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B. Real vs. Gibson



[[The View Opens... as a limo pulls up to a monstrous hotel, cathedral like. The door pops open and three black men get out of the car... Two of them men are unknown, but in between them is newest addition to GXW... B. Real. The men are dressed in jeans, Tim’s, and chains... The cameraman walks up...]]

B. Real: “Can’t even let a n*gga get out tha car.”

[[Saying this with a smile as he glances back at the others...]]

B. Real: “But yea... yea.. I know you doing yo job and #####. First off before I get into speaking about my debut an all that. This is my boys, C-Note...” Pointing to his right... “And T-Bone” pointing to his left... “They ran with me since day one and they running wit me now...”

[[Nods his head...]]

B. Real: “But nuff with that sentimental sh*t... Let me cut to business right quick. It was a long ass jet ride over, it’s gonna be a long ass week before I get to get in there and rip ##### up... And in case you haven’t noticed we in London, England...”

[[Shifting his eyes...]]

B. Real: “Dis ain’t no place for no black folk, ya heard?!”

[[Tucking his hands into his pockets as C-Note and T-Bone stand in the background...]]

B. Real: “And yea I know I’m off the topic so let me get into it... Eric Gibson I believe this is his name, right? I don’t know many people in this place, don’t wanna know many people in this place... So I can’t come out here and give you a book about ‘so and so’ history... Cause I ain’t got none here. So I’m going to give it to ya straight up, the only way I know how...”

[[Pausing for only a moment...]]

B. Real: “Real is gonna walk into the arena, rip ##### up... What else can I say? That’s the way it’s gonna be...”

[[Glancing back...]]

B. Real: “Now if you excuse us... We gots to roll right now, if dat ##### decide to speak... Find me, you know where I be, dog...”

[[And with that B and the rest of his crew walks off, up the steps into the hotel... The camera slowing pans out to show the size of the building before... Slowly, but surely... fading away...]]

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