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Aggression 64: Cleveland, OH - 3/6/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[MUSIC UP: “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White.]

[CUTTO: Impulse standing with the Aggression graphic rolling behind him.]

[CUTTO: Stalker covered in darkness his face seen by a small ray of light.]

[CUTTO: The Animezing Dragons walking towards the ring.]

[CUTTO: Eddie Burns throwing fire at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Layne Winters jogging in place.]

[CUTTO: Rezin smiling with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. ]

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones staring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise looking down at the camera.]

[CUTTO: A graphic showing an old style map with the words “The Empire” across a giant swath of land.]

[CUTTO: Adrian Willard hitting a heavy bag.]

[CUTTO: Muse smiling cheerfully.]

[CUTTO: Anarky glaring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Lesbian Siegel and Caitlyn Daymon talking.]

[CUTTO: Larry Tact standing on the second rope, arms raised.]

[CUTTO: Rich Mahogany shaking his hips.]

[CUTTO: Dis unmasking as The First.]

[CUTTO: The map, this time a tracking line heads towards a dot marked Cleveland, when the line hits the dot, AGGRESSION 64 bursts onto the screen in red letters.]

[CUTTO: Quicken Loans Arena, pyro exploding as the crowd is LOUD. The camera pans over the crowd before a quick cut to show Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely sitting at the broadcast table.]

DT: Welcome everyone to another edition of Aggression, I’m Dean Thomas along with Dean Thomas and Mike Neely and boy do we have a show for you tonight.

DM: Indeed we do Dave, we open with Larry Tact and Adrian Willard both looking to rebound from losses at Russian Roulette and we’ll see who is able to get back on track in that one on one contest tonight.

DT: And then we have a crazy 8 man tag match where all the belts the champions hold will be on the line, we could see a new TV champion, a new IC Champion, or new Tag Champions.

MN: I hope we do see a new champion, so long as it’s not Rich Mahogany losing his belt, I like all the challengers to be honest, even if Anarky’s a bit too nice with the crowd and the Dragons and Impulse make my skin crawl, I hope Stalker puts one of them in the hospital tonight!

DT: And then we have our main event, as a former champion has called in his or her marker and will take on The First for the EPW World Title.

[The camera pans to a sign in the crowd reading “Return of the King! Triple X” This incites a “We want Stevens!” chant.]

DM: While this crowd has their ideas as to who they want The First’s opponent to be, we’re not going to know for sure till they come through the curtain later tonight.

MN: I really don’t want to get my hopes up, mostly because if it was to be the guy they are chanting for, he’d win the title in five minutes flat and replace my most hated wrestler with my favorite wrestler as champion.

DT: Before we get too far into the night’s proceedings, I have to apologize….

[A small crowd chant fills the arena, "VI-AG-RA, VI-AG-RA." DT stops mid-sentence and frowns. All three commentators look off screen as something catches their eye.]

DT: …. For the disruption in the background.

DM: It’s like a protest in here.

DT: Folks, this is not part of the proceedings. You may hear some fans chanting for some former athletes that worked in EPW before. These individuals have no right being here. They are no longer under Empire Pro Wrestling contracts and so we will not show you what they are doing.

MN: What is this? The democratic convention? They're picketing!

DT: You shouldn't even acknowledge their presence Mike. I know it's sudden, but I'm being told--

[SHARP CUT: Elevator music plays over an EPW logo, with the words "Technical Difficulties" displayed. After a few moments, the feed cuts to black, and commercials begin anew.]

DT: Ugh…

MN: Dan Ryan is gone one week and everything’s going to hell.

DT: [sighing] It’s a big night for EPW and we’ll be kicking it off right after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Winning Bet

[FADEIN: A hallway in the backstage. Stalker is walking when The First and Muse enter the picture from the opposite direction.]

MUSE: Here you go Stalker, congrats.

[Muse hands Stalker an envelope.]

STALKER: What the hell is this?

MUSE: That’s the 75 bucks you won in the Dis pool.

[Stalker tosses the envelope of money to the ground.]

FIRST: Yeah, that’s what you won at Russian Roulette. And this [Holds up Ankh belt] This is what I won at Russian Roulette. I got a question for you Stalker, why aren’t we fighting tonight? Oh I know why we’re not fighting…Fear…You’re so close to your dreams coming true, so close to finally getting what you want so bad…So now you’re scared of blowing it, scared of having it all slip away and having to go to the back of the line…But you shouldn’t be scared Stalker…You shouldn’t be spending your days and nights hoping and praying I wear down or that you finally do come up with that perfect plan to steal this title off me…Because when you finally do get up the nerve to fight me for this title…You WILL blow it…You WILL fail…So you can stop worrying about it and just embrace your inevitable failure…

STALKER: Failing? Really? Talk about failing when YOU... yes, YOU were the one who approached me for help. I gave you that belt you wrapped around your waist the first time, YOU could have never beaten Trip without my help, without my motiviation. Claim that it was your will all along, claim that it was your desire to win, do whatever you wish because NONE of it matters to me. Not when I am the one, holding your date with death in my hands. There is no fear here, First, there is no failure. The only failure in my eyes is YOU! Hiding behind a mask, calling people out, hiding to protect yourself from another epic loss. If you want to continue holding that belt as champion, there is only one thing you need to do. Put that mask back on and defend it as the true champion. The First didn't beat Anarky at Russian Roulette, Dis did. And the man behind the Dis mask is the biggest coward I know.

[Stalker turns and walks away before The First can respond to his face. Muse waits a beat and then picks up the envelope. First looks at her quizzically.]

MUSE: Hey I can always use a free pair of shoes.

[First shrugs, the two walk off camera in the opposite direction Stalker left in.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Larry Tact vs. Adrian Willard - PLUS - Every Day I'm Danglin'

DT: Folks, our card tonight may not lead you to believe that there is much action going on here at Aggression. Unfortunately, if you believe that, then you are not a fan of Empire Pro Wrestling.

DM: Absolutely right, Dave. We are chalked full of unbelievable action here tonight, and the first of our two matches is not to disappoint!

DT: Correct as always, Dean. These two competitors are each coming off title match losses at Russian Roulette, so we are sure to see some fight from both of them here tonight!

DM: Indeed, Dave. Impulse was able to come through with the victory against Larry Tact at the pay-per-view, and you can tell that Tact is not happy about that outcome.

MN: Sounds like a loser to me.

DT: I would expect no other judgment from you, Neely.

MN: Because I’m such a winner, Thomas. I’m always WINNING. WINNING is what I know.

DT: Keep telling yourself that, jack.

[CUE UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank.]

DM: Well guys, back to the action here.

DT: Thank you, Dean. Larry Tact certainly receiving a warm ovation here tonight. He is definitely looking for retribution here.

DM: Well, I’m sure that Adrian Willard will have something to say about that.

DT: Indeed, Dean. He, too, is coming off a loss in a title match at Russian Roulette.

DM: Personally, I have to feel like Willard may have the advantage here tonight after all the effort that Tact put forth in that Match of the Year candidate for the Intercontinental title.

DT: But at the same time, what kind of state is Willard in after losing the television title to Rich Mahogany? Will that be his weakness coming into this match?

[CUE UP: “Genesis” by Justice.]

DM: Well, we are going to find out who wants this match more in just a moment when Adrian Willard gets into the ring here after his entrance.

MN: I’m picking the tougher one.

DT: And which one would that be?

MN: The one that wins the match.

DT: Is this an Abbot and Costello routine or your actual logic?

MN: It’s not logic, it’s strategic prediction.

DT: Wow. Now I’m completely lost.

DM: I say we get back to the action.

DT: Well, it appears as though David Rosenkrantz has these two men ready to go. Let’s do that, Dean!


DT: The two men step to the middle of the ring. They size each other up. And now a collar and elbow.

DM: Tact quickly takes the larger Willard in a side headlock.

DT: Tact wrenches on Willard’s head here as the former Television champ places his hand on Tact’s lower back. He presses him off into the ropes…

DM: And a shoulder block by Tact!

DT: Big time strength shown there by the smaller Tact as he was able to get the bigger man off his feet. Tact quickly hits the ropes again as Willard rises back up…

DM: And another shoulder block!

DT: Tact hits the ropes again. Willard rolls over and Tact leaps over him. Tact hits the ropes again…

DM: And Willard whiffs on a clothesline!

DT: A right hand by Willard!

DM: But Tact ducks the blow!

DT: And there’s a hiptoss by Tact! Tact into the ropes one more time…

DM: And a leg drop!

DT: There’s a pin…




DM: Tact certainly trying to gain the early advantage here.

DT: Tact pulls Willard back up with him. There’s an arm wrench by Tact.

DM: Tact really wrenching on that arm here as he tries to wear down those big limbs on Willard.

DT: And now he transitions to a hammer lock.

DM: Tact placing a huge amount of pressure on that shoulder now as he continues to work on Willard.

DT: But Willard with a back elbow there as he tries to break this hold.

DM: And another!

DT: And a third elbow by Willard finally breaks the hold.

DM: And now Willard begins laying right hands into Tact’s head.

DT: Willard continues the assault here as he backs Tact into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DM: And a big sidewalk slam by Willard!

DT: There’s a pin…




DM: Nice comeback there by Willard as he now pulls Tact back up to his feet.

DT: Willard with some more right hands as he backs Tact into the ropes again. Willard takes a step back…

DM: And a big clothesline over the top rope by Willard sends Tact to the arena floor!

DT: And Willard is not wasting any time. He, too, exits the ring as he pulls Tact back to his feet.

DM: And Willard drives Tact’s face right into our announce table here as the former Television champ is taking all of his frustrations out on his opponent here tonight!

DT: He certainly is, Dean. But thankfully, they’re getting away from us here as Willard pulls Tact away by the head here.

DM: And there’s a HARD Irish whip into the barricade that bends Tact backwards like a slinky!

DT: And now Willard is heeding the warning of the official as he rolls Tact back into the ring.

DM: But not before he drops an elbow across the throat of Tact as he re-enters!

DT: Willard now back into the ring. He stomps away at Tact before pulling him up into a front facelock.

DM: And a stalling vertical suplex by Willard!

DT: There’s a pin…




DM: Willard feeling frustrated here.

DT: Nonetheless, he pulls Tact back up to his feet. There’s a right hand by Willard

DM: And another!

DT: And another as Willard backs Tact into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DM: But Tact ducks the clothesline!

DT: Tact hits the opposite ropes. Willard ducks…

DM: And Tact reverses into a swinging neckbreaker!

DT: Both men are down now! Big time desperation move there by Tact!

DM: And now it’s a race!

DT: Momentum is hanging in the balance here as these two men are trying to walk out of here with a victory tonight!

DM: The two men are neck and neck here as they reach their feet.

DT: Willard swings a right hand, but Tact ducks the blow!

DM: Overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Tact!

DT: Tact seems to be on the offensive here now as he slowly makes his way back over to Willard. He pulls him to his feet. There’s a boot to the midsection by Tact…

DM: And a kickswing DDT!

DT: There’s the pin…




DT: You can feel Tact gaining the momentum here as he quickly gets back to his feet.

DM: And now he’s just waiting for Willard to get up!

DT: Tact grabs the rising Willard and lifts him onto his shoulder…

DM: Running powerslam!

