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Aggression 65: Detroit, Michigan - 4/5/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Earlier this week…

[The scene opened up inside of the private trailer of former Professional Wrestler, turned respected actor, James Kattman. While the sounds of electric drills piecing sets together, casting director’s shouting directions to hopefuls, and a bunch of other forms of commotion echoed outside and around the state-of-the-art double wide, Kattman was in his very own soundproof safe haven, studying lines for his next scene, nibbling from a fruit tray, every couple of seconds or so, as his trailer door squeaked open, disrupting him, to his displeasure.]

The blatant disrespect brought forth a sigh. “Leave the coffee on the table by the couch there,” Kattman directed, as he continued studying his script. “And, next time knock before you come in. I could be standing here with my pants off or something,” he continued, assuming that the person entering his dressing room as the young lady assigned to him as his personal assistant, by the movie’s executive director.

On this day, the former Smartest Player in the Game was wrong.

“I don’t do coffee runs.” A male voice echoed, startling Kattman, causing him to drop his script, and turn his attention to the door, and view 6’1”, blue-eyed, golden haired intruder.

Kattman jumped to his feet, awkwardly stumbling over his words as he tried to spit them out. "Sean! I'm actually glad you're here,” he said, making a mental note of the black mid-length leather jacket, black “King’s Back” t-shirt, blue jeans, and pony-tailed hair style, for description purposes. “…because I'm really going to enjoy having you arrested." He reached for a cell phone on his end table.

[Sean took a hard step in Copycat’s direction, with a look of seriousness and aggression that said: this may not be a good idea and stopped him in his tracks.]

“If I wanted to hurt you, I’d hurt you. If I were here to hurt you, there’s nothing that you pushing buttons on your cell would do to stop me. And, I could break your neck in the time that it would take the police to arrive.”

James held Stevens' gaze for a few tense seconds, then responded: "Is that a challenge? I'm game," before making a grab for the phone.

[But, he was too late. A millisecond faster, Sean snatched the phone before Kattman could get to it.]

“You attempted to end my career. …my life even. You’re going to talk to me, it’s the least you could do.”
Loosening up, somewhat, the actor put on his bravest face. "All right, Sean. I suppose a year of your misery is worth a minute of my time. Thrill me with your conversational skills."

“You’re a very smart man, James. Always have been. No one can ever deny that. And, your performance over the last two years? Epic and Oscar worthy. But, I saw through you then, and I see through you now. And, as much as you think you’re better than professional wrestling these days … I know you saw that I came back. And, I know that you’ll be back. And, when you do … you know that I’ll be waiting.”

"So that's what this is about? Well, stay away from the flammable hairspray, Sean, because you're going to be carrying that torch a long time."

“I very well may, and I’m prepared to. But, you’re no different than me and any other wrestler that takes time off to pursue the Hollywood glitz and glamour. And, when you begin to long for the adrenaline rush, the excitement that can only be quenched by competing and putting your body on the line in front of twenty thousand rabid fans, and make your return? Mark my words, Ja--

Stevens walked directly up to Kattman, getting directly in his face, “Mark my words Copycat … If there ever was a bad guy that got to win, he’d be me. And, if I can’t, neither can you. And, when you show your face in Empire again, I’m going to hurt you. And, it’s important to me, that you heard that from me personally.”

[Copycat continues meeting Stevens' gaze until Stevens turns and walks out of the trailer. Copycat stares after him for a few seconds, before walking over to the trailer door and locking it, exhaling deeply with relief as he does]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[FADEIN: Slow motion footage from WrestleVerse III as The First and Cameron Cruise circle each other.]

V/O: Tonight…A rematch nearly three years in the making.

[CUTTO: The First hitting Cruise with a spear.]

[CUTTO: Cruise hitting a sit out powerbomb.]

V/O: A match shrouded in controversy…That gave rise…To Anthology…

[CUTTO: Copycat shoving The First off the top rope.]

[CUTTO: Cruise hitting the Reality Check and the pin.]

[CUTTO: Anthology standing in the ring, Cruise with the IC Title in hand.]

V/O: That led to retaliation…And the birth…Of HOPE.

[CUTTO: Shawn Hart hitting Cameron Cruise in the head with the IC Title and pinning him.]

[CUTTO: The First standing over Cameron Cruise in the ring as the rest of HOPE celebrates.]

V/O: A conflict that’s never been truly settled…Till tonight…

[CUTTO: Cruise and Jared Wells at Aggression 65]
CRUISE: And I will be the next EPW World Champion! [SFX added to make the word “Champion” echo repeatedly.]

[CUTTO: The First standing on a dirt road.]

FIRST: You hate that I’m EPW World Champion…And you NEVER will be…

[CUTTO: Split screen of The First with the EPW World Title over his shoulder, Cruise in his ring gear glaring at the camera.]

V/O: It all comes to a head tonight…For the EPW World Title…

[MUSIC UP: “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White.]

[CUTTO: Impulse standing with the Aggression graphic rolling behind him.]

[CUTTO: Stalker covered in darkness his face seen by a small ray of light.]

[CUTTO: The Animezing Dragons walking towards the ring.]

[CUTTO: Eddie Burns throwing fire at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Layne Winters jogging in place.]

[CUTTO: Rezin smiling with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. ]

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones staring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise looking down at the camera.]

[CUTTO: A graphic showing an old style map with the words “The Empire” across a giant swath of land.]

[CUTTO: Adrian Willard hitting a heavy bag.]

[CUTTO: Muse smiling cheerfully.]

[CUTTO: Anarky glaring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Lesbian Siegel and Caitlyn Daymon talking.]

[CUTTO: Larry Tact standing on the second rope, arms raised.]

[CUTTO: Rich Mahogany shaking his hips.]

[CUTTO: “Triple X” Sean Stevens standing in the entrance.]

[CUTTO: Dis unmasking as The First.]

[CUTTO: The map, this time a tracking line heads towards a dot marked Detroit, when the line hits the dot, AGGRESSION 64 bursts onto the screen in red letters.]

[CUTTO: Joe Louis arena, pyro exploding as the crowd is LOUD. The camera pans over the crowd before a quick cut to show Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely sitting at the broadcast table.]

DT: Welcome everyone it’s Aggression 65…I’m Dave Thomas with Dean Martin and Mike Neely and we got a barn burner of a show for you all tonight…I’ve gotten word we’re going to hear from “Triple X” Sean Stevens, the two time former EPW World Champion who made his shocking return last week and in the eyes of many was one second away from winning that title.

DM: I can’t wait to hear from Sean Stevens, he had an instant classic in his return at Aggression 64 in that hour long battle with The First, but I also want to hear from Anarky and Rezin, exactly what is the motivation of their actions, why did they turn an 8 man tag match into a car accident on our last show?

MN: Because they are nuts, plain and simple, two blood thirsty guys like that banding together means only one thing, bad times for everyone else.

DT: And those two men will be in non-title action against the Animezing Dragons, who I am sure are out for payback after what happened last time these men were in the ring…Also Rich Mahogany seeks to keep his undefeated streak and his TV Title as he faces Larry Tact.

DM: Tact got a big win over Adrian Willard and now he’s looking to get some gold here in EPW, I wouldn’t count him out tonight.

MN: I would! Rich Mahogany is a sensation, we haven’t had a breath of fresh air like him in forever.

DT: And also both of the Dangle Brothers are looking for gold tonight, as Jared Wells takes on Impulse for the Intercontinental championship.

DM: I do hope Jared Wells knows what he signed up for with this match, Impulse has been on a roll and he’s as tough an opponent to debut against as anyone I can think of.

MN: The only question about this match is if that little woman Impulse carts around with him all the time will be well enough to be at ringside so that she can leave on Jared Wells arm after he crushes that shrimp and takes home the hold.

DT: And the main event…Cameron Cruise and The First fighting for the EPW World Title.

DM: Cruise said he’d be the next champion and First gave him the shot…Cruise wants the gold, First wants revenge for WrestleVerse…Only one man is going to be happy at the end of tonight.

MN: Not true, if Cruise wins I’ll be pleased as punch…That’ll make two happy guys!

DT: I don’t think that’s what Dean was going for Neely, but then again it is all about you isn’t it?

MN: Yes it is, glad you noticed!

DT: We’ll be right back fans, don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
What Burns Within

[FADEIN: The front of the TD Garden in Boston. The camera pans back a bit to show Eddie Burns wearing a red hoodie and blue jeans standing on the side walk in front of the building.]

BURNS: I never thought my home arena would turn into a house of horrors for me…I was to be the conquering hero…But things went wrong…And they went wrong because of me…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past few months…Mostly because I can’t wrestle…Karl Brown dumped me on my head and I can’t pass the concussion tests and EPW’s like every other company in the world who’s scared to death of getting sued over letting somebody fight with a head injury…So I just sat back and had to sit on the sidelines…And I thought about what I did…I thought about what The First did…

[Eddie pauses, looks away from the camera for a moment before looking back.]

First…We need to talk…Aggression 66, I’m going to go to that ring and I’m going to ask you to come out and face me…Cause have things I need to get off my chest, and I need to hear what you have to say about them, and I don’t want to do this in a bar or some diner…I want the world to hear what I have to say, and I want them to hear what you have to say, because honestly…I need to know the truth, and I think the world does too.

[Eddie walks off camera. FADEOUT]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Non-Title: Animezing Dragon (cc) vs. Rezin & Anarky

DT: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get our first match underway! Tony Fatora is standing ready in the ring!



Crowd: "HU-WUH~!?!"

MN: Uh-oh... that CAN'T be good...

[CUEUP: "Bonehead" by Naked City.]

[A deafening cacophony of noise and jagged rhythms blasts through the PA with such force that the capacity crowd can't help but react in outright agony. Nightmarish strobes emit pulsating bursts of light so fierce it would put any epileptic into a seizure. Somewhere beneath the din, we can hear a headset dropping.]


DM: What the... Mike... MIKE!!

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not quite sure how to explain the experience we're going through right now! Complete and utter CHAOS has just erupted through the entire arena!

[The camera gets a few shots of various people in the crowd covering their ears and children crying in alarmed confusion... then all attention comes to stage where two figures sulk through the flickering haze around the entry-way.]

DM: Who IS that?!

[As the music cuts and the lights come back up, revealing REZIN standing on the stage. Tthe capacity crowd breaks out in massive jeers and vile curses.]


DM: Somehow, I'm not surprised!

DT: My God, what happened to MIKE!!

DM: MIKE!! Mike...?

[We cut back to the commentary table as Mike Neely, looking as though he'd just been blown through a hurricane, pulls himself back into his chair and puts the headset back on.]

