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Aggression 59: Jacksonville, FL - 6/10/11


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

CUTTO: Cameron Cruise on the EPW Tron, dressed in black jeans and a Blue T-shirt with a San Jose Sharks Hat on backwards.

CRUISE: Hey Donovan....Donovan Astros! Over here!

Now I know you must be wondering...you weren't scheduled to show up tonight to compete, and neither was I....but the fact of the matter is this....

WE didn't lose the Empire Pro Tag Team titles last week, at Aggression.

That failure became on YOUR head, not mine.

Therefore, as a penalty for YOUR failure last week....you're competing at the next Empire Pro Wrestling event, Wrestleverse IV.

But you're not just competing against anyone, Donovan, you're competing against ME.

Cameron Cruise versus Donovan Astros for the Empire Pro Television Championship.

How 'bout it Champ??
[As Cruise finishes his question, Lesbian Siegel steps out onto the stage. The crowd pops at her ample assets.]

LS: Okay, okay everyone, just calm down.

[The crowd settles down a bit.]

LS: As I am authorized to speak on behalf of Mr. Ryan and the rest of the management staff, let me say that, first of all, Donovan Astros is not here tonight. He was informed that he is expected to defend the Television Title at Wrestleverse, and despite suffering a back injury in the finals of the King of the Cage Tag Team tournament, he has assured us that he will in fact compete at Wrestleverse.

[pop from the crowd]

LS: As to your challenge, Mr. Cruise. I've decided to grant you your title shot.

[The crowd cheers again and Cameron Cruise gets a big smile on his face.]

LS: Donovan Astros vs. Cameron Cruise for the Television Title... at Wrestleverse... good luck.

[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.

The First hitting the Cut The Thread on Cameron Cruise

Impulse, leaping onto Olvir Arsvinnar and Ivan Dalkichev from the top rope

Stalker, perched on the ring apron with a barbed wire baseball bat, then diving down onto his opponent on the outside.

Donovan Astros clotheslining Michael Bastard over the top rope.

The Heirs of Wrestling stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

“Triple X” Sean Stevens hitting multiple superkicks to Marcus Westcott, The First and Shawn Hart in succession
Anarky, barely able to stand, holding up the EPW World Championship

And finally…. A desk with a high backed leather chair and Dan Ryan sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.

The opening pyro for Aggression goes off on the top of the ramp, the crowd cheering loud as the camera pans around the arena.

CUT TO: The broadcast booth.

DAVE THOMAS: Ladies and gentlemen!! Welcome to Jacksonville! We are LIVE and this is Aggression, on the road to Wrestleverse 2-thousand-eleven!! I am, of course, Dave Thomas, alongside the DEAN of professional wrestling, DEAN Matthews... and the one and only... Mike Neely!

DEAN MATTHEWS: Tonight we have a big tag team tournament to decide who takes the shot at Steven Shane and Stalker on the big show.... Impulse and Dopesmoker butt heads over a shot at the Intercontinental Title... and in a huge main event... World Heavyweight Champion Anarky teams up with his opponent at Wrestleverse, Copycat and they will take on the World Tag Team Champions...

MIKE NEELY: And I, Mike Neely, the only true JOURNALIST at this table, have it on good authority that there will be a HUGE announcement sometime tonight that will shake the very foundation of the company!!

DM: I hardly think you surviving a proctological exam is ground shaking news, Neely.

MN: That doctor's hand was cold! He went knuckle deep, man!! KNUCKLE DEEP!

DT: The sooner we get the show started, the better. Let's go up to Tony Fatora in the ring...


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
One Night Tourney: Karl "The Dragon" Brown & Otaku vs. Colossal Connection

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, and is a first round match in the One Night Only Tag Team Tournament! Introducing first…

[CUE UP: “Jushin Liger” [opening theme]. The crowd give a nice pop as the drone gives way to the song itself, Otaku and Karl “The Dragon” Brown stepping from behind the curtain and saluting the crowd. “The Dragon” has forgone his leather jacket for his more traditional training jacket, while Otaku has donned a long blond wig, and dressed like Edward Elric of “Full Metal Alchemist” fame]

TF: At a combined weight of 441 pounds, they hail from Nottingham, England, and Neo Tokyo Tower respectively…


MN: Brown doesn’t even get his own entrance! How the mighty has fallen!

DM: We didn’t see him last Aggression after he suffered a concussion in that post-match attack by Copycat but he’s looking in good shape.

DT: Otaku looks… well, he’s Otaku.

MN: Why does he bother with this dressing up? It’s weird!

DM: As weird as what you were doing backstage?

MN: I was doing nothing! You saw nothing!

DM: I wish that were true. That doctor wasn't the only one going knuckle deep, that's all I'm saying.

MN: How dare you!! I'll have you know a healthy colon is very important to me. But I shouldn't expect you to care about hygiene.

DM: Just make sure you wash your hands, Neely. That's all I'm asking...

[As “The Dragon” drops his jacket to the ringside attendant, CUE UP: “Beer Drugs and Bitches” by Viking Skull. A video package plays at the opening guitar riff cuts over the PA. The giants step out in unison, looking pumped, playing up to the crowd, and posing at the top of the stage for a quick fireworks display. As the vocals come in, they trek down the ramp to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on either side. Reaching the ring, Ivan finishes off his vodka while Olvir finishes off his mead as they toss their drinks aside, rise to the apron, deliver a few pelvic thrusts in unison, and simultaneously step over the top rope to take to the ring]

TF: At a total combined weight of 755 pounds… they are the team of… THE SONIC TITAN, IVAN DALKICHEV… THE BUTT DOMINATOR, OLVIR ARSVINNAR…


MN: My pick for the finals. Less than 5 minutes.

DT: The fun-loving Colossal Connection have had some great matches, they’re going to be tough for anybody to beat.

DM: If they stay focused. They play to the crowd a little too much for my liking.

DT: “The Dragon” looks like he’s going to start for his team. Honestly, Dean, what’re Otaku and Karl’s chances?

DM: If they can hit and run, pretty good. We’ve never seen Karl in Empire Pro against someone this size but he’s got a game plan in mind. If either of them get caught though? Pretty serious trouble.

DT: Dalkichev steps through the ropes, Brown and Arsvinnar starting this one. There’s the bell, Olvir charges but Brown sidesteps

MN: OW!!

DT: I don’t think Olvir expected that! Big sidekick by Brown sends Olvir into the ropes holding the ribs!

DM: That might work. Brown using his martial arts skills, Otaku could probably do something similar.

MN: He can’t do anything!

DT: Olvir charges again, Brown ducks under and another kick, this time to the leg. Olvir turns, Brown steps back and snaps another kick to the leg, enziguri!

MN: No chance!

DT: Olvir doesn’t go down! Brown off the ropes, ducks the clothesline attempt, gets caught on the cross body but hits a knee to the side of the head! Drops to the mat, dropkick staggers Olvir, dives for the tag and Otaku with a springboard dropkick drops Olvir!

[Otaku takes a moment to play to the crowd as Olvir, stunned, rolls to the ropes to pull himself up. The Edward Elric cosplayer boots the Viking in the midsection, tagging back in “The Dragon” who comes in with a double axe handle to the outstretched arm. Ivan looks on from the corner, slapping the turnbuckle in an attempt to reinvigorate his partner]

DT: Brown back in, wrings the arm and very quickly into a hammer lock.

DM: You don’t want to try and out power these two. This is smart, going behind, keeping out of reach. Olvir is trying to overpower Karl but Brown wisely staying behind and using the wrist to manipulate Olvir.

DT: But he’s not able to keep Olvir from moving! Olvir manages to push Karl into the corner – big elbow!

MN: KO, right there!

DT: Irish whip by Olvir, charges and hits a big clothesline as Karl bounced from the corner!

DM: Olvir grabs Brown by the arm and yanks him back to his feet! How many men can




Kickout by Brown! Sorry, Dean.

DM: I was just saying, how many people can yank someone who’s over 200 pounds to their feet like a rag doll?

MN: These two.

DT: Olvir with a tag to Ivan, and this is what Brown and Otaku didn’t want! Ivan in over the top rope, knocks Brown to the mat with a big right hand!

[Looking to capitalise on the advantage, Ivan grabs Brown by the throat, hoisting him high into the air and slamming him down into a back breaker. The former Intercontinental and TV Champ screams in pain as the fans cheer the innovative offence. Otaku grimaces on the outside as Ivan stalks the Englishman, executing a swift gut wrench suplex]

DT: The Colossal Connection totally in control! Ivan takes a swig from his bottle, it must be hard work tossing around another human being.

DM: Brown’s looking in a lot of pain, holding his back, trying to use the ropes to get to his feet.

MN: He should stay down, get him and that clown out of the ring as soon as possible!

DT: Brown’s a fighter. Dalkichev grabs Brown

DM: And a nice Sambo sit slam. Though with the size difference there wasn’t much need for that!

DT: The big Russian with a beaming smile on his face, Brown shots the shoulder up. That was a very lax cover.

MN: I like Ivan. Always toying with opponents before putting them out of their misery.

DT: Dalkichev standing on Brown’s chest, the fans are loving this! Picks up “The Dragon”, Irish whip and there’s the tag to Olvir. Ivan grabs Brown – NORTHERN EXPOSURE!

MN: All over!

DT: The referee struggling to get Dalkichev out of the ring, Olvir posing for the fans. Finally into the cover



Otaku breaks it up!

MN: Boo!

DT: The ref trying to get Otaku out of the ring, Brown looks in bad shape, Olvir poses at Otaku.

[At the sight of the posing Norseman, Otaku does what comes naturally when you’re an anime geek in costume. He slowly takes off the red full-length coat, revealing the rest of his costume. Running his fingers through his long blond wig, Otaku claps his hands together and slams his palms into the mat. Nothing happens for a few seconds as Olvir laughs and poses some more, Otaku still with his palms on the canvas]

DT: Brown down on the mat, what is Otaku WOAH!

DM: Impressive acrobatics!

DT: Otaku with a handstand leap into a headscissor take down! He caught Olvir COMPLETELY off guard! The big man is staggered, Otaku charges him and FLIES in with a cross body splash in the corner! Tries an Irish whip, Olvir just holds on to the ropes, Otaku with a high knee, forearm to the face. Off the ropes, slides between Olvir’s legs, what speed on the bulldog!

MN: Why doesn’t the referee get Otaku out of the ring?!

