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APEX: Episode One


Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: “This Train Won’t Stop” by Devil to Pay.)

(OPEN: A highlight reel breezes us through fly-by shots of the Cascade Mountains intercut with the stars of the Immortal Wrestling Federation in action. Leyende de Ocho propelling himself off the ropes with the Actualizer... Johnny Niles celebrating his first victory in the ring... pain GRILLE posing in front of the French Flag... and finally, the Emerald City Champion, Perfection, proudly holding up his title as he defiantly smirks at the camera. The reel comes to a close on a still shot of the new and improved IWF logo.)

(FADE TO: The IWF studio, where we can see on the other side of the broadcast table AARON CREED, in a formal suit and greeting the wrestling faithful with a genuine grin, and TERRY “THE IDOL” ANDERSON, clad in shades and an ugly floral print shirt while sitting with his head tilted back and arms folded across his chest.)

Aaron Creed
Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to IWF’s APEX, coming to you live from our headquarters in Seattle! I’m Aaron Creed, and with me, as always, is my good friend and longtime fellow correspondent, Terry “The Idol” Anderson!

It’s been a long time, but we are proud to say that IWF is back for a brand new season of entertaining wrestling action and drama! I, for one, am excited... how about you, Terry?

Terry “The Idol” Anderson

Aaron Creed

(Creed nudges his co-commentator with an elbow and Terry suddenly jerks awake.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
HO! WHAT?! Uhhh...

...where am I?!

Aaron Creed
We’re in the studio, Terry!

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
...we have a studio!? How long have I been out?

(Aaron shakes his head and looks back to the camera.)

Aaron Creed
As much as I’d love to fill you in on that, Terry, I think it might be easier if I just left that task to the IWF Commissioner, NATHAN FEAR. Here’s what he had to said on the subject of the federation earlier this week...

(CUT TO: A wooden door with a bronze placard held at eye level that plainly reads “Office of the IWF Commissioner”. The door opens and the camera moves inside where we can see COMMISSIONER NATHAN FEAR at his desk, looking over some documents being presented to him by his assistant, MISS PAZ, while his enforcer IVAN DALKICHEV stands attentively in the background. Fear looks up to see the camera and motions for the other two to leave. Ivan and Paz exit as the camera pulls in on Fear, straightening his tie and looking directly into the eyes of the IWF fanbase.)

Nathan Fear
Good evening and welcome, IWF faithful.

Allow me to begin by personally thanking each and every one of you for your patience over this extended period of silence from the IWF offices. We fully understand the frustrations that must be felt by the thousands of fans across the great state of Washington, and tens of thousands more watching us at home on our sponsored YouTube channel, for being left in the dark for so long. For that, we deeply apologize... and promise from this point on to always dedicate to the sports world at large the greatest professional wrestling product the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Much has changed within the company over the recent months, and I feel the fanbase deserves to know what has been happening behind the closed doors as we made internal adjustments to the front office. Many of these changes were prompted by our former CEO Kimball Cho, who, after a year of patiently waiting for his investment to turn a profit, has decided to rescind his involvement with the company, choosing to return his financial interests to Japan.

While we regret Mr. Cho’s decision, we who have been with the IWF since its inception as the Insanity Wrestling Federation have chosen to press forward with the ambitions of growing from a tiny regional promotion into a global brand of wrestling. The former CEO’s fifty-one percent of the company shares have been divided up amongst a board of trustees and independent investors, most of whom wish to remain anonymous. As a co-founder of this federation and minority shareholder, I will maintain my role as IWF Commissioner, and manage the operations of the company in accordance to our mutual interests.

Having said that, without Mr. Cho’s involvement, it hardly seems fitting to go on calling ourselves the “International” Wrestling Federation, especially considering our present limitations in budget and logistics. Therefore, I and the board members have agreed to rebrand the company as the IMMORTAL WRESTLING FEDERATION, to serve as a testament to our undying mission to the Evergreen State and the world at large to present quality sports entertainment to all denominations of wrestling fans.

