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Aggression 66: Chicago, Illinois - 5/17/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[The camera opens up on the inside of Dan Ryan’s backstage office in the Allstate Arena. As Ryan is completing some paperwork, he hears a knock upon the door.]

Ryan: Come in!

[Upon Ryan’s cue, the door opens and through walks Kendall Codine. Codine is dressed casually, sporting an authentic black t-shirt with the letters “GXW” written across the chest in red. The aged former superstar, has his hair pulled back in a ponytail, as he appears ready to prepare for his return to the ring. Codine immediately offers his hand to Ryan, as they embrace in a handshake.]

Codine: Dan, I want to thank you for this opportunity. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Ryan: Kendall, believe me, there’s no need. It’s really good to see you back around.

Codine: It has definitely been a long time.

Ryan: Well, as far back and you and I go, please, if there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

Codine: [standing up and shaking Ryan’s hand] “Thanks. I won’t.”

[After exchanging pleasantries, Codine turns and begins to exit the office. Before leaving, Codine leaves with a departing comment.]

Codine: When all is said and done, the wrestling world will now how important the name Kendall Codine is once again.

[With that, Codine exits the office, as Dan Ryan sits, smiling.]


[CUT TO: backstage of the arena, specifically the wrestler’s locker room]

[Kendall Codine sits at his locker, as he unpacks his bag. His time worn wrestling gear obviously hasn’t been used in years. Codine places his boots, tights, and knee brace inside of his locker. As he pulls out the final item in his bag, the camera zooms in to see the letters “G-X-W” written across the chest area. As Codine stares at the shirt, recalling the best years that rest behind him, “Triple X” Sean Stevens walks in through the door.]

[As the door swings open, Codine is drawn from his blank stare into face, as he meets eye to eye with the superstar. A smile stretches across his face, as he utters his first words.]

Codine: Sean…

[Stevens takes a moment, as he does not immediately recognize an obviously aged Kendall Codine.]

Stevens: ...Kendall? How are you, bro!? I heard you were back, but it's great to see you live in the flesh!

[Codine stands up and extends his hand to Stevens to offer a handshake in admiration for his longtime friend.]

Codine: It’s been years my old friend. I see that the business has been kind to you. Wish I could say the same.

Stevens: I wouldn't say that. Like you, H, Lint, and Eli taught me a long time ago ... this business is what you make it. I benefitted from being around greats like you guys, but truthfully? Very much of it is luck.

Codine: You know, I was there, in Atlanta, when you won that first EPW World title. I was in the crowd, as it seems the “Codine” name no longer pulls the weight that it did in the past.

Stevens: We're cut from the same cloth, Kendall. We make our own destiny. I wasn't always the greatest superstar in EPW history, but I put on my construction boots, rolled up my sleeves and made people respect who I am. I'm sure you're not going to take the fact that you're not at the top anymore lying down. ...are you?

[Codine takes a minute to collect his thoughts and reflect before offering his final delivery.]

Codine: I’m not sure if I can do this anymore. I’m not sure if my body can take this anymore. I’m not sure if the wrestling world will even accept me back into the limelight.

Stevens: Pardon my french, but if they don't accept you back f'k 'em. Look at me. ...it took me four years of telling the people that didn't want to accept me to kiss my ass, before they finally began respecting me. That and being able to back it all up in that ring. I don't care how you feel your body will hold up ... an 75% Kendall Codine is better than 90% of most rosters anywhere.

[Codine smiles and offers one last thought before the scene fades.]

Codine: The only thing that I’m sure of at this point is that the “Codine” name will live on and the wrestling world will acknowledge the passing of the torch. They have no choice….



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[MUSIC UP: “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White.]

[CUTTO: Impulse standing with the Aggression graphic rolling behind him.]

[CUTTO: Stalker covered in darkness his face seen by a small ray of light.]

[CUTTO: The Animezing Dragons walking towards the ring.]

[CUTTO: Eddie Burns throwing fire at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Layne Winters jogging in place.]

[CUTTO: Rezin smiling with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. ]

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones staring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise looking down at the camera.]

[CUTTO: A graphic showing an old style map with the words “The Empire” across a giant swath of land.]

[CUTTO: Steven Shane flashing a big grin.]

[CUTTO: Muse smiling cheerfully.]

[CUTTO: Anarky glaring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Lesbian Siegel and Caitlyn Daymon talking.]

[CUTTO: Larry Tact standing on the second rope, arms raised.]

[CUTTO: Rich Mahogany shaking his hips.]

[CUTTO: “Triple X” Sean Stevens standing in the entrance.]

[CUTTO: Dis unmasking as The First.]

[CUTTO: The map, this time a tracking line heads towards a dot marked Chicago, when the line hits the dot, AGGRESSION 65 bursts onto the screen in red letters.]

[CUTTO: The United Center in Chicago, the crowd cheering loud as pyro explodes on the stage area, after a sweep of the crowd the camera cuts to the broadcast area where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely are seated.]

DT: Welcome everyone to Aggression 66, Dave Thomas here with Dean Matthews and Mike Neely as we have one hell of a show lined up for you folks at home and for the fans here in Chicago.

DM: You got that right Dave, we’re kicking off this show with three men making their EPW in ring debuts, Kendall Codine fighting Darkness and Aaron Jones for the first time will lace up the boots and get in the ring.

MN: So two real wrestlers and some moron who’s out there to get killed, I can get behind this Lions Vs Christians style of match-making.

DT: And speaking of debuts…The newly crowned EPW World Television Champion Larry Tact takes on newcomer Teddy Alexander in what should be a most interesting first match for the latest EPW signing.

DM: After finally breaking through and bringing home the gold at Aggression 65, you know Larry Tact isn’t about to be anyone’s stepping stone, Teddy Alexander better be ready for a hell of a fight or he could be in for a long night.

DT: And then a very headed war of words will turn to actions as the Dangle Brothers, Cameron Cruise and Jared Wells, will get in the ring to face the odd-ball pairing of Impulse and Stalker.

MN: I hope this ends the way I think it does, with Impulse being spineboarded out of the ring after Stalker betrays him and serves him up to the Dangle Brothers for them to tear apart, oh that would be just incredible.

DT: And a huge six man tag as the King returns to the ring after that epic 60 minute draw with The First, Sean Stevens joins forces with the Animezing Dragons to take on the men bent on destroying EPW, Anarky and Rezin, who’ll be joined by former tag champion Eddie Burns.

DM: After last week’s win by the Dragons over Anarky and Rezin, you know those two men will be chomping at the bit to make a statement, throw in a hall of famer and a loose cannon and who knows what’s going to happen?

DT: And finally the EPW World Title will be decided as The First and Layne Winters, two men with a long past, finally do battle with the gold on the line.

MN: Winters has been waiting for this moment his whole career, tonight’s his night baby, Chicago’s the city of Jordan, and tonight a man just as cut throat as him will get the gold.

DT: It’s going to be a battle, that’s for sure, we’ll be right back to get things rolling right after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
It Burns.

[MUSIC UP: “Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys , the crowd buzzes as Eddie Burns wearing a plaid blue dress shirt and blue jeans walks towards the ring.]

DT: Well it appears we’re kicking off Aggression with the return of Eddie Burns, he hasn’t been in the ring since Russian Roulette when he was sidelined with a concussion at the hands of Karl Brown.

DM: Burns had some things to say to his former tag team partner and the current EPW World Champion The First, and I think we’re going to hear more now!

MN: I hope he tells him the truth, that he sucks and is a fraud champion!

[Burns takes the mic, he gets a smattering of boos.]

BURNS: I’m not going to bore you all with a big speech here, I want to get down to business…First, I know you’re back there….Get on out here!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction, more boos than cheers as The First, in a black suit with the EPW World Title peeking out under the suit jacket makes his way to the ring, his face unpainted, with sunglasses on. The First hits the ring, stopping to pick up a mic placed on the ring steps, and then stands in front of Burns, he extends his arms as if to say “What’s the deal?”]

BURNS: Look First…I want to tell you something…I screwed up…I got myself all bent out of the shape being tag champion…I got a taste of success and it went to my head, and I’d have done anything to have kept it…I wasn’t ready to win that title, and I know that now…And I bet you expect me to come here and say I’m sorry to you…Well…To hell with that…

[Eddie backs up and takes a breath.]

BURNS: Everything I did…You’re doing now…You’re a disgrace! [Pop!] Dis, ducking Stevens after that hour long draw, taking the cheapest win I can think of against Cruise…You’re just a mirror image of the fool I was and you, you should KNOW BETTER…You bled and struggled and did all you could to win that belt, and when you couldn’t hack it, you took a short cut, and then Anarky beat the sh*t out of you…So did you learn anything? No you didn’t! You took another damn shortcut and stole the title again! You need to grow up! You need to get a clue!

[First smirks at Burns.]

FIRST: You done telling me how to live my life?

[Eddie waves his hands, off mic he can be heard saying ‘floor is yours’.]

FIRST: You had a dream didn’t you Eddie? That dream was to fight me, to beat me at Wrestleverse for the EPW World Title…Well guess what buddy, to have that dream come true, I got to have this belt…

BURN: Oh so you’re doing this for me? Don’t give me that crap.

FIRST: No I do this for all these people out here! [Crowd reacts, mostly boos.] Listen to them, they hang on every word I have to say…See Eddie, it’s time for the truth, that’s what you want to hear? Well here it is Eddie…I’m The First, that means I have a purpose, I have a destiny…The oldest soul in the world doesn’t live on this earth to flip burgers or wait tables or any other foolishness…It lives here to be seen, to be heard…I tried being the plucky underdog, I tried to be the man to unseat the King so I could make a bunch of people live that fantasy that if you work hard enough, believe hard enough, that you too can be a winner…But that’s a lie…Some of us…Are just meant for more important things…Some of us…Are DESTINED…For GREATNESS…And that’s me…Little old Brian Nadonly from Salem Massachusetts won the cosmic lottery and got to be the host for what I am, for what I exist as…I tried to be the hero of the people…I really wanted to tell that story…But Fate stepped in…Fate showed me that I couldn’t keep fooling them…That I wasn’t allowed to keep lying to their faces…No, I learned that I had to be the teller of truths…And the truth is Eddie that this world is every man for himself, this world is about getting what you can however you can…Truth is that if you want something….YOU TAKE IT…[Crowd Boos!]

BURNS: Listen to yourself man, you’ve gone off the edge, somebody needs to get your head right.

FIRST: Let’s see you do it Eddie! TAKE YOUR SHOT!! [First takes off his suit jacket, throws his glasses to the mat.] I hear so many people in the locker room talk a big game about coming after me and this title. [Takes belt off, holds it in Eddie’s face.] but I don’t see anyone stepping up! You want me to be the bad guy, you want a villain, I can do that for you…I can be the monster that has to be stopped, the maniac that needs to be put down…But what I won’t be is a pasty…I’m not a fool Eddie, I saw it in your eyes when you held that belt…That rush, that desire...Tell me you wouldn’t throw fire at me to take this belt from me…

[First throws the EPW World Title belt at Burns who catches it out of reflex.]