DT: The referee trying to catch Otaku! He can’t count the fall, Otaku brings Olvir to his feet, big shove by the Norseman. Otaku comes back in, Olvir pie faces him against the ropes, GORILLA PRESS! Drops him behind but Otaku lands on all fours! Olvir posing, turns around, dropkicked!

DM: Big mistake! Ivan tags Olvir as he stumbles against the ropes.

[The Raging Russian charges into the ring, but Otaku manages to duck under the wild arms the first time. On the rebound, Ivan drops the anime fan with a big boot. The crowd groan as Otaku’s head snaps off the mat]

DM: Otaku’s speed came back to haunt him that time! If he’d been moving a little slower it would’ve had a lot less impact.

DT: Look at the size difference! Dalkichev, one of the best tag team wrestlers I’ve seen, with Otaku – one handed scoop slam!

MN: Geeks make good dents in the ring, don’t they?

DT: Dalkichev MISSES! He missed the leg drop!

[Otaku quickly gets to his feet, hitting Ivan in the face with a dropkick. The big man tries to get to his feet, but Otaku bombards him with a flurry of dropkicks and low-level flying clotheslines. Finally, satisfied that Ivan isn’t going to get to his feet any time soon, the Elric brother leaps onto the top rope and hits a beautiful frog splash, only to be benchpressed off at the count of two]

DT: Amazing power! The man’s 230 pounds and he gets THROWN like that!

MN: Was Otaku tagged in? Where’s Brown?

DM: I think the referee’s thought is that the Connection carried on, so Otaku’s legal now I guess.

MN: Well he shouldn’t be. Anywhere.

DT: Otaku wisely staying out of the reach of the big Russian. Ivan charges, almost catches him but Otaku with a knee to the back of the knee, NECKBREAKER!!

MN: Christ!

DT: “The Dragon” finally back up in his corner, Olvir trying to get the fans behind Dalkichev, Otaku off the ropes, misses the knee!




NO! Karl breaks it up! Karl just saved Otaku from the chokeslam!

[Looking a little groggy, “The Dragon” gets shoved away by Dalkichev, who grabs Otaku and throws him back into the Colossal Connection’s corner. The tag is made to Olvir, who charges the ropes and nails Otaku with a big boot on the rebound, which Dalkichev follows with a splash]

MN: Hey! You didn’t get Otaku out of there!

DT: The referee trying to get Dalkichev out of the ring, turns around



DT: And Brown again with the save! Otaku got the shoulder up but the veteran wanted to be sure.

DM: And he’s… goading Olvir?

DT: “The Dragon” is yelling at Olvir, the big man’s distracted

MN: I bet he barely notices someone like Brown.

Crowd: Ooooh!


[Enraged, the Viking charges at “The Dragon”, the Briton sliding under the bottom rope. Olvir leans between the ropes to try and get the Englishman, leaving himself prone as Otaku spots an opportunity]

DT: 619!! 619!!

DM: Wow! I was thinking Brown had lost it but he gave Otaku a chance to get his bearings and a chance to go on the offensive!

DT: Otaku with stomps on Olvir, off the ropes – SENTON!



Kickout by Olvir!

[Unperturbed, Otaku quickly tags in “The Dragon”, who vaults in with a legdrop]

MN: Oh, NOW there’s a tag!

DT: Brown with a swift kick to the head of Olvir, off the ropes, Olvir gets taken down with a swinging neckbreaker!



THRRNO! Olvir sluggish on the kickout! What high speed from Otaku and Brown!

DM: It’s how they’re going to survive if they can. Brown with Olvir in a front face lock, knee to the midsection, tags in Otaku.



And it’s Ivan this time breaking up the three count! These two teams are leaving it all in the ring!

[The referee tries arguing with Dalkichev, but Otaku has better luck flying in with a knee that staggers the big Russian. Unfortunately for Otaku, his next high knee gets him caught, flipped into a bearhug, driven back into the corner, and smashed into the canvas with a belly-to-belly!]

DT: Dalkichev ending the Otaku and Brown offence for now, he’s such a force in the ring.

DM: He picks up Otaku, drives him back into the corner – big splash!

DT: He’s looking to end it with this move, motioning at Olvir to get ready. Dalkichev with one hand hoists Otaku up to the top rope, follows him – don’t tell me…

MN: Superplex baby!

DT: Dalkichev looks uneasy on the second rope, Otaku fires a right hand! Otaku with some fight in him!

DM: Headbutt!

DT: Dalkichev with the headbutt, Otaku is in position – BROWN! “THE DRAGON” ATTACKING DALKICHEV!!

DM: Dalkichev with a kick off, misses, Brown with a kick to the back!

DT: Otaku with a right to the face, he drops to the apron. What’s Brown doing?

MN: Here comes Olvir!

DT: Arsvinnar comes after Brown, HURRICANRANA!!

DM: That takes him out.

DT: Otaku grabbing Dalkichev, keeping the big man on the ropes, Brown in from behind again. He’s nailing Dalkichev, trying to grab the arms… my God, he’s trying to suplex Dalkichev!!

DM: He’ll never do it!

DT: The Sonic Titan leaning forward, trying to stop Brown from hitting a Tiger suplex, Otaku on the ring apron, Brown trying to wrench Dalkichev




DT: Karl Brown with Angel Wings to Dust! Otaku helps with the kick, Arsvinnar’s up, charges, Brown drops the ropes! Otaku heading up top, Brown off the far side, SUICIDE DIVE ON ARSVINNAR!






[SFX: ding ding ding]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the WINNERS OF THE MATCH… advancing to the finals…


[CUE UP: “Jushin Liger” as “The Dragon” slides back into the ring and celebrates with his partner. Arsvinnar, getting back to his feet on the outside, stands in disbelief, more at the move he witnessed than any injury from Brown’s dive]

DT: Karl Brown and Otaku… wow! They were on the same page with that move! Can we see it again?

[CUT TO: Split screen! We can see Brown and Otaku celebrating in a small window, as a replay comes up of the end of the match]

DM: Dalkichev didn’t want to go, he was giving it all he had to stay on the ropes, but Otaku with that rope-assisted Pele-like kick did enough to rock Dalkichev back, and Brown used the momentum to drill Ivan on the back of his neck and shoulders with that Tiger suplex! Otaku climbed the ropes as Brown took care of Olvir, and the Shooting Star Press was almost academic! What a way to advance, they’ve definitely got a shot in the final!

DT: They’ve made it to the final, and Mike Neely is sitting open mouthed....

MN: GAH! Fly!

DT: We’ll be back with more action in just a moment… if the ring’s not broken from that move!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Bounty Hunter

["Did my time" by Korn blares over the PA. Jason Reeves steps out behind the curtains, wearing his usual street clothes attire and carrying the EPW Tag Team Title around his shoulder. He makes his way to the ring to a chorus of booing fans. He climbs the steps and enters the ring. Dropping his tag title under the corner turnbuckle he approaches the time keeper on the outside who hands him a mic.]

Stalker: Thank you for the great welcome, Jacksonville! Now I've come out here tonight to set a few things straight about what has transpired these past few Aggressions. Firstly I would like to thank Anarky for claiming that my pursuit of the Empire Pro World Title is delusional. As delusional as it is he can't seem to shake me, can he?

[Fans open up with another chorus of loud boos as Jason soaks it in.]

Stalker: That's fine! Let all your anger out on me. Just like Anarky you all are nothing but a bunch of pathetic punks.

[The boos grow louder and Jason's face turns into a smirk.]

Stalker: Okay... okay... I didn't come out here tonight just to bash Anarky. I came out here tonight to let it be known that whoever comes out as champion after Wrestleverse, that they will have to deal with me after! Since this whole claim, of me not belonging, around A BELT that I have decided the wearers of for years now..... There will be no more excuses. I am delcaring war on the victor. That victor will FACE ME and WILL LOSE THAT TITLE to me. So yes, Copycat and Anarky after Wrestleverse you will have to answer to.....

[He mouths the word 'ME' but the mic's sound has been cut off. The fans booing has overtaken the arena and Jason taps the mic one or two times to no avail. Jason turns and tosses the mic out of the ring, walks over to the timekeeper with an outstretched hand and he gets another mic.]

Stalker: Alright now back to what.....

[Just as he tries to finish the sentence again, this mic goes out as well. Jason's face fills with anger and he slams the mic on the ground. He again walks furiously towards the edge of the ring. Demanding a mic from the scrambling timekeeper who is looking for one for him.]

DT: Well, it looks like we are having some techinical difficulites here tonight.

DM: That's okay, I honestly don't think anyone wanted to hear him talk anyways.

[Jason hears Dean Matthews express his pleasure in not having to hear him and Jason turns and spits in Dean's direction from inside the ring. Dean Matthews stands up and glares at him while Neely is laughing his butt off. The timekeeper finally finds another mic and as she goes to hand it to Jason the lights flicker. After a few seconds of flickering the entire arena goes black.]


DT: You are touching me Neely!


[Lights blast back on and Jason is still staring at the announcer's table. The crowds booing suddenly turns to cheering as they realize a masked man is in the ring with Jason Reeves.]

DT: Stalker doesn't realize it but an unknown man has just entered the ring behind him! He finally turns.... OH!! He is decked with a massive clothesline.

MN: What a cheap shot!

DM: He deserves worse then that.

DT: The Masked Man walks over to Stalker and stares down at him as he picks him up. He hooks him... BELLY to BELLY suplex! Stalker is rolling on the mat in pain, he doesn't even know what's going on!

DM: Maybe someone is trying to answer Caitlyn's call to end this idiot's career!


DT: The Masked Man has the EPW Tag title now and Stalker is up... Stalker turns and DUCKS the belt headed directly for his face! Stalker runs towards the ropes and jumps to the outside of the ring.

DM: What a piece of trash! He calls Anarky a punk, but this idiot won't even stay to take a dose of his own medicine.

MN: That's not being an idiot, that's using his head.

DT: Tossing the tag belt at Stalker on the outside, the masked man beckons Stalker to enter the ring. Stalker just shakes his head, picks up his title and runs up the ramp.

DM: Nothing but a coward that guy is.

[The Masked Man makes a throat cutting sign towards Stalker just as he escapes through the dark curtains and the lights go black again.]

MN: Oh man... not this again!

[Lights back on.]

DT: The Masked Man is gone from the ring and it looks like his first attempt at collecting the bounty on Stalker's head has been foiled. We have to break for commercial we'll be right back!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[CUT TO: Backstage, where Otaku and “The Dragon” are resting after their hard-fought win over the Colossal Connection]

Otaku: Wow! Dragon-sama, that was… wow!

