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AGGRESSION 74: James "Judgement" Haughton v. Aaron Jones


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Jun 20, 2013
“What is Judgement?”

[Camera fades in, Haughton is standing, wearing a his tweed jacket along with a suit and tie, standing in what appears to be a dock of an old fashioned British court. If you haven’t seen one, think, legal drama but a bit classier and a bit less showy. His arms are held neatly behind his back he looks straight down the lens]

“I’ve told you it’s coming, and don’t worry, from this Aggression onward EPW’s very atmosphere will be saturated with judgment. But I feel I should make myself clearer. Because what I mean by Judgement can be easily misunderstood, and I don’t want you to get the wrong end of the stick.

I’m not here to peddle that pathetic ego driven judgement you so often get in wrestling. I’m not coming in here waving around my muscles and spouting shit at each and every wrestler about how the sun shines out of my nether regions. I’m not coming to laud over you all from up high claiming to be some kind of Supreme Being and that every other wrestler before me is a stinking pile of scum who should simply be mopped up and slung into that bucket Rezin was carrying around last week.

What help does it do anyway? I could come in here, make an outlandish challenge to one of the big guys like Impulse and claim that I being the far superior wrestler should get an immediate match with him. I could insult the entire roster, picking apart each and everyone saying how I am the best you will ever get the pleasure of viewing and they’re all pale in comparison. I could come and claim myself a wrestling God, tell you all how that you are not worthy, that you should join my crazed cult rain down vengeance upon all the underlings who stand bellow us.

But all it will do is more damage than good. You see when you make those kinds of promises you have to deliver them, week, after week, after week. Because as soon as one guy takes you down you can no longer to profess to be best. You can no judge your opponent to be worse than you and once you can’t do make that judgement you have to question your other judgements. If he beat me, who says the next guy won’t, and the next guy won’t and the next guy won’t. Soon enough all those judgments come crashing down and you become a deluded shell of a man, clinging on to the false preconceived judgements like a child holding on to his blanky.

Once you take on the role of the Judge, you can become corrupted.

But I’m not the Judge...

... you are.

As I’ve said, the act of judgement is a slippery slope. At its very worst it Judgement can be a screwed up mans false feelings of superiority allowing him to carry out his own world view. And the greater your power gets the greater the temptation becomes. You become a dictator passing rulings over his people.

But the judgement I’m bringing, is the reverse. It’s the people holding the dictator to account, its the general moral conscious of a crowd, holding each other responsible to judge that good should triumph over bad. It is a one hundred thousand seater stadium shouting down the First as he once again declares himself the best ever.

So from now on know that your voice matters. Know that when you scream at the top of your lungs as wrestlers are taken down by chair shots and brass knuckles, when you scream at the ref because he’s being distracted so that he can’t see some tough guys crony beating the crap out of your favourite wrestler when his back is turned, when you yell for your guy to duck out of another illegal chair shot, know that, your judgment is heard.

See I’m not the not the judge, I’m the very act of judgement itself.

I’m listening to all of those screams and cries, and I am waiting for my time to strike back, to re level the playing field, to stop the rubbish that happens day in day out right in its tracks. Egos will be obliterated and foul play will run screaming terror as the fists of judgment come raining down on those who oppose them.

So we come to the matter of Aaron Jones and my match. Aaron I like you, I like your commitment to EPW, I like your commitment to wrestling. I even know that you like me have seen all the things that can be wrong with this business. All in all you seem to be one of the good guys; you’re the son of a referee for Christ’s sake.

And all that makes what I’m going to say next a bit redundant, but still, I’ll give you the same warning I’ve given every single wrestler I’ve squared up against. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t try and cheat. Don’t try to screw yourself to a win. You won’t. I have made a career off of dealing with the nastiest tricks that some of the most disturbingly imaginative wrestlers can come up with. Any under handed play you know, I know the reversal. So do me, you and all the EPW fans a favour, and don’t even bother.
At aggression walk into that ring with me, shake hands, fight and walk out without incident.

Because Judgement is coming.

Don’t make it come for you”

[Camera fades]


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
<i>(We fade in on the familiar-looking interior of a gym. The training ring is center stage in the background, two effectively unidentifiable people practicing grapples and chaining moves in it. In the foreground, Aaron Jones sits backwards on a folding chair, facing the camera. He looks a little worn out, like he's just come out of the ring himself)</i>

<b>Aaron Jones:</b> If there's a world record for the wrestler who's received the most friendly advice on camera from other wrestlers, I've got to be catching up on whoever's in the lead.

Note the use of the word "friendly" there -- "Don't come to the ring or I'll break your legs" doesn't count. Though I've certainly gotten plenty of that, too.

Now, James, I know you qualified your advice to me by saying it was probably unnecessary. But it still struck me as funny.

Me, cheat my way to a win? We both know that's not my M.O.

Frankly, I doubt many people look at me and think I'm even capable of that sort of thing.

Take a look in the ring behind me. These are the things I'm learning, day in and day out. It goes from basic to complex, but cheating isn't covered. You'll never see one of these guys rake the eyes, slap on a chokehold or grab a chair.

Have I seen my share of that behavior in the EPW ring? Sure. I've been on the receiving end of all sorts of cheap shots.

I've even lost matches after outside interference, if you can believe that.

Steven Shane kicked me in the face because the manipulative scumbag I'd previously been following put him out of action for months.

Then some creative type in a Dis mask attacked me during a match with the First. It's kind of funny, me being on the list of people who've lost to the EPW World Heavyweight Champion after interference.

And yet you don't see me resorting to cheap shots.

I realize, of course, that people far more virtuous than me have suddenly taken a detour down a darker path. And I realize that frustration can drive men to do things they themselves would have never thought themselves capable of.

I realize that appearances can be deceiving, that people can put on a facade so their underhandedness comes as a surprise, that desperation can lead to changes in character. I don't know how deeply you've read into my background, James, but you might know that I've been a close eyewitness to all three of those things.

When I walk back through those curtains after a loss, I feel temptations. I admit it. I'm only human. Maybe it builds over time and through circumstance, but it's been there since the beginning.

And I don't act on it.

No matter how many times I lose, I'm committed to getting that "1" in my win column. And after all this time, I'm not about to let frustration, or any other negative emotion, cloud my judgment.

Because I'm not going to do anything that might ruin that moment.

You don't have to worry about me trying to cheat my way to victory at Aggression 74, James. You know that much. I won't taint any potential victory that way.

But make no mistake -- I've not given up, and have no intention of giving up, on taking that victory from potential to reality.

If you're going to worry about anything, worry about that.

<i>(Jones gets up out of the chair and walks around behind the camera. A second later, we cut to black)</i>

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