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"Big" Bill Judo


League Member
Jan 1, 2000

Name: Wussnayme?
Email Address: whatchuneeddatforhuh@hotmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: My aim is to DOMINATE, y’hear’dat, JOE? You’ve had it good up until now!


Wrestler Name: “Big” Bill Judo

Additional Nicknames: “The Bankrupt Brawler”

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 251½ lbs.

Hailing From: The service department.

Handedness: Ambidextrous (`cept when usin’ a jack; gotta pump that with ma right, if-ya-know-h’wut-I’m-sayin’?)

Disposition: Mild-mannered.

Gimmick: Drunken auto mechanic battling back from bankruptcy. He bought a Camaro for $17,000 after his first divorce, but couldn’t keep up with the payments. Now, he lives with his eighty-year-old parents, works at a Ford dealership fixing cars, and parties with his friends Lenny and Stephen “Wiggy” Weaks, poundin’ back the rum-and-cokes at the local watering hole, the Rodeo. He fights midgets in a trash-filled ring (hence his nickname “Big,” despite the fact he’s barely average size for a pro wrestler) next to the Tim Hortons in the bad part of town to make a little extra cash; keep some change in his pocket, ya-know-h’wut-I’m-sayin’? Gotta keep the good times rollin’.

Ring Attire: Whatever he pulls out of the closet on fight day.

Looks: Built like David Puddy. Not nearly as attractive, though. Stubble beard. Pointed (triangular?) hairline, but not receding; it’s been like that since he was five. Short, jet-black hair. Big, ugly nose. Overall, moderately handsome in a rugged sort of way – he’ll probably f—ck your wife if he sees her out with her friends at the Rodeo; probably buy her a rum-and-coke, tell her she smells nice (which you never, ever do), and offer to drive her home in his Camaro (which is actually an early-90s Ford Tempo, but she’ll be so hammed by that point she won’t notice). Then will come the adultery. And it will be sooo sweet.

Ring Entrance: He walks to the ring, gets inside the ring, and stays inside the ring (until, y’know, the match ends… then, of course, he’ll have to get out of the ring, so that the ring crew can tear that sh—t down... Not his choice though).

Theme Music: “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams

Tactics/Style: Brawler, Old-School Catch Wrestler

5 Specialty Moves: Naw.

Finisher & Set-Up Moves: Flat Rate Blues (Boston Crab)

Strengths: 1) Tough. 2) Needs that pay check more than you do. 3) Fuelled by rum-and-cokes.

Weaknesses: 1) Works a full-time job down at the ol’ Ford dealership. 2) Married women. 3) Bad with money.

In 100 words or less, please give a biographical profile of your character:

He’s a tradesman. He loves old-school rock-‘n-roll, rum-and-cokes, fishin’, huntin’, drivin’ home from the Rodeo polluted. Dislikes: Heartless creditors, Joe the Plumber, hip-hop, and spiced rum.


RP sample: You’ll see ‘er when I do ‘er, ya-know-h’wut-I’m-sayin’?

Listen, ma’ buddy Wiggy’s got Jaundice from drinkin’ too many Keiths. I gotta help ‘em pay for his medical bills, `cause that poor bastard is turnin’ yellow as we speak! Quit hasstlin’ me, and let me in!

Matchwriting sample: I don’t do that.

Past Federations: “Judo Versus the Ankle-Biters”

Current Federations: This one…?
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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Frig afffff...

Ah Jesus fawkin’ Christ… BILLY JUDO.

First the Sailor Man… Now you? Frig afffff…

Where’s Norman “Sweater Vest” Tims when I need ‘em? The four of us used to tear down the house at the ol’… *scratches head* at the ol’… the fawkin’… sh—t, what was that pub called? The one with the dirty waitresses that used ta’ suck us all under the table before the big brawl?

Norman Tims popped you in that fat, ol’ nose of yers and gave you a gusher… and then you went and started fightin’ midgets up North… YOU RAN! YOU RAN AWAY FROM OL’ JOE! YOU RAN AWAY FROM “SWEATER VEST”!

Speakin’ a which… where’s ol’ SV at now? He still f—ckin’ ‘round with that ol’ trench hog he met at the at the ol’… *scratches head* the ol’… the fawkin’ – Jesus fawkin’ Christ, I can’t remember sh—t today.


I can’t wait to BEAST you like the sucka-free BOUSSE that I am!

- J.T.P, THE TV Champ

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