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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler Name: Beast

Real Name: Marcus Westcott

Height: 6' 6"

Weight:287 pounds

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Entrance Music: Monks chanting fading into Nickelback's "Figure You Out"

Alignment: Face

Background Information:

Beast was the first A1E superstar to join EPW after being approached by Paul Freeman, and Beast signed on as the company opened its doors. Beast then participated in the tournament to crown EPW's first World Heavyweight Champion, and in doing so, built up a rivalry with Christian Sands. The two men met for the title at EPW's first PPV, Black Dawn, at which Sands defeated Beast for the World Title. However, the feud didn't end there, and the two men met again in a brutal cage match at the next PPV, Unleashed. This time, it was Beast who won the match and finally realized his dream of becoming a World Champion.

Beast brings to EPW a wealth of success from A1E, having held the A1E Tag Titles with different partners for near half of his four-plus year career there. Beast is also a two time A1E Cyber Champion.

Titles Held:

EPW World Heavyweight Champion
A1E World Heavyweight Champion
A1E Cyber Champion (2)
A1E Tag Team Champion (4)


Normal Moves: Beast employs a standard North American moveset - chops, punches and kicks, and a stiff, stiff clothesline. Can pull out any kind of suplex you can think of. Power moves include a spinebuster, sidewalk slam, whirling back breakers, gut busters and powerbombs, as well as a gorilla press slam. Signature moves include a "super spinebuster" where Beast lifts his opponent into a stalling suplex, then drops the opponent towards the canvas, yet catches him around the waist and uses the added momentum to drop his opponent into the spinebuster. Second signature move is to nail the opponent with a full nelson slam, then as the opponent hits the mat on their head and neck and their legs are in the air, Beast grabs their legs and turns them over into a sharpshooter.

Set up move: "Test of Faith"

Set up Description: Test's "Test Drive" - a spinning inverted DDT.

Finishing Move:
Absolution 2K4

Finishing Move Description:

Beast kicks the opponent in the guts then gets the opponent into a pumphandle position, then hoists the opponent from that position up to his shoulders, where in one fluid motion, Beast then swings the opponent down, using the added momentum from the swinging to drop the opponent into a Rikishi-driver.
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