Karl: Thanks for the help.

Otaku: How’s your back holding up? You looked really hurt out there.

Karl: I’ll be fine. Listen, just concentrate on the next match. One more win and we could be going to Wrestleverse for the tag team titles.

Otaku: Yeah! One more match, and the Anime Dragons will be top of the world!

Karl: I still haven’t said yes to that name.

Otaku: Aw, go on! Come on! For me?

Karl: No.

Otaku: Spoilsport. Hey! I just realised! If we win the titles at Wrestleverse, you’ll be the single most titled person in Empire Pro Wrestling history! Three different titles!

Karl: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still need to win the final.

Otaku: Oh! Right! Time for a costume change… which one should it be…

Karl: [sighing] Whichever you feel most comfortable in. Listen, I’m going to go grab a drink, do you want anything?

[Otaku is oblivious, diving into his bag to try and figure out which costume he can put together. Brown shakes his head, grabs a towel from the back of the door, and heads from the room. Otaku hums a little tune as he looks at his costumes, picking up bits of material and wig]

Otaku: Hmm… yeah… nope… hey, Dragon-sama, what do you think about… Dragon-sama? Where did you go? Ah, well.

[He goes back to looking through his costumes. CUT TO: Ringside]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
One Night Tourney: TEAM V.I.A.G.R.A. vs. Masked Violators

DT: Up next we have Tag team tournament match up featuring the Masked Violators against TEAM V.I.A.G.R.A.

MN: You know Dave, there is really no point in pausing after each letter. It's Team Viagra.

DT: Whatever Neely. Let's head down to the ring for introductions.

["I Hope You Die" by the Bloodhound Gang starts to play over the PA and the fans jump to their feet.]

TF: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 480lbs! TEAM.... VIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

[Tony Davis steps out first with a smirk on his face, followed closely by High Flyer. They head down to the ring, slapping a few hands and getting quite a good amount of cheers.]

DT: High Flyer made a statement last week in saying he was coming for Stalker and Steven Shane.

MN: That was a stupid statement.

DM: You're stupid Neely.

MN: Shut up!

[Davis and Flyer get done posing for the crowds and head over to their corner, while they await their opponents.]

TF: Heading to the ring next, at an unknown combined weight, hailing from parts unknown THE MASKED VIOLATORSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

[Masked Violator #1 heads down to the ring with purpose in his eyes.]

MN: Do these guys even have enterance music?

DM: It appears not, Neely.

[Masked Violator #2 is nowhere to be seen, as MV #1 hops up onto the ring apron and takes his place in the corner. However he does not step into the ring.]

DT: Well we are set to begin and Pat Jones is confused as, Tony Davis is ready to start the match but MV #1 looks to be waiting for his partner to come down to start the match for his team.

DM: Pat Jones is talking it over with MV #1 and he is shaking his head. I think he has no idea where his partner is.

MN: It's only fair that this match starts when both teams have equal numbers.

DT: Well I don't think Davis agrees. He walks over to the MV corner and inbetween Pat and MV #1. He grabs MV #1's head and tosses him into the ring.

DM: That looks to be fine with Pat Jones who signals for the bell and the match has officially started! Tony Davis has MV1 on the ground and is putting the boots to him. Picking him up now, MV1 throws his hands up in confusion.

MN: This match shouldn't have even started yet. HIs partner has yet to arrive!

DM: And that's Team VIAGRA's problem how?

DT: Tony slaps his hands away, hooks him and suplexs him to the ground. Pulling him up off the ground again, Davis whips MV1 into the ropes, he steps aside as he comes bouncing back and then chases him down with a MASSIVE clothesline to the back! MV1's head is hanging on the bottom rope after that hit and Davis is loving it!

DM: Davis picks up MV1 once again, hooks him, and hip tosses him to the center of the ring! He bounces off the ropes, charges at him and drops a knee right to MV1's head!

MN: The ref needs to stop the match out of respect that MV1 doesn't have someone to tag out to.

DM: Neely, how the hell would he even get a chance to tag out? He's getting his butt handed to him in there!

DT: Going for something else now, Davis has MV1 up again, hooks him from the back.... MV1 with an elbow to the face, he counters and is now behind Davis! Tony Davis now with an elbow to the face! HE REVERSES it and is now behind MV1! MV1 charges forward to the ropes... latches on to them as Davis pull back!

DM: Davis falls backwards and MV1 is holding a tight grip on the ropes. He turns around, just as Tony Davis is standing up, they hook up in the center of the ring and Davis nails him with a knee to the gut! Mv1 doesn't get phased and knife chops Davis back a step. Followed up by a DROPKICK to the knee! Davis falls to one knee and MV1 bounces off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the face!

MN: Hey look! MVS is back to full capacity!

[Camera switch to MV2 slowly stalking to the ring.]

DT: I don't even think MV1 notices his partner is heading towards the ring.

DM: He's more focused on Tony Davis... lifting him up off the mat now. MV1 has a hold of Davis, hooks his leg... RELEASE Fishermen Suplex! MV1 crawls over and throws an arm over his chest for the cover... 1.....2...NO! Davis with the kickout!

MN: MV2 is on the apron calling for the tag. MV1 should tag out to his fresh partner.

DT: MV1 doesn't even hear his partner, he's got Davis hooked again, this time for a DDT! Tony Davis blocks it and charges MV1 all the way into his own corner! MV1 fights Davis off with a few blocks to the back and Davis drops to the ground! MV2 tags himself in and MV1 almost turns and decks him!

MN: Why's he trying to hit his own partner!

DM: Because he didn't even know he was there Neely!

MN: Well he should pay more attention.

DM: And you should get a better brain.

DT: Now now boys. Pat Jones clarifies the tag and MV1 unhappily steps out of the ring while his partner comes in. This is not the key to good tag teaming.

DM: Got that right.

DT: MV2 now in control and he has Davis right where he wants him. He executes and running bulldog that sends the stumbling Davis to the ground in the center of the ring! MV2 charges over to him, picks him up, slings him against the ropes and Davis goes for the clothesline but MISSES! Davis ducked, comes roaring back and nails MV2 with a flying clothesline!

DM: Davis now to his knees and crawling over to the outstretched arm of High Flyer! He gets the tag to him and here comes Flyer! MV2 is up! Gets his right punch blocked by Flyer who knees him in the gut! MV2 toppled over now and Flyer yanks him back up, Russian LEG SWEEP!

MN: MV1 should've done more to keep Davis from making that tag.

DM: Like what? DQ himself?

MN: Whatever it TAKES!

DM: You're an idiot.

DT: Flyer has MV2 up again and hooks him... LUNATIC BOMB! MV2 has to be out! Flyer goes for the pin... 1....2....NO! MV2 with the kickout. MV1 is screaming for a tag in and MV2 starts crawling towards him but Flyer yanks him back. MV2 on his back now, kicks Flyer in the face. Flyer stumbles back and is met by a LEG SWEEP! Flyer is on his back as well as MV2 now.

MN: There we go!

DM: Now the smart thing here would be to tag in MV1! But I don't think MV2 is that smart. MV2 and Flyer are both groggily getting to their feet. Flyer lunges at MV2, who side steps him and EYE POKE! Flyer covers his face and falls to the mat.

DT: MV1 is screaming at MV2 to get the tag out! MV2 is looking at him and he says something and heads back over to Flyer.... I wonder what he said.

MN: He said 'I got this'.

DM: We'll see about that. OHH!! Looks like High Flyer was playing possum and he punches MV2 in the gut. Followed by another KICK to the head and MV2 is on the mat. Flyer picks him up and walks him over to his own corner. He tags Tony Davis in who yells something...

Davis: 'Hey! Lemme have this pin!'

DT: Davis lifts his opponent in a rock bottom....... WOW VIAGRA BOMB! Davis just laid out MV2 in a powerbomb while Flyer cracked his head on his knees on the way down! HOLY CRAP! Davis hooks the shoulders down for the pin...1....2....3!! TEAM VIAGRA Moves on in the one night only tag tournament!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Scene opens up Jason Reeves storming through the backstage area. He comes up to Steven Shane's locker room door and starts pounding on it. He waits a few seconds, no answer and he opens the door himself. The camera follows him inside and Jason looks furious.]

Stalker: Stevie boy! Where the hell you at!

[Jason storms out of Steven Shane's locker room and heads down the hallway at a quick pace.]

Stalker: STEVEN SHANE! Get out here now and explain to me why you weren't in that ring watching my back, when I got jumped!?!

[He cuts a corner and closes in on Caitlyn's locker room door. He spits on it and continues walking muttering to himself. He comes to another corner stops for a second and turns around. He pushes the camera back.]

Stalker: Get this crap out of my face! I've gotta find this prick before our match tonight.

[Jason heads down the long hallway, cuts another corner and is gone. The camera turns around back towards Caitlyn's locker and a door opens up. Steven Shane walks out of it, smiles at the camera and continues on back to his locker room. As the camera moves closer it catches a glimpse of Caitlyn in her locker room talking on a cellphone.]

Caitlyn: It went perfect tonight!.... No I haven't gotten a hold of him yet, that ***** Siegel hasn't said when Dan will be coming back yet. Don't worry Stalker is being taken care of. He has meddled in our business for far too long and it's only a matter of time before he's out of EPW for good.

Love you too. Bye.

[With that she hangs up the phone and notices the camera looking at her before the screen cuts to static.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
# 1 Contender's Match for the Intercontinental Title: Impulse vs. Dopesmoker

DT: We’re back, and we’re moments away from a very important match as it relates to WRESTLEVERSE, which is just a few weeks away. In one corner, Dopesmoker, an EPW mainstay with a cult following and a devil – may – care attitude, in the other, Impulse, a wrestler on the cusp of being a household name in this industry, just finding his traction here in EPW, and at stake is immortality – a shot at Michael Bastard and his EPW Intercontinental Championship at the biggest event of the year!

[CUEUP: “Holy Mountain” – Sleep. The fans cheer at the distinctive riff.]

MN: That was a mouthful, Dave. Can’t you just say one guy we know, one guy we don’t, and a shot at the Bastard at stake?

DT: You can’t just let me wax poetic for a moment, can you?

TF: This next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit. The winner of this match will go on to EPW WRESTLEVERSE for a shot at Michael Bastard and the IIIIIIIIIINTERCONTINENTAL CHAAAAAAAAMPIONSHIP!

