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An Unexpected Call


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Mr. Powers hello. On behalf of the chairman, interim president, and CEO of Bacardi Limited Mr. Ruben Rodriguez, we would like to offer you a contract to do five commercial spots for our company. We have seen your work from past shows as with the CSWA and we are very interested to work with you. Obviously you’re not home so I’ll try again later today. Have a good day.”


Without budging Kevin Powers continues to look down while leaning against the window. Bottle still in his hand he takes another swig and shoots a view to his answering machine.

That’s right. That’s me. Mr. Popular. Have bottle will travel.”

With a noticeable sarcasm in his tone, Powers back away from his patio window overlooking the greater Chicagoland area and headed back towards his chair. Taking another drink from his bottle Powers places it on the table next to him and leans his head back looking up towards the ceiling.

I need to get out of here. Clear my thoughts. Do something!”

Confused for something to do, Powers takes his hand and places it over his forehead rubbing his temples before coming up with a plan.

Swim. That’s what I’ll do. Outside pool area … pretty nice day … a swim would be good for me.”

Heading towards his bedroom, Powers packs up a few things into a bag and is about to head out the door

:::RING::: :::RING::: :::RING::: --CLICK—

You’ve reached the residence of Kevin Powers. You know what to do ….”


Kevin. Kevin Powers. Hey I know you’re there big man, but I know how much you enjoy picking up the phone as of late so I’ll just say this for ya. I’m in town for a few days and I would enjoy catching up on old times with ya. Meet me at Café Absinthe at around … eightish? I’m sure you know who this is …”


Still standing in the doorway, Powers continues to stare at the answering machine.

Damn … can my day get any worse?”
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