FIRST: Tell me you wouldn’t anything to make it yours…Look me in the eye and tell me that…

[Eddie holds the belt for a beat, then drops it to the mat.]

BURNS: I might never be a champion again in my life…But I’m going to find my own way First, and my way sure as hell isn’t believing some fairy tales some morons in Salem told you when you were a teenager…And it sure as hell won’t be using those fairy tales as an excuse to make myself think I’m better than anyone else…You do whatever you need to so you can justify your actions…I know I’ll never stoop to your level to get to the top and if that means I never make there, then so be it…Good luck being champ…Hope you can enjoy it after it’s over…

[Eddie drops his mic and turns and walks away from The First, after almost getting to the ropes, First grabs his arm, Eddie wheels around and throws his arms up defensively.]

FIRST: Whoa, easy man, you really thought I was going to hit you? Seriously man, relax…I get what you’re saying I really do…

[First turns around and picks up the EPW World Title off the mat, he then turns around and blasts Burns in the face with Green Mist! Burns falls to the ground clutching at his face and thrashing, the crowd booing!]

FIRST: And it’s all bullsh*t! I AM THE FIRST!! I AM THE EPW WORLD CHAMPION!! These things DO make me better than all these people, and they DO make me better than you [Boos!] Now try not to get dumped on your head by Karl Brown and see if Anarky and Rezin can carry you like I did…Oh and tell Trip I said hi…
[First exits the ring and power walks to the back, crowd jeering him as he walks, Burns gets some water from the time keeper and starts clearing his eyes.]

DT: I can not believe the actions of The First here, this is just shameful…We’ll be right back fans!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Aaron Jones vs. Darkness vs. Kendall Codine

[FADEIN: The entranceway as we see Aaron Jones making his way to the ring as “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Caged Elephant plays in the arena. Jones quickly walks to the ring appearing nervous about his debut match.]

TF: The following contest is a three way match set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana weighing in at 160 pounds…AARON! JONES!!

[Jones hits the ring, almost looking like he wished he could disappear as he stretches out on the top rope.]

DT: Copycat’s former helper now making his debut as a wrestler in EPW, he says he’s trying to make right for the mistake he made in following Copycat.

DM: I say good on him for trying to set a better standard for himself.

MN: I say he’s dead meat, this kid has no business being in the ring and he’s going to find that out the hard way tonight!

[MUSIC UP: “Broken, Beaten, and Scarred” by Metallica. A buzz fills the air as Darkness makes his way through the curtain, he like Aaron Jones looks a bit tentative, but he covers it better than Jones did, he ignores the crowd as he walks towards the ring.]

TF: And now making his way to the ring, weighing in at 245 pounds, hailing from Charleston, South Carolina…DARKNESS!!

[Darkness enters the ring, the ref keeping him and Jones separated.]

DT: Darkness making his EPW debut as well tonight, I’m really interested to see what the man has to bring to the ring.

DM: From the notes I have on the man, he was doing really well in the industry before he was sidelined by cancer, but now he’s got a clean bill of health and has chosen EPW as the place to make his return.

MN: Great another guy with a sob story…Why can’t we get more guys who just beat the crap out of people?

[Cue-Up: “Du Hast” by Rammstein]
[The lights dim, as a burst of purple pyrotechnics illuminate the entrance way. As the smoke settles, Kendall Codine emerges and pauses at the top of the ramp way, taking in the crowd’s reaction to his return.]

[Codine is uncharacteristically dressed in a black suit and his gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, as he slowly makes his way to the ring for his scheduled match. Codine slides in to the ring and requests a mic, as he acknowledges the crowd for their cheers.]

Codine: It has been 8 years….8 long years since I have stepped foot into the squared circle in front of a national audience. It has been much too long….

[Codine pauses, as the crowd pops.]

Codine: ….for me to formally announce my retirement.

[The crowd offers a mixed reaction, as the commentators offer their reaction.]

DT: Retirement? He’s scheduled to wrestle here tonight, as well as the Ultratitle Tournament. What is going on?

MN: Maybe the old man finally came to his senses!!

[As the crowd reaction dies down, Codine continues with his monologue.]

Codine: As I look in that locker room, there are a lot of familiar faces….from Dan to Sean to Stalker. However, the sense of familiarity that once made me comfortable has been overwhelmed by the barrage of young talent that is hungry like I once was in this business. I went from a common household name to a name that no one recognizes. My peers have surpassed me at this point….Dan Ryan runs one of the most successful organizations in sports entertainment, while Sean Stevens is arguably the greatest wrestler on the circuit today.

[Codine pauses for a moment, as he begins to become choked up and holds back his emotions.]

Codine: While they have seen success, I have been met with failure. My fortune is gone, along with my desire to compete. I am done. My career is finished. The Blade is no more.

[The crowd once again offers a mixed reaction, as Codine continues with what appears to be his retirement speech.]

Codine: There is only one thing that keeps me going at this point and it is a legacy. A legacy that I spent my entire fortune pursuing. A legacy that I have spent my recent years in helping restore. A legacy that is now prepared to take the wrestling world by storm.

[Codine pauses again, as the lights dim.]

DT: What is he talking about?

MN: Who knows, but I wish he would shut up already.

[Codine address the crowd one last time.]

Codine: I used to say to the many opponents that fell at my hands in defeat….the end is near. Well for me, the end is here and my time has passed.

[Codine offers a sinister smile, as he makes his final proclamation.]

Codine: However, to all of you the currently reside upon the EPW roster….starting tonight with Aaron Jones and Darkness….THE END IS NEAR!!

Ladies and gentleman, I give you my blood, my legacy, my son….KENDALL CODINE!!

[Cue-Up: “Fear” by Disturbed]

[Purple smoke arises at the top of the entrance ramp way, while the entire arena is pitch black. Emerging from the smoke is a figure standing at 6’4” in stature. His long blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail, while he dons his father’s former ring attire. Black tights, with purple trim running down both legs and black boots, complete with purple laces. He is young and in perfect physical shape, with a look of determination and confidence upon his face.]

[Bell rings.]

DT: And this three way dance is underway, Codine bull rushes Jones into a corner and is hammering away on the smaller man, Darkness hovering around the action as Codine is relentless with punches to the ribs of Jones and now Jones sent to the opposite corner and CRASHES to the mat after hitting the corner. Darkness now closes in on Codine and rocks him with a series of right hands…Darkness sends Codine into the ropes…BACKDROP! Darkness catches Jones coming to his feet and sends him back down to the mat with a clolthesline!

DM: After a slow start, Darkness has really picked up the pace and is taking it to both his opponents.

MN: Get ‘em kid, you could be a Lifetime movie of the week if you win this thing!

DT: Darkness grabs Jones, DDT! A COVER BY DARKNESS!




DT: Codine breaks up the pin and he gets Darkness up and lands a flurry of punches to him, Darkness staggers into the ropes…DROPKICK SENDS HIM TO THE FLOOR! Codine looking down at Darkness on the floor…SCHOOLBOY BY JONES!!



DT: Codine explodes out of that pin attempt and Jones rushes to the ropes…FLYING DROPKICK!!! OH DEAR LORD CODINE SIDESTEPPED AND JONES WENT SAILING THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!

DM: Jones crashes and burns and he might be completely out of this match now.

MN: He might not be alive after that! He didn’t even touch the ropes as he went sailing to the floor, poor stupid kid.

DT: Codine now waving at Darkness to get into the ring with him. Darkness is taking his time getting into the ring…Darkness and Codine lock up, Codine gets a headlock and Darkness backs him into the ropes…Codine whipped to the other side…Codine off the ropes, drops Darkness with a shoulder block…Codine rushes to the ropes again as Darkness gets to his feet…Codine runs Darkness over with another shoulder block! Darkness rolls to the floor and Codine once again by himself in the ring!

DM: Codine has controlled this match for the most part, with Darkness apparently unable or unwilling to really engage his opponent. And Aaron Jones hasn’t been able to do much either.

MN: And Aaron Jones is meat! Just admit it!

DT: Codine staring down Darkness who’s getting to his feet outside the ring…Darkness now walking around the ring, he looks to be in no hurry to get into the ring…AARON JONES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A DROPKICK TO CODINE!! Codine had his back to Jones and he just got wiped out by that dropkick! Jones frantically rushing over for a cover!




DT: Codine kicks out, Jones kicking away at Codine he seems desperate to keep Codine from getting to his feet. Jones off the ropes…DROPKICK TO A SEATED CODINE!! JONES WITH A COVER!!




DT: Jones quick to his feet dropping elbows now on Codine who’s trying to get away from Jones…Jones grabs Codine and throws him to the ropes…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE SENDS BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: This is the opening Darkness needed!

DT: Darkness staring at both men as they lay on the mat…And now he’s turning his back to the ring…HE’S WALKING OUT! [Crowd booing!] What the hell is going on with this man?

MN: He’s a quitter! He’s thrown in the towel!

DT: This is an absolutely stunning turn of events in this match, as both his opponents were down from a double clothesline but rather than take advantage of it, Darkness has chosen to leave the match completely. In the ring Jones and Codine are getting up…Jones over to Codine, he’s firing away with rights and lefts but I don’t think they are doing that much damage. Codine with a knee to the gut he gets a go behind and LAUNCHES JONES WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Jones crashing to the mat and Codine now feeling it he waves his arms in a ‘that’s it’ motion, and pulls Jones to his feet…Jones hooked for a Pedigree….THE FACE OF FEAR CODINE CALLS IT AND HE JUST PLANTED JONES WITH IT!!! CODINE COVERS!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Fear” by Disturbed.]

TF: The winner of this match…KENDALL CODINE!!

DT: Dad Codine outside the ring clapping for his son who’s made a successful debut here in EPW with a win over a game Aaron Jones and really, I need Darkness to explain his actions here.

MN: I don’t, he didn’t want to fight, I say fire him!

DT: Well I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this one way or another, we’ll be right back fans


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

[FADEIN: On Kenny Lombardo standing before an Empire Pro Wrestling backdrop with one of the promotion's newest stars, Teddy Alexander.]

[Once again, Teddy wears that Larry Tact "Starbreaker" t-shirt with the sleeves cut off clearly by himself. Neck brace around his neck, his face is emotionless as he stares down the barrel of the camera, not once making eye contact with Lombardo who's armed with a microphone.]

LOMBARDO: Folks, I'm here with one of the NEWEST signees to EPW. A man making his in-ring debut TONIGHT against our EPW Television Champion, Larry Tact. Ladies and gentlemen, Teddy Alexander.

