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B. Real vs. Bane



[[The Scene Opens... in Belfast, Northern Ireland outside of an Irish pub, stands the man of the hour, B. Real along with C-Note and T-Bone. He looked at the building as he speaks...]]

Real: “Man should we go up in here?”

C-Note: “I don’t know, dog...”

T-Bone: “##### don’t worry it’s not like it’s the 50’s or something...”

Real: “Yea, let’s go.”

[[Signal with his head to the two... as the camera followed them in. They got about three steps into the old bar as the music stopped and everyone just looked...]]


Real: “what the sh*t.”

[[Looking nervously at all of the Irish men and women... Majority of them sporting red hair, beards... and I’m not just talking about the men...]]

Real: “Hmm... My great grandmother is Irish....”

[[One of the men stands up yells something that no one could understand and raises his glass of beer... as the music begins to play and they go back about there business...]]

C-Note: “That was close...”

[[Walking up to the bar stool...]]

T-Bone: “When we going back to the states...”

Real: “Don’t know, but I do know this is the fitting place to cut a promo. What better place in Ireland, then an Irish Pub?”

T-Bone: “Yea...”

[[Waving his hand for the camera to zoom up....]]

“This week I’m going up against... “The American Nightmare” Gabriel Bane... Hah, so dis n*gga thinks he is the “American Nightmare”? I wonder who many times he had to rob stores to eat? Jump people on street corners to get cash? Hijack people? American Nightmare? As it was said in Menace to Society...”


“I’m America’s Nightmare, young, black, and just don’t give a f*ck!”

[[Glaring into the camera...]]

“How many times you have to pull the strap out on someone, Bane? You piece of sh*t to even come out here with a moniker, or whatever the hell they are called... Like “American Nightmare”... That just makes me sick.”

“But let me tell you something, what you lookin at right here, is the da realest g around and what’s going to happen at OnSlaught... Well, you’ll find that out soon enough. Now get this damn camera up outta here...”

[[The Scene Fades to Black...]]

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