DT: Tact holds on for the pin…




DM: Very close one there for Tact!

DT: He is certainly feeling it here as he backs up again, waiting for Willard to get back to his feet.

MN: Man, am I glad that I picked him to win!

DT: Willard now back to his feet. He stumbles towards Tact…

DM: And a running knee to the ribs back Tact!

MN: Uh oh!

DM: There’s the Tactful Surrender!

DT: Tact has the submission locked in!

DM: But his legs are in the ropes!

DT: Bad miscalculation there by Tact, as now he must break the hold!

DM: Nevertheless, Tact still has the advantage.

DT: Indeed he does as he pulls Willard back up. Tact backs him into the ropes before whipping him across the ring…

DM: Spinebuster!


DM: Willard reversed the spinebuster into a DDT!

DT: And now both men are down again!

DM: And now we have yet another race to their feet.

DT: You have to think that Tact still has the advantage here, but that was an amazing DDT by Willard!

DM: This race will almost certainly decide who walks out of here with the victory.

DT: The two men stumble to their feet as Willard manages to land a European uppercut that sends Tact reeling back into the ropes. Tact bounces back off…

DM: And a gorilla press slam by Willard! Tremendous strength to lift a man of that size at this stage of the match! He may walk out of here with the victory!

DT: Willard with a kick to the midsection…

DM: Higher Vision!

DT: No! Tact manages to slip out! There’s a kick to the midsection…

DM: Starbreaker!

DT: There’s the pin…




TF: Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… Larry TACT!!!

DT: Unbelievable! I have no idea how Tact managed to get a man of that size on the mat with the Starbreaker, but he did!

DM: Incredible is right, Dave. I’m not sure how it happened, but Larry Tact is walking out of here with the victory tonight.

DT: Well, that was a great way to start our night here on Aggression! We’ve still got the big eight-man tag team match main event to come and...

[the crowd starts buzzing HUGE as now the camera starts scanning the crowd for the commotion, as it focuses on the EPW Veterans Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise, as they make they're way through the audience, down the aisle steps, through the crowd below as the crowds' pop gets bigger as they close in on the guard rail. They turn, look at each other, nod and hop the guardrail and slide into the ring. The two men pace the ring a bit, hype the crowd more as they climb the turnbuckles and raise their hands to signal dominance. As they jump back down to the center of the ring, taking the audience in as they both signal for microphones.]

CRUISE: Eeevverybody wants to know....what the hell is going on, what's the..."Angle of the Dangle"....so to speak. What's on my mind, hell, what's with what happened at Russian Roulette, why did I call this ol' butt-****er back after what he did....why DID Cameron Cruise do what he did after eliminating "Team Viagra" or whatever they call themselves from the Empire Pro roster...wouldn't doing something like that be a satisfying achievement??

[Cruise pauses as he looks over at Wells, both of them shrugging their shoulders.]

CC: Sure...for some people. But I'm not just "some guy", Wells and I...we aren't just ANY people.

We're the Dangle Brothers....we do WHAT we want and HOW we want and WHEN we wanna do it.

First of all...taking out Team Viagra...that's nothing new to me.

Stalker claims that he's taken out people left and right with his "Stalker's World"....and I'll get to that in a second....but you see...so have I.

I won the Intercontinental Championship TWICE...which is at least one more than anyone else that dared BREATHE on it, while DOMINATING the man holding the title at the time as well.

"The Messiah" Sebastian Dodd??

Never saw it coming.

Troy Douglas, one of the very few men that could dare hold a candle to the rotten "Undying Carcass" Rocko Daymon...I took his title from him and nearly BROKE HIS NECK AND ENDED HIS CAREER.

No one currently even knows if he's even healthy, let alone does he have a career, as a matter of fact, I won the Television title ALMOST the same way.

I beat the hell out of Donovan Astros and sent him on a walk of shame worse than some of the women Jared and I have seen...which is a lot....and Astros hasn't been back since.

But Jason wants to fly with the big boys and take out Dan Ryan JUST...so he can get a title shot at World Heavyweight Champion and the title, still warning people about stepping into "Stalker's World".

"Stalker's World".....really??

Still dragging out that ball and chain with you, Reeves??

I mean, you dragged it out the first time you and I faced off, and it didn't really do you much good, as a matter of fact, you've dragged it out a number of times, and you STILL haven't been able to back it up against me. So...in a fashion that only the Dangle Brothers can do...allow me to placate things as only we can by telling you the same thing I told you the FIRST TIME you tried intimidating me, you know...the crippled, one-legged bum you WERE back then....

**** YOU, JASON.

You think just because you got one over on Dan Ryan and a shot at the World title, that you're any better than you were before?? Trust me when I tell you, you're not.

And I guarantee you that I don't need a Blueberry Muffin to get the victory either...but you already knew that, so I'll move on to the next guy.


Boy...for a guy who's in over his head, you sure as hell get lucky alot, you know that??

The fact is, I've got not a lot to say after the last time we faced off recently...other than you're on the WRONG kinda crack, kid. You might've got one over on me...but you don't nearly deserve the spot on the roster that you have.

Yeah, you're an escape artist, alright....as in once you get denied what you want, you escape from Empire Pro COMPLETELY.

You did it almost TEN YEARS ago when Empire Pro was a wee little babe and a few times since then; you walked out on the company....

You know what society calls people that walk out on a job, Rezin??


And no one likes a quitter, Rezin, but that does beg the question....once you FAIL....AGAIN...in getting what you want....

[Cruise uses finger-quotes, then mocking his topic]

...."Destroying EPW"....what then??

What do you do when you fail at that too??

Suicide isn't an option either, Rezin, not that any one of us gives a damn about you or even keeps a tab on the Suicide hotline, but no one cares about you enough to even bother with the whole "cure the depression" bit.

But one thing I DO know...is that doing such is not a good idea, hell, it's bad for business.

Which brings me to my next point.

[Hands the mic to Wells]

JARED WELLS: As Gunnery Sergeant Hartman said in Full Metal Jacket, "Private Pyle, you are definitely born again hard!" Let's cut the S[BLEEP]T, this old BUTT-F[BLEEP]ER is back period. Almost two years ago I got up and left with no explanation. Rumors swirled around that I just took my ball and went home. Heard I had a drug overdose. Heard I had died. The fact of the matter is I simply was just tired. Tired of politics, tired of the B.S. That's it. I've been in this business for almost fifteen years, trust me I don't need an explanation. Things piss me off and we have unfinished business to take care of. The fact that myself and Cruise are standing in the ring right now doesn't mean we need to get the band back together.

A couple weeks ago Cruise and myself sat at a bar downing a few drinks patching S[BLEEP]T up when this group of nerds walked in and ordered some type of slush mixed drinks. It was horrible. I was thrown off, and somewhat uncomfortable. We were stuck in YAYVILLE watching these nerds sip slush drinks. And it reminded me of the dying EPW. It reminds me of standing in the middle of the ring right now. In fact, when I look out into the crowd, you all are a bunch of sippers. DADDY IS A SLAMMER NOT A F[BLEEP]KING SIPPER. THE EPW IS FULL OF SIPPERS!

Please. Don't be a bunch of little contrary B[BLEEPS]CHES because Cruise and Daddy, two of the best are running the show, owning the EPW, chasing down our ******* dreams. The dream is simple. Cameron Cruise will be your next EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Period. And something I've never been ever in my career is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. The hit list has been set and it's a big one. We're gonna have a good old fashioned COCKFIGHT! This time, you bet on our cocks, you better bring the F[BLEEP]KING pesos. Dangle Brothers are back for good.

[Hands the mic to CC]

Ladies and Gentlemen....I hope you've got yourself a good seat...because you've just witnessed the latest invocation of Empire Pro, something we both plan on making an annual installment; what you know now as your INAUGURAL....

State of the Dangle Address.

And it's been your pleasure.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fort Knox


The name threw me off. I mean. yes, it's my name: Randall Knox, but nobody calls me that at the arena. Heck, nobody calls me that but my mother.

But, I turned around to see Caitlyn Daymon running toward me. She was doing her best to keep her balance on too - high heels, and I was reminded of something Miss Ivy once said.

'Kiddo, a woman in heels wants you to do something for her. A woman in flats, sneakers, or boots wants to do something for herself.'

So I stopped and waited.

"Please be careful tonight," she said, "Jason Reeves is a crazy, dangerous man, and he's gunning for you."

I know, I said. I can handle it.

She shook her head.

"I thought my husband could handle it," she countered, "and Stalker ended his career. I just don't want to see that happen to anyone else."

I nodded.

What's in it for you, I asked.

Maybe it was a cold thing to say, but my four years in the wrestling business have told me one thing, if nothing else: everyone has an agenda.

Caitlyn smiled. "You're the only one on the Champions' team that I trust to do the right thing, and the only one that I think could actually take Stalker down for good. Besides, he's already targeted you - by helping me out, you're helping yourself out."

It did make sense.

"After what happened to Rose," she continued, "I'd think you'd want to protect this business from another psychopath."

That did it.

I could feel a well of anger and regret bubbling from my gut, and I forced it back down. This is not a time for emotion.

Sure, I said. I'll do what I can out there.

She smiled again, and touched my arm. "Thank you," she replied, "I'll do what I can to watch your back, but I know that you want to do things like this on your own."

I do, I said, watching her hand suspiciously. She moved it.

Don't worry, I continued, I'll do everything I can to try and tame Stalker.

I smirked. Maybe it is his world, I said, but that just means it's time for a revolution.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Skinning the 'Cat

DT: Welcome back to Aggression 64, EPW fans! I hope you’re ready for some chaotic action, because we’re just a few moments away from what promises to be a hellacious eight-man tag team match-up – with four championship belts all on the line!

MN: I have to give Dan Ryan, or whoever’s calling the shots while he’s laid up after that beating he took from Stalker at Russian Roulette, credit – I don’t think a match like this has ever been done before in EPW history!

DM: And with the rules stipulating that only one title change may take place, we’re likely to see a certain amount of infighting among the challengers here tonight! It should be—wait, what in the world?

<i>[The crowd suddenly perks up as the cameras focus on the ring. Someone has just jumped the barricade and slid in under the bottom rope]</i>

DT: That’s Copycat! What is Copycat doing here? He was fired by Dan Ryan after walking out of Russian Roulette!

MN: I don’t know what he wants, but he just grabbed ring announcer Tony Fatora!

DM: No! He’s got the Cat’s Claw locked in on Fatora! Somebody stop this!

<i>[Releasing the clawhold part of the move, Copycat points to the timekeeper’s table and beckons]</i>

DT: What is he…?

DM: I’ve got this.

DT: Dean, where are you going? Are you out of your mind?

</i>[Dean Matthews gets up from the commentary table, picks up a microphone from the timekeeper’s table and carefully holds it out to Copycat, who reaches through the ropes and snatches it away from him]</i>

MN: He’s lucky he didn’t just get himself killed there!

DT: Copycat has a microphone in his hands – but we haven’t heard him speak in over a year!


<i>[Copycat stares expectantly down the entranceway, the half nelson part of the Cat’s Claw still holding Fatora in place]</i>

C: Ryan! Don’t make me hurt him!

DT: Copycat calling out the owner of EPW, but I’m not sure Dan Ryan is even in attendance tonight! Dean, what the hell were you doing there?