And so, the Immortal Wrestling Federation will begin this new era by announcing a second season. The eight-show tour will begin just a little way south of here in the city of Tacoma, with our premier event KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, and will span across the entire state, before concluding with a three-title unification match to declare the IWF’s first Washington State Heavyweight Champion at the Emerald City Experience 2013 superevent.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen... great professionals will come and go... legends will always be remembered... but the true IMMORTALS of this sport will never die. I extend this invitation to the athletes across the planet, to commune upon the professional wrestling prestige of the Pacific Northwest and become one of the IMMORTALS.

(CUT TO: Aaron and Terry back in the studio, turning their attention away from the monitor off camera and back to the IWF fans watching at home.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
“Immortal Wrestling Federation”, huh? Sounds badass! What is this, like the third time this company’s been renamed while we worked here?

Aaron Creed
In any case, the IWF Commissioner is intent on defining our own local brand of wrestling, and one day, hopefully, it may even join the ranks of the big leagues!

(We get a close shot on Aaron from a second cam as a graphic overlay pops up next to him, showing the logo to IWF’s “King of the Mountain”.)

Aaron Creed
And you heard it yourself, folks... Season Two is officially underway, and the action will be back at last when we come to you live from Tacoma with IWF’s KING OF THE MOUNTAIN! Here’s the line-up of matches!

(The graphic dissolves into a shot of the new IWF MT. RAINIER TITLE, portraying a silver-plated face with the image of a mountain engraved in the center.)

Aaron Creed
First of all, let’s talk about the planned main event... a multiple-entrant “King of the Mountain” match to determine who will be the first to carry one of the three aforementioned titles, which will be known as the Mount Rainier Championship!

(The shot swaps over to a third cam trained on Terry.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
What the heck is a “King of the Mountain” match, Creed?

(Back to Aaron.)

Aaron Creed
Glad you asked, Terry, because I’m sure many of our fans are wondering the same thing. Basically, in this multi-participant contest, the winner we be declared with the first pinfall or submission! But the catch is, that pinfall or submission may only be made when all the other participants in the match have been removed from the ring!

(We go back to Terry, nodding understandably.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
Oh, I get it... it’s like a game of King of the Mountain, only made into a wrestling match!

(Going back to Creed, we see him nodding. Meanwhile, the graphic has changed to a montage of face shots, featuring JOHNNY NILES, PAIN GRILLE, STEPHEN WALTZ, and a fourth, unknown wrestler wearing a mask.)

Aaron Creed
Exactly... and so far, a number of athletes have expressed interest in being a part of this event. Of that pool, so far we’ve heard that “The Best in the World” Johnny Niles and the masked French flyer pain GRILLE will be involved in qualifying rounds, along with your longtime protege, “The Fallen Angel” Stephen Waltz, and a mysterious masked newcomer known only to us as “El Cabron”.

Who knows who else may throw their name into the hat in the weeks leading up to the event... but amazingly, this won’t be the ONLY title match at King of the Mountain!

(The graphic switches over to a still photo of PERFECTION and LEYENDA DE OCHO standing face to face in the ring at the conclusion of Chain Reaction 11.)

Aaron Creed
Of course, if you were with us at Chain Reaction 11, then you know that the Emerald City Champion, Perfection, will defend the pride of Seattle against the man who earned his shot in that six-man tag team main event, the Cartridge Cruiser, Leyende de Ocho!

(The shot goes to Terry.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
In all my years in the ring and covering the action behind this table, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen an athlete as complete and entertaining as James Witherhold, better known as Perfection! The man is every bit of the epitome of professional wrestling greatness, and his talent could rival that of anybody in the big leagues! He is the Emerald City Champion, and every time he enters that ring, he proves just WHY they call him “Perfection”, as his presence is nothing short of that very definition!

(We go back to Aaron as his visibly rolls his eyes.)

Aaron Creed
When he actually ENTERS the ring, you mean... let’s not forget, he spent that main event at Chain Reaction 11 sitting right next to US while the 8-Bit Legend did all the heavy-lifting in the ring and earned his shot at the champ.