DT: You okay, Mike?

MN: Oh MOTHER MARY... sorry, fellas, I must've blacked out there for a second! For a minute there, I thought I was DEAD and in HELL!! Speaking of, what the HELL just happened?

DM: Look to the stage and see for yourself, Neels!

[Smirking, the Goat Bastard raises a mic.]

REZIN: Tony... if you know what's good for you, then you better get your FAT ASS out of that ring.

[Tony Fatora, caught in the process of covering his head for dear life amidst the preceding chaos, quickly obliges and tumbles awkwardly through the ropes. The Goat Bastard proceeds down the ramp with a vile smirk.]



DM: This isn't Animal Farm...

MN: Wait... when did we have farm animals here? Are there goats?

DT: Yeah, there's one right there...

REZIN: Do you stupid SHEEP even hear yourselves?! Or do you just WILLINGLY go through your short, meaningless lives,,, spouting off monotonous mantras fed to you by the marketing machine that profits off your vicarious bloodlust?

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!"

DM: I'm actually quite surprised that Rezin has the intellectual capacity to make an Orwell reference.

MN: What's an Orwell?

DM: ...nevermind, Neels.

[Rezin lazily rolls into the ring and sits up, reclining against the lower set of ropes.]

REZIN: Excuse me for the interruption... but I wanted to come out here and give a special introduction to a new friend of mine, and I want you all to be very respectful when he comes out...

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOO!!!!"

REZIN: BUT... before I get into all that... there's a few things I wanted to say to a couple guys who recently went out of their way to send some verbal viritol in the direction of the ol' Goat Bastard. Coincidentally, both of these guys are in tonight's main event, fighting for the disgrace that is our World Heavyweight "Championship"...

[He pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes.]

REZIN: CAMERON CRUISE... you know whut, budday? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were pretty bitter after that last match of ours. I don't blame you... I'd be embarrassed to lose to me, too. But do you remember what I told you then? How you'd sweep in on a young, stupid champ on the FIRST [heh] chance you get? Totally called it. You spite my name, but really, you should be THANKING you. If kicking your ass was all you needed to get motivated, then I guess I'm just happy to help.

Unfortunately... now that you FINALLY have your eyes set on the World Title... it just means I'll have to kick your ass AGAIN. I'm not like forgotten punks like Rocko Daymon and Troy Douglas. I'm more like Beetlejuice. Drop my name three times, and I pop up out of the floor and royally set you askew with my mind-blowing high-flying muthafuggery.

All I'm sayin' is... watch your mouth, Cruise... or it might get DRIED OUT!

[He holds up his middle and ring fingers as he makes this last statement, alluding to the Cottonmouth hold, and flashes the camera a sinister grin. The fans hold up some fingers of their own in return...]

REZIN: And as for THE FIRST?! I'm no DEVIL. I'm too AVANT GUARDE to be something as cliched and overused as Satan. I'm more like Loki... a mere trickster god who destroys not with lightning or divine powers, but simply by sowing the seeds of chaos and turning the whole miserable, predictable world on its head.

You know why you picked a fight with Cameron Cruise of all people? Because you know it's a guaranteed win... and you are SO OBVIOUSLY OBSESSED with making yourself LEGIT. But what's the point, First? You'll NEVER be the icon you want to be. Not while your championship is based on an absolute LIE.

People like you make me what I am... and lead me to do the things that I do. You call yourself the greatest in this federation... but you've never, NEVER beaten me in this ring. It just goes to prove that the World Heavyweight Title is and always has been INFERIOR to the transcendent and infectuous presence of THE ESCAPE ARTIST!!


DT: Is this guy going to wrap it up any time soon?!

REZIN: That being said... let's bring out the man who is the TRUE pinnacle of this federation.

[A big smile spreading across his face, he gestures to the entry-way.]

REZIN: And now, I introduce to you... the Empire Pro WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT ANTI-CHAMPION... from mean streets of Hartford... he... is... ANARKY!

[CUEUP: "More Human Than Human" as Anarky comes out without any kind of title whatsoever, pretending to slap hands with the fans, who are totally uninterested. He slides under the bottom rope and grabs the mic.]

ANARKY: Empire Pro... today is the dawn of a new era. An era in which egomanics will no longer roam free, spewing forth the vile bullsh*t which comes from their mouths constantly. No longer will be sit back and listen to the ravings of egocentric princesses and their constant need for validation.

No. Enough is enough.

It begins with Karl Brown and Otaku. Now, we admit... they are hardly the guiltiest transgressors in Empire Pro. Heck, they're almost likable.

But still they reinforce the endless need for validation and perfect. Still... they, too, are guilty. No one can escape, you see.

And yet...

Before even that, we would like to propose a solution. A token of peace, if you will.

The First. Dis. Whatever you want to be called.

You claimed you wanted Empire Pro to have the Champion it deserved. You claimed you wanted a fighting Champion who would take on all comers.

And then you stepped up and showed the whole world... that you are not That Man.

You are a coward and a fraud. So tonight. In front of all of these fans..

... vacate your title. Go ahead. Just give it up.

Don't give it to me. I don't want it. I get to sleep at night just fine without it, thanks.

But you. You are nothing but a disgrace. So step down tonight and this can all end. And we can all go home happy and know that Empire Pro is in the capable hands of Anybody but First.

Or you can keep walking down the road you're walking. It's your choice.

But sooner or later, decisions have consequences. Sooner or later... men like me and Rezin... we get very tired of hearing about what kind of men you think we should be... and seeing what kind of fraud you are. And all the men like you. Like Impulse.

People get what they deserve. And it isn't gold and glitter and fame and fortune.

Don't worry, First. You're going to learn alllllll about it.

But not tonight. Tonight, you fight Cameron Cruise and prove what a big tough guy you are with the fraud title around your waist. Show us what kind of champion you really are.

We're all just dying to know.

[CUE: "Ikari No Jyushin" [the theme from "Jushin Liger"]

TF: "Introducing, at a combined weight of 441 pounds... they are the EPW World Tag Team Champions! The team of Otaku and Karl "The Dragon Brown... ANIMEZING DRAGON!!!"

[As the drone builds, the lights cut out, flickering green and white until the lyrics kick in. Animezing Dragon appear on the stage, saluting the fans before heading quickly to the ring. Brown slides under the bottom rope, Otaku vaulting over, and both choose a middle rope to stand on, saluting the fans some more.]

[Suddenly, Rezin and Anarky ‘pick-a-dragon’ and pull them down to the mat.]

[SFX: Bell rings.]

DT: Rezin and Anarky saw no need to wait, as they begin assaulting Otaku and the "Dragon" with strikes. The Tag Team Champions can only cover up after being caught off guard to start this match."

DM: "This match is beginning how the 8-Man tag team match at last Aggression ended, with no control."

MN: "Control is so boring, Dean. These guys are here to spark all of EPW!"

DT: "If EPW were a Roman Candle, I might agree, Mike. The referee is trying to get Rezin and Anarky separated from Otaku and Brown, but that's like trying to separate two wild dogs from slabs of raw meat."

MN: "They'll be dead meat soon enough!"

DM: "It looks like Pat Jones at least has Rezin in his corner, as Karl retreats to his."

DT: "Anarky, meanwhile, lifts Otaku up to his feet by the throat! Pat Jones turns around and orders him to release the choke, and begins a five count on Anarky, who breaks at four and THROWS Otaku into a neutral corner."

DM: "These two, Anarky and Rezin... is an alliance we never needed to see."

DT: "They surely bring a level of volatility that does not bode well for EPW, if their goals are any indication. Anarky laying into Otaku with knees to the stomach, doubling the high-flier over in the corner. Anarky drops to his knees and lands a thrust to the throat of Otaku, jolting him back up! Another knee to the stomach and Otaku crumples to the mat..."

DM: "Karl Brown is up on the apron, trying to shout some encouragement to his teammate, but Otaku is in a bad way. I don't know if he even hears the "Dragon" right now... Anarky is hearing it from this crowd... and just reveling in it."

MN: "I'm glad you realize it is not out of the question Otaku will leave this match without one or more of his senses!"

DM: "He'd still be ahead of you, Neels. You haven't made sense here since day one."

MN: "More like I'm just too high-minded for you, simpleton! Rezin and Anarky understand me."

DM: "Weren't you criticizing Anarky just a few weeks ago?"

MN: "He's obviously come around and recognized how soft he was. Now he's back to being the Anarky who we all know and love!"

DT: "Not that we didn't know Anarky was capable of this type of chaotic behavior, but I don't know how many in EPW love any of it. Otaku is using the turnbuckle to get to his feet... but Anarky takes the back of his head and smashes it into the middle turnbuckle! Now he's laying knees into the back of Otaku's head, only stopping as Pat Jones reaches nearly five on his count."

DM: "That was four and seven-eighths if you ask me. Who knows if Anarky even cares about winning this match, anymore. He seems most concerned with inflicting as much pain on anyone who is standing in the ring with him."

DT: "Anarky now with rabbit punches to the back of Otaku's head, and Karl Brown has seen enough! He's in and blindsides Anarky with a clothesline, followed by a flurry of strikes!"

MN: "Cheater! Get him out of there, ref!"

DM: "Oh please, Anarky was practically begging for the "Dragon" to get involved. Has he used more moves than the amount of five counts Pat Jones has had to put in? Come on."

DT: "The referee is guiding Karl Brown back to his corner... Anarky jumps Brown and nearly knocks Pat Jones over! He assaults Brown as he was between the ropes, and knocks him out to the floor..."

DM: "The "Dragon" landed hard there."

MN: "That'll teach him to interfere with Anarky's business."

DM: "They're both in the match, Neely, but correcting you is pretty futile at this point."

MN: "Glad you see things my way."

DT: "Banter aside, Anarky is disregarding Pat Jones and coming out to the floor. He's shouting something at Karl Brown as the "Dragon" gets up... Brown turns to receive a kick to the stomach... vicious DDT to the floor! Karl Brown goes face-first!"

DM: "Entirely uncalled for, Karl Brown isn't even the legal man."

MN: "Stop being so stiff, this is all strategy."

DM: "The strategy of what?"

MN: "Well... now Otaku can't tag out."

DT: "Anarky admiring his handiwork, turns and... OTAKU! Flying out of the ring with a Suicide plancha and bowls over Anarky! He just came in like a javelin and sent Anarky into the security wall."

DM: "If he wants to go outside, Otaku can oblige him."

MN: "Get that geek missile back in the ring! He should never have been allowed outside."

DM: "Correcting hypocrisy, futile."

MN: "What?"

