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Aggression 73: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 7/23/2013


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[MUSIC UP: “Quiet” by Smashing Pumpkins.]

[CUTTO: Impulse standing with the Aggression graphic rolling behind him.]

[CUTTO: Malcolm Joseph-Jones snarling at his opponent.]

[CUTTO: Point of View walking towards the ring.]

[CUTTO: Cameron Cruise yelling in triumph as he tosses The First into the water outside Pac Bell Park.]

[CUTTO: Adrian Willard clotheslining an unnamed opponent nearly out of his shoes.]

[CUTTO: Rezin smiling with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. ]

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones staring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise looking down at the camera.]

[CUTTO: A graphic showing an old style map with the words “The Empire” across a giant swath of land.]

[CUTTO: Eli Flair flashing a devilish grin.]

[CUTTO: Muse smiling cheerfully.]

[CUTTO: Anarky glaring at the camera.]

[CUTTO: Lesbian Siegel and Caitlyn Daymon talking.]

[CUTTO: Christian Light standing on the second rope, arms raised.]

[CUTTO: Animezing Dragons holding up the tag team titles.]

[CUTTO: “Triple X” Sean Stevens standing in the entrance.]

[CUTTO: The First, holding the EPW World Title and staring into the camera.]

[CUTTO: The map, this time a tracking line heads towards a dot marked Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when the line hits the dot, AGGRESSION 73 bursts onto the screen in red letters.]
[CUTTO: Dave Thomas, Mike Neely and Dean Mathews at the announce table.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Oklahoma City and Aggression 73!!! After one hell of a show at Unleashed, we’re on the road to WRESTLEVERSE!! Tonight, Point of View continue their quest to get themselves into World Tag Team Title contention as they take on Wolves of the Sea!!

DM: Then, and to me, this match could co-main event pretty much any show in the country, a huge four way dance featuring Aaron Jones, Adrian Willard…. ELI FLAIR… and ROCKO DAYMON.

DT: There’s a lot of former gold in that ring tonight, Dean.

MN: But no current gold.

DM: Only a matter of time, Neely.

MN: Only a matter of time, only a matter of time. All that matters is what’s going on right now, and right now, none of those guys have diddly squat.

DT: Later on after that big matchup, the EPW World Tag Team Champions will once again attempt to face Dirk Dickwood Presents, who, if they show up, will pose quite a challenge.

DM: This has been an enigmatic team to be sure, burgerman. Dirk Dickwood made a huge mark by winning the World Tag Team Titles, and now it seems we need to get a GPS on those guys.

DT: And finally, in the main event, the team of Impulse and new EPW Television Champion Malcolm Joseph-Jones take on the team of Rezin and our reigning World Champion, First.

MN: Do I have to say the Television Champ’s whole name?

DM: Some people call him MJ2.

MN: Like that’s any better. What’s with the hyphens anyway? Did he marry another wrestler? Is he a law firm? Seriously, what the hell?

DM: I hate to see you have to go to such effort to, you know… say WORDS, Mike.

MN: Try getting it on the back of a jersey.

DM: Well, wrestlers don’t really wear jerseys.

MN: Look… it’s just stupid, alright? And I was thinking of introducing jerseys to the sport, also.

DT: Another innovative idea by Mike Neely. Folks, let’s get this show underway. Let’s go up to the ring!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Point of View v. Wolves of the Sea

[CUE UP: “Wolves of the Sea” by Alestorm.]

[The waving Jolly Roger occupies the entire EmpireTron as a spotlight tracks from the ring up the aisle, leading to the stage. It comes to rest at the top of the Tron, where SYD MORGAN and JAMESON MURDOCK are perched, brandishing cutlasses. Quite dramatically, they seize a set of nearby ropes and swing down over the aisle and directly into the ring. The fans cheer them on, with a great deal of “ARRR’s” and “AHOY’s” thrown into the mix. The spend the next few moments posturing upon opposing corners, Morgan customarily exiting the ring at one point in his ritual act of giving his necklace to a kid in a Cameron Cruise t-shirt with a hilariously bad mullet.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, our first event of the evening is a tag team contest! Introducing first, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four-hundred and thirty-five pounds... SYD MORGAN... JAMESON MURDOCK... the WOLVES of the SEA!!

DT: Looks like some good ol’ swashbuckling is what’s in store for us in the first of a series of tag team matches we have scheduled tonight! Here are Syd Morgan and Jameson Murdock, the WOLVES OF THE SEA, getting some strong support from the Empire Pro fanbase!

DM: Support that’s due, in my opinion! These two really made a showing in the King of the Cage tournament, taking even the Tag Team Champions, the Animezing Dragon, to their absolute limit in an epic all-out war in the steel cage!

MN: Yeah, and they CHOKED! What’s there to like about a couple of losers dressed like pirates?!

DT: Many teams left the King of the Cage tournament disappointed, but with that affair now behind us, the Tag Team division here at Empire Pro Wrestling continues to resurge, with the Wolves of the Sea looking to earn their way back into a rematch against the Dragons!

DM: Provided Karl Brown and Otaku are still champions after tonight!

[CUE UP: “Point of View” by blink-182.]

[The EmpireTron flashes through a series of dynamic zoom shots on the trio of JASON MURRAY, ERIC BEACHY, and BRONTE LAKES posing in front of TV cameras and paparazzi. Moments later, the trio emerge from the entry-way, immediately putting off the crowd with their showy nature and celebrity-styled arrogance as they strut down the aisle.]

TF: And the opponents... being escorted to the ring by BRONTE LAKES, and weighing in at a combined four-hundred and thirty-eight pounds... please welcome JASON MURRAY and ERIC BEACHY... the POINT of VIEW!!

DT: And here comes the team of Jason Murray and Eric Beachy, better known as Point of View, returning to the Empire Pro ring for the first time since their elimination from the King of the Cage tournament.

DM: I’m sure that’s a moment these two would sooner forget... going down in the first round to Teddy Alexander and his virtually nonexistent tag partner.

MN: What the hell was that guy’s name again? Obliteration? Oberon? Oboe-player?

DT: Well, regardless of what may have happened all that time ago, the former Tag Team Champion Alexander has departed from the company, which means Point of View will likely not have to worry about that obstacle as they make another attempt in rising in the ranks of EPW’s tag team division. For tonight, the Wolves of the Sea are the only obstacle they should be worried about.

DM: They hardly look worried to me!

[Murray and Beachy slide in under the ropes, immediately getting verbal with the Wolves of the Sea as Morgan and Murdock refuse to clear the ring to give them the opportunity to showboat before the bell. Referee Brian Weatherby quickly splits both parties apart and directs them to their corners before making his final preparations and giving the signal to the time-keeper.]

DT: Looks as though Morgan will be starting out for the Wolves, while Murray takes the place for P-O-V!


DT: And this match is underway! Both men cautious on the approach, but they go right into the lock-up! Morgan and Murray dance in a circle across the ring now as they struggle back and forth in a contest of strength... and it’s Morgan coming out with an Armdrag, sending Jason Murray right to the mat!

DM: Syd Morgan makes the first strike, and naturally, he goes right into the arm wrench, trying to keep control of Murray while he has him by the wrist!

DT: But Jason Murray won’t keep to the mat, rising off his knees back onto his feet... and there’s the REVERSAL, twisting out of the hold and putting a wrench now on the arm of Syd Morgan! And Murray quickly reels him right into a headlock... followed by a takedown to the mat!

MN: There’s an eye for an eye early on!

DM: Jason Murray, looking toward a similar strategy, quickly returns the favor, but he won’t be holding him there for long! Morgan’s already working his way back!

DT: The crowd rallies behind him as Syd Morgan makes it up to a knee, and back onto his feet, with Jason Murray still trying to crank his head back from behind! Murray reacting quickly... drops to a KNEE, and brings Morgan’s back down across it!

DM: Syd’s already back on his feet, but he may not be there for much longer as Jason Murray puts himself into motion!

DT: Morgan’s right in his path as Jason Murray takes a bounce off the ropes and gains some speed... but MISSES on the lariat, as Syd rolled forward! Murray on the rebound now... and runs straight into a HARD standing dropkick by Syd Morgan!

MN: I think you mean to say that was a HY’ARRRRD dropkick, Dave.

DT: Well whatever you call it, it did the job of leaving Jason Murray momentarily stunned on the mat, and Morgan finds the opportunity to make the tag to Jameson on the apron!

MN: Alrighty, switching up from rum to whiskey!

DT: Jameson Murdock quickly makes his first move in this match by landing a charged forearm across the upper back of Jason Murray as he was getting back to his feet! Murray reeling as Murdock takes a moment to bounce of the ropes... and MURRAY HITS THE MAT following a BULLDOG!

DM: The Wolves of the Sea could take control of this match if they can keep this momentum up...

DT: We’ll see if that momentum has an early pay-off as Murdock rolls Murray onto his back and laterals over the chest for the pin!



Kickout by Jason Murray! Still a lot of fight left in that young athlete!

MN: PLENTY of fight, Dave! Let’s not forget, this guy managed to score the upset over the great “Triple X” Sean Stevens in last year’s Ultratitle Tournament!

DT: While that’s definitely an accomplishment, it’s sadly in the past... but right now, Jameson Murdock is looking to spoil Jason Murray’s hopes of gaining another upset here in the present as he moves to the neutral corner and climbs up to the top rope!

DM: This could be risky... but Jameson Murdock is likely thinking he’s gotta keep the pace going the way of the Wolves of the Sea rather than allow either of their opponents an opportunity to turn the tides!

DT: The fans cheering wildly as Murdock reaches the top and Murray comes around... and Jameson dives off with a FLYING CROSS BODY -- NO!! Murray steps to the side and DUMPS HIM to the mat!

MN: HA! That stupid scalliwag just keelhauled HIMSELF!

DT: Jason Murray finds his opportunity, and makes the tag to Eric Beachy on the apron! Beachy hops the ropes, and quickly puts Jameson Murdock back to the mat with a running STOMP right to the shoulder!

DM: We could instead be seeing Point of View gaining some control of this match now! Jameson Murdock went for that high risk maneuver, and paid the price, but now we’ll see just how costly it was for the Wolves of the Sea!

DT: Murdock on his back, and here goes Beachy into the ropes... NAILING the jumping knee drop right on temple of Jameson Murdock! Murdock reeling in pain, but Eric Beachy kicks his arm away and bounces off the ropes again... ANOTHER knee drop! And he tops it off with a whoop for the fans in a clear show of arrogance and vanity as he gets to his feet!

MN: Nothing wrong with giving these hick Oklahoma fans a glimpse of REALITY!

DT: Beachy turns back to Murdock... plants his feet, and -- WOW, what a STUNNING standing Shooting Star Press, coming right down across the CHEST of Jameson Murdock, and hooking the leg for the pin!



Murdock gets the shoulder up! A flashy move, to be sure, but not definitive in this match!

DM: Eric Beachy looks like he knows the drill as he gets Jameson Murdock back to his feet by the head and leads him back to his corner. Maybe these two have a reason to feel overconfident right now...

DT: Overconfidence is ALWAYS a fatal mistake! Tag is made back to Jason Murray, and these two will keep up the quick tags for as long as they can, chipping away at Jameson Murdock until he’s ready to be finished off!

DM: So far, they haven’t done anything to provoke Syd Morgan, who eagerly tries to cheer on his partner and get the crowd involved! And Jason Murray looks none too pleased to be losing support to a couple of a pirates!

MN: Can you seriously blame him?!