[Huge pop at the mention of the title.]

TF: Introducing first, from the Riffed Filled Land… weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds…. DOOOOOOOOOPESMOOOOOOOKER!!!

DT: Here comes Erik Black, and he’s got these fans worked into a frenzy already. The Dopesmoker is in typical form tonight, he’s already made two stops on his way to the ring – one for what looks like half a fan’s beer, and… Yeah, now he’s smoking a cigarette.

[CUTTO: The entranceway, right by ringside, where Dopesmoker has leaned into the guardrail, playing up smoking his bummed cigarette like it’s the first one he’s had in years.

“YEAHHH! DOPESMOKER, YEAH!” shouted one of the fans behind him.]

DM: They love this man, and he’s quite the entertainer, Dave – but he’d better have his game face on when he gets into that ring because I’ve been watching this Impulse kid in the weeks since his debut, and if Black wants to get the win here he’s gonna have to earn it.

MN: Maybe he doesn’t want to win. Maybe he wants to smack the smug off Impulse’s face, make out with his chick, and float away into the sunset.

DT: Float?

MN: You… do know how much this guy smokes, right?

DT: … Dopesmoker has finally entered the ring, and he’s playing to the crowd from the top turnbuckle, Geezer thrust high into the air. He’s as ready for this as he can be.


[CUE UP: “Revolution Baby” by Queen V, and the fans got loud again.]

TF: From New York, New York, and accompanied to the ring by Calico Rose… Weighing in at one hundred and eighty eight pounds… THIS… IS… IMMMMMPULSE!

DT: Impulse is on his way to the ring with purpose! He’s slapping what appears to be every outstretched hand on his way, but he’s got his eyes on Dopesmoker, who has leaned against the corner, looking unconcerned.

MN: If you ask me, the only decent thing about this guy is that he brings the hot chick to the ring with him, so while he’s boring us, we’ve got something to do.

DT: Stop it, Mike.

DM: This is an interesting study in opposites. Dopesmoker is a clown who likes to steal the show by entertaining, and he can certainly hold his own in the ring, while Impulse has shown himself to be one of the most highly skilled technical wrestlers in the business today, but he has shown himself to have a bit of a clownish side at times. Additionally, these two worked well as a team during the first two rounds of the King of the Cage tournament for the work they did together, so they’re familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

MN: If they worked so well, how come they lost?

DM: I said… for the work they did together. Clean your ears.


DT: There’s the bell, and we’re on our way! Impulse is ready for action in the middle of the ring, but Black is still hanging out in the corner.

DM: We’ve got a standoff, both of these guys are risk – takers and both are among the smaller wrestlers on our roster; they’re both used to using strategy instead of brute force.

MN: Did you really just say that the Dopesmoker uses strategy?

DT: Impulse makes the first move – he steps in to lock up, but Dopesmoker feinted right and used Impulse’s momentum to push him chest – first into the turnbuckle!

DM: You were saying?

MN: …

DT: Impulse turns around, and Black is standing in the center of the ring, and he just shrugged his shoulders to a cheer from the fans!

DM: He didn’t have to stand there and wait to lock up, it’s smarter to make your opponent do the work.

DT: Impulse cracks his neck, and he walks toward Black once again to lock up – Dopesmoker is backing up, and he ducked down and right again! Full nelson from behind, and a German Suplex with a bridge! ONE… TWO… Kickout by Impulse!

MN: He must be stoned if he thought it would be that easy. The kid is like a cockroach, you need to squash him more decisively.

DT: I don’t think Erik Black was looking for a pin right there; take a look at him. Impulse shot up to his feet while the Dopesmoker spun around and collapsed backwards into a reclined pose against the corner; it’s all mind games and one- upmanship.

DM: Good point, Dave. Given Impulse’s reputation, it’s certainly a psychological edge for Black to show that he can move him around as he wants.

DT: Impulse has turned around with his hands on his hips – despite his size he clearly has the look of a man who is used to controlling the pace of a match, and Erik Black just shrugged his shoulders.

MN: Once more unto the breach?

DT: ?

MN: He’s going for it again! Some people never learn.

DT: I’m just surprised you quoted Shakespeare.

MN: You don’t know me, Burger Man.

DM: I’m not sure what Impulse is hoping to accomplish, he just reached for another lockup—

DT: Dopesmoker with a swerve to the right again!

MN: Told you, he never learns!

DT: IMPULSE SPINS OUT OF IT AND LANDS A BOOT TO DOPESMOKER’S GUT! He reaches back and snaps him by the neck to the mat, and locks in a rear chinlock! Black breaks the hold before it can get fully set, and listen to these fans!

[SFX: Cheers, as Dopesmoker looks at Impulse, who shrugs – slowly – slightly mocking of Dopesmoker.]

DT: Dopesmoker went to the well once too often, and Impulse was there to capitalize. Both men are on their feet again and circling, and they lock up in the middle of the ring! Dopesmoker with a knee to the stomach, and a scoop and a slam!

DM: It’s rare that he’s the bigger man in the match, he should use the opportunity to power his way through.

DT: Impulse rolls through, Black backs up, leans into the ropes, Impulse to his feet, and Dopesmoker with a bulldog just drove him, face first, into the mat! Rollover and cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout!

DM: Impulse is also referred to as the Marathon Man, he’s got more in the tank.

MN: So far he’s just got Dopesmoker’s boot in his tank.

DT: Black pulls Impulse to his feet, and a right hand to the face! Whip into the ropes, and a hiptoss – Impulse reversed with an armdrag takedown! Black pops to his feet – Inverse atomic drop!

MN: Low blow! Disqualify him!

DT: It’s a legal move!

MN: Hypocrite.

DM: Dopesmoker’s gonna feel that one. He’s down on his knees, and his defenses are down. Impulse wants to get a quick pin he’s got a chance.

DT: I think he heard you, Dean, because Impulse just hooked Black from behind and pulled him to his feet. Dragon suplex! ONE… TWO… Kickout by Dopesmoker!

DM: I said a chance – I never said it was a good one. Erik Black is just as resilient as Impulse.

DT: Dopesmoker is getting back to his feet, but Impulse is waiting for him… T-Bone Suplex! Impulse up, off the ropes – Springboard moonsault! Cover, ONE… TWO… TH-Kickout! Impulse with another scoop – Thumb to the eyes!

DM: See, Neely – that was illegal.

MN: Was not! That was a Greco Roman Thumb to the eye!

DT: Dopesmoker did plainly state that he had the advantage over Impulse due to the fact that he was willing to do anything to win a match – right here is where that advantage shows its teeth.

MN: But if he was so smart he’d have followed up with a low blow, a rollup, and a handful of tights.

DM: I don’t think so, Neely. Erik Black isn’t above taking a shortcut, but he’s also got a sense of honor all his own.

DT: Crescent kick to Impulse’s head!

DM: And just like that, the momentum is shifted.

DT: The Marathon Man is sent into the ropes, and Black is waiting! Buzzkiller! Cover, ONE… TWO… THRE—KICKOUT! I thought he had him there!

DM: When you’re in the moment, your head is foggy from impact, the only thing you hear is the count. It’s instinct.

DT: Impulse not getting up from that one, but he’s not out of the fight yet! Erik Black with a look of disbelief and annoyance at the referee, but Impulse clearly got the shoulder up just before the three count. He’s got his hands over his eyes, but no time to rest, Dopesmoker has him up, and a powerbomb planted him back on the mat, hard!

MN: So much for Impulse.

DT: And now Dopesmoker climbing the ropes!

[SFX: The noise level in the crowd noticeably rises]

DT: He’s standing on the top turnbuckle! And a bow to the fans draws another huge reaction!

DM: We’ve seen a lot less of that tonight from Erik Black than usual; he’s focused on his objective tonight.

MN: He’s obviously bored with these idiots and doesn’t want to entertain them anymore.

DT: Impulse slowly stirring, what does Dopesmoker have in store for him?

DM: Quite the contrary, Mike, I think Black wants that shot at Michael Bastard, and after seeing what Impulse was willing to do and what he was able to take in those two cage matches, as well as his countout victory against Copycat – if he’s going to beat him he needs to stay focused.

DT: Impulse has rolled over to his knees, Dopesmoker sets himself… MISSILE DROPKICK FROM THE TOP!

[SFX: “E-P-DUB! E-P-DUB!”]

MN: That’s it, he’s dead.

DT: Erik Black timed that perfectly, he came off the top with a sharp missile dropkick at the exact moment that Impulse was all the way vertical, and landed his kick right between the shoulder blades! Both men hit the mat hard, but Impulse went face first into the canvas while Dopesmoker was able to protect himself, even just a little!

DM: There’s the biggest danger in the sport today, I think. When you lose the sense of where your opponent is, he has you completely at his mercy. Look at Calico Rose, she’s got her hands over her mouth.

MN: I could give her something else—

DT: Don’t get crass.

MN: Just saying, I could

DT: Dopesmoker crawling over, he’s obviously dazed as well, and he hooks the leg, ONE… TWO… THREE! NO! Kickout by Impulse, and this crowd is in shock!

MN: To say nothing of Erik Black!

DT: Impulse rolls to his side and grabs the bottom rope, there’s still a lot of fight left in this kid!

MN: OR… there’s no fight left, and his brain doesn’t have enough oxygen to tell the rest of his body that he’s supposed to stay down now.

DT: I think you might’ve given Dopesmoker an idea, he’s got Impulse pulled to his feet, and – we’ve seen this before! Snapmare! Dragon Sleeper! He’s got Impulse’s head hooked, and his back is to the ropes! There’s no way Impulse can reach them from there!

DM: It’s a simple move, but an effective one – and slowly cutting off the blood to the brain is the easiest way to keep Impulse down.

DT: Erik Black even has Impulse’s back vertical across his knee so the Marathon Man can’t get any leverage to power out!

MN: Marathon Man? He’s currently winning twenty six miles to a nap!

DT: The referee needs to keep an eye on this hold, it could easily go from a legitimate hold to an illegal choke, but no – Black has it locked in nice and legal, and Impulse’s arm is raised. It drops once! Rose is banging her hand on the mat, trying to keep Impulse in this thing, but he’s fading!

DM: Two more and Erik Black faces Michael Bastard for the Intercontinental belt!

DT: Twice!

MN: Just drop, already!

DT: Impulse holds on! Erik Black looks around, and he cinches the hold in tighter! Wait a minute…

MN: Don’t tell me…

DT: Impulse powered himself in the other direction! He held onto Erik Black for all the leverage he needed, and he’s got Dopesmoker’s head locked between his shins!