[Alexander doesn't acknwledge the introduction at all, simply places his head in his hands and jerks it to the right. A cracking noise is heard. Kenny cringes.]

LOMBARDO: Oooooh-kay then. Teddy, tonight, you debut against Larry Tact in singles compe-

[Grabbing at Lombardo's wrist, Teddy pulls the microphone into his own audible direction to the chagrin of EPW's interviewer, stepping closer to the camera and dragging Kenny forward with him.]

TEDDY ALEXANDER: Larry... when we go out there tonight I want you t'bring me everything ya got. I want you to bring me da weight of ya wrestlin' legacy. I want you to bring all dat experience, all dat veteran know-how... EVERY_THING_YOU_GOT!

[He points toward the ring area, pulling the microphone closer to his lips and stepping closer to the camera again. Lombardo visibly wincing at being man-handled by Alexander.]

TEDDY ALEXANDER: Tonight, Larry... TO_NIGHT when we go head-to-head I'm gonna bring everythin' I got. I'm gonna dig down deep and give you everythin' dhat I can muster coz tonight, Larry... Tonight I stamp MY name on dis promotion. Tonight I stamp MY name int'da wrestlin' annals. Tonight is da night everybody meets Teddy Alexander.

[Teddy pats down Lombardo's front, forcing the interviewer to cower and try to move away from Teddy. When he feels what he's looking for he pulls open Kenny's jacket and reaches into his inner pocket. He turns his back to the camera and snatches the neck brace off.]

DM: What the Hell is this guy doing?

DT: I got no idea.

[Turning back around, Teddy grabs Lombardo's wrist again. This time, Kenny actually yelps as the Philadelphian Nightmare forces the microphone to his lips by way of Kenny's wrist.]

TEDDY ALEXANDER: I promised you, Larry. I promised ya I'd do you a courtesy.

[He lets go of Kenny's wrist and puts the neck brace back around his neck. He points to what he's scrawled across the front.]

[CLOSEUP: The camera focuses in on the writing on the neck brace to show "LARRY TACT" has been crudely scrawled across it with a Sharpie, obviously what Teddy snatched from Lombardo's pocket.]


MN: HAHAHAHA! He's written that on there as a warning to the TV Champ. He's gonna break his neck!

[CUTTO: Wide screen shot of Teddy Alexander beside Kenny Lombardo, who rubs at his tender wrist staring over at Teddy with disdain. A wicked grin crosses Teddy Alexander's face as he puts two hands together and makes a snapping motion before stepping out of shot.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
NON-TITLE: Larry Tact (c) vs. Teddy Alexander

[Tony Fatora is standing in the middle of the ring as we come back from commercials. Teddy Alexander has already been introduced in this match, receiving a mixed reaction. He is now standing in the corner awaiting his first opponent in EPW.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and is a Non-Title Match!

[MUSIC UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank. The crowd pops as Larry Tact makes his way to the ring. Wearing his newly acquired EPW Television title, he stares daggers in to the ring.]

TF: Making his way to the ring from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 260 pounds, here is the EPW Television Champion…LARRY TACT!!

[Tact enters the ring, hands the belt over to Fatora as the bell ring and we are underway!]

DT: Larry Tact coming off a strong victory against Rich Mahogany last Aggression in which he acquired the EPW Television title.

MN: He's a pathetic excuse for a champion, I hope Rich hits the ring and spring board ***** slaps him back to reality.

DM: Neely, Larry Tact proved to Rich and the rest of the EPW what a real TV champion should look like.

DT: Looks like we finally got action in the ring as Alexander and Tact hook up in the middle of the ring. Tact with a quick knee to the stomach of Teddy has him doubled over. Tact going to quick work on Teddy's head, as he wrenches him into a headlock.

MN: Opening the match with a headlock really? If Rich was in there he would've already had this Teddy guy beat.

DM: So you are rooting for Tact in this one?

MN: What? NO!

DM: Back to the ring, Tact is working the newcomer down to the mat. But Teddy is doing his best to fit him off, planting his knees on the mat his uses all of his force to push Tact off of him. Both men get back to their feet at the same time.

DT: They lock up again, this time Teddy with a swift arm to the back of Tact, he whips him into the ropes and Tact walks right into a perfect clothesline. Teddy doesn't waste any time as Tact is picked back up and led into the corner. 1....2.....3.....4..... Four times Teddy slams Tact's face in the top turnbuckle before the ref breaks it up.

MN: What the hell I thought it was a 10 count for that?

DM: You were mistaken Neely. Teddy is quick to capitalize as he now has Larry Tact hooked, Back suplex! Larry got drilled into the mat on that move.

DT: Teddy rolls over and hooks his leg, 1...NO! Tact was quick to get a shoulder up and Alexander is waiting for him to get back on his feet. He does and Teddy charges at him but misses with a hard right, Tact connects with a knee to the gut, but Alexander counters with an elbow to the face.

DM: Hooking his neck, Teddy nails him with a Russian Leg Sweep!

MN: A champion should be in control of the match much better then this.

DT: Well Teddy wanted to come out and make a strong statement and it looks like he is doing just that. At the expense of Larry Tact no less.

DM: Tact's up to his feet again, with the help of Teddy, and Teddy goes for an irish whip... Tact blocks it! Hip toss! Alexander hit the mat hard but quickly scrambles to his feet only to be met by another hip toss!

DT: Larry is catching his breath after that one and Alexander is slow to get to his feet.

MN: He better catch his breath, he's looking like an old man out there!

DM: Tact in control now catches Teddy on his way up and sends him flying back to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.... Pulling Teddy to his feet again he sets him up... PILEDRIVER! Tact crawls on top of him for a pin attempt... 1....2.....NO!

MN: Come on man! If Rich Mahogany were still champ right now, he'd be walking backstage in his flippy floppies, while EMTs attended to the new guy.

DM: But he's not the champ, Tact got a decisive victory over him and proved why he is worthy of the Television title.

DT: Alexander wants to prove his worth to Tact as he just reversed an armbar into one of his own. Pushing Tact into the corner he nails him with a series of knees that doubles Tact over. Picking him up now Tact is set on the top turnbuckle.... Alexander climbs the ropes... hooks him.. SUPERPLEX!!!

DM: No one is moving now.

MN: Come on Teddy!

DT: He's the first to his feet! Tact is up to one knee but Teddy flies in with a dropkick to Tact's face, sending him to the mat! Hooking the leg now....1.....2....NO! Tact with a kick out!

DM: Showing frustration there, slapping the mat in anger.

MN: Real champs show frustration when dealing with lesser individuals, such as yourself Dean.


DT: Teddy has Tact up to his feet now, he whips him into the ropes, Tact ducks a spinning elbow! Catches Teddy from behind... release german suplex!!

DM: Both men are unmoving yet again.. Tact is catching his breath while Teddy is holding his back and head in pain.


DM: Where?

MN: That's his name dip****, Teddy Alexander. Awesome nick name in my opinion.

DM: [Shakes head.]

DT: Both men are up at the same time, they lock up in the middle of the ring.... Teddy whips Tact into the ropes, Tact comes barreling right back at him with a running knee to the ribs. Tact hooks him.... STARBREAKER STARBREAKER! Out of nowhere!! Tact goes for the pin....1.......2.......3!! Tact with the victory!

DM: Teddy put up a hard fight.. but in the end Tact is the Television champion and he just showed the crowd and Teddy why.

MN: I want Richie back dammnit!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
One Small Request


Dan Ryan is sitting at his desk, head down and looking through some paperwork, when he sighs a long sigh.]

DAN RYAN: “What do you want, Cruise?”

[The camera pans out to show Cameron Cruise standing in front of the owner, unhappy.]

CAMERON CRUISE: “What I want is fairness.”

DAN RYAN: “Look, I told you…. I couldn’t find a Funk U shirt anywhere, alright? Even I have my limits.”

CAMERON CRUISE: “NO, not that. I’m talking about me and Jared’s matches last week. We deserve a second chance at the World and Intercontinental Titles at Black Dawn. You know those matches weren’t fair.”

DAN RYAN: “Who said life is fair, Cruise?”

CAMERON CRUISE: “I understand that, but I waited YEARS for my opportunity for that belt. The least you could do is give me a FAIR shot at it.”

DAN RYAN: “No, the least I could do is refuse to give you the second match, then tell you to go fetch me a turkey sandwich. I didn’t even have lunch yet.”

CAMERON CRUISE: “I’m SERIOUS. And for once… I’m being very calm and rational about this. You KNOW we deserve this…”

DAN RYAN: [sighing] “I don’t know that you DESERVE it, but I’ll do this…. I’ll give you the chance to earn it. You have the tag match tonight. If you two go out and beat Impulse and Stalker tonight, I’ll give each of you another crack at the belts at Black Dawn -- Wells at Impulse, you at First.”

[Cruise pauses to think it over, then smiles.]

CAMERON CRUISE: “Excellent.”

[Cruise nods and turns to leave.]

DAN RYAN: [under his breath] “Always somethin’ with that guy….”


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
SIX MAN TAG: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Anarky, Rezin & Eddie Burns

DT: We’re back and getting right back to the action here tonight as we have our featured bout on the undercard, our six-man tag team matchup!

DM: This certainly seems as though it is going to be one heck of a matchup, as we get to see not only our tag team champions, but also the returning “Triple X” Sean Stevens!

MN: Hey! Don’t forget about the team that’s going to win the match, Matthews.

DM: Always the buzzkill, Neels. Indeed, while we still acclimate ourselves to seeing Sean Stevens again, we do need to realize that his competition here is a combination that includes the former World Heavyweight champion.

MN: Thank you for doing your job.

DT: Easy you two. Let’s get to the intros…

[CUE UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard.]

Feedback pierces the PA as the lights flicker. Rezin’s video package plays on the EmpireTron through the guitar intro. Pillars of fire burst forth from the sides of the stage as the song hits its first riff, and Rezin emerges and makes his way to the ring.

DT: Well, Rezin has certainly had a bit of a hot streak of sorts going as of late.

DM: Yeah, he’s managed to brain wash Anarky into joining his cause. That’s good news for anyone.

[CUE UP: “More Human than Human” by White Zombie.]

DT: And look at Anarky. He has completely withdrawn himself from the fans. He’s not even acknowledging their boos here. He’s emotionless!

DM: This new Anarky is certainly something to be seen. I can’t wait to see what he does here tonight.

[CUE UP: “Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys.]

DT: And continue with the string of the emotionless.

DM: Indeed, Eddie Burns seems to never be in a good mood, and for that, the fans must pay.

MN: What are you women talking about? Can we go five minutes without talking about your emotions?