DT: Tag is made to Jason Murray as “Spotlight” Eric Beachy sets Jameson Murdock into a leg-scissor headlock... lifts him up for a powerbomb -- and OVER THE ROPES and INTO THE RING goes Jason Murray, with a STIFF flipping neckbreaker on Jameson Murdock!

DM: Point of View is definitely proving its finesse in teamwork here tonight.

DT: Murray looking for the pin here, and maybe he has it!



No! Jameson Murdock got the shoulder up once again, but he’s having to dig deep!

MN: No problem! Jason Murray brought his shovel tonight! And if the hole gets too deep and dark, he’s got a SPOTLIGHT to light his way!

DT: Clever, Mike... Jason Murray keeps up the pressure, pulling Jameson Murdock back to his feet! Murdock is definitely looking bad now! Murray takes him by the waist... lifts him and DROPS HIM with an Inverted Atomic Drop, putting him right to the mat -- and he holds onto the legs, looking to turn him over into a Boston Crab!

DM: This could be a bad place for Jameson Murdock! Jason Murray looks ready to bust him in half! But still, Murdock is fighting him!

DT: Jason Murray thought a quick one-two combo would be all he needed, but Jameson Murdock is giving him a battle! Syd Morgan, from the apron, now rallying the crowd behind his partner! From ringside, Bronte Lakes tries to get them going the other way, but she’s in a losing battle!

MN: Come on, Murray! You’re REALITY!

DT: Jameson Murdock trying to twist a leg loose... does he have it? YES! A BOOT goes right to Jason Murray’s jaw, knocking him back, and Murdock rolls back onto his feet, trying to build up some steam!

DM: This is his chance!

DT: Morgan stepping forward, and here comes Jameson Murdock, bounding to the SHOULDERS for the FRANKENSTEINER -- NO!! Countered by Murray with a POWERBOMB!

MN: YES!! Forget making him walk to plank... POWERBOMB him off of it!

DT: Jason Murray not yet finished... he runs to the ropes -- OFF THE SECOND -- AND NAILS JAMESON MURDOCK with the LIONSAULT!! Hooking the legs, making the cover...



NO! He pushes himself off once he sees Syd Morgan coming in to break things up! The ref quickly gets Morgan back to the apron, and points to Eric Beachy before he can get any ideas himself!

DM: Usually, officiating a tag match is a nightmare for any referee, but Brian Weatherby is doing a fine job of keeping things clean in this match thus far.

DT: Murray looks a tad frustrated, and perhaps he thought he could have won the match there if Syd Morgan had not interfered... nevertheless, he sticks to the plan, tagging Spotlight back into the ring on behalf of Point of View!

DM: They could keep this up all night, but they won’t be able to fully finish him off while Syd Morgan keeps a watchful eye from the Wolves’ corner!

DT: Both men dragging Murdock to his feet, and there’s a double Irish Whip to the ropes... Murray to the outside, leaving Beachy to handle the business as Jameson returns... and he DRIVES HIM into the mat with the Spinebuster!

MN: I honestly HOPE this goes all night! Point of View are the wrestling NINJAS to cancel out these idiot pirates!

DT: Eric Beachy is looking overly confident as he goes toward the corner and boosts himself to the top! He could be looking to drive the nail in the coffin here, and takes a moment to remind the cameras and millions watching at home of his greatness! And here he comes DIVING OFF, FOUR-HUNDRED AND FIFTY DEGREES into the SPLASH --


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: I bet Eric Beachy is definitely kicking himself now for spending that moment to showboat for the fans! What he wouldn’t give to have that moment back right now, and Jason Murray as well, covering his face on the apron!

DT: Meanwhile, the counter has given Jameson Murdock a chance to make a much-needed TAG! Eric Beachy has had the WIND knocked out of him, but he nevertheless knows he needs to tag out as well! It’s a race to the corners as both men drag themselves, fighting hard to inch their way forward!

MN: Good thing Spotlight rolled favorably toward his corner! He’s got a good lead on the whiskey guy!

DT: Looks like you’re right, Mike! Beachy reaching that last inch, makes the tag! In comes Murray, and Jameson Murdock desperately reaches out to touch the fingers of his tag partner! But Jason Murray GETS TO HIM and DRAGS HIM AWAY by the leg!

DM: SO CLOSE... but the odds went in Point of View’s favor!

MN: Heh heh...

DT: Murray wrangles Murdock around the head and pulls him back to his feet, but Jameson Murdock continues to fight back! Finally, Jason whips him around and buries his head under his arm! Bulling him to the corner -- NO! Murdock gets his LEGS on the turnbuckle -- and REVERSES with a TORNADO DDT!!

Crowd: *POP!!*


DM: Just when you thought it was over for the Wolves of the Sea, the tenacious Jameson Murdock comes through at the last second and just DRILLS Jason Murray on the top of his head! Now he’s gotta move!

DT: Murdock pulls himself up with the ropes... he sees Morgan, reaching out for him... HE DIVES... TAG IS MADE to SYD MORGAN, who storms into the ring! Jason Murray gets to his feet and is IMMEDIATELY barraged by forearms from Morgan as he forces him up against the ropes and pushes him off!


DT: Here comes Murray... and Syd Morgan PUTS HIM INTO THE AIR with the back body drop! Eric Beachy jumping the ropes to get in on the action, and Morgan DUCKS the running lariat attempt! Beachy gets spun around... and PUT TO THE MAT with a RELEASED GERMAN SUPLEX!!

DM: Syd Morgan is blowing up the ring like a war galley with cannons blasting everywhere! The fans are going absolutely WILD!

DT: Morgan eyeing Murray once again, mounting the back and putting his arms into position for the BARNACLE BAY submission hold! But Jason Murray is FIGHTING IT, getting his arms up to block the full nelson! Syd Morgan is just moments away from locking it in...

MN: Not so fast! Here comes the SPOTLIGHT!!

DT: ERIC BEACHY breaks it up with a diving double-axe handle smash!

DM: Jason Murray bought all the time he needed for his tag partner to recover and help him out of that! Did that take the wind right out of the sails for the Wolves of the Sea?

MN: Oh, let’s hope so!

DT: Murray back on his feet, bringing Morgan with him and telling his partner to get into position! Jason Murray has him held from behind as Eric Beachy steps back! And here he comes with the KENTUCKY RAIN --


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: PERFECT timing! The Wolves of the Sea have a chance to turn it around now!

DT: Murray gets knocked into the corner as Eric Beachy stands stunned, and -- WAIT, WHEN DID JAMESON MURDOCK GET TO THE TOP ROPES?! There he goes OFF THE TOP -- AND HE PULLS ERIC BEACHY OVER THE ROPES to the OUTSIDE with the TWO DOUBLOONS DRAGONRANA!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: NO, DAMNIT!! Point of View was SO CLOSE!

DT: Only the legal men are left in the ring now, and Syd Morgan rallies back to his feet as Jason Murray staggers out of the corner! Morgan with a BOOT to the gut... pulls Murray in under his arm... and lifts him up for THE CAP’N’S HONOUR --

-- but JASON MURRAY ROLLS THROUGH!! Morgan gets dropped on his back, and Murray’s lying on top, reaching over his head to HOOK THE LEG!





[CUE UP: “Point of View” by blink-182 as Murray breaks away from the pin and rises to his feet, raising his arms in victory. Syd Morgan immediately perks up, but half a second too late, and realizes with dismay that it’s over. Outside the ropes, Bronte Lakes is the only person ecstatically cheering as Jameson Murdock only now realizes what has happened.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the match...


MN: WOO-HOO! Get a glimpse of the FUTURE of Tag Team wrestling in Empire Pro, gentlemen!

DT: A disappointing to conclusion to this match for any who were rooting for the Wolves of the Sea to win this! Even so, they can’t be disappointed in themselves, because they definitely brought it all here tonight!

DM: That may be true, Dave, but in the end, it all came down to one man finding himself in the right place at the right time to make a move... and because Jason Murray made that move when he did, he and Eric Beachy are leaving the arena tonight as winners!

DT: In any case, I still feel this highly competitive match-up could have gone either way.

DM: Well, had Jameson Murdock kept to the ring, he could have broken up that last pinfall... but unfortunately, he probably came to the same conclusion as everybody else in the arena, thinking that his partner Syd Morgan was moments away from finishing this match.

MN: Everybody but ME, anyway! I never lost doubt in Jason Murray, and I can’t see where he and the Spotlight go in this company!

DT: On the flipside, the Wolves of the Sea forced the arrogant Point of View to a moment of desperation... and maybe they didn’t anticipate that, which is ultimately what brought them up short here tonight. Let’s take a quick break, fans, but we’ll be right back with more action!

[Morgan and Jameson, looking moody, make their way back up the ramp as they shake their heads and talk it over. Finally holding dominance of the ring, Jason Murray and Eric Beachy celebrate their victory with Bronte Lakes as the fans jeer the spectacle. A moment later, we fade out to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Ready For Prime Time

[CUE UP: “Best of the Best” by KU. MALCOLM JOSEPH-JONES emerges, dressed in his standard ring gear complete with white-framed protective goggles. In the center of the ring sits a table, an electric purple cloth covering something on top.]

DT: Welcome back, folks. Our new EPW Television Champion, Malcolm Joseph-Jones, got quite an ovation back at Unleashed when he dethroned the Anti-Champion, Anarky!

MN: He better not start pandering to the fans from now on. I like this jam WAY too much for it to be ruined by a guy turning into a goody two-shoes.

DM: I don’t think MJ2’s attitude has changed one bit since he made his debut here – he’s brash, he’s arrogant, and he has visions of greatness for himself. It may rub some people the wrong way, but I think we’ve all learned that Malcolm will be Malcolm, for better or for worse.

DT: You can say THAT again. His opinion of himself is so high that at this point, I can’t imagine anyone knocking that down, can you?

MN: Probably not. At the end of the day though, fellas, I’m sick of this whole “I need a custom title belt” B.S. that’s been going on here. The First has his, Anarky had his, and a clearly belt-like object’s sitting on that table. Does the Stanley Cup change if an egomaniac wins it that year? No.

DT: We’re all about to find out what MJ2 had to say, it looks like he’s reaching for the microphone now.

MJ2: My name…is Malcolm Joseph-Jones. And I am your NEW, EPW Television Champ.

Not Anti-Champion, nah, none of that. That boy Anarky was runnin’ around, talking about how much he hated championships, he hated the idea of this concrete proof that Wrestler X is superior to Wrestler Y, and so he took that belt and he desecrated it. For himself. For his OWN warped sense of right and wrong.

And I HATED that fact. I was fully prepared to send him all the bile in my belly that I could muster, to SHOW him how wrong he was.

And then, we all know what happened next.

RIP to your delusions, Anarky. RIP to your false sense of what it means to be a competitor. And if this is RIP to your career? Well…adios and sayonara.

DM: Some people think HE’S the delusional one.

MN: I think you’re all “the delusional one”.

MJ2: The new era isn’t about destroying the Empire…I don’t want to “invert your world” or “take you down into the sludge of humanity” or any of that nonsense. It’s about one thing: Greatness.

You’re going to learn what real greatness is, ladies and gentlemen. Buckle your seatbelts, getcha popcorn ready, ALL of that; at the end of the day, I’m not going to try to show you somewhere.

I am TAKING you all there. Whether you like it or not.

And it starts…with this:

[Malcolm lifts the cloth to reveal a wide gold-plated belt on a black strap with the words “EPW Television Champion” encompassing the entire plate. Two smaller gold plates on each side feature the EPW logo above blue squares representing TV screens. The original EPW Television Championship belt.]

DT: Why that’s…that’s not a custom title belt at all!

MN: Thank GOD.