DM: I just didn’t want him to hurt Tony.

DT: It doesn’t look like Copycat is going to get his wish – here comes EPW security down to the ring! Hopefully, they can get things under control before Copycat really hurts someone! It looks like Tony Fatora is just shaken up, but Copycat is fired – he has absolutely no right to be here!

MN: Here comes Lesbian Siegel, microphone in hand, and from all the security around her, it looks like she isn’t taking any chances with Copycat!

LS: Dan Ryan is still recovering from his match at Russian Roulette, Copycat, so I’m in charge here tonight. You’re outnumbered and outmatched – let Tony Fatora go. Let’s not make this any harder than it has to be.

C: I just want to talk. You come in this ring, I’ll let him go.

MN: That’s not quite what I expected to hear out of Copycat – but even I don’t think Lesbian Siegel should trust him.

<i>[After taking a minute to confer with security, Siegel nervously enters the ring, still keeping her distance from Copycat. His eyes locked on Siegel, Copycat lets Fatora go, and he scrambles under the bottom rope to escape the ring]</i>

LS: You’ll get your chance to talk, Cat, but don’t get any ideas. You’re still surrounded, and you know as well as I do that I can’t hire you back. That’s Dan Ryan’s call.

<i>[Copycat walks slowly toward Siegel, who backs up into a corner as he approaches]</i>

C: Let me ask you something – do I scare you?

<i>[Siegel does not answer, as she is still slowly backing away from Copycat – though she quickly runs out of room to back up]</i>

C: Do you find me frightening? A monster? A villain?

<i>[Copycat is right in Siegel’s face. Several members of the security team get up on the apron, and Copycat backs away from Siegel, with security dropping back down off the apron]</i>

C: Let me tell you something about villains. For all the terrible people who have done unspeakable things throughout humanity’s history … most of the villains who are truly memorable to us are the fictional ones. There’s always more to the story of a flesh-and-blood person.

But in a work of fiction, a villain is pure potential. We remember them not just because of what we see them do, but what we believe they’re capable of. It makes them … compelling.

And it makes them scary.

<i>[Copycat slowly walks toward Siegel again. She steps part of the way through the ropes, ready to make an escape if he gets too close, and he stops]</i>

C: But that’s not what I find most interesting about fictional villains.

The thing is … as scary as those people are … the faces, the voices, the personas … those belong to someone else. For all the shocks they might give an adult, for all the nightmares they might give a child … they’re just actors playing a role. They may be frightening, but at the end of the day, they’re not real.

<i>[Siegel has stepped back into the ring, and Copycat slowly approaches her again. Security gets up on the apron again, but this time, he does not back away]</i>

C: Do you know what makes me different?

<i>[Copycat leans in close, staring a hole in Siegel with his dead eyes. She tries to make a break for it, but Copycat puts his arms out, blocking her in the corner. Copycat leans in close, as security stands poised on the apron, ready to jump in if he makes a move]</i>

C: … Nothing.

<i>[Siegel stares confused at Copycat as he glares at her. Slowly, the deadpan expression he’s maintained for the last year and a half fades away, as a huge grin creeps across his face. Copycat stops blocking Siegel in place and walks back to the center of the ring, with security getting down off the apron accordingly. When he raises the microphone again, the menace in his voice is entirely gone]</i>

C: You know, it’s funny. Ever since I made my EPW debut three years ago, I’ve been hearing people call me a phony. They’ve said that despite all my claims about wanting to save this business, I’ve been in it for myself all along.

Now, I know that these days, it’s standard practice in this industry to call everyone a phony. So I hope all of my detractors will take some solace in the fact that this time, this one time, when they called someone a phony…

… They were absolutely right.

But here’s the thing. They understood the what – but not the why.

See, every time someone called me a big fake, they were saying I was only in it for the glory. They said, every time, without fail, that my endgame was just to accumulate victories and win titles. And that’s where they went astray.

Yes, I did it all for my own selfish reasons – but being a success in the wrestling business was never one of those reasons.

Let’s face it: I was already a success in the wrestling business when I left it in 2006. I had nothing left to prove.

I was ready to be done with this godforsaken business once and for all and move on to my true calling in Hollywood.

But you people…

<i>[He points in a wide circle around him]</i>

C: You wouldn’t let it happen.

Every time I made a move in my acting career, it cropped up on the wrestling news sites. “Copycat up for new movie role.” “Copycat to appear on TV show.” “Director praises Copycat in interview.”

And it bled into the mainstream media from there.

I was never James Kattman, the actor. I was always James “Copycat” Kattman, the wrestler turned actor.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince a director to give a serious role to a wrestler? How frustrating it is to absolutely nail an audition, only to get the call weeks later that the producer doesn’t want to take a chance on a wrestler? How grating it is to hear critics lambast your performance just because they’re conditioned to believe wrestlers are terrible actors?

<i>[The crowd boos vociferously]</i>

C: You know, when Cameron Cruise first called me up three years ago and asked me to be part of Anthology, I turned him down. I didn’t want to do this anymore.

But then I realized what an opportunity I had. If directors weren’t willing to believe I could act, I’d show them.

My role: a man gravely concerned for the future of the business he once loved. He starts out merely disillusioned, and eventually descends into madness, recruiting disciples and preaching his word as gospel.

I betrayed friends, manipulated people, brutalized opponents, ended careers. I shut myself off from the world for over a year. I ran over the owner of this league with a car.

Now tell me that wasn’t some of the finest acting you’ve ever seen. Admit it: I had you all going. And even those members of the EPW locker room who will rush to point out that they said I was a phony will get no more than an empty victory – because they didn’t know my true intentions. They just said to me what they say to everyone.

<i>[The crowd further ramps up its booing]</i>

C: Besides, their opinions don’t matter. The people whose opinions matter are already convinced. I’m getting acting opportunities I would have never had before, all thanks to my compelling performance over the last three years. The people who matter have loved my work.

And they haven’t even seen the ending yet. So – spoiler alert – here’s what happens.

The bad guy gets away with it.

<i>i[More loud boos from the audience]</i>

C: After laying out my master plan, I throw down this microphone and walk out of this arena – escorted, lest I sue as a private citizen and non-employee of this company, by the very security personnel called down to stop me.

I’ve spent the last few weeks making enemy after enemy. There are a lot of people in the locker room who’d love to get their hands on me.

But they won’t. I will never get the comeuppance I deserve. And even I agree that I deserve it.

It’s my one last “screw you” to this business and to you people. You wouldn’t give me what I want: a life free of career-killing reminders of my dark time as a wrestler. So I’m going to make sure you don’t get what you want: Copycat getting his just desserts.

The bad guy gets away, and nobody can stop him.

<i>[Copycat walks over to Siegel to hand her the microphone, but the crowd suddenly perks up as someone rushes down to the ring. The cameras pick up Aaron Jones as security moves in place to block him]</i>

C: No, let him in. Let him in. He deserves that much.

<i>[Security moves out of the way and Jones rolls into the ring. The look on his face could be best described as “devastated.” He doesn’t have a mic, so Copycat hands him his]</i>

AJ: This was … this was all a lie? I followed you for a year! I trusted you! I believed in you! Why would you do this? What kind of a person are you?

<i>[Copycat takes the mic back from Jones. He puts a consoling hand on Jones’ shoulder, which Jones immediately shrugs off]</i>

C: You know, Aaron, if I have one regret in all this, it’s that I used you. My victims back in that locker room and the idiots in this arena, they deserved everything they got. But you were innocent of any wrongdoing. Your only crime was trusting me.

But you were an integral part of my plan. I could have never taken it as far as I did without you to speak for me. So I want you to fully understand when I tell you, from the bottom of my heart…

<i>[Copycat kicks Jones in the midsection and drops his mic. Before security or Siegel can react, he lifts up Jones and drills him with the LitterBomb, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Copycat picks up the mic and kneels over the fallen Jones]</i>

C [disingenuously]: … I’m sorry.

<i>[Copycat drops the microphone on the chest of the downed Jones and walks over to the ropes. He points at Siegel and shouts at her something that is not picked up over the boos of the crowd, then steps through the ropes to the floor. EPW security reluctantly surrounds Copycat as he walks up the entrance ramp and through the curtains, smiling and waving goodbye to the fans]</i>

DM: Folks, I can’t say I’m especially sad to see Copycat go, but it makes me sick to see how far he was willing to go just to further his acting career. This man has no conscience.

MN: Hey, he’s just doing what I do every day: looking out for No. 1. If he wants to act, who are we to stop him?

DM: Mike, there’s a difference between letting someone go to do what they love, and endorsing the atrocities that person has committed to get there.

MN: People do bad things in this business, Matthews! That’s how you get ahead! It’s survival of the fittest!

DM: This isn’t just about sneak-attacking someone, Mike. Copycat lied to everyone and used EPW as nothing more than a stepping stone for his Hollywood career. I hate to see the way he’s trivialized what goes on in this ring every night. Even someone like Stalker or Rezin appreciates, on some level, what we do here in EPW. Dave, back me up on this.

DT: All I have to say is that I’ve known Aaron Jones for many years, and his father, Pat, for even longer. That young man had a bright future ahead of him before Copycat got ahold of him. Pat Jones has been deeply hurt by the choices his son has made, and now to find out it was all for nothing … they’re in my thoughts. Both of them.

DM: Surely, Mike, you can’t endorse what Copycat has done to the young man who saw him as a leader and a visionary.

MN: I never said I agreed with everything he did. I’d have to be one heartless bastard not to feel any sympathy for that family.

DT: We’ll be right back.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Impulse (c)/Rich Mahogany (c)/Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Rezin/Anarky/Stalker/Winters

[FADEIN: Tony Fatora standing in the ring, still a bit shaken from the previous segment, but none the worse for wear.]

TF: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is an EIGHT MAN TAG TEAM MATCH! [Pop!] and EVERY title is on the line! [Pop!] [MUSIC UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard the crowd booing loudly as Rezin makes his way to the top of the ramp, a sick grin on his face as he walks towards the ring.]

TF: From the Bottom of the Barrel…Weighing in at 228 pounds…REZIN!!

[Rezin hits the ring and the crowd gives him more jeers as he continues to smirk, looking very pleased with himself.]

DT: Rezin looks supremely confident as he hits the ring and gets ready for this big 8 man battle.

DM: Rezin has vowed to destroy EPW and if he wins any of the titles tonight he’s going to throw that title away. He has to be pleased having any of those titles within his grasp.

[MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season, more boos from the crowd as Layne Winters in his all dark green ring gear makes his way to the ring.]

DT: His partner, hailing from Seattle Washington, weighing in at 243 pounds…NEW SCHOOL…LAYNE WINTERS!!!

[Winters hits the ring, keeping his distance from his partner Rezin, who doesn’t seem inclined to buddy up with Winters either.]

DT: The inter-team dynamics of this match could be a deciding factor of who wins and who loses, and lord knows Rezin hasn’t endeared himself to anyone in this match.

DM: Winters is here for titles and glory, everything Rezin opposes so you can’t imagine they would be buddy buddy.

MN: Rezin creeps me out, I’m in the Winters camp here, besides if Rezin got what he wanted we’d all be out of jobs and that would suck.