[CUE UP: “Ikari No Jyushin”]

[Green, gold and white lights scatter across the big screen before the lyrics kick in, the crowd popping as Karl “The Dragon” Brown and Otaku step from behind the curtain. “The Dragon” is dressed in green and gold tights with gold boots, and a green and gold ring jacket. Otaku, as guessed, is wearing his replica Jushin “Thunder” Liger costume in green and gold, complete with cape. As the lyrics first mention “Liger”, Otaku points to the heavens, pyro exploding overhead. Satisfied, the champions make their way to the ring, hi-fiving fans. Brown slides under the bottom rope as Otaku vaults over, and each man stands on the middle rope, opposite sides of the ring, to salute the fans.]

DT: Well, here are some happy men heading to the ring! The EPW Tag Team Champions are certainly happy to compete here tonight, especially given their tag team partner.

[The lights dim.

SFX: Thunder, Lightning, Horses, Chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of Gladiator-style war.


CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.

Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence.

"Time to ride, n[BEEP]."

BOOOOOOOOM! Fireworks in the shape of an X shot to the roof, as "King Back," by TI blasted over the PA system, and Trip stepped through the curtain. He was immediately met with a chorus of boos – that he ignored – as he made his journey to the ring, in a 100% cotton "King of the Gladiators" t-shirt, black and silver tights, and a pair of millionaire "Gucci" sunglasses, which had minor drops of water on them, from his soaked light brown locks.

Ignoring the cat calls, and flash bulbs, Stevens didn't acknowledge anything or anyone 'til he entered the ring, and hopped on each of the four turnbuckles, thrusting his arms in the air victoriously.]

DM: And Triple X is our last man into the ring here. Let’s get this thing started!

DT: Well folks, it looks like Otaku and Rezin are going to get this one underway.

DM: Should be interesting. These men have similar styles, and should really mix it up well.

DT: They move to the center of the ring. There’s a collar and elbow tie-up…

DM: Otaku quickly transitions into a side headlock.

DT: Otaku wrenches on Rezin’s head as The Escape Artist presses him off and into the ropes. Otaku rebounds…

DM: And Rezin hits the deck as Otaku takes the high road. Another rebound…

DT: And now Rezin leap frogs as Otaku hits the ropes one more time…

DM: Hip toss by Rezin!

DT: NO! Otaku reversed it and sent Rezin to the mat with a hip toss of his own!

DM: And Rezin quickly exits as he tags in Eddie Burns!

DT: Eddie swings a right hand…

DM: But Otaku blocks the blow!

DT: There’s a knife-edge chop by Otaku!

DM: And another!

DT: Otaku backs Eddie into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DM: Dropkick by Otaku!

DT: There’s a pin…




DM: Nice offense by Otaku here to start things off.

DT: Otaku now tags in his tag team partner, Karl Brown. Eddie charges at The Dragon…

DM: But Karl sidesteps with a drop toe hold!

DT: Eddie bounces right back up after eating canvas. He swings a clothesline…

DM: But Brown ducks the blow!

DT: Back suplex by The Dragon!

DM: Always the mat technician, Karl Brown is certainly giving the indy vet a lesson here tonight.

DT: Brown staying on the attack here as he pulls Burns up by the arm. There’s an arm wrench by Brown.

DM: Burns screams out in pain as Brown wrenches on that shoulder and elbow.

DT: Burns looking for any way out of this thing…

DM: And there it is! A thumb to the eye by Burns!

DT: And now Burns throws a right hand!

DM: And another!

DT: And now a clothesline sends Brown to the mat as Burns reaches out and tags in Anarky!

DM: Ever the opportunist, Anarky hits the ring quickly and is stomping away at the downed Karl Brown!

DT: Anarky is not letting up at all here as he bounces off the near ropes…

DM: Elbow drop by Anarky!

DT: Anarky hits the ropes again…

DM: And another elbow drop!

DT: Karl Brown started out hot here when he first hit the ring, but he has certainly been slowed by Anarky here! And now Anarky hits the ropes one more time…

DM: And now a leg drop by Anarky!

DT: And now a lateral press…




DM: Anarky almost had the match there with that offense!

DT: But he’s not willing to give it up. He pulls Brown back to his feet here. He pulls The Dragon into a front facelock…

DM: Brainbuster!

DT: And now Anarky tags Rezin back into the match. Rezin climbs to the top rope as he waits for Brown to make his way back to his feet…

DM: Missile dropkick!

DT: Rezin goes for the pin…




DM: Karl Brown is absorbing a lot of punishment here. He can’t keep this up for very long.

DT: And now Rezin is kicking away at Brown with those mixed martial arts kicks!

DM: Great offense here by Rezin.

DT: Rezin whips Brown into the ropes…

DM: And a spinning heel kick by Rezin!

DT: And now Rezin tags in Anarky!

DM: And Anarky again begins brawling with Brown here!

DT: Right hands everywhere from Anarky here as Brown just continues to take the punishment here.

DM: He’s got to get to his corner here, Dave.

DT: There’s a boot to the midsection by Anarky…

DM: Implant DDT!

DT: And now look at Anarky!

MN: Brilliant move!

DT: Anarky just ran over and punched “Triple X” Sean Stevens right in the mouth!

DM: And now Triple X is trying to make his way into the ring, but the ref is doing his best to restrain him!

DT: And while the referee is distracted, Anarky has slid out of the ring here!

DM: What’s he doing, Dave?

DT: Well, he’s under the ring apron and it appears as though he’s grabbed something and placed it in his trunks!

MN: Brass knucks! Genius! Hurry before the ref sees you!

DT: And now Anarky doesn’t even tag out! Eddie Burns climbs right up to the top rope…

DM: Swan dive onto Karl Brown!

DT: There’s a cover…




DM: Eddie Burns displaying his high flying ability there, albeit in an illegal sense as he never tagged into the match!

DT: Eddie is trying to stay on the offensive here as he quickly hits the ropes…

DM: Springboard moonsault!

DT: Eddie holds for another pin attempt…




DM: And somehow Karl Brown keeps kicking out! How is he doing this?

DT: Well, his opponents certainly want to be sure that they do everything that they can to keep him down. And now Eddie tags out to Rezin.

DM: This does not bode well for Karl Brown.

DT: Rezin climbs straight to the top rope again…

DM: Diving leg drop!

DT: NO! Karl Brown managed to slide out of the way!

DM: Both men are down! This is Karl Brown’s opening!

DT: It’s a race to their feet here, as it looks like Rezin is going to win.

DM: But Brown slows him down with a right to the midsection!

DT: And another!

DM: Brown is working his way back into the match here.

DT: Brown hits the ropes...

DM: But Rezin reverses with a back body drop!

DT: And now he reaches over in desperation and tags in Anarky!

DM: And now the former champion is stomping away at the current tag team champion!

DT: Brown is trying to work his way back to his feet here, but Anarky bounces off the ropes…

DM: And a flying forearm by Anarky!

DT: And now look at him! Anarky is toying with Karl Brown! Anarky is playing to the crowd as he feels that he has this one in the bag!

MN: And he should! Sean Stevens hasn’t even been in this match yet! Karl Brown is being selfish and trying to take on all three of these men at once!

DM: If only that were the case, Neels. Brown is trying desperately to get a fresh man into this match!

DT: Well, it looks like Anarky is finally going to go for the pin here…

DM: Brown reverses into an inside cradle!




DT: Anarky quickly back up. He swings a clothesline…

DM: But Brown ducks! Neckbreaker by The Dragon!

DT: And now both men are down! This is Brown’s opening to get a fresh man into the match!

MN: Come on, Anarky! Don’t screw up this momentum!

DT: Brown is up and closing in on the corner…

DM: But Anarky smashes him in the back of the head with a clubbing forearm! Both men go smashing into the corner…

DT: But Brown tagged in Otaku! Otaku hits the ring…

DM: Wait! Are they-?

DT: Otaku and Karl Brown are handcuffed together!

DM: Otaku with a dropkick…

DT: But Brown ended up holding him back! Karl Brown just effectively pulled Otaku right down on the back of his head!

DM: And now Anarky is complaining to the ref that he’s got to fight two men!

MN: That’s right! Don’t let them get away with this, Anarky!

DT: And now the ref is telling them that one of them has to exit the ring!

DM: What are they going to do?

[Crowd: POP!]

DT: That’s what they’re going to do!

DM: Triple X has been tagged into the match! He’s staring at Anarky across the ring…

DT: And Anarky tags in Eddie Burns!

[Crowd: HEAT!]

DT: Burns charges in at Triple X…

DM: Belly-to-belly suplex!

DT: Now here comes Rezin! He swings a clothesline, but Stevens ducks the blow…

DM: German suplex by Stevens!

DT: Burns back to Stevens now. Boot to the midsection by Stevens…

DM: Spiked piledriver!

DT: Stevens makes his way to Anarky on the apron…

DM: But the former champ jumps down to the floor…

DT: That gives Rezin a chance to sneak back up on Triple X…

DM: X-Factor by Stevens! Rezin is out!

DT: But there’s a low blow by Burns!

MN: Thank God!

DT: But here comes Otaku! The stage hands managed to cut the handcuffs off the champs!

DM: Chidori! Big flying forearm by Otaku there!

DT: But Rezin sneaks up behind Otaku…

DM: Cottonmouth! Otaku is trying to escape…

DT: Karl Brown!

DM: Shining Wizard on Rezin to break the hold!

DT: Otaku is reeling, but Brown is standing tall…

DM: Chaos Breaker! Anarky just came out of nowhere to hit Karl Brown with that Chaos Breaker!

DT: And now Otaku sneaks up behind Anarky! There’s a boot to the midsection…

DM: Liger Sword!

DT: NO! Anarky broke out of the front facelock! Otaku swings…

DM: Another Chaos Breaker! Anarky just took out the tag team champions with a pair of Chaos Breakers!

DT: He makes the pin…





TF: Ladies and gentlemen… here are your winners… Anarky, Rezin, and Eddie Burns!!!

DT: Well, that was a great match, Dean.

DM: Look out! Rezin is back in the ring! He and Anarky are now stomping away at Otaku!

DT: And now they pull Otaku up as Anarky pulls him into a standing headscissors…

DM: But there’s Karl Brown and Triple X to the rescue!

DT: Brown with right hands to Anarky! Stevens with rights to Rezin!

DM: Brown clotheslines Anarky over the top rope!

DT: Stevens has Rezin reeling…

DM: X-Factor!

DT: What a superkick! He damn near took Rezin’s head off!

DM: Well, those guys may have walked out of here with the victory tonight, but the tag team champions and Triple X are still standing tall in the middle of the ring!

[The audience stands up at looks toward the entrance, where an older gentleman stands with a microphone. He’s in his late 50’s early 60’s, has slicked back JUST FOR MEN colored brown hair, and is wearing sunglasses, a navy blue polo tucked into khaki shorts, and brown moccasins with no socks]

DT: Who the heck is that?