DM: Did we really need a big ceremony for this? We’ve all seen the classic belt before.

MJ2: That’s right, y’all…your eyes aren’t lying. It’s the classic EPW Television Title. It’s real simple:

I don’t NEED a custom-designed championship belt to define my legacy with this company. Why?

Because when I finally hang up my boots and call it a career…my legacy with this company will define every title belt in the Empire.

Ten, twenty…thirty years from now, they’ll look at the history books and see pictures of this beautiful strap and talk about how “This was the MJ2 Television Title”. When I win the Intercontinental Championship? “Son, let me tell you all about the MJ2 Intercontinental Title”. If I find a partner who shares my greatness and we decide we want those tag straps? Same thing.

When I’m EPW World Heavyweight Champion?

…I think you get the message.

[The Empiretron flickers, The First stands backstage.]

FIRST: Boldly stated MJ2...But we'll see if you can back it up...Tonight will begin that process, and by the way...I've got an idea to run by you...We'll talk again...[Smiles. Empiretron goes black]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
James "Judgement" Haughton

The arena lights go down and the big screen comes on. James "Judgement" Haughton stands in a spotlight hunched over a table, face silhouetted due to the strong light. A hammer lies on the desk. He stares forward into the camera before finally beginning to speak.

“Good evening all, Judgement is coming”

A series of Jump cuts show Haughton standing in various different poses. He holds a small hammer in right hand in a few of them. In most of the he laughs and smiles, before the camera returns to him leaning over the table his face now visible.

“And by Judgement, I mean a lot of pain for a fair few of you”

Standing shots again flash up upon the screen again and this time they are interspliced with shots of Haughton wrestling for various other federations. Shots of The Sentence and Judgement come in quick succession.

“See I’ve fought my way through the biggest British companies. And every single one I have cleaned up the roster. I have taken down men and monsters, in quest after quest to rid this business of some of the biggest scumbags that it unfortunately attracts.”

More highlights including a judgement from the turnbuckle. Haughton begins to speak once more.

“The thing is, I’m in love with this business, I have been since I was a kid. I have grown up watching men and women fighting in this ring, for glory and good. People like me who have grown up simply wishing to be the best. Be the Greatest the world has ever seen by holding on the world heavyweight title. True titans fighting until their very last breathe in order to put on one of the greatest shows on earth”

A selection of EPW highlights flash up on the screen, with some of EPW’s biggest heroes’ greatest victories including Impulse winning his now surrendered title.

“But there are also some of the meanest nastiest, destructive wrestlers I have ever seen here. Men who have no care for titles or putting on the best show possible for fans. No these wrestlers are here for destruction and bloodlust.”

A selection of some of the nastiest beat downs flash up on the screen to be met with some cheers and an equal amount of winces.

“There is a whole lot of trash to take out. I look through this roster and I see a lot of good people, but I also see a lot of useless good for nothing posers who are pretending to wrestle. Cheaters, Liars and thieves.”

A shot of Haughton using his three punch taunt breaks the speech.

“So I come with warning. Stop the dirty tactics and cheap shots. Stop the random beat downs. Stop it all. For one very simple reason.”

The camera zooms in to Haughton’s face once again dramatically lit.


The hammer strikes the table once in slow motion, wood shatters.


A second strike


The hammer hits the table a last time and goes straight through, the screen fades to black.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Jones v. Willard v. Daymon v. Flair

[FADEIN: Tony Fatora standing in the middle of the ring.]

TF: The following contest is a four way match set for one fall! [Pop!]

[MUSIC UP: “ Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage The Elephant, the crowd gives some cheers as Aaron Jones makes his way to the ring.]

TF: Making his way to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana weighing in at 160 pounds….AARON JONES!!

MN: Why is he here? What is the point of this kid wasting our time?

DM: I’d say Aaron Jones has shown a lot of improvement as of late Neely.

MN: Lemme know when he wins a match, which you never will cause it’s never going to happen!

[Jones hits the ring and paces as he waits for his three opponents to enter the ring. MUSIC UP: “Genesis” by Justice, Adrian Willard storms to the ring, the crowd with a mixed reaction to him.]

TF: Now making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 280 pounds…ADRIAN!!! WILLARD!!!

DT: A lot of people would say Willard has a right to be upset about what happened in the five way match for the IC Title at unleashed, between the actions of Rezin and Boogie Smallz it’s pretty clear that Willard got a raw deal.

DM: I’m sure Willard is looking for a win here to get himself another crack at Boogie and the belt he was so close to winning at Unleashed.

[Willard hits the ring and stares daggers at Jones who keeps to a corner. MUSIC UP: “All Along The Watchtower.” By Jimi Hendrix The pop is huge as Eli Flair and Poison Ivy walk towards the ring.]

TF: Coming to the ring with Poison Ivy, from the Bronx, New York weighing in at 294 pounds…”Total Elimination” ELI…FLAIR!!

DT: This crowd is pumped, Eli Flair said he only needs one year to make an impact here in EPW and after his win at Unleashed the fight continues.

MN: Yeah, he beat the scrub, and now he gets a chance to beat him again, be nice to see him in a match without a designated fall guy.

[Flair hits the ring, climbing the ropes and raising a fist in the air as the crowd cheers, he then climbs down the ropes and gets loose as he awaits the bell. MUSIC UP: “At The Well” by Neurosis . The crowd once again pops huge, this time as Rocko Daymon makes his way to the ring.]

TF: Hailing from Seattle Washington weighing in at 234 pounds…ROCKO!!! DAYMON!!!!

DT: The former EPW World Champion has them on their feet here in Oklahoma City!

DM: After his winning return at Unleashed you know Rocko is looking to keep it going here tonight and he’s got a heck of a challenge in front of him.

MN: The only challenge here is who can clear the other two out long enough to get a pin on Aaron Jones, we’ve all seen this movie before, we know the ending.

[Bell rings.]

DT: Flair and Daymon trade punches as Willard charges Jones and MISSES with a big clothesline, Jones with a series of dropkicks staggering Willard and knocks him through the ropes and to the floor! Flair sends Daymon into the corner and Jones charges in and CLOTHESLINES Daymon!

MN: What?! We got an alliance here! The fix is in on this one!

DM: Jones jumping in after a move by Flair isn’t proof of anything Neely.

MN: I bet you got good money on Flair, you knew about this before the match didn’t you Dean?! Couldn’t hook me up with a tip here? I got a new car I need to get paid off.

DT: Willard grabs Jones by the legs and trips him. Jones dragged to the outside and DRIVEN into the railing! Willard back in the ring now and hammering away on Flair with right hands…Flair firing back and the two men trading shots…Rocko with a DROPKICK in the back of Willard that sends him into Flair…THEY CLASH HEADS…Flair spills to the floor…ROCKO WITH A CRADLE ON WILLARD!




DT: Willard powers out and Daymon and Willard both rush to their feet, Willard with a big right hand and another shot staggers Daymon…Daymon sent into the ropes…Willard misses with a clothesline…Daymon jumps up on Willard’s back…He’s trying to drag him down with a Crucifix…JONES BACK IN AND DROPKICKS WILLARD…WILLLARD FALLS INTO THE PIN!

MN: You idiot Jones!




DT: Jones has to break up the pin he accidentally caused…Flair now back in and clotheslines Jones in the back of the head! Daymon back up and gets a kick caught by Flair…ENZIGURI BY DAYMON! Flair drops to the mat, Daymon back to his feet…WILLARD KICKS DAYMON IN THE GUT!! WILLARD LIFTS HIM…POWER BOMB!!! WILLARD WITH A COVER!!




DT: Daymon POWERS out at two…He got DRILLED by that Powerbomb!

DM: He’s not called the Undying for nothing, Rocko Daymon is a double tough competitor.

MN: Hit him with two more power bombs and we’ll be calling him The Dead Rocko Daymon, crush him Willard!

DT: Flair back up and he spins Willard around and cracks him with a right hand. Willard staggering after a series of rights…Flair sends him into the ropes…BIG BOOT!! Willard just got drilled by Flair and Flair quickly drops into a cover…LEG IS HOOKED!




DT: Willard powers out at two! Flair stalking him…Aaron Jones scampers to the top rope…JONES OFF THE TOP WITH A CROSS BODY ON FLAIR!! FLAIR CATCHES HIM!!! PRESS SLAM BY FLAIR!! A COVER!!




DT: Daymon breaks up the pin! Daymon and Willard now back up and both of them stomping away on Jones and Flair. Daymon grabs Jones…He’s hooking him up for a Brain Dropper! WILLARD CLOTHESLINES DAYMON!

MN: Why would he do that?! Let Daymon crush the goober and then make your move, stupid decision there!


MN: Maybe I’m corrected and that was the right call.

DT: Neely correcting himself?! Hell might have frozen over…Flair after Willard and the two men trading punches as neither one is letting the other get the chance to score a pin on Daymon…WILLARD AND FLAIR SPILL TO THE FLOOR!! Jones now crawling…

DM: Don’t tell me!

MN: No way, no way Jones wins this, somebody stop him!

DT: Jones crawling over to Daymon who still hasn’t moved since being dropped by Willard…Jones throwing an arm over Daymon’s chest!




DT: DAYMON THROWS THE SHOULDER UP!! Jones is beside himself, he thought he’d just gotten his first win in EPW…Jones now pulling Daymon to his feet…I think Jones is setting him up for a DDT, is that his finisher?

MN: This kid doesn’t have any moves, how could he have a finisher?!


DM: Eli and Willard are still brawling on the floor, now Willard sees it and he’s trying to get into the ring!

DT: Flair throws Willard HARD into the railing and now he is trying to get in the ring…JONES TAPS! JONES TAPS AND DAYMON HAS WON IT!! [Crowd pops as the bell rings and “At The Well” by Neurosis plays.]

TF: Here is your winner…ROCKO!!! DAYMON!!!

[Daymon makes his way to the back with an arm raised in the ring Flair helps Jones to his feet while Willard slowly gets to his feet outside the ring.]

DT: Rocko Daymon with a big win in this four way battle, everyone seemed to have their moment but it was Daymon who put it all together when it counted and ends up with the victory!

MN: Let’s be completely honest here, he was the one that caught the gimp and so he gets his arm raised, that’s all that happened here.

DT: You can down play it all you want but Rocko Daymon took the best shots that Flair, Willard and Jones had to offer and he came up with a victory…We’ll be right back after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Sensitively Described African American Superman

[Back from the break and Gary Freedman is standing in the ring.]

GARY FREEDMAN: How are you fans enjoying the show so far? [Crowd cheers.] Well I have a surprise for you tonight. Coming off of a huge victory at Unleashed, this man defeated four of the top wrestlers in EPW to capture the Intercontinental championship. And I am pleased to announce that we are working hard to secure a contract with him that will enable us to continue having him with this organization for many shows to come.

Please show your support as I welcome to the ring…BOOGIE SMALLZ!

[“Black Superman” by Above The Law begins to play and the crowd stands to their feet as Boogie Smallz makes his way to the ring. Smallz is wearing a black suit, sunglasses, and the Intercontinental championship is nowhere to be seen. He is followed to the ring by a young black man in a navy blue suit and wire rim glasses, holding a thick book in his hand.

Boogie climbs into the ring and the crowd boos loudly as Smallz looks around the audience with a smirk on his face. He removes the sunglasses, straightens his jacket, and the music fades out.]

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Your ass kissin’ ain’t gonna win you any points with me. We aren’t friends, so stop tryin’ to butter me up with that intro.

FREEDMAN: I just thought you deserved a grand welcome. You are an important cog in the machine known as EPW…and you warrant all the praise I can give you. That five-way match at Unleashed was terrific. Now…who is this gentleman with you?

