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Aggression 67: Denver, Colorado - 6/26/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[MUSIC UP: “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White.]

[CUTTO: Impulse standing with the Aggression graphic rolling behind him.]

[CUTTO: Stalker covered in darkness his face seen by a small ray of light.]

[CUTTO: The Animezing Dragons walking towards the ring.]

[CUTTO: Eddie Burns throwing fire at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Kendall Codine walking to the ring.]

[CUTTO: Rezin smiling with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. ]

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones staring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise looking down at the camera.]

[CUTTO: A graphic showing an old style map with the words “The Empire” across a giant swath of land.]

[CUTTO: Steven Shane flashing a big grin.]

[CUTTO: Muse smiling cheerfully.]

[CUTTO: Anarky glaring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Lesbian Siegel and Caitlyn Daymon talking.]

[CUTTO: Larry Tact standing on the second rope, arms raised.]

[CUTTO: Point of View filming the camera as the camera films them.]

[CUTTO: “Triple X” Sean Stevens standing in the entrance.]

[CUTTO: Dis unmasking as The First.]

[CUTTO: The map, this time a tracking line heads towards a dot marked Denver, when the line hits the dot, AGGRESSION 67 bursts onto the screen in red letters.]

[FADEIN: Sweeping overhead view of the crowd in the Pepsi Center, pyro exploding as the crowd roars louder, CUTTO: The broadcast table where Dave Thomas, Dean Martin and Mike Neely are seated.]

DT: Welcome to Aggression 67! I’m Dave Thomas along with Dean Matthews and Mike Neely, tonight the road to Black Dawn heads through Denver. We’ve got late breaking news to fill you all in on, take it away Dean!

DM: Dan Ryan has put in place an edict that says neither Cameron Cruise or The First are allowed to strike the other man, If they do they’ll be indefinitely suspended and in the case of The First, he’d be stripped of the EPW World Title.

DT: That seems like a pretty big deal to me, as we’ve been hearing all this week that The First is bitterly unhappy about facing Cruise at Black Dawn and he wants a face to face meeting with both Ryan and Cruise to plead his case to get Cruise removed from the main event of Black Dawn.

MN: He’s a coward to the core, nothing would ever make that painted up baby happy!

DT: We got six big matches tonight, Aaron Jones takes on the returning Classy Mike C.

DM: Mike C has been gone from EPW for a long time but he’s back and he has a point to prove against Aaron Jones.

DT: Teddy Alexander after giving Larry Tact all he could handle now gets into the ring to fight Eddie Burns who appears to have a new outlook on life.

MN: Anyone who wants up to our idiot World Champion is a good man in my book, but Alexander is a beast, this is going to be a tough one.

DM: We also have the dominating World Tag Team Champions the Animezing Dragons getting in the ring with newcomers Point of View.

DT: Jason Murray, one half of Point of View scored a shocking upset win over Sean Stevens at Ultratitle, it’s going to be interesting to see how these two young men do facing such a tough challenge in their debut here in EPW.

MN: It’s going to be sickening hugs and sportsmanship, I hope Jimmy Mylde gets the Dreamstealers here tonight to finally give us a real team!

DT: Last week Kendall Codine won his debut, and tonight the man who is following in his dad’s footsteps in the ring gets to square off against the returning former EPW TV Champion Adrian Willard.

DM: This is another quality match that could go either way, Codine showed us a lot last week, but Willard is a scary man when he gets on track.

DT: And we still got even more action! “Triple X” Sean Stevens takes on the man who wants to bring this company down, Rezin I can only expect a barn burner of a match.

MN: Stevens stands for all EPW represents, this is a man who won’t let anyone tarnish his company, Rezin is going to get himself destroyed tonight, mark my words on it!

DT: And the main event, Rezin’s partner in crime Anarky goes for the TV Title against Larry Tact.

DM: Who knows what would happen if Anarky were to win this match, he and Rezin have talked about destroying titles and showing the world how meaningless they truly are, Larry Tact had best bring his A-Game against the former World Champion or he could find himself catching a beating.

DT: We know Stalker and Impulse are in the building as well, there’s a lot going on tonight you wouldn’t want to miss a second of it, and it all begins…NEXT!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Surprise Debut

DT: We're getting set for our first match of the night so let's send it up to Tony Fatora who is set to go in the ring!


TF: The following opening contest is set for one fall with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Denver, Colorado, coming in at 275 pounds ... 'Sergeant Hucker' Brian Grambueller!

DM: Grambueller?

DT: Everyone wants to make an impact in EPW and that invitation goes behind the wrestlers in the back. Today we've got a local wrestler from the Denver circuit showing off their talent in hopes of gaining a contract with Empire Pro!

MN: Really? We're actually giving a look to Sergeant Hucker? Who is this Mother F ...

DT: NEELY! He's not the one we're giving the look too!

MN: But he's from this Mile High state of de ...

Suddenly the lights cut out in the arena!

MN: What the ... ! Hold me!

DM: Don't you DARE touch me!

[CUE: Wherever I May Roam - Metallica and San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. In the beginning, with the violins and guitar slowly beginning to play, the lights fade out with a blue haze starting to form slowly over the arena crowd. Then, when the music picks up with the drumbeat, pyro effects go off on the stage area with the first climax being three blue lightning bolts coming out of the walls of the arena and striking a center point on the rampway. As the song hits another chorus the floor on the rampway opens up and two figures, A blonde haired female figure and 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe, can be seen rising from the ground and looking out towards the crowd. Poe, with is signature blue hair, is dressed in a black tank top with matching leather pants while the female, who looks to be of Asian and Caucasian descent, stands next to him decked out in dark colored jeans with a red halter top along with a long flowing white coat. Then as the second tapping of the drum goes again so does the pyro effects. Finally, at the second and final climax, five bomblike effects go off in a row and this cues the woman and Poe to walk down to the ring. As they enter they head towards the center and stand side by side one another looking out into the crowd. Poe, with his moniker icy cold stare, gives a glace towards the crowd and a slight smile can be seen on his face.]

TF: And his opponent, also hailing from Denver, Colorado, weighing in at 312 pounds ... accompanied by Mia Lee Poe, he is 'The Apocalypse' GABRIEL POE!!


DM: Oh dear God ... The Apocalypse is in EPW!

DT: Gabriel Poe hasn't been seen since the days of New Frontier Wrestling and it seems like forever since he has graced the stomping grounds of Empire Pro!

DM: You would have to go back to October of 2004 to remember the last time he was seen around these parts!

MN: Hey, wasn't that the time when there this big fiasco between him, Boogie Smallz, Kevin Powers, and ...

DT: Don't say it! Dooooon't say it.

MN: Oh yeah [shakes head] that's right ... how quickly I forget.

DT: Well, I think Dan Ryan is giving his former rival a shot after Poe's long five year stint away from the wrestling world and just look at the man! He looks to be in great physical shape!

MN: And so does his manager? Me-WOW! Who is that again? Did Tony say Mia Lee Poe?

DM: He was running with 'The Dark Lotus' Miso in the past, but you don't think ...

DT: I don't know what to tell you, but the ref has called for the bell and we're getting ready for action in this opening bout on AGGRESSION 67 here in Denver! Both men start to circle one another in the ring and now Grambueller is talking right towards Poe and getting in his face!

MN: That's right Sergeant Hucker! Tell'em just how bad you really are!

DM: I know Grambueller is trying to make a name for hims [SLAP]! WHAT THE! Did he just do that?

DT: Sergeant Hucker just slapped Gabriel Poe in the face and the big man didn't budge!

DM: But it did make him angry! Poe is a true Hoss!


DM: Um ... nevermind, you know what I mean.

DT: AND POE TOSSES Grambueller into the corner and he's shooting him down with a series of punches!

DM: He's making Swiss cheese out of the kid and I can't say that I blame him!

DT: Poe brings him out and shoots him into the ropes ... SPINEBUSTER!! Oh, that's gotta hurt!

MN: Someone get the spatula cause we're scrapping this boy off the canvas tonight!

DT: Poe grabs Grambueller by the hair and looks out towards the crowd who is cheering on the one time leader of The UnHoly! Do you think he's going for it early?

DM: He's pointing at the corner and he's getting the approval. It's uncharacteristic of the big man to get any approval from the crowd, but things change over time.

MN: Especially his valets. Sup Mia ... how you doin'?

DM: Pretty sure she isn't blind!

DT: Poe scoops up Grambueller and makes his way towards the corner. He's making his way to the second turnbuckle and gets him set! He leaps! HE HIT IT! HE HIT THE SEVENTH SEAL!!

DM: If there was ever a more perfect second rope tombstone piledriver THAT would be it!




TF: Here is your winner ... 'The Apocalypse' GABRIEL POE!!!

DT: What a win for the returning superstar! And it looks like Poe is calling for a microphone!

MN: Hey, do you think he still leaves out in the desert at White Sands? That was a gimmick right?

DM: Mike, the 90's was a strange time and so were the promos in the past ...

As Mia Lee makes her way into the ring, Poe looks out into the crowd who is cheering him on after his Seventh Seal victory. Standing in the center of the ring, Poe slowly brings the microphone closer to his mouth just as the crowd dies down to hear what he has to say.

GP: The Dark Reign .... Has Returned ....

CUE: Wherever I May Roam - Poe's music starts back up as the he and Mia Lee exit the ring flooded by thunderous cheers from the crowd in attendance


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Time to Boogie

[A well-dressed short pudgy man makes his way to the ring. He has slicked back salt and pepper colored hair and is holding a clipboard with a few documents attached.]

SAUL WEINSTEIN: My name is Saul Weinstein. I handle athletes in many facets of the sports industry, ranging from football, baseball, basketball, and even professional wrestling. I am not a ringside manager. I handle business behind the scenes, primarily contract negotiations. I fight for my clients until they get a fair shake and a deal that is both beneficial to their careers and with plenty of perks and rewards.

My client is no stranger to EPW. When he first signed here several years ago, he was in a bad spot with his former employer. That company tried to tie him up for months while in the process of liquidating their assets and having their talent be absorbed by another federation, this company to be precise. His agent at the time, made some maneuvers to get him out of his deal, but apparently did not read the fine print when it came to signing with EPW.

Due to his poor representation, my client was egregiously taken advantage of by EPW ownership and signed to a deal that had a multitude of questionable contract clauses. During his tenure here in EPW, he was suspended and basically hung out to dry. Luckily, he made some sound investments that turned out in his favor. But now he has expressed the desire to return to action. The validity of his suspension is extremely debatable.

Someone within the organization wanted to keep him off TV, in an effort to keep him quiet. This particular person thought it would be best to keep him silent as to not expose this individual for the lowdown conniving human being he is! My purpose here is to get him out of this agreement so that he can reenter the industry that he loves and to also maximize his earning potential.

[Weinstein paces around the ring and looks out into the crowd. He is receiving several boos from the audience and attempts to gain the support of the fans with his next statement.]

Before coming to EPW, he was an active member of the CSWA. The man ran roughshod over the talent in Global Xtreme Wrestling and racked up nearly every singles title on his run there, including the Unified World championship. This is the same title he entered with in EPW at the urging of the ownership here. While they made attempts to claim they had no knowledge of these actions, he was strongly encouraged to do so. The man I am speaking of is none other than…


[There is a mixed reaction by the crowd to this announcement, but a reaction nonetheless.]

Mr. Smallz is currently competing in the ULTRATITLE tournament and will soon be in the Sweet Sixteen. Out of 128 competitors, after a seven year layoff, he is as dominant and calculating as ever! And how have the competitors in EPW done thus far in the tournament?

Karl Brown and Larry Tact didn’t have the goods to succeed and were bounced out of the competition rather early. Sean Stevens lost in the first round and by some questionable maneuvers behind the scenes, was granted readmission into the competition in a slot that he did not earn. I think those questionable maneuvers may have something to do with Poison Ivy using her ORAL SKILLS on the ULTRATITLE committee to get her husband back into the tournament. And some of your top stars, Impulse and The First, didn’t even have the balls to enter the tournament!

And then there is the beloved owner of EPW, one of the most decorated wrestlers in the entire industry. Arguably one of the greatest of all-time, a first ballot Hall of Famer, “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan. He was defeated by a man everyone thought he could have easily beaten and in the process ruined everyone’s online bracket picks and betting pools across the world in the process. No doubt he was one of the odds on favorite to win it all! What a disappointment.

[The fans boo at those remarks. Weinstein smirks at the reaction and continues to speak.]

So because of the pitiful display from the entire EPW roster, there is an opportunity here to latch on to Boogie Smallz to tow the company line before it’s too late. Because trust me when I say this…he is going to win the whole thing! We better work out the details now before I double the asking price after the Round Three show.