MYLDE: Yo! [whistles] Right here! I’m talking to you! [Walks towards middle of the aisle and stops] Let me introduce myself, for those who don’t know. My name is JIMMY MYLDE, and you might know me from my former real estate business in the Ft. Myers area of Florida, or the sports supplement line I used to own. I was even into web hosting and GOLD for a little while.

DM: This guy sounds like a master of failed enterprises.

MN: Relax Dean, it’s a tough economy!

MYLDE: I’m what you would call an ENTREPENEUR. But I also know wrestling. As a former manager and color commentator for multiple organizations like Next Level Wrestling, I’ve seen all the great talent come and go. And Dragons, you MIGHT be good…I said MIGHT. [Boos!] You have the belts. But you’re missing a key ingredient, one that you will NEVER POSSESS. And that’s the COOL FACTOR.

[More boos. Brown looks at Otaku, they both shake their heads]

MYLDE: See, the young people these days, they need heroes they can get behind. They want the NEXT BIG THING. Take a good, hard look in the mirror, boys. Let’s be honest: you Japan-a-bees wouldn’t know COOL if it raped you with eight tentacles! [Boos!] It’s a sad how far the EPW tag team division has fallen, when the champs calls themselves THE ANIMEZING DRAGONS! Oh I get it, ‘cause Karl Brown’s ‘The Dragon’ and Otaku is an anime freak. Brilliant marketing, Karl. You’re a regular Ray Crock.

MN: Who?

DT: Founder of McDonald’s.

MN: ..so who the hell is Ronald?

MYLDE: Thankfully, EPW has a kind, wise old Uncle in Jimmy Mylde who has the expertise and the KNOWLEDGE to know a good thing when he sees it. And Uncle Jimmy JUST SO HAPPENS to have a tag team in the works, two INCREDIBLE YOUTHS who hearken back to a time when MEN were MEN, and MEN were COOL! Before Emo, and Anime, and three-dollar bill Vampires having manajatwas on HBO went mainstream. I’m talking about ROCK STARS! Everybody knows what a big Jimmy Buffet fan I am, how I live and breathe Margaritaville 24/7. But I LOST MY VIRGINITY in the back of a Chevy Impala listening to Jerry Lee Lewis on the radio. Then I TOOK some girl’s virginity 15 years later when Quiet Riot was on the radio! You know how much PRIME REAR the Mylde One used to pull in during the 1980’s? THOSE WERE MY BEST YEARS!

DT: Did he come here just to brag about himself?

MYLDE: Rock ‘N Roll is coming back in a big way, and it’s headed to EPW as soon as THE DREAMSTEALERS get off tour in the UK. And that’s BAD NEWS for you, Dragons! I’m their manager, accountant, and media representative, and have come in their place to lay a challenge at your feet. My boys couldn’t be here tonight, because they’re too busy trashing hotel rooms, peeing on groupies, and having sex with Italian models. But I can assure you, when the British leg of their WORLD TOUR ends, they’ll be here, and ready to claim the EPW Tag Team Titles! You just keep the gold polished until the tour bus rolls in, understand? And wipe that stupid smirk off your face, Otaku, you J-POP loving idiot, before I cancel dates in Hamburg just so The Dreamstealers can beat on you a little earlier! I’M OUT!

[Mylde drops the mic and exits with the crowd booing, as Brown and Otaku look on in amused bewilderment]

DT: Well, apparently we have some new challengers about to enter the tag fray in EPW, although we didn’t actually SEE them tonight.

DM: Do these guys even exist, or is this another scam from the jack of all trades, master of none?

MN: It’s a shame that so many of you are ignorant to the benefits of positive thinking. We have two fresh young faces on their way here, and all you guys want to do is tear them down!

DT: We haven’t even seen them, Mike! But they saw fit to have their manager, Jimmy Mylde, show up and challenge the tag team champions themselves. We’ll keep the fans posted on any new developments. Back after this.

[CUTTO commercial break]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Danglin' Danglin'


Anarky and Rezin are walking down the hall following their just concluded match. They seem irritated with the post-match but are otherwise none the worse for wear.


Cameron Cruise and Jared Wells rush into frame and jump them from behind with blindsiding fury[!!!], pummeling them and dropping them to the concrete before they really have a chance to defend themselves. Cruise pulls Anarky up and hits a Reality Check on the floor, knocking him silly. Jared Wells, meanwhile, pulls brass knucks from his pocket and drills Rezin right between the eyes, dropping him like a bad habit.

Cruise and Wells stand over Anarky and Rezin for a moment, soaking it in. Cruise and Wells mock the two fallen men, with Wells doing an exaggerated “Running Man” and Cruise doing the same by doing “The Robot” before laughing, high-fiving and leaving the scene.

FOCUS ON: Anarky and Rezin stirring back to life

CUT TO: Ringside.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Impulse (c) & Stalker vs. The Dangle Brothers (Cameron Cruise & Jared Wells)

["Killing In The Name Of" - Rage Against The Machine. Crowd jeers immediately as Cameron Cruise steps onto the stage.]

TF: Ladies and gentleman, the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall, with a twenty-minute time limit! Introducing first, from Jacksonville, North Carolina... weighing in at 267 pounds... he is a former EPW World Tag Team, Television, and TWO-time Intercontinental Champion! THE CRIPPLER'.... CAMERON.... CRUISE!

DT: Aggression is back on, fans, and it looks like we're about set to have our first of two tag team contests of the night.

DM: And in addition to the heated exchange between the four involved in this match, Dave, the stakes have been raised even earlier tonight.

["It Was A Good Day" - Ice Cube. 'Daddy' Jared Wells joins Cameron Cruise on the stage, creating a loud mixed reaction, almost entirely of boos. The two make their way down the ramp, talking trash to the fans all the way into the ring.]

TF: And his partner, from Baltimore, Maryland... weighing in at 254 pounds... he is a former EPW World Tag Team Champion! 'DADDY'.... JARED.... WELLS!

MN: Yeah, like you were saying Dean, Wells and Cruise will FINALLY get the rematches they deserve!

DM: I don't think I said anything about their deserving rematches, Mike.

MN: I heard it.

DM: Like many things you hear, Neels, it's just the voices in your head.

MN: Don't be jealous.

DT: Back to Dean's point, Cruise and Wells petitioned Dan Ryan to give them second title shots against their respective Russian Roulette opponents. Ryan agreed, IF they can topple their opponents tonight.

DM: Right, Dave, and that's a huge IF.

MN: Bah, please be joking.

["Did my time" by Korn blares over the speakers as black hits the big screen. Stalker walks out slowly staring at the ring cracking his knuckles as he makes his way down the ramp, smiling at Jared Wells, who leans over the ropes to yell at Stalker.]

DM: There's nothing funny about his guy, Mike.

MN: You know, I actually agree with you.

DM: .... THAT might be funny, and is definitely a joke.

MN: No, I do agree. Stalker is the only chance his team has of winning, because FAIRY BOY isn't going to be absolutely useless against the class of EPW in Wells and Cruise.

DT: Fans, one would assume Mike is referring to Impulse.

MN: The guy is a hack! Not to mention a complete and total BORE.

DM: Our reigning, and undefeated, EPW Intercontinental Champion, Impulse.

MN: Yeah, EPW should just get rid of him.

DT: I'd like to take this time to remind everyone that Mike Neely's opinions are solely his own, and EPW believes his opinions add color commentary to the broadcast.

MN: Speaking of which, what color are they talking about? Because there was this stunner of a black bi--

DM: Oh Lord, save me now from this...

MN: What? Anyway--

DT: As Stalker taunts Wells from outside the ring, it looks like Wells isn't having any of it and comes out to meet Stalker! The two are trading blows, and now Cameron Cruise joins in!

DM: Thank you, Lord.

MN: I had a great story to tell.

DT: It will have to wait, hopefully for a while, Mike. Wells and Cruise have tossed Stalker into the ring. The referee is calls for the bell as Wells and Cruise reenter, but they continue the double-team assault!

DM: Stalker arguably had a heavy hand in Jared Wells' loss to Impulse, and Wells has been waiting for this ever since.

DT: Stalker is trying to fend off both men....

["Revolution Baby" - Queen V. Impulse comes out to the stage and double-times it down the ramp and slides into the ring.]

DM: But here comes the cavalry!

MN: And there goes the exciting part of the match.

DT: Impulse in the ring and he hits a flying forearm as Wells faces up to him... Cruise with a clothesline, Impulse ducks under! Stalker and Impulse with Clotheslines sending Wells and Cruise to the outside!

DM: Hell must be chilly because Impulse and Stalker are showing signs of teamwork.

MN: I feel nauseous. Stalker is being forced to do this!

DT: Stalker turns Impulse around to face him, now... he's berating Impulse, jabbing him in the chest with a finger?
DM: I think he's saying something about not getting to the ring fast enough when he was being attacked, what a complete jackass!

MN: He's right, Impulse just let him get attacked!

DT: Impulse grabs the finger Stalker is jabbing him with, and this could get... Wells and Cruise floor Impulse and Stalker while their backs are turned!

DM: Stalker needs Impulse to be his best ally tonight. That was not a smart move.

DT: The referee gets Wells and Stalker out of the ring, so Cruise and Impulse are going to be the legal men. Cruise with a side headlock. Impulse feeling things out as Cruise talks some smack to a fan in the front row... Impulse suddenly shifts his weight and rolls them both back, Cruise pinned!



DT: Cruise kicks out, and scrambles up to his feet, looking stunned! I don't think he was paying attention.

DM: Cruise is a veteran, but I think he may not have been expecting Impulse to be able to counter into a pin, given their weight difference. Impulse is dangerous as they come, from a technical standpoint.

MN: I think he went for a low blow, and threw Cruise off.

DM: I think you need your prescription checked, but only one of us is right.

MN: We shouldn't agree too often, Dean. It makes me uncomfortable.

DM: ... I'm not agreeing.

DT: Cruise seems a bit more hesitant to lock-up again, and Impulse moves in with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Crusie uses the weight advantage to back Impulse to a corner, but Impulse manages to swing it around and corner Cruise, followed by a couple chops to the chest. Cruise fights through it and strikes a forearm to Impulse. Cruise with another, a chop by Impulse, forearm by Cruise, followed by a kick to the abdomen forces Impulse back... Cruise grabs Impulse by the arm and reels him in with a Clothesline, flooring him.

DM: Cruise will use his size to try and keep Impulse in check, we'll see how it works.

DT: Impulse back to his feet, but Cruise hits him with a Clothesline that sends him to the corner. Cruise moves in and grabs Impulse by the head, landing punches. The referee reaches four on his count before Cruise backs off.... only to grab Impulse and bring him to the team corner, where he tags out to Wells.

MN: 'Daddy' is going to give this Fairy some lessons he should have learned back at the woodshed.