SMALLZ: Well Gary, since the contract talks have hit a stalemate, I’ve brought in some additional representation to iron out this deal. I figure a man of my caliber would get the respect several other past World champions have received when dealing with Empire Pro. Instead, I get Dan Ryan’s lapdog because he isn’t man enough to deal with me himself.

Even though he has personally dealt with signin’ all the talent before I captured the Intercontinental title…all of the sudden he doesn’t have time to deal with me. Rocko Daymon and Eli Flair got big money guaranteed deals and now I’m bein’ shortchanged by getting’ thrown a one year deal for the minimum amount. You send an offer, we counter it, and this thing is gettin’ absolutely nowhere. It’s a waste of my time and a flat out slap in the face to be treated with this much lack of value.

If you want to include Eli Flair in the World title lineage…I should be included as well. Yet for some reason, probably personal, my name is nowhere to be seen in the World title history of GXW. A company, might I add, that Dan Ryan himself claims that Empire Pro evolved from. And that is only ONE of my stickin’ points on this new contract…yet I continue to get jerked around while you run to get approval from Dan Ryan.

FREEDMAN: You must understand, contracts are a tricky thing. I have to look out for the best interest of the company. I can’t go over the budget. I have constraints.

SMALLZ: Constraints? What? Like Dan Ryan not hittin’ his profit margin so he can fill that mansion “as big as the state of Texas” with all the loot he is fuckin’ over the talent here by stackin’? It’s ridiculous Freedman. I know the game…I know what’s goin’ on here…and I ain’t the one for y’all to get over on. I have been screwed over by a shitty contract from Dan Ryan in the past…and that ain’t about to happen again.

This man with me tonight is the new thorn in your side for gettin’ this deal done. Effective immediately, the ink just dried and I have signed on with Jay Z’s agency, Roc Nation, for my representation.

[Smallz passes the mic to his agent.]

AGENT: Mr. Freedman, my name is Reginald Sinclair and from this moment forward if you wish to secure the services of Boogie Smallz…you and your boss need cut out the shenanigans and stop lollygagging around. This man has multiple accolades and his earned a spot in this industry as one of the best athletes this sport has ever seen. Yet…you treat him as if he is lucky to be with EPW. And this is something you have completely wrong…it’s actually the other way around. EPW is lucky, and should be gracious, to have a talent like him on your roster.

FREEDMAN: I agree, I think Boogie is phenomenal. He is the type of athlete we want in this company. But he has a bad track record and I don’t think anyone wants to invest too much in someone that has a past that included recreational drug use and constantly clashes with management.

SINCLAIR: While I certainly can respect your point of view, that was nearly ten years ago when Mr. Smallz was involved with the occasional puff of weed. He has moved on from this and has passed all drug tests given to him since returning to EPW last year. So your argument there is a bit weak. As for his clash with management, I would dispute that claim based on the fact that Dan Ryan has some sort of grudge against my client.

[Boogie grabs the microphone from his agent.]

SMALLZ: Freedman, don’t play naïve because you are new to this position. I am sure when you were hired as the Executive of Talent Relations, you were well aware of the goings-on in this company. It is personal with Dan Ryan because the man has buried me every chance he could and practically ruined my life by blackballin’ me from the sport I love because he wanted me to keep quiet about the shady dealings he had with the talent in this company by using me as an instrument to do his bidding.

FREEDMAN: Yes, I am familiar with your issues with Mr. Ryan. However, sometimes you must separate personal feelings from business. You can’t always get your way. It’s an ebb and flow…a give and take.

SINCLAIR: All we are asking for is equality. All we want is what others that signed contracts here with similar accomplishments have received. The bottom line is, if you do not comply with our demands…your Intercontinental champion will only defend the belt on a per event deal of roughly $100,000.

This company likes to open its doors to outsiders for big grandstand challenges, like the King of the Cage, and signing talent up to deals for the length of the tournament. And in the event that someone won one of the championships under such circumstances without a long-term deal in place,

[Pulls out the thick book he brought to the ring and turns to an earmarked page with a highlighted section that he points to in order to show Freedman.]

As you can see here, if someone is not under contract to EPW and is the Intercontinental champion…every appearance they make on EPW television is worth $20,000. Every time they wrestle a match it’s $40,000. And if they defend the championship in a match…that is $100,000. I am sure that we could adjust those figures due to inflation and the fact that these by-laws haven’t been revised since 2003.

[Freedman rubs his hands over his face as he digests the information presented to him. Boogie then takes the microphone from Sinclair.]

SMALLZ: I mean, technically, I could just agree to face Aaron Jones on every show and defend the title 100 times, force this company into bankruptcy and pat myself on the back for a job well done. But since I’m a nice guy… [Smirks.] I’m givin’ you the chance to do somethin’ a bit more within your so called “constraints”.

Freedman, you should be thankin’ me.

FREEDMAN: Thanking you?

SMALLZ: Think about it. I forced a change in the corporate culture of EPW. I called Dan Ryan out on his unfair practices, I made the sponsors aware, and when they heard my pleas…they responded. When they saw the talent begin to leave the company and the signing of overpriced, over-the-hill, washed up has-beens like a Sean Stevens, an Eli Flair, a Rocko Daymon…they realized that the senior tour route would ultimately turn fans away.

A proven commodity, like myself, wasn’t locked into a deal…they got nervous. I am an established draw. I have captivated the audience since I returned here after Ultratitle…whether these people want to believe it or not…I’m the reason they tune in to watch Aggression. I’m the reason that the pay-per-view buyrates and overall viewership of this company is up.

And I am the reason why you even have this job, Freedman. [Smallz approaches Freedman and towers over him with a menacing look on his face in an attempt to intimidate the EPW executive.] So show some fuckin’ gratitude and pay me like I’m owed!

SINCLAIR: You will be hearing from me in the morning. Good evening.

[Sinclair and Smallz exit the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Freedman peers on with a concerned look on his face after encountering his most difficult dilemma since taking the executive position with EPW.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Inherit the Wind

[CUE UP: "Soothsayer Lies" by LOURDS. The fans cheered; at first it was perhaps a reaction to the upbeat melody of the song, but when the Imperial Screen lit up to - at this point - a familiar face to the Oklahoma City fans, they got even louder.]

MN: Why are we doing this again?

DT: Mike, this woman has spent the past few weeks here in Oklahoma City, getting to know the people, making personal appearances, and helping bring a face to the tragedy of that tornado - AND she was here and made it through another one!

MN: So? What has she done for me lately?

DM: If you listen to the stories, over two hundred people are here tonight specifically because she befriended them in the past few weeks. And if you multiply that by the number of people who likely came because they heard about her efforts, you could probably credit your paycheck tonight to the fact that Rose was here.

MN: ... I mean no disrespect, I was just asking.

[Calico Rose entered the arena holding a microphone, dressed in a tank top advertising the Tornado Alley Roller Girls, one of the local Roller Derby teams, along with faded jeans and black Converse low tops. She carried a microphone in one hand and seemed like she was trying to have a conversation with every fan she could on the way to the ring.

Fortunately, she realized this was a television show with a time limit, and she was in the ring before the song ended.]

[SFX: "CALLY! CALLY!" chanted the crowd, making the young lady look a bit embarassed.]

ROSE: Save the energy, guys - I'm not really a wrestler. Save it for Impulse and Malcolm Joseph-Jones!

[SFX: Another pop at the presumably more popular half of the evening's main event.]

ROSE: So I've been here for a few weeks now, hanging out with everyone. Enjoying the RedHawks and the Derby Girls and everyone in between.

MN: More pandering. Get to the point!

ROSE: I might've come here at the request of our fearless leader, Dan Ryan, but I stayed - and had a heck of a time - because you guys are awesome.


ROSE: Dan Ryan told me, 'Just go and have a good time. I know the city, I know the people, someone as nuts as you is just what they need right now.'

[She stopped and looked like she was pondering the statement.]

ROSE: I assumed it was a compliment.

[A ripple of laughter went through the crowd.]

ROSE: But he was right. Officially, I was here to convince you fine people to come to Aggression tonight; since we're sold out I'm assuming I was successful?

[CUTTO: Somewhere in the crowd, a twentysomething girl was holding up a sign reading 'CALICO ROSE PUT MY ASS IN THIS SEAT' fairly near to another sign held up by a twentysomething man that humorously read 'CALICO ROSE'S ASS PUT MY ASS IN THIS SEAT.']

ROSE: Underneath all the business stuff, though, Dan Ryan was right when he told me he knew this city: he wanted to do what he could to help out after what happened with the tornado. Tornadoes. I have a healthy respect for Mother Nature and an even bigger respect for you guys who can get through the day without hiding in the basement at every warning. I know I couldn't. I don't know how successful I was, but if my being here made anyone happpy for any length of time, then I'm glad to have done it.

[The fans applauded. Cheap pop? Maybe, but the smart money said she had no idea what a cheap pop was.]

ROSE: Anyways, a lot of people that I met since I got here have been asking me how I am, how I was doing, what was I going to do about Muse sucker - punching me at Unleashed.

[SFX: Boos at Muse's mention.]

ROSE: I don't hold grudges, and I don't like to have conflict with anyone, so all I want to do is ask Muse to come out here and admit that hitting me in the head and kicking me when I was down at Unleashed wasn't necessary, and maybe to apologize for it so we can go on with our lives.

MN: She won't come.

DT: You never know.

MN: Oh, I know.

[The fans were making the typical 'What's about to happen' buzz amongst themselves, when out of nowhere...]

[CUE UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre. Boos filled the air.]

DM: You were saying?

MN: Well.... she won't apologize.

[Muse walked out from the back, holding a microphone in her hand. She stopped right at the entranceway, however, and she appeared to be soaking in the boos with an unusual level of enjoyment. After forcing the fans to wait for over a minute after the music stopped, she slowly raised the microphone to her lips.]

MUSE: You're a strange one, Rose. All the posturing and preaching and self - righteous aggravation that Impulse sends into the world, I don't get that from you. It's almost like you really are exactly as you portray yourself, and I can respect that.

[SFC: A cautious pop from the fans.]

MUSE: When you first demanded an apology from me, The First told you that I would apologize for nothing, and he's correct. I don't apologize. I don't backstep. But I'm listening to you now, and I've surprised myself for actually agreeing with you.

DT: And you said you knew here.

MN: ...

MUSE: Was attacking you at Unleashed necessary? No, probably not. You weren't interfering, and even if you were, you wouldn't have altered the course of the match.

[SFX: Cheers from the crowd.]

ROSE: Thank--

MUSE: Don't interrupt me.

[SFX: Boos. Rose looked stunned.]

MUSE: Besides, The First didn't need any help beating Impulse. That match was going to end the way it did no matter what.

[A defiant sneer spread across Muse's face.]

MUSE: So, while attacking you wasn't necessary... it was fun and fulfilling, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat because while the memory still gives me goosebumps, there's nothing like the real thing.

[SFX: A chorus of boos increased in volume, coupled with some impolite chants directed toward Muse.]

MUSE: So, not only am I not sorry for attacking you, but by the end of the night I will guarantee that I'll knock your naive ass out again, for absolutely no reason at all.

[Muse smiled.]

MUSE: Have a good night.

[She turned and walked out, ignoring Rose's attempt to get her attention again, and ignoring the fans who are shouting terrible things toward her.]

MN: Who was right? I was right.

DT: Let's go to commercial and sort this out.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Refocus and Refract

"That performance was...disappointing."