DT: "You may want to check your pocket dictionary, Mike. The referee's count is at six as both men are stirring... seven... eight, both men are to their feet... and roll back in at nine. Anarky goes for a boot aimed right at the head of Otaku... but he ducks and shoots off the ropes... and returns with a flying front dropkick to the chest of Anarky! Otaku rolls back to his feet and charges Anarky with a kick of his own... Anarky catches the leg, swings and misses at Otaku... Enziguri by Otaku! Anarky knocked to a knee... Otaku pops back up and lands a flying heads scissors on Anarky, who has been taken out of his game! Otaku with a backflip splash and a cover...



Anarky kicks out at two!"

DM: "It looks like Otaku weathered the storm and is surging."

DT: "Otaku lifts up Anarky, but no! Eye gouge from Anarky... and he DRILLS Otaku into the mat with a Spinebuster!"

MN: "What was that, Matty?? Hah!"

DT: "Otaku is down, and Anarky is... pounding the mat, laughing?"

DM: "I have no idea, Dave... but Otaku overlooked the pain threshold of Anarky, thinking he had him beat early. That's rarely, if ever, the case with this man."

DT: "Anarky is back to his feet, and grinning like a mad man."

DM: "He may not be far off."

DT: "Karl Brown is back up on the apron, shaking his head after that DDT onto the floor. Anarky could have attempted a pin on Otaku, but instead he unceremoniously drags him to his corner and tags in Rezin."

DM: "Like I said, Dave, I'm not sure it's about winning with these two."

MN: "Did you hear anything they said? Rezin is here to dissect and destroy EPW, piece by piece. And Anarky is a man possessed for violence. Really, it's a match made in Heaven."

DM: "I don't know what backwards Heaven you envision, Neels, but that sound like nothing short of a hellish pairing."

DT: "I'd have to agree, Dean. Rezin is in but Anarky has Otaku trapped in a front waistlock... Rezin to the second rope as Pat Jones counts to three... tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker from Anarky, as Rezin comes down with a Leg drop across the throat! Otaku turned inside out!"

DM: "Ugly."

MN: "No way, that was a thing of beauty!"

DT: "Rezin and Anarky appear to be completely on the same page, as Rezin taunts the crowd, who are trying to fuel Otaku. The World Tag Team Champions have been stalled from the start."

DM: "That does speak volumes. Anarky and Rezin are operating on a very high level."

DT: "Otaku trying to get to his corner as Rezin is distracted... but Rezin catches him with a stiff kick to the back, halting him... and another to the chest that puts Otaku on his back! A cover by Rezin...



Thr-- NO!

Otaku was JUST near enough to brush the bottom rope with his boot."

DM: "The young fanboy has developed some good ring presence, and certainly is showing some fortitude."

MN: "If you mean guts, Dean, I agree."

DM: "Really, Neels?"

MN: "Sure, pretty soon his guts are going to be all over the ring!"

DM: "Why did I even get my hopes up?"

DT: "No clue, but Rezin looks a little irritated that Otaku survived there. He's looking Pat Jones' way, but the referee is just doing his job."

DM: "Who knows how Rezin interprets anything. If I were Pat Jones, in there with Rezin and Anarky, I think I would be concerned for my own well-being."

MN: "Yeah, if this idiot keeps up the poor officiating, he deserves what he gets!"

DT: "I didn't see a problem. Rezin looks like he's decided against whatever he was intending with Pat Jones, and turns his attention back to Otaku, who is on his knees. Rezin slapping Otaku on the back of the head, completely disrespectful. Rezin with another smack! He points at Karl Brown and... Otaku trips Rezin with a sweep! He's trying to get to his corner... Rezin grabs Otaku by the ankle."

DM: "Otaku needs this tag, Karl Brown has to get in there."

DT: "I think this crowd would agree, as Rezin stands gripping Otaku's legs and angles towards a corner... Stun Gun! No! Otaku manages to brace himself on the second turnbuckle. Rezin stands but Otaku hits a Missile Dropkick!"

DM: "Both men are down!"

MN: "That little pipsqueak can't do this! This isn't some cartoon!"

DT: "Otaku is looking like a courageous combatant here, trying to muster the strength to get the 'Dragon' into this match... Otaku crawling... Anarky coming into the ring now... but Pat Jones stops him and Otaku leaps for the tag!"


DM: "Anarky shoves Pat Jones away as Karl Brown takes Rezin down with a Spinning Heel kick... Anarky misses wide with a haymaker... Brown with a jumping Wheel kick sends Anarky down to the mat! Rezin back up and receives a Dropkick from Brown. Anarky gets one for good measure! 'The Dragon' on fire as Anarky rises... a kick and Swinging Neckbreaker has Anarky rolling to the outside..."

MN: "Stop this now! No fair!"

DT: "Rezin comes in with a Muay Thai kick... Brown blocks and throws one of his Taekwondo kicks... Rezin evades and connects with one of his own. Brown comes back with a kick to the thigh of Rezin... who strikes back with one of his own! Brown targets the thigh again... Rezin return kicks to the "Dragon's" midsection!"

[SFX: Crowd going back-and-forth with the action.]

DT: "Brown hits a kick to the back of the knee... Rezin's knee buckles! 'The Dragon' goes for a kick to the chest... Rezin drops down and the kick sails over... Rezin back up and attempts a side kick... Brown blocks and grabs Rezin's arm... reels him in... Dragon Suplex with a bridge!



Rezin kicks out!

Both men face-off again..."

DM: "Anarky from behind with a clubbing blow sends Karl Brown into Rezin... REZIN-RANA! Pat Jones orders Anarky back to his corner but sees the pin attempt..."



TH-- NO!"

MN: "Why is the ref out of position?! That should have been three!"

DM: "Because Anarky shouldn't have been in the ring to begin with."

MN: "Whatever works."

DM: "No, not 'whatever works.' There are rules for a reason and these two are breaking every one they see fit!"

DT: "Karl Brown kicks out after that cheap shot must have dazed him, then the Rezin-Rana took its toll. Rezin is back up, favoring his thigh slightly, and Karl Brown rising up... Rezin with a slap to the face of the 'Dragon!' Karl Brown looks enraged and unleashes a flurry of fists to Rezin, backing him into a neutral corner."

MN: "Karl Brown said something nasty about Rezin's mama. I think."

DM: "Yeah, that really fits Karl Brown to a tee. What disrespect by Rezin. I have no sympathy for anything he brings upon himself."

DT: "Karl Brown is taking Rezin up to the top turnbuckle, setting him facing the crowd, and hitting a pair of well-placed forearms to the small of Rezin's back. It does seem Rezin and Anarky have thrown Animezing Dragon off any gameplan tonight, with their more-than-questionable methods. I have to think Pat Jones will not hesitate to disqualify Rezin and Anarky if this continues."

DM: "He could have done it three or four times already."

MN: "Someone get the WAAAMbulance for Dean."

DM: "There are rules, Neely!"

MN: "This is America, land of the free! Rules are meant to be broken."

DM: "Those.... are so unrelated. I don't even know."

MN: "Winning!"

DT: "Oh, brother. Karl Brown now ascending the ropes as the crowd is buzzing here... the 'Dragon' looks like he's got Rezin in a rear waistlock..."

DM: "Looks like Karl is going for the kill here..."

MN: "Okay okay, you didn't say anything about Rezin's mama! Don't kill him!"

DT: "TOP ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX ON RE... REZIN LANDS ON HIS FEET! He flipped over but that leg he was favoring buckled as he landed. Rezin cannot follow-up and he looks up to see the 'Dragon' fly off... Cross Body Block fromt the top... connects!



MN: "Anarky breaks up the pin before three!"

DM: "This is ridiculous!"

DT: "Anarky saves Rezin from losing the match, there, and Pat Jones warns him he had better get back to his corner. Anarky doesn't seem to appreciate the admonishment, but goes to his corner as Karl Brown turns from Anarky and makes a tag to Otaku."

DM: "Karl staying on point, making the tag, getting the fresh man in."

DT: "Otaku in and immediately hooks Rezin as he gets up... Russian Leg Sweep, nicely executed by Otaku. One-half of the World Tag Team Champions comes off the ropes and hits a flying headbutt to the thigh of Rezin, which Karl Brown had weakened with some kicks. Otaku lifts Rezin up again... Rezin with some strikes to the midsection of Otaku, creates some space... Rezin with an irish whip of Otaku... but telegraphs the back body drop and Otaku with a sunset flip!



Rezin kicks out!

DM: Otaku needs to maintain his pace, now that Animezing Dragon has some momentum."

DT: "Otaku with a Snap Suplex on Rezin... holds on for a second, and connects! Otaku waits for Rezin to get back up, perhaps not a wise move here..."

MN: "Especially once Rezin gets his hands on this fanboy and makes him pay."

DM: "Not looking that way."

DT: "Rezin limping up, and Otaku delivers a Yakuza Kick that hits dead on! EPW's anime aficionado takes Rezin by the legs... it looks like he's going for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Rezin's fighting it...."

MN: "Bah, no way would this Amazing Loser get a submission!"

DM: "That's Animezing Dragon, Neely."

MN: "Sorry, Dean-O, but I don't speak MORON! And anyway, my Asian's a bit rusty."

DM: "You did NOT just.... .... Nah. Too easy."

MN: "What are you babbling about now??"

DT: "Mike, you may just want to let that one go. Rezin is trying to turn towards the ropes, but Otaku turns his own back to the ropes... repositioning... but Anarky with a knee to the small of Otaku's back! Rezin breaks free!"

DM: "The referee had no line of sight to see Anarky deliver the knee."

MN: "The loser forgot what corner he got suckered into!"

DT: "Otaku tries to regroup and grab hold of Rezin, but he takes two boots to the midsection. Otaku, resilient, comes back at Rezin as he is getting up. He lunges and grapples Rezin... no! Rezin uses Otaku's momentum, slips behind him... one-handed Bulldog! Otaku is down, and Rezin tags in Anarky."

DM: "Shades of the former 'Escape Artist,' there. Rezin and Anarky are not a seasoned tag team, and have taken lots of shortcuts to get the edge on the World Tag Team Champions tonight. But these two, Anarky and Rezin, are former Champions, too. They know when to push the envelope. Still cheap shots, though."

MN: "It's called higher-minded tactics, Dean. You wouldn't understand."

DT: "Anarky comes in with stomps to the back of Otaku, sending him crashing to the mat every time he tries to rise up. Anarky backs off now... Otaku getting back to his feet... only to be sent down by a Lariat! Anarky with that grin again, looking down at Otaku, then to Karl Brown, who stares back as Anarky holds Otaku's arm out towards the 'Dragon' in mockery. Anarky yanks Otaku up and lifts him for a Suplex... no, Brainbuster!"