MN: THAT is a choke!

[SFX: Fan reaction gets louder, again.]

DT: We’ve got a double submission hold here, either man could go down any second!

DM: Both men could go down any second!

DT: These fans are getting louder and louder as we’re locked into a stalemate! Neither man is willing to give!

DM: Look at Erik Black! His face is bright red!

DT: I’m sure Impulse’s would be the same if we could see him from here!

DM: Something is gonna have to give.




DT: Erik Black let go of the facelock in his Dragon Sleeper, but hoisted Impulse by the waist, and dropped him face first on the mat! Both men are down, and breathing hard!

DM: Something as simple as a sleeper can sap your energy more than the highest impact power move ever could, and I wouldn’t be surprised if neither man could come back from this.

[SFX: “ONE!”]

DT: You may be right, Dean. Black obviously had the strength to lift Impulse, but the Marathon Man’s ankles were still locked behind his head, and there was definite recoil when they hit the mat.

[SFX: “TWO!”]

MN: I want to know how that twerp bent his spine like that. Maybe he doesn’t have one…


DM: Neither man is moving, what’s the call if we get a double countout?

[SFX: “FOUR!”]

DT: That’s a good question, Dean. I would hope we’d see a triangle match at Wrestleverse, but that’s a decision that the front office would need to make. And you can hear Rose shouting for Impulse to answer the count!

[SFX: “FIVE!”]

MN: Forget that. Neither of these losers wins, neither get a shot at the Bastard.

[SFX: “SIX!”]

DT: That’s another possibility, Neely, but Dopesmoker looks like he’s starting to stir!


DM: It’s possible all Black would need to do is make his way six feet to Impulse and make the cover, and we’ll have our Intercontinental contender.

DT: Dopesmoker looks totally disoriented in there, he may not know which way is up!


MN: How’s that any different?

[SFX: “NINE!”]

DT: Dopesmoker rolls to his knees, and the count is broken! This match will continue!

DM: For how much longer?

DT: Erik Black pulls himself to his feet on the ropes, and Impulse is finally starting to stir as well, he’s got a hand on his head, and there’s movement in his legs.

DM: No, it’s not over yet! Erik Black with a few tentative steps, finishing this here and now is definitely his only priority.

MN: Wasn’t that both these idiots’ priority this entire match?

DT: There’s probably still some cobwebs inside both mens’ heads – IMPULSE NIPS UP! Listen to the fans!

MN: And down he goes!

DT: Not quite, Neely! He nipped up but needed to steady himself on the ropes, and that was no doubt a calculated move on Impulse’s part, trying to convince Erik Black he has more energy than he does. Black with a forearm to the chest, and a cross – corner whip… Reversal! Dopesmoker hit the corner hard, chest first!

DM: These fans want to see it.

DT: Black turns around—SUDDEN IMPACT! Square on the chin! Impulse collapses across Dopesmoker’s chest and hooks the leg, ONE… TWO… THREE!

MN: Was that it?


DM: He got him!

[CUE UP: “Revolution Baby” – Queen V]

TF: The winner of the match, and NEW Number One Contender for the EPW Intercontinental Championship… IMMMMPULSE!

DT: He doesn’t know it yet, Impulse hasn’t gotten back up after hitting a desperation Sudden Impact on Dopesmoker, and neither man has moved since! Calico Rose enters the ring to help him to his feet, and these fans are already on theirs!

MN: That was a ham – handed segue way.

DT: Dopesmoker is coming to, and these fans are applauding his efforts tonight!

DM: So is Impulse, in a classic display of showmanship.

MN: Sportsmanship should be outlawed, it gets in the way of real hunger.

DT: Be that as it may, Impulse managed another victory in his short EPW career, but the question now remains, will he be able to capitalize at Wrestleverse? We’ll be right back, fans, and remember, the views and opinions of Mike Neely are not necessarily the views of Empire Pro Wrestling.

MN: But they should be!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Chasing Geese

[We go to a live shot of Kenny Lombardo in a hallway backstage.]

LOMBARDO: Guys, I have just been led on a wild goose chase back stage by someone who claims that the most important person in Empire Pro Wrestling history is set to make their return! That person is in this room!

[Lombardo points to a door and slowly opens it. The camera peers inside and shows us a figure covered in a black cloak, their back turned to Lombardo.]

PERSON: [Voice distorted] Ahh Kenny you’ve made it, but now is not the right time. No this is but a taste a moment to build the drama. At Wrestleverse, there I shall reveal my face. Then and only then will everyone understand exactly how serious I am.

LOMBARDO: But, I need to know who you are.


[A startled Lombardo backs out of the room and shuts the door]

LOMBARDO: Um I don’t know what to say. Back to you guys.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
One Night Tourney Finals: TEAM V.I.A.G.R.A. vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown & Otaku

DT: Folks, we are about to find out who will challenge Stalker and Steven Shane for the EPW Tag Team Titles at Wrestleverse IV!

DM: Earlier in the evening, we saw Karl “The Dragon” Brown and Otaku make their way past the Colossal Connection, while Team V.I.A.G.R.A. got the better of the Masked Violators. Now we’ll see which team has what it takes to challenge the Tag Team Champions live on pay-per-view!

[CUE UP: “I Hope You Die” by the Bloodhound Gang. High Flyer and Tony Davis step through the curtains to the approval of the fans, showing enthusiasm enough that you might not notice they just had a match earlier in the night]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team matchup is scheduled for one fall, and the winning team will receive a shot at the EPW Tag Team Titles at Wrestleverse IV! Making their way to the ring now, at a total combined weight of 480 pounds – High Flyer and Tony Davis, Teeeeeeeeeeeeeam Viagraaaaaaaaaaaa!

DM: Team V.I.A.G.R.A. is trying to hold onto some of the energy they showed earlier tonight, and that’s what they’ve got to do if they’re going to come out on top in this tripleheader!

MN: But how much energy can they have left? These two guys are no spring chickens, and they’re up against a couple of younger opponents! They’re going to need to find another advantage in this one!

DT: I don’t know if you can count out these two based on age – they may not have the energy, but they’ve definitely got the toughness to outlast almost anyone.

[Flyer and Davis hit the ring and try to absorb the good vibes from the crowd as they await their opponents]

DM: It’s worth pointing out also that these two men have spent a lot of time teaming together, off and on, over the years. That’s more than you can say for their opponents, who teamed up together for the very first time earlier tonight against the Colossal Connection.

MN: It’s not like having a history of teaming together did the Colossal Connection any good! How is it going to do Team V.I.A.G.R.A. any good?

DT: I guess we’ll just have to watch the match and see, Mike.

[The lights go out in the arena. CUE UP: The opening theme to Jushin Liger. Anime scenes flash on the video monitor as the first few bars of the song play, while green and white lights begin to flash around the arena. Just before the lyrics begin, the Jushin Liger theme cuts out. CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The song is cued up to the moment the lyrics begin, and as they do, Karl Brown and Otaku step through the curtains, smoke rising around both of them, to a big pop. Brown and Otaku head down to the ring, gladhanding the fans]

TF: And their opponents, at a total combined weight of 441 pounds, Otakuuuuuu and Karl “The Dragon” Browwwwwwwwnnnn!

MN: They just started teaming together and already they have a fancy joint entrance? Egomaniacs.

DM: You’re one to talk, Mike.

DT: This duo may not have a long history as a team – or a lot in common, for that matter – but they’ve already gotten the job done once tonight, and they’re looking to get it done a second time.

[Brown and Otaku both vault over the top rope into the ring, Brown landing on the second rope to pose for the fans and Otaku landing right in the ring and playing to the crowd]

MN: Ugh, it makes me sick when the crowd cheers for everybody.

DM: Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll notice you at ringside and decide to boo.

SFX: Ding! Ding!

DT: And it looks like it’s going to be High Flyer starting this one out against Otaku. Collar-and-elbow tie-up in the middle of the ring, High Flyer with a headlock, backed to the ropes and Otaku pushes him off. High Flyer off the ropes from the other side, leapfrog by Otaku, around again and Otaku with a hiptoss!

MN: He just caught High Flyer by surprise with that one!

DM: High Flyer back to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out, and another collar-and-elbow tie-up. High Flyer with an arm wrench on Otaku, and Otaku with a back elbow, and another!

DT: Otaku sends High Flyer off the ropes, drop-down by Otaku, around from the other side, Otaku looking for a hiptoss but High Flyer reverses into a hiptoss of his own! Otaku back to his feet, and an armdrag by High Flyer! Up again, and another armdrag!

MN: High Flyer didn’t take too kindly to Otaku catching him by surprise there a moment ago!

DM: High Flyer now with a kick to the midsection, and he sends Otaku face-first into the buckle! A tag out to Tony Davis, and Davis with more kicks to the midsection of Otaku! And there’s a hard knife-edge chop!

DT: Irish whip by Davis, Otaku off the ropes and a big back body drop by the 256-pounder! Davis off the ropes, Otaku back to his feet and a clothesline to the back of the head by Davis! Davis with a cover!



No! Otaku gets the shoulder up.

MN: Even Otaku doesn’t go down that easy!

DT: Davis brings Otaku to his feet, hooks him up and is looking for a suplex, but Otaku slides down the back! Otaku pushes Davis into the ropes, and there’s a rolling reverse cradle!



No! Davis kicks him off!

DM: Davis back to his feet, misses with a clothesline and a dropkick by Otaku! And another one! Otaku with a kick to the midsection, and a snap suplex to Davis! Otaku covers, hooks the leg!



And Davis gets the shoulder up!

DT: Otaku with a wrench of the arm, brings Davis over to his corner and there’s the tag to the Dragon!

MN: Hey, anything that gets Otaku out of my line of sight.

DT: Karl Brown in the ring, and there’s a hard kick to the side of Davis! And to the other side! And another! Brown is wearing Davis out with kicks in the corner! Brown with Davis out of the corner, another kick and a swinging neckbreaker! A cover!



No! Another shoulder up by Davis.

DM: Davis hasn’t had much offense here in the early going, but he’s certainly showing resilience thus far.

MN: Thus far? We’ll see how resilient he is once we get more than five minutes into this thing!

DT: Brown with an Irish whip to Davis, reversed by Davis! Davis misses a clothesline as Brown comes off the ropes, from the other side and a cross-body block by Brown! He’s got the cover!



No! Davis with the kickout.

