…FIRST FALLS THROUGH THE DOORWAY!! WHO LANDED FIRST?!

DM: His name makes things confusing in moments like this…

[Bell rings, crowd buzzing.]

DT: Pat Jones pointing towards The First, is that his ruling?! He’s talking it over…We’re about to get the verdict…

TF: The winner of this match via escaping the cage, and advancing in the King of the Cage Tournament (Dramatic Pause) THE FIRST!! [Crowd pops!]

MN: What?! This was a bag job! A con, a swindle!
DT: Pat Jones made his call right when it started…Copycat outside the cage just glaring at Jones now, who’s trying to explain to him what he saw…Copycat not even reacting…Wait a minute, now Jones is coming out to the time keeper…

[Jones walks over to the time keeper and grabs a mic, we can hear in the background Muse saying “What the hell are you doing?! He already won!”]

JONES: We, we used Replay for the JA/Stevens cage match…Can I get replays of the two men leaving the cage please on the EmpireTron?

DT: Oh my goodness, a replay review?!

MN: Finally justice in EPW! Copycat won this match with 3 or 4 seconds to spare, it wasn’t close!

[The EmpireTron shows a replay of Copycat, halfway down the cage, jumping down and hitting the floor, but the replay does not show The First and his escape.]

DT: Well that doesn’t clear anything up..

[The EmpireTron now shows The First diving out the door and hitting the floor, but this shot does not show Copycat’escape.]

DM: We need a shot of both men’s escapes...So far we don’t have anything to compare the two with…

[The EmpireTron stays dark for about 15 seconds. During this time Copycat has made his way over towards Pat Jones and stands next to him, glaring at hime.]

JONES: Do…Do we have any other angles of it?! [Holds his earpiece] We-we don’t? [Turns, looking at Copycat.] I have no evidence to reverse my decision…First is the winner [Crowd pops!] That’s my call…
[Copycat continues to stare at Jones.]

MN: There were many other camera angles! This is a fraud! This is a crime bigger than Watergate! This whole company is corrupt! Copycat got jobbed and you two KNOW IT!

DT: I don’t know any such thing…I do know that I feel like Pat Jones might be broken in half in a moment by Copycat…Wait Copycat shoves him aside…Copycat at a full dead run…KICKS FIRST IN THE HEAD!! First drops to the floor…Copycat pulls him up…CATS CLAW!! HE’S DRIVING HIS FINGERS INTO FIRST’S EYES!! WHAT ON EARTH IS HE DOING?! THIS MATCH IS OVER!!

MN: He’s purging EPW of corruption! This clown won’t get another undeserved title shot, he’ll get maimed!

DT: MUSE KICKS COPYCAT LOW! Copycat drops First and staggers away from Muse and First…Trainers coming out, trying to tend to First…Now Copycat going towards Muse…Oh lord, I don’t even want to watch this…[Crowd pops!] LINDSAY TROY!! IT’S LINDSAY TROY COMING TO THE RING!!!!

MN: She’s going to reverse this decision and finally make things right…Oh who am I kidding she’s the head of this whole conspiracy anyhow!


[Omega charges over to the broadcast table, scattering the broadcasters…They flee in a panic and then Omega turns back towards Copycat…He lifts Copycat off his feet and then takes a running charge and then spinebusters him through the table, shattering it to pieces…Copycat lays lifeless in the wreckage of the table as Omega grabs a camera cord and now wraps it around Copycat’s neck, choking the life out of him, EPW officials floor the area, trying to break Omega’s choke on Copycat…Copycat’s face turning brighter and brighter red as Omega keeps choking him…Finally Omega is pried away from Copycat. The camera cuts to show two trainers, one under each arm, helping The First to the back, his face covered in a towel. Muse following behind looking nervous and concerned. The camera cuts to Lindsay Troy, looking stunned at the carnage around her, before finally cutting to Omega, being kept away from Copycat by EPW officials, who are trying to get EMT’s out to help Copycat….Omega suddenly grabs Barb and makes another charge at Copycat with officials fighting frantically to hold him at bay as the camera......


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