[“Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins hits the speakers and out steps the company owner. The crowd erupts as he walks to the ring to the cheers of the EPW faithful. Ryan walks up to Weinstein and towers over him, a move that would intimidate almost anyone. Weinstein stands his ground and has a smug look on his face. Ryan motions for a microphone and picks one up from a stagehand.]

DAN RYAN: Look here, buddy. I don’t know where you got the idea to hijack this show and air your grievances because Boogie Smallz thinks he got a bad deal in EPW. This could have easily been ironed out years ago without an incident like this. I usually don’t discuss contracts in public, but the truth of the matter is that Boogie is still bound by his original agreement.

I will take it up with the Board of Director to get the suspension lifted and let him fulfill the remainder of his contract. Once he has met his end of the deal that he signed, then maybe we can negotiate something else. And if I recall, he has three shows left on his current deal.

WEINSTEIN: How convenient for you to hold him to his contract, after you hustled and conned my client into signing the deal in the first place! Don’t play dumb, Mr. Ryan. I think you know EXACTLY what I am referring to. I alluded to it earlier and will not use this forum to open that can of worms. Perhaps I will urge him to take his business elsewhere and wrestle for another company. One that won’t take advantage of him like EPW has done.

DAN RYAN: Do you want your client to work or not? The truth is, your ‘client’ was usually so high he could’ve been signing a receipt from Wendy’s. He signed an exclusive deal with EPW. The only other place that his deal allows him to work in is the CSWA. And we all know how often they have shows. That’s the only loophole his contract contains. If he doesn’t return to EPW, then he can’t wrestle anywhere. The only reason that I don’t file a lawsuit on him for competing in the ULTRATITLE tournament is for old time’s sake, and because I’m feeling charitable.

WEINSTEIN: Alright, Dan. Go to the executive committee or whoever makes these decisions and get the ban lifted for Boogie to come back on television. You think you can do that?

DAN RYAN: I don’t need any committee around here…I’M THE BOSS! You want the suspension terminated…it’s done. Boogie is free to return to EPW and if I feel generous, I might even give him a match, but not at Black Dawn. Those matches are for the talent that have been here, that earned their spot on the pay-per-view. So Smallz is in Round Three of ULTRATITLE…whoopdee f*ckin’ doo. So are Anarky and Cameron Cruise. If Boogie has anything he wants to say about it, he knows where to find me!

WEINSTEIN: He just very well may have plenty to say about that! Good evening, Mr. Ryan. I hope you have a pleasant night.

[Weinstein gives a small grin and steps out of the ring. He makes his way up the ramp and Ryan looks on with the look of uncertainty.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Classy Mike C vs. Aaron Jones

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL! Introducing first...

[CUE UP: “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant]

TF: Weighing 160 pounds… from Indianapolis, Indiana… AARON… JONES!!

DM: He looks like a deer in the headlights!

DT: Aaron Jones making his way to the ring for only his second match since he decided to become a full time wrestler, and he’s not looking confident like you said, Dean.

DM: He did hit an impressive drop kick to Kendall Codine last time out but he’s got to work on his game.

MN: And gain some muscle!

DT: Don’t you remember, oh, I don’t know, Lindsay Troy or Foxx? Neither of them were massive but they still got the job done!

MN: They were women, they don’t count.

DM: I’ll be sure to tell Lindsay that next time I speak with her.

DT: Aaron could have a glowing career, but honestly, at the moment he’s looking what he is.

MN: Scared.

[CUE UP: “Our Bovine Public” by The Cribs, kicking in hard. Mike C steps from behind the curtain and pauses, taking in the audience for a couple of seconds before heading straight to the ring, ignoring the fans as they try to reach out to him]

TF: From Manchester, England… weighing 263 pounds… CLASSY… MIKE… C!!!

DM: Let’s see if he’s gotten any better since he was last here.

MN: Huh?

DT: Classy Mike C making his return to Empire Pro Wrestling

MN: Huh?

DT: Mike, stop interrupting. Mike C used to team with Adam Benjamin.

MN: That’s sooo what… 6 years ago?

DM: Just look at the difference between Mike C and Aaron Jones. The referee doesn’t even look like he wants to start this match, there’s a hundred pounds and more than 6 inches between them.

DT: We’ve seen bigger upsets.

DM: True, but those upsets looked confident. Jones trying to keep it together, there’s the bell.

DT: Jones ducks under the attempt at a tie up, Mike C just standing in the middle of the ring.

MN: Very Classy, taunting the kid!

DT: Jones tries for a boot to the midsection, Mike C catches it and just LEVELS him with a clothesline!

DM: Jones’ head snaps back off the canvas, Mike C peels him off the mat – big scoop slam!

DT: Into the cover, Jones gets the shoulder up at two but he’s holding his back.

MN: And Mike C isn’t letting him take a break! You sure we’ve had this guy here before?

DT: Yes, Mike.

DM: Big hip toss there, Jones almost in the corner!

DT: This has got to be academic!

DM: Punch to the ribs by Mike C, hard Irish whip and follows it up with a clothesline in the corner.

DT: He slaps Aaron, brings him out of the corner. Overhead press!

MN: I don’t know if this is a show of strength or just shows how small Jones is.

DM: Mike C pressing Jones above his head – THUMB TO THE EYE!

DT: Aaron Jones with a thumb to the eye, starts kicking at the back of Mike C’s knee!

MN: Woah!

DT: Jones back off the ropes, takes Mike C down with a chop block!

DM: Jones is looking more confident, or is it unable to believe his luck?

DT: He runs the far ropes, comes back looking

MN: Shut down!

DM: I think he was looking for a kick to the head but Mike C sprung up and just PLANTED him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

MN: I felt that one from here!

DM: That’s the difference in experience. Mike’s got years behind him, he was able to tell what young Aaron was going to do and just put a stop to it.

DT: He’s a past master of this business, with that tough, hard-hitting style, stomping away on Jones. Peels him off the mat, inverted atomic drop, and just HURLS him to the outside!

DM: Through the ropes, to the outside. Aaron’s going to have to catch a lucky break or this is going to be over in seconds.

MN: If he’s smart he’ll stay outside.

DT: The referee starting his count, Mike C gloating in the ring, Jones trying to claw himself to his feet using the ring apron, Mike, the veteran grabbing him by the hair through the ropes, has him on the apron.

DM: Could be looking for a suplex back into the ring.



DT: Mike C doubles over, Aaron Jones can’t believe it! Steadies himself, C turns around, CROSS BODY!! SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!!



No!!! No, so close! Aaron Jones with an impressive move!

DM: It’s a simple move, but he’s got to keep on it.

DT: Jones hammering away with right hands, right hands, Mike C trying to cover up, the ref pulls Jones away.

DM: A boot to the face, very simple but effective. He’s getting some belief! Backs Classy Mike C to the ropes, Irish Whip, and he telegraphed that one! Boot to the face, BIG DDT!!

DT: Aaron Jones tried to keep the advantage but a bit of inexperience there. The Classy One hooks the head, neckbreaker!



Jones gets the shoulder up!

MN: Forearm to the head!

DT: Mike C nailing Aaron Jones, the referee’s getting involved, getting Mike to back off.

DM: He’s checking on Jones.

DT: Mike C grabs Jones by the ankle, drags him to the middle of the ring, DEREHAM CLASSYLEAF!! DEREHAM CLASSYLEAF!!

DM: Jones taps immediately!

DT: There’s the bell, Aaron Jones gave up almost immediately

TF: The winner of this match, by submission… CLASSY… MIKE… C!!!

DM: Aaron Jones kicked out a couple of times. He lasted longer than I thought he would.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Headaches and the People Who Cause Them

[Dan Ryan is sitting at his desk, when Jason Reeves suddenly slams his door open.]

Stalker: DAN!!!

[Ryan, unfazed, doesn't even look up from his desk.]

Stalker: You care to explain to me how you promise Jared Wells of all people an IC title shot on the SAME damn night i'm guaranteed one?

Ryan: The Dangle Brothers beat you in the ring at last Aggression, that's the only explanation I need to give you.

Stalker: Impulse signed the contract to be my partner at Aggression and in return he gets me in the ring at Black Dawn. So I don't care what promises you made to Jared Wells. I want my title shot even if Knox has to pull double duty.

Ryan: I don't take orders from you.

Stalker: Take it from Knox. He agreed to it, make it happen.

[Jason Reeves looks to exit the room, but before he does he pauses.]

Stalker: Oh and thanks for convincing that b*tch Caitlyn to stay away from the arena, she was getting on my freaking nerves.

[With that he exits, leaving Dan Ryan shaking his head and reaching for the aspirin.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Crosshairs And Teddy's Bargain

DT: Folks, it has already been an incredible night here on Aggression, but there is still more to- Wait a minute!

DM: Is that who I think it is?

MN: It’s Mike Tyson!

DM: Not that guy! The next row up!

DT: It is, Dean! That’s Steven Shane!

DM: What’s he doing here? And why is he in the stands?

DT: Well, we haven’t seen him for several weeks since he was injured in that backstage attack!

DM: And we’ve seen the cinematics. It seems as though he has some sort of agenda.

DT: But what is he going to do from the cheap seats?

MN: He’s going to get a nose bleed if he’s not careful.

[Shane slowly stands up and begins to make his way down the steps.]

DT: Watch out! He’s on the move!

MN: Is he coming down here?

DM: We can only hope! We need some answers! Is he coming back? If so, is he ready?

[Shane makes the final step and then turns around with his back to the camera. We can then see that he has a Black Dawn logo covered with a crosshair stitched on the back of his jacket. Shane continues to walk silently as he exits through a door. The camera then pans up to a still shot of the illuminated exit sign.]

DT: What does that mean?

DM: I think we’re going to get our answers, but we’ll have to wait!

[FADEIN: A hallway in the back of the arena, Teddy Alexander is walking towards the camera ready for his match with Eddie Burns, after a few moments The First comes into the picture. First is in a black three piece suit with the EPW World Title over his shoulder.]

FIRST: Good work out there lately Teddy...I thought you should have gotten better than you did against Tact on the last show...You show promise my friend...I want to be blunt with you...People around here, they kind of do what I tell them to do...Even without me asking, Stalker's my best friend, mostly cause he's to scared to fight me, Anarky and Rezin attack my opponents for me out of subservience...But they...They could have their own agendas...You Teddy...You could be my most trusted ally here in EPW, because I think you know I'm your path to getting what you want here...A name, respect, attention...And all you have to do is take out a few people every now and then when I need them taken out...

[Standing before the World Champion, TEDDY's eyes drift from THE FIRST's gaze to the belt draped over his shoulder. Then back again. He turns and looks over his shoudler, just making sure there wasn't some ulterior motive for this conversation but sees the hall empty.]

ALEXANDER: I could be your most trusted ally? Truth be told, I'm loyal to a fault - which is probably TEE-EM-EYE for a guy like you, First.

[Still eyeballing the belt, TEDDY puts his hands on his hips to gather his thoughts.]

ALEXANDER: Take out a few guys now and then, huh? Let me weigh up da pro's and con's here, First.

You're the World Champion.

Everybody gotta answer to yer beckon call.

You're the slickest, slimiest, sonofa***** and can make what you wanna happen HAPPEN.

[Looks First in the eye.]

ALEXANDER: Cons... hrmmm. Lemme see here.

[Looks THE FIRST up and down, eyes stalling on the Championship belt for just a second too long before staring THE FIRST in the eye again.]

ALEXANDER: "I got nothin'. You think of anythin'?"

FIRST: I don't think so...Keep in touch Teddy...We can do business...

[First smiles at Teddy and walks off camera.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Teddy Alexander vs. Eddie "The Fire" Burns

TF: The following match is scheduled for one fall!!!!

[CUE UP: “CMND/CTROL” by the Deftones]

TF: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…. Weighing in at TWO-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-SIX POUNDS….. TEDDDDDDYYYYYY ALEXXANNNNNNNNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Teddy Alexander steps out onto the stage with a t-shirt that reads “Work ‘til it BURNS” on it, and a mostly transparent image of Eddie Burns’ face. The sleeves are cut haphazardly and he has a neck brace around his neck. He puts one hand on the top of his head and one on his chin, then jolts it to the opposite direction of the hands on top of his head. He trades positions with the hands and jolts it the other way. He begins to make his way down the ramp slowly, smiling sadistically at the fans as he does. About half-way down he points to his own neck with both hands before bringing them together and mimicking snapping something between his hands. When he gets to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, climbing the ringpost and grabbing the brace from his neck raising it high into the air above his head then with his other hand running a cutthroat gesture across his throat.]

