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Alone in the SuperDome


The Godfather
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Mar 17, 1988
(Hornet is sitting in the stands at the Louisiana SuperDome. As the camera slowly zooms in, we can see that of the thousands and thousands of seats available, only one is filled. Hornet is wearing a simple black T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. His head is down… until the camera zooms all the way in.)

It’s all my fault.

At least that’s what they’d like me to believe.

Mikey’s back to threatening me, because I slept with a beautiful woman. Oh, and because I’m arrogant.

Eli’s ready to blow up a wall and drop it on my back because I suckered him. Or more importantly, because I suckered Ivy.

At least…that’s what they’d like YOU to believe.

Eli was right about one thing…we’ll all have to answer for the sins of the past in this one. Unfortunately, my two sanctimonious tag team partners feel like they can rationalize their past sins by blaming them all on me.

Hell no.

I spent the last few months trying to balance a tenuous alliance. Mike Randalls, the powder keg always ready to explode, just because he can. Eli Flair, the man who wants to be loved, but doesn’t want you to know it.

Randalls, I stopped you from committing one felony or another for the last few months. Each time you stepped over the line, I pulled you back. And what do I get for it? Nothing. Except more threats of violence. I stop you from jumping Flair or Ivy or both time and time again…and what do I get for it? Not a thing.

I thought maybe “The Wolf” could tame himself long enough to make things worthwhile. But you don’t have any self-control, do you? That chemical imbalance in your brain won’t allow you to reel yourself in, will it? Is it depression, Mikey? Or is it all the stuff you’ve snorted, smoked and injected over the years? Whatever it is, don’t try and blame it on me. I’m tired of it.

Eli, I’ve dealt with your whining and moaning for months. Can’t we do this? Why can’t we do that? Let’s get one thing clear…I don’t OWE you anything. And I didn’t MAKE you do anything. Whose idea was it to run out and throw a woman through a table? Was that in the gameplan? No…it was your own little ‘innovation’ to try and get over as the “King of Extreme” again, instead a man who had just got dumped by his latest girlfriend.

Don’t threaten me, Eli…I’m tired of it. I’m tired of hearing threats from an oversized street kid who comes running to me for his weekly dose of self-esteem. If you’re so desperate for cheers, Eli…then go out there and earn them. Just stop pretending you don’t care.

The only person I owe any sort of apology to is Ivy. I could sit out here and drag our personal business through the public eye, but I’m not going to do that except to say a couple of things. My ‘relationship’ with Teri, if you can call it that, was brief, and it was while I was ‘unattached.’ As far as the rest of it goes, that’s nobody’s business.

(Hornet looks away from the camera again.)

Ivy, I’d like to apologize in person… you know our schedule…even if it has to be in the basement of an arena… I’d just like to have the chance….

(He shakes his head, looks at the camera. Then he stands and walks away, until he is out of the camera shot.)


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-01 AT 03:34 AM (EDT)](FADEIN: RANDALLS sitting at the bar still...)

RANDALLS: "Not only have you misunderstood me. You've only made me realize what I should have done in the first place..."

(RANDALLS gulps down another glass of liquor...)

RANDALLS: "If there is ONE person to blame in all of this, it's ME. I was the fool to think that you and Eli could handle this war. I was the fool to believe that your head is out of your (BLEEP). I was WRONG. Don't worry about holding me back any longer, Hornet. You don't have to be 'responsible' for bad 'ol Mikey anymore. I'll take my chances, thank you very much. I didn't threaten you, Hornet. I just warned you and Eli that if your problems become a liability in this match, I'll see fit to take both of you out. I don't need to fight you Hornet. If anything, you need to fight me. (BLEEP) it - you probably don't even know what to fight for, anymore. Your pal Mark is making more progress than you."

(RANDALLS fills up another glass of liquor...)

"What I don't get is all this talk about me jumping Ivy or Flair - makes me wonder if you were hoping I'd be a sitting duck myself...I don't like doublecrosses, Hornet. I've walked alone my whole life 'cause I grew up with too many of 'em. You want to turn this into mindgames? That's fine. I'm sure you and Eli haven't forgotten how good of a player I can be..."


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