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Aitsu Sugawara vs. Lori Wilson


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Jan 1, 2000
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Been Gone Too Long

(Fade in: The camera opens on "Lady Lightning" Lori Wilson as she is in her hotel room in Oslo, Norway. She wears a pair of blue jeans, a black GXW T-shirt and a black bandana on her head. Lori is sitting in a chair, reading a book, likely taking some time to relax after taking in the sights of Oslo. Upon noticing the camera, Lori sets aside the book and looks to the camera.)

Lori: I know it's been a long time since I've had the chance to step into a GXW ring. I've been waiting for too long to get the chance to see some wrestling action again. For a time, my tag team partner, Jennifer Rowe was seeing quite a bit of action as she tried to get the Ladies title, but as you all know, she came up short several times. I think she may have learned a few lessons about what it means to be focused in the ring and not to worry so much about various distractions.

I guess, in a way, I wasn't too happy about that match many months ago, where I was forced to wrestle under hardcore rules and told that to win, you have to strip. That's not the way I want to approach my wrestling, and I'm glad that now I'm finally getting the chance to have a straight-up wrestling match with somebody. And the GXW has found a wrestler I certainly am impressed with, Aitsu Sugawara.

(She nods, then reaches over to grab a bottle of water, from which she takes a drink, then speaks again.)

Lori: It looks like Aitsu has already found herself an enemy in Roseanne Fairhurst. I've had to deal with Fairhurst before and I know she and Miso can be a real pain. But I'm confident a girl like Aitsu can handle Fairhurst. She's got the talent and the ability to be a big star in GXW, as evidenced by her latest match.

That being said, Aitsu, I hope you realize you are going into the ring with somebody who is just as skilled and who believes that focus is the most important thing to keep during a match. I'm sure you'll give me a great match, but I'm focused on establishing myself as a force in the GXW women's ranks again. So expect me to throw everything at you and then some on top of that.

Good luck to you, Aitsu. I'm looking forward at the opportunity to have a great wrestling match.

(Fade out.)


RE: Been Gone Too Long

**the camera turns on, and the first thing you see is Sugawara's eyes**

She giggles, backing away from the camera in hand. She seems to be in her bubbly mode again, any signs of her depression gone. Sitting on the bed of her hotel room, she is wearing old Japanese robes, fitting loosely around her shoulders to wear you can see the gray sports bra she wore. And her hair was down, proving to be MUCH longer than anyone had suspected.

Eying the camera, Suga smiled, giving a bow of her head, "Good day to you. Aitsu Sugawara here, and want to thank all fans for support! Great match, and couldn't do it without fan!"

Her English is horribly atrocios when she's in her bubbly mode, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. "Aitsu Sugawara will work way up ladder, and soon, one day, will meet with Miso for Woman's Title! Then be Number One in GXW Woman division! But first in line, Lori Wilson. I have not seen you yet, but you will put up good fight, yah? I look forward to seeing youyr detirmination, and may best woman win. Lori Wilson verses Aitsu Sugawara! Onslaught, soon to come!"

There comes a knock at the door, and Suga lets it come a second time before answering the door. It's a UPS man with a brown box in his hands, and Suga askes. "Hallo... what you want?"

The man smiles, handing her the box and then handing her a clipboard, speaking in a thick Norweigen accent. "Sign here please."

"Hai!" Sugawara goes to sign, writing her name in Kenji (you know, those funny characters), and goes to grab the box, but the man stops her.

"You have to write it in English ma'am..."

"Oh, romanji! Hai hai!"

And for the next thirty minutes, Sugawara, with the help of the man, wrote her name in American letters, and finally, the task seems to be done. He leaves with a nod, and Suga closes the door with her butt. "So my English is bad... but I got gift!"

**the camera fades as she throws it onto the bed, deciding to go to the gym to train a bit before opening her surprise**

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