DT: Teddy Alexander on his way to the ring. Despite a rocky start in the win-loss column when he first arrived, he’s made one heckuva impact, and now the wins are starting to come as well.

MN: The kid’s a monster, is what he is.

DT: Tonight he’ll be taking on Eddie Burns, who has been a little lost since his split from First.

MN: He was dead weight. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

TF: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts…. Weighing in at TWO HUNDRED TWENTY THREE POUNDS…… EDDIE…..THE FIRE…..BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNSSSSS!!!!

DT: Burns getting a nice response from this crowd, Neels.

[SFX: bell rings]

MN: I don’t know why.

DT: Well, I suppose these fans just feel like after the bad break he got after dropping the World Tag Team Titles, he deserves a little….

[Huge “OHHHHH” from the crowd as Burns turns around from handing his gear to the attendant at ringside and runs into a HUGE bicycle kick from Teddy Alexander.]


MN: That will effectively ruin your day.

DT: That bicycle kick nearly took Burns’ head off, and he’s out cold in the middle of the ring. Teddy Alexander is standing over Eddie Burns and the fans are really letting him have it!

MN: I highly doubt he cares.

DM: I’m quite sure he doesn’t.

DT: Alexander now roughly pulling Eddie Burns up …. RAGEKILL DRIVER!!!!

MN: Wow…

DM: I think this match is over.

DT: Teddy Alexander going for the co… wait, no, he’s pulling him back up, but Eddie Burns is dead weight….

MN: Fitting.

DT: Alexander sets him up again…. He’s stepping back onto the second turnbuckle and ANOTHER RAGEKILL DRIVER FROM THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE!!! THIS TIME HE COVERS!! ONE…. TWO…. THREE…. And this one is over!!!

DM: Well I hope he’s proud of himself, attacking a guy when he wasn’t even ready. He Floyd Mayweather’d him.

MN: Hey, he’s a pro. He should know better.

DT: Teddy Alexander now retrieving that neck brace and putting it firmly around Eddie Burns’ neck. And the t-shirt…. He just took it off and tossed it down in Burns’ face.

MN: Who knew Eddie Burns even HAD merchandise?

DM: If you ask me, this was a message, nothing more, nothing less. After that talk with our World Champion early, that’s all this can be.

DT: Unfortunately for Eddie Burns, I think you’re right. Now, we have medical personnel out here….. and Teddy Alexander is on his way back up the ramp…. Folks, we’re gonna get everything sorted out here at ringside…. And we’ll be right back in a few….


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Running Mylde

[FADEIN: Back from the break, we find JIMMY MYLDE standing at center-ring in his usual polo, khaki shorts, moccasins, slicked back hair and Aviator sunglasses. Standing next to each arm are two beautiful ITALIAN MODELS]

MYLDE: “I’m gonna need each and every one of you to put DOWN your popcorn, put AWAY your cell-phones, and get a good look front and center at the man with the microphone…”

DM: “Isn’t he supposed to have a tag team with him?”

MN: “Maybe The Dreamstealers are ladies?”

MYLDE: “The Mylde Man’s gotta be in court early tomorrow to answer for his DWIs. That’s right, I was DRIVING WHILE INSANELYSUCCESSFUL, a crime in 32 states and a misdemeanor in 18…so let’s do this quick for the sake of my early bedtime. NOW…”

DT: “This guy is repulsive in every way.”

MYLDE: “I did PROMISE YOU that The Dreamstealers would be here, in the flesh, to light the match that’s gonna set the Empire on FIRE. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances that involve rock and roll business stuff you wouldn’t understand, i.e. THEY ADDED A FEW DATES TO PLAY AT A FESTIVAL IN ICELAND, they won’t be here tonight. So if you want to see the greatest tag team SLASH rockband in the world, you’ll have to call Ticketmaster. HOWEVER…I come bearing gifts…”

[One of the girls twirls around to show off the goods]

MYLDE: “Yeah, that’s right baby, CHE BELLA baby, CHE BELLA! [Looks at crowd] They’re Italian, they don’t speak a word of English. And that’s just how my boys like it! In fact, these two models are straight from THE BOOT, and while many of you would pay good money just to smell their soiled panties…”


MYLDE: “…The Dreamstealers refer to them as THE NORMIES. Y’know, the girls they do the horizontal with when there’s no one else around. I’m sure all you married jerks are dreading the night your wife is gonna make you spend with her after she got done reading 50 Shades of Grey, but ONE lucky fan will go home tonight with not one, but BOTH of these fine Italian foxes. Hell, I might even bat cleanup for ya, since God knows my third wife hasn’t had a Mylde Fire fuel injection since she gained three pounds 20 years ago.”

DM: “Dave, have you got any clue what this has to do with professional wrestling?”

DT: “Still searching.”

MYLDE: “And the REASON I’m doing this, is because The Dreamstealers decided they want to change the life of one ROCKIN’ fan. Specifically, a fan who has been DUPED into wasting their time and money cheering on the ANIMEIZING DRAGONS!”

[Big pop from the crowd!]

MYLDE: “NO…NO! YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG! The Dragons deserve your boos, not your cheers! They led you down the wrong path, made you forget what COOL was all about! Take for example this young man in the front row…”

[Point a guy in his early 20’s wearing a custom-knitted Dragon wool hat, with a t-shirt featuring the Animeizing Dragons. Like all nerds, he is overweight and pimple faced]

MYLDE: “Come on into the ring, son. Yeah YOU! Jump the rails and meet me front and center.”

DT: “This is wrong! This young man doesn’t need to be made sport of Jimmy Mylde. In all honesty, he might even be mentally handicapped!”

MN: “I wouldn’t go that far, Baconator. Liking anime, pro-wrestling, and pro-wrestling anime dragons makes a man many things, but mentally special isn’t one of them.”

[Young fan is in the ring now with Mylde and the models]

MYLDE: “Son, I want you to listen to your Uncle Jimmy. You’ve been DUPED into following these silly damn dragons, and it has cost you something more dear than the soul, MORE PRECIOUS than dignity, and far more substantial than self-respect. It’s cost you YOUR VIRGINITY! I mean…it’s saved your virginity. Look you KNOW what I mean! You’re a damn virgin, and tonight, on behalf of The Dreamstealers, the ROCKIN’EST TAG TEAM THAT EVER ROCKED, these two ladies are going to deflower you!”

[Dragons superfan gets all excited and stuff]

MYLDE: “Hold on a second! There’s something you’ve gotta do for me, first. I want you to take that stupid hat off your head, that Dragon hat, and throw it down to the ring!”

DT: “This is ridiculous! Don’t do it, young man!”

[Superfan looks around ashamedly, and then RIPS his hat off, throwing it down!]

MYLDE: “That’s right! Now pee on it!” [Looks over at some producer off-camera] “No good? Alright don’t pee on it, BUT STEP ON IT! THERE YA GO! WIPE YOUR FEET ON THEIR CRAPPY MERCHANDISE!”

[Superfan does as he’s told and leaves the ring with the women in hand, getting boo’d for his weakness by the crowd]

MYLDE: “Don’t boo the kid, he knew when to get with a winner! And if the rest of you are smart, you’ll get on The Dreamstealers’ rockin’ tour bus before it runs right over the ANIMORONS! Mylde…OUT!”

[Tosses down the microphone and leaves the ring to massive boos]

DT: “Well, no Dreamstealers this week, but Jimmy Mylde has been unrelenting in his taunts of the tag team champions. We have more to come, stay tuned!”


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Point of View

[FADEIN: Jason Murray, Eddie Beachy and Bronte Lakes making their way towards the ring. The men in white wife-beats and black tights, Bronte in a light blue cami and a black short skirt.]

TF: The following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall, making their way to the ring accompanied by Bronte Lakes, they weigh in at a total combined weight of 434 pounds…Jason Murray and Eddie Beachy…POINT OF VIEW!!

[The crowd gives a solid pop as the two men hit the ring, Lakes staying on the floor waiting for the action to start.]

DT: Point of view making their debut here in EPW, we’ve seen the disputed win Jason Murray got over Sean Stevens and well, if he can bring that kind of fire to the tag ranks of EPW, he and Beachy will clearly be a force to be reckoned with.

DM: Well much as Murray had a tough debut match with Stevens, he and his partner have drawn the stiffest challenge possible in the tag division as they are debuting against the champs.

MN: Yeah, but that just means a win here jumps them to a title shot right away, go big or go home I say!

[MUSIC UP: ”Ikari No Jyushin” The crowd pops loud as Karl Brown and Otaku make their through the curtain, both men clad in green and gold, the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists. The two men high fives with the fans as they walk to the ring.]

TF: And their opponents, weighing in at a total combined weight of 442 pounds…The EPW World Tag Team Champions! Karl Brown…Otaku…THE ANIMEZING DRAGONS!

[The dragons hit the ring, and walk to opposite corners, they climb to the second rope and hold aloft their tag titles as flashes pop around the arena, then the two men head to their corner, handing their belts to the time keeper.]

DT: The Dragons look ready for a fight, Karl Brown and Otaku have been the standard for tag wrestling in this company for quite some time now and Point of View are in for one hell of a challenge here tonight.

DM: Everyone that’s been in the ring with the Dragons has been beaten by them, they aren’t two time EPW World Tag Team Champions for nothing, this is the measuring stick in EPW and tonight we see what these new comers have to offer.

MN: I want to see a good fight, and I’m pretty sure these four guys are going to bring it, the Dragons are smarting from the defeat in the six man and these new kids want to show what they got, this should be a battle.

[Bell rings.]

DT: Otaku starting off for the Dragons against Murray from PoV. The two men lock up…Otaku with a side headlock…Murray backs him into the ropes and sends Otaku to the other side…Otaku runs him over with a shoulder block…Murray scrambles back to his feet and catches a DROPKICK that sends him to the floor!

DM: Otaku with a fast start for the dragons as they look to gain control in the early going of this match.

MN: Otaku isn’t a big guy so it must be nice for him to be able to lower the shoulder and knock down an opponent for once.

DT: Murray gets back into the ring and the two men lock up again…Murray backs Otaku into a corner…BIG CHOP [Whoo!] And another! [Whoo!] Murray whips Otaku into the corner…Otaku staggers out…BACKDROP!! OTAKU LANDED ON HIS FEET! Murray turns around…INTO AN ARMDRAG!

DM: Otaku showing the newcomer that he’s not one to be taken lightly and that the Dragons are no slouches in the ring.

DT: Otaku tags in Karl Brown and Brown grabs Murray and sends him to the ropes…BIG CLOTHESLINE! Murray nearly taken out of his shoes on that shot, the Dragon drops for a cover!




DT: Brown pops up to his feet and grabs the arm of Murray to pull him into the Dragons corner, a tag back to Otaku, and the two men whip Murray into the ropes…FLAPJACK!! Brown bails out of the ring as Otaku covers!




DT: Beachy breaks up the pin and that was very close to the end of the match right there, as Murray got planed on that move. Otaku shaking off the effect of that elbow to the back of the head and he tags Brown back in, Brown with a SLAM and he DRIVES an elbow into the chest of Murray and secures a chin lock on the newcomer.

DM: Point of View have yet to make a tag this whole match, while the Dragons are tagging in and out, showing team work and unity, you can see the different in experience between the two teams.

MN: I think it’s just talent, Brown and Otaku are good, and these two backyard wrestlers aren’t good, and I’ll never to my dying day accept Murray’s win over Stevens, NEVER HAPPENED!

DT: Murray slowly getting to his feet as he’s being really kept down on the mat by Brown who’s making Murray carry all of his weight as he gets to his feet…Murray grabs a waistlock…BACK SUPLEX! Murray drops Brown and both men are down…Brown crawling for a tag, Murray grabs his leg and pulls him away from Otaku, Murray now stomping away on Brown…He grabs him and sends Brown to the ropes…BIG DROPKICK BY MURRAY! Murray with a cover!




DT: Murray tags in Beachy, both men stomp away on Brown before Murray’s ushered out of the ring. Beachy grabs Brown and sends him to the ropes…HURRICANRANA BY BEACHY! Brown spills to the floor, and stumbles to his feet…BEACHY WITH A PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR!!

DM: Point of View having absolutely no concern for their own health and putting it all on the line here against the Dragons!

MN: I’m in favor of folks trying to maim themselves for my entertainment, do that three or four more times while you’re going for it Beachy!

DT: Both men slow to get up…Beachy throws Brown back into the ring and follows in after him, Beachy with the tag to Murray who hits the ring and drops a series of knees to the head of Brown. Karl Brown trapped on the wrong side of the ring and Murray now locks in an STF on one half of the tag champions.

DM: This would be a huge win for Point of View if Murray could tap out Karl Brown here.