DM: Brown looking to bring Davis back to his feet, but Davis with a shot to the midsection, and another! Davis has Brown staggered, off the ropes and runs right into a drop toe hold! Brown now floats over into a side headlock!

MN: I hope he’s got a plan beyond this point, because that’s not going to incapacitate Davis for long!

DM: We’re talking about Karl Brown here, Mike. I’m sure he’s got plans well beyond this point.

DT: Davis is back up now, still trapped in that headlock, but he’s firing elbows into the midsection of Brown, trying to break the hold!

DM: But Brown is backing into his corner, and Otaku makes the tag! Otaku into the ring, and he nails Davis with a kick to the midsection! Otaku with chops to Davis, and a Japanese armdrag! Brings Davis to his feet, and a back suplex by Otaku! A cover!



No! Davis kicks out yet again!

DT: Otaku off the ropes, nails Davis with a clothesline! And another one! Otaku hooks Davis up – Russian legsweep! Otaku goes for the cover!



And another kickout by Davis!

DM: But Otaku’s got the legs of Davis now! Otaku is trying to apply the Texas Cloverleaf to the bigger man, and if he gets it locked in, he could do some serious damage!

MN: But Davis is fighting it! Davis nails Otaku with shots to the head!

DM: Davis has escaped Otaku for now, and he’s looking to make the tag to High Flyer, but Otaku drops an elbow across the back of Davis! Otaku with knee strikes to the head, and now he’s got Davis in a standing headscissors! He could be looking for a Liger Bomb here!

MN: He can’t get Davis up, can he?

DT: We’re not going to find out, as Davis drops Otaku with a double-leg takedown! Davis with the legs – slingshots Otaku into the turnbuckle! Otaku stumbles back – and right into a big full nelson slam by Davis!

DM: Davis shaking the cobwebs out, and now looking for the tag – and he gets it! High Flyer in the ring, and he nails Otaku before he can get to his own corner! High Flyer with kicks to the back of the downed Otaku!

DT: High Flyer bringing Otaku to his feet, and he slams the head into the turnbuckle! High Flyer with a knife-edge chop to Otaku in the corner, and another one! Three! Four! Irish whip sends Otaku to the opposite corner, High Flyer charges in and a big standing bodypress flattens Otaku against the buckle!

DM: Otaku stumbling out of the corner, and a stiff kick to the head by High Flyer! A cover!



No! Otaku gets the shoulder up.

MN: Otaku is in trouble, and High Flyer isn’t giving him any time to recover! I’m starting to get fond of this High Flyer guy.

DT: High Flyer brings Otaku up, and a hard scoop slam! High Flyer off the ropes, drops a big leg on Otaku! A cover, hook of the leg!



No! Otaku hangs on.

DM: High Flyer with Otaku over to the corner, and there’s the tag to Davis. High Flyer holds Otaku up and a hard shot to the midsection by Davis!

MN: That’s the teamwork of Team V.I.A.G.R.A. you’re seeing in action! They’re going to work as a well-oiled machine in this one.

DT: Davis with a clubbing forearm to the back of Otaku, and now a kick to the midsection! Davis with Otaku in position – gutwrench suplex! Davis up to his feet, drops an elbow to the chest of Otaku, and a cover!



No! Otaku gets the shoulder up.

DM: Davis backs Otaku into the corner and lays into him with a series of shoulderblocks to the midsection! And there’s another tag! Davis and High Flyer are keeping up the pace, not giving Otaku a moment to breathe!

MN: And look at High Flyer picking up right where Tony Davis left off, with those kicks right to the gut! Karl Brown will be lucky if he ever gets tagged back into this one! And another stiff elbow by High Flyer!

DT: High Flyer puts Otaku down with a snap mare, and a hard kick right to the back of Otaku! Another one, and another one! And now a kick right to the back of the head! High Flyer could have just knocked Otaku out cold with that one! He’s got a cover!



Not quite! Otaku still able to hang on.

DM: High Flyer with a quick tag to Davis, and now he’s got hold of Otaku’s arms! High Flyer holding Otaku in place, Davis off the ropes – big splash to Otaku! High Flyer out of the ring, and referee Pat Jones over for the count!



And again, Otaku kicks out! For all the domination Team V.I.A.G.R.A. has shown here tonight, Otaku still won’t stay down!

MN: But it’s only a matter of time!

DT: Davis brings Otaku back to his feet, kick to the midsection and – a piledriver! Otaku’s head driven right into the canvas! Davis with a cover – will that be enough?



No! Again, Otaku manages to survive!

DM: Davis with the tag out to High Flyer, and Flyer still on the apron. Springboards in – and a beautiful Lou Thesz press right onto Otaku! High Flyer lays into Otaku with right hands! High Flyer is fired up, but I wonder if he might be feeling some frustration at Otaku’s continued survival!

MN: Some frustration that Otaku is still in this thing would be natural, but still, High Flyer has to know that he and Tony Davis are in total control of this thing, and as long as they can keep Otaku away from his tag team partner, that isn’t going to change!

DT: High Flyer with Otaku to his feet, double underhooks the arms, and he could be looking for the Hypothermia here!

DM: No! Otaku gets the arms free and takes down High Flyer at the legs! Jack-knife pin by Otaku!



No! High Flyer kicks out, but Otaku caught him completely by surprise there!

DT: And High Flyer punishes Otaku with a hard knee to the gut, and another to the head! High Flyer with the tag to Davis, and Davis lays in a clubbing blow to the back of Otaku’s head!

MN: See? Otaku surprised High Flyer, but he couldn’t make the tag, and Team V.I.A.G.R.A. is still in control!

DT: Davis with Otaku up, and a big backbreaker! Up again from the same position, and another backbreaker! Davis now hooks Otaku up, lifts him up for a vertical suplex, and he just lets Otaku hang there!

MN: He calls this one “Oooooh!” and it’s not hard to see why – as soon as he drops Otaku, it’s going to be a big impact!

DM: And there it is! Otaku planted to the canvas! Davis with a cover!



Th-no! No! Otaku got his foot on the ropes! I thought this one was over!

DT: Davis can’t believe it! He thought he had this one wrapped up! And you can see the frustration in his eyes – not only is Otaku hanging on, but the crowd is getting more and more behind Otaku as he looks to overcome the odds!

MN: But there’s the tag to High Flyer! Otaku may be trying to overcome the odds, but they’re getting stacked against him more and more with each big move!

DM: High Flyer puts Otaku down with a clothesline! High Flyer now with a bodyslam, and he’s up to the top rope! High Flyer off the top – Traveling Through Time connects! High Flyer covers, a hook of the leg!



No! Karl Brown breaks the pin!

MN: The Dragon is getting desperate! I don’t think he expected Otaku to kick out of that one!

DM: Pat Jones sends Brown back to the ring apron, and High Flyer makes the tag out to Tony Davis! Davis in the ring, kick to the midsection of Otaku and a DDT! Cover by Davis!



Th-no! Otaku with another kickout!

DT: Davis is upset, but he’s saying this one is over! Davis with the tag out to High Flyer, and now Davis is setting Otaku up on the top rope! Team V.I.A.G.R.A. could be looking for the Natural High here!

MN: Otaku has survived a lot longer than anyone expected, but if the Natural High connects, he’s finished!

DM: High Flyer heading to the top rope on one side of the ring, and Davis with Otaku up on the other side! Davis looking for the top-rope uranage – but Otaku is fighting it!

DT: This crowd is behind Otaku as he hammers Davis desperately with rights! A headbutt by Otaku, and Davis goes crashing to the canvas! Otaku steadying himself on the top rope!

MN: But he forgot about High Flyer! High Flyer hopped down from the opposite turnbuckle when he saw Davis struggling with Otaku, and High Flyer kicks Otaku’s legs out from under him!

DT: High Flyer now going up to the top rope with Otaku! He’s looking for a superplex!

DM: High Flyer trying to get Otaku off that top rope, but Otaku’s still fighting! Otaku with shots to the midsection – and a front-layout suplex sends High Flyer face-first into the mat!

DT: Otaku once again steadying himself on the turnbuckle! High Flyer is down! Tony Davis is getting back to his feet! Otaku off the top—

MN: Right into a huge powerslam by Davis! He caught Otaku right out of the air!

DT: Davis could have just stopped Otaku’s momentum right there, but Pat Jones is telling him he needs to get out of the ring – High Flyer is the legal man! And High Flyer is on the mat, just like Otaku!

DM: It looks like Otaku is trying to crawl to his corner, but he’s had the wind knocked out of him by that powerslam, and High Flyer is getting back to his feet! High Flyer drops an elbow across the back of Otaku to stop his escape!

MN: Once again, Team V.I.A.G.R.A. isolates Otaku! This has been their game plan this entire match, and it’s stopped Otaku from being a threat!

DT: High Flyer drags Otaku back into the center of the ring – and now he’s calling for the Locomotive! If the Locomotive hits, this one’s over!

DM: High Flyer charges in – but Otaku ducks under the kick! Otaku hits the opposite ropes, High Flyer turns around after him – <i>Chidori!</i>

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: The Chidori connects! High Flyer is down! This could be the chance Otaku needs to make the tag to the Dragon! Otaku crawling over to his corner, but High Flyer is crawling toward Davis! High Flyer … makes the tag!

DM: And so does Otaku!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Karl Brown is in the ring, and he’s a house afire! Brown puts Davis down with a clothesline, and another, and another! Brown with a dropkick to Davis! Brown hooks up Davis – T-bone suplex sends Davis to the mat! Brown is feeding off the goodwill this crowd has been giving Otaku!

MN: Team V.I.A.G.R.A.’s whole strategy was to keep Otaku from making the tag! They’ve got to adjust now, and it’s hard to adjust when you’ve got Karl Brown coming at you at 100 miles an hour!

DT: Brown with Davis into the corner, hooks him up and – Diamond Dust plants Davis! Brown with a cover!



No! Davis with the kickout!

DM: Brown brings Davis to his feet without a second to lose! Full nelson by Brown – and there’s a dragon suplex! Brown holds the bridge!



Th-no! High Flyer makes the save!

DT: And Brown’s not happy about it! Brown grabs High Flyer before he can get out of the ring and nails him with a right! Brown with a dropkick to High Flyer!

DM: Brown with the legs of High Flyer! He could be looking for a sharpshooter here!

MN: But High Flyer kicks him off – right into a big German suplex by Davis! Davis holds the bridge!



Thr-no! Brown gets the shoulder up at the last moment!