[MUSIC UP: “Did My Time” by Korn and the crowd keeps boo’ing as Stalker makes his way to the ring in black jeans and a torn up black wife beater.]

TF: Their partner, from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 224 pounds…STALKER!!

[Stalker hits the ring and the three men stay a good distance from each other as they await their final partner.]

DT: Stalker has had a lot to say to Impulse and just about everyone in this match, after his big win over Dan Ryan you know he wants to keep his hot streak going and capturing a title would do a lot for him.

MN: Impulse needs to be taught a lesson and lord knows of anyone to do it, I’d bet on Stalker.

[MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie, the crowd cheering loud as Anarky comes through the curtain. Anarky barely has any reaction but to walk to the ring quickly looking ready to get into a fight.]

TF: And their partner from Hartford, Connecticut weighing in at 231 pounds…ANNNNARRRKKKYYYY!!

[Anarky hits the ring, ignoring his partners and standing in a corner waiting for his opponents to get in the ring.]

DT: The former EPW World Champion looking to get back on the right path with a win and a new title tonight.

DM: I think Anarky’s just looking to bust some people up tonight, I for one wouldn’t want to get in the ring with him in the mood he’s in.

[MUSIC UP: “Revolution Baby” by Queen V. The crowd pops big as Impulse comes through the curtain, The Animezing Dragons flanking him. The three men stare down the men in the ring.]

TF: Their opponents…The EPW World Tag Team Champions…And the EPW Intercontinental Champion…THE ANIMEAZING DRAGONS AND IMPULSE!!

DT: A show of solidarity by three of the four champions as the Dragons and Impulse making their way to the ring.

DM: Impulse the only champion to hold onto his belt at Russian Roulette going to the ring with the new tag champions, you know none of these men want to lose their titles in this 8 man tag with all the belts on the line.

[The Dragons and Impulse hit the ring, the ref trying as best he can to keep the two sides separate. After a moment MUSIC UP: “Love Man” by Otis Redding, the crowd booing as Rich Mahogany makes his way to the ring.]

TF: Their partner, from Austin Texas weighing in at 210 pounds, the EPW World Television Champion…RICH!!! MAHOGANY!!! [More boos]

[Mahogany hits the ring and starts barking orders to his team mates, letting everyone know who’s in charge, the Dragons and Impulse barely react to him.]

DT: Rich Mahogany, not exactly endearing himself to his team with his refusal to come out with them to start the match and now trying to act like he’s the captain of the team.

MN: He is the captain! You’re fighting these four cut throat maniacs, Stalker, Rezin, Anarky, and Winters would put a knife in their own mother to win a match, Impulse’s goodie-two-shoes act ain’t going to cut it and the Dragons…Whatever with those fools.

[Bell ring, Impulse stands in his corner and the Dragaons step out, Mahogany just gives him a look before leaving also, Impulse points at Winters who seems more than up for the challenge and the rest of the challengers leave the ring.]

DT: Impulse and Winters lock up. Impulse with a go behind and a trip sends Winters to the mat. Impulse floats over into a front headlock but Winters just powers back to his feet…Winters shoves Impulse off him…Impulse hits the ropes…COMES BACK WITH A DROPKICK! Winters sent to the mat…Impulse pulls him back to his feet and tags in Otaku, the two men send Winters to the ropes…DOUBLE HIP TOSS…DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! OTAKU COVERS!




DT: Otaku with a couple more elbow drops and he tags in Karl Brown, the tag champs grab winters and send him to the ropes…DOUBLE BACKDROP! Winters back to his feet…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY THE CHAMPIONS SPILLS WINTERS TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: Quick tags and solid teamwork so far from the champions as they’ve isolated Winters and kept the pressure on him.

MN: If people you didn’t like were doing all this double teaming then you would be deeply offended by all of this, you’re a bunch of hypocritical scum!

DT: The ref keeping the champions from following Winters to the ring, Winters walks back around the outside of the ring to get near his corner, he re-enters the ring and tags Stalker. Stalker staring daggers at Impulse and now he’s pointing at Karl Brown to tag Impulse in…Impulse asking for the tag…AND HE GETS IT!

DM: These two have had a lot to say to each other in the build-up to this match and now we’re going to have them finally get their hands on each other.

MN: Come on Stalker, break him in half!

DT: They lock up and Stalker pushes Impulse into a corner, no shot in hell we’re getting a clean break here as Stalker CRACKS Impulse with a right hand and another shot…Impulse now sent to the ropes and gets DECKED by a HARD Clothesline by the man who’s earned himself an EPW World Title shot at any card in the future.

MN: He needs to take it ASAP, EPW can’t last long with that moron holding the belt.

DT: Stalker grabs Impulse, HOOKS HIM FOR A DDT…IMPULSE WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! Impulse a bit banged up and unable to get a bridge, he rolls over to his corner to make a tag.

DM: And Rich Mahogany jumps off the apron! Mahogany’s made it clear he wants no part of Stalker!

DT: Impulse makes the tag to Otaku who catches Stalker with a big chop as he gets to his feet, and another shot…Stalker staggers back, Rezin slaps Stalker on the back and tags himself into the match. Rezin and Otaku trading punches and chops, Rezin with a thumb to the eye staggers the masked man and Rezin now tags in Anarky and Rezin whips Otaku into a corner…ANARKY FOLLOWS IN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

DM: Anarky leveling one half of the tag champions with that vicious clothesline and the challengers now have control of this match.

DM: I’m on Anarky’s side here, he got jobbed at Russian Roulette and now he’s taking it to team goodie-goodie, no mercy Anarky!

DT: Otaku being stomped on by Anarky, who drags him over to the challengers corner, a hard tag to Winters brings the leader of the New School into the ring. Winters locks Otaku up…EXPLODER SUPLEX! Winters with a cover!




DT: Winters now gets a headlock…Otaku fighting to his feet, Winters catches him with a knee to the gut and another shot…Winters just THROWS Otaku to the mat. Stalker looking for a tag here, Winters FLIPS HIM OFF!

MN: Winters knows only one of the challengers wins a title with the fall, he’s out there for himself, he’s got one half of the tag champs ripe for the picking and he’s going to take advantage.

DT: Winters DRIVES a knee into the head of Otaku, and now stomping away on him…Otaku back to his feet…WINTERS WITH A BACKBREAKER AND A COVER!!



DT: Winters pulls Otaku to his feet and backs him into a neutral corner, Winters with a series of knees to the gut and now punching away at the jaw of Otaku. Winters sends him HARD to the opposite corner and Otaku crumples to the mat after hitting the turnbuckles… Winters pulls Otaku up and now has him set…WINTERS LIFTS OTAKU FOR THE GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! OTAKU FLIPS BEHIND WINTERS AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!! OTAKU TAGS IN MAHOGANY!

DM: Who doesn’t look pleased at all that he’s been dragged into this match!

DT: Rich Mahogany didn’t have his arm out nor was he looking for the tag but he got tagged in by Otaku and now the TV Champion has to square off with a former TV champion. Winters catches Mahogany with a series of right hands…Winters off the ropes…REZIN CLOTHESLINES HIM IN THE BACK OF THE NECK! Well I guess that’s one way to get yourself into the match.

DM: We wondered when these teams might have a breakdown like this in the match and now this is the first time a team-mate has violently hit a person on their team and now it’s come to pass.

DT: Rezin putting himself in the ring now against Mahogany and he hammers away with a series of punches to the gut and now whips Mahogany into the ropes…BACKDROP! And Mahogany scampers over to his corner and tags Impulse back in. Impulse quickly gets Rezin in an armbar…Rezin fighting to reverse it…Impulse with a drop toe hold and he now goes for an ankle lock…Rezin quickly to the ropes and breaks the hold. Rezin pulls himself to his feet, smiling wickedly at Impulse as Impulse waves him on…They lock up…Rezin pulling Impulse into the challengers corner..Anarky tags Rezin’s back and rushes in and opens up on Impulse with punches to the back while Impulse is tangled up with Rezin.

MN: Everyone hates Impulse, it makes my heart glad to see this gang of brutes uniting around one common goal, crushing this punk and leaving him in a broken heap!

DT: Anarky snap mares Impulse to the mat and DRIVES a series of knees into the back of the Marathon Man.

MN: Anarky’s finisher is the Chaos Breaker, with Impulse’s bum neck, it’s sure to be double as effective as normal, I hope he hits it three or four times on him!

DT: You are a sick man Neely. Impulse sent to the ropes…Anarky misses with a clothesline…IMPULSE WITH A CROSS BODY…ANARKY DUCKED!! IMPULSE HITS THE MAT AND ROLLS TO THE FLOOR! Impulse stumbling to his feet…REZIN OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSS BODY TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: Rezin is a maniac who’ll do anything to hurt an opponent, and he took a big risk there and it paid off huge for him and his team.

MN: Of all the champions to lose their title, I would be rooting hardest for Impulse to get beat, and now we’re looking good for that to happen!

DT: Winters hops off the apron and grabs Impulse and slings him back into the ring, Anarky quickly covers him, leg hooked!




DT: Impulse fights to stay in the match, and gets rewarded with boots and stomps to the head and upper body by Anarky. Anarky pulls Impulse to his feet…BACK SUPLEX BY ANARKY! HE COVERS!!




DT: Again Impulse kicks out. Anarky off the ropes…DROPS A LEG!

DM: But Stalker tagged Anarky as he hit the ropes!

DT: True enough and they two men are arguing now as Impulse slowly stumbling to his feet…RICH MAHOGANY RUNS IN AND CATCHES IMPULSE WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!

MN: Going for an upgrade!

DT: The ref telling Mahogany he can’t pin a team mate, much to Rich’s disgust, Rich now THROWS Impulse over to the challengers corner where Stalker takes over on beating down Impulse…Stalker clearly relishing getting this chance to get Impulse in a weakened state…Stalker grabs Impulse’s arm…SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!

DM: Anarky with a back suplex, Stalker with a short arm clothesline, the head and neck of Impulse clearly the target here for the challengers to try to exploit.

MN: Smart game plan I hope it ends with Impulse leaving on a spineboard.

DT: Stalking getting away from his own corner, he wants to isolate himself and impulse as best he can…Stalker now with a neck crank, twisting the neck of Impulse, punishing the champion and looking for a potential submission.

DM: I doubt Impulse is going to give up, but he sure as heck is going to be feeling pain here as Stalker works over that surgically repaired neck of the Intercontinental Champion.

DT: Impulse slowly twisting his body trying to get after the legs of Stalker and not just escape the hold but to find a way to reverse the position and get Stalker on the defensive…Stalker with a series of forearms to the back of the neck and he’s the one to break the hold…Impulse SLAMMED to the mat! Stalker gets Impulse back up and sends him off the ropes…BIG SPINEBUSTER BY STALKER!! A COVER!!




DT: Stalker gets back to his feet, Impulse catches Stalker with an upkick that staggers him and that allows Layne Winters to get a tag on Stalker and now Winters is in the ring and all over Impulse.

DM: These challengers are a gang of thugs each looking for a chance to swoop in on some wounded pray, we’ve seen a lot of tags that people didn’t want to make, but when only one person can walk out with a win and a title, teamwork goes flying out the window.

MN: I like it when things go flying out windows in EPW. Stalker nearly killing himself to turn Rocko Daymon into a smear on a parking lot was the greatest moment in EPW history.