MN: Get out of it Karl! This kid has a big enough ego with his tainted win over Stevens this might put him over the top!

DT: Brown fighting and crawling to the ropes as Murray is wrenching away on that STF…Brown pulling himself…HE MAKES THE ROPES! [Pop!] The question is how much does Brown have left?! Murray backs him into a corner…Series of right hands on Brown and now he whips him into the opposite corner…MURRAY WITH A LEAPING SPLASH!! BROWN MOVED!! Both men down and it’s a race to make a tag!

DM: Brown’s been hit by a bunch of high impact moves and trapped in that STF, if Point of View can prevent this tag they have an excellent shot of winning this match!

MN: Make the tag Karl, and make sure Murray is stuck in the ring, I want him to pay!

DT: Murray crawling…Tags in Beachy…OTAKU GETS THE TAG!! OTAKU ALL OVER BEACHY WITH KICKS AND CHOPS! Beachy catches a kick…ENZIGURI! Otaku whips Beachy into the ropes…FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Murray staggers over to Otaku…BACKDROP BY OTAKU! Murray stumbles to his feet…CLOTHESLINED OVER THE TOP ROPE!! BEACHY FROM BEHIND!! ROLL UP ON OTAKU!!




DT: Otaku kicks out! Both men up, Beachy with a series of right hands staggers Otaku…Otaku whipped to the ropes…BLIND TAG BY BROWN! Beachy sets for a backdrop…Otaku holds onto the ropes…BROWN HOOKS BEACHY AND HITS AN EXPLODER SUPLEX!! TAG TO OTAKU!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! THE COVER!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: ”Ikari No Jyushin” as the crowd pops.]

TF: The winners of this bout, the EPW World Tag Team Champions…Karl Brown and Otaku…THE ANIMEZING DRAGONS!!!

[Brown and Otaku stand in the ring with their belts in hand.]

DT: A big win for the tag champs showing why they are the class of tag wrestling in EPW.

MN: Only till the Dreamstealers show up!

DT: Will they ever show up? I’m not liking their odds.

MN: Jimmy Mylde doesn’t lie! His boys will be here soon!

DT: Well while we’re all on pins and needles waiting for that to happen, we’ll be right back with more action after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Adrian Willard vs. Kendall Codine

[FADEIN: A scanning shot of the crowd, after a few moments MUSIC UP: “Overlord” by Black Label Society and Adrian Willard makes his way through the curtain, Willard wearing long white tights with “Prophecy” in black on the seat surrounded by tribal style graphics, Willard gets a solid pop and some “Welcome Back!” chants as he walks towards the ring.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 285 pounds…The Prophecy…ADRIAN…WILLARD!!

[Willard hits the ring with a determined look on his face, he bounces off the ropes as he stretches out, his music fades out and after a beat MUSIC UP: “Fear” by Disturbed as Kendall Codine makes his way to the ring.]

TF: And his opponent from Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 240 pounds…KENDALL!! CODINE!!

[Codine draws a mixed reaction from the crowd as he hits the ring, he criss crosses the ropes as he gets ready for the match as the ref keeps Willard at bay, after a few moments his music fades out and the two men back up to their corners, the bell rings and the match is on.]

DT: Codine off a win at the last Aggression now trying to make it two in a row against the returning Adrian Willard. Codine slips out of a lock up attempt and stings Willard with a series of jabs. Codine whips the former TV champion into the ropes…A clothesline by Codine misses and Willard comes back and now Codine ducks a clothesline from Willard…Willard off the ropes again…BACKDROP BY CODINE!

DM: Codine out quacking and out thinking Willard so far in this match.

MN: He better hope it keeps up, if Willard gets his hands on him it’s pain time!

DT: Condine gets an armbar on Willard and now trying to keep the big man down on the mat…Willard powers to his feet and now grabbing Codine’s arm…He reverses the arm wringer…Codine quickly gets into the ropes to cause a break and the ref separates the two men.

DM: Codine’s fought a smart fight so far, just like we saw last time when he beat Darkness and Aaron Jones.

MN: You mean a coward who backed out of the match and a kid unfit to be a wrestler? Yeah Codine’s just mowed down the elite of the industry, let’s put him in the EPW Hall of Fame!

DT: Codine backs away from Willard, the big man charges at him…DROP TOE HOLD BY CODINE! Willard scrambles to his feet and gets NAILED BY A DROPKICK! ANOTHER ONE JUST AS HE GETS UP! CODINE WITH A COVER!




DT: Willard kicks out at two and Codine keeps on him with kicks to the midsection and a series of jabs to the staggering Willard…Willard grabed and whipped HARD into the corner…WILLARD EXPLODES OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! He nearly BEHEADED CODINE!

DM: That was a game changing move by Willard, devastating impact on Codine there!

MN: Now Codine’s going to get a lesson in what it means to be in EPW and be fighting the best this sport has to offer, teach him a lesson Willard!

DT: Willard stomping Codine and now and throws him into a corner…Willard now with a brutal series of shoulders to the ribs, just knocking the stuffing out of Codine, the ref calling for a break and Willard backs off as Codine slumps in the corner…Willard goes back in, grabs Codine and HIPTOSSES HIM ALMOST ACROSS THE RING!! Codine crashing to the mat from that throw!

DM: The power of Adrian Willard has never been questioned, one of the most dangerous men to be in the ring against, when he gets control he can be unstoppable.

MN: Codine’s about to find out that there is a huge difference between fighting an over glorified manager and fighting a man who’s held gold in EPW before.

DT: Willard pulls Codine out of the corner and scoops him up...POWERSLAM BY WILLARD!! HE COVERS!!




DT: Codine escapes and the match continues. Willard hammering away on Codine with forearms to the back…Willard lifts him to his feet and sends him to the ropes…HIGH ELEVATION SPINEBUSTER!! Codine DRIVEN into the mat, Willard with a cover!




DT: Willard shoots the ref a look as Codine keeps the match going, Willard pulls Codine back up…He lifts him…He’s going for HIGHER VISION! Codine with back elbows…Codine fighting…Slips behind Willard INVERTED DDT!! Codine back to his feet…OFF THE ROPES DROPS A SPLASH!! HE COVERS!!




DM: One quick counter and Codine has turned this match back in his favor.

MN: Well he needed that in a bad way, Willard was beating the hell out of him, nobody could stand that kind of beating for long.

DT: Willard staggers to his feet…GETS KNOCKED DOWN BY A CLOTHESLINE…Back up…ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Willard rolls to the floor to try to get some distance from Codine but Codine’s right out after him hammering Willard with right hand after right hand....Codine grabs Willard and DRIVES HIM face first into the ring steps! Willard thrown back into the ring and Codine now going up…He’s up top…Willard back to his feet…MISSILE DROPKICK BY CIDONE!! HE COVERS!!




DT: Codine can’t believe that wasn’t enough to put Willard away.

MN: Believe it kid, beating up 170 pound managers isn’t what EPW’s all about, trying to put down this giant hulk of a man is, get used to it!

DT: Codine ripping off a series of stinging jabs to the jaw of Willard who’s in a daze…Codine measures him…THE GUILLOTINE BLADE!! NO! WILLARD PUSHES HIM OFF! Willard with a big boot…Codine side steps! Codine with a kick to the gut doubles over Willard…He hooks him for The Face of Fear Pedigree…WILLARD WITH A BACKDROP! Codine slowly gets to his feet…Willard grabs him by the neck…CHOKESLAM!

DM: A big time move by Willard to shift the tide of the match.

MN: He flattened him! Finish the new kid off Willard!

DT: Willard grabs Codine and he has him up…HIGHER VISION!! HE HIT IT!! WILLARD WITH THE COVER!!




[Bell rings, crowd pops!]

TF: Here is your winner…ADRIAN…WILLARD!!!

[Willard gets his feet as the ref raises his arm, he gives a loud scream as he stalks about the ring.]

DT: Willard with a big win here tonight trying to get back into the form that brought him the EPW World Television title, Codine came up a bit short tonight but I don’t think that’s going to stop him from continuing to fight to make a name for himself in EPW.

DM: Codine has too much talent to let one setback derail him, but tonight is Willard’s night.

MN: Yes, one for the vets here in EPW, good on you Willard!

DT: We’ll be right back with more action after this.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Rezin

[FADE IN: Returning from commercial, the camera finds the ring ready for the next competition, and ring announcer Tony Fatora stands ready in the center.]

[CUE UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard.]

[The arena lights go to black as Rezin’s video package plays over the EmpireTron. The fans in the arena immediately begin to JEER, anticipating the entrance of the Escape Artist. After the brief intro, two modest pillars of fire rise on the stage, flanking the part in the curtain. Emerging from the smoke and fire like death rising out of the ashes of apocalypse, REZIN walks out onto the stage, bearing an evil smirk as he gazes across the booing audience through his visor-like shades.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for a single fall! Introducing the first contestant... crawling out from the BOTTOM of the BARREL... he weighs in at two-hundred and twenty eight pounds... he is THE ESCAPE ARTIST... RRREEEEEZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNN!!!

[Rezin mockingly holds his arms up as his name is announced, ambling down the rampway and taking his time approaching the ring. Fans curse his name as he passes by, but he only reacts with amusement and a shameful shake of his head.]

DT: Well, ladies and gentlemen... Aggression Sixty-Seven is almost in the books, but up next, we have quite an interesting match-up! As you can see, the notoriously nihilistic REZIN, the self-styled “Sultan of Sludge” here in Empire Pro, is on his way to the ring!

DM: It just DISGUSTED me to see how he handled Kenny Lombardo a few weeks ago! Thankfully, that coward won’t have Anarky watching his back here tonight! This time, he’s all on his own!

MN: I don’t think he minds that, Dean! People can hate the man and scoff at his attentions, but there’s something I truly admire in his audacity!

DT: I don’t know if I’d call it audacity, or just a child-like attempt to spoil the the lives of others, because he’s bitter of the things he can’t have and has never had!

DM: Erik Black used to be a young man brimming with potential, but that potential has been squandered over the years through what can only be called ritualistic abuse of drugs. It’s a sad story... but nevertheless, I’ll give him the credit for continuing to walk out here night after night and put his body on the line in that ring. He may be a goat bastard, but he most certainly is NOT a quitter!

[Rezin sidles up on the apron, grinning impishly as he keeps looking over the fans and leaning lazily against the ropes. He holds the position for only a few moments before lying down and rolling under the ropes to enter the ring.]

[CUE UP: “KING” by Iron Solomon.]

[Jeers are immediately replaced with DEAFENING CHEERS!! A brilliant display of lights and sparkling pyros illuminate the stage as Sean Stevens’ updated video package hits the EmpireTron, complete with a lightning-fast montage of the Blue-Eyed Badass nailing just about any wrestler you can think of with the X-Factor. Following the song’s flourishing intro, “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS strides out onto the stage, his very entrance nearly blowing off arena’s roof. The one and undisputed KING of all of professional wrestling came adorned in his custom, tailor-made tights bearing his Triple X logo in the shape of a stately crown across the thighs, and a cut-off tank-top that bore only four simple words that told the entire story: “THE KING IS BACK!”]

TF: AND HIS OPPONENT... fighting out of ORLANDO, FLORIDA, and weighing in at TWO-HUNDRED and FORTY SEVEN POUNDS...

He is the TWO-TIME former World Heavyweight Champion of Empire Pro... the EPW Hall of Famer... the undisputed KING of professional wrestling...





MN: JESUS, Tony, don’t give yourself a cornary!


[Pyrotechnics fill the AIR above the stage with a brilliant display of light and fire, wowing the capacity crowd! Stevens glimmers in the light of the fireworks like a golden god beneath the silver showers of heaven. The smile on his face as he looks to his opponent standing in the ring is one of absolute CERTAINTY that somebody’s going to get their ass kicked.]

DT: The KING HAS ARRIVED, and WHAT AN OVATION for the first man in Empire Pro to declare himself a TWO-time World Heavyweight Champion! You could definitely say this a ROYAL welcome made by the people of Denver, Colorado!

DM: Sean looks PUMPED and ready for action! Forget what the doubters and analysts are saying amongst themselves... there IS no drop-off for “Triple X” Sean Stevens!

MN: I’d naturally expect you to say something like that, Dean-O... because let’s face it, you DON’T know Trip like MIKE NEELY knows Trip! Years ago, you guys wouldn’t give the man a break, but now you’re practically riding his jock!

DT: Stevens was a different kind of person back then... but the “Triple X” of today no longer needs arrogance or egomania to push his claim! There’s NOTHING LEFT for Sean Stevens to prove! He’s already proven it... TWICE!

