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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* It was a short flight to San Jose from Seattle. Only a few hours. Though, it was just long enough to drive one man on the flight almost over the edge. Maybe it was the salted peanuts, or possibly the glass of tomato juice that did it. It definitely wasn't the Hiroshi-Berry Muffin he ate. Whatever it was, cabin fever had set in again.

It wasn't the first time in the past year that he had had this feeling. Probably wouldn't be the last time either. In fact, the feeling started just about the time that Eddy Love left him. Everything fell apart. How could this have happened? Who could have predicted the events that had taken place since then? Whatever the causes, our hero is still here, and thankful to be off the airplane.

Claustrophobic? No. Anxious? Absolutely.

Anxious for a renewed faith in wrestling with his debut in CSWA. Anxious for a chance to prove himself to his superiors. Anxious....to finally get answers from the one man who taught him so much, and left him with so little...

Eddy Love.

So who is he? Kin Hiroshi; the muffin tycoon of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. As Kin steps off the plane into the concourse he breathes a sigh of relief. Ground, nice firm ground. Luckily Kin thought ahead for his trip, and his close friend "Wildfire" Johnny Rage is waiting for him...

WILDFIRE: Hey cheif, nice trip.

KIN HIROSHI: Not really, but I made due. Listen, you heard anything about my match yet?

WILDFIRE: Just that you're debuting against Carl Brigsby.

KIN HIROSHI: Brigsby? Don't I know that name?

WILDFIRE: I don't think so...



* Both men chuckle as they make their way down to the baggage claim. As they wait for the luggage to start it's journey around the claim, Kin stretches as Wildfire takes a seat on the floor. Hiroshi is in the middle of windmills when he turns quickly to Wildfire, and flashes him a concerned look. *

KIN HIROSHI: You didn't see Eddy yet did you?

WILDFIRE: No, nothing yet. But that doesn't mean he will contact you. For all I know, he's through with you, and was after...

KIN HIROSHI: Listen, he will contact me. I was his friend, his buddy...

WILDFIRE: No you weren't Kin, he used you, just like everyone else.

KIN HIROSHI: We'll see. I intend on asking him.

* The luggage starts tumbling down the chute and Kin immediately notices his. He grabs it, and he and Wildfire head out to the car. *

KIN HIROSHI: So, Brigsby, huh?


KIN HIROSHI: Should we scout him?


KIN HIROSHI: Think he'll buy some muffins?

WILDFIRE: Maybe...we'll post signs in the lockerrooms.


* Kin and Wildfire duck into the car quickly, thankfully unnoticed by the general public. Then again, it has been a while since Kin's last trip to San Jose.

CSWA. Carl Brigsby. Eddy Love.

What could be next?

Only fame...

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