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Authentic Rook Black

Rook Black

Live Long and Pants.
Jul 20, 2007
Bedford, OH

Name: Ben Morrow
Email Address: bamorrow@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: no
Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP, Angle/Storyline, Hybrid) zuh?
Best Way to Contact you: (PM/Email/IM) email


Name: Rook Black
Nicknames: The Life of the Mind, The Great White Dope

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 240lbs
Handedness: (Right or Left) Right
Looks: (A general idea of what the guy looks like. Hairstyles, etc.) Dark hair, crew cut (grown out it becomes a fro), evidence of scarification, grey eyes, glasses

Hailing From: (This is where the character is introduced as being from) Cleveland, OH

Disposition: Quiet
Gimmick: (If not a true "gimmick", his in the ring 'persona'.) Barely Comprehensible Overthinking Intellectual

Ring Attire: (What he wears to the ring.) Shiny pants, loose, one leg black, one leg white. Black cowboy boots.
Theme Music: "Waiting Room" Fugazi
Ring Entrance: (What he DOES on his way to the ring.) Driven and full of intent, he marches.

Tactics/Style: (Technical, High-Flyer, etc. But go into a bit of detail. If he's modelled after a certain 'type' of wrestler, please detail. EX: A mix of Shawn Michaels/TAZ/Benoit) Rook is at the well rounded point of his career, where he's not exclusively experiencing any one style. To any match writer, if a sequence calls for a move that's not a super power move reserved for roid freaks and fat ****s, Rook will do it. This incarnation of Rook's intent is to push the ability and performance level of anyone he comes against.

Strengths: (3 strength marks see him as possessing)
Driven & Tenacious
Great Conditioning
The Life of the Mind

Weaknessess: (See Above)
Emotionally Detatched


(Complete Moveset, transitions that mark that wrestler - IE: Bret Hart always does his 2nd rope Elbow, Russian Leg Sweep. Finishers, Signatures & Set-Up Moves. Anything else you want to share, or provide the matchwriters of NFW.)

Best MWA in the world: There's no standard move that Rook won't do that is called for depending on the circumstances. Rooks finishers tend to focus on the neck and back, so moves that work those parts of the body make the most sense.

They Are The Following:

Rook's main submission hold is Crossbow, which is a modified Bow and Arrow lock, that braces against the legs to target the neck.

Rook's finisher comes in two varieties with an explanation for why.

Gauntlet Backhand. Right hand on the throat, face first chokeslam. While mainly unkind to the face, the real impact is on the neck strumming like a guitar string when the face and chest hit the canvas.

Gauntlet Throwdown. Right hand on the throat. STO. Simple sweep drops the impact on the neck and upper back.

The gimmick of it is that if an opponent tries to prevent one finisher variety, Rook will seemlessly go for the other, trying to build the concept that the finishers as a potential threat in tandem are more dangerous for being harder to avoid.


(A background concerning your character, their history, their training and their reason for being in New Frontier Wrestling.)

A second generation wrestler and former tSC champion, Rook Black approaches NFW like he does all things, with a point of view all his own. He's the kind of person who built a robot to wrestle for him. Deep, overly analytical, Rook is operating under different motivations, chipping away at alleged bigger picture beyond the scope of a casual glance. He has intentions for NFW that are not easily understood let alone classifiable as good or bad.

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