DM: And maybe THREE TIMES! Who knows what the future holds now that Empire Pro has witnessed the RETURN of its King!

MN: I will always in my heart consider “Triple X” Sean Stevens to possibly be the greatest professional wrestler of all time... with Cam coming in at a VERY close second, of course... but as the ONLY person sitting at this table who knows the mystery that is the Blue-Eyed Badass inside and out, I can tell you right now... the man is getting SOFT! Or maybe OLD is the word I’m looking for!

DT: You better not let HIM hear you say that!

MN: Hey, I give Sean all the credit in the world... but NOBODY can outlast time! There’s no more “Triple X” in Sean Stevens... there’s no more BADASS to compliment those blue eyes! Right now, he’s the upstanding FAMILY MAN who does what the crowds want and tucks his kids in at night! What happened that cocky upstart that brazenly waltzed into this company years back and mercilessly brought everybody in that locker room to their knees?!

DT: Parenthood will change any person’s outlook on life... something you obviously don’t know about.

MN: Oh, and like YOU do?

DT: I DO, in fact! Did you forget that I’m the father of three daughters?

MN: Holy crap, you have KIDS, Dave?! Why was I never told of this!

DT: I invited you to Stephanie’s graduation party LAST YEAR!

MN: Really?! I don’t remember going to that...

DM: You were pretty plastered when you showed up, Neels...

[Stevens boldly ascends the steps, and Rezin quickly departs from the ring. The King steps into his four-cornered throne room, ascending the turnbuckles and giving every corner of the capacity crowd a glimpse at a living legend in the flesh. Rezin scowls at the former Champion from his place on the ringside floor, but for a moment Stevens locks eyes with his opponent, and the tell-tale determination fills his aged face.]

DT: You couldn’t find an odder pairing of opponents than this! “Triple X” Sean Stevens has been at the highest of highs, and clearly Rezin is a man at the lowest of lows! Who knows WHAT will happen when this match gets underway!

DM: Sean Stevens is customarily looking confident in himself and his phenomenal abilities... but I wouldn’t be surprised if the dastardly Rezin had something up his sleeve here tonight! You never know WHAT’S on that maniac’s mind!

MN: Tonight? REGICIDE!

[Rezin rips off his shades and coat before sliding into the ring as the music fades out. Standing official David Rosenkrantz makes his final checks on either man as they stand ready in either corner, their eyes locked. With everything in order, the referee makes the motion to the timekeeper...]


DT: The bell rings to begin the match, and here come Stevens and Rezin to the middle of the ring! Rezin is STILL mouthing off... but he’ll have to put that on HOLD as they go right into the lock-up!

DM: And almost right away, Stevens overpowers and puts Rezin’s arm right into a wringer! Rezin, wincing in PAIN... and the former World Champion gives that arm a stiff JERK to bring the Escape Artist to a knee!

DT: Rezin back on his feet... but not for LONG as Stevens draws him in, locks up the arm, and takes him OFF his feet and onto the MAT with the hiptoss! Absolutely SUPERB in form!

MN: Of COURSE he’s superb! I’ve been saying that for YEARS!

DM: Rezin is quickly back up, undeterred, and sick determination in his eyes... here he comes with a sidekick -- CAUGHT by Stevens, and Rezin is whipped right BACK onto the mat! The World Champion is definitely off to a quick start!

DT: Stevens floats over for the quick cover...



Rezin makes the quick kick-out!

MN: Too soon, Sean... come on, you should KNOW that!

DT: Stevens keeps that leg in his hands, rolling Rezin over and cinching it in with a half-crab! Rezin groans LOUD in pain, but only spews profanity when the referee asks him if he will submit!

MN: That’s the “eff you” attitude I was talking about!

DM: Stevens knows this won’t win him the match, but all the same, he’s sending a direct message to his opponent right now! He’s letting him know just WHO the superior athlete is, and if Rezin forgets that, he’ll only be punished for it!

MN: While I will fully agree that Trip IS the superior athlete... he should already know that NO amount of punishment is going to deter a man as defiant and convicted in his actions as Rezin.

DT: Rezin’s still got a little venom left in him, struggling to get out, though Stevens is stronger... OH, OUCH!! Rezin managed to get that other leg up and WHIPPED IT right against Stevens’ face! The former World Champion breaks the hold, but doesn’t look significantly hurt...

DM: Only annoyed. The Escape Artist, meanwhile, rolls away to freedom and springs back onto his feet in the corner! “Triple X” waits for him to make his move! Here’s Rezin out of the gate with a BATTLE CRY... and he GOES RIGHT FOR THE DAMASCUS HEEL -- !!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: EASILY DUCKED!! “Triple X” Sean Stevens saw that coming a mile away, and the momentum brought Rezin toppling PAST HIM and crashing clumsily into the opposite corner! So far, he hasn’t been able to generate ANY offense!

MN: That’s not surprising, considering the opponent, but it’s still early in this match...

DT: Rezin is trying to get himself situated in the corner -- OH MAN, BIG CORNER SPLASH BY STEVENS!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Rezin had NO IDEA that was coming! Stevens with the out of nowhere follow-up splash puts “the Goat Bastard” somewhere near dreamland... which I guess is where he spends most of his time anyway! Sean pulls back... and starts BOXING Rezin right in the corner!

DM: “Triple X” with the RIGHTS and LEFTS... and every HIT sends Rezin bouncing off of the turnbuckle again! Stevens is making this look EASY!

MN: ...oh, come on, it can’t be THAT easy! Clearly, the former champ was absolutely prepared for the task when he came here tonight!

DT: Stevens mockingly wipes the sweat from his brow, and these fans are just LOVING it! Now he takes Rezin by the arm... there’s the IRISH WHIP -- and Rezin CONNECTS, face first!

DM: How much more of this can he TAKE! Rezin rebounds off the impact, stumbling backwards out of the corner... and Sean Stevens is waiting RIGHT THERE with the LARIAT -- OH NO!! Rezin DUCKED!!

DT: Did he? It looked like he just happened to COUGH at the right time!

MN: Nope... that ninja has eyes in the back of his head, and there he GOES!!

DM: Wait, Rezin making for the corner -- UP TO THE TOP in a single bound as Stevens whirls around -- and Rezin is AIRBORNE WITH THE MOONSAULT!!

Crowd: “OOH!”




Stevens kicks out! Believe me, fans, there was NO WAY the former World Champion was going to allow THAT kind of upset here tonight!

MN: His overconfidence got the best of him that time! All Rezin needs is that one moment to make the counterstrike and that’s when the cobra strikes!

DT: That bastard’s more of an eel than a cobra... both men back on their feet, and Rezin almost immediately starts flaunting himself in a self-congratulatory manner!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!”

DM: Oh, come on... it was a good counter, but nothing to write home about!

MN: Hey, that’s an epic feat! Ask yourself, how many men have put the great “Triple X” Sean Stevens on his back?

DM: I could name a few... but none of that matters, because most of those men aren’t here any longer!

DT: But Sean Stevens IS... and he is clearly not sold on “the Goat Bastard’s” pompous gloating! Stevens, telling Rezin to put up or shut-up... and Rezin steps up to SWING -- NO, wait! He stopped himself! He was just trying to punk out the former champ!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!”

DM: And now Rezin’s yukking it up like he just pulled the world’s biggest prank! Honestly, though, Stevens flinched only slightly. I don’t even think he BLINKED!

MN: Yeah, whatever... Stevens totally thought he was going to get slapped in the face!

DT: Rezin giggling to the audience, thinking he really pulled one over the eyes of the former Champion. Stevens looks INSULTED now! Rezin turning to face him -- ECKS-FACTOR -- !!

DM: PSYCH!! Sean Stevens held back at the last second, but all the same, Rezin STILL went diving over those ropes to the outside, like a frog out of a frying pan! Now THAT’S how you punk somebody!


DT: Rezin only got a glimpse of that deadly leg rising, and there was ENOUGH brain cells clicking together at that moment to make him realize he needed to get the hell out of the way! But now he finds himself at ringside, realizing he was fooled and surrounded by the fans that continue to heckle him!

MN: They better not make him angry! They wouldn’t like him when he’s angry...

DM: …or what, he turns into the Incredible Hack?

DT: Good one, Dean-O! Only a few moments ago, he was looking pretty cheery in that ring, but on the outside looking in, Rezin bears the ugly SCOWL of a man whose pride just took a direct tap to the balls! Stevens stands confidently in the ring, taunting him with that trademark cocky smirk!

DM: Rosenkrantz at the count of four, telling Rezin to get his sorry hide back in the ring! Rezin tells him to SHOVE IT as he climbs up the apron...

DT: Right away, here comes Stevens -- and Rezin drops BACK to the floor!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!”

DT: These fans are letting him hear it, as they should be! Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, Rezin is AFRAID to face “Triple X” Sean Stevens in that ring! He knows fully well that he is outmatched!

MN: You’re so WRONG, it amazes me you still have a job, Dave!

DT: YOU are one to talk...

MN: You think all wrestlers are morons? Do you think LEGENDS are the dolts who run in all guns a-blazin’, shooting first and asking questions later? Hell no! You can call the man afraid, but the truth is, the man is just biding his time!

DM: Rezin is looking again to slip in under the ropes... but he sees Stevens take only a single step forward and says “fuggeddaboutit!”


DT: This capacity crowd has no love for the Goat Bastard here tonight... and look at Stevens, clapping them on as Rezin POUTS on the outside!

DM: Rezin is simply FUMING right now! “Triple X” Sean Stevens has him psychologically dominated, and the fans are joining in on the fun! And Rezin can’t do ANYTHING, so he takes his anger out on the crowd with a SLEW of curses!

DT: Is this any time to be jawing at the fans? In the ring, Sean Stevens -- WAIT, STEVENS DIVING OVER THE ROPES -- OH MY GOD, REZIN GETS LAID OUT BY AN AIRBORNE STEVENS, CLEARING the ropes in a SINGLE BOUND and just SUPERMANNED the Escape Artist right off his feet when he least suspected it!

Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!*

MN: Oh, come on, now... he’s just showing off at this point!

DM: No boundaries and no limits here tonight for the former World Heavyweight Champion! He just got tired of Rezin and decided to bring the match to the outside while his opponent was none the wiser!

DT: Stevens pumps up the ringside fans as Rezin lies at his feet in an absolute DAZE!! Could the KING of Empire Pro dominate this contest any further?! I didn’t think it would be THIS easy!

MN: And it SHOULDN’T be this easy... which makes me wonder as to what Rezin’s got up his sleeve!

DT: Stevens is brimming with pride and confidence as he grabs Rezin by the head and pulls him up to his feet... taking him by the arm now --


DT: -- OH MAN, WHAT A WHIP to those steel steps! Rezin HOWLS in pain as he clutches the point of impact on his lower back and collapses to the ringside floor once again! He hasn’t been able to get ANYTHING going up until this point, and there’s nowhere for the Escape Artist to escape to at this point!

DM: I admit, I was expecting more of contest! Stevens steps up and lifts Rezin off the floor once again -- no, WAIT -- Rezin GRABS HIM BY THE WAISTBAND --


Crowd: “OOOOOooohhh...”

DT: YEOWCH!! Rezin grabbed the tights, and pulled Sean Stevens face first right into those steel steps!

MN: Oh come on, Dave... he didn’t PULL him! He was just trying to get back to his feet and lost his balance!

DT: Well, whatever his motives, Rezin finally found SOME way to stop the seemingly unstoppable momentum of the Blue-Eyed Badass! Stevens is clutching his forehead in pain while Rezin recovers, trying to get his wind back!

DM: There’s that look in his eye as he sees Sean Stevens moving on around the steps... Rezin in motions -- VAULTS OFF THE STEPS -- OH MY GOD, Sean Stevens just went FACE-FIRST INTO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR with the ONE-HANDED BULLDOG!!

MN: Ah yes, there it is! As much as I love Sean, I’d be REMISS if I didn’t mention that his GREATEST weakness is his overconfidence! He was doing so well he thought he could just coast to victory, but the Goat Bastard spoiled that notion as he spoils almost everything else!

DT: Strange kind of adoration for a man you’re so quick to cut down. Meanwhile, back in the ring, referee David Rosenkrantz has reached the precarious count of six, going on seven! These men better get back within the ropes!

DM: Rezin’s got that notion now as he pulls “Triple X” Sean Stevens, the living legend, off the ringside floor like he was some bum in a Bronx back-alley... and he rolls him back into the ring. Stevens, bringing himself back into it... he quickly scrambles to his feet and gets himself ready, but much to his surprise, Rezin is no longer where he once was!

DT: Where did that damn cockroach run off to now?!

MN: My keen eyes saw him coming around the ring!