DT: Winters grabs Impulse and gets a waist lock…GERMAN SUPLEX! Winters keeps his hands locked and gets Impulse back up…ANOTHER GERMAN….Winters keeps it going…THIRD GERMAN AND A BRIDGE!!




DT: Impulse gets a shoulder off the mat but Winters still has the waistlock…ANOTHER GERMAN! NO! IMPULSE SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT AND CATCHES WINTERS WITH A ROLLING CRADLE!!




DT: All three of the challengers burst into the ring to break up the pin…They all don’t want to see Impulse get a win over Winters and cost them their chance at a title. The ref ushering them back to their corner…Karl Brown grabs Impulse and pulls him closer to his corner!

MN: He’s cheating, by Impulse’s honor code he should have to crawl back to where he was laying before! This isn’t right!

DT: I don’t think Impulse has his wits about him to really know what’s happening here…Winters got backed into his corner while the ref was getting everyone out of the ring and Rezin tags himself in…IMPULSE TAGS IN KARL BROWN! Rezin sees Karl Brown hit the ring…And throws himself on his back?! What is Rezin doing?!

DM: Rezin is screaming for Karl Brown to pin him, what on earth is he trying to do?

MN: He’s insane, don’t try to get into the head of a mad man it’ll just drive you insane too.

DT: Brown gingerly covers Rezin.




DT: Karl Brown pulls himself off Rezin and grabs him…SNAP SUPLEX! Rezin back up and gets nailed with a series of kicks that stagger him…BROWN WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX AND A BRIDGE!!




DT: Rezin is reeling and Brown now in control…And Rich Mahogany just tagged himself in, oh what a glory hound this guy is. Mahogany gets Rezin back to his feet…DROPS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE…Rezin scampers over to his corner and tags Winters back in…Winters gets caught with an arm drag…Mahogany grabs Winters AND THROWS HIM INTO IMPULSE!!

MN: What a great move! He injures his opponent and lays out Impulse! I love it!

DT: Mahogany grabs the staggering Winters and hooks him…HE”S GOING FOR THE SEX PLEX…AND HE GOT IT!!




DT: REZIN JUST CRASHED INTO THE REF!! REZIN WENT FOR A MOONSAULT AND HE MISSED THE TWO WRESTLERS AND HIT THE REF! With that now everyone’s spilling into the ring and this thing has become a complete warzone!

DM: You know that Stalker, Anarky and Rezin were just waiting for something like this to happen, they thrive in an environment with no rules.

DT: It’s just a street fight in the ring now as Karl Brown and Anarky are trading shots, same with Otaku and Stalker…Rezin trying to help the ref back to his feet…HE JUST THREW THE REF TO THE FLOOR!

DM: It’s going to go from bad to worse now!

MN: With these guys it could be the end of the show, they might break the ring, we’re dealing with violence loving psychos here.

DT: The fight is spilling to the floor as Rich Mahogany and Otaku fall through the ropes…Rich just THREW Otaku into the ring steps! Inside the ring Rezin has gotten impulse died up in the ropes! Stalker and Anarky are beating up Karl Brown in a corner, and now Rezin has a steel chair! Rezin back into the ring and now he’s going to blast Impulse with that chair! WAIT ANARKY RIPS THE CHAIR AWAY FROM HIM!

MN: Bah, I always knew Anarky was a useless wimp!


DM: Oh lord, has Anarky sided with Rezin in his quest to destroy EPW?! If this has happened these two are capable of incredible acts of destruction!

MN: Yeah, this isn’t good, these two are completely off the deep end and Anarky’s laying waste to anything that moves out there!

DT: Anarky hitting everyone with that chair…Now Rezin and Anarky picking up Winters...They lift him up…REZIN POWERBOMBS WINTERS AND ANARKY CHAOS BREAKERED HIM ON THE WAY DOWN! Now Karl Brown being lifted…AND HE TAKES THE POWER BOMB CHAOS BREAKER COMBO!!

MN: We need security out here! These two are going to leave all six of these guys in traction if we don’t get help out here.

DM: We still got a match going on Neely, I don’t think security can get involved till it’s over.

MN: This isn’t a match it’s a mugging, call it off and get help out here!

DT: Stalker stumbling to his feet, Anarky and Rezin DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE HIM TO THE FLOOR! The two of them going to the outside…Oh no…NO! Do not hit that Power Bomb Chaos Breaker on the floor!

DM: Wait! Look in the ring!

DT: Rich Mahogany has the ref thrown back into the ring! MAHOGANY COVERING WINTERS!!




[Anarky and Rezin charge into the ring moments to late as the bell rings and Mahogany bolts from the ring like his hair is on fire. An army of security guards rush towards the ring.]


[MUSIC UP: “Love Man” by Otis Redding, the crowd buzzing over Anarky and Rezin’s actions more than anything. Anarky and Rezin drop half a dozen of the security before the next twenty or so of them manage to overwhelm them and get them to leave the ring.]

DT: Total chaos in the ring as Anarky has clearly decided to back Rezin’s play to destroy EPW and the two of them did a hell of a lot of damage in that ring tonight.

DM: I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for Rich Mahogany, that situation could have gone from bad to worse had he not gotten the pin to officially end the match.

ANARKY: [taking a microphone] SHUT THE F*CK UP. [more boos]

Nobody gives a sh*t what you morons think. You cheer this egotistical punk like he's the second-coming of the Lord that never came in the first place... get the f*ck over yourselves.

Rezin's right. The Empire deserves to be torn down. Almost every last wrestler here is an egostical punk who deserves to get the taste knocked out of their mouth. Rezin may want to win and vacate every title... I'm not sure how much it matters.

I only know I can't sit idly by and allow this to continue. This sad joke. This constant one-upsmanship. This politicking and debating and constant gotchas.

Enough is enough. Empire Pro... you're on notice.

Nothing will protect you from us. Not your unearned ego. Not your adoring fans. Not your clever video editing to make you look smart. And certainly not your shiny gold accessories.

Sh*t is about to get real.

[he throws down the mic and walks out.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Sensational Return?

The EmpireTron lights up as a video appears on the screen….

The camera fades in to show a shot of the local Planet Fitness gym. The sounds of weight plates clang and bang in the background.

The camera turns the corner into a separate room. The camera is quick to focus in on a very familiar face, albeit beet red as the man squeezes out two more reps on the squat rack.

The weights are racked after the final rep and the man’s face slowly fades from red back to a light tan.

The man then notices the camera as it continues to zoom in. We are then able to read the white font against his black cut-off t-shirt…

“Steven Shane’s Coming…”

Shane continues to pant as he tries to catch his breath before flashing a smile to the camera. Shane turns to rack more weight, then showing us the back of his shirt…


Fade out.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Violence Against Women is Bad

"Well," said Lesbian Siegel as I reentered the backstage, "That could've gone worse."

I glared at her, immediately feeling guilty for it because she was just trying to make the best of the moment. Yeah, I said, but it could've gone a lot better, too.

On one hand, everything hurt. I knew I would be suffering through a sleepless night with icepacks dripping down my sides, but on the other, I survived.

Despite the best efforts of our opponents, I was going to be able to wrestle at Aggression 65. Not only that, but I walked out of the arena under my own power.

So much for Stalker's World.

I just don't want to deal with the rest of the fallout from tonight, I said. Can you check the smaller locker room and see if it's cleared out, I asked. I just want to take a shower and go to my hotel room and jump back into the fray tomorrow.

"Sure," said Lesbian.

Shee was off like a shot. Not a bad person really, just high strung and keeps missing the point of things.

Regardless, I limped my injured body down the hallway toward the locker room - whether I could get some privacy or not, my bag was in the main room.

So intent was I on just making it one step after the other, I barely noticed the rabble of security and agents and various hangers - on rushing... somewhere.

"Careful!" I heard someone say. Okay.

"Don't move her!" said someone else. Sure.

"Where's Reeves?" said a third. That got my attention.

As I approached the mass gathering, I saw Caitlyn Daymon, sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and an icepack against her forehead.

What happened here, I asked the closest crew member, a new guy whose name I didn't remember.

"Stalker happened," answered Caitlyn for him, "He got back here and somehow knew that I asked you to take him out."

She pointed to her face - besides the icepack on the bruise on her forehead she also had a fat lip and a black eye.

"And he did this," she said.

"Back up everyone," said Lesbian, "We need to get her to the medics."

Everyone took a step back while Lesbian Siegel and a few others helped her to her feet. The last thing I remember was her looking back at me with a look on her face that could only mean one thing.

'Please don't let this happen again.'



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Rich Wants a Muse

[FADEIN: Backstage area. Muse opening a door that has a sign on it reading “Muse” before she gets the door open Rich Mahogany walks over to her. Mahogany is wearing the Dis body suit except for the mask.]

MAHOGANY: Hey baby, I saw you and that fool you call a husband are into the S&M and bondage stuff, so I figured I’d swing on by and show you how it’s REALLY done.

[Rich smiles big at Muse and leans towards her. Muse ducks away from him and opens the door.]

MUSE: Get lost creep.

[Muse tries to shut the door but Mahogany holds it open and lets himself into her dressing room.]

MUSE: What the hell are you doing?!

MAHOGANY: Just trying to get you to understand I’m more than the two minutes of mild entertainment your man is.

[The First rushes into the scene, grabbing Mahogany and pinning him to a wall.]

FIRST: Two minutes?! You got ten seconds to get out of here before I leave you laying in a pool of blood.

MAHOGANY: Look buddy, I get that you already lost one woman cause you couldn’t cut it in the sack and you’re scared about it happening again. And odds are one day you will be finding me giving her the time of her life just don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

[Mahogany backs away, then blows a kiss at Muse, First goes to punch him but Muse stops him. Mahogany walks off camera smiling.]

MUSE: You got a match tonight…He’s not worth it.

[First seethes as he stares in the direction Mahogany walked off in.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: World Title Match - Dis (c) vs Mystery Challenger

[FADEIN: Camera doing a sweep of the arena, fans cheering as the camera passes by, the ring of the bell piercing the air.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall with a one hour time limit and it is for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship! [Pop!]

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction as The First makes his way to the top of the ramp with Muse following him. The First in his new "Destined for GREATNESS" wife beater, black gi pants, black ring boots, his face painted white with the “Eye Of Horus” pattern in black around each eye. His personalized EPW World Title belt slung over his shoulder. Muse rests her hands on his other shoulder, Muse wearing knee high boots, short black hot pants and a dark blue half shirt. After a couple moments First makes his way towards the ring.]

TF: Making his way to the ring accompanied by Muse, from Salem, Massachusetts weighing in at 199 pounds, he is the EPW World Heavyweight Champion…THHHHHEEEEEE FIRRRRRSSSSTTTT!!!!

DT: The First making his way to the ring. Like his actions or not you have to give the man credit as he had all of EPW and all of this industry watching as he revealed he was Dis and the man behind the mask at Russian Roulette.

DM: First shocked the world at Russian Roulette the question now is how can he handle going from being the hunter to the hunted, how will he reign as EPW World Champion?

MN: Shortly! That’s how he’ll reign, I’ve never liked him and I never will like him, I still don’t believe he was Dis, he’s not smart enough to pull something like this off, I’m convinced it was a mass delusion or something.