[Standing in front of an Empire Pro Wrestling banner is "The Last Nighthawk" Christian Light. Dressed in a black Empire Pro T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of Aviator sunglasses, he stands before us with his hands on his hips, shaking his head.]

"The Last Nighthawk" Christian Light: Matter of fact, it was downright dreadful.

Weeks preparing to step into the ring. Weeks preparing to exact revenge against Boogie Smallz and then what happens?

Three competitors ganged up on me. Boogie...Rich Mahogany...and Rezin...they all took turns taking shots at me. Once Rezin put the finishing touches on me, Mahogany picked the bones clean. One...two...three...

First one gone.

I'm not sure what was spit into my face...it sure smelled like rotten eggs, so we'll go with the whole "egg on my face" routine. Throughout my career, I've had good success in multi-man matches. I never expected to win this one, but I always go in thinking I have a shot at being there in the end.

In reality, I fell way short.

[A disappointed sigh from The Last Nighthawk as his hands fall from his hips to his sides.]

Light: I looked back on my match and tried to figure out just what the heck went wrong. Was I not prepared for something? Did I get outhustled? Did I burn out too quickly? Did I get beat by a superior talent? And if I did...is it time, after 14 years in the business, to let it all go and enter the private sector?

Is it time to retire my colors?

That, to me, is the scariest question of all.

After all, Father Time is still your reigning undefeated champion of the world. And once he sets his sights on you, its game over.

I looked myself in the mirror days after this loss...this loss that I built myself up so much for, and I said one thing.

[It's here that The Last Nighthawk pulls off his Aviator sunglasses with his right hand and stares into the camera with his deep blue eyes.]

Light: No.

I'm not done yet. Not by a long shot.

Maybe if I had gotten rolled in one on one competition, maybe if Anarky and Boogie Smallz had pinned me one-on-one, maybe then itd be a sign that I was on the twilight of my career.

But they didn't.

No, what my problem is...is that I've lost sight of the goal.

[Light pauses for a moment to put his sunglasses away, hooking them to his front right pocket by the arm.]

Light: After the trying six months I've had elsewhere...well, you try not to bring your baggage with you, but some of it has a way of following you wherever it goes.

In other words, I've come into the Empire and made things personal when I shouldn't have.

Between Boogie and I, between Anarky and I...I took everything to heart, and acted as such. Sometimes it worked...sometimes it didn't. But either way, I've gotten away from that which brought me to the dance in the first place.

I'm not here to make mortal enemies and have blood feuds.

I'm here to compete.

I'm here to pin shoulders to the mat.

I'm here to tap people out.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do from here forward.

I could take this loss personally. I could swear revenge against Rezin or Rich or even Boogie.

But its time to let all of that crap slide. This isn't Game of Thrones. Grudges both ancient and new will not be held fast by this man.

[Light punctuates this by tapping his right index finger against his chest.]

Light: I'm going to climb up the ladder, rung by rung and match by match, until I'm making noise in the Empire for the right reasons.

For racking up wins.

For putting gold around my waist.

And my first golden target?

The Intercontinental Championship. But not because of Boogie Smallz and his childish antics.

I meant what I said a minute ago. I'm releasing all my possible grudges and vengeance plays. I don't want that bloodlust lifestyle.

But Boogie Smallz holding the Intercontinental title represents a personal failing. It represents the inability I had to separate the business side of the wrestling world from my personal feelings. Every day he holds that title is another reminder about how I failed at Unleashed. When I can step into the ring with Boogie and not be swept up in all the emotional turmoil he creates...and when I can take that title from Boogie...that's when I will have rectified my mistake.

That's when I will know I'm back to my old ways.

I know I'm not gonna be able to just jump into a title match with Boogie. I'm sure Adrian Willard and Rezin might have something to say about that, but I welcome their challenges. I will not rest until I have corrected my mistakes and become a better wrestler.

I will not rest until I become a better man.

And if I can see this through to its ultimate end...I will not rest until I've become The Empire's Intercontinental Champion.

[Sharp cut to snow before we return to a shot of the broadcast table.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
World Tag Team Titles: Animezing Dragons (cc) v. Dirk Dickwood Presents

DT: Some interesting comments from Christian Light there.

MN: Acknowledging utter and complete failure is a good first step.

DM: I think he'd agree that things haven't gone exactly as planned, but I wouldn't call him an utter and complete failure.

MN: That's because you're dumb.

DM: What?

MN: Nothing.

DT: (sigh) Ladies and gentlemen, the World Tag Team Championship is up next... let's go to the ring!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall… and is for the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING… WORLD… TAG TEAM… CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

[CUE UP: “Ikari No Jyushin”. The fans give a strong pop as Otaku and “The Dragon” head to the ring, hi-fiving fans. Otaku is dressed in cosplay as Edge Maverick from “Star Ocean: The Last Hope”]

DT: The Dragon’s won the titles for a third time at Unleashed, beating Dirk Dickwood Presents after the former champs attacked from behind.

MN: They weren’t ready! They were still warming up!

TF: Introducing first, they are the reigning and defending world tag team champions…

Otaku… Karl Brown… ANIMEZING… DRAGONS!!

[The champions make it to the ring, when Gary Freedman appears on the stage]

GF: Sorry to interrupt… actually, I’m not sorry. Especially when people try to play games with this company. I know you [he points at the crowd] were expecting a World Tag Team Title match with Dirk Dickwood Presents and Animezing Dragons, but once again I’ve been left waiting for DDP to turn up. They were late for their call earlier. And you know what? We gave them a chance at the Pay Per View because it was their title defence. But this time?

No chance. They’re out.

DT: WOAH! Big news from Gary Freedman!!

MN: This is unfair!

GF: I know Mike’s just said this unfair. And he’s right. You were promised a tag team title match. A match pitting one of the most dominant teams in Empire Pro history against worthy challengers.

Well… Karl, I know you’ll take on anyone, any time, inside the ring here in Empire Pro. So when I thought DDP wouldn’t turn up, I thought to myself, who would be a worthy team to put in the ring against the three time champions? What team has maybe more history and maybe more prestige than Animezing Dragons?

I put in a call. It took some talking, but for business, we’ve found you worthy opponents…


[CUE UP: A marching beat. The crowd grow curious, the noise growing]

DM: Wait a minute… don’t tell me…

[Brown keeps his eyes firmly on the entrance way as the drums kick in]

[CUE UP: “Links 2-3-4” by Rammstein as the crowd go wild! On the screen, separating shots of marching soldiers, come the familiar names





DM: Holy cow!!

DT: Freedman handing over an envelope, the two talking. Leonard waves… IT’S BLITZ!! IT’S BLITZ!! THE LONGEST SINGLE REIGNING CHAMPIONS IN EPW TAG TEAM HISTORY!!


[Max and Jecht, followed by Leonard’s assistant, Laura, step from behind the curtain, all business as the crowd ERUPTS at the sight of the two behemoths. 6’10” Max is dressed in black tights, black boots, and black wrist tape, while the 6’11”, 350lb Jecht is dressed in black tights, boots, skin-tight vest and wrist tape. As the chorus kicks in they start marching towards the ring, the house lights going out and spotlights searching the arena. Several fans try to reach out and touch the wrestlers, but the two just ignore them, reaching the ring quickly and stepping over the top rope]

DT: Otaku has headed to the outside, Brown’s leaning against the ropes, what a sight this is!

[The music continues, giving Max and Jecht a chance to salute the fans, which they do, briefly, returning their eyes to the champions as Otaku climbs back onto the ring apron. As the music ends, the house lights come back, a “BLITZ! BLITZ! BLITZ!” chant filling the arena]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, the last time we saw Blitz in and Empire Pro Wrestling ring was almost six years ago! They were on the very first Aggression, they held the tag team titles for what, 18 months!

DM: I never thought we’d see these two back after how they left!

DT: They went on to become A1E tag team champions for over a year, then Max got hurt in Japan, but look at them! They look in PHENOMENAL shape!

MN: Why are they back?!

DM: It shows that Gary Freedman will do business with anyone given the right circumstances! You saw him giving Leonard Johnson an envelope, probably paying him, Leonard is a businessman.

MN: And Laura looks as lovely as ever!

DT: She’s certainly not changed much in the last 6 years. The champions are being cautious.

DM: Otaku is. Brown’s smiling!

DT: He’s saying he’ll take the first go for his team. Jecht steps to the outside for Blitz, there’s the bell, look at the size difference!!

DM: Max’s left leg was snapped badly in Japan when someone hit a moonsault on his thigh so he’s not carrying the same 300 plus pounds he used to but he’s still almost 7 foot tall and he’s built to match!

DT: “The Dragon” being very, very cautious, keeping close to the ropes. Max just standing there, keeping his eyes on the Englishman.

MN: An Englishman and a German… this could get ugly.

DM: Brown and Blitz used to travel together from time to time so he might know something more than most but how you prepare for these two, I have no idea.

DT: Brown away from the ropes, avoids a right from Max, steps behind and a kick to that left thigh!

DM: It took Max over two years to recover from that injury, that’s a smart move.

DT: Brown gets the big man down to one knee, kick to the back, he’s trying to avoid letting Max get his hands on him.

DM: Back off the ropes, dropkick takes Max back to the ropes!

DT: Really good balance. Off the ropes again, Irish whip attempt, Max reverses, Brown ducks the clothesline, cross body attempt – Max catches him!!

DM: Knees quickly to the head by Brown! Max drops him down, Brown goes behind, off the ropes – big boot shuts the champion down!

DT: Max quickly peels Brown off the mat, tags in Jecht, Jecht with a BIG clubbing blow to the ribs.

DT: The big man in the ring, Brown’s really rocked by the clubbing forearms to the back. Still very early in this match and Blitz are looking dominant!

MN: Would you expect anything less from one of the greatest teams in EPW history?

DT: Not really. Jecht with a hard whip across the ring, Brown up and over the top, Jecht was ready for him to do that, didn’t follow it up, charges and Brown ducks the clothesline, Brown heads to the ropes, under the boot, Otaku blind tag, Brown gets taken out with a side slam but Otaku with a springboard shoulder tackle takes Jecht to the mat!

DM: The Dragons are no slouches, either, don’t ever forget that.

DT: Otaku with a dropkick staggers Jecht, “The Dragon” to the outside. Otaku with a boot to the midsection, tries an Irish whip - shortarm clothesline by Jecht!

MN: Thanks for coming, anime freak!

DT: The sheer size and experience of these two makes them difficult opponents if you know you’re facing them, and when you don’t! Jecht has Otaku up, scoop slam - and a big leg drop! Into the cover.


Kickout just after two by Otaku.

DM: The Dragons’ best hope would be to isolate one of Blitz, if you can. First you need to get some offence in again, though.

DT: Otaku scooped up again, Jecht with a tag to Max - BIG slam onto Max’s outstretched knee! Impressive backbreaker double team there, Max into the cover, and a two count.

DM: Leonard’s looking very pleased with himself.

MN: Wouldn’t you be? Back in the big time, baby!

DT: The German has Otaku up, backed into the corner. Big, driving shoulders, straight into the ribs, the ref telling him to bring it out of the corner.

DM: Max uses the five count well, breaks just before the 5.

DT: Hooks the head - vertical suplex!! From almost seven feet up that’s a long way down!



Kickout by Otaku.

DM: This could be a short reign at this rate!

DT: Brown calling for the tag, Otaku caught in a wrist lock. Boot to the chest by Max, cranks up the wrist lock. Another boot, Irish whip off the ropes, Otaku ducks under, Brown tried to make a blind tag but was too far away, Otaku slides through Max’s legs, rolls through - Brown tagged back in!