DT: THERE he is! Rezin is literally SLINKING his way around the ring, low enough to the ground that Stevens can’t SPOT HIM! Even the REFEREE has lost sight of Rezin!

DM: Stevens is looking around, checking his corner! There’s Rezin, peeking over the apron... Stevens turning to that corner -- OH WOW, REZIN YOINKS HIMSELF TO TOP -- CHRIST ALMIGHTY, LIGHTNING-FAST SPRINGBOARD MISSILE DROPKICK!!

DT: How in the HELL did he get all the way from the RINGSIDE FLOOR to the TOP ROPE so fast?!

MN: The man’s an ASSASSIN, Dave! He’s been boggling fragile minds like yours for ages!

DM: Stevens took that flying dropkick right to the chest, and it has literally knocked all the wind out of him! It only took a matter of moments, but using some sleight of hand and opportune moments, Rezin has effectively turned this entire match around!

DT: It’s hard to believe that only a minute or two ago, Stevens was SCHOOLING him up and down that ring! Now the cocky smirk is worn on the face of Rezin, as he stalks the wounded “Triple X” Sean Stevens!

DM: Rezin is keeping right to that blindspot... Stevens trying to get back to his feet now... he’s almost up -- and Rezin with a SIDEKICK right to the KIDNEY AREA puts him right back to the mat!

MN: OOH... that was just straight up HARD to look at! Stevens didn’t get kicked to the mat as much as he just COLLAPSED into a pile of agony!

DT: Here’s Rezin, going for the pin attempt!



Stevens kicks out! As painful as that may have looked, we’ve still seen the former World Heavyweight Champion sustain greater limits of punishment!

MN: And we’ve seen the FUTURE World Heavyweight Champion that is his opponent sustain just as much of the same!

DM: I dunno about that... Stevens trying to get up -- OH NO, Rezin dispels that notion with a SHARP kick right to Sean’s face! Rezin keeps it up, STOMPING “Triple X” on the mat in absolute disprespect!

Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!!”

MN: Oh, as if Sean Stevens didn’t base his entire CAREER off of disrespecting others...

DT: That was a “Triple X” Sean Stevens of an earlier time and place, Mike! Right now, Rezin is putting that nasty bare FOOT right into a living LEGEND’S face as if he were nothing more than a bum lying in the gutter!

DM: Rezin is an absolute rogue among wrestlers! So far, his sneak attacks have kept even the legendary Sean Stevens incapacitated for the time being! Rezin beckons the King of Empire Pro back to his feet!

MN: Look at THAT! A straight-up KING, on his knees before a mere SERF!!

DT: Here goes Rezin into the ropes... Stevens trying to get up --


DT: I think Stevens is OUT!! He dropped right to the mat like a ton of bricks! Rezin sees he’s got the chance to win this! He rolls Stevens over and hooks the leg! Could this be it?!



NO!! Sean Stevens got the shoulder up!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Rezin has some deadly legs, but so far, the former champion has withstood the Goat Bastard’s vicious footwork!

MN: At least until that perfectly chiseled chin comes face to face with the Damascus Heel!

DT: I’m more eager to see that horribly mangy jawline of Rezin’s coming into contact with the X-Factor! Rezin, meanwhile, moves back behind Stevens where he can’t see him! Where you can’t see him is where he’s the most DANGEROUS, folks!

DM: Stevens almost up, and though he’s still in this match, he’s beginning to look HURT! Wait a sec, here goes Rezin into the ropes... and he SLAPS STEVENS in the BACK OF THE HEAD as runs by!

DT: Sean Stevens is looking BACK, and here goes Rezin running past -- SPRINGBOARDING off the middle rope -- OH SWEET JESUS, he CONNECTS with the BACK ELBOW into Sean Stevens’ FACE as the Blue-Eyed Badass turned around again!

MN: More like the BLACK-Eyed Badass now! Rezin is running CIRCLES around him! Seriously, it is DEPRESSING ME to watch this right now! Sean Stevens used to be a symbol of GREATNESS, and now he’s really showing some slack!

DT: Don’t be so quick to count out your old hero just yet, Neely! Although even I have to admit, things are looking grim at this point! You can’t say Rezin is fighting in an honest fashion, but so far, it’s helped him keep control of this match! Not many people are used to seeing a great wrestler like “Triple X” Sean Stevens treated in this fashion!

DM: Rezin overlooking a pin this time... he gets his hands out and ready, and there’s a look of absolute CRAZY EVIL in his eyes!! I think I know EXACTLY what he’s thinking right now!

DT: So do I, Dean-O! Rezin has Stevens right where he wants him, and it’s the perfect opportunity to go for the COTTONMOUTH!!

MN: Watch closely, fellas! You may just witness the GREATEST upset in the history of professional wrestling right here and now!

DM: Rezin is keeping behind Stevens as the King recovers! Stevens up to a knee... and the Escape Artist just WAITS for the moment to strike!

DT: There he GOES, just as Stevens rises to his feet! Rezin with those nasty FINGERS -- WAIT!! Stevens GOT AN ARM UP at the last second! Does he have it BLOCKED?!

DM: That looks to be the case, Dave! Stevens has an arm barred up against Rezin’s wrist, preventing him from sinking in that mandible pinch hold! All the same, Rezin’s free arm has slipped its was around the former champion’s face, and now he’s squeezing the life out him!

DT: Rezin putting on a body scissor for added effect! Stevens is fighting across MANY fronts now!

DM: It’s a game of strength now! If Stevens can’t hold that arm of Rezin’s at bay, then those disgustingly black fingers will find their way across his gums, over his teeth, and right into the King’s MOUTH, of all places!

MN: I know Sean can last for a long time... but any fool can see that it’s OVER at this point!

DT: Don’t count Stevens out yet! He got the arm up, and though he’s using every last OUNCE of his strength to keep Rezin’s repugnant fingers from locking in the COTTONMOUTH, he’s still given himself a chance to find a way out of this!

DM: It won’t be easy with all two-hundred plus pounds of flesh, bone, hair, hash oil, and GREASE hanging on his back! Stevens already showing signs that he’s losing his balance! Is he going down...?


DT: Oh no, this is NOT good for the former World Heavyweight Champion now! Rezin has him on the mat, and he is in a TERRIBLE position!

DM: That’s exactly right, Dave! Rezin’s putting the pressure on Stevens’ arm, ribs, and neck! His strength is slowly fading away!

MN: A younger, more BADASS Sean Stevens could sit like this for WEEKS and not give an inch! Today’s Sean Stevens, however... well, look for yourself! He’s SLIPPING!

DT: The sludge-stained tips of Rezin’s fingers are pressing down into the King’s upper lip now! His arm is SHAKING under all the stress! I don’t think he can hold it up for much longer!


DT: But the STRENGTH and SPIRIT of these fans is still alive in this arena tonight! This capacity crowd is giving its support to the former World Heavyweight Champion... the Hall of Famer... the undisputed KING of professional wrestling, “Triple X” Sean Stevens! Stevens can hear them out there, chanting his name, and he’s DIGGING DEEP to find the strength to overcome this and WIN!

MN: Come on, Dave, he doesn’t need the support of these people!

DM: Stevens just KEEPS ON FIGHTING... and now Rezin’s fingers are slowly PULLING AWAY off of his face, as he forces that arm away! Stevens ROLLING OVER!! My God, he’s going to GET UP!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: Stevens back on his KNEES!! Rezin keeps clinging to his back like a LAMPREY trying to suck the life out of him, but the ENERGY in this building surging through “Triple X” Sean Stevens CANNOT be contained! Rezin CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!

DM: Sean Stevens is BACK ON HIS FEET!! Now REZIN is shaking as he tries to keep his arms secure! But Stevens has him by the wrist! Stevens... JAMS REZIN’S HAND INTO ITS OWNER’S MOUTH!!



Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!*

DM: Rezin’s trying to back up into the ropes, trying to ESCAPE... but Stevens instead WHIPS him across the ring!

DT: Stevens looking for the BACK BODY DROP -- but it’s LEAPFROGGED!! Rezin coming back on the rebounds... Stevens with a CLOTHESLINE -- NOBODY HOME!!

DM: Stevens in motion, off the ropes... this could get UGLY! Here’s Stevens with the FLYING CROSS BODY CHOP -- AND REZIN DIVES FORWARD WITH A FLYING LARIAT -- !!

Crowd: “OOOoooohhh...”

DT: OH GOD, both men just COLLIDED in MID-AIR, and were sent sprawling to the mat!

DM: A head-on collision that ended in disaster, and now -- wait, STEVENS KIPS UP TO HIS FEET!!

Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!*

DM: There’s VINTAGE “Triple X” right there!

MN: You have NO idea what vintage “Triple X” is even LIKE, Dean-O!



MN: D’OH!!

DM: Clearly, the Escape Artist lacks some of the grace of the former World Heavyweight Champion! Stevens enjoys a chuckle himself as Rezin quickly bumbles back onto his feet in spite of his error!

DT: Looks like Rezin will chuckle it off as well -- NO, WAIT!! He FAKES IT AND GOES FOR THE DAMASCUS HEEL -- !!!


DT: YES!!! Stevens at the LAST SECOND... Rezin turns around -- ECKS FACTOR!!!


Crowd: “H-WHUH?!”


MN: TOO fast!

DT: Stevens getting his balance back, but Rezin has a free shot... Rezin hopping forward --



Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!!”

DM: FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY DEGREE DAMASCUS HEEL!!! Rezin NAILED IT, and Stevens is OUT COLD on the mat! Rezin put in that extra spin, and it totally threw the Empire Pro legend off his game, and the spinning heel kick caught him DIRECTLY in the jaw!

MN: A few years ago, a younger, brasher, BALLSIER, and of course, faster Sean Stevens would have nailed that superkick... but my boy Trip is clearly heading down that slope.

DT: I can’t BELIEVE Rezin just knocked out the former CHAMPION!! Rezin draping over his chest!! THIS MAY BE IT!!




Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: Referee David Rosenkrantz was at two point NINE right when that shoulder came up! That’s one thing you can always count on when watching “Triple X” Sean Stevens! He ALWAYS digs down deep to keep himself in every match!

MN: All the same... Sean Stevens on his back is just a sad thing to see!

DT: Rezin can hardly believe “Triple X” Sean Stevens kicked out! But SEEING is believing, and now Stevens is trying to work his way up to his feet! There is NO quit in the Hall of Famer here tonight!

DM: Rezin knows he has to go ALL OUT if he has any hope of keeping Stevens down for those ever-so-precious three counts! Now the Goat Bastard, once again getting back behind Stevens to remain unseen, sneaks into the corner... and he’s going up TOP once more!

DT: Rezin has been VERY effective when coming out of the air tonight! And with Stevens showing his back to him, he’s got the former World Heavyweight Champion of Empire Pro RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM!!

DM: Sean put up a good fight tonight... but it’s time for the reign of the King to come to its end!

DT: Rezin perched on top... Stevens slowly back UP to his feet, and he turns around... HERE COMES REZIN DIVING OFF!!


MN: YEAH -- uh, WHAT?!

Crowd: *POP!!!*






[Rezin scrambles loose a moment too late. He rolls over to his knees and looks completely grief-stricken that the victory has been stolen from right under his nose. Stevens jumps back onto his feet and victoriously pumps an arm in celebration of his hard-fought win. His confident trademark smile is worn proudly on his face as he turns his attention to the cheering fans, who he can easily see were not let down on this evening.

[CUE UP: “KING” by Iron Solomon.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, HERE is your winner...


Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!!*

DT: A great win for the former World Heavyweight Champion, living up to his professional wrestling LEGACY here tonight by pulling out a win over one of the most dastardly bastards to crawl his way into an Empire Pro ring!

DM: At first, it looked like Stevens would roll right over him... but Rezin proved that he’s can be a dangerous force in that ring once he gets things going HIS way! As turned out, the sneaky Escape Artist was the one who was fooled here tonight!

MN: You can knock the man, but you HAVE to give him credit! Rezin BROUGHT IT to the champ! Brought MORE, if I dare say so! Of course Sean won... I mean, I NATURALLY knew he was going to do that before this match even started!

DT: Sure, Neely...

MN: But he could only BARELY squeak by with a win over a guy as low and downtrodden as Rezin! I don’t know if that speaks well for Rezin, or if it speaks badly for the King!

DM: Nevertheless, a win is a win... and it was a CLEAN win... and while I’m sure Stevens would have loved to carry the satisfaction of kicking that filth-covered bum square in the mouth, he’s happy with what he’s accomplished here tonight!

