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And Now, A Word From My Partner


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a shot of STEVE RADDER sitting down infront of a news desk that the techies of one of Sweetwaters' network affiliates let him use. RADDER shuffles his papers around, then looks up and smiles at the camera.)

STEVE RADDER : Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting your usual programming with a very important news bulletin.

(The camera switches, and RADDER turns slightly so he remains looking at the camera, with one eyebrow half-cocked. A picture of EDDY LOVE sits over his shoulder.)

STEVE RADDER : This reporter has confirmed that my partner in my tag match at FISH FUND XIII, 'HURRICANE' EDDY LOVE, is, in fact, alive and well. We now go live to Eddy, via sattelite.

(The scene changes to one with EDDY LOVE standing in front of a black curtain, with BILLY BUCKLEY holding a microphone infront of his face. The words coming out over the speaker are not in sync with the movement of Eddy's lips, and the voice sounds more like STEVE RADDER doing a bad impression of Eddy.)

EDDY LOVE : That's right Steve, you sure look handsome today. How are you doing?

(The screen splits in half; RADDER on the left, and LOVE on the right.)

STEVE RADDER : Well, I'm just fine, Eddy. How are you? Been in hiding?

(The same black curtain, but this time without BILLY BUCKLEY in the picture. EDDY LOVE is pointing furiously at the camera.)

EDDY LOVE : (chuckling.) That's right, Steve. Boy, you're smart. I've been too busy doing my hair to make any promos for the big tag team match we are in together at FISH FUND.

(RADDER nods, in understanding.)

STEVE RADDER : Yes, that is about what I expected. Eddy, do you have any words for our opponents, Nate Logan and Kevin Powers?

(EDDY's half of the screen is now a scene of him sitting in the back of a speeding boat, a woman in a bikini on either side, and a big ol' grin on his face.)

EDDY LOVE : (angry.) I tell you what, Steve, I don't know who this Nate Logan punk is, but I tell you one thing. With your help, I'm sure we can defeat these two yahoos. I'm glad we're tag partners, because if we weren't, boy, I'd be in tough.

(RADDER nods again, smiling at the camera.)

STEVE RADDER : You've got that right. Any other words?

(The scene shift to one with EDDY LOVE standing in the middle of a CSWA ring at some event, somewhere. Eddy is again carrying an joking, casual look on his face.)


STEVE RADDER : (interrupting.) After I've beaten him down, of course.

(The scene is back to one with EDDY LOVE standing with BILLY BUCKLEY. Eddy shakes his head left and right, and his hair doesn't move an inch.)

EDDY LOVE : Absolutely, Steve. Well, this is Eddy Love, signing off. Steve, I can't wait to get back in the ring with such a talent as yourself.

(RADDER's half of the screen goes back to taking up the whole screen, and the camera is now zoomed out.)

STEVE RADDER : There you have it folks, my partner is not, in fact, dead, nor is he worried about our match at FISH FUND. Why should he be? He's partners with me!

(The screen fades to black.)

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