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American Panda


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Aug 26, 2008

Name: VossMan
Email Address: fugginvoss@gmail.com
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Best Way to Contact you: PM


Name: American Panda
Nicknames: the Walking Contradiction

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 279 lbs
PAWedness: Right
Looks: Panda has a build pretty similar to that of Hulk Hogan. He's not ripped and cut but carries himself in a way you can tell he has exceptional strength. He has virtually no body hair. He has a flavour saver/clittickler goatee beard under his bottom lip which is visible due to the mouth area being removed from the mask. (see 'ring attire' for mask details)

On his upper left arm is a black tribal bat tattoo with a smile on it's face. Across the top of his shoulder blades is the words "Hazel Leslie" in a black script font with some lovely flourishes on either end. On the outside edge of his left forearm is the words "Ted Alexander" in a tough font, black outline with blue colouring. The "Ted" on top of the "Alexander". On his right arm there is a blue bird with the Queen of Hearts in it's mouth. That's tucked in on the inside leftt above his elbow.

Hailing From: WRESTLING FOLKLORE via Melbourne, Australia

Disposition: UBERface (while he mightn't be the top face his alignment suggests he's attempting to get there)
Gimmick: Does random acts of Panda count as a gimmick? He has an uncanny knowledge of the wrestling world and while always in the past having passed it off as disdain and jealousy allows his fandom to shine under the American Panda guiso. Throwbacks to ripping off quotes and entrances to catch phrases and finishing moves, American Panda is random acts of wrestling while trying to maintain that UBERface disposition. He drops his OWN personal catch phrases and his OWN Sports Entertainment moves. He's in it for the pops.

Ring Attire: He wears a mask emblazoned with the American flag. The stars are over his right eye. Around both eyes is a black panda ring and there are also to black fuzzy ears on the top of his head. The mouth area of the mask is cut out (ie. Mysterio stylin)

He wears black trunks and boots. On the right leg there are four claw marks running from the buttock down and diagonal across his thigh to his right knee. Where the claws have "shredded" the tights it reveals some American flag. On the other thigh "PANDA" is written. "P" and last "A" in red. First "A" and "D" in blue. The "N" is white. The tights go over the top of a red Jerry Lawler style wrestling costume (single shoulder piece).

He wears black leather fingerless gloves with a white palm (like a panda paw). He wears a red elbow pad on the right and a blue
elbow pad and sweat band on his wrist on the left.
Theme Music: "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Ring Entrance: “2001: A Space Odyssey” hits the speakers as the lights go out.

Smoke filters onto the stage and strobes begin to flash. Within the strobes and smoke stands a shadow of the man about to head out to the ring. The toms build up in the music and right as it crescendoes for the first time, a burst of pyros shoot from the stage floor as American Panda raises both arms up, turning his fingers into claws and roaring at the fans.

He slowly makes his way down as the lights come back up, looking around at the fans but never slapping high fives with them. He walks around to the far side of the ring and climbs the ring steps, walking across the apron and to the turnbuckle where he steps to the second rope, raising one arm up and turning the hand into a claw to a pop from the fans.

Tactics/Style: Sports Entertainment/Main Event Face (Think of it like this... he's not winning points for technicality. He relies on repeat combos and momentum shifters. Sports Entertainment moves and the basics.)

Strengths: Stamina, Charisma, Ring smarts

Weaknessess: Technical ability, Speed, Taps easily (on knee/leg holds), dodgy right knee


Here's a few notes on American Panda's style

- he is ALWAYS willing to get down and dirty with hardcore wrestling but steps clear of big spots (leaping off ladders, suicide dives, leaping off balconies, etc.) and blading for the sake of blading spots (thumb tacks, staplers, anything CZW might do, etc.). The most basic hardcore spots he will go through. He USED to perform a vDriver which is a garbage can over his opponent's head followed by a spinebuster slam. THAT is his most common hardcore spot. Outside of that stick to street signs, steel chairs and table stuff.

- American Panda WILL blade bearing in mind the storylines are calling for it. He does not blade for the sake of blading. There needs to be purpose for it and he will willingly participate if it is called for.

- he likes to do throwback moves to GREAT wrestlers, finishing them off with one of those GREAT moves. If we don't do throw outs to other feds then the throwbacks will need to be within NFW's history. He'll often use taunts from those GREAT wrestlers within the match as well. He won't do five different moves from five different guys though. If he's going to do something, it's as a tribute to one guy and he often does this on the spur of the moment. Not every time he heads out there.

- he often raises a hand above his head, shapening his fingers into "claws" for a pop from the fans (I guess kinda like how Nash used to do that Wolfpac crap)

- when in control, he'll play to the fans. He won't make a rookie mistake of playing to the fans to get snuck up. All the other types of distractions apply (referee, outside, etc.) but never playing up the fans.


American Panda is the pinnacle of the professional wrestler. Is it considerable to suggest that one man might attempt to be the single point of symbollogy for all that is wrestling? Is it an ego undermining a sense of need within the wrestling community and it's fans? Is it an adaptation of plagiarism or a contradiction in the fact it is an epihigy to all those before him?

There is nothing to suggest that any of the above is true yet at the same time, none of it is fiction. Sometimes when you're set in your ways for so long you need to soar like an eagle. Previously, he'd attempted to soar like an eagle but was stuck on the ground with the turkeys around him. A mask brings his revelations of who he truly wished he could be. New Frontier Wrestling is the stage for him to launch.


Divide 120 Points between:


(Hint: Numbers ending in 0 and 5 minimizes your potential attack/defense values, try 1's and 6's)

Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-5: Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns
1. European uppercut
2. big boot
3. sleeper
4. mule kick (to belly)
5. head grab takedown (wraps hands around the ears of charging opponent and swings around 180 and lets go)

6-15: Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds
6. snapmare w/- palm thrust to back of the head (drops down onto one knee for palm thrust and spins 180 degrees, dropping to that knee again for the Tiger Woods fist pump of awesomeness)
7. single arm DDT
8. fall away slam
9. leg hook back body drop
10. 180 degree spinebuster slam (Arn Anderson style)
11. powerbomb
12. inverted vertical suplex slam (set-up for Ode to Money Bags)
13. Ode to Money Bags: top rope Million Dollar fistdrop (can also be performed from a standing or running position)
14. torture rack
15. sidewalk slam w/- elbow to face after canvas impact

16-18: Signature/Special Holds
16. Ode to Flair: figure four leglock ***potential finisher
17. Panda Paw: spinning palm thrust to forehead
18. Ode to my Asshole: clothesline from Hell

19: Set-up
19. No set-up, finisher can be worked into or exploded upon

20: Finisher
20. Jugular Chomp: double handed sit down chokeslam with pin (Albert style)
NOTE! When American Panda does the Jugular Chomp he ALMOST ALWAYS (unless desperate to get the pin) does the following...
- he wraps both hands around their throat and then nuzzles his face into their neck like he is chewing their jugular
- pulls his head back and spits RED ASIAN MIST into their face
- THEN after the mist is spat he performs the move
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