DT: Stevens is taking in the chorus of adoration from this capacity crowd! Once, these fans hated him... but with for one moment compromising who he is as a wrestler and as an individual, he has amazing won the hearts of the masses simply for the JAW-DROPPING performances he’s put on, such as the one we’ve just witnessed! Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got one more match tonight, and --



Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

DM: REZIN!! That SNEAKY GOAT BASTARD just took out “Triple X” Sean Stevens with a DAMASCUS HEEL to the BACK OF THE HEAD!!

DT: That sore loser!! What’s the MEANING of this?!

MN: Uhhh... maybe he was too high to hear the bell ring?

DM: That is NOT at all what is going on here! There is nothing but SHEER RAGE in Rezin’s eyes as he looks over Stevens! “Triple X” clutching the back of his head in pain... but now he has MORE to worry about as Rezin STOOPS DOWN and lifts his HEAD off the mat!!



DM: Here’s David Rosenkrantz, trying to put a stop to this by pulling Rezin off! But Rezin’s got a DEATHGRIP on the former Heavyweight Champion! Stevens is in a WORLD of pain, and he’s at the mercy of a downright MERCILESS man!!

MN: This reminds me of all those days when Sean would send messages to people who got out of line! You just KNOW the day was eventually going to come where somebody would defiantly send a message to HIM!

DT: This isn’t defiance! This is DISRESPECT!! Rosenkrantz is calling for additional support, and here come the other referees! Pat Jones is in there! So is Nick DiGarma! Now four officials are trying to pry lose, and FINALLY, they’re making some progress!

DM: Rezin BURSTING TO HIS FEET and FLAILING HIS ARMS AROUND like a MANIAC!! What the hell is in that boy’s HEAD?!! The referee’s CLEAR the ring to avoid the wrath of his rampage, and Rezin is alone in the ring with the wounded body of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, still incapacitated by the use of that Cottonmouth clawhold!

DT: The officials are pleading with him to calm down and leave the ring! There’s an EMPTINESS in those eyes that just chills me to the bone right now! Rezin is CLEARLY mentally unhinged!

MN: You would be too, if you had to live in the muck he’s waded through his entire life!

DM: Rezin not leaving the ring, but thankfully, not interesting in punishing Stevens any further. He takes a seat down in the corner now... and I believe he’s asking for a microphone!

MN: Alright, let’s HEAR it, Dark Prophet of Pestilence!

DT: Oh jeez, don’t give him THAT!

[The ring announcer hands over his mic, which Rezin disrespectfully yanks out of his hand. Tony Fatora scurries away as the Goat Bastard snorts in his direction to scare him off. Rezin raises the mic, but hesitates a moment to hear the audience...]


[A smile forms on his goat-like face. He’s not loving the hate as much as he’s loving the ignorance.]

Rezin: It must be nice, Sean... to have all this. The support of a widespread fanbase... the respect of the entire viewing world... the adoration of every other man back in that locker room. The whole GOLDAMB WORLD is in the palm of your hand.

[Rezin looks into his own stained open palm, then across the ring, where Stevens is coming to, but still out of it.]

Rezin: The universe has given you a unique gift. But how you do you live with it? You look across all of creation, and call yourself its ruler. You call yourself its KING...


[Stevens is strong enough to raise his head, his eyes burning in Rezin’s direction. A sly smirk crosses the Goat Bastard’s face as he pulls himself back up to his feet.]

Rezin: But king or not... you will always be HUMAN. Kings can be killed. Kings HAVE been killed. And before long, Stevens... YOUR head will be on the pike!

[In a single motion, Stevens BURSTS to his feet and streaks across the ring in a BLUR!! But Rezin is one step ahead of him, rolling over the ropes and landing on his feet on the outside! Stevens quickly pursues him by going to the outside, but the referees restrain him.]

MN: Jeez, look at SEAN! He is completely OUT of control!

DT: No he’s not, Mike! He’s defending his PRIDE right now!

[Rezin retreats back up the rampway as Stevens yells at him from the ringside area, a mere wall of four officials keeping them separated. The smile hasn’t left the Escape Artist’s face. He raises the mic a final time...]

Rezin: You can call yourself whatever you want, Sean... but you’ll NEVER be what you ONCE were! Not as long as all the gold on your body is on your HEAD rather than your WAIST! But TONIGHT... a NEW breed of “CHAMPION” will be crowned! An ANTI-CHAMPION!

DM: He must be talking about Anarky!

Rezin: I don’t have to BEAT YOU to destroy your career, Sean! All I have to do is destroy this federation! And everything you’ve ever done... all the FEATS, all the TROPHIES, all the ACCOMPLISHMENTS... it will be as if none of it EVER HAPPENED!

[Cackling madly, Rezin throws the microphone down and disappears through the entry-way. The referees finally allow Stevens by, and the former World Heavyweight Champion quickly makes his way back up the ramp, intent on getting some payback.]

DT: If Rezin was trying to give a message to the King, then it was certainly heard here tonight!

MN: Hey, don’t shoot the messenger for bringing bad news! Sean Stevens just made a poor choice in trying to come back and continue his professional career now that the alliance of Rezin and Anarky are ushering in the twilight years of Empire Pro!

DM: A possibility that strangely doesn’t bother you in the SLIGHTEST!

MN: Hey... it’s not like it hasn’t been a good run!

DT: Rezin definitely didn’t do himself any favors tonight by blatantly insulting the King, but perhaps throwing rocks at the hornet’s nest is exactly what he has in mind for whatever scheme he’s hatching now!

DM: We’ve got the main event coming up later... and I guess we’ll see if Rezin’s vision of an “Anti-Champion” will come to fruition! But first, Anarky has to overcome his old foe in Larry Tact!

DT: We’ve got more action on the way, ladies and gentlemen, so don’t go away!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: TV TITLE MATCH: Larry Tact (c) vs. Anarky

[FADE IN: on the entrance way as “More Human than Human” by White Zombie booms over the PA system.]

TF: [V/O] “The following contest is set for ONE fall for the EEE-PEEE-DOUBLE-EWE TEE-VEE CHAAAAAAMPIONSHIIIIIIP!”

[The fans pop momentarily as ANARKY hits the stage even before his name is mentioned, staring down around at the fans with a snarl before making his way toward the ring.]

TF: [V/O] “Introducing FIRST... the Challengerrrrrr... hailing from HARTford, Connecticut... weighing TWOOOOO hundredandthirtyone POOOUUUUNDS... standing SIX feet taaalllll.... HE – IS – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAN-AR-KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!”

[Letting their boos wash over him, the fans issue their disdain for the challenger as he’s already half way down the ramp to the ring, tugging the collar of his jacket as he makes his way down. ]

DT: “There’s Anarky and he looks like a man determined to walk home with gold tonight.”

MN: “There’s no determination required. Larry Tact is a joke. He always has been a joke and how the HELL he took that TV title off of Rich Mahogany I’ll never know but I’m guessin’ he duped someone on the urine test afterwards.”

DT: “Mike’s opinions aside, Anarky is really going to take it to the TV Champ.”

[ANARKY rolls under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, pacing back and forth as he awaits the champion to arrive. The lights begin to flicker wildly.]

DM: “Here comes the champ, boys.”

[“Pieces” by Hoobastank begins to echo throughout the arena as the fans vibe begins to become audibly more up-beat.]



[A burst of black and gold pyro goes off as LARRY TACT steps through the entrance with the EPW Television Championship draped over one shoulder. He pats it as Tony Fatora introduces him.]


[The pop from the fans picks up again as TACT is already halfway down the ramp. He ascends the steps and steps half-way through the ropes, stopping to keep an eye on ANARKY and tell the referee to make sure he stays on his side of the ring. ANARKY takes his jacket off and tosses it outside to an awaiting ring crew member.]

DT: “And there’s our Television Champion, Larry Tact, who defeated Rich Mahogany at Aggression 65 to become the champion.”

MN: “I think you mean STOLE a victory from Rich Mahogany, Dave. Tact doesn’t deserve to lick Mahogany’s discarded condom wrappers.”

DM: “Ew.”

DT: “My sentiments exactly. LOOK AT ANARKY!”

[As TACT holds his championship above his head whilst up the turnbuckle, ANARKY comes up from behind and schoolboys him from that height vantage point. The referee immediately drops to the canvas to slap them.]

DT: “ONE! TWO! THREE! NO – Shoulder up! That was almost over!”

MN: “Larry Tact might have got lucky against Rich Mahogany. He might have snuck by Teddy Alexander last week but Anarky is no fool. He didn’t come in with the last shower, Dave. He is a solid, smart competitor that will take a mile if you give him an inch.”

DM: “Tact is ANGRY about that roll-up.”

[TACT bounds to his feet and shoves ANARKY he stumbles back. The six footer stumbles back and ANARKY shoves TACT with all his might. TACT charges with a clothesline but ANARKY ducks under it, hitting the ropes as TACT hits the ropes on the other side. ANARKY flies with a dropkick.]

DM: “Down goes Larry and Anarky looking to make sure he doesn’t get up, stomping a mud hole in Tact.”

MN: “Stay down you fool and try to keep some sort of honour before Anarky beats it out of you.”

[ANARKY steps over TACT and grabs an ankle, lifting it off the ground before pressing his elbow to the joint and driving himself toward the canvas, driving his elbow into the ankle.]

DT: “Anarky looking to disable Tact, taking the foundations out from underneath the Champ who has SIX inches on Anarky.”

DM: “Six inches AANNNDDD thirty pounds, Dave.”

[TACT sits up with the impact of elbow on ankle, only to receive a stiff kick in the side of the head for his troubles. ANARKY stomps on the ankle before dropping a knee into it. Then another knee.]

DM: “Grinding the ankle, taking away Tact’s foundations... Anarky is a wily competitor and I would loathe to step foot in a ring with him.”

MN: “Coz you KNOW you’d have your ass beat, Mathews. Just like Larry, WHO, by the way, will be walking out here tonight with a LIMP and NO title belt.”

[ANARKY drags TACT by the foot to the corner only for TACT to bring his other foot up and use both to shove ANARKY into the corner. He gets up, cringes as he puts weight on his foot but the damage isn’t substantial enough to upset his stance yet.]

DT: “Tact shoves Anarky into the corner with his fee- BIG clothesline into the corner. Irish whip. Anarky hits the turnbuckles – Anarky staggers out into a SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Larry just picked him up and turned ONE hundred and EIGHTY degrees with that MASSIVE spinebuster.”

DM: “COVER... ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT! Wow. That had to hurt.”

[TACT pounds the canvas with an open palm before pulling ANARKY to his feet, kneeing his belly to double him over and apply a front facelock. Up and over with a vertical suplex. ANARKY lay on his back, clutching his lower back as TACT leans down, wrapping up belly-to-belly style and forcing ANARKY to his feet.]

DT: “Tact in control –WHOA! OVERHEAD belly-to-belly and Anarky is in a bad way. How can you survive an attack like that?”

MN: “By being Anarky. He hasn’t stuck around this long and won as many championships as he had by being a quitter like Tact.”

DM: “How is Tact a quitter?”

MN: “Who asked you?”

[Pulling ANARKY to his feet, LARRY hauls him onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry as the fans cheer loudly. He hoists ANARKY over his head and down onto his knee with a stomach buster smiling to the fans before dropping down to hook the leg.]

DT: “ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! ANARKY manages to get that shoulder up on 2.999!”

MN: “Get up, Anarky. Show this numpty whose boss!”

DM: “Numpty?”

[TACT grabs a handful of hair to convince ANARKY to his feet, takes him by the hand and whips him into the ropes, remaining in place. ANARKY rebounds and is hit with a jumping knee lift that flips ANARKY over in the centre of the ring. ANARKY clutches his gut and grimaces from the pain.]

DT: “Tact is firmly in control.”

DM: “Keep using power. That’s how a six foot six man defeats someone thirty pounds lighter and six inches shorter, Dave.”

[Taking a handful of hair again, TACT tries to get ANARKY to his feet but as ANARKY rises to one knee he shoots an elbow into TACT’s ribcage, shocking him just long enough to sting with a second. And a third. Before TACT knows it, ANARKY is upright and has sent himself into the ropes, rebounding with a leaping shoulder block that takes TACT down to the canvas.]



[As if nothing had occurred, ANARKY goes right back to working on the ankle, lifting the leg up, pressing his knee into the joint and riding it down into the canvas. He lifts the leg again, flips TACT the bird and slams the ankle down as hard as he can into the canvas.]

DM: “Anarky going right back to taking the stilts out from under Tact and that’s the best game plan for a man giving up half a foot.”

MN: “And he operates under the best game plan coz he’s the smartest man in that ring, Dean.”

