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Apps Open, Mayhem #2 Rating

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005
One week ago the mood of Lee Best was something to be desired. This week is a complete 180 as Lee is said to be very happy with the ticket sales for the second showing of Monday Night Mayhem. Ticket Sales were up 9% with a total of 11,262 tickets being sold for a total gate of $337,860. The final show rating was a 2.08. Up from last week but no where close to what Lee wants.

Payroll was paid out tonight and check the payroll link to check the balance of your favorite superstar. Make sure to also note at the bottom the budgetary numbers for HOW. Lee was able to secure $5 Million in funds to restart HOW and with his deal with the United Center almost up, Lee will be having to pay for a building here soon enough.

Check back often as more news and notes occur. There is a rumor that Lee is going to hand out some bonus money and also some fines later this evening after he finishes going over the final numbers for the first two weeks.

Applications are open once again as Lee Best has weeded out several wrestlers who turned out to just be flash in the pans.


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