(Back to Terry, scoffing at his partner.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
Bah... more like a Two-Bit Lummox, if you ask me! Yeah, Ocho can hop around that ring like a hyperactive five year old on an unstoppable sugar rush... but theatrics don’t translate to results, Creed! Only TALENT gets you that, and that’s why Perfection is the champion!

(Back to Creed, the graphic has changed to a promotional still of “THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG” KERRY KUROYAMA.)

Aaron Creed
We’ll see if Perfection can maintain those results come “King of the Mountain”...

Rounding out the event, we will see the FINAL appearance of Kerry Kuroyama in the IWF, as he will later travel across the Pacific Ocean to pursue opportunities back his father’s homeland with OJPW!

(Terry perks with astonishment.)

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
“Orange Juice Pro Wrestling?!”

(Creed again rolls his eyes, but at this point, seems rather complacent with his co-hosts asinine outbursts.)

Aaron Creed
Actually, Terry, that would stand for “Old Japan”. Evidently, the federation, which has worked with the Kuroyama family in the past, offered the young man a lucrative contract to appear as a third-generation superstar. And while we are happy to see one of Seattle’s own move on to greater prospects, no doubt, many of us at IWF will be sad to see him go...

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
Uh, let it be known that I am NOT one of them. Good luck and good riddance, punk!

Aaron Creed
In any case, when news began to spread about Kuroyama’s oncoming departure, the following video was submitted to the IWF offices. Let’s have a look, shall we?

(FADE TO: Interior. Scott Douglas sits at a fold out table in a nondescript room. Hands folded on the table and poised to speak. The table is empty and devoid of any frills or backdrops. A pack of cigarettes lay on the table with a lighter placed on top of the ‘crush proof’ box. The scene looks as if it were intended to be a press conference sans the press.)

Scott Douglas
Certain events and actions taken by others and myself caused an upheaval in my personal life this past year. These events were well publicised on IWF television and don’t bear reminding here.

(Scott reaches his hand toward his face to push his hair back over his head almost to no avail. Most falls back to where it had previously laid.)

Scott Douglas
These events caused my departure from Professional Wrestling and subsequently; the IWF. For a time, I felt that my time in the sport had ran it’s course and it was possibly time to move on but, much like any labor of love, it seems to keep calling me back.

(Scott pauses momentarily.)

Scott Douglas
And the lynchpin, that makes this time a different from others, is the announcement of Kerry Kuroyama’s departure. While I’m elated for a wrestler of Kerry’s skill and discipline to be recognized by a promotion in the part of the world that truly values the superior ring work; I can’t help but feel cheated. More over, I can’t help but feel the good people of Seattle and the fans of IWF will be cheated.

(Scott reaches for the cigarette pack and pulls it and the accompanying lighter across the table toward him.)

Scott Douglas
So in one fail swoop; I wish to announce both my return to the IWF as well as an open challenge to “The Pacific Blitzkrieg” Kerry Kuroyama for the ‘Battle of Seattle’ that the city has demanded! We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the people of the Emerald City.

(Scott stands from the table, and exits the frame.)

(CUT TO: Aaron and Terry back in the studio, looking back to the cameras.)

Aaron Creed
You heard it here first on the Apex, ladies and gentlemen! “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas is BACK in the Immortal Wrestling Federation, and has laid down the gauntlet to Kerry Kuroyama! Word has it that Commissioner Nathan Fear has already signed the match, which means Kuroyama and Douglas will meet for the second time at the season two premiere event, “King of the Mountain!”

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
The Battle for Seattle Part Two?! Oh man... I can only pray that Derrik Allen runs in on that match with a chainsaw. I’m so sick to DEATH of those guys!

Aaron Creed
Folks, that about wraps up our program! We’ll keep our eyes posted on the IWF sponsored YouTube channel as the IMMORTALS of professional wrestling let their voices be heard as we build up to the big event! Once again, I’m Aaron Creed...

Terry “The Idol” Anderson
And I’m the IDOL... Terry Anderson!

Aaron Creed
… and we’ll see you again from the Tacoma Dome with KING OF THE MOUNTAIN!

(CUE UP: “This Train Won’t Stop” as we fade to the IWF logo.)
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