DT: The First in the ring now and awaiting whoever it is that will be his opponent.

[After a beat The First’s music fades out, then the lights go out popping the crowd. A “We Want Stevens!” chant begins.]

DT: Who is it?! Who’s it going to be?!

MN: I hope it’s somebody big, I’d hate for Christian Sands to be coming out here…Maybe it’s Westcott, that guy could crush this shrimp.

V/O: And the prophecy read that one day like a Phoenix from the ashes [Crowd already cheering, a buzz filling the arena.] That a boy will be born unto a family in the slums. This boy will go on and use the knowledge that he gains while fighting for survival in the streets to become a great leader and in time that boy will grow to become King!!!!!!


DT: Could this really be Sean Stevens?!

[MASSIVE Pyro goes off, and the lights come back on. MUSIC UP: “King Back” by TI, the crowd popping louder again and the roof comes off the building as “Triple X” Sean Stevens, walks through the curtain. Stevens in his trademark high end Ray Ban sunglasses, a cut up T-Shirt reading “Still the KING” black long tights with blue X’s on the legs and the seat and black ring boots.]

TF: And his opponent…From Orlando Florida, weighing in at 238 pounds…TRIPLE X!!! SEAN!!! STEVENS!!!

DT: QUICKEN LOANS ARENA IS GOING INSANE!!! The two time former EPW World Champion, one of only three people in the EPW Hall of Fame, is making his way to the ring.

DM: The First is beside himself in the ring, he can’t believe it!

MN: You’re dead now little man! The King is back baby!

[As Stevens hits the ring, The First bails to the floor, Stevens stands tall in the center of the ring a loud “Welcome back!” chant echoing in the arena. Stevens takes off his T-Shirt and stares down First who paces around the outside of the ring looking shell shocked.]

DT: At Russian Roulette we saw the unthinkable, as The First unmasked as Dis and now tonight it’s happened again as Sean Stevens, maybe the greatest champion EPW has ever known has returned and now looks to become the first ever three time EPW World Champion!

DM: These two men are perhaps the greatest rivalry EPW has ever known, both men hold 2 wins over the other, it’s like a five game playoff and tonight the winner of the fall will hold the series edge and be the EPW World Champion.

MN: I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack, Stevens HAS to win this!

DT: The First slowly walking up the ring steps and re-enters the ring. The First holding his custom EPW World Title belt aloft [Crowd with a mixed reaction, more boos than cheers.] and these fans not showing any mercy for the champion. Pat Jones takes the belt away from The First and hands it off to the time keeper.

[Bell rings.]

DT: STEVENS AND THE FIRST FOR THE TITLE…AND HERE WE GO!!! The two men lock up and Stevens gets a side headlock on the champion…Stevens shifts his body and flips First over onto his back and down on the mat, Stevens holding First down on the mat to start this EPW World Title match.

DM: You have to think both men are fighting that initial adrenaline rush, Stevens making his return after being gone since Unleashed, and The First never could have expected it would be his most hated rival walking through that curtain, you know a lot has to be going through the mind of the champion.

MN: Yeah, like how he’s going to go without even defending the title once before losing it! Come on Trip, grind him down!

DT: The First slowly working his way to his feet, and he grabs the ropes. Pat Jones orders a break and Stevens gives him one…FIRST SLAPS STEVENS IN THE FACE! [Ohhhh!!] STEVENS SLAPS HIM RIGHT BACK! [Pop!] Stevens a kick to the ribs and now he whips First into the ropes…BACK BODY DROP SEND FIRST SAILING!! FIRST BAILS TO THE FLOOR! [Crowd cheering, “Triple X!” chant]

MN: You’re outmatched freak boy!! You never were Stevens equal and you know it!

DT: I don’t think he can hear you Neely.

MN: So what, I yell stuff like this at the TV all the time and they can’t hear it either, it’s just fun!

[First can be heard yelling at Muse “How could he be back here?! This isn’t right! I’ve been set up!” Muse: “Babe, calm down! You beat him before! He has to be rusty, kick his ass!”]

DM: Muse trying to settle down her husband outside the ring here. First clearly can’t believe that Sean Stevens is not only back in EPW, but is back and fighting First for his newly won World Title.

MN: Well believe it kid, the Dis stunt was cute and all but it takes talent to hang out to that title, talent you’re sorely lacking!

DT: The First hopping back on the ring apron and now back into the ring, collar and elbow tie up, Stevens gets a headlock again but now First shifts into a hammerlock on Stevens…Stevens trying to reverse the hold and he gets behind First and does reverse it…First catches Stevens with a back elbow and another shot breaks the hammer lock and staggers Stevens…First with a DROPKICK right on the button sends the challenger to the canvas! [Scattered boos]

DM: The First lands a solid shot to the challenger and now things swing in his favor.

MN: Come on Trip, you got this!

DT: The First now with a reverse chin lock on Stevens. The First holding down the challenger as he cranks on the neck of Triple X.

DM: One does have to wonder about the conditioning of Sean Stevens, he might have been preparing for this match but he hasn’t been in a ring in over a year and it seems like First wants to see if he can handle himself in a long fight.

MN: Stevens is always in top shape, I ain’t sweating the idea that he’s not fit enough to outlast this fool.

DT: Stevens works his way to his feet, a series of elbows to the stomach break the hold…Stevens off the ropes…SHOULDER BLOCK DROPS THE CHAMPION…Stevens off the ropes again…ANOTHER SHOULDER BLOCK!!! Triple X off the ropes a third time…MUSE GRABBED STEVENS LEG! Stevens reaching out after her and she backs away with a smug look on her face

[Crowd boo’ing loud. Pat Jones can he heard yelling “YOU! OUT OF HERE! As he gives the motion umpires use to toss a player, popping the crowd! MUSE: “You can’t do this to me! If anything you should disqualify First!” JONES: “If I disqualify him for what you did then I’m awarding the title to Stevens!” MUSE: “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!” JONES: “I CAN AND WILL! YOU GET OUT OF HERE BY THE COUNT OF TEN OR STEVENS IS THE CHAMPION!”]

DT: First now getting in Pat Jones face as Stevens looks on with a smirk.

[FIRST: “You can’t change the rules of this match!” JONES: “I make the rules! She’s gone or you lose the belt! Count starts now!” FIRST: “This is a joke!” JONES: “ONE!!”]

DT: First throwing a fit in the ring, as is Muse outside the ring as Pat Jones has ejected Muse for her interference in this match.

MN: No more stunts for the punk to pull, this thing is in the bag baby!

DT: Muse back up the ramp as Jones is up to for [Crowd giving Muse the “hey hey hey, good bye!” chant as she storms up the ramp in a huff and then goes behind the curtain.] The First and Stevens turn towards each other and lock back up. First gets a waist lock on Stevens and trips him to the mat and now gets a headlock…Stevens working and catches First with a head scissors…First rolls Stevens onto his back and does a flip forward and breaks the hold and both men to their feet.

DM: A bit of a stalemate so far on this match between these two men.

MN: Stalemate nothing, Stevens got that floozy of a woman tossed and he’s in this idiot’s head.

DT: First and Stevens back to a lock up and Stevens takes First over with a HIPTOSS…First back to his feet…ANOTHER HIPTOSS…First back up and runs at Stevens again…A THIRD HIPTOSS and now Stevens locks in an armbar as the champion punches the mat in frustration.

MN: He tapped! We got a new champion!

DM: He didn’t tap Neely, you need to calm down.

MN: Hey, I call it like I see it, this match should be over because the freak just quit!

DT: First moving back to his feet, catches Stevens with a headbutt…Now a series of right hands by the champion staggering Triple X…First with a kick to the gut, Stevens catches it…ENZIGURI BY FIRST! Stevens sent to crashing to the mat by that kick to the back of the head!

DM: I think First suckered Stevens in with the opening kick to get Stevens to catch the leg and set up the Enziguri.

MN: He got lucky, that’s all that was!

DT: The First now stomping away on Stevens…Stevens pulled to his feet and sent to the ropes…SPINNING HEEL KICK BY THE FIRST!! HE COVERS!!




DT: First right back on Stevens with a chinlock. This crowd was brought to their feet with the return of Sean Stevens and now you can sense this crowd is just waiting to explode if Triple X can somehow find a way to re-capture the EPW World Title.

DM: In all their battles it was always The First who had the crowd on his side, tonight they’ve swung the other way for Stevens, you wonder if it will have any effect on these two men as the fight continues.

MN: Trip doesn’t need approval from the fans to fire himself up, he’s knows he’s great the emo whiner must be heartbroken that his sob story has worn thin and now the fans are rallying behind greatness!

DT: Stevens being held down, you can almost see the gears working in his head as he thinks about his next move, the way he’s going to deal with this latest attack by The First…Stevens up to one knee and now to his feet reverses the armbar and now DRIVES his shoulder into First’s arm AND AGAIN…And now a SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE DROPS THE CHAMPION…STEVENS WITH A COVER!



DT: Stevens catches First as he gets to his feet and pops him with a right hand and another shot…First staggers and Stevens sends him into a corner, First staggers out and Stevens with another CLOTHESLINE drops the champion…First staggers back to his feet…STEVENS HOOKS HIM AND A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! A COVER!!




DT: First in a daze as he struggles to his feet and Triple X is waiting on him with a kick to the stomach and now First is elevated…POWER BOMB BY THE HALL OF FAMER!! STEVENS WITH A COVER!!!





DM: The First refusing to surrender the EPW World Title to his most bitter rival in this battle here tonight.

DT: Stevens backs up and now waiting on First to get to his feet…First is back up…STEVENS CHARGES WITH AN X-FACTOR…FIRST BAILS TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: The First has seen and felt that move more than once in his career and he clearly had it well scouted and got out of trouble.

MN: He ran like a coward! Call it how it is!

DT: Stevens quickly out to the floor after First, the two men trading punches out on the floor. First staggered by a right hand and another right…First stumbling as Stevens keeps up the pressure…FIRST WITH A DROP TOE HOLD AND STEVENS HITS THE RING STEPS FACE FIRST!!!

DM: Stevens fell in a bad way when he went into those steps, that might be the turning point of the whole match!

MN: Oh dammit, Stevens is bleeding, can this punk kid get luckier?!

DT: Stevens is busted open, his face hit the corner of those steps and First now quickly putting the boots to the challenger. Stevens thrown back into the ring and First waiting on him…Stevens to his feet…SLINGSHOT CLOTHESLINE BY THE FIRST!! STEVENS FLOORED AND THE COVER!!




DT: Stevens throws the shoulder up and First now drops down and locks a rear chin lock on Stevens. The First squeezing away on the head of the former two time World Champion.

DM: First playing it smart here and making that cut bleed more by putting that pressure on Stevens, this match is a bit over twenty minutes old and if it goes much longer that cut could play a big factor in the result.

MN: I’m getting a bad feeling about this…Everything was looking so good, and then this happens, ugh, I’m going to be sick if this punk gets a win over Stevens due to a freak accident like Stevens hitting the ring steps wrong!

DT: Stevens trying to get back to his feet, The First keeping behind him…Stevens back up…First hops up on Stevens back…FIRST SINKING IN A KATA HA JIME!! THE SUBMISSION FIRST USED TO WIN THE TITLE OFF STEVENS!!