DM: The woodshed where, New York City?
MN: It's a very urban woodshed.

DT: Jared Wells is in and he works over Impulse with some knees and fists. The referee warns him and Wells brings Impulse up for a Powerslam, but Impulse slips out the back. Impulse with a forearm to the back of Wells.... and Wells retaliates with a back elbow to the head of Impulse, sending him flying to the mat!

DM: Wells is a brute.

DT: Wells laughing at Impulse, who gets up and looks for a tie-up. Wells grants it and then shoves Impulse to the mat again. Impulse gets back up and goes for another tie-up... no, Impulse goes around and ducks another back elbow. Wells swings around and Impulse hooks him... STO from nowhere! Wells hits the mat hard and Impulse covers... kickout at one. Both men back up and Wells with a punch, countered by an Impulse chop. Wells again goes for a punch, and Impulse with another chop. A third and fourth chop from Impulse sends Wells into the ropes. Wells sent across the ring on a whip, comes back with a Clothesline! Impulse dives under and takes down Wells with a leg screw. Cover, one count again.

MN: Dumb. Wells is fresh.

DT: Impulse takes the knee of Wells from the mat, but is shoved off into the ropes. Impulse comes back with a Dropkick to the face of Wells! Cover... One! Kickout just after. Impulse segues immediately into a Kneebar.

MN: Boooooorrrrrinng!

DM: I can't believe you can't appreciate this.

MN: What, this snoozefest? Get Stalker in there, at least! We'll see a real fight then.

DM: Impulse was getting floored by Wells, until he took control of the pace. Repeatedly forcing Wells to use a little more energy with the pinfalls. This is Wrestling 101.

DT: I agree, Impulse can't go blow-for-blow with Wells, one of the hardest hitters in the business. Wells drags both he and Impulse to the ropes, and grabs them to get a rope break. Impulse obliges at the count of three. Wells, smart in going to the ropes near his corner, tags out to Cruise.

MN: Here is someone who was an exciting Intercontinental Champion.

DT: Cruise has had two reigns with the title Impulse holds. Impulse goes for a tie-up, but Cruise goes behind into a rear wais tlock...Impulse reverses and Cruise with a Snapmare. Cruise off the ropes facing Impulse, comes back with a diving forearm but Impulse evades with a roll and keeps Cruise grounded, mounting him. He goes for a Camel Clutch but Cruise fights it, powers out and rolls them over, then turns to mount Impulse and lands a couple hard strikes to the face. Impulse uses his legs to hook Cruise's arms and pulls him into a pin! One! Cruise powers Impulse back over and lands another strike, then pins Impulse's shoulders with his knees... One! Impulse hits Cruise's head with his knees and they break away.

DM: Some good ring work there by both men.

MN: Cruise is no slouch, he's learned from the best!

DM: Can't argue that.

MN: And he's held every EPW title except one.

DM: Why can't you commentate like this all the time?
MN: Like what?

DM: With factual information.

DT: Impulse with a tags Stalker on the arm, and Stalker looks like he just got slapped across the face. He enters the ring slowly, but not without some words for Impulse, who can only shrug as he exits.

MN: Impulse couldn't handle Cruise and he knew it. What a fraud.

DM: Oh well, so much for the facts.

DT: Stalker goes up to Cruise and they both begin exchanging words. Stalker with a slap to the face of Cruise! Cruise unloads with some right hands, but Stalker has a couple of his own!

MN: Yes!

DT: Stalker backs up Cruise with a haymaker, then a Dropkick to the knee puts him in control. Cruise falls to a knee and Stalker is on him with a Running Knee to the face that floors Cruise. Stalker brings Cruise up and hits a Russian Leg Sweep... holds on and hits a second.... and comes up for a trio! Stalker with a cover...



DT: Kickout at two by Cruise. Stalker waits on Cruise... Belly-to-Belly Suplex? Cruise fights it with claps to the temples of Stalker, and breaks the grip. Cruise wastes no time in picking Stalker up... and hits a Shoulder Breaker. Cruise stomps on the neck and shoulder of Stalker.... picks him back up and brings Stalker back on his shoulder... Stalker slips out and hits Cruise in the back of the head. Cruise staggers forward and Stalker grabs him for a Bulldog! Cruise holds Stalker up as he jumps... turns him and lands the back of his head on the turnbuckle!

DM: A vicious twist counter by Cruise.

DT: Cruise brings Stalker up and climbs to the second turnbuckle, taking his time to land mounted punches.

MN: I don't know who to root for.... I like Cruise, but Stalker's a crazy person. I don't want to be murdered in my sleep for saying anything.

DM: I think you've got a long list of people to watch out for, then, Neels.

MN: Really? From when?

DT: Watch some video, Mike. Any show will do. The referee counts Cruise down, as he was using closed fists, and Cruise backs up the official and gives some lip in the process. He turns back and Stalker bursts out of the corner with a Dropkick to Cruise's chest! Stalker manages to make a tag to Impulse.

MN: Impulse is such a glory hog, wanting back in the match already.

DM: Stalker tagged out!

MN: Only because he's such a great teammate.

DM: Oh, please. Impulse is only teaming here because he knows he gets Stalker in a cage at Black Dawn.

MN: Which shows how fair a negotiator Stalker is.

DT: I wonder how much that match favors Impulse, to be honest. For now, Impulse back in and Cruise tagged in Wells. Impulse immediately moves in for the knee of Wells, but Wells avoids him and clubs Impulse on the back. Impulse absorbs a punt to the chest and flops onto his back with the force! Wells now with an Elbow drop... and another to the chest of Impulse, then a cover! One! Kickout at two by Impulse.

MN: Wells can play the pinning game, too.

DM: I thought you said that was boring.

MN: Yeah, when a boring nerd like Impulse does it.

DT: Impulse slow to get up and Wells waiting, slapping the Intercontinental Champion on the head... Impulse trips up Wells and locks in the Kneebar again, and he has Wells in the middle of the ring!

DM: Wells is struggling to drag Impulse's full weight with his, without any leverage from his legs. Impulse has the hold on one, and is keeping the other leg locked in place. Wells needs to move almost an extra 190 pounds, along with himself, with just his arms... and he's struggling!

MN: Come on, 'Daddy!' Don't let the dead weight keep you down!

DT: Wells is halfway to the ropes, but he's not getting any further. Impulse is wrenching on the knee, and Wells is writhing a bit... Wells changes strategy and tries to pry Impulse off... no can do! Impulse has it on tight.

DM: Wells had better think fast.

MN: Just move!

DT: Cameron Cruise is in the ring, and the referee turns his attention and stops Cruise. Stalker is telling Impulse to grab his arm for leverage, but Impulse tells him to stay in their corner.

DM: Look at Wells! The referee is still getting Cruise back to his corner...

DT: Wells takes his belt off and cracks it on Impulse's face! Impulse releases the hold and is grabbing his eye, that's completely illegal! Wells with another shot to the head of Impulse, stop that!

MN: Hahaha! 'Daddy' just gave Impulse a little home-schooling!

DM: That should be a blatant disqualification, but Cruise just got back onto the apron, and Wells tossed the belt into the corner and covers Impulse.



DT: Impulse, clearly shaken up, gets the shoulder up. Wells is yelling at the referee for taking too long, of all things.

DM: He should tell his tag team partner to stay on the apron.

MN: Hey, Cruise must have seen something the referee was doing wrong.

DM: Yeah, or maybe he didn't want the referee seeing that belt.

MN: It's just ring attire, it's legal. Wells got creative.

DT: I'm pretty sure that isn't what the EPW Rulebook says, but nonetheless.... Wells was lining up Impulse as he got to his feet, and now mows him down with a rough Clothesline! Wells has some words for Impulse... picks him straight up off the mat, and hits a Fallaway Slam. Wells up and feeling it now, bouncing side-to-side in the ring and taunting Impulse to the displeasure of this crowd....

DM: Even if it is Stalker in his corner, Impulse needs a tag here.

MN: Even if it's stalker? Stalker is a future World Heavyweight Champion!

DM: We won't get into how he earned that title shot.

MN: He beat Dan Ryan.

DM: Yeah, and only after being the biggest menace EPW has known. He forced Dan Ryan to fight.

MN: Who cares, he won.

DT: Wells sent Impulse into the corner, now setting him up on the top turnbuckle and climbing.

DM: Ugh... Impulse looks like he's already got some bruising from his temple to near his nose... not pretty.

MN: Welcome to the real world, Fairy Boy. This is a real fight.

DM: Impulse has won plenty of fair matches, and can win fair fights, too.

DT: He's in a situation here, as Wells is on the top rope and has him hooked. Superplex-- no, Impulse manages to hook a leg to stop Wells. Wells with a couple of rib shots... but Impulse blocks another attempt. Wells with hard shots to the kidneys, and it looks like Impulse buckled a little at that...

MN: End of the match right here!





DM: Wow, what a counter, in midair!

MN: That... that sucked!

DT: Impulse nearly pulled the win out of nowhere. He's trying to get to his corner, Stalker looking at Wells and seeing a chance.

DM: Wells looks like he may have taken some of Impulse's weight on that worked over knee. He's having a little trouble getting back up.

DT: Impulse is slowly nearing his corner, and Wells the same with his...

MN: Come on, Cameron, do something damn it!

DT: Impulse with a tag and Stalker is in! He races over to Wells, inches from Cruise, and drags him to the center of the ring! Wells turns and kicks at Stalker... Stalker puts knees to the damaged one of Wells. Stalker stomps all over that leg of Wells, who is trying to twist and avoid the blows, to little success.

DM: Stalker is zeroed in on that limb, and he's got that 'shark-to-blood' mentality going.

DT: Stalker grabs the leg of Wells... going for a Sharpshooter! Wells manages to shove Stalker into the ropes and gets into a corner. Cruise in the ring again!

DM: But Impulse enters and warns Cruise to not try anything.

DT: Cruise goes after Impulse across the ring! The referee goes after Cruise as the two exchange blows....

DM: Jared Wells!

DT: AGAIN! Stalker was distracted by Cruise and Impulse. He turned to get a belt shot to the groin by Wells, who had tossed it into the corner earlier. Stalker to his knees, and now Wells is using that belt to choke Stalker!

DM: Ref, turn around, this is a heist in progress!

MN: Impulse shouldn't have said something about Cruise's momma. I heard him.

DM: Don't even try, Neely.

DT: Cruise and Impulse are separated by the referee, and Wells tosses the belt out of the ring... and just blatantly chokes Stalker on the mat with his hand! The referee turns and sees it, and Wells breaks at four. Cover by Wells!



DT: Impulse with a foot on the ropes, causes a break.

DM: Look how smug Wells is. This is not how you earn a title rematch.

MN: They're getting the job done in my book.

DM: The world isn't ready for your book.

MN: That's what some publishers have said... what's the problem?

