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Feb 4, 2005
Name: AK-47
Real Name: Allen Randall King
Other Aliases: The Gun Nut.
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 260 lbs.

Age: 34 (born September 23rd, 1975)
Hometown: 29 Palms, CA
Music: “When The Guns Come Out” by E-40, RZA, and Christ Bearer
Ring Entrance: Red, white, and blue strobe lights flash throughout the arena as “When The Guns Come Out” blasts throughout the arena. Busting out through the curtains, AK-47 makes his way out to the ring waving two flags – one being the American flag and the other a black flag that reads (insert any random, witty, or downright offensive slogan here). Waving the flags while absorbing the hatred from the crowd, AK-47 makes his way to the ring, snarling in the general direction of the ring.

Setting both flags in his corner of the ring, he steps inside and takes his vest off, throwing it outside the ring.

Physical Appearance: Caucasian male, green eyes. Shaven brown hair and wild, unkempt CM Punk-style beard. Stocky body with a little bit of fat, but some developed musculature. Left arm is a tattooed sleeve, covered in various markings. Some rumored to be things like kills during his previous tours in Iraq, others of his wacky adventures serving in the Marines.

Ring Attire: Wrestles in a pair of black thigh-length trunks with matching black boots and elbow pads, all sporting “AK-47” in silver lettering. To the ring, he rocks a black leather vest and a bandana covered in the American flag.

Out-of-ring Attire: Outside the ring, he’ll wear common stuff like t-shirts, jeans, and other crap, usually tattered or worn. Generally, looking pretty damn scruffy wherever he goes.

In-Ring Style: Crazy, straight-up in-your-f*cking-face brawler. Wrestles with nothing less than sheer intent to hurt, cripple, maim, destroy, fustigate, colostomize, and straight f*ck a person up. Rather than opt for the flashier kick-chop style of Japanese wrestling, AK-47 will put the boots, knees and fists to whoever he feels deserves it (everybody). If he had a comparison to somebody in Japan’s side of the world, it would probably be Togi Makabe.


STRIKES: Nothin’ fancy general brawling. Lots of punching, kicking, some elbows, liberal doses of knees, biting, headbutting, fish-hooking, eye gouging, eye clawing, slamming people into/through objects. Also a big fan of a Running Knee to a seated opponent in the corner, he calls the Shotgun Blast.
SUBMISSIONS: Not very many, but moves that generally revolve around twisting the head, neck and other body parts into directions not meant to bend. Also is an avid fan of various chokes (not in the same way David Carradine liked it)
IMPACT: Bridging/Release German Suplex, Various facebusters, Spinebuster, Bucklebomb, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Powerslam (both stationary/running), Reverse DDT, Pulling Piledriver.
AERIAL: Top Rope Shoulder Block, Top Rope Clothesline, Top Rope Splash.


-Recoil (Stiff Double-Arm DDT; will kick a leg out prior to using the move for extra impact)
-Headshot (Axe Bomber)

Spots: (Optional)

-ENTRANCE ONLY: Before the ring announcer calls out his name, AK-47 cocks an imaginary machine gun and fires it all over the arena, accompanied by the sound of actual machine gun fire over the speakers. He’ll hand said imaginary gun to the referee and threaten him with violence if anything happens to it.
-When he has the upper hand and an opponent has been incapacitated in any manner, he won’t hesitate to talk a whole lot of trash. Even if they happen to not speak the English language, he’ll lace a whole bunch of profanity at them anyway.

-Loves using the Tree of Woe and will try to bust it out in a match. On occasion, he’ll tie an opponent up and stamp a foot into their groin while singing “O Say Can You See.”
-Master of using his surroundings to dish out punishment. He’ll use ropes, tables, barricades, electric cables and probably small children.

Personality: Grand Sh*t Disturber. A very volatile and violent man known overseas for his part in some of the bloodier and more violent deathmatches in recent years. Known for talking a whole lot of trash and generally being pro-American, which doesn’t sit well with Japanese audiences who treated the sport with a grand respect that AK-47 lacks.

Background: AK-47 is a former US Marine, serving four years in the military and several tours of Iraq between 2003-2007. Before this, he was a professional wrestler who barely made ends meet slapping around people in the independent scene, but didn’t really make too much of an impact. After serving his time in the Marines, it seemed to have changed him for the worse. A much more violent individual than when he entered the military, AK-47 became outspoken and attacked wrestlers like a rabid dog.

An undisclosed incident with a fan in a SoCal indy federation led to him being blackballed from a number of alternative promotions, nobody wanting to take a chance on the loose cannon. Forced to start over in a new country, he set out to start a career in Japan in 2008. Since then, he has raised a whole lot of hell in his new surroundings. Not known for his great technical skill, but more for his out-of-control brawls that only the most bloodthirsty fans could revel in, AK-47 has arrived in Isamu League looking to continue his path of destruction.

Yes, probably to make more f*cking hell.

And no, he doesn’t care.

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