[ANARKY grabs TACT by the foot and drags him toward the corner, steps onto the bottom rope and jumps off stomping on the now extremely pained right ankle of LARRY TACT. He rests the foot on the bottom rope, climbs onto the second rope and then jumps landing with both feet on the ankle and TACT cries out in agony as ANARKY tries to destroy the joint.]

DT: “Anarky simply brutalising the ankle of Larry Tact and he SURELY has to be in a lot of pain.”

DM: “The Television Champion is taking on a man who has been doing this for a long time and is no stranger to putting his opponents through serious pain to get what he wants. That victory.”

[ANARKY drops out of the ring, grabs LARRY’s ankle and smashes it into the turnbuckle to a raucous boo from the fans. The referee tells ANARKY to get back inside the ring, he doesn’t do a thing until he’s slammed that ankle into the turnbuckle one more time.]

DT: “That monster is trying to BREAK Tact’s ankle.”

MN: “Be an easy submission hold on a broken ankle.”

DM: “He’d want to make sure the referee doesn’t call this off before then so he can win that title.”

DT: “Anarky, pulling Tact out of the ring to ringside. Referee calling for play to go back between the ropes.”

[ANARKY rams a limping TACT into guard rail to a boo from the fans before whipping him back at the ring and into the apron. He charges forward and hits a big splash on TACT, driving him hard into the side of the ring.]

DT: “Anarky not wanting to give Tact an INCH to get back into this thing.”

[TACT on his knees ringside, gasping for breath, ANARKY applies a front facelock and falls backward with a snappy DDT from that awkward position. The fans boo as TACT rolls around ringside. ANARKY grabs a handful of hair, forces him to his feet and rolls him under the ropes. He rolls in after him and makes a cover.]


DM: “The TV Champ has a little more fuel in the engine and won’t go out with a fight.”

MN: “Well, a fight’s what he’s gonna get with Anarky in that ring, Dean.”

DM: “I’m no idiot, Mike. I can clearly see Anarky taking it to him.”

[ANARKY applies a choke on TACT, blatant as daylight and the referee has to force his grip away after completing a four count. ANARKY shrugs at him before applying another double-handed choke on TACT but quickly breaking it off before the ref can get to four.]

DT: “Anarky keeping the official honest with the BLATANT choke and disregard for Tact’s health.”

[Getting to his feet, ANARKY takes a LARRY TACT wrist and pulls him to his feet, nailing him with a hard right before applying a front facelock. He attempts the lift but TACT blocks it. ANARKY panics, trying to break the facelock but is unable to. A smooth motion and TACT swings outward executing a swinging neck breaker out of seemingly nowhere.]


DM: “Where on EARTH did that come from?”

[Both men lie on the canvas trying to catch their breath. ANARKY a little more with it and TACT looking a little more broken down but both men are out on their backs.]

DT: “Larry Tact with that swinging neck breaker to shift the momentum and we’ve got BOTH men flat on their backs at a standstill.”

DM: “First, Anarky tried to take out that ankle but Tact’s power managed to get him back in control. Then Anarky really DID do a number on that joint and I’m surprised if Tact can walk by the night’s end. Then, out of nowhere, WHAM-O! and Tact has evened the ledger.”

DT: “Both men getting to their feet...”

[ANARKY sits up, rubbing his neck, as LARRY TACT hauls himself to a standing position with the use of the ropes. He hobbles over to ANARKY who gets to his feet and nails him with a hard right. ANARKY shoots a hard right back.]


DT: “Both men exchanging explosive blows. TACT rocks Anarky with that right. WHAM! There comes one right back.”

[Taking a breather, TACT draws breath and hits ANARKY with a European uppercut. ANARKY throws a hammer fist TACT’s way collecting him on the chin.]

DT: “Hammer fist there. Anarky winding up again. BAM! Crack Larry with a hard right. Here comes another... Anarky getting in contro- BLOCKED!”


DM: “Tact just rocked Anarky with a MASSIVE right.”

[TACT throws another and another, backing ANARKY right up against the ropes. He pushes him against them and then whips him across the ring. A big boot in the centre of the ring grounds ANARKY in his spot, but he bounds back to his feet like he were made of rubber. TACT tosses him across the ring with a hip throw for ANARKY to roll through and come charging forward again to be booted in his belly.]



MN: “WAAAAAAAY to close for my liking there.”

[Frustrated, LARRY TACT slaps the canvas hard before getting to his feet. He hauls ANARKY to his feet and attempts to lock up only for ANARKY to rake the eyes, momentarily blinding LARRY who drops to his knees clutching his eyes. ANARKY moves around behind LARRY and applies a sleeper, forcing TACT to his feet before shifting position and hitting an inverted DDT on TACT.]

DM: “Oh man. I thought Tact was in COMPLETE control there.”

MN: “There’s your first problem.”

DM: “What’s that?”

MN: “Thinking.”

[ANARKY drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, lifts the apron and pulls out a steel chair. The referee leans over the ropes, arguing with ANARKY to drop the chair and get back inside the ring.]



[The UNKNOWN MAN, face masked by the hood of a black jumper, moves quickly over the crowd barrier and slides into the ring, charging across into the ropes, rebounding and smashing the kneeling LARRY TACT in the face with a bicycle kick.]



[Having laid out TACT with the bicycle kick the UNKNOWN MAN removes his hooded jumper.]

DM: “That SICK SONOFA*****!”

DT: “That’s Teddy Alexander. The man who Larry Tact beat last week at Aggression. He has been saying all week he wouldn’t forget Larry and to take care of that TV title coz he was coming for it but it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything to help Larry keep it.”

DM: “The referee is arguing with Anarky in the centre of the ring there completely oblivious to the goings on inside that ring.”


[With a sadistic grin on his face, ALEXANDER holds the neck brace high above his head before leaning down over LARRY TACT and wrapping the neck brace around his neck to a cacophony of boos from the Denver crowd.]

DT: “Teddy Alexander nearly REMOVED Tact’s head with the Angerbash and to add insult to injury he puts that neck brace on Tact.”

DM: “Anarky rolls into the ring with the chair as Alexander steps out. The referee takes the chair off him but it’s almost as if Anarky is LETTING HIM take the chair. Tact is out.”

MN: “Kiss that belt goodbye, Larry!”

[ANARKY pulls TACT to his feet, grabbing his head and turns his back against TACT’s back.]







[ANARKY bounces off the fallen LARRY TACT with a fist raised high into the air. He snatches his belt and gets his face up close to the camera.]

ANARKY: “I want one, First... I take one! WHEN – I – WANT!”

DT: “Anarky delivering a message to the first making it clear if he wants a title he TAKES a title when he likes. No matter when – no matter how.”

DM: “He wouldn’t have that belt if Teddy Alexander never tried to kick Tact’s head off his shoulders.”

MN: “I think you’ll find he won after the Chaos Breaker, Dean.

DM: “So that Angerbash had nothing to do with it?”

[ANARKY wraps the belt around his waist and puts his leather jacket on again, climbing a turnbuckle and slapping the belt. It happens to be the turnbuckle closest to TEDDY ALEXANDER who smiles a sadistic grin from ringside looking up at ANARKY. ANARKY returns the gaze to the rookie.]

DT: “Teddy Alexander has been here for FIVE minutes and he’s took on Tact last week, Eddie Burns tonight and then has a hand in the outcome of our MAIN event, Dean-o. I’m not sure what to make of this brutal kid.”

DM: “One thing’s for sure he is making his name for himself here in Empire Pro Wrestling and he’s certainly one to watch. What will Tact do when he realises what the Hell went on?”

MN: “Alexander is a monster who will kick the heads off everybody until he stands on top of a pile of bodies. And look who he has to aspire to, Dave. ANARKY! Our NEW TV Champion!”

[CUT-TO: ALEXANDER backing up the ramp, smiling sadistically to himself as he makes his way to the back.]

[CUT-TO: LARRY TACT rolling around on the canvas looking worse for wear, not knowing where he is or what the Hell just happened.]

[CUT-TO: ANARKY standing on the turnbuckle with the belt around his waist, arms extended from his sides as the light catches the TV Championship.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: MAIN EVENT: TV TITLE MATCH: Larry Tact (c) vs. Anarky

DM: What a great match, and Anarky didn't go without gold for very long, did he?

MN: You're surprised?

[MUSIC UP: “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins, Dan Ryan, who has had a busy night, makes his way to the ring.]

DT: What a night we’ve had here, and now Dan Ryan is out here to hear the complains of the EPW World Champion about his opponent for Black Dawn.

MN: Could there be a more insulting thing than to have this idiot as our champion and now he’s talking down to the guy running the company? It makes me sick to think about really.

[Ryan grabs a mic and stands in the ring.]

RYAN: Black Dawn will have a World Title match for its main event and now let’s bring out the two men who’ll be in that main event, here is the challenger, Cameron Cruise!

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” and the crowd gives a loud mixed reaction as Cruise makes his way to the ring, a smirk on his face, apparently amused at First’s antics.]

DT: Cruise doesn’t seem to be concerned about what’s going on here, Dan Ryan put down a challenge for him and Jared Wells and they passed that test and won the right to rematches with The First and Impulse respectively, although First isn’t happy about it in the slightest.

RYAN: And now the EPW World Heavyweight Champion…The First!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd boos loudly as The First comes through the curtain and walks to the ring. First looks to be in a foul mood. He grabs a mic and hits the ring.]

FIRST: Cut the music! [Music fades out] Ryan…This is a JOKE! This man hasn’t won a one on one match since Russian Roulette, he’s literally done NOTHING by himself…He had his shot at me and he got himself disqualified like the gutless coward he is…And now you’re rewarding him with a title shot on Pay Per View? Are you nuts?

RYAN: Listen here little man, I make the rules around here, not you! [Pop!] and I told Cruise if he and Wells beat Stalker and Impulse that they would get their rematches and they did, so tough luck about not liking it, because this match WILL happen and if you don’t like it you can just forfeit your title and go back to your emo pals and cast spells at people or whatever the hell it is you do in Salem.

[First walks around the ring for a moment, looking more frustrated and angry.]

FIRST: Then I want a stipulation to be added to the match…I want to dictate what kind of match we’re going to have, this man has no business being in the ring with me, at the very least I should be allowed to decide the terms of this match!

RYAN: You don’t get a stipulation, you get only what any other champion gets, an immediate rematch if you lose. [“Oh he’s losing!” Cruise says and it can be picked up on Ryan’s mic] and you keep the belt on a DQ or countout, that’s all you get.

[First seethes]

FIRST: That…THAT…Is NOTHING! That’s a joke…

RYAN: You think that’s a joke? Here’s a joke for you then, you LOSE the title on a DQ or countout? That funny enough for you?! Oh and by the way, if you do try to use the poison mist, that will be grounds for disqualification also! [Crowd pops, First freaks out. He stomps around the ring for a few moments before getting in Ryan’s face.]

RYAN: You really want to keep talking First? You haven’t dug yourself into a big enough hole yet? You want to see how much worse you can make this for yourself? Keep talking then, get in my face some more…

[First backs away from Ryan then walks over to Cruise and gets right in his face.]

FIRST: It doesn’t matter Cammy, none of this matters, you’re NEVER beating me…You might as well take out your anger on me now Cruise and hit me…I’m giving you the free shot…Take it Cruise…Have your moment in the sun now…Cause if you do go through with this and fight me at Black Dawn…I’m going to humiliate you…

[First points at his chin]

FIRST: Come on Cruise…Hit me! Take the shot!

RYAN: Oh yeah, since I run the company, I get to make calls like this, show’s over everyone! Good night!

[First turns, looking wide eyed at Ryan, Cruise gets the hint and DECKS First with a right hand!]

DT: The show is over and the non-contact stipulation for the night is over! Cruise hammering away on The First…Cruise sends First into the corner…First staggers out…GETS RUN OVER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Cruise grabs First…REALITY CHECK!! NO!! First grabbed the ropes and bails out of the ring and is scampering up the ramp!

DM: He left his belt in the ring!

DT: And Cruise has it! Cruise holding the EPW World Title in the air [Crowd pops!] And we might be seeing what will happen at the end of Black Dawn, First’s backed himself into a corner thanks to his attempts to push around Dan Ryan, if Cruise wins the match in any fashion at all he wins the title, and the poison mist is banned!

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine as Cruise stands tall in the ring.]

MN: I love it! It’s Christmas in June!

DT: Cruise and First for the World Title at Black Dawn, will it finally be the night Cameron Cruise makes it to the top of the mountain in EPW? Can First escape the trap he’s put himself in? We’re going to find out at Black Dawn!

[The camera cuts between First seething on the rampway, glaring into the ring, and Cruise standing in the ring holding the belt, Cruise with a smug smile on his face as we FADE TO COPYRIGHT.]

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