DT: We don't have time to explain them all, Mike. Wells gets Stalker up and into his corner, tagging in Cameron Cruise. Stalker is tied up by Wells in a Full Nelson, and Cruise with a measured shot to the abdomen.

DM: Wells and Cruise, both former World Tag Team Champions, making good tags.

MN: It's Dangle theory at work.

DM: I don't know what that may mean, and am glad for that.

DT: Cruise with an Atomic Drop on Stalker, then brings him down with a Back Drop. Cruise foregoes the cover and brings up Stalker... whips him to the ropes... telegraphed a Back Body Drop, Stalker blasts Cruise with a kick to the chest! Hooks the waist and hits a Side Suplex... holds on, standing switch to a front waist lock... Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Both men down!

DM: Stalker showing a good variety of suplexes tonight.

MN: Like I said, future World Heavyweight Champion!

DM: I never said he wasn't able to compete on the level. I just don't like how he gets his way.

MN: You wish you could do what he does.

DM: I most certainly do NOT.

DT: Stalker with a cover!



DT: Cruise with a shoulder up at two-and-a-half! Stalker sizing up the opposition now, circling Cruise....

MN: Evenflow time!

DM: I think you may be onto it there, Neels.

DT: Cruise using the ropes to get up, and Stalker waiting patiently... Cruise up and turns into a kick from Stalker... hooks the head, and Cruise hits some shots to the ribs. Stalker retightens his grip, but Cruise runs him into his corner.... Stalker holds on! Wells grabs Stalker by the throat but the referee admonishes him, and Wells lets go. It's enough for Cruise to slip out of the headlock though....

DM: The referee says next one is a DQ.

MN: Stalker must be threatening that referee's family.

DM: I think he's just enforcing the rules.

MN: And WHY would he do that to Wells and Cruise, but not the other team?

DT: Cruise is grabbing the referee by the shirt now, claiming a neck injury... Wells grabs Stalker again while Cruise is blocking his vision! But Stalker hangs Wells on the top rope! Wells goes to the floor and Stalker tears Cruise away from the referee... Cruise with a quick thumb to the eye! Cruise hooks Stalker... High Impact DDT!

MN: Hah, what a move, Cammy!

DT: Cruise picks up Stalker, and Wells is back on the apron, and gets in the ring! He's fuming at the referee for what Stalker did to him!

MN: Seriously, what the hell was that about?!

DM: The referee should remind Wells of the warning he just gave him...

DT: Cruise picking Stalker up off the mat... LOW BLOW FROM STALKER! Cruise drops to the mat!


DT: Wells gets back out of the ring and the referee begins a ten count for both men...




DT: Stalker is moving around....



DT: Stalker to his knees.... Cruise is out of fetal position....




DT: The referee rules Stalker is up, and he grabs hold of Cruise... no, he goes after Wells, who looked like he may have been making a move to enter the ring! Wells gets knocked to the floor, lands on his feet... Stalker on the apron... TORNADO DDT FROM THE APRON ONTO WELLS!!

DM: That was more the risk-taker I expect Stalker to be.

MN: I'm sad but kind of happy...

DM: That's the voices again, Neels.

MN: I can't decide!

DT: Stalker has had enough of Wells' interference, and he picks up Wells and THROWS him into the timekeeper's table! Cruise from behind with a Double Axe Handle to Stalker's neck!

DM: Stalker has had some neck issues in the distant past... but at this point, his whole body is probably pretty banged up.

DT: Stalker and Cruise are brawling on the outside. Cruise gets the edge and sends Stalker into the apron... Stalker moves to the corner... CRUISE WITH A SPLASH ON STALKER AGAINST THE RING POST-- NO!!


DT: Stalker DID move and Cruise knocks himself silly! He falls in a heap to the floor, and Stalker clears his head. He picks up Cruise and gets him into the ring...

DM: This time, Stalker needs to hit that Evenflow.

MN: No! ... Yes?

DT: Impulse is offering his hand for a tag ... Stalker goes over to him... and just laughs at him!

DM: I think Stalker said he's going to give a preview for Impulse...

DT: Cruise has managed to grab the referee for support, and the referee shoves Cruise off of him, but falls down in the process. Cruise stumbles into a corner and Stalker runs at him... Cruise moves...


DT: He had the Intercontinental Title, I think, and nailed Stalker between the ropes as he went for a Shoulder Block! The referee may not have seen...

DM: I think he did!

MN: Wells isn't holding anything.

DM: He tossed the title, dimwit!

MN: Oh, I didn't see it....

DM: Shocker.

DT: But Dean, I don't think the referee saw, either! Stalker stumbles back out of the corner, holding his head.... REALITY CHECK! REALITY CHECK BY CRUISE!!

DM: Not now!

DT: Not like this, a cover!




[SFX: Bell rings. "Killing In The Name Of" - Rage Against The Machine plays as the crowd begins shouting obscenities at Cruise, Wells... and even in the referee's direction!]

TF: Your winners of this match..... 'THE CRIPPLER' CAMERON CRUISE AND 'DADDY' JARED WELLS!!!"

DM: What a damper on a very competitive match.

MN: Dangle Brothers had it in the scrotu... err, in the bag!!

DT: I don't think Impulse even saw what happened from across the ring. He came in at the end, but too late, as the fall was counted in Cruise's favor. Impulse still looks uncertain as to what just happened. But now he spots a smiling Jared Wells HOLDING UP the Intercontinental title, and that has the Champion's attention.

DM: Wells got entirely lucky. That would have been a disqualification if the official hadn't fallen from getting Cruise off of him.

MN: Not luck, only skill!

DM: Skill at cheating, maybe.

DT: This was incredibly close, regardless, and could have gone either way in the end. It looked like Cruise made a fatal error on the outside, but as it turns out, Stalker took the fall.

MN: Never count out Dangle Bros.!

DM: And now Wells and Cruise get their title rematches.

DT: They do, as agreed to by Dan Ryan.

[Impulse stares at Wells from inside the ring, as Wells looks at the Intercontinental title and tosses it into the ring. He mouths, "Yours for now," to Impulse as Stalker recovers, holding his head.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Who We Are

[FADEIN: The First using an elliptical as he trains]

V/O: It is 8am the day before The First takes his trip to Chicago to get ready for his title defense against Layne Winters, one last work out in his home gym before going on the road.

[CUTTO: First still in his workout clothes talking to the camera.]

FIRST: I’m a morning person, I’ve never needed much sleep, I get like, 5 hours and I’m all set…I wake up and I’m just ready to go, to do stuff, Muse isn’t a morning person so it’s easy for me to just get up, head out to the gym and just put in work, get home around 11 or so, by then she’s up and ready to start her day.

[CUTTO: First lifting free weights]

FIRST: I dropped to 197 a few days ago…My body hates me…[Lifts weight over his head.] but I’ve got to keep lifting and working, maybe one day I’ll live the dream of being a 200 pounder.

[CUTTO: The First jumping rope, the camera does a slow FADE, and then FADEIN: Layne Winters at a Fitness Expo booth signing autographs]

V/O: At a GNC Fitness Expo in Chicago, Layne Winters, a sponsored athlete, shows a different side of himself to the fans.

[Winters signs a picture for a teenage boy]

WINTERS: What's your name?

BOY: Make it out to Daniel...

WINTERS [V/O]: There's a part of me that just wants to lock myself away until match time...

[CUTTO: Winters in front of a 24/7 backdrop]

WINTERS: But I know that's not the tradition of the sport. It took me a long time to see that, but if I'm not giving a part of myself back to the people who love this sport as much as I do, then it's meaningless. It helps...[pauses] keep me focused.

[CUTTO: A backyard. We see family gathered, a small child running around.]

V/O: Meanwhile The First has one final obligation to his family before leaving for Chicago.

[CUTTO: The First in full face paint and ring gear sitting in the passenger seat of a car as Muse drives.]

FIRST: My nephew just turned 6 today, and my family would kill me if I didn’t show up for his birthday, he sees me on TV, but there’s that part of him that sorta doesn’t get that it’s really me that he’s watching. So I’m here today to try to let him know that yeah, it is his uncle and he hangs out with me every now and then.

[CUTTO: First walking in on the party, “Uncle Firsty!” Yells the nephew as he sees The First walking towards him. CUTTO: Quick series of scenes with his family, First talking to his parents and his sister.]

V/O: While the party shows all is well with The First and his family, the same can’t be said for all in his household.

[CUTTO: Muse talking to the camera.]

MUSE: My parents hated The First when we were in high school that was when he had the whole revelation about his past lives and everything and got a little celebrity with the people that believe and care about stuff like that. [CUTTO: photos of Muse and First from high school, First is a bit skinnier but still much as he was then, Muse on the other hand is chubby and looks much different than she does now.] He’d dated a girl and folks thought he was like, mind controlling her or whatever and then her family moved to Colorado and we started talking and he told me about the soul he saw in my eyes, how I was about as old as he was. We dated but we never did anything cause I just felt insecure, like I couldn’t live up to what his ex was...But him telling me about me being Muse it inspired me, I started playing more than just the piano.

[CUTTO: Video of Muse drumming at a festival.]

MUSE: I learned drums, guitar, I can play a little keyboard, I started eating better, working out, I wanted to be a rock star, somebody who inspired people, to really be a Muse…And like that was the path I wanted for myself, and my parents never forgave me for leaving college, they blame First for all of it…It wasn’t him…But we haven’t talked in years, so there’s not much I can do to change their minds.

[CUTTO: Winters doing wide-grip pullups in Gold's Gym, Chicago. After he finishes the last rep, he drops down and the camera pans around him to the center. Breathing heavy, he speaks]

WINTERS: Thing is... [takes deep breath] I saw my shot at the title evaporate when I blew my tricep against Anarky. So he pins me, beats First, takes the title. They say everything happens for a reason, but that's a load of [BLEEP]. People tell themselves that to justify failure. Some things happen for no reason, and sometimes the hour glass just ran out. That's what happened to me. The sands of time were spilling too fast and buried me alive. But now...

[Hops up and starts a new set of pullups]


[Breathing heavy, pulling up reps with ease]


[Drops, looks down into camera]

WINTERS: Nothing is gonna stop me from killing you, Brian.

[CUTTO: First walking into Logan Airport.]

V/O: Two men, one goal.

[CUTTO: Winters walking on the streets of Chicago.]

V/O: At the United Center. In a city that knows what champions are all about.

[CUTTO: Michael Jordan celebrating a title.]

[CUTTO: The Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup.]

V/O: Two men, one trying to secure his legacy, the other seeking to break through to glory, will meet in a battle both have long anticipated and sought to have.

[CUTTO: First taping up his right hand.]

[CUTTO: Winters putting on his ring boots.]

V/O: It will be a night when Layne Winters and The First put it all on the line to win EPW’s greatest prize, it will be a night neither man, will ever forget.