DM: The First trying to strangle Stevens now and he has the challenger trapped in the middle of the ring.

MN: Ahhh, this isn’t good, come on Trip figure something out and figure it out quick!!

DT: Stevens sinking to one knee and now both knees as First continues to hang onto the hold…The First dumps Stevens onto his side and Stevens appears to be out of it…Pat Jones now checking Stevens arm…It drops once…A second arm check…IT DROPS AGAIN…First pulling for all his worth, this is it…STEVENS KEEPS THE ARM UP!! STEVENS FIGHTING TO STAY IN THIS MATCH!! [Crowd cheering “Triple X” chant!]

DM: Stevens thrashing and fighting to get to the ropes to escape this hold, you know there’s no way he’d want his return to EPW to be one that ended with him being submitted by The First.

MN: That would be the greatest insult in the history of this business, to have this idiot somehow score a win over the greatness of Sean Stevens, much less to tap or choke him out, I couldn’t handle it.

DT: Stevens inching closer…HE’S MADE THE ROPES!! [Pop!] The First lets go of the hold and looks disgusted that it didn’t beat Stevens…First backs away from Stevens, I think he’s measuring him for a Soulbreaker…Stevens back to his feet, The First runs at him…STEVENS BACKDROPS THE FIRST OVER THE TOP AND TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: Stevens may have kept himself in the match with at move, The First had all the momentum and was closing in on a victory but just like that Triple X changes the game.

MN: Come on Trip, it’s rally time!

DT: The First getting to his feet outside the ring…Stevens runs to the opposite side of the ring…STEVENS WITH A NO HANDS PLANCHA OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE FIRST!! STEVENS NAILED THE CHAMPION WITH THAT MOVE AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN ON THE FLOOR!!

DM: Stevens pulling out all the stops here, Triple X is known for having just about everything in his arsenal from mat wrestling to high flying and we’re seeing it all tonight.

MN: What we NEED to see is a three count and Stevens throwing this idiots stupid belt in the trash and bringing the REAL gold back out for the world to have a champion we can respect!

DT: Stevens back to his feet first and he grabs the champion and throws The First back into the ring. Stevens…Triple X follows him into the ring and connects with a clothesline! First back up and gets a kick to the stomach and a SNAP SUPLEX by the challenger drives The First into the mat…Stevens pulls The First to his feet and SLAMS him hard into the mat…Stevens now going to the outside…He’s up top…STEVENS WITH A FROG SPLASH!! HE NAILED IT!! STEVENS HOOKS THE LEG!!




DT: ONLY TWO!! [Crowd Buzzing!] Stevens not wasting any time and he grabs The First and sends him into the ropes…STEVENS WITH A SLEEPER!! Stevens trying to put the champion out! First reaching back and grabs Stevens head…ACE CRUSHER!!! FIRST WITH A STUNNER AND HE BREAKS THE HOLD…BOTH MEN DOWN ON THE MAT!

DM: The First took a beating there but found an answer as he has so many times in EPW when you think it’s about over for the champion he shows you he’s still got another trick up his sleeve.

DM: Shut up Dean! I can’t hear this crazy pro-goth-moron babble from you, FOX News is less bias then you two are when it comes to this kid!

DT: The First back to his feet, Stevens slowly getting up as well, The First meets Stevens with a series of right hands and backs Triple X into the corner…Stevens sent to the other side…First now setting up…HANGSPRING ELBOW INTO THE CORNER!! Stevens staggers out of the corner, First quickly to the second rope…SHOULDER BLOCK OFF THE SECOND ROPE!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Stevens shoots the shoulder up! First pops back to his feet and stomps away at Stevens…First sets himself…STANDING MOONSAULT INTO STEVENS!! THE CHAMP WITH A COVER!!




DT: Triple X not giving up! You know Stevens didn’t come back to be defeated by his most bitter rival in EPW. The First shakes his head and now re-secures a chinlock. You know The First has to think the long game favors him with that cut on Stevens forehead. He has to think he can wear down Triple X.

MN: And he’d never have a shot if it wasn’t for that cut, this whole match hinged on that one fluke event, it makes me sick that this could be a win for that idiot and he doesn’t deserve it!

DT: The First making Stevens use all that energy to find a way to pull himself off the mat yet again…Sean Stevens, the blue eyed bad ass, the two time EPW World Champion and a hall of famer in this company trying to dig down deep one more time to get to his feet, to break this hold…Stevens up and he throws a series of elbows into The First’s midsection…He breaks the hold…Stevens off the ropes…Shoulder block drops First…Stevens back off the ropes…RUNS INTO A HIGH KNEE FROM THE FIRST!!! Stevens just got BLASTED by the champion.

[First throws his arms up in the air and screams “CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!” which draws boos from the fans.]

DT: The First off the ropes…DROPS A LEG…And back off the ropes…ANOTHER LEGDROP…Off the ropes again…THIRD LEGDROP! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Stevens keeps fighting and you know it has to be eating The First up inside, these men have fought so often, Stevens and The First have pushed each other so far in their battles and you know both men want so desperately to have a win over the other that this match is beyond the EPW World Title, it’s about the two of them proving to each other who is the better man.

MN: To hell with that, I hope Stevens hits him with a cattle prod and pins him! It’s all about the gold baby!

DT: The First shakes his head and now he’s giving Pat Jones some lip about these counts. Stevens getting to his feet as First turns his attention back to the challenger, and gets popped with a right hand!! Another shot by Stevens staggering The First…Stevens sends The First into the corner…STEVENS CHARGES!! NOBODY HOME!! STEVENS HIT THE RING POST SHOULDER FIRST!! First quickly pulls Stevens out of the corner and gets him in the middle of the ring…CROSS ARM-BREAKER!! FIRST FLIPPED STEVENS INTO HIS BACK AND SECURED THE CROSS ARM BREAKER!!!


DM: You know The First has been waiting for a moment in this match to apply that submission hold and now that Stevens just banged his shoulder on the steel ring post, it’s a perfect chance for the champion to secure a submission!

DT: Stevens is caught in the middle of the ring and First is CRANKING on that arm! Stevens flailing as First continues to pull on his arm, can Triple X find a way to the ropes or to break the hold?

DM: The other question is, how much damage will the hold do even if Stevens can escape it, it’s a lot of pressure being put on that arm and the pain doesn’t go away just cause you escaped the move.

MN: I need to run in and help Stevens, I can’t just stand by and let this happen.

DT: Settle down Neely. Stevens pushing his body closer and closer to the ropes...GETS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! [Crowd pops!] First hanging on till the count of four before finally letting go of the hold!

DM: Stevens has weathered quite the storm, and you know it has to be getting to The First that he hasn’t found a way to finish this match.

MN: Cause he can’t finish the match! He’s not in Stevens league!

DT: Stevens shaking out that arm as The First now pacing back and forth waiting on Stevens to get clear of the ropes…First rushes at Stevens…TAKES A RIGHT HAND…ANOTHER SHOT BY STEVENS…A THIRD RIGHT DROPS THE FIRST! Stevens shaking out that left arm as The First gets to his feet, Stevens grabs First’s legs and drops First to his back…Stevens turning The First over…HIGH ANGLE BOSTON CRAB!!


DT: First howling in agony as Stevens is leaning WAY back and wrenching First’s back with this Boston Crab…Triple X closing in on his third reign as EPW World Champion as The First is frantically trying to figure out a way to escape this hold.

MN: There’s no way out! You gotta give up the gold or your back is broken!

DM: The First dragging Stevens towards the ropes, trying to break this hold…First getting close to the ropes…STEVENS PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! [Pop!]

MN: Oh it’s over now! Don’t think I’ll be inviting either of you to the after party to celebrate with Trip either!

DT: First thrashing on the mat in agony as Stevens continues to lean back on that hold…First again crawling towards the ropes…HE LUNGES AND GRABS THE ROPES!! The First saving the title right thre with that move!

DM: He was trapped in that hold for a good while, the damage to First’s back and Stevens arm may play a part in this match down the road.

MN: Come on Trip, pull it together and get this done!

DT: Stevens grabs First by the hair and sends him into a turnbuckle! Stevens now lifts The First up and places him on the top rope…Stevens going up after him and the two men trading punches…Stevens working for a Superplex now…HE’S GOT FIRST UP….FIRST SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT AND THEY COME CRASHING TO THE MAT WITH FIRST ON TOP OF STEVENS!! HE’S GOT A COVER!!!




DT: OH THAT WAS CLOSE [Crowd buzzing, cheering!] First and Stevens both down on the mat. Stevens got flat out CRUSHED under First’s body as the two men fell to the mat.

DM: If The First was twenty pounds heavier he might have won the match right there as Stevens has had the wind knocked out of him.

MN: Oh you two make me sick, why don’t you just put on a blue wig and corner him while you’re at it Dean!

DT: Stevens slowly pulling himself up by the ropes as The First now stalks him…FIRST WITH A SOUL BREAKER!! NO!! STEVENS HELD ONTO THE TOP ROPE!! FIRST CRASHING DOWN TO THE MAT!!

MN: Yes! Here we go, come on Sean!

DT: Stevens with a DROPKICK right on the button as First was getting to his feet, Stevens with a cover!




DT: Stevens gets The First back to his feet…Kick to the stomach…IMPALER DDT BY THE CJHALLENGER! STEVENS ANOTHER COVER!! THE LEG IS HOOKED!!




DT: AGAIN First kicks out! Stevens back to his feet and he’s waiting on The First to get up…First back up…STEVENS RUNS HIM OVER WITH A FOREARM TO THE JAW!! FIRST CRASHES TO THE MAT!! Stevens now backs into a corner…I think it’s time for an X-Factor!

DM: Stevens has to feel that the EPW World Title is now within his grasp, he has The First reeling here and now with one final big shot he could end it.

MN: Knock his head off!! Oh I think I’m gonna pass out when Fatora shouts out “NEEEWWWW!!” the way he does when a title changes hands!





DT: STEVENS JUST BARELY ESCAPED!! The closest near fall of the night so far!

DM: Oh that would have been even sweeter for The First since he lost the first ever fight between these two men to a school boy roll up.

MN: Well he didn’t get it, so it wasn’t so sweet now was it?!

DT: Stevens and First back to their feet and Stevens knocks First down with another clothesline…Stevens winces as he checks that cut that’s been bleeding for quite some time now…Stevens grabs the champion and gets him to his feet…SWINING NECK BREAKER BY TRIPLE X!! HE COVERS!!




DT: The First keeps on battling, this match has been grueling and nothing less than a sheer battle of wills and neither man is backing down with the EPW World Title hanging in the balance.

MN: Is it normal to hear your heart beating in your ears?! I think I might be having a stroke…This thing should be over…BUT FRIGGIN’ PAT JONES CAN’T COUNT RIGHT!!

DT: Stevens back up and he’s stomping away on The First…First pulled to his feet, Stevens whips the champion into the ropes…CATCHES HIM COMING BACK WITH A POWERSLAM!! STEVENS HOOKS THE LEG!!