MN: Look at the German, goading Brown to get into the ring.

DT: He doesn’t need an invitation. Keeps an eye on Max, weighs it up - charges!

MN: Big mistake!



Brown with a two count off a crucifix!

DM: He was looking for that.

DT: Dropkick to the back of the head forces Max closer to the neutral corner, Brown with boots to the midsection, kick to the knee forcing Max back in.

DM: Irish whip across the ring, Brown follows it straight up.

DT: Big clothesline in the corner, Brown mounts the turnbuckle - leaping elbow to the top of the head!!

DM: That’s one way to ground someone!

DT: Max staggers out of the corner, Brown with a tag to Otaku, and a big double vertical suplex!

DM: Jecht doens’t look happy at this turn of events.

DT: The champions peeling Max off the mat, Irish whip, double dropkick takes him back down!

MN: Get him out of there! Stupid ref.

DT: Brown back in his corner, calls for the tag again, Otaku brings Max closer to the corner, opens the ribs - knee from the top rope by “The Dragon”.

DM: Twists the arm as Otaku to the outside.

DT: Brown with a foot to the back of the knee, forcing Max down to size. Kick to the chest, spins round, back of the head, and Brown very quickly there following up by driving the German’s left knee into the canvas.

[“The Dragon”, wanting to keep the pressure on, grabs Max’s ankle, places his own foot on the back of the German’s knee, falls back and starts to stretch out the knee - unfortunately, they’re positioned too close to the ropes, allowing Max to reach his hand out easily to force the hold to be broken. The German keeps his hand on the bottom rope, testing his knee before Brown comes in again - to be met with a thumb to the eye]

DM: Oh, I forgot that bit. Never afraid to do anything.

MN: That’s Max!

DT: Big clubbing right to the jaw knocks the tag team champion to the canvas. Grabs him by the head and takes him back into Blitz’s corner, tags in Jecht, and some big elbows to the jaw as the goliath enters the match again.

[Jecht carries on where Max left off, scoring several hard elbows strikes to Brown. Leading him from the corner, he scoops him up and hits a hard side walk slam for a long two count. Continuing the offensive, Jecht picks Brown up two-handed by the throat and slams him back into the corner, where the giant stretches out a leg, holds onto the top rope for balance, and chokes Brown with a giant boot. The referee gets to a count of 4.9 before Jecht releases the hold, whipping Brown as hard as he can across the ring, the Englishman hitting so hard chest first that he lands a good four foot back from the corner]

MN: This one is OVER! O-V-E-R! Over!

DT: Mike proving he can spell, this is a dominant display from Blitz, the tag champions haven’t had much chance to exert any real spell of offence so far.

DM: Otaku is trying to get the crowd behind Brown, but Jecht is just overpowering the champion.

DT: Has him up, back suplex! Into the cover, Brown with a kickout at two again.

DM: Raw brute force is a huge plus in a match. It’s easier to knock someone so hard they can’t answer the three count, and we’re seeing that come true here.

DT: Jecht tags in Max, drops Brown across the knee, big gut buster!

DM: Jecht with a hard stomp to the head, the ref gets him out of the ring

DT: One!


Shoulder barely up that time!

DM: Otaku’s looking really worried.

DT: Max scoops Brown up over the shoulder, charges - into the corner, back out and a power slam!

DM: He’s calling for it!

DT: Max scoops Brown up again - Otaku in from behind!

DM: It could have been that driver Max uses coming up, but Otaku interrupts.

MN: And gets told off by the ref! Stupid anime buff!

DT: Jecht in as the ref’s back’s turned, Blitz double teaming “The Dragon”!

DM: And Jecht quickly back outside after that double side slam.

DT: Otaku breaks up the cover, and look at Otaku, smartly going out of the ring nearer to Blitz’s corner this time!

DM: Definitely a smart move. It stopped Jecht trying to get in behind the ref. Brown’s trying to move over to his corner, Max with a camel clutch.

[Otaku is quickly back at his corner, cheering his partner on as Max cinches the hold in, pulling hard back on the chin and bending Brown’s spine at an unnatural angle. The referee checks to see whether Brown wants to give up, only to be refused, causing Max to leap up and crash down into Brown’s spine before reapplying the hold]

DT: Brown showing real determination here, not giving in, but it can’t be long, can it?

DM: He refuses to give in again, Max with another sit down, Otaku looks like he wants to get into the match so badly right now.

DT: The ref asking Brown again if he wants to call it quits, Max - OW!!


DT: Brown with an innovative counter! Max leaping up, comes back down and Brown with his knees up!!

MN: Straight into the soprano switch!

DT: I don’t care how big you are, that’s going to hurt! Brown nowhere near as badly hurt as we thought, spun over so quickly, and drags himself over, there’s the tag! Otaku back into the match, up top - MOONSAULT!!

Lands on his feet, off the ropes, dropkick to the face of Max as he tried to get back up! Brings Max to his feet, Irish whip, drops down, big drop kick and the German is down!

DM: Otaku’s fresh and you know how he likes to go on about the “power of youth” or whatever it is. Showing real determination here.

DT: Otaku with a shot to Jecht, Leonard Johnson trying to restrain the big man.

DM: There’s that legendary temper.

DT: Turns around, Max has him! Bear hug, no! Otaku with a counter, hooks the head - DDT!!



Kickout by Max.

[Otaku drills an elbow on the top of Max’s head, using the stunning shot as a chance to climb back to the top rope]

DT: Otaku – high cross body!!


Jecht in to break up the pin!

DM: What elevation on that cross body! Made it impossible for Max to catch him, he was moving so quickly!

DT: Jecht hammering away on Otaku, “The Dragon” back in, double axe handle, Otaku with a boot to the back of Jecht’s leg, Brown with a dropkick! Otaku to the second rope, BULLDOG!

MN: Max takes Brown down with a big clothesline! The control’s gone again!

DT: The referee trying to regain some semblance of order, Otaku goes back towards Max, knee lift from the German, straight to the gut!

DM: Back against the ropes, Irish whip far side, Otaku ducks the clothesline, Max to the other side




Brown in to make the save, otherwise that was IT! Somersault neckbreaker from Max on Otaku!

DM: That looks like it took a LOT out of Max, pulling that move out of the bag!

DT: Brown back to the outside, Max tags in Jecht. Boot to the midsection, standing head scissors, Brown back in again!

DM: Jecht was looking for a Jecht Bomber there, Brown distracts the ref, Jecht knows he won’t get the fall, goes for Brown!


DM: Otaku very groggy, Jecht staggered, holding his throat, Otaku rolls through, TAG!

DT: And Brown in with a springboard shoulder tackle takes Jecht straight off his feet! Waiting for the big man, KICK!!



Max in to break up the fall that time! Brown showing a DEVASTATING kick!

MN: Can we get his kicks banned?

DT: Otaku still looking groggy, Brown holds on to the ropes after the Irish whip, Max charges, Brown through the legs, dropkick knocks him through the ropes!

DM: But Jecht’s back up and he looks PISSED!

DT: Brown turns around, CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM BY JECHT!!

Jecht: That’s IT!!

DT: I don’t think you need any translation there, Jecht yelling at Max to get up top! Jecht with a right to the jaw of Brown, picks him up on his shoulders – Max up top

DM: Otaku.


DM: The ref forcing Max out of the ring, Jecht into the cover

DT: DIVING KNEE!! Otaku with the save before the count, diving knee from the top rope!!


DT: Jecht holding the back of his head, Otaku drags Brown over to the champion’s corner, tags himself back in, sprints past Jecht, LIGHTNING BLADE!! LIGHTNING BLADE!!

DM: But Max is still in the ring!

DT: Otaku and Max going at it, Brown’s out from Blitzkrieg, Jecht’s down from the Lightning Blade, Max overpowering Otaku – GREEN MIST!! GREEN MIST!!

MN: Oh now THAT has to be a DQ!!

DT: The ref was checking on Jecht, Max is blinded! Otaku with a boot to the knee, knee to the midsection, shoves him through the ropes! He’s measuring Jecht for another Lightning Blade!!

MN: Leonard shouting at his man to stay at the ropes!

DT: Otaku stalking, Jecht rolls outside, HEY!!

DM: Point of View!!

DT: Beachy and Murray, Point of View are taking out Otaku!! The ref’s called for the bell, he’s thrown this match out! KENTUCKY RAIN!! KENTUCKY RAIN!!

DM: Jecht saw Otaku about to charge and got out of the way, Point of View came in from behind!

DT: Leonard Johnson looks FURIOUS!! Murray grabbing Brown off the mat – KENTUCY RAIN AGAIN!!

DM: Here comes Jecht!

DT: Point of View getting out of the ring, the damage has been done! The Dragon’s retain by disqualification as the match was kicking up into high gear! What a night! Blitz back for the night, Point of View staking their claim clearly for the tag team titles… what’s going to happen next?!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: Impulse & Malcolm Joseph-Jones (c) v. Rezin & First (c)

[CUE UP: ‘Revolution Baby’ by Queen V, as the Oklahoma City residents made lots and lots of noise.]

DT: Many people in the wrestling industry, myself included, consider this man to be the uncrowned World Champion here in Empire Pro Wrestling, and the Oklahoma City fans are giving him a warm welcome!

MN: Many people? Can you name six?

DT: I could name a thousand and six if I knew their names.

MN: Opinions, blah blah blah. Knox had his shot and he missed. Where’s the big controversy?

DT: You weren’t saying that at Unleashed.

MN: What’s he done for me lately?

DM: I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call him an ‘uncrowned’ Champion, but there’s certainly question marks around that title defense. But that’s par for the course with The First – he slid past Anarky, he suckered Cameron Cruise, he survived Impulse… the reality of professional wrestling is that if you can get away with it you can be the Champion. Does the purist in me like it? No… but the realist, the Empire Pro Wrestling fan in me, recognizes that the man who ultimately unseats The First will need to be able to negotiate all of his hurdles – including his wrestling ability.

DT: That’s what I’m saying, Dean. His wrestling ability should be what’s tested when he defends his title.

MN: Why?

DT: Excuse me?

MN: Why should he have to rely on his wrestling ability? This is America, gentlemen… he’s using the assets available to him. If Cruise and Anarky and Impulse and the rest don’t like it, they need to adapt to whatever it takes to beat the Champion. The First had to beat someone for that belt, why should he do anything to make it easier for him to lose it? I may not like the guy but I can respect what he does to keep his meal ticket.

[CUE UP: “Best of the Best” by KU. The fans were still largely positive, but a good portion were booing. If Malcolm Joseph-Jones was rattled, he certainly didn’t show it.

What he was showing was the EPW Television Title belt that was strapped around his waist.]

MN: And now they’re booing a fine example of a Television Champion? What’s wrong with the world?

DT: I would say that the fans that are booing are doing so, residually, because of his pre – Unleashed attitude.

DM: Are you implying his attitude has changed?

MN: I hope not. What he needs to do is punch Impulse in the ovaries and leave him to the wolves.

DT:…Impulse doesn’t have ovaries.

MN: Were you there?

DM: I’d say you’re right, Dave, but most of these fans are cheering the efforts that the man known as M-J-2 put in at Unleashed to bring the EPW Television Championship back to a wrestler who appreciates it.

MN: Cry me a river.

DT: Regardless, Jones has received a very positive reaction here in Oklahoma City, and as he climbs into the ring, Impulse offers a hand in friendship, or at least – partnership.

MN: Denied!

DT: No handshake from Jones, but he does nod in his partner’s direction. Jones has expressed his intent to win: he’s got a much better chance of victory working with Impulse than against him.

