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AGGRESSION 73: Dirk Dickwood Presents v. Animezing Dragons (cc)


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
For the World Tag Team Championship.

Regular Tag Team Match.

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New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN to “The Dragon” and Otaku standing in front of an EPW Aggression backdrop, the World Tag Team Titles freshly polished and gleaming in the lights]

Otaku: We’ve done it! Three time world tag team champions! We said we’d do it - as soon as we lost the titles we knew we’d do it - and we did it. Some people doubted us. When Alexander-san and Turner-san took the titles in the Kings of the Cage, I know a lot of people told me that Dragon-domo and I were through. That we should go our separate ways. That we’d never beat Dirk Dickwood Presents and become three time champions.

Karl: That shows how little attention people pay, sometimes. When they saw us in our first tag team match, who that was against, people thought we were done. When we won the one night tournament, people thought we’d never be able to win the titles. And both times we’ve lost the titles, people have said that we’d never get them back.

The lesson there, is that when people tell you to give up, you keep going. Another lesson there is to not discount talented, hard working people who time and time again prove you wrong. That road leads to embarrassment.

Otaku: Embarrassment like what the now former champs felt! I mean, trying a sneak attack, how low can you get?

Karl: It was a smart strategy, if it was a strategy. When I beat JA for the intercontinental championship, I knew Sebastian Dodd wasn’t in the arena, and I was in the ring first so I knew whoever came down that ramp would be my opponent. You did something quite smart - immoral, some would say, but smart - when you came at us when we were focused on Angel and Gambler. The only mistake with that strategy is it relies on your ability to overpower and overcome your opponents so quickly they can’t react. You needed to keep the pressure on us and beat us in seconds - and in that, you picked the wrong team to do it to.

Otaku: Plus that kick! Dragon-domo, you almost took his head off!

Karl: I give no apologies for that. Like they tried to do to you, take someone’s head out and the body follows. Why else in boxing do people keep hitting the head? Points wise it’s not a smart thing to do, but if you can knock them out, cut them, whatever, it gives you the advantage and the win.

Otaku: Yeah. I was kinda out on my feet for part of that match. Too many shots to the head. But I survived, didn’t I?

Karl: Yup.

No disrespect to the former champions - they hit hard, they tried to isolate Otaku when they saw they had an advantage, and they tried all they could to end the match. They did leave themselves open, though.

Otaku: Oh! Yeah, I saw that bit back afterwards! That was a great kick, too! I guess if you don’t get caught it’s legal, right?

Karl: The eleventh commandment - thou shalt not get caught. And if someone’s going to bend the rules against me, well... don’t be surprised when I do the same thing. Regaining these titles became more of a goal than wrestling a good match, and retaining them is now my top priority.

Otaku: Same here! See, I know we’ve got a title defence against the former champs because as former champs they have a rematch clause. So I’ve been training. Hard. Sure, I took a couple of days off because of the head and all those shots, and that plancha didn’t help, but I’m back, I’m training hard, I’m ready!

Karl: Aggression is going to be make or break for DDP. They need to prove to the Empire Pro Wrestling fans that they belong here. It’s hard when you win the titles and then lose them the very first title defence to come back from that. They need to prove that they can show up on time.

Otaku: And come straight for us!

Karl: Otherwise they run a very big risk. I call it Dreamstealers risk. You know, come in, all pomp and ceremony, the big “I am”, and when push comes to shove, fail to live up to the hype you yourselves created.

If I’m honest, DDP deserve to be here. You don’t win Kings of the Cage by being slouches. You don’t take out Stevens, Impulse and make Turner submit without being damn good. You don’t get to hold the tag team titles, no matter how briefly, without something.

But the true measure of champions is what happens when you’ve lost the titles. A lot of people go into hiding. They sulk. They pout. They try to rise again and fail, proving they weren’t as good as they thought. Losing the titles can make some people start to doubt themselves. That’s natural, people don’t like losing, wrestlers more so than most. But a true champion...

Otaku: A true champion takes the challenge on with renewed focus and energy. They train harder. They don’t beat themselves up over it. They take it as a challenge, not an obstacle, and that’s what Dragon-domo and I do time after time after time. We go forward! Climb new heights!

Karl: Exceed expectations.

Otaku: True champions exceed expectations. They don’t set them.

Karl: And at Aggression, we’re going to once again exceed expectations by bringing stability back to the tag team division. Once again. .


Voice: Next time on Animezing Dragon…

Otaku: Hey Dragonites! Otaku here! The evil kings are down but they’re not out! They’ve evolved! Just when we thought we’d saved the day, evil raises its ugly head again! Can Dragon-domo and I overcome this evil? Tune in to Aggression to find out!

Episode fifteen of Animezing Dragon Season Three – Fly Past The Sun!


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