DT: OH THAT WAS CLOSE!! Stevens wincing as he slowly gets back to his feet, the Blue Eyed Badass wearing the crimson mask as they say, while The First has had most of his face paint worn off in this fight…Stevens sends The First into the corner…First hits CHEST FIRST and staggers backwards…Stevens catches him with a full nelsox…DRAGON SUPLEX!!! TRIPLE X WITH A BRIDGE!





DM: Neely, he’s been giving both Stevens and The First the same count the whole match.

MN: No he hasn’t and you’re lying when you say that! I hate everyone and everything right now…This is a bagjob, Stevens has been set up here plain and simple!

DT: While Neely goes looking for the real killers of OJ’s wife and that waiter, Stevens gets back to his feet again and he gives the cut throat sight…I think The First is about to be X-Terminated!



MN: NO!! NO!!!

DM: First with a last second counter to keep himself from almost certain defeat, as the X-Terminator was the move that ended Black Dawn and the four way battle these men had against each other and Shawn Hart and Cameron Cruise.

DT: Both men down in the ring and this crowd is buzzing, a brutal and grueling match to this point and neither man has been able to land the big move needed to defeat the other.

DM: We have yet to have a Soul Breaker or a Cut The Thread from The First and Stevens has yet to connect with either an X-Factor or an X-Terminator.

DT: The First and Stevens both pulling themselves up by the ropes…First catches Stevens with a right hand and another one…First sends Stevens to the ropes…First off the other side…SPEAR BY THE CHAMPION!! FIRST FALLS INTO A COVER!!




DT: The First punches the mat and then drives a series of right hands to the side of Stevens head. The First pulls Stevens to his feet…The First sets Stevens…LIFTS THE CHALLENGER UP..JUMPING PILE DRIVER!!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!





DT: The First beyond frustrated, he’s hit just about everything on Stevens and it hasn’t worked…Stevens slowly to his feet, The First with a right hand and another…Stevens staggers…HE DROPS TO ONE KNEE…The First sees Stevens on one knee and he rushes off the ropes…SHINING WIZARD!!! The First rips off his shirt and throws it into the crowd [Some boos, some girls screaming.] The First now outside and going to the top…CUT THE THREAD!! STEVENS MOVED!!!! THE FIRST CRASHES AND BURNS!!!

DM: Can Stevens take control now?!

MN: Yes! Yes he will! This is the moment, finish him off!

DT: Stevens back to his feet and he’s hammering away on The First…First sent into the ropes…STEVENS CATCHES HIM AND DROPS HIM THROAT FIRST OVER THE TOP ROPE!! First crumples to the mat gasping in pain…Stevens grabs the champion and drives his head into the turnbuckle…Stevens now working First to the ribs, hammering away with punches and now he whips The First HARD into the opposite corner and First goes crashing down to the mat…

DM: First hit so hard he knocked the turnbuckle off the corner!

MN: Correction, Stevens THREW him so hard he knocked the turnbuckle off the corner!

DT: Pat Jones rushing over to re-secure that pad on the corner as Stevens drags The First to his feet by his hair…Stevens staggers First with a hard right hand…First hits the ropes and stumbles back towards Stevens…SPITS RED MIST IN STEVENS FACE!! Stevens staggering and swinging wildly as he’s been blinded!

MN: Of course Pat Jones turns his back on this cheating scumbag, this is FIXED!!

DT: The First seems pleased as can be with his actions, Stevens backed into a corner…THE FIRST CHARGES!!! X-FACTOR!!! X-FACTOR BY STEVENS!! FIRST MAY BE OUT!! STEVENS WITH A COVER!! PAT JONES SEES IT AND RUSHES OVER!!!




DT: FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! FIRST JUST GOT THE FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Stevens slowly gathering himself and pulling himself to his feet as First laying on the mat barely moving…Triple X was SO close to being a three time EPW World Champion…

DM: I never thought I’d see a counter like that, but even blinded Stevens found a way to hit a nearly perfect X-Factor and he had this crowd on it’s feet expecting a title change, only the fact that The First fell so close to the ropes prevented it from happening!

MN: I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I got a bad feeling about this now…

DT: Stevens back to his feet…He’s setting…He’s going to hit X-Factor after X-Factor until First can’t kick out of them anymore…The First back to his feet…Stevens waving for him to get closer…First staggers towards him…STEVENS WITH A X-FACTOR…FIRST SIDE STEPS!! FIRST IS BEHIND STEVENS!!! SOULBREAKER!!! SOULBREAKER BY THE CHAMPION!! HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS!!




DT: STEVENS KICKED OUT!!! [Crowd flipping out!] The First is beyond shocked he just NAILED that Soulbreaker but it wasn’t enough!

TF: There are FIVE minutes left in the match…FIVE MINUTES!

DT: Wow, these men have been fighting for fifty five minutes…First’s attitude just turned from one of frustration to one of joy…He knows he’s only five minutes from retaining his title, and he quickly locks a chinlock on Stevens, the champion content to work the clock for a draw here!

MN: He’s not playing to win, he’s playing not-to-lose and it’s going to bite him in the ass! Come on Trip, one final big rally!

DT: This crowd is buzzing as Stevens is pushing himself to his feet, Stevens trying to get back to his feet and find that one big shot that will finally put The First down and secure the EPW World Title for Stevens…Stevens elevates First…BACK SUPLEX! NO! FIRST LANDS ON HIS FEET! Stevens turns around and First SLAPS HIM! Stevens KICKS FIRST IN THE FACE!! A BIG FRONT KICK FLOORS THE CHAMPION!! STEVENS WITH A COVER!!




TF: Four minutes left in the match!

DT: Stevens working with a sense of urgency here he gets The First back to his feet…Stevens sends him to the ropes…STEVENS WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! FIRST SENT CRASHING TO THE CANVAS!! TRIPLE X WITH A COVER!!




DT: Stevens not wasting any time getting back after the champion…Stevens sends him into a corner…FOLLOWS IT UP WITH AN ALAVANCHE!! THE CHAMPION CRUSHED IN THE CORNER!! STEVENS HIPTOSSES HIM TO THE MAT! STEVENS GOING UP TOP...FOUR FIFTY SPLASH!! HE HIT IT!! HE GOT ALL OF IT!!





DT: No he didn’t Neely!!

MN: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’m keying Pat Jones’ car after this show!

DT: Stevens looks completely spent, the blood has been flowing from that cut for over a half hour, he’s thrown just about everything at The First and it hasn’t been enough, but he still has a chance as the clock winds down to find a way to do what nobody else has ever done and that is win the EPW World Title for a third time…

TF: Three minutes left in the contest!

MN: Come on Trip! You got an X-Terminator left in you somewhere!

DT: Stevens pulls The First to his feet, a kick to the gut doubles him over…STEVENS WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!




DT: Stevens quickly back after The First, hooks him up…INSIDE CRADLE!!







DT: STEVENS KICKS OUT!! Both men down on the mat…Stevens and First have beaten the hell out of each other and this match is still up for grabs…Both men pulling themselves to their feet…[‘Triple X’ chant] Stevens hammering First with right hand after right hand…Stevens catches First’s arms…He’s got him hooked…TIGER SUPLEX BY TRIPLE X!!! HE BRIDGES!!




DT: Stevens back up…He needs something big and he needs it in the worst way…The First getting up…STEVENS WITH ANOTHER X-FACTOR!! IT KNOCKED FIRST THROUGH THE ROPES!! Stevens tried to catch First and prevent him from falling out of the ring but he couldn’t do it! Stevens drops to his knees in frustration before rolling out to the floor.

TF: TWO minutes left in the contest, TWO minutes!

DT: And we’ve hit the two minute warning in this EPW World Title match as Stevens trying to lift The First back into the ring…Stevens has been so close so many times here tonight, his shocking return could only be made more incredible by him winning the EPW World Title…Stevens rolls First back into the ring…Triple X now climbing back into the ring…THE FIRST WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! HE CAUGHT STEVENS AS HE WAS GOING THROUGH THE ROPES!!




DT: OHHH WAS THAT CLOSE!! Stevens popped to his feet and shot Pat Jones a look to make sure that was only a two count because he was trapped in a bad way there…Stevens grabs The First, the two men trading punches…Stevens getting the upper hand now and staggering First…Stevens grabs The First…EXPLODER SUPLEX!! HE DUMPED FIRST ON HIS HEAD!! STEVENS WITH A COVER!!




DT: FIRST KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Stevens staring daggers at Pat Jones as Jones holds up the two fingers and says First got the shoulder up.

MN: It’s two on one in there! Aaron Jones might have bought into Copycat’s friggin’ nonsense, but it’s clear as day that Pat Jones thinks he’s had a buncha past lives where he’s hung out with Shirley McClain and this idiot!

TF: ONE minute left in the match!

DT: We’re under sixty seconds now and Stevens and First still have yet to decide a winner. Stevens struggling to get to his feet, this has been a war…The First still down from the beating he’s taken…

TF: 45 seconds left in the match!

DT: Stevens gathering himself and he’s up…He gives the cut throat sign and he pulls The First back up…First is practically limp…

TF: 30 seconds remaining!

DT: Stevens trying to get The First up…First throwing punches into the ribs of Stevens…Stevens lifts him…HE’S GOT THE FIRST UP!! FIRST KICKING HIS LEGS FIGHTING!

TF: 15 seconds remaining!


TF: 10 seconds remaining!!


TF: 9, 8, 7!


TF: 6, 5…


MN: NO! NO!!!!!

TF: 4, 3.





DT: No he doesn’t Neely…Pat Jones JUST got to two as the bell rang, this match is a draw!


[SFX: A headset being taken off]

DT: Mike Neely has just slumped over at the broadcast table, completely crushed that Sean Stevens didn’t win the EPW World Title.

TF: Ladies and Gentlemen this match has gone sixty minutes and is officially a DRAW…A DRAW! [Some in the crowd cheer the effort of the two men, most boo, a ‘five more minutes’ chant starts and picks up steam.]

DT: The First falls to the floor and slowly drags himself over towards the time keeper, The First taking his belt, and he’s stumbling towards the back with it.
[Crowd booing, louder chants of ‘Five more minutes!’ Stevens standing in the ring, hands on hips, breathing hard, looking bemused at First as he’s stumbling towards the back.]

DM: I think it’s pretty clear that The First has no interest what-so-ever in continuing this match.

DT: Stevens had The First on the ropes several times and that final pin, we’ll never know what would have happened, but I’m sure The First would call it fate that his leg landed under the bottom rope and it took Stevens those precious few seconds to get it back into the ring to make the final cover.

[The First stands at the top of the rampway, holding the EPW World Title aloft, he yells at Stevens, “You had an hour…YOU COULDN’T BEAT ME…I’m the champion of the world!” The crowd boo’ing and continuing to chant for five more minutes. Stevens motions for First to get back in the ring with him. First turns and leaves for the back, getting more boos. MUSIC UP: “King Back” by T.I. a pop from the crowd…]

DT: If this match went sixty minutes and one second, we might be sitting here with Sean Stevens standing in the middle of the ring as the new EPW World Champion, but as it stands The First has retained his title after a brutal one hour battle against Triple X, but one thing is for sure, The King is back and he means business!

[Stevens standing in the ring shaking his head at how close he came to winning the title at the end. The crowd chanting “Triple X!” As Stevens paces around the ring. Stevens stands in the ring soaking in the crowd’s reaction…FADE TO COPYRIGHT.]

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