DM: That’s a good point, Dave. None of these men have ever teamed with their partner before, none of them necessarily trust their partner, but leading into this evening I get the sense, more than Rezin and The First – Impulse and Malcolm Joseph-Jones are on the same page.

[CUE UP: ‘Master of Alchemy’ by Electric Wizard. The doom – laden riff of the stoner rock masters filled the arena, with the heavy bassline practically slamming the fans back into their seats. Still, they had enough air in their lungs to boo.]

DM: That could be dangerous, he’s got that bucket! Can you see what’s in it?

MN: The collective gray matter of this entire godforsaken city?

DT: Stop it, Mike. Rezin had that bucket leading into this match, it was filled with… I don’t know exactly what was in it but it was some sort of rancid liquid.

DM: This could be considered chemical warfare. The fans on the aisle look like they smelled something terrible.

MN: Muse and Calico Rose are both in the bucket?

DT: Mike!

DM: He’d dumped a copy of Impulse’s old mask in there, a symbol of his discontent.

DT: Rezin has gone through the fires here in EPW, he’s been here for many years but has never achieved the singles success that his skills would suggest he’s earned; partly I think because of his somewhat lackadaisical attitude toward pushing himself.

MN: He would disagree, Dave. I think Rezin has a point when he puts the responsibility for the way his career stunted on the ‘it’ wrestlers of the moment, most recently Impulse.

DM: Just because he disagrees doesn’t mean he’s right.

MN: I won’t be the one to tell him that.

DT: I’m going to have to agree in part with both of you.

MN: Take a stand, man. Make a choice!

DT: Now now, Mike… While I think it’s unfair that Rezin has put in as much time as he has into this company, he’s given it his all and he’s entertained literally millions of fans both live and on television, and I do honestly think he’s never gotten his due. And I do think he’s been overlooked, in a way, in favor of wrestlers who do have the ’look’ of a Champion, like Sean Stevens or Rocko Daymon or Impulse, for that matter.

MN: It’s a conspiracy, Burger Boy! I’m glad we agree.

DT: We don’t agree, Mike.

MN: What?

DT: The men I mentioned, plus all the others that are on Rezin’s mind – just because they had the look of a Champion doesn’t mean that they didn’t also have the skills. I don’t think you can say anyone who has won the EPW World Championship didn’t earn it, be it Sean Stevens, Rocko Daymon, Lindsay Troy, even Cameron Cruise and The First himself. And with the level of talent in this company I know that should Rezin or Impulse ever win the big one, they’ll have earned it as well.

DM: Well said, Dave – but at the moment I don’t think Rezin cares about equity and fair play. He’s in the ring and staring daggers through Impulse and Jones.

[CUE UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre, as the fans turn ugly.]

DT: Speaking of which, by hook or by crook, The First has held onto his World Title against every opponent that’s crossed his path. Some more legitimately than others –

MN: IF he won the match, how much more legitimate do you want? I’m not a fan, but let me ask you one more time, if The First has figured out the secret to keeping the title, why should he abandon what works?

DT: Muse carrying the World Title belt with her in front of The First, and these Oklahoma City fans are really letting them know how they feel about them.

MN: They really look broken up about it.

DM: It’s another example of good strategy: if the fans hate you the best thing you can do is not care.

DT: Listen to these fans, Dean – Hate may be too weak a word!

MN: Well, he deserves every bit of it. The only redeeming quality this loser has is that nobody can take the belt from him.

DT: I’d go so far as to say that most of the hatred directed toward The First is due to the fact that he’s proven his ability in the ring countless times over, but he’s shown contempt for the fans by holding onto his belt through trickery and outside interference instead of through his wrestling.

MN: What did I say? Why change a winning formula?

DM: Personally I just want to see someone get past all his games and force him to wrestle. I think he can hold his own and succeed just fine on his merit, but it would be nice to see his ability tested instead of his Machiavellian mind.

DT: Well said, Dean… let’s take it up to Tony Fatora!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit! Introducing first, at a total combined weight of four hundred and fifty seven pounds… Accompanied to the ring by Calico Ro—

[The fans booed as Muse slapped the microphone out of Tony’s hands and had some harsh words for the announcer.]

DT: Oh now, what is this?

MN: Isn’t anyone gonna slap her back? Please slap her back.

[Muse finished berating Tony Fatora and walked back to her team’s corner, leaving the announcer to retrieve his microphone himself.]

TF: I stand corrected. Introducing first… and most importantly… At a total combined weight of four hundred and thirty five pounds… and accompanied to the ring by MUSE…

DT: Are you serious? That’s what that was about?

DM: It’s mind games, Dave – if they can appear more important they’ll be perceived as more important.

TF: The Goat Bastard, REZIN… and the Empire Pro Wrestling WORLD CHAMPION… THE FIRST!

DT: Rezin flipping off the fans while The First takes his title belt from Muse and climbs the corner, raising it toward the crowd in utter defiance.

DM: I’ll say this for them, they truly don’t care about anyone’s opinion of them.

TF: AND THEIR OPPONENTS… At a total combined weight of four hundred and fifty seven pounds… Accompanied to the ring by Calico Rose…

DT: These fans giving Rose a thunderous ovation!

MN: She probably got ‘em all drunk, she’s a degenerate, you know.

TF: The Empire Pro Wrestling World Television Champion, MALCOLM JOSEPH-JONES… AND… IMPULSE!

DT: Neither man playing to the crowd, but by their reaction I think it’s safe to say that these fans are behind Jones and Impulse! Jones with his title belt over his shoulder to counter The First, holding his in his hand, and all four men step toward the center of the ring!


DT: The referee takes the World and TV Title belts from their respective owners and hands them off to Tony Fatora, for safekeeping at the timekeeper’s table, and we’re underway! The First pointing at Impulse, I think he wants to start off against the man who took him to the limit at Unleashed!

MN: Why not? No titles on the line here, nothing to lose but your self respect. Fortunately neither of these guys has any.

DM: Looks like Jones is all right with Impulse starting things off. Calico Rose with a quick hug to Impulse and a fist bump to Jones, and she exits the ring. The Marathon Man leans down in the corner and stretches out, getting himself ready.

DT: All the while, Muse mockingly hugs The First.

MN: Now that’s not really fair to say it’s mocking. Maybe she really likes him.

DM: They are married, you know.

DT: Both men circle, and Impulse moves in to lock up – First ducked him! Where have we heard that before?

MN: Nicely balanced, Burgerman.

DT: Impulse not taking the bait, he simply waits and gestures to The First to come to him!

DM: Something like that, First ducking a lockup attempt, especially against a consummate wrestler like Impulse, certainly may be designed to get him agitated and off his game. Impulse certainly showing ring awareness by keeping his cool.

DT: The First steps toward Impulse, but he steps off again! These fans are booing mercilessly!

MN: They’re not just booing, they’re saying something fairly impolite.

[SFX: The boos got even louder.]


DM: With a flip of the bird, The First tags out to Rezin. He has nothing but contempt for Impulse, refusing to even lock up with him.

DT: Impulse with a shrug, and he raises his hands toward the crowd, they’re letting The First know what they think!

MN: Let me guess, they think ‘Gee, marryin’ mah cousin should be legal ‘cuz this is ‘Murica!’

DT: Are you trying to get us fined again?

MN: Dan Ryan pays the bills, not me.

DM: Rezin stalking Impulse, and they lock up!

DT: These two men no strangers to each other, they teamed up in the King of the Cage tournament right when Impulse debuted, Impulse defeated Rezin for the number one contendership to Michael Bastard’s Intercontinental Championship, and Impulse’s criticisms of former World Champion Anarky certainly affected Nark’s tag team partner, Rezin. This is the first time Rezin has had the chance to wrestle Impulse since this past year’s King of the Cage, and you know he’s looking to make a point.

DM: They lock up, and Rezin with a hard shove sends Impulse into the corner!

MN: That’s why Rezin is my main man.

DT: Impulse back up, and they circle again, and another lockup! Rezin with a quick boot to the gut and a two handed choke lift! It’s rare when Rezin is the second biggest man in a tag team match but he’s got the size advantage and he’s using it!

DM: The referee counts, one… two… three… four… and Rezin just dropped him down on the mat!

MN: Now, this is a guy I can get behind.

[SFX: Boos]

DT: Rezin just spat toward the crowd and flipped them off, and they’re letting him know how they feel about it! IMPULSE JUST NIPPED UP! The First yelling at Rezin to turn around, and the fans cheering for him – Rezin turns, IMPULSE WITH A SLAP TO THE FACE!

MN: He’ll pay for that.

DT: Rezin charges, but Impulse with a drop toe hold! Rezin’s head bounced off the mat and Impulse with a side headlock!

DM: He’s got a temper, and Impulse was able to sucker him.

MN: Give ‘em the first five minutes, my main man Rezin can take the last five.

DT: Impulse has Rezin far from his corner, though if need be I doubt The First would hesitate to come in and break things up. Pulse really grinding that headlock, and it’s moves like this that can really wear an athlete down.

DM: Very true, Dave. Something as simple as this headlock puts pressure on the head and forces Rezin to carry both his weight and Impulse’s. It’s simple wrestling strategy. Rezin rolls him over, ONE… TWO…

DT: Impulse rolls back! That’s the danger of something like this, though. Another cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout, and Impulse rolls to his knees! He’s still got the hold but a lot of the pressure is off Rezin’s head and neck.

MN: All part of the master plan.

DT: Rezin fights his way back to his feet, and an elbow to the side! Another! Rezin leans into the ropes – MALCOLM JOSEPH – JONES WITH A BLIND TAG! Rezin just sent Impulse across the ring – THE FIRST WITH A KNEE TO THE BACK!

MN: So what? Impulse isn’t the legal man anymore!

DM: There’s a sense of sportsmanship, Mike… that we already knew The First doesn’t have.

DT: Impulse falls to his knees after The First nailed him – JONES CLUBS REZIN IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! He spins him around, and a right hand to the face! The referee tells Jones to open his hands, but Jones with a quick scoop and a samoan drop! Cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout!

[SFX: Rise of disapproving noise from the fans.]

DM: The First just pulled Impulse outside the ring, and sprayed him in the face with that green mist!

MN: Keep your eyes in the ring!

DT: Jones with a scoop, and a whip into the ropes… Spinebuster, and another cover! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!

DM: Muse and First laying the boots to Impulse, and Calico Rose is on her way over!

DT: Another scoop, and Jones with another hard right hand! Another! Rezin is rocked!


DT: Jones hooks Rezin’s head, we’re gonna see a suplex attempt – Rezin with a gut punch! Neckbreaker reversal, and Rezin buys himself a bit of breathing room!

MN: Forget the two fine athletes in the ring, we’ve got a pier five brawl on the outside!

DM: The First moves toward Rose, but Impulse manages to grab his ankle and drop him to the floor! Ankle lock! I don’t think Impulse can see, but he sensed where The First was, and he’s got it locked in!

DT: All the while, the referee is ignoring the match! Rezin with a scoop, and an eye rake on Jones! Quick series of kicks to the ribs, and a facebuster DDT! Cover!

MN: These two need to stop beating each other up and take out the two losers on the floor.

DM: The referee is on the floor, what does he think he’s doing?

DT: He’s got Impulse and The First separated, and he’s warning them both! Muse is bleeding profusely from the nose, I think it might be broken! Rezin to his feet, and he’s yelling at the referee to do his damn job, and I think I have to agree with him! Referee slides in – JONES WITH A BACKSLIDE! ONE… TWO… Kickout!

MN: That would’ve been a travesty.