DM: "Anarky is just torturing Otaku in there."

MN: "It's only torture if you think these losers could ever beat Anarky and Rezin! No chance!!"

DT: "Anarky, again foregoing the chance for a pin attempt, slaps Rezin on the arm for the tag."

MN: "That's just how they roll."

DM: "Thanks for clarifying."

MN: "Well someone has to be objective at this booth!"

DT: "Mike, I think you need to consult the dictionary again. Rezin sends Otaku into the corner with an irish whip... Clothesline on Otaku, who sags between the ropes. Rezin kicks him through and Otaku lands on the apron!"

DM: "Otaku really in a bad way here, and the last place he needs to go with a man like Rezin is to the outside..."

DT: "Rezin on the apron and gets Otaku up... Otaku with some elbows to the thigh of Rezin, targeting that limb! But Rezin with a clubbing blow puts an end to that. Now Rezin hooks Otaku's waist... no, he lifts Otaku into a Fireman's Carry!"

DM: "That's insane! He could seriously injure Otaku here, Pat Jones needs to get this back in the ring!"

MN: "Take out the trash, Rezin!"

DT: "Wait! Otaku grabs hold of the top rope as Rezin executes! Rezin goes flying off the apron and hits the floor nearly on his head!"

MN: "Stupid ani-nerd!"

DM: "Rezin looks like he may have slammed his upper back and neck on the outside. He's a fool for even trying to pull that move off to the outside."

DT: "Karl Brown drops down from the apron and grabs Rezin, rolling him back into the ring! He shouts to Otaku, who is crouched down on the ropes... Otaku looks and begins scaling the nearest turnbuckle!"

MN: "You have to be kidding me! Anarky, get in there!"

DM: "Pat Jones has an eye on Anarky, and he will disqualify him."

MN: "Anarky will deck him if he does that."

DT: "Mike, you know EPW takes its rules against attacking officials seriously. This crowd is rooting on for Otaku as he reaches the top rope. Otaku takes a moment to gauge the distance, as Rezin is almost halfway across the ring. Otaku flies off with the Shooting Star Press!!"

MN: "BZZ!"

DT: "Rezin rolled INCHES out of the way as Otaku came down to the mat!"

DM: "That could have ended the match right there for Animezing Dragon."

DT: "Anarky comes around the ring and pulls Karl Brown off the apron... the two begin exchanging blows back-and-forth on the outside!"

MN: "Hey, the referee warned Anarky to keep from entering the ring if he wasn't tagged, that's what he did."

DT: Anarky getting the better of the brawl, and he kicks the 'Dragon' in the VERY lower abdomen... then shoves him back-first into the ringpost!"

DM: "Anarky is thirsty for mayhem, and he just created some more of it."

DT: "Pat Jones is being distracted by Anarky as he whips Karl Brown into the guard rail... reversal by Brown and Anarky goes into the rail! Karl Brown tries to get back on the apron, but Anarky throws him back down to the floor. Rezin using the ropes to get himself upright in the ring. Otaku is getting up. Otaku blocks a closed fist from Rezin, and delivers a strike of his own! Another strike by Otaku... Rezin with a quick knee to the groin of Otaku!"

DM: "Pat Jones is stuck between the ropes, trying to verbally corral Anarky, who just threw Karl Brown into the ring steps. Meanwhile, Pat missed the call in the ring, which should be a disqualification!"

MN: "I guess Otaku didn't see that coming from watching Japanese cartoons!"

DM: "Shut up, Neely."

DT: "Rezin now on his way to a high risk maneuver. He climbs from inside the ring, meaning this could be the Dark Side of the Moonsault...."

DM: "Karl Brown and Anarky are brawling right below Rezin... I hope he isn't..."

DT: "I think Rezin was considering a suicide dive out of the ring, but instead he looks to Otaku... Otaku is up!!"

MN: "Wait, what?! I was watching Anarky getting the upper hand!"

DT: "He catches Rezin on the top rope from behind... the two are struggling on the top rope... Otaku with a shot to the midsection! Rezin with a back elbow! Otaku hits the back... Rezin with a thumb to the eye! He hits another back elbow and Otaku staggers to the mat, standing. Rezin quickly sets on the top and flies off with Dark Side of the Moonsault!!"

"Otaku rolls through for a pin!"




[Bell rings.]


MN: "How the hell did that happen?!?"

DM: "A little good fortune... but such luck is that of Champions."

DT: "Somehow Otaku and Karl Brown have survived this match.... wait a minute... Anarky just heard Tony Fatora and goes after Otaku in the ring! He and Rezin double-up on Otaku and throw him into the corner, striking him down... BUT KARL BROWN ENTERS THE RING! Karl Brown is evening the odds and we have a brawl on our hands!"

DM: "Rezin throws Otaku out of the ring and the 'Dragon' is getting the double team treatment now! Karl tries to fend off both men, striking back... a solid strike sends Rezin momentarily reeling! Anarky nails a haymaker that spins Karl Brown around. Rezin is back..."

DT: "COTTONMOUTH! Rezin has that claw submission locked in and the 'Dragon' is fading...."

MN: "That's right, take the bite out of this Dragon!"

DM: "Look out! Otaku on top!"



DT: "Otaku with the high-flying expertise, helping his tag team partner out, as Karl Brown managed to slip away as Otaku leaped off the top. Rezin and Anarky retreat from the ring after being planted into the mat by the Shooting Star Press."

[Rezin and Anarky are holding the guard rail, near the entrance ramp. Animezing Dragon regroups in the ring, as Otaku and Karl Brown support one another, leaning on the ropes. All the while, both teams are locked in a stare down.]

DM: "There is some serious unfinished business between these two teams."

MN: "Yeah, what a cheap shot on Rezin and Anarky by the supposed goodie-goodie!"

DM: "You think Animezing Dragon were taking cheap shots?"

MN: "What do you call it?"

DT: "While Neely checks his prescription, we're going to take a quick break. When we return, more EPW action is headed your way! Stay tuned."


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Jones-ing For Redemption


[The camera opens up on the inside of Dan Ryan’s office at EPW headquarters. Still sporting some visible damage from his match with Stalker at Russian Roulette, Ryan is seated at his desk. His desk phone beeps, and a voice on the other end chimes in]

Voice: Mr. Ryan, your 10 o’clock.

Dan Ryan: Send him in.

[Ryan looks out at the door to his office with an unhappy look on his face as the door is heard opening. A few seconds later, Aaron Jones approaches Ryan’s desk]

Aaron Jones: I appreciate your willingness to see me.

[Jones extends his hand to Ryan. Ryan just continues to stare at him until Jones pulls his hand back and sits down in a chair opposite Ryan’s desk]

Ryan: I wasn’t willing to see you. I only agreed to meet with you as a favor to your father, who’s been hurt more than enough by what you’ve done over the last couple of years.

[Jones winces, but does not respond]

Ryan: So you’re here. You’ve got something to say. Let’s hear it.

[Jones pauses, picking his next words carefully]

Jones: I don’t suppose an apology would appeal to you.

[Ryan takes a breath to compose himself before responding]

Ryan: An apology. For what? I know you’re going to try to repent for all your sins here, Aaron, and it might even be sincere. But what difference is it going to make to anyone you’ve hurt? You didn’t have a change of heart; even though everyone who cares about you had been telling you the whole time, you didn’t realize Copycat was manipulating you until he came out and admitted it. You’d still be following him today if he hadn’t.

[Jones exhales deeply]

Jones: I deserved that. Look, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to claim I was having doubts about Copycat’s sincerity or his commitment to the cause he said he was following, because I wasn’t. None of the signs you say were obvious were obvious to me. He is a master manipulator, and he knew exactly what to say to convince me that his plans, and only his plans, could provide this business the future I wanted it to have.

Ryan: Yes, I realize he is a master manipulator. Copycat has a reputation as a master manipulator – which is exactly why I, and your father, and everyone else, told you from the beginning that he was manipulating you. And now look where it’s gotten you. No matter how convincing Copycat was, you have no one but yourself to blame for this.

Jones: I’m not making excuses. I’m not trying to shift blame. I believed wholeheartedly in a cause, and that cause turned out to be a lie. I hurt people because of my belief in that cause, not the least of whom is my father, and I am doing absolutely everything I can to fix what I’ve broken. But I want you to understand why I did what I did.

Ryan: Why you did what you did? Isn’t that what you’ve been telling me about? How Copycat used you to further his own selfish goals?

Jones: But he wouldn’t have convinced me of anything if he didn’t know why I was concerned about the future of the business. And even after everything that’s happened, it hasn’t changed. I wanted this business to have a future so I could follow in my dad’s footsteps as a referee. I still want to do that. And that’s why I wanted to talk to you.

[Ryan starts to say something, then stops. He aims a confused look at Jones]

Ryan: Tell me you’re not…

Jones [interrupting]: I’m not asking you to hire me as a referee. I don’t have the proper training. But even if I did, you and I both know I wouldn’t work out as an EPW referee, because no one would trust me. Am I right?

Ryan: Those would be the main reasons, yes.

Jones: Exactly. If I ever want to be a referee, I have to overcome the doubts everyone has now that I can be trustworthy.

Ryan: At least you’re thinking clearly now. But how do you expect to convince anyone?

Jones: I want to wrestle.

[Ryan looks like he’s about to laugh, but he stops himself]

Ryan: You’re serious, aren’t you? Look, Aaron, if only for your parents’ sake, I want you to be able to chase your dream or whatever, but wrestling isn’t just something you can pick up. It takes a lot of training.

Jones: I am trained.

[Ryan looks at him incredulously]

Jones: I mean, I’m not an expert, obviously, but I’ll know what I’m doing in there.

Ryan: When did this happen? Who trained you?

Jones: Who do you think? I assume he just wanted me to be competent in a fight in case he needed me to be, but as much of a prick as he is, Copycat is still a good wrestler and a surprisingly good teacher. And it wasn’t just him. A couple of his old running buddies own a training academy now. I’ve been going to them ever since Copycat dropped off the face of the earth after Wrestleverse IV.

[Ryan, not expecting this response, is without a response for a second or two, before finally coming up with the words he wants]

Ryan: Well, even so, aren’t you still in school? I know your father wouldn’t want you to drop out.

Jones: I graduated early. He didn’t tell you? I guess I only just told him.

Ryan: Don’t tell me that was Copycat’s doing, too.

Jones: Of course not. My dad will tell you I’ve always taken school pretty seriously. Copycat never tried to press the issue. Looking back on it, I think he knew he’d run the risk of losing me if he did.