DM: Tony Davis surprised him there, and it was almost enough to keep the Dragon down!

DT: Davis with Brown in position! He’s looking for the reverse Russian legsweep he calls the SHHH~!

DM: No! Brown slips around to the back! Brown with the dragon sleeper locked in on Davis, and look at Davis struggling to escape!

DT: The dragon sleeper is a deadly maneuver, and if Tony Davis can’t escape the hold, he may not hold out for long!

DM: Wait, look at this! High Flyer is back up! High Flyer grabs Brown – and locks in the Dragon SLEEP! But Brown isn’t letting go!

MN: What a sight! Three men, two dragon sleepers! Who will give up first?

DT: Karl Brown can’t submit, as High Flyer is not the legal man! But if High Flyer can take enough out of Brown with this hold, Davis may be able to put him away! High Flyer wrenching in the hold, and Brown’s grip on Davis is loosening! High Flyer’s almost got his partner free! And if—

DM: <i>Lightning Blade!</i>

DT: Oh! Otaku out of nowhere with the Lightning Blade, just drilled High Flyer in the back of the head! High Flyer is down, and Otaku rolls out of the ring!

MN: But Tony Davis is just about out of the dragon sleeper! If he can just escape—

DT: No! Brown with a hard kick to the back of Davis! Brown with the dragon sleeper again – no! Lifts Davis up, and … <i>Dragon’s Bite!</i>

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: Brown with the cover!




SFX: Ding! Ding!

[CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden]

DM: Karl Brown saw an opening, and he took full advantage of it! One Dragon’s Bite later, we have new No. 1 contenders!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners and the No. 1 contenders for the EPW Tag Team Titles: Ooooootakuuuuuu and Karllllll “The Dragonnnnnn” Broooowwwwwwwnnn!

MN: Just a moment more of the Dragon SLEEP! and High Flyer might have turned the tide in this one, but it’s too late for Team V.I.A.G.R.A. now!

DT: Karl Brown and Otaku score a pair of decisive victories tonight! They could have the momentum going into Wrestleverse IV!

DM: But it won’t be smooth sailing for the new No. 1 contenders, as they’ve still got to overcome the EPW Tag Team Champions, Stalker and Steven Shane – and that is no easy task after the performance that team put on in the King of the Cage tournament!

MN: And we still have yet to see the Tag Team Champions in action here tonight as they battle the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Anarky, and the No. 1 contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Title, Copycat!

DT: That match is still to come, EPW fans, so stay tuned to Aggression!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Steven Shane & Stalker (cc) vs. Anarky (c) & Copycat

DT: Well folks… unbelievable is the only way to sum up what we’ve seen here tonight on Aggression.

DM: And now, it all comes down to the main event.

DT: And what better way to transition into WrestleVerse than with this main event!

DM: Absolutely right, Dave! At WrestleVerse, the Kings of the Cage, “Sensational” Steven Shane and Stalker will be defending their new World Tag Team Championships!

DT: They’ve certainly been on a roll for a makeshift team, but they seem to have it figured out when it comes to their in-ring work.

DM: Indeed they do. Yet, on the flipside of the coin, their opponents tonight will square off AGAINST each other at WrestleVerse!

DT: The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line, Dean, and the whole EPW locker room is abuzz about it!

MN: But it all starts here tonight! Four of EPW’s biggest names set to collide! Oh what a night!

DM: Perhaps the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say, Neels!

MN: Wouldn’t be if you’d stop talking and listen to a real analyst!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is set for one fall… and is our main event for the evening!

[CUE UP: “Did My Time” by Korn.]

TF: Introducing first… From Parts Unknown… Weighing in at 224 pounds… He is one half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions… STALKER!!!

DT: Well, this guy says the World Heavyweight Championship runs through him. Tonight is his official way of showing this.

DM: Official is right. This guy is everywhere when it comes to Anarky, but it never seems to be within the ropes after the bell rings.

DT: It will certainly be an experience to witness what this man can come up with inside that ring here tonight!

[CUE UP: “Power” by Kanye West.]

[Fountain-like pyros explode from left to right and back to the left again on the stage. The crowd erupts as Steven Shane enters up through the stage.]

TF: And his partner… From Hollywood, California… Weighing in at 253 pounds… He is also one half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions… “SENSATIONAL”… STEVEN… SHANE!!!

DT: And this man could not be more yin to Stalker’s yang.

MN: Watch your mouth, Thomas! This is a family show!

DT: You might want to listen again, Neels.

DM: Dave, you are absolutely right. Steven Shane is a very technically sound professional while Stalker is the epitome of a brawler.

MN: Brawler doesn’t even describe this lunatic! This guy has to go through customs to get into the ring because of all the foreign objects he brings with him.

DT: He certainly has a style all his own. That’s for sure…

[CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush.]

[The lights go out for a second, then flicker on and off as the song begins. For the song's opening seconds, the video monitor shows only a flashing siren. When the drums first kick in, the monitor shows a sped-up version of Copycat running Dan Ryan down with his car. When the drums drop back out, the siren -- now with Copycat's dead eyes layered over it -- reappears. When the drums kick in again, the video monitor changes to the typical in-ring highlights as Copycat comes through the curtains.]

TF: And their opponent… Introducing first… From Kalamazoo, Michigan… Weighing in at 280 pounds… COPYCAT!!!

DT: And here comes the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

DM: And look there! Aaron Jones is following right behind Copycat!

DT: Is Copycat going to make Aaron wrestle this match for him again here tonight?

DM: I would certainly hope not. That cost Anarky and Copycat that match!

[CUE UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie.]

TF: And his tag team partner… from Hartford, Connecticut… Weighing in at 231 pounds… he is the Eee Pee Double You WORLD Heavyweight Champion… AN-ARKY!!!

DT: Well, the champ is here. Of course, this is non-title for neither Anarky’s World Heavyweight Title nor Shane and Stalker’s Tag Team Titles.

DM: And that’s a good thing, Dave. Heading into WrestleVerse, there is a lot riding on their upcoming matchups, and I guarantee you that someone would be walking out of here with a new title!

DT: Four excellent competitors here, Dean. That is for sure.

MN: And all of them are in place, ready to get this thing underway! I can’t wait!


DT: And it looks as though Shane and Anarky are going to get this thing started.

MN: And look at the way that Copycat just slinked back into the corner! This man is going to leave Anarky out to dry! Anarky should have never even stepped into the ring and stayed on the apron so Copycat would HAVE to get in there! He’s doomed.

DT: Shane and Anarky circling each other here. They step to the middle for a collar and elbow tie-up. Shane takes the quick advantage with a side headlock.

DM: It may not seem like much, but Shane has that very slight size advantage here against the champ, and even those few inches put a lot of strain on the champion here.

DT: But Anarky doesn’t want to stick around. He places his hand on Shane’s lower back and presses him off into the ropes. Shane rebounds…

DM: And a big shoulder block by Shane!

DT: Shane with a quick stare down to the champ. Now he bounces off the adjacent ropes…

DM: Anarky rolls over to his stomach and Shane leaps over him. Shane rebounds off the opposite ropes…

DT: And a leap frog from Anarky! Shane into the ropes one more time…

DM: And a sidewalk slam by Shane! Anarky tried to leap over Shane again, but The Sensational One caught the champ in mid-air and drove him right into the mat!

DT: Shane goes for the quick cover…




DM: Shane back up to his feet now, pulling Anarky with him. Shane pulls Anarky into a front facelock. Looking for the vertical suplex…

DT: But Anarky blocks it! And now with a suplex of his own!

MN: Look at this! Copycat is extending his arm to Anarky!

DT: What is he doing?

DM: Apparently Copycat wants to help out Anarky!

DT: Anarky looks to his corner with a puzzled look! He’s as confused as we are!

DM: Anarky reaching his arm out now…

DT: And a clean tag! Copycat enters the ring without a second look to the champ!

DM: But look at Anarky! He is completely confused by this!

MN: As he should be! What does this guy have up his sleeve?

DT: Copycat walks over to the slowly rising Shane now. He drives a couple of well-placed right hands into Shane’s head while also helping his opponent up.

DM: And now Copycat pushes Shane back into the ropes. There’s a knee to the midsection as he now grabs hold of Shane’s arm. There’s an Irish whip across the ring. Shane rebounds…

DT: And a HUGE lariat by Copycat!

MN: He damn near took off Shane’s head there!

DT: But Copycat is not taking a break at all here! He is staying right on top of Shane as he pulls him back up.

DM: And a big knee to the head there by Copycat!

DT: And now he pulls Shane into a front waistlock…

DM: And a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

DT: Copycat just sent Shane flying across the ring, and Anarky can’t believe his eyes!

DM: And neither can Stalker on the other side of the ring. He sees his tag team partner close as he reaches down and tags his partner.

DT: Stalker hits the ring in a fury…

DM: But he runs right into a right hand by Copycat!

DT: And another!

DM: And another! Copycat is on a roll here tonight!

DT: Stalker back up again. He swings a right hand at Copycat…

DM: But Copycat ducks the blow and hoists Stalker up onto his shoulder…

DT: Running powerslam! Copycat holds on for the cover…




DM: Copycat back up to his feet now. He walks over to his corner and now holds out his hand! Not a bit of animosity on his face!

MN: And Anarky STILL doesn’t know what to think!

DT: But he reaches out and tags into the match!

DM: He took too long though and allowed Stalker enough time to get back to his corner and tag in Steven Shane!

DT: Both men hit the ring fast. Anarky swings a right hand…

DM: But Shane ducks the blow! Anarky turns around to find Shane…

DT: And there’s a scoop slam by Shane! Anarky quick back to his feet though…

DM: And another scoop slam by Shane! Anarky STILL gets back up…

DT: And the third scoop slam is reversed by Anarky into an inside cradle!

DM: But Shane blocks the roll through for a small package of his own!




DT: Excellent technical skill there by Shane!

MN: And look at Copycat cheering on Anarky! What is this man doing?

DT: Shane pulls Anarky back up to his feet again now. There’s a front facelock…

DM: And a DDT! Shane goes for another cover…




DT: Shane makes his way over to his corner now. He reaches his hand out to Stalker…

DM: But Copycat NAILS Shane in the back of the head before he can make the tag!

MN: What is wrong with this guy?

DM: Your guess is as good as mine, Neels! This is a side of Copycat I have not seen.

DT: I’m sure he has some sort of plan. They don’t call him the Smartest Player in the Game for nothing.

