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Attack At The Abbey!


Apr 10, 2013
Breaking news has just arrived to jOlt Headquarters: one-half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, the House’s Adam Roebuck was the victim of a heinous assault at The Abbey Brewing Company in South Beach, Miami on Tuesday night.

Many fans started emailing us on Wednesday afternoon regarding a video circulating the internet of two masked assailants getting into a physical altercation with Roebuck at The Abbey just after midnight. jOlt Wrestling officials are looking into the matter and have declined to comment, as has Adam Roebuck. You can watch the footage, which was shot by another customer via cell phone. We obtained the video from the customer's YouTube Channel. Note: The video contains strong language.



The dim and shaky footage showed the large Adam Roebuck seated by his lonesome at one of the tables when two masked men approached him; one a man of height about six-foot one and two-hundred twenty pounds with a larger man standing six-foot seven and around the two-hundred eighty pound mark. Dressed in dark, heavy clothes the two men stood in front of his table while patrons started to scatter.

“Yeah we talkin’ to you, ya fat fucker!” The smaller one screamed.

Roebuck looked at the two men with a scoff.

“You think those masks are going to make you fairies any tougher? You gonna do this or are you waiting for your fucking mommas to give you permission?”

The larger man jumped on Roebuck and threw a right hand at him, but Roebuck shook it off and fired two more fists at both the smaller and the larger assailant. He shoved the smaller man against the bar, but the larger man cracked a beer bottle over Adam’s head!

He picked up two or three more and slammed each bottle into the back of his head before the large monster went down to the ground. The smaller assailant recovered and took one of the wooden chairs before he threw the chair down right into Adam Roebuck's knee! Roebuck was writhing in pain on the floor while the larger assailant yelled at him.


The two masked men stepped over the fallen body of one of jOlt’s Tag Team Champions and disappeared out the back door of the drinking establishment leaving the bar-goers scrambling in a panic. One of the barkeeps approached Roebuck and started to dial 911 on his phone. Roebuck favored his knee and his head had been busted open by the two men who were long gone.

End feed.


The only thing that we know at this time is that while Adam Roebuck sustained some injuries to his left knee and required stitches, The Big Bucks will be in attendance for Intense this Sunday. We will keep you updated on the situation as new developments arise.


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