Ryan: Aaron … I don’t know. I still don’t feel good about this.

Jones: Look, Mr. Ryan, I get that you feel an obligation to my father not to put me in harm’s way. But you said yourself that nobody’s going to believe I’m sincere about wanting to make up for the wrong I’ve done. This is my way of proving that. People have to know that I’m willing to go to great lengths to prove what I say is true. If I’m ever going to truly atone for what I was an accessory to when Copycat was around, the only place I can do it is in harm’s way, in that ring. You won’t have to do anything else – just give me this chance.

[Ryan is silent for a second]

Ryan: Talk to my secretary. She’ll point you to all the people you need to deal with in order to do this.

Jones: That’s all I ask. I appreciate this.

[Aaron gets up to leave. As he turns to the door, Ryan stops him]

Ryan: Don’t make me regret this decision, Aaron.

Jones: I won’t.

[Jones walks offscreen and can be heard walking through the door and out of Ryan’s office. Ryan stares after him for a second before we fade out]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Camera opens up backstage where a commotion is taking place. As the camera rounds the corner it first catches a glimpse of Caitlyn, struggling with Stalker.]

Caitlyn: Get off me you prick!

Stalker: I told you to not come around here again. Are you really that hard of hearing?

[Before he finishes his sentence, Caitlyn winds back and nails him with a solid punch to the jaw. Stalker, surprised by the punch, stares with rage at her. Then with in a second, he slams her against the wall with his hand wrapped around her throat.]

Stalker: I am sick and god damn tired of your stupid ass thinking you can walk around here and try to rally people against me. I think it's time for you to finally exit EPW.... FOR GOOD!


[Dan Ryan enters the frame, followed by EPW security. Stalker loosens his grip and backs away from her smiling. The security separates them and Dan Ryan stares furiously at Stalker.]

Ryan: Jason! I don't give a crap if I can't fire you and I don't give a crap about your title shot. You continue to harass her and I’ll make sure that every match you are in is a 3 on 1 handicap designed to break every bone in your body. You are on borrowed time my friend.

[Jason throws up his hands in disbelief.]

Stalker: Hey she’s the one who attacked me.

Caitlyn: SCREW YOU!!

[Caitlyn like a fiery animal tries to break free from the security and attack him, but fails to get out of their grasp.]

Ryan: What are you even doing here? You have no match tonight.

[Jason sensing it's time to walk away does so while grinning at Dan Ryan.]

Stalker: Just here to help a friend tonight, Dan. That's all.

[He exits the camera frame and Dan Ryan shakes his head.]

Ryan: Who the hell would be friends with him?

[EPW security releases their grasp on Caitlyn and Dan Ryan nods for them to leave. Walking towards her he shakes his head.]

Ryan: Caitlyn...... listen. This needs to stop. You are doing nothing but putting yourself in danger every time you come here. Go home, get over this obsession. It's not worth it.

[Caitlyn's eyes tear up for a second as she stares at Dan. Before letting out a loud breath and turning around. Dan shakes his head as he watches her exit into the parking garage.]


[Boom! The parking garage door slams open, Impulse caught off guard steps back and sees Caitlyn, tears in her eyes, walking furiously out of the arena.]

Impulse: Uh oh.

[Impulse takes a few steps towards her as she is wiping her face. She sees him incoming and lets out a forced laugh.]

Caitlyn: Figures...

Impulse: Eh? Figures what where?

Caitlyn: That I would run into you. I can't believe he would say something like that.

[Impulse raised an eyebrow.]

Impulse: Wait... who said what when? Talk in a straight line, if you please.

Caitlyn: Dan... he thinks... he thinks this is just some obsession! He thinks... I am so tired of people not listening to me! No one f*cking cares. Not a single one of you.

[They stare at each other for a few seconds before Caitlyn gets even more furious.]

Caitlyn: You see? THIS... this is what I get. Silence. That's what I got from him too.

Impulse: From Ryan.

Caitlyn: NO! Rocko.... I begged him... I BEGGED HIM not to come back.

[Tears are flowing down her face as Randall Knox is polarized.]

Caitlyn: He didn't listen to me. I said 'I will leave you' if you come back. I told him that... He chose Stalker over me. He chose EPW over me.

[She looks down at herself and her high heels, her hair, her business dress.]

Caitlyn: YOU THINK THIS IS ME?!? I've never been like this. I am a *****, I nearly killed my husband in a fight on one of these damn Aggression shows. KILLED HIM! But... that all changed when I saw my husband... ex husband throw away everything just for a chance at revenge against that FREAK!

[She reaches down and pulls off her high heels, she throws them angrily in the direction of Knox, who has to side step the throw to avoid them.]

Caitlyn: They just let him run around here and do whatever the f*ck he wants. No one has....

[Letting out a frustrated breath she stares at who she has been venting at and shakes her head.]

Caitlyn: I'm sorry....

Impulse: Don't be. Need to get it out sometimes, right?

Caitlyn: It's not just Rocko... it's everyone that gets involved with him. He doesn't care about winning that world title. He was only pissed at Anarky for ruining his plan. It's never about winning for Jason.... never. All he cares about is destruction.

You know he used to throw the death of Fusenshoff's sister in his face? Did you know that? Or how about when he betrayed the last man that truly trusted him, his so called best friend Sean Stevens. Did you know about that?

No one listens to me... no one understands that it's not simply about beating him in a match or breaking some bones in his body. His will needs to be broken.

[She steps closer to him and shows him the scar on her face. Impulse shuffled a bit, a bit uncomfortable with the invasion of his personal space.]

Caitlyn: I tried once... a long time ago and now I'm scarred for life. You don't even wanna know how much make up I have to put on to cover that thing up.

I'm tired of no one trying, Knox... No one deserves to go through what I have. No one deserves to have to deal with that... devil.

EPW needs someone willing to break his will. Rocko deserves that... at least.

[Her eyes have dried up but her face is filled with disappointment as she turns and walks away.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV Title Match: Rich Mahogany (c) vs. Larry Tact

[FADEIN: Tony Fatora standing in the middle of the ring, the bell rings.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and it is for the EPW World Television Championship!

[MUSIC UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank. The crowd pops as Larry Tact makes his way to the ring. ]

TF: Making his way to the ring from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 260 pounds, here is the challenger…LARRY TACT!!

[Tact hits the ring and climbs to the second rope, getting a solid pop from the crowd as a bunch of camera go off, after a moment his music fades out and MUSIC UP: “Love Man” by Otis Redding hits, bringing the crowd to a loud chorus of boos. Rich Mahogany, stands on top of the rampway, sequined tux top, bow-tie, way too small trunks under the EPW World TV Title, make up his outfit, he saunters to the ring eying the ladies in the crowd.]

TF: And his opponent from Austin, Texas weighing in at 210 pounds…He is the EPW World Television champion…RICH!! MAHOGANY!!

[Mahogany enters the ring and completely ignores Tact and the ref, instead he checks out a rather attractive woman in the front row, he winks to her and waves, before finally being forced to hand the ref his TV Title Belt and get ready for the match.]

[Bell rings]

DT: And here we go for the TV Title…Tact looks for a lock up but Mahogany sidesteps and snaps off a series of right hands and staggers the challenger. Mahogany quickly bails to the floor and now he’s chatting up that girl he had his eye on, telling her all about those punches he just landed.

MN: Tact’s such a non-factor of a wrestler that Mahogany can spend his time courting the ladies. Why did they even put this match together, it’s such a gross mismatch in Rich’s favor.

DM: Larry Tact is no joke Neely, and if Mahogany doesn’t get his head on straight he could find himself a former TV Champion in short order.

DT: Tact barking at the ref to get Mahogany back in the ring and Rich takes his time sauntering back into the ring…Tact goes for a lock up again and Rich again avoids him…Mahogany with a schoolboy…RICH HAS THE TIGHTS!!




DT: Tact kicks out and again Mahogany bails from the ring and goes back to that woman, this time telling her how he had the match won but he’s just dragging it out to make sure EPW’s ratings stay strong with him on TV.

MN: This is great! We’re all witnessing a legend at work here, I bet Mahogany will end up with 4 phone numbers and 6 room keys by the time this match is over, oh, and he’ll beat Tact too!

DT: Tact storms out after Mahogany who runs away from him…Mahogany runs and slides back into the ring…Tact follows him and Mahogany with a stomp to the head and now he’s beating down Tact with knees and stomps to the head of the challenger.

MN: Oh this is the best match ever, keep it up Rich, make Tact look like a bigger fool than he’s ever looked before!

DT: Mahogany grabs Tact and has him locked up…SEX PANTHER STUMP PULLER!! Mahogany grinding his crotch on the back of Tact’s head while pulling the leg of Tact.

DM: Tact needs to find a way to get out this hold or it’s over.

MN: There is no escape, and it is over!

DT: Tact reaching and grabs Mahogany’s head…SNAPMARES HIM OVER!! Mahogany slowly gets to his feet…Mahogany gets up…TACT CRACKS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Mahogany back up…CLOTHESLINED BACK DOWN! Tact grabs Mahogany and lifts him up…SIDEWALKER SLAM! A COVER BY TACT!!




DT: Mahogany kicks out…Rich trying to crawl out of the ring but Tact grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet…Tact whips him into the opposite corner…Mahogany staggers out…TACT WITH A RUNNING BOOT TO THE HEAD!!! TACT COVERS!!




DT: Mahogany kicks out again and again he tries to crawl out of the ring…Tact grabs him by the ankle…Tact now has Mahogany by both legs…SLINGSHOTS HIM INTO THE CORNER! MAHOGANY HIT THE RING POST!! A COVER BY TACT!!




DM: Tact closing in on the TV title, he’s had Mahogany on the ropes for the last few minutes and just needs one more big move to seal the deal!

MN: Says you! Mahogany’s taken worse damage than this before and STILL found a way to win, he’ll figure this out!

DT: Tact grabs Mahogany by the waist…Mahogany runs to the ropes…The ref giving a count…OH LOW BLOW BY MAHOGANY! THE REF COULDN’T HAVE SEEN IT!! Tact crumples to the ground in agony as Mahogany has re-taken control with that cheap shot!

MN: See, I told you, this one is in the bag baby!

DT: Mahogany off the ropes…DROPS A LEG TO THE BACK OF TACT’S HEAD!! Mahogany with a cover!




DT: TACT KICKS OUT! Mahogany pops back to his feet and now goes back to that woman he’s been hitting on, asking her if he should finish off Tact now or make him suffer…He blows her a kiss and now picks Tact back up, a dropkick on the button sends Tact into the corner…Mahogany backs up…RUNNING KNEE INTO THE CORNER!! MAHOGANY GRABS TACT…RUNNING BULLDOG!! MAHOGANY WITH THE COVER!!