DM: Dave, I think that it’s all a ploy to confuse Anarky!

DT: Or maybe he wants to ensure that Anarky is one hundred percent for their match!

DM: Regardless, Steven Shane is down and now can’t make the tag to Stalker!

DT: But that doesn’t matter! Stalker into the ring and now attacks Copycat!

DM: But the ref steps in between them!

DT: But Stalker refuses to leave the ring! The ref is having a terrible time trying to restrain him here!

DM: Kit Kat Kick! Copycat just NAILED Steven Shane with that savate kick!

DT: And now he’s pulling Anarky on top of the fallen Shane! Copycat heads to his corner as the ref FINALLY gets Stalker out of the ring. There’s the cover…




DM: Shane JUST managed to kick out before the three!

DT: And now it’s a race to their feet as Shane and Anarky are both still down in the middle of the ring!

MN: And listen to this crowd! They are going to blow the roof off this place!

DT: And now we have some stirring both men are trying to gain the advantage for their team here…

DM: And a double tag! Stalker and Copycat are now the legal men!

DT: Stalker charges towards Copycat…

DM: But Copycat ducks the clothesline!

DT: Copycat turns around…

DM: Kick to the midsection from Stalker!

DT: Standing headscissors…

DM: But Copycat reverses with a back body drop!

DT: Copycat pulls Stalker back up…

DM: Stalker swings and misses with a right hand!

DT: German suplex from Copycat!

DM: And now the cover…




DT: Copycat back up now. He waits on Stalker to get back to his feet…

DM: But Steven Shane just nailed Copycat with an inverted DDT!

DT: And now he’s just hovering over Copycat!

DM: He’s obviously not happy about the cheap shot that Copycat hit him with earlier!

DT: And now Shane pulling Stalker back up as the ref tries to get Shane out of the ring…

MN: Look out!

DM: Stalker is pulling a pair of brass knuckles out of his pants pocket while the ref is busy with Shane!

DT: He draws back…

DM: But it’s blocked… by Steven Shane!!!

DT: Well, we said that these two were not cut from the same cloth, and Shane just showed that!

DM: He does not want this title run marred by the use of weapons and illegal maneuvers! He wants it to be simply for the fact that he is a better wrestler than his opponent!

MN: But this isn’t a title match! Let him knock the crap out of that oddball Copycat!

DT: And now the champs are going at it! Look at them staring down each other!

DM: This place could erupt!

DT: But Copycat breaks up the tag team champs as he nails Stalker in the back of the head!

DM: Steven Shane swings a right hand at the number one contender…

DT: But Copycat ducks!

DM: Samoan drop! Copycat just sent Steven Shane retreating to the outside with that Samoan drop!

MN: Look out!

DT: Stalker just nailed Copycat with those brass knuckles while the ref was checking on Steven Shane! That foreign object never left his hand after Steven Shane stopped him earlier!

DM: There’s the cover! The ref turns around and sees it!



Broken up by Anarky!

DT: I do not believe the way that Anarky and Copycat are watching each other’s backs here!

DM: Well, Anarky didn’t seem to be looking to do that at the beginning of the match, but Copycat certainly swayed him that way with his actions after the bell rang!

DT: And whether it was to confuse Anarky or a strategy to gain the win tonight, the champ has apparently bought into it as he just saved his WrestleVerse opponent from the pin right there!

DM: And now Stalker gets to his feet and begins staring at the champion! Look at the stare down!

DT: But the ref steps in between them!

MN: Get out of the way, ref!

DM: And there’s another shot to the back of the head by Copycat!

DT: Stalker turns around… Kick to the midsection by Copycat…

DM: And look at the power! Copycat showcasing his size here with that delayed vertical suplex!

DT: And there’s the cover…



DM: And Steven Shane breaks up the pin!

DT: And now Anarky is back into the ring!

DM: But the referee cuts him off! Anarky is headed off at the pass!

DT: Steven Shane trying to make his way back to his own corner, but Copycat is following him in! Shane to the apron, but Copycat swings a right hand…

DM: But Shane ducks! Stun gun across the top rope by Shane!

DT: Copycat to the mat as Stalker tries to pull himself up…

DM: And there’s a tag to Shane!

DT: Shane hits the ring and begins stomping away at Copycat. He reaches down and pulls the number one contender to his feet. He backs him into the ropes and there’s an Irish whip…

DM: Spinebuster by Steven Shane! There’s the cover…



Kickout by Copycat!

DT: Shane back up his feet now as he reaches down and pulls Copycat up with him.

DM: And there’s a knife-edge chop by Shane!

[Crowd: WOOO!!!]

DT: And another!

[Crowd: WOOO!!!]

DM: Steven Shane backs Copycat into the ropes. There’s another Irish whip…

DT: Tilt-O-Whirl Backbreaker! He damn near broke him in half!

DM: There’s another pin…




DT: Copycat is showing WHY he’s the number one contender by kicking out of all these pinfall attempts by Steven Shane!

DM: Shane pulls Copycat back toward his corner…

DT: And there’s a tag to Stalker!

DM: Shane scoop slams Copycat…

DT: And a frogsplash from Stalker! He holds for the cover…



Foot on the ropes!

DM: Copycat could not muster enough power to kick out of the pin, but they don’t call him The Smartest Player in the Game for nothing!

MN: Exactly right! He knew where those ropes were and he made sure he got his feet on them!

DT: Stalker back to his feet now. He pulls Copycat up…

DM: Copycat swings a right hand, but Stalker ducks it…

DT: Kick to the midsection!

DM: Powerbomb!

DT: NO!!! Copycat reversed with a back body drop!

DM: Both men are down!

DT: And again we have a race to their feet!

DM: Both men are wavering!

DT: They’re trying to make it to their corners!

DM: And Copycat does so! Here comes Anarky!

DT: And Anarky is finally getting his hands on Stalker!

DM: Anarky has cut off Stalker and is now drilling him with right hands!

DT: Anarky is lighting into Stalker here as he backs him into the corner! There’s a HARD Irish whip into the other corner! Stalker bounces out…

DM: And Anarky takes him down with a BIG lariat!

DT: There’s a cover…




DM: Anarky doesn’t slow down though. He pulls Stalker back up. There’s a kick to the midsection…

DT: Implant DDT!

DM: Another cover…



Broken up by Shane!

DT: And now Copycat is back into the fray! He knocks Shane back into the corner!

DM: Fists are flying! The referee has lost control of this match here!

DT: And now Stalker and Anarky are going at it again! Stalker has Anarky pinned up against the ropes…

DM: And they both go flying to the outside with a clothesline from Stalker!

DT: And Shane and Copycat are still going at it inside the ring!

DM: All these men are going crazy!

MN: I don’t know where to watch! There are fists flying everywhere!

DT: The ref is trying to get Stalker and Anarky back in the ring, but they don’t care!

DM: Meanwhile, Shane has gained the upperhand back on the inside! He’s got Copycat in an inverted front facelock…

DT: Westside Connection! Shane just nailed Copycat with that corkscrew elbow drop!

DM: And now he’s up and circling to Copycat’s legs!

MN: Listen to this crowd! They’re going crazy!

DT: California Clutch! Shane has it locked in!


DM: What the hell?

DT: Did Copycat submit that quickly?

DM: I didn’t even know the ref saw the hold!

DT: Let’s go down to Tony Fatora for the official result…

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… referee Pat Jones has declared a double countout… therefore; the result of this match is a DRAW!!!

DT: I don’t believe it! I completely forgot that Anarky and Stalker were the legal men!

DM: And now, we don’t even know where these two are! They’ve vanished into the back of the arena!

DT: What a main event! The tag team champs were taken to the limit!

DM: And don’t forget that the champ has been completely confused by his opponent at WrestleVerse!

DT: Steven Shane now dropping down and rolling out of the ring, slapping the apron in frustration.... Copycat's still shaken up inside...

DM: Yeah, Steven Shane feels like he had Copycat right where he wanted him and he may be right!

MN: Copycat was just about to counter the California Clutch. He saw that coming a mile away...

DT: If you say so. Nevertheless... Shane now going through the curtain as Copycat is getting to his feet. That's it for us here on Aggression.... Wrestleverse 2011 is up next and.... wait just a second, someone just jumped the railing on the other side of the ring from us...

DM: Who is that sliding in?? DEAR GOD!!

[The crowd explodes.]


MN: Cat!!! Turn around!!!! Turn around!!!!!!

[Copycat shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. He turns around.....]


[LOUD boos.]

DT: Ryan hits the ropes, but Copycat's not there!! He's backing his way up the ramp as fast as he can!! He looks like he just saw a ghost!!

MN: Maybe he did!! I thought Copycat killed him when he hit him with that car!!

[Ryan quickly retrieves a microphone from ringside.]

DAN RYAN: Hey CAT!! Copycat!! Hold it right there for a second... don't go anywhere just yet.

[Copycat, breathing heavily, stops at the ramp and stands there, staring at the ring.]

DAN RYAN: You didn't think I forgot about you, did you? DID YOU???

[more cheers]

DAN RYAN: Yeah. Well... I don't get physically involved in matches. But you took a shot at me, at my company... and you declared war on my way of doing things. So now.... I DECLARE WAR ON YOU. And guess what?? I have a little surprise for you...

MN: Oh, I don't like the sound of this...

DAN RYAN: You thought you were in control?? You were never in control, Cat. NEVER. I've got news for you. At Wrestleverse, in your match for the World Title... I've decided to add... a special guest referee to the match. And this referee... knows you.... very..... very well. He owes me a little favor. So Cat, good luck at Wrestleverse. You're gonna need it...

[Ryan tosses the mic down as "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins plays.]

DT: My God!! Dan Ryan is back!! He's back and Copycat is NOT HAPPY about this at all!!

[Cut to Copycat on the ramp, where he looks at Dan Ryan, seething... suddenly...]


MN: That cheater!! What kind of a human being would do such a thing?!

DM: What are you talking about?? Copycat's been doing the same kind of thing for MONTHS now, Neely!!

MN: Yeah but... but he... that was... what was the question again??

DM: Don't you have somethin' else to clean outta yer ass, Mr. hygiene???

MN: .....

DT: Anarky holding the World Title over his head and looking down at Copycat!! The World Champion is standing tall!!! Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for us!! Wrestleverse is next!! So long!!

[CUTTO: Dan Ryan, leaning on the ropes looking up at the ramp, smirking.... then back to Anarky, holding the belt high...


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