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Allow myself to introduce ....myself

Alex Miami

League Member
Dec 28, 2004
Well gentleman, I have seen many of you RP but I have been out of the loop since late 00, but my name is Alex and back in the day I rped Conflict in the FWF and at one point Jack DAniels in some other League that died out.

Look foward to rping with yall and having fun with Steve Perry, I mean Johnson.

You will get the joke when you see the RP.

If you want to chat, IM me at fijipapabear


Howdy and welcome to the WFW Acosta,

And yes I remember you from back in the day when you were a part of my FWF league which I ran with Malec.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here in the WFW, the talent base is really deep and diversified and Paul is doing a fantastic job running the league.....


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