DT: Tact fights his way out of it! Mahogany rolls to the outside and he’s over by that lady…He’s got her cell phone…

MN: He’s giving her his number so they can hook up later! This man is smooth as silk!

DM: Maybe he should worry about winning the match Neely.

MN: The match was over before it began, we all knew this, it’s party time in Mahogany town tonight!

DT: Mahogany back into the ring and he declares the match finished…He grabs Tact, he’s hooked him for the Sex Plex…Tact with a block…Mahogany goes to lift him again…ANOTHER block…TACT WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank. The crowd popping big for the surprise pin, Mahogany shoots to his feet and gets after the ref.]



MN: NO!!! THAT WAS A FAST COUNT!!! This is a plot against Rich Mahogany!

DT: Mahogany red in the face as he’s all over the ref who’s telling him it was a three count but Mahogany isn’t believing it…TACT FROM BEHIND GRABS MAHOGANY…THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!! This crowd cheering loud as now Tact gets the belt and holds it high! [“LARRY! LARRY!” chant]

DM: Larry Tact FINALLY wins a singles title in EPW, there isn’t a more deserving champion we could have…This is a man who’s fought just about anyone you put in front of him and to see him finally break through and capture a title makes this a good day in EPW.

MN: No it doesn’t! This sucks! To hell with you and to hell with Larry Tact’s sob story…Ugh, we got the fair fighting Brit and his little buddy as tag champs, Mr. Boy Scout with the IC belt, and I can’t even think about the moron holding the World Title without throwing up in my mouth, Rich was the last line of defense for me and he just got ripped off, this is unaccepted!

DT: Well even if Mike Neely is going to need some time to get over it, Larry Tact is the new EPW World TV Champion…We’ll be right back folks!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Roll Out the Red Carpet

[The scene opened up in the parking lot, as a set of tires came to a screeching halt. The camera zoomed in on a license plate that simply read: KING.

The camera panned backwards, blurred at first, before focusing in on the custom black Hummer, as the driver side door opened, and newly returned EPW superstar, Sean “Triple X” Stevens stepped out, in a short, thin, collar-less brown leather jacket, tight fitting dark blue jeans, faded black Ralph Lauren Polo boots, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Pausing for a second, to take it all in, the King made his trek toward the building, entering as the scene faded to black.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Hunt Begins

[The scene opens up to show the camera apparently looking through crosshairs. The shot follows a small family of deer. The crosshairs finally lock on the buck as its antlers glisten from afar. The deer finally comes to a stop as do the crosshairs.]


[CUT TO: Black.]

[FADE IN FONT: Hunting Season is Upon Us.]

[FADE TO: Steven Shane logo.]

[FADE TO: Black.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intercontinental Title Match: Impulse (c) vs. Jared Wells

DT: Well folks, we are now ready to head into our sandwich title match here for the evening.

MN: Sandwich? Did we get this thing catered?

DM: No Neels, Dave is referring to this being the second of our three title matches, or middle match, here tonight.

MN: He couldn’t have picked a better metaphor? I got stuck in traffic and haven’t eaten since lunch!

DM: I’m sure you could stand to miss a meal or two, Neels.

MN: Kind of like how you could stand to miss a circle jerk or two.

DT: GUYS! Let’s get back to the action IN the ring here!

[CUE UP: “It Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube]

DM: Excellent idea, Dave as we watch Jared Wells make his way down to the ring here.

DT: Well, Wells is certainly getting his shot right away here tonight, as last week he and Cameron Cruise came out and demanded attention, and they got it relatively quickly.

DM: Indeed, it is difficult to understand how demands can be met in such a quick manner, but Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise certainly have the ability to prove themselves here tonight.

[CUE UP: “Revolution Baby” by Queen V]

[CROWD: POP!!!!!]


TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall… and is for the EPW Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger in the ring… from Baltimore, Maryland… Jared WELLS!

[Impulse enters the ring and holds the I-C title high over his head from the second rope.]

[CROWD: POP!!!!]

TF: And his opponent… from New York, New York… he is the EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… IMPULSE!!!!

DT: Well folks, these two competitors could not look more ready. Let’s get this thing underway!


DT: The two men encircle each other here as they attempt to feel each other out here tonight. They step to the middle of the ring…

DM: And a collar and elbow tie-up.

DT: Wells gets the advantage as he pushes Impulse into the corner here. The ref calls for the break…

DM: But Wells with a knife-edge chop that rings throughout the arena!

DT: And now the ref forces him out of the corner as Impulse stumbles out clinging to that chest. There’s a kick to the midsection by Wells…

DM: And then a European uppercut that sends Impulse right back into the corner!

DT: Wells does not lay off though as he follows Impulse right back in…

DM: And then he slams Impulse’s head into the turnbuckle as the ref has to step in again.

DT: Wells is not going to win the title via disqualification, so he had better watch himself here in the early going.

DM: He definitely needs to be careful here. He was handed this title match right away, and he does not want to throw that opportunity away.

DT: Wells now pulls Impulse out of the corner and whips him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Wells hits the adjacent ropes…

DM: And nails a big flying forearm!

DT: There’s the quick pin…




DM: And now another European uppercut by Wells!

DT: There’s an Irish whip…

DM: But Impulse ducks the clothesline!

DT: Impulse rebounds…

DM: And a flying back elbow by the champ!

DT: Impulse stays on the offensive. He pulls Wells back to his feet and whips him across the ring. Wells rebounds…

DM: Into a drop toe hold!

DT: And Impulse quickly floats over into a front facelock as he tries to wear down the challenger quickly.

DM: Wells cannot stay grounded like this for very long. A mat technician like Impulse knows how to make this very simple move not only excruciating, but tiresome as well.

DT: Wells has now worked his way up to his feet here to alleviate some of the pressure…

DM: But Impulse turns him over into a neckbreaker!

DT: Impulse quickly hits the ropes…

DM: And an elbow drop by the champ!

DT: There’s a pin…




DM: The champ doesn’t slow down though as he quickly slaps on a rear naked choke hold.

DT: Again, Wells finds himself trying to somehow get out of this hold by the champ. He manages to get himself to his feet here…

DM: And he forces Impulse to transition to a side headlock.

DT: Wells places his hand on Impulse’s lower back as he presses him off into the ropes…

DM: And a back body drop by Wells that allows him to regain the momentum here if only for a moment!

DT: Wells does not want this moment to be fleeting as he quickly makes his way over to the champ and begins to stomp away at him here.

DM: The referee has to pull Wells off the champ here as Wells was not going to stop with those stomps!

DT: Wells pulls the champ back up here as he whips him HARD into the corner…

DM: And then follows it up with a MASSIVE clothesline!

DT: And now more stomps by Wells as he tries to stomp a mudhole into the champ!

DM: This man is out of control here tonight! The referee really needs to put a stop to this!

MN: You’re always out of control, Matthews, but we never make anyone stop you!

DT: Wells pulls Impulse back to his feet here before pulling him to the middle of the ring…


DT: Wells with the cover…




DM: Close call there for the champ!

DT: Wells pulls Impulse back to his feet. There’s another European uppercut by the challenger…

DM: And he follows it up with a back suplex!

DT: There’s another pin by Wells…




DM: And you’ve gotta sense that Wells is not only feeling the momentum here, but also some frustration as well.

DT: You can see it on his face as he pulls Impulse back up to his feet. There’s a front facelock…

DM: Vertical suplex!

DT: NO! Impulse slipped out! Wells turns around…

DM: Boot the midsection!

DT: Wells doubles over…

DM: Swinging neckbreaker!

DT: And now Wells is down! Impulse stumbles over to the corner…

DM: And he’s making his way out of the apron!

DT: He’s going to the top! Is he ready for this?

MN: He better be!

DT: Impulse is on top! He waits as Wells rises to his feet and turns to face him…

DM: Crossbody block!

DT: Impulse holds on for the cover…




DM: I don’t know how Wells kicked out there, but he looks dead in the water!

DT: Indeed he does, Dean! Impulse has rolled his way to the corner and seems to be warming up that boot for Wells’s chin!

DM: This doesn’t look good for the challenger!

DT: Wells is back up. Impulse measures him…

DM: Sudden Impact!

DT: NO! Wells ducked the blow and Impulse just took out of the referee!

MN: He’s probably going to cry now!

DT: Impulse bends down to check on the referee…

DM: But Wells catches him with a forearm to the back of the neck!

DT: Impulse just went crashing into the turnbuckle pad! He stumbles back out. There’s a kick to the midsection…

DM: Rage Bomb! Jared Wells just hit that reverse power bomb on the Intercontinental champion!

MN: We have a new champion!

DT: Not so fast, Neels! The referee is still down from that superkick!

DM: But it looks like Wells is trying to revive the referee here so that he might still be able to capitalize on that Rage Bomb!

DT: The referee is really out of it here, but it seems as though he’s coming-

DM: What the hell?

DT: It’s Stalker! Stalker just slid into the ring with a steel chair!

DM: And he nails Wells over the head with the chair!

DT: Stalker drops the chair as Wells bounces off the ropes…

DM: Evenflow onto the chair!

[Stalker looks into the camera.]

Stalker: You’re welcome, Brian.

DT: Stalker just took out Jared Wells with not only a chair shot, but with an Evenflow DDT onto the chair afterwards!

DM: And look at him! He’s pulling the chair back out with him! Like a thief in the night!

DT: Well, everyone in the ring is down! They’re barely stirring as this match is still going on!

DM: No one in the ring has any idea what just went on!

DT: We are going to have a new match as soon as someone reaches their feet here, but I can’t help but feel like that person is walking out of here with a W.

DM: But who is it going to be? It’s a dead heat here!

DT: Well, the referee is finally shaking the cobwebs loose here as he looks at Impulse stumbling to his feet with help from the ring ropes.

DM: Wells is barely wobbling here. He is out on his feet.

DT: And Impulse is perched here…

DM: Sudden Impact! Impulse with the superkick!

DT: Both men are out! Impulse collapses onto Wells for the pin…





TF: Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… and STILL EPW Intercontinental Champion… IMPULSE!!!

DT: Well, we were at least exposed to one hell of a match here tonight. The only question we have is what the hell was Stalker doing out here?

DM: Well, he apparently feels as though his actions were beneficial for The First, as we heard the thank you he sent into the camera.

DT: Wait.... Stalker is back!! He's back and he just pulled Jared Wells from the ring. What is his problem??

MN: I really just think he considers The First a very close friend...

DM: Please...