DT: Believe it or not, I agree with you, Mike! Rezin would’ve been robbed right there by shoddy officiating! Rose helping Impulse clean his eyes while The First hobbles to his feet and checks on Muse, she’s telling him to concentrate on the match!

DM: Rezin and Jones trading punches in the middle of the ring, Jones with the advantage… He’s got Rezin backed up into the corner, and a cross corner whip! Jones follows up – Rezin with a boot to the face! He’s up to the top… Will we see it?

DT: REZINRANA! He holds on and hooks a leg, undoubtedly still angry over the missed pinfall a few minutes ago! ONE… TWO… TH—Foot on the ropes!

MN: Look at Impulse’s eyes – they’re bloodshot. He looks as evil as he is on the inside.

DT: Rezin with a forearm across the face, and he hooks both legs! ONE… TWO… THR—JONES POWERED THROUGH! REZIN’S SHOULDERS ARE DOWN! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Rezin is up first, and a boot to Jones’ kidney! Another! Scoop, and Rezin hooks Jones around the waist, we’re going to see that Northern Light Suplex!

DM: The First is back on the apron, Muse is on the floor staring daggers toward Rose, and I can’t say I blame her.

DT: Jones is hooked, he’s going over – FOREARM TO THE BACK! DDT REVERSAL! Jones with the cover, ONE… TWO… THKICKOUT BY REZIN! Jones with a handful of Rezin’s hair… LOW BLOW By REZIN! Small package, ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT! Jones still holding his…

MN: Twig and berries?

DM: He needs to make a tag. He’s probably got the most energy still out of these four wrestlers but he’ll need a minute to walk that off.

MN: Franks and beans?

DT: Will you stop?

MN: You didn’t say it, why shouldn’t I?

DT: Jones with the tag to Impulse, and the Marathon Man… stays outside the ropes?

MN: He’s a coward!

DM: He looks like he’s measuring Rezin.

DT: The Goat Bastard climbing to his feet, and Impulse slingshots himself to the top rope! HURRICARANA! Rezin skidded into the corner, and Impulse stays right on him! Dropkick to the face and chest while Rezin is on his knees! Impulse back up!

DM: You think he feels like he’s got something to prove after Unleashed?

DT: I think so, Dean! Impulse just grabbed Rezin in a wristlock and wrenched him to his feet! Shoulderblock! And another! He tightens it up and drives a forearm into Rezin’s shoulder! Another! Armdrag takedown just pulled at that shoulder some more!

[SFX: A loud, involved disturbance somewhere in the stands.]

DM: What’s that?

MN: Probably a bunch of fans trying to decide if Rezin and Jones should turn on their partners or if First and Impulse should be left laying. It’s a tough decision!

DT: Something’s happening in the crowd, we’ll try to get that sorted out and keep the action in the ring. Impulse with a scoop, and an Irish whip… Rezin ducks a clothesline attempt… DAMASCUS HEEL! Did you hear the way his foot impacted with Impulse’s skull?

DM: Rezin with the tag to The First, probably a good move since Impulse is down and Rezin could use a break – but you can see The First with that limp in his step!

DT: The First standing over Impulse, still shaking off the effects of that buzzsaw to the side of the head, and I think The First is wisely weighing his options. His main strength is his aerial attack but if his ankle is injured that could be playing with fire.

[SFX: Boos]

DT: And The First raising his hand in victory! He hasn’t won anything yet tonight! He just grabbed Impulse by the back of the neck and pulled him up… German suplex! ONE… TWO… Kickout!

DM: None of these guys are ready to give it up.

[CUTTO: Crowd shot, where the fans are moving in such a way that it looks like there’s a fight happening or about to happen. There’s something familiar…]


DM: As long as he doesn’t come to ringside, we can let security handle it.

DT: The First with another scoop, and a whip into the ropes… Impulse with a flying forearm just knocked the World Champion down! Tag to Jones, and the TV Champion is itching to test his mettle against the World Champion!

DM: The First calling for a time out?

MN: There aren’t any time outs! Flatten his ass, Jones!

DT: The First calling for a microphone – TWO OF STALKER’S FOLLOWERS JUST JUMPED THE RAILING! Security tackles them by the timekeeper’s table, but they’re off! Tony Fatora barely made it out of there unscathed, and security chases both men back over the railing! Stalker is being escorted out of the arena along with his team, and we’ve fortunately avoided an incident, but Dan Ryan will need to deal with Jason Reeves before long!

THE FIRST: Jones! Stop! Wait a second!

DT: Malcolm Joseph-Jones stops his stalking of the Champion, and he gives The First the floor.

THE FIRST: I respect you, Jones.

[SFX: Boos.]

THE FIRST: I respect the fact that you want to win. I respect the fact that you know that winning is everything. And I respect the fact that you want to make it to the top of this sport no matter what the cost. So I’m going to make it easy on you, Jones.

[The First gestured toward the entranceway.]

THE FIRST: Walk away.

DT: What?

THE FIRST: You flatten Knox and leave him in the middle of the ring for me to pin, and I’ll give you a title shot. You have my word.

[SFX: The fans start chanting a less than complimentary opinion of The First’s offer.]

DT: Don’t do it, Jones!

DM: He’s considering it!

MN: Wouldn’t you?

DT: You can’t trust him!

DM: The fans agree. Look at Impulse, he agrees. But will Jones?

DT: Impulse’s eyes are inflamed, and I’m sure his head is still ringing from Rezin’s kick. Jones looks fairly recovered from the low blow he took a few minutes ago, I honestly think that if Jones decides to take The First up on his offer, there’s precious little that Impulse will be able to do about it.

DM: Look at them, their eyes are locked. I think you’re right, Dave, and I think Impulse knows it, too.

THE FIRST: Do it, Jones. Do it and I’ll make you famous.

DT: Impulse is tensed and ready to defend himself, Jones is staring straight through him with his fists clenched… CLOTHESLINE!

[SFX: HUGE fan pop.]



DT: Malcolm Joseph-Jones just dropped The First to the mat with a hard baseball swing, and he runs at Rezin – Another clothesline just knocked Rezin to the floor before he could react! The referee admonishing Jones, who returns his attention to the World Champion. He scooped The First, and an Alabama Slam! Cover, ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT BY THE FIRST! Jones backs up, and he’s got the World Champion measured… Will we see the spear?

DM: Rezin just clipped his leg from behind!

MN: Can’t they get along?

DT: IMPULSE IN THE RING! REZIN PUTTING THE BOOTS TO JONES AND IMPULSE CLOTHESLINED HIM OVER THE TOP! JONES WITH A SPEAR ON THE FIRST! The referee yelling at Impulse and Rezin to separate when he should be concentrating on the legal men in the ring!

MN: I think we should let Rezin take over officiating duties.

DT: Impulse is up and he’s leaving Rezin on the floor to recover himself, and finally we’ve got attention where it should be: on Jones and the First!

DM: I daresay that if Jones pins The First, he’d leapfrog his way to a shot at the belt all the same.


DM: Rezin just got back in the ring, and he’s looking for his own share of the spotlight!

MN: They should just give it to him, he’s the only one who deserves a moment of glory!

DT: Jones just sent Rezin back out of the ring through the ropes! Cover!

DM: Rezin landed on his feet, and he’s got that bucket!



TF: Ladies and gentlemen, Rezin has been disqualified!

MN: All the stupid crap happening in this match, and that’s what did it?

TF: Therefore, the winners of this match as the result of a disqualification, Malcolm Joseph-Jones and IMPULSE!

DT: The fans cheering for the winners, but Rezin with a right hand to Jones! The First with a kick to his stomach! IMPULSE IN THE RING! SUDDEN IMPACT JUST KNOCKED THE CHAMPION COLD!

DM: Here comes security, although a little late.

DT: Rezin wisely takes a powder, and he just flung that empty bucket into the stands!

[SFX: Loud boos. CUTTO: Aisle close – up of Rezin, walking past the camera.]

REZIN: This match don’t mean s***. You will all remember the name ‘REZIN.’

[CUTTO: Ringside.]

DT: Muse has just rolled The First out of the ring, and Calico Rose has handed the EPW Television Title belt back to Jones in the ring! Impulse and Jones celebrating what I suppose will officially be noted as a victory, though Impulse is pointing at the TV Champion and applauding his partner!

MN: He’s always trying to buy a friend. It won’t work!

DM: Hey, wait a minute.

[CUTTO: The timekeeper’s table, and it’s conspicuous lack of something shiny.]

THE FIRST: Where is it?

[Tony Fatora shrugs, he looks around hopelessly as The First stands over him.]


DT: Did he just ask for his belt? Where is it?

MN: Why are you asking him? He doesn’t know.

DM: Muse is pointing at Calico Rose, but Rose is putting up her hands in defense, she’s saying she didn’t see it!

DT: This is a serious situation here, wrestling fans. No titles were on the line in this match, so the TV belt rightfully went back to Jones, while the World Title belt should have been returned to The First.

[CUTTO: Instant replay after the bell while security was on its way to the ring.]

DT: Now, you can see in the corner, Calico Rose at the timekeeper’s table, she’s getting Malcolm Joseph-Jones’ title belt, and that’s the only belt there! Security is keeping The First out of the ring and keeping Impulse, Rose, and Jones in the ring while we sort this out!

[CUTTO: The EPW Vision Screen, which suddenly kicks to life. Shaky, grainy footage tracks a stretch of blacktop, leading up to…]

DM: Stalker!

[Stalker is flanked by two of the men in black… oddly enough, the two that made it to ringside to cause a disturbance.]

DT: Stalker has apparently hacked the feed, can we cut away from him?

MN: Wait a second…

STALKER: Hi there, Brian. Lose something?

DT: STALKER HAS THE TITLE BELT! STALKER HAS THE TITLE BELT! THE FIRST LOOKS INCENSED! WE’RE OUT OF TIME! Stay tuned to EPW Programming while we sort this out! For Dean Matthews and Mike Neely, this is Dave Thomas saying goodnight! Stalker has the title….

[Copyright 2013.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX


[The air is hot and sticky as the taxi pulls up to the Sheraton, just across from the baseball stadium. The doors open and Impulse and Calico Rose step out, weary from the night. Fortunately there are no fans about and they can enter their hotel unimpeded.]

ROSE: You sure you’re okay?

PULSE: I’m fine. Just need a good night sleep and the ringing in my ears’ll go away.

[They walk through the nearly empty lobby toward the elevators.]

“Excuse me, Ms. Callasantos? Mr. Knox?”

[The night manager calls to them from the front desk, and the pair move closer to see what he needs.]

MANAGER: I’m sorry to disturb you, but you have a delivery.

ROSE: Delivery? Who even knows we’re here?

PULSE: You haven’t exactly kept a low profile.

MANAGER: Actually, Mr. Knox, the delivery is for you. It arrived about twenty minutes ago via courier. Sign here, please?

[Impulse signs where directed, and the manager hands him a medium sized box.]

ROSE: What is it?

PULSE: It’s heavy. A good ten, twenty pounds at least. Did they say what it was?

MANAGER: Nope, some kid showed up on a bicycle, handed it off, and left. Didn’t tell me where he was from or what was in there.

[Impulse looks at Rose, then back to the box. He shrugs his shoulders, and starts to open it up.]

ROSE: Is that…


PULSE: Well… that’s certainly a thing.

[There’s a note attached, and Rose picks it up.]

ROSE [Reading]: ‘Knox. Thought you could use this. You’re welcome. Reeves.’

[Impulse picked it up and looked it over. He sighed, and put it back in the box.]

PULSE: I don’t have the energy for this tonight, Cally… we’ll deal with it in the morning.

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