[CUTTO: 24/7 Logo.]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Penny Layne

[CUT TO: Backstage, where Anarky, nursing a cut over his left eye due to the earlier attack from the Dangle Brothers, enters the dressing room where Layne Winters is preparing for the main event.]
ANARKY: "Hey man, long time no see. No hard feelings about King of the Cage, right?"

[Layne stares a hole through him.]

ANARKY: "Hey, that's great, glad to hear it. Good luck tonight, eh? No hard feelings?"

[They go to shake hands and suddenly a locker behind Layne opens with tons of smoke and Rezin falling out, looking less than great. Layne spins around and shoves Rezin into a locker, at which point Anarky grabs a chair from the room and attacks Layne with it and hits him across the arm. Winters goes down to a knee and Anarky strikes again, once more smashing the chair across Winters’ arm, causing him to grab at his arm and shoulder in pain. Anarky drops the chair and does a mock handshake, then shrugs and says “Let’s go.” Rezin sees something inside Winters’ open bag on the bench…….]

REZIN: “Look, a snickers….”

[Rezin reaches in and rips open the candy and takes a big bite as Anarky pulls him along.”

ANARKY: “Come on.”


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: EPW WORLD TITLE: The First (c) vs. Layne Winters

[FADEIN: The ring where Tony Fatora stands.]

FATORA: The following contest is set for ONE FALL and it is for the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

[Crowd pops! MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season. The crowd gives a loud reaction an even split of boos and cheers as Layne Winters walks to the top of the ramp. He looks into the arena standing there soaking in the moment for a beat before walking to the ring with a purpose. Winters in his all dark green ring gear with tape on both his arms.]

TF: Making his way to the ring from Seattle Washington…He weighs in at 246 pounds…”NEW SCHOOL!” LAYNE!! WINTERS!! [Winters hits the ring, and begins pacing like a caged animal while he awaits the champion, still gingerly testing his arm from the attack just moments before the match, but seemingly okay to go.]

DT: This is the night Layne Winters has been waiting for his whole career, he finally gets a crack at the EPW World Title.

DM: Unfortunately, he’s gonna have to do it with a bit of a bum arm, too. Winters has been haunted by ghosts his whole career and maybe his whole life. This industry has taken so much from him and now Winters feels like it’s time to collect his due from it by winning the EPW World Title.

MN: You know my feelings on any match involving the moron we currently have as champion, so I’m in Winters corner, come on Layne, bring the gold home baby!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd gets loud again, this time more boos than cheers as The First and Muse step through the curtain. The First’s face painted white with black circles around his eyes, black streaks spread from his eyes to his forehead and cheeks. First wears a “Destined for GREATNESS” wife beater, black gi pants and ring boots, his right hand taped up nearly to the elbow and the EPW World Title slung over his right shoulder. Muse has on a black tank top, dark blue short shorts and calf high black boots.]

TF: And his opponent, from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 199 pounds…Being led to the ring by Muse…The EPW World Heavyweight Champion…THE FIRST!

[The First climbs the steps to the apron and then jumps over the top rope, landing inside the ring on the second rope, he holds the EPW World Title over his head as flashes go off, the crowd continues to be loud.]

DT: The EPW World Champion makes his way to the ring, and you have to wonder with the history between these two men what exactly we’ll see tonight.

DM: The First and Winters were two of the men that formed HOPE, First wanted it to propel him to the title and Winters wanted it to do that just so he could have a crack at First when he held the belt, that all didn’t work out as planned but here the two men stand now one the champion, the other seeking to fulfill his dreams.

MN: Make your dreams come true Layne, take him out!

[First hands the belt to Pat Jones, who shows it to Winters and then holds it high for the crowd to see and then hands it to the time keeper, after a beat the bell rings.]

DT: And here we go…EPW World title on the line, Winters and First lock up, Winters quickly to a side headlock, First backs him into the ropes and sends him to the other side…Winters with a SHOULDER BLOCK sends the champion sprawling to the mat! First stumbles to his feet and Winters is on him with a series of right hands. Winters sends him to the corner…First hits hard and staggers out…INTO A CLOTHESLINE! WINTERS DROPS DOWN FOR A COVER!




DT: Winters grabs a chinlock and cranks away on the neck of the champion.

DM: Winters in control early, you know he wants to just take First’s head off and win this title, but you got to be smart and pace yourself, The First isn’t EPW Champion by accident, if you spend all your energy in the first five minutes and run out of gas you’ll pay for it.

MN: To hell with that, throw the kitchen sink at him Layne, he can’t handle the heat!

DT: Winters hanging on as First fights to his feet…First gets up and throws elbows into Winter’s mid-section…Winters with a knee staggers First to the ropes…Winters off the opposite ropes…FIRST LOW BRIDGES WINTERS AS HE COMES AT HIM!! WINTERS SPILLS TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: A smart move by the champion taking advantage of Winters over aggression and now The First is in control of this match.

MN: Bah! Come on Layne!

DT: First quickly to the outside and he throws Winters into the ring and follows after him, First stomping away on the challenger with kicks to the back and the arm of Winters, Winters was out nearly half a year with surgery on a torn triceps and you know that weak spot is well known to First who now drops down and locks Winters in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!

DM: The First has no mercy and will attack relentlessly to retain that title as his former friend is finding out right now.

DT: Winters howling in pain as he lays face down on the mat, Winters is fighting and crawling trying to get to the bottom rope…Winters reaching…HE MADE IT!! [Cheers!] First lets go of the hold and kicks away at the arm of Winters before pulling him to his feet…First sends Winters to the ropes…SPINNING HEEL KICK BY THE FIRST!! HE COVERS!!




DT: First re-secures the arm bar on Winters as he tries to keep the challenger on the mat and grounded…Winters slowly getting to his feet…He turns to face First…HEADBUTT! And another one! First staggers and Winters now throwing punches with his good arm, staggering The First…Winters sends First into the ropes…Clothesline! NO! FIRST CATCHES WINTERS ARM!! SINGLE ARM DDT!!

DM: Just when you think Winters is going to be able to get back into the match, The First finds a way to maintain control!

MN: Come on Winters, what the hell is wrong with you, let’s see some fight out of you for once!

DT: First now spins Winters into a corner and LACES INTO HIM WITH KNIFE EDGE CHOPS! Winters sent to the other corner, First backs up…HAND SPRING ELBOW BY THE CHAMPION! Winters staggers out of the corner, First up to the second rope…FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: First slams the mat in frustration and grabs Winters…Winters whipped to the ropes again…First off the opposite side…SPEAR BY THE CHAMPION!!! FIRST WITH ANOTHER COVER!!




DM: Winters refusing to be beaten here, the man is fighting tooth and nail to keep pushing to win the EPW World Title.

MN: Yeah that’s great and all but he needs to get off his back and do something more than taking a beating, you know Rocky did lose in the first movie.

DT: First now stalking Winters, he’s looking at that arm of the challengers dangling limp by his side…First grabs the arm...Flips Winters on his back going for the CROSS ARM BREAKER…Winters has his hands locked, he’s fighting the hold…Both men battling now trying to gain control of Winters arm…Winters hanging on for dear life…Winters now rolls over, he’s got First stacked up! FIRST’S SHOULDERS DOWN!




DT: First let go of the arm bar attempt to avoid the pin…First back to his feet…DECKED BY A CLOTHESLINE! WINTERS WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Winters throwing everything he has into this shots with his good arm, First back to his feet and staggering, Winters tagging him with right hands…First in a daze…WINTERS HOOKS HIM AND PLANTS HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!!

MN: YEAH BABY!!! The rolling Germans! Put him through hell Layne!

DT: Winters keeps his hands locked…ANOTHER GERMAN! Winters keeps it going…HITS A THIRD GERMAN!! Winters let go of the waist lock on First and shakes his arm out before diving on top for a cover!




DM: That arm has to be bothering Winters, we’ve seen him continue that cycle for 8 Germans, he’d normally just land as many as he needed to finally put an opponent down for the three count.

MN: Suck it up Winters! This is what you’ve wanted your whole career! Get it done!

DT; First is reeling as Winters keeps pressing the attack. Winters sends him into the ropes…POWERSLAM BY THE CHALLENGER!! HE COVERS!!




DT: Winters gives Pat Jones a glare as First is crawling away from him, First doing anything he can to get distance from his opponent…Winters grabs him…First spins towards Winters…SPRAYS HIM WITH GREEN MIST!! WINTERS BLOCKED IT WITH HIS ARM! Winters keeps firing in punches on the champion and now hooks him…IMPLANT DDT!! Winters gives the cut throat sign! He thinks it’s about time to end this thing! Winters now grabs First and hooks him…GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! NO! He’s got First up and now he plants him on the top rope! Oh my lord, don’t tell me he’s planning on doing this!


DT: Winters climbing up top…He’s going to try to hit a Green River Justice off the top rope…First fighting with right hands, Winters firing back, he hooks First…HE HAS HIM UP!! FIRST FIGHTING!!! FIRST GETS BACK DOWN!! Both men still on the top rope, Winters with a big right…FIRST DUCKED! Winters lost his balance…WINTERS JUST FELL OFF THE TOP INTO THE RING!! HE LANDED ON HIS ARM!! Winters on the mat writhing in pain…FIRST OFF THE TOP!! CUT THE THREAD!!! HE HIT IT!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre.]

TF: The winner of this bout and STILL EPW World Champion…THE FIRST!!!

[The crowd boos as First grabs the EPW World Title and holds it over his head, screaming “Champion of the World!”]

DT: One mistake, that punch that missed and just like that Layne Winters dreams of being EPW World Champion are dashed, he put up a hell of a fight but in this sport you never know when one mistake can be your downfall.

DM: This was a hell of a battle between two men who have so much history…But this was The First’s night.

MN: I hate both of you, I hate this world, I hate everything, if nobody hears from me in 24 hours just assume I’ve left the planet and to find a replacement for me, but don’t let it be Lombardo, that man can’t do color to save his life.

DT: What’s this now…. Rezin and Anarky are out on the ramp giving The First a sarcastic round of applause…

DM: I’m sure they’re please with the way they apparently affected this match tonight.

[Rezin and Anarky, indeed are at the top of the ramp clapping, while Anarky stops and holds up a sign that reads, “FIRST: THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION.”

First glares at them in the ring.]

DT: This has been a night of incredible action from Chicago we’ve had debuts, we’ve had brutal tag matches, and we have the EPW World Champion keeping his belt in a hard fought contest against an old rival…For Dean Matthews and Mike Neely this is Dave Thomas saying see you next time fans!

[The camera shows The First starting to stalk back and forth in the ring, yelling at fans who are insulting him. “Let’s see them beat me! Let’s see anybody beat me!” he yells at a rowdy fan as we FADE TO COPYRIGHT.]

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