DT: Stalker now pulling Wells up on the concrete by the ramp... ANOTHER EVENFLOW ON THE CONCRETE!

DM: Wow.

DT: Security and medical personnel is out, but Stalker walking away willingly on his own with that sick twisted smile of his.

MN: I think we all should applaud Stalker for his loyalty to his friend.

DM: Maybe I should become friends with him so he can us you to show his loyalty to me.

DT: Maybe we’ll have some more answers as the night goes on, and we should as our main event is next!

DM: Don’t go anywhere folks!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Last First Word

[FADEIN: Kenny Lombardo standing in the back with The First.]

LOMBARDO: First, tonight you face Cameron Cruise in a title defense, what are your thoughts now moments away from this match?

FIRST: My thoughts are that tonight we’ve seen a lot of people do a lot of things, we got Anarky and Rezin running around trying to spread terror, we have Stalker claiming to be my new friend and laying out Jared Wells, Eddie Burns calling me out, we have a locker room full of people doing whatever they think they need to do to get themselves ahead just a little bit more…Cause that’s the way of the world…

And the question is Kenny, where are they all trying to go, where are they all trying to get to? It’s where I stand right now…I’m the king of the mountain…I’m the man who holds the belt that everyone’s after, but the sad thing is that everyone in that locker room would rather plot and scheme than to just come out and fight me…Last Aggression I threw down the gauntlet and challenged the men who had title shots owed them to step up and fight me and they backed down…It took my great rival Triple X to stand up to give me a match…

And on that show before Trip and I had that match of the year caliber match…While everyone was doing what they were doing, only one man had the nerve to tell the world he was going to beat me for the EPW World Title…And that man was Cameron Cruise…And really, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over that…Cammy…You’ve done a lot, but one thing you’ve never done is win this title, and you never WILL win this title…Tonight is just going to prove that point to you…I’m going to defeat you soundly in the middle of that ring, and after I do…I never want to hear you bring up my name again, I never want to hear you insulting this industry by claiming you’re capable of winning this title off me…

I shocked the world when I beat Stevens for this title…I set the world on fire when I came back as Dis and did it all over again…To think that I could lose to a fool like Cameron Cruise…Defies logic and reason…

Cammy, tonight the Reality Check that’s being cashed is yours…As you’ll finally have to face reality…

And reality is…You’re a loser.

[First walks off camera. FADEOUT]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: Last First Word

DT: This next match up puts two of—Wait, what’s this? Just got word that Sean Stevens, who we just saw enter the arena a couple of minutes ago is making his way to the curtain! If it’s true… this should be good!

MN: GOOD!? Sean Stevens is arguably the greatest EPW superstar of all time! He’s was the first ever two time EPW World Heavyweight Champion! He helped usher our company into a new era, once Lindsay Troy’s reign ended! He gave us an identity, and established our company and World Championship as the number one prize in this entire industry! GOOD!? If Stevens comes out here it’s a BLESSING!

DM: Quite the man crush you have for the former—

[The loud, melodic blare of trumpets interrupts Dean before he can finish his sentence.]


[CUEUP: “KING” by Iron Solomon…

…as Triple X slowly steps through the curtain causing PANDEMONIUM!

The “Blue-Eyed Badass” took his time, walking to the edges of both sides of the stage, saluting the audience, before turning his attention to the squared circle and walking down the aisle.]

MN: THIS! This feeling! The excitement in this arena! My MAIN MAN is BACK!

DT: All of Neely’s fan boy behavior aside, for someone who hadn’t wrestled in a match in two years, Sean Stevens looked to be in great physical shape, taking our EPW World Heavyweight Champion to his limits during our last installment of Aggression.

DM: As someone who has been in there before, you never lose your wits as a performer. But, Father Time slows down your instincts. I don’t know what Sean Stevens was doing while he was gone, but it looked as if he hadn’t missed a step. He HAD to have been working out in a gym on a regular basis. He always had a reputation for being a gym rat.

MN: …and, FINALLY! After booing this great champion, these people are giving him the respect he DESERVES!

[Stevens climbed each of the four turnbuckles, thrusting his arms in the air, creating photographs, posters, digital camera still shots, and t-shirt artwork before our very eyes. After celebrating with the audience for a few more minutes, he signaled for a microphone, and raised it to his mouth. Waiting patiently, as the mixed chants of “TRIPLE ECKS! YOU STILL GOT IT! …and ‘THANK YOU SEAN’, echoed.]

TRIPLE X [breathing heavily]: I. Heard. You. I heard you loud and clear.

[The crowd roared again.]

TRIPLE X: I prided myself on being The King around here, but more than that … I pride myself on being your champion. Your voice. Your representation. Your PULSE.

“So to that kid in the two year old “Long Live The King” t-shirt, I hear you. To his dad, who saved up money for weeks so that his son would get the opportunity to see me perform, I thank you. To the young lady with the “Marry Me Triple X” sign, that’s supported me since the inception of my career, I came back for YOU. And, to each and every one of you in attendance tonight … I love you.”

[The camera zoomed in, catching Stevens as he fought back tears.]

TRIPLE X: For years, I walked around here like I owned the place. Like I was better than you. I wasn’t then, and I’m not now. I am you, and this time … I’m going to represent you the right way. It’s an honor to be your king, it’s a privilege to wrestle for you, I do not take it for granted, and every single time that I enter this ring, and put my life and body on the line, it is my way of saying…”

[Another “Triple Ecks” chant ensued. He paused, and allowed the audience to have their say, before raising the microphone to his lips once more and finishing his sentence.]


[“King” by Iron Solomon blared once more, as Stevens dropped the microphone and exited the ring, slapping hands with the audience as he made his way up the ramp, and through the curtain.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Title: The First (c) vs. Cameron Cruise

[Bell rings, the crowd starts buzzing]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!


[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” By Rage Against The Machine. The crowd reacting with a mixture of boos and cheers. The music goes for about 40 seconds before Cruise comes through the curtain right as the words “Killing in the name of!” are spoken. Cruise has a determined look on his face and he power walks to the ring, ignoring the fans completely. Cruise has on long white tights with “Cruise” on the seat in black, white elbow pads and ring boots with “CC” in black on them.]

TF: Making his way to the ring, from Jacksonville, North Carolina, weighing in at 264 pounds...Here is the challenger…CAMERON!!!! CRRRRRRRUUUUUIIIISSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!

[Cruise hits the ring and turns towards the hard camera and raises his arms while glaring hard at the camera. The crowd gives him another mixed reaction as he continues to stand in the center of the ring.]

DT: Cameron Cruise has held every title in EPW except it’s World Title…The question is if tonight is the night that Cruise finds a way to bring home the biggest title in this industry.

DM: Cruise holds a win over The First and he knows he is capable of getting a win over him, the only question is if he can do it with the stakes this high.

MN: I sort have been all over the place when it comes to Cruise on his career, but tonight I’m in his corner 100%...There is nobody I want to see holding that title less that the moron who has it now.

[Cruise’s music fades out, a few moments pass with Cruise pacing about in the ring, the crowd buzzing, some start booing The First’s stalling tactics, some start a “First” chant.]
[After a beat. MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre, the crowd gets LOUD with a mix of boos and cheers as The First comes through the curtain with Muse at his side. The First is dressed in his Crow get up with Crow face paint, his personalized EPW World Title Belt over his right shoulder. Muse stands beside him wearing huge sunglasses, a belly exposing white T-Shirt, black short shorts and black calf high boots.]

TF: And his opponent, from Salem Massachusetts, weighing in at 199 pounds…He is the EPW World Heavyweight Champion…THE FIIIIRRRRRSSSSSTTTTT!!!!

[The First gets to the apron and then jumps over the ropes, landing inside the ring on the second rope, he holds aloft the EPW World Title as the crowd continues making noise.]

DT: The First in the same outfit as he was at WrestleVerse when he faced Cameron Cruise for the Intercontinental Title, tonight he’s looking for a better result with the most important belt on the line.

MN: He ain’t getting one! Cruise beat his ass before and he’s going to beat his ass again! Bring the belt home to North Carolina Cruise!

[The First hands the belt to Pat Jones, who holds it high for the crowd to see, he then hands it to the time keeper and the bell rings.]

DT: Cruise charges the champion and hammers away with a series of punches, Cruise whips The First into the ropes and DECKS him with a clothesline…Cruise quickly drops down and now hammering away with punches from the mount on the champion…

DM: Cruise with a violent attack from the start, he’s not holding anything back here.

MN: He better not, I want this punk beaten ASAP!

DT: Cruise pulls First to his feet and backs him into a corner…Cruise whips him to the opposite side and charges…First out of the way! Cruise hits the corner hard…First catches Cruise with a clothesline that sends him over the top rope and to the floor! Cruise stumbling to his feet…The First with a running start…NO HANDS PLANCHA ONTO CRUISE ON THE FLOOR!!

DM: The First showing no fear in that attack on Cruise, the champion clearly has come to fight tonight and we’ll see if Cruise can match the intensity of the onslaught The First is bringing.

MN: You are the biggest fanboy of this guy in the world…You couldn’t be objective if your life depended on it.

DT: The First pulling himself off the floor and now grabs Cruise and throws him into the ring…First standing on the apron measuring Cruise…SLINGSHOT SPLASH ONTO THE CHALLENGER!! THE COVER!!




DT: Cruise kicks out! The First backs up as Cruise gets to his feet…DROPKICK by the champion! Cruise crashes to the mat...First off the ropes…DROPS A LEG AND ANOTHER COVER!!




DT: The First now punching away on Cruise…Cruise trying to get to his feet…First with a headbutt…That didn’t work out so well for him and both men are staggering…The First comes off the ropes…SPINNING HEEL KICK!! CRUISE DUCKED!!! First hits the mat hard and rolls to the floor, Cruise out after him!

DT: Cruise out to the floor after The First and First gets DRIVEN into the steel barricade at ringside, and now he is WHIPPED INTO THE RING STEPS!! First crashing shoulder first into the steps and sent sprawling to the ground by the challenger.

DM: This match has been nothing but total violence since the opening bell, both men doing anything in their power to injure the other man, and Cruise now is the one dishing out the beating.

MN: And it needs to be an even more brutal beating, finish him off Cruise!

DT: Cruise waiting for The First to get to his feet…First slowly dragging himself up using the railing…Cruise setting for a clothesline…Muse rushes towards Cruise and he turns towards her…Muse runs away and First SHOVES CRUISE INTO THE RING POST! The distraction of Muse gives First the opening he needs to get control of the match!

DM: Jared Wells not being out here due to Stalker’s attack on him now comes up as a big thing, as First still has his second in his corner but Cruise doesn’t and there Cruise paid for it, falling victim to Muse’s distraction.

