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B.A.D. World Heavyweight Title History


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Jan 1, 2000
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The History of the B.A.D. (Boston Action 'n Destruction) World Heavyweight Title since the conception of the World's Finest Wrestling...

3/31/03 Doc Silver wins a Three Way Match at Vox Hiberionacum over Michael Manson & Shawn Hart to win both the Unified Crown of both WFW World Heavyweight and BAD World Heavyweight Title

6/02/03 Psycho wins a four way in a Falls Count Anywhere in the Washington DC Mall over Richard Gideon, Shawn Hart, and Doc Silver at Cherry Blossom Chaos

6/21/03 Doc Silver beats Psycho in the cage at Rage in the Cage to become the first two time BAD World Heavyweight Champ

8/20/03 Shawn Hart wins the title over Doc in a best two out of three falls match at The Spirit of NGEN, the WFW World and BAD World Heavyweight Title lineage is split when Shawn Hart gives his fellow member of C.O.C.K.S. the BAD World Heavyweight Title to Diablo to defend.

9/07/03 Rat Fink beats Diablo for the BAD World Heavyweight Title at NYC Unplugged

12/10/03 Felix Red beat Rat Fink for the BAD World Heavyweight Title at Turkey Day Terror

2/23/04 Minion beat Felix Red at Great Expectations for the BAD World Heavyweight Title in a Falls Count Anywhere in Edison Field Match

3/10/04 Minion vacated the title at Road To Glory when he was forced to retire due to injures suffered from running through the right field wall at Edison Field.

4/22/04 Jared Wells won the Vacated BAD World Heavyweight Title in a four way Falls Count Anywhere match between Pulsar, Rat Fink, and Felix Red at the Superbowl of Wrestling.

4/17/07 Steve Johnson won the title from Jared Wells referred by DC Statton ending his near three year long reign with the title.

12/31/09 Jared Wells beat Steve Johnson at Unplugged
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