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All That Glitters Is Not Gold


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Jan 1, 2000
[font color= black]The sun hidden by a layer of thin clouds, the temperature just cold enough that you can catch – for a fleeting moment – the sight of his breath, a suburban jungle in the background…

He’s wearing two t-shirts, a leather jacket and jeans, but Wicked Sight still feels naked, standing before a camera without the CSWA Presidential title around his waist… he had just gotten used to its feel. His head is far from hung down, though – in the best shape of his life, twenty-two years old, his black hair flipped over a shaved underside… Michael Plett, the man who has made his “character” into one with his own namesake, stands with his face pointing directly at the camera and with a slight smirk on his face.

[font color= red]WS:[font color= black] I almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of the grin on my face earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent my whole life chasing perfection, chasing championships and prestigious awards. But losing the Presidential title… It was almost worth losing the gold to hear Triple X talking to Cameron Cruise.

… I could have sworn that I heard Triple X say that he’s leading the pack of CSWA’s brightest, youngest stars…

Just because you have that gold around your waist – NO small feat, and something I’m sure you’re proud of – Just because you have that gold around your waist doesn’t give you the right to take over the spot I’ve taken since Thanksgiving Weekend, NINETEEN NINETY NINE… No one else was going to do it, but WE… THE FORSAKEN… we decided to take it upon ourselves to fight against the system because we knew that in the end, if we saw it through, the fans would thank us. Zero’s gone… Blade’s gone… and as much as I hate to say it… it’s going to be a while before Havoc returns. But Wicked Sight stuck it out, and by damn I go out every night and give them a performance that NO ONE ELSE CAN GIVE… I don’t shove crap down their throats and I don’t run my opponents down by calling them a “talent-less ass waste of CSWA roster”… I give my opponents their due and then I go perform the way I always do… the BEST. Triple X… You pinned me in the center of the ring after you damn near punted my head off. I could make excuses about this and that, but the fact of the matter is that I asked for the match, I got it, and you beat me. I’m happy for you. I’m NOT happy for me. But now, it’s time to focus on what’s at hand. You can say whatever you want to Cameron Cruise, but win, lose, or draw, before all that you’re going to come down to the ring and call a match down the middle… WICKED SIGHT is going to deliver OH yet another stellar performance against a man you hate just as much as I do.

Gemini, you lost just as fairly and squarely as I did… YOU had nothing to be ashamed about, as much as it pissed me off, Gemini, you’re the only man that’s EVER kicked out of the View To A Kill before. But now you have to be ashamed, just like you were full of shame when you ambushed me and dumped scalloped potatoes across my body in TACOMA, my own damn backyard… You attacked me and Triple X from behind because you weren’t man enough to accept defeat.

You thought you KILLED Trip, and you thought you had my number, but Triple X did what anyone else that has any bit of heart would do and he came back in the ring, but what did you do? What did Gemini do? You attacked us from behind, and I don’t care if takes ten Views To A Kill… I don’t care if it takes every thing I have that night… In St. Louis, Gemini, this FREAK is going to show THAT freak… Just how this pageantry is RAN.

Damnit, Gemini, you two-headed mutant… I PROMISE…

fade out


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Seeing stars....

Sitting up against a tree on a cliff, Cruise takes a deep breath and smiles as he watches the sun set over the horizen. Cruise leans forward and jumps to a crouching position, then stands, stretching. Switching his black Nike hat backwards, he re-adjust his coat and starts back to the park path.

CC: Certain things you can take as a given, and certain things you can only wonder about. Sunsets however, more or less get the best of both worlds. No really, I mean, for one: at the same time every night the sun goes down; and second, you can never really KNOW...what it looks like when it the sun does come down. But nevertheless, the result is always the same: Rugged and beautiful.

However, this can never be the same in the art of pro wrestling. Either one or the other can happen. Not both. But someone in this league just can't seem to have that as a solution now can they? Yes, Sight, Im talking about you. It seems to me that just because you won the title tourney, you have to be in everyone else's business. But I'm sure you're about to say "what about YOU Cam? You never seem to shut up about that belt either". Well, as I keep saying TIME after TIME after TIME, that that belt should have never left my waist, but again, thanks to GOLDEN BOY himself Hornet, he made damned sure that would be foreever etched into the books.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand....What was it you said? Oh yeah...

(Cruise starts to walk off the path again and picks up a few smooth stones and slowly one by one, skips them across the lake)

"It was almost worth losing the gold to hear Triple X talking to Cameron Cruise"

What in ZEUS' BUTTHOLE are you thinking about? What? Did the kid all of a sudden go MUTE? I don't think so. Since when did you earn the spot of telling people who the leader is anyhow? You won the belt the way Sean and I have NEVER done. Through a vacant title tournament. Hell, we did it through a way it SHOULD BE: Blood, Sweat, and tears. I beat it through Alex Wylde, and his cheating ways. Its unfortunate that thats the way I lost it. Sean won it by beating *YOU* in the middle of the ring.

Now, if memory serves, something should tell you that until you do the same, it might be best for you to stay out of other peoples affairs.

You claim to put on STELLER performances that no one else could eh? We haven't REALLY met yet, but the way you're going....you might wanna think twice about what, where, and hell, even WHEN you say it.

'Tis the season for giving Mikey Plett. Sooner or later, you'll get mine, and it'll be something that you JUST...WON'T...LIKE.

That Sight, I *PROMISE*

(fade as Cam continues skipping rocks)

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