MN: She should be sent to the back! This isn’t fair!

DT: Cruise on the ground and he is bleeding from being thrown into the ring post…First throws Cruise back into the ring and now dives on top of him for a pin!




DT: The champion now stomping away on the head of Cruise, The First backs Cruise into a corner…Cruise spins and now First is in the corner, Cruise firing away with rights and lefts, unloading on the champion and now Cruise lifts First up and places him on the top rope…Cruise and First trading punches now as Cruise climbs the ropes…Cruise up top with First…He hooks him for a Superplex…The First is fighting it…CRUISE GETS HIM OVER!! BOTH MEN CRASHING TO THE CANVAS!!

DT: What a big time move by Cruise, can he follow it up with a pin now?!

MN: Crawl Cruise crawl! You’re a pin away from ending this reign of error!

DT: Cruise slowly dragging himself over to First…He throws an arm over First’s chest!




DT: First gets the shoulder off the mat at two and a half and this battle for the EPW World Title continues…Cruise picks The First up…He lifts the champion up…BACK SUPLEX!! FIRST DUMPED ON HIS HEAD!! CRUISE WITH A COVER!!




DT: Cruise gives Pat Jones a look as he goes back to putting the boots to The First…Cruise drags First up by his hair…First fires a right hand into Cruise and another…Cruise kicks First in the gut and now hammers away on the champion with right hands…First staggering and Cruise whips him into the ropes…SPINEBUSTER!! HE FLATTENED HIM!! CRUISE HOOKS THE LEG!!




MN: I demand Pat Jones be impeached! This man is more corrupt than a Mob boss! He couldn’t count slower if his arm was broken!

DM: I think it’s been the same count the whole match for both men.

MN: You would think that, because you’re stupid!

DT: Both men slowly dragging themselves to their feet…Cruise up first and he punches The First in the face and another shot…First backed into a corner and Cruise now with shoulder blocks to the midsection…Cruise grabs The First and LAUNCHES HIM with a hip toss out of the corner…First staggers to his feet…AND GETS KNOCKED FOR A LOOP BY A HUGE CLOTHESLINE BY CRUISE! Cruise now gives the cut throat sign…He grabs The First and hooks him…POWER BOMB BY CRUISE!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!




DT: FIRST KICKS OUT!!! [Crowd buzzing!] Cruise eyes as wide as dinner plates as he stares at Pat Jones in disbelief…He was SURE he’d had The First beat after that devastating move…But now the match continues…Cruise shakes his head and now he pulls First to his feet...Cruise sets First up…HOOKS HIM FOR A REALITY CHECK!! FIRST SPINS BEHIND CRUISE!! SOULBREAKER!!! SOULBREAKER BY THE CHAMPION!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!

DM: The First may well have saved his title reign by hitting that move right there. Cruise was so close after that power bomb, I can’t imagine First surviving a Reality Check right after it.

MN: Dammit dammit! So close...These matches are going to drive me to drink…I can’t take this, after Stevens last time I can’t deal with another nail biter.

DT: First back to his feet as Cruise is starting to stir…First pulls Cruise to his feet and whips him into the corner…First backs into the opposite corner and sets…HANDSPRING ELBOW! Cruise staggers out of the corner and First hops to the second rope…SHOULDER BLOCK OFF THE SECOND ROPE!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Cruise kicks out…First quickly gets Cruise back to his feet and whips him into the ropes…First off the opposite ropes…FIRST WITH A SPEAR!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Cruise keeping this fight going, he’s doing everything he can to keep himself alive in this fight for the EPW World Title…First hammering away on Cruise with right hands…Cruise drops to one knee…The First runs off the ropes…SHINING WIZARD! Cruise drops like he’s been shot…The First standing over Cruise [First throws his arms up in the air and yells “CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!” getting a bunch of jeering and cheers from the crowd.] First now to the outside, he’s going up top...CUT THE THREAD!! CRUISE MOVED!!!


DT: Cruise fighting to his feet, First staggers to his feet and takes a clothesline…First back up…Another clothesline! Cruise backs First into a corner and is now just beating the heck out of him with punches and kicks…Pat Jones giving Cruise the count to let First have a break from the corner, Cruise keeps charging in to attack at 4…

DM: What is Muse doing?!

DT: Muse just untied the turnbuckle from the opposite corner, and now she’s yelling at Pat Jones about it…Pat Jones sees the turnbuckle on the ground and picks it up and starts tying it back onto the corner…Cruise looks over at Jones seeing what he’s doing…FIRST SPITS RED MIST IN CRUISE’S EYES! Cruise staggering around in the ring throwing wild haymakers, trying to hit The First…First hitting Cruise with jabs after every missed punch…Cruise with another round house…HE JUST CLOCKED PAT JONES!! JONES CRUMPLES TO THE MAT! Cruise…Thinks he hit First and he covers Jones…First drops down and counts a pin…Cruise thinks he’s won the title as he gets to his feet…SOULBREAKER BY THE FIRST!! Cruise laid out by the champion but we have no ref.

MN: This punk thinks he’s so smart…Oh how I hate him…Get up Cruise, get up and knock the smirk off his face!

DT: First calling to Muse who throws the EPW World Title Belt into the ring…First now waiting on Cruise to get to his feet…Cruise getting up slowly…Cruise up…FIRST WITH THE BELT!! CRUISE DUCKS!! CRUISE KICKS FIRST IN THE GUT!! FIRST DROPS THE BELT!! REALITY CHECK ON THE BELT!! FIRST IS OUT COLD!! CRUISE COVERING!!

DM: If Pat Jones gets over there we’ll have a new champion!


DT: Pat Jones getting to his feet…And he calls for the bell!

[Bell rings. Crowd booing! Jones yells to Fatora but it’s hard to pick up.]

TF: The winner of this bout as a result of a disqualification…AND STILL [Boos!] EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! THE FIRST!!!

DT: Pat Jones has disqualified Cameron Cruise for Cruise punching him…I understand the ruling but I honestly don’t like it…

MN: THIS IS A BAGJOB!! Wrestling is more fixed than the NBA!

DT: Cruise is freaking out in the ring, he jumps to the floor and grabs the mic!

Cruise grabs a mic and turns around, facing the World Champion, who still lays face up, unconscious. Dropping to his knees, he looks down on the Champion, leaning over The First, his face still red from anger over the referees' decision but remnants of the mist around his eyes.]

CRUISE : You really think this was FAIR, First?? I TOLD YOU, you couldn't fight fair. I TOLD YOU, you couldn't be a FIGHTING CHAMPIONwithout using some kinda assistance.

NOW look at you....unconscious. A useless pile of CRAP....unless I wasn't clear before....

[Cruise leans in closer, until the Dangle Brother is almost nose-to-nose.]

**** YOU.

[The crowd boos LOUD, as he continues]

YOU don't make the rules around here....WE DO.

You *****ed about me facing you one-on-one...and once again...I was on the cusps of taking what NEVER belonged you to begin with.

And once again....YOU CHEATED.

So here's what is gonna happen....you're gonna wake up momentarily with a pretty wild migraine, to which I'm going to have what's called "Momentum".

And you know what I'm going to DO...with said "Momentum"??

Since you want to outright challenge me....challenge the fact that you actually THINK you run things around here....let me remind you of something"

[Cruise stands up, pacing around the ring as the crowd continues to show their disapproval]

When I first came to Empire Pro, I drove OUT the piece of trash that called himself "Suicide", hell, for all I know...he very well may have done that very thing....but then a Mister Paul Freeman rewarded me with the first ever "Number One Contender's Match" for the very same title that you hold....a match that was held at the first ever EPW Pay-Per-View, "BLACK DAWN".

And I WON, said match.

Now here we stand, eight years later...and in a few short weeks BLACK DAWN will be upon us again....only this time, I'm not going to just fight you, andBEAT YOU ...to be the "Number One Contender", oh no....

[Cruise stops short of another lap around the ring/ The EPW Champion still out cold, he turns his head and spots the EPW World Heavyweight Championship title, laying a few feet away from it's holder. Walking over towards the title, he stops and gives the Champion a few extra stomps for good measure. Satisfied, he turns his head back toward the EPW title. His eyes light up, smiling, and he kneels down to pick up the most coveted title in Empire Pro, and cradles it, as a man would cradle a newborn child for the first time.]

The Dangle Brothers....CAMERON CRUISE....is going to take what's rightfully MINE....

[Cruise stops looking at the EPW title long enough to glare at The First.]


[Cruise drops the mic and storms from the ring in disgust.]

DT: Cameron Cruise laying down a challenge for a re-match at Black Dawn…After tonight’s events I think he has a case to get one.

DM: This match did end on controversial fashion and we’ll see what Dan Ryan has to say about all these things I’m sure sometime next week.


DT: IT’S ANARKY AND REZIN!! ANARKY AND REZIN JUST ATTACKED CRUISE AS HE WAS STANDING ON TOP OF THE RAMP AND THEY ARE BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HIM! Anarky pulling Cruise to his feet and SLAMMING him on the steel, picks him up and slams him AGAIN Rezin drops down…COTTONMOUTH!! REZIN JAMMING HIS FINGERS DOWN CRUISE’S THROAT!! [Rezin screaming “You want me to quit now Cruise?! Am I quitter now?! “] Cruise thrashing like a fish out of water as Rezin continues to keep that mandible claw locked in with Anarky kicking away at him…

DM: This is a mugging, we need help out here and we need it NOW!

DT: Anarky now looking towards the ring where Muse is tending to The First who’s still out of it…He’s starting to walk towards the ring…[Crowd buzzing] IT’S STALKER! STALKER JUST CAME THROUGH THE CROWD WITH A CHAIR IN HAND!!

MN: Really?! He’s going to save him…I hate you Stalker, I hate you so much!

DT: Well Stalker is claiming he’s The First’s friend…And here he is now to keep Anarky and Rezin at bay as EPW staff are frantically trying to pry Rezin off Cruise…Rezin’s gone insane!

MN: How can you tell? This guy’s been nuts for forever!

DT: It’s a train wreck out here…The First has retained his title, but Cruise wants another shot, but will he be in any condition to get it with the antics of Anarky and Rezin…and I don’t even want to try to guess as to why Stalker’s doing what he’s doing…About all I can say is that this is a mess and I can’t wait till Aggression 66 when it starts to sort itself out!

[The camera cuts from the ring, where The First Is slowly starting to pull himself to his feet as Muse helps him while Stalker looks on grinning menacingly, then to the ramp, where Rezin and Anarky continue to be held at bay by EPW staff as they tend to Cruise, who’s out of it on the ground.


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